Uglier Than Expected


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You knew the fallout from The Decision would need a PG-13 rating in certain places.

But even we didn’t expect this kind of immediate and shocking response to LeBron James‘ decision to leave Cleveland to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

That said, the burning LeBron jerseys in Cleveland weren’t completely unexpected and neither were the wild cheers on South Beach.

Fans are passionate about their teams and that’s to be expected, especially when there is the kind of build up for an event of this magnitude. Fans in Cleveland showed just how passionate they are in words and actions, all night long.

Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert‘s open letter to Cavaliers fans, however, changed the game when it hit the Hang Time inbox a few minutes ago.

Um, wow:

Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight;

As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the very region that he deserted this evening, is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier.

This was announced with a several day, narcissistic, self-promotional build-up culminating with a national TV special of his “decision” unlike anything ever “witnessed” in the history of sports and probably the history of entertainment.

Clearly, this is bitterly disappointing to all of us.

And there was this:

You simply don’t deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal.

You have given so much and deserve so much more.

In the meantime, I want to make one statement to you tonight:


You can take it to the bank.

And, uh, this:

Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there.

Sorry, but that’s simply not how it works.

This shocking act of disloyalty from our home grown “chosen one” sends the exact opposite lesson of what we would want our children to learn. And “who” we would want them to grow-up to become.

But the good news is that this heartless and callous action can only serve as the antidote to the so-called “curse” on Cleveland, Ohio.

The self-declared former “King” will be taking the “curse” with him down south. And until he does “right” by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma.

Just watch.

You knew there wasn’t going to be a happy ending to this story for at least five teams.

This, however, seems like the nightmare scenario no one wanted.

James had nothing but praise for the Cavaliers and “his fans” on his way out of town (I know most people missed that since they probably stopped listening after they heard South Beach come out of his mouth).

Yet, it was his actions that resonated with the fans, the organization and obviously the owner, who also accused James of quitting in the playoffs in each of the past two seasons.

… Um, wow!



  1. L.T. says:

    kobe aint shiit anyway, didn’t anyone watch game 7 of the playoffs ? Kobe cracked under the pressure , artest won the game for them ..

  2. boom says:

    ByeBye Lebron, i will never be your fan again. I’m gonna go with someone like Dirk and Nash this season.

  3. alcon says:

    can’t wait for the next season to start…this will be a hell of a ride most especially for the eastern conference!!!

  4. Dean says:

    There’s an age-old addage that you are not a man until you hit 30…Queen James has proven this point time and time again! He quit during the Boston series…and now this! He should have respected the Cleveland organization and given them a ‘heads-up’ but he’s still a selfish kid…it’s all about ME! ME! ME! I’m taking MY talents…I’ll be GREAT in Miami. Maybe, he’ll be a man in another 5 years or so (probably about the time he gets his first title…or is that too soon) All those steroids in high schoolbuilt his body, but didn’t do much for his brain…or are you still doing them now…Ahhhh! That could be the explanantion for no balls!

  5. Math says:

    Now if Miami where to slug it out with LA and Riley will go head to head with Jackson then next season would surely be a treat!!!

    • Dean says:

      Not likely! I’d say one more go ’round for the Lakers and Celtics (or Magic)…In any event, it’s the Lakers with their second three-peat!

  6. Bryan says:

    i know miami can do it,I WISH ALL THE BEST

  7. Bob Blick says:

    It amazes me how there are not more people upset about this. A champion becomes so by beating the best. james decided he didn’t have a champions heart and tried to form a superstar trio. He needs to first toss out his self proclaimed king status. It’s gone. He had good, solid players on his team but chose to spend a lot of time standing and dribbling while the clock ran down. How is that going to work now?

  8. angelo says:

    @ ninjakol:
    I agree with you on the notion that Kobe didn’t win championship on his own. That’s right, so does MJ. Without his supporting cast, who knows how many rings he could have won…

  9. Rockmyworld says:

    i can say one thing im a fan of Kobe But he cannot win a championship w/o Shaq or w/o Gasol ever see b4 when he and Odom team up they loose in the playoff what Kobe did he needed some1 to help they got Gasol and they 1 a championship now 2010 season they need to make sure they won again so what did lakers did to make sure they added a top defender Artest to won again a championship every body needs help to win one..

    for the heat im a fan of Wade and LBJ!!! wade is good but he needed help they got shaq b4 they one a championship now shaq is gone he needed help and he got 1 i think this time Heat becomes more dominant than Shaq & Wade era D-wade, CB & LBJ it will be fun to see LA vs Miami in 2011

    • Rockmyworld says:

      Lakers in Kobe And Shaq era Shaq was a monster in LA and kobe did help Shaq but players was not afraid wid Kobe is was Shaq was the most dominant player in Kobe & Shaq era

      but as you see kobe has sense he will never be the star of LA he wil never one a MVP if Shaq was their so LA traded Shaq now Kobe has own the Lakers at that time and he won his MVP but he cannot won a champion wid just odom behind him so they get Gasol after they won a ring they get Artest to make it sure to make a back to back every star needed help im a big FAN of KOBE but he is the same as all the others they need help you cannot one a championship with just you…

      • angelo says:

        I beg to disagree with you.. The LAKERS trade Shaq because of the friction created within the team. Secondly, it’s because Shaq was getting old that time. And if ur going to choose between the two, any one would pick Kobe over him because Kobe is young and on the peak of his time.

    • Dean says:

      Ouch! Shaq had NOTHING to do with the Heat’s title…It was Wade and the HEART of Zo! End of Story!

  10. tpetti says:


    You are all idiots. Kobe is the best player in basketball today. He doesn’t need other superstars to win. Gasol is a great player but not a superstar. Superstars can take over a game. LeQueen, Wade, and the Court Jester all have to play together to win. They will never beat the Lakers and Kobe will go down as the best in this era.

  11. angelo says:

    You’re really a die hard Jordan fan dude. Just look at all the championships that Jordan had. What’s the common factor there? Simple, all the supporting cast. Why did I say that, without them Jordan can’t win. Just like what you’re trying to say that Kobe can’t win it without those people. Same goes to Jordan. So let’s give everybody a break.

    • Airness says:

      Common, let’s stick first to the two individuals, Mike and Kobe. Don’t get around the topic.

      • Dean says:

        KOBE and MJ are definitely in the top 5 all-time. And they are EASILY the most athletic of those 5. However, I’d give the edge to Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…Russell’s record is unmatchable…BY ANYONE! As for Kareem…he won his first title with Oscar Robertson and a cast of unknowns…but Magic woulda NEVER had a title without the Big Fella!

  12. angelo says:

    @ hank:
    Sorry to tell you but you contradict what your trying to say. Yes you’re right by saying without Gasol, Kobe can’t win it all. Same goes with Jordan, David Robinson, Olajuwon etc. It’s a team sport therefore everybody is involved in the process. It’s true, no one can replace or claim Jordan’s impact and importance to the NBA. But you can’t deny the fact that KOBE put some spice into the game by giving his best.

    For me, every team is good, but only the best will survive. Unless Miami shows their true worth as a team the LAKERS can’t be denied their 3peat

  13. jeiven says:

    lebron….d wade….and “bosh?” the way i see it, bosh will be demanding for a trade by mid season. he’s been ranting about wanting to be the team’s focal point…. good luck with that. wade got the better end of the deal, maintaining his captain status and getting his much needed “help = lebron” d wade is miami’s king now, and i don’t see them winning championships anytime soon. the lakers will have a really tough time this year…. kobe haters had better give him praise if they win it all this year, cause i don’t see it getting any tougher than this.

  14. angelo says:

    @ Airness: I know ur a Jordan fan because you always seem to argue that Jordan was the Leader in the entire 6 championship of the Bulls. Don’t get me wrong. It only happened because Pippen and the rest of the bulls had no guts to argue with Jordan. But during the Lakers 3peat, Kobe did his best to take over but wasn’t allowed to do so. Know why? Because Phil instill in their minds the system of the triangle offense. Pippen wand the rest was just contented to be the supporting cast. That’s the reason Jordan became the leader you’re saying him to be. During the 2000-2002 season, Oneal didn’t gave Bryant the opportunity to be the man. That’s why the team was broken. GIve the man his due. He earned every rings he had right now by being a true warrior and not just being a pretender.

    As of the moment, KOBE is ” The MAN” of his generation. By the time he retires, for sure Lebron and Company wil have theirs

    • Airness says:

      Yes, because that’s where Kobe seemed to focus on. To win more titles with his Leadership. That way, if he surpass it we can proceed to individual accolades. I bet he can surpass or even equal it. Focus your debate: Kobe vs. other greats, legends, or the new stars of NBA. Then, you will not heard from me again.

  15. peter says:

    WOW!!!!!!! The three headed monster invades MIAMI!!!!!!! D-Wade, CB4 and The King James would win a sixpeat from 2011-2017! Pat Riley is a genious!!!!!!!

  16. The Teacher says:

    I’m a Lakers fan. 631 doesn’t impress me that much. Boston is still the team to beat in the East.

    I’m sorry for all Ohio natives, when LeBron said “Cleveland got the edge” days before his decision it made the people of Ohio to hope higher for the return of James, and the feeling of being abandoned does really hurts.

    I wonder what would the people in Ohio treat LeBron when he visit his home?

    Lakers will win this year. Miami on 2012, hey it takes time for Pat to know his team and for Bosh and James to know Pat’s coaching system.

  17. edsel says:

    lol. this post will be the longest ever…hahahaha

    keep it up guys.

    by the way, mamba will be resting his injuries. let’s see what happens. Miami has shifted their chances to the near probable, but until then…

    can’t wait for the new season to unfold.

    haters, lovers, we are all one for the love of it(basketball). Men, without you guys arguing, life would never be this fun.

  18. Jiszzy says:

    Some one said arrogance when referring to the Cleveland Cavs. Arrognce is Lebron! This man had the nerve to say that playing in the games will be “easy”?? Easy?? Are you kidding me? It won’t be easy when the whole world is “witnessing” his arrogance and they are walking around with a bullseye on their backs all of next season. Lebron’s mental game is weak and he is not mature enough to win a title….I feel sorry for Miami it will be another disappointing season in 2011.

  19. Airborne says:

    I agree with Eric Snow on his comments regarding this open letter of the majority owner of Cleveland. Quoting that this is the same guy who FIRED a coach even though he made big accomplishments in terms of percentage ratio of winning in the past 2 years and also the same guy, correct me if I’m wrong, who fired a GM. I’m just saying that LBJ had his choice to stay or not. And that is not disloyalty because if you’re a basketball player and not that good with LBJ, you can be CUT on the team, TRADED to the other team or NOT RE-SIGNed at all and these owners and managers will just going to tell you that it’s business. Again quoting Snow “DOUBLE STANDARD”.

  20. Airborne says:

    As far as we know, MJ has 6 rings and Kobe has 5 rings. Until Kobe reaches and surpass the 6 rings of MJ, there should be no argument and all of you know, accept it or not, still MJ is THE Best basketball player upto this date.

  21. grissom says:

    Miami is dreaming…

    Gasol will handle Miami’s Chris B… Kobe and Artest can always handle baby King J and Dwade… or let one of them run wild with no help… The Heat still have to try to guard Lamar, Bynum, Fisher, now the recently traded Blake… who is the Heat going to have as a Center?… can the Big three keep their legs fresh without a bench?

    Miami won’t even make it past the Celtics… much less the Lakers.

  22. T.J. says:

    why the heck are u people arguing about MJ and Kobe when this is about about Lebron,Wade,AND BOSH .No one is even commenting about Bosh .And for the Cleveland fans,I believe they are arrogant and have become spoilt while lebron has been with them .And now they can’t handle the Heat now that Lebron has made his decision .This is a free country and let Lebron do what he wants .Just because Lebron was born and raised in Ohio doesn’t mean he had to stay forever .The Cavaliers had there share of time with Lebron so now let some other group of friends enjoy having Lebron play in their home city.If Cleveland fans were really loyal to Lebron they would have respected his decision.The bulls had MJ but then he went to the wizards .Did they start burning jerseys?No.Did the magic burn jerseys after Shaq went to the Lakers or did the Lakers burn anything when he went to Heat and so on?No.As well as many other examples .And I am not just saying this because I am a Heat fan(I’m not),I am just saying it out of disgust about they way people act.

  23. Jesse W says:

    Zandro, at least someone else can do the math. Right on my friend. I mention this in another article. Kobe B. has been in 7 finals in the last 10 of his 14 years. Now come on folks if this is not greatness, what is? And then I say that he has won 5 during this period. No way will the Heat be in 7 of the next 10 Finals. NO WAY! NO WAY!

  24. nash says:

    Franchise don’t make the player but the p;ayers make than franchise. Without Magic, Kareem, Kobe ‘ Shaq, Gasol,ect. there wouldnt be ‘LAKERS”. Without Bird, Machale, Parish, Russel, ect. There would not be “CELTICS”. Without Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Harper, Steve, Paxon, ect. there would not be ” BULLS”. Without Lebron there would not be “CAVS”. A player must make the best decision suitable for him and his family and also for him to be in a strong contending position for a championship. Lebron gave Cleveland 7 years. In those 7 years he has improved his game every year in all areas. Offence and defence. The guy is a great player that is still improving. Kobe was good when he came in the league but he by far wasn’t the kobe he is now. What? Lebron doesn’t make his team better. the guy is criticized for passing too much while kobe is criticized fro not passing enough.

  25. Nevzat says:

    Well. For all the people who think that LBJ will get rings and be compared to other winners (like MJ), I have to say that you guys are plain wrong. LBJ made a great decision for Miami but a pretty bad for his legacy. Miami is Wade’s team first of all. Second, Wade is on par with LBJ. MJ needed Pippen to win, and Kobe needed Pau to win but MJ, and Kobe were clearly the best players in their teams. If LBJ won with only Bosh that would be comparable.
    This situation is only comparable to Shaq and Kobe winning 3 but for LBJ it’s even worse because there is also Bosh in the team.
    I believe for LBJ to make this decision there is one reason: He lost touch with the reality and buys into the media/marketing construct of his own image (talking about himself as the King, in the third person are just a few evidence to the point). Because of this, he mistakenly believes that he is by far a better player than Wade, and if they win a championship it is will be registered as LBJ’s.
    I am afraid his reasoning is plain wrong since there is no way it will be his championship. Wade won a championship with old Shaq let’s not forget.
    My guess is that Finals MVP is going to be Wade in that team, if they win a championship (besides that is not guaranteed, that’s for sure).

  26. Stop yappin says:

    Oh my Gosh!!! Yo, lakers fan stop being emotional and admit defeat. Mr.Gilbert just say “omg! without my king cleveland will suffer i know just ill just make a letter how i feel and im sure he’ll come back”… and Miami……………….KICK SOME 5 ring holders butt…. WAHAHAHAHAA

  27. asdf says:

    how can this turn out in a ring-discussion ,.. ??
    kobe has 5 ,..yeah count em,… does fisher by the way,….so next year fisher could have as many as jordan,…of course just because two players have the same number of rings does not mean you can compare these players,..jordan is/was/will be the best ever ,……but still he has (only) 6 rings,..guess he shouldnt have tried baseball 😛
    will the heat win it all next year ?? i dont know and you dont know ??? you are all just guessing,….
    and also heat-fans i wouldnt talk about a dynasty when you dont even have the first one secured ,……

    • Airness says:

      I counted 2 rings only. He can’t put his pride on the 1st 3 because it has the image of Shaq!

  28. DeShaw says:

    Lebron has the been the best player in the league since 2007… the year he dismantled the Pistons to go to the Finals. Kobe fans are excited because they have a new excuse to claim best player. I say look at Lebron’s FG% PPG rebounding and assist /playmaking. And DEFENSE. 1st round vs Thunder he would’ve guarded Durant. Kobe is a superb SG but he can not think about guarding Durant and he still can not defend Pierce. Lebron made Pierce look like a horrible player in the 2nd round. Laker fans should focus on championships… but they seem overly focused with claiming a best player status for Kobe. Did Kobe in all of his best player clutch glory rise to the occasion and snatch Game 7 in the Finals. No. He had a bad game. He’s still a greatly skilled dude but had Boston held on to win Kobe haters would’ve said he choked. In fact some are still saying that. Lebron makes all of the crazy clutch shots Kobe and other great guards make- Plus he attacks the hoop fiercer than KG, Moses, Mailman and other great forwards. What more do you want. MJ’s 1st 3, Duncan 1st 3, Shaq’s 1st 3, and Lew Alcindor on the Bucks are the only titles I can recall where one guy did just about all of the heavy lifting- scoring defending leadership en route to a title. Lebron came the closest the last 4 years. Kobe was a 1st round goner as a solo artist. Didnt even make the playoffs one year. Look Lebron’s 2007 Finals squad and 2008 team (Game 7 loss to Boston champs) . They were seriously flawed.

  29. Larry says:

    How dare any of you put ANY player including kobe’s name with Mike, Mike introduced the game the WORLD. Kobe will have to take basketball to another planet in order to be in the same breath. STOP IT PLEASE. Kobe just shows that Mike’s game would still be supreme in this Leauge. Not knocking Kobe for being smart and stealing the best player in the world’s game, but c’mon folks, NOBODY is even close…..KOBE LEBRON , whoever, they can win 100 rings but unless they introduce the game to another planet as sadi before, stop mentioning them with MJ.

    Back to Leron, I hate it when corporations make moves, and we call them business decsions, but when and individual makes a move, it’s “selfish”. This is capitalism, we all defend it in some way, take part it in it in some way, and most of us a re too afraid to challenge it. Yet, we feel that participating in this system gives us a right to sit on the sideline and criticize people on the basis of how much “money they make… if the team’s money is our money. IT’S NOT!

  30. zandro says:

    Read this……………

    Lebron, wade and bosh? who are they anyway? are they great player or just making a NAME in NBA? making name in a big game….ahhhhhh they is just a Name…it is not yet in a history book… LAkers and Boston yeah its proven!!!! BEAT L..A. Interesting isn’t “7 FINALS APPEARANCE IN 10 years” WOW is That amazing? you can feel the Greatness of LAKERS!!!

  31. F-bomb you says:

    OK Really Matt B your the most ignorant Imbecile I have ever seen or read post. Cleveland fans grow up? How dare you this was far bigger then many of you media drones had known. What kind of nature does this teach kids when they live by media propaganda, influence, and conditioning. I swear nobody seen how bad this action really was. This is a city that had nothing in the image of a hero, yet you can sit here and tell them to grow up? Man the only thing that saves you from someone like right hooking you in the mouth is the fact this is the internet and you can safely say that from a privet location. Try telling that to the kids of Akron who looked up to him to “bring one home” (Akron or not Cleveland represented the whole state of Ohio or have you all missed that?) . You have some nerve and the rest of you Miami fans got one coming. Lets see MJ is friends with Dwayne Wade right? Mj pull in the league correct? Hmm Bosh and Zo both stated this was “planned” for some time (Bosh months Zo far longer)? So let me get this straight Miami instead of the game changing right to what it should be you sit and say (most of you have to naive under aged minded adults, teens, or really just kids which is clearly forgivable) “Miami forever” when no matter how you look at it no one is going to respect either of the self claimed “best ever big 3”.

    I laugh at this non-sense. It just seems this is a marketing ploy that will boost certain parties Jersey sales, shoes, perfumes, etc, etc. I swear start keeping an eye on the market certain stocks will start to boost dramatically and on that business sense it is smart and highly smart but I can not respect them for this.

    A lot of you will throw your bias conditioning comments at and so what the more you are unaware, enraged, flustered, or offended by this I know I have done my job. The public is so fooled by whatever I am just glad Cleveland now see’s whats really going on.

  32. JustAnotherFan says:

    Hahay…..! People this day’s are sure STUPID! hmmmm….. Kobe needs Gasol and Fisher to win a championship.. don’t tell me he doesn’t? even though Gasol and Fisher are not high calibur players like Wade and Bosh.. remember that Gasol is one of the best PF in the league and Fisher won 5 nba titles,,, So? what’s wrong if Lebron want’s to team up with Wade and Bosh? Would you like to play 82 games without any player to help you out? So the HELL with you SLOW LEARNER FANS ! I think those who always say bad comments about Lebron teaming up with Wade and Bosh are just SUPER SCARED ! if not… JUST SHUT THE HELL UP ! ^_^ peace out

  33. Jamie says:

    My thang is, Carlos Boozer left Utah, nothing said…Bosh left his team, nothing said…Amare left, nothing said…Shaq leaving, nothing said…then previous years Garnett left, nothing said, Charles Barkley, Carl Malone, Pal Gasol, Clyde Drexel, Allen Iverson, all these Stars left their teams to try and win a championship somewhere … See Moreelse and nothing is said…..LeBron leaves and now hes the dirties player that ever played the game….Thats bull crap guys and you have to be a true hater to think like that!!!! Now lets go to Magic, he come into the league on a damn All-Star team, Kobe had Shaq in his prime, then he had to go get Pal Gasol “another all-star” to win again. Jordan couldn’t win till he surrounded hisself with great talent, Scottie Pippen, the number 2 player in the world at that time…Dennis Rodman, the number 1 rebounder in the league at that time, Paxon and Kerr, 2 of the leagues best spot-up shooters. San Antonio had 2 of the best Centers in the league, Tim Duncan and David Roberson….so someone please tell me why LeBron can’t have the same talent around him without being called a trader? Maybe he didn’t get a championship there, but he put Cleveland on the map for 7 years, they should be damn happy….Im so pissed now I hope they don’t win a game the whole season now!!!

  34. Jesse W says:

    The Heat will be a team to reckon with next season and for seasons to come. As a Lakers fan of 35+ years I am always going to be partial to my team. And it will give me great satisfaction to see the Lakers beat the hell out of the Heat. Why, because like past and current Lakers teams, they have been stocked with Hall of Famers, who do go on and have won multiple championships. My fear for this Heat team is that they will be so impatient, given how difficult it is to win a title, that they will be their own worst enemy and crumble under the stress and pressure of being a tilte team. Now as I stated earlier, I am a long time Lakers fan, did not care much for the winning Bulls; however, I have to concede that what made Jordan and his Bulls so great is that they rarely, if ever, panicked. This is the mark of a true championship team and I don’t see the Heat headed in that direction. I see the stage as too big for these guys, especially given LeBron’s history to quit and sulk in the big games. Now for those of you who are giving the Heat the 2010-11 Title, slow your roll. These guys have to get through the east and then head west where they will (most likely) meet the Black Mamba.

  35. vin says:

    I cant believe the NBA would allow such thing to happen, anyway, its fruit will be forever remembered. Im a huge NBA and Lebron fan, but not anymore.. I wont watch another NBA game. Il boycott such institution.. True sports fan dont have the stomach for this..

  36. J says:

    This guy is not consistent.
    At one point, you blessed the move, now you become suspicious?
    You failed in reading people’s mind, I guess.
    Oh, okay. You’re just a blogger.. not a reporter.
    But, be consistent.. if you want to be a good blogger not a marketing parrot.

  37. gogog says:

    there is a reason why free agents are “free”. They have the choice of choosing what team will be best for them

  38. kobe is mj wannabe says:

    payton kobe malone and shaq, cant even defeat the pistons..hahaha! embarrassing

  39. AussieCav says:

    Lebron has gone from being THE KING in Cleveland to being the jester in Wade’s Court. Good luck with that.

    quite the “witness” protection program.

    so disappointed.

  40. Sam says:

    Alot of people including barkley are saying that it wont mean as much if he wins at miami, cause he wont be the centre piece. Most great players had the team built around him, but in this case two great players are going to join wade, big deal.
    What about the players that join the teams to help the kobes and the michaels?? Are they just work horses to allow the better players bath in the glory? Like Gasol, fisher ect. What Im trying to say is I think theres no recipe for what someone should do in this situation. It worked for michael staying at the bulls, didnt work for garnett though until he left for boston with 2 other great players. I think Lebron wants to win but humbled himself going to another team.

  41. Kobe has 2 rings. Shaq owned 3 out 5 rings of Kobe.
    I still believe Boston Celtics will win this year. Lakers suck!

  42. AJ says:

    This is team ball madlang pipol, don’t count them yet or crown for the title…..Play basketball then win games for the crown to achieve. It doesn’t matter how many good players or superstars you have on your team, defense makes a good offense plus teamwork. I’m not saying this new 3 KINGS even if their best of FRIENDS can take it all, they have their advantages and disadvantages too, remember that even a member of the family, brothers or sisters still has mis-understanding. Don’t judge them yet as other teams are waiting for these challenges and these motivates others team being underdog to win games. Just watch out every single of their game until they crown as champion and from that we can say they are tremendously great at basketball…..

  43. WG says:

    So many Useless Kobe lovers

    Kobe did it on his own> Didn’t need other Stars??

    So Gasol, Artest, Odom and Bynum aren’t stars????

    They could all score more than 20 PPG a game if the very very overrated KOBE didn’t take 30 shots a game for 30points and actually passed the ball, If he passed the ball around no doubt his teammates would score as much.

    It must hurt your heads having low IQs

  44. jldlosser says:

    KOBe still the one among the best no fear …. LB hehehehe Coward 0 ring HEy take some Lollipop ..

    1 MJ
    2 KB
    3 LB sorry this for Larry Bird hehehe
    4 Bill
    5 MG
    100 Lebron

  45. R.I.P. To the King says:

    To everyone who thinks Lebron has move to an upgraded roster he only has Wade and Bosh. Who else is on the team? Mike Miller, okay shooter but he will be a backup for Wade. What do they do at center? How about point guard? Mario Chalmers, please he can’t shoot a high enough percentage. Who is coming off the bench? I guess that all three will play for 48 minute a night maybe more if they go into overtime. They have no salary cap room to make any moves, and they trade Michael Beasley for nothing. Cleveland was one true 2nd scorer from being in the finals every year, but thats over for Lebron. The Cavs will get someone in the future and will have learned from the mistake they have made with their former King. The Chicago Bulls have Rose, Noah, Gibson, Deng, Boozer, Korver, and will only get better. Orlando has Howard, Carter, Lewis, Nelson, Pietrus, and even Duhon who was decent in New York. Boston has not changed much little older but with another player like Jermaine O’Neal they will have a center who can post and score. Atlanta will be better along with Milwaukee. Cleveland will to me find a way to be good still even without Lebron. Lakers will have most of their core, but will be without the true leader in Derek Fisher. Did everyone forget that every year Kobe won a title that Fisher was the starting point guard, think about it.

  46. Coach J says:

    Lebron miscalculated everything. He miscalculated the timing and the possible reaction of his hometown fans. Here’s where he missed.

    Time. It should have been earlier as soon as those contending teams have finished presenting their offer and presentation. Just as those enthusiastic fans excitement started to subside. And not after Stoudemire, Wade and Bosh decided where to go. It have look like you’re waiting for them and not them waiting for you. You are supposed to be the centerpiece of this 2010 free agency.

    Televised decision. Lebron have never considered the passion and the love of his hometown fans. If he decides to leave it should have been handled through a spokesman.

    Championship: It is intriguing to watch Lebron, Wade and Bosh playing together. But the cost of uniting them have depleted their roster. It is going to be a long hard road to championship. Teams will look for weaknesses. They already found one. Finals for next season is still a long shot.

    Miami Heat. I have been expecting Lebron to pick the Bulls. And as I have said he was too late. I like the Heat but this is not the team where he can cement his legacy. Wade is the king of the Heat. His legacy would be like that of Pippen the man behind Jordan. He can’t be beyond Wade. Wade already give this city a championship. If he had pick Chicago he would have continued the dynasty where Jordan had left.


  47. nrd says:

    i think they forgot that without kobe,shaq could not get a 3peat bcoz kobe elevated shaq
    and kobe could not get 3peat also without shaq same with mj…
    mj could not get a ring without scottie so stop this argue, players win a title bcoz
    for their teamate help..just think of my friends
    this time if the lebron win a title the pipol gonna tell is bcoz of dwade n bosh
    they win it bcoz their got a teamwork…so stop telling that kobe just got 2
    that guy did not know wat happen in 00’01’n 02
    one thing i gonna tell you my men LAKERS will take its 2nd
    3peat and becoz their team effort n kobe got his 6 rings tied with mj
    now who’s the best player now in nba today!!!!!!!!

  48. R.I.P. To the King says:

    LeBron James had a chance at greatness threw it away for his own selfish pride. Chris Paul would have been there in a year maybe two to join James in Cleveland. A trade may have had to happen first, but I think Dan Gilbert could have pulled it off. He tore the heart out of Cleveland by this decision. Many people will lose their jobs, money, businesses will be made to close down. I’m a Bulls fan , but I was cheering for city that had little hope of winning in any sport. This is a lesson of things for children not to do, when things get hard you run away and hide. Is this the legacy he wishes to leave behind. The Chicago Bulls will be a Favorite to me now like every year, but especially now to win the nba championship.

  49. spoon301 says:

    It’s all good for the Mamba! Lebron & Wade joining forces? All this makes is Kobe the legit heir apparent to MJ. They’ve practically scratched themselves out of the picture now that they are together. Only one true superstar remains… & that’s KOBE BRYANT!

    with you all the way not a fan of kobe but now that def put him on top

  50. kb24 black mamba says:

    even if lebron win his first ring in miami it will not mean anything because he is not their main man and i hope they get in close game everytime and let us see who will take the last shot…

  51. CaprtainKirkwood says:

    I believe to some of these guys it is about business.. I beleive that to some of them it is about winning. And I definately believe that to Lebron James (not a “king”) that it is about FAME. First of all, nobody deserves to make milliions of dollars because they are good a basketball. And some of these guys claim its about winning, but cmon. Watch a college game and then watch an NBA game. You’ll see who cares about the winning. And then the ones who want the fame. Are you serious? Does James think he is God? Albert Pujols is the most dominant baseball player I have ever seen. Loyal to his fans and capable of single handedly winning a game, games, even a world series. But I never see him advertising. I never see him period doing anything but playing ball. You are right, it’s Lebron’s life and his decissions. However, he doesn’t have watch you call a normal JOB either. Fame spells Lebron. There is a Lebron in every city. Dancing in your face because he scores and crying win he loses. I don’t not like James because of his decission to play basketball for another team. I dislike Lebron James because of his childish behavior. Michael would throw up some amazing crap. And then run right down the court to play defence. Stockton would make a great pass Malone for an easy bucket and they would point to each other. Not gloating and laughing at defenders. Even Kobe has become this type of athlete. That’s why he is winning. It’s class, respect, and dedication. NOT FAME.

  52. augiever says:

    this so called “letter” is just so lame…. we ALL HAVE A CHOICE!!!! if lebron decides to walk away, cleveland should learn to accept the truth. no need to make nonsense comments… just shows that the cavaliers’ owner is like a NAGGING WIFE!!! just move on!!!

    Lebron james is only human!!!!

    let him be…

    in the meantime…. ROCK ON MIAMI HEAT!!!!

  53. francis says:

    now this will be exciting to see if the super friends can go all the way, i believed that they need to pass boston 1st b4 fighting for championship. boston are old, but they are feisty team, bosh is scared of rasheed and garnet, lebron cant score with tony allen, and pierce is bigger than wade…..they will be tested against battled tested celtics, added is rondo who is becoming one of the best guard in nba.
    hope to see a good nba finals next season.

  54. tsk2 .. people really in this generation has no initiative .. why would you stay in a place where winning is so BIG.BIG.BIG DREAM … you don’t know business man-dark’s .. you are freely can say his COWARD or anything else .. but signing in HEAT would be his only chances right now .. not in CLEVELAND, in NEW YORK or even follow those rings and trophies of MJ in CHICAGO .. be mature people .. you are not the one who are playing the games they are playing .. YOU ARE ONLY SPECTATORS who judge them with nonsense judgment. just watch them play their own game of life.. YOU ALL are not their PARENT neither LOVE ONES .. just don’t mess up with the DYNASTY BUILDING TEAM .. to DAN GILBERT and OTHER DREAMING TEAM .. just dream right now and don’t wake up .. BOZZOSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. NYK says:

    i hope miami do not win the title and the lakers win it all also the miami heats are going to lose to the ny knicks

  56. Jason says:

    Man i can understand the Cavs boss being bitter and upset but his letter was terrible, He didn’t have to put curses on Lebron, I do think Miami will lose in the conference finals to Boston or maybe the Magic I don’t see them winning the championship in thier first year together, sure boston did it but they were older more experinced players. I also think this decision to leave by Lebron may haunt him because it’s unfinished business, 7 years and no championships.

  57. mkel says:

    I’m not Kobe Bryant fans, instead I hate this guy because he is damn good! he was improved very much! but now, because of this happening, I’m force to be a laker fan now, Go kobe! give them their very disappointment and embarrassment of their life!

  58. KP Manila says:

    Sorry Cleveland fans but you have to face the fact that every people (ordinary or famous) will come and go in your lives. If someone feels he’s not happy in his place, they move to other one. To Dan Gilbert i know your very upset, on Jame’s departure in your team but cursing someone always has its rebound effect… Maybe thats why Lebron left your team… Respect peoples decision… Love the game… its not all for money… but its for having a great game and Fight For a Title!

  59. d3 says:

    this miami team cnt win w/ lbj cd4 & d-wade only.. they need some veteran guys.. and whre cn they find thoose guys?… no whre!! because they dont have enough cap space for some GOOD veteran plyers.. they may sign mike miller.. mike miller?? really is that the best they can get??.. miller may be a great shooter, but.. did he have a really bad injury in the past 3 season?.. and whre can they find a GOOD center?? bosh isnt a really a center and cnt defend the paint like real center can..

    miami’s bigger three(cause this 3 is bigger than boston’s big 3) will going to be a great team.. but on my opinion they cant beat boston in the playoffs, because boston’s set of players is much more experienced than miami.. and if ever they make it to the finals.. lakers is ready for them..

    pau is much better than bosh in the post, bynum and gasol combination at the post can cause problem for skinny bosh.. if one of the gets foul trouble odom is there and can guard bosh..

    artest is a big “?”.. whethere he can guard lebron.. in my opinion the only match up the miami has an advantage..

    and now .. kobe and d-wade, wade is much quicker than kobe.. but kobe is much greater than wade in the post.. and kobe gets better and better as time passes..

    the x-factor is fisher he is one of the most trusted point guards in the league and also a good defender, and a good shooter..

    now on the bench.. as i said earlier miami cant get back up plyers as good as laker bench..

  60. Miami 1,3,6 says:

    Dan Gilbert doesn’t have the rights to criticize LBJ.
    He has the rights to decide for himself and everyone should respect that! (including CAVS fans!!!)

  61. Ruffhouse says:

    I’m glad LeBron went to Miami. So when they lose next year that notion of him not having a team will end. I guess they will go get Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Lakers 2011 NBA Champions

  62. GASOL!@# says:


  63. Ken Tran says:

    Mr. Cominssioner, give this owner a fine that he deserve. foolish,bitter looser. He called Lebron who finally free that he could make decision for himself accorđing to NBA rule. He made fans hate player that entertain them for 7 years.
    LeBron, now you copuld see you made the right choice, stop being a money maker for CAV owner, because he just care more for his money, instead of wish you well, he called you betrayer; what happened when he traded players?

  64. Gio says:

    im a diehard laker fan since 90’s and a die hard michael jordan fan and kobe. ahmmm, im not upset that lbj leave cleveland coz it was his decision but im upset that he didnt tell earlier to the cleveland pipol that he is going to miami.. i understand why cleveland fans felt that way it is because lbj kept them waiting of nothing.. i think they call lbj a coward because he didnt tell it EARLIER, he let the other players to sign 1st so that the other teams cudnt make an adjustments? for me it is a cowardly move in that way.. since it is done so we have to accept it coz it is wat he think is ryt to get a rings.. im also a fan of lbj and i accept that he is better than kb24 but i dont think that he is much better in terms of cluth shots.. i cant wait to watch this coming season, i know the other teams wont let the miami so easy to come in finals. so entertaining miami vs cleveland his former team, miami vs orlando also a better team, miami vs celtics a defending east champ, miami vs chicago also a team to beat, miami vs thunder, miami vs nuggets, and then miami vs L.A my #1 team ^_^ … i love much more this coming season to watch coz there are a lot of big teams ryt now espeacially in east… gudluck in the east and gudluck to LA ^_^

  65. Blackfistmafia says:

    This is how I see it. Lebron plays this game to win. Not to make it to the Playoffs, and get ousted in the second, and third round year after year. Think about it. Kobe, Jordan, heck, anyone who’s ever won a title did it with a strong cast. Lebron never had someone backing him up. He’s not weak, he’s smart. It took Garnet to leave to the Celtics to win his title, James had to do the same. Get over it Cavs!

  66. buray_ni_ina-mo says:

    walang personalan

  67. xFamous says:

    I’m curious to see if the fans of Cleveland will stay “loyal” to the Cavilers and keep showing up and and selling out the arena…….. =)

  68. DZFOR3 says:

    A little over a day since the boy/man who wanted to be “king” (his self imposed nick-name) decided to leave his hometown. First reactions of the “legacy”s decision last night? Outrage…anger…a back-stabber… no loyalty…why on national tv (haven’t Cleveland fan suffered enough) …Then, a day later, logic prevails…. Life is NOT about a sports figure who makes millions of dollars and really could care less about the fans he’s disappointed. What’s life about “king”? It’s more than putting a ball into a cylinder… It’s about the hope and determination seen in the faces of terminally sick young children on a recent visit to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago; it’s about a friend and those who love/support him upon the death of his 26 year old son from the demons of alcoholism; it’s about my father in law’s 83 year birthday celebration tonight; and finally, it’a about a family friend’s son who was involved in a drowning accident 3 weeks ago (he was under water for 10 minutes) and the miraculous recovery he’s currently going thru! And for the last 3 months, I, like millions of others, had it wrong. I,too, was caught up in the hype about “will he stay” or “will he go”? What a tremendous distraction and waste of time… What makes me especially angry is that I was “sucked” into the media frenzy, focusing on a basketball player, while life…real life…is happening around me everyday. Moving forward, I pray i will stay focused on the things that matter and be there for the people that need me most. In the meantime, I sincerely wish the best for the “legacy” as he determined a only a change in venue will feed his immense and self-serving ego. Long live the “king”!

  69. Dave says:

    Ditt37…at least Mo didn’t throw games in the playoffs. Here’s hoping to a career ending injury everytime LBJ laces up for a game

    • blazerfan4life says:

      you know i hate kobe bryant with a burning firey passion, and i would never be so cruel and bitter to ever wish him an injury.

  70. Michael says:

    Dan Gilbert is just one HUGE baby, thats a letter I would write to my former best friend as an 8 year-old kid. It’s sad to see a man like him show such professionalism. Lebron James is a HUMAN being, human beings are made to have their free-will. His goal from the very beginning was to win a RING, every year seemed promising after the next, but after 7 seasons, he noticed the cavs are not getting anywhere but to a dissapointing end to a graceful season. He believed that Miami would offer more, now that they have Chris Bosh alongside Dwyane Wade. As a Miami fan it is a great honor to have Lebron join as much as Chris Bosh joining, I personally am not a Lebron James fan. I always thought he was cocky from the start, you VERY own CAVS fans glorified him and rooted him on as a ringless “King”, you guys are the very own people who created who you see before your eyes today and guess what, he has fought hard for you guys, NBA is a business where not everyone is gonna be happy, As a Vince Carter fan, seeing him leave Toronto was a dissapointment, but as a huge fan, I supported his every move as long as his career became better. Now he’s on a title contending Magic team. Til this very day, there are STILL toronto fans bitter about Vince Carter’s leave. Now if you are a fan of Lebron James, I believe you should stay faithful and be happy he’s in a better situation. Don’t be a baby like Dan Gilbert, he’s just mad he doesn’t have his God anymore. BTW I still think Lebron James shouldn’t have put his whole free agency period into an open heart surgery for the CAVS fans out there, it was a bit shameful.

  71. edong says:

    im tired of the topic that kobe couldnt have won his 1st 3 rings without shaq..did shaq win a ring when he was in orlando?did the lakers win championship with kobe and shaq without phil jackson?they all need each other..did anyone say kareem couldnt hve won 5 rings without magic or the other way around?magic lost to the bulls bcoz kareem is not there in the middle anymore,,have the bulls win a ring against portland when jordan is struggling one time without the supporting cast specially pippen?mj have pippen..who took over when mj is struggling,paxson help him win a ring against suns and so is steve kerr when they played the jazz…and rodman dominates the boards every fact,kobe played more consistently well in the playoffs than shaq during the 3 championships run..and theres a lot of times that shaq was forced to not to touch the ball or even goes to the bench when crucial times bcoz hes a terrible freethrow shooter..and kobe was the one making big plays at the end of the,everyone need each other..jordan have pippen in all of bulls 6 rings..and so is kobe-shaq,magic-kareem..

  72. jarvin says:

    why is cavs giving those kind of statements? im not picking sides here but what they want is unfair for LBJ. Cavs has not given a good back-up or help for LBJ that could get them rings.

  73. jEd taytay says:

    championship automatic

  74. Dave23 says:

    y hate lebron for his ‘decision’? Lebron wants to win and in order to win team must hve a great roster. Thats what miami have now that cavs doesnt. I dont blame lbj for leaving Ohio, the blame goes to cavs mngt coz you just surrounded lebron with a bunch of role players who cant deliver during crunch time and during playoff. James didint take an easy way towards championship. He just wanted help to make the work easier. He will not be the do it myself player anymore from now on. Go Heat:…..

  75. AGENDA says:


  76. chobito-ortigas,phils says:

    In case that Miami gets a ring, the credit goes to Wade, not Lebron James or Chris Bosh.
    Miami already have that Star… they have Dwayne Wade, so you build a Team surrounding Wade…… sorry James and Bosh, but that’s the reality!

  77. SP says:

    Miami Heat fans will be so HURT after next season because they are expecting too much, NO its not gonna work!!! you all can cry after next season like your conference rival Boston… Lakers 3pit, Kobe’s 6 title…

  78. Renzo says:

    Lebron James is not the only one with a curse. Phil Jackson’s curse is winning 3 peats when he wins a championship!!!! Go Lakers!!!

  79. CELTICLADY says:

    Kobe is still a punk Bytch as always.

  80. CELTICLADY says:

    I am really not understanding why this stupid a%% owner is acting like a baby. Just like youl made the decision to let Shaq go, Lebron just let hiim self go where his heart lead him. Who gives a F^CK if you are upset, get over it. Stop whining. because Lebron decided to go to MIA. ITS HIS CHOICE AND RIGHT. lets go celtics

  81. Research says:

    @ Airness

    MJ did not play by himself. Bulls did not win until Pippin,Rodman & Grant.

    • Airness says:

      Did I say that? Not for sure. LEADER, LEADER, LEADER, LEADER, and forever the LEADER. Whose the leader of the team. Jordan was all of that. Kobe only in 2009-2010.

