Smoke Signals


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Admit it, you don’t know what to believe.

You don’t know who to believe.

You should be wary of all the unnamed sources being touted these days as the all-knowing on free agency.

Everyone has their theories about what is going to take place come July 1, the start of the NBA’s free agent frenzy, but no one knows for sure — save for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the other players that are neck-deep in these swirling rumors.

The latest and our personal favorite is Stephen A. Smith’s assertion on his radio show this morning that James, Wade and Bosh will team up to for the South Beach Big 3.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard says the race for James is a tight race between the Cavaliers and Bulls, which sounds equally believable after a weekend of wildly overstated suggestions from plenty of folks that James was a lock to head to Chicago along with Bosh.

Whatever you choose to believe, my main man and colleague Art Garcia cleared up some of the mess when he spoke with Bosh’s agent, who insisted that his client hasn’t made any decisions on his future.

After conversations with multiple sources over the weekend, I woke up this morning convinced that James could be headed just about anywhere and he’s taking at least one other marquee free agent with him and possibly a third, depending on where he lands:

— “It’s Chicago or New Jersey,” one Eastern Conference executive told me Saturday afternoon.

— “New York or Miami, he’s a lock for one of those two,” a Western Conference scout said via text Sunday morning.

— “He’s staying home,” an agent not involved with any of this summer’s big name free agents said late Sunday night. “But don’t be surprised if Dallas gets in the mix. They have something crazy cooked up to try and get in the mix.”

— “The Clippers are the upset pick,” a current said via text (without LOL 🙂 at the end) just moments ago, “they’ve got a team ready to get it, plus LeBron in LA … sick!”

This is what happens when the smoke signals of free agency start floating incessantly about the most heralded free agent class ever. There isn’t a plausible scenario that seems out of line, including a James-led Super Team that every player in the league would have to worry about.

There are other scenarios, the James to Chicago rumors, make perfect sense.

And as my main man K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune points out, the Bulls have experience in making the pitch (and not getting the big fish they desire):

On July 6, 2004, John Paxson and Jerry Reinsdorf met with Kobe Bryant and his agent at a Newport Beach, Calif., hotel and nearly pulled off the unthinkable.

They nearly persuaded him to try to force a sign-and-trade from the Lakers, with Bryant even telling Bulls management he might take a free-agent visit to Chicago three days later.

They also kept their surreptitious courtship of the game’s best player quiet and out of the media for eight days, which Bryant said impressed him as much as the Bulls’ philosophy.
Paxson’s and Reinsdorf’s pitch centered on the organization’s no-nonsense approach under then-coach Scott Skiles, the city of Chicago, a young talent base and a chance for Bryant to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Michael Jordan.

Fast-forward six years.

Multiple Tweets will circulate before the Bulls’ sit-down with LeBron James concludes later this week in Ohio. And various league executives’ and certified agents’ speculation that James and either Chris Bosh or Joe Johnson are definitely signing with the Bulls will prevent this courtship from remaining private.

But coincidentally, management’s pitch to James will be eerily similar to that for Bryant six years ago. Change Skiles’ name to Tom Thibodeau. Substitute Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah for Ben Gordon and Andres Nocioni.

The city and Jordan’s legacy remains the same.

“To get to where we did (with Bryant) was good for us as an organization,” Paxson told the Tribune in July 2004. “It reinforces to me and to Scott Skiles that things we’re trying to accomplish are meaningful. I think we’re headed in the right direction as far as our philosophy.”



What also make sense, is the flurry of backup plans that are now being floated for several teams (most notably the Knicks). If you’re not going to get your hands on James or Wade, and there are at least a half-dozen teams that will leave this derby without either one of them, you better have someone else in mind:


Marc Berman of the New York Post: Johnson, who struggled during two rounds of the playoffs, has long been a D’Antoni favorite and the thinking is a Johnson/James pairing is just as much a home run as James/Chris Bosh. The Knicks may have gotten vibes Bosh is likelier to consider Miami.

If the Knicks strike out with both James and Bosh, D’Antoni also is excited about linking Johnson and Stoudemire with cap room to offer them two maximum contracts. Both are former Suns who played for him in Phoenix.

If Johnson leaves Atlanta, it’s been speculated for months Johnson would want to reunite with D’Antoni. Factor in Tellem, who is close to Walsh and the agent of Danilo Gallinari.

Johnson-Stoudemire always has seemed a likelier pairing than either James-Bosh. But they may need to work out sign-and-trades with Atlanta and Phoenix, respectively.

During February’s All-Star weekend in Dallas, Johnson told The Post, “[Mike and I] have got a great relationship. He gave me a chance to shine and become the player I am today. I love him, so I would visit.”

The status of Stoudemire is more perplexing. He played for D’Antoni, but rumblings are he grumbled behind the coach’s back about the Suns’ defensive shortcomings. Stoudemire spent part of his childhood growing up in upstate Newburgh and has a definite affection for New York, according to a source. However, a source said the extra year Phoenix can provide is huge in Stoudemire’s thinking.



Not everyone is willing to concede Johnson’s departure from Atlanta.

Hawks All-Star center Al Horford still believes Johnson will wear a Hawks uniform when the 2010-11 season begins, as he told reporters in Singapore, where he joined a delegation of NBA coaches and players to conduct a basketball clinic:

“I haven’t talked to him about that, but I think he’ll stay,” Horford said Monday in Singapore, where he’s part of a group of NBA players and coaches conducting a basketball clinic. “The team’s number one priority is trying to get Joe back with us.”

Johnson, a four-time All-Star who averaged 21.3 points a game last season, had a poor performance in the Hawks’ second round playoff loss to the Orlando Magic. Atlanta fired head coach Mike Woodson after the season and hired assistant Larry Drew earlier this month to replace him.

Horford said bad relations among players undermined the team’s play and led to the playoff debacle, where the Magic beat the Hawks by an average of 25.3 points in the most lopsided four-game sweep in NBA history.

Orlando later lost to the Boston Celtics, who were defeated by the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers.

