Does Bosh Control The Market?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You’ve been told for months that LeBron James and to a lesser extent Dwyane Wade control the free agent market this summer.

It makes perfect sense. The two most high-profile players in the most high-profile free agent summer of all time have to be the guys that set the pace, right?

Well, maybe not.

What if it’s Chris Bosh that controls the action this summer. Hear me out before you go throwing things across the room and screaming at your computer.

If Bosh is the player everyone wants to pair with another superstar … why wouldn’t he be the linchpin to the summer?

And it’s not just the teams with cap space that are anxious to get their hands on Bosh.

One of my most trusted sources indicated to me last night that a sign-and-trade package is being discussed that would send Bosh to the Los Angeles Lakers — the Lakers mentioned as centerpieces of a potential deal were Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, though you would expect only one of them to be included in a proposed deal.

As with all things being “discussed” this time of year, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. But the mere discussion is intriguing enough for us to wonder what Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo is working on if he knows Bosh is leaving.

(Anyone that has a hand in a potential Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Bosh and Ron Artest core four being formed is sure to be left off of a few Christmas card lists around the league this year.)

Michael Grange of the Globe and Mail has a great handle on what the Raptors are facing in free agency and in regards to losing Bosh and dealing with whatever results they get from Colangelo’s summer work:

Do the Raptors have some leverage? Perhaps. A sign-and-trade would net Bosh a six-year contract for about $130-million, instead of the five-year deal for about $100-million. But Bosh could go elsewhere without the benefit of a sign-and-trade and in three years be eligible for a three-year extension. The Raptors’ leverage really amounts to about $10-million over six seasons. Nothing to sneeze at, but hardly enough to control the fate of someone willing to sign for less than the maximum number of years as a 23-year-old in 2006.

Bosh rolled the dice to maintain his independence then, why wouldn’t he do it again now?

Toronto’s best hope is there is a true competition for Bosh’s services among teams that have the salary cap flexibility. In that scenario, Bosh will be able to force a sign-and-trade and enjoy the security of that sixth year up front.

What would that mean to Toronto? Best case would be a deal netting a trade exception and perhaps a draft pick or two. (The trade exception could be worth as much as $16-million and allow the otherwise capped-out Raptors a way to add talent by taking on players from teams looking to dump salary – would the San Antonio Spurs be willing to part with guard Tony Parker and his $13.5-million salary to make way for George Hill? Not inconceivable.)

Colangelo’s latest spin as it’s become ever clearer that his franchise player is leaving is that getting non-player assets – the trade exceptions and draft picks – is a reasonable outcome. That with the right assets in hand, he can pull rabbits out of hats.

He might even be able to put a team together that could qualify for the playoffs, reversing the Raptors’ slide under his watch.

In any case, in his four years in Toronto, Colangelo’s wheel-and-deal magic act has been as entertaining as anything the floor. Get ready for another summer of the same.

The difference now is that any right-thinking fan will note the magic man’s frayed top hat and tails, and be entirely justified in checking if the bunny is alive, dead or this year’s version of Turkoglu.

Once again, if Bosh is this important to this many different teams, how could he not be the true pot stirrer of the summer?

Sure, James and Wade are priority No. 1 for most everyone looking to find a savior.

But the nuts and bolts of this summer, the guy that will bring it all together for some team, the guy that might serve as the championship pierce a team is looking for, could very well be Bosh.



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  2. Kobe24 says:

    look kobe does have a good team but what about the time he got 81 points! The team didnt get 81 points kobe did so suck that yu kobe haters!

    • QuestionMark says:

      one 81 game doesnt mean sh1t.. lets see him avg around 33.4 pts per game in the playoffs like MJ did and lets see him avg 63 pts per game in a playoff game.. which matters not a weak and normal season game and lets see Kobe avg 45 ppg in a playoff series… well guess what MJ did all those NOT KOBE so quit dreaming about that one 81 pt game Kobe had

  3. tata says:

    If MeBron made his teammates better BASKETBALL PLAYERS instead of making them better DANCERS he would already have a championship or two.

  4. Meech says:

    Of all the teams that have won championships that past years, I believe that Dwayne Wades 2006 Heat had the least amount of talent. Shaq avged 13 ppg in that series and Wayde carried that team exclusively. Sure he had some decent role players but think about the guys. They were all avg. Haslem, Antoine Walker, Jayson Williams, Not a hall of famer list there. I am a Laker fan but I can agree that Kobe has had talent, so did Michael Jordan, Paul Pierece, Tim Duncan. All of Magics Teams (Which I dont understand because the criticism of Kobe was that he couldnt win without Shaq, but how many did Magic win Without Kareem?)

    D wades Heat team also had Gary Payton… Alonzo Mourning.. Jason Kapono…. James Posey….And I think the 94 Rockets didnt have too much talent other than 5 strong players. Wade did take over and had a great finals…. He was a beast in that finals but he had help therefore he could not get double and triple teamed because of the shooters and post players he had around him

  5. ronnie13 says:

    Lets just end this with the LOS ANGELES LAKERS ARE THE BEST EVER PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. SquireJames says:

    Lebron cant shoot, has no post game, cant make free throws, and displays college level footwork. Lebron is the most OVER-hyped player in NBA history. I wonder what practice is like on a LeBron team? Obviously he doesnt demand the same from his teammates as Kobe or Jordan, and until he becomes a leader his teams will not win a champioship.


    On the other hand, a Kobe, Artest, Gasol, and Bosh quartet would dominate.

  7. ed says:

    Calling him King James is almost as funny as calling him Ring James. Choker James maybe.

  8. […] –’s Sekou Smith reports the Raptors are discussing a sign-and-trade package with the Lakers that would send Chris Bosh to L.A. for either Andrew Bynum or Lamar Odom. […]

  9. WG says:

    exactle Why would you dismantle a Championship Caliber Team

    If it Ain’t broke, Dont fix it

    I personally hope Bosh ends up in Miami


  10. Anthony says:

    Of all the teams that have won championships that past years, I believe that Dwayne Wades 2006 Heat had the least amount of talent. Shaq avged 13 ppg in that series and Wayde carried that team exclusively. Sure he had some decent role players but think about the guys. They were all avg. Haslem, Antoine Walker, Jayson Williams, Not a hall of famer list there. I am a Laker fan but I can agree that Kobe has had talent, so did Michael Jordan, Paul Pierece, Tim Duncan. All of Magics Teams (Which I dont understand because the criticism of Kobe was that he couldnt win without Shaq, but how many did Magic win Without Kareem?)

  11. clairebear says:

    I love all this bickering. The hot topic seems to be Lebron. Not King James but simply Lebron James okay people. Calling him King is way too much respect for someone who has not proven to be great. If anything MJ should have been given that name. Anyway while he is a very good athlete, he still has a long way to go and that includes winning championships. This is Lebron in a nutshell and Im not even joking about this one: he has a big ego who needs to develop a consistent jump shot, perform better at the free throw line when it counts, add a post game, and join the freakin dunk contest if he’s so bad when he is throwing it down. Instead of showboating after a dunk in a game, do it when all eyes are on you at the all stars. Let the fans see if you have it or not. You lose you lose dude…no surprise there.

  12. tshepo says:

    ok people i know most of u are just fans but please comment with facts. 1 Kobe is a better leader than lebron and he has 5 rings to prove it. 2 any great player knows they cant win a ring alone thats why MJ had Pippen and Dennis to do his dirty work. there is no i in team so lebron must play for the team

    • QuestionMark says:


  13. BOOOOlebron says:


  14. Wood says:

    Shouldn’t lakers be looking for a new starting pointguard? Obviously, fisher would be a better fit coming off the bench next season before he retires and farmer isn’t bringing it thus far.

  15. shut up please says:


    • QuestionMark says:

      If in fantasy Bosh, Wade and Lebron play together… thats like 70+ wins right there and like 5 straight champions so dont think Lakers will have a chance in hell to beat that lineup and tat team is like 4-0 victory in the first round, semifinal round, conference finals and finals .. so 16-0 in the playoffs and they wont match up pound to pound with the Lakers… they will OWN THEM! BAD!!!

  16. Fung Chi Ki says:

    I hope CB4 go to LA or Houston!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Roly Tan says:

    I don’t think this will push through….bosh indicated that he wants to play for miami. i just hope he will change his mind and go to LA, trade bynum , farmar and browne for him…LA will get a 3 peat for sure if this will push through but i am very pessimistic it will prosper.

  18. SPLIFOUT says:


  19. darian says:

    to everyone saying “this player isnt great becuase they had to have other superstars”……. last time i checked this is basketball. not tennis… basketball is a TEAM sport, therefore to win a championship you need a TEAM. you can mention the ai’s of 2001 or the lebron’s of 03 but correct me if im wrong….neither of those teams won the championship RIGHT???? lakers won 4-1. and the spurs swept the cavs.. so obviously if you dont have a championship without a TEAM. on a side note, notice how both of the teams that made it with one superstar were from the east, cough. and that was when the east was very weak, still is

  20. Mark Christian Francisco mATEO says:

    Bosh in lalaland? why not? Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Fisher, Bosh, Phil and the main man Kobe? what a power house team L.A cud that be.. hope Odom is the one hu wil trade on CB4! include that Vujaic or Farmar? im happy with that! Bosh will be a big help in L.A three-peat run..

  21. star says:

    I just wonder if Lebron going to the Bulls would be the right choice, i mean i know Rose is a great player and everything but would he really complement James? Rose lacks in perimeter shooting ability so who would be there to receive the fruits of LBJ’s driving ability especially now that Hinrich has been traded too. Wasn’t Mo Williams the right idea before except for the fact he didnt turn up when it matter, so wouldnt a team with a spot up shooter make more sense even though the Bulls do have a good nucleus and cap space’

  22. Rawz says:

    Fact of the matter is, There is a bunch of All-star type players avaliable this year… Yes Kobe cant do it by himself, and no one ever will… Hence why Lebron is on the free agent list… So comparing past/previous to present day players is totally irrelevant too bosh, wade, lebron, Amare trades this year Because EVERYONE knows its physically impossible to win a championship on one mans talent alone…. These are a bunch of young talented dudes who all deserve a championship… Bosh wont goto Lakers thats a ridiculous theory with no evidence to back it up.. Their options are vast and wide, Until they decide what they want to do, Lakers fans are the only ones who can give a RESPECTABLE prediction to next seasons outcome. peace

  23. toronto raptor fan says:

    in game 7 celtic choke(in da 4th quater) kobe choke (da entire game) unda da pressure of da rivalery!! MJ was @ his best in playoff avg 33.4 pt (most in nba history) lebron 29.4 ( but cant hit cluch or game winning shot) kobe(25pt but had multiply allstar n starters cumin off da bench) all da nba champ of da last 25 yrs all had multiple allstars except 4 da 2004 nba champs detroit piston who won as a team witout ne tru all-stars (ben wallace was a freak of nature witout offence) .so i tink Dwade is nxt 2 MJ cus he won wit a declining Shaq n makes da playoff wit bench players…PS raptor fan want a sign n trade deal wit ne team 4 acouple good pieces in return cus Bosh is talented but doesnt make his teamates betta…REAL TALK DAT (2010 FREE AGENT$ $ELLOFF LOL)

  24. MrCED says:

    Hey!! Kobe still wins in 2011, but Lakers should start looking for some like Wade to go to Lakers before Kobe Retires!!!for Dynasty to Leave!

