Breaking His Own News?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You won’t have to search hard to find out where LeBron James is going, once he actually makes up his mind and decides to make it public.

The biggest free agent news of all time is likely to be handled in-house, on, that is if we can’t break here at first.

With social media networks like Twitter and Facebook pushing the envelope daily, you can bet it won’t take long for the news to spread once a decision is made.

But James has always fancied himself a pioneer of sorts. So why wouldn’t he want to break the biggest sports news of the year himself?

CNBC’s sports business guru Darren Rovell has an interesting take on whether or not LeBron will try and milk his own news:

Despite the fact that many of his free agent friends including Amar’e Stoudemire, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have embraced the social media game, James — nor his business team — has felt the need to engage in the space.

He isn’t active on Facebook and he doesn’t have a Twitter account, but his Web site, which was active from when he was drafted in 2003 through 2006 and has been dormant for at least two years, has now mysteriously sprung to life.

Go to and you’ll see a page with LeBron’s pixelated face on it that says “Getting Closer.”

Just a wild guess here, but the only thing LeBron is getting closer to is making a decision on where he’ll be for the next three, five or six years.

Effective athlete Web sites are now few and far between. In the rare occasion when an athlete breaks his own news, it has been broken on social media platforms.

The hottest athlete Web site of the year has been, as people read his statements and, more often than not, blasted the golfer in the comments section, which was eventually taken down.

If LeBron is going to break the news on, you wonder what would be the most effective way to do it.

Well, for me, there’s only one way because once the announcement gets out, people won’t feel the need to go to the site. The job is to maximize numbers.

Here’s the idea.

The day before the announcement, send out an e-mail to every one who has signed up on the site’s mailing list that LeBron will make his announcement the following day at a particular time. For those who don’t sign up, his business team can send a mass blast to the media that it will be happening.

That next day, James will talk at length — live on streaming video — about each team and what they offered. In between, commercials of James’ partners — Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s — will run. Then, like many of these high school recruiting press conferences, James will choose a hat and say why he went with that team.

If a network like ESPN wanted to take it live, they can. It will, of course, just have logos all over it as well as LeBron’s sponsors in the background.

We could always do this the old fashioned way, so to speak.

Some enterprising reporter could tap a source for the news and break it on first …

Wherever the news breaks, you know it’ll be blasted around the world.

Everyone (and we mean everyone, check below) has an opinion on where James should go. So it makes sense that just as many people, if not more, will be interested when the decision comes down.



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  4. Justn C. says:

    i no lebron james i am his hugest fan but i think lebron might stay in cleveland and his best choice will be the bulls he will have a chance to win with the bulls starting lineup:dere rose,lebron james,james johnson,taj gibson,and joakim noah tht squad will not lose cause no point guard can stop rose and no1 can stop my man lebron he will destroy any1 and he will make players betta so i think he should go to the bulls championship lebron think about it man this is the best choice


  5. ice says:

    He’ll stay in Cleveland… He wont get much money if he goes to Miami, His Announcement is televised.. if he’s leaving Cleveland he wont have a televised announcement at all you’d rather just tell everyone your leaving without having a televised announcement. This announcement will improve his image further because he remained loyal to his subjects. If you are leaving a team so crazy about you you wont show the world that your leaving them.

  6. k says:

    Eroc took my thoughts right out of my head………lebron is full of it and so is the media that hype this man up. Who cares where he goes????!!!!!!…….if he’s gonna go, GO!…..I’m tired of it all. D WADE should be getting just as much hype….heck, at least he has ONE RING. Lakers 3 Peat. lebron don’t flatter urself.

  7. Anthony says:

    Break a leg Lebron.

  8. DBD30 says:

    benjamin, i agree w/ u that lebron is an amazing distributor, yet i dont think he can coexist w/ another star, as it seems that he significantly took away from antawn jamison’s efficiency when the 2 played together

  9. Amused says:

    So the would-be mogul is finally going to spill the beans and let the world in on his secret (yawn). Be still my beating heart. Think I’ll play Tetris tomorrow night. And the most amazing thing is that, no matter what he decides, the world will actually (gasp) go on Friday morning.

  10. Stuart McKay says:

    LBJ is not a winner! I like the points eRoc made, what kind of chump takes all the credit for winning then blames his teammates for loosing. He should watch the tape of the the Celtic series and hang his head. His ego dominates that team. What the hell kind of offense is clearing out the top of the key, dribbling the ball for 20 seconds then going 1 on 5????

