Bosh=The New Vince?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Vince Carter you can rest easy now.

Chris Bosh will take over for you as the greatest villain in Toronto, at least from some Raptors fans.

For years, Carter has had to endure the venom of Toronto Raptors fans for stealing his way out of town without delivering the goods for the local fans. They made it a point to boo him and make sure he never escaped their wrath after he bolted for the states.

Now that Bosh has decided to join Dwyane Wade in Miami, will he assume Carter’s place atop the hate-list for Raptors fans? He has already moved into the top spot if you sample the darts being thrown his way today. The only target taking on more fire than Bosh is the organization, mainly for allowing yet another franchise player to leave town.

Honestly, the Raptors didn’t have many options.

Once it became clear that Bosh was anxious to vacate the premises, basically all they could do was wait and see where he decided to go. The guy we really feel for here at the hideout is recent Raptors lottery pick Ed Davis, who now assumes the mantle of the next great franchise player (in training).

And you better believe the countdown to his exit is already on the minds of many of our friends north of the border.



  1. Disappointed... says:

    I don’t know why this topic is even relevant… I’m not mad at Bosh, just disappointed that another good player left the team… and seemingly knew all along that he was going. I just wish he’d have been up front about a year ago that he was going to leave, that would’ve given Colangelo some time to put together a deal that might have actually helped the Raptors.
    After all season saying that he hadn’t decided if he was leaving, did he even give Toronto serious look??? I doubt it.

  2. canada4 says:

    OK people…
    First of all… CB played with way more heart than Carter and no comparison should ever have been made, he will get a standing “O” when he returns.
    Second of all… This is a bad representation of the Raptors organization and the media should be ashamed of their actions because this defaces an otherwise dedicated organization that is trying to build a winning franchise.

    Personal opinion… With CB leaving, Hedo and Bargnani will shine and players like Weems and DeRozan will start to show the talent that they have. It my not be this year, but the Raptors will do better without Bosh in the long run.

    All the same tho I do wish Bosh the best of luck!

  3. gratsbosh says:

    Vince carter lowered his market value when he demanded a trade, he never kept him self in condition and moaned and complained, Granted i love toronto from toronto and the raptors being the only canadian team will watch them till i die or the franchise gets moved (lets hope not). Carter was got burnt out quick played all through college and gave it his all in his first years as a raptor asked for stupid signings, and then ultimately gave up on the team and made himself untradable i too am glad he got nothing accomplished with the Nets, and I have nothing against Orlando but secretly wished for their elimination mainly because of Vince. Bosh was yet another player that came into the raptor franchise and got no real help, granted bosh is not a franchise player its not his character nor is it his game, he is a VERY good roll player always has been always will be but he never got a supporting cast to take the pressure off him. I dont blame him for leaving i blame the raptor franchise for making stupid choices and being left with no money to make any real moves. Grats bosh i hope james joins you in miami and you get a ring.

  4. go huskies says:

    Bosh = The New Jermaine O’Neal.

    CB and JO didn’t work together in the Big Smoke because their games are identical. Wade and JO = Miami takes 5th place in the East and falls in the first round of the playoffs. They let go of JO, pick up CB… looks like they’re loving 5th place in South Beach! They saw Bosh’s resume in Toronto right? First round of the playoffs or bust.

    Bosh is following in the footsteps of fellow Raptors walk out, T-Mac..
    Therefore, Miami = The New Houston Rockets. Round One and Done.

  5. CB$ says:

    this article is joke
    Chris Bosh is gonna be cheered if anything when he comes to Toronto in a heat jersey

  6. Thanks says:

    All i would like to say is thank you Chris Bosh.

  7. N comment says:

    With all due respect to Chris Bosh, Vince Carter is the best dunker in the history of the NBA. His game and legacy put Toronto on the map. Vince Carter had celebrities flying in from popular cities just to watch his games. Chris Bosh is a great basketball player, none of them are fiery leaders, like the Raptors desperately need. Chris Bosh was here for longer and he had time to break records. However, Vince Carter still has a legendary Resume with the Toronto Raptors: he brought us to the second round of the playoffs, he won a dunk title, he jumped over Fred Weis. In reality, both of the franchise players chose to leave Toronto because they were looking out for themselves. In a business, that’s all that matters; do what makes you happy.

  8. QuestionMark says:

    WTF?!?!?!?! Bosh is nothing like VC.. VC didnt do anything to help the Raps.. Bosh is tried to help the Raps and is helping them by doing a sign and trade deal.. and I will still love Bosh no matter what

  9. Desmond says:

    Well the raptors sucked when vince was on the team and still now.. iwould of fake injuries 2. turkoglu is going to leave to but dam they forced vince to play with bums on the team for years while losing

  10. Victor says:

    Man Chris bosh has played in Toronto, He’s done us proud, he’s done his best… UP TO THE ALL STAR BREAK last February. Do you really need to sit out all that long to nurse a sprained ankle? Yes, if you’re getting healthy for free agency. I disagree with all the Raptors fans saying he wont be booed. He definitely will, not for his demeanor on the court (he’s carried this team for three years – albeit to mediocre records) but for the way he’s handled this free agency period. He led us on since All Star break, saying he would help us with a sign and trade. In all honesty, as a Raptors fan, I never expected him to come back. But the way he’s been handling the situation thus far is just rude and disrespectful to all of us here in Toronto. He acted like a six-year-old kid who ditches his best friend for a richer one and then completely ignores his old friend.

    “Bosh wants to be paid like the number one guy, but doesn’t want to be responsible like the number one guy, on a team with expectations. He plays well under pressure (he is a very good baller!) but just doesn’t elevate his game to be the go to guy every time. Joining Wade in Miami makes him number two, and takes the pressure off”. Good for him for realizing that he doesn’t have what it takes to win by himself. If he really was worth $120 million, he’d be able to play for any team and bring them into the playoffs, no matter his supporting cast.

    He should’ve learned from Vince Carter’s mistakes. He also left Toronto to pair up with Jefferson and Kidd, and look how he turned out. A has-been, with no rings to show for his “efforts”.

    As a Raptors fan, I’m glad he’s gone. I’m glad he’s finally admitted that he’s only good enough to ride the coattails of a superstar. And who knows, maybe the Raptors will, after 7 years, finally be able to win more than 40(+) games.

  11. Edwin says:

    CB4 forever. I’m from Australia and have been a Toronto fan since it’s inception. However I wish Chris the best and I hope he does win many championships as he carries himself as a champion off the court as well as on the court. VC was a crybaby that bailed when the heat was turned up. Just watch and see what Chris will say about the Toronto fanbase now that he left. He will be appreciative and express some sadness at his decision.

  12. NBA Guy says:

    Look Bosh is a great player but some of these comments are crazy. “Bosh deserves championships” that is crazy. “‘Bosh gave us a long tenure” what???? Bosh didn’t want to play in his home town of Dallas what makes anyone think different than Toronto being a stepping stone. He is young and the Raptors are not that bad. The Raptors could have provided Bosh a max deal and still put some pieces around him… His leaving has everything to do with Toronto. If its not Hockey the Canadians just don’t care that much. All you NBA fans in Toronto should get the NBA league pass to see what dedicated players and fans look like. If I was a Toronto fan, I would be pissed that another top 10 player in the league bolted at the first chance for max money. I motion that Toronto gets moved to Seattle… just my opinion.

  13. Anthony says:

    Bosh done everything he could when Vince didn’t want show up…..Toronto Fans hope he will get wish.
    Vince carter and Tracey had no respect for Toronto. Torontonians Always love Bosh. Good luck with Bosh in Miami..Enjoy the Heat!

  14. Kellz says:

    I don’t suspect Bosh to get the same reception as VC because those were two completely situations, however it’s too bad that he doesn’t know he will never win anything in Miami with Wade, 3rd or 4th seed at best, thats about it. Bosh was never the professional, he was always about making Youtube vids, and seeing if he could get the most Twitter followers. He’s a number two at best, and it’s time for the Raptors to find a new leader, and they will see where they stand this season. As for all the people complaining about getting nothing in a sign in trade, consider this, would you want two bums that show up late to every practice like Beasley and Chalmers on the team?

  15. T&K says:

    This is so typical for the Media to publish articles that encourage Toronto Fans to HATE on star players.
    WHY would you write an article like this???

    VINCE CARTER is OLD NEWS – can we please get over this….CB4 has carried himself very well as a raptor with dignity and pride and has been a great example to other young players around the leaugue. When you address his work ethic alone you have to put hiim up their with the top teir players in the NBA. When CB4 was questioned at the begining of last season if he would come back to T.O next year he said he would make his decision based on the teams performance. I beleive he gave the same reply on a number of different occasions. WE KNEW HE WOULD BE GONE after the end of this season considering how things went.

    I remember 3 other interviews. Turk, Bargns and Bosh were all asked what their goals were for this year. Turk and Bargns wanted to make the ALLSTAR TEAM. CB4 wanted to get more offensive rebounds. As a true fan of the game. I could have cried when i heard this response. CB4 you will always be admired by T.O fans no matter how hard the media makes attermpts to turn us against you. Good luck with Wade and Lebron…..and yes i said Lebron.

  16. HometownRaptor says:

    One more RANDOM thought I don`t think having lbj in the same line up as wade and bosh would help them win games because then they would have 3 guys asking for ball,, a clear case of “too many cooks spoil the broth” ,,
    LBJ going to chicago will make more sense in terms of personnel wise or may be to the NETS,,,

  17. anonymous says:

    I’m a bosh fan. he’s like a son who grew up to a man in toronto. he is now matured and needs to leave the parent’s house. it’s okay, it’s good for his career and we are proud of him. it’s time for him to move on.

  18. Nekolu says:

    he may get the money he wanted in miami but i think he went there to win a championship. nice move CB4.

  19. SERIOUSLY>? says:

    Are you serious? this article is not entirely false. Most of you are crying about how Vince was a baby bla bla bla, look at Bosh. A month or 2 ago he was “tweeting” about where his next destination would be. The guys bags were packed the minute the season was over. If you look at his fan base here in Toronto and the support this guy has had, this is NO way to leave. Sure if he’s bored here or thinks he can do better elsewhere so be it, but this is not how you leave an organization let alone as an adored franchise player. Man up.

  20. daydo says:

    ed davis assumes the mantle of the next great franchise player? that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever found on just because the raptors drafted a PF doesn’t mean he’s chris bosh’s replacement, they took the best player that was on the board at 13, plain and simple. idiot’s like sekou smith need to let this kid find his own game and identity in the NBA. he lacks the strengths (particularly the face up game) that bosh possesses so stop the comparisons. davis is a nice piece, but by no means a franchise player.

  21. Pete says:

    Bosh will not be hated. He deserves a championship, and Im sure Raptor fans will agree with me when i say Bosh needed to leave Toronto to win a title. Carter quit, Bosh was simply a free agent.

  22. boshfan4ever says:

    Dear Sekou Smith……………..u clearly dont understand raptor fans. CB4 will forever be respected, please do your homework before you write something hideous like this……….

  23. theprideofchina says:

    im a long time raps fan.. and in retrospect.. bosh did kinda sellout his team.. his phantom injuries towards the end of the season implicated his effort to battle thur injuries.. and it was already foreshadowed there that bosh wouldbe leaving toronto. this whole free agent frenzy was also orchestrated by bosh and his agent to generate the crazy and useless buzz about his departure. Hence, bosh did sellout on the raps.. especially with no sign n trade.. ill be one to boo him at the acc when he comes back..

  24. M-TOWNN says:

    Happy to see bosh leave, didn’t like him from the beginning, never was ‘n never is gunna be a superstar. Bargnani will probably be better next season than Bosh ever wass…

  25. Dave Patterson says:

    Looks like you screwed this one up Sekou. I know you read these comments so take this to heart. You lack talent, the people have spoken.

