It’s Gonna Take More Than Amar’e


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Give Amar’e Stoudemire an A for effort.

He’s working his position as the New York Knicks’ first piece in the free agent puzzle.

“The Knicks are back,” he said after agreeing to his five-year, $100 million deal Monday.

Uh, not so much Amar’e, at least not until the other pieces of this puzzle become clear.

Granted, we’re huge Stoudemire fans here at the hideout, but there has to be someone to feed him the ball in New York. And since the Knicks won’t be landing Steve Nash anytime soon, the Knicks clearly have more work to do.

Stoudemire is going to do his part to recruit someone else to come and work with him at Madison Square Garden. And the Knicks insist Stoudemire is just the first domino they needed to fall. Not only do they feel like they have a good chance at LeBron James, there are still rumblings that Dwyane Wade is in play.

Toss in the obligatory Carmelo Anthony rumors (the Nuggets have made it clear that there is “no way” they are trading him) and the usual chorus involving Chris Paul and Tony Parker, and there is plenty of reason for Knicks fans to hope that there will be an even happier ending to this free agent story.

But make no mistake, only one player is the true apple of New York’s eye, and that’s James. Land him and it was all worth it. Finish this summer without him in a Knicks uniform and … well, you can imagine the venom that will be spewed.

The fervor for James is so strong that at least one New York scribe is suggesting that Cleveland doesn’t deserve him. Marc Berman of the New York Post has been dispatched to Cleveland to keep up with the story and delivered this:

After spending two out of the three days at the LeBron James summit in Cleveland, I am amazed how northeastern Ohio takes its lone sports treasure for granted.

I camped at the IMG building Thursday and Saturday and spent the other day in Chicago for the Knicks’ meetings with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. There nearly was as much buzz outside Chicago’s Peninsula Hotel, awaiting Wade and Bosh to come out, as anything witnessed in Cleveland.

The Cleveland “Fan Tunnel” orchestrated by the Cavs on Saturday did not have a significant turnout. The goal was to have crowds lining St. Clair Avenue as James drove in for his final two meetings with the Cavs and Bulls.

One or two thousand fans were needed to make any impact. A couple of hundred showed up — many of them employed by Quicken Loans Arena. They encircled the parking garage entrance when James drove in at 11 a.m. and they didn’t even realize it was him as he drove in.

By the time James drove off in his silver Audi at 4:30 p.m., there were about 100 left. Considering the magnitude of this story, it was an underwhelming gathering.

There will be any number of theories floated as to why James chose one team over the others. Something tells me that the size of the crowd gathered to greet him will not be one of them.

And we’re guessing that impassioned pleas from Stoudemire or writers from New York will have a similar impact. James might listen, but his decision has to be based on something more than that.

Does he think he can win a championship playing alongside Stoudemire?

Does he think he can win a championship playing in New York, playing in Mike D’Antoni‘s system?

If he does, maybe the Knicks are back.



  1. LEONARD CAPRA says:


  2. will says:

    Oh I forgot, who’s gonna wait a week to say i wanna play for the same team? That didn’t make any moves to get better? C’mon really!

  3. will says:

    Okay people listen up! Bosh is talented yes! But he is also soft.Amare true pf.Short jumpshot great finisher around the basket.100 mill?The only reason the knicks are paying him this money is because lebron needs help! So sleep if ya’ll want lebron will be in a knicks uniform come thursday night. TRUST ME!

  4. james says:

    Miami got Bosh and Wade. If LBJ will join them they will become so strong

  5. jason says:

    I agree that NYKnicks need more than Amare to be a winning team. I think Amare needs Steve Nash to get good shots. Stuodemire without Nash is like Kobe without Shaq few years ago. I think for knicks to once again become a winning team they need to aquire someone else good like the mvp lebron james. And if Amare and Lebron don’t work out they could try to get T-mac to be an allstar again when he comes back from injury and they should try to get any free good point guards who could find an open man and set people up for a shot like Nash does.

    PS. Steve Nash is the best point guard

  6. merdielicious says:

    what does LBJ, Joe Johnson, Bosh & kobe…yes KOBE, have in common? Guess what… they all want to play for the Bulls. what is it with the windy city? well, even with only Rose as the big name player there, and his still very young, and they had a coach without head coaching before ( Vinny) they were in the playoffs the last two seasons. now what if they had a dwade then. hmmm…scary! regarding this free agency, i actually would have wanted Joe J. & Amare join them, they fill up the holes that the bulls have & will surely compliment Rose’s game. Amare can continue his pick n’ roll w/ rose the way he & nash did it in PHX, & Joe can shoot the lights out via rose’s kick out passes, & Joe don’t have to hold the ball much that would lessen rose’s touches. unfortunately, they both won’t wearing bulls jersey next season. so i’d probably stick with wade, since he’s also form chi town, and probably david lee, yes david lee, coz he’s effective and don’t steal the spotlight from anyone

  7. sydale says:

    The Knicks best bet is to focus on getting Raymond Felton since he’s the best PG in free agency… and then they’ll need to grab a PF to do the dirty work that Amare won’t do… So, I’m guessing that they should re-sign David Lee…

    You Push Amare to Center, have David Lee as your Power Forward, and Raymond Felton as your Point Guard… Then, they’ll have to fill in the rest of the spots…

    Maybe go after Matt Barnes as SF, and Mike Miller as SG…

  8. cocopuff says:

    zzanazabar, USELESS U CALL BOOZER AND STOUDAMIRE, have got to be the biggest clown in the world, is the circus in town. That was the most idiotic thing i have herd so far this offseason, go back to basketball school!!!

  9. JJ says:

    KOBE- GASOL the best tandem in NBA!

  10. JJ says:

    what ever happens to lebron and dwade, i think LA can do it 3times. because Phil jakson do it 3 times already. 2 in chicago and aiming to do it again twice in LA so stop thinking about the free agency. watch the LA do it again!

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  12. mike says:

    the lakers squad is ridiculous a straight up dynasty, untill that splits up… thats championships. i’ll never be a laker fan but as of now, they got all the right pieces. the only way they dont 3peat is a injury, because no team can match their talent, and if somehow two of the superstarts end up together, their team wont have the chemistry to finish off kobe and gasol in the 4th quarter with the game on the line. kobe gasol and fisher are a vicious three headed snake with seconds left.

