All Mixed Up


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We thought we had a good handle on this free agent frenzy thing here at the hideout heading into the 4th of July weekend.

LeBron James was headed to Chicago or staying home in Cleveland, with the Bulls having a slight lead after three days worth of recruiting pitches delivered by all the contending teams and a decision set for sometime today.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were probably headed to Miami or maybe Chicago, if James decided to stay home instead of joining them on South Beach to form their own version of the Big 3.

— Everyone else was going wherever the money was best, as Rudy Gay and Joe Johnson made clear with their choices to stick with their teams.

Now that the grill smoke has cleared and we’ve cleaned up all the fireworks debris from the yard, everything is all mixed up.

James is now taking a few more days to decide, we will know something perhaps by Wednesday night or Thursday morning, and every team (sans the Clippers) is still in play. You can imagine how the fine people of Cleveland spent the weekend?

Wade now has the hometown Bulls clearly in his sights (he listened to their pitch twice in 30 hours Thursday and Friday), with the Heat now worried that all the work they did to clear cap space to surround him with other superstars could be for nothing.

Bosh has faded into the background a bit, though we can always find him on Twitter, but remains the one player both James and Wade would love to pair with wherever they go to chase their championship dreams.

But now Amar’e Stoudemire has crept into the conversation with James and the Knicks, his potential signing apparently played a part in a second meeting between Knicks officials and members of Camp James late Saturday night. And in case anyone was wondering, whatever rift that existed at one time between Stoudemire and Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni, has dissipated now that a reunion could be in store.

At least the Hang Time Green Theory held true.

Gay accepted the Grizzlies’ maximum contract quickly and Johnson did the same with the Hawks’ $119 million offer Sunday afternoon. Paul Pierce did the same with the Celtics over the weekend, as did Dirk Nowitzki with the Mavericks.

But the player frenzy isn’t the only high-profile scramble going on right now.

The New Jersey Nets are apparently trying to attract an equally big name general manager to replace Rod Thorn. They’ve spoken with Joe Dumars and Jeff Bower, of the Pistons and Hornets, respectively, and also have their eyes on the Thunder’s Sam Presti, per Al Iannazzone of The Record.

We’d settle for James, Wade or Bosh making a decision, at least before Labor Day.

We can’t have folks spending another holiday with the stomachs in knots, especially all those folks in Cleveland, Miami, Chicago and the New York area.



  1. Muts says:

    I think Lebron’s a great player but he can’t win championship he needs to be partnered with a good coach who will not always design a play for him despite he’s great basketball skills. This will make him not worn out come play off (healthy and fresh)

    So if your going to ask me Lebron would win championship if he’ll play for the Thunders or play with coach Brown

  2. mike monty says:


  3. DVTMIAMI says:

    As a Miami Heat fan i am hoping we can keep Wade and land bosh. From there we will be able to build with chalmers (an upcoming point guard an a lock-down defender) Haslem(a proven big man) Q-Rich (a defender and sharpshooter. we could possibly ttrade Beasly for a solid big man and backup SF. we could rotate Haslem, Bosh, and the aquired C. Arroyo would be a solid backup James Jones is solid. and we could find a backup 2 guard and possiblty a PG and big man to fill in spaces.With this team i say Miami could make it to the Conference Finals.

  4. Lance says:

    kobe’ll get his 6th ring period!

  5. Heatfan says:

    Is anyone a heat fan? If u were than you would know that Wade plays poorly in shy town. So why would he want to play there full time and not score until they hit the road.

    James is Kobe when he was James age only thinks of themselfs until he remembers this is a team sport I do not want him on the Heat.. Go play for NJ LOL
    He will stay in Cle since they love him ( crazy ) Bosh wants the cash and to be the man so let him and James dribble the ball to oneself LOL

  6. dwight1962 says:

    i will be glad if leBron,melo,&amare will be in the same team….
    im sure the big three will kneel to…….

  7. da bulls fan says:

    I believe that either way the bulls will get wade or james…either player is capable of bringing more championships to the greatest town with loyal fans…it shouldn’t be about money…right now if they wanna win, they have a team ready, young and could be battling the lakers for years to come…going back to the 1991 finals…;) the bulls only need another star forward like bosh, boozer or lee in addition,,,the bulls are will stacked…i grew up with the bulls, been with them through the good and the bad….it’s time to shine again

    Bulls will be right there!! beleive it or not….