  25. chasna says:

    lakers ahould get bosh but i dont feel like they shoulld give away odom and bynum. bynum still is a monster when 100% and odom is like a 6’9 point guard. two core valuable players for 1 dude that we dont know will do well with the Lakers and the triangle? nah brah

  26. Lakersallday says:

    You know what’s funny artest Lamar farmar shannon sasha Luke mbenga and morrison all have more rings than Lebron.lmao

  27. Black Sox says:

    First of all lets stop all of this “Lebron James never had great talent around him” CRAP. It all has to do with the ORGANIZATION. Kobe makes sure he is always surronded by solid players that will back him up Its all up to the big boss and if he really wants to spend some money and win some titles!!!. And Lebron is far from being a KING… I mean let’s not forget the fact that Dwayne Wade has won a championship with the same old Shaq and a way less talented supporting cast than mister “ALL HYPE” James had or has. AMARE TO LA!! I CALLED IT…

  28. eddie cain says:

    LBJ is no going to Chicago if he doesn’t win 6 its going to be he’s not the guy with his statue out front (ie MJ). He’s not going to go to Chicago and spend his whole life playing in MJ’s shadow litterally (the statue is huge it casts a shadow). If i was Lebron I would go to New Jersey your going to move to NY in 2 yrs you got Brooke Lopez whos better than Noah you got Avery as the coach and Devin Haris at pg who can soot better than Rose thats another thing Lebron needs shooters around him what shooter is on the bulls, Rose can’t shoot. they are basically the same player just Lebron is bigger and he can shoot a little bit better. the dude I would get with Lebron is not Bosh its Dirk a big shooter space the floor plus Dirk gonna get you 9 reb too.

    • QuestionMark says:

      but guess what Bosh can get 11 rebounds per game.. and can shoot the mid range shot well… PFs dont need 3s.. if Lebron doesnt go to Chicago then i think he should stay in Cleveland and bring Bosh and being in Chicago will be an honor cuz Lebron wants his own legacy but being called the next MJ is an honor.. and Rose is better at driving the ball and a better ball handler than Devin Harris.

  29. eddie cain says:

    On the Kobe subject some dude said the lakers didn’t make the playoffs 06,07 stupid yes they did. you nust of forgot they just didn’t go far those were the years Kobe was scoring 81 and 62 in 3 quarter vs. the mavs. look 05 is the only year they missed and Kobe missed 25 + games do to injury. Someone else said Kobe couldn’t win with out superstars lol Pau wasn’t a superstar until he played with Kobe you can be a star when Kobe is tripple teamed. Ron artest, lamar odom Ariza are all just roll players wo stepped up non of them have ever even been an allstar (unlike mo williams and twan jamison). And when he had Malone and Payton they were washed up and ol like shaq was this year. Lastly Kobe and Shaq the firt title they won Kobe missed game 4 against the pacers they lost then its tied 2-2 goin in to game 5. Shaq fouls out and Kobe takes over sends it to overtime and then carries the Lakers thru overtime. They go on to win in 6 games. People need to know facts what happened to LBJ in game 5 of the Boston series lol. then somebody said Kobe didn’t show up for game 7 nobody but Garnett and Fisher shot ove 50% in the game Gasol was 6 for 16 plus Fish hit the biggest shot of the game a three to tie it up then Kobe got fouled hit two free throws we went up two then Kobe came back down hit a jumper this is on consecutive plays we go up 4 and never trail agian He shot 6 of 24 but he locked his man down and had 15 reb with 23 points 10 in the 4th which led all scores for the game and quarter in money time the 4th get it right.

  30. Yati says:

    if the lakers trade bynum and odom for bosh,nuh the lakers are undersize

  31. ... says:


  32. PurpleAndGoldTribe says:

    Don’t even compare LeBron and Kobe! During the time when Kobe was at LeBron’s age, he’s unstoppable already! LeBron’s still young and Kobe is, ehemm aging, but Kobe is still wayyyyyyyyyyy better than Bron! This is like Barkley vs MJ and ended up with Charles ringless!

  33. please come back Phil says:

    How about we do a sign and trade deal with the Cavs. Send Odom and Bynum to the Cavs, get Lebron!!! lololol Kobe, Lebron, Gasol, Artest???? how about 82-0 baby!!!!!!

  34. please come back Phil says:

    I am the biggest Laker fan there is. And All Superstars need another Superstar to win a championship. Not just in Basketball, but in all sports. Kobe has not won anything without help. Missed the playoffs several years. Lebron has never missed playoffs. Kobe is the best player in Basketball, because of his killer instinct, and clutch shooting. But as far as ability goes, its Lebron, and its not close. All he is lacking, is that killer instinct. He doesnt want it bad enough. And maybe thats because he knows he will never win in Cleveland, with that horrific supporting cast. HORRIBLE!!! Here is all you need to know…….take Lebron off the Cavs, they win 20 games!!! TOPS!!! Take Kobe off the Lakers, they still win 45 – 50. With all that being said, bring on Bosh baby!!!!! Forget the 3 peat… about a 6 peat??? Or better yet, bring Lebron to the Lakers!!!!!!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      your even worse than the other idiots on the site… dont even need to say how messed you are for saying Lebron go to Lakers or Bosh.. Lakers dont even want Lebron cuz they got Kobe and Gasol is already good so they dont need Bosh.. Bosh in chicago with Lebron with Rose an elite PG and Noah then lets see how good Kobe is when hes crying on the floor after losing the finals..

      P.S MJ also had a killer instinct and was a better clutch player than Kobe so guess what Kobe isnt the best player

  35. PurpleAndGoldTribe says:

    I don’t think Bosh being in LaLa is a great idea.. I think what’s the Lakers need is a good PG like Rondo, Williams, etc.. Still, Lakers will win 2011 NBA Championship! I don’t care if LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Amare, or Allen teams up! Hahaha! This is absurd!

  36. trini says:

    it crazy how….everyone says lebron never had wat kobe had…ppl…is jus makin excuses…. honestly…there is no doubt lebron is a talented players….he is one of the best…but as far…as…..he never had a team like kobe…is pure crap…..dis year….lebron….had the best squad……he had…more than…enough help….but he fail….and his team fail….cause personally if u give kobe the team…lebron had dis season…i am sure…he would of win….too…wel….he got to have phil as the coach too……cause to me…phil makes the difference….he kno…how to shape…..good players…and make dem…into something better…..and the whole bosh free agency debate……is uncalled for…cause personally lakers dont need him……give andrew sometime……and he will be great…..he just have to stay healthy…..

  37. Lakers Abe says:

    Lebron’s team was stacked!!! so were the Lakers but I say pound for pound. Cav’s had the edge. what Lebron didn’t have was a premiere coach that could bring the team together. Mike Brown could not take them to the next level. Had it been Pat Riley that would be a real championship contender. Phil Jackson makes his teams better, smarter, champions, period. if lebron really wants to challenge Kobe for rings than he Better head to Miami. Bring it on Riley! much respect but Phil has the Zen. Doc Rivers is an excellent coach as well. Jeff Van Gundy can suck a fat one.

  38. Kobe#1 says:

    3peat in 2011 haters! Kobe and co. are gonna make everyone eat $hit again…and again…and again… Kobe is BETTER than Jordan and until Queen Lebron can win 5 rings, he can suck kobe’s ****!

  39. ronnie13 says:

    Last time I remember LOS ANGELES LAKERS 16 World Championships Chicago Bulls 6 Lebron James Championships O Kobe Bean Bryant 5 and working on six Kobe is the real deal Lakers Rule and always will especially when we catch and pass the stupid assssssssss Loser CELTICS Lakers beat Celtics at their own game HOW SWEET IT IS CELTICS SUCK but I will ad Lebron best move would be to Chicago thats the best core for him to be sucessful. BUT LAKERS WILL STILL RUN THE TABLE GO LAKERS.

  40. Ayeeh says:

    Oh man I can’t believe I’m reading this form y’all. First of all I’m a die hard Kobe fan but I would never disrespect LBJ or MJ or any other great players. That goes to you too LBJ fans. I mean come on basketball is a team sport. NOBODY can win it all without the help of good teammates, coaches, bench and most of all FANS. I think a super team like LBJ, Wade and Bosh will be good for the league. That will be a team who can mix it up with the Kobe and the Lakers. It’s also good that even the players are admitting that they can’t do it all and they need other great players to have a chance in the playoffs. So quit hating everyone of you. Kobe and LBJ are up there. Let’s just have them roll the dice and see who’s gonna win. Peace out!

  41. Jsickert says:

    As a Lakers fan I wouldn’t mind having Bosh, but I wouldn’t want to give up Odom or Bynum in the trade. If I were Bosh I’d go for teams with potential that could use my services. Best bets would be Oklahoma, Milwaukee, or Portland.

  42. mark says:

    aw nba d i ni, utah jazz wins d finals with the addition of amare or bosh, plus rookie hayward

  43. lyndon says:

    ok listenn lets get this clearedd all these cavs fanss sayin kobe had the better teamm this yearr ok im not goin to doubt that but superstars make their teams better look wat kobe did to pau and bynum he turned them into superstartss what did lebron dooo nuthingg he trynin to do it all by him selff sumonee plzz get rid of lebronnn im startin to really get annoyed wit this guyyy

  44. mark says:

    champion lge nang alaska, finals mvp c tenorio

  45. J (lakers) says:

    wow, so many lebron haters.. i like

  46. toronto_dude says:

    Bosh to L.A.!!! That would be a dream come true for this die-hard Lakers fan from Toronto. I want to see Kobe get at least 3 more rings! DYNASTY BABY!!!

  47. kingjames23 says:

    lebron wll go to chicago or miami to get a ring because he need’s a ring to complete his legacy and even if he doesnt get a ring he will be the best player ever with out a ring because he’s the best player in the league

  48. KID says:

    Lebron is no MJ and does not dominate the league. It is clear that with the right pieces you can win without Lebron. It is not that easy to win a chip, so people please relax with this Lebron,Lebron, and more Lebron. OKC gets a quaility big and keep Jeff, they are the team of the future.

  49. arn says:

    LeBron got his “ideal team” last season. It was proven that he just don’t have it in him to LEAD. Dwayne won a ring with a much lesser supporting cast than James’ 2009 Cavs.
    The king is sending a message that nobody wants to acknowledge openly: That he can deliver a championship ONLY if he has a “Dream Team”.

  50. ARVIND says:

    If Lakers give up Odom , they lose the best six man in the league .

    • QuestionMark says:

      Lmao then explain why he didnt win and Jamal Crawford beat Odom BADLY for the sixth man of they year??

  51. Jim Johnson says:

    Yea Kobe had a better team then Lebron. Kobe’s team Gasol whoa your right that is better than the Cavs. The only other player that is worth the littlest bit is Fisher, and he still sucks. Bynum can’t play a season without getting injured. Kobe passes the ball all first quarter only taking 1 or 2 shots and he passes it to wide open people and all they do is miss. On the other hand, the have Mo, West, and everyone on the team making everything which is why they had the highest assist/shot percentage the last how many years. If Kobe was with the Cavs, he would’ve won a championship the past 5 years straight. You have Kobe who puts trust in his teamates only God knows why, because no-one can make anything other than Gasol, and you have Lebron who only has trust in himself when he has an excellent team around him. That is why you see Lebron taking the last 20 out or 21 shots of a game. That is why the Cavs only lost 1 or 2 games with all the games James sat out, including the game where the three best players were out. The Cavs had a better percentage without James. You take Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum out and see what would happen to the Lakers. They wouldn’t even win a game. Shut the hell up all you Lebron nut suckers. When he can learn to shoot get back at me.