  26. BOOOOOOO! says:

    I think Sekou Smith is the most hated guy in Toronto now, mainly because he wrote this stupid article. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sekou BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  27. RaptorReuben says:

    In this situation. Bosh is gone. But a sign-and-trade is still being discussed. But if there is no idea whatsoever, the market is all that this team has left. The cap space is also very limited compared to other teams in the NBA. I’ve heard we have less than 10mil in the cap right now. Bad position, meaning all we will be able to grab are role players.

    For the Vince Carter=Chris Bosh. i don’t think Vince played 100% or said thank you to the fans. Something Bosh did as soon as the announcement was made.

  28. Varun says:

    no he isn’t, he may have left but he did so with class and consistent effort on and off the court, unfortunately we weren’t able to get a high caliber wing player and we werent able to build around him, he is not vince or t-mac, they left by insulting the team, bosh is leaving with fans who will miss him and still love him

  29. MrChrisFromToronto says:

    This is the dumbest post ever! NObody in their right mind would compare VC to Bosh. 2 different styles of play and more importantly 2 different personalities. The people of Toronto have respect for Bosh while we lost respect for VC. Bosh will always get love here no matter what. Everybody here knew coming into this season it was make or break for Chris Bosh and the Raps. Clearly the raps struggled for the year and you cant blame Bosh for doing what he needed to do. Bosh held it down for years as an all-star and always down for the cause to show love for this city. This guy who wrote the blog clearly doesnt know anything about Toronto. In all honesty, although we are now in a similiar post-CB4/VC era it was the Raptors who made the choice for Bosh. The proof is clearly evidenced by the lack of talent, chemistry, and coaching in the players we already have now. So speaking for all the REAL fans that know Toronto it is clear that Bosh is a standup guy. Bosh was our franchise player and he’ll surely be missed, but NEVER forgotten. All the best CB4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. croco says:

    I’m glad Bosh is gone to be honest. Vince Carter “made the Toronto Raptors” by bringing exciting basketball and wins for the Toronto Raptors. When Vince was trying, we never struggle to get over .500. Bosh? The only time when we have reached .500 in his 7 years serving the raptors was when Colangelo took over the team. We, the Toronto Raptors Made Chris Bosh, the only reason why he was made the franchise player was because there wasn’t any other talent left when Vince Left us out to dry and Chris showed Glimpse of talent so we developed him. It was a mistake to build a team around Chris Bosh. He was never “The Man” of this team. He was never able take over games, sure he stuffs his stats but do we ever win when he takes over? I really don’t remember any games like that on top of my head.

    In the Vince Era, we blow the other team out of the water. Remember exciting games and ferocious dunks over the other team….over Tim Duncan, Over Dikembe Mutombo, over Alonzo Morning, over dirk nowitzki, You want to see every game Vince Carter played in cuz he was going to do something crazy. Toronto Raptors was just another crappy expansion team until he arrived. Hell, Vince had a less talented team than we do now with Bosh. He was able to take over games and made everyone on the team better because he was so dominant. How can you stop a guy who does windmill alleyhoop on a regular basis? When you try to make a block his shots and he just jumps over you. Vince is not a champion, he’s a quitter but he put the Toronto Raptors on the map. If you want to look at stats…personal accolades doesn’t count… look at the winning percentage when Vince was here, Until he stopped trying, we were definitely well over .500 and made the playoffs every year.

    Bosh, giving his heart and soul to the Toronto Raptors for 7 years? We were never even close to .500 in total wins and made the playoffs only twice in 7 years. Exciting basketball? Gosh I don’t even want to watch most of the time. Even the Mighty Mouse played a more exciting brand of basketball than Bosh played. All the best for Chris Bosh in Miami but he is not “The Man” and never will be in any team. Loyalty doesn’t make a team. Talent and good management does.

  31. raptorsfansince95 says:

    the thing that upsets me about bosh leaving is we got nothing in return but no one wants to play in toronto and he had no problem playing here for 7 seasons and i as a fan respect that i wish him all the success in the world and if eany one boos him in toronto thay deserve to be escorted out of the acc center all time leading scorer all time leading rebounder and a grate franchise player good luck cb4

  32. Vitor Bastos - Brazil says:

    Never, Vince is gonna e on toronto raptors heart forever, No one else will be, Just Air Canada

  33. Vitor Bastos - Brazil says:

    Never ever, Vince is gonna be in toronto raptors heart for ever, no one else will be

  34. Austin says:

    Bosh is no Vince, he will always have my respect for being a great player who always gave 100%. Vince Carter on the other hand is a quitter and a crybaby.

  35. tigerbowi says:

    I know what ur sayin. I know where I stand. I hate the guy. He betrayed us when we needed him most. Nw the raptors are a dead franchise. I hate chris bosh

  36. bleep says:

    Bosh will never win a championship with Wade in Miami…it’s gonna be like Bron in cavs, no support from other players

  37. Jay says:

    I hate Vince but keep in mind that he was one shot away from getting the raptors to the semi finals againts a philly team that made it to the NBA finals. Bosh couldnt even get them close to the second round. Hedo was useless last season but he’s gonna step up now that he’ll get BALL

  38. Alex says:

    Sekou said that reason for Carter boos in Toronto is for “stealing his way out of town without delivering the goods for the local fans”. Many ex-Raports did the same without any fan revenge, so that is not the reason.

    It is well known that Carter’s lack of emotional intelligence as shown is his parting words to Toronto fans brought on brutal and long lasting fan response. could easily find dozens of bloggers with this kind of NBA common knowledge to replace clueless Sekou.

  39. DELANO says:


  40. Balla says:

    WTF! why would raptors fans be angry at bosh. Bosh gave 7 long years at Toronto. He tried every year to carry his team to an nba championship. Any fan in the right mind would know staying in toronto is a stupid choice. I douby Ed Davis is gonna be a franchise player and Barganin hasnt delivered. Derozon might be but probably not. Raptor Fans should have nothing but gratitude to this made

  41. Jay says:

    Chris Bosh is awesome. He’ll do well in Miami but i hope King James joins Wade and Bosh in Miami. O man that would be awesome. Bye bye Celtics. Bye Bye Lakers. Here come the heat.

    LeBron is Awesome

  42. nomansid says:

    i dont care. i still love bosh, im going to miss him 😦

    my new top 3 teams:

  43. kyle says:

    atleast bosh got a gold medal in the olympics what did vince get oh yeah….

  44. Dongz23 says:

    The move is not only for Bosh but also for Wade. Since winning the ring and the departure of Shaq, Heat turned out to be a ghost town. . Wade is so helpless doing everything he could to save the image of the team but just couldnt. .and this is to be done with SACRIFICE. . as Wade said he wanted to give up an amount of his contract just to bring another star into the organization. . .and that could be a very unselfish move wade has done for miami. . .

  45. Bosh fan says:

    This article is complete crap! No other player will ever be hated as much as Vince. Bosh had a decent run in Toronto, he developed as a player but Toronto failed to develop as a team. He’s definitely better off in Miami and I’m certainly happy to see him go. Toronto doesn’t deserve to have a marquee player with the team management and coaching they currently have. At the end of the day Bosh did what was best for him and the only ones feeling the hatred is the Toronto franchise – which will be back in an area they’re all too familiar with: the “re-building year”.

  46. ike says:

    Bosh will always be respected in Raptorland and all over Canada. He stood with us at the worst times and he gained all of our respect. Carter was a straight up girl and him leaving felt like a bad divorce which is why we hate the loser. As for Bosh it feels like the only son who made it to college and is leaving home for the first time. We are proud for you Bosh and Raptorland stands with you. Big Ups to CB4

  47. Furkan says:

    First, the fans never hated vince carter when he left the raptors.. second … why is Bosh the villian for toronto ? its not his fault that the team, Toronto Rapters always depend on him to win … Winning can not be done by an individual person .. to win you need team work and thats something the toronto raptors doesnt have

  48. Brandon says:

    I think this premise is a little misguided. I am a fan of your work Sekou, but the truth is Bosh is giong to be no where near the villian in Toronto that VC is. I think the only thing that raptor fans can complain about (me being a big raptor fan myself) is that he didn;t perhaps handle the last 2 weeks well, and he shouldn;t have made comments like he was going to do a sign and trade right after the season, he didn’t have to say it and he gave an impossible guarantee.

    That being said I think Chris Bosh has been nothing but great for the Raptors and Toronto, I hope he continues to help dispel the notion that Toronto is not a major market or city, and plays well down the road. he’s a class act and hard worker and Raptors fans are a little frustrated right now because we want to win, but we will have nothing but love for CB4 for the rest of his career.

    I for one will still cheer for him as he goes on in his career as I cheer for my raptors as they finally rebuild the right way.

    Thanks for all your work with NBA TV Sekou and in your day job.

  49. Mitch says:

    What a badly researched article.

    I feel the need to join the masses who are revolting against this piece (read below).

    Vince Carter publicly admitted ‘not trying’ his last 2 years in Toronto. I didn’t spend a chunk of my salary on season tickets to see somebody not try. He was bad for the league, bad for the Raptors, and terrible for the fans.

    Chris Bosh worked hard and was a great leader (for his age), and a solid presence in the community. Raptor fans won’t hold a grudge just because he wants to better his life. He did it in a classy way.

    I will be welcoming him back with a Standing O.

  50. Jared says:

    Glad to see you raptors fan know what’s up. Chris Bosh is a great player he gave you guys all he had every night. Vince Carter isn’t the kind of team player Bosh is. As mentioned, It’s about time Bosh gets the recognition he deserves. This is going to be very similar to Pau going to the Lakers in terms of his talent finally getting recognized.

  51. Nik says:

    Sekou after reading your article, I’m convinced the NBA media has something against Toronto Raptors and or its fans. During the draft one of you guys ask Ed Davis some foolish questions about CPA and about paying more taxes in Toronto. I’m sure that these guys know that there are NBA cities where you pay more taxes than you do in Toronto, but do they care NO. You guys are just bent on selling Toronto Raptors short. Now as for CB4 I wish him nothing but good luck with Miami. By the way I hope to leave my job and go work for another company, do you think my current employer and or fellow staff members will hate me?

  52. baggy says:


    i total agree with clolc, forget about vince,mighty mouse,t-mac,bosh and who ever i forgot to mention.they all left because the organization dont care about winning, it’s all about filling the seats.same with baseball and hockey, look at all of the good players that past through the t dot. they all went out and did well with other teams.why did they not make an effort to keep bosh and the rest before him, they could of try to get LBJ,D WADE,BOOZER,STODMIRE,JOE JOHNSTON AND THE LIST GOES ON. even if we had no chance they did’nt even try. so start doging the organization and not the players they all have move on.

  53. OT says:

    As a new Torontonian and a long time basketball fan who used to live in and cheer for Philly, I can easily attest to the fact that when VC and the Raptors faced the Sixers in the 2001 play-offs, Sixer fans were concerned.In the last 4 years that I have been here, I don’t think any team feared CB’s Raptors because they consistently lacked toghness, becasue their leader is the furtherst thing from tough, Saying CB4 gave all that he has is in a way admitting that he didn’t have much to give, Maybe the reason this franchise cannot build a successful team is the lack of true basketball knowledge and a fan base that is more than willing to settle for mediocrity? Jose Calderon for starting PG: I rest my case.

  54. Dra'e says:

    Ill advised article Sekou. I see you on NBA TV and now it’ll be hard to take anything you say seriously. Bosh was a true soldier. You need to watch a few more Raptor games to fine tune your perspective on this issue. CB4 will be a legendary Raptor. The only booing will come from Brian. Yeh–I’m on a first name basis with that incompetent GM,

  55. Bobby D says:

    Journalism fail.