      • wb says:

        @Airness. for real man come on with all this leader talk with Jordan and Shaq. that all basically comes into play on when they came into the league compared to their “sidekicks.” jordan got his a$$ kicked by Detroit for 3 years before Phil took over the team and Pippen and the rest of his crew got it together and the were finally able to win. Jordan was the leader cuz he was there first and it was his team. Same with the 2000-2002 Lakers. Yes Shaq and Kobe both got to the Lakers together in 1996, but 1) Kobe was an 18 year old rookie and 2) Shaq was the big name bonifide superstar that came in that they were buliding the team around for the future 3-peat that they won. but bottom line is. Kobe DID NOT ride Shaqs coat tails to those 3 rings. Kobe was very much as part of those 3 rings as Shaq was. Shaq would’ve never even made it to the Finals those 3 years without Kobe. don’t forget, before Phil took over and Kobe established himself as a superstar, the Lakers (with Shaq) were getting swept in the playoffs by Utah and could never get past the West finals. Pippen gladly accepted a backseat role to Jordan and rode his back to 6 rings. (mainly because he didn’t have the game, or the balls to stand up to Jordan the way Kobe did to Shaq). still none of those rings would’ve came to Jordan without Pippen, Grant, Paxson, etc. Kobe fought tooth and nail with Shaq AND Phil to be the man in LA, but he was held back by Phil for the better of the team concept. Kobe could’ve and probably should have been Finals MVP in the Finals against Indiana and Philly, but because Shaq was the “leader” he got them. so fact remains is Kobe has 5 rings Jordan has 6. nobody will ever be Jordan, but Kobe is the closest there ever has been

  82. Walt From CT says:

    Lebron doesn’t answer his phone without his lackies doing the dialing or texting – so what makes you think he can win a championship without a couple new lackies to do it for him. He looked like a gouber on tv last night – that shirt made him look like he was ready to milk cows. He looked scared. He WAS superman but last night he gave away his cape to D-wade.

  83. BigL says:

    I’m happy for Lebron. Congratulations on leaving Cleveland. Gilbert and all those idiots can go f themselves. We need someone to take the crown away from the Lakers. I woulda hope it was Boston, but they blew a double-digit lead so GO MIAMI!!!!!!

  84. JC says:


    so umm if kobe only has 2 rings, when and if the heat win any titles lebron will still have zero rings cause the leader will be d.wade, its his team and franschise

  85. dan says:


  86. jean says:

    kobe bryant is still the best player in the nba today! wait in june 2011 and you will see how kobe and his team win championship again 3peat…. heat fan or bron fan you can’t win nba champ when you all star the real champ win when both each member willing to win even you are not super star!!!! and play defense!!!!! you are not sure to win a champ 2011 it’s a process and years to develop!!!!!lakers simply the best because pau,artest,lamar,fisher!!! help each other just for the rings and willing to SACRIFICE!!!.even thEY are not all superstar!! and still there are real champs and future hall fame~!! AND STILL KOBE BRYANT ERA!!!!!!….close to jordan and will surpass jordan legacy!!!!!KOBE BRYANT is the best!!!!

  87. aCe and the LeBrons (Q.C., Philippines) says:

    Dan Gilbert has 7 years to improve the Cavaliers roaster surrounding the King on which he did but no to close to match BOS and LA and ORL… you can’t blame LeBron for leaving CLE since he wants to win a ring…Blame Cavs owner instead!

    players such as MJ, Bird, Magic didn’t left their team because they don’t want to put their legacy in doubt…LeBron left CLE and joined a powerhouse team (Wade’s team) because he is not afraid to put his legacy into doubt when he gets the ring.

    playoff dream matchup:

    Round 1 MIA vs CHI
    east Semi-Finals MIA vs ORL
    east Finals MIA vs BOS

  88. lebron is a joker man, the owner of the caves said it truthfully, lebron quited in the playoffs against the boston celtics, if you watch it and you would know this, kobe is stil the man of this league eventhough he is older than lebron and wade, lebron should have stayed in cleveland and win it like a man or like all the great ones did, he is like a child not king in my book, great players dont comes to another team begging for the ring, they allow others to come to them instead, lebron has no heart and gives in easily just like all the regular players that is fact not fiction, and he needs to learn from kobe, kobe treasures everything on the court once the ball get rolling until the final whistle blows, beat la? dream on heat fans, la stil rules baby, and we will do it again and again

  89. David says:


  90. dan says:


  91. cavssuck says:

    To all the cav’s fans and to Ohio your team was garbage before Lebron your team was garbage with lebron, like come on he was like 45 percent of your scoring, how crappy does a team have to be for one person to do all the work?!! and now your going to be garbage once again without him bye bye basketball economy bye bye ticket holders, and good luck this year AHAHAHAHA. But on a serious note Miami needs to get some good outside shooters and a decent center and they will have a championship team granted Bosh, James, and Wade can each drop 20-30 and are both 20-10 guys but without the outside help and inside presence all they will keep seeing is double team after double team. Plus PLEASE PAT RILEY come coach this team this year, he is the only one i see being able to use this much raw talent constructivley to bring a Championship in the upcoming season.

  92. Dennis says:

    it’s not about money its about winning
    so LBJ whats to get there championship ring in to his finger his (on your dream)
    the bottom line is he can’t win without d-wade and bosh..?
    he cannot accept challenge so they find an easy way to fulfill his dream
    so they pick Miami for next season to win a championship
    but there’s a lot of team to beat like Boston they have own big 3 plus r.rondo
    and ORLANDO, HAWKS, and Bulls, and depending champ Lakers (good lock)
    L.A are ready for you MIAMI
    come and get some!!!

  93. IAN (From the Philippines) says:

    LeBron will not win a title if he doesn’t mature, if he still act like he’s the no. 1 player in the world, then he might let down miami in the championship with the more experienced team like the lakers.

  94. noypinga says:

    i think lebron should give at least one championship to cleveland before leaving . . .anyway he’s not mj!

  95. Steve says:

    The sad thing for cleveland is that even after the bulls signed Boozer to 17 million dollars a year, the Chicago team still had more salary cap space spare than cleveland. Who is Byron Scott going to buy? The best player on that team will be Anderson Varejao and thats not exactly something to write home about. They will battle with New Jersey and New York and Minnesota for the worst record next season. As for Miami, i am sure they will win championships with this lineup – that is something we have to be realistic about, but the regular season will be the most interesting part. I can almost see now who the Heat will lose too. The same teams that big 4 teams lose to every year. Milwaukee, Golden State, OKC, Denver, Atlanta. Can anyone really see a Milwaukee team with a healthy Bogut, Jennings, Salmons, Gooden, Douglas-Roberts, Maggette and two awesome rookies (Sanders and Gallon) really having any trouble picking out all the weak spots in a team with three players who all want to be ‘the man’? Bosh only said it a week ago, James obviously thinks it with his ridiculous lead-up to his press conference, and Wade knows it because he has 1: a ring. 2: massive hometown support. 3: the obvious pulling power of south beach, pat riley, and millions of dollars to throw around to lure two other top 15 players to the same city as he. Try not to cringe if the Cavs come up against the Bucks in the second month of the season. As a person who isn’t a Bucks fan, I am trying to just show that having three stars in your team will obviously win championships at some point, but it won’t get you past a well-oiled machine like MIL, OKC, Chicago (Boozer, Rose, Noah, Korver? Be serious, people.)

    Bosh is going to need to become the scoring leader on that team, and also the rebounds leader, and Wade is going to have to run 20ppg, 12apg, 7rpg while James will have to get 18-20ppg, 10apg and 10rpg pretty much every single game to even have a chance against anyone with their collective s**t together, If the Warriors get David Lee, expect him, Monta Ellis and Steph Curry to pound this Miami sideshow into the dust.

  96. Lewis says:

    as for the fans of cleveland, im truly sorry but for me, james has chosen to go to the greener side of the pasture. although it is true that he couldve given it a few more years, you should understand that your roster is truly lacking. Mo gave up even before james did. and so did the other players. sure, james looked like he gave up in the last few games of the playoffs. maybe he got tired of having to carry the load all the time and having no one cover him. he cant win it alone. he gave the team 7 years to improve the roster yet its a failure, and it all starts with the coach. ive been rooting for the cavs to fire mike brown for such a long time. the guy doesnt have a clue on match-ups and combinations. cleveland did get quality players at some point, but if the coach doesnt know what hes doing then what else can lebron or the players do? imagine putting in Shaq and Ilgauskas at the same time… can you even top that decision lol. i mean, what was he trying to prove by putting in 2 centers who cant run back on defense. and you cant convince james to stay, with the roster being the same for the next season. and if you truly are fans, you truly consider him as the true son of your city, then you gotta support him. at some point the kids are gonna leave their parents’ house you know.

  97. Jiszzy says:

    Trey-I feel what you are saying and I am not mad that he left. However any decent employee at least gives a two weeks notice. What he did was cowardly. The Cavs owner had a few valid point but he too should have handled it better.

    As for the Heat, the grass is not always greener on the other side. People keep saying he left to win a championship. Lebron is beleiving his own hype! He is good but people need to stop “crowning” him. He has not done anything in this league. He still needs to play 82 games and win 16 more after that. If he wasn’t so busy taking pictures on the sideline maybe they would not have been knocked out by Orlando last year and Boston this year. I can tell you this if he takes that kind of arogance to Miami he’ll end up with Jack!

  98. Lewis says:

    this is gonna be interesting. especially at the 4th quarter, against this trio of superstars. the clock winding down, the game really close, who will the opposing team choose to double team? will it be lebron? bosh? wade? or even a combination of the two? you leave any of those 3 guys and you have big chance of losing the game, you don’t double team one of them and you still got a big chance to lose, you leave them all 1-1 you even get a bigger chance to lose. it all goes down to the supporting cast that the trio can get. i think the Phoenix type of basketball can work. surround the three with three point shooters because they can all get to the paint. when it comes to defense, every basketball player should develop that, not just the center or forwards. they have no problem offensively so i think coach riley/spoelstra should focus more on defense.

  99. andrea says:

    ok to all you people talking about pippen and rodman, gasol and whoever? whatever the scenario may be it’s all about the fact that they are no longer superstars yet just stars in a league full of stars. each tem has ine superstar lakers have kobe. oklahoma city has durant, denver has melo, orlando has dwight. why do you think boston only has one ring? too many superstars made into stars….. sorry heat fans not this year pat riley better be pullin money out of his a** to be able to contend they only have five guys on this team which is hilarious how people are even saying they are going to win a championship. you surround a superstar with stars not the other way around kobe will have his sixth ring next year thanks to the heat laker fans should be happy because they signed all three big free agents and left themselves with nothing no support(one of the three will be hurt halfway thru the season) and left no one else with anything to build on haha good job:)

  100. Junwil says:

    All you haters,or we should say jealous people. leave lebron, he has all the right to do the things he likes.Mind you,if he stays in cleveland, he will not get a championship ring there. that team is being curse. He has all the rights to select the team that will give him a championship ring.

  101. NBA Outsider says:

    The bottom line is that if you were born in Cleveland you understand just how beaten down the city is in every way imaginable. Not just sports. This was just another slap in the face. We will recover and move on, but won’t forget.

  102. Saito H. says:

    I think Dan Gilbert words are not right to accused Lebron James leave without a valid reason. He stayed for cleveland 7 years without championship, and Lebron transfer to miami is a good choice he did not think about money or the superstar man in miami he think of the team they will form there at south beach. Dwayne Wade Chris Bosh and Lebron James are not selfish player to give each other a chance to perform as a team not as individual player.

  103. Jiszzy says:

    Matt B- “Fact is Kobe has had Shaq, Payton, malone, Gasol, Odom, Fisher, Artest around him when he’s won his rings. Without them, he’s just an underachiever like Lebron has been so far in his career.” Matt facts??? You obviously do not know your basketball history! Therefore nothing you say is credible from here on out or even worth discussing. When Payton an Malone were in LA they did not win a ring that year. Besides, however you slice it 5 rings is 5 rings which I might add 3 of the 5 were won in the first 7 years of Kobe’s NBA Career.

    Bottom line Kobe is an all around better player thanLebron! Yes Lebron’s stats are pretty impressive and his game is decent but what Kobe brings to the game can’t be found on the stat sheets. He wills his team to victory.

    Lebron is a punk! You don’t hear Kobe making excuses while playing with a broken finger, bad knee, back pain etc. A small pain in his elbow and Lebron started making excuses. Kobe will play left handed and still give you 25 a night. Now that’s a fact do your home work!

  104. martin mido says:

    Kobe has 2 rings the 2001 2002 doesnt count that’s just garbage shaq won it not him

  105. covermequick says:

    come on grow up, every great players needs some partner. remeber where is kobe when shaq leaves LA ? and he’s requesting for a trade and they didnt even pass round 1 of the playoffs. Queen james uses his mind like what KG told him. he will find his self chasing a ring w/ too many injuries and it will end u nothing. loyalty and money cannot bring u to a championship.

  106. whinkjr69 says:


    • Airness says:

      IDIOT! I’m not a fan of LBJ. I almost stop watching NBA after 1998. You’re like a dog barking at a wrong tree. Are you? I’m blogging only when you’re showing your IDIOCY about MIKE and Kobe.

  107. L.T. says:

    I think we’ve all kind of forgot something here, Lebron is still young, he still has many years to shine. Michael Jordan didn’t win his first championship until his 7th year in the NBA. Everybody is hating on Lebron for his decision because he wants a championship so he can be remembered. If he didn’t go to Miami everybody would be saying, “Oh, he didn’t leave because he’s greedy and he wants the money.” Its not about the money for him anymore. Plus, does everyone forget Boston’s worst record of the league, then after picking up two free agents who were the superstars on their teams (Timberwolves and Supersonics), Garnett and Ray Allen forming the big 3 in Boston to go on to the championship? I don’t remember there being a huge ordeal about that. Everybody wants a ring. And I guess it’s key for Lebron now, he’s getting anxious and found that Cleveland wasn’t going to work for him anymore. They also had nothing to offer for him anyway! The only thing they had was money. The team wasn’t that strong. They had Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao, and Big Z. Jamison was alright, and Shaq was pretty useless most of the time. They weren’t looking to improve their roster either. Anyways, don’t hate on Lebron for dropping the money to play the game he loves with a few of his best friends.

  108. ryan says:

    the decision of lebron is a nice decision, but i will miss the rivalry of wade and james, its nice to see the two of them battling together on different team.. i think bosh and wade is enough for miami.. but lebrons decision is final.. miami will have 3 kings.. can boston, lakers, orlanda match that one.. its like an all star team..

  109. james says:

    i would get to a paster if i was lebron because curses can be caused by witchcraft….. maybe that psycho owner for cavs hired a witchdocter or a witch or whatever.. you see im from russia and this type of stuff is heard throughout that country

  110. Johnny Handlesticks says:

    David Lee went to the Warriors! WOOOO Dubs gonna win it all in 2011 forget about these marquee fags

  111. blackmamba says:

    hey dude! im a kobe die hard fan! forget all as 8 no happen! just give king james a break! let him prove that he is better than kobe, to anyone else, let him prove that he is king! now he has d-wade and c-bosh on his side, the big question? CAN HE WIN CHAMPIONSHIP?

  112. Michael says:

    i cannot blame lebron for this move cleveland obviously thought he could carry the team by himself… Look at what the other teams did to try and recruit lebron.. the knicks added amar’e.. heat added bosh along with resigning wade… chicago brought in boozer with a great core of youth already there though the draft… What did cleveland do? Tell him this is home? And if he quit why would u want him back? I think lebron of being by himself everynight for 7 years(sorry shaq) he wantd help and i dnt blame him teams win championships.. Lebron you earned and just remind yourself lebron every fan u lost in cleveland u gaind another in miami… the ones that went with u to both tema are your true fans

  113. matt says:

    Wade, Bosh and James makes a sacrifice to gain a CHAMPIONSHIP RING not for salary… duh?! we know it all that there is bonus for them in every winning game.. if other superstar player is wise thinker consider this options for powerhouse line up for MIAMI:

    38 yo Shaquile O’ Neal for back up solid Center.. 2-3 minutes per quarter i’ts not bad… and additional 2 CHAMPIONSHIP RING before his retirement is the legacy… imagine HE CAN WIN AN 6 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE KOBE DOES!!!

    35 yo Allen Iverson for guard… a former MVP without a RING IS NOTHING… so’ get move.

    for sure everytime they go for the floor… all them have quality minutes.

  114. mike says:

    this was coming from the guy who promised unconditional love from the whole organization if lebron went back to them….bunch of friggin hypocrites…sheesh..

  115. blazermaniac says:

    to those who said kobe didnt do enough without shaq or gasol what about in 05-06 when he scored 35 ppg took his team to the playoffs they did lose the first round but against a really good suns team and if you go look back and look at that roster he carried the team to the playoffs odom was the second highest scorer with 14 pionts a game and odom is good but hes no super star hes a good sixth man so kobe got the team to the play no carried a not so good lakers team to the playoffs but no one man can win a championship by himself not even one man got his team to the finals by himself (except for A.I) so to those who say that kobe inst nothing without another superstar suck it by kobe not having another superstar it just gave him a chance to prove his greatness by carrying a sucky team the playoffs and scorinf 35 ppg also going for 81 pionts in a single game this guy is up there with the greats hes one of the greats


  116. Jabbar says:

    Anything short of a championship will be disappointing for Miami. But I believe the new big three is mature enough to compliment the game of one another. 7 years in the NBA is lot of basketball and definitely will increase a basketball players Intelligence of the game, add the fact that the three of them is very hungry to win it all. Anyone saying that it will not work because of their egos is crazy. They have the proper mindset and are workin towards a single goal.

  117. alex says:

    yeaaaaaahhhhh lakers are the champions 2009-2010 and thats the reality and only kings have rings. so lebron youre not the king. kobe is the man and his a legend clutcher and finisher champ. so l.a lets keep on celebrating for the champs lakers. im sorry paul pierce but you suck and youre team hahahaha you lost payback was sweet and yes it did came back to l.a with a trophy

  118. Kinez of Australia says:

    From Dan Gilbert’s letter to his ‘customers’, he is just a business owner bitter about his best ’employee’ leaving the company.. and trying to reassure the company will continue to move forward next season (which it won’t). This scathing letter is a desperate ploy to keep memberships and keep stadium seats filled (which it won’t).

    Winning a championship before LeBron is impossible for the Cavs, there are many teams above them with a greater possibility. Yes, Lebron did a hour long TV special and dragged the decision on, but it raised millions of $$ for charity.

    If you wanted a better career and had the opportunity, you’d change jobs, right? This is exactly what LeBron has done, he will have a better chance of winning a ring and that’s what you play for.

    Again, Dan Gilbert is just a business owner losing money. He ain’t taking sh*t to the bank.

  119. LA Fan says:

    Why is everyone talking about Miami winning the 2011 Championship? Seriously, no one is thinking about chemistry and the other players such as Mario Chalmers, Michael Beasly. They are of barely any use. They also have their three second-round draft picks. Miami needs more players or else they won’t have an OK bench, in fact not even half a bench. CB4, Dwayne Wade, and Lebron James will win a title but not in 2011.
    LA ALL THE WAY!!!!

  120. nba says:

    wtf is this cavs owner talking about betryal and etc? lebrons loyalty belonged to akron not clevland he does not own lebron cause he’s an UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT the man has his own will whether to stay or not the owners just a sore loser kobe is crap he can’t win a title on his own remember when kobe was all alone they were booted out of the playoffs 2 straight times in the first round james run was much better he even may it to the finals in one year with a mediocre line up even though they got swept kobe is nothing without shaq gasol artest odom

  121. Stephanie says:

    Seriously people get over it already!!! How much more of this do we have to take?? Ok so he made his decision to go to Miami! The Media and the GM’s of these professional organizations need to grow up a little bit, honestly!! All this trash talking and negativity is not going to change LeBron James’s mind! It is what it is! It sounds more like FEAR from these other teams more than anything. What I have to say is that this unprofessional and immature of a GM of the Cavs Dan Gilbert sounds like an ass and sounds like a 5 year old little [profane]! So what you would rather have a player on your team and paying him millions to not give u championships, really man? Honestly, Wade, James, Bosh and the rest of the Heat Organization deserve to shine. For years Wade has not received respect or had any recognition for his hard work and his great talents that he has as a professional basketball player. He played with mediocre players and he won one championship along side with Shaq who by the way abandoned the Heat and talked trash about Wade and Riley, so Wade and the Heat Organization deserve to have 2 excellent players on their rosters to accompany Wade to maybe and hopefully win a Championship whether it’s next season or whenever! James as well deserves to be on a team where they will finally give him hope and to finally win a RING! For Seven years we all watched and even hoped that LeBron will go to the finals and win, but that has never ever happened. I’m not a LeBron James fan, but for the love of God Media and Other NBA organizations, get the F over it!!! Stop fearing and prepare your teams to a challenge and bring the best out of all your players. It’s called basketball and it’s a competition sport! You know basketball players do this all the freakin time! IT IS WHAT IT IS!!
    Thank You and Good night!

  122. way back 2004, Lakers has 4 great superstars like Malone, Payton, Shaq, and Kobe..but still, they didn’t got the title, let’s see this coming season if the MIAMI’S BIG THREE will make it to the top..

  123. Scott 1956 says:

    Do you people know why Gilbert is upset? Because James was in on every transaction. He approved of all the things they did. He really wanted Mo Williams, well, be careful what you ask for. They did everything for that ungrateful little b)&@h. So he has to go on ESPN and knife the city that gave him everything. Did he have a right to do what he did? Of course. It just shows what a classless piece of crap lbj is.When Miami doesn’t win it this year, who will he blame then? Because it certainly won’t be the quitters fault. Warching the meltdown that is coming is going to be very, very funny.

  124. Patrick88 says:

    Basketball is about business, but Lebron showed that he is not after the money else he would be $30million richer if he stays in Cleveland. No, he is after carving a name for himself. He is not worthy to be called “King” if he doesnt own a crown. He badly needed to win a championship and Cleveland is not the team to give it to him. Besides, Kobe is on a mission to win his 6th ring, LBJ wants to prevent that…just my two cents!

  125. Jorge says:

    Lebron should sue Gilbert for defamation of character

  126. Actually, i love LAKERS than MIAMI…well, win or lose, still LAKERS!

  127. This will be the greatest event when LAKERS and HEAT will battle for the FINALS.

  128. Trey says:

    Everybody is treating lebron like he did something wrong. If you let the world tell it he was in a lose-lose situation. I have been a lebron fan every since he made it to the NBA and im not going to turn my back on him now. Do I agree with him going to Miami, no but i respect his decision as a grown man, skilled veteran, and a superstar. I am from Chicago so of course I wanted him to play for the Bulls, but for him to make everybody happy is just humanliy impossible. People can run around and call him selfish but at the same time those same people are running around burning his Jersey and talking negativly about him as though they was not hoping he stayed in clevland. As far for the Cavs Owner, it is just about safe to say that he is unprofessional and does not deserve a player in his organization such as Lebron. Reasons for that is because at the end of the day the NBA is a buisness and people leave teams all the time, so for him to throw that nonsense in people face he doesnt deserve a job with that authority.
    Bottom line Lebron is playing for a ring and clearly he doesnt care about the money, so he chose the best team he thought he could win with and honestly I dont think he was wrong. If know stays by Lebron side I, will no matter what…..

  129. Ditt37 says:

    Dear Dan GIlbert,

    Grow up! You are acting like a punk b***h. This is ultimately your fault that James left. He asked you to bring in talent to help win the city a champioinship and you didn’t. You brought in Shaq who is well past his prime, Jamison who was a superstar for the Wizards (big deal, its the Wizards), and Mo Williams who in the playoffs is about the equilavant of the stuff that I leave in a toilet bowl after a big dinner. If you really wanted James you knew who to try and sign CHRIS BOSH. Because you failed you are running around like a p***y hurt teenager. If you wanna be mad at someone be mad at the person looking back at you in the mirror. Lastly, are you seriously comparing LeBron to Benedict Arnold? Maybe Lebron left because you are an idiot. Arnold betrayed AMERICA, Lebron left Cleveland because you didnt do your job. Dont make that comparison. I remember as a kid, my father always told me “You play to win the game but make sure you have fun doing it.” Lebron made his decision to win and have fun. Something obviously you could not promise!

  130. LakerJay says:

    Look man Lebron did what Lebron had to do for himself, so get over it and move on. As a Die Hard Laker Fan my sympathies go out to the city of Cleveland and it’s Cavaliers fans, we feel your pain, because we felt that same sting back when Shaq left us for Miami. I am not a Lebron Hater nor am I a Lebron fanatic, but I do respect the guy for what he brings to the table regarding his talents on the court. My only problem with Lebron joining forces with D-Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami is that it leaves so many open ended questions regarding his legacy when he decides to walk away from the game of basketball. If Lebron does win a title, which as a true basketball fan knows it is bound to happen, the only question is when, but when he does win it, people will ask would he have been able to win a Championship without D-Wade and Chris Bosh? Also I truly believe there is a time line on this Trio (Lebron, D-Wade & Bosh) to win a Championship to call it a success, because if they fall short their first season, people will say that they are a new team learning to play together under a new system, that will be fine, but if they fail to win in all again in their second season, people will then question whether this move by Lebron was a good one. Don’t get me wrong as I stated earlier I am not a Lebron hater but I truly believe he just made things harder for himself.

    With all the free agents and trading going on, the Eastern Conference just got stronger then the Western Conference, which in turn will make Miami’s run to the finals that much harder. Not to mention that every team will be gunning for them day in and day out and with Boston’s big three party coming back and Orlando, and Chicago in the Eastern Conference, Miami will have to endure a lot and the road it has to go through will be rough. When and if they do pass this challenge their is another challenge awaiting them at that is the 2 Time Defending Champions LA LAKERS.

    This will be a big test for both (Kobe & the Lakers) as well as for (Lebron, D-Wade, Bosh & the Heat). But rest asure Miami fans, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and the entire LAKER organization as well as the City of LA will be ready when the time comes. And No I will not be rooting for Boston just because Lebron went to Miami. “Man Who does dat. No TRUE LAKER fan will ever root for boston”.

  131. Arwind Santos says:

    a lot of people think this is unfair 4 d Cav’s well u also have to think that this is also unfair for Lebron after what he’s done to the franchise & 4 d owner who turn to be richer after Lebron plays 7 seasons for the Cav’s they must respect Lebron’s decision be4 Lebron plays 4 d Cavs d Cav’s didn’t have any achievements then when he plays 4 them he turned d Cav’s from nothing 2 contenders he achieve that 4 playing hard & trying hard 4 d Cav’s for 7 season’s & now they don’t respect his decision after all his contributions & changes he made 4 d Cav’s. Gilbert & d fans are all selfish if Lebron didn’t play 4 d Cav’s i think they don’t reach what they achieve & they wouldn’t be known or popular.He contributed big 4 d city & now this is what he receive from fans & Gilbert? WTF..u all saying u luv Lebron but d truth is u only love your selves..this is professional basketball if u think loyalty is very important then pick only players that live in your City.all players have their rights to choose what they love and we all have to respect what was their decisions because it is their freedom to choose.if Lebron was not that good then you don’t care about him..

  132. JT says:

    PS – How stupid do you have to be to burne a $60 – $100 jersey? Pretty Dumb!

  133. laura says:

    *One final thought,

    I have no problem with LeBron choosing to announce his decision on his own 1 hour TV special. LIfe is about choices and sometimes we make choices to accomodate others, only to realize that it was a mistake. He has to look out for what’s best for LeBron and he probably made a decent amount of money doing that special with ESPN. Good for him. The business side of basketball is harder for us fans because we see our favorite players traded, coaches fired, etc. It’s the give and take part of the deal.

    Cleveland, the Cavalier fans, and even the owner of the Cav’s, might be mad and angry but when all is said and done, LeBron will always be “the one” that brought them to the top, while giving them the ride of their life doing it! Some of the best basketball EVER belongs to the Cavaliers and the fans. You wouldn’t trade that for anything.

  134. SKILZ says:

    let me just say I feel that nobody is wrong in this teamup of the mega stars, cleveland has everyright to be hurt now that lbj is gone,its a natural reaction, and certainly lebron as a right to chose which ever team he feels will win him a championship but lets not forget this isn’t the first time this has happened in the history of the nba. If we’re not prepared to put an asterisk and on kobe and shaq or the boston 3 or even the current lakkers team then we certainly should not put an asterisks on this team up, as a Sac kings fan im (SORTA) of glad this team up was allowed as it forces other teams to up their game, and believe me when i say that nobody has felt the pinch more than my kings in 2001 due to a shaq/kobe/jackson teamup. my only regret is that the nba doesnt offer an incentive for playesr to join the small market teams or restructure the free agency to where it is mandatory for players to spend a set number of years with a team or even better would be for small market teams to have a bigger salary cap than bigger market teams to sort of level the playing instead of driving yourself crazy I tjink we should just sit back and see how the nba will unfold now that the miami 3 are ready to set the bar by which other teams are ready to be measured. and remember no team has won a championship with only 3 players lol.

  135. zandro says:

    BOSTON,ATLANTA HAWKS, ORLANDO AND CHICAGO Don’t forget THIS TEAM WILL RAISE TO THE TOP…HOW ABOUT MIAMI? Hmmmm well hope they can move to play-off..:) peace

  136. Fraser Oliver says:

    How can people say that kobe wasnt important in his first 3 tittles he averaged 26, 30, and 24 points per game in the playoffs those years how is that not a large contribution to his team thats like saying pau gasols last 2 tittles are like kobes first 3 which is not fair to say at all. Think about this kobe has 5 championships Lebron dosent even have a win in the finals.

  137. Thomas says:

    its funny how emotional people are with lebron. i am not really going to care once carmelo anthony leaves the nuggets. im sure noone cared when dennis rodman joined jordan or scottie pippen. and at least at his 7th year they got a championship. he deserves to establish his dynasty

    • CaprtainKirkwood says:

      Rodman? Cmon…he was a good rebounder and defensive player. He was ripping down 18 to 20 boards and people were amazed. Hell guys are doing that on a daily basis now. I liked Rodman but he was far from a superstar.

  138. zandro says:

    shocking statement from LeBron…That all about “NBA entertainment and NBA business”..Who were saying KOBE GOT 2 ring and he can’t win without a cast? does MJ to? get all cast from MJ does he can win CHAMPIONSHIP ” I DON’T THINK SO!!!
    RULES IMPLEMENTED THAT TIME IS NOT COMPETITIVE Compare today with “the zone and defensive 3 second and adopting International RULES that make the NBA today more Interesting”

    Meanwhile Lebron is not mature enough to play the game at its highest level. We will see how he perform and the other cast in MIAMI.

  139. MackBanksGR says:

    this is not a showdown between LBJ and Wade this is about collecting rings and money

  140. laura says:

    Basketball isn’t just a sport, it’s a multi-billion dollar BUSINESS. People who love the sport are passionate about their favorite team(s), player(s), and how the game is played. The owner of the Cavaliers is no different in sharing his feelings, and thoughts about LeBron’s decision. We don’t have to like it, agree with it, or anything else. He has the right to feel any way he wants to. He chose to share his thoughts and he’s intelligent enough to know that people will react to what he’s said. So be it.

    Wanting to hold on to LeBron is understandable from a basketball lovers point of view, as well as the owner’s obvious revenue generator. People buy more tickets, merchandise, etc with top players like LeBron. I definitely side with the lovers of basketball’s feelings on LeBron whether it’s happy to have him in Miami or sad to see him leave Cleveland.

    Once the dust settles, and the new season starts, only then will we see if LeBron makes a good fit with the Heat. Being a good player doesn’t always mean a good fit with the rest of the team. You have to check your ego at the door before you walk onto that basketball court and play as a team. If not you’ll watch a team full of talent trying to figure out why they can’t win games.

    I’m still boo-hooing over my Suns losing A’mare….. but life rolls on regardless.

  141. Shon says:

    My question is, “Will Howard Stern address this?” Regardless of the hurt of the Cleveland Team, this response was totally un-professional!!!! The owner needs to be reprimanded IMMEDIATELY!

  142. KC says:

    This decision had nothing to do with his loved ones. Later in the program he said that he consulted all of his loved ones about this decision and the unanimously agreed that it was about him-what Lebron James wants for Lebron James and not what his supposed loyal fans want for him.
    We have to understand that to us the NBA the many franchises and skilled players is just entertainment. But to Lebron James, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, and all the other players this is their lifestyle, their jobs, something that they do for their sakes and their teams sakes. Whatever us fans and watchers want should not have and influence on what the NBA players want for themselves and their teams. So winning a Championship is probably on the majority of NBA players minds as it should be because thats their jobs what they DO.

  143. Devon Burnett says:

    I feel for u james,
    u did all u could to try and win. And for KB u have a team a good team.
    James had know one but himself. So good job HEAT for gettin the “KING”
    but Also dont forget that is D-Wades team.
    that is one hella team they got… your going to get yours James… dont worrie…
    RING after RING…… DEE…

  144. kid says:

    seriously!!! are you guys congratulating someone who left his home town?…he let the whole cavs nation down…and also he ruined his is still wade’s team…he cannot be lined up to BIRD, MAGiC, MJ or even kobe..’cause this guys never left there team down during there down time…damn u dumb asses fans..already joining the bandwagons in miami when you don’t realize how much this means to the cleveland and to the whole basketball world…

  145. Fraser Oliver says:

    This could be the biggest bust of all time not saying this cause i love the lakers but honestly james and wade will not both be able to average around 30 points a game so whos team is this. who gets the shot in the 4th quarter down by 2 with 10 seconds left wade or james can one of those players accept being the secondary offensive option or will their egos come out including chris bosh who would really be the third option in miami could he handle that? It only takes one of the three to get mad and distroy his team because miami is going to have any role players coming off the bench with the money they have left to spend.

  146. Eiramahs says:

    LeBron James. Amidst the emotional ranting and raving, mostly fueled by a money-minded media circuit, it is easy to be non-empathetic with a man of his stature. What LeBron has done is far from a “cowardly act.” In fact what he has done takes self-reflection, consideration and ultimately courage. It takes courage to leave home, risking ridicule, and venture out to seek self improvement. This man has garnered hype and lived up to the hype. He had been with the Cavaliers for 7 years and gave it his best. It is easy to forget about the countless NBA superstars that carried teams on their backs and has retired without the main objective: an NBA championship. A man who is serious about his career will seek the best opportunity to reach his main objective, which is to progress, in his case getting a championship. Albeit, rookie of the Year awards, scoring titles, MVP’s are cool yet render meaningless when one does not have a championship title. LeBron has accomplished all the former. He is in fact setting a great example for our generation. In his hour long interview, he pointed out that this is a TEAM game. Our generation is caught up in the idea that it takes one man to make a show. In actuality, it takes a well organized TEAM. Within a team there is no “I”. We can speak on any successful organization; it could be a school, hospital, the making of a movie, and so forth. The number ONE commonality is that it takes a team to create a successful production. Within this team people must sacrifice to reach the common goal. It is that simple. We are the ones saying that his legacy is going to be shot, we are the ones saying “he can no longer be compared to the ‘Greats’ that stuck it through”; whilst forgetting that anything successful in this world took courage, reasonable self positioning and risk taking. We can even point to the making of the United States of America, or any country, successful business, or individual. Most importantly, it is empowering to see a person of color make such an important decision for himself. He is a person of power that is showing a new generation that it takes TEAM effort to WIN. The man wants to WIN. It is amazing that he is being hated for wanting to WIN. It is senseless for an individual to place themselves in an awful position, and expect to WIN. He is showing us that it takes Self-ownership, sacrifice, risk taking and courage to seek the best opportunity in advancing in own career and ultimately, Life. One has to make a decision that is fitting for himself. As he has said, “this is a business.” NBA teams are always in the position where they can shift and buckle players around to make more money (through ticket sales) and get a ring. Why can’t a professional player make such a decision, is it awkward to see this?
    The media should be thanking LeBron for giving them something to make money off of for the past week and a half. It is quite interesting that they are calling his way of presenting the news “narcissistic”, when they all tuned in to watch and criticize. They waited for the event to unfurl so they can make an “intelligent” analysis on the hour long special. Instead of pointing out the leader he is being, they (the media) lazily chose to ride the, somewhat, popular sentiment that LeBron has sold out. We ought to be more responsible in the messages that we are relaying to our youths. I have a 9 year old sister that says “I don’t like LeBron”. I asked her why, she said “because he left Cleveland.” I asked her how she felt, she replied “I don’t know…he should have never left…where did he go?” This is an example of how the media does a great job of delivering information. It is a mostly biased, uneven hand delivery of news. If one listens long enough, you grow to hate a man who wants nothing more to progress in his career development.

  147. Erickson Lara says:

    Miami will never be James. Miami is Wade.

  148. ldhl89 says:

    Everybody forget shaq with the orlando magic

  149. ldhl89 says:


  150. basketball fan says:

    My goodness. Can`t a guy write about Lebron teaming up with a few other good players without people going off on “Kobe vs. everyone else that people like“ conversations? The guy`s got 5 championship rings. My goodness, between Lebron, Wade, and Bosh together you`ve only got one. As a Kobe fan, I love Lebron for doing this. He`s recognized, just like Kobe, that you can`t win a championship alone. I hope he wins a few… when Kobe retires…

  151. JT says:

    Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland ???Fans???should be ashamed! Lebron James put his heart and soul into every game he played in Cleveland and this is the thanks he gets! Is he suppose to stay around like some other super players and never win a national championship? Yes Cleveland YOU got greedy YOU chose to pay Lebron the large salary to the point you couldn’t bring in the support Lebron needed to win a championship, YOU chose a superstar among medocre support players and YOU were content to watch the Lebron show night after night! So Yes Cleveland, quit your damn whinning and suck it up. Lebron didn’t leave for the money – he left for a chance to be part of a national championship team. Gilbert you are an idiot – you lost the best player in the world because you haven’t figured out how to compete with the big boys

  152. Tdo_44 says:

    I would just like to say this to dan gilbert all the cleveland cavaliers fans………………………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that is what you get for stabbing lebron james in the back after he took your team from a nobody to a BIG somebody. he literally took cleveland to the finals on his back with the whole franchise watching in awe. dan gilbert the things that you said about lebron is completely classless. how dare you call him a backstabber when he lifted your team to the best seven years they have had ever. this man has taken not just cleveland, but all of ohio to new places in sports. when gilbert said we saw lebron’s true colors he was absolutely right. we saw a lebron who was tired of coming up short when he was struggling from the field. lebron had to literally had to score 30 point to win in the playoffs. his teammates were trash in every aspect of that word. mo williams was the most arrogant point guard in the league when lebron was THE POINT GUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lebron was there everything. the reason they lost was because of the arrogance of that whole franchise including you dan gilbert. you thought it was your work…….PSYCHE!!!!!! it was all bron. i personally think the fans of cleveland should hang up his jersey instead of burn it. how could you, you will never in 50 years find a player like lebron. and gilbert i promise that you will never win a championship in cleveland before lebron wins won in miami.

    i do think miami was the wrong choice. jon barry was spot on when he said we will not see the same james and wade like we have seen the last seven years. i would love to see the argument the last second of the game when spoelstra says that wade should take it instead of lebron. i believe lebron should have gone to chicago (and i am not a chicago fan). derrick rose and now carlos boozer would have been a perfect for lebron. lebron would probabl average less assist but his point would skyrocket. and not because of unselfishness because of derrick rose. i am pretty sure that rose would have averaged 12 assist with the offensive firepower of lebron and boozer (but i guess thats just me).

    • Seriously? says:

      dont make any sense. LBJ is from ohio, played for cleveland, promised the city for a title. Dan gilbert adding up shaq, jamison, mo, delonte, moon to boost up LeBron’s confidence. and after losing in playoffs and walking away, and giving up on game 5, who’s the betrayed again? Dan Gilbert’s comments is all frustration.

  153. mac says:

    you know guys LBJ wants another superstar for him to be effective most thats why he join miami.its not the money but the supporting cast that could deliver when his “a’ game is not present..just like in ohio he quit in pivotal game 5 vs boston b’coz he dont have the cast that can carry their team even when he (LBJ) has bad game…..
    the super trio combine b’coz they want to chase the 5 rings of kobe.they all combine for kobe tha’ts the main reason, if they have their own team they can’t deliver the way kobe does, they only shook the world with their new super trio but they’re still beatable,,,,if heat and LA will fight for championship series i wll be for LA…the well balance offense is the key for rings…THREE KINGS VS BLACKMAMBA….

  154. LAforLIFE24 says:

    calm down guys. just because you put wade bosh and james on one team doenst mean theyre automatically gonna win rings. what, you think the rest of the teams, especially LA are just gonna let them have it?

    get outta here! everyone just got on the south beach band wagon

    LA 3peat. then we’ll crown another team.

    • LakerJay says:

      Yeah no kidding, as I stated earlier in my comment it will be interesting. But no matter who it will be Miami, Boston, Orlando, Chicago etc……….. there is one thing dat is written in stone, and dat is Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and the entire LAKER NATION as well as the City of LA will be ready. We will not just roll over and give up our 3-PEAT. SO BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Seriously? says:

    Seriously? i can’t believe how people think nowadays, everybody is so “overwhelmed” by the teaming up of james, wade and bosh. Hello east! celts are still the best team in the eastern conference? dont agree with me? sure you dont have to. we have all our own opinions on this. LeBron, Dwade and Bosh is definitely not a bad team. Hell this is the most fantasized team even since the free agency started, but you got to keep in mind, there are no players around this young 3. Theres no point of having all three of them team up if there is no legit bench who can come in and save some mins for all 3 of em, also consider, foul troubles? if your heat pat riley, who are you gonna rely on when this happens? anybody from the bench? of course you can keep em in the court, but it cant go for a very long time without fouling out. have anybody in mind? nobody, yet. I might be wrong, but this all depends on who the heat gets. As for the Lakers, their offseason has yet been really good, nor bad. There hasnt been any good decisions for this offseason for the lakers, derek fisher is till unsigned and brown, and there are still holes that needs to be filled. i still like L.A. Vs Boston this year, Boston just got even tougher acquiring JO’neal, i dont like the celts neither do i hate them. and right now im so mad how people say how old they are and that they cant compete with young talents. Wrong. Celts beat dwade and company, and celts shutdown Lebron during the playoffs, not its going to be different because they are in one team now, but the big 3 of celts still has alot left. yes they”re old, but its not the big 3 that makes celts really good, its the play of rondo, and the motivation, and smart plays by doc rivers, and now that all 3 is back in green, i highly doubt its gonna be a easy ring for heat.

    as for kobe bryant being compared by jordan? of course. Nobody is better, will never be better than michael jordan. its not about who helped jordan, magic, kobe and wade. its all about who takes the lead. Lebron had not only shaq but auntwan, and mo and what happened? never won a ring. All those great players (who according to everybody, had helped from other players) has something Lebron, Dwade, and bosh doesnt have. Leadership and commitment. Lebron definitely has no leadership in him, nor is dwade and bosh. I can guarantee you right now, no matter how many championship Heat wins, they can never be compared to the greatest. Jordan had bad days, Magic im pretty sure had bad days against celts, Kobe had also bad days, but none of em gave up and went the easy way out.

