Wade And Bosh In Miami?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Two of this summer’s Big Three free agents are headed to South Beach, so says Chris Broussard of ESPN The Magazine.

Dwyane Wade stays in Miami and Chris Bosh joins him, how he does that remains a mystery because a sign-and-trade deal between the Heat and Toronto Raptors is still a possibility. But you knew it wouldn’t take long for the news to trickle out after LeBron James set up his Thursday night global announcement, that will be carried live on ESPN.

Some of the details from Broussard (Shelly Smith also confirmed the move through her own sources):

James or not, the Heat could emerge as one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference with Wade and Bosh aboard. Wade, who led the Heat to the NBA title in 2006, is re-signing with the club, while Bosh will leave the Raptors after seven years with the club.

Both players are expected to get the maximum amount allowable under the league’s collective bargaining agreement, though the addition of James could change the players’ salaries. Contracts cannot be officially signed until July 8.

It was not immediately clear whether Bosh will sign with Miami outright or join the Heat through a sign-and-trade deal. Bosh could earn $125 million over six years via sign-and-trade, but only $96 million over five without it.

“Either way, he’s definitely going to Miami,” the source said.

There is still a feeling among some that James could join them in Miami. But can you see him going through this whole prime time announcement special to tell the galaxy that he’s following Wade and Bosh to South Beach?

It just doesn’t make sense to us here at the hideout, where we’ve responded the same way when asked for weeks about where we feel these guys will end up. James was always the wild card, but Wade and Bosh in Miami always made the most sense.

If they have an perimeter-post synergy anything like what Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol do in Los Angeles, we should all be prepared to spend lots of time in Miami during the playoffs the next few years.

As for James, his options remain plentiful. Staying in Cleveland makes plenty of sense. But there is still Chicago, New Jersey and New York to think about …

Thursday night can’t get here fast enough.



  1. A fan says:

    We can only talk about the legacy of a person if he retires.

    I am definitely not a fan of these three superstar, coz I have my own mainman Dirk.

    I was just irritated of people whos so scared of the Heat Team,, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt,, they sacrificed big time just to get it done, 30 million less is not a joke you Morons!!! plus they are not retarded like these Lakers fans, when they built this team all three superstars know the consequences such as limited ball handling etc.

    They are man enough to eat their EGOs just for the sake of having a great team!!

    In what other elementary way we should make these pathetic Laker fans understand???!!!

  2. Meech says:

    I think that Heat team will definitely be a great team but that does not Guarantee a RIng…. everyone swore Lebron was going to win this year…. Look at the desperation the “King” has to do to finally get his ring…. Its funny because so many Kobe haters and Laker haters say Kobe has to have great players around him to win….. WHO DOESN’T??? Great Miami team and Lebron will lose all credibility if they lose…. I personally think this move hurts his legacy more than anything because just about ALL of the greats stayed with 1 team and won with 1 team before leaving for another team. I like Lebron and feel he is talented enough to win a title but the way they are going about it hurts his legacy more than anything. Its like if Jordan and Bird could not win they went to team up with Magic in LA….. now what do you think MJ and Birds legacies would be if they won titles with Magic who already had a title or 2?

  3. A fan says:

    What the hell is wrong with these Lakers fans???!!!!

    I agree that Lakers is the best Team last season,, but are you kidding me??? Wade/Bosh/Lebron on the same team!!!

    Kiss your championship goodbye!!!!!!!!!

    They don’t need to play big minutes at the same time you idiots,, they can do an alternate substitution,, with that said there is still an offensive player on the floor.

  4. RENZWADE says:

    I think that the Bosh-Wade tandem will be a good one. They just need a center (If Jermaine O’Neal won’t return) and a point guard ( Raymond Felton will be nice). If Lebron decides to go to Miami then Celtics, Lakers get ready! For the NBA 2010-11 Season because Flash will be in his house!

  5. ahshattap says:

    AH SHUT UP ALL OF YOU, championship doesn’t depend on the star players, the SUPPORTING cast matters the most! LETS JUST ALL KEEP QUIET AND WAIT TILL GAME TIME AND THE PLAYOFFS TO DETERMINE THE CHAMPION!

  6. strongest says:

    there sayin on espn lebron is going 2 miami..so with that being said..the miami heat are ganna win like 4 rings in a row..lol when it was jus d wade in miami tha lakers kan barley beat miami now with lebron an bosh…dammmmm this is ganna be exciting 2 watch them kick everybodies teams azz..lol

    • Matt B says:

      I’ll only believe that when I see it. Personally, I dont think he’ll share the limelight with Wade. Chicago is the shout I reckon, if he wants the best shot at challenging Miami, else he’ll stay at home. NY is the long shot outsider, but if NY add him, what else can they put around him and Amare’e?? genuinely not sure how their cap room would look after that?
      Miami would still have 14mill, plus whatever exceptions are available – anyone elnlighten me? I’m sure there is the Mid level, and vet exc. Am I right? It all gets muddled up to me!! Who can qualify for each?? I’ve followed basketball for 20 years from England, but we never get good enough coverage of the ins and outs of the financial side, so I’m a bit behind on that! 🙂

  7. Mirza says:

    when Boston had the Big 3 of Pierce Allen and KG, people said they had no chance beacuse they didnt have a bench. Rondo and Perkins were pretty much pegged as the 2 worst starters in the nba. Lebron if he comes and Bosh and Wade are better than Pierce Allen and KG. They still have MLE and Bi annual exception if they sign lebron. Also if they dont sign lebron they have money left to sign players like Haywood Felton Miller or Haslem. Those of you saying Bosh is overrated understand Boshes team was a disaster they were so unbelieavably bad at defence. Bosh if you look at the situational stats was actually a good defeender

  8. Terron Hill says:

    I wonder how many Laker fans will remain when they don’t even make the finals, lol! Don’t be surprised if that happens. Anything’s possible. Did you see Kobe’s last game? If it weren’t for Artest and Fisher, the Celtics would’ve been Champions. Let’s all take a moment to congratulate the Lakers for winning the title but if you saw the interview tha Phil Jackson had after the game, even he was shocked that they won. I’m not a hater by far but don’t expect the Lakers to three peat with all of these teams getting a lot better. The Lakers need a bench, period if they want to win again. Kobe is definitely on the decline, him and Fisher. But at least Fisher was consistent the whole finals. Kobe was definitely not consistent the whole series. Anyways, time will tell and reveal a “NEW” NBA Champion that isn’t the Lakers.

  9. Matt B says:

    Great start, but as many people say, you need a team. If LBJ turns up as well though – forget about it! You can rest one of them at a time and still have 2 of the top 10 players in the league on court at all times! And then 3 for about 35/40 minutes – that’s just sick! It wont matter who else they have – as long as they can catch, run and pass, they wont need to do anything else!
    Personally I see LBJ in Chicago – they made a good decision to get Boozer in quick as an enticement. It wont matter though. The Wade Bosh double punch will be more than enough, let alone the good quality back-up they can get around them with 14m in cap space left.

    On both points – look at the UFA list and think about how many of those may be willing to take close to minimum salaries to almost guarantee a ring?? White Hot Heat!!!

  10. edsel says:

    oh ma. gotta love this circus. all these superstars own the spotlight. welcome to the new nba. let’s change it to nla Nat’l Lebron Assc.
    it has become a disgusting spit to past greats who played foremost for the love of the game, and not for the media hype and all. ask bird, or kareeem or russel or wilt and throngs of others.
    it’s just the media cannot get over the MJ brand that is why this is all happening. you cannot fault mj though, he’s the one who brought the nba to new heights, but seeing this league come to this, you can’t tell anymore if this is the L or WWE.
    but of course all hope is not lost.
    Just take KD, silently signing up for five years for his beloved OKC. just a twit to announce the thing, no media hooplas, no 1 hour espn special, just the old school type of thing. I would not be surprised if he get his ring first before the media mongering James.
    Haaay naku, ang mga hayup na to sige, magkandarapa kaung mag built ng team panlaban ki Kobe at LA, who by way is chilling out in africa watching the ‘real sport’ World Cup.
    Empty cans make the silliest noises. and the real king of the basketball world is resting up, fixing his numerous ailments, and will be ready 100% at last for the longest of times for the ring in 2011. eat that mga kulang sa pansin. lol.

  11. Pyotr says:

    @ strongest

    ok then.. state a player that carried his team to win it all? LeBron? no rings.. MJ, does it with pippen..

    and EVENTUALLY please understand.. THERE is no “I” in “TEAM”
    if you are referring to kobe not able to carry his team, what do you know what happens in the locker room, in player huddles, in time outs… a player is not only defined by the way he plays. W/O Kobe’s leadership lakers would have fallen and crumbled during playoffs

  12. alex1980 says:

    Wade & Bosh with the possibilty of LBJ in Miami, 3 megastars with no supporting cast atm, who’s gonna do all the blue collar dirty work, a big headache with the rest of the roster! Bosh has already said he wants to b da “man” and carry his team to a championship, with LBJ and Wade there whos gonna take the winning shot? Miami can bring in 5 megastars but there’s only one basketball to go around! Just look at the atrocity that happened with Real Madrid (soccer) this season! need i say more?

  13. buster says:


  14. strongest says:

    the windy city sukks.who would want 2 play anywhere else than miami 305 wad3 county..yall r jus mad that yall didint get good guys on yer team..if lebron james wants a ring he will go 2 miami..chicago team sukks an lebron hates chicago thats y he was dissing yall during tha last game when he danced.lolololol thas funni..hes ganna come 2 miami watch.lebron d wade an chris bosh r friends.

  15. MakesNoSense says:

    Wade & Bosh in Miami???!!! Makes no sense, 2 stars doesn’t make a championship… A TEAM wins a championship, PERIOD!!! ;D
    Look at the Bulls, Houston, Lakers, San Antonio eras… Each team has their stars, but its the supporting cast which makes a championship possible…
    Wade & Bosh should have gone to the windy city, at least they have a stable core team for them to work with… they only need to add a couple more role players, and there you have it, a championship caliber team… why Miami???!!! Makes no sense at all, seems like a start of a team rebuilding process to me…
    As for James, good luck where ever he goes, unless the team surrounds him with quality role players who don’t choke during playoffs, he will be another Malone or Barkley…

  16. Meech says:

    @ strongest

    Kobe shot like 42% which is not great but not bad either…. and Kobe average 30points in the finals how does he suck with 5 rings? And besides Gasol name one player that is going to the hall of fame on the Lakers? and that if Gasol goes?

    • strongest says:

      kobe started winnig all his rings recently because of his team..y do u think hes been in tha leage for like 12 years an jus now hes starting 2 win his rings becuze he needs tha greatest team 2 help him hes not a true player that can carry a team..

  17. KobeAndrei says:

    Wade-Bosh, Amare-LBJ, whatever happens this summer or this free agent draft. it all comes down next season who will win the east. definitely Lakers will still be the king of the west. Let us all wait if this team-up will emerge victorious or not.

  18. strongest says:


  19. heat says:


  20. Meech says:

    @ Refered

    Are you serious? First of all the title Wade got was not only with Shaq on the team whos jersey was retired in Miami just recently? Mourning who was a beat on defense that year… not to mention all the role players they had… Gary Payton… Jason Williams…. James Posey…. Antoine Walker….a better Haslem… I was surprised they didnt win the year before. Lakers do have some older players now but just 4 years ago they were one of the youngest teams in the league and where did that get them? They added vets and next thing you know they are in the finals. Age means nothing as long as they perform… No one said Artest was great we did not get him for offense it was defense which he played solid all year…offense is a bonus with him… They do need a consistent 3 point shooter… they just got a decent point guard with a higher IQ than farmar. I like the Lakers chances next year but I know basketball and I am a realist a threepeat is not guaranteed

  21. durell says:

    Lebron will become a Knick. Amares waitin’ for him out there. Get it? Bosh- Wade; Amare- James. The signs are there except for Lebrons signature;)

  22. Ani says:

    This feels like the summer KG and Ray Allen went to the Celtics.

  23. Refered says:

    Are you guys kidding me noah isnt even that good and rose would never ever be in Dwyane Wade’s level. Also the heat have michael beasley he hasnt proven nothing yet but soon he will. By the way the lakers are to old to compete yes they won this year but you guys think Artest is so good he sucks , gasol is good but heat can get a good center anytime that would dominate. knicks only got amare and all of a sudden they are back right? starting a question with if ‘s is a prediction not really a question. the heat have the lead role for james all they need is a center and some back ups for wade bosh and lebron. they got pat riley who is a terrific coach who can come down anytime. if wade could get something with shaq , he could also get something with chris bosh who is a legit scorer getting more points then shaq. thank you for your time.

    • Mirza says:

      Noah is a double double machine but a bit overrated, Rose is an unbelievable player. Beasely has talent he needs to get his head on right. Artest is decent on offence best man defender in NBA. Yeah Knicks still have cap space and they will have some next year when they are gonna target Melo. But if Melo comes does Lebron move to the 1 or 2 or hell even 4? Chris Paul is rumoured to be going to miami or new york so its really crazy.

  24. K-Rock says:

    All the Heat need now is a pg like Raymond Felton, a sg like Kyle Korver or Jamal Crawford, and a pf like Tyrus Tomas. These are great role players. Korver and Crawford can big threes. Tyrus Tomas can grab rebounds and put back missed jumpers with his athleticism and long arms. Raymond Felton can make key passes and knock down open shots.

  25. Joey says:

    I wonder how bosh feels being an “addition” to the heat?? In the end thats is what it is cause you ask yourself who is the better player and you think wade….