“It was players maybe not getting along with other players, and I think that showed on the court,” Horford said. “We weren’t playing together, we weren’t doing things as a team. I really felt like the chemistry kind of disappeared. I don’t think everyone was committed to the right things and to winning.”

Sure, the Hawks had their issues during the playoffs, but they did win 53 games, advance to the conference semifinals for the second straight season and they retain a nucleus capable of competing with the best teams in the Eastern Conference, provided Johnson sticks around.



We realize it’s sinister to feel this way, but we’re just as interested to see where these free agents land as we are to see where they do not end up.

Can you imagine the shock to the system that will come in New York and Cleveland if James does indeed to sign elsewhere? Knicks fans are supposed to be satisfied with someone other than James after spending the last two years dreaming day and night about what he’d look like in a Knicks uniform?

And those fans in Cleveland, ugh, they’ll have a LeBron hangover for years to come if he bolts. It won’t take long for the locals to turn their venom on the hometown kid and the team that extracts him from the area.

The Plain Dealer’s Bud Shaw nails that sentiment before any concrete moves have been made:

It’s a mad, mad NBA world when the Chicago Bulls become the celebrated star of draft night for dumping the salary of Kirk Hinrich, one of their better players.

LeBron James would only add to the madness if he rewards fawning overtures from underachievers by punishing the Cavaliers for going all out to bring a championship to town.

Leaving is James’ right through free agency. That doesn’t make it any less unseemly if he decides to go elsewhere on the basis that another team has more roster flexibility and a younger talent pool to build a title contender.

Gee, wonder how that happened? How did the Cavs get so far over the cap, so handcuffed in comparison to Chicago, Miami, the Knicks and the Nets?

A mystery it is, but only if he conveniently forgets they tried to win a title in the three years James gave them when he signed his contract extension.

James kept ownership on high alert by shortening his term of employment last time around. Good business, it was. At least for him. For the Cavs, it was a dangerous game of Russian Roulette in which the contracts of Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison became extra bullets in the chamber.

After the first playoff crash against Boston a few years back, James cried out for more help. The Cavs couldn’t chance that again. So they signed Shaquille O’Neal a season too late. They took on Jamison’s contract, then watched him and Williams slip out of view in the postseason.

(Of course, James did, too, in Game 5. If he’s who he says he is, he doesn’t leave like that. End of story)

Meanwhile, the Bulls have only occasionally been worth the price of admission since Michael Jordan’s retirement. That’s 12 years ago now. There’s a reason they were in position to draft Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah.

This season they won 41 games and finished 20 games behind the Cavs. They fired their coach and hired a rookie in Tom Thibodeau from Boston. And now, they’re the sexy option, the one given a serious chance to catch James’ eye when the free agent equivalent of “The Bachelor” begins Thursday?

As exciting a time as this is for so many, and even a mediocre free agent class adds some spice to the summer, it’s going to end ugly for twice as many other teams and their fans.

That’s what happens when the smoke signals continue to rise like this, day after agonizing day.



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  6. Sandi says:

    I agree the Hawks should take Josh Boone He played great against the hawks this year and the announcers talked him including wilkens the nets never gave him much of a chance he was going nowhere there.

    Hawks fan Sandi Metter GA

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  8. Lebron james says:

    Me as an oppinion i’d like to go to Miami if d wade stays if not I’ll just look at my other options but it is about money like a 5 year deal

  9. Mike says:

    I have heard a lot of reports that Lebron will sign with Cleveland and Boozer will sign with Utah. Once this happens, Boozer and Kirilenko will go to Cleveland for James and Jamison. This seems to make a lot of sense to me because this guarentees that Cleveland will not be left empty handed. They will end up with the better deal because Boozer is the best power forward in the game today and Kirilenko is a top 5 small forward. Utah gets the best small forward, but Jamison doesn’t compare to Kirilenko. I can’t see any reasons why this wouldn’t work.

  10. Ddub says:

    Thank god shaq went to miami, wade woundnt have won a ring,Pat riley, (coach when I think I can win.) will beg and plead for help. A Proud strong orginization wouldnt have thrown everyone on the street just to go after one or two extra stars,now that is called buying a championship.Its no way Haslem, who served you well during your down years and good times also, should be treated this way,anyway,Pat What happen to you,You were beautiful?! (I stole that line from Sam L. Jackson.) Pat,I notice with You, Its always somebody else that made it go wrong,You have left a trail. Oh and the way you treated Stan, that was his ring! Miami,you only have three players under contract,wow!! The NBA is now a three on three league.

  11. Chi Town Up-Top says:

    I’m a bulls fan and I just have a bad feeling that were gonna walk away from dis thing empty handed…I just feel that way for some reason.

  12. Ddub says:

    Hey coyote, in regards to your comments about the lakers being over rated. the bottom line is you plat the team in front of you. Regardless of the road taken they and the east champ.out lasted all the other teams to get to the finals.The records will show that they won those championships without talking about the excuses of oh, orlando did this and boston was old, ohh!! stop with all that, the first bulls championsip , james worthy got hust and didnt play in none of or he missed most of the series, rt now who cares, it goes as a champoinship for the bulls.Mj never played agaisnt a team with a top centeron it during his run,doesnt matter, it counts as 6rings.For any team to win 16 playoff games for a title, my hat is off and my respect for them is due, they are the champs, regardless of what road they took,it wasnt easy.

  13. TrueJ says:

    Condolences to the team where Lebron is heading. The way Lebron blew up the Cavs in the 2010 playoffs tells the story. Lebron’s a loser, big time. No championship ring for the teams with Lebron in it, period. Lebron should just retired and eat some pie.

    Wade can fly solo still won a ring, that’s the beauty bout Wade. 2011’s Wade’s second ring year. Fly Wade!

    As for Kobe, 5 ring’s the max.