  8. lebrontobulls says:


    1. lebron and bosh to bulls
    2. amare to knicks
    3. melo traded to knicks
    4.dwade and boozer to heat

    bulls and lakers in final

    bulls in seven

  9. Amused says:

    Glad Amare decided to go to NY, so that at least we have one marquee player making a change. With Johnson, Nowitzki, and Pierce all staying put, this Free Agency period has so far completely failed to live up to the hype.

  10. maybe this line-up will do it!!
    Lebron james
    dwayne wade
    chris bosh!!

    thats a good line-up

  11. FANATIC says:


  12. d_wyane says:

    youb are all nuts guys…wait until they decide which team the’re going to play…!the ball is round and no 1 knows whats going to happen next….wait wait wait….

  13. eRoc says:

    I completely agree with Nelson above…

    I think LeBron is about the biggest cancer a team can get at this point. He has made this entire thing into a circus, just so he can have his highcool buddies pat him on the back and tell him how great he is…. Which I guess is there “posse job,” and gets them a 6 figure income for hanging around and stroking his ego all day.

  14. repqnz says:

    I see there are lots of kids in here who dont know basketball, such as the one who wrote boozer to cleveland and wade & bosh to chicago but that the heat will go to the finals. You have to understand Lebron wants to go either remain in cleveland or go to NY. Wade says its about his family first and his kids live in chicago, so it seems like he wants to go there. That should attract bosh to go with him. Clippers sound good with their young roster but LA is Kobes already. NJ doesnt have enough pieces to win now. Miami will be left with no1 without wade. That leaves Cleveland and NY. Lebron has expressed his desire to play with Stoudmire and since the knicks dont have a true PG its perfect for him since he will want to handle the ball wherever he goes. With Gallo and if they can add some shooters at the minimum NY seems like his best option. He might stay with Cleveland though cuz hes feels he has to remain loyal to that city but he knows he WANTS TO COME TO NY. He wants to be in the bright lights every night and what better place? I still say cleveland has the edge cuz they could pay him 30 million more and cuz hes from there but who knows? Lets wait and see.

  15. NickelBag420 says:

    All this free agency talk… where is LeBron going, is Wade staying in Miami, who is Bosh going to play with? But you know what fellow NBA/Basketball lovers? It all doesn’t matter, cause the Lakers will still be the best team in basketball, Kobe will still be the best in the world, Gasol will still be the best 7footer, Odom will still be “getting lucky” every game like Stoudemire said in the Western Finals, Bynum will come back stonger, Fisher will still be clutch, I mean I can just keep going here but I think you all get the picture. Lakers will come back for a second 3peet in the decade, or so, and LeBron will still be second best waiting for Kobe to retire along with the rest of the league! Now I know how all those Bulls/Jordan fans felt in the 90’s….

  16. deep says:

    chris boss…………………………….you’re an idiot

  17. cody305 says:

    blue panda- i tottaly agree,wade is definetely the best player the heat have ever had, he will not have to uplive jordan, and if wade leaves and we dont get anyone…idk if i could be a heat fan anymore cuz im so tired of watching them loose 😦

    • Tommy says:

      You are a clear example of a fair weather fan, cheer for the team when they’re doing good and root for someone else when they’re not. The Heat won a championship not too long ago. Quit your crying.

  18. cody305 says:

    you guys dont know what your talking about……wade will not leave more trhan 30million dollars on the table!!!? who would? miami will get bosh and wade, and i third player….but its definetely not lebron/ thanks for reading

  19. Mark says:

    LEBRON TO NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH AMARE AND TONY!!!!!

  20. LOVE says:

    lebron gets nothing unless he grows up

  21. LOVE says:

    Lebron sucks he always blame his team mates for his suckness he needs to grow up like kobe did so the biggest player in the free agent still wade followed by dirk but he already sign to mavs so next is bosh and amare next boozer then the guy they called king without the ring

    • Tommy says:

      Kobe Bryant still plays very similar to how he did early in his career. He isn’t a very good teammate. In the finals, when the Lakers were losing, Kobe seemed so negative and digusted with his teammates. When the Lakers were winning, he was all cheery and energetic and applauding his teammates. He’s a good player no doubt, but not a very good teammate.

  22. Adnan (Bosnia) says:

    My predicitons:
    James to Bulls (because he wants to be new MJ)
    Wade staying in Miami
    Bosh to Nets
    Boozer staying in Utah
    Studemire to NYK (and Knicks will wait to sign Parker next year = Parker + Amare = Nash + Amare = NYK to the Conference finals)

    SUM: It would be very interesting at east in playoffs, but in the end, LAL would win the championchips and Kobe would have 6 rings (like MJ)!!

