Shaw To Cleveland?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Don’t count the Cavaliers out just yet Cleveland.

There is hope that you can keep the hometown kid, LeBron James, from bolting for another NBA destination.

If these reports are true about Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw being the Cavaliers’ next coach, this could be a great sign for your chances of swaying James to stay put.

If James is looking for the right kind of coach to help guide his career for the next four or five years, or more, he could do a lot worse than the man many tabbed as Phil Jackson‘s heir apparent in Los Angeles.

Shaw’s 14-year playing career, particularly his time spent mentoring and policing Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, makes him uniquely qualified to deal with players of that caliber.

And his hand in five championships (two as Jackson’s assistant and three as a player) give him a perspective on winning that James hasn’t been able to draw upon during his first seven seasons in the league.

Perhaps even more important, this is a good news situation for the Cavaliers. They’ve been tossed aside as an afterthought in the LeBron sweepstakes since both Mike Brown and Danny Ferry were removed and departed the premises, respectively.

Shaw’s arrival could be the jolt they need, ahead of the midnight July 1 deadline for the open of free agency, to pump some life back into their Keep-The-King-At-Home campaign.


  1. WhatDoYouThink? says:

    it is simple, Lebron needs a good experienced coach who will tell him “you need to start playing as a team, and let not your big EGO interfer your game from winning a championship.” We know Lebron James has a potential to win a championship game. But! We should remember that there is no “I” in team.We pause for a moment and ask this, “Can the other Cavaliers support the King in conquest for Gold?” if the Cavs could not get an experience coach who will lead LEBRON and the Cavaliers , then as a last resort Lebron should decide and go to the “Chicago Bulls” where they have a good coach and a team who would help the King in winning a championship.. lets face it, the Chicago Bulls is a team not to recon with. they have a high chance going to playoffs with Derick Rose as there super star. And what more if Lebron was in the team?? OMG! MJ with the help of Scotty Pippen won 6 championship. The King in Chicago? Lets just say that Lebron could not count how many championship he would win in Chicago with his fingers alone.

  2. Vijay says:


  3. Frank Lee says:

    Everyone fails to realize that LeBron is not the caliber player that can do what players like Kobe, Wade, Iverson, Magic, Bird, and Rondo are. All the afore mentioned players can drive to the board, change directions, without using a crab dribble, and stop on a dime. Lebron on the other hand must either go all the way to the basket, thus possible getting a charge, depending on the team who he is playing against, or stay at the three point line dribbling for 20 seconds before hoisting a three point shot. If his shot is off, and you keep him out of the lane, he is in trouble. He has no mid range jumper. He can’t post with his back to the goal. Make no mistake, he is a superstar, but he might end up like Barkley (no ring), who by the way, handled the ball a lot better than him, thus getting between the seams, and or posting up. It is hard to be the man, when you can not post, or find your way to the basket, regardless of the defense.

  4. CAM THE MAN says:


    • stayingput says:

      wow…i see you know something bout bball but lets be real…d-wade is better than GAY and BOOZEr

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  6. KB8 says:

    Lebron is a child in a giant body. He can’t lead on his own or win on his own, but for some reason walks around like I should be impressed. Give him anything he wants. My money still sys that he’ll choke again next year. Shaw as coach won’t change anything either, best case senario, Lebron ends up with Wade (who is a winner and leader) and Wade drags his petulant a$$ through the second round of the playoffs and possibly to a finals. But wherever he ends up and who ever his coach is. The likelihood of Lebron winning a championship are slim unless he learns he’s the big gun in the bag, but he’s not the guy carrying the bag. Ya get me?

  7. karoro arnold says:

    if he leaves cleveland he aint king n will never be, all he needs is amire or nowitzki t at cleveland inorder 2 win

  8. vencedor says:

    Leaving the Cavs is stepping backward for Lebron, he is not the kind of player who will adjust to another team’s established system, the team’s system has to adjust to him. With the Cavs, he is closer to championship. They just need reliable PG and C.

  9. James says:

    If the Cavalier’s cant provide L.J with support than L.J cant provide support for himself. ala you cant build champs around K.G or Ray Allen.. but put the tre together and you can scratch something out… weak, atleast KOBE can be built around… that’s the definition of a franchise player.