    All im saying is, it was a bad decision for LeBron to leave. He’ “was” considered to be the most talented out of all, and soon been be able to be in jordans league, but him leaving shows he has no leadership, and commitment.

    its still not a bad team. i can see them winning more than 70. but come game time, it’ll be interesting how they matchup with other teams.

  156. adam says:

    PPL truly got nothing to do.

  157. wreckedmind says:

    Well it’s the kid’s decision to move to another place, probably he wants to have a tan(?)…hope KD and the OKC will win more games (again)…ciao

  158. MIAMI FAN says:


  159. paublo james says:

    lebron is a beast and now because of him iam a miami fan now….the cavs fan are stupid can they turned their back on lebron after all he has done for cleveland…james wants to win and with him stayinnn on the cavaliers he would have never win a championship the future is bright i guarantee he will win 4 nba titles in 5 years

  160. Steven says:

    Actually, now that I read this, can any of you actually speak proper English and if not, fair enough, you are probably from out of the US and speak better English than I will ever your language (except if you speak German or Frnech which I speak). But seriously, if you are this illiterate in English, clearly you don’t get what it means to be from Cleveland or what Lebron meant to the city. Further, his behavior was classless to the extreme. Incase you don’t understand what that means I will explain. His fans paid money at the minimum and that is where his salary (pay) comes from. More than that, Cleveland (I don’t live there) is a hard working place and not a bad place either. Those who supported Lebron saw him as more than a sports figure. He was a local son, talented as could be, who might be the hero who finally busted through for Cleveland and brought home a championship to a city that desperately wants one. His little ego-driven stunt on TV was not good form (meaning his a souless jerk) and was not right. Sure he can leave, but do it with tact.

  161. ANGEL says:

    I hate it when people try to compare KB,MJ, and James. Look no one can win NBA tittles with out any supporting cast!!!! Jordan wouldn’t of won without pippen thats a fact!!!! same thing with kobe with out shaq!!!! If anything the teams now are harder to compete against then when jordan was playing he had it way easier than kobe and james do now. All I do know is the lakers are going to be playing the heat in the finals and its going to be a good series.

  162. Steven says:

    I agree, the letter was blunt and probably in bad form and written in haste. However, and I don’t care what LBJ said about how “great” his fans in Cleveland were, he never planned to stay, his whole loyalty thing was an act, and he is a shallow, ego-driven freak and the mesage in Dan’s letter is correct. “this is not what we want our children to be”. The bottom line, if LBJ had any class he would have made a LOCAL, public address, telling Cleveland how proud he was and how thankful he was for the support but the time had come to seek new and uncharted waters. His little national puppet show as a serious jerk move and is really poor form. His fans deserved better for their above the bar and unusual support. Lebron should know better. The Northeast of Ohio has had a rough go. Just because he wanted the year round-top-down-sports car weather and bling of Miami does not justify the cruel backhand he gave C-town.

  163. SIN says:

    Kobe had all those guys you just listed, you cant just go and list there weaknesses and pretend there useless. EVERY player has a weakness, understood? all those players you listed helped him so much and dont deny it.

  164. the bob says:

    lebron aint going to win anything i bet you that wade and leboner are going to be at each other face by the end of the season and just like dan gilbert said lebon-er is a coward and he is a traitor

  165. the bob says:

    lebron aint going to win anything i bet you that wade and leboner are going to be at each other face by the end of the season and just like dan gilbert said leboner is coward and he is a traitor

  166. 2sday says:

    Gilbert is just expressing sour grapes. He and Cuban are showing themselves to be a few cards short of a full deck. Millionaires who think that their players are toys and how dare they “defect.” What???? The bad thing is that it comes across as though LeBron OWED him something. Yes a phone call ahead of time would have been nice. But how many players get a phone call before they’re traded? Not many. But Gilbert’s words smack of “I own you – I made you and I can break you.” Gilbert you were an employer. LeBron played in Cleveland for the love of Cleveland – he could have gone ANYWHERE as a rookie. He gave you 7 great years – yet you want his whole life for the sake of what? Loyalty? How many of us would RUN from our jobs for a better job, in a awesome location with people we LIKE to work with – not just people we’re thrown together with? LOTS of people would. LeBron had the chance to do just that. He wanted to play with friends and win championships – that was NOT going to happen in Cleveland. Sorry, but it wasn’t. And as for the comment that Cleveland will win a championship before LeBron does – if so that’s great for the city. My question is then why are you so pissed with LeBron leaving since you have all it takes to win? And why didn’t you win LAST YEAR?

  167. brando says:

    this makes every team in the NBA look like the underdog now.. even the Lakers

    now, everyone, don’t get mad at Lebron… sure, feelings were hurt and egos were stepped on but let’s face it, IT IS HIS DECISION NOT OURS… let him be and let the other teams do what they gotta do to make their roaster better… this could be really good for the rest of the 28 teams because it now becomes a challenge for them how strong and determine they are in getting that elusive ring… Owners, GM’s. Coaching staff better get going and do your jobs,,,

    Lebron’s legacy is far from over… he still have a long way to go… let us not be a fortune tellers saying, “He has cursed his own legacy”, etc. etc. Why can’t everyone just accept the fact that he is gone in Cleaveland.., business is business… its a big gamble but he decides on his own path to greatness…. whether it pays off or not, only time will tell…

  168. Ahmad says:

    Okay all you guys saying Kobe didnt do it by himself and MJ did is wrong. Yes you can’t win a championship without supporting players. MJ couldnt do at his own he won titles after the bulls signed or got players scottie pippen, dennis rodman, and others. MJ couldnt do it on his own and he barely led a team to the payoffs seasons without having wonderful supporting players. No player could lead a team to victory on his own its possible. So stop saying Kobe couldnt win a ring on his own. MJ couldn’t or Lebron. So thats why I support Lebron’s decision because there will be a ring in his future. Another example would be Boston is once the got kg ray allen and paul pierce together they were onstoppable so you cant win a championship alone. Stop hating on Kobe and Lebron. I’m a Spurs and I’m saying this. You know Shaq wants to go to the Spurs and I hope he does becuase he still a little productive.

  169. Abdo says:

    I’m a Cleveland Cavaliers fan since 2000, I was 7 years old then. I had some love for the city and then I saw the greatest player I’ve ever witnessed grow up in it. Now that LeBron left, I don’t think us cavaliers fans should act like haters, we should be thankful we had LeBron for 7 years and thankful for what he did to our franchise, I’m sorry but him leaving was caused by mistakes by the cavaliers ownership. Can anyone tell me how come we thought stoud was comin last year and we ended up with a 34 years old shoulderless Jamison. Can anyone tell me how can Shaq be considered a starting center even a star in a quick team, it’s like throwing a bulldozer in a formula 1 race for god’s sake! Moe came up short he is not a good point guard. Delonte is, well, sick. Andy’s energy is great but he’s not consistent, JJ is young! That is definitely not a championship team LeBron can stay with, he did the right choice. Of course we won’t forget Coach Brown, we won’t forget his squad, Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Doniel Marshall, Damon Jones, Sasha Pavlovich, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Eric Snow, Anderson Varejao, Moe Williams, Delonte West, Anthony Parker, Shaquille O’neal, Antawn Jamison. No Cavs fan will forget these names. We won’t forget the Cavaliers extraordinary performance in the playoffs against the wizards in almost every first round, nor against the pistons with Lebron’s “game 5”, nor against the nets with Sasha’s block on Jason kidd, nor will we forget the tears in that final against the Spurs, or the two disappointments against the Celts, or the Magic killing us two years ago with lebron’s buzzer beater. We won’t forget anything, but sometimes change is a need and we just have to say goodbye. Let’s all wish LeBron luck in Miami and just ignore Dan’s childish letter. I’m a heat fan now, and a cavs fan too!

  170. MackBanksGR says:

    I’m not mad at the brother and i wish him well, so hats off to this brother because he truely is the KING right now, today, and tomorrow

  171. SweddishChef says:

    Wow, they needed to bring in this 3 guys just to beat LA? Lol. .

  172. jason says:

    all the so called miami fans could smd for jumpin on the band wagon

  173. Nic_Nac says:

    was it just me or was LBJ kind of cocky and arrogant. i mean don’t get me wrong he’s good but his whole demeanor during this free agency period left a nasty taste in my mouth in regards to his character. and for all you comparing LBJ and Kobe to Jordan, there will never be anyone like Mike just like there will never be anyone like Kobe or LBJ. They’re all different. The Cavs of the past 2 years were legit contenders. They had the best records in the NBA with 60+ wins back to back seasons and still LBJ could not deliver. It all comes down to who wanted it more. LBJ convincingly quit or played with lower than needed intensity on pivotal playoff games. His team sensed it and they began to panic. LBJ had West, Shaq, Mo, Jameson, Varejao etc. they had a legit starting 5 and a deep bench so to say that they didn’t have the tools to win is total bull.

    now on to the the people hating on kobe..

    kobe has gasol and only gasol…and who was gasol anyways before he became a laker? his numbers were actually higher when he played for the grizz bringing in 20 pts and 10 boards per game on his 06-07 campaign with Memphis. his numbers dropped since coming to the lakers. ok so what about bynum..he’s been injured so many times and missed so many games not to mention was playing hurt most of the season and all through the playoffs. Odom the guy’s soft he has a 6’8 6’9 frame and he’s laying the ball up instead of dropping it on peoples heads c’mon. RonRon is a hit or miss every night on offense and the bench is non existent. so really who does kobe have?? They’re winning games cuz kobe learned to be able to win you have to step up when needed and lead and play team ball. they proved this past season you don’t need “Big 3” to win championships all you need is a group of guys with heart and determination and a common goal to win. C’mon lakers down 3-2 and win the last 2 against the now “Big 4” in Boston. that’s saying something

  174. Cole says:

    Get over it Cleveland. If he wants to leave let him.

  175. Cole says:

    get over it Cleveland. If he wants to leave he can. Wow that is pitiful.

  176. Cole says:

    This is insane! Cleveland fans are just absoulutely awful. I hope leBron gets a ring soon. Except it, If he wants to leave let him. Stop acting like girls!!

  177. SIN says:

    seems to me like cleveland fans got greedy and just wanted to win, and they KNEW in there brains that LeBron was there only choice. and once there only chance walked out, they complained they got betrayed when really, ohio was just not the place. LeBrons not your slave, he doesnt have to stay in your losing city to give YOU hope.

  178. unknown., says:

    dan gilbert is just made lebron comin to south beach and he needs to stop acting like a child.

  179. SIN says:

    Why does LeBron owe the cleveland fans better? what have they contribute to James besides buying the ticket and sitting there to cheer. You honestly believe just cause they buy tickets and cheer him on they deserve something? To prove that SOME cleveland fans dont seem to realize is how to choose a player. You dont like LeBron james just cause he is the best player on your citys team. like him as the person he is, and respect what movements he makes. You know that cleveland fans werent worth it once they started burning his jersey afterwards. what have they contribute to lebron?

  180. Chris Ross says:

    I really didn’t think it would get this ugly. Shows how stupid people are in the world that they can’t even understand why he left. It’s sports get over it. I’m as passionate as anyone about sports. But it’s not the worst thing in the world if your team doesn’t win

  181. PaPa_cHuPs says:

    Its true that you can’t win a championship by just one player alone, but having 3 superstars playing together?! Do they really have to, just to win a championship?! Dwane Wade and LeBron James are both MJ caliber as of this era and Chris Bosh is arguably the best PF as of today. Garnett, Allen, and Pierce join forces together when they are already at their 30’s. DWade is only 28, Bosh 26 and James 25! You can’t even compare DWade to Allen and LBJ to Pierce, I don’t know about Bosh to Garnett (Garnett will obviously win in his prime though). So please stop comparing it to the big 3 of 08 and even the big 3 of the older generation!!

    It is true that Jordan can’t win with out Pippen, Shaq with out Kobe, and Kobe with out Gasol, but LBJ with out DWade and Chris Bosh?! Well That’s a different story.

  182. locc514 says:

    listen i know lbj from school its cool he left to go after his dreams but its just how he left us we love him like a family member not a star but when you turn on fam whats left to do but turn yo back too i wish him well but he s not the king nomore cause no king leaves his kingdom when he clearly was the ruler now he only a roll player a big name roll player trust me its gone be know

  183. steve says:

    r u people forgeting the big 3 in boston, and if miami wants to win a championship they have to beat boston first, then deal with the lakers when they get there, furthermore miami better hope and pray that dwayne wade stays healthy for the entire season, or lebron will be back to choking his dreams away in the playoffs like we all r so familure to seeing

  184. LAKESHOW says:

    Until the Trio in Miami has a supporting cast though, they are not going anywhere.

    I am a born and bred LA LAKERS fan, yes… A Kobe fan, But I am also a fan of all things basketball.

    When the “Big 3” united in Boston, I wasn’t mad… Not 1 bit. 3 Good players proved they couldn’t win alone, so they joined forces, took pay cuts, and won 1 title. I can’t be mad at that, they did it to win! Even if it was at the expense of the Lakers.. and as you seen in 08-09…and 09-10… The Lakers got there redemption. Remember, the Lakers have been to the Finals 3 years in a row, and have won 2 straight. The Lakers know what takes to win, as does Boston.

    The west has also gotten a lot weaker, with Utah losing Boozer to the Bulls, and the Suns loosing Amar’e to the Knicks.
    Duncan and the Spurs are another year older, and The Mavs just don’t have what it takes to win in the play offs. Denver and the Thunder are the only teams that can pose a certain threat to the Lakers.

    I know the Lakers will be in the finals again, for the 4th straight year… but what I don’t know is, who will be there to play them? Will it be the Big 3 in Boston, Orlando, the Young Bulls, or Miami? That is the million dollar question….And anyone who is banking that Miami is getting to finals this year coming up, is a damn fool. I am not doubting the talent of Wade, Bosh, James, I am doubting the talent that they have yet to acquire to surround them. A Championship isn’t won with 1,2,3,4 players, it is won with the ENTIRE team, starting with Management, all the way down to the trainers, doctors, and water boys.

    Now that this “Big 3” has united in Miami, I am not mad.. again, it just shows that 3 Good players, cant win alone… (Wade won with Shaq, WHILE Shaq was still a dominating player) and right now, that is all they are.. ALONE… As of right now, they have no supporting cast, unlike Boston did when Boston joined up. I am really interested to see who Pat Riley brings in to back up the big 3..

    This is just speculation, but I think Wade, Bosh, James salaries are going to be around the 15-18 Million mark each, leaving about 16-25 million in cap space, before the luxury tax is imposed dollar for dollar, I don’t know how much money the owner(s) have to spend in luxury $$, but they have to fill 9 spots. Now this is where it gets interesting…. Do MLE players take a huge pay cut in hopes to win a championship? Or is the Heat plan to sign bottom feeders? This decision could make or break this so called dynasty (who hasn’t even won a thing yet)

    As far as Dwayne Wade re-signing in Miami…. I commend him… really I do.. I know his kids are in Chicago, and his family are in Chicago as well, and I know this decision must not have been easy. I know if I was Wade, and Chicago offered me a chance to play, at home, around family and friends, I would have jumped at it.

    As far as Chris Bosh, more power to him… he wasn’t happy where he was, you could see it. He left Toronto for South Beach, could anyone blame him?! His chances at winning the all illusive championship has increased, a lot.

    As far as the “chosen one” “King” (even though this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Where KINGS DO NOT EXIST) aka LeBron James, All honesty, He took the easy road. I cant and wont ever knock him for his decision. He left his family, friends, home town. He did it, even taking a huge pay cut. Am I mad he did? Not one bit. He did it to win. Wouldn’t you? I do think we’ve seen LBJ’s prime already. We’ve seen the great things he can do alone. He’s peaked alone. Is he on the decline? NO, he’s 25. Will he get better then he already is? I highly doubt it. The reason why, is because he won’t be a one man show anymore, and he wont have that huge load on his shoulders night in and night out…but in exchange, he’s gotta learn to share. This isn’t his team… its Dwayne Wade’s Team, Miami is Dwayne Wade. Just like all the talk yesterday was, can 2 alpha males like them exist on one team, for 82 games, and a play off run? We will just have to wait and see. The thing that has my gut twisted, is how LBJ quit against Boston in the play offs. That leaves a sour taste in my mouth, because I have never seen someone (that says they want to win so bad ect) just flat out quit like that. Its dis-heartening for the sport… it really is… How can a kid watch his idol/hero w/e you want to call him.. just quit? Dwayne Wade has the heart of a champion… you could see it… He tried to bring his team back… He lit Bostons ass on fire, but in the end, 1 vs 3 was to much for D Wade alone. This year, he has help.

    This is a good move for the NBA in general, and the city of Miami. The property values will rise, the local businesses will boom and nightlife in Miami will be even more intense (is that possible?!).

    I wish them all nothing but success, and I hope the 3 in Miami can co-exist, and with there basketball IQ, it shouldn’t be hard. There is going to be an adjustment period, a big one. The east is stacked, now more then ever.

    As stated, I am a Lakers fan, but I am a fan of basketball in general. I know my basketball history, and not some teen that hops on who ever nuts cause they have the best players (like most of the posters I have seen on here)

    PS: Can the Clippers please re-locate to another Arena? Thanks! 🙂


  185. aslan says:

    To Hank

    how can you even compare stats of the 90s to todays game are you crazy …the level of the game grows by every season the result that Kobe is producing today is magniciefent ..kobe by far is the best player in nba history cause he is the best player at the prime of the NBA his the mvp of the NBA get your head together before oppening your mouth;)

  186. Dan says:

    there is no wrong on what james did, when he decided to join wade and the miami gang. But… even if he wins a championship, I think that ring will be worthless… see, what would that ring represent?

  187. uppy says:

    One thing the heat will have now is a lot of haters. And i say a lot. Players, fans and owners hating the Heat for Wade’s, Bosh’s and especially Le Bron’s actions. This won’t make it easier for them to get their rings. Why le Bron make’s this move and why did he do it in this particular way is surely surprising. If the Delonte West rumors is true le Bron is for sure strongly affected by it and is still not making healthy choices to move himself along to better his situation while taking in account how others perceive him..

  188. Pat Riley!.. Pat Riley!.. Pat Riley!.. Coaching again? Of course.. No way Mr. Riley is going to pass up another NBA championship in Miami.. With Wade,Bosh,James the current Miami coach is not the coach to coach the remarkable three all stars!.. Some one better get a reality check on who will be Miami Heat coach next season… The only coach is Pat Riley to coach 2010-2011 Miami Heat NBA season.. Because if all do not go well in Miami with the three Kings!.. Wile Pat Riley coaching the blame will fall on no one!.. With the current coach coaching 2010/2011 Miami Heat… The blame will fall directly on Pat Riley… Lets hope none of the three kings get hurt… Now Miami Heat do have a serious problem…NBA 2010/2011 CHAMPIONS? I MUST GO WITH THE LAKERS!…

  189. Matt says:

    The NBA needs three superstars on one team to stop the BLACK MAMBA.


  190. xwattsh says:

    the heat are going to be a great team for years to come even though i am a heat Fan i kinda didnt want lebron to come has an nba fan above all i would much rather see wade and lebron go at each other instead of joining forces to win a championship. But any way Rockets and Heat For life!!!!! take that to the bank L.A fans

  191. Jumpman says:

    ppl just accept that lebron will not be the KIng in Miami. Thats D-wades team

  192. ma1n3v3nt1018 says:

    cant wait for the season to start. it will be very interesting. im a laker fan i do agree that its not all about kobe bryant. im a laker fan but i dont really like kobe that much. its all about the team and in my opinion the lakers are still #1 in the league even with james,wade,bosh together. ohh and kobe didnt win a ring with payton and malone…

  193. WG says:

    LeBron had to expect that negative reaction from Cleveland.

    The nationally televised event didn’t help, you get the feeling LeBron is just surrounded by a bunch of money hungry yes-men, who care only for the money they can make of LeBron and not LeBron himself.

    The only way LeBron can make sense out of all of this to the Basketball world is to win immediately and win multiple championships. Somewhere around 5 should do it. To rebuild his image as a Super Superstar.

    Charles Barkley said it best in his reaction.

    With that said, I understand how hard this decision would have been for James and wish him nothing but the Best of Luck.

    He now joins my favorite player in Wade and genuinely hope they end up with more Rings than you can put on one hand.

    If your a Lakers fan, don’t reply to my comment as its the most useless words I will ever read.

  194. zang says:

    The big problem I have with LeBron James’s decision is that he makes it all about wanting to “win” — but at the same time he’s put all the onus of not winning on Cleveland and the team that sacrificed A LOT FOR HIM, with the same alleged goal — Winning. He owes the Cleveland fans better, because they gave him a lot – he should at least say publicly something like “I also take responsibility for failing to bring a Championship to Cleveland” because the message that’s hanging is that Cleveland somehow let him down.

    On the contrary, Cleveland’s management did a pretty good job considering their record and their playoff success. That is, no they didn’t win it all, but only one team can each year. It’s not like Cleveland was knocked out in the first round – the playoffs are tough! They’re supposed to be tough! You think KG or Dwight Howard, or Al Horford doesn’t want a championship as bad as LeBron does because- because they’re not LeBron? Believe it or not, NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO A CHAMPIONSHIP. (Not even Kobe, that’s why he gRoW uP, DaWg!!!)

    The other thing is– if LBJ wanted to stay in Cleveland, he definitely had the star power to bring at least one other megastar in… sooo… maybe he’s not being entirely honest with his Cleveland fans? Or himself? Looking back on the mess, it looks like he was ready to B.A.I.L. starting in about May 2009…

    The Cavs didn’t let LeBron down, and LeBron didn’t let the Cavs down – until now. The new Miami Heat will be fun, I guess, but it’s like those teams in video games where I put all the best players on the same team, turn off the rules and beat the Washington Wizards 1100-4. It gets old fast.

    I guess LBJ will probably get his jewelry within the next three years… but if he never did, he’d probably learn a lot more about what that ring really means. Whatever.

    Go Kings.

  195. einstein says:

    hmm now the lakers lost to the heat last season (except for a ridiculous buzzer beater from half court by kobe) – and they couldnt guard wade at all – now add lebron and bosh to the mix – how can the lakers compete when they cant guard wade? simple…. the wont…. heat to win next 4 out of 5 years

  196. SIN says:

    Would kobe appreciate you as a fan if you’re saying this stuff about LeBron? NO. know why? cause he cares about LeBron more, so stop trying to defend him, when in kobes eyes, your being stupid.

  197. WK says:

    This was embarassing from an executive. … I understand his hurt but to stir up this much anger. At the minimum, the League should fine him. This is a blackeye to the NBA. (Maybe force to sell the franchise would be better for the League.)

  198. kobegasol says:

    the heat have everything to prove now they re not the favorites to win the championship or even the east because there is still magic celtics and the mighty lakers

  199. jallard090 says:

    I don’t think the big three of Miami can be compared to any other championship team. Bosh, wade and Lebron, are probobly all top ten players (maybe bosh is somewhere between 10-15). The Lakers the past two years-Kobe, Gasol, and a bunch of role players. The Celtics-Allen, Garnett, and Pierce, all solid players but I would not put any of them in the top ten. The Celtics of the 60’s-Russell, Cousy, Havilechek-cant compare to this big three. The 80’s lakers-Magic, an aging Kareem (I’d say for 3 of the 5 he was aging) and Worthy-who wasn’t around untill the last 2 or 3. The 80’s celtics-Bird was the only one around for all 3-maxwell, archibald, mchale, and aging Bill Walton for one or two of them. The closest to being like this team would be the bulls-Jordan, a very underrated pippen, Rodman, and a bunch of really good role players.

  200. SIN says:

    It’s true, winning is winning. and LeBron even said in the conference that winning a title in Miami is Equivalent to Cleveland. No one cares what you guys think about the equalness of where he wins the title, they only care what LeBron thinks and he clearly stated, it doesn’t matter. On that note, imagine winning a title with your bestfriend, isn’t that something to remember? LeBron could careless if hes as great as kobe or not, there both still supporting and respecting eachother. look at it this way. if there were choosing sides, the teams would be ALL NBA PLAYERS against us. because most of us are just stupid.

    • SunsFan says:

      Well stated. Are Robert Horry’s rings any less valuable because he won them with three different teams? Not at all. A title is a title.

  201. kobegasol says:

    this is how it went down. lebron and dwade couldn’t win a championship by having them selves being the centerpiece so they had to team up and they still wont win’ because we have the only true superstar in the league. i think you know who im talking about. back to back finals mvps

  202. Jumpman says:

    i cant say i agree with lebron’s decision, but i understand why he chose to leave. But as for his legacy. He cant be compared with players like Magic, Kobe, And Jordan because they all stayed on their team. And if Miami does win a championship. James will be known as the player, and MVP who had to go to another team to win his first championship.

    O yea And good luck to Cleveland, they are goin to Need it

  203. Matthew says:


    People can and will hate on James, but don’t blame him for being smart. Let’s see, I could stay with my team, or go to a new team where we will have three All-Star Starters. Heck, in the East, Miami now has the best SF, PF AND SG. James did the SMART thing, take less money to build a team that WILL win him a championship. The massive ego of players and their huge contracts is astounding, because honestly, playing in the NBA I wouldn’t care if I made $10mill or $20mil, but if only taking $10mill gets me a championship, then I would freely give away that extra $10mill. James, Bosh and Wade have shown the commitment to actually winning. Two things I am very interested in: 1) They have shown that they are not egotistical about money, and it would be very awkward if their contracts paid any one guy more than the other two (despite the fact that Bosh is clearly 3rd here, and I say that as a long-time Toronto fan who’s been supporting Bosh all the way and will continue to do so, I won’t blame him for knowing what he wants and going out and getting it). I want to see how much money they do end up taking below the max, because if you’re willing to take say a $3mill pay cut to win, why not 4,5,6? I want to see just how much they are committed to win. 2) I want to see how – and in which order – these contracts are signed. The logical thing would be this: 1) Sign Bosh and James. 2) Fill out the roster. 3) Sign Wade and exempt his contract from sending you over the signing cap. But I think they might want to sign Bosh, Wade and James all at the same time. 4) Who will join them? If I were a bench guy, I would definitely take a pay cut to play on that team and I have a feeling that there are a few guys that agree. 5) Big man in the middle. Who are they going to get to play center? A possibility (and hear me out) would be to get Shaq to play LOW minutes. Shaq knows his career will very soon be over, but Shaq MUST be thinking ‘Damn, Kobe’s got 5, well I want 5 too. I’m going to take less money with this team of All-Stars and try and contribute as much as possible, I’m not young anymore but what other center in the league would you want guarding Howard besides me? I’m not fast or young anymore, but I’m still big, bigger than Howard.’ I think getting Shaq and an additional center who can hold his own defensively (they DO NOT AT ALL need an offensive center, he just needs to be reliable defensively, any offense he adds will just be a bonus) would suit them well. 6) Finally I will talk about these three players on the court. How are you going to guard them? Seriously? Alone they were offensive threats, together they’re just ridiculous. Guarding this team will be nearly impossible, and while Bosh isn’t great defensively, he tries hard and this team won’t let up on their own side of the court. This is as close as you can get to an unguardable team. 7) There is clearly no ego involved with the money, they’re all taking less, but what about the play time on the court and the points? When Pierce, Allen and Garnett came together, they had all been through years of frustration and all realized that they could each go out and get 25 every night, but that wasn’t getting them championships, and they were old enough and mature enough to be able to take a step back and play as a team together. Will Wade, Bosh and James be able to do this? Thinking about from an individual perspective, this Heat team edges out the Boston one of two years ago in a heartbeat, each play on this Heat team is better right now than the Boston players were then, but the Boston guys meshes, can these three do the same? We’ll have to wait for next season to see. I would hope that these three very gifted players would also be smart and realize that this is not just a saying, it’s the truth: Individuals win awards, teams win championships. Can these three individuals become a team?

  204. P.wash says:

    Kobe Didnt leave, Paul Pierce didnt leave, MJ didnt leave, David Robinson didnt leave, Oscar didnt leave, Iverson didnt leave, The Dream stayed, So did Charles and Dirk and Reggie Miller some ofhese guys won championships some didnt but when you think of these franchises these players come to mind who do we associate LBJ with now cause his jersey aint going up in the rafters in cleveland. and further more why would i want to watch one team win almost every game every year hell we might as well send Deron Williams to the lakers and Chris Paul to the mav’s and Melo to the magic lets make it interesting cut the league to 5 teams and play street ball call your own fouls competiton is officialy out he window congratulations boston you started something stupid and good luck miami with joe shmoe the rag bag an who is that guy playing the other 2 spots.

    • ssad81 says:

      Boston didnt start that the lakers did back around 04. its crap and the nba has become a joke since. but hey, atleast the fans of all the other teams out there don’t have to waste there time anymore. F the NBA. The only sport where image is everything and sportsmanship is nothing and morals are nothing.

  205. jallard090 says:

    I would love to see the Cavs beat Miami in the playoffs, and if Miami makes the finals, I would love for them to get destroyed by the lakers. If Kobe can lead his team past the heat this year-he has just better solidified his legacy.

  206. GS says:

    Don’t see how it is 3 superstars. I only see 2 superstars D-Wade and Lebron. Bosh is good, but not a superstar. I haven’t heard about any game winning shots or taking over the game unstoppable like D-Wade, Lebron, Kobe, Paul Pierce. Just another good player.

    Cleveland blame your owners, go out and get the “Scottie Pippen”, the Pau etc. Don’t say give you more money and you owe us. If I was Lebron, I would say that’s enough too. They have good player in Mo, but not a guy that they can pull defenders away from Lebron.

  207. CaprtainKirkwood says:

    It’s a big joke. Heat fans….wouldn’t it have been more satisfactory to wiin a championship with your star being the star?Instead you are a replica of the Boston Celtics. Are you sure that Wade, Bosh, and James are enough? Maybe you should make two more trades and really make a point. But no matter what… win championships. There is no arguing that Kobe Bryant is the one star the Lakers have. And they took down the allstar roster of the Celtics. It’s a team sport Miami Heat. And James is not a team player. And Wade is no longer of importance. He was loyal to his team. But now that James is in town, he is expendable. Win I was a kid it seemed as if there were a star on every team. Now it seems as if the big players are piling on to a few teams only because those orgizations can’t win with the amazing talent they already had. Maybe they should bring in a decent coach. I hope the Cavs win in 2011. Then Cleveland and Miami will realize where a self centered selfish ball player gets ya.

  208. Balla says:

    Dan gilbert is total jerk!! wow. anyone in the right mind would join miami. Cavalier fans should be happy that Lebron actually stayed in that dump for 7 years. Im glad Bosh and Lebron and Wade can finally contend for a championship. All of them deserve one.

  209. MD says:

    To all you guys commenting here, I just want to say that you don’t have the right to say what a superstar should do and should not. i bet no one in this thread has been in the limelight or situation superstars have been, so stop acting like you know it all and you know what’s the best decision to make.

    and stop bringing out the past please! and stop mentioning MJ wouldn’t have done this, Barkley wouldn’t have done that. simply because YOU ARE NOT THEM!!! are you psychics now? you can read minds? and just because no basketball player has ever done what LBJ did (go to a title contender at his prime) doesn’t mean he’s doing something wrong. this is just giving more proof that people are reluctant and afraid of change. it’s making you look like Father Pat calling a foul, no, 2 fouls, after seeing Jackie Moon toss an alley-oop to Coffee Black.

    move on with your life guys!

  210. NikkiBanksGR says:

    Lebron get your MONEY

    • SunsFan says:

      Unfortunately it’s the “get your money” attitude that will eventually crash the NBA. Players already want more than most owners can afford to pay. We need more players like Steve Nash and Grant Hill, who still possess the skills, but don’t demand the world in order for them to play.

  211. Hello Ignorant says:

    You guys are all ignorant.

    Lebron has always shared the ball. Anyone watch the Olympics?

    And… winning is winning. Doesn’t matter if he does it with his “own” team or with 2 other super stars.

    and blah blah blah ghetto talk, misspelled word, blah blah.

  212. jallard090 says:

    The difference between Kobe and Lebron, Kobe is a winner, and Lebron is just an excellent player. I never really liked lebron, but he seemed like someone who was loyal to his team and after a couple of years, I thought he would be a player good enough to establish himself as a legend on a single team. Now, I just think of him as a coward. He is a coward for leaving the team that made him, his hometown-and a place he promised a championship time and time again but failed to do it. If Kobe had bailed out on the lakers after Shaq left, he probobly would have lost most of the legacy he gained for himself in the town,and probobly the respect of myself and all the fans. This is why Kobe will always be better then Lebron. And it makes me sick to know that Lebron will recieve most of the credit, and probobly establish it as “his” team, even though this team will always belong to D-Wade in my mind. Although I hate Lebron-like many other Kobe fans, I would still respect him if he decided to stay with his team for most of whats left of his career.

  213. trainheartnade says:

    i think even if lebron wins a championship for the next 5 years or so it would not be the same as wiining one in cleveland. im not a cavs fan but if you look at it james had been carrying cavs for the past 7 years and winning just one ring with them means alot more than winning multiples in a heat uniform

  214. Chet The Truth (Leave LeBron Alone) says:

    Why? Why are yall rippin on LBJ so bad? He wanted to stay in Cleveland he plays his heart out each and every single time. Now Cleveland cant stand him.. because he left. Maybe if you wouldnt gave him help he wouldve stayed but no Cavs run out and get a coach and try to get players that dont want to play in Cleveland. (Bosh) I dont blame LeBron on leaving the Cavs, he wants to win and he cant do it by himself. And for all the people saying that this hurts the LeBron Brand shame on you. Whats wrong with playing with players equally as goog as you? Nothing. LeBron can stil be (after awhile, not now) one of the G.O.A.T all the great players had great players playing with them. Magic Johnson had arguebly one of the best players of all time playing with him, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Larry Bird had Kevin McHale and Robert Parish and Im going to throw Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell into the mix also. And Jordan.. he really shouldnt be compared but he had great help too. Scottie Pippen Toni Kukoch John Paxon Dennis Rodman Steve Kerr all great keys to winning those Championships back in the 90’s. And David Stern should fine Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert, just because he wansnt smart enough to recruit doesnt mean you should blame LeBron for the demise of the Cavs. Actually. Id blame Delonte West but thats another story. I blame the Cavs organization for not giving LeBron a supporting cast, every championship team has one. With all this with the burning of the LeBron jerseys is outragous and I think is getting out of hand, Cleveland fans needsto calm down and point fingers or better yet flick the middle one at Dan Gilbert. He just digging a deeper hole for the Cavs organization. LeBron made the right decision because its not all about rivalries or money or what looks good, its about W’s.. Wins! Thats what LeBron wants and in order to get more wins he went to South Beach. And how he “left” Cleveland wasnt bad at all. He said how much he loved Cleveland and how it hurted him to leave, I mean it hurt all of us to leave your hometown right? So far now, please get on another subject in the NBA because you cant be loyal if nobody takes your feelings into consideration. LeBron keep strong man, and break ’em off something this year.

  215. SIN says:

    the thought of kobe being great should be long gone by now. if your gonna be a great basketball player, u first need to be a great person. and by NOT GOING out and cheating on ur wife twice, and being convicted of rape. idk how people can look at him and see success, but how everyone always says rape and cheating leads to a sick person.

  216. blazermaniac says:

    to those who said kobe didnt do enough without shaq or gasol what about in 05-06 when he scored 35 ppg took his team to the playoffs they did lose the first round but against a really good suns team and if you go look back and look at that roster he carried the team to the playoffs odom was the second highest scorer with 14 pionts a game and odom is good but hes no super star hes a good sixth man so kobe got the team to the play no carried a not so good lakers team to the playoffs but no one man can win a championship by himself not even one man got his team to the finals by himself (except for A.I) so to those who say that kobe inst nothing without another superstar suck it by kobe not having another superstar it just gave him a chance to prove his greatness by carrying a sucky team the playoffs and scorinf 35 ppg also going for 81 pionts in a single game this guy is up there with the greats hes one of the greats

  217. SIN says:

    Is the Cleveland Cavs titled LeBrons TEAM because he was drafted there first? cause if so, kobes team is the hornest. correct me.

  218. chris says:

    The only way you can put it is that lebron quit. He didnt think he had the ability to win a championship as the real leader of a team. It is like A rod taking the backseat to jeter in ny. Its disheartening that “the king” does not believe he could win being the number one. He will never have an mj type legacy, he will never even come close to kobe. That spectacle last night was just a horrible display to cleveland. I dont know how he will ever re-enter ohio. I feel bad for lebron because he really believed that last night was the right decision, and no one in his entourage has the confidence to step up to him. But he has gone from the chosen one with the chance to be compared to the greats to a second tier star. Kobe lebron comparisons cant even exist anymore, now it will have to be wade and lebron. As an nba fan with zero ties to cleveland, I am so dissapointed in his actions last night. This will truly prove kobe as a great when he beats the “superteam” in the finals.

  219. Nate says:

    I’m not sure how the New Big 3 will work out in Miami, because Wade and James are at their best when the ball is in their hands. They create their own plays and for others. They’re game is too similar. I just don’t see it happening, unless one of them totally changes their game. Like Wade just becomes a defensive specialist and takes the 15ft spot up jump shots. I can see Wade and Bosh or James and Bosh, but not all three of them still playing their kind of game.

    The C’s big 3 worked, cause you have Pierce as the slasher/playmaker, KG as the D and Post player, Allen the sharp shooter. Each one had their own role and set of skills to compliment the other. How is Wade’s game going to compliment James? Then of course, how is Miami going to get good enough role players to compliment the big 3 with the salary that they have left?

    • SunsFan says:

      Your forget that these three played together on the USA Men’s team for a gold medal. And they made it work. It’s true that they will all have to make adjustments. But with a good coach, all three of them have proven they can do it. In fact, all three of them deferred to Kobe in the olympics and everybody was happy.
      Now, should they fail to win at least two of the next three, each of them will be pointing their finger at the others and asking to be traded.

  220. SIN says:

    Some of you need to re-think before choosing a “favourite” player and ask yourself ; Do I like this player for the person he is and the effort he provides? or Do i like this player because hes the best player on the team for my city? and IF this player decides to move… will i cry about it and curse at him and burn his jersey on the strreet? For an example, my favourite player was Allen Iverson, and we all know he moved around. BUT NO MATTER WHAT MOVE HE MADE, i respected it and hoped him the best, i DID NOT go and throw his jerseys and turn them to ashes. wanna know why? cause i’ve matured since 7th grade.

  221. Lebron's "LEGACY" going down the drain? says:

    I understand where Lebron is coming from. He want’s to win a championship and he may as well win multiple titles with the Heat, but he can never call it his own. Winning 4-5 titles with the Heat will equal winning 1 championship with Cleveland (His TEAM). He was once in same category with Jordan and Kobe as one of the BEST but now, i can’t say so anymore. Jordan never left Chicago. Kobe never left the Lakers. They tried to win as many titles as they could by being patient and being “The Man” for their team.
    Can you imagine Lebron who had the best team for the past 2 regular seasons would bail out? People say he had no help. I totally disagree. Instead, he joins the bandwagon and be under Wade’s Team and City. It would’ve been better if they joined forces in a neutral team like the Nets or NY. The case of Boston’s Big 3 was different. KG and Allen were old and their teams were not winning. Lebron is in his Prime at 25 years old and his team was the best team in the last 2 regular seasons.
    Great players are defined by their Legacy not Rings. Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone. These guys are considered legends even without a title. If he stayed with Cleveland and won 1-2 championships in his CAREER. Then he might have been classified as one of the top 5 Best players who ever played the game. Rings doesn’t always matter. Robert Horry has 7, Fisher has 5, Shaq has 4 but they are not in the same level as MJ or Bryant.
    Lebron was way up there even if he had no ring. He had the chance of taking it all. He was the man in this generation and the next. Now, even if he wins one title he will just be classified as another great player when he could have been more. Not greater than MJ — not even greater than Kobe.

    The Miami Heat will not be defined on how many championships they will win but on how many they will not win.

    Peter Ponce

    • trainheartnade says:

      i totally agree!!

    • Balla says:

      Your wrong, Michael couldn’t win one without Phil Jackson, or Scottie Pippen. Bryant couldn’t win one without Pau Gasol or Shaq. Every player needs a superstar to win a championship. It’s a team game.

  222. Moja says:

    Guys, let’s not argue who’s the best team or who will win the 2011 Championships right now… It’s still summer league season… plus, let’s not count Boston, Orlando, or any NBA team out yet… As for now, in REALITY, The LAKERS are still the team to beat… They are the defending CHAMPS anyway… plus Miami still don’t have a first five what more a line up to compete so where’s the argument there? … I’m a Laker fan myself and a Kobe fan but if the game is a 3on3 match then I’ll bet for Miami to win… but NBA basketball is not a 3on3 game we all know that… Let us also rest the issue of Kobe, Lebron or Wade being the heir of MJ… let’s face the fact that no one will ever equal MJ… They can only be like Mike… It’s also unfair to Kobe, to Lebron, to Wade, or to anybody who will come to play basketball in the NBA to be compared to a great player before them… MJ is no God, lucky for him there is no player or team out west who can compete with him in his prime…MJ had fallen many times until Phil Jackson stepped up and coached him and a talented Scottie Pippen came to Chicago who helped him win those rings… Not one Superstar Player can bring his team to a Championship Reign without the help of his teammates… MJ, Kobe and Wade knows that… Now Lebron learned that so he opted to go to Miami where his friends are… Like MJ with Pippen and Rodman, Shaq has Kobe, Kobe has Shaq, Kobe has Pau, Wade has Shaq… Magic has Kareem and Bird has Mchale… so it’s only practical for Lebron to go to Miami where Wade and Bosh are… They want to win Championships like the rest of the league wants it too so let’s just wait till next June…

  223. SIN says:

    For this whole situation to be understood, it recquires for YOU people to put yourself in someone elses shoes. Imagine yourself playing in the professional league as one of the top name players, but you were always accused of never winning. YOU guys are the ones who pressured LeBron, and your telling me that LeBron is no good because he didnt stay with losing OHIO? what is he? your dog? and for the cleveland owner…. He owns a NBA TEAM, which is a professional organization. IF ITS a professional organization, shouldnt his act be professional? who is he to curse a young player that may have one of the succesful potential futures? is he being bitter just because his chance of winning a ring just walked out? Really Cleveland, its the NBA and believe me, when the player tells you they care about you, its nothing compared to them getting a W at the end of the night. For the haters, if your so confident this plan of the bosh, wade, and lebron wont work out, then let the season do the talking that way you dont look half as bad. cause if miami ends up winning, you’ll be defined as a 100% hater.

