Prime Time Mess


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You knew it would come to this.

A relatively zany process turned upside down by the three-ring circus that is all things LeBron James in July.

A prime time announcement on ESPN to announce (and surely not explain) where it is James will sign as the headliner of the greatest free agent frenzy/fiasco of all-time.

It was great seeing Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh beat him to the punch before James makes his way to the big stage for his 9 p.m. announcement Thursday night.

But this whole process still seems a bit too choreographed for us.

This prime-time schedule being kept by LeBron could turn into a prime mess by Thursday night — don’t you need more than a day to coordinate, prep, prime and produce a prime time special?

At least one expert in the field has some interesting suggestions for the LeBron-athon. Alan Sepinwall of has some theories as to how James and ESPN should fill the hour:

Obviously, the easy way to go is “The Bachelor.” ESPN and ABC are part of the same corporate family, and I’m sure they could borrow Chris Harrison to talk about LeBron’s journey and, before each commercial break, exclaim, “Coming up… the most shocking free agent announcement ever!” We fill a lot of the hour with John Paxson, Donnie Walsh, Jay-Z, etc. all talking about how well their pitch meeting with LeBron went, how they felt there was a chemistry there, perhaps CGI up some footage of LeBron hanging with them all in a hot tub, etc., before everyone’s brought out on stage in formalwear as LeBron brings out his one and only rose.

Or we could go the “American Idol” route. Ryan Seacrest would never turn down a gig, and he could spend at least half the time moving Walsh, Pat Riley and the others around and around the stage in different combinations, declaring one group “safe” and one not. Put together a panel of ESPN personalities as a judges’ table – it’s a shame Stephen A. Smith no longer works there, as he’d be an ideal Randy analogue, and given how much Michael Wilbon hates “Idol,” he’d be in a perfectly cranky mood to play Simon – to speculate on LeBron’s choice throughout. Finally, with four minutes to go, LeBron reveals his choice, balloons and streamers drop, and the losing GM’s are serenaded with Daniel Powter‘s “Bad Day” while Kelly Clarkson makes a dramatic return to greet the winning team with “A Moment Like This.”

And there’s always “America’s Next Top Model.” No need to actually call in Tyra (though I’d enjoy watching her tell Riley how to smize). Instead, put LeBron, Maverick Carter and the rest of the entourage on a dais and have the six finalists parade up and down a runway, followed by criticism of their walks, their presentations, their wardrobes (one anonymous, later redacted report said LeBron was put off by Knicks owner James Dolan‘s appearance and by Walsh being in a wheelchair due to neck surgery) and their team rosters. At the end of it, LeBron announces, “I have one team logo in my hands…”

Now, most of these shows are in some way copying “Survivor,” so I could see LeBron bringing in Jeff Probst to reside over a special Akron-based final Tribal Council, where the remaining candidates plead their case for a posse made up of LeBron and his crew. During the question and answer period, LeBron might try to keep the audience guessing by pulling the old “Pick a number” trick from seasons one and three. Worldwide Wes (if he’s still in the LeBrontourage) could ask shady, gigantic Russian billionaire Nets owner Mikhail Prokohorov to explain why the other finalists don’t deserve to win. And somebody (agent Leon Rose, maybe?) would have to trot out a variation of “My question is, I WANT AN APOLOGY!” At the end, Probst reads a list of votes from the entourage, then says that “LeBron has spoken.”

This is hilarious stuff.

And it all of that works for us here at the hideout.

Anything that has the makings of train-wreck TV works for us.

(Though we must commend James and his camp for making sure that there some charity work being done here!)



  1. JB1 says:

    Lebron will NEVER be the player Jordan was. That is a pure FACT. His Jumpshot is an ugly mess, and once his quickness fades he will be average at best…

  2. zebra7 says:

    I don’t care what anyone says if Lebron goes to play with Wade and Bosh in Miami that will tarnish whatever legacy he might have had in being compared to MJ. If he does go there and they win a championship it will always be said that it took three of them to win it. Also I feel that he will not be able to be spoken of in the same sentence as MJ or even the likes of Kobe Bryant now the latter part will be a shame.

  3. BrandonID says:

    Wade, Bosh, Lebron on the same squad. Well for Lebron it would be a totall sellout!
    You didn’t see Magic knockin on Larry Bird’s door saying can you please make me a Celtic.
    That’s why those guys are Legends in the Game! They stuck with their franchise and wanted to beat each others brains out when the game started. You need talent and heart…that’s why Boston keeps coming out of the east. Almost makes me sick having said that since I’m a LA fan.

  4. KingMelv says:

    I think Lebron is better to stay in Cleveland and make a mark of his legacy there. With a good coach such as Byron Scott and a better supporting cast – its a 60+ win season again. Trade Z and Jamison away and get a better piece for your team. Sign Haywood will be great.

