Don’t Forget About ‘Melo


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — He won’t be a free agent until next year, but don’t assume that Carmelo Anthony‘s fate won’t change this summer.

As crazy as it sounds, the Denver Nuggets might actually consider trading Anthony this summer if they can’t get him signed to a long-term extension.

I know, it sounds preposterous, the Nuggets moving the face of their franchise and one of the league’s top 10 players in a summer filled with uncertainty for so many teams.

But as Mark Kizla of the Denver Post explains, it’s a possibility:

The Nuggets are pressing Carmelo Anthony for a long-term commitment, because if he declines a three-year, $65 million contract extension now on the table, the team must consider trading its leading scorer.

Trade Melo? Would the Nuggets really part ways with a 26-year-old forward in the prime of his NBA career? Denver might not have any choice.

With an eye on how megastars LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have held the league’s competitive balance in their fickle hands and turned this summer’s free-agency period into a three-ring circus, the Nuggets seem determined not to let Anthony do the same in Denver.

While their offer of a hefty contract extension proves the Nuggets hope Anthony will remain the face of the franchise for years to come, the team is prepared to trade Melo rather than let him walk as a free agent next summer, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

At a salary of $17 million, Anthony is committed to play for Denver during the upcoming season. But here’s the rub. Anthony can opt out of his contract next summer, and free agency might appear all the more tempting after seeing the league-wide groveling James has instigated.

As a proactive move, the Nuggets have quietly tried to secure the services of Anthony through 2015 before losers in the pursuit of this talent-laden class of free agents can begin dreaming of Melo.

An agent confirmed for me this morning that Kizla’s source is indeed correct, that the Nuggets would be willing to move Anthony if they feel they have no choice.

Could a wild and crazy summer get any crazier?

Apparently so!



  1. I think that right now Bynum is to stay were he is. While Melo is a good player, the supporting cast of the Lakers is good and good enough to get to the NBA Finals. I know Kobe wants it bad and that determination will pick up and intensify once the playoffs get closer.

    I really think the only changes that would help the Lakers would be to trade Luke Walton, Shanon Brown, Paul Gasol and 2011 draft pick to Denver for Chauncey Billups. Chauncey Billups will win it for them. Billups has the know how and expertise that will put the Lakers in a 3-peat position.

    Also Phil Jackson maybe can talk to Pippen and get him out of retirment to help play with the Lakers this year…lets not forget Pippen just retired a little while ago and when he was playing his last years he was great.

    If this happens than we can win multiple championships maybe for the next 5 years.

    They dont call me Logic Johnson for nothing….I know what Im talking about…its Logic Friends.

  2. Newsouth912 says:

    I love Melo in Denver. But its the same situation Bron had in Cleveland. He wants a championship and Denver isn’t going to get it with the squad they have. They are decent players but you need superstars to win rings. I think the perfect situation for him would be to go back home and play with the Washington Wizards!! Gilbert is still a monster and with John Wall and that young entergetic front line, they could be a force to be reckoned with

  3. josh says:

    i think if pistons can make a trade for melo that will help him and us we hae rip and tay to offer for melo and maybe someone else like jr smith or someoner else trade bynum maybe for lawson i hardly doubt that through but if we offer nuggets tay and rip for melo hard not to choose down. i think lebron james is gonna sign with heat or the bulls and i think bosh will go to the bulls or the lakers i ijusr think we shouldnt trade odom he is a big part of the lakers bench will hurt there chance for a threepeat .
    pg stuckley
    sg ben gordon
    sf melo
    pf charlie v or jonas jerboka or greg monore
    c ben wallace or greg monore

    key reserves
    pg bynum
    sg smith maybe white
    sf daye or summers
    pf charlie v
    jason maxieal
    c greg monore
    Go pistons and heat aand lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jtreke says:

    Go to the kings and probably ring is waiting for you.! that is a promise ^_~

  5. JGrand Rapids says:

    OH yeah!
    Noname says:
    ” the only time you would ever consider trading Bynum is if it is Bynum for Dwight, not even for Bosh or Yao. Bynum for Dwight Howard!!!
    Are you out of your mind? Bynums value is no where near Howards! Your talking about potential and injury prone with one guy and gettin it done with another. And if the Lakers were offered Bosh for Bynum; they’d do it in a heartbeat! You are right however with Yao. Only because of his injury issues though. Otherwise it’s not even close. Bynums value 0 – 100 = 70. Bosh would be about 94 and Yao a 80 with injury concerns.