    • CaprtainKirkwood says:

      SIN SIN SIN……Of course the Heat are going to win. Right? I mean cmon…they have the King. And D Wade!! And Bosh!!!! Give me a break! You gotta be a heat fan.. First off…yes, they got a chance at winning. However there is no guarantee of anything. Look at the Boston Celtics. KEVIN GARNETT!!!PAUL PEIRCE!!!RASHEED WALLACE!!!!RAY ALLEN!!!!RONDO AND PERKINS!!! Sounds unbeatable. But the Lakers are the winners. It’s pretty rediculous to load up like that and still Don’t rip on Cleveland fans for crying about their star leaving. If Wade would have left the Heat for the Bulls Miami would have flooded with cry baby tears.

  224. KOBEALLTHEWAY says:

    i liked lebron but after hearin wat he did made me realize how big of a loser he GO KOBE AND THE LAKERS

    • SunsFan says:

      Respect is due to Kobe for staying with the Lakers when he could have done the same thing Lebron did. And it paid off.

  225. Harold of Chicago says:

    As I’ve tweeted,
    In the Philippines, there’s the famous design for T Shirts nowadays, the 3 Stars and a Sun.
    Now, in the US, there’s the 3 SuperStars in the Sun.

    For LeBron, Wade & Bosh, there’s high expectaions for all of you to put your acts together for your coveted dreams of winning championships, one after the other.

    For Wade, it his wish come true, for the Heat to have some upgrade of players. Lucky for him, he has a fairygod-Pat-her!
    To bad for the Cavs org, they don’t have a Pat like Heat does.

    For the NBA, it is such an unfortunate thing for the Cavs to lose their so called “Hero”. But for me, he deserves to choose where he would want to go. After 7 long years, his strive for winning a championship in his own hometown is to no avail. So let’s all move on. But the owner’s harsh letter to James, is very inappropriate and very much damaging, especially putting some accusations that LeBron quit or did not do what he’s supposed to do to win the most important games of the playoffs. And not once, but for 2 seasons, according to Mr. Gilbert. And that’s bad for the whole entity of the NBA.

  226. JuantheMan says:

    James is a very good player, but he wouldn’t fit with Miami’s system, especially with Wade on his side. He won’t win a ring with Miami. If he went to Phoenix maybe he’ll win one.

  227. tiger says:

    This guy actually sounds like a fortune cookie
    Clevland is finished and celtrics for the win next season!!!

  228. ka-allen says:

    at the end of the day lebron will have his ring(s) and millions of dollars… hahaha

  229. Jared Becker says:

    It was a good decision for Lebron to play in Miami Along side Wade and Bosh.
    Here are links to order your Lebron James Heat Jerseys
    Lebron James- Black Jersey
    Lebron James- White Jersey
    Lebron James- Red Jersey

  230. Jr Rodriguez says:

    Ok This is gettin on my nerves. y are all these people acting like Bird & Magic didnt have two hall of fame teammates with them? Not that Magic still isnt the the best PG ever but he had some help just like Bird. I mean i never EVER liked Lebron but being a Bball fan that i am i cant deny how great of a player he is. If he would of stayed in Cleveland people would be critizin him for making a big deal out of free agency for nothing. If he went to Chicago he would get Compared to Jordan a Billion times more then he already is. (which always got on my nerves i always thought he played like a mix between Pippen & Magic, and no im not comparing Pippen to Magic) If he went to New York they would of Boood him when he had a bad game and praissed him when he had a good one, jus like in Cleveland. But anyways he Chose the Heat so They dont start winning Titles in da next 2 seasons then hes the one that made the bad choice, after all He’s the one who has to live with the decision, good or bad, not ANYONE else.

  231. Hamlet says:

    That’s a wonderfull decision Lebron,Wade and Bosh Have taken. They have to the chance to be the team of the decade and im sure they will, putting aside their ego, leading by example and playing together this team will be unbeatable. This is a example we all must followe and learn. This guys have put aside their money interest to amazing us with this marvelous team!!! Go Heat!!! Go Heat!!! I was a Cavs Fan, Now im a Miami Fan!!! Good choice Lebron!!!

  232. MTOWNN says:

    alllllllll hail kevin durant the official best player in the NBA… LEBRON UR A PUSSSY ‘n a joke

  233. Konrad says:

    People who get so excited about the Heat winning the title this season don’t realise how difficult it would be to create a championship team out those three big names. We’re likely to see them in the top 10 quite often but that’s still far from winning a title. I’ve been watching this league closely since Jordan’s first championship season and I’ve learnt people don’t realise how important the role player are on the team. It’s crucial to have a supporting cast that will function as one element and despite having three all-stars, the Heat still don’t constitute a team. They’re just a hot news at the moment, they still have a long way to go.

    I think Lebron made the right the decsion to leave the Cavs. The managment simply failed to build a championship team around Lebron. Do you believe that signing Shaq last year could make them a better team? I understand the importance of veterans on the team, but the last time Shaq could make difference in the game was when he won the title with the Heat.

    Don’t get mad at Lebron, don’t tell him to wait five more years because the opportunity to play on a championship may not come again. He should try to win the title as long as he’s healthy, you never know what’s gonna happen next year.

    Don’t blame him for matching-up with Wade. If you do so, you have to take the titles away from Jordan for winning it with Pippen, Kobe and Shaq won some together and that shouldn’t count too. Oh, and what about Tim Duncan winning it with D. Robinson? I won’t even mention Drexler matching up with the Rockets. See, it’s foolish to think that way, there is usually more than one big name on the team and a set of underrated supporting cast which has to get the job done every night. That is why basketball is a team game.

    Regards to all NBA fans!

    • JazzFan says:

      Wow, that letter from the Cavs owner is too much. I understand the fans in Cleveland being bitter and angry (I’m a longtime Utah Jazz fan, I get it, I know disappointment) but seriously, this is just some seriously sour grapes coming from that guy. Listen, LeBron gave you guys 7 years of good times, lots and lots of money, but you guys didn’t surround him with the players who could get it done. I think he should have stayed or at least signed a smaller two or three year contract to see if he could still win it at home. C’mon, his team the last two years had the best record in the league. I also think that LeBron probably shouldn’t have agreed to that one hour fiasco special. He looked really uncomfortable and looked like he couldn’t wait for it to be all over, and, going to Greenwich, Connecticut, to announce it? Strange! I have to admit, as a longtime NBA fan, this does excite me on one hand (cuz I love Dwayne Wade and really liked LeBron) but on the other, I don’t know how I’ll feel about them winning three, four, five, etc. This is why I’ve always rooted against the team that plays the Lakers. I’m just sick and tired of the same teams in the playoffs/finals. I loved it when the Pistons won and San Antonio. It’s nice when the smaller market teams get their due. My hope really is this is the fuel that sparks everyone around the league to playing better. I hope every team takes the challenge of trying to beat Miami, and if Miami is the last team standing next year, then so be it. I hope it’s an exciting season next year! Go Jazz (find somebody tough that can clog up the middle will you?!!!!)

  234. Seth says:

    How come owner Dan Gilbert isn’t getting fine for what he said. everytime an NBA player says something they get fine like they own them but nothing happening to him.

  235. EASE says:

    Big fan of the NEW big three! now all we have to do is get a bench and a decent center. And i’ve been hearing alot about kobe being the only true star left and no one ever being able to take MJ’s crown……. come on people! While jordan is excellent and one of the best players of all time, HE IS NOT A GOD, i love MJ, but even he said he didn’t get to play with the likes of Jerry West and others. Did MJ drop 100 or even 81 in a game like WIlt or Kobe? NO. Did MJ average a triple-double for a year like Oscar Robertson? NO. Did MJ average 50 points a game for a season like Wilt? NO. Did MJ win as many rings as Bill Russel? NO. So while MJ is great, no one stays at the top forever!

  236. GubBroda says:

    When Lebron wasin Cleveland Mr Dan Gilbert was willing to give the king a thrown and a free pass to heaven without dying . Is not what is not . He tried and did not succeed in building a championship team around Lebron ..If Lebron leaving Cleaveland multivates Mr Dan Gilbert enough to do the right thing now , then good for the cleaveland fans …But slow down on blaming the King for taking his show somewhere else coz there is plenty of blame to go around…I love u Mr Dan Gilbert. and I respect your business brand but this is not the way to react ..You had him for 7yrs ..What would u have done differently if he came back to cleaveland?

    • Big Hawk says:

      He would NOT do anything different if LeBron had stayed. In my opinion, Mr. Gilbert should be heavily fined for his comments. Lebron made the Cavs double in net worth and guess you gains from that????? None other than Dan Gilbert. What super star has ever been treated like Lebron is being treated???? Alcindor???? Chamberlain???? Malone???? And there are many more to mention that were absolute SUPER STARS that changed teams to go some place to compete for a championship. Ask Karl Malone if he would leave Utah to have a chance to win. Do you think he would ever leave????? Oh my bad, HE DID LEAVE. As much as I like Charles Barkley, he had the nerve to say that he wanted to be THE MAN on the team and win a championship….. Well Charles, how did that strategie work out for you?????? Great player>>>>> YES. ZERO CHAMPIONSHIPS. Jordan didn’t win by himself, nor did Bird, Magic, or Kobe. The botton line is LeBron was well within his rights AND THE RULES OF RESTRICTED FREE AGENCY to leave. GET OVER IT CLEVELAND. Be grateful for the time you had with the dude. How freaking ungrateful you all are.

  237. Carlos Caceres says:

    Kobe = wanna be mike

  238. Vegasguy says:

    There may be many rings to come in Miami but this die hard laker fan says that we will still get out 3rd championship in a row. The west got weaker with the free agents going to the eastern confrence this year so it will be easier in the playoffs, Still not easy as i think the west still has the better teams from 1 seed to 8th seed. My prediction is that by mid season there will be infighting and Pat Riley will be back onto the bench because they have a new coach that does not have the skill set to handle those types of personalities. Player skill is important and they will probably be the #1 seed going into the playoffs but the game changes in the playoffs and becomes more about coaching. We will see the meltdown of Miami and their mininum payed roll players come playoff time i would be suprised to see them get into the eastern confrence championship game. The 3 guys they have are some of the best offensive players in the game but Lebron only plays defence when he feels like it, D-Wade plays hard on both sides of the floor but is a guard so you leave Bosh down low to defend??? He is Gasol with less balls on defence(if that is possible) so they will have to have a 3rd or 4th teir player as a big man and back up big man? Miami better average 130ppg in the playoffs to win. So here is the new and improved Suns…no wait Nuggets…. no wait Miami heat the next expirement of a very 1 sided offensive team. Offense is great but Defense wins Championships so unless the new big 3 are going to be taking huge paycuts to keep the franchise from having a bench full of league mininum guys dont get your hopes to high Miami.

  239. Gio says:

    if miami will win the title then majority of the pipol will not give them a credit unless they will win a 5 straight championship rings… and if they lose, then majority of the pipol will just laugh….hahah

  240. NBA Outsider says:

    Dan Gilbert has spent the last five seasons trying to surround LeBron James with a suitable championship team. The Cavaliers made the NBA Finals in 2007 and have turned the entire roster upside down twice since then to accommodate LeBron and try and get back. They are on coach and GM number three in seven years and the city and fans of Cleveland haven”t been as close to a title since Jose Mesa played for the Indians. That shows a true commitment to winning from the owner. Unfortunately, this series of moves also put the Cavs in a position of financial weakness coming into the 2010 free agency period and LBJ made them pay for it. That being said, Dan Gilbert had every right to be upset with “The Decision.” and his letter did nothing more than surmise the feeling of all of Ohio towards LeBron right now.The Cavaliers have been built around one man for seven years and that man, LeBron James, betrayed the franchise. He also betrayed his fans and his hometown by putting on the spectacle that was last night to announce his decision.

  241. albert says:

    I’m a big fan of LeBron’s talent. Not much of a fan of his personality, though. But really, with these comments, I think Dan Gilbert as a class A A-HOLE. This is a business! He didn’t buy the club because he loved Bron. He acquired it to earn! And now his milking cow has jumped the coop. What a sad p—k! This, undoubtedly, is the voice of a businessman who just lost his billions.

  242. Gio says:

    all i can say is that lebron for me is a coward if he really had that kind of decision he wud say it earlier. He wud not let the other free agents to sign before he will discuss his decision.. He knows that their team now with 3 superstars is a threat to all teams in NBA but why did not say it earlier in the public? it is becoz, he is just afraid that the other teams will make an adjustment after his decision. maybe that is the rison why the owner is saying that he ieven s a coward… well well well, id still love to see them play.. it is not too late for the other teams like orlando, celtics, lakers, chicago, oklama and etc to make an adjustments… Let’s see if Miami will win this time with great coach and a very great players, and if they can’t i will just laugh for lebron coz it is still wade’s team and he can’t even win a title….lols

  243. Harry says:

    This will be a formidable team if not the best team that has been assembled in the history of the NBA, to come to perspective i think they can win championships but it would tarnish the reputation of individual legacy. These three players are future hall of famers and as far as i can remember there have not been any assembly of players of their caliber in one team. Look at bill russel he won 11 championship but was never considered as the greatest to ever play, mainly because he was surrounded by other superstars who shared the spotlight, this will be the same with James and Wade. the lakers with the steal of gasol the last time is nothing compared to this, not even close.
    So the real situation is now, LBJ you need to prove that you can win because you proved that you could not do with the core of players you had in Cleaveland. No one can tell me that this team was not good enough to support lebron, if you notice they were the best team in the league for 2 years, what does that tell you? I think it was Lebron who needed to step up his game during the playoffs as superstars are suposed to do, look at kobe, in some games gasol is good but in most games Kobe steps his game to another level. So to so that lebron was did not have a good suporting cast is a crop to me.
    Now you have an allstar team, you need to put up or shut up..

  244. alex says:

    lebron is a poon i mean i dont care about him leaving miami but joining up with this dumbass ‘super’ team is just dumb, pierce kg and ray paid their dues and ray and kg got traded, when they were already out of their prime, don’t size this big three up to the celts big three, and as for jordan having help? jordan didn’t have players close to the magnitude of bosh and wade don’t kid yourself, two of the three best players in the world are on the same team, and the best power forward is their too, its a lose lose situation, if you win, no one will care, and if you lose then you’ll just look like a jackass, honestly i think in order or probability to win next year its going to be celtics, lakers, magic, heat, and i have to agree with the one who said kobe is now the apparenty successor to jordan now that lebron has bowed out and gotten on his hands and knees begging wade for help

  245. clafk, cebu phil says:

    rommel of pasay, if you say LBJ is soo good then why need wade and bosh as teammates? he could never be the man now!!! look at KB24 he was never happy being a 2nd fiddle to shaq!! now he has won 2 championships being the MAN! MJ23 won 6 championships being the MAN! d-wade 1 as the MAN!! hell, he could have gone to chicago or nyk if he did wanted out of cleveland! im sorry but he’s taking the shortcut of winning!! exactly as what dan gilbert said! people dont go to heaven without even dieng!!!

  246. RicoNumber68 says:

    The Main Man for the Heat this year will be…… MICHAEL BEASLEY MARK MY WORDS not any of the big three names wil be mentioned come October!!! and DWAYNE will get his 20 assists sometime in November.

  247. Shopgirl1127 says:

    Shame on Dan Gilbert. What is he 2? LeBron may not have went about things the way people would have liked, but at the end of the day there is free agency for a reason. These guys have the right to go anywhere they want when their contract is up. I understand the whole loyalty thing, but at the same time he wants to win. He gave Cleveland 7 years of his career and they didn’t surround him with the pieces to the puzzle. That is not his fault. He played his heart out and gave it all he had. I am disgusted with Dan’s letter and utter reaming of LeBron. He was all willing to give him a max deal if he were to stay, but not that he is leaving he wants to trash him? Gilbert should seriously be repremanded by the NBA for his disgusting behavior. Who wants to go play for him now that he has shown this is how he treats people? I understand that he is upset with the way things went but his behavior as a owner and as a human being is ridiculous. I will be just as disgusted by the NBA and will not watch a single game next year if they let this man get by with this. I don’t care if he is an owner or not, have some freaking self control and self repect about yourself.. PIG

  248. Leo LaCroix says:

    I can not believe the owner of the Cav’s is acting the way he is. Teams cut or trade players all the time and thats ok. It shows me that James made the right decision and I am not a big fan of James.

  249. mike says:

    im not a kobe fan but i know him or any real superstar would ever jump on anothers coat tail . Go mr.Gilbert for your comments these players these days think they can just do whatever they want and who cares who they hurt along the way . I think the fans need to stand up and start letting ther words really be heard we are the real owners of the teams without us ther is no team !!!! I will definatly boycott the game when miami comes to chicago ! i hope other fans around the country do the same . show these young no loyalty boys that we mean business to and dont care about ther success !!!! GO CAVS !!!!! when will QUEEN James hand the crown over to SNAKE Wayde !????! loyal nba and bulls fan and now cavs fan !

  250. iorpi says:

    i seriously doubt that miami will be able to win a title this year.

  251. rajon9 says:

    i am a celtics but cavs fans need to stop be such a cry babies LBJ given 7 years of great basketball and they dint due nothin to keeep lebron only a few parties and the key to the city come it take alout more to keep one of the best players in the nba but in miami wade bosch and the king need to cher the ball and sacrifise their scoring to win like the celtics do and thats a mayor thing because ther is alout of greats teams this season the celtics lakers and orlando and lookout for the bulls with rose noah and boozer

  252. think says:

    Kobe nor James wouldnt be even in the same atmosphere as MJ…

    Kobe, after the Shaq-LA, threatened to leave his team because the front office wont give him any help… and true enough, him and a bunch of non-allstar NBA players didnt even make it to the playoffs… and there’s that one flame-out against the suns, just because Kobe stopped playing to prove something, which is he’s just not committed to be a team leader that takes the fall when his team lose, but would take all the accolades if they won… Then Pau came, now he’s back to the MJ-comparison talks, puhleeaaassseee…

    As for James, he did leave his team… citing that he never gets any help… but the thing is, every year the management tried to do something to give James the people he need… the team that made the Finals with the Spurs is almost totally different than what he had last year… Boozer and Redd may have done the right decision for not joining him for if failure comes, they’ll be part of the blame, for James wont see himself a part to a team that loses… as James said “Ive spoiled everyone with my play”… Damn… WIN FIRST BEFORE YOU CLAIM YOURSELF AS KING!!!

    As for MJ… he started bringing a losing team up in his rookie year… had lots of disappointments against tougher teams (ei. Detroit)… never threatened to bail out of Chicago, or asked the front office to give him help… he just played until he won his rings… As for some discussions that he has Pippen, Rodman or anyone… JUST PLEASE REMEMBER that pippen was a rookie when he came, and developed alongside MJ… not some established allstar from another team that MJ wanted to fish… as for Rodman, Kukoc, Harper etc.. MJ already has rings before they came… and they came in as part of MJ’s team to win some more…

    unlike Kobe and James, MJ just played until he won… no Primadonna attitude… he just played the game…

    Just think about it… IF Kobe or James is with the Chicago team that may have Pippen… but also has Randy Brown, Luc Longley, Judd Bueschler, Scott Burrel, Bill Wennington, BJ Armstrong etc… you’d think they’d be better?

    Then think what if MJ was on LA’s Team (Pau, Artest, Bynum… etc.) or even Cleveland (Shaq, Jamison, Williams, etc.)… you’d think these teams will perform worse? Id bet MJ can lead both teams into getting championships…

    Right now, it really doesnt matter how many rings or MVP’s Kobe or James will get… but just the mere fact they acted as immature players who needed to be spoonfed for them to get their rings… and not as real basketball warriors who just worked and played hard while leading their teams to winning championships… it doesnt matter… the talent is there, the hardware is there, but how they got them… tsktsktsk…

    again… not even the same atmosphere as MJ…

  253. Yo Yo Yo says:

    its not all good in the hood. Remember the All Star Lakers with Kobe,Shaq,Carl Malone,Gary Payton? No championship.

    • Dean says:

      That’s because The Mailman couldn’t deliver…arguably the best power forward in the history of the game, he didn’t have the BALLS to get on the court in the Finals against Detroit…oh well, he’s got the HOF (but NO ring)

  254. trigga says:

    even though im only 14,i think the cleveland orginization and fans are bein not even a cleveland fan and i think wat they doing not rite.lebron is not supposed to stay for the fans or the selfish owner.he is supposed to do whats right for him,which is play ball and try to go somewhere to win championships,and on top of that he is doing it with his best friends,yall dont see toronto throwin hissy fits cuzz bosh left,nahh,they movin on with respect for his decision.cleveland is actin like lebron owes them somethin.if anything they owe him after everything he did for that team and state i remember when i couldn’t stand lebron for puttin my team out the playoffs so many times,but i knew he was a good player so i did respect.the owner of that team isn’t making matters better.he’s a grown man ACTIN LIKE HE’S IN HIGH SCHOOL writing hate notes to somebody that did all he could to help them,but got no where and he called his hour special a narcissistic, self-promotional build-up–wasn’t he raisin money for the boys and girls club.i think that he in his like i said jus cuzz im 14 from d.c don’t mean i don’t know what im talkin bout.DAN GILBERT AND THE CLEVELAND ORGINIZATION INCLUDING FANS ARE SELFISH!!!!.o and if he lebron is all this and you got this to say about him dan gilbert,why were you willing to give up so much for one player?

  255. nima says:

    kobe is the reason the lakers got where they were, he takes off so much pressure from everyone else u guys need to get ur heads out of ur ass its easy for pau and shaq to get looks (not taking away from shaqs 3 time finals mvps) when kobe is black mambaing his way through the defense and quadruple teamed ……….. if lakers win this threepeat, phil will retire, and kobe is the best ever, as he will surely get a 7th……………BUT THIS MIAMI TEAM IS F’N INSANE! lakers need one more guy ……. iverson, shaq, sheed, someone

    • Airness says:

      Kobe was not afraid to take the shot because the Big Fella was waiting underneath for the miss. That’s not talent, it’s more on fake confidence. When Shaq was out Kobe’s 1st chapter was done. Kobe and Pau won championships because Kobe matured. With Shaq, He was still immature then.

  256. AK says:

    Is Gilbert serious?

    He sounds like he just got cheated on by his high school girlfriend…pull yourself together man, you’re an adult…
    Lebron gave that city years of hard work and fame; and for what, a stab in the back as he pursues every basketball players dream? He single handedly put Clevland back on the map extending outside of just basketball. Clevand as a franchise had 7 years to get a Championship with one of the most dominant players that will likely ever play the game and they couldn’t deliver. Some teams are lucky enough to get 3 years of contract with a player of his status. Maybe Gilbert should take a long look in the mirror and realize a team is only as good as its roster and frankly his wasn’t great.

    Good luck to Lebron, if it wasn’t for him the only reason I or anyone else in this world would even mention the Cavs is when we’re making fun of the late Craig Elohe while we’re watching MJ highlights! Don’t worry Gilbert I’ve forgotten about you already…

  257. JAZ says:

    While the NBA and its fans focus on the “SUPERSTARS” in the league, The Bucks will dominate as a “TEAM” and make a deep run into the playoffs, and win a championship in the next few years. Team play will defeat the superstars with their tagalong players. FEAR THE DEER!!!

    Bogut – Defensive Player of the Year (sorry Dwight, but Bogut is better with a more complete game)

  258. DeeWig says:

    Big ups to my man DIRK for signing back with the team he started with and not leaving us high and dry like Lebron did the Cavs. Everybody is already giving Miami the title for the next couple of years…too bad you can’t play on paper, games gotta be decided on the court. We’ll see what happens….but once again big shoutout to Dirk for having something Lebron will never have….LOYALTY.

  259. nima says:

    yo AIRNEss, what about scottie pippen? and the fact that jordan had a team built around him for all those years whereas kobe only had that for the past few years

    you need to realize pippen was a defensive monster day in and day out, like artest odom and fisher combined

    • Airness says:

      Alright, Mike and Kobe are on a team. Regardless of the status of their teammates, member of the 50 greats or not. What you missed is who lead the team when getting the championship. You always avoid that important point. That’s why there are some idiots who will drag the name of Robert Horry because he won more than MJ. I guess you’re all worst than LBJ who you call a loser. Kobe fans are all QUITTER for this matter!

  260. Tone says:

    People stop acting like Kobe did it on his own, let Gasol leave town and he keeps the same core. They would not win, he already proved that. Before Gasol after Shaq he could not get out of the first round. With Gasol and Shaq he wins championships. History speaks for itself, look it up. I’m a fan of the game and also a Boston fan, but when people start making this game about one person I start to get irritated. TEAMS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS! He made a decision because he felt the Cavs could not build a good team for him. He took a team of scrubs to the finals already, Shaq is old and done, and they had only enough money to bring LeBron back. He put in seven years and made that city a grip of money; it is time he makes a decision for LeBron. Personally I say go young big three but remember you have to defeat us first before being crowned best east team. See you in the eastern conference finals Miami. I love this Game!

  261. billy da kid says:

    lebron james took the cowards way out
    even if he wins a championship it wont be a legacy
    he couldnt do it by himself as a leader so he sold out

  262. big o says:

    here we go! I do not hate or dislike Lebron James…. my statement is not based on biases, just because I am a true Kobe Bryant’s fan… but I do not think Miami is the best place for lebron james. the only way they have a chance of winning this thing is to make lebron a point guard… yes he can do that sometime but for 42 mins over hundred games? (depending on how far they go in the playoffs)…. he will be very tired by the time playoff comes around…yes I agree that no one deserves to stay in a bad team but i didnt think cavs were that bad… He just had to be a leader and push his team to the limit. look at what happen to the Lakers in Game Seven….. Kobe Jelly bean Bryant absolutely stunk.. but his dividends paid off because his team mates realized what he has been preaching all along. they fought for him when he truly needed their help. Lebron I wish you all the best.. I hope this works for you as much as he will pain me to see you beat my lakers in the finals…. I really think is the only way you can shake off the “curse” cleveland fans just placed on you. do you deserve it? no I dont think so. but try to focus on the game rather than your self and you will be fine

  263. You are still hatin,and btw Lebron can’t even win 1 without at least another superstar. He has failed in that way and i actually don’t think they still win this year, because there are 3 main guys and the rest of the team could play only in the d-league. Sry to disappoint you Heat fans, but the team needs a bit more than 3 superstars and 9 waterboys to win an Championship. Heat will not win the title yet, but maybe in the next 1-2 years.

    • neil says:

      we r not living in the past people. stop talkin bout mj, bird, magic or whoever. they r legends n will always be. done deal. as for lebron, every person in the world entitle to do watever he wants. n do you really think thats true? nobody knows he going to heat? soon after “The Decision” aired, nba store sells lebrons heat jersey number 6? wtf? this is all merely entertainment business n we r all long for the ride. so enjoy the show n shut up u haters

  264. kuukoo says:

    guys guys guys…. just look at the lakers team, only kobe is the superstar. all his team mates became superstar during their stay in LA. look at those three desperate superstar. they cant even grab a ring with out a support from other stars. dont compare them guys to the lakers team, coz their far away different from the rulling LA. think man.. think..

    • Tone says:

      LOL! Did you mean that as a joke, if you did it was funny. Did Laker fans forget the first round exit before the Gasol era. In the NBA Teams win championships not individuals. Grow Up!

  265. chuck says:

    kobe will never be the heir for mj! there’s only one mj! nobody will ever duplicate his accomplishments!

  266. Ben says:

    good luck miami. theres not enough basketballs to go around down there. not to MENTION you dont have the role players. yeah its exciting NOW. once the season starts youll realize, who is in control?? all three of those guys need the ball and i cant wait when all this blows up in your face and joakim noah is dunkin’ and putting his nuts in chris bosh’s stupid dread locks

  267. juan garcia says:

    i think lebron james made the right decision, because lebron spent 7 years in cleveland and they only made it to the finals ones and they got sweep that shows that lebron didnt had that much help in cleveland, and now that he’s going to have real teammates in miami like wade and bosh is more probably that he will win alot of championships there, although that by doing that hes going to have to sacrifice on him being the leader of the team because we all know that miami is wades team and lebron james sacrifice the money just to win a championship

  268. Gel says:

    i’m from ohio, so i obviously feel dan gilbert’s rage. i also will always be a lebron fan. he didn’t get it done here, but he gave us 7 years of great service. On a side note, i have and always will be a laker fan. Everyone always told me last season that the lakers would lose, kobe’s old, ron artest wasn’t ready…let’s see, how did the 2009-2010 NBA season end for the lake show 😉 It may have been unprofessional, but it’s the truth. a lot of people are saying the cavs are done, but i think their roster is good enough to make the playoffs. a part of me feels that they’re the new bulls – the ones to challenged the celtics in the first round. i only have deep sympathy for cleveland, but even more so lebron who knows he won’t be able to go home and not feel welcomed.

    • einstein says:

      i dont get it…. if you support lebron then you dont publicly (or privately for that matter) critize his decision and use that a smotivation to spite him…. spite and anger dont factor in when you care for someone – gilbert proved he didnt care about anyone but himself – how about u?

  269. Sore Loser says:

    there’s only 2 types of fans in the world..
    WINNERS and LOSERS.. obviously haters are “sore losers”
    3 peat only happens in chicago and miami so dream on..
    and one thing,comparing mj and kobe is a BIG F*CKIN JOKE!!
    the only thing they got in common is each team possessed a BIG3..

    • clafk, cebu phil says:

      hey how bout going to chicago, rose-boozer-james then it would still be his team!! staying in cleveland jamison-mo wil-james- or with the knicks amare-james-lee all of these teams would call him the MAN!! in miami i dont think so!! even if its d-wade whos going to sacrifice it will still be remembered as d-wade’s team because he was the only one to win a champioship without the help of the two newcomers!!!

    • Dean says:

      Sorry to inform you, but LA has a three-peat (soon to have a second)…and Miami will NEVER have a three-peat…they’ll be lucky to win a title…in a coupla years or so…DEFINITELY NOT THIS YEAR! And while I feel MJ and KOBE are their own entities, there are a lot of undeniable similarities…not to mention that drive…that will to win! Queen James does not have that…I said it elsewhere, he will HAVE to defer to D-Wade if he wants to win anything!

  270. Tone says:

    So I’m supposed to stay with a team that as soon as I make a decision for myself, after 7 years of doing for a whole city, they curse me and spit on my name. Yea that would have been a smart decision I see how loyal they are. Give me a break the owner of the Cavs has no class. Personally my response would have been, “Thank you for your 7 years of service to this city, but as a city we have to build and be competitive, we will see you in the eastern conference finals”. The End!

    That is a response of a classy businessman not that crap Dan put out there.

  271. PaPa_cHuPs says:

    Hey guys, lets assume that Miami Heat gets the championship next year. Would you think DWade will accept if LBJ gets the finals mvp? and same goes to LBJ if DWade gets it. I don’t think one of them will let each other have it. I think even DWade and LBJ fans won’t accept it.. LOL…

  272. Lebron's "LEGACY" going down the drain? says:

    I understand where Lebron is coming from. He want’s to win a championship and he may as well win multiple titles with the Heat, but he can never call it his own. Winning 4-5 titles with the Heat will equal winning 1 championship with Cleveland (His TEAM). He was once in same category with Jordan and Kobe as one of the BEST but now, i can’t say so anymore. Jordan never left Chicago. Kobe never left the Lakers. They tried to win as many titles as they could by being patient and being “The Man” for their team.

    Can you imagine Lebron who had the best team for the past 2 regular seasons would bail out? People say he had no help. I totally disagree. Instead, he joins the bandwagon and be under Wade’s Team and City. It would’ve been better if they joined forces in a neutral team like the Nets or NY. The case of Boston’s Big 3 was different. KG and Allen were old and their teams were not winning. Lebron is in his Prime at 25 years old and his team was the best team in the last 2 regular seasons.

    Great players are defined by their Legacy not Rings. Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone. These guys are considered legends even without a title. If he stayed with Cleveland and won 1-2 championships in his CAREER. Then he might have been classified as one of the top 5 Best players who ever played the game. Rings doesn’t always matter. Robert Horry has 7, Fisher has 5, Shaq has 4 but they are not in the same level as MJ or Bryant.

    Lebron was way up there even if he had no ring. He had the chance of taking it all. He was the man in this generation and the next. Now, even if he wins one title he will just be classified as another great player when he could have been more. Not greater than MJ — not even greater than Kobe.

    The Miami Heat will not be defined on how many championships they will win but on how many they will not win.

    Peter Ponce

    • einstein says:

      all those players have a strong legacy no doubt – but would anyone put them in the same class as jordan, kobe, magic, bird and kareem with all their championships – i dont think so, they are a class above because they won multiple championships and there is no substitute for winning them and each players team dominated for an era in the nba. This is what lebron wants and staying in Cleveland with a bunch of ok players was never going to do it and lebron knows it – you be the judge

      • clafk, cebu phil says:

        as what is nentioned above his former team the cavs were the best team in the past 2 regukar seasons!!so i dont see why he cant win 1 to 3 championship in cleveland! or is it because he himself is a choker! game 5 against the celts 11points? and you call the a great player? he doesn;t deserve to be in the discussion anymore! y9ou be the judge!!

    • Dean says:

      Queen James has no legacy!

  273. Ruffhouse says:

    Anybody outside of Miami root for Miami needs to be whipped. If u become a Miami fan u are just desperate for Servant James to win a ring. He will eventually win a ring with them, but he won’t be the reason they win. All of that best player in the league crap can be put to rest. The best player doesn’t want to go team up with two other superstars.

  274. gasollakerschamp says:

    go boston or orland beat that miami hahahaha. what if kobe wants to join in miami too wow that’s we called the end on the world

  275. SmokeStacks says:

    Bird drafted 1978, first championshp 1985
    Magic drafted 1979, first championship 1983

    Certainly did not see bird and magic teaming up to beat the 76ers who had won 3 out of the last 6 championships.

    Lebrong, Wade, Bosh you have all effectivly ruined your careers. Even if you do happen to win a championship it wasnt the way MJ, Bryant, Duncan/Robinson, Hakeem, Bird, Magic/Jabarr, Dumars/Thomas did it. Basically you have tarnished you careers.

    Lebrons projected career in Clevland or NY 1 Rookie of year, 10 scoring titles, 7 MVP’s, 7 Defensive 1st team, 15 All-Star Selections, possibly 2-4 championships. Career averages 30ppg 8rpg 8apg

    Lebrons projected career in Miami 1 Rookie of year, 4 scoring titles, 2 MVP’s, 5 Defensive 1st team, 12 All-Star Selections, possibly 2-4 championships, Career averages 22ppg 6rpg 8apg.

    I post again, Lebron you are a absolute idiot/liar and should refrain from trying to say more before you look more ignorant. You have numerously said over the history of your wasted career that it is a business first. Business first. Business first. EAT YOUR WORDS. Your taking millions of dollars less for pay plus are going to lose millions in endorsmants jersey sales etc. Basically you wanted to run around Miami beaches/clubs in those clown clothes/stunner glasses you like to wear so the three of you could have a easy road to a championship.

    Best waste of a professional sports career since MJ tried playing baseball

    • Dean says:

      WRONG! Magic’s first title came immediately…1980! I can’t believe you didn’t know that! I was actually pissed about that series, because Kareem had carried the team ALL season and throughout the playoffs…and it was his heroics night after night that put the LAKERS in a position to win the title…he sprained his ankle and one inspirational performance from Magic and BLAMMO…he gets the MVP for 1 outstadning game…KAREEM was robbed and Magic got the endorsements…but look what else he got…

  276. Dean says:

    LAKERS! LAKERS! LAKERS! That’s not a chant! That’s the NBA champs for at least the next 3 years…Queen James is not KOBE! D-Wade is not KOBE! And Chris Bosh is DEFINITELY not KOBE! You Heat fans definitely have something to boast…D-Wade did NOT abandon his team…Riles got what he wanted…or did he?!?!? You need a big man in the middle and a good supporting cast…YOU HAVE NEITHER!

  277. dave says:

    holy crap .. i think i’d rather watch a pickup game of basketball instead of the NBA

    the fans, the media, the players … you’re all losing your minds.

  278. MTOWNN says:

    Lebronnnnn is a pusssyyyy… couldn win it for his hometown, left them for a cowardly chance of winning the championship with D-Wade (the other best player in the NBA) and Chris Bosh. Just ruined the nba for de next season. What’s the use of watching when you know already that they’re going to be unstoppable.

  279. Ruffhouse says:

    Did one of u say an asterik on Kobe first 3 rings. What u are saying if Kobe wasn’t there Shaq would have won those rings any way. Man you’re foolish. Kobe has 5 rings no matter what u say.

  280. Mario says:


  281. NotaLBJfan says:

    I always like Wade and I really like what just happened in Miami. However, I thought LBJ should have stayed in Cleveland to make the balance of power the same.
    The Heat cannot guarantee themselves a Championship. A lot of things could happen during the season. Injury could play a role in them not getting the ring. Look what happened to Boston a year ago. KG, RA and PP won it in their first year together but cannot repeat. Now they are just plain too old.
    LBJ – I wish you all the best and I hope you win the Championship. You better do it this coming season or you may carry the curse of Cleveland for the rest of your career.

  282. boby says:

    james is a bad player made such a bad move nd also did wade when paul pierce invited kg nd allen he lost his position as the best nd kg took over now pierce suck nd this will also happen to wade or maybe lebron james he should of have picked chicago

  283. tonino says:

    WOW!!! LBJ signs with Miami and you people still talking about Kobe!!This fact makes KB24 the best player in the league!Come on.Lebron could have joined Knicks if he had @@ . Amare is there,plus a PG and a Big Man(Knicks have enough cap space) would be a very good team.But he would still have to fight.However LBJ chose the easy road,where he will not have to carry the whole team.You talk about Shaq,Gasol,Malone(old Malone),Artest,etc! You compare Wade and Bosh with Pau and Artest?????Kobe asked for some help 2 years ago,it is true!But here we don’t talk about “help”.It is a dream team with 3 Super Stars!!Apart from the rings,every player create a history around his name.I was admiring LBJ efforts these years in Cleveland even if he didn’t get a ring.He had Shaq,Mo,Jamison,but he was the LEADER.
    Now,he chose the safe path.He is not a king now,he is just someone who just didn’t make it.This is the difference with Kobe.6 years with a very bad team,but he stayed.And he got what he deserved! 5 rings. 5 not 2 as many of you say.Yet, there can’t be any comparison between KB and LBJ. KOBE is the best, and LBJ just a great player.

  284. Nate says:

    Difference between MJ and Kobe:

    – Played Second man to Shaq in first three Championships
    – Lost in Finals to Detroit
    – Got frustrated and almost left LA
    – Lost in Finals to Boston
    – Led LA to 2 championships

    – Led team to first three Championships
    – Retired for a couple yrs
    – Led team to another three Championships
    – NEVER Lost a Finals series, Kobe = Twice

    And this is why the debate of Kobe being greater than MJ is laughable….

    • Jake says:

      – Played with two of the top 50 players in the NBA all time… yup don’t forget that one genius

  285. einstein says:

    best thing to ever happen to the NBA – period!

  286. Omar says:

    Ok so here’s my predictions. Orlando i’m sure of it will dispatch the Heat before letting them ever advance. I Lebron had all the parts big men even small men in Cleveland to win everything they (He) still couldn’t!!!! I Like D-Wade and the heat’s defensive efforts, but I’m sorry it’s going to take more than 3 players to knock out any team in the league come Playoffs. I think Lebron had his chances in cleveland and will get close with the HEAT but won’t reach the trophy. Let’s be honest. Bosh is good but aint great even with some super star power on his side he had at toronto. who else do the Heat have besides bosh D-Wade and Lebron??????? You’re still forgetting 2 other guys to complete the team? you’re nto goingto win playing 5 on 3. if it’s not Boston or Orlando, it’s going to be another team to dispatch of the HEAT……Plain and simple………the better sign and deal would have been with the BULLS. and i’m not a Bulls fan……… easily the better option.

    • einstein says:

      bulls are far from ready to challenge past the second round in the east – boozer is average at best, and rose has a long way to go, he still cant hit a 3 to save his life….. why would lebron go to that?

      • Omar says:

        Lebron is a grown man and can do what he wants…. Hey i think by far made a stupid choice….D-Wade is great but Bosh i can’t consider him too far up there… and as far as chicago goes, Please dude you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Boozer is the better PF between the 2. You have better role players in chicago anyway. Heck even the Russian Billionaire would sign anyon e group of players that james wanted, but hey he oppted out of that….that would would of been a better idea!! Everyone needs to stop making MJ KB and LB comparisons…. Jordan’s era is different compared to KB and LB era. so what happened then stays as a legcy of MJ that shouldn’t be dealt with, but as far as KB he’s establishing his own ERA and pretty successful with the line up he has!!! LB who knows if he’ll ever get it? i can assure you it won’t be this upcoming season i guarantee that… just like all those boston fans still dwindiling on the pretty close and great game loss that they had in the finals to the LAKERS!!!!. jesh what about other teams, such as the thunder, Blazers Hornets Jazz, Magic… Don’t count any of them out,… because they all have uprising stars themselves…. Look at the League and not just one player…..

  287. bronx says:

    poor scott!…………………it would be sweet to see a cavs and heat playoff series!…………………………. I lost some respect for james, I mean to do what he did to cleveland on national tv was wrong, he should have called the cavs first, and now I have to question his play in the boston series, a true king would never played like that………….. go threeHEAT

  288. Kevin IGGY says:

    Me being a person who knows the history of the game im really not a fan of having a “all start team” in south beach. The joy of basketball is to watch the best go at it….for example the Bird and Magic era….if Bird had the opportunity to play with magic or if magic had the opportunity to play with bird they would have said no just because the felling of being the main reason that your team won the championship is unforgettable ” i.e Kobe Bryant “. But the thought of having a “all star team” at first is great but as the season goes on and they keep winning games the NBA is not going to be as exciting as it was before.

    Kevin IGGY!!!

  289. Dean says:

    This is NOT going to work…Queen James has too much ego and will eventually alienate Wade and Bosh. Just listen to what he said last night…’it’s NOT about sharing! It’s about each guy finding his own spotlight.’ What an absolute DISGRACE! Queenie has NO LEGACY…kiss any future MVP awards bye-bye! He cannot be held in the same light as MJ and KOBE who stuck with their teams through thick and thin! And don’t EXPECT any titles anytime soon! Not only do they have the LAKERS to contend with and lose to (twice) in the upcoming season…I doubt they’ll be a match for Orlando (or Boston, for that matter).