    • Juan,LAAAKE SHOW bitchess!! says:

      ey man your straight up, yo said it like no other, haha nut suckers… but yea kobe deffff. way betta gooo lakers

  52. NBAfan03 says:

    Why would Lakers ruin their line-up by giving up something for Bosh? There is a reason Lakers won these past 2 years. Removing someone from the roster might ruin the rotation of players. Even though Bosh is an amazing player, in my opinion, he might ruin the Lakers. If anything Bosh should stay in Toronto and bring Joe Johnson and Rudy Gay with him. Then the Toronto Raptors are worthy contenders. Bosh wants to be center-guy. Adding Joe and Rudy is a great thing because they won’t ask for the spotlight, they will just do their job like they are paid to do so. If it doesn’t work well they could be traded easily for the missing pieces the Raptors need.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Finally someone i can agree with here… the Idiots saying Bosh should go to the Lakers should really think.. with their brains.. Gasol is already a good PF for the Lakers and Bosh would just fight with Gasol for the PF spot and Bynum is a good defender.. and Bosh doesnt want his stat numbers to drop drastically… either Bosh goes to Miami or Chicago or stays with the Raps… and Raps adds pieces.. thats just what will happen and quit fantasizing Laker fans

  53. TyrekeisHavoc says:

    I’m sorry great players are champions, Gasol was not even an allstar before coming to LA. Yeah, artest has fell of, odom is not in his prime, fisher at point guard?? The lakers got the job done simple as that, Kobe is way better than lebron, I would take kobe in his prime before Lebron in his prime any day. Yeah, kobe played with shaq, SO! Lebron played with SHAQ! Lebron had a lot of pieces to get it done dis year, the lakers basically played with 8 man lineup throughout the playoffs.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Remember this before saying anything.. Shaq was a beast in his prime and thats when Kobe had Shaq… and without Shaq.. Kobe would only have 2 championships.. now Shaq just takes up space on the court… Cavs are actually better without him..and Lakers only won this year is cuz Mo Williams sucks in the playoffs same with Jamison no matter how good they are in the season… and Kobe and Fisher are veteran players who can make big shots.. Gasol is good thanks to Kobe.. Bynum right now is better than Shaq.. and Ron Ron…. just sucks… but thanks to Kobe he won…

  54. BOOOOlebron says:

    to those who are saying about the malone,payton,shaq and kobe team…uhmmm…dont you thin kthat malone and payton were old and at retirement lvl????they were not in their prime…jeeesssshhhh….

  55. Richardccaa says:

    The Lakers are looking to off load salary not adding to it. Both Bynum’s and Odom’s contract will be expired in two years. If Laker trade for Bosh they will lock another 20 million player for the next 6 years. That means the Lakers will be over the salary cap with just 3 players: Kobe – 30 million, Gasol – 20 milion, and Bosh – 20 million. Trading for Bosh makes the Lakers a better team and avoid him from teaming up with Wade or LBJ. But the risk is high when signing up a player for 120 million over 6 years. What if Bosh turns out to be another Jermain O’neill or Rashard Lewis. Especially when putting Bosh into Lakers lineup he is not going to avg 20 PPG and 10 RPG every game. If he becomes a 15/7 player then fans will start wondering if Bosh really worth it. He might just be another Lamar Odom in Lakers lineup, a top paid role player.

  56. LEQUEEN says:

    HERE COMES THE LEQUEEN’S SQUAD TO THE RESCUE!!! let me remind you that at the beginning of the season the favorites were the cavs because they acquired shaq! at the end of the reg season they were still the favorites because of their record and antawn jamison! then all of a sudden, they all choked against boston and it’s all over for them. then came lebron fans saying he didn’t have help! stop making the same excuse all over again! stop denying the fact that he did have plenty of help!! the cavs was the deepest team in the nba in my opinion! cmon, mo,west,jamison,varejao,shaq,moon,parker,ilgauskas,hickson?? so that’s not help!!!??? they were all consistent and they all compliment lebron! they were capable of beating any team as they’ve shown in the regular season! so stop whining lebron fans. they didn’t have the heart and mental toughness needed to win! that’s why the lakers and boston are in the finals! they posses both of that. boston because at the start of the season u all said they were too old same for lakers in the first round against thunder! but they were resilient unlike the cavs.

  57. eRoc says:

    LeBron is NOT what he thinks he is. He has no “step-up” game for the playoffs, can’t make anything over 19 ft, and falls apart when anybody simply clogs the lane on him. Wade is the clean-up hitter in this whole circus. The entire free-agent system depends on Wade, and if he stays in Miami, hopefully getting Bosh, Boozer, and a solid point guard. They’ve got the money as of today.

    As far as Kobe being surrounded by stars? Thats BS. Gasol – Nothing without Kobe getting double teamed. Odom – Is a B+, and only gets the + for his hustle and height. Artest has heart. But, he needs constant massaging to stay in the game, and you never know what guy will show up, probably because of the meds he takes, and thank god he takes them.

    The rest of the teams people are blabbering about…. they are all B’s. Thats why so many teams had similar records this year, why the finals were the most boring in history, and why basketball needs a luxury tax system like MLB. If the new Commi in NJ wants to have a $300 Million payroll, let him, and make him pay every other team 25% of every dollar over the cap his salaries are.

    Sometimes it’s fun to watch a team totally dominate. MJ and Bulls – Lakers with Magic Jabar – Celtics with Bird….

  58. bleep says:

    i’m not even sure why bosh is being considered as a top free agent…the guy is an epic fail..not worth the trouble fighting for…

    • alpaca g says:

      bosh is going to be a ledgend not as good as lebron or kobe but he is going to own if he goes to the lakers him and kobe will own there is no way chris bosh is an epic fail he is an epic ledgend

    • QuestionMark says:

      WOOW!!!!!! You are messed up… I must say you are WAY WORSE than Lebron or Kobe haters,,, Bosh is the best PF now.. and will be a hall of famer FOR SURE… Dont know why you are calling him an epic fail…. seriously… start watching Ball or Get your ass out of this site.. Really

  59. LEQUEEN says:


  60. David Evans says:

    Michael Jordan was a great player (the greatest is debatable), he did not win a championship until the arrival of Scotty Pippens. Hey, I’m not taking away from his greatness! Note; Mike and Scotty both scored 40 points in the same game. Kobe is more special than you “newbee” basketball fans understand.
    When Mike played they had the illegal defense(no zone defense). Kobe set the record for 3 pointers in a game (12) and most consecutive 40 point games while teams could play a zone defense!

    How many of you commentators were real balllers? Lakers will win at least 1 or 2 more championships

  61. patrick says:

    Intersting trade prposition. I would say that Bynum might be better than him tho. Bynum is a C keep in mind…bosh a pf.

  62. Meech says:

    This is to All the Laker/Kobe Haters…..

    As another NBA season is now behind us and Kobe Bryant has picked up his fifth title, his place in history is up for debate. Bryant who was once the clear cut poster boy for the post Jordan era of the NBA, is now the most polarizing figure in all of sports. Millions of people love the Lakers star, and millions of people hate him, but every basketball fan has an opinion on Kobe and are pretty passionate about it. It has gotten to the point where when someone asks whether or not you are a Kobe fan, it almost defines you as a person. It’s like asking if you are a Democrat or a Republican. While trying to debate Bryant’s place among NBA greats, I was amazed by how many Bryant haters there were. The number of haters was so great that I didn’t even find it fair to throw them all into one group. So just to be fair, I broke the Kobe Bryant haters up into groups so they are easier to identify.

    When you ask most Kobe Haters (we will call them KH for short) to talk about Kobe, the first thing you will hear is, “he’s not Michael Jordan.” What exactly does that mean? Jordan is regarded as the greatest basketball player who ever lived – is not being better than him a bad thing? I wonder if I brought a 7’6” man into these peoples living room if the first words out there mouth be, “he isn’t the tallest man to ever live.” I’m guessing they would be thinking more along the lines of, I don’t know if he is the tallest person to ever live but he damn sure is tall, and if he isn’t the tallest person ever, he sure is close. Saying Bryant is no MJ really isn’t saying anything, its just ignoring who he is because of who he is not.

    Then there is the group of haters who always seem to think Kobe is the second best player in the league no matter what. Let this group tell it, Bryant has been the second best player in the NBA for over a decade, but the number 1 player changes every other year. Somehow the number 1 player always seems to fall down the list but Kobe just never moves up. There was the he’s not better than Iverson debate that lasted for a couple of years, then there was the he’s not better than Tracy McGrady campaign which was followed by he’s not better than Steve Nash era — hell even Chris Paul got his name mentioned for a year as the one guy in the NBA who is better than Kobe.This is the fan who has become a diehard Cavs fan out of nowhere. He is the same guy who years ago said that if Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady ever played with the best center in the NBA they would win a title too. His favorite line use to be “Kobe will never win without Shaq”, but he never seems to remember saying any of that. He often has a lot to say in the regular season, but not so much in the playoffs.

    Which then brings us to the group that we will just call “Mr. Unrealistic-Casual fan.” That’s the guy who watches about 10-15 basketball games a year, normally at a bar where he isn’t even paying attention and by the time the game is over, he is too drunk to even tell you what happened in the game. He is the guy who yells out “all I know is when Shaq left, Kobe couldn’t even get out of the first round.” It’s hard to really argue with him because he is right, that is all he knows. He never mentions that Kobe lost in the first round to a Suns team that had All Star Shawn Marion as the third option, while the Lakers third leading scorer was Brian Cook.

    The next type of KH, is “Mr. I-know-basketball-more-than-you.” He normally is the guy who played basketball in High School and may have even walked on at a D2 school. He now coaches kids basketball so he thinks he has this ability to understand the game that no one else does, and can see things that you cant see and no one else can explain. He is the guy who says Kobe just doesn’t make others better, he says things like, you have to take Steve Nash over Kobe or no one wants to play with Kobe because he’s too selfish. When you ask him to explain why Nash has played on some of the most talented teams in the NBA over the last decade and hasn’t won anything, he really can’t answer you. He says Kobe doesn’t make anyone better but can’t explain why three years ago no one wanted Pau Gasol but now everyone seems to think he is the best thing since sliced bread. Three years ago, no GM in their right mind would have traded Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion, for Gasol and Odom, but for some reason this guy insists that Nash gets more out of his teammates then Kobe. This guy normally has a long list of players he would rather start a team with (Nash, Paul, LeBron, Dirk etc.) all of whom have never won anything even in college, but he can’t explain why because you just wouldn’t understand. When you ask him to name Bryant’s weakness, he gets frustrated trying to tell you, so he just tells you that you don’t understand the game like he does. Sounds pretty stupid, but who are you to argue? He does coach 6th graders. The more you listen to him, you can tell his hate for Kobe is deeply rooted. He secretly blames star players like Kobe for the reason his hoop dreams never panned out. If the star player on his college team had just passed more, coach could have seen all his talent. He will never tell anyone out loud, but in his heart he thinks he could have been better than Kobe if he was allowed to shoot more.

    The hardest guy to argue with is the history guy. He typically watches a lot of basketball and knows his stuff. He doesn’t like Kobe, but respects his game and as painful as it is to say, he will even admit that Kobe is the best player in the NBA today. He considers Kobe the best player of his generation, but will quickly tell you he is not one of the best ever. He will say Kobe is somewhere between 15th to 20th best player of all time. The problem with history guy is he can never name 15 players better than Kobe. He often starts reeling off names fast like Jordan, Magic, Bird, and Wilt. After spiting out four names really fast with ease, he throws out two more names, then just starts saying ridiculous things like Dr. J and Walt Frazier. In a last second effort to reach 10 players, he says George Mikan, even though not only has he never seen Mikan play, his father hasn’t either. He can never tell you who the remaining 7 to 8 players are who are better then Kobe but swears they exist he just can never think of them right now. While naming the greatest players of all time, he often changes the criteria for being great. He says Bill Russell has to be top 5 because its all about rings, then goes on to name a handful of players who he thinks are better then Kobe who combined have less rings than him. He always wants to point out that Kobe played with Shaq, but never wants to mention that Jordan, Bird, and Magic never won a title without another Hall of Fame player on their team. History guy knows his basketball, the only thing he doesn’t know is why Kobe isn’t one of the top players of all time.

    The most interesting of all the KH is hypocrite guy. He says one thing, but his hate for Kobe says another. He says he hates Kobe because he wants to be like Mike, but doesn’t even notice he is wearing a number 23 Cavs jersey. He says he can’t stand Kobe because he’s so arrogant, but his favorite player is a 25 year old who calls himself King and speaks in third person — all while inviting us to “witness his greatness.” He is always complaining that today’s players only care about money and don’t care about getting better, but for some reason hates the player who works hardest in the NBA. He is often screaming that Kobe can’t win a title on his own in one breath, and in the second breath screaming LeBron needs help. He says things like today’s players have no respect for the players of the past, then turns around and says Kobe steals players moves from the past. He hates Kobe so much that he doesn’t even realize that stuff he says makes no sense. He calls every Kobe fan he knows every time Kobe has a bad game to say “I told you so” but he is the hardest guy to find every time Kobe has great game or hit’s a game winning shot. He always says he can’t stand Kobe because he wants to be like Jordan, even though every Saturday he himself hit’s the park in his Jordan shoes, Jordan socks, Jordan shorts and Jordan shirt and never forgets his Jordan bag full of Gatorade. Hypocrite guy doesn’t even realize everyone wants to be like Jordan including himself, the only difference is Kobe is the only one willing to put in the same work Mike did.