  56. nantuk says:

    i agree with what pretty much everyone has said, but the real blame hear goes to turkoglu. i thought they would challenge for the 4 or 3 spot in the east after that, possibly convincing bosh to stay. hedo played so terrible this year he actually brought the team down. injurys didn’t help, but there was no chance of bosh staying after that especially after the whole night club incident. the team had bad chemestry and wasn’t winning. sounds like bosh made the right move to me. too bad for jack…losing a buddy (and best player) after only 1 year of 4 year deal

  57. CAVIAR says:


  58. Dumb Article says:

    Sekou smith Im afraid to inform you, but you might now be the most hated man in raptorland…

  59. Scott says:

    Bosh will not be booed by Toronto or Canadian fans. You could see how disappointed he was in bad season after bad season, and he continuously devloped his game to where he is considered a potential all NBA player. He will leave after giving it his all, Vince whined and complained, and after leaving even admitted he didn’t try in games. That is why Vince is and will forever be the most hated athlete in Toronto. Bosh will be respected just like Roy Halladay was when he left for the Phillies, because they want to win in the prime of their careers, which is seemingly difficult if not impossible in Toronto. They are both class acts and I believe will be treated similarly in their return to the city, with a standing O

  60. buju says:

    Seriousl… do you not remember the way Carter went out? He refused to dunk, he didn’t leave everything on the floor. Bosh does not even closely compare to the way Vince went out. Though I will still boo Bosh for leaving who can blame him when the Raptors pick 7 Foot Italian guys before the likes of Brandon Roy. I would not want to play with Turkey Boy or Calderon another second either. Calderon could be the worse point guard in the NBA, and Turkey boy would rather party, eat pizza pizza and drink sprite.

  61. Josh says:

    Sekou, I love the fact that unlike other media personnel, you don’t spread b.s. just to ruffle peoples feathers. But this post is uncharacteristic of you. Bosh is one of the most genuine guys in the league, and Raptor fans love him. I can tell you that over here in Toronto, people have known for a while he’s leaving the nest… and we don’t hate him at all for it. He’s done a lot for our organization, we just haven’t been able to give him the right pieces.

    Bosh is a genuine individual who would have picked the Raptors in a heartbeat if they had something to offer. Vince Carter was a whiny, immature brat who wanted glory.

  62. Meysam says:

    Just LOVING the comments everyone is writing in Chris Bosh’s support. I think Sekou Smith (the writer of this article) must know by now that his article was ill-advised, and true Raptor fans will always LOVE CB4 where ever he is playing. Bosh left everything on the floor when he played for the Raptors and always raised the bar for himself, and for the team. Can’t wait to see Chris play with D-Wade.

  63. Jono says:

    What a piece of uninformed rubbish. CB4 was loved in TO for the way he played, often with very little in terms of support cast, and most Raptor’s fans are savvy enough to realize that the onlt reason Bosh is going south is because the Raps organization couldn’t provide a winning environment within which he could thrive. Honestly, this boffo ‘journalism’ does nothing but show that its author knows nothing about what is happening in Raptorland. Sit down.

  64. repsT.O says:

    your crazy, VC WAS A PUNK he was always on the floor crying never played hard. bosh on the other hand class act, although not so much when you meet him , but on the court he played hard and therefore on behalf of toronto we wish him the best… its not his fault all our GM’s fail to ever place the team in a good position; oh my bad they actually tried last year with TURKOGLU who we should of shipped off to turkey, if your not going to play hard just dont play at all. i would rather watch weems and amir any day over guys with talent that are not trying to maximize it like turk BARGNANI!! who is essentially our small forward not any type of big man and calderon who as sweet as a guy that he is needs to be shipped off so that opposing PG’S will not dismantle on defense all night every night… with that said let the rebuilding process begin again/ DEMAR DEROZAN HERES YOUR CHANCE TO BE A FRANCHISE lol we will always suck.

  65. John says:

    The truth of the matter is that while chris bosh did play hard for most of the raptors games, a decision like this one is guaranteed to stir up mixed emotions. Its human nature to feel a sense of betrayal and resentment towards bosh simply because he was our best player for 7 years and one of the best forwards in the league and then all of sudden to see him leave. I understand his decision to some degree. A part of me blames the management especially colangelo heavily for not acquiring better surrounding talent. Instead colangelo has overpaid a couple of average guys (bargnani and turkeglu) and financially handicapped this team to some extent. He has also made some trades that have failed miserably. It my opinion, bryan still has a lot to prove. A second part of me feels a little resentment towards bosh because of my somewhat naive feeling that he would actually be loyal to this franchise and continue to help turn it around. But the NBA league nowadays is so much different than 20 years ago. With massive amounts of money to be made and player movement at a high, rarely does commitment and loyalty play a part. Anyways, in terms my expectations for the raptors this upcoming season, like many seasons in the past, its once again going to be a experimental and rebuilding process.

  66. Cberg says:

    Guaranteed chris bosh gets a standing ovation on his first game back in toronto. The fans will always love that guy. and no one will hate him as much as they have hated vince carter!!!

  67. shawn says:

    Really Sekou? Just another example of how ignorant the majority of the NBA’s very own “expert” contributors are about what the basketball environment is like in Toronto. If it wasn’t for them being such a mediocre team, Tor would and should be an attractive team to play for. It’s a world class city and the fans are arguably the best in the league.

  68. Skamp says:

    With Bosh, every win is guaranteed to be an ugly win.

  69. Eddy says:

    yo Sekou,
    u must be kidding me right? BOsh is not a franchise player, he never lived up to this level so no we dont hate him… he was never able to accomplish what Vince did ….
    we dont hate poeple LOL relax with the hatery

  70. Azigz says:

    Clearly, my fellow Raps fans are quick to prove Mr. Smith wrong. I understand this is a blog, but some fact checking as an NBA analyst would be nice.

    Sure i think most fans are disappointed that Bosh will be leaving, but he leaves with the respect of those fans….. unlike Carter.

    Vince the Wince Carter used his free agency to drain the Raps of their money, and in the following year began to slack off. He exaggerated injuries, refused to dunk and by the end of the year was demanding to be traded. Vince talked a bunch of crap about the city, a city that idolized him and made him an NBA star, and THAT is why people in Toronto hate Carter. He proved to the city he had no respect for us, so we lost all respect for him.

    Bosh did not give up on the Raptors and proved to be an actual leader and not the bitchy, whiny, waste of talent Carter was.

    Good Luck to Chris Bosh, from at least one Fan who will be cheering when the Heat come to Toronto next season

  71. DaHurt83 says:

    Bosh played out his contract like a true professional, he deserves the choice of team he choosess in his free agency. I will never hate on CB4, for all he’s done in Tdot. I’m a forever fan, and the journalist who posted this blog… WORST BLOG EVERRR… You shouldn’t assume fans of Toronto would give Bosh the title of , “New Villain”.. That’s just flat out ignorant.

  72. d_artenian says:

    1. Vince Carter
    2. Tracy McGrady
    3. Chris Bosh
    4. Marcus Camby

  73. Maddy says:

    Sekou Smitth, your article is pointless!….

    CB4 gave his best for Toronto….theres no question about it…
    He will never be booed…He’s gona be cheered like JYD…Im glad Bosh didnt end up in a sucky team. He deserves to be on a championship contender team….its sad Raptors cudnt be a contender in the past 7 years…but thts just our bad luck.

    CB4 if ur reading this. U will be known as the best Raptor player EVER !!
    Gluck with ur future. As for Raptors current roster….you all kno we still cheer for u like crazy no matter wht…=)

  74. Bad Leeroy Brown says:

    I hold nothing against Bosh for leaving. Just like if I was a Cavs fan I would hold nothing against LeBron for leaving Cleveland. The organizations have failed. The owners and management have failed to put the necessary pieces in place. Bosh played hard, gave everything he had. That has nothing in common with Vince. Anybody who is any kind of Raptor fan understands these are totally different situations. I don’t know where Sekou is coming from. Must not have watched much Raptor basketball back in the day.

  75. RapFan says:

    Bosh ≠ Vince.

    It’s already been said. I guarantee when Miami plays Toronto in the ACC Bosh will get a standing ovation. Vince completely disresptected Toronto on his way out… and he will continue to be the most hated player to ever play in Toronto. Bosh statistically got better every year, and tried hard every year.

    Statements like “We just gotta keep playing hard, we gotta win these next few games to make a playoff push” vs. “I’m not dunking, dunking is overrated” clearly seperate the 2 of them in the minds of the fans…

    Although Vince did put us on the map, he was a terrible franshise player and a terrible leader.. I dunno about Ed Davis… I BEEN saying we should have drafted Lance Stephenson.. and I still get harassed that he went in the 2nd round… But Bosh wants to win above all… and sadly, the last 7 years prove he can’t do it in Toronto..

  76. Say What? says:

    I dont think this article is right at all, bosh gave it his all and he didn’t have the right teammates (hence Jermaine Oneal). Vince was/is a mega douche. This article makes me lulz

  77. Dwayne says:

    I don’t think anybody in toronto cares about him leaving. He never achieved anything here, and raptors only once went to playoffs. This guy lacks attitude, and is a LOSER. It was an excellent decision by the management, not to offer him a max contract. He has no defense, his knees are messed up. He goes down to Heat, will live in the shadows of Wade forever, and will be just another player, whereas he could have built name for himself in Toronto. Toronto seriously needs a leader with attitude, and Andrea should be coached. Toronto lacks that fire in their belly, they need someone to step up, be hungry, and show some spirit. Good luck to Andrea.

  78. AJ says:

    … im from toronto… not gonna hate on Bosh.

    he fulfilled his contract. he gave us a shot. we couldn’t keep the right pieces around him. I wish him the best of luck in Miami.

    Carter was a different story altogether, but even that’s all done… move on people.

  79. Supergrl says:

    Completely agree with those before me. Being a Toronto fan, it’s hard to watch good players leave and even harder to watch (or imaagine them) succeeding with another team. But, while that may be true, these are players who get into the sport with dreams of going to the top. They have to think about their own careers and not just stick with a team soley because of the history they have with it. So, thank you to Bosh, for giving it your all when you were here and, while we desperately want to see the Raptors do well, we also want that for you, whever you go.
    I just wish I didn’t feel like the franchise has given up on the hopes of building the team up. It feels like we’re, once again, starting from scratch (or close to it, anyway). It’s becoming painful to watch. I miss the excitement of an upcoming season, like from last summer. But it’s not the players that should be blamed. That responsibility is completely on the franchise. I can’t wait for a time when the Raptors show some serious promise. Until then, congrats Bosh, we’ll meet you at the top… eventually.

  80. jdave23 says:

    No doubt bosh will be respected in raptor fans hearts. He did the best job out of any raptop player in this franchise history and tried his best to get us far but one man can only do so much. It is the raptors staff that have done nothing to help bosh out. turgoklu is the biggest flop and he should be booed when he leaves since the guy is moaning about being in toronto and wants a trade.

  81. Vincent says:

    Chris Bosh won’t get booed in Toronto unlike Vince Carter. Vince Carter left us with nothing and made it clear that he wasn’t playing 100% when he was with the Raptors. Chris Bosh played his best every year in Toronto and he kept improving and improving. I hope Bosh would get a Championship like Ron Artest just did. He deserves it a lot.

  82. salman says:

    bosh is way way better than vince carter.