  6. JGrand Rapids says:

    Man! What a bunch of uneducated dreamers! Some of the trade idea’s; I swear they sound like there coming from a couple of 11 year olds! Do us all a favor; watch the rest of the leagues teams from time to time, play fantasy basketball and study up on ESPN analysts views of NBA players. Then you might have a clue of the real value of the players on your teams and others! People will always see more value in players on their favorite team but what I’m reading here is unbelievable!
    Starting with (bezzie’s) genius trade: ” trade Andrew, Ron, Brown, and there 2011 1st round pick for Carmelo. It would help both teams out ”
    This does not make the Nuggets better so why would they do it? It would never happen either. There is no way Kobe is sharing the spotlight with Carmelo. They are two great players and there is only room for one in LA and that’s Kobe. Remember a guy named Shaq?
    By the way; I agree with (youarestups) statement, whole heartily!!!

    I love these ones from Robert Zimmerman: “Melo would fit in with the Magic, they need somebody who can get 2 pts. in crunch time.” and john ” trade him to the bucks andrew bogut, brandon jennings and the melo man now thats a squad”
    Melo would fit with any team! and if Melo was traded to the Bucks and Bogut and Jennings are still there; who’s gonna actually be traded that would have value?

    Terrence says:
    ” i think he (Melo) is gona b knick by this time next year along wit chris paul and joe johnson ” What are you playing NBA 2K or something? Might as well through in Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan! I’m sure this is gonna happen because the Knicks have so much to trade that they’ll be able to get both Melo and C Paul. Maybe the Knicks will trade their 1st round picks for the next 15 years to make it happen.

    This is perhaps my favorite post:
    Ray F says: “who in their right mind would trade k-mart and nene for dirk? No one.”
    Ray; Every friggen General Manager in the league would make that trade! K-mart although still serviceable is like a year or two away from retirement and Nene is an average center. Compare that to Dirk who gives you 25 points a game, 8-9 rebs per game, 1blk, 3 point shooting, great passing and is a clutch player. He’s not Kobe great but he’s a great player. (Ray) How could you not make that trade, which Dallas would of course laugh at!

    If Denver trades Melo; it’s going to be for a young player with great potential like Wesley Johnson or Evan Turner. Perhaps a Igudala and future picks might happen. More than likely Melo will put the pressure on Denver to change the team like Lebron did in Cleveland and Kobe did in LA a few years ago. He will wait to sign the extension forcing Denver to do some drastic moves in order to compete with LA, and whatever team get Lebron and Bosh.

  7. kb24ALLday says:

    trade odom? and brown? u dumb who u gonna have on the bench then? how can u trade odom for arenas when arenas is worth like over 23 million a year? shaq didnt do squat for lebron what he gonna do for kobe except slow him down and miss foul shots that bynum would make… lakers dont need melo, they need to get rid of vujacic and get a decent guy that can play. if they can get t-mac to come for vujacic and farmar that be another ring….3peat! LA all day

  8. Sosay says:

    I’m a pretty hard core nuggets fan, and that would be the worst. it hasn’t always been easy being a nuggets fan
    (94-present). they’ve always made some pretty awful decisions, and that would be one of the worst. keep him until the very end, there probably isn’t even an ending, he’ll sign. you’re not going to get a chance to sign a better player for probably 20 years. the nuggets are good enough to beat the lakers, they won more games in the regular season. they really did just get hit hard by george karls absence, and the fact that all their big men got injured. they should try to get some dudes that can just kick it nuggs style!!!! one thing i learned this year is that everyone should have hit up stephen jackson. now charlotte has him and tyrus thomas; nuggs could use both.

  9. Crazy says:

    yall are completely crazy if u think melo would end up in LA. If the nuggets want a chance of ever winning a ring then the best shot is right now. they have billups n lawson at point, afflalo n smith at the SG, melo @ SF, there only problem is where is a athletic 7″0 at? they need to make a move on a player like channing frye or a healthy greg oden or a marcus camby tyrus thomas or any other player of that caliber. Once melo reacts to double teams better and trust his team to knock down shots they would be a championship team

  10. denverdiehard says:

    Who has enough value to be considered by the Nuggets in a trade? I don’t see them trading one of the top five players in the league in Carmelo Anthony for anything less that just that and who could they get?

  11. Melo Quinto says:

    I Suggest The Nuggets would fit James and Melo for a chance to get the lakers with a little help of bosh………..

  12. lake show says:



  13. No Hatin says:

    I would love to see Melo in Boston…Rondo + Melo + KG is the next big three…….Unless they can deal KG for CB4 now that would be sweet

    • melo fan 101 says:

      heres how i see it give melo one more year in denver if no ring comes i would like if he went to golden state with stephen curry and monta ellis that is a very good scoring combination then bring a big man to gs like …………………….. chris bosh……………………………… championship worthy rite

  14. Chris Farma says:

    Melo is one hell of a superstar, so, I think Nuggets should keep him but if they can’t let him wear Nuggets jersey again after summer, and if they will know that one before his contract ends, then, they should let him go by trading him for a better player, and that’s one tough thing to do. Nuggets need someone who can carry a team – just like Melo’s doing after he got drafted by the Nuggets – the team just got better and went to Conference Finals. In addition to that, Chauncey can’t do it by himself.