    Last but not least is “Ms. I-can’t-stand-him.” This is the female who obviously used to date Bryant, if you didn’t know any better. She often says I can’t stand him with so much passion that you can tell it goes deeper than basketball. She has a long list of reasons she hates him, and not one of them has anything to do with basketball. She doesn’t even have a favorite basketball team, she just roots for whatever team is playing the Lakers. If you watched her throughout the playoffs you would think she was a Suns, Thunder, and Celtics fan her whole life. There really is no need to argue with her because all she ever says is “ I can’t stand him” and all you can really do is wonder, does she know him?

    Does every super star in sports have his/her group of haters? Yes, but hating Kobe has gone to a different level, it has taken on an art form. While millions of Americans will admit to being a Kobe hater, there are several hundred thousands of fans out there who don’t even know they are Kobe haters. The saying goes, “it’s lonely at the top,” or as Jay-Z once said, “you don’t even know me and you mad. How it feel to be a hater, now I know exactly how it feels to be a Laker.”

  63. josbay says:

    don’t trade Bynum and Odom….please1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  64. armando says:

    bosh should go to lakers and lebron to bulls and wade should go to lakers and joe jonson should stay in atlanta and pierce should go to cavaliers thanks for reading this peace out I LOVE LAKERS! BABY

    • MrCED says:

      Yeah i like that!! Wade to Lakers is the SUPER SUPER SUPER TEAM!!!! I LIKE THAT!!! GO LAKERS!!!

      • QuestionMark says:

        Dude get real.. Kobe is the superstar and Wade is another superstar… NO WAY IN HELL WILL WADE FIT IN WITH KOBE!!

  65. reaver2112 says:

    Anyone thinking Lebron is gonna win a title with an all-star team made up of free-agents would do well to take a hard look at the 2003 Lakers.That team had Shaq,Kobe,Karl Malone and Gary Payton in the starting 5.Thats a hell of alot batter than any peiced together team of all stars that Lebron can put together.And btw the 2003 lakers lost that year

    • MrCED says:

      because Malone and Payton are TOO Old!! that’s differrent if Lebron got D-Wade and Bosh that are at their Prime! What if Kobe in 2003 Team up with Garnett and Paul Pierce that time???

  66. Leonard says:

    kobe best ever point blank period the players around you has nothing to do with your performance wich by the way lebron sucked against a team dat wouldnt back down an wasnt scared.lebron did somthing kobe magic nor jordan would ever do and thats QUIT.

  67. don't forget says:

    don’t forget that even if you have all-star pieces, team chemistry and attitude are way more important. don’t forget the lakers team with malone, payton, kobe, and shaq got destroyed by the pistons even with 4 future hall of famers. wherever these big name agents go, they’ve got to set their egos aside and really buy into the system. is lebron willing to sacrifice his stats to win? i guarantee if he and another max agent are together, they’ll need to learn to share the ball and stop always running the offense through lebron, cavs style. a team is much more than the sum of its parts.

  68. el chacal says:


  69. renz says:

    wel hmmmmmmmmmm hi !!!! i just wanna say that in the end it all comes down to the players lebron proves that he can be an MVP , won it twice in a row….. but he’s yet to be a champion so he’s not quite there yet…… that and he’ll get his reward PS LETS GO LAKERS whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • renz says:

      i think that even without bosh the lakers could still get things done……and if lebron really want that championship he’ll be needing help basketball is a team sport bron cant win it alone…….

  70. Lebron cant be a champ says:

    Guys.. LBJ’s cavs team lineup has a lot of support and former and current allstars in it.. they got the leagues BEST record.. i repeat.. BEST record.. number team in the NBA with the MVP of the league and a great team behind him.. BUT DIDNT deliver in the playoffs.. = losers

    LA.. with some allstars,, keyplayers.. good team work.. = championships..

    LA’s current and former all star.. gasol, artest,kobe.. who else??

    Cavs current and former all star … Shaq, mo will, jamison,Lbj.. who else? now do the math.. =)

    LBJ can’t win a championship only mvp trophies,, kobe became a mvp and became a champ =) lebron got lots of years in him tough

    • QuestionMark says:

      Kobe won three all thanks to Shaq.. if he had no Shaq.. than he would only have 2 championships… and Lebron had Shaq but no like before, he needs someone like Shaq was before another secondary star and beast in the paint… and if Lebron goes to the bulls with lets say Bosh… than good luck winning a championship next year Kobe..
      Which lineup would be better:

      Bulls Lakers
      PG Rose PG Fisher
      SG lets say they get Mike Miller SG Kobe
      SF Lebron SF Ron Ron
      PF Bosh PF Gasol
      C Noah C Bynum

      At the moment Rose is much better than Fisher, Lebron won 2 MVPs and is one of the best players, Bosh is the best PF at the moment and Noah is a solid Rebounder and defender.. and Mike Miller is a scorer.. so gotta say have fun next year for a three peat Kobe

  71. tronson says:

    also for the idiots out there, KOBE and JORDAN are 2 seperate people ! They built their own legacies so leave them BOTH alone,


  72. tronson says:

    haha hell naa bosh to the lakers !!! we don’t need that fooo, he’s jusst gonna mess up the chemistry we got going on here. I know Bosh is a good player, but he wants to be the number one option he said. LMAO, no one would dare and be number one ahead of Kobe !! Lakers got a great thing going, we don’t need Bosh. LAKERS # 1 BABY !!!!

    • MrCED says:

      Hey we need Bosh as Bac-up of Gasol and Bynum! Yeah!!! he’s the no. option off the bench!that’s great!!!

      • QuestionMark says:

        Dude get your head checked…. im dead serious.. Im sure Bosh would rather quit playing ball than be a bench player for any team LMFAO!!!! good luck with that… No star should or need to come off the bench no freakin way! He is a million times better than Bynum and hes much better than Gasol too.. and what Tronson said Kobe and Gasol have good chemistry and is Bosh comes in than bye bye Gasol… and im sure Gasol and Bosh would fight for the 2nd spot on the team.. and Bosh also said he doesnt wanna be an addition to a teamm…. especially not freakin coming of the bench.. he wants to be the centerpiece like Dwight Howard of the Magic… so have fun with your messed up fantasy.. idiot

  73. ZULU says:

    Bosh to the Lakers!!!? How many ways can you say aw-shusks(!!!!!!!). Three peat….. Wonder if Lamar’s lady friend owns a fur coat?

  74. el chacal says:


  75. Robbie says:

    The past 2 years lebron’s team has had more wins than kobe’s team so lebron had a very good team just that kobe won the championship both times

  76. Kobe MVP! says:

    If Bosh knew that he had an offer from the Lakers and will not come, he is a fool.
    whats better than come to the best team, and best player? I want Bosh for Bynum. sorry drew, but we need a better PF-C.

    • QuestionMark says:

      I have to say Bosh is stupid if he does go…. even if Lakers trade Bynum… the other close to star is Gasol and Bosh wont fit in if Kobe has Gasol… and seriously think what the players might be thinking.. Gasol is already an amazing player and Bynum isnt a star but a solid defender and Bosh is a star so Lakers or any team cant and will never have 3 stars..

  77. herb tarlick says:

    I agree with you still la. Bosh in LA messes thing up. Who do you sit?

  78. gasollakerschamp says:

    LOL LISTEN UP kids. these 3 superstar are searching for caliber championship team lol. So if wade lebron bosh want a champion then they need to join to lakers for fast championship lmao bosh to the lakers lol go bosh hahaha. it seems like that is a good deal bynum and odom hahaha actually odom and bynum have both 2 champ rings so whether they trade it or not is doesnt matter for them because they have both rings lol. They need more money now for thier future so bosh if u want a ring go to the lakers hahaha.

  79. TUBAMOOKY says:


  80. herb tarlick says:

    Bosh is still the RuPaul of the NBA and wont win anything whereever he goes!!

  81. kingkoy053 says:

    1st of all, Basketball is not a game of individuals! are ya’ll crazy?? a.i. carrying the 76ers to the finals alone?? hahaha.. i saw 5 76ers vs 5 on the other teams playing ball. . and no the will be no next michael jordan nor next kobe.. they made their own lane.. separately. . .

    basketball is a team game. . . get players the due credits they deserve. . .

    L.A. ALL DAY ALL THE WAY Babeeeeeey!

    people please stop whining about li’l things.. .. wait what happens in the free agency, live with it, watch the whole season and pray and hope that your teams wins it all in June. .

    nuff said!

  82. BOOOOlebron says:

    uhmmm…and i dont want bosh to be in LA…pau is not a center nor bosh…theyll have problems…theyre both have perimeters,footspeed and IQ i think that having pau is enough…and the rest of the team are the best for them…i want bosh to be in MIAMI w/ d.wade…now that would be a championship team…

  83. BOOOOlebron says:

    the difference between kobe and lebron is that kobe lets his teammates do their job while lebron dont…even though lebrons stats are amazing and kobes not bec. kobe trusts his teamamates…lebron stat stuffer…yeah right thats why all his teammates are left behind…if he let his teammates do their thing theyll be a strong team…thats all he need to do…and KOBE is THE clutch player not like lebron….and lebron doesnt have the killer instinct when it comes to crunch time thats THEIR MAIN DIFFERENCE….

  84. Kareem says:

    I thought Bosh did not want to go to a team unless he was “the man”….or at least a tie for first (meaning second) option. If he goes to L.A. he wouldn’t even be the second option. Kobe still has at least 2-3 years of prime play left in the tank and Gasol has definitely cemented himself as being among the leages top 5 big men.


    Hey LAKERS GM… DON’T TRADE ODOM AWAY!!!! ODOM stayed with the Lakers for cheap to win Championships!!! He doesn’t deserve to be traded. He collects DOUBLE-DOUBLE’s nightly. If you trade ODOM, who will grab your rebounds and putbacks???? BYNUM, trade by all means due to that injury prone future, but for BOSH?? If that’s the case better learn his role and grab REBOUNDS!!! Gasol is the inside scorer in the team. If Bosh starts putting up crazy shots, who will grab his rebounds??? I know ODOM would! If Bosh can’t learn his role as a LAKER in this team…. I think the Lakers are better off signing SHAQ or JERMAINE O’Neal as DEFENSIVE CORES and backing up Bynum. OR even signing Tyson Chandler for defense and alleyoop! If you will trade Bynum, of the superstars… go for Lebron only, as I suggest.. include WALTON and VUIACIC in the trade please!! But if BOSH is the real way to go… HE BETTER KNOW HIS ROLE!! Then I will really see him as the CENTERPIECE. but it’s not worth trading ODOM away.

  86. sling143 says:

    if this is true… it would really be big for the Lakers. This could further separate themselves from teams contending next season, Lebron’s team included.

    But I have worries about Bosh’s fit in the Lakers if this happens. This is Kobe’s team and we all know he loves to jack up shots and Pau is THE MAN in post for L.A. can he play as the third option in L.A.? and he isn’t like Lamar that plays off the ball go slashin’ in the middle. Bosh is more methodical-face-up or back-down PF not a hybrid SF like Lamar.

  87. Ishtradamus says:


  88. mark says:

    Look for Rockets GM Morey to show up with the “Red Rowdies” at Bosh’s house at midnight tonight trying to convince him to do a sign and trade deal with the Rockets. The Rockets can offer the Raptors Jared Jeffries, Jordan Hill, maybe a minor player or two and the Knick’s next 2 lottery picks (the Knicks will miss out on Lebron, Wade and Bosh and it will be their former player or players and draft picks that brings Bosh to Houston).

  89. Chris Bosh says:

    Bosh for Bynum or Odom ? that is a complete Rip off…Bynum has a knee issue and Odom is not the same player that he used to be before, i find this a complete Rip Off !