  5. totnaq says:

    by the way, if this thing drags on till the post-season where LBJ is gonna play(if that team makes it), it’ll be bound to lose…hell, playing for the last 2 minutes of a crucial ballgame takes a lot mentally, how much of making a decision of playing for a championship-caliber team? Just spit it out, LBJ!

    • Chi - Town Knowledge says:

      Everyone here is the stat RINGS. One person made it clear, JORDAN HAS NEVER LOST in the finals, Kobe has been to more than Jordan but has lost twice, LBJ, 0-1, my point, all this comparsion crap is crazy. There is a different breed of player now, which money motivates, so S O M E, pursue that more than rings. Let them team in Miami, a ring comes from a team effort, with a bench and chemistry. Remember, Lebron had Cleveland, Wade has Miami, does LBJ now have the mentality to be the 2nd man?

      • BrandonID says:

        That’s true about Jordan. He’s never lost and Kudos for him but that has no impact on Kobe’s legacy.
        Better teams will win always in a seven game series that’s what makes this game special.
        You have to wonder why Phil Jackson went to LA and has stayed in LA since Jordan’s retirement.
        I have one theory. The zen master is a winner and he saw in Kobe the same arrogant fire that was in Jordan.
        Kobe is no Jordan, but Kobe is arrogant enough with his skill set to chase after that legacy and that…I can’t help but admire.
        p.s. Better then a Lebron possibly piggy backing on a Wade and Bosh combo to finally get a ring.
        It’s sad that with the all the hype that’s put on that guy that he would probably be dumb enough to go to Miami instead of cementing his own legacy in Cleveland.

  6. totnaq says:

    c’mon guys, we’re no NBA players to criticize from the role players to the stars of the league about the way they play the game. we fans are here to support our teams. however, we are capable of making quick decisions, right? The point is, if LBJ was in a battlefield swarming with enemies, he’d rather sneak away from attention just to survive. He should be capable to make such decisions. He should dictate the league down from the regular season to the playoffs, NOT in the pre-season.

  7. Phillys Finest says:

    And another thing, lets not even say the word “charity”. I really dont have a problem with the whole thing but I dont like the whole charity thing being thrown out there as if that is the real reason for this whole thing. LeBron could just give them that money with or without saying a word. But in your moment of vanity dont disrespect the audience and be so self indulged and turn right around and pat yourself on the back for your humanitarian efforts like thats really whats important here.

  8. Phillys Finest says:

    I will admit that watching the employee take the employer hostage is quite entertaining. In pro sports, players get pimped all the time by the league and ripped by the media. But when they wanna do things their way and turn the tables everybody gets up in arms. Im not saying an Hour special is necessary by any means, but if the league wants to publicize him for their good, the media wants to crown him so desperately to the point where winning 1 championship will make the greatest athlete ever, then let LeBron himself join in on the fun. Its an entertainment business but people, especially the media, hate it when the athletes join in. He has been bombarded with questions of July 2010 for like 2 yrs so now yall gotta pay the price.

  9. zzanzabar says:

    @think…Sorry that was then, not now. In today’s climate of irrational fans and ‘fantasy leagues’ Jordan’s approach would not have stood a chance. No fan base is willing to wait patiently for 5 or 6 years for players to develop. With free agency, and a glut of talent on the market, Jordan would STILL be waiting for a ring if he were playing now. Pippen would have been lured away for BIG bucks and even Grant would have made more than his talent deserved. Can you blame Kobe (or any player for that matter) for wanting to win? And you cannot fault the results can you? Three CONSECUTIVE Final appearances since adding Gasol and Odom! Now that’s effective negotiation!.

  10. LebronSucks says:

    the prime time show is worthless, lebron just wants attention. for what? i could care less. and yes he is a good player. but to say he’s the greatest player in the world? that ridiculous! he will never be like jordan, bird, magic, kobe, shaq or the other nba greats. even iverson during his prime years was better than him.

    so props for wade and bosh for not following in his footsteps. and yes i agree that whoever team ends up without lebron will be lucky coz the team that lebron chooses will not win the championship, not now not ever..

  11. J says:

    lebron is good.. damn good.. but no need for a prime time special ehs

  12. vidiii says:

    I just wanna say he is a “hype” from the very start of his career. He hasn’t have a ring until now and the media is already glorifying him. And please tell the media to stop calling him a “King”. It made me puke and probably for millions who do not like him, will a king probably but of “Kong”. He certainly is a good player and the stats showed it but that is because he is bigger for his game position but please let the media stop praising him as if he had already won 1 ring every year he was in NBA. And also one last thing, he is too ugly to be among the list of world sports superstars, MJ, Kobe, Beckham, Ronaldo, Nadal, Federer. And lastly congratulations for making your points known. Good job!