  13. danny says:

    yeh nd lakers will win nd the best powerforward in the league everybody is pau gasol mad good percentage from the floor then ane powerforward
    owt dere

  14. Tim says:

    people who say that Amare is the best power forward in the game obviously watches only one end of the game. In the NBA, there are 2 obligations that ALL big men must do to even consider them to be effective. That is, DEFENSE, and REBOUNDING. everybody knows that Amare can’t do either of them. He is such a defensive liability. Anyone who has seen a single Suns playoff game knows that he has mental breakdowns when the game is on the line. HIs defensive errors are costly, and he comits silly fouls. Even worse, he can’t rebound for his life. By no means, he’a above average offensive player, and is one of the best big men in the league, but he is definitely not the guy who’s gonna change this team around. If he teams with LeBron, it’s a whole new story. LeBron and Amare on the pick-and-roll would be absolutely insane. My point is, as long as Amare is the focal point of the team, we’re not gonna be as half as effective as the Suns were. Remember, the Suns have the best playmaker in the game in Steve Nash. I’m a huge Knicks fan and my passion for them will never fade, but I’m just a little skeptical about the acquisition. Amare is NOT the answer (unless LeBron joins him).

  15. jjjjjjjjj says:

    bosh and wade need to go to chicago, it makes the most sense. With one of the best point guards in D.Rose, then you have one of the best shooting guards with D.Wade ( i only say ONE of the best because of Kobe), A very capiable Luol Deng at small forward, one of the best powerforwards in the game with CB4, and a young very athletic Joakim Noah who is one if not the best rebounder in the game. With a pretty solid bench with Taj Gibson, James Johnson, and Pargo. Not the best bench but all can come in and not hurt your team to bad. Lebron will stay in clevland because the only other team he could go to would be New jersey i think because next to chicago they have the best PG, C combo already with Devin Harris and Brooke Lopez but i dont see lebron leaving. Carlos Boozer would be a good fit in Houston because with Yao back they would have one of the tope rebounding frontcourts with Boozer and Yao, and have a pretty capable backcourt. Also i think Boozer is pretty commited to winning so he will fit in well with Yao. David Lee im not to sure about, he had a great time with the timberwolves but i dont think he can play center and neither can Kevin Love, and Al Jefferson is in trade talks already. Let me know what you think.

  16. joey of Singapore says:

    This is how LeBron will go to the Knicks. He will not go to Miami because thats Wades team and he will not be D-Wadeโ€™s Robin. He will not go to the Bulls because he does not want to follow in MJโ€™s footsteps in Chicago. Also he will have all this pressure to win 7 championships to match up with MJ. He will not go to NJ or the Clippers because i mean seriously who wants to go there????? He will either go back to Cleveland or New York.

  17. stackkz nyk says:

    lebron is commin to da nyk he lights up the garden for 50 everytime jayz his friend will be around he will makke more money in the long in ny than cle cuz the market vaule it will be wat kobe has in LA wit celbs he wants to be the richest athlete ny is the place u think amare is the only moves……… donnie makkes trades and deals happen the knickkkkkkkkks in the finals in 2yrs they gonna get monte ellis and carmelo for lebron watch!!!!!!!!!

  18. lakers 4 life says:

    lebron james is waiting on everyone else to make their decision on what team thay go to so he can see his option and make his pick, lebron is going to new york with Stoudemire, remember you need a big man to win championship and what amar’e brings to the table is aggressiveness and leadership, i think wade will stay put in miami, they will just bring an extra player with him like bosh, the eastern conference is wide open for grabs so with lebron and stoudemire in new york the knicks can represent the east in the finals…

  19. Kix says:

    Knicks are back

  20. edward says:

    u dunmn people how can u say bosh is better amare is a proven scorer i have never hear bosh score over 30 ahaha and amares high is 52 points man and bosh has made i think 1 playoff apperriance how do u khow he will even show up if his never gotton over 30 in a playoff game amare torched the spurs in the conferende finals wit an avarage of 39.8 points in the series aha u unm foolsss and in the seond part of the nba he was the best playerr in the nba or second behind lebron avragin 29.6 points a game !!! if u ask me he should of staed in phx were he had a good team that can win the championship the suns feel short in the conference finals to a lucky ron artest put back and we managed to stay in the series wit prob the worst shottin pecentage in suns history let alone channin frye wastin soo many posetions wit his misses amare is better then bosh in evey way in the offensive end except 3 point range but that does not matter because bosh hardly shoots 3s !! andddddd bosh was a leadin scorer on one of the worst teams thast had no scores and amare was the leadin scorer on the best offinsive team the nba has ever seen soo figure that out !!! tell bosh toi win 2 games in the playoffs n then talk to amare the last time he wwent to the playoffs he got spanked by a srry team like th nets !! ahaha soo please get sonme playoffs games under ur belt cause all this talk about championship is not happenin not wit bosh amare or lebron !!! nethier of these are gettin anything lebron will never win a ring because kobes winnin the next 4 rings n then kevin durant will surpass lebron because its amazin how in his 3 year in the league he became the leaques scorin champion it took lebron it hink about a lil over 5 years aha ! so bosh and lebron are gettin no rings !

  21. RoN says:

    A’mare feels like a superstar…He thinks he can lift the Knicks???? uh uh….Without Nash, he’s nothing !!!!!

  22. AlbertAnastasia says:

    Lol, Bron is such a Beast!!!! (Imaginary powder toss)

  23. obie says:

    I thought david lee was a good young player
    to sign amare who cant rebound as good for that much money
    makes no sence at all.
    we all seen the nba finals the team that won the rebounding battle
    won each game, rebounding is a important part of defence amare can score though
    but scoring means nothing if you cant play defence. Amare also doesn’t like to play center
    and for 100 million you better be able to play center also
    if they are building around him fine but if they dont land him a good supporting cast
    all teams would have to do to beat the knicks is double team stoudamire but hey its still early
    there is alot of time to sign and trade players amare can work on his rebounding and playing center in the off season
    but knicks need to be more patient and stop trying to win fast they tried to do it this way b4 it doesn’t work

  24. supperman46 says:

    lebron to ny might happen because if lebron is going to make close to a couple billion to play in ny and everyone else about 500-800 millon the people helping lebron make a deciision (agent,advisors) will get a bigger cut at the end might want lebron in ny for there own reasons.