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he bolted for NYC at the first sign of $$$$$ (sadly just like Amare) will they win 61 games? unlikely. Will they win a Chip? Hell NO! LBJ is no where near Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kobe. All these guys play for the win first and appreciate its a team game. If MJ or KB is taking over it’s in the flow of the game because the team needs it. LBJ is a walking EGO and as a personality is an embarrassment to the sport. If he wasn’t 6’8′ 275lbs he would have no game!

  11. James FAN says:

    If I were Lebron I would go to Chicago because they have potential, Derrick Rose is a excellent pg and with LBJ adding on, it will be way better. Also, they have Noah a big man who puts in much effort for the Bulls. The only thing that will make this situation worst is that LBJ will be taking away DROSE fame and this can put his career on the side, BULLS have a new coach but their salary cap is the highest in the NBA right now. Chicago and LBJ can work good together its just how they will fit together. Knicks have top people who can help LBJ when he isn’t contributing very well. Plus with A’mare, things can get better. Knciks have a good big man with shooters on the court. Also, he should watch out for the team with the best bench, when all the star players are on you need a good bench to contribute. Me answer would be LBJ to go to the Bulls but it’s his decision, we will all have to wait and see what happens!!

  12. Have mixed emotions about a one hour TV program to announce what most people probably know already. LeBron is staying in Cleveland. Maybe he thinks also that he needs to justify his decision to stay in a small market town as opposed to going to a bigger commercial market, if in fact he is staying in Cleveland. Anyway, it his life and his career, and he has every right to do what he thinks is in his own best interests on and off the court.

  13. Mark Burland says:

    Guess what, the rest of the world really doesn’t care. We have the FIFA World Cup and the F1 British Grand Prix this week. Do you really think we care where some tattoo-loving headband wearing NBA star is going to play next season. King Who?

  14. Ronaldo Kurniawan says:

    LeBron the Dumb Bon, you’re too proud of urself, u ain’t got no ring dude, acknowledge that!

  15. ChAce says:


  16. ChAce says:


  17. YEH BOY says:

    @ sphinx… how has kobe been ‘babied’ and that he doesnt work for his wins, unlike lebron???

    lebron has NO rings…and probably wont until kobe retires. kobe has 5! 3 with a great amount of help from shaq, and his 4th and 5th with no superstar player to assist him.

    u clearly have no idea.

    lebron is the one who has been babied. KING JAMES? claimed the king before he played in the NBA and without any rings. crys for help cos he cant stand his support in clevland. ben wallace, shaq, antwan….so far NO success.

  18. Lawrence Saunders Jr says:

    Lebron will stay in Cleveland because that’s his team and he s still the man there. The Cavs will do a sign and trade and getBosh from Toronto.

  19. joey of Singapore says:

    This is how LeBron will go to the Knicks. He will not go to Miami because thats Wades team and he will not be D-Wade’s Robin. He will not go to the Bulls because he does not want to follow in MJ’s footsteps in Chicago. Also he will have all this pressure to win 7 championships to match up with MJ. He will not go to NJ or the Clippers because i mean seriously who wants to go there????? He will either go back to Cleveland or New York.

  20. Lorenzo says:

    I have a strong feeling that lebron will go to chicago, with bosh. Or atleast both of them on the same team.

  21. gaspatr says:

    I don’t care where Lebron goes. One thing is for sure. The finals MVP will not be going anywhere. `

  22. Joe says:

    All i have to say is wow….Though I want to say something negative about this theres nothing really negative to say. Lebron did that, to have your own ESPN hour special on where your gonna sign just shows the type of star power he has and it lowkey a publicity stunt to show flex his star power but i heard that he’s going to donate the money they make from commercial time to the Boys & Girls Club, so good for him and good for the NBA

  23. terrence says:

    ive never did a comment b4….i check to c wht moves the lakers r doing but damn im so freakin tired bout hearing of lefraud…y so much hype when dude hasnt won a damn thing???!!!!

  24. davee says:

    how about stop keeping every1 in suspense if you ve made the decision lebron just come out and say it! Why make such a big deal about yourself we know your good but the whole nba doesnt revolve around you and let the other teams get on with free agency

  25. A says:

    This guy is so full of himself, its PATHETIC!!!! “King James?” King of what. YOU ARENT THE KING, WHEN YOU HAVE NO RING(S)!!!