  23. chris boss says:

    miami get james, lee, wade stay in miami, famiy is first but you said this is your house dont forget what you said as bosh if we have space in the cap get him we need him too this people will bring a championship here to miami i fan i watch espn everyday you see what the dolphins did they got marshall that was a good move now do the same heat bring in championship here again to miami or let me be the head coach of the team, im out

  24. blue_panbda says:

    I think wade should just remain with Miami, they should remind wade that it will always be his team and city while in Chicago, they are pretty committed to Rose as their franchise player now.

    Also, If he goes to Chicago, there will a lot of pressure to him to win, not to mention he has big shoes to fill in because of Jordan, just like Lebron,

    If he stays in Miami, whoever is the new star player they get (if they do get one) will have the pressure to help wade.
    Oh well, wherever he goes, I’ll still always be a wade fan, although I’m not gonna lie, I still wanna see him get one more ring with the Heat,

  25. chris boss says:

    me miami should get james in wade if that happen i will be in there everygame bosh if he want to a follower wade family first but money is the issue miami get david lee for center we be good if we cant get james boozer in beasley why is he still there trade to have space to get some one esle come miami think for once or let me be the head coach of the team promise everybody a championship. i gone

  26. lakersbasketballfan says:

    My prediction will be:

    Lebron will stay in Cleveland and if that happens, Boozer will follow. Chris Paul will come next year to Cleveland to play with Byron Scott so New Orleans better start dealing now so they don’t end up with nothing.
    Dwayne Wade will end up in Chicago with Chris Bosh and they will be in the Eastern Conf finals with Boston
    Fisher will end up in L.A. and no other movement will occur since they have Steve Blake signing this week. Shannon will stay in L.A. because he hasn’t made a name good enough to receive big money to play anywhere else.

    Amare and Parker will go to New York and Melo will probably be traded to New York also.

    Now, the New Jersey Nets, you might want to start working on your draft choices because it doesn’t look too good for you right now. Terkolu wants to leave Toronto, maybe start there. This is crazy. I will be glad when LeBron makes his decision because this is getting old and tiring. Go buy you a ring because if you really want to win, you just need to make your teammates better like Kobe and Paul Pierce did. It is not just about you, its about the team. Kobe had to learn the hard way and he finally grew up. You should do the same

    • alexzo says:

      interesting take with good possibilities.

    • lofty says:

      lol BOOZER in cleveland??? i dont think so! if you remember he is NOT welcome in that city! he screwed them over when he went to utah. he is gonna end up in chi or mia!

  27. reeezzyyy says:

    amare said he wants to goto the knicks ^__^

  28. bigboy11 says:

    miami has the money and cap space to get 2 really good players weather wade stays or go

  29. bigboy11 says:

    if wade goes to cha town , lebron and bosh to miami that would be something

  30. Naps says:

    I foresee
    Chicago with
    with 6th man Gibson


    The L.A Lakers in the finals

    I see it going 6 games with Chicago picking up the upset victory.

  31. Bamer36 says:

    Does it even matter because it’s going to take them 2-3 years to learn how to play with one another and by then Kobe with the help from the two time defending champs will have 6 or 7 rings. James had the best record the last 2 years and choked again why do we put so much hype and promise into him, he’s done nothing. Give me D-Wade and Bosh, and I would let everyone else fight over the so called King. But I do like the β€œDare” that the bulls sent to James.

  32. Jackal says:

    Good article! btw. . .did someone really send MJ’s shoes to LeBron with that note? That is the dumbest move I’ve ever heard of. . .unless that was some Cavs fan trying to make LeBron think twice about going there. Nobody in Chicago expects LeBron to win 7 titles. . .or anyone else to for that matter, Chicago would be happy with 1 title. . .and would consider 2-3 a GREAT success. Chicago fans aren’t nearly as spoiled due to Jordan than people think. . .don’t forget they just suffered through some really horrible seasons. . .and they also have the Bears and Cubs to be disappointed with on an anual basis.

  33. mp says:

    i love to see chicago as a champion again,but not with lebron.i prefer they dont make it to the playoffs instead of being the champs with lebron.and i hate it when they sent MJ’s shoes to lebron.thats not fair!