  83. Jeyru says:

    Shame on any supposed raptor fan for slandering bosh just because he decided to leave. He made what he believed to be a smart move – he believes that joining wade will improve his chances at winning a title. Irregardless of whether or not he leaves on a sign-and-trade or not, and despite what he has said about wanting to be the centerpiece of any team, he proved his loyalty, dedication, and work ethic to the raptors organization and to the city of toronto for seven years. Personally, I wish him the best of luck in the pursuit of an NBA championship and I thank him for playing for the team, being loyal to the city, and representing Canada. carter proved himself to be unprofessional in the latter part of his career as a raptor, but bosh persevered through and through. Shame on any would-be raptor fan that jeers or boos bosh the day he returns to play in the Air Canada Centre.

  84. Sekou Smith the ignorant pig says:

    Alright Sekou i’ve heard just about enough out of you…
    You’ve probably heard what im about to say in about 95% of the posts before this but im gonna let you know one more time. You don’t know nothing about toronto fans and you don’t know nothing about bosh and VC’s situations on how they left town judging from your article. Frankly you disgust me, I would think a man of your stature would spend enough time on the computer everyday and sitting on the couch watching sports center to realize that Toronto fans hate carter for being a baby and a quitter and that they will never hate on bosh cause he’s a fighter and doesn’t give up! I sincerely hope you get reprimanded by your colleagues and superiors for writing this garbage. You have lost any respect i may have had for you as a writer/journalist and i know that you have lost a large contingent of your canadian fan base and even some of your american fans as well, not that you would care though… seeing as how you are an ignorant pig.

  85. Aaron says:

    I can’t believe this blog is on the home page…..

  86. George says:

    For anyone in the ACC to boo Bosh when we play him next season would be completely selfish and stupid. Bosh carried this franchise on his back and did everything he could possibly do to try to lift them off the ground and become a respected team in the NBA No one should ever compare him to Vince or even mention them in the same breath other than saying Bosh is greater than Vince ever was. Bosh gave it his all but with all the lineup changes in the past years an the inability to surround him with good solid talent has been Toronto’s undoing. As a hometown fan I have huge respect for the guy and I wish him the best of luck, and a championship, in Miami.

  87. shawn says:

    Hey don’t hate on vince he at least brought us to the second round and put toronto on the map, as for bosh congrats mah man i hope bosh gets his ring now, he’s a better fit with miami at least he will have players to play with as for bryan colangelo i think time is up, the european thing didn’t work another rebuild under your belt and i have to wonder the respect level bryan colangelo garners from nba players, i think vince was rite we should of hired dr j as our gm when we had the chance at least he played the game.

  88. Quacy says:

    BS, this article is nothing but pure and utter BS. We love Chris here in TO. Carter was a quitter, plain and simple. Bosh fought hard for us on the court night in night out. And with the limited talent that he was surrounded with, that’s all we could ask of him, to give it his all, and he did. It’s sucks that he is leaving but it is perfectly understandable. He wants to win and everybody knows that it will be a lot harder for him to do so if he stays in Toronto. I wish him all the best in Miami. Sekou, do yourself a favor and delete this BS right now. Chris is, and will always be loved in Toronto.

  89. shan2on says:

    you are all over looking the elephant in the room.

    neither of which is chris bosh, vince carter or even bryan coangelo for that matter, but the MLSE organization as a whole.

    if you are a 30year toronto vet like myself and a long time sports follower you would know the pain and suffering we go through when following the biggest canadian market (regarding both nba and nhl).

    first and foremost, mlse is not in the nba game to win a championship, but solely to capitalize financially. It matters not if the raptors have a winning season, make the playoffs, or maybe even win a series, because in a diluted pool of talent, they topped the atlantic. nevertheless, the capitalism of overpriced seating and merchandise is far superior to how well the team(s) in toronto do on the scoreboard and standings.

    Providing false hope to a largely populated city with a widely multicultural jaded fanbase has been an on-going business model from the likes of Richard Peddie (sp?) and Larry Tanenbaum.

    on the topic at hand:

    i don’t boo vince carter. being a fan since i was 15, the raptors organization always drafted and scouted well. Cudos to Jim Kelly, but that is my opinion. Getting them here is always an easy job, whereas keeping them here is always crucial.

    could vince see through the charade that is mlse ? i don’t doubt it. Not providing him with veteran presence could have played a factor, but kids are impatient, not giving management time enought to put a solid chance together. However, are you really going to hate on a person for going to his college graduation ceremony during an off day during playoffs ?

    Jaded torontonians seem to think so. IMO, You only graduate college 1 time in your life, a good playoff decision, maybe not, but a good life decision nonetheless.

    yes, i agree that vince’s antics on the court during his tenure here were questionable. he did not attempt 100% effort every night. But lets keep things in perspective, he wasn’t the most mature player at the time.

    now on to bosh…

    ok, to the ill-informed toronto raptor fans: he owes nothing to this city. During his time here he played hard every night, and as i watched him grow into one of the best power forwards to date, he has maintained a good rapport with the city and the organization committing to a mature and respectful individual.

    on the other hand, his exit strategy (to me at least), was somewhat questionable. this date was long time comming, but Bosh’s desire to win, Coangelo’s “i dont want to be the guy that traded away the franchise player” ego, and the lack of effort from front office MLSE suit dummies in an attempt to get any substantial talent in toronto could all play a part in denying chris his dream in winning.

    un-restricted means two words: no restrictions. therefore his childish behaviour of tweeting every thought and meal is yes, questionable, but allowed. BC had no reason on commenting chris’s actions regarding that point, in other words he tries to shorten the leash, then bosh theoretically pulls the plug by determining his destination as miami.

    As for a sign and trade and the raptors getting anything in return, Miami doesn’t fit the bill for a sign and trade scenario really. with 2 signed players (chalmers and beasley), Toronto doesnt seem to show interest, and nor does Miami. remember they have to sign 25 players for season start where two(as of now) will take up half that cap room.

    Bosh’s image is extremely reliant on a Sign and Trade. Remember, he’s unrestricted, therefore BCs’ hands are tied and assets coming in are limited (miami). IMO, its been 4 or 5 years since we’ve had a power forward as a second scoring option on the floor. I think Beasley coming to Toronto would make for an interesting scenario playing with Demar, Amir and Weems. However this move would hinder Ed Davis’ time, but lets wait till all the pieces fall into play first.

    But remember, heat have an entire team to build. with 2 signed players plus wade and bosh, they still need 20 some odd players to buy. It might be in Pat Reily’s best interest to get Bosh for 5year/100m instead of a sign and trade.

    So it is my thesis that: Even (if?) though Bosh will allow for a sign and trade with Toronto, and even though Miami has limited assets Toronto may (or may not) be interested in, its neither in BC’s or Boshs’ hands, and moreso Pat Reily’s. And as a result, Something in return will net Bosh cheers in his return to ACC, and nothing in return (no sign and trade) he will no doubt get him boo’ed.

    Nevertheless, this will have no impact on seat sales and

    The raptors, even with their hands tied, play a major role in the east. Financially. Let me repeat that, Financially. One of the biggest markets in the nba that is considered to be a small market, solely based on player perspective. Canada gets a bad rap from players (and what i believe) mainly because of silly superstitions to non-existent tax brackets and cold weather. Meanwhile being a common misconcept, Toronto has a large media market and a high standard of living,

    As for you Sekou ….

    comparing these two players is not only a low blow to chris, but to toronto’s franchise as well. We’ve had to deal with well drafted players wanting out from day one. why would you make this situation worse than it already is ? you don’t think canadians read your site ? you think you’d fly under the radar ? Not only that, do you think that Chris wants to read something to this extent when nothing on paper has even been prepared yet ? He as a player has eased us (the raptor fanbase) into something he has wanted to be a part of for a long time. He tried to satisfy both ends of the scenario while facilitating to an already hurt fanbase. way to make it worse.

    Pro tip to sekou smith: stop hittin up them drive-thru scenarios with d3 and white kamla, and consistently hating on our baskteball team canada (raps). Maybe next time you can show some class on your blog, take some lessons from David Aldridge, he has respect for the nba as a whole.

    You, based on this blog entry, dont.

    what i really want to know is, have you ever been to Toronto ? i highly doubt you have. But if you’re interested we have a McDonalds here.

    thanks for showing positive support on an already sour time for Toronto Raptor fans.

    if you are reading chris, you are not the villain of any concious basketball fan in Toronto. I’m pissed that your leaving, but I understand why, and agree 100%.

    ~ shan2on

  90. Alex D. says:

    Bosh is not the new Vince. Bosh never ever went to media and called to be traded. He did everything in his contract. Its Colangelo’s fault for not taking the issue serious and trading him before the trade deadline. I think everyone knew Bosh wasnt coming back by then, and he should have looked around to getting the best deal possible. CB4 did everything he could for Toronto. Dont blame him for the mistakes of GM. Best of luck in Miami!

  91. Exile says:

    thenoise: Yeah it sucks that Bosh left, but why Boo him? He signed his last contract with the Raps with a clear goal of building a winning team around him. Never happened. Not even close. In fact, the Raps don’t inspire me for next year even if Chris stayed. I want the Raps to win, but why blame the best player we had for the organizations shortfalls?

    Don’t hate just to hate.

  92. NATH says:

    Man, you should stop publishing your post. Total irrational ones. See the reaction from Raptors fan?

  93. LameArticle says:

    Bosh is nothing like Carter. Bosh stayed in Toronto for 7 years and gave his best unlike Carter who publicly admitted he wasn’t trying too hard. There will always be fans who boo Bosh, but I’m sure the majority of Toronto will cheer for Bosh when he returns to ACC.

  94. Exile says:

    Chris Bosh did nothing wrong except leave. He was a classy player for the Raps who went hard for the time he was in a Raps jersey. As a Raptor’s fan…. Thanks Chris. Wish we could have kept you, but understand that you wanted to explore other options.

  95. Andrew says:

    This is not at all true. Bosh will not become the new Vince. Vince left on bad terms, Bosh just simply left and gave his all to Tornto while he was here. I guarantee that when he makes his first return to toronto, they’re will be nothing but cheers…

  96. Bilal says:

    what in the world are you talking about…we love bosh. carter just whinned all day and quit most of the games. Bosh played with heart and entusiasm and passion. He gave it his all and the only reason hes leaving is because of the organizations inability to put together a somewhat decent roster. Anyone in his position would leave to. He deserves a better team. The team is a mess right now…this article is just pure wrong

  97. John says:

    Prior to Vince Carter, the Raptors were the Clippers of the East. What he did in 2000 was spectacular and made the Raptors relevant. They were heading in the right direction and the league and fans noticed the organization. The Raptors were even televised on U.S. national television – something that hasn’t happened since. Then the organization screwed him over and he wanted out. The Raptors should have known how valuable he was and done what they needed to do to keep him. He remains the best Raptor ever. Chris Bosh was a 20-10 guy on a team that had nobody else that could do anything. Now that Wade will demand the ball, we can truly judge Bosh on his abilities. Bosh was a good player on a bad team. Carter was a great player on a good team.

  98. Peter says:

    It boggles my mind that people like Sekou Smith still have a job in writing and/or as an analyst. Chris Broussard should take note too with all this “I have sources that tell me…” crap.

    All of these guys are just writing/saying whatever comes to their minds as if they are facts without any kind of proof. If these articles and reports were written as OPINIONS that would be a different story, but they aren’t and not one of these morons deserves a penny that they “earn”.

    Now, I don’t completely disagree with this article, even if I do think its garbage. The fact is, Bosh has really angered a lot of the fan base in the last week with how he treated the whole free agency period. So will he be booed for that? I guarantee it! I for one am not happy with the situation either. But he also treated the fan base with utmost respect in the last 7 years, and for that reason there will be just as many cheers if not more…

    It will be interesting to see the mix of reactions when he returns in a Heat uniform. He is certainly not the new Vince though, and definitely not a villain. Remember that there is still time for a sign and trade which would really help his case as a guest in Toronto if he accepts to help the Raptors. Also there is more time for him to discuss his reasons and offer some kind words about his former team, city and fans. I think I need more time as well to decide how I truly feel about the whole situation. No matter what the case or what he says, there will be a big mix of cheers and jeers, and it will be very interesting to see how everything plays out., please hire some intelligent employees, pronto!!!