  26. Meech says:

    Bryan says:
    July 7, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    I don’t think so.. Kobe won’t get another ring up to the time of his retirement.. I hope David Lee and LBJ would sign to either Bulls or Cavs.. Now well have what you call RIVALRY!

    Thats the same thing they said about him winning without Shaq…. We all know how that turned out

  27. Meech says:


    I think they will play well together but they will fail unless they get better role players… and that will be hard to do with the money the will have left… Lebron cant come because there will be no money left for role players. Plus it will be Wades team and Lebron needs it to be his team

  28. Pyotr says:

    Unless proven, LAKERS are still the TOP DOG.. ^_^

  29. Wade-County says:

    Wade abd bosh are going to be winning championships. not by themselves but with the free agency this summer. we probably gonna get brendan haywood richard jefferson and roger mason and were gonna be unstoppable.
    and people saying bosh gonna get injured… dont worry about it if ur in the heat ur gonna get fit and strong just ask Q-rich and the defense is gonna be crazy. we were one of the best teams in defense last year and we had a bad team.
    so the Miami Heat are gonna have a 6-peat 2011-2016

  30. Steve Blom says:

    Lebron will stay in Cleveland. I’ve said it all along. Don’t be surprised if Cleveland adds a surprise player or two!!!!!

  31. Kevin says:

    Bosh and Wade are guna win championships together if LeBron joins these two then miami will win more than 5 titles oh btw if on June 19 2011 the heat beat the lakers with LeBron Bosh and Wade then kobe knows that these ppl can beat them then when he retires theres not going to be one team that can beat miami in the finals bottom line,,,


  32. Steve Blom says:

    Say what you want to about the Lakers. They just won the championship against a great Boston team in an exciting 7 game series! They are the champs! I love to read all these blogs about the Laker team and players. Have you seen a team lately with a bigger heart? Especially with all the injuries they have been suffering! Right now they have to be dethroned! They’re not invincible but I guarantee they’re gonna play their hearts out again next year to win a third title in a row. Bosh and Wade together should make a great duo. there has to be team chemistry as well. Remember what happened with Shawn Marion in Miami? It’ll be another great year next year, and I’m a hardcore Laker fan!

  33. oh yea bby says:

    why is everybody forgetting about the celtics? even if bosh and d wade or even lebron comes to one team, they wont win championship because miami has no money to pay other players.. cuz they will be over the cap limit.. but lets say they do.. please beat the lakers. LOL. anyway.. if they want to win.. they should not get lebron… lebron is just plain out bad luck not until he proves something to us and get the damn trophy from kobe.. other than hat.. celtics is still a great competitor and dont forget magic but i dont think magic will have a big impact knowing the east have the better teams than west..

    lakers are getting the easy way out because theres no really a good team that can play against the lakers.. well maybe just the thunders and the blazers.. other than that.. its an easy way out.. thats not fair.. lebron should go to a team in the west so kobe will have a hard time at least getting a championship once again.. in my opnion.. amare shoulda went to the thunders..and team up with durant since they below the salary cap and they needed a superstar.. but oh well..
    watch out for the celtics to get revenge on the lakers once again but .. if the heat gets some at least semi good players for help from the free agency then thats a maybe that they will be at the finals once again..

  34. Juan says:

    I forget, you also need role players. Role players are extremely important as well. You need players like K Martin, C Boozer, and so forth. You can’t do it it with all all stars on the team. When have a you ever seen a team full of talent ( I’m talking about LBJ, MJ, KB, DWade and Bosh on the same team type of talent) work. I don’t think its impossible but if you ask me, not enough minutes in one game for everyone to feel satisfied. It takes alot to say ok i will share the ball, and even more to actually do it. Its called maturity. This is just my opinion. Again 100% chance it could work, and 100% chance it will fail. Just wait for the season to begin. I’m not a hater, I’m just a realist.

  35. jayz says:

    i dont think they can win a championship even james join them,..it is not that easy,..believe me,..hehehe

  36. mv3 says:

    Miami is good,
    its gonna take them at least 2 years to start winning a championships
    d-rose,wade,bosh,deng,noah- best starting line up
    d-rose- best pg
    deng- can score
    noah-brings alot of energy to the team and can block shots and score!

  37. Juan says:

    Everyone is saying if lebron comes to the heat then its a wrap. The reality is this, how do you know that three big stars are going to work well together. People often forget about chemistry, which is very important. Someone talked about the money issue and they were right. Three big stars won’t get a max contract and won’t want to take a paycut either. LBJ (so i have heard) loves making money, so i dont see him taking a pay cut. Unfortunately alot of money is very important these days to players as great as these 3 and they deserve it for how great they are. I’m not saying that it won’t work with these 3 in Miami. I’m just saying, be real. I’m a laker fan but i’m a realist. Chances of lakers getting a 3 peat is about 60-70%. Why so low being a huge laker fan? Nothing is guaranteed in this life. And just because you put the three best players in the league on the same team does not guarantee a championship or dynasty. I honestly don’t care about any of this free agent news. All i can say is: wait for the season to begin and judge the teams by how they do then. Until that day, just chill, cuz again, nothing is for certain. There is a 100% chance that they will dominate, and a 100% chance that they will fail!

  38. […] Wade And Bosh In Miami? « NBA.com – Sekou Smith’s Hang Time Blog – Dwyane Wade stays in Miami and Chris Bosh joins him, how he does that remains a mystery because a sign-and-trade deal between the Heat and Toronto Raptors is still a possibility. But you knew it wouldn’t take long for the news to trickle out after LeBron James set up his Thursday night global announcement, that will be carried live on ESPN. […]

  39. Monty says:

    Wow I have always loved the Heat. I have always loved Wade. I have always loved Bosh. Yet i have always hated Lebron. LBJ please don’t come to Miami. Without you here it will be an un-selfish team, it will be the Chalmers-Wade-Beasley-Bosh-Center show. But if you come to Miami it will just be the Lebron show. You are a selfish B***H that has to take an hour just to tell people where you will play. Oh and don’t forget all that the media has talked about the last two years is where Lebron will be playing in 2011. Anyway is i were Wade and Bosh i wouldn’t want LBJ here it would be give it to Lebron and clear out… Without him it wont matter who has it, it will be whoever has the best match-up gets it.

  40. diehardCHICAGOfan says:

    its going to be good to see what miami does now. because if toronto does want to sign-and-trade miami would have wade bosh and mario chalmers on their roster. because i think they would have to package picks cash and michael beasley. its going to be good to see if dwade and bosh can play well together with a bunch of mediocre middle men. they dont have much to sign anybody else. well at least thats what i think. they will be good but i dont know how far they will get. i can see them beating orlando but boston maybe a problem if they keep their big 3 together.

    lebron may not want to join miami to become the big 3 because as it always has been — its all about the money. everyone this summer so far has gone for the money. amare took 100mil joe johnson got a gigantic 119mil wade resigns and bosh gets his. maybe he does go to the knicks in hopes of waiting for next year to get melo and become an unstoppable force. i like the combo of LEBRON MELO & AMARE more than the combo of LEBRON WADE & BOSH. and its new york city one of the biggest markets in the nation. but if espn is right and they usually are ..if lebron goes to the knicks he will make less money than amare this season. is that something mr. king james isnt worried about ?! stay in cleveland and get the most money but probably wont win a ring there ?! who knows.

    but of course i am from chicago and like i said before i dont think lebron will complement d.rose’s game very much and the bulls need a SG more than anything since they just signed BOOZER. im glad that they signed BOOZER because like ive blogged before d.rose needs someone to pick and roll with so that he can have more than 2 options after the pick. pick and roll with boozer and straight to the basket – either layup/dunk/floater or hit boozer on the roll or out to boozer for a jump shot.
    but then again i like the idea of having lebron only because that may help to bring in ray allen. thats only a dream because i know ray ray wont take a paycut and he’ll probably get paid more in boston. bringing in lebron would allow the bulls to also trade deng to find a shooting guard. im not sure whats going on with mike miller or if he’s signed anywhere but if the bulls are hoping lebron playing for the bulls may bring in a ray allen and that doesnt happen i wouldnt mind seeing mike miller in a bulls jersey or maybe anthony marrow if he hasnt signed anywhere either.

    its up to all of the teams on what they do from here. because once lebron tells the world where he’s going to play its going to be an all out scramble to fit players in with these big names. its chemistry and coaching. even though i hate the lakers i believe they won the championship on chemistry and coaching. the triangle offense is the best offense in the game and doesnt seem to be stoppable. containable yes but not stoppable especially in a series. kobe didnt play great in the finals but the players around him put it together and they walked away with the ring. and it didnt help that they didnt have THE kevin garnett. i dont think he will be the same kevin garnett of the past anymore.

  41. Redd says:

    Lebron’s going to either the Bulls or Knicks, he might as well stay in Cleveland and have some other free agents come to the Cavs. The Cavs can give him the most money he wants and get the player he wants to be with. It’ll take a long time before he gets his ring. Sorry, but I think this coming season… the Lakers will be in the finals again defending their championship title with: the Celtics, Magic, Heat, Bulls? – if Lebron comes, Cavs?- if Lebron comes or Knicks?- if Lebron comes… Notice that I left Miami out w/o Lebron in it… That’s for sure.

  42. FANATIC says:





  43. 1mike says:

    that seems pretty dumb to me. they aren’t going to have a supporting cast. They definitely won’t have a good bench. Those guys are going to have to play major minutes, pretty much the whole game. They won’t have anything left in the tank come playoff time. That is if they make the playoffs. Bosh should have went to Houston, he would have had a much better team and he would have made much more money. A max contract through sign and trade plus all those endorsements from china just for playing with yao.

  44. Lakers16x says:

    This is a nice sign for the heat, I believe this will lift them from the 6th seed to about the 4th or 5th. If they pursue LeBron I think they will be making a big mistake, they would have to get rid of Beasley and hope that some players would join the team for the lowest contract allowed which I only see a handful of players doing.

    I see a lot of people saying this is like putting Shaq and Wade together, how in the hell is it even the same? when Shaq joined the heat he was still playing very well I would take Shaq of 06 over Bosh of now anytime. Now the question is how many role players are the heat going to be able to get? and if they DO sign LeBron what kind of players are willing to get paid 1 million dollars and pretty much prove to the world that winning is more important than getting paid.

  45. Gator says:

    i keep seeing people talk about miami still needing some defensive players. you guys seem to forget that the heat have been one of the top defensive teams the last 2 years. chalmers is a steal artist. wade is the best guard shot blocker in the league and is also a steal artist, q.rich can also defend, and haslem is a proven defender if u guys recall the job he did on dirk in the finals. the heat´s problems all come from not having a presence in the paint and getting outrebounded. and chris bosh will surely bring some presence and rebounding into the mix. and lets not forget the two centers miami drafted, pittman, a star player from texas, and vernado, the all-time blocks leader in ncaa history if the heat decide to sign them. so i definately can see the heat doin big things in the coming years even without lebron. lebron would still be nice though lol

  46. Muzza says:

    Lakers:- Back to Back Champions. Miami???? Cleveland?????? Knicks???? Bosh?????? Wade (1x Championship with Shaq). LeBron (Choker). No matter what anyone says, Lakers are proven Champions multiple times. Until any of these dreamers can win, then they are nothing. PS Don’t get too excited Miami, there has been FAR better duos than Bosh and Wade who never won a title. A Champion Team will always beat a team of Champions.

  47. ANDRE says:


  48. heat rock says:

    It would make no sense at all for LBJ to sign somewhere else then the Heat. The Big three would be born in south beach and that would not be pretty. Look out lakers the nba championship trophy has left the building .

  49. john apleseed says:

    Wat bout gilbert Arenas??

  50. BallsOfMetal says:

    You Miami fools should go and get staters:

    Chris Paul
    Dwight Howard

    steve nash
    tim duncan
    carmelo anthony
    dirk nowitzky
    Jokim Noha

  51. GD says:

    Wade and Bosh in Miami, Stoudamire and Lebron in NY, and Rose Noah and Boozer in Chicago

  52. simon says:

    I think it doesn’t affect the Lakers’ ambition to Three-peat nex year! They still have the best player in Kobe Bryant, they have the ability to use more than one 7-footer against Chris Bosh and Phil Jackson will stay for another year. Only if Lebron joins the starparty in Miami, things are still looking very OK for LA!

  53. John24 says:

    It really doesn’t matter who the heat put together (except if they get lebron) they won’t stand a chance against the LAKERS!! Everyone on here next year knows that next year the lakers will threepeat. So you guys should just plan for 2011-2012 season.

  54. dakeem1 says:

    The Heat aren’t a chip contender YET. I think the perfect signing woulf be Haywood. Bosh has gone on record to say he does not want to play center. Haslem and Beasley are too small to be C’s, meaning they need a new C. Also, it will need to be a defensive player because Bosh is a very week defensive player.

    Every championship team has a great defensive bigman (or hustler). Olajuwon, Shaq, B Wallace, Gasol, Duncan, Garnett, Rodman, H Grant, D Robinson. You name it, every championship team has a Defensive big. The Heat will need someone like Brendan Haywood (who is asking for tooo much money).

    Also, I don’t get the hype aroun the Knicks. Look at the stats and you’ll see that David Lee was better than amare last season, plus Amare has Nash to bolster up his stats. david Lee has hustle and rebounding, plus he is a great garbage scorer. He is the perfect # 2 or 3 option. Amare, while being a beastly athletic scorer, needs a playmaker to thrive. His defense sucks, and he is nowhere near the rebounder than Lee is.