  25. stephen says:

    hey hey ppl stoudamire and bosh are both good and great but they have different kind of style of game even though they have the same position i’ll say knicks are still not good enough because they still dont have a point guard that will help stoudamire’s offense goin even though he can shoot jumpshot while bosh can shoot jumpshot and attack rim but he doesn’t have d body like stoudamire but he got the lenght and height and wherever be bosh go he will probably pair up wid wade or james and der team will probably good and maybe have a chance to win a championship

  26. charls says:

    LEBROOOOOOONNN!!!! COME TO NY becouse you are the last hope for the knicks becouse if lebron doesnt come who will amar’e play with??

  27. Lebron Wade Bosh says:

    Wherever Lebron or Wade or Bosh will go it matters much in the eastern conference but it does not matter at all in the finals…it will be Lakers against any team in the east and still Lakers will make their threepeat….

  28. Giraldo says:

    next year’s starting line-ups for the NBA Finals:

    Rose, Wade, Deng, Lee, Noah

    Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Gasol, Bynum

    Chicago in 6.

    N.Y. is going nowhere with Stoudemire alone. Maybe they’ll get 5-10 wins more then last year but they still wont make it to the playoffs. Lebron is staying in Cleveland. Bosh is most likely going to end up in New Jersey if he wants any chance at competing AND making money. Bosh and Lopez would be a great frontcourt. Clippers are left with free agency scraps. Miami needs to prepare for what seems to be a looooooong rebuilding process. GO BULLS!!

  29. mp says:

    lebron is a loser,no doubt about it.he doesnt even want to win.all he wants is money and fame.thats wanna see a champ?take a look at kobe,magic johnson,isah thomas,hakeem,worthy,MJ,jerry west,Dr j,bird.can you compare lebron to one of these guys?

  30. Prince Tae says:

    First of all ppl. Let me tell you something please don’t get your hopes up because LeBron James will return to Cleveland. Why would he leave his hometown for a team in worser shape than his current team and why would he leave his hometown team for a team that can’t pay him as much money as his current team? His mom is in Ohio, his childhood friends, and his old high school plus LeBron has loyalty. Sorry as much as I wont him to leave Cleveland maybe for the Bulls, it isn’t going to happen. Now Bosh is leaving the Raptors for sho and Toronto knows it thats why they drafted Ed Ed Davis and sign Amir Johnson to a 34 million dollar deal to secure Bosh’s position. Now Wade may leave Miami for Chicago that’s a hugh possibility because he’s from Chicago and his family and friends are their but on the other hand he says he want to stay in Miami so we’ll just have to wait and see. Boozer is leaving Utah also. Now if the Knick are smart they would do the sign and trade with Golden State and bring in Monta Ellis because with the signing or Amarie they no longer need Big Al from the T’Wolves. Also please is Orlando is reading this please make something happen and bring Dirk to Orlando so ya’ll can win a championship, think about it point guard=Nelson shooting guard=Carter small forward=Lewis (he’s primary position) power forward=DIRK NOWINKI center=Howard thats deadly and has championship written all over it!

  31. Peter Silva says:

    This is how LeBron will go to the Knicks. He will not go to Miami because thats Wades team and he will not be D-Wade’s Robin. He will not go to the Bulls because he does not want to follow in MJ’s footsteps in Chicago. Also he will have all this pressure to win 7 championships to match up with MJ. He will not go to NJ or the Clippers because i mean seriously who wants to go there????? He will either go back to Cleveland or New York.

  32. jas says:

    Those people in New York don’t really know what to do with themselves. They just don’t realize that Lebron wants a ring, not a huge load of money. And if he signs with the Knicks, chances are he’s less likely winning one here. If I were him, I’d stay in Cleveland, have major roster changes using sign-and-trade pieces or sign with a playoff contender if he wants to increase his chances of winning that elusive championship. =)

  33. markxyz says:

    Most of them are going to stay put. LBJ stays with cavs and Wade with Miami. Bosh goes to Miami.
    NY only gets amare this summer but they have a chance next summer to get their PG.

  34. Ryan B says:

    His best years in the NBA are behind him now! He does not have Nash anymore to give him the ball in the right position to make him a super star!!!!!!!!! He will give you a high light dunk here and there but will never play any defense

  35. yankees19 says:

    look i am happy the knicks got a top player like amare in his prime its been too long since we had a player this good any one who thinks lee is as good as amare doesnt know basketball lee is a good player but never will be the player amare already is his 20 and 10 are because the knicks team stinks watch next season his numbers will be more like 10 and 5 amare is a good start lets see what other moves are made

  36. moek23 says:

    I don’t think Lebron’s going anywhere mayyyyybe Chicago if he really wants to win right NOW but a player like him just needs the right guys around him and he can win anywhere so I’d put my money on him staying in Cleveland. I think Dwayne will stay too and Bosh will join him in Miami.

  37. Rob J. says:

    I hope LBJ goes to NYK. But wouldn’t a Wade/Bosh/Ray Allen Combo in Miami be nice?

  38. Mr.24 says:

    Its Kobe Kobe bryant!! Cause everybody know Kobe drop 40 50 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    81 if you still hatin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • edward says:

      yes this free agent stuff is nothin kobe is gonna take the title it doesnt matter if all 3 of those fags join wade lebron n bosh kobe is still gonna take it !

  39. Da Jizzle says:

    To me this deal is no better than the Joe Johnson deal. You give him all this money and for what? He was on a team that made it to the Western Conference Finals and showed up for a game and a half. He didn’t step up then and had a good team around him. He is not that good of a player to do this on his own. Really who else do the Knicks see themselves getting??? They were doing this banking on getting LBJ and Melo??? C’mon man they are on the same Titantic as last year!!! David Lee is out of there, who else is on that roster?? Broke azz Eddie Curry!!! Wooowwwwww!!!!

  40. Paladin Ball says:

    I’m a phoenix resident and fan…..I feel bad for NY if they don’t bring in a real superstar. Amare is one of the best dunking players at his position, but can’t create his own shot, rise under pressure or lead a team at any capacity. He might be the wort rebounder at his position and other powerforwards typically light him up regardless of what he does to them. He has a low Basketball IQ and you will find out that he takes nights off. I saw numerous games that it was taking him off the court that got us back into the game, and I promise you that the suns have the best medical staff available, they didn’t think he would hold up, or the suns would have taken the plunge. Good luck!!!!! but you will need more than that.

  41. Dwade says:

    perfect team.. gauranteed championship bosh wade and lebron… them 3 together in miami would be perfect lebron gets his ring dwade gets his second ring and his MVP(mv3) which he has deserved for a few years now.. this team isnt likely and not as much money but it would definite;y mean championship they would be unstoppable

  42. The expert says:

    The knicks may have Amare but that’s about it. For their team to do well they need another big name player. Like it was said someone who can score and feed Amare the ball.