  34. Albert says:

    new generation BULLS
    wade to chicago – next michael jordan
    noah – next longley
    bosh to chicago – next pippen
    rose – armstrong
    boozer – next rodman

    • steve says:

      boozer isn’t rodman, he’s, not a good defender, that team is rediculously stacked offensively, needs a 3 and you can’t play bosh and boozer together

      • Raf says:

        I agree with that. Bosh and Boozer will be a bad chemistry, maybe wade and bosh or boozer, but not two big offensive players inside, they will kill each other or the other one will be less effective for the other to explode. someone has to give himself up for the other to shine, and i doubt that someone is neither bosh nor boozer.

    • Lennart says:

      Why play Bosh as a 3? especially when u got a guy like Luol Deng? don’t get me wrong, Deng is no LBJ, but he’s not the worst SF in the NBA either is he now? play bosh as PF and noah as C, Deng as SF, wade as SG and Rose as PG —> out of the next 6 years if they keep that lineup you’re probably looking at a team that’s gonna win 3-5 rings in that time span… Luol Deng is probs the “worst” player in that starting lineup but we can’t have a team off nash-wade-LBJ-bosh-superman now can we? that’s just not gonna happen… hopefully bulls are gonna get wade and either david lee, bosh or boozer (in that order) i just have a thing for David Lee – that guy works his butt off EVERY game!!

  35. alexzo says:

    all this talk about big names in free agency has blown out of proportions. Now that Phil’s back in LA you can almost see them back in the podium in June. and with the big three staying put in bean town, you can almost sense a re-match in the finals next season. That would be the greatest championship battle of all time since their new age rivalry is tied at 1 a piece. Lakers will tie them at 17 next season while doing a 3peat on the process. Phil will be back for another season after next itching to do a 4peat… something he hasn’t done yet…all the while over taking the celts 18-17. By then Kobe will have his 7th & cement his legacy as the greatest all time. Then the Mamba steps down & passes the torch to whoever’s next in line.Only then can the likes of James & Wade have their share of championships…even if they decide to team-up. Theirs is the future. But for now they still have to contend with kobe & the lakers. LBJ will be a crownless king because the Mamba is the Lord of the rings!

  36. Christian "NORWAY" Lucien says:

    I think after this freeagency frenzy, I’m starting to really dislike the way american sports are built up around a “Franchise” I’ts like monopoly on basketball in the U.S. – just to get that out there.

    I think D-Wade has the biggest oppertunity of his life in this freeagency. Heat is a big Franchise.. And if he could convince only one of the two (bosh and james) he would have a championship team in his hands.

    I understand the build up around Chicago, with D-Rose and Joakim Noah already being there, with newly added Taj Gibson, Lebron would have a GREAT team if he went there, and sure if he goes there, they will instantly be a winning team. But look at Miami. D-Wade and Chris Bosh!? if they land a midd level Small forward they would be unstoppable. D-Wade eats D-Rose, and Bosh cant be stopped by either Taj or Joakim. Cavs had, Mo Williams, Shaq, Varjeao and Jamison and just barely beat a lousy Heat team held up by wade.. Imagine if T-Mac continues his revival like in his last effort with the knicks.. Whatever PG, Wade, T-Mac. Bosh and whatever center u can find taller than 6-9… heat should get t-mac, if not i hope the cats get him and get rid of that hughes guy.

  37. pedro sanchez says:

    kimberly wilburn did u mistype or something how did u get a lakers vs miami finals when wade and bosh go to chicago?

  38. Nelson says:

    I’m not sure why, but I have the feeling this whole free agency/madness will have a very bad ending like an injury of one of the super starts, a very bad chemistry or something like that. Yeah I know, sounds crazy, but that is what I’m feeling.

  39. Kimberly Wilburn says:

    My predicitons:
    1. Lebron stays in Cleveland
    2. Wade to Chicago
    3. Bosh to Chicago
    4. Amare to NY becuase they are the only ones who will pay him all that money not to rebound!
    FInals predicitons:
    Miami vs Lakers..Lakers in 6!!!!

    • c-beezy says:

      if wade and bosh go to chicago how are the heat going to the finals…lol you’re smart

    • rusty says:

      I say AMEN to that !!!. amazing after all this hoopla, the Lakers are still the fav…..( I’m so over this free agent thing ).

    • steve says:

      How will Miami make it to the finals without bosh and wade???? surely if you predicting they go to bulls then the bulls play lakers in the finals????