  55. JB says:

    Every team will still have to pass through the LAKERS/KOBE………..

  56. andre says:

    if they sign will let the season speak for itself

  57. LAKER4LIFE says:

    Just for your info Kobe & Fisher have more titles than all
    those superstars & teams mentioned except Boston

    16 & counting

  58. LakersFaninTN says:

    Nice, try Miami. Don’t get me wrong the Wade-Bosh combo is nice, but still not enough to beat my Lakers. Stop thinking because a team looks good on NBA 2k that they will be the NBA Champs. Miami still doesn’t have a center or a small forward. If they don’t get any shooters around them it doesn’t matter because the Lakers is going to double Wade and dare Bosh to beat them. Good luck with Pau Gasol all over you. Lakers still team to beat. And don’t forget we won the championship with Bynum on one leg.

  59. A fan says:

    Just to answer Tom Jacks question on WHO’S GONNA TAKE THE LAST SHOT IF THE GAME IS TIED?

    Answer is that my friend will never happen once the trio is formed, it would be a blow out for 82 games,,hahaha

  60. brian says:

    the reason why the lakers or the celtics are champions is becoz they have role players.if miami sign all 3 , and the rest is all rookies…you can win with that line up and they dont have center.bosh is a forward.they dont have a reliable center or point or shooting guard.lakers has kobe, ron, paul, bynum, fisher, lamar and you can include farmar or sasha or luke that can give you some minutes rest for your starters.. celtics have paul, kevin, ray, rondo, perkins. wallace , big baby that can give quality minutes….thats why they are champions….and what miami have…wade,bosh and james(if signed) and thats it!!!where’s the rest..players that can fit on the salary cap….cant win by that!!they will be the hottest team but thats it!!!they wont champions if thats there lineup

  61. WILLIE says:

    If I was LeBron I wouldn’t keep the fans in suspense. I would let them know where I am going because, if not for the fans buying what he promotes he would be only a millionaire playing for pride and nothing else. He is liked even by fans of the opposite teams, so be nice to your fans and let them know today where you are going to play and donate a million dollars to the charity of your choice. I know it won’t happen, but at least I tried.

  62. brian says:

    hey people even if you sign all 3 players that’s not enough.remember its a TEAM!not a TRIO!! all players cant play 48 minutes everyday! there just human!

  63. WILLIE says:

    Look for LeBron to announce tomorrow he too has decided to play for Miami Heat and they will win the NBA Championship this coming season. I guess he knows, what is best thing to do to get a Ring.

  64. BBallC says:

    YO if you do not know basketball/The NBA don’t come on here posting junk. Haters don’t post junk just because your team isn’t getting any attention right now. Wade and Bosh will play great together. Now all Miami has to do is start signing some great role players… they already have two big pieces to the puzzle. Miami should resign Haslem, Arroyo, Q.Rich, and Dorell Wright those guys deserve to stay. All that’s needed is a great PG, SF, C for the starting line up and a some tough defensive players coming off the bench that can score. If Miami can put all this around Wade and Bosh… Finals here we come.

    • sandwich says:

      “All that’s needed is a great PG, SF, C for the starting line up”

      And where do you suppose they’re going to find these ‘great players’ to fill all THREE of those positions? As well as the “tough defensive players coming off the bench that can score” ? You pretty much just said they need a whole team.

  65. TOM JACKS says:


    • Stevie says:

      LeBron, Bosh and Wade were all on the USA team so I’m sure they know how to play with one another. Look at Wade’s and LeBron’s steals and assists per game I’m sure there’s plenty of glory and points to go around if the trio is actually form. Jamsion was just added to the roster mid-way through the season so I don’t blame them for not having the chemistry. They never played with one another before.

  66. TOM JACKS says:


  67. TOM JACKS says:


  68. bigboy11 says:

    have anyone seen wade bosh and lebron playing together did u ‘all see that olympic finals, the miami trio can work

    , pat riley steps down to coach them i ithink jebron and bosh wants a ring soo bad they are willing to make sacrfices to get it i think the only coach they will play for is one that has won championships , he and bosh played for seven years and real hard too no ring to show. they had tweaked that team for lebron so many times gave him better role players , won most games regular season i think twice but mike brown could not hepl him get that ring. anyone doubt me go back and watch the boston series look at the play changes boston made fron game 1 to game 4 they totally neturlized the 4 players on the floor with lebron mike brown could not counter,boston took away his bread and butter plays and he did not have options.. tell me now what team is out there that has a winning coach,,,, only lakers,he cant go there , san antonio he cant go there, boston no money,,,,MIAMI???????? PAT RILEY

  69. Moe says:

    People, take a step or two back. This is not about building something for the long haul and not to just contended this one coming season only.

    Wade + Bosh are two young stars and two huge centre-peices to build around.

    Wade is a triple double machine. I could go on and on about how spectacular this guy plays on court and it wouldn’t be enough.

    Bosh pretty much set every record in Toronto franchise history and this season alone made nearly 1/3 of the teams total rebounding average. Believe it or not, he is an awesome STAR.

    Add some key peiece’s over the next year or two to support these peieces and you have solid formation to contended with.

    Miami needs some deep presence in the inside, Bosh, Haslem, Beasley…..they are good but what they need is a certifiable center and not a past all star with rickety knee’s called Jermaine O’Neal. Jermaine isn’t young anymore.

    They need to aqcuire by 2013 a good Guard to help chalmers. Add a few more forwards and you potentially have a dynasty that can contended till these men retire.

    Miami is trying to build a dynasty, not a team that can only contended for one season. They have done well to acquire Bosh from my hometown of Toronto. I’ll be rooting for Miami and its fans. ^_^

  70. T.C. says:

    It seems to me that everyone is handing the title or titles(If LBJ decides to join) to Miami since Bosh and Wade have decided to join forces. OK, after those two or possibly three then what? First of all, all of those who are excited to see t his happen must understand the impact that three egos of this size will have on a team. Remember, this is not the Olympics, this is about winning championships. Can they coexist together, maybe? I just know that the Trophy is in LA right now, and it seems to me that the Lakers of today and the MJ Led 3peat(twice) Bulls seemed to have the right formula for winning titles. For example during the Bulls three peat years, they always keep the main focus (MJ SCOTTIE)in place but always managed to add that missing piece, Bj Armstrong, then Paxson, then Kerr, Rodman, Harper, Cartwright, Longley, Wennington not necessarily in this order but you get what I’m saying. Lakers – Ariza leaves sign Artest, Farmar leaves sign Blake (Upgrade). Now, Miami has Wade and Bosh and possibly LBJ, again and what?
    You know KB is licking his chops right now to prove a point next season. It will be verry interesting……………….

  71. sandwich says:

    In my opinion, Bosh followed the money and the lifestyle. Miami is the best city for a young guy like Bosh and I’m sure he’ll live it up. We’ll see who fills out the rest of this roster. Wade and Bosh is a good team, but they still have no center. Bosh has stated that he is a 4 and not a 5 and has no interest playing the 5 spot. So, even if somehow Lebron magically ends up in Miami, they still have no addressed the issue of center. Beyond the money and lifestyle, I really don’t understand this decision by Bosh. Chicago would’ve been a much better situation for him, especially with Wade. I just don’t see them getting past the first, maybe second, round of the playoffs for the next couple years. Unless Beasley develops into a reliable talent, or they can get rid of him, this team will not be much better than last year.

  72. Roy says:

    Does it really matter? … it will be the Lakers for four (4) more years or so !

  73. Robert Zimmerman says:

    This is a charade. I hope David Stern takes notes. I know the owners are looking really bad. This should not end pretty for the pathetic specticle were observing. I cannot think of a darker period in the NBA history.

  74. Sang says:

    D-Bosh is not enough. what heat needs is a phil jackson like head coach.

  75. A fan says:

    I’m confident LBJ will not go to Chicago,,, he will only put more burdens on his shoulder. He will never surpass the Jordan Dynasty. If you are LBJ,,,why would you want to play to a city that already has a statue of Michael Jordan?? Doesn’t make sense.

    For me the most perfect option for LBJ would be the NYK or sign a deal and trade to the bid D (Mavs) since Nowitzki did not maz his contract to open up for another Superstar. They can do that by trading Caron Butler and trading Dampier.

    Having Jason Kidd on the point and Marion on the defensive side plus the ever reliable Dirk playing on the same side would make Lebron and the Dallas franchise a good shot dethroning the Lakers and become a possible contender on the West.

  76. MOE MAN says:


  77. Mainfocus says:

    I think Wade and Bosh is a great addition for Miami. Bosh will get the attention he deserve for years to come as future dominate big’s like Big Pau Gasol. Let’s not forget My main man D-wade carry the Heat to a Champion in 2006 and come have won it the pervious year if he didnt get hurt in the playoff against the Pistons. He had help Shaq and others but ever since the Laker’s three championship w/phil jackson, Shaq wasn’t the same dominate Shaq back in early 2000. Plus out of the draft in class ’03 wade is only one with a champion ring so its only right that free agents come to play on the winning organization with patrick riley and the head coach at the driver seat. “Lebron if you are reading this go to Miami you’ll make money and be a winner of many championships to come with the guys you won gold medals with. I would talk more but I don’t get pay to do this so peace.

  78. A fan says:

    Getting Bosh signed in Miami is a great factor,, but I’d rather have Amare instead of Bosh if Miami wants to go all the way. Now that Amare is at the NYK there is a huge possibility that LBJ will join him but the decission was yet to make I don’t see anything wrong LBJ going to South Beach,,,, if so,, this should be a challenge to other teams,,, imagine how sweet would be the 2011 championship if they can beat the Trio (if ever).

    David Lee will not sign in new york,, he will just be a back up for Amare at the same position.
    Lee cannot play on the THREE position,,,,NYK would trade him for a defender number 3 spot. Probably offer Melo.

  79. DVTMIAMI says:

    YES!!!! Mr.Bosh and Mr. Wade together. Now we must start building. Mario Chalmers is a solid point guard who can defend and run an offense along with Carlos Arroyo at backup. Re-signing Q-Rich along with signing Roger Mason would be good for the SF. Re-signing Haslem is important to back up Bosh. we could furthermore trade beasley for a solid center and SG or SF. another rookie PG and a reliable backup Center we could get through free agency then we will be set for the upcoming seasen. As muh as i would love LeBron, having him and Dwyane on the same team diminishes the Bird-Magic rivalry. It would make the league less attractive beacuse of their constant back and forth playing against eachothe. until another powerhouse reaches the NBA, LeBron and Wade should stay seperate.

    • DVTMIAMI says:

      PG- Chalmers, Arroyo, any other decent PG; SG- Wade, R. Mason; SF Richardson, James Jones or any other solid forward; PF- Bosh, Haslem; C- Haywood(depending on the cash), Joel Anthony

      • DVTMIAMI says:

        Thinking back, a good center could be Lee possibly. Small forward Richard Jefferson…..or the return of James Posey!!!!…. we could also use Felton or a solid PG

  80. JV says:

    lets make it simple LBJ

    money = knicks
    cleaveland = loyalty
    chicago = finals contender
    miami [if they give up beasley] = championship

  81. AJ MARTIN says:

    I think Lebron isnt going to miami, His option left over are New york, New jersey, chicago and cleveland. If he stays in cleveland he is facing the same problem he’s had the last very years. Not enough help from the team and over the salary cap. If he goes to new jersey he would be taking a big chance but a more likly pick then chicago because : First off, chicago is were micheal jordans career was spend, If my name was to go down in NBA History I would not want it with a team that has already had alot of history that cant be polished over with lebrons success. If I look at the options left (New Jersey and New York), i would bare in mind that miami is now a contender for the eastern title and could be a major problem in lebron trying to get championships. Look at New jersey, very interesting that they are starting new in brooklin. On the other side of the river, “The Knicks”, in which has just got Amare S. Ok, what if he goes to New jersey? Then NY picks up another player possible Tony P. or Carmelo A. Then lebron has not only the celtics to worry about but Miami, Orlando, New York and maybe chicago. But, if he joins chicago he would most likly deal with other up n coming teams. If he joined New York he would have a great chance at winning championships because of the other max players falling where they have. If its between 2 place’s right now I would say those 2 place’s would be chicago or New York. I only say that because it just grew even harder to get past the first and second round of the playoffs on the Eastern Conf. If lebron don’t realize that then he will be stuck trying to lift a team that is stuck watching him go to another level. Its simply the best anwser it seems, none of the others have as much to offer to lebron as far as contender goes.

  82. celtics says:

    the heat have a lot of roster spots to still fill and they need to get rid of beasley hes a dead weight with a poor attitude cant wait to see how they will match up with the c’s

  83. chief07 says:

    dang!! all this frenzy and hype just to dethrone the lakers…tsk tsk, and some already prepared excuses incase they cant knock off the lakers in the following years…its amazing…i remember the hype of shaq joining bron last year and how it became certain it would bring championship to cleveland,,,,i also remember just a few months ago the addition of jamison and how the cavs became the complete favorite to win it all…..lol fast forward to now and lebron is being left out and looking to find a place where he can settle as if hes been alone his entire career ahaha…like i said all this just to beat the defending champs…

  84. jbg says:

    ummm people there are three other starters on the team other than bosh and wade… haha which are all below average nba journeyman iff u take out beasley lol u cant win without a bench and you definitely cant win with three big egos on your team iff you add lebron

  85. dietrich says:

    ‘If they have an perimeter-post synergy anything like what Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol do in Los Angeles, we should all be prepared to spend lots of time in Miami during the playoffs the next few years.’