  43. CynFul Fan says:

    Stoud…you need more in NY

  44. O.J. THE TRUTH says:


  45. Pau Gasol says:

    L.A. grand slam!

    LBJ = stays w/ cavs
    Wade = Going to bulls
    Bosh = wants to be the center piece of a team. the damn idiot can’t even bring toronto to a 1st round of the play-off
    Boozer = Ron Jeremy look a like
    Amare = N.Y. ( N.Y. will end up now 10 or 11 on the over all standing of the east

    so, the ending will be L.A. will be champs again and a grand slam for KOBE w/o Shaq

  46. Gonzo says:

    In live in AZ and Im a suns fan and an AMARE fan….but i’ll be honest, Amare is NOT a max player. He posterizes someone in a nasty way almost every game but isnt a leader. He killed the suns agains the lakers. He was always out of position on D and avg like, what? 4 rebounds a game? He has bad knees and one eye and doesnt lead. I enjoyed watching him and hopped he would stay. He wont lead the Knicks and when they start losing he will be blaming everyone else around him. It wont be long till hes feuding with D’antoni again. It was a HUGE mistake for him to leave Steve Nash who made his career and a HUGE mistake for New York to sign him to such a big contract. You’ll see lots of highlights New York just not many more wins.

  47. chisman says:

    well lucky for lebron he has many options to choose from.
    CHICAGO: with derick rose, they can even also land bosh.
    NYK: with amar’e stoudemaire, they can land a tony parker/monta ellis
    miami: with wade and bosh but both bosh and bron got to argue who will sacrifice money to be able to create the MIAMI’s big 3.

    I say that lebron and bosh will land in chicago ( best possible choice)
    and wade will resign with the heat with boozer with him
    I do not see LBJ and DWADE playing alongside bcoz that wud dstroy each other’s career. imagne 4th qtr with 11 sec left, who will have the ball in his hands. they’ll just step on each other’s head. :p

    also.. i am just saying this bcoz I want the BEST team in the east to face our lakers! ๐Ÿ˜€
    go lakers! 3peat! ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. D-Wade#3 says:

    Helllllo guys,it’s hot here,really.. I’m from Croatia and I must to add comment because it’s seems to be a historical trades this year,nice.. First of all – I LOVE BULLS!!!! But look this… If Wade accept offer,how Chicago gonna play??? How?? Rose is point guard,Wade is point guard,no sense.. Rose must be with the ball all the time,Wade also,sounds bad.. Chicago must to get one of these big guys but which one? TEAM: Rose-?-Deng-?-Noah… what do you think?

  49. Chris Ross says:

    Another great article there are so many reasons why and I have already outlined them in my blog if anyone would like to read it. I’ve said this before but I would like other people to hear it. Sure at least they donโ€™t go home empty handed but the fact of the matter in my opinion is that Amare Stoudemire is not going to lead your team to the promised land. It would be good for the NBA if the Knicks can get rolling but i donโ€™t think Amare is the answer to their problem unless they can land a couple other marquee Free Agents.

  50. OjNod says:

    Oh men!! lakers 3peat

  51. Emaze3 says:

    loook this is what i think will happen
    HEAT- Dwade,Chris bosh (id rather prefer Bosh)

    • licy says:

      no this is wats gonna happen lebron going to the playoffs then choke bulls will advance with wade and lee or boozer to the finals then kobe will get his 3peat

  52. Drew says:

    I really am laughing at some of you guys that are saying stuff like I laugh at your ignorance because people think amar’e could be the best player in the league and that he can’t hit a jump shot. He has a great mid-range shot, around top of the key and is the best finishing big man in the game today. Did you see how many people he put on posters this year? In addition to that, he has seemed to step it up a little defensively. And to that one guy earlier in the thread he can’t rebound and people like lamar odom outrebound him, well Lamar is one of the best rebounders in the entire league. He has a nose for the ball and often records a double double off the bench. Jeff Van Gundy once said he thought he would lead the league in rebounding if he got starters minutes. and yes it helped Amar’e that he played with Nash, but he will do fine in New York and will be able to play off any point guard that knows how to pick and roll, which is most every guard in the league.

  53. Luis Miguel says:

    I’m a european boy and I don’t have favourite team in the NBA, but, I love the teams with the best players. I would like to see a team with D-Wade and Lebron James together. To repeat the times of Chicago Bulls of Jordan, I would like to see a new great time, with a 4 or 5 great players, top players. James, Wade, for example, and more 1 or 2…taht time would be my favourite team.

  54. adam says:

    Amare has very similar stats to Bosh this season yet his FG percentage is higher. He is more aggressive than bosh and the only reason his numbers weren’t as high is because he had better talent.

  55. Mike B says:

    Its crazy how many people commenting on this try to make predictions but don’t even know how to speak english. “LAKERS IS GONNA 3PEAT.” Anyway this definately isn’t the splash New York was hoping to make this off-season. Their chances of landing LeBron have been going steadily down hill since they signed D’Antoni, whose defensive coaching ability is lackluster at best. Bringing in Amar’e brought a defensive liability on the court, and cost them 100 million. Don’t forget that LeBron had a chance to play with Amar’e this year on the cavs — who didn’t bite on the trade because they either liked Jamison more or really didn’t want to lose JJ Hickson.. who probably played 50 minutes total in the playoffs. It seems likely to me the James wants to play with Bosh as his big man, their games fit well together. That’s obviously not happening in NY now. So with the LeBron sweapstakes ending in the Big Apple, thier biggest hope is probably a year down the line in Carmelo Anthony. Melo doesn’t seem too excite to extend his contract in denver, and the Knicks could grab him in 2011. I’m sure he’d love to get himself into a big-market situation. Good luck NY. I’m seeing LeBron return to Cleveland this year.

  56. doug says:

    I just love the anti-ny sentiment – it must really stink to be in these non LA or NY cities – pure yankee haters as well I am sure. When people dream of making it big in anything, sports, business, arts – its all about NY, then LA. Thats just the way it is for the liliputions out there who hate NY becuase they are peons in the grand scheme of things. Its great – take a trip here guys – and bring your girlfriends, if they are decent looking, i’m sure they will want to leave your ass in a heartbeat for the big city bright lights. Dweebs.