  14. mark says:

    please please let the knicks get something

  15. Wowski13 says:

    I think its likely that LeBron will end up in Chicago, but if I were him I’d seriously consider the Clippers, they have all the pieces to make an immediate push. With Blake Griffin finally ready to make his NBA debut and an all star centre in Chris Kaman they have some fantastic bigs. The back court isn’t too bad either, Baron and Eric Gordon are a very solid supporting cast to King James. He could become a true franchise legend and what better way to get one up in the Kobe v LeBron debate than help the jinxed Clippers overtake the Lakers as the No.1 team in LA?!

  16. aa says:

    How about Wade and Bosh in Chicago? Wade is from Chicago anyway.

    • Chi Town Up-Top says:

      I would love to see that happen more then the lebron thing but wade had to go and run his damn mouth. The only reason wade wonts to stay in miami is the fast life style and I know for a fact. He’s addicted to the life of miami and all the fine women he’s able to have sex with. That’s sad becouse it should only be about winning at all times. I’m from chicago and if I was in his situation I wouldn’t even have to think twice about joining chicago with the roster they have in place. He’s obviously not a tru chicago dude cuz he wouldn’t talked bad about a team he “claimed” to have grew up watching. I hate wade now!

  17. reeezzyyy says:

    i think all of you forgot about cp3, cavs could trade mo and delonte for him because cavs cant win with spot up shooters and hornets already got a pg who has proven himself to be a true player darren collison.

  18. MISMO says:


  19. Bryan whitt says:

    everyone thinks they know were these guys would land. they could stay in there respective cities, they all got money to pay however its not about money.. i once herd someone from espn say that they would need to go to a city that has winning coach and the owner is would be great. well that puts out the lakers,and boston and san antonio. with good coaches and good owner pair. i myself could not see james following after jordan’s legacy in chi-town. un-like kobe who now has made a name for himself being the best player the lakers have seen. next to jordan. if i was james i would stay in cleavland and become a state icon. or go to a new city new team wit a winning coach and a winning onwer. and their is only one team that has that combo like LA and Boston. and its close to home and that’s CHARLOTTE, it never had a true superstar,,, most people forgot that when the hornets was in charlotte they drafted Kobe Bryant then traded him,,,, so just think james to charlotte to play for M.Jordan and coach by larry brown one of only two coaches that beat those lakers and seeing how Wade is sponsered by Jordan’s Shoes and clothes and don’t sleep Charlotte Got Money

  20. elprincipedelbernĂ l says:

    the best choice for LBJ are the bulls:noah+deng+bosh/soudemire+rose+lbj is a great team and i think they can BEAT favpurite player is wade and miami is miami,but playing in chicago lebron has more chances to win the ring!!!

  21. The Teacher says:

    LeBron and Bosh couldn’t co-exist even they have signed in the same team. Why? Its simple, Chris wants to be the “man” and with LeBron in the team he’ll be overshadowed and it will create conflicts in the later part of the season, the same situation applies with the Wade-James tag team.

    By this time, Lebron, 25, is thinking on singing to a playoff built team. Hey, he’s the future of NBA until Kobe retires that is, and if he’s aiming to be the best player that ever lived he should start collecting championshp rings and finals MVPs instead of season MVPs. Jordan won his first championship when he was 27 and has have 6 championship when he was 35, Kobe won his 1st title when he was 21 and has already 5 rings and counting and he is only 31. LeBron needs to choose a team that has the ability to jet rocket to the finals and could win a title. And that team is either the Bulls, the Clippers or the Nets. NY may have plenty of cap space, but virtually it has no team in place and there are few players in the market that has already proven themselves in the playoffs and could support James all the way through.

  22. Is it July 1st yet? says:

    Lebron’s best place to go is Chicago. After the Cavs have shown LBJ that they are not capable of winning the championship he should leave. Kobe’s main success to getting the championship these past years was because of the help he got and I don’t see the Cavs bringing in help like that. LBJ and Bosh to Miami sounds GREAT and it might happen but i cant see it happening. The heat have 2 players on contract and they will resign wade (I don’t see him leaving unless something really bad happens). If LBJ and Bosh go there I don’t see them having a complete roster or players to come off the bench. LBJ might gets a lot of assists but he also wants to score the most and be the MVP. Dwayne Wade also wants to score the most and be the MVP. Why would Wade give that up for LBJ?? Also Miami is Wade’s city. If the Heat win 5 titles then Wade will still be ahead of LBJ with one extra ring and also he was always with the Heat. LBJ would not want to be behind Wade. If LBJ goes to Chicago with Bosh than everyone will be young and they could all win their first championship starting a dynasty. Jordan needed his Pippen (Rose) and Rodman (Noah) to win and for LBJ having another superstar like Bosh to help would be perfect. That’s why Rose and LBJ would mesh rather well.They will be a young team ready to win it all. KG had to leave to win a championship and he will still be referred to as one of the best. Why not LBJ? Miami sounds amazing but even with LBJ and Bosh, Miami is like a boat with many holes that is being set to sail. Playing in the stadium the Jordan built should not be a bad thing like people are saying that LBJ is going to have a problem playing under MJ’s shadow. It should be an honor to play under his shadow. Being compared to the best is a good thing. Good luck to the Knick’s as they will need it, but if LBJ is all about winning and if he wants the best then I’m sure he will be at Chicago.

  23. jordan-lebron chicago forever says:

    Ok, so I’m no pro and I’m not going to say that I know what is going to happen like so many above but here is what I think would be the best fit for Lebron,

    Okay well cleveland does not seem to be the best choice for Lebron. The city revolves around him, true. But that is it. City-wise, Here are my rankings

    Chicago: A great city with plenty to do and with children, many of places to see and go, Navy pier, chicago zoo, chicago aquarium as well as the actual city which is beautiful. There are many sports teams that have success around basketball which would keep some pressure off him (blackhawks won the stanley cup, Bears now signed Julius peppers as the biggest free agent in the NFL)

    Miami: beautiful climate, beaches and ocean make for good places to relax although it would leave him prone to paparazzi and no privacy, There are beautiful homes and the city life is great for someone who is not even 30.