    Takes more than just two good players to be a great dynasty like the lakers. Also bosh can’t defend lol.

  86. Anonymous says:

    If it is indeed true that Bosh and Wade are collaborating in Miami, LeBron’s decision about moving or staying put is made even harder. First of all, as good as three superstars teaming up to get a championship is you have to remember that these three are used to being the center of their respective teams. They knew they were the foundation of their franchise. Having two other superstars in your team could affect the balance and chemistry of how the entire team operates. At the end of the day egos will always be there. The first question is if they are willing to put their egos aside and accept their new roles to become NBA champions. Secondly, these three superstars are one of the highest-paid players in the league and teaming up will make it impossible for them to earn as much as they used to because of the salary cap imposed by the NBA. The second question now is if they are willing to give up their high salaries for a greater chance to become champs. If these three are willing to make these sacrifices, there’s no doubt they can be a championship-dynasty calibre team, especially putting into account that they are still young and have a lot of years to develop together. As good as they are though, they will still need a team behind them that can compensate for their weaknesses and “off” nights just like the Lakers. During game 7 Kobe’s game was more than disappointing, but who can blame him, everyone has an off-night, it was just unfortunate it had to be during one the biggest games of his life but even then, his team stepped up for him and they slowly got back and won the game. Now that is a TEAM. Imagine if the three free agents team up and become contenders, imagine a Miami-Lakers finals. Now that is going to be a wild series where it is not going to be about superstars but about two TEAMS.

  87. Danial says:

    Lakers will win another championship. People thought that because of his age he wouldn’t be able to play as well and guess what, they were wrong. Kobe Bryant is born to play basketball and no team so far is a contender to defeat the Lakers. Right now if the heat were to get Bosh and Wade they still can’t win a championship unless they get another big free agent and a better all around defense team.

  88. think says:

    I think Miami should just keep Beasley… He’d have more time to develop with him being given his 3 position… or trade to get back Posey… get a veteran center (maybe J. Oneal for less since he wont have any takers for a big contract anymore), Haslem is still there anyway…

    but i just wish right now that they havent let go of Shaun Livingston… I mean, despite his injury history, this dude is borderline All-Star potential… just get an good journeyman back-up (AJohnson perhaps) to take care of his minutes… Wade can take on some PG responsibilities during the season anyway…

    No need to lure Lebron… Wade is good enough just to have another all-star and great role players with him…

    Miami right now has a great 1-2 tandem… just surround them with unselfish role players without squandering the money… if things didnt get any better, they’d still have next year to get a better free agent… but please, stop chasing Lebron… you already have wade for cryin out loud.

  89. KJellow says:

    The NBA has become an ego league

  90. NMLAKERSFAN says:

    Bosh and Wade together makes Dwade happy!!! LBJ joining the crew, will not happen! If Lebrick and his King Crap Dribble / Walk goes to Chicago…. That will be a good team in Chicago… I don’t see lebrick in Miami! I think he stays in Cleveland or heads to NY. Celtics are falling apart!!!

    Cavs / Magic / Heat / Chicago will beat eachother up next year and the Lakers will face one of them in the 2011 Championship!

    How about Boozer, Carmelo, and the others… Will they just stay put or is Amare right?

    Lastly, why is Lebron needing a 1 hour special on ESPN? He is rediculous…. He makes people dislike him more and more and more…. He is just crying for more media time… Biggest decision of 2010….. mannn funk that… 2010 NBA Champs… Hey Lebrick… How was watching the Lakers win the championship from home on your couch????? Stop asking for media attention and a 1 hour sepecial… Be true to your fans and to your team and stay!!!! LEBRICKKKK!

    Kobe – Pau – Artest – Fisher – Odom – Bynum – Zen Master and crew…. Shall see you in 2011!!!

  91. Stevie says:

    D-Wade and Bosh isn’t enough man, they need at least James in there or another big free agent that is offensively stable. Too bad Jermaine O’Neal isn’t what he use to be or a big three would have been formed just by acquiring Bosh. Plus the Heat would save so much money that way as well and therefore, sign the rest of the Miami unrestricted free agents back.

  92. JAM says:

    Ok so look you put Bosh and Wade in Miami with no true point unless wade plays the point maybe get Ray Allen to play the two Chalalmers and Beasley are useless except to play a sixth man roles. so instead of getting Lebron Get a solid Center, point guard, and swingman. Matt Barnes Brendan Haywood and Raymond Felton three guys who don’t have to average big numbers let Wade and Bosh do the scoring and surround them with a defensive presence. Next Bosh and Wade and LeBron is not going to happen that would ruin a team they would each get the ball mixed up who gets the ball it would require a coach like Mike D’antoni because with so much offense you can’t play D. Lebron will go to NY or Chicago because clevland is a sucky team. Chicago makes more sense. I am a huge Lakers fan and every team is trying to come up with something good to beat us and I would fear if Miami waited one year and brought in Chris Paul more than Lebron James

  93. ALTO says:


  94. Andre says:

    Lebron is going back to the Cavs but would not sign a long term contract dont ask where i got it from but its the truth insider watch tomorrow night

  95. NBA_fan says:

    All these talk about ‘Bron not winning a championship until Kobe allows him. Is Kobe a god that decides things? talks about ‘Bron getting a career-halting injury. Do you also forget that Kobe is also prone to a Career-Halting injury? Don’t be too blinded.

    I would like to see where ‘Bron ends up….

  96. LEldridge says:

    What idiot would say the Lakers aren’t that good? They just won back to back championships. If they aren’t good, then everyone else is worse. Also, the world is getting tired of the LeBland show. He is only the MVP because of commentators and big business buying his press for him. Face it…how far does he take his team? Any MVP can carry a team…not him. “He can only win surrounded by better players”, that’s no MVP, that’s common sense. When the rest of the Lakers were not performing, Kobe (the true MVP) stepped up and delivered….no matter who was or wasn’t around him.Staging and prolonging this decision is hurting his “brand” that he cares so much about. Basketball should be the first love!!! No matter what, these free agents are still chasing the Kobe and the Lakers and will be for quite some time!!

  97. Valhador says:

    I like this for the Heat. I don’t believe LBJ will follow at all but signing Lee is a possibility which makes sense.

  98. kdub says:

    Le-Bron is going to Oklahoma!!!! this just in Kevin Durant is Trying to lure him to play with Westbrook and Jeff Green. This kind of foolishness must stop. Le-Bron should stay in Cavaliers town or just frigging announce already that he is going to retire. either way it does not matter, he does not get past the Boston Celtics or Orlando Magic if he stays in the eastern conference.better yet he doesn’t get past Wade and Bosh now, Join them or you are screwed Le-Bron. my 10 cents out.

  99. Rossman says:

    D wade and Bosh together is an amazing combo. If they don’t get Lebron they have the extra cap room to sign some pretty good free agents. Haslem will come back for less because he is from Florda and loves playing for miami. The Miami Heat will be a team to look out for this up coming season. To all the people out there hating on Miami’s pick up of Bosh don’t be mad cause he didn’t choose your favourite team to go to.

  100. Jose says:

    I want Lebron to join Chicago, They have more pieces to the puzzle, and would be able to compete and beat Miami. I’m a laker fan, but would rout for Lebron in the East.

  101. Stylians says:

    wade has stayed in miami and bosh has joined him because chicago already has its future in derrick rose and joakim noah. the bulls need lebron. wade and bosh wouldnt fit there, and neither of them are gonna take a deal in chicago because they wont play as big a role in the team. 5 years from now wade and bosh have to sign a new contract, they’re not gonna get top dollar playing alongside rose and noah. fair enough they’re (wade/bosh) better players now, but they need to get the stats as well as the glory.
    Look at Pierce Allen and Garnett. The celtics are successful because they signed allen and garnett to join pierce at the later stages of their careers, they’re not in their prime but they’re still good enough to get the jobe done. they don’t get paid top dollar.
    Wade and Bosh will be at that stage in five years time. For now they need to start and build their own legacy. They’ll pick up some good veterans along the way and the quality young players they already have will come up through that regime. Like Rajon Rondo now or Kobe when he was playing with Shaq. Then in 5 years time they can disperse and join younger teams that will carry them through to retirement.
    Not many players are lucky enough to have the right team built around them. It took Kobe a long time and a few tantrums to get gasol and his current supporting cast. Then you have player like Allen Iverson who deserved a championship but was very unfortunate in Philly that no-one special came along that made an impact or played to potential.

    A good 1-2 punch only forms part of the team. Jordan and pippen had Kukoc, Rodman, Harper and a string of roleplayers. But the teams they beat weren’t too shabby. Everyone remembers Malone and Stockton. What about Kemp/Payton/McMillan/Schrempf, or Barkley/KJ/Majerle/Chambers/Ceballos/Ainge! These teams were INSANE. Built with 2 or 3 superstars and a handful or roleplayers who became stars as a result of the teams success.

    Lebron needs to go to chicago, That would be an unstoppable offence with LBJ, Rose and Noah. And the bulls should have a bit left over to sign some decent proven defensive weapons.

    Amare should flourish playing under his old coach, he just needs some more talent around him. Everyone seems to forget that new york signed t-mac last year. T-mac might not be the most consistent player, but the same can be said for amare. Both are high risk for injury as well but if they can get at least one more superstar with at least 10years left in him then new york should be in the playoffs for a few years to come. Carmelo is one option. forget tony parker, imagine if they got Chris Paul, or Deron Williams (who wont be winning in utah without boozer). If i was Rajon Rondo that’s where i would be heading, The big three wont be around for much longer, and neither will doc rivers.

    Then theres the Nets who have nothing but a fat wallet to buy whoever they want, if they can get them!

    One thing is for sure, the NBA landscaoe over the next few years will see a massive shift in power. Particularly as the lakers get too big for the cap, kobe leaves, and the celtics all retire.
    This is one of the most exciting times in the league because it will be one of the most defining. And as fans, we get to reap all the awards.

  102. Sh0-_-GuNnA says:

    if u want to create a legacy…why do it in clevland instead of new york…..think about all the $$$ involved ….all the endorsements…..being in new york could make him a billionaire just off playing basketball….lol..he has guarenteed money in this recession….come on …nyc all day!

  103. Sh0-_-GuNnA says:

    smh…bosh performs the low blow..picks wade of lebron….just another reason why lebron will join amare n the knicks…n next year the knicks will bring in another max player…(melo) and eddy curry will make his dominant return….

  104. Nick says:

    LeBron wants a big man…Miami signed the best big man available while also resigning Wade, which most likely means no more money for Miami to sign LBJ as well.

    Hmm, who’s the only team besides Miami to make a move for a big man? The New York Knicks.

    Never has LBJ to NYC been more likely.

  105. Tommy says:

    Bosh and Wade are more than capable of winning a championship together… I don’t buy the whole poor mans Bryant/gasol at all. I’m more concerned about their role players… I mean let’s face it lakers wouldn’t have had a chance without the huge performances they got out of fisher and artest and the dominance they got from bynum. U can’t win a chess game without all the right pieces ya dig?

  106. Anthony says:

    This is a little disappointing. Are these guys crazy or something? How are they planning to win Championship with the roster that Miami has by TODAY? Not even proven players under contracts for next season, just Chalmers & Beasley. Now they’re saying they will sing the 3 rookies they drafted from the 2nd round? Good luck winning championship with 2nd round rookies as starters. Unless Wade & Bosh get 30PPG each and still get the energy to defend on the other side I don’t see things going well.

  107. JV says:


    think about this…

    double team on wade
    double team on lebron
    double tean on bosh

    miami will be a godlike team..i mean BEYOND GODLIKE TEAM….3 east superstar in 1 team?

    this is clearly NOT gonna happen ..what is this NBA 2k10?

    like the article said…they will cut their salary if LBJ joins miami…

    wade/bosh will not agree to that…

    its clear that LBJ wants all eyes on him..not on wade or bosh…

    if you watch all star games 2010…wade is just giving the ball to james/bosh/howard etc…wade impressed howard w/ his passing and not being sekfish

  108. randy says:

    wade and bosh will make a very good combo in miami. But lets just face the fact, lebron won’t go, to the Knicks, definitely not the nets, their are only three teams i think he can join either the cavs, heat, and bulls. But to be honest i think its just a two team race to get lebron, The cavs and the bulls, Cavs cuz thats his hometeam, he can get more money, and he stated himself that he wants to win a championship their. The bulls because of the talent they have noah, and rose. But in the end he will go back to the cavs, if he goes to the bulls he will be in the shadow of michael jordan. I really think james wants to make his own legacy with the cavs but you’ll never know, lol we’ll find out tomorrow.

  109. Matt B says:

    2 pieces in place – forget lebron though. Show some loyalty and re-sign one of the best defenders in the league in Haslem, and maybe get Haywood and Allen on vet salary. – would still leave a decent bit of room to make up the numbers with slightly better than just role players. A shooter and defender are far more important than Lebron though – gotta stop the opponent and gotta spread the floor to clear the lane for Wade.