  13. QueenJames says:

    The fact that James is an attention grabber is just shameless, i wont deny he is a very athletic player, amazing slasher and an okay shooter. I think he is sad in making a simple decision into a grand escapade just because of his status. To me he is not a team player granted he gets assist numbers but anyone would get assist numbers too when they have no choice but to pass the ball he has proven time and time again that he cant win a championship for one he doesnt trust his team and thinks he can be a sacrficial hero by taking the big shots. He is a one man ad campaign who is doomed to never get a ring till he learns to grow up and work as a team. Frankly I dont know why he would stay with the cav’s being that other than him that team has nobody that is worth taking into the play offs. If he wants a ring his best chance of getting a ring is teaming up with wade and bosh in miami is his best option that would be the most ideal three headed monster in the east. Going to New york is jus a waste of time IF he wants a ring as they are in no contention for being in the playoff’s Chicago isnt either so clearly choosing either of those teams would be for money plain and simple and that would show his character right there. Frankly I am tired of his media grabbing scenarios and he is the type of player the NBA doesnt need because of his selfish attitude. Stay in Cleavand leave Cleavand regardless i was not a fan of the cavs and i wont be to any team he does decide to be on. On a side note to all of Ohio stop trying to guilt him into staying, if your not happy and your truly wanting a ring dont let him be stuck on a losing team for the sake of your entertainment let the player go where he can prosper as a champion, if the player decides to go to even worse teams then clearly he is doing it for the money and endoresments than actually wanting a ring. Frankly his dreams of chasing MJ will never happen because he needs to change his mindframe of being in the spotlight, If he humbles him self and realizes the NBA isnt a one man show then a ring could be in his future until then even surrounding him with incredible talent wont prevail because of his selfishness

  14. stoked says:

    maybe lebron wont stay in cleaveland because of west and his moms buahahahaha

  15. DANA says:

    I guess since he disappeared in Game 5 of the Boston series, LeBron is giving up another hour of his time. It doesn’t matter where he goes, he has made this a joke. Second, please stop comparing Kobe to LeBron. Yes, LeBron has slightly less talent (missing a true sidekick) than Kobe, the Cavs still won 127 games out of 164 and had the best record in the league the last two years. LeBron was a huge factor in their success, but he didn’t win the games by himself. LeBron’s supporters give him all the credit for the regular season’s success, but put all the blame of his teammates when they get knock out of the playoffs. This may be true for their lost to Orlando in 09, but check out LeBron’s last three games against Boston this year. I guess it was Mike Brown’s fault that they lost by 32 points in Game 5 and his fault LeBron had nine turnovers in the Game 6 lost.

    As far as Kobe, you can’t knock five championships no matter what. People act like Shaq won three rings by himself, while Kobe didn’t do anything. Go on Youtube to watch Shaq saying Kobe is the best player in the world when they were in the middle of their championship run. Go watch Game 4 of their first NBA Finals against Indiana when Kobe took over in overtime after Shaq fouled out and basically wrap of the series. Go and check the stats and see how Kobe averaged 29 points in the playoffs in 2001. Last and not least, Kobe been to three NBA Finals and won two of them without Shaq while Shaq been to two NBA Finals and won one without Kobe and he didn’t become a champion until he got with Kobe.

  16. Sabanna says:

    Wow it’s amazing how many Lebron haters there are out there.. What are you all really mad about? Is it b/c he is better than your star player? Is it b/c your team is not eligible to get the top free agent in NBA history? Maybe you all dont like the fact that he’s younger than you and had more money than any of you could even dream of having when he was still a teenager?? Is it the fact that he’s the best in the world, or maybe you dont like all that he does for charity?? Hmmm it’s funny he has said over and over he wants to win, not the money. If he stays in CLE it would be out of loyalty and the fact they have the ability to get a ring and make history and keep OH’s economy from going down the toilet. But then if he stays there you will all cry it’s about the money, or you call him stupid for staying there b/c he would have a better shot in CHI or MIA.. But if he leaves then he’s a sell out to his home town and yet is still not guranteed to win. And you wonder what decisions he has to make… And now he’s criticized for having a fund raising hr long slot to make his announcement after ESPN has already dedicated the Free agency to Lebron, “Lebronathon”, “Lebron watch”, “Lebron tracker”.. Hate the media if you wanna hate, hate the game if you dont like the fact he’s the best in it, but DONT hate the PLAYER

  17. Jayman920 says:

    Yo, Zzanzabar said that Magic Johnson is the greatest basketball player to live…sorry wrongo…dead wrong about that. Dont ever insult Micheal Jordan again. Mike killed that dude everytime they played, and Larry Legend. The only person that is close to Jordan is Lebron, who is the most gifted athlete in the NBA. He averages Triple Doubles everynight. I dont see no one in the NBA doin that along with leading his team in scoring, assist, rebounds, blocks, field goal percentage, and 3pt percentage.