    I think I need more time as well to decide how I truly feel about the whole situation.

    • Peter says:

      Whoops, wrote the last sentence twice, but I guess that’s why I don’t write professionally 🙂

  99. Mubeen says:

    Bosh isnt as talented or skilled Vince, and yeah he put forth the effort, but it seems his effort this past season was only to showcase what hes got for other teams to see. He is a QUITTER , i mean after allstar break and then knowing they would lose to the CAVS he faked his injury before the season ended. He s SELFISH and a COWARD and who wants a QUITTER not me, I hope he gets a serious injury and doesn’t get anything and go nowhere like vince and tmac ended up,

    BOSH is just chasing money and fame, simple as that , if he s so faithful why couldnt he convince wade to come here, we have a much deeper team than miami

  100. yadunnknow says:

    i’m from toronto, and i’m not a craptors fan for this same reason. people use toronto as a farm team. but moving on to vince, he left the city and was disrespectful. he even said he was no longer dunking when he was here. then as soon as he got traded he got a dunk the first game, and started to act like he was missing it. even when t mac left, he said straight out that he wanted to leave, and he even said vince was gonna leave too. bosh has tried hard since vince left the team on his shoulders, thats why i think he will not be booed as much, but the boo birds will still be out. i honestly dislike the way players treat toronto, even going as far as to threaten to retire, but look at all of those bums now. kendall gill, b.j armstrong,mike james, alonzo mourning,akeem olojuwan,antonio davis,vince they are all out of the league. or they are scrubs and their game is being questioned. bargnani is going next.

  101. tigerwoods#1 says:

    Uhm, as a Toronto fan I would have to agree to some degree with this article. I have a good memory and remember what Vince did for Toronto. I boo the hell out of him now but there’s no way we can compare the talent of these 2 men and what they did for this city. Vince did so much more for Toronto and got our team to its farthest point. Vince, in my opinion, was a far better player than Bosh. He hit an endless amount of game winning shots, put our team on his shoulders and just took us to levels we wouldn’t have been able to achieve. He had an all around game and could drive the net or shoot, and his shot was deadly. Bosh did everything he could and I got respect for the way he played the game on the floor. But nearing the end of his contract this past year, it became fairly evident that he wanted out of the organization. In this way, I think the comparison in this article is very relevant. Both devalued their worth (by showing that they want out) before getting traded and even Bosh now is putting Toronto in a really tough spot. I like Chris Bosh the person but I will boo him big time when he comes back. With Carter, there was this sense that we could really do something in the playoffs. The only year I felt that with Bosh was the year we won the division, and even then, Carter took care of us…I like both guys a lot but will boo them everytime i see them face our team because they both left in a way that pissed me off. Neither of them are the most hated Raptor though, past or present, I would think that title goes to Hedo the choke artist (and really crappy player) Turkoglu.

  102. JSMITH says:

    Come on Sekou !!! We know basket ball in Toronto …. Bosh’s situation is NOTHING compared to Vince. Bosh stayed a complete professional during his stay in Toronto & you better believe that we know that in Toronto. If there’s anybody to blame here it’s the organisation for failing to surround Bosh with a team that would make him stay. You can’t blame a guy for being realistic & understanding that Toronto was not going to win it all for the next few years . how can you pass a chance of playing with a player like Wade & maybe creating a dynasty ?? I GUARANSHEED a standing ovation for Chris Bosh when he comes to the Air Canada center.

  103. Sekou Smith Fail says:

    Bosh will be respected by Toronto fans after he leaves. Vince Carter displayed the worst attitude and made the poorest choices as a professional when he decided to leave, which is why Toronto fans hate him (Yes, we hate him with a passion). Otherwise, Toronto is a lovely city that supports its players and other up and coming stars. Vince Carter is the only exception. This article seemed to lack any context and understanding of history and I think it is completely misrepresentative of the amazing Toronto fan base in Canada.

  104. Raptors Fan says:

    Well said. Bosh has left the Raptors in a bigger mess than even Vince. Atleast when Vince left we had Bosh who was predicted to be a franchise player. Who are we left with now? I love Bargnani, Derozan, and Ed Davis, but let’s not even try to make a case for any of those guys to be considered as franchise players. Bosh will be hated in Toronto – as he should be.

  105. oleroo says:

    Bosh=the new Vince? not! Sekou=the new Vince for writing this stupidity.

    Here’s an article that redeems this one

  106. Jay says:

    I would like it if he did atleast a sign and trade… but well.. it his time to leave

  107. TTOTambz says:

    Not to mention Vince basically all but ended Alvin Williams career. Vince demanded a trade and gave up competing while Alvin played (when he should have had surgery) and ended up having to retire from the injury at the end of that season.

    Yes, some people will boo but give the real fans of Toronto credit for knowing the difference between a competitor and a whiner. We will give him a standing ovation upon his return, I’m quite sure he has earned it. All the best to Chris I just hope the Raptors get something with the money available now. Let’s start with David Lee.

  108. Ed Lover says:

    Sekou Smith…. C’mon Son!!!!!!!

  109. Shrugz says:

    Typical Media in the states make Canada look stupid and ill-informed and make everyone wish they weren’t here

  110. AAZ says:

    Sekou, its these kinds of ignorant pieces that leave people south of the border thinking the fans in the north are just no good whiners. You are taking all the onus off of VC and putting it on the city of Toronto. Shameful ignorant piece. Bosh’s efforts and work here in T.O will always be remembered. I hope when he does return to T.O, to a standing ovation, that you have the decency to apologize to the fans of T.O (who btw also form your reader base) for jumping to conclusions. And well done on planting seeds in the minds of anybody who even thinks of staying in T.O, with that last Ed Davis comment. Sad.

  111. David416 says:

    Sekou, have you ever been to Toronto? Bosh has a strong character(minus the childish twitting) but whatever, we have witnessed worse here and elsewhere…Bosh should never be booed at the ACC. THe only person that should be boooed, booed with all our energy and as many decibals as possible is BRIAN COLLANGELO!!!!! If he did not pick up Turk (10.5 per year) we could have picked up some very key players or a key player to complete the puzzle pieces here in Jurrasic Park….oh and fans, we need to revolt against MLSE…as long as we purchase tickets, merchandise and pump tv ratings they will continue to count our $$$ and provide us garbage. CB4(last name EVER, first name BEST RAP!!!

  112. CELTICS says:

    well i think raps fan shouldnt be angry at him he was free agent vince just left cause he wanted to get a ring and be in a better team bosh is going cause he is a free agent not cause he hated raptors he just would perfer to go to miami

  113. HometownRaptor says:

    I think what people HATED the most in Carter`s case was him going in the public and saying that he NEVER played with all his heart for the raptors and it was all on top of Raptor`s getting NOTHING in return for that trade.. I think people were already pissed and this statement just put them over the top..
    Anyhow Bosh deserves a team that plays hard and compete and I wish him BEST of Luck in Miami if or when he goes there..

  114. ricky t says:

    This is ridiculous, we are not angry at cb4, we (the true raps fans) are happy to see a player who played for the raptors for such a long time and was faithful and respectful to the city/franchise, he has a much greater chanceo to get a ring with miami so we shouldbe supporting him and wishing him luck for next year. We are allowed to be disapponted but not angry.

  115. Ruben says:

    I agree with the people saying they’re glad that Chris Bosh is gone beacause its true that you cant build a championship contending team around him, just like you cant build one around Amare Stoudemire, they are the kind of guys you put around real superstars (kobe lebron wade melo) and even then you may need a third 2nd tier star. Thats why it just might work in miami but if lebron joins it just might be a disaster. what they need now is a good center but they may be out of luck and even adding boozer is wont cut it.

  116. walt says:

    fans will always be bitter when a star player leaves. it’s stating that the team couldn’t even remotely succeed with a star player.. yeah that would make people bitter. but i think that’s far from casting him as a ‘villain’

  117. Jerro says:

    This article definitely does not deserve to be up here. Chris Bosh will not only always be loved in Toronto, but in all of Canada. I have been a raptors fan forever and i think fans will always love Bosh like we do Alvin Williams and Junkyard Dawg.

  118. VaNDeR says:

    Bosh will not be hated. As a Raptors fan, I want him to be successful. Letting him go seems like the best thing to do for now. He deserves to play in a contending team. We respect Bosh. He will forever be the heart and soul of Toronto Raptors. I wish him the best!

  119. Koshy says:

    I agree with most of the Raptors fans here that Bosh is not like Vince. I have a lot of respect for him as he put everything he had on the court for the team to win. When have we seen in a long time the Raptors win against the Lakers at the ACC eh! If anyone is to be blamed, blame the management for the picks/ trades they have done for us. Bargnani is the big white elephant I see. As a 1st. round pick, he has not delivered anything substantial till date. I wonder how many years more do we keep him here. We dont want potential players to use the Raptors organisation as a training ground to become better players in the future, so that someday when they play really well they think of going someplace else. We want a team which will attract players to play wellhere as well as attract All-Stars from other team to join here rather than the other way around.

    Hope Demar and Ed Davis have a good chemistry going on right from the start rather than wasting half of the season just to understand each other’s play. As for Jared and Jose I hope they come with innovative plays as a PG as most of the opposite teams have got them figured out.

    Dont keep your fingers crossed on what we gonna get in return for Bosh.

  120. Yoel says:

    this is possibly the most incorrect blog i have ever read, chris bosh has earned a great deal of respect from us raptors fans over the years, and has given us a lot. vince carter was not loyal to toronto, but chris bosh is. chris wants to be succesfull and we all understand that. when he comes back to toronto, we’ll all give him the loudest standing ovation.

  121. Crooks says:

    Chris Bosh will not be hated in Toronto, this is simply an ignorant statement. He had his best season statistically and STILL the raptors didn’t make the playoffs. If anyone is to be booed it is the entire management team of the raptors, when will they ever bring in someone who isn’t complete garbage? And now giving Amere Johnson a 5 year 35 million dollar deal? WTF ARE YOU THiNKING.

  122. JoseCaldercat says:

    Sekou this is a joke of an article. As a long time raptor fan, I know that the situations of Bosh and Vince are and have been completely different, and you should know that too if you have any knowledge of the nba.

    Bosh will never be booed in the ACC and for good reason. He put his heart and soul into this organisation and didn’t backstab us the way vince did.

    Look at the comments left by my fellow fans and maybe you will see sense.

    You and the rest of the NBA can stop treating us raptor fans like jokes if thats alright.

    Think before you right another idiotic piece like this.

  123. OJ says:

    All and all, the wrong title and the wrong article. That is irresponsible blogging. Get informed of the fact before sending speculating or fantastic arguments. Leaving a team or a city is not necessarily a hatred sentence.

    Bosh leaves with all our respect, it is true that we would love to see him stay, but he tried his best at every moment he was on the wood. If someone has to be looking at being booed is the organization, who mistake after mistake never gave him the tools and/or the team to excel and do better in Toronto. Once again, so sad to see Chris leave, but “all the best” and we’ll see you back here and remember all the great moments you gave us as a Raptor. For those comparing him with Carter, galaxies apart from each other, the numbers don’t lie, the attitude don’t lie and the respect from the fans at the moment they leave don’t lie, Bosh is light years a better player and a better person than Carter ever was

  124. carter says:

    ummm has bosh ever gotten out of the first round????????????
    didnt think so…
    so carter is better

  125. So, bosh n wade with the heat. Amar’e with the knicks. Boozer with the Bulls. No one with the cavs and no future ring in sight for Cle. James needs to jump ship. Best fit=BULLS 2nd=Heat 3rd Cavs 4th Knicks. Rose james deng boozer noah better then chamuers wade james bosh (beasely 6th man) No contest.