    NY: Big apple, big city, and many stars for him tomingle with, Times square,

    Now, there is talent-wise on the basketball teams (as of now):

    I am going to have to go with chicago on a very close first.
    Chicago: The core of Rose/ Noah is very solid and talented yet, believe it or not, still up and coming. Noah, now averaging a double double per game, is entering only his 4TH year he has improved greatly from 2 seasons ago to last (about 3 ppg and 2rpg). Then theres derick rose. WOW. Now an All-star, he only enters his 3rd year in the NBA. STILL improving and not one to try and win it himself. As seen last season, he has developed the ability to hit pressure and long jumpers which is something he did not do 2 years ago. With Lebron and Bosh, two players who are VERY good jump shooters and with a big presence on the floor, Rose could flourish much more and help with a better team play.
    The bulls have Taj gibson, a big man who has continued to improve over his rookie season (made rookie all star team).

    Miami: Wade is an AMAZING player although he is many times brought down by his teammates. Beasley has pottential but is very inconsistant and Haslem is not a big role player as he once was. The reason why I put them second is that as of now, the heat only have 2 players under contract! Also, on an article posted by NBA a while back, Lebron going to Miami with wade would put lebron right back where he started in his career. Bosh could play well anywhere, Miami included.

    NY: They do not have any REAL playmakers as of now which is a big reason as to why they had such a dissapointing season. Lebron going to NY would put him FARTHER to a ring than he is in cleveland.

    And to set things straight. Michael jordan will ALWAYS be the greatest basketball player to live. He was very selfish in his first 6 seasons out of mistrust but took less money than he couldve for almost his whole career in order to bring in better players which lead to his 6 NBA titles. His legacy will always be there but should lebron and bosh or johnson go to the bulls. The bulls will be thought of as the powerhouse of 2010-2011 and not as the remnants of the Michael jordan era. Should lebron go, I think he will be compared to michael jordan, yes. But he won’t be a shadow. Bosh also said that he wanted to be the center of the team, but i think that he would be smart to go to the Bulls even if Lebron does not. If you see Rose, he tends to shy away from the spotlight, leaving that wide open for Bosh, I also think that since he could possibly be more than halfway through his career, he should start thinking of a way to get his rings even if it is with teamates that are as good as him.

    Lebron, I hope that you make the right decision for yourself but know that Chicago will accept you with open arms

  24. ann says:


    “Don de esta el Ringo?? Where is the RING????” , Said panicing LaBron

    Bosch: “Stop asking, go get it FOOL!!!”

    Dwayne: “Dudes, shall we be triple trouble next year???”

    Shrek & Donkey: “We had a final chapter in LA, Sheet!!! Double trouble didn’t work, sucka!!!”

    Kobe: (Baking) “COOKIES?, welcome to LA”

  25. Jacob says:

    I think if Boston would’ve won LeBron would’ve left, because KG said that loyalty hurts and them winning would’ve been proof. However, they did not win L.A. did, and with what player carrying them, Kobe Bryant, a man who’s been in a Lakers jersey since before I was born. I believe the finals had a big influence on where LeBron goes based on the criteria above.

  26. D says:

    1.The King and Mr Wade are “best friends”… Wouldnt you want to play along with your best friend? I would.2. James has to go through Pat and believe me, there is no saying no to that man.3. Bosh wants to come to Miami. 4. Buying season tickets.

  27. BOBBY CONWAY says:

    he would look good in that Knicks uniform .

  28. JT says:


  29. LR says:

    If Lebron does to leave Ohio, it just makes the most sense to take his A-game to the Windy City. With Noah and Rose – and the high possibility of other All-Star help from either Bosh or Stoudemire .. man-o-man, a blind man can see that bringing a ‘renaissance’ a-la the ‘MJ-Pippen-Rodman-Kerr-Koukoch’ days. I say Chitown simply because it doesn’t add up that either LBJ or Wade would concede top-billing if Miami was the go. Outside chances (and i mean “long shots”): Clippers, NJ, NY.
    So again, yeah, Chitown has got to make the most sense as “best-fit” if LBJ ups and leaves Ohio.

    Just my 2 cents.

  30. armando says:

    wade should go to the lakers and lebron should go to bulls and bosh to lakers and joe johnson goes to cleveland thank u for listnening peace out

  31. Balong says:

    this will be the best deal. d.wade, l.james,d.nowitzki, chris bosh and amare… whoaaahhh

  32. stefdaddy says:

    lebrons going to the nets..

  33. geno says:

    Sekou the bulls have made the playoffs 5 of the last 6 years, guess what so have the cavs. Sekou if bud shaw is your friend
    thats cool. The thing about his article he states how the bulls were in a bad situation thats how they got rose and noah is blantant crappy journalism. The bulls lucked out on rose in the 2008 lottery with a 1.7 % chance to get the number 1 pick.
    Noah was acquired in the eddy curry trade with the bulls having the option to swap picks with the knicks.So in 2007 draft the bulls with pick 23 swapped and took the knicks top ten pick. Bud shaw should be nervous if lebron leaves. Him and a few more of his buddys at the plain dealer will be looking for new jobs!

  34. JuJu says:

    Lebron James and Chris Bosh to Miami, a free agency like this will probably never happen in our lifetimes again and lebron and bosh would b stupid to pass up an opportunity to team with d wade and win championships for the next 5 years, theyd b the new and younger big 3. plus miami has great weather a great organization, and i guarantee pat riley will come back and coach. all the pieces are in miami.

  35. angel zapata says:

    es verdad lebron debe hacer lo mas conveniente para el es como le dijo kevin garnet k avece para ganar hay k irse de casa eso es lo k el tiene k hacer lebron james y chris bosh pa chicago yaaa me kite

  36. kb24 says:

    Lebron GO to China AND play with starbury….

  37. IAN says:


  38. Gore says:

    I’m sick of hearing about all this “shadow of Jodan” crap. What if Shaq didn’t sign with LA because of the shadow of Wilt and Kareem. What if KG didn’t sign with the Celtics because of the shadow of Russell and McHale? Lebron is the most powerful sports figure we have right now, I don’t think he has to worry about getting out of any shadows.