  10. Vijay says:

    Lakers should sign David Lee , Boozer or Dirk Nowitzki! haha but i think it would be hard, cause you know that andrew bynum always gets injured, can you imagine, pau,kobe,dirk/lee/boozer, fish,ronron,lamar,bynum and mob, dude that will be great for a run at a three peat, guys if you want to win a championship LA is the place to be, look at lucky ronron he joined the lakers and won a title and improved his playing skills, like ariza won a title and improved his game, every player that goes in the hand of the zen master becomes a better player like kobe,shaq, mj haha LAKERS THE BEST!!!

  11. KobeBryanthas5lbjnone says:

    it doesnt really matter where lebron james goes .cuz we all know the lakers got next year in the bag. lebron needs verizon cuz he aint getting a ring. hes a quitter. i feel bad for cleveland fans, lebron straight up quit on that team. he knew the celtics were too much and he threw in the towl. its clear all he wants is money and he will get his money. he aint no where near kobe. broken finger, bang up knee, spained ankles it doesnt matter, kobe bryant is a winner.

    • CBazz says:

      Everyone talks about Kobe and how much beter he is than Lebron. Yes he has more championships but it took getting both Phil Jackson and Shaq to get the first 3. It was then 7 years before he got one without Shaq and it took another big name “Gasol” to do that even with Phil. Lebron took the Cavs to the Championship by himself in his in his 4th season. At this point in his career Lebron is better than Kobe was in his 7th season. Don’t get me wrong Kobe is a great player but it did take him 7 years his 10th season to get a championship as the #1 goto guy.

  12. Vijay says:

    all the time i open up NBA.COM it’s always where will lebron go, would lebron leave the cavs, is he joining the knicks, dude we know his one of the best player in the world, but his not the only player in the NBA. I know if where will Lebron go for the next season it will be the front page of the News Paper, but lets also talk about some players that can make impact besides lebron,wade,amare,bosh,joe j. , like david lee , boozer, and some talented. all of the playes in the NBA are good players, but some are really great! Lakers should add one free agent in their roster, a useful free agent 😀 peace

  13. sk says:

    First of all, there is no I in team so Lebron CANNOT win a championship by himself. He needs helping players who can create their own shot and ultimately score at a high percentage. Sure a good coach is something every young superstar wants but sometimes you just need better players around you. Besides, ALMOST all, if not ALL, of the coachs in the NBA are top-notch coachs. It is the players on his team that are the culprits that make the coach look bad or its just that the coach is using the wrong offence and defense strategies however, this does not matter because good players play basketball and win games. Sorry Cleavland fans, I really hoped that Lebron would stay because I’ve always imagined him staying in Cleavland like Kobe in LA, but it seems to me like the team is just not suited to his style of playing in that he doesn’t have anyone who he can depend on to be a scorer when he cannot score himself (for a short stretch of period of course).

  14. Roryxt says:

    Labron could win a championship with the Cavs if he stays. He did not play a full season with Jamison. I would move him to the 1 with Parker or a nice player at the 2. Get a nice 3 and a athletic 5. Keep Shaq to beat up Howard when they play the Magic, 10 to 15 min a game. Take the challenge, that no one else could do with the Cavs, win that Championship for his home state. Now that’s real talk!

  15. KB24 says:

    Who cares where the queen ends up……he wont be winning any titles soon. people forget who the champs are and where the trophy resides…that will be in LA. its not like soon as lebron signs some where they are guaranteed a title…….Kobe has 5 or 6 good years left in him and i dont see anybody in the near future taking it from them.

  16. NbaFab24 says:

    Lebron will decide what team he wants to be in. What Lebron wants is a Championship. Do you really think hes going to win one in N.Y? david lee and bron? dont think so. he needs a teamate thats a shooting threat and one that runs plays. N.Y just sucks, one tip to james : going to N.Y = No Ring.

    Chicago? He should go there. Derrick Rose + Lebron? BEAST. Rose = ALL-STAR , Lebron = All STAR.
    Rose is a PG , that can b run both courts and can shoot, with lebron on his team , they could make it to the Eastern Conf Finals. and MAYBE , MAYBE just MAYBE , he could win 1 ring.