  110. Marcus says:

    Ummm, the tandem sounds good to me, but they are lacking a bench. The one thing you dont wanna do is, sell a team for just 3 players. Yes dwade, bosh and lebron are in their prime, but u cant expect them to play 48 mins a nite, plus playoffs whether they are in their prime or not. They wouldn’t have enough in the tank at the end to beat a Lakers team in a seven-game series. U nd a bench and 8 other players are not gna play for free. dwade and bosh are already looking at max-contracts. Y wud they take a pay cut jus 4 Lebron to cum their? This is the biggest contract they’re gna get in their careers, y gamble on that? It doesn’t add up. Not to mention, the Lakers are loading up as we speak, with new bench talent…

  111. Justin says:

    LeBron doesn’t want to team with Wade he wants to beat him…

  112. Tim says:

    Unless LeBron goes to Chicago, the Lakers pass the torch to Oklahoma City after next year. Kevin Durant is the real deal, and that team has cap room to spare. They already gave the Lakers trouble in the first round this year, and could be scary good in a year or two. Dwyane Wade is already on the declining side of his career curve, with the mileage on those tires. That guy has taken a beating since Shaq left. His game isn’t one that can really be modified with age like Michael and Kobe. His drop off is coming fast and hard in the next 3 years or so.

  113. Heat fan says:

    If Wade and Bosh will play together, 2010 – 2011 Miami Heat World Champion’s. That will be the same thing that happened in LA with Kobe and Shaq

  114. Justin says:

    Rose is only going to get better, so is Noah, Taj Gibson was an All Rookie PF last year… If the Bulls can get Boozer and Tom Thibadou can get his old buddy Ray Allen to follow him to Chicaog the Bulls will beat the Heat.

  115. einstein says:

    Wade and Bosh = championship – Lebron not needed, let him stay in cleveland as its better for the league anyway….

    beasley will break out into an allstar under tutorlege of Bosh and Riley – Chalmbers will not be far behind either – he’s a big game player which he proved at Kansas.

    There will be plenty of room for quality players to add and Haslem already has a championship to his name and does all the directy work and makes clutch jumpers when needed. Remeber Miami were one of the very best defensive teams last year so they know how to stop everyone – they just needed another reliable 20 point guy to get the extra points they were missing.

    Miami have it all now – Lakers and Celtics are getting very old, bulls are too young and no one else figures really.

    • Justin says:

      lol more like they’ll FAIL…. If LeBron goes to chicaog they’ll get owned, if Lebron stays in cleveland Chicago will still beat them… You see Chicago already has two all-star caliber players Noah and Rose… Add a Boozer or Ray Allen… and thats 3. Miami just has 2 and plus the Bulls Bench is better than Miamis.

  116. deuce says:

    Lebron should worry about being Lebron James and not worry trying to be like Mike, or a premadonna.. Basketball is a team sport.. With Wade and Bosh things become alot simplier.. with a couple role players.. this team could quite possibly be the best team ever assembled.. The lakers had Kobe and Gausol and Artest, not to mention Odom so i dont see the problem.. Wade doesnt care about being the “Leader” but when the game is on the line Ron Artest cannot check Lebron or if the double team Lebron Wade can still score with Kobe checking him or throw it down to Boshor Let chalmers become John paxson.. the ” will ” it

    • Lakerman says:

      Deuce your clueless when it comes to Basketball. Your funny though, and you live in a dreamland. Anyways go Lakers!

  117. BiH says:

    BOSH IS OVERRATED – They will contend, but not win east. They need lebron.

    Lebron is going to New York. Otherwise he will be a loser his whole career.

  118. rdyon says:

    but the question is.. if they will be given a chance (wade and bosh) w/ bron. can they make their self sacrifice for the scoring? like on what did the C’s done before.. and also can chalmbers take the lead role to make their running gun offense work.?

  119. celtics fan says:

    if the celtics want to win another championship the should try to steal one of these guys and sayong goodbye to one of the big three and maybe rondo could be the center of their team i suggest boston to steal wade ayaw from these contraversies especially when seeing allsatr game when rondo and wade’s combination playmaking confused the whole western allstar

  120. Eduardo says:

    I like the Laker’s and Kobe but Laker fans really need to get over it and stop mentioning them in Articles when the topic and subject have nothing to do with them.

    Laker fans just remember that they will have to face and up and coming talented team in OKC that pushed them to 6 Games in their first ever Playoff Campaign, then they got pushed to 6 games by a much weaker Phoenix Team and even though a majority of Laker fans won’t admit it, had Perkins not gone down Celtics most probably would have taken out Game 7.

    Now back to the topic of the article, Wade and Bosh in the East would be a great combo. I just feel that it would have been more fitting and pointing towards LeBron going to Miami if they all announced it to the Media at the one time, rather than on separate days.

    Really liked it when Miami won in 06 but since then, the Heat have done nothing to surround Wade with a good supporting cast. Even surrounded him by D-Leaguers in 08. Cleveland have continuously proven to LeBron throughout the years that they’re willing to build a half supportive team around him… well a decent team that have led the league in the regular season, shame they don’t turn up during the Playoffs. But is that a coaching issue or does it come down to the players. They could have rested Shaq more and turned into a more athletic running team putting Hickson on the floor and managing Shaq’s minutes more effectively.

  121. Ali says:

    Wow. I have been a Toronto home-town fan since the Vince Carter days, but Bosh and Wade in Miami! Even better than with Shaq! And then Lebron..? What is that? EVEN BETTER than Celtics Big 3! Lakers are almost done IMO.

  122. big o says:

    I thought the pupils who blogs here are true Nba fans and actually know the game of basketball and how important players chemistry on the floor is important to win games?…… instead its all about fantasies!!!! are you kidding me? Bosh Lebron and Wade in the same team? that is the dumbest idea I have ever heard . It will not work. Bosh and Lebron will have problem moving freely on the floor. and talk about calling plays for each “EGO”. even if you put bosh in the middle (playing center) and lebron power forward .. there is still going to be problems with touches. bottomline lebron and wade in the same team will not work. if you basketball very well you will think about this before making stupid comments.. But Wade and Bosh and a decent man like an healthy tyson chandler in the middle (role player) ? now that’s a dynasty waiting to happen. best but for lebron is chicago and he can win a championship by himself after Kobe retires ofcourse!!!

  123. deuce says:

    Lebron should worry about being Lebron James and not worry

  124. J.S says:

    if wade and bosh join together why is everybody taling about lebron should go there as well? think about it.. if wade and bosh get there they have like 4 players under contract. with the money they got left it is hard to form a decent team!! if lebron get there as well then they can spend the rest of their money and get rick karmla on their starting five as pg and maybe sekou smith wants to play for them for a couple of bucks a year.. stupid idea i don’t think that the miami office would do this… they would get some massive money for the sake of the big three until the nba announces that they cant play the season with only 6 players on their roster…

  125. D.Baulcomb says:

    Your all speculating that Ray Allen would leave the Celtics to play in Miami, that is bull. There is no way that a 35 year old player would give up a starting spot in a championship-contending side (where he and KG/PP mentor Rajon Rondo) to become a bench player in Wade’s shadow for the last couple of years of his career.
    Now that Amar’e Stoudamire has signed in NY I think that it has highly increased the chances of LeBron going there, with Amar’e/LeBron there with the likes of Tony Parker and Melo Anthony being rumoured to sign there in the 2011 post-season I think that is too good of a prospect for LeBron to turn down. Added to that would be the addition of being the star of the show in basketball’s largest arena, the eyes of every NY-er will be fixed on LeBron James, reigniting the flame that the Knicks (and their fans) have lost over the past few re-building seasons.
    As for Chicago, I think that they are going to be the big losers on this years free-agency, if what I have suggested is correct, they would have lost out on LeBron, Amar’e, Wade, Bosh. Who else could they utilize? They would have to then wait for next years free-agency and in the meantime lose some of their cap-room as contracts increase (as some players start on lower salaries to allow the new teams to sign more players which then increase by 10% over one year, then 15% the next and so on.
    All of this aside, next season is going to be a good’en!

  126. deuce says:

    Look.. the celtics got robbed of their 2nd championship with ridiculous calls and no calls from the refs.. and that went to a game 7 with kendrick perkins injuried for most of game 6 and all of game 7..so im not even tryin hear that laker talk.. if lebron joins wade and bosh it a done deal.. period. Lbj will still go down as one of the best players to ever lace em so will D wade and bosh can go down as young KG in his prime

  127. Miguel says:

    Wade & Bosh in Miami is pretty goodidea but I believe still not going to win a championship with them unless they sign another star player.

    If Lebron decides tom go to Chicago alongside Rose &Noah which also means the Bulls will sisgh Carlos Boozer this will give Chicago a whole better roster then Miami by a long shot too much talent where in Miami it’s just two player, Wade & Bosh?

    Either way this NBA season is one you cannot miss, too many star players in different teams, well see what happens!

  128. Mr.Magoo says:

    WADE AND BOSH TOGETHER OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s like X-mas twice in one year.

  129. JV says:

    WADE+BOSH is what im wishin…

    LEBRON should go to knicks to join w/ amare…

    knicks vs miami whatcha think?

    PG chalmers
    SG wade
    SF ?
    PF Bosh [please dont make him a center]
    C ?

    we need 2 more…not superstar but can go w/ wadebosh tandem

  130. NuggetsFan10 says:

    I think that this could be a championship teamwith signing one or two more role players. Someone like a Ramond Felton at point and a Matt Barnes if your looking for a defenceive player or a Josh Howard if you take that risk. And Maybe even a Derek Fisher if you are willing not to expect more than two or three years out of him.

  131. sportsman says:

    I think LJ is going to knicks and if that is gonna happen you may say that whats the big deal (from now) but the NY management have a better plan for the future like picking carmelo and other great names in nba…

  132. JD says:

    I had a feeling Bosh was going to Miami from the start. If this trade really does go through (in a sign-and-trade fashion), I hope that the Raptors get some decent players to fill up their roster. If Wade and Bosh are definitely going to sign with the Heat, I have a feeling they are going to make it far in the post-season and have a great chance of becoming champions. LeBron is going to make his decision tomorrow night and it would be amazing if he also goes with Miami, i’ll guarantee a championship. If not, I think he should be the next Kobe/Pierce and just stay with their team and over time, they will suceed. Chicago/New York is still an option, but LeBron/Stoudemire won’t have as great chemistry as Rose and LeBron would. This free agency has been crazy, I hope to see more big news arriving soon!

  133. Jowell Chua says:

    kobe is nothing but a ballhog

  134. b4rooklyn says:

    i hope lebron gets analled by which ever couch gets him and i hope he cums in his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Justin says:

    By the Way.. You know now Ray Allen is being courted hardcore by Thibodeau and the Bulls right now 🙂

  136. Riley says:

    Luke ridnour, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, jermaine oneal and tracy mgrady in MIAMI HEAT. How sweet is that. Lets go HEAT!

  137. Justin says:

    If Bulls land Boozer and get a SG and if James stays in Cleveland the Bulls will beat Wade/Bosh in Miami. 2 guys can’t stop the Bulls TEAM… this is a TEAM sport…

  138. BigL says:

    Excellent move by both Wade and Bosh. Is time for King James to swallow his pride and join in if he’s really serious about winning like he said.

  139. Justin says:

    Wade is a two face and a disgrace to Chicago… he toyed with them all along.

  140. qawefeqwr says:

    see wade and bosh are good its just they need mor epieces.LIke we all saw iuts not superstar the win championship, its defense and bench pla y. it all abou ur backups, i dont think jaems is gonna go to miami but wade and bosh will do better but no cha,mpoionship because we saw when wade won in 2006, he had a prime jason williams, a good shaq, and prettey descent players like gary payton and anotone walker. So miami need to get some good mid level guys. A grade players like wade and bosh plus C or D grad eplayers like beasely or chalmers equal a B

  141. PatRiley says:

    Luke ridnour, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, jermaine oneal and tracy mgrady in MIAMI HEAT. How sweet is that. Lets go HEAT!

  142. swastika says:

    the pacers will do anything just to sign david lee, ridnour, jason williams, and kyle korver.

  143. Joan says:

    Is it a fact?

  144. swaby34 says:

    if you wade bosh and lebron any free agency player will sign because they can help the team win and then help their stocks that how the game is ask posey and eddie house so you have a ray allen felton can start and and look for vet shooter lets go heat in south beach

  145. BIGDEE36GMC says:


  146. Not surprised Wade is staying in Miami and Bosh is joining him. If all three were going to the same place they would probably all announce at the same time and in the same way. James is doing his own thing. Chris Broussard said this morning on Mike & Mike that James has been trying to get Bosh in Cleveland for the past two weeks. What was James doing about Wade seeing that Wade wanted to play with him? Wade would never go to Cleveland no matter what. It’s just not in his DNA.

    In Cleveland James is the king. Why would he leave to go somewhere and be a pauper, or just another hired hand? LeBron has the best of all worlds in Cleveland. Can you see anyone in his shoes giving all that up? On the flip side that may also be his downfall because there isn’t anyone around him to give him some tough love, and make him work within a system that will give him a better chance of winning a championship.

  147. rockets101 says:

    i think they can do it put they still need help wha tthey need is allen iverson
    yea AI

    • youngc2789 says:

      The exact thing that they dont nned is allne iverson. You saw what iverson did in Dnver and in Detroit. Please give me a break the same brother that was saying “practice.. practice….” is washed up.

  148. sting says:

    Now this is what it comes down to for these so called A-list free agents. If you can’t win a championship with the team that drafted you, jump ship and go join forces with another marquee name someplace else to make it easier for you. what ever happened to delivering on your promise? That’s why KG, Ray Ray and Paul Pierce will end up w/ only one ring apiece because they did it the easy way, they took a short cut to where they wanted to go. Kobe had to stick it out, started over from the bottom and worked his way back up. That’s why he’s got five rings and everybody else is chasing after him, taking the easy route. In the end it’s always the hard working ones getting the bigger reward.