  126. Andy says:

    yeh im sorry but you got it all wrong, if you’ve watched a raptor game or know toronto fans, you know we respect a good sport and his decision. vc quit. bosh most certainly did not.

  127. BiH says:

    Maybe Vince quited the raptors and maybe had a reason.

    But saying that Bosh is better than Vince back in raports. Thats crazy.

    Bosh is a overrated guy and we will see him crying in miami. Wade is great, but without Lebron in Miami. They do not have a chance.

  128. RaptorFan says:

    This article is nothing more than trash written by a grossly misinformed individual.

    Toronto loves Chris Bosh. PERIOD!

  129. jjjettt says:

    now more than ever do the raptors need a really good big man specially in the center Bargnani is a forward and if Colangelo thinks he’s the next Nowitzki they need a true center.

  130. steve says:

    you say VC is a loser and Bosh a winer.. and my question is.. what did bosh win with the raptors ??? ooh a loot of money, cuz they didnt even past the first round of the playoffs with him… and u said quitter.. what about the end of last season when he didnt want to play while the raptors were fighting for a playoff spot. THAT´S quitting for me.. and pls dont tell me that sreaming like crazy is having heart.. a player with a great heart is that one that make the clutch play when the game is on the line.. how many of those VC had for u. BOOOO CB4

  131. Joel says:

    oh come on. WTF is this? bosh is nothin like carter. carter ran away from the challenge of carrying the raptors, bosh is leaving because his contract is finished. and lets b honest, if orlando wins a championship, it wont b because of carter. if miami wins one in the near future, it’ll b cuz of bosh (and wade).

  132. lebronfan says:

    All I know is that lebron is gonna go to miami with wade and bosh

  133. thunder>raptors says:


    • Lakers > Thun-wut. says:

      Bosh won’t be hated much like VC, but know this : Bosh was never a good finisher for a Raps. Raps should have at least used/got another player that had the potential to close out games. Although I respect Bosh, he was not able to be a guy leading a team. He obviously needed help because he was second-rate at best, and that is why he left Toronto to go and play with D. Wade in Miami.

  134. Dan says:

    He will not be the most hated but there will be Raptors fans who do turn on him as they feel like they have been betrayed. The worst part is the Raptors don’t get anything for him (if he were to sign and trade) but a lot of that is on the organization as well. I predict if the Heat come to Toronto he will get both cheered and booed

  135. jplunks says:

    Bosh isnt the new vince, The fans should boo the raptors, i was sad about carter wanting to leave, but you guys who still BASH vince and said they vince had no career after the raptors? VInce MADE THE RAPTORS, took them to the semi’s game 7, made playoffs with the nets, east finals with magic. What have the raptors done Since they were in the semi’s…Wheres T-mac and vince combo? where is the centre that the raps needed? wheres the GM that had star power to bring players? how were the hasbeens that we got and the draft pick EVER do for us. Stop hating on vince, YES he left in a bad way, But if vince stayed, bosh may or may not been the player he is now, and we would NOT have jose. New Orleans Raptors, is what it may have been

  136. Randy says:

    Bosh will definitely not be the most hated but may not be liked by some for leaving. I would way rather have Bosh than Carter but Toronto never got another all-star to surround Bosh that was the problem. Imagine if Wade came north? Bosh set so many records for the raptors and gave it his all every game but one man sometimes can’t always do it. Bosh wish you had stayed, but I will never boo you for the great years you gave us.

  137. omar says:

    Whoever wrote this article is retarted and knows nothing about BASKETBALL or the Raptors, the only reason carter got booed (and still does) is because of the way he left, Bosh never left the way carter did he tried his best and it was time for him to go, no one in toronto hates him this guy that wrote this is gay.

  138. yayy says:

    about time Chris Bosh left.
    Im not gonna boo him but im sure as hell happy to see him leave.
    Now hopefully we can build towards being a team not stuck in a mediocrity type level of play.

  139. rapsfan4lyfe says:

    bosh has been one of the greatest players to play the game in a toronto uniform, and he is one of the main reasons we watch the toronto raptors. No one said anything about us fans hating him in toronto during the season, as well he gave the raptors organization a lot of respect. So there should be no chance of him being related to Vince because Vince was the total opposite of that.

  140. Dynamite says:

    I’m aure what the big deal is. Bosh will be the best role player ever and not much more than that. Personally, i’ glad he’s gone. You could never build a team around him and he could never make his teammates better. Why is he worth 100 million. He went to nowhere in the playoffs. If Bish is worth 100 million what should Lebron get? 200 million.
    Maybe the Raptors can become a better team now. We just need to get rid of Colangelo.

  141. Chris Ross says:

    Greatest villain are you kidding me. People in Toronto love Chris Bosh and no one blames him for leaving. It’s not his fault that management did a garbage job of surrounding him with weak talent. I will be cheering for Chris Bosh in Miami and I hope other Raptor fans will be too. Vince Carter stopped trying, Chris Bosh did not. Plain and Simple.

  142. thenoise says:

    looks like all of my fellow raptors fans love winning 15 games in a season…. sigh i guess its hoping for the draft for the next 5 years from here on in

  143. Will says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more, Sekou. I’m a longtime Raps fan and like most of the posts on here, I’ve gotta say that Bosh is more respected in Toronto than VC. At least Bosh didn’t quit on the organization, and put up a lackluster scoring average of 15.9 ppg in his last season, like VC did.

  144. Tdott says:

    Boo Bosh and Vince !!
    Vince for not trying and Bosh for not trying hard enough
    Atleast we can say Vince put us on the map vince won us playoffs series vince took us to the second round , vince hit buzzer beaterS . . Bosh took us twice to the playoffs both with First round knocks outs c’mon people this is not about like and no likes its a business and about for the Toronto Raptors .. so Vince said he didnt even try and still did better than what Bosh did . .. . BOOOO Both it doesn’t matter lets just see who is the next Raptor to leave after 7 years . . .Lets go Colangelo start a new puzzle and make it fit

  145. and1 says:

    addendum to my post earlier.

    Bosh had class on and off the court. The internet however…some hated it, some loved it. I for one could care less about twiitter.

    If there’s going to be a new Vince, its going to be Turk.. Such a waste of money. I want Marion back!

  146. Evar says:

    Probably just lost all your Canadian readers from to this ignorant post
    Makes me second guess anything else you post now.

  147. haha says:

    ok, how is bosh and vince carter any different, with vince, the raptors went to the semifinals once, the had two first round exits, with bosh, they had to first round exists, both only went to the playoffs a few times with toronto, you can’t really get mad at either, both gave the crowd something to cheer for, and now both are gone
    oh yeah, nobody deserves a ring, you earn it, and bosh hasn’t had the career some other players had to even have one:
    everyone from the Hawks
    and even Chris Paul

  148. thenoise says:

    Are these raptors fans leaving comments or heat fans??? listen to what you saying “good look cb4” “good luck winning it all in miami” what about us in raptors land?? Now dont get me wrong if a good sign and trade gets done where we get something OK in return then alright see u later bosh but if just gets up and leaves, that’s just a B*** move! I agree with sekou if bosh turns its back to the franchise that made him who he is today i would put him in the bracket as carter not above him but sure as hell in the same conversation. After all that talk about he being the guy teams should be building around now he is going to go play second fiddle mayb even third if Lebron hops in the band wagon.

  149. and1 says:

    In no way is Bosh the new Vince Carter.

    Carter left us after a dismal, and lack luster season in which he was plagued with “injuries”. Bosh on the other hand played a carreer best in his final season, surpassed Carter in scoring within the Rraptors history books, and carried a certain class about him on and off the court.

    This is a sad day in Raptorland, but I’m sure I speak for the majority of Raptor fans out there when I wish Chris Bosh the best of luck in Miami. They just need a good center and the rings will come.

  150. Tito says:

    Sekou Smith clearly has no idea.. Toronto will always respect bosh cause he gave his 100% when he stepped on the court. WORST POST EVER. If you don’t know whats going on, it best to shutup. On the contrary, most people want Bosh to leave and win a championship because he deserves it.

  151. Marc says:

    Toronto fans have only one option if they ever want to keep (or attract) superstars:

    – GET RID OF YOUR SILLY NAME, CHANGE COLORS AND GROW A PERSONNALITY. The ”Raptors” ain’t far from the ”Micky Mouses”. I’d loose all self respect and confidence playing the BULLS, the PISTONS, etc. Those are old school/intimidating names.

    Is it all about image ? Yes it is, and it coun’ts

  152. bob says:

    when miami vs toronto foam fingers will be thrown at him

  153. T-DOT9 says:

    Bosh was never the star Carter was, he took the franchise no where by himself and am happy to see the raptors didn’t waste a max contract on him.

  154. Tom says:

    This is a terrible article. I won’t bother repeating what so many others have said.

    Don’t write about the fans in Toronto unless you actually have a clue about them.

  155. Morris says:

    dont even hate on CB4.. think of it this way. where one door closes, another one opens.
    what im tryin to say is that, DD and weems get more ball and more time to become stars in their own way. dont get me wrong, they are not wade, kobe or lebron. but i rather have a superstar gaurd than a superstar big man unless ur name is D Howard, or Shaq in his prime. bosh is not really a #1 guy.. no disrespect (the dude can ball) but he isnt a #1 guy. then again thats just my opinion. am i entitle to that?

  156. aldilanv2 says:

    Raptors Fans are very very happy for Chris Bosh and wish him nothing but respect. This is a man who respected this city and the country as a whole and represented us well. WE betrayed him, not the other way around. I will always be a fan of CB4 and I can’t wait to see him return to the ACC next year, it will be an over whelming ovation…one he deserves.

  157. Phil says:

    The career of every NBA star that leaves Toronto goes downhill. Bosh is no different. He gave it all for Toronto??? What settling for those weak 20 foot jumpers? Bosh is soft if confronted with a problem will likely tweet about it. I wish the organization traded him last year and didn’t have to endure watching him sit on the bench at the end of the season saving himself for free agency. I can’t wait to boo him when he returns!!!

  158. Giles says:

    If Prissy Chrissy deserved a title, he`s already had plenty of chances to have won it. Only one way to avoid retaining the Christian Laetner, Chris Webber nick name now. Mr. Bosh has to man up, in Miami. And I repeat. C-E-N-T-E-R-S. When it comes to championships, you can be quite sure Bosh and Wade alone will NOT get it done, must as Bosh didn`t even get the Raptors the rapture of the playoffs, much less the championship. Jermain/Mike/Udonis/etc. are not C-E-N-T-T-E-R enough to win the Nba title. Riley has never won with less than O`Neal/Chamberlain/Jabbar. And there isn`t anyone remotely like them in their prime AVAILABLE to get!

  159. Justin says:

    Chris Bosh is a great player, so is Vince Carter. I am not a Raptors fan nor do I have an opinion about the article. But reading the fan comments I feel like this article needs to be deleted. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to a lot of people. Maybe next time.

  160. Ankit Kamboj says:

    Are you joking you can never compare Bosh to Vince. Vince was a loser and Bosh tried till the last moment to take the raptors to the playoffs!!!!!!!!

  161. john says:

    i don’t think bosh is such a great player like everybody claimed.yes,he has great #s,20 and 10 night in night out.but i also remember countless times when the game was on the line,he fumbled the ball ,made a bad pass,or did a jump shot and missed.if he wants to go to be a supporting cast,let him.he will regret leaving a classy organization just like raptors former #1 pick.

  162. Sunny says:

    Perhaps you weren’t following basketball during the 03-04 season. VC completely quit on the raptors.