  90. bullsfan888 says:

    to lakers: neither lebron james nor kobe bryant can never ever be compared to michael jordan. michael jordan is a legend. he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. period.

    kobe is a spoiled player. he asked to be traded when there was no one to back him up in la. remember? so what did la do? they got pau gasol for kobe. lebron is almost the same as kobe. lebron demanded superstars to be with him in cleveland to make a run at the championship. shaq, jamison. mo, anthony parker, big z, west? you see, there’s not much difference between lebron and kobe.

    mj (michael jordan) did’nt demand superstars to be behind him. he didn’t have harper or rodman with him in his forst 3-peat. pippen was the only guy with him. michael jordan is the best. i’m just reiterating the fact.

    • uoykcuf says:

      ah! finally talking some senses. These guys give props to players too soon. Both kobe and lebron are still playing, let’s grade them after they’re retired. Then it will be a fair game to compare or whatever you guys wanted. It’ll be fair then to compare kobe to jordan, or kobe to LBJ. Comparing them now is like giving grades to students in the middle of the test. Remembered Penny? Grant Hill? Both next Magic and Jordan.

  91. STILL LA says:

    I don’t want Bosh in LA. I think he’ll just ruin LA’s chemistry. Bynum and Odom have been together for almost two or three years now, and Artest has been Odom’s pal. So why bring in another Ego absorbing player? Bynum is on the rise. and it will be tough for ant opponent when drew and Pau is out there.

  92. vik says:



  93. danrn says:

    the lakers doesnt nid any of the free agents in market. they have incredible roster that can surely win 3PEAT. GO LAKERs!

  94. lakerz fan says:

    bosh shuldnt be cumin 2 lakerz for bynum and odom, tatz whak, lakerz shuld stick to their team cuz they have the best chancez of winnin for the next couple of seasonz, lebron aint winnin any time soon

  95. jowel canlas says:

    I don’t know about that thing, Bosh to the Lakers for Bynum and Odom, i hope it wont happen considering the Lakers are aiming for that 3 peat, trading for Bosh might destoyed the Lakers championship chemistry because i dont think he’ll be a role player like Bynum and Odom, Odom is a key to the Lakers because of his ability to bring the ball and he’s a great passer too, and Bynum is a perfect pair with Gasol, i hope the Lakers wont bite on that trade. the Lakers must be focus on signing Fish and back-up point guard like Steve Blake or Luke Ridnour.

  96. kripbastard says:

    Lebron is a cry baby, He is just not good enough until he wins a ring.
    Bosh is seriously not good. I have no idea why people think he is ( he hasnt done anything in toronto ) he was the best player there but that was it seriously there’s not a good player in toronto maybe turkoglu but sub-par. If he really is great he couldve done something special atleast. or something to remember because i dont remeber anything that bosh has done in toronto.
    True Larry Bird can be considered one of the greatest players but like any other great players he had help. (try and look at the hall of fame list and you’ll see all the help he had)
    Also true that AI took his team to the NBA finals. I agree he was good but he never won a ring too. just like LeBron until he can suck up his ego he wont win one. (dont get me wrong i like AI)
    and also true that after kobe and shaq split. kobe had nothing with him. robert horry left,rick fox left,fisher left, well almost all of them left. and that was a fresh start. and just like any new super hyped rookie drafted 1st overall pick to carry a team w/out anything, (ex. LeBron James) Kobe did and it took 6 years of rebuilding a team. and now he has 2 more. so..all in all
    Phil Jackson will return to the lakers. they will resign derek fisher. sign another sub-par freeagent. and they will 3peat.
    end of story

  97. kobe the real king says:

    kobe is surrounded by superstars odom artest paul thats y he wants championships reply none of those guys wont get no championships with out kobe they said it them selfs so what those that tell you please stop comparing lebron with kobe and kobe with michael kobe has his own style of play and lebron dont have no style michael well you know michael

  98. G.Lee says:

    Hmmm….Lebron, Rose, Noah, Luol Deng and maybe Bosh. Who else do they have? Please tell me how that is an automatic championship team. Any when Kobe needed help in the Lakers down years, the Lake show didn’t have the best record in the league 2 years in a row nor the back to back mvp. Lets face it, Lebron is the millenium version of your Prince Carter and She Mac.. Very athletic players with no killer instinct. If Bosh really wants to win, he goes to LA. The core of the Lakers is signed for 3 more years and Bosh can win 3 in a row with that squad.

  99. jonney-raps says:

    what if…and i’m just throwing this out there….what if chris bosh go to the san antonio spurs. i believe that will be a very good fit for tim duncan, who’s obviously aging, quite faster than meets the eye. it’ll be like when the spurs signed duncan when the admiral was still around…. that might give them something to cheer about again….

  100. jonathan says:


  101. beast97 says:

    lebron had the team he wanted you cant say he didnt have a team because they had the best record in the league and come on now one man cant win 61 games by his self so he has to have a team so if yall want to say somethig like that then have some bask up info about it then

  102. lakersfan says:

    Imagine this. Gasol, Bosh, Artest, Kobe, Fisher. With a handful of good bench players. It’s gonna be 6 for kobe! And 17 for the lakers. By the way, it’s too early to call lebron “king”.

  103. Reggie says:

    It’s disappointing the thinking of basketball players today. I thought Bosh would embrace the team game theory which is what James Nasmith talked about from the very beginning when basketball was invited. He mentioned in that clip of wanting to be the main guy to focus around to build a team. I’ve followed basketball and have played basketball for many many years. I grew up watching Michael Jordan and Magic and the evolution into Kobe Bryant to Vince Carter. Having a Max contract doesn’t make you a great player, it just hampers the growth of a team to attract additions and make great trades to strengthen a team. Usually the “Superstar” that always goes by themselves for the $ ends up regretting it later in their pro careers. Case in point, Tracy McGrady leaving T.O. because he wanted to be “The Man” and the debacle between Shaq and Kobe. The most disappointing move was when McGrady decided to walk away from Toronto. The energy and the drive that Vince and Tracy brought was electrifying and they made basketball fun to watch. Sorry for the rant. I hate it when money becomes the main focus and it validates a players worth. It’s basketball and it’s fun to play and in the end, it’s just a ball bouncing. Great players are the ones that make others great around them through communication and through practice off the court. When talking about wanting to be “The Man”, usually signifies ego over healthy competition. Actions on the court are much louder than the size of the wallet. Maybe win a couple of MVP’s and through in a championship to get legends money.

  104. kb24 says:

    it better not be lamar odom, bynum and someone else but not odom

  105. Tmac11333 says:

    Come on people, Lebron is a GREAT player, BUT his team did win 65 games and everyone was ready to crown them, then they lose to the Magic. They again TOP the league and win 62 games. Then lose to Boston, thats 2 years straight to the team that went to the Finals. When it comes to crunch time LeBron hasn’t proven himself enough to be considered with Magic, Jordan, Bird, and yes Kobe (notice that all of these guys have atleast 4 championships). None of them did it by themselves, Magic had Kareem, Jordan had Pippen, Bird had McHale, and Kobe had Shaq, and most recently Pau. None of theses sidekicks took over the game late when it matters, and I just hate seeing LeBron get the sympathy card sayin he doesn’t have help. It’s how you use the help you have to set yourself up to take over, that wins you championships, which is somethin LeBron has yet to figure out. STOP CRYIN FOR LEBRON AND TELL HIM TO WIN WITH THE ALL STAR TALENT THAT HE ALREADY HAS!! Cause it really won’t matter where he goes it’s just goin to end up the same way….

  106. lol says:

    Why can’t Lebron just go to the lakers on a same deal as Bosh ????

  107. Oula says:

    During the finals I saw Bosh frequenting Staple Center and watching the LA Lakers as they play. To me that was an indication. If this deal goes through then the Lakers would be very dorminant while Kobe’s numbers dropping a little bit but still facilitating the offense. L.A’s success heavily hinges on KB24’s provision of what the team needs in the course of any game i.e. drawing double teams and kicking the ball to open man, perimeter defense or simply taking over everything and making history. We’ll see how it goes…..I don’t blame Bosh for willing to play with the winners…..3 straight trips to the finals and winning 2 of them. It is one thing to win a championship but to do it back-to-back with target on your back is another thing.Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! To God be the glory.

  108. andrewmcoss says:

    if bosh gos for Odom and Bynum i think that will be great for the raptors. and as a raptors fan i hope it happens because i think it will greatly help with their rebounding problems. Plus they would have the 3 most versatile big men (in my opinion) in the nba with turkoglu, Odom, and Bargnani, who are all big 6:10 plus players who can dribble, shoot, pass, and attack the rim consistently and with fingers crossed if Andrea Bargnani makes another big step like he did this year he could lead Toronto to a good playoff run with that supporting cast of Turkoglue, Bynum, and Odom. I also dont think you can over look the energy players they still have who can make a impact with athleticism and energy like Sonny Weems, Amir Johnson (if they resign him), Jarrett Jack, Marco Belinelli, and DeMar DeRozan. Plus with a little more luck if their rookies Ed Davis and Solomon Alabi turn out to b at least decent they will have great size and length. either way they would probably be the biggest team in the NBA if the triad happens so i hope it does happen

  109. magic95 says:

    I want bosh to the Lakers and LeBron and wade to chi town so we can have a great finals !!!!

  110. embeep24 says:

    you people are jerk,.cavs are still far from the lakers,.??ah shut that crap up,.the lakers are back to back champions,.and yet you called that creeps still far from the lakers??

  111. legend says:

    ok.. all of you saying lebron shouldnt be compared to kobe or jordan? well NOBODY should be compared to jordan. not even kobe

  112. Bill Collins says:

    Lebron will probably not go to Chicago because he is a superstar athlete that wants to prove that he’s better than everyone before him. What worse way to do that than to live under the shadow of the person who 70% of fans call the greatest. Lebron wants to build his dynasty elsewhere where he will be considered the all time best on that team, not be MJ’s little partner.

  113. tiley says:

    What ever happend to just you know liking the sport? i mean doesnt anybody care about just the game and not the big name stars anymore?

  114. lakers the best says:

    lebron the king????????kobe knows how to win specialy where it really matters….in the playoffs…….lebron????DONT THINK SO!!

    • uoykcuf says:

      when it really matters? Game 7? Kobe? know how to win?

      • Trey says:

        Yea, the lakers won that game didn’t they?…Just because someone isn’t scoring doesn’t mean they aren’t helping the team in other ways (rebounding, for example).

      • Mr.CEd says:

        Yeah! the Lakers win Game 7, Watch and Learn!, kobe got a big shot jumper, when it matters, and he’s the leading scorer in Game 7..

  115. ldhl89 says:

    Its really Stupid the discussion Lebron or Kobe
    Kobe-Fans are Jelous of all the attention that lebron has

    Kobe is overrated and the shooting guard with the most lucky in the NBA. just look Shaq, Malone, Payton, Gasol, Bynum, Artest. And Lakers is the most expensive team in the NBA

    Lebron is the Top efficience player in the NBA. Lebron can do everything, Kobe Just Shoot and is and individual player.

    Give to Dwayne wade Gasol, Bynu,, Artesr and Odom and you will see championchips
    Give Lebron wade Gasol, Bynu,, Artesr and Odom and you will see championchips

  116. Martin says:

    Pacalypse, you are dumb as ***. AI went str8 to the finals without a star player? What about Dikembe Mutombo? He was one of the the best C’s in the league.

  117. lebron says:

    jordan owned the 1990-1999. kobe owned the 2000-2009. lebron will be player of decade in the 2010-2019. and he will win many championships once kobe retires in a few years.

    • witness961 says:

      i agree, no question bout it mj owned the 90’s. but its arguable that shaq owned the early 2000’s and duncan owned the mid 2000’s, so does kobe really own the 2000’s???

  118. Punter says:

    I just watched Bosh’s free agent video profile on with him saying he would only sign with a team that would have him as the go to guy and centrepeice to build around. Hardly seems like the situation in LA with Kobe in town.