    And Antwan Jamison didn’t show up for the playoffs and got shut down.
    Delonte West got mental issues.
    Mo Williams is close to all-star status, but not there quite yet.
    Big Z is too slow.
    Shaq is over weight.
    Anthony Parker finally realized his sister Candace is better than him.
    Varejao doesnt know how to score.
    Jamario Moon is on the moon.
    JJ Hickson is still crawling.
    Daniel Gibson can’t dribble.
    Danny Green is a baby.
    Leon Powe didnt make the playoff roster.
    Jawad Williams role player.
    Sebastian Telfair is Immature
    Lebron James and personal issues with his moms and someone he knows.

    Those are all the reasons why they didn’t make it to get the rings…all true facts no B/S.

    • DaBro says:

      Yes it is a fact that Jamario Moon is on the moon.
      Now I like You to prove it.
      Also prove that Parker realized the thingie about his sister.
      Danny Green a baby? Hugely overgrown, about the age of 1-5? A fact?
      How many moms LeBra has?
      Varejao 0,0 ppg? Good one.
      I wanna see Hickson crawling.

      LeBra is overhyped since the day one we heard about him. Egomaniac I think. I like Miami Heat, but adding James makes me to want them to loose a every single game till James is there :D.

  18. Beth Mahoney says:

    I think it would be great for Lebron to stay with his hometown team, but I would love to see him down here in south Florida playing next to D Wayde. Those two on the Heat and they are instantly contenders for the NBA championship. Come to Miami King James!!!

  19. Bleh says:

    I might be the only person planning not to watch this circus. Two years in a row his team had the best record in the nba…. they seemed unstoppable and he still can’t win a ring. He needs to stop making excuses for himself and I agree with people out there who thinks the only way James can win is if he surrounds himself with wade and bosh. As in, other superstars who can pick up his slack in another playoff run. James would simply be the star for the regular season, chokes in the playoffs, and if his superstar teammates are able to pick him up…he will surely take credit for it. This is nothing but a game he is playing with those franchises and of course Cleveland. This is an embarrassment.

  20. gaspar says:

    LBJ is an attention craving cry baby! He 1st demonstrated that when he decided to use the great MJ’s # on his Jersey, then when he got his ass kicked by the Magic in the playoffs last year. Now he has strung everyone along in order to extend his 15 minutes of fame.

    Shame on you Mr. James

  21. eRoc says:


    Someone stepped up and called the foul that is LeBron James. Seems they didn’t miss a point, including his entourage (or Paid Friends), the un-warranted ego someone has to have to decide THEY are the NBA needing a Prime Time TV show to announce their decision (probably staying in Cleveland), and everything else ridiculous in making the teams grovel at his Paid Friends so called business.

    If he doesn’t stay in Cleveland, I hope he goes to Chicago. In Chicago, he will bear the 800 Lb Gorilla every night on the court. It will hold him down, slow his step, and force him to try and be what he is not, MJ. The locker room will explode, as Noah has no problem speaking out (“Who wants to go to cleveland?” comments), and when he consistently makes 30 points on 10 for 25, or 12 for 35, the shooters will explode with their lack of touches. I hope he goes to Chicago. He should wear Terrell Owens number on his jersey, the next two seasons Chicago, before he is traded to the New Jersey Nets in Brooklyn.

    In fact, he should wear T.O.’s Jersey the rest of his career. I can’t think of a better analogy. TO dropping passes in temper tantrums, and blaming the quarterback or coach. LBJ giving up in the playoffs because he is too frustrated by the defense, and instead of passing keeps turning the ball over, which is of course he teams fault.

    Regardless, this guy let his ego and Paid Posse destroy his image. EVen if you are a fan, and want him on your team, you’re are finding you have to qualify your water-cooler remarks with something about “even though he is such an….” The NFL has worked really hard to crush these attitude guys. I hope the NBA someday tries to save face and do the same.

    Stop making the draft a circus. Stop this intentional circus week of free agency. It’s already embarrassing that these guys are crying about salaries that are out of this world. For what they make, the fans deserve a better league than this. Not role models, just less intentionally setup egos.

    Guys like D Wade.

    • Dave says:

      At this point, the ONLY honorable thing for “King” James to do is re-sign with Cleveland. It’s the only way to earn back any self respect. If he’s afraid of being stuck in Cleveland for 6 years (and who wouldn’t be), let him sign a 3-year contract and see if Byron Scott can turn him into the player that Mike Brown couldn’t. Then, after 3-years, if it’s still not working out, he can stage another prime-time reality show. (Just an opinion from an NBA fan who doesn’t live in; Cleveland, Chicago, NJ, NY, or Miami.)