    • Raf says:

      That is very stupid! Who will put the miami to finals? Beasley?! even Lebron himself can’t put the cavs on top, how do you expect a team like that be seen in finals?! It takes one player to reach the top

  40. think says:

    if only Dwade and Lebron were of the same age… most teams wouldve pressed more on getting Dwade… I’d say Chicago should forget Lebron, give its all to get Dwade and Bosh… trade Deng for a lockdown wing defender (or those that has the athlecism and potential to be one like Jeff Green for example)… retain smart players like hinrich… go for vets who would now prefer a ring than money (camby perhaps)… and that I guess would make them a better team than getting lebron and no one else after.

    even after Dwades prime (or even Bosh) DRose and Noah are still there to be the team’s franchise…

    I hope this would work

    • alexzo says:

      if this does work out, then someone else will have a chance against LA in the finals… πŸ˜‰

  41. Ray Ching says:

    imagine wade lebron and cris bosh with some minimum contract players like ray allen to back up wade or even putting wade in point guard with allen at shooter with lebron at small forward cris bosh power forward and some decent center all coming to heat

  42. jediwonder says:

    Wade and Bosh are both going to Chicago to play with Rose and Noah. It’s done. Lebron is going to New York to play with Amari, McGrady and Tony Parker. Nets are not getting anyone. They will push for Carmelo and Chris Paul next season.

    • ........ says:

      You honestly think NY will keep T-Mac? Not a chance. Wade & Bosh(eventually) to Miami, LeBron will stay with the Cavs & there’s no way in hell The Spurs will let TP go

  43. stifler says:

    miami ned to convince Dwade to stay asap and to do so they only need to offer Bosh the maxmium he wants and then Dwade will have to sign. Bosh wants the money and a shot with a good team – if miami make him the offer knowing Dwade will sign accordingly, then Miami has team that can content asap – now if they can also get Lebron on top of that then thats a bonus – but they need to stop focusing on getting all 3 and just get 2 while they still can – they can also add a boozer or a tony parker to round off the team with a 3rd all star player. perhaps also add Haywood too if cap permits – but if not they have the rest of the pieces ready to go in Beasley, Q-rich, Chamlbers and Haslem – all good bench players that proved last year they can shoot 3’s, rebound and play excellent D-fence. Please miami, just get bosh and wade and then build from there – holding out for all 3 and lebron is just too risky!

  44. ballonabudget says:

    they should all join together and dominate for the next ten years

  45. chisman says:

    OR the magic can trade nelson at barnes for steve nash.. πŸ˜€

  46. chisman says:

    I think if the cavs acquire amare and most likely that james will return to them. OR bulls should get them, imagine rose stoudemire and james. that will be a championship caliber team for the next 5 years or so.

  47. Zzanzabar says:

    It doesn’t seem like a mix up to me. Yes there is a lot of ‘fantasy’ trading going on in people’s minds with ‘super teams’ and wild mix and match scenarios flying around but basically it comes down to who players are comfortable with and the apprehension all feel about the new CB agreement just around the corner.

    Lebron might be the centerpiece of this hype but not of his own making. After all he could have turned this into a circus by visiting each city instead of having them come to Ohio. The pressure put on him to win a title is tremendous, unlike Garnet of a few years ago, the NBA spotlight is totally focused on him for most of the season. Garnet stayed too long in Minnesota out of loyalty while they did basically nothing to build a true wining team around him (the same can be said of Pau Gasol, but he escaped).

    LBJ going to New York would be a tragic mistake. In no time everyone there would be expecting a finals win and if it is not produced they will turn on him like sharks. Lebron staying in Ohio brings credibility to a team (and area) that is the Rodney Dangerfield of the sports world. Maybe he could draw a Bosh, or Boozer to Cleveland but don’t hold your breath. Who knows maybe Toronto can make a deal to dump Turkoglu along with Bosh in a huge sign and trade deal for 6 or 7 decent players (which they desperately need).

    • NBA Guy says:

      It’s funny how you mention Lebron drawing Boozer to Clevland, because if you recall Carlos Boozer actually played on the Clevland Cavaliers with Lebron James a few years back. It’s quite ironic if you ask me.

  48. tracshortie says:

    I’m actually over the free agency frenzy. I made my predictions and I’m sticking to it until Thursday. Can I also say that it has become a huge mess and mishaps and wrong guesses.

    • Miguel Rivero says:

      I totally agree . LeBron just needs to make his decision so we can all start making our pre-season predictions . I would love to see LeBron leave Cleveland , just for something to look foward to during the regular season , something new ya know ? If he goes to Chicago , we might be seeing two statues of Hall Of Famers , in front of their arena in the future . But he could create that big three with Miami and get that ring he’s been busting his butt for . I’m just dying to know where he decides to go .