  119. Sterling says:

    they should Get AI,Bosh,LBJ, and resign wade theyll be unstoppable

  120. Free Agent says:

    So, he is thinking about going to the LAKERS? Didn’t he say that he wants to be the MAIN guy ? Oh well, good luck doing that with Kobe, Gasol, and Artest.

  121. J-Short says:

    Personally i dont think that bosh would be a good fit for the Lakers do to our size advantage would leave and our toughness unless we reincarnate Charles Oakly and sign him on board. i think we need to concentrate on resigning D-Fish and some quality backups.

    Lakers Fan since 87′

  122. Mika to "To Lakers" says:

    Kobe struggled in those years after shaq, sure he had no help but he was playing with kwame “the best center of all time” lol…. and smush parker the best pg in the d-league…. no one wonders what 81 point kobe would have done with antawn jamison and mo???
    Theres your LBJ comparison KLOSED…

  123. Andre Washington says:

    so think about it guys we dont need to give anyone away if we do it right wooo hooo go lakers.

  124. Andre Washington says:

    News flash if we dont get phil jackons back we dont get derick fisher back as a player, maybe a coach leaving salary space open and farmer is going so bosh if you want to come and play and get a title lakers got room and salary space because the pounds are getting shed.

  125. whatever says:

    if Bosh goes to Lakers that will be awe-to-the-some. remember, that Bynum’s endless injury nearly caused them a championship this year, and two years back then. Odom as we know has come off the bench and let’s just face it, he’s getting old. it would be a smart trade there but i don’t know if Bosh is willing to sacrifice his numbers for a ring in a team stacked with Kobe, Pau, and Artest though he has interests in going to LA.

  126. NBAfan03 says:

    Is it just me or should LeBron go to the Utah Jazz? They have Deron Williams(another gold-medal winner) and maybe resign Carlos Boozer or even snatch Chris Bosh. That is a trio that maybe very intriguing. I don’t know if it is possible but pulling that off is going to be NBA history.

  127. abey34 says:

    I really don’t know what to think of this. If Bosh does end up coming to the Lakers….it makes it even more unlikely that Shaq will return 😦

    Shaq is my fav player…

    • Some dude says:

      sorry abbey..ur dreaming..and plus shaq is ancient..his like…old enogh to be some players’ dad

  128. POET 310 says:


  129. LAKERS says:

    Queen James cannot be compered to big names like Kobe Bryant, Michel Jordan or even some one close to that because he need help from 2 other superstars to win a Championship. If he leaves the Cavaliers it’s because he’s scared to play the Lakers with his cheap ass team. Lebron is over rated and shouldent of got the 2 MVPs the last two years.

    • uoykcuf says:

      “If he leaves the Cavaliers it’s because he’s scared to play the Lakers with his cheap ass team.” If he got a cheap ass team, why is it so wrong to upgrade it? BUT i do agreed one thing, Ppl gave Lebron too much hype, he’s just a 2000 VC.

  130. Kobewantsu says:

    I think Bosh should come to Lakers that will be sick, i mean Kobe, Pau, Artest that would be the best trade trust me if Bosh comes to Lakers i guarantee 100% tat Bosh will get his 1st ring and Kobe 6th ring cmon Bosh come to LA

  131. Bosh to Lakers it”s all good! Bring it on.Kupchek can you pull this one off but don”t forget to sign Fisher. Yall can keep on hateng!!!!!!!!

    • mj says:

      Bost for Bynum is a terrible idea. With Bosh you have another Gasol. They will get in each other’s way, and when physical teams like Boston, Denver and San Antonio play LA they will get crushed. The Lakers definitely need to keep Bynum (and maybe get a better training staff so that he won’t get stupid injuries like a hyperextended knee while he is wearing a knee brace to protect his knee). They won the title two years in a row with him operating at 40%. If they have him at only 75% next year they should win it again. Without him they have not chance of beating any physical team in a playoff series.

  132. NBA Fan says:

    i think bosh’s ego is going to mess him up. you saw the video at the top of this page. “im the center piece” there are a lot of players that are better center pieces than Bosh. Lebron, Dwade, Broy, Melo, kobe, and if he thinks he can win against those guys he wont get anywhere. Bosh you are not a center piece. keep the confidence, but in this league you need the help of good team mates that will help you. and frankly you need to agree that you will be helping a guy like Lebron or Dwade and go with it. Championships = Teamwork, and a good center piece like LeBron, or this year it was Kobe. but kobe’s era is gone with Lebron and possibly another Max player teaming up. Buh bye kobe…

    • LAKERS says:

      AAAAAAAHAHAHA you are a idiot. This is what LAKER and KOBE haters say every year. But some how we just keep on winning.

  133. gc98 says:

    dissalusional kobe fans. when kobe has help 00,01,02 they win. a couple yrs later when that help is gone 05, 06,07 they dont even make the playoffs. how can anybody say lebron has help with 38 yr old shaq who can barely move. lebron takes his team to playoffs with garbage around him kobe does not. switch these 2 players positions lakers are still champions, cleveland doesnt even make the playoffs.

    • LAKERS says:

      More excuses from a LBJ fan! See what i mean. I tell you what Kobe fans are not dissalusional about, KOBES 5 rings!! How many does LBJ have! Thats a fact Jack!

      • LAKERS says:

        Oh and by the way KOBE had a sorry team in 05 06 and 07! Give me a second person on any of the squads that truly helped Kobe!

  134. Lakers the best says:

    1. Lakers are the best team in the Nba. I dont know why people say Lebron doesnt have a team. If you could win 66 games one season and 61 games the next season you have a team. Im pretty sure its just Lebron tries to play one on five basketball.
    2.If the Cavaliers wanted to win a title then they would have tried to acquire good free agents like Gasol when he was a free agent in a sign and trade deal.
    3.Sorry as you guys can see Kobe Bryant is the best player in the League today and second best in Nba History.
    4.How are you the number one seed 2 years in a row but lose in the playoffs semifinals and conference finals but in 2007 you were nowhere close to that record but got to the finals. Lebron and the Cavaliers have a bad omen in the team and until they fix that he might end up to be the next Charles Barkley or John Stockton many points many rebounds many assists but no ring.

    • LAKERS says:

      The people who say Lebron did not have a team this past year are complete morons and just LBJ fans!!!! He had the team to win it all. LBJ fans are just making excuses becasue he aint all that!!!

  135. LA2010CHAMPS says:

    Yall trippin Bynum & odom aint going nowhere! media just trowing up dumb assumptions that dont even make sence,there staying put in LA for a try at a 3peat

    • LAKERS says:

      I gotta admit! I would love to see Bosh replace Odom but not Bynum. Odom really has not shown up the last two years we went to the finals. So they should get rid of Odom!

  136. to "LAKERS" says:

    wow, do you not realise thw couple of years Kobe struggled after Shaq and Phil left? Guess voluntary amnesia didn’t oay off for you this time. Other than AI back in 2001, I can’t think of any other players who have single-handedly led their team to the Finals (OK, so Dikembe played a huge role, but he wasn’t Gasol back then).

    • APP_Master says:

      Lebron lead the Cav’s to the finals in 2007!
      Only to be beaten by a magnificent Spurs lineup.
      When Lebron get to his next finals (with Chicago) this wont happen again!

    • LAKERS says:

      I dont understand your point. Kobe had a sorry a@s team back then! Smush Parker, Kwame Brown. What kind of help is that. I remember that very well. But again, whats the point? By the way, learn how to spell!

      • APP_Master says:

        I was not comparing the LAK to CAV team of 2007. Just replying to “to “LAKERS”” comment above.
        But you want to go there…so here…
        Lebron (“single-handedly” – if you could ever call it that) took his team to the finals in 2007.
        Like AI in 2001. Unlike Kobe ever!
        Obviously it is rare for one-man to get his team the finals, let alone win it all.
        Every finals Kobe has been through (won or lost) was with massive true all-star help (Shaq’s era, now Gasol+others).
        Yes he has 5 rings, played his key role, will be remembered as a great of the game and is most definetly a future Hall of Famer. I give him props for what he has accomplished.
        I GUESS MY POINT IS: without the help (Kobe is not even close) and no “single” player will or ever will be.
        –PS. wil tri two spel rite four yu nekst tyme LAKERS–

  137. Steve says:

    I think that if markessn were to look at a few games when Larry Bird was in his prime, he’d see why Raptor4life made his comment. I pretty much agree with him too. I wonder what Bird’s career would have looked like if he had gone into the NBA at a much younger age. Kobe wouldn’t be in my top ten in case. Think Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, etc.

  138. jason says:

    this is very interesting stuff.i like chicago and hope they get someone good.i am so sick of the lakers winning i like new blood so i hope they dont get anybody.i like a competative league so i guess i hope a bunch of guys dont go to one team im sick of the big cities dominating sports what about the smaller ones?i do hope knicks improve though they are bad.this is the best free agency period since i can remember.should be fun

    • LAKERS says:

      You shouldnt watch basketball for the next 2 to 3 to 4 years then. Becasue the LAKERS will be winning! Last report, LAKERS are trying to work out a deal to snatch BOSH! You know what that means, another like 4 championships in a row. So get ready for that LAKER hater!!!!

      • MrCED says:

        Bulls become favorites because of Jordan, hey!!!!!c’mon Lakers win more more more!!!! Laker Haters always lost!!!! If you want new blood, its not Chicago! it’s the Thunder!!!! D-wade with KD, can be a good team vs, Lakers!! that match Up would change my mind, those are my Favorites!!!hehehe..

  139. Rajon Rondo says:

    once a superstar wins a championship, even crappy players become great support cast, and if he fails to win a championship people say he doesnt get help. i bet u if Lebron wins a ring with the Cavs Mo Williams and Parker will automatically be elevated to the ranks of Gassol and Artest

    • josh says:

      “once a superstar wins a championship, even crappy players become great support cast, and if he fails to win a championship people say he doesnt get help. i bet u if Lebron wins a ring with the Cavs Mo Williams and Parker will automatically be elevated to the ranks of Gassol and Artest”


    • JOnesy says:

      Someone finally got it right.

      • Some dude says:

        I completely agree with the thing about artest..but u cant say that gasol is crap…cmon

    • witness961 says:

      wrong because artest and gasol were already alls stars/superstars b4 joining the lakers and winning rings. gasol was number one option for his former team the grizzlies. and artest was defensive player of the year and was 1st option in sac and 2nd for teams like ind and hou. they were already stars. as for mo and parker they really dont have the star status. so its not because artest n gasol won rings thats why they are stars, they already were stars b4 that. so kobe really has had lots of star help to win. while lebron has not recieved star help yet.

      • MrCED says:

        Every Great Superstarts needs other stars to Shine More and Win More! Lebron needs at least 1 star to Win Championship but also needs great role players like Fisher, Bynum, and teamates who believe in themselves! Kobe wins championships because his teammates also want it! remember fisher .04?remember Horry? Remember Fisher and Artest at Game 7,2010? Every superstart needs a competitive Teammates!!! Kobe wins because he wants to Win, Lebron lost because he don’t want in Cleveland, he wants to become the next MJ not Kobe!

  140. […] Does Bosh Control The Market? « – Sekou Smith’s Hang Time Blog – Once again, if Bosh is this important to this many different teams, how could he not be the true pot stirrer of the summer? […]

  141. papi_chulo says:

    I don’t really care who’s going where or who’s teaming up with whom….I don’t care if bosh wade and the queen team up….it will still be 3peat!!! LAKERS BABY!!!!

  142. B. L. says:

    Please be an addition to Lebron though. Or, co-star. 🙂 #ChicagoBulls

  143. Aaron says:

    If Bosh and Dwayne Wade team up, the Heat would become my favourite team to watch. Love both of these players.

  144. FRench Fries says:

    After all those weeks/months of talks I still dont get how Bosh gets so much prop. The man is softer than Boozer, lacks athletism vs Stoudemire… man I cant see any upside in his game over Boozer or Stoudemire.
    Can anyone help me out on this one?? Am I missing something here??

    • AJ says:

      Boozers older than bosh
      Stat got nash.

      Bosh is MORE ALTHLETIC than boozer
      Bosh can creat his own shots alot better than stat.