  22. 2010NBACHAMPS says:

    The 2010 champs dont give 2 ish’s about queen james and her decision to bring her pts rbds asts and blks to another team. We gonna keep steam rollin this NBA thang. Expect LA to 3peat next year. Healthy Bynum…hopefully. Healthy mamba, and a HUNGRY ron artest MORE integrated to our offense and team.

    Congrats MIA. Hope to see yall in the show next year


  23. Jose says:

    Poor Lebron… Seems like wade and bosh left him to hang and dry.
    Hey… maybe he does need an hour special to give his farewell to Cleveland. I like that theory.

  24. PR says:

    So Lebron is caught as a soph paticipting in a Cavs practice and I’m betting that it was a regular thing before they were caught but some how the Cavs still got to draft the home town kid. Now he’s the big free agent and the hoop world waits for the guy who didn’t show much heart against the Celtics but I hope he shows his loyalty to the Cavs. LBJ stop the pony show and dip into your wallet if you want to give to charity and spend an extra hour working on your catch and shoot and post game.

  25. PR says:

    Hour long special?! You can’t be serious, LBJ’s wallet is big enough if he wants to give to charity…this is greed. He needs to stop messing around and practice his catch and shoot…learn how to get his shot of without pounding the ball into the ground. He should stay in Cleveland after all they did to get him. People forget that the Cavs got caught with him practicing with them as a high school soph. and still they were allowed to draft him a year later. How does that happen? MJ never went through any of this crap but then again he never lost without a fight or for that matter lost in the finals. Sign your contract work on your game and stop with the pony show. I’m not watching!!!

  26. famous says:

    “Y’all are buggin” I’m a hooper, been a hooper all my life, and have seen great players play ball from Dr. J to MJ to Kobe and Shaq…everybody in here should stop hating on Lebron because he’s making history…at all you bloggers saying that Lebron is shameless and Lebron is not as good as people make him to be, y’all are crazy or senile…Lebron has one of the worst teams every assembled, not to mention a less than able coaching staff…and we expect him to win a championship with the amount of talent on that team, pshhhh, he’s not Jesus people…the only other person I remember making it to the finals with minimal help was Allen Iverson…and so what they lost, they’re team was inferior…and all the Kobe talk can stop…I love Kobe, but he’s no Lebron…Kobe won 3 rings with the most dominant center and coach of all time, and didn’t acquire another until Gasol came, and Fisher came back…Lebron didn’t disappear against the Celtics either, look at the stats, he still did his job…and if rings is the topic, then the haters are right, but Lebron is only 26…he has years left and rings to rack up…GO LEBRON!!

    • Ha Ha says:

      Thats funny but Lebron’s not even close to Kobe status. People forget they had the best team in the league during the regular season but Lebron didn’t perform in the playoffs and when his teammates saw that they fell apart to.

    • Sabanna says:

      Finally someone with some sense.. Thank you for breaking it down.. But besides A.I, there was Isaiah Thomas.. And you are so right.. He has carrierd that whole franchise on his shoulders. If he wins a ring with the Cavs he will go down as the greatest player in NBA history not just b/c of his stats b/c he carried the entire franchise.. He is the reason they have had the best record in the league for the past 2 seasons.. If Jordan had been a free agent at the age of 25 they would have made a huge deal about that too, but unlike Bron he didnt come straight outta highschool.. Lebron is the best player in the league hands down and it’s sick how many haters their are on that man!! And even with his loss to the Celts in the playoffs he was hated on, and had a TRIPLE DOUBLE. the problem with his fans are they are so used to him playing way above norm that even when he plays like an above avg player he gets put down.. Let that have been ANY other player in the league and they would have said he had a great game…

    • Cannon says:

      Kobe’s playing with not quite All-star talent. Before coming to the Lakers Gasol was only an All-star once and never won a play-off game. Lamar Odom was never an all-star. Kobe has 3-4 players like that. So does Lebron. Lebron has the best regular season record past two years and was favored to win this year. Kobe and Jordan have never lost a playoff series where they had home court advantage. Lebron is a good player, but he’s more hype than substance. People look too much into his stats and not how he plays the game. He travels all the time and just bowls over people getting into the lane. He’s been in the league for 8 years and can’t post anyone up. What happened to Lebron’s elbow injury? Kobe won with a bad knee and two messed up fingers. Lebron is not committed to winning and can’t deal with adversity. He’s been coddled his whole life and only cares about his own ego.

      • johnny"b"ull says:

        Kobe’s Lakers had home court advantage against the Pistons in the Finals 2004. Lakers lost!! so not true

      • johnny"b"ull says:

        But, I agree with everything you said. On POINT!!