    While Bosh’s departure will leave the raptors no choice but to rebuild, he will get a standing ovation for his effort when he returns.

  163. Jno says:

    this article is a complete joke, this writer really doesn’t know what he is talking about. Yea Raptors fans are pissed today (especially if there is no sign and trade..), but Bosh was a good citizen and always played hard, nothing like Vince. Just as wince showed Orlando this year he is lazy, unmotivated, a quitter, and had really wasted his great talent with his poor character.

    Ed Davis as the franchise?? really… Raptors fans aren’t even saying that, he’s a 13th pick, hopefully he turns out to be a good player (bosh was a 4th pick in one of the best drafts ever). Its really down to Bargnani as the focal point of the offense with support guys like Jack/Turk/Jose and the Young Gunz in Derozen/Weems/Johnson.

  164. Rossman says:

    Boh is loved in Toronto and always will be. Bosh was better than Vince when he was a raptor. Chris leads in almost all stat catagories(Vince is second) Chris is better than Carter anyway u want to put it. Now that he is in Miami i can see multiply championships coming and i can,t wait.

  165. T.O. says:

    Sekou Smith,

    You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Your article shows just how ignorant you are about Toronto Raptor fans. Chris Bosh gave it his all in Toronto. He always gave 110%. He liked Toronto and its fans but when you have a chance to play with fellow superstars like Wade and possibly LeBron, who wouldn’t leave for a chance to play for an NBA title? There are no superstars on the Raps team and they are not even close to a playoff team. So Raps fans will not blame CB4 but only to wish him all the best in Miami. I hope they lay a whooping on the Celtics. When CB4 comes back to play in T.O, the fans will applaud him and not boo him. You are so wrong and clueless.

  166. Aaron says:

    I think it’s a new dreampartner for both them… As for now I thank Bosh for giving us 2 playoff runs and good luck and winning in Miami..

  167. HK says:

    Bosh had respect for the fans, Carter did not.

  168. Joel says:

    Raptors fans must realize that this organization is failing time and time again to build a contender around Bosh. He is a great player and must chase some rings in a better city. Those fans should have nothing but the greatest respect for the greatest player to ever throw a Toronto jersey over his back.

  169. Jon says:

    WOW, really you’re compaing vince carter to chris bosh..? C’mon Chris did everything he could for the organization and as a long time raptor fan i recognized the effort that he has put into each game. I wish nothing but luck to Chris and will be cheering for him, providing that my T.O. Raptors aren’t playing against them

  170. Choppy says:

    Bosh will always get love in Tdot. Sekou you are way off on this one. We appreciate hard workers, guys who play injuried and guys who plays through injuires. We don’t appreciate quitters.

  171. Wade is better than lebron says:

    Kid’s comments are completely ignorant of the situation in Toronto when Carter was traded. Maybe it needs to be considered why Sam Mitchell was voted the worst coach by his peers and named to Sports Illustrated’s Most Toxic team.

    Carter won without any of the help that Bosh had and even won a playoff series with 40 year old Oakleys and Dell Currys. And he nearly single-handedly got toronto past philly. Carter also had great charity games and built parks for the kids of toronto. The story about him being a quitter was nurtured by the media for a gullible hockey influenced fanbase that still believes tie domi could beat up Shaq. What has Bosh done except promote himself and feign toughness and defense? I don’t want his absurd “comedy dvd” that the ACC tried to force on me nor did I want to chant “we want more CB4” as the arena scoreboards forced us to.

    The reason toronto got nothing in the trade for carter was because the coach thought starting milt palacio and benching his trade commodity would show he was a blue-collar hustle guy.

    Informed basketball fans should cheer Carter and forget Bosh exists cause his career here had no relevance.
    And Carter dunked the night of the next game, because he was clearly kidding.

    Eff Mcgrady and Bosh. They should be the most hated

  172. Heat92 says:

    Lolll. Sekou everyone is hating on your piece!

  173. Vayne says:

    Sekou Smith – Is this article a Joke???

    Bosh will never be Boo’ed in Toronto. Granted that Carter is a tremendous talent, however he is a living and breathing WUSS. His pain threshold was less than a little school girl in his prime. We were all sad to see Carter leave the way he did, but it does us no good to have a player that doesn’t want to play here anymore… but at least Carter was surrounded by more talent and all Carter had to do was man up and play with some pride and ferocity. He failed to do so. That’s why he’s the most hated man in Canada!

    Bosh, he served his time here and did the best he could with limited help from teammates. Bosh played hard every game as a Raptor. He missed some big shots and made some big shots during his NBA career thus far. It’s no secret that the Maple Leaf organization is a money machine that can never seem to get the talent or chemistry out of their overpaid players. Jay Triano is in a tough situation as well, unless we manage to get a sign and trade deal with Bosh and hopefully get very lucky on a free agent or a trade before the season starts.

    Don’t even get me started on Hedo… oh wait… Sekou Smith… do you have a stupid article to write about that situation also?

  174. Zeebart says:

    How can Toronto continue to lose these players and get nothing in return. Is it just me or is it sooooo obvious these players (Stoudemaire, Camby, McGrady, Carter, Bosh etc) have no plans whatsoever of sticking around. You can clearly see they will not stick around, if your team is not “cleary” going to make a playoff run, these superstars are going elsewhere. TRADE THEM AND GET SOME VALUE IN RETURN…why are you holding on to them? The Vince Carter trade is the worst trade in sports history!! Whoever’s contract is next in line and he’s carries some value, please trade him because chances are he’s leaving too.

  175. Wade Fan says:

    man u guys should know wherever Bosh goes he WILL be a second man, In Miami he will be the second man and dwayne would be the first man and in Toronto he would be the first man because he is the best player in toronto.

  176. Harlan says:

    Good Call! Bosh is definitely the most hated man in Raptorland. I’ve noticed that alot of the comments have stated how Bosh is nothing like Vince. THEY ARE THE SAME. Both were the best, most profiled players in T.O. at the time and whined their way out of the city. Funny thing: Vince played one year with Bosh before he left, Bosh played one year with Demar Derozan before he left. So does that mean that Demar’s the next big thing? Or is it going to be Ed Davis? God job, Raptors. You will be the new Toronto Maple Leafs, the suck of the town for the next 40 years 😛

  177. shaq4ever says:

    Forget about lebron, miami is a slow pace defensive team they don’t need all these fire power. Get shaq at a mid-level contract and still have enough money to sign derek lee or carlos boozer. Sometime 5 good player are better than 3 awesome player.

  178. Mess says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Vince is still #1 on the Raptors hate list.

    Your article is a knee-jerk reaction to knee-jerfk reactions about Bosh.

    Vince quit playing. Bosh may have been too excited to get out of town but he always competed in every game.

    Both will be hated by some fans, but VC will always be public enemy #1.

  179. Ian says:

    As a Toronto fan, as I have been since they began, I agree with this piece unlike anyone else who commented. I agree that Bosh did a lot for the organization (other than winning), however, the way he conducted himself once the season was over (twitter is a great example), he disrespected the city he claimed to be his second home over and over again. Definitely not a classy exit at all. Plus, he and his agents said that Toronto were being difficult because of wanting to have say in where he got a sign-and-trade? Are you kidding?! we’re allowing you to have any extra guarenteed 30 million! of course we should have some say you idiots! thanks for choosing miami, the worst possible choice in terms of what toronto can get back. prepared to be boo’d like never before twice next season

  180. catt says:

    you traitor!!!!!! your just like Vince and Shaq, and many other NBA players including LebWRONG James… TRAITORS!!!!!

  181. Ismail Omer says:

    I absolutely disagree with this. The circumstances that led to the departure of both players couldn’t be more different. Carter quit on the team long before he left. Chris gave his heart to the team till the last and unfortunate game that he played. It is amazing how people in the states have such ignorant and biased views of Canada and the fans of the raptors. I can not see anyway for bosh to get anything but a standing ovation on his first game back in a miami uniform.

  182. fuzionx23 says:

    we can’t hate on bosh, he stayed for 7 years, waited and waited for something good to happen. unfortunately the decisions the raps made i.e. jermaine oneal, turkoglu all backfired. i think bosh would have stayed had they gone into the playoffs round 2 or 3. If i were him i’d be doing the same thing if it meant two things:
    1) winning a championship
    2) getting paid a max deal.
    bosh gets both in miami
    this is coming from a bosh fan and raps fan.

  183. Evan S. says:

    I’m not a Raptors fan but instead was intrigued by this story because I am die hard Heat fan. I followed the Heat through the good, bad and wonderful (’06 Championship). From what I understand of the VC situation in Toronto he didn’t leave on the best of terms with the organization or the fans while I’ve never heard of such strife involving Bosh and the team. I think Bosh played hard and isn’t to blame for the organization’s short comings, you have to give the guy some help and he never really got it. I have a hard time believing Toronto is going to be as ridiculous in criticizing Bosh as Jazz fans are when it comes to Derek Fisher. Fisher moved to make things easier on his daughter who had eye cancer, and while Bosh isn’t in such a dire situation he rather win than waste away on a Toronto team who is going nowhere. Why would you blame a guy for that? Jazz fans disgust me by the way, they didn’t deserve Fisher if this is how they’re going to act toward a guy who made a move for his family’s sake, I wouldn’t of hated Wade if he went to Chicago to be closer to his kids. It would of sucked as a Heat fan but I’m not going to bash a guy for doing what they think is right.

  184. Lasernaka says:

    I don’t even know where to begin…

    The only thing that people in Toronto dislike about Chris Bosh is his strange need to post idiotic twitter updates. He played hard for us and leaves as franchise leader in multiple categories.

    In contrast to that….the only thing about Vince Carter that people in Toronto LIKE is the fact that he is still in the league and still choking the life out of his otherwise talented team. Nothing makes a raptor fan happier than watching Vince melt away to nothing during crunch time.

    If you want to write an article about the basketball fans in Toronto hating someone write it about Hedo… and while you’re at it, figure out a fancy way for us to get rid of him.

  185. Steve says:

    Vince is still FAR FAR FAR FAR more hated. No one can really blame Bosh for leaving, Vince was an ass who quit on the team. If Raps fans boo Bosh I will be pissed, he gave this franchise his all.

  186. JOrser says:

    Where does this guy get his information? Bosh continually left his blood, sweat and tears on the floor at ACC and will be remembered as a real franchise player. he may not have had Vince’s abilities but he always played his heart out. Bosh will get a standing “O” his first trip back.

  187. Guido says:

    @Kid: you are totally right!

    Bosh deserves nothing but respect after all those years in TO. He’s has always been a total professional, to his team, to the press and to Raptor fans.

  188. dave says:

    Sekou, this isn’t a good article.

    I don’t recall Bosh ever giving up on the team. He’s bulked up over the years and worked hard. Vince, on the otherhand, looked like he lost something as time passed on, his physique wasn’t the same.

    Bosh played through injuries and took the franchise on his back, while Vince never seemed to really want that role.

    Bosh = winner, Vince = …

  189. Donny says:

    The media needs to stop doing this! They try to make the Raptors look like a horrible organization that hates all their players who leave town. Chris Bosh was a classy guy who played hard every night for the last 7 years. SO NBA, STOP MAKING THE RAPTORS FRANCHISE LOOK BAD! WE LOVE CHRIS BOSH!

  190. Dave Patterson says:

    This article is completely inaccurate. I agree with the other reader comments completely. Sekou Smith clearly knows nothing about the Toronto fans & their appreciation for Chris Bosh. You cannot compare Bosh to Carter. Bosh was the saving grace that got us through the hard post Carter times. This whole article is jumping on the bandwagon to generate hype. Shame on you as a member of the media. Write about something that takes a little research. Comparing Carter to Bosh is like Jordan to Iverson. Your article actually made me laugh. I feel bad for you as a journalist.