    • harry says:

      what about boston celtics,red sox,patriots,bruins all very succesful and im from britain so i have no affiliation with them at all

  57. Scooby Doo says:

    Knicks have made a major move stamping their authority on this summer free agency. They said they will sign two major free agents. They have one in the form of a big. Now they want a game breaker. James or Wade to NY. Lee will now go hunting for wolves. He knows he’s on the outta even though he picked up an All Star space this year. That will leave room for a decent PG any thoughts on a young affordable PG that could feed two All Star players?

  58. mark says:

    bosh or lee to houston , then houston wins the west with healthy yao, wade and boozer to chicago is a top contender, lebron in any team(even chicago) will reach the playoffs but end up losing to orlando or chicago and still even boston,lebron to chicago will destroy teams chemistry,chicago can be the best in the east with there present team in a few years, if you put kobe or wade on the cavs since 2006 they cud have reach the finals each year and MAYBE win it all, and 4 sure no sweep against spurs, cavs roster is as reliable as any of championship teams in the past but its up to the leader who cant make crucial plays against good defensive team lyk boston and orlando, hes good against wizards by the way also altanta, NY with amare is in the playoff,with allen and parker maybe in the east finals,lakers vs houston in west finals chicago orlando boston or anywhere wade goes might come out from the east.

  59. Sh0-_-GuNnA says:

    seems pretty obvious…after amare got signed why did lebrons rep have to meet wit ny on sat…..hmmm…i say

    James-new york

  60. Mr. Me Too says:

    I like Amar’e and always wanted to picture him in a Knicks uniform, But The Knicks signing him is more on the lines of LeBron insurance. Since the talks about LeBron headed to NY kind of deceased, the Knicks needed to do something to stay relevant in the Free Agency Market. So signing Amar’e was pretty good. I just don’t like him as leader of the team because that has yet to be tested (that as in how well he will peform without an A+ PG) I say the Knicks should try to get Tony Parker, and then sign Ray Allen & Mike Miller. This way you have 2 guys that can shoot pretty well, one player who’s dangerous on the drive and can create for others also, and one somewhat dominant force in the paint (I use the term somewhat loosely because Amar’e isn’t that same player he used to be, he’s lost about half a step in his athleticism). The Knicks should also go for a center (Eddy Curry insurance) because I highly doubt David Lee will get resigned. Bottom Line: I can picture the Knicks having a season similar to last seasons Grizzles =)

  61. Amre Stdmre says:

    oh cmon, players wouldnt be there without their coaches and there is a past with dantoni and amare, so they will fit better as a team.. yet they need a good playmaker ๐Ÿ˜€

  62. dion says:

    lakers gonna go for 3 peat!!!!
    lbj stayin wid cleavland and wait for cp3.. they do have a very good chance of landing cp3 on their roster with byron scott.. only reason they failed to advence in playoff ocz their x-coach is an idiot.. and cant make any good plays except give lbj the ball..

  63. DAN says:

    guys,,,its so obvious. LBJ is coming to chicago to try to repeat the micheal jordan legacy. He vacations here regularly and loves this city. We have better talent to surround him ith than anyone else!! We have enough to sign two big tiome players as well. And we dont have to trade anything to have a perfect roster. The bulls are gonna come away with it all guys,,sorry.

  64. p1mp says:

    I think amare don’t need such player like wade and lebron. amare needs a teammate that can dish opponent out and a VERY good passer. The suitable guard that can do that is no other than chris paul. Then add some spice like ray allen. I think a small forward that is not really a scorer like Tayshaun prince (dont forget this kid). for sure NY FINALS!!!

  65. LAKERS4LIFE says:


    • harry says:

      bulls wil if they get bron or wade or both
      i am the biggest l.a hater ever everything about them especially kobe he’s so big headed

      • damian says:

        i 2nd that lol..i hate LA too..i honestly dnt see amare making a huge impact on the knicks. they dnt have a center or point guard to go with him. even if they do sign someone, they still need 2 more players who are solid enought to help amare with the frontcourt and to feed him the ball. that roster is all broken down. i certainly dont see lebron going there. thats just my opinion. we will have 2 wait and see wat happens i dnt see lebron goin to chicago. hes the hometown hero. as 4 wade, i wan him to come to chi town and mke a huge impact. with him and rose n the backcourt, that will mke it almost impossible to guard them both. pick ur poison with these 2. i dnt care where david lee or carlos boozer goes either. joe johnson i thnk would have been another great fit kuz hes a BIG SG who can play the SF and PG position, and on top of that he a huge scorer and solid defender. that contract that atlnta offered him is freakin ridiculous. bout 120$ million for 6 years. thats a whole wad of cash 2 be racking in.i am a huge chicago bulls fan and im in caliornia and yes i hate the lakers like i said. i just hope the bulls get wade and bosh or at least a vauable PF or SG kuz thats wat we really need. i wan us to be championship contenders again.

  66. PISTONS4LIFE says:

    Lebron and Bosh will be in Cleveland; Everything is set, but Bosh doesn’t wana play in Cleveland, so he could possibly go to Houston, or get a five year with Chicago and join w/ D. Wade, and obvious Derrick Rose

    Amare is in NYC

    Bulls have a opportunity to land Wade and Boozer, if Miami doesn’t. But I’d like to see Wade in Chicago.

  67. NYK says:

    KNICKS all the way!!

  68. PISTONS4LIFE says:

    NYC: Amare

    Cavs: Lebron & Bosh

    Bulls: Wade

    East is going to be fun to watch next year!

    And of course Pistons will be back as well!

    • tingyman says:

      yeah you want to know what i especially like about all this? all these franchise players are going to be going to teams in the east, yet there can only be one eastern ocnference final winner to face off against my lakers in the playoffs. we are not going to have to ever struggle against the suns again.!!!!!!!!!

      • simplybixby says:

        What all Laker fans fail to realize is that even though the all these free agents are shipping east, there is still an incredible amount of talent returning to the west. We have Yao Ming returning to a talent riddled rockets. The Thunder finally get a post presence that was much needed in the playoffs. Lets not forget that the Clipper won’t be pushovers especially since they have the cap space and the pieces to attract a proven superstar.

    • harry says:

      how will the cavs get bosh

  69. Zzanzabar says:

    Well Grant Hill I love a die hard fan. But no way Stodemire alone is going to change the Knicks fortunes he just doesn’t have the impact, especially since the Knicks are bound to lose Lee in the process (with Lee and Stodemire they MIGHT have had a chance). Lee is one of the best big men in the game and the team that gets him is playoff bound (except for the bad luck Clippers).