  26. GD says:

    honestly lebron will n ot stay home, it will be the worst desicion of his life, he will either go to chiago or to the knicks, if chicago can handle paying rose and lebron and possibly bosh plus noah i honestly dont think they can, however, the bulls would be good, but if the knicks do grab lebron they will obviously get one more free agent possibly a PG and renew many contracts, people dont understand even though the knicks have a lot of cash and salary cap room, they only have 6 players under contract meaning they will need to renew many contracts, but we will see what will go down

  27. Brody says:

    Go to New York LeBron. You and Amare can wait for Melo next year then finish this whole thing off with a championship

  28. eRoc says:

    Please move-on. Unless the NBA is purposefully pushing the LeBron agenda, there is no reason to talk about him. No reason to put him in any conversation about the greatest. No reason unless the NBA is seeking to stroke his ego.

    Am I missing something here? Maybe the NBA profits off of all this drama somehow? Maybe you guys are posting all of this in some sarcastic twist to out the “ego vs the player” after being told you MUST publish stuff about him?

    People who create their own nicknames get minus points in my book. People who act like Lindsay Lohan get minus points in my book. People that have a PAID posse get minus points in my book. People that take all the credit for wins, and place all the blame for losses on their team get minus points in my book.

    I actually enjoyed watching LeBron play when he had an ON night, but really soured when he was exposed during the playoffs again, especially after I gave him a pass for what he did during 2009’s exit. I’m over it. He turned the ball over so many times in the playoffs, it seemed like he was throwing the game. His time of possession, number of shots taken and missed, combined with his turnovers, free throws, and inability to adjust to defenses just showed how little basketball TEAM knowledge this guy has. He cannot pull a Wade, Kobe, or Jordan in the fourth quarter with any regularity, because he simply does not have a well-rounded game. His game is 275 lbs running hard down the lane and dunking. If his size or the lane are shut down, as they are in the playoffs, he is a minus factor to outcome.

    I wish people would stop posting what the read in blogs, or want the guy be, and actually report on who he is, how he acts, and what he does. That will speak for itself. Remember stats guys, the regular season has to be weighted, because the great coaches play different basketball during the regular. You should also throw out free-throws from scoring. What does he look like now? 30 shots – made 12… 5 offensive turnovers… 8 minutes off of the clock as he demanded his teammates clear the floor for him…. 1 offensive rebound.

    He could be the greatest POWER FORWARD since Carl Malone, but he’s no Magic, Bird, Jordan, Wade, or Kobe. It is time for reporters to do their job, and stop with this ridiculousness that he is somehow the King. Just like so many other players got tagged as the “Next Jordan,” and it took the “Next Next Jordan” before people stopped talking about them.

  29. M. JORDAN says:

    The n.b.a need’s to create a dream team to compete with Kobe!!! now that’s greatness at it’s best

  30. sphinx says:

    well, it takes time to search & find the best fit for the right choice to finish his career; and ultimately, to win several rings without getting babied like the ungreatful Kobe Bryant. LeBron actually works for his wins.

  31. source says:

    knicks have met with lebron james and are very close to agreeing on a deal this is a disclosed source

  32. Benjamin says:

    LeBron James can share the ball with another star though, that’s why LeBron is so great! He averages more assists than top point guards in the league, and rebounds just as much as a Power Forward would. Scores more than everybody in the league (excluding Kevin Durant) and can stay on the floor all 48 minutes of the game. Even though he doesn’t he could do that haha. But I don’t think Cleveland is his best bet, with Shaq possibly leaving, and Cleveland can not really do much to their roster, LeBron will not get any closer to a title in Cleveland without another player like Bosh. Nobody else besides LBJ can step up in the Cavs roster, maybe Mo Williams has one hot game here and there, but not a playoff potential team, and that is what is most important. For that he should go to the NYK with Stoudemire and Gallinari. Possibly David Lee if they keep him. Next year they are going to try to get Carmelo, its a beautiful plan but I doubt that would happen, but no, LeBron’s 2 best choices for a NBA Title would be Chicago first, then possibly New York Knicks now with Amar’e.

    • dabul says:

      The best bet would for all three, (James, Wade, and Bosh) to go to miami at slightly below max the team could use veteran excetions and such to bring in role players around them and trade future draft picks to form a team that can win now and for years to come.