  17. Sunsman says:

    Got 2 things to say….1. Lebron is the NBA’s best athlete, not the best player, his physical gifts have escalated him to stardom, but time and again I see him as a limitation to his team because everyone just gets out of his way instead of playing a team game, examples of better players are Kobe, Wade, and Steve Nash (and yes I know Nash isn’t a great defensive player but who else has 50/40/90 for four seasons whilst leading the league in assists for 3 of those same seasons). 2. Would love to see Phx and Dallas getting together and trading Amare for Dirk. Just my personal dream.

  18. Ruffhouse says:

    Que 128
    He wasn’t 100%!!!!!!!! I forgot, his shoulder was hurt in the losses and just fine in the wins. LeBron is overrated, just face it dude.

  19. Ruffhouse says:

    The bottom line is LeBron is not as good as what people make him. In order for him to win a ring, he will have to play second fiddle to another superstar. BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. proctor says:

    the lakers need to pick up a good free agent this summer if they want to remain a sure fire champion for next season. with this many free agents the lakers can’t just let everything unfold with out getting their hands dirty or some other team will surpass the lakers.

  21. joyzking says:

    shaw to cavs..? i dont think so. he will stay to lakers, lakers need shaw in the future if pj still comes back this next season.. LB said he wants to be a champ, then he should go to the team that can match his desires to win and that is BULLS with rose and noah. and if there still chance to get another big man, dont hesitate to get david lee coz he is such a good player to help the king. other super stars are so freakin’ expensive but david lee? damn man. .i know he will be fit with king. .

    • CBazz says:

      Shaw wants to be a head coach not an assistant. Cavs offer him a shot at being the man “NOW”. Lebron is on the record saying he would like to play in the traingle offense. The Bulls are a terrible organization they handle their players horribly. Rose is OK but he has to have the ball to be happy, will he give it up to Lebron “a point Forward” who demands the ball. I don’t think so. I do agree with Davis Lee he would be a good fit. Unless Chicago gets a proven coach and another big name he is not going. Plus Cleveland said they will not sign and trade but if push comes to shove they will and I would not rule that out leaving Chicago in the dust. I really don’t see Lebron leaving for a lot of ???

  22. joyzking says:

    Lebron plus rose plus noah plus david lee = CHAMPION. dont get another super stars, just david lee is enough to add in the line up.

  23. que128 says:

    For all the haters. Lebron ain’t going know where. Lebron knows where the love is. He loves us genuinely and we love him and he knows that. The Cavs is making the smartest move out of everyone. Shaw will sign with Cleveland and whatever players we need we will get them yall forgot Lebron got pull, so he will find a way to get the players he need. Furthermore, you all forgot Lebron was not 100% in the playoffs so, if he ain’t 100% his team is not. To have the opportunity to have the assistant coach from the Lakers, it don’t get no betta than that. You other teams just want Lebron so yall can get some shine yall ain’t real and he knows that, he knows that we are real in Cleveland and the Cavs will be just fine. Lebron don’t want to follow Michael Jordan’s legacy he want to create his own in his home town and that is what he is going to do . Get used to fact that the Cavs will win a championship with Lebron James and when they make history it is going to be crazy. All you haters will still be sayin something negative. Cavs for Life with Lebron Haters. Cleveland love all day!!! Go Cavs!!!

  24. Ron says:

    Lebron needs to go to a team with a coach that come up with more sophisticated offensive plan than 1 on 5 B-ball the Cavs have been guilty of at crunchtime in the playoffs. Amongst teams he might be going to i dont see much in the way of proven championship winning coaching. Even though NBA is a players league, the value of great coaching/adjustments in the play offs should not be underestimated. Doc Rivers clearly had edge over Mike Brown in recent series. As Lebron unlikely to be coached by PHIL,POP,or DOC it seems to me that the Nets under Avery could be next best thing. Did fine job in Dallas, got them to finals,won coach of the year, and franchise has alot of potential. Chicago is most likely though.but desperately need the right power forward to share the load.

  25. Kevin Nguyen says:

    Sorry Cavs fan… even if shaw is the new head coach lebron is not going to take another chance with cleveland because he wants a ring really bad and to do so he needs backup and help offense (which cavs don’t provide). So he is leaving!!