  15. Tyrone(tutman)F. says:

    The Knicks should make this trade soon as they can. Trade who ever you have too ,to get this done. Carmelo belongs here, in New York.

  16. I think that Carmelo Anthony fits in Orlando. They need to Trade VC he is not the same and they really need a Player who has at list 23ppg and good defense….Also i will love to see him in Atlanta…..

  17. john says:

    trade him to the bucks andrew bogut, brandon jennings and the melo man now thats a squad

  18. Buddy says:

    The only players the Nuggets will probably trade Melo for is one of the big name free agents in this years class, in a sign and trade. LeBron and Wade will be gone, so Denver would probably do it for Bosh, or Amare, or Dirk. That’s probably it. They’ll get a big time player at a long term contract and would get as much value for Melo as possible.

  19. Ray F says:

    who in their right mind would trade k-mart and nene for dirk? No one.

  20. QuestionMark says:

    Forget the Lakers, Kobe is the superstar no point for another superstar.. Nuggets just need to get better players which surrounds Melo and Billups.. J.R Smith is good so he can stay.. I think Nuggets should trade Nene and Kenyon Martin for Dirk Nowitzki.. I think Nowitzki would fit in with Melo and Billups and they need a good defender at Center.. like Brendan Haywood.. so
    PG Billups
    SG JR Smith
    SF Melo
    PF Dirk
    C Haywood
    Think thats good offensive powerhouse and a decent defensive team

  21. Terrence says:

    I think the nuggets are smart because we all know that carmelo is not gona get a ring in denver, i think he is gona b knick by this time next year along wit chris paul and joe johnson

  22. bezzie says:

    The Lakers should trade Andrew, Ron, Brown, and there 2011 1st round pick for Carmelo. It would help both teams out. Denver will get a big that could average 19 and 11, and Ron who could play defence with young talent. I hope Mitch see’s this, this would not only be good for the lakers right now it would be good for the future. Kobe is 6 years older than Melo. The lakers can go and get a big in free agency. They can also go get a shooter, maybe Brendon Heyward and Mike Miller. Do it Lakers do not even thank about it. I know there is a good chance of getting Bosh for Bynum, but i think Melo would be good for the triangle. LAKER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LakersFan89 says:

      Why the hell would the lakers part ways with Andrew n Ron no thanks ron ron was the best player in game seven o fthe finals n Bynum showed that even at like 60% he is someone to be reckoned with he has injuries but at least he aint got them like Greg Oden

    • youarestups says:

      wow you are stupid! just plain stupid. what a disgrace

    • Noname says:

      You have to be drunk or very stupid to even think of this. If Bynum didn’t show up in some of the final games and Ron didn’t shut down Pierce for pretty much the entire series, the Lakers would have had their asses whooped again by the Celtcs. What will Melo do if he come to the Lakers? Play denfense and rebounding against Kendrick Perkins? Ron is no trade because the Lakers need his defense and the only time you would ever consider trading Bynum is if it is Bynum for Dwight, not even for Bosh or Yao.

  23. Anthony says:

    The Nuggets just got hit with injuries last season at the wrong times and also didn’t even have their coach on the bench. When the Nuggets went to the Conference Finals their bench was strong and players who could score stepped up. The best thing for Melo is to stay in Denver and add a forward who can come off the bench for him and a big man and could also play just in case K-Mart, Nene or the Birdman get injured. The Nuggets to most people are the team to upset the Lakers. With George back next season and a few players Denver could go to the finals.

    • Azeron says:

      That is the problem. The Nuggets winning a series against the Lakers would be considered an upset. They need to put together a squad worthy of defeating the Lakers on paper so that the idea of them defeating L.A. seems reasonable.

  24. Robert Zimmerman says:

    Melo would fit in with the Magic. They need somebody who can get 2 pts. in crunch time.

  25. Zzanzabar says:

    Denver just surround Melo with players who have a chance to get him past the Lakers and into the finals, and he will sign. I’m sorry but your current crew just won’t get the job done, not to mention that they don’t even LIKE each other. But you are stuck aren’t you Denver? Too many long term contracts as it is and no one worth a hoot as trade bait (except Melo). I think Melo would be crazy to lock himself into an organization that is dedicated to being 2nd best in the West. Maybe Paul Pierce and KG should go to Denver for Nene and two others. Who knows? Melo wants to win badly and Boston needs to retool, they got the most they could out of the aging big 3 so why not go young? Its not as though Denver is actually going anywhere in the West with what they have now.