  33. The Real KiNG says:

    by the way, what will happen to delonte? he did shag lebron’s mummy didn’t he? i’ld be surprised if delonte is still breathing. off with his head already

  34. The Real KiNG says:

    leBron to the new jersey nets. The nets will move to Brooklyn (also known as KiNGS county) and the name will be changed from nets to Royals or Emperors or something along the lines of royalty

  35. bob dole says:

    wouldn’t it be funny if Lebron leaves Cleveland and they somehow win the title next year???

  36. D says:

    Lebron will stay with Cleveland. If he leaves Cleveland, he will no longer be “King” James. If he goes anywhere else, he will have to learn to share the responsibilities with other star players and he may not always be the go to person when a bucket is needed (except New York). Not only that, but Cleveland is still close to winning it all. If he goes somewhere else, it’s a whole new system to learn and get adjusted to. Could take 2-3 more years with another team to win it all. Does he want that? I think not. We all know Lebron wants to be the man. He wants to be the biggest player in the NBA. If he wins it with Cleveland, he will certainly achieve that. For anyone to win it all with the Cleveland team… now that would be a a true feat of perserverence, dedication and commitment. If you know anything of Cleveland sports history, you know that a championship in Cleveland is the ultimate prize more so than a championship anywhere else.

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  38. Zzanzabar says:

    Zeno, as much as you may hate it, this is where the NBA is headed (if it is not already there). Twitter, blurbs, blogs and webcasts are how the modern day player communicates.

  39. bladerunner says:

    Ace , You are correct and I suggest that Bosh goes to Cleveland

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  41. Benjamin says:

    LeBron James most likely will stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. If he were to leave Cleveland I believe that the runner up is Chicago and then New York. He will not go to the New Jersey Nets, because James said “First of all I want to win” that means he will not go to the worst team in the NBA. Bosh will go to the Heat with Wade if Dwayne Wade signs with the Heat again. LeBron James’ best bet would be to go to New York Knicks now that Amar’e Stoudemire has signed the deal and possibly bring in Carmelo Anthony next year. Even without Carmelo the New York Knicks will finally become a playoff potential team. LeBron to Chicago would also be an automatic Eastern Conference Finals team. But if LeBron James decides to stay in Cleveland he will be stuck in the same situation that he has been in the last 7 years, but it is hard to leave home I don’t blame him. Hopefully he signs with the New York Knicks, its his best bet, Money Wise, and he has Stoudemire a huge plus. Gallinari as well, and probably David Lee if they resign him. LBJ6!

    • Joel Tewel says:

      If lebron goes to the nets they will have a gret chance of winning thats a fact with harris and lopez and then you bring lebron in that is a great team sorry your wrong.

  42. thedunker23 says:

    I have a feeling that two of the three (LeBron,Wade, and Bosh) will end up on the same team.

  43. Ace says:

    Lebron is going to stay with the Cavs. Wade is going to stay with the Heat. It’s up to Bosh whether he decides to play with someone who’s already proven himself by winning a championship (Wade) or someone who has the greatest potential but has not delivered so far. End of story.

  44. Michael says:

    Lebron is heading to Chicago. There are handful of links (the colored dots in the image of his face) and the only two that aren’t about Lebron point to the Air Jordan Retro shoe and to Kanye West’s site.

    • Stephen says:

      Another reason to believe Chicago is where James will end up is maybe the most telling..he is changing his first I thought he was greedy like Kobe..but, LeBron gets enough from Nike..he just doesn’t want to/won’t be allowed to wear 23 in Chicago..boom..I just blew your mind..

  45. Zeno says:

    Seriously, i’m sick and tired of lebron being so commercial about all this, and trying to make money out of it. Sure he wants to stand out as a player, but he’s forgetting that he already does, as he showed us every single season. Somebody with an influence on LBJ should really tell him that he has to stop with all the games, because every single basketballfan is getting sick and tired of this ‘charade’ he’s putting up. And seriously, the website? Too much blabla and bs, we just want to see great basketball, and no commercial stunts.

    • Trace says:

      I thought his primetime announcement was prima donna bs but the boys and girls cclub of America will get some some money from it and promo. So he might as well exploit media for a good cause besides his own pockets.

  46. Charlie says:

    You might want to update this post a little bit.

    Lebron is now on Twitter. (@KingJames)

    CP3 convinced him apparently.