Free-Agent Fever


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Raise your hand if you are enjoying this free agency bonanza as much as we are here at the hideout.

Sure, it’s an around the clock affair full of rumors, innuendo and ghost chasing that isn’t conducive to a productive lifestyle.

But you have to admit it’s fun.

Where else can you watch guys go crazy trying to decide between mega-million dollar situations with the entire world watching?

We’ve got the fever, free agent fever.

Chris Bosh has it, too, and he’s on the inside. Take a look at this and tell us he hasn’t been infected (this guy is his own paparazzi, how sweet is that? Although, Dwyane Wade might not agree.).

All you have to do is check Bosh’s Twitter page to see that he is as caught up in the free agent matrix like the rest of us.

Bosh’s (soon-to-be) former team, the Toronto Raptors, caught the fever as well, locking up young forward Amir Johnson with a five-year, $33 million deal on opening day.


  1. The Lakers have already agreed to terms with PG Steve Blake, now we have to get a back-up SF I think T-Mac would fit what we need perfectly, if we don’t sign him we can always use Luke and get rookie Devin Ebanks in the rotation, he is a Trevor Ariza type player so I see why the Lakers drafted him. The Lakers will resign Fisher and he will be the starter one last time for this team. Also LeBron, Wade & Bosh will not play together, they all “want” to win but they won’t sacrafice money for it. I see LeBron playing with Amare Stoudemire In NY with the Knicks and Jay-Z at every home game. Wade will stay in Miami because thats where he “wants” to be and Bosh will join him. Cleveland, Chicago and the Clippers will be left High And Dry and life goes on.

  2. WG says:


    Its all about who has the available money to splash on these free agents. Coincidentally the teams happen to be in the Eastern Conference. Its just an added bonus that’s Its in a weaker conference where teams have a better chance of going further into the playoffs.
    Teams in the west have plenty of talent and not as much cap room.
    Teams Like the Knicks, Bulls, Heat have made their last season or few purposely bad in order to make cap room for this huge frenzy.

  3. mike says:

    I noticed that lot of this big free agents are visiting teams out mostly in the eastern conference. Is that because there Western confernce is a lot more dominant?.Only 7 games seperated the Lakers 1st seed(57-25) to the thunders 8th seed(50-32). Compared to Caves 1st seed (61- 21) to the Bulls (41-41) 20 game difference. Do they figure they have a better chance of going to the Finals? If these players are so great why dont they come to the western conferance and show how dominant they really are?

  4. I’m loving it as much as the Netherlands is enjoying knocking off Brazil right now.

    Here’s my take on NBA free agency…

  5. Zzanzabar says:

    Ok mellow, I kinda agree about Stoudemire, its just that I don’t think he is a max contract player, his rebounding is subpar. I was wondering if Bosh might actually end up in Denver with a sign and trade deal for Carmelo. Wait I know that seems crazy but remember Melo is in the last year of his contract and is being pressured to sign a long term deal with the chance that his coach won’t be there. There might be some additional players thrown in but I think that such a deal would satisfy Bosh’s desire to be ‘the man’ and give Carmelo some space from the tension on his current team.

  6. ben green says:

    Lakers need to dump Odom and pick up Tmac.

    • tiger says:

      I agree. Odoms been way too inconsistent and I think tmac is ready to shine

      • How about the Lakers keep Odom and sign T-Mac to a mid-level exception deal, Odom is not a bad player, her is actually pretty good on “certain” days , T-mac at this point in his career is not what he used to be he can actually come off the bench behind Kobe and play alongside Odom and pick-up slack for the bench.

  7. mellow says:

    @ZZanzabar- I agree with most of what you said, except for Stoudemire. He had a great year, and if you didn’t notice, the Suns made is all the way to the conference finals from the seventh seed.

    I’m a Toronto fan, and I don’t really mind if Bosh leaves but I hope Collangelo will make a better trade than Chalmers, Beasley and Anthony.

  8. Zzanzabar says:

    Miami’s situation is intriguing using DW as a honey like lure for other free agents and I wonder who will be lured in (my guess is Bosh). I also believe that LeBron will stick with Cleveland now that Scott is on board as a coach. As for the rest I think that everyone is just caught up in the hype.

    Remember last year at the trading deadline when everyone was all excited by who made the best trade (or non trade) and what a difference it would mean? As it turned out only the Lakers and the Celtics trade had ANY impact on the outcome since both Artest and Rasheed ever made a difference during the finals. Everyone thought that San Antonio made a ‘steal’ and both Utah and Phoenix did the right thing in keeping their respective ‘all stars’ and neither Boozer or Stoudemire did much at all.

  9. tracshortie says:

    Gd morning all, I must admit this free agency frenzy has my undivided attention and my head spinning. Everyday its something new so I’m gonna wait until its confirmed. I’m extremely excited that both Phil and Doc decided to come back it is good for the sport. I also believe Wade and Lebron are both staying with Miami and Cleveland. Just my educated guess. Now Chris Bosh his future is up in the air. I’ll be watching closely as it all unfolds and as myself and other analysis make our predictions.