Rocky Mountain Ridiculousness

Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — First it was Carmelo Anthony who was reported to be available if an extension couldn’t be struck this summer.

Just so we are clear about this one, the Denver Nuggets want to “upgrade their aging and fragile” frontcourt by trading for a younger but equally fragile Andris Biedrins?

Free agency makes teams do crazy things. We get that.

But Biedrins, a fine player by most any standard, has played a full 82 games just once in his six-year NBA career.

Everyone in Denver needs to calm down and take a deep breath before someone does  something ridiculous for no reason.


  1. Kyle says:

    I just do not see the Denver Nuggets organization doing this. They have an entire year before Melo’s contract expires. With the ailing injuries to Nene and Kenyon Martin, and the fact that JR Smith does not have much trade value at this point I believe they will have to wait before even trying to bring in a big or making any trade at this point. That is if they want to actually bring in anyone decent. I would have to agree with Sekou here: Andris Biedrins? Really?? I believe that once George Karl is fully healthy again and ready to return to the team there will be a lot of stabilization to the organization. Bottom line is: Denver would not want to give away the franchise (MELO) in a trade that would most likely be for lesser talent. If Denver management is in fact really willing to do this and dismantle the organization once again (as in 2001) I will be very interested to see how loyal Denver fans will stay following such absurdity.

  2. richi says:

    when MELO was watching the finals in LA. He said this are what championship teams are made of. management willing to pay the luxury tax to build teams that will play through june. Nuggets should have a good 2nd unit not just a 6th man and they can go far.

  3. Terrence says:

    carmelo is gone after next season i jus dont see him staying there another season,obviously there like cleveland in the west, 1 superstar that has 2 carry all the load when the playoffs start, i think he is goin 2 end up with the knick becuase there the only team that can offer him and someone close to his caliber max contracts, if he goes 2 the east wit lebron, wade, and dwight howard the power of the east would rise and he would have a better shot at a ring, he’ll be a fool if he stays in denver

    • Jtmon says:

      “1 superstar that to carry the load…” You have never watched a Nuggets game have you? Chauncey Billups carries the load, Nene and Kenyon and JR are all very capable as well. There is no analogy between the Nuggets and Cavs my friend.

      • Robbo says:

        Yeah, there is. Nene = Shaq, Kenyon = Jamison/Varejao, Billups = Williams (plus a bit), J.R. = Anthony Parker pretty much.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      I really think that Devner knows this also so they are going to try either a ‘sign and trade’ OR they will make a huge effort to bring in some real talent even if they go over the cap.

      • nyclyde21 says:

        If you think Sean Kemp was one dimensional than you’re either over opinionated or too young to remember. Either way this is a bad deal for Denver and by suggesting it makes sense makes me wonder if you watch the NBA at all.
        Good Luck with the World Cup

  4. Zzanzabar says:

    Denver I put your sad plight at the feet of one man, George Karl. WAIT! Before you start spitting up bile or slinging hate posts, just hear me out…please. First I actually LOVE the guy, he is a straight up coach and an all around good man. I know that if he shows just one TENTH of the strength and spirit he has, he can (and will) beat the cancer and will be back with his team. So why place Denver’s woes on such a man?

    Karl has the ability to wring the best out of mediocre, or one dimensional talent (ex. Shawn Kemp), his teams almost always make the playoffs (which makes management happy), and can take real talent and nurture into something great (Melo). The problem is that his teams NEVER seem to get past the last few hurdles. After teasing a city for a handful of years, they finally (unjustly) dump him as an ‘almost’ winner. Part of this is due to the fact that the majority of his coaching time was spent in the Western Conference going up against the Lakers and Spurs on a yearly bases, the other factor is that management is SO happy with the post season appearances they then over pay the current team and then cannot improve on what they have (sound familiar Denver).

    Karl can take a group of good players and make them play great (for them) but only HE can pull it off (see what happened to Denver without him). Now Denver has a serious dilemma, Melo is NOT happy and is in the last year of his contract, and the Nuggets have almost NO way to pull in a complimentary player (unless they are willing to go into the luxury tax…NOT).

    Karl, best of luck guy and try and get a coaching job in the Eastern Conference (say with the Hawks) you could take almost any of those teams to the finals!