CP3 Back In The Crosshairs


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Here we go again with these Chris Paul rumors.

Never mind that the Hornets have made it clear that the do not intend to trade their franchise player and superstar. Somehow Paul’s name keeps finding its way into the speculation regarding LeBron James.

Now that Paul’s good friend and former coach Byron Scott is headed to Cleveland as the Cavaliers’ next coach, you knew the Paul-James connection wouldn’t be far behind.

Per a source of the News-Herald’s Bob Finnan,  Paul wants out of New Orleans.

You can guess where folks are speculating he would land …

We’d like to go on the record now as saying we don’t think this happens. No way the Hornets are crazy enough to touch this one.


  1. Futbollisti says:

    All respect to all the players in NBA, but as far as LBJ I think what he wants and what he needs are in Boston.
    I am surprised that Boston does not move that way. Let Pierce go, sign Lebron. You got Kevin, Rondo, Perkins, Allen en Lebron… plus the bench, and Doc is back. I can not see a beter picture for the desire of LBJ to win more titles than one.
    Boston is your IRISH LBJ.

  2. tata says:


  3. Nick says:

    Unless of course LBJ does a sign and trade (bless his heart) but it would most likely gut any two or three teams in a block buster trade for at least three years.

  4. Nick says:

    CP3 for Derick rose+ draft pick=LBJ for 40+pts a game within 3 seasons, But cp3 would only score 15+ but dish out 15+. There fore LBJ dishes less, (but 40+ I’m serious, that would do it). Labron just needs bigs for screens, thats why Oneal is a great idea for Chicago. Chicago should NOT woo him under the pretense of money. They should follow the example of Boston (as of late) or Chicago in the 90’s, not just triangle offense, but a pick and role triangle offense that transitions to a stretch triangle for when the guys are old or the talent is adjusted according to injury, a WINNING TEAM. Cp3 can win right now, Derick rose wants to prove he can carry a team, both great players but Derick belongs in the bayou scoring 25 a game. There turnover/assist ratio would be amazing, they would dominate if the players or the teams didn’t get greedy. plus the facade of no needs to get rid cp3 now or risk loosing advantage in trading position :AKA ” we’re not trading him” is over. “give up the loot” if you’re lucky Chicago will give you a 2013 or 2014 draft pick to re sign cp3, by making room for cap space+ Derick Rose. Other than that you two work it out.

  5. NooBA says:

    i hope the knicks would make a move to get cp3. sign and trade david lee for cp3. just sayin. new orleans will be left with daren collison which is chris paul-lite.

  6. Dongz23 says:

    Trading CP3 would be better for NO in exchange of a talented inside player.Collison has displayed better plays than Paul last season. Playing 25 points with 19 assists was unbelievable for a rookie in a game.PG was in good hand when CP3 was out. The problem is in the inside.West Inconsistency and Okafor’s ineffectiveness as a center has ruin the entire season.If CP3 will stay in NO then maybe Collision should be in a better team than NO. Remember lakers is in need of a talented PG, a second option for Fisher or maybe first, but for sure better than Farmar. . .what Collison needs to prove his worth is PLAYING TIME.. so give it to him. .

  7. Amused says:

    Sad what’s happened in ‘Nawleans after their breakout season a couple years ago, but it just goes to show how much of a difference one superstar can make…and how long a team is without its superstar. The real question on CP3 is, how healthy will he be from here on out? Can he get back to his previous brilliance, or is he destined to be one of those stars for whom one or two injuries begin a chain reaction that permanently destroys his effectiveness? Here’s hoping that injury-wise he goes the way of Amar’e Stoudemire…as opposed to the way of Penny Hardaway.

  8. nyctruth says:

    excellent possibility^^^^^

  9. Zzanzabar says:

    The question is who or what kind of value is there in Cleveland for CP3? No THREE players (excluding LBJ of course) on the Cleveland roster comes close.

  10. J Lieb says:

    Since I live 2 hours away from NOLA, I’m a Hornets fan by default and would love for Chris Paul to stay here. Unfortunately, the Hornets’ front office has not displayed the ability or will to build a winning franchise. CP3 is a great talent and seems to be a great guy. If the organization isn’t dedicated to winning, then I would hope they wouldn’t let this talent waste away. They could trade him and get a bigger need than PG, and someone who’s willing to take Peja’s trumped up salary in the package would probably land a future HOF PG. If I’m Miami, I send Beasly and a future 1st Round pick to New Orleans for Paul, and I would still have enough money to re-sign Wade and bring in either Staudemire or Boozer. Now that’s a more productive “Big 3”.

  11. romes says:

    Do you really believe that trading CP3 is a no-go for NO??? I don’t believe that it’s completely out of the realm of possibilites, especially after seeing how Collison more than held things down during CP’s injury-laden season, hell his numbers were comparable to CP’s! If NO can trade CP and get a player of equal value then I don’t see why that would be a bad move, especially with a washed up later like Peja collecting a paycheuque! Just imagine a CP for Joe Johnson trade, Atl gets a consistent PG and NO gets a real forward to play alongside Collison, West and Okafor…NO would be foolish not consider offers to trade CP, Collison has proved he can more than hold things down!

  12. roy7700 says:

    it can happen, through on jomario moon and leon pow for paul and draft pick, the money adds up. mo williamd can get traded to the pacers they are dying for a point gard who can score.

  13. portland says:

    Can anyone tell me if lebron to chicago is the right move?I mean i know Rose is a great player and everything but would he really complement James? Rose lacks in perimeter shooting ability so who would be there to receive the fruits of LBJ’s driving ability especially now even Hinrich has been traded too. Wasn’t Mo Williams the right idea before except for the fact he didnt turn up when it mattered, so wouldnt a team with a spot up shooter make more sense even though the Bulls do have a good nucleus and cap space