    • Doug says:

      they are old man…. can’t fault them for running out of time in their career…. aging happens!

  149. masada says:

    do u guys even remember when Los Angeles Lakers had Shaq, Kobe, Payton, malone on the same team. They did not win nada…., building a championship team takes more than putting stars together on one team.., firstly its about chemistry, do the players compliment each other, then secondly is about ego, u want to build a team where there is respect in the locker room…, it’s really hard to succed with a team with 3 all-stars. So i dont think this move will take miami to the next level and win the playoffs.

    • Doug says:

      bs, they lost in the finals after malone got hurt… and robery horry was all they had to rebound against a great defensive team (pistons)

      dont spew ignorance

  150. Showbaba says:

    @Nick: you made a good sense. Miami still need to do something about their defense the only way out for them is if James Lebron joins them in Miami then I can see a championship rings on their fingers.

  151. Kudos says:

    You know LeBron James is thinking real hard now about his decision.

  152. eedu says:

    I think the Heat will be a great team. Without a doubt, they need a few shooters…Ray Allen? Mike Miller? Kyle Korver? Haslem must come back. He has too much energy, and I see him having an incredible game during the playoffs. Interior defense is a must also…Brendan Haywood. Keep Beasley, he’s another playmaker. I’m a little fearful that Wade could get injured because I know he will play harder than he’s ever played before. Amen on the chemistry. We’ve seen time and time again, talent joining with talent with less than adequate results.

    This will be a great year for Miami, but don’t expect too much. Especially with Orlando and Boston still strong. In the case that Lebron stays in Cleveland with practically the same roster (West, Z, Mo, JJ Hickson, Moon, Gibson, Jamison) and a new coach, they are still a 55/60 win team. They have play makers and shooters, they need a dominant big man…Z’s not cuttin it by himself down there. Either Hickson needs to get good fast or they need to trade some of those little guys for a consistent, fundamental big man.

    New York has talent, chemistry has always been an issue. Amare will need to be a man and really step it up.

    Regardless, I’m already tired of indecision (Lebron!). But I’m more than stoked to see what will all unfold by the end of tomorrow.

    NBA…Where Amazing Happens

  153. RossMan says:

    I’m from toronto and its kinda sad to see Bosh leave but you know what i think he deserves it because the toronto raptors is not helping him. I mean i wish he stayed and we could have gotten a championship here but lets face it it is not going to happen.

  154. michael says:

    What’s the motivation behind a star player? Trick question, some want $$$ and others want rings. Truthfully, I’m sure they both go hand in hand, when you win rings you get a whole lot more endorsement deals, the big money. Just ask Kobe Bryant, until he started winning these titles his endorsement deals were suffering (shoot, even Sprite dropped him). If heard on multiple occasions both LeBron and Wade want to win championships, and putting themselves in position to do that is objective #1. #@$*(!@)*!!! If that was the case do you think a young and very talented Chicago Bulls team would come up empty handed. And I’ve heard some people say it’s because of the shadow cast by the Jordan dynasty. Kobe’s doing ok in the Magic/Kareem dynasty shadow. The Celtic’s current “big 3” are doing ok is the shadow of a prior big 3 of Bird, McHale, and Parrish. If putting yourself in the best position to win championships is important (and LeBron you need atleast one before the “best ever” talks can be relevant) then make that decision. Don’t go for the most money, or stay home just because your scared to let down the fans of Cleveland…. they’re used to that sort of thing

  155. abitxssive says:

    What a bunch of drama queens! The NBA is a joke and has let things get way out of hand. Am I gonna tune in to the LeBron prime time special? Yeah…go ahead and pop the popcorn and I’ll be right there! I sure hope the NFL never resorts to this kind of theatrics….it’s comical!

  156. Paul says:

    I seriously don’t understand those people worrying about Lebron being in the shadow of Jordan if he goes to Chicago. Regardless of the team you play on, you will still be compared to past greats. Kobe has been living in the shadow of Jordan for most of his career . Ok, now he’s proven his worth, but Lebron can also do that. As for playing on the same team as Jordan did. Do we say that Kobe plays in the shadow of Magic? Or that Magic played in the shadow of Kareem? They all have their place, and greatness is made regardless of the past success of a team. There will alway be comparisons. If players worried about that when they choose a team, at some point, nobody will be able to play anywhere, or we’ll have to rename all the teams.

    As for Bosh to Miami. As much as I love Bosh’s game, he’s a Scottie Pippen type. He’s a Robin to a Batman (minus the thights). This could be really good for his career, though I don’t expect as high numbers from him, he’ll be more efficient. Now if Miami can get a good supporting cast, they’ll be real interesting.

  157. Lakerman says:

    I just love to sit back and laugh at all the possible moves in the NBA and still know that the Lakers are the team to be beat.
    Who cares where they go, will they be able to beat the Lakers, uh NO! Two more things.
    1) If Bosh really wants a chance to win a title right now, and he is smart, there’s only one team to sign with, the Lakers!
    2) A king with no ring isn’t a king at all. All kings have rings.
    I’m tired of the NBA media hyping up players to be the next Jordan. Look at what Jordan accomplished, Kobe accomplished, and what James has accomplished so far. Remember when the NBA said the same thing about two players that could be the next Jordan and turned out not to be even close? Vince Carter, and Sean Kemp. Here’s a scary thought. What if James had a career ending injury where would you place him right now in NBA history? Stop counting your eggs before they hatch! I hope James has a full healthy NBA career just so people can look back and see that he was no JORDAN, and no KOBE.
    Well said MAL.

  158. Maurice says:

    Dont just consider that bosh will just up and leave, no matter what the price is, for wat?, not getting a championship yeah that will suck! think of this…Raptors drafted him, he has been in a number 4 raps jersey fo 7 years dont just think that he wont have feelings for his boys up in toronto, u nevr kno, I personally think that if ur gonna say bosh will leave well then he may but i still think its gonna be tough to leave his first ever NBA team dispite that he is no where close to winning anything wit the raps.

  159. merdielicious says:

    and here i thought bosh wants to be the “man”. hahaha. yeah you would be the “man”, the “man” that can’t do it alone so it’s time to tag along with the “man” that won the championship on ’06

  160. J. says:

    Wade and bosh in Miami … not enough to beat the lakers of Kobe and Gasol

  161. awbobsaget says:

    Miami doesn’t have what it takes to win a championship….look out for the bucks in the eastern conference! hawks are a joke and boston is too old. Orlando and Milwaukee will run the Eastern conference

    • NooBA says:

      yeah, if Andrew Bogut can stay healthy.

    • wow... says:

      are you okay? lol people said that to the boston too.. being old, injured players but what did they prove he whole world?? actually if you think about it.. celtics is the best team in the nba.. with my reason is that theyre old, alot of players came through injuries and stuufffs and finished 4th in the season but proved the whole world that age doesnt matter… unfortunately doc rivers coaching skills on game 7 wasnt good enough because he played the startig 5 almost 40 mins that dayyy.. and they didnt have enough gas in the 4th so yea…

      watch out for celtics coming back an getting revenge on the lakers… if not then oh well right??

  162. KB8 says:

    It feels like way to much drama, for almost zero pay off. Wherever they go, next season is a long way from tip off, let alone ending.

    I also like the fact that everyone says that they’d love to see a big 3 in Miami or Chicago or wherever. It’s like saying you know exactly what it’ll take to beat the Kobe and the Lakers next year, but don’t want to admit it.

    Lakers are going to take it all again, James will not win a ring till Kobe allows it. Truth.

  163. Pingvis says:


  164. NooBA says:

    even if these 3 top players will go to miami. these three players will be guarded by proven defenders like kobe bryant and ron artest. with bynum or pau gasol on bosh. and i guess Orlando needs to get young again and so with Celtics. just saying

  165. […] LMAO,they trying to gang up on us. Not enought, LAKE SHOW…Owwwwww. Click link to read the full story. […]

  166. Jonathan says:

    I really think bosh is better than garnett its just that bosh is the only player lifting up the rapters like michael jordan had some one to fill in for him when he wasnt in the groove and that person was Scott Pippen now since bosh and D-Wade is going to be on the same team they can help each other out

  167. cubenette says:

    I am going to get Lebron to Dallas!

  168. jacjo says:

    the best combo in this off season is

    lebron and rose:chicago maybe

    Wade and bosh:miami

    SHAQ AND NASH;suns

    Chris paul with david lee:hornets

    iverson should stay in philli because of iguodala and evan turner philli is going to detroy if they get like a ben wallace guy

    toronto is just going to suck derozan will be the face of the raptors if bargnani csnt step up

    lakers are always going to be good if the big man stay healthy

    boston i hate boston

    nate robinson needs to change is attidute because it will be sick if he plays for the knicks

    lebron just pick the hornets you and paul will destroy

  169. horace says:

    derrick rose is the new age marbury….selfish cause he wants to be the man

  170. Summer school dude says:

    LeBron will go to NYC w/ Amar’e after this, Amar’e is the only “super-star” caliber player out there on a team w/ money to spend, James is a Knick he’s been wanting to go there and if Bosh & Wade are going to be one of the up and rising teams on the East then LeBron will want to shift the balance by going to NYC.

  171. Chi - Town Knowledge says:

    Wake up everyone, there will be no monster 3 in Miami, it is called A RUMOR. Bosh is going to Cleveland and Wade is sitting still frowning. There is a thing called team concept, that is wy the Lakers and the Celtics will reach the finals again. Everyone is slapping this automatic win or trip to the finals, three big headed players on one team, STOP IT ALL. HEck, the Bulls with Lee and Boozer have just a strong chance as the others, heck anyone does, but don’t start betting yet. Watch on tomorrow, when LeBron says Cleveland, then Bosh is there, and Wade is sad in Miami, Toronto will get 3 players, Hickson, Vjerajo and either a bench player or 2nd round draft choice.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Bosh already chose Miami.. Wade is obviously staying in Miami and LBJ has to be wise and choose the right choice

  172. brenn says:

    holy what?!!! wade and bosh? its a bang! i think both players are enough to win another championship for miami… if that happens, ill make sure ill watch every heat game! wade for mvp!

  173. socercer says:

    Its too bad it doesnt matter where lebron goes because kobe and the lakers will still win lol

  174. Amused says:

    FINALLY, we get some exciting news on a colossal pairing of two of the Big Three agents! Excellent! Miami will be one thrilling basketball town for years to come…

  175. roy7700 says:

    its gonna be hard to pull off the miami big three, no bench watsoever. no 3 pts shooting. its hard, qrich will have to come off da bench, but who da center?????? kwame brown????? honestly who is available jermaine oneal???? it might take a year. they might want to trade beasley for hassiem thabeet and a draft pick, both teams win. there isnt anyone else that i see the heat going after with wats left in cap room, and god forbid they lower the cap this year!!!

  176. jacjo says:

    if wade and bosh play together their stats a going to go down cause both cant average like 31 points per games

    wade is going to average like 22 and bosh like 18 that suck and bosh said he is going to become a franshice player but no just sign with a crappy team better stats and you will be the franchise player

  177. Arch says:

    Looks like a good duo, however a championship-run requires more. Even if James joins.. Anyone remembers Shaq and Kobe getting help from Karl Malone and Gary Payton, with the rest of the Lakers pretty much intact? Everybody said it was in the bag, but there was NO chemistry, just more ego’s (and injuries). And the big-three-before-the-C’s, Garnett, Sprewell and Cassell couldn’t do it either. It was a great team though..

  178. Roly Tan says:

    i don’t believe lebron will join them in miami. i smell lebron staying in cleveland.. NY and chicago is a long shot so is NJ.
    still the Lakers will be the team to beat nxt season…good luck !!!

  179. Vik says:

    No-one is saying they will win it on their own! The pieces are in place with plenty of cap room left to sign the parts for a championship team.

    Think 06 with walker/payton/posey

    Miami 2011 World Champs!

  180. TheKobeShow says:

    @Mal: Are you kidding me? Wade is a legit championship contender, and he is proven that he can achieve championships single-handedly, Have you even watched the 2006 NBA Finals? Wade was playing like MJ! And with the addition of Chris Bosh, it just adds up more reasons to see why the Heat are gonna get another banner. But i think that’s not it, they’d probably get Ray Allen, sorry Bulls. just no time for pipe dreams right now or a SECOND-MJ-DYNASTY hype is just full of crap like the overrated OWNERS of the Nets.

    • JB2K10 says:

      @theKobeShow: man, I’m a Wade / Heat fan, but the 2006 Finals were pretty bogus. I’m happy that they got the ‘ship, but there was some shoddy officiating that let Wade get to the line more than the entire Mavericks squad. I don’t know what it was… trust me though, i’ve watched the 06 finals a bunch of times, and if you take even half of the points from DWade going to the line away, the Heat lost Game 6. No doubt, he played great, with very little help from the rest of his team, but to say he played like Jordan? I don’t think so.

      And I’m excited that Bosh is coming to MIA, but they’re still not going to win another championship. With Lebron, i’d say 2-3 would definitely be possible, but i don’t see him going to join Dwyane and Chris.

    • tingyman says:

      in the 2006 championships if YOU actually watched it, gary payton and shaquille o’neal had a big part towards the heat overcoming the mavs. and plz, dont even compare d wade to the great mj

  181. dwadebosh says:

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dream came true!!

  182. jcrisp says:

    bosh,wade and nobody is good enough in the east, but the Lakers are still to long and to talented for anyone to handle.