  290. FriedmanT says:

    Good move for the future but as of this year there not going to make the finals they don’t have enough time to put players around them…Whos going to play defense?what happens if a major injury occurs Basketball is a team sport you can’t win with 3 players….You have Heat vs Lakers Kobe on Wade Gasol and Bosh Artest on Lebron Blake or Fisher on Chalmers all great match ups but whos going to go up against Bynum?Whos going to come off the bench against Odom?They need Roll players So i feel L.A.’s gonna take another 1…. 6 major players vs 3?YOU TELL ME WHATS BETTER……

  291. einstein says:

    how can you compare this to the mavs – they picked 1 great player and then has-been or second rate all stars – please, not even a close call – miami have the biggest star power of any nba team in the last 30+ years

  292. allan says:

    No basketball fan anywhere in the world thought that LB’s decision would create such intense and in some case angry feedback; especially from the Cavaliers majority owner. If I were a Cavs fan I would be disappointed that our star player departed but to burn his jersey in the streets? Owners usually trade players without explanation because it is business, when a player has the opportunity and a right to decide his destiny (as owners do), we should respect that! To often in sports we become biased and believe that the player is selfish (LB might be), owners are selfish too but if you had to make a choice, would you appreciate people second guessing and questioning your right! Get over it people, I did when Shaq left L.A.

  293. Mario says:

    To say that King Kobe’s 1st 3 rings don’t count is very idiotic, because “Shaq was bigger than everyone else”! You are a dummy! Bill Russell was the biggest player in the NBA and the only black player when Boston won those titles! SO THEREFORE YOU CAN’T COUNT ANY TITLES BEFORE HE FACED WILT! See how dumb that sounds! That would leave the Celtics with about 9 legitimate titles in your eyes! Just stupid to say! MJ couldn’t win until he got Pippen and not just on the team it took 3 years after Pip got there for my main man money to get his 1st title! Every team that has won it all had GREAT players around them! Magic NEVER won without Kareem, Cooper and others! Bird came to a GREAT team in 1979! Kobe avg about 25 ppg WITH Shaq on the court! If you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, please quit posting! Kobe has been on the same team for 12 going on 13 seasons, he stayed after the lost to the Pistons, missed the playoffs, got put out by Phoenix in the 1st round 2 years in a row and then lost to the Celtics in the Finals before winning the last 2! All this while the WORLD was hating him for beating a “rape” case because he sexed up a female! That’s like saying NONE of Babe Ruth’s records count because he NEVER had to face the Black and Latino pitchers that came along after his legacy was set! Get the hell out of here! KING KOBE will retire with more titles than LeBron! And you can take that to the bank! Shaq has played with some of the greatest young players in the game, but couldn’t win it all until he met KING KOBE! Take that to the bank! And he had to go team up with another young future HOF player in D.Wade ONLY to still trail KING KOBE and HIS Lakers! Shaq HAS ONLY won ONE title without Kobe, but the BLACK MAMBA has won 2 without Shaq! Get it straight young man, put down the blunts and think about what you say before you type it! MJ was my guy, but he had role playing big men and GREAT SHOOTERS around him! Kobe has had role playing shooters and GREAT BIG MEN, the Lakers HAVE ALWAYS had great big men! It’s a right in L.A. to have dominate big men! If the HEAT happen to win it all, it will only add to D.Wade’s legacy NOT LeBron’s, he’ll be remembered as the guy that had to join forces with a ring bearing D.Wade to get one since Shaq couldn’t win a ring for the King, I mean Prince! Where will the bench players come from in Miami? The Lakers and The Celtics have proven that just 3 GREAT players are not enough to win it all. They have built the team around those great players and Miami will need to do the same before they can win it all Kobe also has been 1st team all DEFENSE 10 out of 13 years in the NBA and as we know defense wins CHIPS not ALL-STARS!

    • dzone24 says:

      wow comng from a mj fan, hope that would shut the haters up.

      • k says:

        Now I’m sorry, but out of all the comments I have agreed with, this one right here is the haymaker. Kobe haters lie, Laker haters lie, but numbers don’t lie…and my man, what you stated here is far from a LIE……agreed. Fully.

  294. Ghost of Stern says:

    Bosh is finally going to get the credit he deserves as a the best power forward in the league taking passes from the most gifted passer in the league LBJ and also from Wade who is basiclly a scoring point guard as well, getting out of Toronto and into the spotlight is going to make believers out of everybody.

    Oh and Dan Gilbert is the biggest idiot of all time..

  295. sydale says:

    People are funny… They act like Kobe won championships all on his own… Pau Gasol and Ron Artest were already stars in their own light before joining with Kobe… The Lakers HAVE a big 3… + an excellent 6th man in Lamar Odom… and a clutch PG in Fisher…

    Anyway… Miami still has work to do… Maybe they’ll get Shaq and Iverson to come in and play for the minimum… LOL

    Somebody nicknamed them the “3 Kings”… I like that…

    One more thing… Everyone keeps saying that LeBron self appointed himself as “the King”… Nah dummies… The fans or some announcer did that…

    The only person who ever self appointed himself as “King” was T.I. the rapper… LOL

  296. Lakers fans says:

    For all the Lakers fans ready to see the 3peat…You are as optimistic as the Heat fans to win a title immediately. Did you all forget that the rookie-infested OKC Thunder took you to the brink of elimination in last year’s playoffs? Next year when the Thunder eliminates you, everyone’s going to whine how Kobe sucks and how Kevin Durant is the next coming of MJ.

    • Dean says:

      There was NO brink…LAKERS won 4-2, but OKC definitely has a future…and they did the right thing taking care of the league’s second best player…YES KOBE IS NUMBER !…OKC may or may not make it up the ladder this year…I REALLY HOPE last seaon was not a fluke…They make the WEST much more interesting…now let’s see if Denver shows up this year…Utah is done! Phoenix is done! There are 3 teams in the WEST and now there are 3 teams in the EAST. But the LAKERS will prevail…AGAIN! Remember, even champion gladiators were carved up pretty good…it’s all about how you perform under duress…and the LAKERS have proven time and time again that this is their arena.

    • dzone24 says:

      so what if they took em to the brink of elimenation, they still won the series and the championships ,didn’t u watched the playoffs where winning the series matters most than winning a game or tying a series.

  297. einstein says:

    wow – some people just dont get it at all….

    firstly dan gilbert is no fan of the NBA to carry on like this – what a low, selfish, pathetic act that was – he has embarressed himself and the city of cleveland – gilbert had 7 years to enjoy lebron and 7 years to give him the supporting cast he needed to win – how can you be so cold to the man that put the cavs on the sporting map and sold out crowds every night – would you have preferred to be a dead city for the last 7 years? get real and be grateful for what you had and what most of the other 29 teams didnt have -you had the prize for so long and it made your town a great place to be. So you didnt win a ring, get over it, you had a great time with lebron for a long time and now its time for him to do something for himelf and his family – go to a place that will give him the talent to win – something cleveland could not do although given every chance and 7 years to do it.

    secondly, the new heat team will certainly win 4 out of the next 5 rings, only injury can stop them, what everyone doesnt seem to get is that they only need a few half decent rookies + a few experienced players and they will win. Look at every team who ever won, they had absolute nobodies turn into great support players when put with 2-3 superstars – where to start eg. john paxon, steve kerr, robert horry, rajon rhondo, jordan farmer, shannon brown were all nothing players until paired with the biug names – the fact is young kids get amazingly inspired by the big stars energy and they all play better than they ever could on any other team by miles – every team to win the title in the last 20 years has followed this exact same formula, but the difference is miami’s star power is even greater than any other team ever put together in nba history – hence, they need only play with the energy they always have and they cannot not win it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dzone24 says:

      yeah they had that all that in cleveland too,mo williams,west,shaq, varejao big z, wally sczerbiak but we all know how that turned out.

      • einstein says:

        a one-foot in the basketball grave shaq and a highly inconsistent mo williams are not even living in the same stratosphere as Dwade and Bosh in their prime – are you kidding!! – go back to cleveland

  298. jacques says:

    James made the right choice. He served the Cav for seven years. Everyone should remember that James is getting less money by going to Heats. If he had stayed with Cavs it would have been another frustrating season. In fact I would even go on to say that he would have shortened his career by few years because taking the burden of entire team without good supporting cast takes its toll in your body, especially as you get older. Even Dwade said he will leave the Heats if he does not get good supporting cast and he has do all the work.
    Dan Gilbert is a hater. James took a team that could not even win 18 games in regular season to a team with best record two seasons in a row. He served them for seven years as a faithful servant, the hardest working player in the whole team. How could he accuse James of not giving his best effort during the playoffs. Every player has good and bad games. Even Kobe had bad games in the NBA finals but whenever that happened some one else stood up. It was either Gasol or Artest or someone else. Artest had bad season scoring wise but I think he had I points in game seven.

    I not a huge fan of James or the Heats but I am all the way with his decision to move

  299. George says:

    If they don’t win a championship I will accept that Kobe Bryant is the greatest basketball player in the game today.Because if they don’t win it Lakers will 3-peat….

    • dzone24 says:

      regardless kb is the greatest in the game today because of his ability to take over win games n at the end of the day thats all it matters.

      • George says:

        I don’t understand why you are telling me a thing that I’ve heard a ton of times.For you Kobe is the best player right now, I think different.I said that I will accept that he is the greatest in the game today if he manages to get a 3peat with the Lakers.End of story.

      • k says:

        So what he’s saying, in essence is that he already knows Kobe is thee gratest. He’s just been having a hard time trying to swallor/accept it. Got cha. 🙂

  300. KOLLIEGT says:


  301. jay em says:

    there’s no question about how the new BIG 3 play. yeah they are good…but what about loyalty???
    i think thats the real issue here…and that is why the O-town fans are soooooo disappointed…

  302. William says:

    I’m happy Lebron went to Miami and yes, he did deserve some backlash. He didn’t handle it well by ignoring the Cavs texts and phone calls, if that is true, and then letting everyone know on live T.V. If hje hadn’t quit last year in the playoffs, ignored their messages and calls, and put himself on T.V to announce it it would have been fine. At the same rate, Dan Gilbert acted like more of a baby than Lebron did. You don’t accuse Lebron of everything and attack him after he has made his decision. You respect the men even if he is a baby. You don’t stoop to his level. Thus, I’m excited and think Miami was the ebst decision for Lebron but hate is course of actions and hate, even more, Dan Gilberts open letter of accusations and horrible comments.

  303. Nate says:

    And please stop it with Kobe and the Lakers… they practically have an Allstar team themselves, that’s why I never really liked them, and they barely beat an older, slower, Celtics team that pushed them to the brink of elimination. You Lakers fans talk as if they crushed the Celtics in the finals. Kobe this, Kobe that… well he didn’t get it done 2yrs ago did he… and possibly the only reason Lakers won last year was because KG was hurt.

    • jose says:

      The Lakers have two all stars, and the rest are just really good role players. They also have the benefit of one of the best coaches in NBA history.

      As for the Celtics, you forget that the Celtics were counted out by ALOT of the media. Doc’s gamble of playing them for limited minutes during the season paid off as they were able to hit a major stride during the playoffs going all the way to game 7 of the finals.

      The playoffs were brutal for both teams, Kobe was hurt, Bynum was having his knee drained, I think Daniels suffered a concussion as did Perkins I believe. The further you go into the playoffs the more your team racks up injuries. Its unfortunate, it happens but it doesn’t lessen the victory of the prevailing team.

  304. KOLLIEGT says:

    Kobe Bryant

    96-97 LAL 71 6 15.5 0.417 0.375 0.819 0.7 1.2 1.9 1.3 0.7 0.3 1.58 1.44 7.6
    97-98 LAL 79 1 26.0 0.428 0.341 0.794 1.0 2.1 3.1 2.5 0.9 0.5 1.99 2.28 15.4
    98-99 LAL 50 50 37.9 0.465 0.267 0.839 1.1 4.2 5.3 3.8 1.4 1.0 3.14 3.06 19.9
    99-00 LAL 66 62 38.2 0.468 0.319 0.821 1.6 4.7 6.3 4.9 1.6 0.9 2.76 3.33 22.5
    00-01 LAL 68 68 41.0 0.464 0.305 0.853 1.5 4.3 5.9 5.0 1.7 0.6 3.24 3.26 28.5
    01-02 LAL 80 80 38.3 0.469 0.250 0.829 1.4 4.1 5.5 5.5 1.5 0.4 2.79 2.85 25.2

    ….in case u forgot shaq joined da lakerz da same time kobe did–N IT WAZNT UNTIL KOBE GOT BETTER DID DEY WIN DA TITLEZ IN 2000–SO KOBE HAZ 5 RINGZ THANK U VERY MUCH

  305. Davis says:

    Why does Le Bron James need two of the top players to help concur the championship? Even though they’ll still get beaten by Boston or Orlando if their roster stay, unchanged, or if they add a better shooting guard. What if Lakers add Yao Ming or Shaq Quil Oneal back on? Oh, here what I’ve thought for a while, what if Lebron and Wade don’t get what they’re trying to in their first or second tries, how will they feel? It’s funny but it can happen that way sometimes.

  306. jose says:

    Lebron has revealed himself to be a follower and not a leader. He is the A-Rod to Wade’s Jeter. Jeter is loved here in NY and Rodriguez is tolerated (and hated outside of NYC) despite Rodriguez being the more talented of the two. If you look at NBA history most of the greats stayed with their teams through the bad and led them to championships. They didn’t jump ship at the first opportunity. The Cavaliers did everything they could to try and surround James with players to help him win and this is how he repays them.

    Oh and for those of you automatically assuming that the Heat and their bandwagon fans are guaranteed a ring, look back at NBA history at LA’s failed fantastic four experiment and also how many times Cuban has stacked the Mavericks with all-stars and see how things have turned out.

    • keenan says:

      this is the greatest trio ever assembled bro. you have “THE BEST PLAYER” in the NBA joining up with arguably the 2nd best player in the NBA. dont say this will not work out because this these guys attract double teams everytime theyre on the court. you cant double team all of them at the same time

      • jose says:

        I’m not saying it won’t work, I’m just saying that people shouldn’t assume its going to automatically work. People are jumping the gun and acting as if we should forfeit the season and give Miami the championship based on these signings. There is a lot of basketball to be played and strange things can happen during the season.

      • dzone24 says:

        yeah but the question is also if there are enough shot to go around cuz wade n lbj is ny gonna have 40 each ever game.

    • dzone24 says:

      don’t forget about the trailblazers in the early 2000’s

  307. keenan says:

    Everyone saying that this isnt going to work out is wrong! thats just showing us that you guys are scared! this is lebrons chance to get his ring. its his 7th season in the league (it took MJ 7 years to win his 1st). expect to see one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history. its going to be MIAMI for a long long time. Thank you lebron for leaving cleveland. you will not regret it!

  308. Kobewho? says:

    Hey, kid.
    ‘Bryant’ is just a SELFISH and OVERRATED player.
    Open ur eyes and you’ll be able to see a lot of players better than ‘Bryant’.

    • Dean says:

      Maybe MJ or Bill Russell or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Wilt in his younger days…but that’s it! KOBE has worked his way into the top 5 of all time…he’s got 5 rings at 31…which is how old MJ was when he got his first! You KOBE haters are pathetic…and your idols? What do they have to offer? Queen James is a loser! He will be riding on the coattails of D-Wade…and he will alienate FLASH!

  309. Derrick G says:

    Not sure how that affects us. Boston is still the BEAST of da EAST. Dont care who we play, and for all u LA Laker fans, please remember, u only have 11 Championships, not 16. 5 of those Championships belong to Minneapolis………………………………CELTICS BABY!!!!!!

  310. jeff says:

    this is the most powerful team ever made ine the history of nba!!!!!!!!!go miami!!!!!!to mr gilbert your to selfish!!!!!!!!!!

  311. LA>SouthBeach says:

    Uglier than expected? Really? What did you expect????? ESPN and Media everywhere blew this WAY out of porportion, catering to LeBron in the most outrageous, outlandish, over publicized event in this sports decade and most likely the history of sports. The “King” has done nothing for Cleveland other than raise a sense of false hope only to dash it upon the rocks of Lake Erie.

    Don’t get me wrong LeBron has all the right to choose where and how he wants to play, but this was the worst possible way to handle a situation that was already on edge. Props should be given to players like Dwane Wade for a quick and easy interview to sports center who, by the way, has a championship ring.

    Am I promoting this “LeBron betrayed us all” attitude that has clouded the minds of CAVS fans everywhere for the past 12 hours? No. However, I believe D. Gilbert was right in one aspect of his appalling open letter, this was the most self-promoted, narcissistic build up to one of the most unprofessional show and tells that has been witnessed in the sports world.

    Truth is, I feel sorrier for Miami than Cleveland at this point. Cleveland has 130 MIL to make something happen, Miami has no money and four players on their roster right now, obviously some magic still needs to happen in order for the team to succeed, or even be competitive at this point .

    Lastly, nobody should count out Kobe and L.A. right now. Depending how off season surgery goes with two key players, and a great outsider shooter signing in FA steve blake. They’re going to be a force this coming season. I think Kobe will shock the world again when he starts shooting the ball without a splint on that finger. 2011 is gonna be a great NBA season no doubt!

    • jose says:

      Well said. People are quick to sleep on the Lakers and Boston just because of these signings. They forget how many rings Miami’s new terrible three have compared to players for LA and Boston.

  312. Matt B says:

    Can anyone clear up what exceptions the heat can make the most of for the rest of their roster??

  313. Nate says:

    I think that letter from the Owner was uncalled for and childish. I understand that he’s frustrated as well as the fans of Cleveland, but as I was reading it, I just wanted to slap him around. Making all those predictions… Oh God, please!!!! I honestly didn’t like James decision to go to Miami, but I understood why he wanted to leave, (Same deal that KG went through). Even KG gave James the advice that loyalty could hurt you sometimes. Cleveland is just angry because they know that their biggest hope of winning a championship just left. I would’ve preferred if James choose Chicago or even NY. I do hate the idea of over loading your team with superstars to win a championship, because were is the real honor/satisfaction in winning then??? So in summary, I understand his reason for leaving, but think that he choose the wrong place.

  314. El says:

    Just as a man is about to lose his wife, he has to try anything possible to keep her from leaving. Let’s use Koby Bryant as an example. The guy admits to committing adultery so what does he do? He goes out and buys her a ridiculous ring worth mucho money, which satisfies her enough to stay with him.

    Here is another example using the Boston Celtics, who everyone after game seven said they were all done and Pierce was going to Opt out of his contract and leave, what did the Celtics ownership do? 1, Talked Rivers out of retiring 2. Pierce opts out of the last year of his contract for 21 million and resigns with the team for less money so they may obtain players. 3. Allen resigns for 2 years. 4. Just yesterday signed Jermaine O’Neil and 5. Now seeing all this Wallace is thinking about not retiring and coming back.

    Now let’s ask ourselves, what did the Cavaliers do in order to keep James? Have a few “Please stay Lebron parties”? Give him the key to the city? Make a few signs? That’s not what Lebron was looking for. It wasn’t about loyalty to him it was about loyalty towards winning a Championship! Bulls signed Boozer, Heat resigned Wade and signed Bosh and the Knicks signed Stoudemire, the Cavaliers signed absolutely NO ONE!

    Mr. Gilbert you shouldn’t blame Lebron for not being loyal to you and your fans or the city from which he grew up in. Instead blame yourself for your lack in desire of winning a Championship and your lack of effort towards acquiring free agents who would of helped Lebron James and his desire to win a Championship and hold that NBA trophy. Mr. Gilbert didn’t have that same desire for the NBA Championship trophy because Lebron James was his prized trophy. Let me finish my point with a question, Mr. Gilbert, Where is your prize trophy now?

    As a Boston fan my apologies go out to the fans of Cleveland, some of the best fans in the world! They do not deserve to pay the price of heartbreak because of bad team management.

  315. Jake says:

    Nice trade and honestly I’m not surprised by the credulous responses. Fact is once they deal beasly for bosh, The heat will only have a four man roster with not much as far as cap space. They’ll end up needing to sign atleast half their players on min cap contracts, Certainly their may be a few vets willing to join for a one year shot at a champ but chances are the heat are gonna end up with one of the most shallowest teams in the nba history, could they win a championship by just having to play bosh,wade and lebron the entire game? possibly.

    Also having one too many superstars in a way just ends up cancelling out their greatness, that may sound obtuse at first but listen. When the lakers had their super team kobe,shaq,payton,malone. They all ended up trying to share the ball so much that non of them ended up looking like true superstars anymore and more like gifted role players, That included with the fact that LeBron and Wade really don’t fit as teamates, They both dominate the ball and neither can shoot the three respectably, and only one of which has a credible mid-range shot. It’ll be interesting to watch the team try and work but this isn’t the olympics and I highly doubt it’ll work for an entire season let alone the playoffs, it sounds great on paper though but not quite the right pieces. It’s not like the celtics who got great names for the papers but in theory the pieces fit as well.

  316. Gio v says:

    LOL whoever think the lakers could stand a chance against these big three are idiots. Chris bosh could own pau gasol.

    D-WADE can matchup with kobe to the dot. Lebron can clearly own artest since artest is the weakest matchup. Only thing the heat missing is a bench.. Trust me..Players are going to be lining up to be a heat player.

  317. HATERS! says:

    ppl need to stop hattin on lebron, he is a good player, but the cavs SUICK, so he went to miami to get some healp. every good team has at least 2 stars!

  318. well it’s going to be interesting… miami needs 3 superstars to defeat the black mamba.. wow a very interesting scenario… but LA is going to win 2011 NBA Championship. 6 for kobe. 12 for Phil and 17 for LA…

  319. ctown says:

    I am from Cleveland…no sour grapes about Lebron leaving….what you people do not understand is HOW he announced her was leaving. That is what people in this city are upset about. You don’t put on an hour special about your self to say you are leaving..that reeks of an egomaniac no to mention insulting to those in Cleveland Akron. I guess when you are being advised by you kindergarten friends, that is the kind of advice you get.

  320. Jackal says:

    Heat won’t win anything next year. They will get knocked out in the second round.

    Sure they have 3 great players, but they have no roleplayers around them, and all 3 of their great players get most of their scoring in the paint. Zone D will kill them. They also wrongly expect everybody is going to sign there for minimum salaries for the next five years? I don’t think so. . .their help is going to be very limited. They might get guys for year 1-2, but when tha fails (and it will), the whole situation’s going to implode. They will be the laughing stock of the NBA. Especially LBJ for being such a quitter on winning as the star of a team.

    Screw MJ vs LeBron. LeBron’s legacy now is whether or not he’s better than Scottie Pippen.

  321. SmokeStacks says:

    This is the end of the “king”. he will never win a mvp or scoring championship after this. If he happens to win a ring it will be tarnished by his descision to join wade and bosh. If he fails it will be extremely extremely comical. He is in a lose and you lose, win and you lose spot now.

    This is the equivelent of MJ deciding to go to baseball. Good way to forfeit respect from 90% of the league/fans. Ruined what could be undeniably the best career in NBA history. If he was able to manage 30, 8 and 8 with 4-5 rings he would have been top 3 anyways. Now even if he wins 4-5 rings his average will not be above 24, 6 and 8 and the rings will basically have a * next to it.

    Furthermore Lebron you are a liar, you said its all a “Business Descision” eat your words you are taking millions of dollars less to join the heat, also your going to lose money on everything from endorsments to jersey sales.

    I really really hope Bron falls flat on his face for making a terrible business/career descision. Even if he does win I and millions of others will add * into our record books for you Bron.

    This is coming from a Celtics fan btw.

  322. This whole decision thing is wild. I’m not surprised LeBron left to Miami. The way that Celtics series played out this past playoffs led me to believe that James felt the Cavs didn’t appreciate or respect him, at least enough. Maybe he did quit in the playoffs the past 2 seasons, but you have to understand the pressure and motivation that it takes to win at that high level of competition. He got demotivated by his perception that the Cavs organization was riding his back and not appreciating him. They never got the complimentary players he needed to win. Admittedly, Cleveland is a small market and hard to recruit players to, but the Cavs never make big moves to get the right people around him.

    What kind of game plan is it to “put the ball in LeBron’s hands and everybody else get out of the way.” Michael Jordan got frustrated and out done with that type of game planning, and if it hadn’t changed who knows what MJ would have done.

    I’m not going to knock the fired coach Mike Brown, but he has major flaws in his preparation and game planning. I said that the Cavs wouldn’t get by Boston or Orlando because they would among other things get out coached.

    As the the Cavs owner’s reaction, he should have taken a deep breath, counted to five, and then reacted. That was totally unprofessional even if most of what he said was true. And to say the Cavs will win a title be the “self proclaimed king” will, what was he smoking at the time? He hasn’t shown any organizational savvy to surround LeBron with high level talent.

    I’m glad this whole thing is over and everybody can move on, for better or worse.

  323. rich says:

    its not for the money its 4 a championship and wade and bosh are his friends, they all play in olympics and all star game, they know each others game… and his not happy anymore in cleaveland, the GM in cavs bought alot of gud players 2 surround lebron but still it didn’t work… cavs fans sori, we got lebron!!!

  324. SunsFan says:

    Dan Gilbert has just proven he is the most immature owner in the league. There is absolutely no way he can back up what he said in his letter to Cleveland. His name-calling and accusations are what I would expect from a five-year-old who’s best friend doesn’t want to play his favorite game at recess. All I can say is “Wow”. Those are words he’ll be eating very soon.
    I’m not a Cleveland fan or a Miami fan. And I’m disappointed in how the Suns are looking for the upcoming season. I still think every one of the players is grossly overpaid. (They should all be forced to work a real job like the rest of us for a while just to gain perspective.) But having said all that, Miami is a smart bet for a series of championships in the next few years. That’s just the way it is. It’s business. I don’t agree with all of it, but I’m surprised a group of players haven’t stacked a team like this in the past. It shows a desire to win and a strong loyalty to friends.
    Nevertheless, Dan Gilbert is an idiot. Lebron made his choice. And congratulations are in order for all of Miami.

  325. J-DOGGG says:

    I think this has a 50/50 shot at working in the long run. But I really doubt they will win a championship this year. This is basically putting a brand new team together from scratch. It will all depends on Lebron and Wade coexisiting, they are both lead players, while I like bosh, he is not a superstar that you can build around. I think of him as more like a 2nd star player. I remember the 1 year experiment in LA, when the got Karl Malone and Gary Payton. Granted they were older, but way more mature and I would say hungrier for a title. The result – Beat by a more together team in detroit that basically had no Superstar/ Hall of Fame players on it. I think this will be the case their first year, confusion on roles and players around them being too unfaniliar. I say, most likely in the 2nd year they would win, ig they arent blaming each other after a year 1 dissapointment

  326. Stonewall Jackson says:

    You foreign bastards are nothing but a bunch of bandwagon riders. Go to hell.

  327. cb says:

    this was such a great move by the cleveland owner. im totaly serious. James didnt need to do this big hullabaloo but he did. You could make the same case for gilbert but youd be wrong. This is the kind of city that needs its sports team. In flashy places, New York, Miami LA…they dont need that winner there is plenty of stuff to celebrate. people celebrate in my miami all the time for no reason at all. Gilbert is letting his fans know that the onwnership give just as much of a crap as the cleveland fans do. The only way to that is to be totally ungracefull. To let the fans no that it his contention aswell that james did was craappy in the first place to do it the way he did it to the place he did it to was downright sh–tty. If you take on the narrow and obvious stance that this is a buisness then this is the best buisness move gilbert could have made. This is the only way he could send the message that were not going to drown, were not gonna move and we will win again. And most importantly we appreciate you.

  328. NBAFAN says:

    @ Airness

    Please show some sort of basketball knowledge. MJ didnt do it with pippen, rodman, kukoc etc, need i go on? to say kobe has an asterisk on three championships is absolutely absurd. And if lebron james was to win a title, should that not have an asterisk on it as well? Seeing as how hes playing with two superstars while kobe won all his titles with just one. Lebron was a coward for leaving his city and will truly never compare to the greatness of MJ and KB because he couldn’t get the job done and had to leave and go to WADE’s team to try and get it done. Regardless of all this, teams like this never pull it off in their first season together (boston an exception because they were a very old team with time running out and were also lucky in getting perkins and rondo who proved to be great players, that type of luck wont happen again in south beach) so you can most definitely expect the Lakers to 3 peat and for kobe to rise to his 6 championships overlooking wade bosh and lebron and laughing at the mere fact they had to join forces to create a “superteam” just to beat his amazing lakers. Good luck to you lebron! I hope your horrible decision wins you some championships, in my book, he would now need to win 7-8 to be in the discussion of kobe and jordan, but thats 100% not going to happen, cowards dont get rewarded with championships.

    • Matt B says:

      I havent read AIRNESS’ post coz I can t be bothered, but from reactions it is either useless, or just riling Lakers fans?!

      Kobe has no asterisk, neither does Lebron. Nobody does – if you win a ring – tyou win a ring end-of. Comparing who is the best because of who or where they play(ed) or play(ed) with is nonsense. The greatest players in history, have also had some great players with them – its what you need to win a championship.
      Essentially – put Lebron, Kobe, Jordan, Wade into any of the other 3’s careers, and would they have been pretty much the same? I reckon so! So at the end of the day, you cant put someone down because of comparing their situation to another guy. I would bet my house that Kobe/Jordan/Wade would have all done the same thing in Lebrons position. because they are all WINNERS – thats what separates the greats from the rest. That desire to win at any cost. Lebron winning his rings (if he does) with Wade and bosh, wont demean them in any way. In fact it may even make him more proud, becaus ehe will have to be more of a team player than he has ever had to be – he will possibly have to sacrifice some ego (if he had one, and if he hasnt done that already by leaving $30m behind).
      Cant we all just appreciate players for what they are, and stop hating because of opinions!.

      BTW to all “Kobe is te greatest no matter what” crew – the only player to have matched numbers with Jordan in a playoff run is not Kobe, or Lebron..but……..D-Wade! So if anyone deserves to be compared in terms of ability – then there is only one man that can statistically! 🙂

      Rings dont define ability, else Steve Kerr is as good as Shaq!

      Lets hope common sense can prevail for the rest of the day!
      Just thought I’d throw that spanner in the works. lol

    • Airness says:

      @ NBAFAN.

      When time James will win his tiltle whoever was with him. Put an asterisk with it and I don’t mind. If it needs to be I don’t have a problem with that. Because all I care is all of you who are so uneasy when the word “asterisk” is put in Kobe’s 1st 3 rings. Get to live with it. I love Kobe now. But I’m sorry my math sucks! Kobe has 2 rings only compared to HIS AIRNESS.

      • Airness says:

        Oh I forgot to emphasize that the 5 Kobe rings can be used as a fact when comparing to other legends. But not to Jordan’s 6 rings. Yes, they’re all belong to the team but they defer in their role. For MJ, he was the leader and the heart and soul of the Bulls championship. But for the 1st 3 rings of Kobe? He was not the best, he was not the heart and soul, there’s the Big Fella. It’s obvious who took the first 3 finals MVP, it was Shaq. Jordan took it all. That’s why my math SUCKS. MJ has 6, Kobe has 2. Kobe has 5, compare it to others.

        You know legion of fans of Kobe. It’s you who have problem anyway. This all begins when you try to separate Kobe from James, Wade, Melo and from the rest of NBA. You drag the name of HIS AIRNESS just to justify the greatness of Kobe. That’s when the mistake started. I agree Kobe tops all of the best players nowadays but to Jordan you start to think of it.

        Even when Kobe equal or surpass the number of rings Jordan have but Kobe could not anymore do it in individual accolades. It’s way beyond reach. That again are another hump for Kobe. Then you’ll say the league of today is much competitive than yesterday. It’s a one-sided comment. It’s a silly observation actually. Let’s based it on data and let the figures decide not by means of emotions or by fanaticism.

        Just to complement you guys, I’m now starting to like Kobe. He’s matured now and obviously he got to realize that championship needs maturity not the opposite. Deep within he realized the sweetness of being a champion by hardwork. I like him now because his feeling got hurt when he missed the shot. He started to think of his team and acted as leader. Not like when he’s young, he was a champion instantly and fans claim that he’s the reason for it. Silly!.

        I should have not enter this blog because this is actually Kobe against the rest. But you guys drag the name of His Airness which I greatly admired. Soon enough, Kobe will have my admiration too. As a great player also. But MJ tops anybody. There was once a time when I asked a little boy who is the man ia a poster, the 3-year old boy answered, “the bald man.” Then I continued questioning what’s his name, the boy answered again, “Michael Jordan”. That’s how he managed to affect the world. I guess Kobe was just a disciple of it.

  329. Allnet says:

    Lakers……Kobe……3Peat…pleaaassssee, they barely repeated. They beat the C’s by four points without their starting center. If Perk didn’t go down C’s would be raising another banner. Things fell apart in Cleveland quick, fired coach, GM quit and now Owner saying LB quit, then why did you fire a coach who consistently improved your record each year. MJ lost to the Bad Boys of Detroit plenty of times before winning. Lebron owes Cleveland nothing. He gifted, lifted and sifted that franchise from the ashes they were in…… return to cinder, playoffs unknown!

    • Jake says:

      yaaaawn, and if bynum,mihn and ariza wasn’t injured the lakers could of beat the celtics in 08, shoulda,woulda,couldas my friend don’t mean jack crap.

  330. laker says:

    I hope another team is able to do something to beat the heat. In order for the Lakers to do it they need to sign another good player or make some good trade before next finals.

    • erwin says:

      The Heat is beatable even with those so called Miami version of Big 3, they have to get past through the Celtics, Magic and Hawks. Dont forget the Bulls too. The only thing that is sure is they would make it to the play-offs, unless one of them get injured. Look what happened to LA when they got Malone and Payton? Lebrons move will only motivate other players to go out and beat them. Miami will not walk in the park going to the semis, just watch when they start losing. Poor Riley, he’s the one who’ll take the blame……..

  331. rogocorp says:


    THAT IS THE STUPIDEST THING I EVER HEARD!!!! Kobe has 5 rings, i dont care who was on his team. Jordan had Pippen and Rodman. Nobody can do it on their own.. that is why it is a basketball team. Shaq couldnt have done it without Kobe, Kobe couldnt have done it without Pau, Jordan never did it without Pippen, and Lebron will never know what it is like to have a ring. Lakers are a Dynasty. Step down.

    • SunsFan says:

      Lakers were a dynasty. (And probably will be again.) They may still be tops in the west. But Miami now has three of the top five players in the league. You’re correct in saying that nobody has ever done it alone. But now Lebron has Wade, and they both have Bosh. Kobe is still the best team-player in the league. (Should have been MVP last year instead of Lebron.) But Phil Jackson may be moving on, and Kobe and Pau are both a little banged up from the past season.
      Nobody can win forever. But it’s near certain that Miami will win a couple rings in the next few years. It would take a monumental crash and a few injuries to prevent that.

  332. Chris says:

    Correction…he didn’t have good things to say about cleveland. he made a point of thanking the fans of Lebron, not the fans of cleveland. he constantly draws lines saying he’s from Akron, not Ohio (As if people from Akron root for another basketball team.).

    I think he’s doing disgusting things for the game. he cares more about his brand and fame than he does teams and winning. if it wasn’t for the fact that the only way to maintain fame is by winning championships, he would never have a passion to win.

    “I feel awful that I’m leaving, I feel even worse that I wasn’t able to bring an NBA championship to that city,” James said. “To my real fans out there, I hope you continue to support me.”

  333. JERICHO says:

    I used to despise Kobe now I’m forced to cheer for him and the Celtics, Magic, whoever because no one wants to see Goliath slay David that’s expected…. Be David Defy the odds and Overcome the Insurmountable…. WTF WERE THEY THINKING ESPECIALLY LEBRON!!!!?!?!?!?

  334. erwin says:

    I dont care wherever Lebron plays, he’s entitled to that as most players do. Who doesnt want to win a championship in their career? LBJ winning a championship with Wade and Bosh will have an asterisk in his claim to greatness. To all Miami fans who are so ecstatic and claiming the championship as early as James announcement of going to Miami, wake up to reality because if your so proclaimed Big 3 doesnt play in the finals next season, you will be the very same people who will curse your Big 3 for losing. There is no guarantee in basketball, as the saying goes, ” the ball is round” it has no sides to take.
    Lebrons transfer to Miami would make other teams work hard to find a way to beat them and im sure other players would step up and be proud to claim that they have beaten the Big 3 of Miami at their prime, this is interesting and im sure all basketball fans out of the South Beach area would love to see those 3 fail. Good luck in their pursuit, see you in June.

  335. Gus says:

    @Lakerfan4life – Dude you got it all right!!! …As a Nuggets fan I’m aware that Carmelo may leave us next season (if not now), but it is a totally different situation. If carmelo really goes the city of Denver will keep moving forward and being great, and carmelo can be happy anywhere else. For you guys that are criticizing the CAVS fans stop it. I don’t know how it feels (and I dont think that any other city can know) but LeBron was the one to put Cleveland back in the spotlight, he was born in there (ok AKRON i know), and basically the entire economy of that place was based on him.
    I really feel your pain Cavs fans…lets face it will be a horrible season for you guys, but eventually you will get over it!
    Keep strong and dont be ashamed of your feelings for James, afterall you must be Cavs fans and not a James fan….as here we are Nuggets fans and not Melo fans….the same goes to all other cities: franchise first, players second

  336. Phil says:

    One thing is sure James literally QUIT in this year’s playoffs. This tells a lot about his character.

    • SunsFan says:

      In the games I saw, Lebron did everything he could to win. Unfortunately their plan of ‘give Lebron the ball and everyone else get out of the way’ didn’t work so well in the playoffs. They didn’t play very good team ball. But saying Lebron quit is just petty.

  337. Matt B says:

    lebron gets more Heat for leaving a sinking ship, than Gilbert gets for ensuring they were a sinking ship! hmmmm. If Bosh wasnt interested, why did he not get a big name in quick time to try and persuade james to stay? Like the opportunity to play in the same team that couldnt win last season (minus Shaq), was going to persuade him to stay? lol. Crazy. Plus what went on in the aftermath of that loss to Boston!? He’d have needed his head examining!!

    I put everyone in this position:

    You are one of the best players in the league – potentially (one of the best) of all time. Your team have just been blown out of the play-offs by Boston. People start talking about your career being a flop if you cant win a ring. The GM goes. The head coach goes.
    You go into free-agency. your team appoints a good head coach, things start looking up (if you forget the fact that the recruiting process was heavily criticised and unprofessional). But your team doesnt make many moves to try and get some better players around you, and Shaq is off. Gay re-signs.Dirk re-signs. Johnson re-signs. Stoudamire goes to NY. Still nothing form the Cavs.
    Bosh rejects a move to Ohio. Still no action from the Cavs – what do they preach to lebron about staying……Titles? this player? that player?? no……………’s your home town! Hmmmm.
    It’s almost certain that Wade is going to Chicago or staying put. It’s almost certain that if Wade stays, Bosh joins him.
    Chicago sign Boozer.
    Cavs do,……………………….nothing!
    You hear that Wade and Bosh are Heat players! teams line up David Lee and other good free agents on the market. Stories of how the Heat can get the ultimate trio! Wade and Bosh hint at taking lower salaries! Cleveland leap into action and …………………do nothing.

    What do you do????????

    The only simple answer is – you aint staying in Cleveland!!!!

    Good luck LBJ. Everyone slating him for leaving – wise up and get real!!

  338. Graham says:

    Wow, I can not believe an owner acted this way. Even if all of it is true, what player is going to want to play for you now? Lebron came out of high school, and gave you 7 great years! He is only 25 yrs. old, and when you are 25, 7 years is a very long time. And what if he ever did want to come back to his “hometown” to play? Not with Mr. Gilbert around….

  339. Jackie from D-Town (Detroit, MI) says:

    What a Jerk Dan Gilbert and the disgruntle Cavs fans are!!!!! Appartently they’re haters, otherwise they wouldn’t b bashing LBJames. Cleveland was all on LJames’ line when he was taking them to places they could only dream about. Now all of a sudden he’s not welcome to that jacked up city…well I say GOOD RIDDENS if I were LBJames to hell with them!!!!! LBJames has enough fans deservingly… who even wants fans like those BOZO’s in Cleveland, including their poor excuse of an Owner Dan Gilbert. GO MIAMI HEAT!!!!!!!!!!


  340. Marcus says:

    If Shaq returns to Orlando, The Heat may have to wait another two years to win a title.

  341. BlockMumba says:

    yeah ryt, and all you Kobe-haters always say that Mamba can`t win a championship without Shaq/then Pau… where does that put Kabron now? joining forces just to call himself the “King” (with rings???) That’s allot of nonsense.. JUST GIVE PHIL (JACKSON) HIS 12TH RING (4TH THREEPEAT) THEN Y’ALL HATERS CAN HAVE THE RING ALL YOU WANT!!!

  342. Ralph Tirado says:

    I think it is great for Lebron to go where ever he feels and believes it to be best for him and his family. I think it was uncall for Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert‘s comments about Lebron. I mean Lebron game him and that organization 7 years of dedicated 110 percent effort. In the sports work it is a business, many owner’s and other personnell are jusy trying to do what they can to be a successful fanchise, oh and how much money they can make. You just don’t say things like that, it is unprofessional, if Lebron had stayed in Cleveland, would the Dan Gilbert reserve his comments for the end of Lebron’s contract. It may have been difficult for Dan and his organization and for the city of Cleveland, but show some class and be professional about it. Lebron showed class and professionalism and spoke highly for the Cavs and the fans. I think he desires better….

  343. funk1020 says:

    I am still in shock from all of this. You know this team will be a rockstar team. It will be like if a superband got put together and was on a world tour. Bosh, Wade and Lebron are taking less money to play together. They understand that they need a supporting cast. They do this with just the three of them. Remember Rondo and Perkins were unknowns before the big 3 formed in Boston. I see Miami getting anyone they want at this point. The sit down meetings will be like this “Want to play on the same team as Dwayne and Lebron.” The guy would sign the second D Wade and King James were mentioned. Kobe couldn’t even get past the suns without Pau. Remember when Kwame Brown played for LA. Yeah I guess people forget about that.

    I don’t think Lebron’s decision is bad. I think it is pure genius if you ask me. I don’t get why people are so up in arms about this. No matter where he went it would’ve been the same result. You have three great players on one team. Whoever they get it won’t matter. Was everyone saying this when Vince Carter went to New Jersey? How about when Vince went to Orlando last year? Yeah it’s because it’s Lebron.