    • KJG says:

      Stats are not the only measure. He was VERY PASSIVE in those last two Celtic games He look intimadated and you could tell he couldn’t wait to get the hell out of the buildng.

    • Dave says:

      If LBJ is afraid of getting stuck in Cleveland for 6 years, he should sign a 3 year deal. Let’s give Byron Scott 3 years to see if he can turn LeBron into the PLAYER that Mike Brown was never able to do. Then, if things don’t work out, he can go anywhere he wants and it won’t bother me.

  27. Next Level Leader says:

    What ridiclious hype and drama! James doing this “LIVE” announcement proves he’s staying in Cleveland. Duh! He’s doing this to support a local Girls/Boys Club?? C’mon yawl! lol Secondly, there are $30 million other reasons to stay home! Now that Bosh is in Miami, Cleveland may only make the playoffs! Oh well!

    • Dave says:

      I SURE HOPE YOU’RE RIGHT! It’s the only respectable thing to do at this point. And if LBJ is afraid to get “stuck” in Cleveland for 6 years then he should sign a 3 year deal. Let’s see if Byron Scott can turn him into the player that Mike Brown never could! Then, after 3 years, if it’s still not working, he can put on a prime time reality show and move to wherever he wants.

  28. Garcia says:

    The only people creating a circus out of this is you–the media. You all are so silly. You go head-over-heals for Lebron James? Does the guy have talent? yes. But, he has yet to play with his heart to win a championship. Even if he wins a championship, a real champion wins 5 of them or more. He’ll just be criticized when he wins 1. Poor Lebron making a spectacle of himself…and the media right behind it! He’s got many years to serve before he can catch up to the greatest of them. He’s just another Barkley or K. Malone. I don’t want to be a hater…so good luck LBJ at Chicago!

  29. MARCus 18 says:

    Los angeles vs Miami great, Kobe and Pau vs Bosh, Wade and James. That would be a great finals for next season.

    • LLMN says:

      Please, if all three of them teamed up Kobe and Pau would get swept. Either that or James, Wade, and Bosh would not mesh at all and wouldn’t make it past the first round.

      • Ha Ha says:

        The lakers would match up with wade, bosh, and james.They wouldn’t get sweeped it would be close.

      • Cannon says:

        I think it might take 2 years to fill out the roster if Lebron goes to Miami. They would have to fill the roster with minimum level players and D-League call ups. With Boston, the Big Three happened to work because they had some young talent (Rondo, Perkins) and some vets came on board (Posey, etc). Miami only has Chalmers and Beasley.

  30. k says:

    Not a lebron fan AT ALL……but it’s gonna be so sad for all those CLE fans if he decides to leave…..even worse if he decides to stay after all of this drawn-out mess. Even though it would be crazy if bosh, wade and james were altogether I still doubt it will happen…..and therefore lebron does not get a ring AGAIN……….i’m gonna go with 3peat LA. Guess we will find out tomorrow………

  31. kiwisepp says:

    LeBron James has everything for Bball, but mid-range jump shooting. If he can not improve his jump shoot, he will never be a NBA champion without teaming up with a guy like KB24. At present, he would be better to the No2 of a team.

  32. jim says:

    LeBron is doing all this for TV…He loves attention and he plays for money.

    • EE says:

      WOW he doesnt care about the money!!! Dont speak on something you know nothing about.. No matter where he goes or whatever he does he has more money at the age of 25 then what you and all your friends and family will even be able to count… You are ignorant to the impact his free agency has not only on the NBA but the Economy.. Speak on what you know…..

      • DuranTulaFan says:

        EE, you should take in your own words. “Speak on what you know…” First off, You do not know how much jim or his friends and family can count. So it is unjust of you to criticize him… jim also never mentioned anything about economy, proving yourself ignorant because honestly, the NBA has nothing to do with the economy. Secondly, I do agree that LeBron LOVES attention. He dwells in it. That does not mean it is a bad thing, but LeBron was made for the spotlight. I mean he’s been in it since high school. In my rightful opinion, LeBron does not need a full hour to announce his choice. Look at DWade and CB4, their announcement took seconds. So, I do agree that LeBron is doing this for attention. Don’t speak on something you know nothing about. If Lebron truly did not care about money, he could do what MJ did and devote his basketball salary to a charity.