  191. Michael says:

    What kind of article is this? It couldnt be further from the truth. Wince gave up on the Raptors and admitted he did. Bosh never gave up and played hard every night in a Raps uni. He played with heart. Wince did not. I do thank Vince for putting T.O on the map but I can stand the guy. If Bosh got booed at the ACC i would be VERY SURPRISED.

  192. T.O. says:

    Bosh showed he is a classless egomaniac throughout this whole process. Who cares if he wanted to leave? That is not the issue. The issue is his antics throughout and his lack of follow through on his word to help with a S&T. He stopped contacting Raptors and would not even return calls. This is an organization and fanbase that has adored him for 7 years and paid him nearly $100 million dollars. Class-less and Spine-less. I wish nothing but McGrady and Carter results after leaving Toronto.

    • eric says:

      couldnt agree less.

      this team handed turks $50M and amir $34M, calderon is still here at $9M a year. what an awful organization. i guess from a business perspective the raptors franchise has made a ton of money over the years, what with sponsorships, tv, games aired overseas, jersey sales for so many different europeans. i bet the upper brass has adored that side of colangelo.

      but frankly, turk and amir will strap us hardcore unless we can eventually trade them. im sorry i cant see either ever being worth the amounts theyre getting. i can think of other players getting way less that are much more effective, signed long term.

      we are headed hardcore into knicks territory the way this is going down right now. luckily we have plenty of youngsters but were losing so much capspace. ill always love the raps and see some bright spots but this is looking pretty bad.

  193. julie says:

    people arent just fans of the raptors
    they are fans of bosh and should be happy to see him finally explode in his career

  194. RapsFan2010 says:

    are you kidding me? CB4 never wanted to re-sign with the Raptors, he IS the new Vince!! I will be booing the loudest when the Heat come to town. Remember what Shaq said, Chris Bosh IS THE RUPAUL OF BIG MEN!!!!!!

  195. Ricky says:

    Hate him for what? He was never bad to the fans. This is a business, at least he didn’t quit on the organization while he was there. He earned every dollar. It was time to move on. I think he will get nothing but respect, he left in a professional manner.

  196. Adam says:

    You are absolutely CRAZY! We in Toronto will always love Chris Bosh as he was the best player in Raptors history. He will get a standing ovation and kings welcome on his first game back. Get a new job cuz you suck at blogging.

  197. Josh says:

    Buddy Bosh is nothing like VC. Bosh played his heart out of the raptors every game this last season. Bosh wanted to win more than anyone on team last year for the raptors. Lets face it the raptors orgainization has made some really dumb decision on hedo turkoglu last year and it cost them Chris Bosh. Amir Johnson 5 years 34 million your kidding right! I would leave the raptors too if such decisions were being made

  198. Wrong says:

    If you were in Canada/Toronto, you would know that Bosh will always be respected by the fans here. What an ill-advised thing to say – if anything, you’re losing the respect of readers over here for making hasty judgements about the fans. Also, how silly is that Ed Davis comment?

  199. Keith says:

    Frankly, I hate TMac.

  200. Ryan says:

    Bosh gave 110% every night. Vince did that for the first 2 maybe 3 years before he started crying and complaining about everything. Bosh leaves with nothing bust RESPECT!! how can we expect him to stay if were not willing to put up dollars to give the guy a chance at a championship. All i can say is he tried his best his whole career with toronto and thats all we can ask for. meeting him in person hes awesome as well. when he rolls into town with Miami EVERYONE WILL CHEER!

  201. Jason says:

    Stop trying to make Toronto fan base look like all haters. Vince and Bosh are different, Vince quit and just gave up on the team while Bosh was searching for his best options during free agency. It’s a different story.

  202. patrick says:

    This article is a complete joke. First off, the reason why raptor fans hate vince so much is THE WAY HE LEFT not just because he left. He kept complaining and whining and faking his injuries just so he could get traded. Bosh is nothing like vc, he put this team on his shoulders every season even when he didnt have great talent around him. Im a true raptor and bosh fan and im happy that he left because I want him to get the recognition he deserves, he will not be hated, instead he will be celebrated as the greatest raptor of all time and im sure he will get a standing ovation when he returnes.

  203. clolc says:

    This guy is completely oblivious why Vince is booed – let me restate what many knowledgeable people know already: Vince is booed every game because he stopped playing his best and practically quit playing for the team before he physically left the organization. Chris Bosh has been carrying the raptors for the past 3 years and a few people are unable to see this – everyone in Toronto likes CB4, and everyone knows that his only option to excel as a player was to leave this organization.

    If anything, the Raptors organization is the new Vince.

    • Ryan says:

      Your Right Bosh did give it his all every night, I remeber those games at the end of this season when we were on the cusp of the playoffs and he went out and gave his all for the organization to get us there. Oh wait no he didn’t he backed out, he could’ve (and should’ve) gotten a mask. I doubt Bosh will be booed the same waay Carter is/was because Toronto realises we aren’t losing the same caliber of talent. Say what you will about Vince but there is no question which of them is better in my mind. Best of luck in Miami CB4, hope your face is still pretty enough for the beach

  204. Tyler says:

    Chris Bosh is about 36 hours away from being the most hated man in Cleveland too…but who can blame him. If you can get paid a lot of money to play wherever you want, at least choose a city that’s worth it…

  205. Ross says:

    Yeah worst post ever. Bosh will forever be respected and we all hope he does well in Miami.

  206. Ross says:

    This is completly incorrect. I am a longtime raptors far, before Carter’s time and this is a completly different situation. We love Chris Bosh here, and always will. Watch when he comes to Toronto and gets a standing ovation for his 7 years of near brilliant services. We love you CB4. Good luck winning it all in Miami, you deserve it!

    • Volourn says:

      This happens all the time. The Raptors, and their fans continue to blame the players the leave. It’s a pattern. perhaps the proiblem isn’t the players but the team, the city, and the so called fans. Why shouldm these players be loyal to a group that isn’t loyal to them.

      How many superstar players have now been run out of Raptor Land since their inception? I’ve lost count. Heck, if you place all them on one team, they’d be a slam dunk champion. LMAO

      • Sanity says:

        I am shocked to see an American know nothing spew bile on subjects he knows nothing about.
        Get a clue.

    • happyheatfan says:

      I’m a heat fan for 10+ years. When Shaq joined us i felt good. But its nothing compared to Bosh, this is the beginning of a dynasty and I couldnt be happier. Bosh is an absolute athlete. This duo is what I have been asking for since people began speaking of LeBron’s free agency. Thanks to Toronto for training this incredible talent. I really feel for Raptors fans. I really hope he isn’t boo-ed when he returns in a Heat jersey. Good luck in the future

  207. kCruz says:

    Yeah thats not true.. I’m a true raptors and bosh fan, the guy did great things for this organization. Lifted the raptors on his shoulders and carried them this year. He was NOTHING like vince carter when carter betrayed toronto and left them out to dry. Bosh is a real superstar and always will be, raptors fans will love the guy forever. Besides, there isn’t any reason to blame bosh, I mean the raptors don’t have anything going for them this year and it’s time for bosh to win some championships like he deserves.

    • Danial says:

      Yeah he is nothing like Vince Carter. I have a huge amount of respect for Chris Bosh for everything he has done to make the Toronto Raptors a better team. However Vince Carter just wined, cried, threaten. Does Bosh have any of those characteristics? No, he never threaten, wined, cried, he just gave it his all in every game and try to make Toronto Raptors a great team. To my perspective, Chris Bosh did a lot to improve Toronto Raptors and if he wishes to go to a team to win multiples championships, from my behalf as a Torontonian he deserves to!

  208. Bordss says:

    Is this some kind of joke? Bosh was never the talent that Vince was, never had the success that Vince had as a Raptor, never had the profile that Vince had as a Raptor.

    What if Vince had stuck around to play with Bosh, where would the Raptors have been now?

    And Ed Davis is the next great franchise player?!?!?! Yikes!!!!!

    Bargnani assumes that mantle for now and once proven to be ill-fitting, that will fall to Demar DeRozan.

    This is a really bad piece.

    • gustavo says:

      bosh is everything as good as vince was even better because bosh always gave it his all in toronto vince did’nt

    • Big3Easy says:

      Your all wrong pal go look at the numbers Bosh is the best player ever to wear a raptors uniform hands down, Bosh Is overall better then vince no doubt! Vince was Good but just no as good as Bosh is

      • Joe says:

        ok bosh is great and i agree that he wont be hated coming back to toronto. but vince was at another level. boshs number are better but bosh is a power forward and Vince was a shooting guard. but vince took us into the playoffs and competed. but in both cases the organization didn;t build around them good, and they both wanted out. vince’s way out was bad, and thats why he is hated in toronto now. but i dont think its his fault, i dont blame bosh for leaving. to win in basektabll we need to suround out outstanding played with other talented players, and in both cases we didnt do it. bosh will be loved because he played his heart out for the Raptors and carter will be hated becuase he quit on them

      • Dman099 says:

        He needed to leave toronto. Toronto will never win a championship they had chances to get caliber players to play with bosh over the years but did not do so. So he did what he know what would be best for him and that is to leave but even though all of these free agents are pairing up they not gone beat the lakers as long as kobe playin. and all agents are going east cause the level of competition sucks the west is way better.

      • gerikoy says:

        bosh is a franchise player,carter is an entertaining player…

    • Olu says:

      so who has the most points in raptos history and rebounds, you need to stop the emotional rambling and get real!

    • Daniel says:

      Ha, Vince Carter is not on the same level as Chris Bosh

    • eric says:

      completely in agreement with all comments made. ed davis the next franchise player?? c’mon man, we just had the number 1 pick and hes steadily improving and certainly has the potential to be great.

      and again, from another raptor fan, bosh is not the next carter and that is a very sad thing to write on for the rest of the leagues fans to read. we treasured bosh and are happy to see him go where he desires. we are not afraid of rebuilding, and in this day in age rebuilding can pay off quickly.

      truly an awful piece.

  209. Kid says:

    Buddy, Vince and Bosh couldn’t be further apart. From a longtime Raptors fan in Toronto, let me assure you that Bosh leaves Toronto with nothing but the highest level of respect from fans. He gave a *long* service here, and never (not for one single game) stopped trying to win and perform at his best.

    Vince was a quitter, and nothing but. He whined, cried and once threatened to “never dunk again”.

    This town might have hated athletes, but rest assured Bosh will NEVER be one of them. His first return to ACC will be marked by a standing ovation of gratitude.

    • OJ says:

      I agree, you couldn’t be more wrong. Bosh leaves with all our respect, granted we would love to see him stay, but he tried his best at every moment he was on the wood. If someone has to be looking at being booed is the organization, who mistake after mistake never gave him the tools and the team to excel and do better in Toronto. Once again, so sad to see Chris leave, but “all the best” and we’ll see you back here and remember all the great moments you gave us as a Raptor. For those comparing him with Carter, galaxies apart from each other, the numbers don’t lie, the attitude don’t lie and the respect from the fans at the moment they leave don’t lie, Bosh is light years a better player and a better person than Carter ever was.

    • PK says:

      Completely Agree !!

    • Olu says:

      Agreed! Chris Bosh has been a class act and a good kid. I have nothing but love for him

    • Gt says:

      its nice to know that others will feel like this too

    • Carmen says:

      Today is a very sad for me. Chris Bosh gave a lot of him and respect to Raptors. He’s never made bad comments about the Raptors and Toronto, unlike Vince Carter. It looks like this city is not able to have any serious, competitive teams for hockey, basketball or soccer even soooo many loyal fans live here. WHy??? I hope Chris is going to win the championship!