  344. ninjakol says:

    AS OF NOW, I don’t think MIA will be NBA champ for 2011 since 3 very good player cannot beat a team with 12 good players… they will be a playoff team and be one of the best teams in the entire league in regular season (LBJ done in twice) HOWEVER, i also don’t think the lakers will be the champ next yr though.. I know kobe is one of the best in the league now but i do believe dallas, houston and oklahoma have fair chance as the lakers.. As of the BIG 3 in boston, i know they are a good defensive team but i don’t think they can defend wade/LBJ/bosh at the same time. both wade and LBJ are explosive/slasher type and strong to the basket guys w/c can penetrate their zone and good passers too… bulls have improved a lot also and can compete equally w/ boston and mia…

    If MIA, wants to win the finals, they need to fill those guys needed to compete (1 PG atleast 2 more bigs 2 shooters and 2 defender) w/c i doubt they get with the money left on their salary cap unless they find gems that will accept pay cut…

    and kobe?? i don’t remember him winning a ring on his own… in fact as far as im concern, he was teamed with a lot of all stars and very very good supporting casts (horace grant, shaq, fisher, glen rice, mitch richmond, gasol, odom, butler, rodman, malone, payton, horry etc etc etc… ) so i dont see any difference with lebron or wade or bosh… they choose to win multiple rings and not individual awards… before they decide to play for miami they already know that in order to win they need sacrifice all we need to see is how good the rest of miami is before we conclude anything…

    as for gilbert, its not how an owner should act.. he bitterly say everything bad against lebron. we know that lerbon did his best during his stays in cleveland. he also say something like winning a ring before miami and build a championship ring?? dream on, if he could, he should done it long time ago w/ lebron on the team it would be easier then!! he’s foolish and can’t accept the fact that lebron leaves clevelend to win not betraying!!

    Finally, people should not hate wade or lebron or bosh or miami for having those 3 in their team… those 3 can chose any other team. and all nba champs have good players in thier lineup. boston before have cousy, russel, heinson , jones and lakers before have wilt, west and baylor… knicks before have monroe, frazier, reed and bulls have pippen and jordan all of which are in the 50 greatest player of all time…

    im pretty much sure after they win multiple rings and form a dynasty people will compare this team to the greatest team form…

    is it true that after 2012 chris paul will join them too??? if yes then WTH!

  345. AckJack42 says:


  346. jersey16 says:

    hey AIRNESS AND CO. KOBE HATERS,, you all out of topic stop pointing kobe he has proven his worth winning 5 rings is no question, why comparing? MJ has a strong supporting cast during his time.. WHAT U THINK ABOUT LEBRON DECISION TO JOIN FORCES WITH DWADE BOSH? TO WIN A TITLE,, AND IF HE WIN ( I WILL SAY HE CAN’T WIN TITLE WITHOUT DWADE AND BOSH) that;s not fair Kobe or anybody,, THATS BIG ENVY MY FRIEND…

    • Airness says:

      @ jerysey16,

      I never said Kobe is not the best or great or not proven his worth. I’m into the argument of who won more rings of whom he was the leader. Because it is obvious you could not accept the truth about this. I even admire Kobe as he played in NBA but not in his earlier years. All I don’t are his fans like you. You gave name to others. We’re haters? No I don’t. But maybe YOU ARE. We’ll just argue to the main point. If you will not, then, you are the FACT_HATERS!

  347. rtk says:

    I completely understand people’s outrage at Dan Gilbert’s letter. He will definitely be fined for it. But, being a Cleveland resident, I can tell you right now that the letter had an effect on this city that most people anywhere else will not understand. Yes, it may have been crossing the line for an owner to come out and publicly say what he said. But, to a city that is almost entirely on suicide watch, this letter is a beacon of hope…it shows that the owner is as passionate about the team as the fans are.

    Was it the right thing to do from a PR standpoint? No

    Was it the right thing to do for the Cleveland fans after they just received another enormous kick in the ass, possibly the biggest one yet? Absolutely

  348. Celeste says:

    Stern better fine Gilbert, like he did Cuban. Gilberts a sore looser. No one slams Gilber for his personal business decisions, ….and he owes LeBrons mother an apology. What part of Free Agent does he not understand.

  349. New Orleans says:

    Man, all this pondering, and hating is reeeeeeeeeeally sad. Haven’t you guys ( Celyics & Faker fans) have enough. No one wants to see another yawn, yawn finals with these two teams. First of all, Boston is TOO old to get back, be outta gas by March. Second, Kobe is HUMAN, not a machine. He is on a decline, he’s played year round for the last 3 seasons, may not make it through a whole season.I never saw a player in any sport suit up and win a title ALONE. So, LeBron, Bosh, and Wade has done the same as those other 2 teams. You people are a bunch of haters!!!!!!!! I don’t see anyone saying anything about them taking less money to play. It’s a no win situation, no matter what they do, you will just hate. Now, you can really hate on me, cause that team will win the title this year and next for sure. So go ahead on, while yall hating, they are sitting bck soaking it all in, straight to June on next year when they hoist up that golden basketball!!!!!!!!! So STUFF IT YA HATERS> GEAUX HEAT, DO IT FOR THE DIRTY DIRTY!!!!!!!

    • Steve says:

      I support Dan Gilbert 100%. To go on national television and make a mockary of your so called hometown is selfish, disrespectful, and appalling. His statements may have been somewhat rash, but in the face of adversity Cleveland has never seen a leader like Dan Gilbert. You have the drive sir, now get the pieces together and go get it done.

      • SHAQMAC says:


  350. Snap out of it! says:

    For everyone saying battle of egos, snap out of it. LeBron and Wade have been very close friends, if not, best friends for years. You are naive to think if they did not have this planned since they signed their initial contracts. They’ve always wanted to play together and their Olympics run proved how much fun they could have together and how much they liked being part of a team. If not Miami, one of the destinations would have been host to the power-trio. It just so happens that Miami has a figurehead in Pat Riley and Wade already won his championship so there is grounds to say “Pat knows what he’s doing and he’ll take us all the way”.

    Wade has said many times that he doesn’t want to be the go-to guy every time. Wade is a playmaker and he likes having guys on his team he could rely on to pick up the slack. In LeBron’s decision special, it was clear that he was a young man that was tired of being considered “the messiah” of his city and just wants to be an ordinary super star (oxymoronic, I know). If LeBron waited til he was 31 with bad knees, no championships, and at the end of his career, would it have been okay for him to leave? Would Cleveland not had a similar uproar?

    If you ask me, there is no better situation than having everyone together. Pippen said recently in an interview that the NBA has become extremely watered down, it’s true. We look at lebron, wade and bosh as 3 separate super stars…when in fact, the Bulls had a similar trio of Jordan, Pippen, Rodman. When Kobe was post-shaq, he threatened to leave the Lakers and whined every day about not having a team…he even missed the playoffs…all you lakers fanboys tend to forget that little fun fact. Now that he has his power team of fisher, bynum, and gasol (i refuse to acknowledge odom as a star player), they’ve won consistently.

    LeBron made the right choice to win…and win a lot.

  351. G says:

    I’m tired of people talking bad about LeBron’s decision. I agree that maybe he should of went about it another way when he made his announcement, however he gave his blood, sweat and tears to a city that should be grateful to the contributions he had made to them for several years. Everyone will be upset but the man has to move on. He owes no one anything. He wants to win rings and the Cavs are not the team to do it.
    Also the owner of the Cavs should take a long look in the mirror before accusing anyone of quiting or anything else for that matter. Just goes to show that he is an unprofessional, ungrateful and disrespectful baby. To post something like that as an owner is embarrassing and futher more I would be ashamed to play for a team with an owner that acts like such a baby. Note to Dan Gilbert: Your true colours just showed up glass house.

  352. alex says:

    people say kobe had gasol to win champion ship and blablabla ahahaha!!!!
    But gasol was nobody before coming to LA, he was just an average good player, very white and soft….
    He became one of the nba best player once he plays with kobe because kobe makes him better than he was…
    Gasol when he comes to lakers was not better than jamison when he comes to cavaliers!!!
    So stop say kobe had this and that… lebron had all player he need last year, he just fail, thats a fact with shak, jamison varejo and much better 3 pointer shooter than lakers have (moon,parker).
    Gasol would never be the player he is now if he didn’t come to the lakers.
    dwayne and bosh are ALREADY big superstar wade being one of the best player in the last 15 years and bosh a very dominant player (look at this stat last year, amazing…). So stop compare the kobe gasol association with lebron+wade+bosh its so obviously a different thing!!!

  353. dhreamchylde says:

    Man, burnin’ jersey’s and personal, sore loser remarks from the owner. Is this how folks in Cleveland roll man? Is it that serious? Folks in Cleveland are so weak-minded and docile as to put all their hopes and dreams into one human being, and then are surprised when that flawed and fallible human being doesn’t live up to their expectations? Burning jerseys…what a pathetic city…I say Lebron, if that’s how they roll in Cleveland…Good Riddance!! The Governor of South Carolina can cheat on his wife and 4 children and still remain Governor, but you yahoos in Cleveland want to go outside and burn stuff and make it personal in Comic Sans on a website for a freaking basketball player? If you’re that lead by the nose by another human being whose picture you decide to put up on the side of an entire building, then you deserver all the heartbreak you get putting all your hopes, dreams and eggs in one basket. And this coming from a city that’s acting like their S$%T don’t stink. You’d think Lebron killed somebody while drunk driving. And the media feeds this Cleveland insanity!! You come into this world with NOTHING, and you go out of this world with NOHTING. Lebron and any other human on this planet can do whatever the $%^& they want without anyone elses permission. $%^& a Cleveland!! get some reality and get a life…Lebron, D-Wade and Bosh…have a ball while you’re on this planet man, you only get one chance and I’m going to have FUN just watching you guys and not become some mindless rabid insane “fan” lead by the nose with a ring through it like folks in Cleveland and the owner. LOL!!!

  354. ROFLOMGBBQ says:

    Wade is KING in Miami.
    Bosh can be QUEEN.
    LBJ can be the JOKER 🙂

    • erwin says:

      Yeah Hail to the King, DRAMA KING……. Lebron will always be remembered as the HYPE……. The King who has no ring….

  355. jk24 says:


    • Matt B says:

      Simple answer – no. No-one has the better clutch pull up jumper than Wade except perhaps Kobe. You can’t defend it properly coz he has 2 options – the drive or the pull up. He’s also a better passer so if there is an open team-mate (see Haslem last season), then he will find him.
      If it came down to having to hit a 3, then I imagine James would get the nod as his % is higher than Wade’s. Neither could argue with that!

  356. mamba3 says:

    lebron + wade = BATTLE OF EGOS!!!!

    miami is much better on bosh and wade alone. in my own opinion, lebron and d-wade won’t work out as a team. both players’ status would SUFFER as lebron does his own when he gets the ball. compared to wade and bosh, d-wade knows how to PASS the ball. poor lebron, i guess it’s another wrong move. you should have ventured into other teams.

    kobe for three-peat = STILL A GREAT POSSIBILITY

    before i start, let me correct those kobe-haters out there. every great player has a sidekick. look at MJ. his airness wouldn’t win 6 rings without pippen, kerr, paxson, rodman, kukoc and phil jackson. another’s tim duncan. without elliott, mario elie, manu, bowen, horry, parker, david robinson and finley, the spurs wouldn’t have won championships. kobe played second fiddle to the shaq-kb three-peat. but now he’s the main man. it would be interesting to see a finals match between miami and the lake-show. see how lebron “quits” when they get beaten by the present KING and his team. (the past king being michael jordan, and the future king is yet to be seen. there’s no way lebron would be the future king.) the lakers is a well balanced team. and they know each other very well now that they have overcome difficulties, heart-breaking losses, and a hell of a success. don’t expect the lakers to back down against the miami big three.

  357. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. these 3 together can’t be at their best given that their production will be divided among each other! this team can have 3 dominating superstars but they still don’t have the depth that is NEEDED to win a championship.

    example: LBJ, Wade and Bosh scores 55 and they done their jobs defensively as well (they can’t guard 5 players all at once unless they go zone) and their bench scores 20 (since they have no choice but sign minimums which obviously has a reason why they have minimum salary = LOW PRODUCTION) then the other team, say the Lakers, Kobe and Gasol combined for 55 then their bench adds 30 and defense. Lakers still win. WHY? because the opponent has more depth!

  358. LAKERS2011 says:

    After princess lebron loses with d-wade and chris bosh on his back, then the whole world will really know how much of a sour loser he really is. The Princess is a traitor who doesn’t deserve any championships. The Black mamba’s venom will cool down all the HEAT. GO LAKERS 2011!!!!!!!!!

  359. Ken says:

    I see a lot of talk about Kobe on here, but Kobe didn’t win a Champsionship before Shaq came…then he didn’t win another until Pau Gasol came…SOOOO what exactly is the difference between 2 superstars in L.A. and two (D-Wade and Lebron) in Miami. And as good as Bosh is, he is not a Shaq or Gasol. Never in the history of the modern NBA as a singular superstar won a champsionship…EVER. Look it up. MJ had a great team around him when he won his 6.

  360. Tomislav says:

    I think Gilbert didn´t manage to create a real champ team, ´cause he was signig veterans and average players (no disrespect to players such as M.Will. or Shaq, or Ilgauskas). What Cavs needed was a real superstar to play alongside Lebron and of course a powerful center. They also needed a true point guard, a player such as Nash, Kidd or Paul. Then it would be possible for James to cover the small forward position on which I think he can do best despite his all-around skills. But nevertheless, I think this tv-exhibition on ESPN was bad for Lebron´s reputation. Where has the respect for fans and game gone..I can totally understand that right now Miami has better prospects (although eventually it will all depend upon who will be the substitutes; what if someone of the trio gets injured?), but still this was a wrong way to represent your choice.

  361. I pray Stern fines the heck out of Gilbert. I don’t care how angry an owner is, you don’t write what he said when you OWN the team. And Gilbert is a hypocrite. I’m sure he personally fired everyone and not have minions to do it. Who cares how LeBron left Cleveland fans would be angry no matter what. That’s why LeBron kept his mouth shut until the end. What happens in 15 years when LeBron is retired? Will Gilbert allow the greatest Cav in history to have his number retired? If anything happens to LeBron when he plays for the Heat against Cleveland I blame Dan Gilbert for pouring gas on a fire that he frankly caused by not luring Bosh to Cleveland.

  362. alex says:

    Lebron is SO overrated…
    he is a very good player, but he didn’t belong to the Greats like dwayne, kobe and jordan.
    I just want to clarify something :
    Lebron HAS the team this last 2 years to be champion. Please don’t lie to yourself lebron ‘s fan. Remember at the start of the season with shak and jamison coming every body, the expert of basket ball, ex basket ball player who works for, basket analyst was saying that with the addition of those 2 players it will make the team much physical and add some weight to the center. i remember an article on this website that sayed that now lebron had no more excuses , that this year he have THE team to be champion and if i don’t win , it will be because of him…Every body sayed that because every body thought at this period (including me) that they will be champion…
    what a joke!!!
    65 win later, at the begining of the playoff, cavaliers are 1st, enter the playoff like championship supreme contender, lebron had now a very deep team, comentators and expert say cavaliers have the best team in the nba , far deeper than the lakers with jamison,oneal,varejo,hilgauskas,gg hickson,moon,parker, delonte west, mo williams and of course lebron.
    And then what happened?? Lebron failed again. No, i mean CAVALIERS failed again…
    Yes, because when cavaliers won it was all about lebron, even in the first game against boston where cavaliers were trailing by 15 pts and that they finally come from behind and win because of a huge rally by mo williams, nobody talk about Mo, it was all about lebron. lebron won the game, not mo or even cavaliers.
    After that?? we all know what happened but it seems like we all lost memory..
    cavaliers lost 4-2 (not lebron) and then, of course, the very same people that sayed lebron had the best team began to talk about the weakness of that team, that lebron is alone(!), that he has no help ( 66 win and 65 win alone in 2 last years??) and that if he losed it was because of this teamates…
    It make me sick…
    Lebron is among the best player right now but he is not a winner. he is not a closer like kobe or dwayne ( i don’t even talk about mj). He dominates the nba physically and is the best in the open court but he’s not that killer who brings you championships. He don’t have the killer instinct, this hunger is the eyes like mike and kobe have.
    I m not a lebron hater, i love to see this guy in a basketball court and its so obvious he is talented.
    I just say that he is so overrated and this overhyped is just too much compare to his real talent.
    By going to the heat he chooses the easy way, unlike jordan or kobe or magic and bird he will not be that franchise player who take a team and bring it to the championship. lebron failed to do that. He have a deeper team than kobe but he failed. But his ego is just too big, he can’t live without championship, he needs it to be among the big players in history.So he goes to miami with 2 big superstar because its the easy way to try to have one. its just like jordan team up with magic and malone, it makes no sense!!
    The King??? where the hell does that nickname come from??? are you kidding me?? the king of what?? He NEVER won something!! even the olympics game he failed to win with carmelo antony dwyne wade and all the big star in 2004.
    add Kobe and its a gold medal in 2008…The winner mind, killer instinct is all the difference.

    • Matt B says:

      yes he had a good team – but he can’t control whether the rest of that team would choke or not when the pressure was on! Yes he had a stinker in game 5, well documented etc. etc. but you have to lose 4 games to lose a series! See the performances of Williams, West, etc etc to see why the Cavs lost, and why james knew he wouldnt win a title in Cleveland.
      besides that – that Cleveland team, still didnt compare to the celtics or lakers, so I highly doubt these experts were predicting the title for Lebron. Everyone I know was going Celtics v Lakers!!!

      • alex says:

        are you kidding?? every one predicted a lakers boston finals??? hahahahahahha!!!! that’s what i was talking about, people lost memory…
        at the begining of the playoff every body was calling boston the grandpa team, karnett had a bad knee there were too old etc… when they faced cleveland, nobody was putting a dollar on this “old crew of grandpa”.
        i remember charles barkley keep saying that lebron was the best player in the world in the best team in the world, that cleveland will win 4-0 (!!) against boston because nobody can guard lebron..
        we know what happened next but don’t forget that before that, nobody was putting a cent on boston even being in the east conference final, it was all about cleveland.
        Same thing for the lakers. I love to read that lakers is the best team and is so much better than lebron’steam…
        Once again people forget very queekly that lakers end the regular season by losing nearly all their games. Kobe was injured and a lot of people start to have some big doubt about the presence of the lakers in the western conference final.
        Big west team at this time was dallas, phoenix who finished the season with multiple big wins.
        after the first round of the playoff the lakers was definitly no more the championship contender being almost push to a 7th game by the number 8 ocklahoma composed of young and inexperienced player.
        every body was saying that lakers has no bench and have only 2 reliable players(kobe and gasol) and people stop talking about lakers to be champion , it was more about cleveland and magic who was much more impressive.
        It so easy to say NOW the lakers are champion that they have a much big team than cavaliers etc… if they have losen against oklaoma they would have been called a jerk team. Kobe make 3 final in a row since the first year he had a real lieutenant…
        Lebron have several good lieutenant but he still fail. its up to him to make this player better, gasol was nobody and had never do something before playing with kobe.
        Now it seems lebron need to get 2 big superstar to try to win one ring …
        But if if fail once again, i m sure poeple will find a dozen of exscuse like he have a elbow issue (what a joke), heat don’t have a benchetc… whatever happened, it CAN’T be the lebron’s responsability, because he must win, nba want it..

      • Matt B says:

        Selective memory – everyone wrote Boston off, because they sucked second half of the season!! I mean, people were worrying about them going into the Heat series. They got it together when it mattered!! The exact opposite happened to the Cavs! They were THE team during the season, hence the belief they coudl win it all, then they bottled it in the playoffs!
        The Lakers Boston finals was what everyone was thinking BEFORE the season started, not before the playoffs started.
        Again people were questioning the Lakers befire the playoffs, not before the season started, due to their form coming into them. But like Boston – they had big players who stepped up big time – unlike mo, west etc.

        So my facts are correct, not some forgetful mind. Yes the media got sucked in by current form, but as anyone really should no – form is temporary, class is permanent. hence the Lakers v celtics final. hence despite lebron having “that” game 5, he is still one of the top 3 in the league. hence why Miami are going to be rightly favourites for the East! Its simple.

  363. Sosay says:

    MJ still the greatest

  364. danny99 says:

    People in Cleavland just be happy for LeBron I mean he is still the same LeBron just wearing a different jersey and playing with other players.He has the right to do that!!!!

  365. vanhowell says:

    LOL at you guys pointing fingers and talking about egos, and legacy stuffs!!! Why hate them? Think about it this way, both are great players at their prime and can earn a max contract in terms of salaries is concerned! But look what they did? they discarded their own legacy, the fame, the pride & the money for the same reason of each and every basketball athletes around the world, which is to play alongside with great teammates & your buddies, to win a championship trophy, and most of all, for the love of basketball !!!

    So egos and prides are out of the equation here! If they really have that kind of attitude you’re talking about, I’m pretty sure they will not play as teammates together don’t you think!

    This is the reason why I admire them so much! Stop hating! It’s time for a change, so move on!!!!

  366. tracshortie says:

    Yes very bitter indeed are the fans coaches and managers of Cleveland Ohio..however I did not expect their GM to response is such a low manner his wish well words were indirectly I wish you no success words indirectly. To say he will carry the same curse to Miami is unacceptable at the end of the day Lebron Jams is entitled to his future and to make any decision that will ultimately sustain his happiness. You can not blame the guy for wanting to win who plays a sport and never desire to win, exactly no one. God has blessed him with a talent that no one can take from him and will continue to bless this young man do well in Miami LJ!

  367. If LeBron quit, why did Gilbert STILL want him? Why is he only calling LeBron a quitter now? Because Gilbert is a hypocrite. He’s trying to deliberately pour gas on anger Cleveland fans have and deflect over his own failures. Had Gilbert helped LeBron convince Bosh to come to Cleveland James would have stayed. That’s the reality no matter how Gilbert wants to spin it. Gilbert doesn’t deserve to shine Riley’s shoes.

  368. Wowski13 says:

    On the face of it Miami is a great move for LeBron, but there are two factors that will determine if Miami’s version of the big 3 will be a success. The first is can the ego’s be put to one side for the good of the team. When Boston recruited KG and Ray Allen, the key to their first season success was the fact that the 3 “franchise players” realise that it didn’t matter if their numbers took a hit as long as the team won. If D-Wade, LeBron and Bosh can do the same that is a massive first step, however do they have the maturity to do so, Wade and James I think yes but I’m not sure about Bosh. Pierce, KG and Allen were older, more mature players when they got together which probably helped them.

    The second key factor is does the rest of the Heat roster complement Miami’s 3 stars? I’m not sure if it does at the moment but we’ll have to wait and see if they can add players to the roster to do so. Again to compare with Boston, players like Powe, Perkins and Rondo (now an all-star in his own right) allowed the big 3 to shine. If Miami can get the supporting cast right and the trio of superstars manage to co-exist then they could well be unstoppable.

  369. Oldhawk says:

    To the person who wrote kobe won rings with malone and payton he didn’t because sometimes building a dream team doesn’t work, I just think lebron is too young to be ring searching His team just won 60 games two seasons in a row and He’s been to the finals I think leaving a successful team just to win a championship is very selfish and disrepectful to the organization and the sport itself

  370. Celts says:

    lebron is trash
    im in full support of dan gilbert

  371. Lordseven says:

    I just dont understand why they say going with Wade and Bosh is the easy way out, does it guarantee he will get the championship??? No…… no one can guarantee that. So why not give yourself a better chance of winning?

    Who does not want to win in their life time?

  372. J.S says:

    I dont blame Lebron for making that decision, although i fancy chalres barkleys opinion about it, i think he is right. Its true sports is about to win, being a professional athlete you dedicate your work and nearly everything getting towards that goal. but with this in mind i dont really understand him heading to miami, i really dont. For sure it will be much fun watching them 3 playin in miami but its nothing like the plympics… to dominate with this three (and 2 more of this caliber) over a squad of “hyper athletic” germans or some decent russians is not the big thing is it?
    But come on?! he had the best record last season… he was loosing to boston and it wasn’t even a sweep… I understand it when garnett did it, i would have understand it if dirk would have done it… but lebron? why? and then people say hes a competitor.. he wants to win.. so if he plays 2k10 on his PS3 and he can’t win the finals does he just go into settings and adjust the KI’s level? what the hell.. he is such a monster of a player and wouldn’t it be good to see somebody winning that championship by an incredible individual performance?!
    After kobe stepped out of shaqs shadow people are sayin “yeah he still got the best supporting cast in the league” if lebron would win that title in cleveland. against the lakers. against wade-bosh miami or orlando or boston.. wouldn’t even michael jordan get out of his couch at home and would say: crap this guy is doin better then me… So i assume lebron doesn’t want to show himself that he is the king.
    you can call it mature if u like to.. i am a bit dissapointed. yeah all about the fun watchin miami next year if they can fill up another 2 players… but honestly. where amazing happens……..
    To be fair to bron, whatever decision he thought is the best for him makes the most sense to himself, and thats alright! would he be a 5-5 guy cleveland would kick the door open celebrating for him leaving. now hes betraying them, ridicoulus.. as if it is a loyality thing.. he is bloody loyal! loyal to the little orange ball and still can love his home. that letter was stupid it was the most ridicoulus thing in the history of men. I’ve never seen an adult doin something so silly and be whining so much, apart maybe from a footballer diving in the penalty area after being poked looking for a penalty… grow up be a man. this is business and you know it, you tried to use it for yourself but failed… get over it like lebron got over his championship losses for the last 7 years…

    • Matt B says:

      After kobe stepped out of shaqs shadow people are sayin “yeah he still got the best supporting cast in the league” if lebron would win that title in cleveland. against the lakers. against wade-bosh miami or orlando or boston.. wouldn’t even michael jordan get out of his couch at home and would say: crap this guy is doin better then me… So i assume lebron doesn’t want to show himself that he is the king.

      Now its time to face FACTS! – that isnt possible! Lebron realised this and made his move. End of, get over it! Surely it shows that he doesnt put his ego first – it’s not all about him – he wast egotistical enough to believe he could win a championship on his own!! NOBODY can, or EVER has!! Jordan never did it on his own. Magic never did it on his own. Duncan never did it on his own! Get real!! Jeez.

  373. Chris says:

    Okay guys, I know that everyone is ready to just hand 2010-2011 season over to the Miami Heat b/c now they have the trifecta in Wade, Bosch and James. How about we hold our horses for just a minute. I’ll admit that the Heat now have 3 very good players on their roster however first off a team is more than just 3 players and secondly, can these guys even play together. I know these guys are friends and all but being friends is one thing and playing together is another. Seriously, will Lebron sacrifice some of his stats to make Wade and Bosch look good, will Wade and Bosch do the same? What about the other starting 2, are they gonna be relegated to passer #1 and passer #2 status? Then another question, with them getting James, Bosch and Wade, how much money do they have left to pay passer #1 and passer #2 as well as the bench because the trifecta can’t be on the court at all times. Also is the coach strong enough to handle 3 large egos on his team? To be honest, I don’t even think Lebron will be willing to sacrafice his stats. This debacle he did last night shows me that it’s all about him. Sure he will say that he sacraficed more money to go with the Heat but lets be honest, the superstars in sports only get about 15% of their money from their salary. Most of his money is coming from endorsements so he can sacrafice a million or two. Now if these guys actually win a championship this year then good for them, I don’t think so though. Only time will tell but mark my points.

  374. Lakerfan4life says:

    To all Cleveland Cavalier fans.

    Even though I am a die hard Laker fan, tonight my heart goes out to all to you. The sting left when Shaq went to go party with D Wade in Miami after the 04 season is one i will never get over as a Laker fan. And i can only imagine how down the city of Cleveland feels right now. But dont worry, while Lebron was an amazing player Cleveland will not give up. And even though i hated the Cavs last season i will make sure to root for the Cavs alot more next season. Dan Gilbert had every right to say what he said. Yes maybe it was a smart decision for Lebron to move to the Heat, but he should have handled it in a more professional matter. At least let the Cavaliers know of his decision ahead of time (and no that doesnt mean 15 minutes before he made his decision on live tv). While Lebron might go on to win multiple championships in Miami, he will never be mentioned amongst players such as Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Bryant, Malone, Miller, Stockton all of which stuck with their teams through thick and thin. Some of which were fortunate enough to win rings while others werent, but what made them the legends was their loyalty to their teams. Something Lebron will never know. So Lebron, sleep tight tonight knowing that no matter how many rings you win in Miami it will never match what winning just one ring in Cleveland will mean. Traitor.

  375. dchung says:

    No one really rips into past championship teams for just having way more money than other teams back in the day… And look at one of the Laker teams from before, Worthy, Magic and Kareem, as far as I see it that’s a big three no different than, Kukoc, Jordan, Pippen. KG, Pierce, Allen a definite force, and now a team has gone beyond that. Before the last 10 years it’s always been neccessary to have a big 2 to get to a championship and sometimes even a 3. Well today the players are so talented and coaches as well it takes a big 3 and maybe even a super star bench player to get you over the hump. Pretty sure Lakers this year put together an unbelievable cast, Kobe, Gasol, Artest, Bynum, Odom and Fisher(a great veteran playoff presence) I’m sure the Bulls had Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc, Rodman, Ron Harper, along with great shooting from Kerr off the bench with bigs who could take up space rebound and do what was necessary when under the hoop. SA had Duncan, Parker, Bowen (a super star defender by all means) David Robinson, Stephen Jackson(not yet established), Malik Rose, Parker, Manu Ginóbili, Bruce Bowen, Steve Smith, not to mention Steve Kerr and Kevin Willis healthy vets. That cast is rediculous for the 2003 nba championship and they took down a big 3 at the time in Kidd, Martin, jefferson, who at the time were a great couple of players. It’s all about who can put out the best product with keeping the cap now a days, and teams and players have been willing to try and make those teams. This letter is a disgusting act by a very desperate man. There is a level of professionalism because this is a professional sport and if a player wants to go seek his championships that’s his responsibility and choice. Do what makes you happy Lebron, because as long as you can look at yourself, friends and family face to face and be happy then go right ahead. You think the owner can look himself in the face today and say “I did the absolute right thing by sending out that letter bashing probably the best player Cleveland will ever see for a long ass time who took this franchise with us and made it an NBA contender and help made us tones of money! Who ultimately may end up taking a pay cut to play with the best players in the world to WIN” I sincerely doubt he can, and if he can, then good for him in believing in his product. But everyday we complain about players always being so greedy for money and not appreciating their sport and passion for the game. Well these three are doing exactly the opposite and now getting bashed for it by so many people. Look how much good has come out of the Boston Franchise for developing players the last 3 seasons. Rondo, Davis, Tony Allen, Perkins. Those players have been able to learn and have the benefit of playing with three of the best players to play the game. And who have sacrificed personal stats and fame and reputation to do what ultimately what sports is about WIN and compete!

    AND all of you who say Jordan, Kobe won championships on their own are over and over again insulting their teammates, the super stars who played with them and the coaching and ownership of those teams. AHEM who has been consistent with the Championships for the Bulls and Lakers???? i believe 11 titles goes to a very successful coach who has proven he can put the right system together and attract the right players to come play with his super star and make the sacfrices to WIN!!!!!

    Heat might not win a title ever cause you need all the pieces, the right coach (Doc Rivers the only guy who can probably coach the Celtics since Jackson was occupied already with the Lakers) and the right teammates.

    Kobe won without Shaq… yes he did. What TEAM do you think is stronger, the one with Shaq, Rodman, or the one with Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Odom in place of shaq. Kobe definitely didn’t win those titles alone. Cause no one can win them on their own. These are TEAM games!

    TEAMS win championships you crazy crazy people. Lebron is going to try and make the best team he can with Bosh and Wade who they can assemble around them…

    I think my rant if finally done, have a great day everyone.

  376. RIP BLW says:

    If LeBron is that good as his fans or himself claim, he should stay with the Cavaliers and proves it. He needs to prove that he can build a team around him and leads it to championship. MJ did it. Kobe did it. It took Kobe 8 years to do that, but he did it. He proved he’s a champion from his own making. What can these trios/clowns prove? Wade won a championship with Shaq. Can he do it with out Shaq? These trios can’t prove anything except to team up and loot the ring or rings. They will never get to compare to other true champs in history where single name is mentioned:

    Bill Russell
    Larry Bird
    Magic Johnson
    Tim Duncan
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Kobe Bryant …etc

    whereas LeBron/Wade/Bosh.. ??

  377. TomG says:

    1st a tittle is not in the bag for the Heat….. DWade, Labron and Bosh all have to stay healthy. That said it is true Labron will not and can not be compare to any player past or present all are different in their own way of style and play but i think and this is my opinion he really didn’t need all this attention as far as a 1 hr special just go to your former boss thank him and the fans and move on. He has no rings or proven any worth this attention he is going to team up with another star just to try and proven he can get that ring. Good luck former KING (with I think he never was) your in a new palace.. and sitting on DWades Throne.

  378. 0ohateo0 says:

    from now there are 3 kings in the heat roster theres king james king bosh and king wade..i really want to see miami and la to the finals pao on bosh james on artest or odom and kobe on bryant damn i love to watch it..but heres the truth rfrom now on for me kobe is the king i hate that guy but he didnt bailed on his team i think i got james point all super stars like malone ewing miller stockton etc. they are a superstar but they didnt own a ring. thats what he want a championship but i think even they got 4 5 or 6 rings its not as sweet as you gave your own land a ring thats even 1 ring he gonna be a superhero not only a king but i guess people will forget what you did tonight when you and wade face the lakers and win it so thats what you really need to do if you still want the fans want you

    • Matt B says:

      You think if kobe in 07, had the chance to join a couple of players of Wade and Bosh’s caliber – he wouldnt have??? seriously deluded. What was the most realistic option then? The Clippers???? jeez. Look at the bigger picture.
      Pretty sure you’ve made my point anyway with your post – Kobe took 8 years – yeah, couldnt win a ring without quality players around him – Shaq, Gasol, Artest, Malone, Payton, Odom, Fisher. (oh yeah, Shaq was the biggest factor in Kobe’s first rings btw). no matter how good a player is, he cant win s*** on his own!! Kobe is no different! Lakers fans/Kobe lovers on here are really showing their lack of intelligence/realism!

  379. Chian Wooi says:

    You have to understand that he has the freedom to decide. We should respect his decision.

  380. gb says:


  381. A Fan of Lebron says:

    Lebron I wish you all the best; no matter what decision you made people were going to be either happy or mad, and for the response that Dan Gilbert made could have hurt his team becuase God don’t like ugly and your team may not make it to the playoffs at all and Dan can only blame his self. Lebron just stay focused and continue to move forward. I look forward to watching you do your thing this fall!!!

  382. STUPID says:

    One sure thing! lebron will not be season MVP anymore. bye gay lebron! Kevin durant or kobe bryant will surely be season mvp! 3peat for lakers!

  383. KOBErules says:

    This is probably a triple kill for KOBE for the next NBA finals. Sweet!

  384. luis says:

    soft , so called king and an injury prone player 😛 good luck beating d celtics or magic ;P

  385. Humphrey says:

    is this Sacramento “KINGS”…

  386. exult463 says:

    Dan Gibert is frustrated for himself and loss revenue and NE Ohio which is understandable. Much is to be loss by Lebron leaving. Yet, Gilbert is not making a honest assessment. IMHO, it took two to three years for Gilbert to react and replace Danny Ferry and Mike Brown. Clearly Ferry with acquiring talent to surround LBJ and Mike Brown poor coaching and leadership is to be blamed.

    Sure, it would be better for Lebron to have finally delivered a championship to Cleveland, but the window of opportunity was not going to stay open forever. Gilbert and the Cavs leadership should have watch there own games (instead of being in all with LBJ), clearly they would have seem the terrible non-coaching non-correct slow offensive strategy Coach Brown was using having the talent of a Lebron James who by nature loves to run. Regarding, Ferry, acquiring Moe Williams was really a waste. Williams is decent, but never will be #2 caliber on a all-star team. Coupled with all aged Ben Wallace, Shaq, larry hughes, etc. Ferry just made some poor choices. Gilbert thinks he didn’t make any mistakes???

  387. LBJ Fan says:

    dan gilbert is an idiot. he should’ve surrounded lebron with the help he needed to win a title and maybe he would’ve stuck around. shaq was more of a problem than a help. ilgauskas moves as slow as my grandmama. west is a crazy person. the only good guys around him were mo n varejao. if dad gilbert did his job and put more talent around lebron i guarantee he wouldn’t have left. So the city of Cleveland should blame dan gilbert! Because the best thing to hit that city just went to miami!! KING JAMES BABY!!

    • MJ says:


  388. LBJ Fan says:

    dan gilbert is an idiot. he should’ve surrounded lebron with the help he needed to win a title and maybe he would’ve stuck around. shaq

  389. Steve says:

    Sorry but this is ridiculous,
    LeBron can’t be compared to Kobe coz Kobe rode out the tough LA years. LeBron had Cleveland wiping hiss backside doing everything for him and he stabbed them in the back.I am not a cleveland supporter or toronto supporter, but what bosh and James did to their clubs is downright shameful, both organizations did everything to satisfy them and they brought them to their knees. James and Bosh dont deserve to be HOF material because they failed as leaders and players. Wade is laughing his backside off now coz he thinks he will be seen as a HOF player. He just sold bosh and james out for his own gain and the suckers took the bait. Just shows LeBron really has a small IQ!!!!

  390. scheisse says:

    This is a very bad decison, I never imagin 3 top stars playing in the same team, not like big 3 in celtics, cuz 3 old guys. Come on , wade, LJ, u both still have many chances, why u so early stay together? Someone refered the LA, but u know that guys are playing around Kobe. Actually, I never thought, Wade is no stronger than LJ, so things seems more complicate. Mabe going to Chicago is better.

  391. sting says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is with this Miami big three. These are the same players along with several other all-stars that finished in 3rd place during the 2004 summer olymlics in Athens. It was only until Kobe joined that olympic team when they got the olympic gold once again in 2008. So having all three of these so called superstars in one team does not guarantee a title in Miami..not when Kobe is still playing in LA with the same squad he had last year. And you’re still going to need a strong supporting cast with your core players and that won’t be easy to come by with the money the Heat have left. So goodluck to Pat Riley and I feel sorry for coach Eric Spoelstra.

  392. Matt B says:

    I’ve never fully got the ins and outs of salary cap exceptions – Trying to get up to speed, but still unclear – anyone care to educate me on what exceptions the Heat can use now to fill the rest of their roster??
    Larry Bird, Early Bird, Veteran, Mid Level, and whatever others there are?
    Could for example, Miami re-sign Haslem on Bird, Q-Rich on early bird, and then bring in someone on mid-level, and say Haywood on Vet???
    I’ve never got into the salary side of it in the 20 years I’ve followed the game, until now! It’s completely different in British sports, so I’ve no experience of it at all!

  393. Robvoz says:

    LeBron had every right to go elsewhere to pursue the title he was unable to bring Cleveland and Ohio. Yes, he is at least the game’s most entertaining player and physical specimen – If not it’s best player. I think it is an interesting move for him and I don’ think they are a better team than LA (Who I do not believe will stand pat) and will get better as well.

    I do have an objection to the way in which he went about this. i believe he has made a mockery of the NBA with his massively egocentric self promotion. It is hard to imagine Magic, Bird, Jordan, Kareem, Russell, West, or even players of this generation – Including his new teammate(Wade) and of course Kobe Bryant or Steve Nash pulling a fiasco of this magnitude and shoving it in the face of a franchise and its fans who did nothing less than absolutely adore and deify their hometown hero. It was classless and Gilbert’s public comments were a bit over the top. There are better ways to go about expressing your bitter disappointment that you and all of your fans obviously feel.

    It’s sad that team as well as player and management loyalty is very much a thing of the past. I feel the move did in fact tarnish LeBron’s legacy. I personally would have preferred that James would have returned to Cleveland and pursued perhaps may have been only 1 final piece of a Championship team. they did win 60 games and just ran into a peaking and hungry as well as well coached Boston Celtics Team. The truth is that we all witnessed LeBron quit in that series. I just don’t think it needed to be stated the way it was. I honestly would have loved to see Cleveland get Chris Paul from New Orleans and compete with an improved Miami Heat with Bosh, an improved Orlando Magic team that was perhaps the best team in the East but also got stung by a peaking Celtics team. Great Defense, unselfish play, chemistry, desire, willingness to sacrifice personal egos for the sake of winning as well as talent is why both Boston and LA met in the Finals this year.

    Hopefully, the new Big 3 of the Heat can learn a lesson from their rivals in Beantown and tinseltown on the huge sacrifice it takes to be a winner. If they embrace the concept and put the TEAM before the I, then they will likely win some Titles there. If not, then it will be fun to watch hungrier, less talented and less unselfish teams beat them for awhile.

    I feel bad for the Fans and city of Cleveland and I hope that one day they can truly build a winner and shed the label that so many other calloused and classless people place upon them. The karmic truth of what goes around comes around and every dog eventually has its day is always a possibility and what gives loyal and true fans return to the Arenas where sports are played. Even the Red Sox have won a Championship after so many years of frustration.

    Instead of allowing the self proclaimed King’s exit to crush you, get back up, support your City and its teams and take solace in your own loyalty – Something that is a worthwhile value that you can cherish – Which is a lot better than all the fair weather, fickle, valueless fans who only support winners – Wherever they may play. Instead, you have something far greater than they may ever be able to comprehend.

  394. Guy Bez says:

    Dan Gilbert has no right to say things like that. He’s acting like a little kid who dosn’t get what he wants and is clearly jelous. He needs to grow up and get back to running his franchise before his un-sportsmanslike behaviour affects the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise.

  395. carlo says:

    Phil Jackson saw it coming.. he opted to coach the Lakers for one more year and he hoped that this last stand of his and The Lakers will be a grand one.. (fast forward)… Lebron and Bosh goes to Miami to join Wade. if everything goes as planned and envisioned, it will be Lakers vs Heat in the finals.. Lakers will be the more cohesive and battle-tested team and they have the best player in the NBA named Kobe Bryant. Lakers will win the 2011 NBA championship for the grandest threepeat the NBA has ever witnessed. and oh, only one question for miami fans, who will you cheer and chant for M-V-P??!!! wade or lebron?? tough one isn’t it?? hahaha.. but don’t worry, y’all don’t need to think about it.. coz Kobe will be and has always been The Man, The MVP… (kobe haters, think about this.. will MJ ever win his six rings without Scottie and the rest of the gang?? maybe yes maybe not..) the debate on who’s better between kobe and MJ will forever be open especially if kobe wins his sixth ring at the expense of Wade-Lebron-Bosh Miami heat. but lebron and wade will be out of the picture..hahahaha

  396. Matt says:

    a man is defined by his actions…”when pride still mattered”

  397. Lebron's "LEGACY" going down the drain? says:

    I understand where Lebron is coming from. He want’s to win a championship and he may as well win multiple titles with the Heat, but he can never call it his own. Winning 4-5 titles with the Heat will equal winning 1 championship with Cleveland (His TEAM). He was once in same category with Jordan and Kobe as one of the BEST but now, i can’t say so anymore. Jordan never left Chicago. Kobe never left the Lakers. They tried to win as many titles as they could by being patient and being “The Man” for their team.