  33. Craig says:

    LeBron James is one of the best players ever to play basketball cleveland his home town so call said he will get a ring with them but for the last seven years they did’nt give him anything……..besides that he is his own team he better off with Dwayne wade,Chris Bosh, and the miami heat thats a championship right their i am telling everyone thats a team goin to the champ every year

  34. hello says:

    why can’t i comment on dwyane wade and chris bosh, that’s the biggest news today…NBA is truly where amazing happens bcuz if you go to this extent to market lebron who like everyone said complained about talent around him and finally got everything he wanted (mo williams is a threat please do not listen to the media watch the tape). But Lebron if you read this I was a ball player and you know…I mean U KNOW how good DWYANE WADE IS thats your boy…and i think i can read talent i dont need the media to do it for me and i know you’re talented i only see two persons in the nba when they get mad they can turn it up at any time and destroy the other team U and D WADE, MELO COULD OF and deep down i know he still can… thats my dog “TheBULLY” but you gatta have that motivation. All of you are great players its a refreshing feeling to actually enjoy watching basketball again chris paul also I’m just talking cuz my number one free agent is dwyane wade and I am happy he decided and for everyone do not let the media convince you he could not get pass the first round of the playoffs he simply didn’t want to he just tried to keep his team a contender thats all for this time WATCH!!!

  35. think says:

    Thats what “great” players do nowadays…

    Kobe before created big waves upon saying he wanted to leave LA… then Pau came… and he’s now revered as one of the greatest ever…

    And you know some other players who did the same thing… threatening their team to get them their “all-star” teammates or they’ll leave… just sick

    MJ never did that… just played the game… waited for rookie Scottie to be better, for teammate Grant to be better… won his rings… got Harper, Kukoc, and Rodman as his teammates (which he hasnt requested from the front office)… the Kerr’s gotten better… so were the longley’s and the buechler’s and the brown’s…

    So he was right when he said in his HOF speech that at the end of the day, it is the players that play and win championships… because thats what he did… just play and win…

    but players today just prove otherwise…

    • MMoney says:

      Not much of a fan for holding a team hostage, but that laker team sucked the year before Pau gasol came. Smush Parker, Kwame Brown,Chris Mihm, Luke Walton…. Just to name a few.

  36. Zzanzabar says:

    I’m going to reserve judgment on the up coming ‘prime time’ ESPN Lebronathon. Maybe like someone suggested he is raising money for a worthy cause or something like that. But if this is just some publicity grabbing stunt orchestrated by LBJ then my respect for him has dropped a GREAT deal. It is unnecessary for him to hold his loyal fans hostage while he makes a kingly decision. I am one of those fans who truly believe that he has the talent to match the greatest basketball player ever…Magic Johnson. If he is going to parade around for an hour and then wait until the last 15min to announce his decision then that would be shameless.

  37. Dorian says:

    Lebron James is a good player but I don’t see why he doesn’t sign on a championship caliber team for a lower contract, he’ll make up for the money through endorcments and merchandise. Now I personally don’t believe Bosh is an x-factor for a team. On a team like Toronto his numbers don’t mean too much, off course they’re gonna be good when the other players are quite frankly…crap. So personally, I believe, the Heat will go far into the playoffs but won’t come out with a ring.

  38. mike says:

    to the guy that said whoever doesnt get lebron should consider themselves lucky…you obviously have no idea what your talking about…probably some retarted lakers fan i guess…lebron is the most athletic player in the league…and the best player in the league for 2 years ina row…all those times in the playoffs when lebron was scoring 40 + points and his team would still lose…give him some talent around him and see what kinda damage can be done…but in the mean time..all u kobe lovin haters just keep on doing what u do best…HATE

    • WOW says:

      Look at LBJ’s teammates
      Mo Williams/ all star
      Antawn Jamison/ all star
      Shaq/ Hall of Famer
      What else do you want?

      no excuses.

      • RaRaRondo says:

        You should rephrase, Lebron is the most athletic player at his size. Anybody who thinks Nate Robinson isn’t the most athletic man in the NBA is delusional.

      • LLMN says:

        Mo Williams=All star who folds under pressure
        Antawn Jamison=Guy who hasn’t been all-star for a while
        Shaq=Old, slow Hall of famer who has now become a bit of a liability

      • EE says:

        ummm Shaq isnt 100yrs old or anything and he didnt miss half the season either, right??? Mo is nothing without Bron… dahhh and Jamison came in late in the season hate to inform you. ALso when he did join it took time for him to get used to the team.. Excuse that

      • DuranTulaFan says:

        The Cavs got the top seed in the league. There really is no excuse for not surrounding LBJ with enough talent.

    • EE says:

      RIght on point.. He would be criticized if he spent two seconds summing up where he choses to sign after an entire free agency has been dedicated to him, not to mention the parades, songs, signs, begging, and everything but kidnapping that man in order to get him on their team.. There is no pleasing everyone.. And thats the price you have to pay for being the TOP.. And as long as you’re at the top there will always be reasons for all you HATERS to HATE

  39. Funny says:

    The east needs all the help they can get if they want to challenge the Lakers Three-peat.