      Bosh with a d.williams will get 30 points 12 boards each game
      Bosh with nash will do the same.

      • AJ says:

        and to add to that, did you see bosh play this year?

        He can own most PF and most C in the league.
        The guy is the second most talented PF in the league behind Pau gasol and bosh is MUCH stronger than pau

        I know. I watch every raptors game every season

  145. markessn says:

    larry bird my ass jordan is 20 times better

  146. Paul G says:

    I believe the one team that is being left out of the talks for Bosh are the Rockets. The Rockets are by far in the best position for a sign and trade with Toronto. Read part of Rocket’s GM Daryl Morey’s pitch-

    “I think (players) that are looking at the Rockets, they want the roster to look as good as possible and obviously Yao Ming is an unbelievable piece to have on a roster, a great center, an All Star and great teammate,” Morey said.

    “We feel like we’re a great destination. We don’t really feel like we’re the underdog. We think any free agent, when they take the time to look through their options – and they all will – they’re going to see us as a very interesting option. Obviously a great roster that’s ready to win. We’re adding one All-Star in Yao Ming back. We’re hoping through free agency we can add another All Star. We have a lot of stability with our owner being one of the top owners in the league and our coach obviously (having) been one of the top coaches in the league. That’s something not many of the destinations can offer. Houston is a great city, the best weather during the season as any NBA city. No state income tax.

    “If free agents out there want to be a global presence, we have more people tuning in to our regular season games each game than the Super Bowl. We have a lot to offer and we have a roster that’s built like a championship roster ready to win. I think the free agents out there focused on winning will see us as a great destination.”

  147. TO LaKers says:

    “All i have to say is Lebron should never ever ever ever ever ever ever be mentioned in the same breath as Kobe or Jordan.
    you say that because you’re a LaKer fan, but a Bulls fan could tell the same about Kobe, dont get me wrong because Im not a hater , just saying that all those mega stars including MJ and Kobe had help from his mates (pippen Shaq) bacK then.
    Theres no way 1 single player could carry a whole team to the finals.

    • Pacalypse says:

      ow man u sayin that no one could carry a team to the finals on his own? then let me remind u of 2001. do u remember the days back then? it was the answer allen iverson carrying a 6ers team with “co-stars” like eric snow. man, perhaps a.i. was the only guy in the history of the nba to take a team to the finals all alone. now we just see the big 3, big 4, big-what-ever! the nba got screwed when the lakers stole pau and boston build the big 3. if lebron, wade and bosh now team up to be champions, ok they’ll be champs but not big players to me cause they couldn’t do it on their own and besides wade none of them has the heart to be a champ.
      wade is a true great but all lebron does is arguing about things. he has no help, the refs are doin wrong calls… bosh is a good player with heart and he can fight but he definitly needs someone like wade or maybe kobe besides him cause they are emotional winners. they really make players around them better. bosh is the centerpice of this class cause he is the on everybody wants to team up with someone. like i said the best would be if bosh teams up with wade or kobe. but as long as the lakers don’t pull of a sign-and-trade it should be the heat getting bosh.

      • APP_Master says:

        Lebron took Cavs to finals in 2007 (with no star help)
        Spurs were just too good a team (Duncan, Parker, GInobli in their primes +Barry, Horry, Finley)
        Lebron is a better player today, but still needs true help.
        I predict…Lebron to Chicago. Bosh will follow, Then let the championships flow…

    • LAKERS says:

      How in the world could a bulls fan say than about Kobe? The man has 6 championship rings. How many does Lebron have? Your right i am a LAKER fan, but also a realist! Lebron has been hyped up since he came into the league. He is the so called King, right? If he is that great why does he need two more all stars on his team to get a ring. I rest my case. Kobe is the man! Lebron does not and will not ever compare to Kobe or Jordan. ESPECIALLY if he joins with wade and bosh. For the record, Lebron had the team to win it all this past year. But he couldnt get it done because he aint KOBE!!!!

      • LAKERS says:

        My bad, the man has 5 rings!!!!

      • witness961 says:

        first of all 3 of those 5 rings are really shaq’s rings. and the recent ring was won coz of artest. in a deciding game 7 the only game that matters is that game and kobe didnt show up. 6 of 24 fgs. artest kept them close and he hit the dagger. in MJs 6 rings they were really all his. pippen and the bulls jumped on MJs back and MJ brought them to victory. thats why MJ has 6 finals mvps coz all 6 of his championships are really his. in kobes first 3 rings he jumped on shaqs back, not shaq jumping on kobes back. thats why kobe doesn’t have 5 for 5 finals mvp is coz the first 3 championships are not his.

      • cr0nic says:

        hey witness, let me remind you that those are not shaq’s ring coz he can’t even shoot a free throw. so please don’t even compare shaq’s talent to kobe. nuff said…

      • witness961 says:

        first of all cr0nic, i wasnt comparing shaqs talent to kobes…they are two very diff players. what i was saying is that the main reason lakers won in 00, 01, n 02 was because of shaq, he was after all the finals mvp in all 3 of those championships. if kobe was replaced with another shootig gaurd star at that time like iverson, or carter, to play alongside shaq then lakers would have still won. but if shaq was replaced by another center star like robinson or mourning to play alongside kobe then lakers wouldve not won a ring in the early 2000s. 00, 01, 02 championships are shaq’s ships and shaq was the captain kobe jus happened to be onboard as a crew member.

        MJ greatest of all time, LBJ next in line.

      • Shadster says:

        @witness961, Kobe’s first 3 rings were really Shaq’s? well a) everyone on a team that won gets to wear a ring b) Kobe was as important as Shaq was (you’d know that if you actually watched the games, especially the 2000 West Finals against Portland, The Finals against Indiana, the 2002 West Semis against SA, and the 2002 West Finals against Sacto, but I doubt you watched); Shaq was the focal point of the offense on those championship teams, but Kobe was the facilitator (again, you’d know that if you’d actually watched).
        And, Kobe won this year because of Artest, so freaking what? The man had some help, what’s wrong with that? MJ couldn’t have won squat without John Paxson hitting a big shot, Steve Kerr hitting a huge 3, Scottie making a big defensive play, Dennis Rodman grabbing a big rebound, etc… Stop hating on the man with senseless arguments.

      • witness961 says:

        shadster, im not hating on kobe, im jus stating that shaq was the MAIN reason why they won in 00, 01, and 02. here are some facts to backup my statment:

        2000 finals : shaq 38 ppg @ .611 fg%, 16.7 rpg,
        kobe 15.8 ppg@ .367 fg%, 4.6 rpg
        finals mvp : shaq

        2001 finals : shaq 33 ppg @ .573 fg%, 15.8 rpg
        kobe 24.6 ppg @ .415 fg %, 7.8 rpg
        finals mvp : shaq

        2002 finals : shaq 36.3 ppg @ .595fg%, 12.3 rpg
        kobe 26.8 ppg @ .514 fg%, 5.8rpg
        finals mvp: shaq

        and you said it yourself “Shaq was the focal point of the offense on those championship teams”-shadster

    • Omari says:

      Lebron at 22 led a mediocre Cavaliers team to the finals in 07, Iverson led the Sixers to the finals in 01, Hakeem won the 94 finals with no other real star but that was a different era still difficult though…. kobe had his chance to prove that he could single handily Lead a and he didnt make it to the playoff 1 yr and got 2 first round bounces straight until they somehow got a magical gift from Jerry West ( Laker Great) with Pau Gasol

  148. Jon W. says:

    If Chris Bosh does go to Miami (with Wade already there), then the Heat need to either get rid of Beasley or get rid of O’Neal. Preferably O’Neal, because he said him and Bosh didn’t work too well together. Or get rid of both. Then you can look to guys like Rudy Gay, Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Paul Pierce, Brad Miller, and Shaq and convince some of them to come in and fill up the roster, make it a strong one.

    If I were the Heat organization, I’d go for Bosh, then get Brad Miller and Shaq (one back-up, one starter) for some quality, if not GREAT quality bigs at center, and they need to get them for as little money as possible. Then the Heat should look to getting Tony Allen, and if they can do that if they have enough money, they can try to get either Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, or Rudy Gay. Preferably Ray Allen or Rudy Gay. Rudy Gay because he has lots of potential still, and he’s young and athletic. Athletic wings work well with Wade, like Jamario Moon. He’s good at setting them up on the break, and so on. In other words, it’s a good mix. If the Heat CAN’T get Rudy Gay, then they should look at Ray Allen as a wing player cuz of what he can offer as a shooter and a player who doesn’t need to handle the ball too much. If they can’t get either Rudy Gay or Ray Allen, then look to Paul Pierce.

    • MrCED says:

      If Bosh would go to miami, i think they need a Center that can rebound more, get Udonis Back, they also need a great 3pt Shooter, and a Small forward like David lee.

      If Bosh go to the Lakers, much better, for Odom or Bynum because of teh injury, but i prefer Odom to leave if they have no other choice, the LAKERS need to make a move to improve as soon as possible before Kobe retires,

  149. richard says:

    First of all, I don’t think LeBron will be willing to join Kobe and Co. because there’s a BIG EGO problem. If Bosh is going to Lakers, then I believe they can will 4 more championship in a row. The best team NBA have ever have…

    • Realist says:

      Wont compare to the bulls teams of the 90’s everyone knew their roll and how to work their spot. I do believe they have the record for most wins in a season. If Jordan never took his act to the diamond there is no reason we could not have swept the 90’s. The only other teams to win a championship during that time occured when Jordan wasn’t around. Case in point.

      • LAKERS says:

        What the hell is your point!!! It was a completely different era then what it is now. This is 2010, what the hell do the 90″s have to do with today. Sounds like your stuck in the past. So what big deal, if Jordan didnt start playing baseball
        you coulda swept the 90″s. Well Jordan did switch to baseball and he didnt sweep the 90″s. So get over it and stop talking about stuff that does not matter!!

      • colow says:

        i agree, that bulls team will remain the best or one of the bst ever. if bosh goes to the lakers, there wont be another team
        (especially in the east) in the nba that can stop them, unless lebron goes to chicago. wade and lbj is a dream but youll have 2 superstars and then what? a bunch of 2nd rate players around them. itl be deja vu for lebron like in his first couple of years in th L.

  150. Ruffhouse says:

    If LeBron teams up with Bosh and Rose they still will get dismantled in the finals by L.A. LeBron doesn’t have what it takes. His only chance is if he teams up with Wade.

  151. Ruffhouse says:

    Say it ain’t so. The King, not the King. He needs two superstars on his team to win. It’s kind of hard to be called the King with someone better than u on your team(Wade) and another superstar. That’s equivalent to Pierce saying he’s the best in the world with KG,Allen and a whole lot of veterans on that 08 team. I don’t mind LeBron and Wade or LeBron and Bosh, but all 3. So much for being a King. I tried to tell everyone LeBrick was overrated when he came to the league. No one wanted to listen. Now everyone is seeing it. This dude team won 61 games in the regular season but he has no team. Game 5 vs Boston he had 15 points and his team had 73. Seems he had help to me. Oh, i forgot he had a bum elbow in that game and Delonte screwed his moms. It’s funny how his elbow was hurting in the losses and just fine in the wins. LeBron is a glorified Charles Barkley and that’s all to it.

  152. QuestionMark says:

    If Bosh does leave Toronto then there is no way in hell I want him to go to the Lakers… Kobe doesnt need like 5 more championships lol
    If he leaves then He should go to Chicago with Lebron.. Both Lebron and Bosh need a ring and Chicago is the place.. with Rose and Noah and a decent SG..Bosh and Lebron are set for another few years.
    P.S I dont want Bosh to leave.

    • LAKERS says:

      All i have to say is Lebron should never ever ever ever ever ever ever be mentioned in the same breath as Kobe or Jordan. If Lebron has to team up with another superstar to win championships how can you compare whatever legacy he is trying to build to two great players for one stuck with the franchise that drafted them and won multiple championships with that franchise. Lebron had the team to win last year and could not get it done. So now he wants to team up with two other all stars to win a ring. And he calls himself the King. Yea righ!!!!!!!! You can never compare Lebron to Kobe!! Kobe is the real king!!!!