  70. Deon Banks says:

    Hopefuly they get amare some help in there. They don’t won’t upset their new 100 million dollar franchise player. No amount of money can take away the disire to win. Good look in New Your if they can put it all together, but good luck.

  71. Zzanzabar says:

    Sorry Amused but that just doesn’t wash. LBJ did what Kobe did but in a more subtle way…demand that his team’s organization commit to getting better. More than anything he wants to win a title and is willing to demand that those around him think the same way. When Kobe demanded to be traded all you could hear was ‘selfish, egotistical, blah, blah, blah..’ So what happened? The Lakers and Dr. Buss got busy and surrounded him with players of a caliber that when he fell the team didn’t. LeBron only wants the same thing. It is tiring being the ONLY reason your team wins.

    The problem with Cleveland was that they overlooked Boston in their recruiting plans (so did many other teams) they got an aging broken down Shaq for the sole reason of a match up with Howard and with no defensive specialist Boston just steamrolled them. Now with a new coach and a new system Cleveland is saying we are committed to backing you up so stay. Frankly if he goes to any other team LBJ is putting a LOT of pressure on himself because the fans of that city will settle for NO LESS than a championship. Cleveland will give him unconditional love and a WHOLE lot of money!

  72. Clint ZER0 says:

    Now the knicks need to fire Dantoni, he’s the worst coach ever. EVER. Then we’ll have a chance.

  73. J.S says:

    there’s no way lebron and wade join in chicago.. why should they do that. if they can get their hands on either of him (what i personally am not hoping) they will rather get a decent big, even if its david lee, rather then spending all their money on two max contracts, what i don’t think they can. I hope they do some major upgrades in their frontcourt, and i was thinking maybe amare could fit into that puzzle with the bulls, but anyway. As i was following their young gun derrick rose quite a lot in the past i assume that he is at least as good as d wade in a couple of years time and it will not do him any good to get the king in chi town. maybe wade though. bosh would be major. allen would be a nice fit if bosh would get their although i would have liked to see johnson heading into the windy city..
    Anyway i think wade and james both in chi town is not happening. maybe one though! but if chi town can hit in this free agency and fill up the rest of the roster with anything decent i am down with u sayin they can head to the finals! and if some of the teams can do a decent free agency (what it not lookes like at the moment….) i am hoping the lakers may not end up in finals! ANd i hope your last peace of prediction is true! i want to see chicago win!!

    • diehardCHICAGOfan says:

      this has to be the best post on here that ive seen so far. ive grown up in chicago my whole entire life and have always been a BULLS fan. even though some bulls fans dont agree with me i have said from the beginning that i rather have joe johnson or wade than lebron. yea lebron maybe what everyone wants this year but i feel a joe johnson or wade pairing with amare(not anymore since he’s a knick) bosh or boozer. i think dwade will work better with drose than lebron. i just dont think their games fit together. i really liked the johnson/boozer fit in chicago only because joe johnson is in my eyes an off the ball kind of guy. run pick and roll with d.rose with joe johnson on the weak side and everyone will play their part. either d.rose straight to the basket, dish to boozer or bosh or to johnson on the weak side for the 3 or pump fake and pull up jumper. would have worked all day long. and seeing how some of the “smaller” eastern conference teams are looking good under the radar(like the bucks adding gooden/maggette and looks like they will resign john salmons.) the bulls better get something or itll be a summer well wasted.

      now i just rather see dwade and either bosh or boozer to the bulls. let lebron stay in cleveland. david lee i think should go to the THUNDER but he probably will end up with the rockets(in my opinion) IF bosh does follow dwade/lebron and they both end up in chicago. looking at what the knicks have left in cap money wont land them a tony parker or monta ellis because both those PGs i think are going to make more money than david lee this year. and ray ray to the bulls would be nice but i think resigning pierce and getting doc rivers back tells me he’s going to resign especially if they talk sheed into giving it one more try.

      and i wont lie ..even though i am not a lakers fan i think they can pull the “UNTHINKABLE” and make a trade for chris paul. which may look like a CP3/okafor ..for bynum odom or artest and one more. (which i said farmar before they signed blake.)

      call me crazy ?! yea i think so. LOL

      • SteveNash13 says:

        Joe Johnson has already signed back with Atlanta, I think. The Lakers will not do anything to their roster as they have already won two in a row so as they say don’t change something if its working. If Lebron doesn’t go to the knicks or Bulls he’s going back to the Cavs cuz Kevin Durant has already solidified his place as the second best SF in the league

      • Chi-Town Jay says:

        i agree whole heartedly with you opinion…actually i would not want lebron on the bulls.. yes he is propably the best player in basketball..and yes he can do it all..but the bulls dont eed that type of guy..lets take a look a the bulls past season and diagnose what they did wrong last year

        They had NO shooting presence. Somedy who was a threat from the outside and it showed allot last year. Also, they lacked the big man in the post last year. Yes Joakim Noah is hitting strides in becoming a great front court player, but he isnt that low post threat that we need. I actually wouldve perferred, Joe Johnson & maybe Chris Bosh/Carlos Boozer. I say this because im looking at it from a “Need” standpoint. The last thing the Bulls need is for someone to take the ball out of d.rose’s hands.. i trust him whole heartedly to make the great decision and having someone like Lebron take it from him im not a big fan. D wade yes is a OUTSTANDING player, but like i said the bulls dont need the ball out of d.rose hands.

        Also we all forget about the other free agents that can make a impact on the roster. Players like David Lee who is a great back-to-basket player, Talks about Ray Allen leaving is also great for us. We need to stop getting hyped about lebron and come back to reality.. The bulls are already a great team..Despite having a .500 year season they went through a boatload of injuries…now can u imagine what the record couldve been without the injuries?? The bulls are on the right track by getting rid of kirk..he was a waste i say we move luol deng and get us a shooter if we cant buy one…

        these are my opinons..tell me what you think

  74. Carlos says:

    What else could Knicks do? ok 100 million is a lot, but the strategy makes absolutely sense.
    Bosh is not moving until wade and LBJ decide, therefore unapprochable by the New York franchise.
    Amare was the second best Big Man on the market, it was a no brainer deal.
    Their options for James remain intact, so why this criticism?
    They could sign and trade Lee for a point guard, and wait for James to decide.
    If they won’t catch him, they will have improved anyway, and will have room to operate next year.