  39. junnex says:

    just let the teams do their build up….lakers gonna beat them all anyways…go lakers for the 17th crown..

  40. cythe says:

    Hope TMac and Stoudamire land with Celts together with Pierce and Allen will be resign. Boo to Big Three. Go to Big 6, Go BOSTON!!! Just a fantasy…

  41. reeezzyyy says:

    yall talking bout kobe and artest situation. that was not even personal it was just two players going at it on the court

  42. obie says:

    i think the teams that stay together are better off all these
    free agents and big three frauds dont instantly bring championships
    iv’e never in no sport seen any team except the 2008 boston celtics
    been together less than two years and won the championship
    it takes a while to get chemistry it’s harder work than most people think
    it’s not just good playes it comes down to health hardwork the coach
    the assistant coaches the fans and the talent level and most of all the players iQ’s
    being able to deal with climate change role change family problems there is no way
    every one on this new team can actually be satsfied and happy
    i dont see it happening with out a heart attack.

  43. CLARK says:



    • Ian Banaag says:

      Kobe sucks… LeBron Rules!!!!!

      • Anobayan says:





    • kevin villasan says:

      GO to china lebron and play with starbury… now thats a winning combination…. u will also get tons money…. GO LORD OF NO RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. ZULU says:

    It may be a “rumor” but either Stephen A. has been holding back or he was listening to Dennis Scott (Three D) on the Hang Time podcast. Scott put forth that scenario two weeks ago. Who cares where these guys wind up but the receiving teams/fans. I am certain the rest of the players in the league can’t wait to snag some of that b______t !Laker Three-Peat………..

  45. Who cares Where Lebron Goes says:

    He should go to the Lakers if he want’s ring. Just ask the most hated player in the NBA since the brawl at the PALACE. Congrats RON ARTEST

  46. Who cares Where Lebron Goes says:

    7 years with no championship rings. Lebron will never surpass the likes of Michael Jordan in the ring count. Hold up…… Michael WHO? I meant to say Michael Bryant. Kobe is on another level that jordan nor Lebron can achieve. Jordan only went to six of those things called finals. Kobe should have 7 rings right now. Back to lebron go somewher, it doesn’t matter anyway because the big deal the league and everyone else is making about Lebron only makes the other Hundreds of players in the league come out and keep his ass from winning the big one any way.

    • KGfan says:

      Are you serious? Let’s look at the way they played themselves instead of how many rings they won or finals they visited. Michael hands down over Kobe. Kobe is the best player that is currently playing. Head into history and he falls down the ladder a little. Are you by any chance an L.A. fan?

  47. DPark says:

    I wish Lebron, DWade and CB4 all signed up with New Jersey Nets, and start fresh with a new owner who has deep pockets to pay them all. It should make sense for them since it’s fair that they all have to move from their former teams, as opposed to say Lebron and Bosh both moving to DWade’s team, which is kind of unfair for Lebron and Bosh. This would indeed be like Boston’s situation 2 years ago, and they would form the New Big 3. Even if they don’t like Jersey, the team’s going to move to Brooklyn in 2 years. The only problem they might have is that current PG Devin Harris is not a pass-first PG, and that could cause problems. So, if they are going to repeat the success that Boston had in 08, what they need to do is trade Harris and get someone a pass-first PG like Rondo. Too bad Rondo is not a FA, otherwise Jersey could kick the Lakers’ ass and become champions in 2011.

  48. chad murphy says:

    So, i live in hoffman estates born and raised, I grew up a Bulls, Bears and Cubs fan. Thats it thats all. When Mj retired, i started to like the lakers and have been a laker fan ever since (only non chi town sports team i like) Me personally, I don’t want LBJ to come here. No matter how many titles or free agents he brings to the bulls HE SHOULD NEVER BE COMPARED TO JORDAN, because he had to leave his team to win. Yes i would like the titles but to me they wouldnt be the same. He should stay with the cavs and be loyal, or go to the heat. I dont want him here, With that said, Id rather have Joe johnson and Dirk (dirk just opted out of his contract, is a free agent) or boozer and JJ, or amar’e and someone, Not even Bosh cause hes a quitter, Bosh didnt even play with a broken nose, yes the raptors were not in a playoff race but a broken nose??? Come on. The bulls are either goin to strike gold, or strikeout come july 1st. MY opinion.

  49. carlo says:

    Chicago is the best destination for James. The core of that team is already solid right now and will be solid for many years to come even if James won’t go there. If James considers going to a team that can help him win a ring (which will not happen on 2010-2011 season coz the Lakers will go Threepeat), Chicago is ”The BEST” option for him..

  50. embeep24 says:

    you people are sick,.lebron can’t win championship,.even to be team up by d-wade,c-brosh,nor amar’e

    • KGfan says:

      Sick for saying that LeBron can win a championship? How does that make someone, “sick”??

  51. Ricardo Louis says:

    People you can’t just say that Lebron will go to Miami for Wade. Just because two great players are teamed up it doesn’t guarentee a championship. Remember back when a little guy named Allen Iverson was the league’s leading scorer and he got traded to team up with the league’s second leading scorer in Carmelo Anthony. No doubt both were great at the time and magnificent scorers but they couldn’t mesh well enough for a ring. Championship teams are built on substance and overall depth. Miami has nobody worth mentioning except Dwayne Wade. The best overall team for Lebron right now is Chicago. They have Rose, Noah, Gibson, cap space for another superstar, a new defensive oriented coach, and Deng who will likely to be traded. Second best spot would be Clippers with their loaded roster that fails to deliver. Overall Miami fans don’t get your hopes up for getting Lebron but if they land any other A-list free agent then you can start considering another championship run.