  26. CBazz says:

    Everyone thinks Lebron is coming to their team (it’s a done deal), yet Lebron has said nothing to anyone. He wants to win today not wait for a team to build around him. Neither Miami or Chicago have good depth, we all know that supporting cast wins championships. Who ever gets Lebron will have to do more than add a second Max player they will need to back fill with good reliable role players. If Lebron leaves Cleveland it will most likely be to a team that pulls off the last minute sign and trade and that is only when Cleveland realizes that they can not resign him. I see Dallas making a hard push.

  27. sammy d sam says:

    hey dont count the celtics out,,, they can mop out some salary space for lebron…and with the opportunity to win with the celtics is much higher than any of the teams currently banging theyr drums right now. so lebron may just be swayed with that idea…that is if hes really looking at the team with the bigger chance to win the tittle and not just making his pocket much more bulging

  28. ZULU says:

    Who ever coaches the Cav’s had better sign a multi-year payment know matter what contract. B. Shaw? Why not? Phil’s churning out the “disciples” of the Zen Master these days.

  29. sammy d sam says:

    i agree with that,,,hes got to polish his leadership skills, leaders doesnt have to be the best player at all times, he simply just got to make his mates the best that they can be every game

  30. bekim cachero says:

    when lbj was winning with his recent team mates, fans said hes “now got all the ingredients to win the tittle”. but after losing to the celtics they say its coz his teammates aint that good…poor teammates…maybe lebron is the problem… he still needs to be polished as a leader, not as a player coz hes a damn good player already…. look at kobe,,,even if hes got a nightmarish game 7, he still imposed his drive to win which eventualy rubbed on to his teammates

  31. zandro says:

    Every team in the NBA has its potential to be a champion. It is just a matter of picking and filling a right player, well dedicated and a coach that can maximize talent among his skilled player.

  32. berkamore says:

    Hey Sekou,

    Usually read your blog and don’t comment but I disagree with you here.

    What ‘Bron needs a HOF coach right now. His problem is he’s never had a really good coach. Don’t forget that MJ, Shaq or Bryant never won anything until they got Phil Jackson as coach.

    PJ is the ideal coach for Bron. Since that will not happen, maybe Pat Riley or Greg Popovich, but those guys may not be available. That leaves us with Byron Scott. He is a proven commodity and is available.

    Shaw may turn out to be a good coach but I want to see how he performs on his own before I get excited. (Remember Assistant Coach Clemmons as a head coach………..?

  33. Homebody says:

    Le Bron ain’t going anywhere. I doubt he ever even considered it.

    He knows that if he leaves, he’ll cheapen his legacy. What credit is there in going to a ready-made contender and cashing in on someone else’s work? He’s got to drag his franchise up by the boot straps. He’s got to be the cornerstone.

    If he leaves Cleveland, he leaves as a loser and he’ll never be able to wind the clock back on that.

    • Daniel says:

      I hear you! Totally agree. I don’t believe LeBrob is leaving the Cavs. In my opinion, he is to proud of his legacy as a winner and a hometown hero. Would he really leave his beloved Cavaliers that he helped build from the bottom of the rankings in to the NBA elite? I think not. Bosh, Wade and LBJ is never happening, and those of you who believes that are stupid in my opinion. No way that any of those guys are taking a massive pay cut and is then forced to share the spotlight with 2 other superstar. LeBron is a guy that is a franchise player, a cornerstone if you so will. But if he goes to Miami then Wade is the No.1 guy. I don’t believe in all this LeBron is talking about he only wants to be a winner, yes off cource he weants to win, but not cheapen his way out of Cleveland and leave what he built to join 2 other stars. I really love LeBron, he is my favurite player, but if this deal happens, I really hope that Miami falls short every year in the playoffs, so that LeBron understands what a fatal misstake he has done. Oh, and for the record…. Having all the superstars in one team doesn’t immediatly give you a championship. the spanish soccer team Real Madrid once had I believe 5 or 6 of the worlds biggest soccer stars in the world, and they still never one either the spanish leuge or the champions leuge. A tru winner is built with 1 superstar, a handfull of great defenders and 3-point shooters and other complementary players.