  183. LAKERS808 says:

    It’s funny how everyone is trying to build a team to beat the LAKERS. No matter what team you build, LAKERS are going to Three-Peat! GO LAKERS!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Lmao NO WAY.. Fisher is too old.. Kobe is good but getting old.. Gasol is the only consistent player besides Kobe.. Bynum is injury proned and Artest…just sucks.. Odom goes up and down

      • k says:

        I agree with you Lakers808…..its a shame that you would need a lebron, wade, and bosh to compete with LA (even though lebron is not going to mia…just wont happen)….but so be it. We still would win hands down. Fish continues to prove everyone wrong, Artest proved himself this playoffs, Gasol(um hello its Gasol here), Bynum, even though has had injuries is waiting for his break out season (this year), Kobe (best in the game right now) and LO, yes is inconsistent but has something to prove here……no way we lose…..phil is back and its 3 peat time!!!

  184. LEBRON FAN says:

    if james go to miami they will form the big threee and unstopable theyl win the 2011 championship

  185. leroy says:

    im thinking james will head to the heat to try and get that big win in the finels but im still not shure if thay could beat the lakers in 7 games thay are just to good because you haft to have a good bench not just 3 superstarz but whu knows only time will tell

  186. Hishem says:

    Look how far a player like D-Wade can take the heat pretty much solo, with the addition of Bosh a great All-Star Miami are definietly looking like a firm playoff contender and one of the biggest teams in the league. However would LeBron want to go to Miami? I know LeBron always has big assist figure as well big games points wise, but with two all stars alongside him in the regular season, i’m not sure these three would mould together. The idea of it on paper is so appealing, but i believe LeBron will probably look elsewhere, though what a let down if he decides to stay in Clevland again. I guess tomorrow night will tell us all we want to know.

    • ghost of red auerbach says:

      how far? First round, almost swept?

      • LLMN says:

        Depends on if they are playing the Celtics, right? Celtics rule, and Red Auerbach is the greatest coach in the history of the NBA.

  187. WG says:

    Bosh and Wade, I had this predicted right from the start in either Miami or Chicago.
    If true the Heat should consider bringing in Chris Paul instead of LeBron and let Wade go nuts offensivley with the best playmaker and point in the Game!
    Raymond Felton would be a great backup and Brendan Haywood in the middle and hold onto Beasley if possible.

    • Nick says:

      Probably wont happen but would be amazing!

      Or CP3 at Knicks next year with Bron and Amare

      So many exciting possibilities, just hope it doesn’t disappoint like Nowitzki, Pierce, Joe Johnson

  188. sydale says:

    If Miami does sign both Wade and Bosh… Then, I think their next moves should be to try and get Brendan Haywood for interior defense and rebounding, and Mike Miller for outside shooting… and they need to bring back Udonis Haslem because he has chemistry with Wade already…

    • QuestionMark says:

      They dont need Mike Miller but they need Haywood and they need a PG better than Carlos Arroyo and Chalmers.. maybe Raymond Felton… and they need a decent Bench player who can avg 10+ppg

  189. rivera says:

    I’m a little disappointed to be honest. I really would have liked to see a Wade and Bosh in Chicago maybe against Stoudemire and Lebron in New York. Think about Bosh, Wade and Rose contesting the conference against Boston’s big three. Either way the east is going to be loaded this year, can’t wait to see the conference finals.

  190. xufatembang says:

    WADE + BOSH = disaster!

  191. horace says:

    lebron is not going to miami…he would have to take much less money and he would tarnish his name if he needed wade and bosh to win a championship…he’s going to new york to play with amare and have more cap room next season or a deadline trade for another stud….use your heads people

    • Kevin says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

      • Rob says:

        Bron isn’t that bothered about “tarnishing his name” i don’t think. I think he’ll join the strongest team really, he’s said it himself, winnings the most important thing.
        He could talk to pat riley and get the low down on what the want…Haywood would be good. we’ll then get some minimum contracts on some vets, might have to rotate that after 2 years, trade beasley to get enough cap for bron.
        Realistically, with a Chalmers (average, just about) wade, James + Bosh then Haywood…that is a contending team. Maybe not first year, need to see about chemistry…but theres so much potential, and enough experience to win a ring, with enough time left in all the players to get many.

  192. Jimbo Jonez says:

    Being from Toronto, I’m happy for Chris. Get that loot. But I GUARANTEE Bosh will get hurt, cause those knees are creeky. Miami will have an average Miami season, but I reckon they’ve just gambled hard.

  193. b0kb0k says:

    future big 3.. cool..

  194. b0kb0k says:

    future big 3 with lebron james.. nwei if lebron doesn’t make it.. its good to see wade, bosh and beasley at the same time.. pretty cool..

  195. Sal says:

    Two all stars cant win championships. This team still has no talent beyond Bosh and Wade.

  196. kolbi says:

    Wade and Bosh probably will go to MIA……@ Mal, I agree, who gives a **** lol. They stil won’t win. And sadly, niether will Lebron with whatever team he goes to…….except maybe Chicago, and with all that money moving around in CLE and NJ, I doubt he’s gonna go for the CHI!!!! LAKERS 2011 3 Peat Champs……yea, u heard it right here. 😛

    • LLMN says:

      There is no maybe about it. If Lebron goes to Chicago, game over, new favorites. I love to say this because I hate, hate, hate the Lakers, Lebron in Chicago is, well it’s just ridiculously good.

  197. Deejay Phaze says:

    I would say the Heat should not pursue Lebron, but this little way Wade and Bosh going to Miami may confuse Lebron a lil more. True there All-Stars but you need a supporting cast behind them.
    You still have Richard Jefferson (30) who is talented and good at Small Forward.
    Trade away Beasley and resign Udonis Haslem to backup Bosh.
    Brandon Haywood would be a good fit at Center for the Heat.
    Remember they need to fill the team with players…. I doubt Lebron will want to live in the shadow of D-Wade if he comes to Miami, but that will be the same thing he will be doing in Chicago. He will be a shadow to the Team Jordan Built.

    I see JAMES in New York and the Knicks Vs Heat Rivarly heating up as it did during the Alonzo Mourning and Pat Riley Vs Patrick Ewing and Jeff Van Gundy Era.

    • michael says:

      The Miami Heat will not win titles just because they signed Bosh and brought back Wade. Yes, the current league is filled stars, the best since the Jordan-era, but titles are won by teams, not 2 players. The Heat have a lot of very difficult work ahead. They don’t even have enough guys on their roster for a starting line-up, let alone an entire roster with some solid group of role players. There’s a reason why the Lakers won an intense game 7 even with Kobe (the best player in the world) having an autrocious shooting night. I remember watching Jordan win his titles over the years, and there were countless big shots hit by other guys (Scottie, Pax, Luc, Steve Kerr). If the Heat can find a way to structure their roster with another 6-8 solid players they have a shot to make some runs in the playoffs.

      • Deejay Phaze says:

        I couldn’t agree anymore. Im from Miami and everyone is not looking at the Big Picture. Wade, Bosh and Lebron cant play 48 minutes a game. Its impossible. You need a supporting cast and thats why I dont think the Heat will go after Lebron James and Shouldn’t.

        A lot of my Heat fans in Miami are outraged at me writing this but hey Facts are facts. If the Heat want to contend. I suggest: C Brandon Haywood and SF Richard Jefferson to the Heat. The Heat have two pieces to a 12 piece puzzle done.

        Also, if the Heat flop with the Big Three which could happen. There goes endorsements, revenue, and ticket sales around the league. Its all a financial game and I know Micky Arson and Pat Riley are doing the right thing.

  198. dylan says:

    we suprise when shaq join cleveland last season and hope cleveland will be one of the finals but they had reject it by the old skool…:)
    so bosh and wade still have along way to prove this is goin to be a good trade…..
    hope celtics will have a good trade also…..:D

  199. Aaron says:

    By the way Bosh plays no D, so he would get destroyed by Pau if they could some how get out of the east. Boston, if healthy and everybody back, is still the team to beat in the East regardless of what Lebron does.

    • QuestionMark says:

      then how were the Raptors able to beat the Lakers??? and with Wade and Bosh offense is all they need and if they get Brendan Haywood..Bosh can guard Bynum who is worse the Pau

      • tingyman says:

        your talking about the regulare season?!?!?! anything happens in the regular season, none of that matters come playoff time! the nets beat the celtics in the regular season last year but look where the celtics made it to. sry to burst your stupidity bubble but regular season is not even close to showing how good a team is

  200. Aaron says:

    Bosh and Wade are a good start, but they need a little bit more to get past the better teams in the East (i.e. Boston & Orlando) There’s not alot of room with two max guys to fill up the roster with more talent. If they can convince guys like Brendan Haywood or Ray Allen to sign for the vet exception salary then they can really do some damage but until then L.A. ALL DAY BABBBBYYY!!!!!

    • Nick says:

      Agree 100%, Haywood and Allen would be very good for Miami. Maybe add a PG and 1 or 2 more shooters, they could contend

    • LLMN says:

      If Lebron doesn’t sign and Miami keeps Beasley they will still have something like 13.5 million to sign players and that is nothing to scoff at.

  201. vOnz says:

    Hrmmm…. I dont wanna diss Bosh but even with bosh.. Miami wont be able to even win their conference. Bosh is over-rated.

    • QuestionMark says:

      WOW Bosh is Fully underrated

      • tingyman says:

        how? how is bosh underated? last year bosh had a better roster to use than wade had, he should have had a much better offseason than wade did

  202. mal says:

    Wade and Bosh still cant do it alone, calm down. They are good players, but just those two are not a championship contending team…at all.

    • tas says:

      of course these two are not a championship contending team… a team consists of 5 players.. but you can add any 3 players currently playing in the nba and there you have you championship contending team.
      bosh is exactly what wade needed in miami but it will certainly be interesting who else they gonna get..

      • Nick says:

        Couldnt disagree more that adding ANY 3 players would make them contend. They need a good defensive centre and a decent point guard to think about contending. There are neither of those available at the moment so would be another conference semi quality team and no more.

      • IminMiamiBitch says:

        Wade and Shaq did so why not Ade and Bosh??

      • tingyman says:

        a team consist of 5 players?? do you watch nba at all? a child watching this amazing game will know that it takes at least a core of 8-9 ppl to actually have a legitamate shot at the championship. what if one of the big 3 gets injured. what if 1 of them think that they are being overshadowed by the other two. you have ot consider all thes facors befroe saying that they are a “wrap” at winning championships

      • tingyman says:

        the reason why wade/shaq did it was because the miami heat actually had a legitamate roster lol, they had gary payton,jason kapono, antoine walker, just to name a few. bosh/wade, well……. they are going to be playing on a team in which everyone hardly knows each other{only 2 ppl on the current miami roster] and they are all going to have to TRY to adjust, key word is try, there is no guarantee that it will all turn out well, and plz, plz plz miamibitch, dont even dare compare bosh to shaqtus in his prime, it makes you look uneducated

  203. Chill Will says:

    If Wade, Bosh, and James end up in Miami… I’m moving 2 Miami(lol) but no really if that happens, its a wrap!!! That is so discouraging if you are an oppent. Intimadation alone will win a third of their games. Even with Bosh and Wade is threatening.

    • fLYBOIGRETZ says:


      • unknown32 says:

        TOTALLY AGREE…just having bosh and Wade and adding a few good stellar players and you got a problem..Imagine if Lebron joins bye bye anyone really lebron triple double machine on a nightly basis, Wade just eating guys up and having a scoring night and always defensively sound, bosh double-double for sure…how do u compete with that if u got a team that have 3 guys who can win it alone even if Lebron doesnt come Miami is in a good position.

      • josh says:

        even if lebron james signs with the heat to form the new big three yeah there will be good and that team will be hard to beat but like boston and the lakers and even detriot pistons it takes time to build a championship team doesnt happen overnight so my guess is if james sign with the heat yeah there maybe will get back to the finals and chances are they gonna face the lakers and lose lakers win there 17th title and kobe has 6 rings then after that the following season will be the heat time with or without james

    • QuestionMark says:

      LOL bye bye every other team.. if that happens they might win every games by like 10+ pts and thats a team with 70+ wins right there just like the Bulls with MJ..72-10

    • tingyman says:

      ill still stick to my belief and say that kobe/gasol/the rest of a strong proven defined team is better than wadee/bosh/a bunch of rubbish players thrown together at very low cost. in fact even if lebron goes to miami, ill still wonder about the lack of chemistry and the amount of bs players that will be put on the floor.

  204. Deejay Phaze says:

    D-Wade and Bosh in South Beach, How Sweet Does that sound. Now Lebron has a choice, maybe he already made his choice of staying in Clevland and Bosh said “No to going there” Maybe Lebron wants to go to Chicago and there went Wade luring Bosh to Miami, since there wouldnt be enough to sign all three to Chicago. It will all unfold tommorrow night when Lebron makes his choice.
    He can join the the Heat and form the NEW “Big Three” Younger and Faster.
    He can go to Chicago in a team established and maybe looking at Carlos Boozer also.
    or He can go to New York Knicks and form a team alongside Amare and wait one more year to form a “Big Three” with Carmelo Anthony or Tony Parker. Who knows?? Only one person.