    • Azeron says:

      Lebron shares the ball. He actually enjoys passing. He is NOT Michael Jordan. Wearing number 23 was always a mistake. He is more Magic than Jordan. Always has been…

  52. ChiTownFan says:

    Everyone keeps talking about this “dynasty” of James, Wade and Bosh in Miami. NOT going to happen. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Does anyone remember when the Lakers had Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, Gary Payton etc? Oh yeah…THEY LOST! Chicago has much more to offer that has the chemistry to win a championship. It’s not just talent that wins, it’s passion for the game! Look how hard the Bulls fought the Celtics in 7 games? The Bulls were very under powered yet their passion to win was incredible. Derrick Rose, Lebron James, Jokim Noah and Chris Bosh in Chicago. The new era is in Chicago. Chicago welcomes you with open arms.

  53. Bryan says:

    James, Wade and Bosh?!? Not a bad idea.. James with Amar’e?!? why not in Bulls?

  54. JKey says:

    I think LeBron will leave, otherwise he will probably spend his time thinking about “What could have been” with plenty of other teams. He has the whole NBA at his fingertips and can pretty much command where he wants to go. But I’m predicting no NY, but between the Cavs, Bulls and Miami. Wade needs someone to help take the load, and James needs another star to support him. Win-Win.

  55. les vegas says:

    Overall it does not matter where Lebron goes because he is not a playoff-caliber superstar. All we have seen Lebron do as NBA fans is choke in the playoffs, celebrate minor regular-season achievements, and become so over-hyped that there is no way he can possibly live up to his “King James” nickname. Seven seasons, zero rings, and what seems to be a lost desire to play the game (if anyone was paying attention to his body language in the last two games of the Boston series), is how we now view Lebron. Sure there are plenty of people who still think he’s the best player in the league, but one person cannot win on their own, they have to be a team player. Perhaps this will come in time for Lebron but it will have to happen soon before his clock has ticked too far. The Oklahoma City Thunder are a team that Lebron should pay attention to and learn from because if he played on such a team, there is no doubt he would be a multiple title contender. It brings a smile to my face seeing Kobe outshine Lebron 2 seasons in a row to win a title and back-to-back finals MVP. What do Lebron’s regular season MVP’s mean if he can’t make it to the championship round?

    • Ricardo Louis says:

      umm are you crazy? not playoff caliber? How about his 24 straight against the pistons or his near half court buzzer beater in Hedo’s face for the win. I mean I know he doesn’t have any rings but don’t tarnish his reputation any more by saying he isn’t playoff caliber. Respect Lebron for what he has done not what he hasn’t

  56. Juice says:

    For those who think Lebron wont go to the Heat or Bulls because he wont be able to play with another high-scoring player, I just want you to think about the fact that Lebron James was 6th in assists last season. Imagine how many more assists he would have had if he wasn’t passing to the old men (Shaq, Big Z) or the scrubs (Mo Williams, Jamison etc.). When i say scrubs, i dont mean that they are terrible players, but imagine Lebron playing with an All-Star point guard worthy of that title. Imagine him playing with a young Antwan Jamison. All that I’m saying is, take Lebron out of Cleveland, and you have a team that wont even make the playoffs.

    • Juice says:

      Imagine him playing with a young Shaq for that matter, HAHAHA

    • Skip says:

      You make no since he is a stat player. With another star he will not have the ball in his hands as much. Also, he will have to learn how to play in a system and I believe if he goes else where. That the coach will make him learn his role in a set offense, because the people at the top will not let him run the franchise. So no more padding stats it will have to be a focus on winning.

  57. william says:

    nets need to get rid of devon harris 9 million and josh boone 3.2 million get granger as power foward . he can handle your king james . this will give nets 2 million more to play with . add bosh and johnson . and you have a complete team and under cap . note also trade kris humphries

    2.4 m brook lopez center
    4.0 m yi jingliang center /pf
    10.9 m danny granger small foward/ pf
    900k damian jones small foward
    15 m cris bosh power foward /
    3.4 m derick favors power foward / sf
    15 m joe johnson shooting guard
    1.4 m coutney lee shooting guard
    2.2 m terrance williams pg / sg

    total = 55.2 million need three more to fill roster pg, dominque jones ,keyon dolling , sighn trade for shaq yi jiangling would be killer move nets cleveland shaq jersey boy from newark also .

  58. Relevancy says:

    Watch in disappointment as they all resign with the same teams and la wins again next year.

  59. KING says:


    • KGfan says:

      Didn’t anyone hear bosh saying he wanted to be the “centre peice” in whatever team he’s with??

  60. ryan says:

    WOW james is prolly going to heat or juz stay in cavs

    remember he said “WINNING IS ALL THAT MATTERS’ he would go in to a crappy team

    and yeah heat have wade if he is staying and another rumor that bosh might go there

  61. David says:

    Lebron should do what is best for him and get the heck out of Cleveland before he faces the same fate KG did with Minnesota. I concur with everyone’s comments and think he should do what is best for him…history has shown that teams have no loyalty towards their players (just look at how my Lakers discarded Shaq!!)..I look forward to seeing Lebron and Bosh down in South Beach with DWade rekindling some of the sparks from the Olympic games a few years ago!!

  62. Lebron should go to Oklahoma Thunders…. the thunders made LA play Hell…..

  63. Major E says:

    I think James and Bosh would wind up with Wade on the Heat and this is the means….I Say Bosh would let TORONTO know that he is leaving and where he is going and they have no choice but to agree to a trade or just say forget it….in the trade I see Beasley, Chalmers going to the Raptors or maybe just Beasley…That way Chris Boah can get his max contract and James can sign outright to get the max with Wade also…Get Yao via mid level exception to see if can hold up…and there are plenty of great role players free like John Salmons, Rajon Rondo (star), You can get fillers like Shaq probably for cheap as well as Mcgrady…old and kinda washed up but effective to give minutes and put points up while subbing…that is if there egos that collide but any role players would receive benefits from local advertisers as well as championships…Just a thought… Also if the russians billionaire doesn’t care about the cap he can just say forget about it and change the NBA forever and really by the team …PAY BOSH, JAMES, WADE …MAX….KEEP DEVIN HARRIS OR TRADE HIM…i LIKE RONDO RUNNING A TEAM LIKE THIS BECAUSE HE IS UNSELFISH ENOUGH TO DO IT…POINTS DIDN’T REALLY MATTER UNLESS HE HAD TO SCORE AND IN TRANSITION HE IS A TERROR… KEEP LOPEZ…SIGN YAO AS A BACKUP TO LOPEZ FOR MID LEVEL EXCEPTION…CUZ HE STILL RECOVERING FROM SURGERYS… JUST A THOUGHT

    • KGfan says:

      You’re forgetting one fact – Bosh said he doesn’t wanna be a wingman. He wants to be THE man. He might get his way if someone signs him as a plan B after failed LeBron/Wade attempt… but I think he’s most likely to stay in Toronto and ask for more help.