    Can you imagine Lebron who had the best team for the past 2 regular seasons would bail out? People say he had no help. I totally disagree. Instead, he joins the bandwagon and be under Wade’s Team and City. It would’ve been better if they joined forces in a neutral team like the Nets or NY. The case of Boston’s Big 3 was different. KG and Allen were old and their teams were not winning. Lebron is in his Prime at 25 years old and his team was the best team in the last 2 regular seasons.

    Great players are defined by their Legacy not Rings. Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone. These guys are considered legends even without a title. If he stayed with Cleveland and won 1-2 championships in his CAREER. Then he might have been classified as one of the top 5 Best players who ever played the game. Rings doesn’t always matter. Robert Horry has 7, Fisher has 5, Shaq has 4 but they are not in the same level as MJ or Bryant.

    Lebron was way up there even if he had no ring. He had the chance of taking it all. He was the man in this generation and the next. Now, even if he wins one title he will just be classified as another great player when he could have been more. Not greater than MJ — not even greater than Kobe.

    The Miami Heat will not be defined on how many championships they will win but on how many they will not win.

    Peter Ponce

    • MJ says:

      reg miller said one championship in cleveland is equivalent to 3 or 4 championship in miami”” thats how much hungry cavs for a title and very significant for them to have one..i feel sorry for them..but its not the end for them..goodluck

  398. LMAOROFL says:

    it would be better if LBJ signed in NJ or Chicago .. and the problem now for miami is who will be their go-to guy in crunch time ..

  399. LMAOROFL says:

    let’s see if they can get a good supporting cast with just 5 or 6 or 7 or 10 million dollars remaining on the cap .. still LA will pawn them next season .. but maybe in 2011-2012 they will be the one that will own ..

  400. Waylon says:

    Lebron took the cowards way out of Cleveland.Everyone talks about how great the Heat are with their big three coming in, but have foregotten all of Lebrons shortcomings in the playoffs cause he just gives up. Jordan never gave up on the Bulls it took him 8 long years to win a tittle in Chicago plus he was older than James was by two or three years so Lebron would have had pleanty of time to get on track with Jordans success. Also it’s not like the Cavs have just been horrible the whole time James has been there they just posted back to back 60 win seasons plus had an NBA finals apperence in 2007,but James thinks leaving gives him a better oppurtunity to win . Just makes no sense to leave a team which has done everything for you to compete for a tittle to go somewhere that consists of 3 or 4 overall players on the roster. Yes the Celtics made the big 3 work for them but they had done their homework to coplete that team. They found a gem in Rondo and an excellent role player in Glen Davis through the draft. They signed James Posey,Pj Brown,and Eddie House so they could have a legit team whereas the Heat have no kinda talent worth mentioning outside thier new 3 at all. Chalmers lost his job to Carlos Arroyo for cryin out loud so even the Heat know he is a bench warmer, their picks sucked in the draft.They drafted a near 400ib center in Pittman,they got Varnado who was always very suspect in a weak SEC basketball conference and some no name.To go along with the fact the have no team the veterens they may be able to sign for league minimum really are gonna be worse than even the Celtics had to choose from wgen they won so it takes more than 3 greats to win a tittle ask the Houston Rockets who tried this feat in the 90s with Clyde,Hakeem,and Barkley and latter even added Pippen cause that team never even made the finals.How about the Lakers in 2004 when the had Shaq,Kobe,Malone,and Payton or the 68 Lakers when the had Wilt with Baylor and West.The Celts are the only team to make a big 3 work and I doubt it will happen again anytime soon.Thats a history lesson for all you basketball fans who argue that just having 3 great players is enough because obviously you dont understand the team concept

  401. Je Rome James says:

    CAV’S are done. I felt sorry for them… now Lebron, prove them wrong. Win it all. Championship,Season MVP,Finals MVP,Scoring Champs, All Star MVP, DPOY etc..

  402. ian says:

    What are you talking about disloyalty?
    Loyalty works both ways! Lebron worked his as$ off for the past 7 years, made so much money for the franchise and the community and this is what he gets in the end?
    Lebron doesn’t have regrets the entire cleveland franchise is full of ’em.
    After 7 years, Dan Gilbert is the only only disloyal fella.

    And gimme a break about putting all energy and money in winning a championship as a form of revenge to lebron. Where was this so called energy when Lebron was working his as$ off. Lebron is the best chance they got. This energy they are talking about is already 3 years late.

    Best of luck to both parties. Cant wait for next season.

  403. Pyotr says:

    eventhough im a laker fan.. and always wanted to see the celtics lose a playoff game or even a season game… I WOULD ROOT OUT the CELTICS over this HEAT GAYS…

    GO ORL ! GO CELTS.. beat the MIAMI GAYS !

    • Anthony says:

      Celtics are going to beat them up. Celtics might lose to them but in a seven game series the Celtics will pound them. Celtics did it to the Lakers. They’re for sure going to let them know if they come in the paint they better brace themselves for contact.

  404. kong says:

    I want to comment on Charles barkley comment on Lebron leaving cleveland for Miami. Maybe he does not want to be named the best basketball player anymore, and he just want to win a championship.look at your decision, you tried to carry your team by yourself( Philidelphia, Phoenix) did you win a championship? maybe he does not want to retire without a ring. who cares if your the best, if you dont win a championship.

    • LakerFanInGA says:

      No real fan of BASKETBALL is gonna care about championships he wins with these other two superstars. At 25 Charles was still in Philly. And Charles is not even who Lebron and his lovers want us to compare him to. MJ never hooked up with Isaiah in Detroit when they were kicking his but. He, with the help of Phil, figured out how to get it done. Thinking about it, maybe that’s what he really needs is a Zen Master.

  405. BringItOn says:

    James may be on the top of the story right now, but bryant is still on top of the world. . nobody can say that miami will win it untill they try and show it. . they still have to prove what they are made of. . lakers have proven it. . can miami? well see

    • alex says:

      Lebron is SO overrated…
      he is a very good player, but he didn’t belong to the Greats like dwayne, kobe and jordan.
      I just want to clarify something :
      Lebron HAS the team this last 2 years to be champion. Please don’t lie to yourself lebron ‘s fan. Remember at the start of the season with shak and jamison coming every body, the expert of basket ball, ex basket ball player who works for, basket analyst was saying that with the addition of those 2 players it will make the team much physical and add some weight to the center. i remember an article on this website that sayed that now lebron had no more excuses , that this year he have THE team to be champion and if i don’t win , it will be because of him…Every body sayed that because every body thought at this period (including me) that they will be champion…
      what a joke!!!
      65 win later, at the begining of the playoff, cavaliers are 1st, enter the playoff like championship supreme contender, lebron had now a very deep team, comentators and expert say cavaliers have the best team in the nba , far deeper than the lakers with jamison,oneal,varejo,hilgauskas,gg hickson,moon,parker, delonte west, mo williams and of course lebron.
      And then what happened?? Lebron failed again. No, i mean CAVALIERS failed again…
      Yes, because when cavaliers won it was all about lebron, even in the first game against boston where cavaliers were trailing by 15 pts and that they finally come from behind and win because of a huge rally by mo williams, nobody talk about Mo, it was all about lebron. lebron won the game, not mo or even cavaliers.
      After that?? we all know what happened but it seems like we all lost memory..
      cavaliers lost 4-2 (not lebron) and then, of course, the very same people that sayed lebron had the best team began to talk about the weakness of that team, that lebron is alone(!), that he has no help ( 66 win and 65 win alone in 2 last years??) and that if he losed it was because of this teamates…
      It make me sick…
      Lebron is among the best player right now but he is not a winner. he is not a closer like kobe or dwayne ( i don’t even talk about mj). He dominates the nba physically and is the best in the open court but he’s not that killer who brings you championships. He don’t have the killer instinct, this hunger is the eyes like mike and kobe have.
      I m not a lebron hater, i love to see this guy in a basketball court and its so obvious he is talented.
      I just say that he is so overrated and this overhyped is just too much compare to his real talent.
      By going to the heat he chooses the easy way, unlike jordan or kobe or magic and bird he will not be that franchise player who take a team and bring it to the championship. lebron failed to do that. He have a deeper team than kobe but he failed. But his ego is just too big, he can’t live without championship, he needs it to be among the big players in history.So he goes to miami with 2 big superstar because its the easy way to try to have one. its just like jordan team up with magic and malone, it makes no sense!!
      The King??? where the hell does that nickname come from??? are you kidding me?? the king of what?? He NEVER won something!! even the olympics game he failed to win with carmelo antony dwyne wade and all the big star in 2004.
      add Kobe and its a gold medal in 2008…The winner mind, killer instinct is all the difference.

      • k says:

        WOW. This whole comment was genius. And that ending…..priceless. When will these so called basketball fans learn?!

      • MJ says:

        i totally agree with u..very well said..bravo!!! yeah the KING OF WHAT? i guess the king of failure or whatever..i hate people calling him the king honestly…he doesnt even have a championship trophy and ring that is..lebron is more like GOllum of the lord of the ring.hehe searching or looking for the precioussssssssssssssss if u know the story ull get this… 🙂 LAKERS,boston,orlando and san antonio will fight it goodluck.hope they will handle the pressure of winning the title coz if they fail..who knows what people can can be very unforgiving..

  406. Ronald D. 52nge says:

    A good Fan… does not curse….
    A good Fan will still cheer…

    Team to Beat This Season is still:
    1. Lakers
    2. Boston

    Miami Make ur best for the Eye of the Crowd is expecting much on your TEAM….

  407. hatred says:


  408. Boni says:

    Celtcis will crush Miami this season.

  409. Dongz23 says:

    Ironically speaking 3 Kings in a team is not good to watch anymore. . . Basketball is nice when you see a lot of teams winning ,just like the race in the east for the playoffs with the Bucks, Bobcats, Bulls and Raptors.You wouldnt know what will happen next but right now, the game is already BORING. . . . LEBRON, you must sign with another team than the Heat to make baketball interesting. . You were applauded before as the king so its time for you to prove it. . Proving away from the so-called stars around you for you to prove yourself right.

  410. lebrick lolol says:

    lebrick will never be mentioned with kobe or jordan ever again hahaha..the way it should be..kings dont follow..they lead..and all u damn fools calling him a king..kill yourselves..he never was..kobe bryant is the king of the nba..lebron in many many many eyes will never be as good as the greats before him..i will always remember him for the sell out that couldnt get it done..

    and if lebrick wins a ring it wont mean nothing least not to true fans of the killer instinct, not enough desire..not enough damn skill..everything kobe has and jordan had that he will never experience. he is a loser and always will be..u have to earn your championships..not have them handed to you..what a joke the nba is becoming..its to hard to work at becoming a champion so lets work up a media frenzy and grab all the all stars and put them on a team lol LAME

    • k says:

      I agree with this fully. So many people want to say, oh he isn’t egotisical because he decided to settle and “share” with other stars….he isn’t about money because he left 30 mil on the table…….lets be real and look at the REAL picture here. Lebron was hyped up by everyone coming in this league, and rightfully so the way he claimed himself as the “king” before he did anything, he was probably going to be that king for Ohio since he came from there and took that team far only to walk away. CLE wasn’t even a bad team…best scoring record 2 years in a row….all he needed was a trade or two… have his team further built up around him, to make his players better….isn’t that what LEADERS do…..Leaders and Kings dont follow when the going gets tough…thats what makes true champions, go look at the history here….at the same time maybe he was due to leave CLE, but I really didn’t think he would try to do it so easily with 2 mega stars in their PRIME. He still could have made a great legacy in NY, CHI, or wherever. Fact is, its been seven years, he’s under scrutiny and he’s in a hurry to win one/in a hurry to catch Kobe and Mike…and when he does with MIA no one will see it the same. If you know basketball, you know this. What little respect I had for him before is about gone. I can’t believe what this does to basketball. The east has pretty much lost all competitiveness for the future and its sad and makes for terrible basketball to watch. Real fans want to see battles, and rivalries. Well what I can say is at least this next season there will be battles….I think I speak for many fans around the country who can’t wait to see this “super team” lose because of what they did to try and win it all. I know I speak for LA fans when I say, YOU GOTTA GET THRU the back to back champs first!!!! So good luck with the next couple seasons MIA…’re gonna need it as all the teams will go harder because of this. How sweet its gonna be for Kobe to get a 6th, tie Michael, beat a team of all-stars in the prime and keep it moving once again!!!! I love it. 🙂

  411. BE A MAN says:

    What is Lebron James trying to teach our kids? When the going gets tough, you just pack up an leave? MJ stayed in Chicago, KB stayed in Los Angeles. Be a man LBJ, go back and finished what you started!

    • Anthony says:

      I agree with you totally. It’s too easy. That’s why so many people have bad credit and huge debt. They get a credit card and run it up because it’s easy. Kobe after all his drama with the Lakers and even his wife, fought to make it work. Lebron actually made Durant, Kobe, Pierce, and Nowitzki better.

  412. MakesNoSense says:

    Looks like Dan Gilbert wants a piece of Lebron’s limelight… Jealous dude!!! ;p

    The is no reason to post such a letter, it only shows Dan is very childish and immature… now after this, who would want to sign with such a team??? i’m sure all the other free agents are removing Cleveland from their list of teams they want to play for… Basically Lebron stabbed Cleveland, and Dan went in for the kill…

  413. JKey says:

    People must realise that loyalty in the NBA is pretty much gone (or has been non-existent). You also have to expect that people will move around to different teams (Shaq, Carter, Horry etc.) rather than back in the 80’s and 90’s where players stayed with teams for their entire careers (Bird, Johnson, Jordan etc.).

    I think it will be exciting to see how James, Wade and Bosh go alongside Chalmers and Beasley. Need a few extras off the bench to add support though.

  414. gibs2themax says:

    just too soon for bron to give up Cleveland. At 25??? Jordan didn’t start winning championships until his 8th season – when he was older than James’ current age. It’s tough for people of Cleveland to accept this and I can’t blame them. Dan G may be over reacting but he’s definitely right that bron’s hometown fans don’t deserve his betrayal in this manner. Tough pill to swallow!!!

  415. ric says:

    I am not a cavaliers fan but a lebron fanatic… wherever he goes i’ll go,lebronatic… stop sour graping lunatic.

  416. danielmatt says:

    “this would be a very tough lineup,,lakers would have a diffficult journey to have three-peat…………this team might have a ring this year,,,but not until KOBE will retire…..

    • Anthony says:

      Like calling Kobe “old”, this is just fuel for Kobe and Phil. Its no longer just Kobe getting a 6th ring. It’s no longer just Phil getting a 12th ring. It’s no longer just the Lakers, Kobe, and Phil going for a 3-peat, it’s now also about beating the “super” team.

  417. Michael Newkirk says:

    Okay people get a grip, the burning of the jerseys the letter from the owner this is just too much. Hey if Dan Gilbert was really serious about keeping Lebron he would have gone out and got Amare Stoudamire before the trading deadline but you get Antoine Jamison. And Charles Barkley you are dead wrong about winning it by yourself it does not work. Jordan did not win 6 rings by himself he had to have help whether it was Jon Paxson(who by the way was one of the people who helped Jordan beat your Suns) Scottie Pippen, BJ Armstrong, Dennis Rodman, Kobe could not win these last two until he got some help from Gasol. Clyde Drexler was able to win 2 rings because he finally was able to play with Hakeem and Robert Horry and so on and so forth. So don’t say that Lebron is “piggy backing” by giong to Miami because I’ll bet that if you could do it over you would have played with Hakeem and Scottie earlier to win a ring.

  418. Tapiwa says:

    what a nasty exit wound. These guys are now the 3 princes not yet kings. one question, how will the coach handle this much firepower or image/ego power? He’ll be the first casualty of this alliance.

  419. […] Era de esperar que el show “La decisión” que había programado Lebron James para desvelar su futuro iba a provocar reacciones de todo tipo, al menos en 5 de las ciudades que le habían cortejado. La cara estuvo en Miami donde los aficionados lo celebraron en las calles con pantallas gigantes, y la cruz fue para Cleveland. En la ciudad de Ohio se quemaronn camisetas y todo tipo de productos de ‘merchandising’ relacionados con LBJ. El deporte mueve pasiones y más si se organiza un espectáculo como el de esta madrugada española. Así se puede entender la carta abierta a los medios que el dueño de los Cavaliers Dan Gilbert ha escrito: […]

  420. jeiven says:

    this will surely make kobe’s sixth ring so much sweeter, they should get shaq too. mj never had to beat a team this big in the finals. bring it on!

    • SunsFan says:

      That truly would elevate Kobe’s status to ‘greatest ever’ if he can knock off the Heat for a sixth title. Your right in saying that MJ, as great as he and his team were, never had to face a team like Miami has now.

  421. k1nrich says:

    now my dream comes true. james, wade, and bosh in one team. i’ve played 2k10 in dynasty mode. first, i got bosh and james in cleveland and won a championsip ring. then, i got wade to team up with bosh, and james and won couple of championships and almost undefeated. i enjoyed playing them because of fanzy alley-oop dunks, buzzer beaters, no look pass, high flying dunks, fast breaks, high scoring games, etc… now my computer game comes to reality. now i will watch them play in a real world. i like them play in knicks with mike d’ antoni but miami got them. i hope pat riley will coach them and will sorround them with three pointers ( PG, SG, SF), solid post players or a three point shooting centers and power forwards. they can acquire shaq and ilgauskas to support them. with mario chalmers and three rookies. they can win championships for many years. just like i did. now i will wait for 2k11 and play for whole year.

    • k1nrich says:

      here’s my 2k10 line up for miami heat:

      Starting 5:
      C- Shaq (if possible)
      PF- Bosh (can be C)
      SF- James (can be PF)
      SG- Wade ( can be PG)
      PG- Chalmers

      C- Ilgauskas or Brad Miller ( if possible)
      PF- Haslem (if possible)
      SF- Mike Miller (if possible)
      SG- Q. Richardson (if possible)
      PG- C. Arroyo or any other PG that is better than C. Arroyo (if possible)
      Three rookies ( C, PF, and a SF)

      • No Hatin says:

        Lol I did this kind of thing but only I put them all in the Knicks..I made Lebron Wade and Bosh bench players on their teams until they hated it and change team then i signed them in NYK..

      • beach party in miami says:

        are you dreaming dude? you can’t sign all those free agents together.. wade, lebron and bosh would have a max contract.. what about the others? mike miller can be a miami heat player but the other players you mentioned can’t sign a minimum contract just to win a ring….you’re pretty optimistic..=))

      • SunsFan says:

        All your “if possibles” are not possible. There’s not enough left in Riley’s cupboard to sign even one of them. And there aren’t enough minutes for Lebron, Wade, and Bosh as it is.

    • unknown says:

      Damn man don’t praise miami in 2k10 already.So what you are gonna use miami 24/7?Only a newbie will lose with this team and a newbie may win with this team.But a expert will always win with this team and believe they will never lose,unless another miami.I played with a guy who scored with kobe only beat three time in a row with kobe scoring two 60+ and one 40+ point.The closer game was by 4 points,is already to hard beat kobe on 2k 10 and live.And you already putting shaq to make even worst.I hope you don’t encounter a miami user like you because you gonna be on those bad night losing streak.Michael jordan 2k11 legendary cover show us how lebron will not have a cover in 2k or live so legendary as jordan or kobe.

  422. Mo says:

    My image of James changed when he walked out the floor without shaking hands with any of the Orlando players or meeting with reporters in game 6 of the conference finals a season ago. A sore loser, a poor sport. And now one heck of a narcissist judging by the ESPN special — as if he has already won 4 championships or something. There’s no bigger ego in sports. Well, he was part of a pretty good team the last 3 yrs and wasn’t capable of winning a championship… obviously. Somehow I think Kobe would have done at least once, or even Wade. Now, you figure James will win one or more rings in Miami, but he’ll never be considered as great of a player as if he would have done it in Cleveland. They will say he needed the best at each position to deliver the goods. They can’t say that of Wade since he already won one with a team, if not weaker, at least as good as the 09 & 10′ Cleveland teams. 3 big egos playing together, hmmm. Bosh said he wanted to be the “center piece” on his next team, not an “addition”. Well, that wasn’t so apparently… or was it? Wade is used to calling the Heat “his” team. James is supposed to be the “King”. So, is Wade now the “Queen” and Bosh the “princess”? Or is Wade now the new king in town and James the queen. If they don’t win BIG together right away there’s going to be friction in paradise. Their combine egos are much, much bigger than those of Pierce, KG, and Allen who somehow made it all work out. Riley thinks he can control the 3 amigos the way he did the showtime Lakers. Not the same thing, there’s a more delicate balance to maintain this time around. It will be interesting. This whole enchilada leaves a bad taste in many basketball fans everywhere except in Miami.

  423. junhoe says:

    I really think Lebron made a bad move just for the sake of winning. True, he needs to win to solidify his legacy but not this way! Hes just taking the easy way out. Even if Miami wins next year it wont mean a thing coz theyre expected to win. Theyre going to be seen as a big bully and no one roots for those kinds of teams. Lebron was on an underdog team and made it great. Even if he went to the Bulls. Nets or Knicks it would have been a good decision if he could do the same there and won a championship. Thats what great players do. They make mediocre players around them better then they actually are. Not run to a team that already has great players. I think this was a bad career move for Lebron as his talent and reputation will be diluted in Miami.

    • lj says:

      i totally agree with you junhoe.. he took the easy way out simple as that. I understand why he wanted to do it because he wanted to win a championship but he could have won one in another team such as bulls or even stay at home with the cavs. Every player who has made it to the discussion of the greatest player of all time didnt leave their team to join another team that’s already stacked with superstars. People could argue that Magic had Kareem and Scott , Bird had McHale and Parish, Jordan had Pippen and Grant but Jordan did not have Magic and Bird on his team. Even Kobe had that knock against him that he could never win on his own due to Shaq but he proved us all wrong and for that if he wins another one , his name has to go up in the discussions of the greatest players of all time..There are even players that never won a championship (Millers and Barkley’s) but they never left to go with another team with superstars just to win a championship ..or at least i would say they didnt leave when they were still in their prime and i respect those guys for that. Sure LBJ and the new trio are probably going to win championships but it wont be the same. He would have to get the same knock that kobe did earlier on in his career until he proves he can win it without superstars around him..the sad thing about this is that the nba may have been changed forever due to yesterday’s actions..its going to get to a point that you have stars just going to one team with the hopes of winning a championship leaving other teams they were loyal to out in the cold..thats just my 2 cents .i hope im wrong but time will tell

  424. hatred says:


    • Celticsroverated says:

      Wow did you ask your mommy how to say those words. Your an embarrasment to Filipinos. If you don’t have anything intelligent to say then get the hell off this forum!!!

  425. Patrizio says:

    Hello Sekou, hello guys.
    Mistake by the lake. Cleveland once more proves why people call it this way. This kind of neanderthal-behavior would never occur for a franchise like this lakers or the bulls, civilization. I mean fans are bad enough, now even THE owner behaves in such an embarassing fashion, while the executives should be those ones to calm the audience and show the how to act correctly,
    Get me right, I don’t like Lebron James, never did. To my mind he really is a narcistic and egoistic person, who first of all thinks of himself and how to set himself as the world’s focus. Really embarassing, my man Kobe (who is the world’s best player, end of discussion) never would treat this foolish, he’s only interesting in being the best and winning it all. This -i don’t even know how to label it- let’s say farce on TV really was a shame for the whole league and i’m not sure whether mr. stern did want this either. again this lebron “everybody look at me an give me my money” james attitude.

    But him leaving cleveland ain’t nothing to blame him for, he just wants to win in the beautiful city of miami with a couple of friends, who wouldn’t. i’m from germany and was hoping to see dirk next season in the heat-dress too…..first of all i’m a raptors-fan and i don’t think we would be this foolish to really blame chris for going to miami, same situation. both of them really did everything for their respective teams during the last seven seasons, but now they really want to win. who would mind? c’mon guys, give those boys some respect.

  426. Nostradamus says:

    yesterday I really thought LBJ wouldn’t go to Miami.. for the reasons of his own legacy…

    But since LBJ made it official that he is going to Miami to join Wade and Bosh…. I thought…. I think LBJ really is not selfish as a player… and apart from many people says of him being self-centered and narcissistic is just far from reality… come on… a self-centered and narcissist would never be the one to join other superstars (since Wade and Bosh announced their decisions prior to LBJ’s) and share the spotlight with the fact that he will just be an addition to the Heat, so to speak, because the Heat is Wade’s team… and also he will be falling short from the Max salary he is supposed to get..


    LEBRON JUST WANTS TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPSSSSS… besides with his all-around game… points, assists, rebounds and defense… he can still win MVP despite Wade and Bosh being his teammates..

  427. Rommel Reyes (Pasay City, Philippines) says:

    where LEBRON JAMES go, i go. i am not expecting him to win a championship the next season,,,,,to see JAMES playing along WADE and BOSH is so much FUN to watch.all three are my current favorite players.. the rest of the NBA fans can SOUR GRAPE ALL THEY WANT..championship trophies can wait because he still young… HAIL TO THE ‘KING’!!!!!

  428. Amp says:

    As a Heat fan, I’m ecstatic about this. While I don’t agree with the the whole Lebron hype and the special on ESPN, I have to say this. Cleveland, the man is not stupid. In a league where money comes before championships, he and Bosh are doing the opposite and taking a paycut to do it. Burning his jersey… Bad move Cavs fans, it makes you look fickle, Dan Gilbert comes off even worse. I felt sorry for the Cavs until that letter came out. Dan need to lay down on the bed of money that Lebron made for him and relax

    The Shot, The Fumble, The World Series, The Drive, and now… The Decision

  429. Raven says:

    The owner of the cavs did the right thing by making the statement, It shows his passion for Clevland and his distain for James. Lebron should be shun’d by the NBA for having a special just about him and self-promotion, this is not the way champions and legends are made, The 3 of them have made a disgrace of basketball

    • Chet Beezy says:

      R u crazy? LeBron gotta do what he gotta do the Cavs werent smart enough to get him help so they gotta suffer Gilbert was out of line and should be fined by the league this makes the NBA even better Miami Threat 2011-2015 Champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  430. gatterboy says:

    hello folks i think we don’t blame lebron, because he just wan’t to win a championship a lot,….. you should blame to the Cleveland owner it’s hes fault you don’t lebron also needs help but they didn’t listen so he make a decision to leave….. don’t be shock it’s just a game.

  431. jules says:

    people of cleveland
    you are all punks
    your team is crap, your city is pure garbage and you gave LeBron no reason to stay
    LeBron won 65 games for you last season, your atrocious Cavaliers won you 1
    grow up
    it was never meant to be that a banner should be placed inside a soon to be defunct building

  432. jeff says:

    lebron is a great player. but with his decision to go to miami, he will never equal or come near the legacy of MJ or even Kobe. Those guys won on their own. we never believed Kobe could win without shaq but he did. (twice already) now if miami wins a championship, it will not be because of him only, but it will be because of wade, bosh and lebron. he may win a championship, even be part of a dynasty, but it will not be to his credit alone.

    • Lakersfantilldeath says:

      MJ or Kobe won their own?!?! I am a Lakers fan from the days of Magic and no player wins a championship on their own are you serious to even think that. These players play as a team to accomplish one common goal to win, even more to win a championship. Nowhere does it say these players have to stay with one team forever to accomplish that goal, look at Robert Horry, he was a good player that won championships with multiple teams, he may not be the caliber of a Jordan or Magic or LeBron but he contributed a few big shots in his time that made a big difference in a few championship runs so without him some of those big superstars wouldn’t have a ring or two. How can you fault a player or three players that want to combine their talents to achieve their goals. I don’t have a problem with it at all, in fact I say congrats to them for wanting to put the indiviual ego aside and try to make it work together……who knows it may not work every year, In baseball the Yankees have all the money and a lot of big stars and I don’t see them winning it all every year. Detroit Red Wings had the same thing and didn’t do it either. Its just a game, it’s basketball. If they beat my team then so be it, just means my team has to step it up a little more or make some moves of their own to get a little better. This is the nature of the business know as professional sports. LeBron didn’t sell out, just cause he was born there doesn’t mean that he has to spend his life there, it’s his life to live as he chooses, he doesn’t owe anybody or any city anything. He made a decision to change the path of his career that best suited him to achieve his goal (it may work it may not), plain and simple, I would never fault a person for that, yet so many have. Let the man live his life, just enjoy the game he displays, he is definately exciting to watch as are many other in the league!!!

  433. Mika says:

    Phil Jackson just got more inspiration,
    Kobe got some more newspaper articles to post on gym wall ….
    Mitch just got more sweaty
    with the D-Fish issue.

    Pat Riley is getting a foot-rubb for his pre-coach step in at the beggining of the playoffs…
    Pippen is feeling deserted by basketball fans who use his name without thought..

    While the man with a statue outside the Bulls arena is wondering how drunk
    he would have to get to do an ESPN one hour Special.

  434. ???? says:

    lol Dan Gilbert and his letter to Cleveland……idiot should’ve thought it through, can’t wait when he gets the fine!! Oh and i accept Lebrons decision to go the Heat,
    The Heat are gonna be a strong team no doubt.

  435. pdignadi says:

    everybody needs to step back and stop thinking about themselves . . .awww poor us fans . . .lebron joined forces with two other all stars to win it all . . .what about our team . . . good for lebron to finally think of himself first . . .the cavs have gotten so much from him . . .they were the laughing stock of the nba because of what mj has done to them in the playoffs . . they should be thankful lebron didn’t leave after his third year . . . if lebron was not on that team they would never get national coverage on sundays. . .mj couldn’t win on his own . . .he had pippen, kukoc , rodman, cartwright , paxon, armstrong, hodges, even bill wenington. . .kobe couldn’t win look what happened when shaq left . . . couldn’t even get past the first round until he got another all star in gasol,fisher came back and ariza came from the knicks . . .lebron can’t win in cleveland cause they don’t know how to win . . .they got shaq who only slowed them down . . .they got mo williams instead of getting a taller and longer off guard since they don’t need a point guard they got jamison instead of getting a solid shooting guard. . .they stuck with varejao who is only good because lebron does all the other work . . .1 against 5 offense in the fourth quarter for 7 years . . .what kind of coaching is that . . .they should have fired the coach two years ago . . . cleveland did it to themselves . . .at the end of it all it’s all about rings . . .kobe would be a nobody without his rings . . .malone, stockton, barkely, ewing, miller, weber. . .great players but no rings . . .anybody remember these guys . . . stop hating on lebron for making the smart decision . . . decisions should be from ur head and not ur chest . . .look what the cavs owner did by making a decision with his chest . . .made him look like an a donkey to the rest of the nba

  436. unknown says:

    He sold out, thas all anyone will see him as.

  437. Iwillfilm says:

    There’s so much hating going on, It’s just a game right? Right? Oh, I guess it’s not, well, I’m still going to enjoy it like it is a game, a great game, an entertaining game. This November, all eyes on Miami, why? Because it’s fun!


    • Anthony says:

      As witnessed by everyone outside Cleveland, sports bring people together. In L.A. when the Lakers win a championship it brings L.A. together. It is a game but the team reps the city. The team brings the city pride. Lebron just stabbed Cleveland in the back. If he did it differently (with more respect) I think he could of walked away with less hate.

  438. Alexzo says:

    The consequences of james’ action/decision will have an eternal effect to both him & cleveland. Its selfish to say the least simply for the fact that I dont see how this is best for his family & his childrens children. Even if he goes on to win championships he would be hated more than loved by the place he called home. This might even disrupt his so called basketball IQ once guilt creeps in. Im sure his quite high on Miami now but his best interest should be his family whom i sure would feel the ill effects of his decision. He might as well re-locate then!

    • Denise says:

      Who are you to say what is or is not best for another man’s family? At the end of it all it was his decision and a good one he has made if I must say so.

      • Airness says:

        @ Alexzo,

        That’s what makes LBJ even more admirable. He make his own decision and ready and willing to accept the consequences. LBJ is not like you maybe Alexzo. Who keeps on sour graping on the decision. You’re just a fan Alexzo, Your not LBJ. Don’t judge others, so you will not be judged also.

  439. alfonso says:

    Lakers will still win against the 3 amigos of el heat as long as kobe is playing ring number 6,7,8 coming soon

  440. It takes two to TANGO and three to be DOMINO…Having 3 stars in any given night it will be a nightmare for the coach to decide who will take the last shot. Good luck MIAMI for this upcoming NBA season, even do it’s too early to tell.

  441. Denise says:

    At the end of the day the goals of playing a sport on a professional level are to make the big bucks and win a championship. To dedicate 7 years of your life in working towards a goal that is not obtainable is a bit much to ask of anyone. Lebron much like all athletic have the desire to win. It’s not his fault the ownership couldn’t surround him with enough talent to do so. Gilbert is an angry and bitter man to speak so badly about someone that has brought millions to this city. I don’t think any of this would have surfaced if Lebron had made the decision to stay in a city that is no where near competing for a championship let alone winning one. GO LEBRON!!!! I will remain a fan!!!!!

  442. unknown says:

    just respect his decision. be a sportsman.

  443. Anthony says:

    What happened to “to be the man you must beat the man”? This should be a cake walk for them. 3 superstars on one team? Come on now? That’s way too easy.

  444. Tommy says:

    What in the world is wrong with Dan Gilbert. Lebron is born in Akron so Ohio ownes him. The Cavaliers sign him to a contract so they own him. Dan speaks about the owners holding all athletes accountable for their actions. How about holding Dan accountable for his irrational comments. Apology accepted but the action will not be forgotten….Ever. If Dan believes that LeBron quit during the playoffs and that he is a quitter then why reward him with another 130 million dollar contract. Could it be because he{Dan} stood to make multiple millions more and off that contract. So using that logic it is safe to say that Dan went along with LeBron quitting as long as he was profiting from it. The Cavaliers are now going to really win a Championship because LeBron declined Dan’s job offer in lieu of another offer. Okay, we will all see will we not. Dan further comments that we see the true LeBron and no one should want their children to grow up to be like LeBron. Well, we also see the true Dan Gilbert and I did not raise my children up to be like them because I demanded that they respect another person’s right to choose their own way. In accordance with the contract the Cav’s got 7 years from Lebron he; owes them and Dan absolutely nothing more or else.
    Dan speaks of betrayal so when he begins trading the players he now has under contract they should by the precedence he believes in will know that he is betraying them. Like an addict suffering through a painful withdrawal Dan Gilbert is clearly experiencing an apparently painful withdrawal; the drug, Power. Dan’s Power makes right world has been an illusion the control freak cannot even control himself. Hypocrit.. I wonder if I spelled that right.

  445. Cleveland owner says:

    i understand he is disappointed at the situation but he doesnt have to rip he player that he once loved and helped turned the franchise around. the fans do not need to be burning his jersey he did great in ohio. he felt that he didnt have the right teammates to win a championship.
    i am a lebon fan so i am happy for him and he will find success in miami.
    miami will have a new dynasty
    LCD wil reign the NBA

  446. Shonuff says:

    C’mon Cleveland, lick your wounds and except reality! And for all of you haters who support Dan Gilbert, it’s time to check yourself. LBJ has given seven years of sweat , blood & tears for the Cavaliers. He alone has made the team into legitimate championship contenders. His efforts have increased the profit margins for all of management; as a result, yearly revenue and ticket sales have doubled. So with this in mind, show some damn gratitude & pray that he has mercy on your organization when he return’s.

  447. big mike says:

    It’s a business…Cav’s owner would not be bitching if he got Lebron from Miami. Don’t get pissed because he beat the owners at their game. He should be able to choose his own destiny. He made the Cav’s brass a ton of money and he will do the same for himself and the Miami brass. Get used to high profile athletes calling thieir own shots. Big ups to Lebron, Wade, Bosh and any other athlete from any other sport with big enough balls to do their things on theiir own terms as owners have done from day one!

  448. Wade says:

    The queen is going for her king – Dwyane Wade.

  449. Marc says:

    Miami won’t win the title this year, i’m pretty sure of it, there is no way, you still have to get past Orlando, Boston, and the Lakers.

  450. THREEKINGS says:

    Interesting and yet not surprising to me but regarding the notion Dan Gilbert’s referred to about the curse… lol, Classic. But honestly i am very skeptical at the same time about Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade working in conjunction together but I am very excited to say as a 3 year Miami Heat + Dwayne Wade fan that, ” I CANT WAIT!!!, It will be interesting to see”.

  451. Calvin says:

    so sad..absolutely sad…GREAT player is the man who stays in the SAME team…MAGIC (LAKERS), BIRD (CELTICS), MJ (BULLS), KB (LAKERS)….if LBJ stays in his hometown team and will win A CHAMPIONSHIP…it’s jux a matter of time…what’s the rush? u r one of the best player in the world right now…u got nothing to fear…ur team aint that bad either…

  452. All Hail The Three Kings…
    The Gold Is Soon To Be Back In Miami Were it Belongs!!!

  453. All Hail The Three Kings…
    Gold Is Soon To Be Back In Miami Were It Belongs!!!

  454. ramje says:

    I respect lebron decision, me i want to win, i dont care about the money, as you see he ignored more thand 30$ m us dollars,, the glory, the TITLE that what they all want , everyone of them.., yeah he is selfish, BUT what can you say about the others.. everyone wants that title!

  455. hahahaha….

    even though you’ll curse him .. others think its a better decision he had done than staying in a city that winning is just a dream .. so long 7 years of dreaming .. hello new DYNASTY!!!!! so better shut up you all and just watch them play and other players will eat their dust …

  456. shakar swiney says:

    Hello everyone WOW its finally over and i am so proud of Lebron James i am so tired of free agents who dont go to play along side of the best teammates that they can surround themselves with
    I heard Charles Barkley speak tonite and was amazed that he thought less of the descion made by King James
    In the past players where hired and held captive by teams without ever having an oppurtunity to play along side of a great teammate or two you would see players sign max contract and sell there souls to an Organization
    Organizations would also get rid of players at the drop of a dime if thier production started to fall off trading away the player in hopes of getting a little something in return
    The Descion was Beautiful a player with the passion and love for the game going to play with teammates that have the same love and passion for the game
    I congradulate King James
    Long live the King

    • Nick says:

      You have to respect all their decisions to take a pay cut to have more chance of winning a title. Look at Joe Johnson and Amare Stoudamire selling out and just going for the most money instead of having a chance to win a title. For Wade, osh and James, there’s a mental strength to actually stick to what they said- It’s not about money at all but championships.

    • The Werewolf says:

      Yes @shakar. The Barkley comment is dead-on. You know, I’ve always loved Barkley, both on the court and off, but he’s apparently suffered an alcohol-induced blackout. Sure, the 76ers screwed him, used him, and then he hightailed it to Phoenix, where he came up short to Jordan and The Boys a couple times, but didn’t Charles HIMSELF go mercenary when he joined the Houston Rockets in what everyone was ordaining a ready-made contender? If my memory serves me right, I have an image of Charles sitting with Clyde Drexler and The Dream grinning a mile-wide in an NBC interview and talking about how winning a ring was the only thing that mattered to him. The Rockets came up short, but it damn sure wasn’t for lack of trying to BUILD a championship team with SuperFriends-type players, as they even went and added Scottie Pippen later on down the line. So why does Sir Charles give LBJ such grief? Answer? simple bitterness. Come on, ya’ll. Let that man live his life, and you live yours. The game does have a legacy, but the current crop of reigning old-schoolers are resembling whining, jilted ex-lovers.

  457. hahahaha….

    even though you’ll curse him .. others think its a better decision he had done than staying in a city that winning is just a dream .. so long 7 years of dreaming .. hello new DYNASTY!!!!! so better shut up you all nad just watch them play and other players will eat their dust …

  458. Celtics are better than Lakers says:

    For all the Lakers fans, you guys are only winning championships, because Stern wants to use LA to make money out of its city and fans.

    Boston Celtics still has more championships even when Stern tries to make the Lakers look better.

    The Lakers will never had stood a chance at beating the INVINCIBLE CETLICS if they don’t have Stern.

    • unknown says:

      What the hell are you talking about nobody care about celtics or lakers.They have won enough championship.You know is celtics and lakers to blame for this three princess being together.Now this little princess you can’t be physical with these team of princess.Every team will be in foul trouble, two of this princess led the league in free throw attempt imagine this guys in the same group.Cleavland alone made average of 30 FA PG.This 2010-2011 season will be interesting and boring at the same time.Not only that but when you play nba 2k11 with your precious celtics you gonna get rape because this very unbalanced team that 2k and live doesn’t know how in hell to balance them.Maybe in real life they are not that good,but in video game is a different story.Kobe is broken in 2k and live.Just Imagine someone using a 90 all star vs your 60s all star in 2k that is broken.And if you wanted Stern to help yours celtics like in the 80s maybe you should stay quiet instead of booing him in the opening season of 2009.

    • Anthony says:

      Dude you’re delusional. Lakers are the reigning champs. The Heat and the rest of the NBA needs to beat L.A. first. This is just more fuel for Kobe and Phil… because they already have so many titles. They need some reason to get them going. Beat L.A., but I doubt it will happen next year. Lakers 3peat.

  459. Celtics are better than Lakers says:

    I have always supported the Celtics, but D-Wade is my favourite player.

    With Pat Riley, LeBron, Bosh and Flash they can’t do it without a supporting cast and unless LeBron, Bosh and Wade all agree on a 10 million a year contract … I don’t see them winning next year.

    I’m pretty sure the C’s will beat the Lakers this year.

    Then, the Heat will win three in a row at least in the next few years.

    Celtics will remain as the team with the most banners 😉 and of course championships, so bye bye Lakers!

    • Nick says:

      I’m a Laker fan but it made me chuckle reading your post about the Heat and then out of nowhere, bring up Celtics and Lakers.

      You’re right about them needing other players to help. Not sure what is left though now that J O Neal and Haywood are taken. They sure aint going after Shaq! Mike Miller and Felton might be decent but will they take enough of a paycut for it to happen?

      Lakers ar better than Celtics for sure. I was watching Bulls v Celtics game where Jordan got the playoff 63 point record. That Larry Bird is a shocker, a poor man’s Luke Walton 😉

      17-17 by 2011!

      • Juice says:

        larry bird is a poor mans luke walton??? That is the most disres[pectful statement about one of the GREATEST players of ALL TIME. KILL YOURSELF for that one buddy!!!!

      • JuantheMan says:

        This guy Nick surely knows nothing about basketball. Larry Bird is one of the greatest because he is one of the smartest players ever to play the game. I’m sure all you know about basketball are pick up games and trash talking on the side.

      • SunsFan says:

        Luke Walton can only dream about perhaps being half the player that Larry Bird was.

  460. shaun says:

    Hey 3D good job nice to see a former Vancouver Grizzlie , i wish we never lost our team

  461. Danny says:

    If Mr. Dan Gilbert is true of what he all said then why his Team is willing to pay him the maximum salary and chasing to re-sign Lebron? Obviously he is just sour-graping and cannot accept defeat. Be a man and a professional. It is quite simple. So Mr. Gilbert, what can you say?