    • Lennart says:

      i agree on boozer being a good player but my question is: is he better than david lee? lets not forget who’s the star in utah these days (Deron W)… David Lee had to do more singlehanded when he was in new york compared to boozer… boozer tho has a better first step than lee but i think lee has more willpower…

      • JYD says:

        Bron won’t play with Booz after the move he pulled a couple of years ago in Cleveland to go and join Utah… I think Bron is heading to either Chicago or Miami, but we’ll find out thursday…

      • Nick says:

        It makes no sense for Wade and Bosh to sign for Miami unless they have someone else on the way. They dont have any other good players to lift them to championship standard so why not Nets or Bulls? Lee and Boozer cant play with Bosh as defence would suck and they’d be too small so either LeBron joining them or more likely, it’s where there’s most money for them. If they can put greed aside (not like $80 mil isn’t enough instead of $96mil) then leBron could join them and keep Beasley, Chalmers and adding a couple good rotation players.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Well David Lee had no one to give him the right assist for a bucket.. Boozer had Deron Williams which makes Boozer better than Lee but not anymore unless Boozer meets with Lebron

  205. Bigtonton72 says:

    thats gonna be an insane team, both all-stars on one team in thier prime. this is going to be the celtics but with younger and probably better players than garnett and pierce. cant wait to see these guys take on the lakers in the finals next year.

    • madhatter says:

      Do you actually think Chris Bosh is anywhere near as good as Kevin Garnett? Or that the Celtics, who won almost entirely based on defensive depth, are comparable to a team that’s probably going to be paying 6-9 players the minimum or near it?

      • QuestionMark says:

        Right now Bosh is much better than KG and Wade is better than Pierce also… and if they can get Haywood then they will be built defensivly and they will be an offensive powerhouse with Wade, Bosh, Beasley and if a few more players come.

    • tingyman says:

      i think that i have said this before, but one thing i love about the free agent frenzy is that all these good players are going to be in the eastern conference, meaning that if lebron goes anywhere else other than miami, the wade/bosh combo will be fighting against the lebron/and co combo just to get to the nba finals, and dont you guys dare count out the celtics, they hav e proven their resiliency and chemistry over the years, and we havent seen anything from wade/bosh yet

  206. My team, the Los Angeles Lakers will still win the 2011 NBA Championship with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and other players behind them. We will win our 17th NBA Title next year, our three peat. Go Lakers Fight. We can do it.

    • Nick says:

      Hell yeah!

      • Bryan says:

        I don’t think so.. Kobe won’t get another ring up to the time of his retirement.. I hope David Lee and LBJ would sign to either Bulls or Cavs.. Now well have what you call RIVALRY!

  207. Lennart says:

    Let miami have bosh and wade 😛 david lee and LBJ are still there for the taking for the bulls 🙂

  208. ummar says:

    wow bosh a wade together..and if james joins them then theres definetly another championship coming to miami!

    • MS says:

      Come on guys. These media tries to make all of us fools. Think about it. If league gets all the stars in one city, league does not make money. It is not good for the league. If this information about Wade and Chris are true, then certainly Lebron is not coming to Miami.

      So, stop day dreaming..

    • QuestionMark says:

      lol definetly.. but not one… around 4 championships in a row.. if Lebron comes to Miami.. your days are over Kobe..

  209. Moses says:

    the coming of a dynasty. I predict this duo to rival the stockton-malone combo

    • Nick says:

      They’re a poor man’s Kobe and Gasol so how do you figure that 1 out? Plus Lakers have Bynum and Artest for D. What else do Miami have? Chalmers and Beasley…do me a favour.

      If they get LeBron aswell, then fair enough, they would be strong contenders but what about team chemistry and team defence? Maybe Brendan Haywood would have to join aswell and someone like Ray Allen.

      Would be exciting though!

      • Jake says:

        Bosh is better than Gas-hole, oops I mean Gasol, Plus, in a couple years Kobe will be old and worn out. D-fish just had his last huzzah with the Lakers and Ron Artest had his moment of glory, but he’s going downhill. Bynum is like a shorter Yao Ming who can’t shoot. He’s as injury prone as Greg Oden avoid injury. The Lakers won their last championship for a while if you ask me.

      • zach andnicks an idiot says:

        you are a fool nick. lets not forget that the lakers would have lost twice to the heat if it werent for kobes prayer at the last second. good luck thinking they are for the poor this season kid.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Ray Allen is staying in Boston with Doc Rivers there.. and Bosh is better than Gasol but overall Lakers still have a better team… Still think Miami needs a decent C like Haywood.. and a better PG..maybe if Chris Paul leaves and comes to the Heats.. alot of Chamionships waiting for the Heats.. and I dont think Lakers will be able to get a 3rd championship in a row…. Fisher is done.. hes gotten old.. Kobe is too,, but Kobe will still be able to play well… Bynum is likely to get injured again.. and Artest… just sucks.

      • tingyman says:

        jake, before you go hating on the DEFENDING CHAMPS again, ill like to remind you that wade is getting old too, in a couple of years he will be all worn out, not talking about all the chemistry problems that the heat will now have, i still like the lakers 3 peat

    • LAKERLUVER says:

      And what did they ever win?! Exactly!

      • IminMiamiBitch says:

        Yo Lakers rn’t even dat good dey don’t actually have anyone for da future wen kobe , Gasol, Artest and Fisher leaves who r dey gonna get to replace them huh??
        At least Miami have Rising stars coming like Chalmers and Beasley.

      • unknown32 says:

        I dnt get Laker fans y u posting some nonsense about them enw no1 is talking about the Lakers because no1 cares!right now its offseason and the best Free-agent pool ever and one of the two BEST in the game are joining together and all you can say “there a poor man Kobe and Gasol”u kidding me Bosh eats Gasol and he’s still young with time that duo will be dominate maybe even next year..best exemple Celtics…and Wade is a beast look what he did when he had shaq on board.I think the HEAT are doing a good job adding Bosh with my favorite player D-Wade it makes sense and really a pure miss match cause Bosh is coming off his best season up to date and Wade is just tearing up the league when he a mediocre team that was still one of the best in the league at DEFENCE and made the play-off imagien now that he has a legit scorer with him who can rebound run the floor..basically a beast also.Miami might not win it all next year but i aint counting them out they’ll be tough NO MATTER WHAT!!!!if Lebron joins then forget its a more then just a Dynasty its a Takeover,there’s no way team can come in and stop Bosh and Wade all at the same time,imagine adding Lebron its just too much of a hand full seriously.

      • the real says:

        Once again how soon we forget,
        two free agents sign and we are already to anoint them champions. ok fans let me braeak this down for a moment. because some valid points have been brought up on both sides. First off Miami has definitley made the best move this off season by getting Wade the best player that can compliment him available. Both Dwade and Bosh are the truth. Centerpieces on the road to a championship. ON THE ROAD. IMINMIAMB___H seriously? “The lakers aren’t even that good? ” You do realize that with a statement like that any remnant of validity to any of your comments is now questionnable. “Arent that good” doesn’t result in back to back championships and 3 consecutive finals appearances. As far as the future is concerned you act like gasol and kobe are 40 years old and they don’t play for an organization that is truly committed to winning. Check the records. ( playoff, finals appearances, Hall of fame players, and rings) Free agents wil always come to LA as far as the future is concerned. MNow if you must compare Bosh and Gasol Bosh operates out of the pinch post while Gasol is a post oriented big man. This is why the outside- inside game works so well with Kobe and Gasol. Also look at the numbers. Bosh outscores him on a team where he is the #1 option and that is about it. Gasol averages more rebounds, assists, and blocks ( check the #s) and is a serious # 2 option. Second the coach. I like Eric Spoelstra, he has done a remarkable job with keeping that team competitive especially since he was promoted form being a video guy. But he aint no Phil jackson (11 u know whats) and what offense are they going to run because I saw a lot of give Wade and clear out, much like the offense Mr. unemployed brown ran in Cleveland. I sense a lot of family time coming up in Mr Spoelstra’ s future ( Mr Van Gundy sound familiar?) Next up ( Questionmark?) Artest sucks? see comment i had for IMIINMIAMIB____H and ask Paul Pierce how much he sucks. Oh and injuries yeah i know Bynum does get hurt a lot (Touche). but last time i checked both D Wade and Bosh were no strangers to the inactive list. But he does average 15 and 8 when he does play and is only 22 years old. Finally Miami seriously has only 4 players on the roster 4! So before we plan the parade in south beach lets finsh the roster. Advantage goes World champion Los Angeles Lakers often imitated never duplicated ( Yao and Mcgrady next shaq and kobe? Remember that?)

      • tingyman says:

        imin miami, keep in mind that wade is getting to be a old man too lol and chalmers and beasley as backup for the future??? ahhahahaha what a joke!! rising stars? what are u smoking dude? and unknown 32 i couldnt understand a word you just said. improve on your grammer before posting on a public website

    • Duece says:

      If they’re a duo like Stockton and Malone then they would play a lot of years together and not win a championship. I think you chose the wrong 1, 2 punch.

      • Raps4Life says:

        Bosh will end up like every other star to leave Toronto thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Bosh will never win a championship because the heat will never beat whoever LeBron goes too, cuz he is not going to Miami now. Bosh had his chance to go down in history as the first Raptor to have his jersey retired and finish his career with all the records that would stand for his lifetime, but being a god in toronto made his head swell and he and everyone else thinks hes better than he is, has he ever played a full season? and he wears two knee braces. One more thing he has blown more last second shots than onyone in the leaugue. Peace out Bosh your career is gunna crash like Carter, Mcgrady, Stoudamire, and Camby

        Real Stars win championships with what they are givin, and real championships are earned not bought!

      • bigcountry7104 says:

        i didnt realize carter mcgrady or cambys careers were done after toronto?

      • tingyman says:

        raps4life, i agree completely with you, imagine if lebron goes to new york witth amare, or to chicago with boozer, rose, noah, need i say more? bosh should had stayed with toronto and become a legend, as how steve nash and dirk nowinski are going to become, sry wade but bosh is the 2010-2011 version of vince carter

      • No Hatin says:

        tingyman…you do know that Steve Nash played for DALLAs MAVERICKS right?…so you cant really say he sticked for his team..

    • Steve says:

      Stockton/Malone never won a title and I don’t even think this duo matches up to Kobe/Gasol. Any other year Chris Bosh would not have gotten a max contract. Bosh was only sought after because it would be a huge incentive for Wade or LBJ to come to the team that signed him.

      • Jake says:

        Bosh already had a max contract in Toronto, and he would have gotten one any year. He averaged more points and rebounds than ANYONE (combined) in the league.

    • Crespo says:

      Exactly, just like a Stockton-Malone combo: Two great players, who never won anyhting because of the amazing “Jordan & Friends Combo” in Chicago.
      Jordan-Pippen, + Rodman, or H.Grant, or Cartwright vs Stockton/Malone
      LeBron-Rose + Noah + another big name free agent vs Wade/Bosh
      Yeah, i’ll definitely want to watch that again…

    • Steven W says:

      Remember Stockton and Malone NEVER won anything…..With little infrastucture to go with Wade and bash, there is no reason to think they are going to be Championship timber. More likely, they will have a solid team that is truely like that Jazz team, in that it does not have quite enough to win Championships.

    • Jeff says:

      Ya and how many rings did those two win together?

  210. ummar says:

    wow wat a deal and if james can join them then i think theres definetly another championship comming to miami!

  211. joe z says:

    u continue to amaze with your lack of knowing whats going on.. First the knicks weren’t getting anyone, and now, u have a Question mark after Wade and Bosh joining miami..lol Yes, there going ot Miami! How do u get time on NBA.com? Your a Fool!

    • peter says:

      It’s a lot harder than fans make it seem. Miami can’t afford to max everyone out. All these guys have huge egos. It’s hard to think that any one of those guys are willing to take less money to play with each other. Don’t insult someone’s intelligence if you cant spell or use proper grammar. It’s irritating.

      • bigcountry7104 says:

        well bosch may already be giving up 30 mil if he cant do a sign and trade so whats another 10 mil? wade and bosch already said they want to win its not about money, i fully believe wade will take less money to win championships. especially with all the money he makes off the court.

      • joe says:

        well if u havent heard wade and bosh will take a paycut just to add lebron and maybe another not max player but a mike miller or a reymond felton or just get role players like juwand howard who will get like a 2-year deal for only 825k so if they do that they can compete i still dont think that celtics can go back to back but dont get me wrong im a celtics fan but ray allen is the oldest and sheed might just retire whether lebron goes or not its orlando,celtics,maybe cleveland but they have to get some else and especially miami but he should go to bulls with boozer or new york with amare just wait for 2morrow at 9pm

  212. Jamale says:

    So excited for this offseason…next summer could be just as interesting with reports saying Amare signed with New York and was sure Melo and Tony Parker will join him. Could be a shift in power in the coming years…

    • RICO says:

      i think the heat-knicks rivalry is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA BOOOOOOiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      • Tox says:

        Yeah! I agree! But the eastern Finals still belongs to Orlando and Boston or maybe cleveland if lebron returns….

      • Alexzo says:

        So what if Wade & Bosh teams up in Miami?Do people honestly think they can beat the Lakers next seaon? Hell no! MAYBE if they get Lebron they MIGHT have a chance. But with Allen going back to Bean Town, even with their version of the big 3 might find it difficult to get through their seniors. Lakers 3peat! Everyone else, bring it on!

    • Lakerlove says:

      The Celtics and the Lakers have over half of all NBA championships because their organizations know how to put talent together that wins. You have to have great coaching (Phil and Doc), great stars (Kobe,Pau,Pierce,Garnett) and great role players (Big Baby, Bynum, Fish, Allen). These other teams have not proven that they have all of the ingredients. Who is coaching in Miami, Chicago, New Jersey, Cleveland that have done that well. Scott in Cleveland at least has some rings and Lebron has none.