  40. Matt says:

    I believe that LeBron is finally going to announce to the fans of the NBA that he will join the Heat to finally win a ring. I believe the whole point of the 1 hour special is to explain to Cleveland fans why he is doing this and to thank them for all they have done for him. But wade, bosh and james are going to miami if u ask me.

    • Sonny says:

      I wouldn’t wanna see James going to Miami. NBA would be so boring, and imagine how much criticism if they don’t win a ring.

  41. Wow says:

    Well Now that the bosh and wade are together i think they will get further into the championship round becuase both play their position very well soo it will be interesting to see lebron plans Its narrowed to Knicks and bulls now. Knicks wouldn’t be bad now they have Amare, But my head tells me that he wants derrick rose the ROTY (Rookie Of The Year) On his team. If He gets back on the cavs it would only be his fault he waited soo long =D.

    • lolamare says:

      Amare is a garbage center, people will see just how much of a second rate player he is without a great PG like Nash carrying him.

  42. Joseph says:

    Maybe he needs a primetime special as a way to raise money for the boys and girls club. So many haters out there that it is ashame. If your tired of it stop reading / listening / watching it.

    • Joseph says:

      Also, its good to see the employee holding the employer hostage…. How many times is the employer doing the same thing to the employees

  43. Amused says:

    LeBron James is completely shameless, and why he needs a “Prime Time Special” to make an announcement that takes all of a few seconds is incomprehensible. The only thing more incomprehensible, actually, is that any team would want him after the way he disappeared against the Celtics in the second round this year, and has only gotten his team to the championship round once, three years ago, at which point he and the Cavs were completely swept. Meanwhile, in the intervening years, he has done nothing but hold the Cavaliers hostage with his free agency innuendos and front office demands. Whoever does not land James on their roster tomorrow night should consider themselves fortunate to have been spared a nightmare.

    Meanwhile, congratulations to the Heat, and to Bosh and Wade, for an awesome coup…

    • CC says:

      Stop being a hater. Its not shameless, he is the most popular player in the league and he is trying to make some money. Anybody who has obtained the skills that he has would do the same thing. Plus your going to sit there along with everyone else and watch the full hour special. If its such a bother to you then watch something else. But dont hate on Lebron just because he is riding the “fame wave”.

    • BarkleyFan says:

      I’m going to have to agree with Amused on almost every count. The only issues I have with what was stated is that there was no comment regarding the fact that James was awarded back to back MVP’s in seasons where other players (Durant and Anthony for example) had greater impacts on their teams. Furthermore James -while he is an outstanding athlete- is nowhere near Jordan or even Magic and Bird status. Heck both Kobe and Shaq (in his prime) are way out of James’ league. LBJ needs to prove himself instead of riding on the massive corporate marketing wave that the NBA created for him even before he ever played a minute of NBA basketball.
      LBJ I’m still waiting for proof of your greatness….

      • EE says:

        Wow I see you don’t have to know anything about basketball to get to speak on here. The best thing you have going for you is that you are a Barkley fan.. However King James is the best player in the world.. not the league, the WORLD.. MJ did not get his 1st ring until his 7th career and yes he was older than LJ… Also he had a Pippen and a Phil Jackson.. If he stays in CLE and wins a ring he will go down as the greatest player to ever play in the NBA. EVER as in all time.,.,. It’s amazing how much ignorance on NBA that can be found on a NBA website..

    • EE says:

      Ummm maybe he has to explain himself for all you little haters out there that do not understand the enormous effects his free agency has on the entire league.. If he stays in Cleveland all the other little cry baby teams and their fans will need to hear his explanations for turning them all down. And if he leaves Cleveland he needs the time to try to talk them out of killing him on the way to the airport.. So shhhhhhhhhhh you could be so lucky to have a King on your team!!! And I can only hope your not a fan of that lucky team!!

      • Chi - Town Knowledge says:

        The guy who thinks LeBron will be the greatest, WRONG, Why people compare to MJ crazy, back then the talent was much more stable and unreal. You can’t compare alot of these guys with, Magic, Worthy, Lambeer, Thomas, Robinson, Ewing, Barkley, the list goes on……yes, it took Jordan a while but take a way baseball and he would have had 8 rings easily. Kobe has now separated himself from these others, he is playing like a winner and I dislike the guy but he is a true winner.

        Lebron has to gain some more maturity, this televeision thing, DUMB, (my opinion) now we all know, if he goes to the Heat, they won’t win JACK. why, three HUGE EGOS, whose team will it be, who will be the person for the last shot of a game, what if they don’t get a bench, the Lakers and Celtics won the last 3 titles because of DEPTH.

        It’s more to it than three stars, it is CHEMISTRY and a strong bench. Hell, they have to get rid of some people to make rom for LeBron.