  75. Amused says:

    How amusing, the notion that “northeastern Ohio takes its lone sports treasure for granted.” If anything, it is Lebron James who doesn’t deserve the incessant doting he’s gotten from the Cavaliers and their fans. Remember folks, this is the player who all but disappeared against the Celtics in the playoffs–not even in the Eastern Conference Finals, but merely the second round. This is the player who can lead his squad to the best regular season record two years running, but can’t get his team back to the Finals. And this is the guy who’s been playing the Free Agency song and dance for two years, all but daring the Cavaliers to fail to bow down and beg him to stay. After how he’s held the Cavaliers in thrall the last few years without delivering much of anything, it’s astonishing that they should even want him back at all.

    • Bill Clinton says:

      Yes! I agree with this! but they still are obsessed with their “home town hero” it seems sad to me

    • tingyman says:

      Yeah i agree completely!!! alll lebron did for ohio is lead them to the best regular season record and then struggle to make it happen for them in the playoffs. YEAH! lebron should go away bc of his poor performances and leave the entire ohio state area to soak in mediocrity for a few years!

    • hahaha says:

      Are u ppl crazy, Lebron didnt do anything?. ok maybe he didnt have a crazy performace but what do you expect when his whole team does nothing. they were all uslessm comeon look at the stats most of those games against boston he had the best records either most poin and rebounds, or most points and assist or even most points, rebounds and assists. You cant say he doesn’t deserve cleaveland, if cleaveland wants to keep Lebron they need to get him someone to help him. PERIOD!!!!

    • harry says:

      why would they not want lebron he is the best player in the world he can change a game like that if u thinks the cavs dont want him ur insane no offence

      • jihgkhuj says:

        Did you forget someone? KOBE is the best on the planet and this is coming from a Cleveland fan.

      • GD says:

        honestly wade is a better player, who comes back from a season ending injury and then average the highest PPG in the NBA, plus lets be honest Wade delivers when he as the right pieces, he did it in 06 and did not fail he had shaq, lebron had shaq, jamison, moe williams, and bench players like moon, anthony parker, and JJ hickson, much better than wade shaq(34 at the time) and jason williams(30) plus an old antonie walker and and average rebounder in haslem, Wade played one finals, he won the ring and the finals MVP, how bout james?? lets be serious, if wade had a bosh or boozer, he’d probably be in the eastern conference finals, BTW i acknowledge lebron is a monster 2 Time MVP and a great overall scorer and rebounder but the reality is Wade>Lebron, Wade should be the 1st priorerty in this draft

      • unknown32 says:

        I dont agree completely with Amused,Bill Clinton,and can you say a man that came into the league litteraly changed it, brought Cleveland a POOOOORRRRRR Nba team to its highest level not only ON the court but OFF the court in contributing financial to the city and making it known…u got to be kidding i aint even a Lebron fan, im a Wade fan and i agree Wade should be considered a better player then him because of all the accomplishment he has done since entering the league compared to his counterparts from his draft class he’s the only one that stands alone with a title and enough hardware to Lebron who also went to the Finals.If you sayin Lebron delivered nothing for your city and his fans for the past 7 yrs you must be nuts..he his going down in HOF and even when playing Celts he averaged RIDICULOUS numbers yet he wasn’t even playin at 100% imagine if he was. To be honest with all the things that happened between his teammates and him and his family(mother) i dnt blame him for not believing in them..its low to do that to ur main man…!!!i aint a fan of Lebron due to the hype and how he handled his free agency BUT dnt be saying he didnt deliver becuase he did since high shool for y’all and it sucks for ppl to thank him like they did and still do like he just had no choice he had a choice and that was to be a winner not one of those to just be outstanding player without a ring.Kobe right now is the most TALENTED player(due to the fact that when there’s good D on him he is stoppable) but Lebron is the a mismatch nioghtmare just like Wade,Melo….

  76. brunner says:

    i think lebron will end back up in cleveland, with cavs doing a sign and trade to get a big guy, wade i think will go to the bulls with boozer since they dont want to giv noah tp toranto 4bosh. i think bosh will either go to rockets or cavs, i think knicks will not get anything else big this summer, maybe monta ellis for david lee

    • harry says:

      cavs dont have the space for bosh or anybody else for that matter they only keep the players they got

    • tingyman says:

      what pieces does cavs have to trade for a big man that other teams will be interested in? sry but lebron is headed to chicago

  77. gabriel zarate says:

    gosh… new york. must have alot of confidence in amare. im a big suns fan and amare fan, and alittle disapointed that amare left.. well. in this case. its all about the money..

  78. harry says:

    amare fits lebron wont with d’antoni system d’antoni might have to chane but he wont i saw rudy gay on his way to ny but thats not gonna happen now these are my predictions
    lebron: chicago
    bosh:?? not toronto
    shaq: atlanta?
    chicago v la final
    chicago win
    what does everyone think

    • harry says:

      oh and

    • #1LakerFan says:

      keep hopin’ my friend….

      lakers three peattttt!

    • daniel says:

      thats not gonna happen bro

    • gabriel zarate says:

      i do agree that lebron will go to chicago.. yah and bosh is not with toronto.. uh… is it true that paul pierce is a free agent??

      • harry says:

        yh he is but hes not going anywhere

      • CB says:

        I though Pierce agreed on a new contract with Boston

      • TBAndress says:

        Lebron is too infatuated with himself to show up for work every night and see Jordan’s statue out front…

      • harry says:

        TBandress what are you on about lebron is so much less big headed than kobe he looks up to mj u cud only be more wrong by saying lebron has no work ethic oh you did say that wrong again i dont mean to be shouty and stuff but ur just that wrong

    • KOBE says:


    • joe dumaris says:

      I think you are high on something! the bulls ha ha ha ha. Mke no misstake the knicks are going to end up the big winners with amare being the first piece of the puzzle

    • The Basketball GURU says:

      It’s amazing the amount of knowledge the fans have and in some cases don’t have. The conversation of who is the better PF is a moot point because they are two different players with 2 different styles of play. Amare for what ever reason feels he’s a power player (maybe in the west he was), Bosh is a finese type PF he will bang with you, but chooses not to. Whatever team gets them both will be fortunate, however both their fortunes are going to rest in the hands of guard. Never in my 30+ years of playing, coaching and watching the game of basketball have I seen a “BIG” rebound, give himself an outlet pass, dribble down court on a fast break pass the ball to himself on the wing and then drop it back down low to himself for the dunk. Ok yes I’m being a little bit on the side of a smart *ss but you get the point. Bosh, Amare and most certainly Boozer need a good to great PG, and a very good SG or outside presence on their team to have sucess.
      Also I respect LBJ for his on the court game. I can do without the press team and all the hype that comes with him. If you really are the best at what you do, we don’t need anyone to brainwash us and try to make us believe it. Someone earlier made reference to Lebron and him never winning a title and Kobe winning the next for and Kevin Durant winning the next 6….I just want to ask you …NO BEG YOU….stay off those drugs. Kobe was fortunate Ron Artest shrink “kept him calm” for game 7. Because Kobe did nothing short of stink up the joint and didn’t deserve that ring he’s sporting. KD while good will need a TEAM around him to win anything…Lebron is a rare breed like Magic who can will his team to a title game…and take just about any good group of players far. The next few years should be interesting…we will say if this was all hype the 2010 free agent class gets a ring or if Melo comes in next year goes to a new team and provides them with what it takes to win a ring.

