Roger Mason close to new deal

Posted by Art Garcia

Roger Mason Jr., one of the free agent steals of two summers ago, could be closing in on a new deal by the end of the week, league sources told Mason spent the last two seasons in San Antonio.

“We’re going through it day by day,” Mason’s agent Mark Bartelstein said Tuesday. “We have to go through the process. There’s a domino factor to all of this.”

Bartelstein added that a number of teams are interested in the shooting guard who enjoyed a career season in 2008-09 before Mason struggled with his shot last season and fell out of Gregg Popovich‘s rotation. Portland, Miami, Chicago and New York are among those who have contacted the six-year veteran. The Spurs have not.

The “domino factor” Bartelstein referred gets back to those top-tier free agents — LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, etc. Once they decide where they’re going, roster and salary slots open up. With the Heat, Bulls and Knicks, especially, Mason is could be seen as cost-effective proven vet to complement a few new high-dollar teammates.

Mason is looking for a chance to contribute again. He played a major role with the Spurs in 2008-09, setting career highs for scoring (11.8), minutes (30.4), 3-point field-goal percentage (42.1) and starts (71). Mason took a step back last season, mainly due to injuries and inconsistency plus the return of Manu Ginobili.

“It started with me in the playoffs last year,” Mason said shortly after this past season ended. “That was the first time I had gotten benched by Pop. It’s kinda lasted a while.

“It hasn’t been ideal, but I think I’ve continued to improve as a player, which is weird because most times if you numbers look the way mine do from one year to the next, you think that you’re a worse player. But I actually feel like I’m a better player.”

Mason feels he can be the long-range threat he was that first year in San Antonio again, and a more complete player. He shot just 33.3 percent from beyond the arc last season and averaged 6.3 points.

Still, the Spurs two-year investment of $7.3 million appears to have paid off after Mason out-played his deal the first year. Mason, 29, is looking for another multi-year deal.

On the eve of free agency last week, Mason tweeted (MoneyMase) the following:

“How quickly people forget that I was considered the steal of free agency last year. A talented team, and injuries, got in the way this year.”


  1. Mark says:

    Mason can’t create shots of his own, and can only shoot coming off screens. He also cannot handle the ball well. Maybe if he was a better athlete, instead of just a shooter, he could create more on his own. I understand that injuries hindered his play this year, but he couldn’t hit a shot if his life/career depended on it. Pop even put him in during the playoffs when he had been struggling, hoping he could contribute, but he missed like 90% of his shots. If you’re a shooter missing that many shots, you don’t deserve to play. I hope he can sign with another team and not contribute for them. Maybe a new hairdo could help his game out…???

  2. Assata says:

    Wish Mason hadn’t asked for a trade during the season. He should have produced more offensively. He became a streaky shooter like RJ. His long-range prowess will be missed, but it was so rarely seen.

  3. Junior says:

    straight bum

  4. ejordan says:

    Mason became a “hot shot” with increasing inability to make points!. He took risky shots when he should have been passing the ball; he lost the ball when he should have been watching the play; he became a liability early on the the 09-10 season and managed to hold on tight to that spot. Can’t stand to watch a player turns his back on the ball. You don’t do that. He needs to be on a team with other hot shots where they can run up and down the court and never initiate a single play.
    I hope he finds a good home away from the Spurs. We deserve better.

  5. Neff says:

    It is a shame that the Spurs did not capitalize on this guy just like last year. If you remember he was shooting crazy shots with less than 6 seconds on the clock. He should have been on the second rotation after Manu. But I think they may have a replacement perimeter shooter with the #20 pick up. Still there is much training and adjustment to go through.

  6. WG says:

    True, the Spurs are losing a good player who never hesitated to put up big clutch shots. Someone the Spurs never had since Robert Horry left.
    The Spurs probably feel that rookie James Anderson can step into that role for them and will most likely take up Masons’ minutes next season.
    Losing a good player but at 29 and wanting a multi-year contract, its probably better that the Spurs give their new stars in George Hill, Blair and rookie Anderson more game-time.

  7. Matt says:

    what people dont know is that mason did fall off along with his shot. when mason did get minutes this year he would shoot crazy shots-3 pointers 5-6 feet behind the 3 point line with a person in his face. He cannot handle the ball which he thinks he can and when he drives the lane, either he turns the ball over, shoots a horrible brick or makes a pass that never turns into anything. He is a spot up shooter which the spurs used him for yet he could not hit an open shot this year to save his career. he hit so many game winners and was so vital to the spurs in 08-09 yet fell off in the 1st round series vs the mavs when the took the series 4-1-only tim and tony showed up.

  8. SunnyDay says:

    The spurs are losing out on a good player. He’s the one guy besides the big 3 (& bonner whether we always liked it or not ) who was never afraid to shoot or make a play . Granted he wasnt as accurate as we would of hoped, but what do you expect when he barely played? Gametime isnt practice.. The spurs need some one like Mason who can play in pops TEAM sytem , and still apply his instinct. Too bad RJ couldnt find the balance, its a shame we couldnt manage his talent better .