      • da bulls says:

        cuz the lakers brought superstars to him (kobe)…otherwise you would be wearing someone elses jersey….think kobe couldn’t be who is without phil jackson, shaq, gasol, artest, like wise like wise……he wants to still try to be jordan…never will happen

      • Raptor4life says:

        what about gasol? Odom? artest? Ariza? Shaq? Kobe has always been surrounded by superstars and stating anything else is ridiculous. PS Larry Byrd is better than both Kobe and Jordan

      • colow says:

        @raptor4life: the real success of a superstar is down to the front office. all the players you mentioned were accuired to compliment kobes great playing. lebron has had the same calbire of players around him but hasnt been able to acheive nothing but a couple MVPs. im not comparing their skill coz theres things lebron can do that kobe probably cant, but its clear whos legacy will be worth remembering.

      • kensshin0789 says:

        Are you kidding me?Ariza,Odom and Artest the reason why kobe won championship!!!!??????Ariza and Odom are not even all star.This guys made heroic acts because they made crap and lot of mistake and thanks to them they were in the position they were.Ariza have a lot ,a lot of bad night just like artest.Artest have even more bad nights.Gasol wasn’t in the top 5 powerfoward list,but we all know he was underrated.For me to kobe to be a super legend is not to have 7 rings or 8.Is to make a four peat.Then kobe will defend the title three time in this era something the celtics only did in their era and win without phil.

      • Lakers's fan! says:

        no body ever ON NBA history has win a championship by himself! Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan had a great team! Paul pierce had a great team! also wade! Magic! Larry! including the spurs! so if a superstar wins a championship give the credit to the superstar and give credits to the rest of the team!
        But that doesn’t mean that they were less important because at the end they were the big players who lead their great teams to a championship!

      • Omari says:

        what a freakin dummy u r LAKERS… didnt jordan play with another top 50 greatest player of all time (pippen)?, didnt kobe play with the most dominant big man in the 2000s (a prime shaq) and is now playin with a future first ballot Hall of Famer (Gasol).. Lebron has never even played with a another real All-Star beside him (Mo Williams only got there becuz Jameer Nelson wuz injured and couldnt play) Lebron hasnt even played on a team with another player besides himself that averaged at least 18 ppg the season or the playoffs…. So y cant he finally go team up with another star??… Superstar has won multiple championship without another Star beside them… Examples: MJ-Pippen, Magic – Kareem & Worthy, Bird- Mchale & Parrish, Wilt- West & Baylor, Hakeem- Clyde(second ring only), Duncan-Parker & Ginobli, Russell- Cousy & Sharman and yes even Kobe was once opon a time a sidekick Shaq-Kobe and now Kobe- Gasol…. notice that every player on this list is a Hall of Famer or Future HOF and most of them r sidekicks players who had or have the capability to carry the load when the superstars were not at their best… now u tell me which one of Lebron teammate of any team he has played on from (2003- Present) stack up to the “sidekicks” on this list and giv me one good reason why he shouldnt be mentioned with Jordan or Kobe if he leaves and teams up with another Star

      • Omari says:

        i meant to say No Superstar has ever won multiple championship without another star at their side

      • fedor says:

        odom, ariza and ron ron superstars?? please.. LOL

      • witness961 says:

        in the 06-07 season lebron had no superstars on his team but still managed to lead the cavs to the nba finals. in the 03-04 season kobe also had no superstars on his team and he managed to lead the lakers to miss the playoffs. kobe is the one who can’t succeed without another superstar. kobe has had A LOT of help to win, he had/has superstars like shaq(in his prime), gasol, artest, malone, payton, and he has the luxury of odom coming off the bench, and also a championship experienced coach. any superstar like lebron, wade, melo, even iverson, tmac, and vince would have been winning if they had all the help kobe’s gotten.

        MJ greatest of all time, LBJ next in line.

      • LAKERS 1 says:


      • Lakerfanbeforeshowtime says:

        Preach brother preach…Kobe is the best hands down and its because of the pure passion and killer instinct just like MJ had. Lebron is a hell of a talent but he just does not have the killer instinct and the dedication like a Kobe or MJ. I think that the Lakers will win the next 2 championships and the only way they could be challenged would be that Lebron builds a super team with two other all stars to compete with the Lakers. I used to like the bulls in the Jordarn era but Jerry Krause and the orginzation screwed it all up and nobody is going to chicago and you can put that in the bank. LIke the other said the bulls are cursed.If they had not did what they did then the bulls could have ran away with at least 3 more titles.I think out of the east Miami will come out the clear winner. We can speculate all we want but soon we will find out whats really good.

      • OldSkool says:

        Hey LAKERS, just like to say I agree with the comment about a player building a legacy by staying with the team that drafted them….Kobe was drafted by the Hornets. What did Kobe do the year after Shaq left? Did the Lakers even make the play-offs? It wasn’t until the Lakers brought Gasol to the franchise and Odom and Fisher were both back that they were anywhere near contenders again. And it’s not like Jordan was surrounded by chumps either. In the Bulls first 3 – peat Jordan had a couple of players with him that you might have heard of before like; Pippen, Grant & Paxson. The 2nd 3 – peat featured Pippen, Rodman and Kerr. Each time Jordan had a great swing man (Pippen) a tough defending and rebounding power forward (Grant/Rodman) and a stone cold 3pt shooter (Paxson/Kerr). This league is too good for one player to win it all by themselves. If LeBron and Kobe had of switched teams at the start of last season, LeBron would have got the ring and Kobe would be left wondering “what the heck am I doing in Cleveland”.

      • kensshin0789 says:

        Omari you must be a lebron retarded fanatic and the answer was Shaq.Why do you think Shaq was in the cavalier?Wasn’t he HOF?Why did the Cavs have the best record for like the rest of the season after december and they took down the lakers two times?Shaq was the big factor in those wins against the lakers and in the season.Why did lebron won the mvp???I remember very well all the nba analyst after lakers lost to the cavs the mvp should be lebron.Was Lebron injury the reason he couldn’t play well against boston?The famous Lebron injury.That bull**** Lebron knew he couldn’t deafeat celtics or lakers in the playoff.This two team always goes in power saving mode.Even Orlando goes in balanced mode.But lebron team is always in high performance when they reach the final goal the fans overheat.If lebron want to win he should go to the bull.Is increidble how the bull got the same record 41-41 without ben gordon and so many injury rose,noah and deng.The only team worse in injury was golden state warrior and even the lakers have a lot of injury at the beggining of the season.Cavaliers they were fresh and rocking all the injured one.Thanks referee too ,making lebron team look great when is not.I still remember those bogus seven ofensive fouls that gave rodney stuckey a seizure.Always bogus call in those cavs game.Other mistakes Atwan jamison what a joke and mike brown(pass the ball to lebron,please) coaching style another joke.

  153. panda bear says:

    THIS IS NO JOKE: i hav just heard reports tht the toronto raptos will trade chris bosh to the miami heat for perhaps mario chalmer michael beasly and other pieces

    • bballer says:

      That sounds like a very likely scenario

    • tata says:

      Miami DOESN”T have any other pieces. Those two guys are the only ones signed.

    • rich20 says:

      its not possible, the heat only have 2 players under contract. The only way the heat will do the sign and trade is if toronto gets beasley which in my opinion a low ball offer.

    • MrCED says:

      Bosh to L.A. for Odom , Super Team: can be a good starting power forward, Gasol at center, Bosh,, Artest Kobe, Fisher, plus Bynum (until his knee heals), if Bosh wants to be the center of attention, that would happen after kobe leaves, Bosh will have his great team after….

      or if not, Bosh-Wade, with David lee is a great combi,

  154. da bulls says:

    2011 nba finals….lebron vs kobe….bulls win again against the lakers!

    just like back then 20 yrs…1991 nba finals…bulls beat the lakers…mj vs magic

    lebron we want you in chi town….bring along amare and joe…..maybe bosh for amare

    • royland says:

      KEEP ON dreaming. bulls is cursed because the way they treated mj.

    • mike says:

      in your dreams!!!

    • MrCED says:

      Bulls??Hello!!! MJ is the only Bull w/ Rodman, pippen, Grant, etc. after that, No more Bulls! That’s teh problem Cleveland is Facing now!be scared Clevelanders, James is Overrated since coming to the league, the Truth is, Wade is better than Lebron, Wade is more exciting than Lebron, but Wade also needs help like kobe, so, your Kings needs Warriors willing to fight for their lives!!!

  155. da bulls says:

    2011 nba finals….lebron vs kobe….bulls win again against the lakers!

    just like back then 20 yrs…1991 nba finals…bulls beat the lakers…mj vs magic

    lebron we want you in chi town….bring along amare and joe…..

    • LAKERS says:

      I really dont know what makes you so sure of that. How many times has Lebron takin the cavs to the playoffs. How many times has he been successful. AHHH yea, thats what i thought. Until Lebron proves himself, shut that crap up!!!!

      • Antoine says:

        Lebron James never had a team like Kobe had this year. He had a great playoff run some years ago with a bad team. The cavs were the best this year (during lebron era) and still far from the lakers

      • da bulls says:

        don’t be scared….hehehe well first of all, theres a whole lota better players than the cavs have had behind lebron in cleveland…derek rose, noah….people that wanna win…and if bosh or stoudemire go too than sorry lake show over…so don’t get your pants in a whad…think phil leaving the lakers too..sorry

      • tata says:

        Yeah, MeBron never had a team like Kobe…65 wins last year and 62 wins this year…poor MeBron. There is no team that compete with MeBron’s ego. There is NO WAY he can play with another star because he has to be the center of attention. A legend in his own mind.

      • bob says:

        da bulls..
        you just said that the bulls have lota better players than the cavs had…rose and noah…uhh thats two. and i would feel safe saying that those two match to mo and shaq and varejao and jamison…so i really dont think your gettin your point across the bulls just traded hinrich. and you are depending the bulls on having a better team on wether or not they bring in someone with leboron..and i dont think that will happen.

      • royland says:

        i agree, queen james aint won nothing yet. the bulls had their 5 min of fame.GO LAKERS

      • RM11 says:

        well rose is a million times better than mo williams, shaq is so old that he cant even move, jamison plays no defense, and varejao is a decent player but he is no game changer, so yes lebron with one of the top 5 pgin the league with rose and with a great defender like noah would go farther than where he went with the cavs

      • #23LBJ says:

        LeBron Was MVP This Year And Last Year He And Kobe Are At The Same Level Of Winning
        Just One Has A Better Team And The Other Is Just A One Man Army.LeBron Is The Best But I
        Never Saw Michael Jordan By Himseld (Scotty Pippen) (Phil Jackson) (John Paxson) Great Players
        And A Excellent Coach.Running A 3p Well Look LeBron Goes To Chicago Him,Derrik Rose,Wade
        Maye Even Bosh And Jokim Noah Cavs Gave Him A Good Run But This King Needs A Ring!

      • darian says:

        the bulls cant afford wade lebron and bosh

    • jun says:

      lbj23 @ chicago with rose is almost a shoo in for the NBA finals

      • mjohnson says:

        If Lebron got the 65 & 62 wins respectively, he didnt get the championship ring into his hand.even he will go to bulls this 2011. LAKERS GOT THE BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONSHIP……GO LAKERS!!!

  156. Zzanzabar says:

    Both Toronto and Cleveland face the same problem losing a marque player with no return. If Bosh to LA for one or two players, why not Wade or even Lebron? I know, I know why mess up a winning formula with a sure to be ego clash with Alpha males. But it IS possible. Personally Lebron’s best hope to make it through to the finals is to say on the East coast and not go through the gauntlet that made up by the over competitive West (that is if he doesn’t sign with the ‘big dog’ on the block Lakers),

    • JustAGuy says:

      This is probably just an attempt to stir some ideas, maybe make those guys doubt each other. I hope they are smart and not reading anything in the news and choose their destiny. It is time to build some dynasties out there, and there is plenty of talent to do so. As we’ve seen this year, it is the rivalries that can make the NBA the most watched sport, not the “everybody must get their wins” approach.