  79. Zzanzabar says:

    This feels like New York is shaking the bushes to see what they might flush out. Taking a player like Stoudemire and giving him a max contract is just them making sure they have SOMEONE before free agency is done. The key free agents are Lebron, Wade, and Bosh period, and both Wade and Lebron totally hold their futures because both alone can make a team playoff bound. Both Boozer and Stoudemire are in the 80 – 90 million range at best. Without someone to give them the ball they are practically useless. Strange we have heard so little from Bosh, for a player that is ‘sure’ to leave Toronto hardly anything seems to be happening (which usually means a LOT is happening behind the scenes).

    • grant hill says:

      Stoudamire isnt just “somebody”, hes MUCH better then Bosh, n u cant compare im to wade or lebron – diffnt positions. But that doesnt change the fact that HES THE BEST! Best pf in the league, THATS why he got a max deal. NICKS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up from the dream ur in!!!!

      • Nom Nom says:

        Stoudamire is better than Bosh? LOL. Get off your high horse, buddy. Stoudamire has worse production than Bosh, even though he was paired with Steve Nash – the best playmaker in the game. He’s also 27 and can’t hit a jump shot.

        Sorry, but the Knicks with this roster are a 35-40 win team at best.

      • tingyman says:

        best pf in the league? i dont know what your smoking but it has to be some pretty strong stuff. amare is a pf that needs a person like steve nash to dish him the balll or he is practically useless. he is a pf that rebounds like a sf that ppl like lamar odom can rebound over him. How can you even compare amare to the likes of tim duncan and kevin garnett? the degree of ignorance i see in you is pretty amazing my friend

      • Pappa Brew says:

        Nom Nom? how many game have you watched stoudemire play? Its funny to hear u say he cant hia a jump shot. Acting like your the authority and know soo much more than “grant hill” up there. He is actually very good at jump shots. Maybe you watched his rookie or sophmore seasons, then you wouldv’e been right. Make sure you know what your talking about before YOU get on your high horse buddy. Stoudemire is one of the best if not the best power forwards playing today. he flourishes in a fast paced game (whats up D’Antoni), and despite what my wise friend Nom Nom said he can hit his jump shots. New York still needs a team, but they have one great piece.

        P.S. people are acting like stoudemire can’t do it on his own. Then saying how what they needed was bosh d wade or lebron. None of them can do it on there own, hence no championships for lebron. And Bosh without a someone to feed him the bball is the same as any other big with no feeder. So don’t act like Stoudemire is soo much worse than Bosh.

      • edward says:

        people stoudamire is the better then boozer and chirs bosshh !!! he was the best player in the second half of the nba !!! and u cannot argue with that soo i really dont understand y people would take chirs over amare !! chirs hasnt proved anything in the playoffs amare has scored over 40 points in more than 5 playoff games i dont think chris has even hit 40 let alone amares career high 52 points i dont think boh has played over 4 games in the playoffs soo y would u want him in ur team if he hasnt even won a series in the playoffs n people want him in order to winm the title and amre is the leadin scored on the best offinsive team in nba history the suns and bosh is a scorer on a team that relys for him to score he socers alot because his team has no offinsive threat wen he joins a gud team watch his numbers go down ike kobe wen he had a srry team he had to score more !!! but ass soon as he got his team set n gud he wasnt worried bout scorin juss championshps !! soo get bosh a decent nba team wit some scorers n watch his numbers go down !!! cause i think my high school team can beat the raptor in a game aha ! !!! i think people sayy chirs is better because they dont see amare play that much i see him play everyday his the best power forward in the nba right not !!! chirs is 3d behind tim duncan all time great chris is overated and lebron is too the media made him into this imortal guy ya sure he has sum amazin stats but who wouldnt wit a body thas 6โ€™8 and 250 his all brutal power n speed !! noo skill all the hype and nike commercials made him like that i dont care were he goes i guarantee he will never win a title because kobe will take the next 4 and then wen his done kevin durant will become the best player in the nba and take 6 !

    • tony says:

      bosh is not better than amarie? especially in the pick n roll where u already have a passer at small forward in gallo who is a much better ball mover than bosh. bosh holds the ball with his jab fakes and doesnt shoot that well from the field. amarie wanted to be a knick and the knicks wanted him. also chandler has the ability to guard 3s and 4s.

      • Celticfan111 says:

        are you stupid?
        bosh finished with one of the highest fg% in the league
        amare cant shoot from 12 ft out bosh can shoot the midrange jumper and get it done drvieing to the hole
        if amare didnt have nash throwing him the ball wouldnt have been producing like that and bosh can create for himself

        amare doesnt have a hardnose for rebounds either

      • unknown32 says:

        U kidding me..Ok i think Amare is a beast!!he’s been one of my Favorite players since he entered the league..but between him and Bosh i would take Bosh because one thing for certain Bosh is a willing player!Amare is all offence and DOES heavily on the pick and roll to get his shots up.He has a jumper to him but its not the most consistent jumper compared to Bosh who had one of the best field goals % and his jab step his tough to guard against.The upside for Amare is that he’s a monster when he gets to the rim hard to stop him cause he has amazing upper body strength.Even though i would rather Bosh because he’s a double double machine and is capable of alot.Both are amazing players in there own respect…@ edward before commenting check your spelling because we can barely understand what your saying.Bosh hasn’t proved anything in the playoff becuase he had a mediocre team to help him while Amare always played with a stellar Suns team even when they had Marbury,but Amare is a baby in many cases it explains why they traded Marion(a very bad move to my ooint of view) and traded away shaq who could of taught Amare to be more of a dominent force.

  80. sting says:

    desperation time for the Knicks already?..the season hasn’t even started’s gonna be an interesting season coming up that’s for sure.