  64. Miami20 says:

    Lebron to Miami? no state income tax? Big South Beach Market? Pairing up with D-Wade? Pat Riley?

  65. justin says:

    Why would lebron go to chi town just to live under mj’s shadow. he could never make a legacy there.. i mean comeone there is a statue of jordan in front the stadium.. think they would ever swap it out for lebron. you all trippin. he should go to the knicks. sign t mac and get some role players.

    • fatty says:

      there’s a statue of Magic in front of staples center.
      There’s a statue of Stockton in Utah.
      There are plenty of statues.

    • Azeron says:

      If James is the man I think he is then I doubt living in MJ’s shadow is an issue. I believe next to Miami, the Bulls would be the next logical choice. The goal is winning championships…not just one championship. Nothing else should matter.

    • emaze3 says:

      i think lebron will go to chicago. why not?? i mean he wants to win. theres already derrick an noah their, plus they can sign another good payer mayb nt grreat bt the bulls wud still dominate. bt im 85% sure dat out off all the free agents a couple of them r goin to team up, lik dwade an amare’ or bosh, or lik joe with amar’e or bosh. or lebron wit amar’e or bosh. an who ever does team up they are goin to b a serious contender a top 3-4 seed even 2 seed who knows

  66. sean says:

    stoudemire lives in miami in the off season. he went to high school in florida. he is going to maimi to play with wade.

  67. Boston Fan says:

    I’m not saying that Lebron will choose to play in Miami with Wade, but this question needs to be considered:

    If I’m Lebron James, the thing I’m thinking to myself right now is that I want to play with the best other player out there that I can. Period. That is D-Wade right now. So unless I can guarantee myself 8-10 championships playing elsewhere, then 10 years from now I’ll be kicking myself for not playing with Wade. Not to mention that they get along and their styles compliment each other.

    If Lebron and Wade team up, supporting cast aside, they have a chance to win 10 titles in a row. Throw another large contract player into the mix such as Bosh and they make the Lakers look mediocre. Get that team together and you’ll get veterans toward the end of their careers looking to pick up titles for small contracts.

    I would choose to play with Wade if it were me hands down.

    • Azeron says:

      Me too. I’m not a Heat fan and if this were to happen, I would probably root against them. It would just be totally unfair, but if you are James can you really turn down the opportunity. James once to be the next billionaire athlete. He needs China to get there. right now the Chinese give him no respect because he does not have the hardware. If he wins a ring or two that will change no matter who his running mate is. Don’t believe the hype. Every superstar needs a running mate.

  68. Ryan says:

    We dont want LBJ in LA.

    • KGfan says:

      I don’t really want him in Chicago either… but as long as he isn’t selfish I guess I’ll have to support him.

  69. PTownPlayboy says:

    I’m gonna throw the sleeper pick out there…. NY Knicks will land Lebron James along with Amare Stoudemire… Lebron has voiced himself over the last 2 years about Amare, and was pushing to get him to Cleveland before the dealine this past season. That would be a hell of a 1-2 punch. And I think you would see Amare dramatically improve on the defensive end as well as rebounding with Lebron being the overall team leader. Most people don’t want to admit it, but Amare improved dramatically on defense the 2nd half of this season, I watched a great deal of Suns games, and although I will admit he needs to get his rebounding more consistent to around 10-11 a game, his Defense will improve. I also look for NY to pick up another free agent to bring off the bench as a 6th man a la Ray Allen. Don’t be surprised!!!

  70. BULLS FAN says:

    lebron and chris bosh gonna go to CHICAGO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD :]

  71. SilkCityP says:

    Truth is nobody knows but him!! If I had to go out on a limb and make a pick, I’m saying his is either staying in Cleveland or NY/NJ. I definitely don’t see the Bulls/Heat landing him, b/c Lebron is a ball dominant player, and so is Wade & Rose respectively. That causes a lot of friction! Chicago has unproven head coach, Miami doesn’t know what their coaching situation will be. NY has D’Antoni (although I’m not a fan) & Avery Johnson now in NJ ( whom is excellent). Cleveland will probably land Byron Scott, if they can get Lebron to stay… we will all have to see what happens. I could be right & I could be wrong, but that goes for all of us, at this point in time.

    • Azeron says:

      Riley already made it clear that he would return to the bench if a player requested it. Stan VanGundy went OFF on him for saying it, too. I guess he is still hurt. I don’t blame Stan, but like the man said above: Business is business. I bet Riley is chomping at the bit to coach James, Wade and Bosh to five or six championships.

  72. Matt says:

    Bud Shaw’s sarcastic view of the Bulls being a perfect for LeBron just shows how writers try to convince a player to stay by badmouthing the team that makes the most sense to go to. Anyone who truly knows and understands the situation of everything knows that the Bulls are the best team for LeBron to sign with. By staying in Cleveland, that team does not get better at all unless they make a crazy sign-and-trade. If LeBron stays put, then he still has to compete against Orlando, a Bulls team that will get better because they’ll sign someone, and a Miami team that will most likely improve itself too. And lets not forget about Boston, the team that beat up the Cavs in the….2ND ROUND! The Bulls are 1 SUPERSTAR away from being the numner 1 team in the east. You take LeBron off Cleveland, they fall to being a 7 or 8 seed…maybe not even in the playoffs at all cause they’d be so devastated. The Bulls with LeBron, Rose, Noah, Deng, Gibson, oh yeah, and another free agent cause they have the money to spend would totally jump up to the top! Look at Boston in 2008…they add Garnett and Allen and all of a sudden they’re winning the Finals! Add James and Bosh to the Bulls, and you already have an All-Star PG in Rose, and a monster rebounder and defender in Noah. James, Bosh, Noah, and Gibson crashing the boards and defending the paint…it’s a no brainer. And no is older than 25-26. That team is a beast! See you in Grant Park!

