Hang Time Podcast (Episode 16)


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are already settled on Miami.

Joe Johnson is staying in Atlanta, Rudy Gay in Memphis, Paul Pierce in Boston and Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas.

Ray Allen is going back to Boston, Carlos Boozer is headed to Chicago and Amar’e Stoudemire is a lock for New York.

Even Kevin Durant has agreed to sign up for five more years in Oklahoma City.

The one remaining free agent chip on the board is the biggest one, LeBron James. And he’ll announce his free agent decision  tonight during a prime time special on ESPN (at 9 p.m. ET).

In the meantime, the Hang Time Podcast must carry on with the business of basketball.

Two distinguished guests — NBA.com’s Fran Blinebury and TNT’s David Aldridge — joined us to discuss James, Wade, Bosh, the rest of the free agent class, Durant, rookies and the kickoff of summer league ball and a whole lot more on Episode 16 of the Hang Time Podcast. Plus, NBA.com’s DiGiorno Five On The Rise guru Jeff Case is with in the booth as a special guest co-host this week.

Listen here:

While no one is eager to step out on the ledge and predict where James might end up, there’s no denying this has been one of the strangest free agent summers in memory.

Blinebury and Aldridge combined have nearly 60 years of history covering the league. And neither man can remember seeing anything like what we have witnessed so far.

And we’ve still got that prime time special to go.

Here’s your cheat sheet:

0:00 – 7:15: Intro
7:15 – 23:20: Fran Blinebury talks free agency and Orlando Summer League
23:30 – 28:00: Why does Raptors nation hate Sekou?
30:35: David Aldridge talks the madness of the LeBron circus
32:30: Is LeBron tarnishing his image?
34:15: Is the new media generation the cause of all this madness?
35:30: Is Wade and Bosh enough for Miami?
37:00: What are other free agent dominos?
38:20: What will teams do that lose out on the big players?
40:00: What does all this mean to the Lakers?
42:40: Who are the biggest losers this summer without LeBron?
45:00- 52:00: Wrap-up

As always, we welcome your feedback (and that includes all of those Toronto Raptors fans still angry about that Bosh and Vince Carter item from earlier this week). Follow the Hang Time Podcast on Twitter and its host on Twitter.

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  1. SoSoon says:

    I say it’s championship time for miami!!!!!!!!

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  3. haha says:

    I don’t understand why people think Bosh gave it his all, I don’t think he did, i think at one point (since 2007) did he try his absolute best to win, but that’s just me. Now back to Lebron, since he want to be a diva, he better not sign back with the Cavaliers, he’s not special enough to take up anyone’s time to basically say one sentece, “I’m going to the _________” why decide to do it on a Thursday, and why at 9:00? See, that’s why Kevin Durant is becoming my favorite player soon, he’s a great player, and stays out of the spot like, he’s like a high scoring, Jordan-like Tim Duncan.

  4. the observer says:

    this whole Lebron free agent party is just like NBA Fantasy at a larger scale. I agree with all of this.

  5. LBJ says:


  6. EZ says:


    I hope you read this. Stop trying to get attention of the Raps Fan to further increase your fan base by mentioning Vince Carter in the same sentence as Chris Bosh. Chris Bosh is well respected by the raps Fan because he gave Colangelo a chance to build a champioship contender and he came up short. The blame is definately management and Colangelo. The signing of Turkulo was a jokes and a waste of $50 million. Raps need to learn how to build teams by using young core players via draft. Example Recently OKC, previously San Antonio with Tim and Parker early in their careers, Portland is also a very good example and how to build a good team. Maybe not a champioship contender but at least a good Playoff team. I had confindence in Colangelo because of the Job his Dad did in phoenix but the son has not build up to the father. Put your self in Bosh’s position, no chance of Winning hear cuase management wont make the right moves. With the greatest Free Agent class in history this year, Raps Managment has done nothing to put a winning team especially with 16 million void that Bosh has left. Dont try to blame the players blame the management team who sales pich and plans have not been good enough to keep these players. How are other GM’s able to sign big time stars, why can’t Colangelo do the same? Fire his ass. Stop begging, there are bigger issues with the Raps than just Bosh and Carter.

  7. funk1020 says:

    I think this goes back to other teams that people question who have three big names. The celtics gelled well in 08 and the bulls gelled well back in 96. I think this team if it happens will win the title next year.

  8. dave23 says:

    Lebron with wade and bosh in miami? If it happens, hope they’ll as a team and win games. Lakerz wacha yar back dude coz its heating up in south beach…

  9. ehmon says:

    for me, i really think this could work out, miami having they’re own version of the big three,. they would surely win championship rings, but i doubt this would happen, i don’t think lebron is the type that would be satisfied winning a championship not on his expense,. He’s to good for that,. he is the so called “KING”. i believe that LBJ would be at best if he could join CHICAGO,. they would definitely be the team to beat, but he could also go to the NYK they just need to add more suitable players, If only Dallas could afford him! i think this is really the best team for him to go to, considering having J.kidd PG, C.butler SG, LBJ SF, D.nowitzki PF, and B.hayood C, and having J.Terry of the bench and couple of youngsters, i guess they would be great,. but he could also stay in the EAST, probably teaming up with D.howard and J.nelson in ORLANDO, with V.carter aswell if only they could afford him. and lastly i really dont want to see LBJ,WADE and BOSH altogether,. NBA isn’t gonna be as exciting as before,. bcoz roughly 85% they would be champions, i would like to see best players compete, two top players at most in a team.

  10. homer-griffin says:

    The question of next off-season, Where will Bryan Colangelo end up?

  11. Zzanzabar says:

    One thing is certain, if LeBron joins Wade and Bosh in Miami they HAVE to win the championship THIS YEAR! If the don’t it won’t matter whose fault it was it will all be Lebon’s fault as far as the public is concerned. You are talking MAJOR pressure here! Pat Riley will have to coach them and there can be no, and I mean absolutely NO, excuses. It cannot be next year or the year after because the media and fans will ROAST them all alive (especially Lebron).

    You had better bet that every team in the East will take their best shot at Miami (especially with LBJ on the team) because everyone has just said that the rest of the EAST is nothing but crap now. I can just hear the coaches of Boston, Orlando and Chicago now if LB joins Miami! And who is still in the wings and raining champs? Can you imagine what Phil Jackson will say when the Lakers meet this trio in the regular season (and the playoffs)?

  12. air888 says:

    wade bosh james in miami…. If they dont win it all, all the time they will be looked upon as failures. Will they gell? Do we actually want them in the same team?? Just a thought.