  462. let put all the decision to lebron, he deserves a championship record, maybe his path that took to cleveland for seven year “title-less” is not for him, maybe on miami i guess. (troy palma from the beautiful land of the Philippines

  463. Danny says:

    If Mr. Dan Gilbert is true of what he all said then why his Team is willing to him the maximum salary and chasing to re-sign Lebron? Obviously he is just sour-graping and cannot accept defeat. Be a man and a professional. It is quite simple. So Mr. Gilbert, what can you say?

  464. steph says:

    the question remains, who will take charge when the game is on the line?

  465. teheeeeeeeee says:


  466. jstlyk1 says:

    Dan is right. I’ve been/will be a Cleveland fan all my life. Every hearbreak has come in my generation thus far, lol. It was nice having a superstar, but all of our other championship ( division or whatever ) teams were just that, TEAMS. Price and them, Bernie and them, Manny and them, allstars, but never superstars. I won’t miss him and karma’s a female dog, ask Boozer, lmao. So I’ll wait, brick by brick, player by player, allstar by alstar. Cause if thats what superstars have become we don’t need 1.

  467. cleveland native now in aspen says:

    lets all cheer for Miami its not their fault that Lebron was not man enough to stick it out. i understand that C town is a tough place to attract young rich nba types but if it was Jordan asking somone to come to Cleveland to play with him it would have taken place. i think its good for the leaugue but also bad. i will never buy another product of Lebon’s or anything he sells his legacy will be a two time mvp that could not get it done and ran. Kobe get that finger fixed. i hope someone out there says its not about the money and joins the lakers to make sure Miami never wins!

    • cleveland native now in aspen says:

      Ps and someone please quit saying they are taking less money i hope they start a state income tax next year since the Pres wanted him to go to the bulls.



    • More than 6 says:

      Thats exactly how i became a LeBron James Fan too! And i couldnt agree more. Its not LeBrons fault for not winning its the GM’s and owners. Like JAMES AND WADE BOTH SAID “A team needs to have the same goal to achieve a championship, that includes, players, coachs, owners, etc..” The Owners are just dumbazzes and cant build a team around an unevitably supremely talent player. So Dan Gilbert Shut the F up. All my best wishes go out to LeBron and his family. According to your necesities of a player, YOU MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE. now you will get to heist the golden basketball. and not just 1! many.. So to all you LeBron haters see you after his contract when he has at least 3 titles. Cuz in the END his DECISION got him what he wanted oh so badly. bye now 🙂 😉

    • LAKERS says:

      I think it is so funny when people say he never had the talent to win a championship. How about we give him Kobe in his prime, Shaq in his prime, Duncan in his prime. How about Tony Parker in his prime. Lets surround Lebron with all these great players and then if he wins he can say he did it himself. If he is such a great player the talent he had last year was enough for him to go all the way. Fact of the matter is lebron just isnt that great!! But Kobe is! 5, count them 5 rings baby!

    • Dean says:

      If you watched Queen James in High School, then you know he was hitting the juice…that patch on his shoulder was a testosterone patch…STEROIDS! I’m disgusted that the sports world turned a blind eye to this prima donna. He deserved the MVP this year…but last year was a total joke…it shoulda been KOBE’s 2nd. I think Queen James sucks…he has no heart and no principles…and NO RINGS…and it’s gonna stay that way…LOSER!

  469. Kurt says:

    Kevin Garnett leaves Minnesota to form a big 3 and pursue a championship in Boston and Minnesota wishes him luck, LeBron leaves Cleveland to form a big 3 and pursue a championship in Miami and Cleveland (and a lot of other fans outside of Cleveland) burns his jersey topped with harsh comments from the owner.

    When Kevin Garnett went to Boston, it was still Paul Pierce’s team (as mentioned by Garnett), but Garnett’s legacy wasn’t in jeopardy nor tarnished in any way. Now that LeBron is going to Miami, suddenly he’s “piggybacking” and “buying a free ride to a championship?” That this is “Wade’s team” and LeBron would be settling for player 1A. That LeBron’s potential legacy as the same level as Magic’s, Bird’s, and MJ’s (and soon Kobe’s) is no more since he chose to switch teams as those aforementioned players stuck it up with their teams althroughout their careers.

    Everyone is preaching about the team concept and importance of winning championships. The Celtics is currently the personification of the team concept in the NBA as 3 superstars took backseats from their own personal achievements and decided to make way for the team. They are praised for that. Now the same thing can happen in Miami as 3 superstars decide to take backseats, embrace the team concept, and take paycuts to build a championship team and they are already taking hits and negative comments.

    The only thing I can surmise here is Garnett was nearing the twilight of his career when he shifted while LeBron is in his prime (that’s why Orlando had the same reaction when Shaq left for LA, he was also young at that time). If so, that would put the hypocrisy on us. We respect our superstar’s decisions when we feel deep inside that they are already done and out and “have no use to us” while we criticize our superstars for their decision is we feel we can still use him to win? People are pissed maybe because the Heat doesn’t need LeBron to stay relevant (Wade and Bosh is enough really) while the Cavs will be wiped away from the map without LeBron.

    I don’t know, but I think it’s unfair for LeBron to take so much of the heat (no pun intended). Either way, many people would have been disappointed anyway. 5 out of the 6 teams in the running for LeBron would end up expecting but heartbroken, LeBron can still only sign for 1 team.

    It’s just unfair for LeBron to be held on a different (and very unrealistic, unfair, no way to win) standard compared to anyone else in the league who simply wants the chance to win championships.

    • Alexzo says:

      Great points…unfortunately, lebron is not just any other guy. I dont know if he has the extreme kbowledge of the unsolicited responsibility that’s attatched to his name.

    • AckJack42 says:

      The only difference with Kevin Garnett and Lebron James is Garnett was traded to Boston and James decided on Miami. Garnett didn’t choose Boston, Boston choose Garnett and that’s only because the two GM’s at that time played with each other in the 80’s. Lebron getting traded to Miami would make it a different story and different reaction across the country.

    • Mike says:

      When KG left Minnesota, he was at the end of his prime, stll got it but almost out of gas. Now with Le Bron he is on his prime and got out, as you mentioned on your last paragraph so reality not a comparison with KG. As one commentator said there were options fro le Bron on this FA circus for New York (renew himself of greatness), Cavaliers for legace, but he wasn’t expected the other option which is HELP. The other thing is that the media circus Le Bron cronies created. You created this big a of a buzz expect to have the peopls slam you hard when the result doesn’t fit on his status. Thats human nature.

    • MsCelticLady4Life says:

      Thank you Kurt….you said a mouth full and the truth. No I am not a Miami Heat fan nor was I a cleveland fan. I am a die heart fan of the Celtics and regardless of what…always will. Kevin Garnett has a heart of GOLD and all he want is to be on a winning team. Now for the Cleveland team owner, such a BUTT….Lebron gave him 7 years and NO championship. What did he expect? Lebron still has a lot to offer and he is FREE to go where he please. I wish him the best and what you all need to do is respect his choice and move on. Cleveland showed everyone their true colors. Just like the President….after all the criticism and hate…at the end…he is still “The President”…..same for Lebron…at the end of people shoing their ignorance…he will be playing for MIAMI HEAT…Get over it….move on….NEXT….

    • LakerFanInGA says:

      A fairly intelligent post mainly because you included the fact that KG stayed in Minnesota 12 seasons until he was 31, getting out of the first round of the playoffs one time during all that time. Minnesotians did not have a problem with him leaving when he did because he had given them the best years of his career and was over thirty going into the twilight of his career. Ray Allen, certainly a top player in the league but on no ones top 50 list, was in the league 13 years before the Big 3 were put together. Karl Malone and Payton were at the end of their respective careers when they tried to get their rings. Heck, Charles Barkley was 29 when he left Philadelphia. But that being said Lebron doesn’t fashion himself to be the next coming of any those guys. He fashions himself to be the chosen one, the next Greatest. Well he can kiss that goodby with “The Decision”. MJ, Magic, Bird, and now Kobe did it with one team and as the “The Guy” on those teams. Lebron is never going to be “The Guy” on the Miami Heat. You Lebron Lovers can try to spin all day long, but it is what it is.

  470. Shama says:

    Life is just a matter of choice….
    If that’s the choice of LBJ then we ought to respect it..its his choice….. ^_^

    • LAKERS says:

      Respect his choice, just no longer respect him!

      • EA says:

        your just close-minded LAKERS, give Lebron a break.. I’m impressed he did the right decision.. Basketball is not a one-man team.. Being with a team that can’t sufficiently support his performance is frustrating.. Kobe also felt that kind of feeling when he wanted to be traded 2 or 3 years ago.. Phil Jackson is just a great coach, he came up to think of a way for Kobe to stay put when he acquired Pau Gasol from the Grizzlies.. Yes, I’m impressed with Kobe, but I’m still impressed with Lebron, making this decision.. This is not about legacy.. This is about the game.. If all the teams gets better and you’re teammates couldn’t get along, I think its a good decision for Lebron to move..

        LAKERS, just cheer up Kobe, I’m also a laker (and heat) fan.. Look how close-minded you are from the very beggining of your comment.. You’re just a Lebron-hater you couldn’t accept that he did that kind of decision.. If you’re speaking of pride, I’m sorry but Lebron is humble enough to accept that he needs better teammates to win the championship..

  471. Not Again says:

    Well this is another crushing blow to Cleveland sports history as their own home breed athlete has turned into a traitor. He didn’t only betray you but he also left a mark in Cleveland fans hearts that may not be treatable. The way Lebron did it was the most horrible thing I had to sit through. In front everyone, in a one- hour “special” named the “BIG DECISION.” I am hoping for the best for the Cleveland organization as their own “king” has just turned into another player jumping onto the commercial band wagon. As a Laker fan I’m glad I didn’t have to go through Kobe Bryant leaving LA in 2007, but I still feel the pain that the Cleveland organization and fans are going through.

  472. scott says:

    I didn’t watch the special….but don’t tell me this was all LeBron’s idea….the media wants it….and the people that watch it want it…Why would he agree to a 1 hour special just to say “I’m staying put”….that’s stupid. Cleveland ain’t never gonna see a championship….Any time you have a group of owners like you do in Cleveland, instead of just one owner, you are screwed. Too many ego’s in management. I am a Jazz fan, I know what it’s like to come close but not quite get there….we have made a career of it here…But man, this majority owner and his words are pretty pathetic…what a desperate attempt to repair the new hole’s in his pockets. Classless.

    • KCA says:

      scott you couldnt of said it better. Anyone who calls one of the best (possibly the best) basketball players in the world a betrayer for actually going somewhere to get some legit help is completely out of his mind. No offense to any of the remaining cavs you guys are all in the nba for a reason, because you can play basketball at a high level. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh just play at a higher level. And a personal note to Lebron James, good choice. Not just to go to miami but to make the decision on what will make you happy. After what was said about you by your former owner you deserve a better sitiuation.

      • LAKERS says:

        There is nothing wrong with wanting a good supporting cast. But to call yourself the king, and to walk around here like you are better than lets say someone like Kobe! But then you have to run and join another superstars team to get your first ring. There is a lot wrong with that. Lebron fans are Lebron fans. Fact of the matter is he is and never will be considered one of the greats! Face that fact!

  473. Naksred says:

    THE NEW BIG 3!!!

  474. John24 says:

    Lebron is just a coward to leave Cleveland. His team wasn’t even bad. Its not the teams fault that the superstar didn’t do everything possible to win last season. I understand that stars have bad games but you don’t play how he did game five in the conference finals. He just ran when things got tough. That why he will NEVER be better than KOBE and not even close to JORDAN!!

    • kobe....boooooo says:

      Maybe your right!!! But Im a D-Wade fan and adding LeBron in our team make us a championship contender… Go Miami!!!

      • LAKERS says:

        Hey Kobe booo! Your sorry ass miami team can try and win all the championships they want. They will all be meaningless!! They will be nothing like the ones Kobe has!

    • Matt B says:

      Yeah, coz Kobe ran game 7 against boston didnt he?……..oh…….wait!! 🙂

      Players have bad games! They’re human at the end of the day. Look at ray Allens record perfrmance to stinker in the space of 2 days – you saying he isnt one of the leagues best shooters coz of one game? NO. Lebron doesnt instantly become less of a player because of one bad game either!!

      • LAKERS says:

        Yea he becomes less of player when he feels he has to jump ship and join another superstar to win only his first ring! I had some respect for this guy before all of this. Now myself like a lot of others, ive lost all respect for James!!

    • gilbertyoutellem says:

      amen to that

  475. FANATIC says:




    • kobe....boooooo says:

      Keep dreaming! Kobe coudn’t even make it to the 2nd round of the play off without shaq. He needs Gasol before he can get back to the NBA Finals. GO MIAMI!

      • bfirdaus24 says:

        lebron couldn’t and can’t handle the pressure of being the ‘king’ of the cavs. it’s just too much for him.
        he prefers to ‘share’ the burden with wade and bosh.

        and SOMEONE said that kobe couldn’t win the championships without shaq. yeah right, lebron needs wade and bosh now to win the title.
        i also don’t know whether shaq could have won the titles without kobe. but i can imagine that wade and bosh would be enough to land titles to miami. after kobe is bored winning, of course :))

      • STEVE "O" says:

        Kobe did prove he could win the Larry O’Brien Trophy without Shaq. This just proves that LeBron needs help to beat Kobe and the LAKERS! When Kobe grew up and decided that his EGO needed to take a back seat, he started to win. The LAKERS have been to “THE SHOW” how many times in the past ten years?” Count them. 7! They have won 5 of those FINALS! The only way for the “MIAMI BOFOON MACHINE” to win is for Kobe to retire. Then maybe “Queen James” and his wanna be BATMAN and ROBIN may have a chance. I just seen the BANDWAGON pick up a lot of people as fans for the Miami Heat. ALL ABOARD. See you in the FINALS “Queen James”, hopefully you don’t run out of gas. Remember you still have to get pass The Bulls, The Magic, and The Celtics.

      • mark says:

        why do so many people go out of their way to hate on kobe? u need to go back and look at the box scores from the 3peat run with kobe and shaq and examine kobe’s numbers. he wasn’t scoring 18 to 20 he was putting up 36, 32, 38 (numbers like that). Last time i checked mj never won a ring without pippen! In anybody’s book pippen is better than gasol! he won 3 with shaq and two without him! shaq has 3 with kobe and one without him. Again i think it’s safe to say that wade is better than gasol! quit hating on kobe!!!

      • LAKERS says:

        Another dumb ass. Every great player needs a good supporting cast. Thats what Kobe has in Gasol. Queen James ran to Miami to join another high caliber superstar. Gasol is no high caliber superstar. Your a complete idiot for that one!

      • hey kobe booooer says:

        ….and what did LeBron do with Shaq?

      • Airness says:

        @ Mark,

        Yes, Kobe got those big numbers because he’s not afraid to make the shots because the BIG FELLA was waiting underneath. Psychologically, HIS AIRNESS was tough. He’s not afraid to take the shot even knowing the opponent will make the rebound if he will miss. Rodman was the answer during 1996-98 run but MJ almost never missed the shots. So, why need Dennis. He was there just to show his antics.

      • Alexzo says:

        @ lakers – couldnt agree with you more buddy about Gasol & Wades difference in superstar caliber. Pau is more of a complimentary piece to Kobe..far beyond comparison to wades high powered profile. Pau was a good player but being around bryant he has become great. He dont have as much hype as neither wade nor Bosh so there really is no comparison.

        @ kobe…booo – your argument is petty. It has been answered a thousand times.

        @ airness – another weak argument.
        Rodman was as important as any1 in the bulls 2nd 3peat. Arguably mj,pip & dennis were their own version of a big 3.

      • Airness says:

        @ Alexzo,

        Weak for your but it happened. MJ still can win even without Rodman. He did it before The Worm arrived. All Dennis had done was to share spotlight with MJ. I love Rodman though. He made the Bulls more like of a Hollywood version. Got Ya?

  476. Kobe007 says:

    Dan Gilbert made cursed for LebR00m. The Hater will be more and you should not called as a king. LeBrooom..If LeBr00m will not win his first championship this season I’m sure the cleaveland fans is the most happier man that time.

  477. Hector says:

    I baptize them THE THREE KINGS! This is the perfect name, please tell it to your higher ups!

    • unknown says:

      Get out of here.Then I baptize them the fairy tale of three little princess getting a good suntan and the suspense of the story get better they may get raped in their own kingdom.That is my new book, expect it on 2011.

    • James says:

      @ Hector – This is a great name, the 3 KINGS. Because Boston already owns the name “Big 3”.

    • arn says:

      Better call them the 3 wardogs in Heat..

    • Denise says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more

    • LAKERS says:

      Hey LeKing, you are the damn idiot. First of all Kobe having Gasol is nothing like wade and queen james!! If queen james is such a competitor why does he have to join another superstar that is a lot like him. Why not Chicago, NY! Lebron is whack always has been to me. Nothing but a bunch of hype. 7 years in the damn league and not ring, but hes the king. Yea damn right, what a joke! Im glad it happened though. Now everyone should know he should not be mentioned in the same breath with true great players. Lebron is sorry!!!!

    • LAKERS says:

      How about two kings and one queen!

    • Dean says:

      You meant the 3 Queens…but LeBron is worthless…and I can’t wait to see him get beat down in Cleveland…what a pathetic human being…hey STEROID BOY…it is D-Wade’s team…you’re just along for the ride…down a DEADEND road…DON”T hold D-Wade back! BTW, Hector, are you a priest? Stay away from the communion wine…it’s clouding your dimwitted mind!

  478. unknown says:

    Everyone has the blame to take.Everyone overhyped lebron,used him and he used you.That is how life work.Don’t tell me lebron didn’t help making the t shirt record in your stadium a guinness record.I think they give 1 million dollar for that record.The reality wade has so blame too.Wade need help?? I always believed he only needed a pippen, why in the hell you need a bird or a magic on your team wade????? Psss this team is trash.I prefer lebron james in the nets or knicks or chicago or even dallas than the broken miami heat.Imagine 2k11 from now on.This is really the end of the world

    • idon'thinkso says:

      i agree.. this is getting ugly. i love wade but now that lebron is with him i don’t like miami.. i never liked bosh. i just don’t like his game. i hope some teams would stand for this. let’s say portland manage to get melo next year and maybe another superstar. or melo goes to the knicks and one more superstar with amar’e. i just don’t like the teaming up. just unfair with other teams. let’s just watch eurobasketball. kobe stuck with la.. he’s good but like he said he won’t be able to do it without the spaniard. it’s not the player it’s the management. who would think LA would still add artest. as if they’re not strong enough. but hey this is a management that wants to win. not just players who wants to win. 1 hour special is ridiculous. it’s really gay.

      • Max says:

        Now when you play nba live 2k11 you know what team everyone is going to use…how terrible!!! I like that bosh went to miami but i wanted lebron to go to another team to make things more intresting. Its no fun watching when u know who is going to win the game already. I was never a big LA fan but in the finals next year i know I will be cheering on LA to stomp miami.

      • LeKing says:

        you seems like an stupid idiot…nba is business…look at urself and to everybody , if ur not happy with ur present job of course u need to find other place to work to, werein u can find happiness and financial stability..ur a big idiot on blaming Lebron..ur a loser…the guy wants to win..he is a competitor..he needs to think for the better for him and his family…do u understand how can u say u dnt like teaming up…how about the big 3 of celtics..kobe gasol artest odom of LA……….think wisely my friend..

      • unknown says:

        If this guys for real.Everybody say Odom suck,he is more like very weak 6 man.Look on the candidate list for the sixth man award.Everybody say Artest suck(he still suck)he just got very lucky in critical moments.Gasol 6 season in memphis only have 1 all star just like mo william ahhhhh I bet you didn’t know that.And celtics are celtics they prefer to win nba final retired guys , the supposed thing that chicago was supposed to do 1999 after everyone broke up and retire.The celtics big three have specific role,lebron and wade are just so similar.I never said was bad decision leave cleavland.the problem is Miami.You only contradict yourself if lebron is a competitor why must go to a team everybody are at their prime or so broken.he only needed one player.I hope this team win 80 win and they lose in the first round that would be a clasic jajaja.

  479. zzanzabar says:

    I wish the Cleveland fans all the best, it was inevitable but it still hurts. You have one of the best coaches at resurrecting ailing teams in Scott and I sincerely hopes that he works his magic on the Cavaliers. As for James I hope he understands just what damage this ESPN special has done to his image. Yes he had the right to try and mesh with a better team but to do so in such a manner just left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

    I know he didn’t want to be another KG and let his loyalty keep him from his destiny, but KG did stay longer and kept the hope of Minnesota alive for his friends, and when he finally did go to Boston there were many in Minnesota that were happy for him, I don’t believe it will be the same for you. They say that winning cures all ills, lets hope that will be true for your reputation. But understand one thing Lebron you now MUST win the entire thing THIS year or you will become a laughing stock. Even if it were not your fault and your teammates let you down, no one will see that. All they will finally see is that the ‘King has no clothes’.

    • lastsecondshot says:

      He wont be a laughing stock, he made a choice that going to the heat, with Wade and Bosh, was a garrentee ring, maybe not this coming season but maybe the next because lebron now has to adjust…..he has to adjust to having 2 All stars on the team, which both avearge(wade 30 points and bosh 11 rebs and 15 points).
      Lebron will try to win by himself but he must realise that he has 2 All stars on the team and when playing as one, they could win multiple chapionships like Jordan and pippen but now its Lebron, wade…. and Bosh!

    • Alexzo says:

      Lebron was in a no win situation. Going to Miami leaves him no excuses not to win a title. Otherwise,the same fans who adore him now will scrutinize him just the same. Say he does win a championships…IT WONT definitely mean as much as winning it in cleveland where truly he is the centerpiece…now this will say something about his legacy when it’s all said & done. In choosing the heat he opted for the quick fix but he will also sold himself short of his true value. Had he stayed with the cavs he would’ve prolonged his agony of winning it all but but he wouldnt have lost his selfworth. Clearly his best iterest was to win… but at what cost? Once the smoke clears he will realize that his decision was more about himself than the good for his loved ones. Think about the consequences, the eternal effects & the moral implications his family may suffer under the whole of cleveland. He may very well leave town & re-locate somewhere else for his childrens sake! He has disconnected himself from his roots & the only way to fix this is if the king becomes “the prodigal son” & returns.

      • Matt B says:

        Completely agree with you about the no-win situation – whatever he did would have got him criticism or more years of frustration. It would have been “in MJ’s shadow” in Chicago, For the marketing opp’s in NY. For the money in Cleveland. Because he’s insane if he went to NJ (sorry Nets fans – you never actually believed for any time that it was possible??).
        What he did was decide – what’s more important – Ego, money, or being a champion! He should be getting unyielding praise for the decision, not the criticism he has been about “selling himself short” etc.

        Oh and by the way –
        Cleveland fans – grow up! Show some respect. He gave 7 years, no rings and made the decision that anyone with any common sense and desire to be the best would have made!! You all need to take a good lok at Minnesota fans’ example when KG decided it was time!!

      • k says:

        I agree with you man. You are talking some real basketball right now. I aready can’t wait for the 3 Peat. Everytime Kobe is at the top, here comes more BS to try and get in the way…which only causes him to SUCCEED and prove everybody wrong over and over. If he gets this one, OMG…….lebron will have gone from “king” to “scape-goat” to “dirt” lol

  480. joey of Singapore says:



    WE WILL CHEER FOR YOU a Ring for Sure!!!

    joey of Singapore (Native of Philippines)
    member MCGI (Members of Church of GOD int’l)

    • James says:

      not just a ring, WE WILL RINGS FOR SURE!!!



      • Airness says:

        @ Alexzo:

        Kobe has still 2 rings, MJ has 6. Take it to any sala for argument and still the fact will judge, KB has only 2 rings as a leader of the team. Good for KB, Shaq was too big for the rest of NBA during their heydays. Do you know the word “Leadership” or the word as a “Team Leader”. Well, I guess you will avoid these words just to enter a discussion. Yes of course KB was part of the 1st 3-championships of the lakers but their’s an asterisk with it when compared to MJ. And it will always stay that way. KB has 5 but the 3 have asterisk. We’re not “Haters”, you maybe. We just love to argue especially when facts are on our side.

      • NbaFan says:


        Kobe has 5 rings. Did you forget 2000,2001 and 2002?

      • J says:

        James is a player and who wants to win…how can you match with teams like LA and celtics with such lack luster line-up? Every playoffs they could hardly hit the rim and it seems their minds are taking an early vacation. Go Lebron don’t waste your talent, only champions are remembered!

      • Alexzo says:

        @ airness : no matter what your arguments are, the FACT remains that Kobe has 5 rings. Every1 knows that Shaq couldn’t have done it without The mamba either so quit yappin’. The basketball gurus know that neither MJ nor Magic or any superstar for that matter couldnt have done it alone. Given Kobe wasn’t the leader at that time,but his game was relevant & his contributions were significant. Enough covering up & making excuses for lebron. Clevelabd wasnt exactly a garbage team. How else would they be at the top of the regular season the past 2 seasons? The FACT is they didnt know & have what it takes to win in the Big stage not excluding lebron. I dont hate on the king but it seems when the PO’s begin & the BIG guys come to play,he was a boy trying to be a man. Antawn,Mo,Andy,Z,Shaq…tell me they arent good enough talent… HE JUST CANT LEAD THEM to the promise land like a true king.In the years to come when he matures & grows up,i believe he will succeed. For now,i will give the alpha-dogship to dwade. The guy knows how to win. He has more swag than james & is close to kobe in that aspect. Now as for the Mamba, true he wont be in the same position without Pau,However,pau will never blossom to the player that he is now if not for the confidence kobe has instilled in him. Same goes for ronron & the rest of the lakers. Did u see how much respect & how tame artest is playing aside bryant? Everyone can hate on kobe’s yappin on team mates but its how he is.Its how he gets the best out if his team mates. You can ask andrew bynum about that or even lamar. Maybe if James can be less of a people’s person & quit pleasing his team mates… MAYBE then he could get the job done!

      • Airness says:

        @ NbaFan,

        Oh my goodness! Still you hasn’t get it. Kobe was part of it (2000-02) but not the leader. MJ was always the leader. We’re arguing the numbers with whom he was the go-to-guy not sitting on the sideline watching the leader to lift his team. I can remember KB in 2000-02 was good already but not the best in the league. MJ was the BEST in his team and in the whole NBA during the 6 rings. Who wants the argue?! FACTS_HATERS!

    • Rommel Reyes (Pasay City, Philippines) says:

      James is a phenomenal player which is the reason that MIAMI is happy and the rest are SOUR GRAPING… “HAIL TO THE KING” !!!!!!!

      • Big3 of soutbeach fan says:

        agree totally!!!! checkout the blogs at (miami blogs). a laker fan is insisting they will get their 3peat this year..

        i say goodbye to your 3peat lakers! MIAMI OWNS 2011!!!!

      • Alexzo says:

        It’s all good for the Mamba! Lebron & Wade joining forces? All this makes is Kobe the legit heir apparent to MJ. They’ve practically scratched themselves out of the picture now that they are together. Only one true superstar remains… & that’s KOBE BRYANT!

      • Matt B says:

        Alexzo – dream-land. Nobody is MJ’s heir – nobody will ever take his crown. And besides, Kobe couldnt have done what he’s done without his supporting cast anyway!! I can’t stand this Kobe is on his own bull form Lakers fans. Fact is Kobe has had Shaq, Payton, malone, Gasol, Odom, Fisher, Artest around him when he’s won his rings. Without them, he’s just an underachiever like Lebron has been so far in his career.

        Teams win championships, not individuals, no matter how good they are. Lebron has realised this, and decided the next 5 years are going to be ring bearing years!!

        Christ – even MJ wouldnt have won anything without Pippen and Rodman!!

      • Alexzo says:

        Lotsa luck big3 of south beach… I hope this experiment dont blow in your faces.. I like the chances of Miami now that lebron’s in tow..i will be watching them closely & rooting to some extent until they get to the finals. But i’ma hard core laker fan & Kobe is still the Man! So i would love to see LA vs Heat in June just for the kick of watching how the Mamba sticks up to this nth version of Big 3. The 3 of them joining together has only given LA more motivation to win. The competition was getting boring out there.

      • Alexzo says:

        @ matt b… Valid arguments my friend… But i stand by my man! I’ve said it before & i’ll say it again… The lakers are going for a 3peat at the expense of whoever! I still would like to see a rubber match inthe finals between LA & Boston since their recent rivalry is tied at 1 a piece. Though it’s interesting to see Miami LA now that LBJ is in. But this is what’s gonna happen… Miami vs Boston in east finals…the senior big 3 beats their jr counterparts & goes on for their last stand against the Lakers in the Finals. The lakers go on to win a 3peat in the process winning the rubber match against the current celt 2-1 & Kobe tying MJ with 6. Next year LA will even be more motivated. Phil will be back 4 a 4peat as the ultimate last stand coz its something both he & kobe have not done. They will again be in the finals this ttime against Miami. LA will go on to win thus accomplishing it’s goals. Phil passes Red with most championships collectively & retire for good. Kobe goes & gets his 7th & a 4peat which will ultimately cement his legacy as the greatest ever because the only thing that separate him now from MJ is the number of titles. Then he steps down & passes on the crown to the so called 3 kings. This is how it looks in the fantasy world…but then again fantasies an become a reality…just look at how Miami constructed it’ own version of a fantasy team.

      • Alexzo says:

        The Match-ups…

        PF – Gasol vs Bosh : Chris is more athletic but does not have the skill set & Impact of Pau. I’d go for the spaniard on this.

        SF – Artest vs James : this is a no brainer. However, there is no better defender pound for pound match-up against lebron than ronron. This is why LA got him in the first place remember? And he can have his moments like he did in games 6 & 7 of the finals. Anything ron brings will be an added for the lakers while we all know what to expect from LBJ.

        SG – Bryant vs Wade : Now this interesting. Their team value was of the same magnitude, though i cant say the same now for Dwayne since he has to share the limelight with james. Quite an even match-up if Dwade keeps his swag & dont loose his alpha-dogship to the king. But still no 1 can defend Kobe 1 on 1. Not to undersize wade’s defensive prowess but he is literally shorter than kobe & the mamba is the best in his position at posting up defenders. On the otherhand, kobe is a lockdown defender who can still shut people down. On the positive side,wade will now have much needed help when he gets shut.

        Coach – Phil vs Pat : this is a classic. 2 of the most winningest coaches ever! Riley will surely want to win 1 against his former beloved LA & what better way to do it than vs The Zen Master. Both coaches are excellent motivators. I give a slight edge to Phil if only because he knows his team more!

        Bynum & Odom… A big question mark! Depending on who the heat gets with no change to spare, Andrew & Lamar can be the difference makers in their series.

        Fish? The lakers need to lock him in fast. Otherwise their chances of winning against the heat will go up in the air. LA clearly needs his veteran leadership & the stability he brings to the team & more importantly kobe’s mindset. If i were Pat, i’d lure fish into signing with the heat thus eliminating LA’s chances & upping theirs coz they could sure use Fish to check the giant ego’s of the 3 kings.

        @matt b… I forgot to mention why LA will strive for a 4peat in 2012…it might be their last chance to up 1 against Boston in total count…18 is the magic number for this current LA squad.

      • Matt B says:

        Lol, Love it Alexzo. I love thinking up these sorts of things too. It really would be a good matchup between the Lakers and Heat. Boston wont get to another final now though. There whole niche is their team defense, locking down their opponents. There is just now way, that anyone will lock down the Heat’s 3, not even Boston. So Lakers v Heat it is. Bosh v Gasol may well be the key, coz Kobe and Wade are basically going to score at will against each other, despite how good they both are defensively, and Kobe has the 3 point edge, so that battle goes to Kobe.. James v Artest as you say, goes to James, but you can guarantee that Artest will do a decent job. 1-1. Bosh v Gasol. Hmm, intersting. Gasol has the size and experience and the team skills. Bosh has some individual skills too, and is quicker. Bosh now also has Wade to lay on passes to him, and Chalmers is a good assisit source too, so tough to call. If Bosh improves, then Miami win.

        Of course, it depends who miami can get around those 3, coz the Lakers have good depth of quality. can’t wait for this season!!!

      • Blackfoot says:

        Uh! I believe Kobe has 5, count them 5 RINGS not 2!!

        I hope Lebron, DWade and Bosh triumph this year with a championship. The statements made by the Cavaliers owner was ridiculous and hateful. What does Lebron owe him, if Lebron got injured would he have kept him or traded him.? How many owners call a player before they trade them?

        At the end of the day, Lebron had the right to go where he wished. THAT”S WHY THEY CALL IT UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENCY!!

      • Jake says:

        @Matt B Kobe didn’t even win a ring with payton and malone, no point in even putting their names in.

      • Hank says:

        @ Alexo

        To say a player who carried his team for 7 years is not a superstar is crazy to me. Kobe would never be able to win Championship by himself. Jordan, Magic, Bird, or even Bill Russell Couldn’t. Bird had Mchale and Dennis Johnson and Parish. Magic had Kareem, Worthy. Jordan had Pippen and Grant, Rodman. No one Superstar can win it alone. by the way no one will be able to touch Jordans status. No one. HIs FG % for his career is over 50%. Lebron Kobe Wade or no one else can touch Jordan. Also its funny how people forget that Kobe wanted to be traded before Pau Gasol came over. All these top players know that the only thing that matters is championships!!! Karl Malone and John Stockton could arguably be the best point guard and power forward combo but will never get their deserved credi cause they couldnt win a title. By the way Kobe said himself never be like Jordan he is on his own level. By the way the Lakers were taken to 7 games by an old Celtics team without there center at one point. What do you think a Young Big 3 with better players than the celtics will do to your beloved Lakers. Be realistic Kobe is great player but without Gasol the lakers are just a first round playoff team maybe second. Know the history of the game study the stats then comment on who is great and who is not. It is a team sport even the greats know it.

      • LAKERS says:

        Hey Airness, you sound like a complete idiot!! And what the hell is the point!! Kobe is still the man in the NBA!! Better than Queen Lebron, better than Wade!!

      • LAKERS says:

        True james is a great player. But all this crap about King. Thats out the door. Him being compared to the true greats, Magic, Jordan, Bird, Kobe, that is out the door. He is now just another good basketball player, kinda like a Joe Johnson. I think a lot of people have lost a lot of respect for this guy. Would have done him better to team with Chicago or NY. But guess he needed another superstar to get the job done! Not good enough to carry a team on his on as we have “witnessed” over the last 7 year in cleveland. Bottom line Lebron is weak!

      • C H says:

        Matt B – yes, nobody can truly be Mike’s heir, but Kobe is darn well closest. If Lebron stuck it out in Cleveland and lead them to multiple championships for the city, then he can be validly considered. But truth is, he took the easy way out, which is not something MJ or Kobe would do.

        And other than Shaq, none of the other players mentioned would be considered top-10/15 during their time in LA. But I do agree that Cleveland wasn’t able to find a player for Lebron like Gasol for Kobe, even though they still “managed” the best record in the league.

        That said, he’s with 2 top tier players in the league and has a pretty good chance to win. I won’t be cheering them all though, even though I’m a fan of Lebron’s skill, i’m just not a fan of his ego and sore-loser mentality.

      • Airness says:

        @ Lakers!

        Idiots are those keep insisting Kobe has 5. Do not compare it to MJ’s 6 and you will not be an idiot. I said Kobe has 2 hardworks-championship. The other 3 are just sitting on the backseat, riding comfort with a giant.

      • Alexzo says:

        @ Hank : how much of my posts have u read? I dont recall saying james is no superstar. I respect lebron & his decision. I see u got a lotta love for MJ & i do too but Kobe is my generation & i know the history of my time. Keep on reading my posts maybe you’ll be enlightened. I’ve seen how James play but have you actually seen Kobe to earn the right to criticize him? We are all entitled to opinion & comment…i dont take it against you so dont take it away from others. Peace!

    • joey of Singapore says:

      CHAMPIONS MIAMI HEAT 2010-2011 !!!!



      WE WILL CHEER FOR YOU a Ring for Sure!!!

      joey of Singapore (Native of Philippines)
      member MCGI (Members of Church of GOD int’l)

    • Celticbaby says:

      just because they have lebron,wade,and bosh, really dont mean much because there are alot of teams that can and will beat them.There chances of winning a title are huge no doubt about it but you cant count out the lakers,orlando,boston those are still great teams.

      • Chet Beezy says:

        U ain stopppin da Heat bruh bruh Celtics are too old Orlandos is good cant frunt but yall noticed Vince ain gettin up dere like he was but Jameer dne some great things so idk Im still pickin ma Heat Team or should u say da “Miami Threat” nd da Lakers all I can say is rivalry…. Wade gne lock Kobe down Bosh taken Pau and 4 ron artest… Leave him open!!! Hahaaaaaaaa

    • R4 says:

      I’m done with NBA until the balance gets back into ball… All three of these players are going to be winner but never called legend… cuz none of them can carry a test…

      • Heat Fan 2 says:

        WOW your a tool. This great it will make other teams either get better,Plus I gettin tired of LA and I have always been a Heat Fan

      • dzone24 says:

        i totally agree with u r4, the discussion should be about lbj’s legacy. of course he will probably win the championship next year but just like charles barkley said, who btw said lbj is the best player in the world, he will never be the man.

      • LAKERS says:

        100% agreeded R4!!!!!! None of these guys will ever be considered legends.

    • SERIOUSLY says:

      I think we have collectively been comparing Lebron’s immense talent to the wrong MJ, he’s not Mike and never wanted any part of that, he’s more MJ as in Magic Johnson so why wouldn’t he want to go where he can average a triple double like Oscar Robertson did and still get rings. What is really wrong with that decision??? If he had chosen to stay with Cavs and had to watch Kobe get his sixth and then Wade get more rings or Durant and the Thunder get 1while he couldn’t then we’d be talking about him in 5 years as the greatest player to possibly not get a ring. Fans make me sick, Lebron don’t owe Dan Gilbert nothing, Mr.Gilbert trades buys and sells people for a living so he is an idiot for his letter. And Lebron gave up on him and the organization not the midwest, not Ohio, that team. As far as the 1 hour special everybody talking mess watched it so you supported it. The media created that not Lebron, he didn’t put his high school games on television back in 2002. What? Magic Johnson didn’t have arguably 2 top ten players(Worthy, Kareem) with him too? If Chris Paul or Deron Williams wanted to play with Wade and Bosh it wouldn’t be a problem. Lebron never wanted to be Michael Jordan as a player, he always wanted to be Magic, now he can stop being the player we want him to be and he can be the player he wants to be. Sekou blog about that and I wish you basketball analysts would stop penciling him in as the SF, this is Pat Riley’s dream as well he’ll be the PG King James and incidentally Wade doesn’t care about bringing the rock up he’s just as good or even better moving without the ball, he’ll more closely resemble Jordan in South Beach. Oh and another thing if some of these Kobe fanatics think Lebron cares about being known as the greatest why would he help Wade to possibly get more rings than him. They’re legacies will be intact, we all wanted to see Magic and Mike play together this is the closest thing.

      • Keith says:

        That is the best comment I have read since all this Lebron stuff has started. You my friend know exactly what you are talking about and what is going on.

      • LAKERS says:

        You are out of your mind Mr. Seriously!! The legacies of Wade and James are completely ruined! If James wanted to try to continue to build a legacy he would have went to NY or Chi!! Kobe is the man behind Jordan, thats the way it has always been.

      • Relevancy says:

        This is absolutely true…just because LBJ played for cleveland for 7 years doesn’t mean he can’t leave and go play with his FRIENDS, and his fans are disgracing themselves left and right…Dan Gilbert is a real loser for writing that letter…James could probably sue him for libel…

      • EA says:

        Oh come LAKERS.. you’re just close-minded.. This is not about legacy.. This is all about the game.. Give Lebron the break.. I’m impressed that this man decided to team up with, seeing the fact that all teams are getting better, and he needs better teammates.. If you’re after the pride of being the best player in the world and not having a championship title, forget about it.. Know that basketball is a team-effort game, not just a one-man game.. If Lebron’s teammates can’t carry enough support, give him the chance to be with the better ones.. It’s all about that pride that makes the decision frustrating.. And LAKERS, just go and support Kobe, I believe he is really a great player.. Give Lebron a break..

        With all the transactions, I’m impressed with Wade sticking to his team. This attracted Bosh and James to join his team.. =)

      • DiamondCutter53 says:

        Now thats what im talking about…Well said and let me add this… Because Charles Barkley wanted to “be the man” is the reason why he dont have a ring to this day. Not everyone wants to “be the man”. These guys are future Hofamers who will have multiple championships behind their names. And in their eyes thats all that matters to win championships not to “be the man” being the man means nothing if you dont have a ring to back it up… These guys had a perfect opportunity to play with each other and for those who dont know these same guys been playing with each other for years now.. How do you think they won the gold?? just by looking at each other??? Come on now.. they had to put in at least 3 yrs of summer games and everything to get ready to play in the Olympics, so they already know how the chemistry is between the 3. Do you really think if Charles Barkley had a chance to play with Jordan and win multiple rings he wouldnt have taken it??? Hell yeah he would have anyone who didnt have a ring would have… and this includes Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber and Karl Malone… dont hate on these young men because they have that once in a lifetime chance to play together and get that championship and get it while they young and at their prime.. why wait until your broken down ?? dont make sense…

    • McKinley says:

      I think its funny how some of you clowns think Miami will win the championship. Are you forgeting about the WORLD CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS! Miami has three stars granted. But nothing else at this point. The LAKERS have five stars. Still have the Greatest player on the planet, and the Greatest Coach in NBA history. The LAKERS will 3 peat again. Alot of you ignorant people were picking Clevland to win it all this year. How did that work out for you? Then it was Boston. But at the end of it all THE LAKERS ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS. I will see you all next year at the LAKERS victory parade.

      • KOBE suuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxx says:

        Lakers have 5 stars???Who r u foolin??? Kobe is their only star as far as I’m concerned. Pau is an all-star but nothing else, like Bosh.Ron’s a nutcase, Odom is too inconsistent, and Bynum is another version of Sam Bowie.It’s just one ball hog superstar with a bunch of fools. I also laugh at Otis Smith’s comment that they can guard them. If you couldn’t stop Lebron at all, and had to resort to containing everyone else, how in the world can you stop him now that he has Wade and Bosh??? How can you stop Wade??? Smith’s team cant, neither can the Lakers or anyone else.

    • ASD[PHILIPPINES] says:


    • Dean says:

      Not likely! Not this year…and not next! KOBE has a 3peat to work on and he’ll own the South Beach Monkeys. Then MJ delivers the ultimate slap in the face to Queen James…saying he’ll NEVER achieve my level of greatness…I didn’t want to leave Chicago to play with Magic or Bird…I wanted to beat those guys! Not a chance…he’ll be lucky to make it to the East finals…Boston and Orlando will have a little sum-sum for them!