  34. Young Big3Fan says:

    yeah, if Lebron really want’s to win a championship the greatest step for him is to go to the Chicago to team up with Rose and another superstar either Amire or Bosh it will be the new and younger version of big 3`s..the advantage of that was they can win more championship’s than the older big 3’s because their not in their prime anymore.and it will be better too if Lebron join’s the Heat it will be the same like in Bull’s they can build a big 3 too.if they can have bosh,amare,boozer or another superstar.that if Lebron really really want’s to win championship he have to convince 2 superstars to team up with him.

  35. Austin Jacobs says:

    Lebron might or might not come back

  36. Austin Jacobs says:

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  37. jfk says:

    I don’t understand what the Lakers are thinking if they let go of Shaw.
    This is the guy who’s suppose to take over the franchise after Phil Jackson, and if the choice is to keep Jackson for one more season and maybe lose Brian to another team, or let Jackson retire now with his 11 rings, and let Shaw take over as head coach for the next 5+ seasons, the choice should be easy.

  38. Manolito says:

    Both comments are true. LeBron’s not staying with a team that won’t help him. Useless that Shaq joined the Cavs but can’t lift up their main player. Very different on what he used to do with Kobe with the Lakers before. Lakers had become a team to beat now, just like what Boston did 2 years ago. Coming off these 2 champion teams, There’s no “I” in “Team”.

  39. TheREALtruth says:

    You guys wouldn’t just be biased fans would you? Surely not. lol I don’t really think he’s going back to Cleveland either, but It’s not because I’m secretly hoping he’ll go to my team. lol

    The man wants to be a basketball billionaire by his own admission and to push his business ventures in the biggest market in the world, so unless he’s going to China, he’s headed to one of the teams in New York. It’s just like Lamar Odom last year with the Lakers, I told everyone he just dropped a new clothing line, he’s not leaving L.A.

    I like for him to go to the Clippers, if I were to be biased, but no way he’s sharing a city with Kobe when he can have New York (an even bigger market) all to himself.

    I’ll come over and mow your lawn for a month and kiss your shoes, if he doesn’t end up in New York. Period.

  40. Pete says:

    If Shaw plays it right he should wait until Jackson and LeBron make their decision because if he signs right now and LeBron decides to leave Cleveland and Jackson retires, he might be wishing he was somewhere else. I think everybody is waiting for everyone elses shoes to drop, starting with LeBron James and Phil Jackson, to some extent.

  41. M. Dunks says:

    Cavaliers cant provide the help for Lebron…The Knicks has a plethora amount of money to sign two max players which could help build a team around the King. Come to New York City!!!..the greatest city in the world!!!

  42. coup says:

    bron isn’t going anywhere.

  43. chicav says:

    100% correct!!!even if u have great coach, he still leaving if there is no one proven player to help him win bye cavs fan, it’s time for chicago to revive again.

  44. CC says:

    Lebron aint going back simple. Both the Lakers and the Celtics, proved that you need a well balanced team of amazing players with experience and hustle to go all the way. Lebron is tired of Clevland. He wants to win. In game 7 when Kobe was having a subpar performance, his teammates lifted him and guided the Lakers for their repeat. Thats what Lebron wants. He wants to know that if he has a bad game or plays against a great defense like Boston, that his teammates will step up and take over. Sorry Clevland fans but it was a good run of great regular seasons, but back to your last place position.

    • moose says:

      yeah but kobe isnt a quitter he still tries to do whatever he can even though he cant get the shot going, lebron just dribbles up half court and passes it to a teammate

    • Xavier says:

      y not let us think it in tis way? rather we think james will go where, y not ask phil to come to CAVS. Phil had won rings with NBA superstars wif MJ,SHAQ & KOBE, but not wif the gifted JAMES. Phil can once prove to everyone tat he can win it wif another superstar JAMES along wif the same teamates currently. James will go to watever team wif good coach even without other superstars. Cos I believe Phil can make JAMES a better player n he need tat now. If not, everyone will say he is a king without a crown. And if he dont do tat now for the next few yrs, he might not hav the chance to win more than 3 rings. CONCLUSION, JAMES NEED A GOOD COACH LIKE PHIL.