  73. Arenee says:

    I think Joe Jphnson will stay with the Hawks,Lebron James will stay with Cavs,and Dwanye Wade will stay with Heat,but I don’t know about Chris Bosh satying with Raptors.

  74. Bob says:

    Lebron to NY they will have cap in 2011 also to sign great role players or another star like Carmelo

  75. josh says:

    i think three teams cavs will try to resign him but without help more help then he did last season and season before that they will be still stuck at nuteral in the playoffs thats why i really belive him going to the heat with wade or the the bulls if i like it or not but i say the heat will be tough to beat wghen u have lebron and wade togther

    • KGfan says:

      Seriously dude – do you know what a full stop is and how to use it? People might actually respond to what your saying in your post if you go back to school and learn how to use grammar. It is a very useful tool believe it or not. XD

  76. catt says:

    The Lord of NO Rings… King John (Robin Hood)… Simba’s Uncle… WHo else can you name that was only a fake King… History, Disney, and Hollywood movies have them. NBA has Lebron.

  77. catt says:

    who cares?? he can’t win a championship…. he had good karma by being over-hyped and being favored for so long that he will get bad karma for the rest of his career…. Lebron is a quitter and he is a waste if any team gets him

  78. Jeffrey says:

    i think raptors should get tracy mcgrady back

  79. Sean Carlos says:

    Loyalty? Cleveland will GLADLY snatch another prospect from another team to go with LeBron, they wouldn’t cry out for that prospect to be loyal to their team. Business is business. Chicago has the most recognizable franchise internationally, and many people all over the world are now Bulls fans because of MJ. I hate the way Cleveland is trying to make him feel bad for entertaining options, and seeing whats available to him business wise. If they really LOVED him like they pretend to, they’d want to see him be happy. And they’d be happy for him. Of course there would be disappointment, but…. they have a selfish, and desperate love… and if you’ve experienced that in a relationship you know thats know the situation you want to be in. Love yourself before you can truly love someone else.

    • Skip says:

      Cleveland is only saying if you decide to leave don’t put them in the dark since you have had so much influnce over the franchise. Also, give the chance to sign and trade so that they just don’t lose out completely. Look at what they will lose and have already lose. All draft picks for 2010 and 2011, Head Coach, GM, Over the Cap and Possibly there superstar. The reason they lost all of this is for the superstar the franchise will be ruined, because they will have to find ways to dump money to get under the cap and then make moves to bring in talent and have to find a coach in the process. So they hung themselves by letting a player control them and now they don’t know where he stands. So they will be left without a leg to stand on..

  80. D West says:

    My personal opinion is he hooks up with DWade in south beach. They have the resources and the cap room to add a third(Bosh?) and Dwade already states he plays well with James. Miami-Ft Lauderdale area is a huge market as well

  81. vesicles says:

    Loyalty is a two-way street. A team would not hesitate to trade a player. It’s often explained as a business decision. Although teams sometimes would be blamed for trading a player, it’s mostly centered around the effectiveness of the trade. No one will blame the team on the basis of not being loyal to the player. So why would people expect a player to be loyal to a team?

    • Azeron says:

      It IS a business first and foremost, so players had BEST be making their decisions with their heads and NOT their hearts as well. Because the teams most certainly are.

  82. Rick James says:

    I don’t see why everyone thinks LeBron is going to Chi-Town, does anyone remembr Noah and James can’t/don’t get along?
    I would like to see him in a Knicks uniform if they bring him the help, LeBron going to the Miami Heat would be terrible.

    • AG says:

      Remember Artest and Kobe 2 years ago?

    • Antoine says:

      Yeah that might be true but, James opinion of Noah is, someone passionate about winning. James didn’t have that with his teamates. Nothing passionate about watching Moe jack shots up and then getting destroyed by Rondo and Rose. Jamison was soft and Z and Shaq are too old.

    • Azeron says:

      Terrible for you as a fan or terrible for Lebron? Seriously. Lebron has a chance to sign with the Heat. Then Bosh will sign and THEN the Heat will re-sign Wade (because they can exceed the salary cap to sign their own player). Is anything better than that. Lebron is NOT Jordan. Jordan is a jerk who punched out his own teammates when he couldn’t have his way. Lebron is a very unselfish player and has no problem sharing the spotlight…AND the credit with others AS LONG AS HE AND HIS TEAMMATES WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. So with the triumvirate of James, Wade and Bosh…CHAMPIONSHIP? Check! With no state taxes in Florida… More money? Check! Add to those the great weather in Miami. I can think of a lot worse situations than South Beach: Knicks, Nets, Cavs, Bulls…you get the picture, right?

      • NBA Fan says:

        this might sound silly but i think Lebron would fit in really well with the Blazers. Out of all of the star players on each of there teams now, B. Roy will be, i think, the best at supporting another star player. B. Roy is LeBron’s Scottie Pippen. i mean with the blazers being good with out Lebron, with an okay team. (50 wins) imagine what they will be with Lebron. and i want to see the blazers put a more recent banner up. So i know this is all opinion but tell me what you think?????

      • luis says:

        Lebron James is the biggest jerk there is he wanted to hide the nike tapes after he got dunked on by jordan crawford from xavier and didnt even shake the magic players hands after they got elimanted from the playoffs he loves the spotlight and all the attention the whole league is giving him right now instead of him being patient and let the cavs develop talent around him with chemistry he demanded they make trades n signings like getting jamison or shaq and look what its led too I think hes going to Chicago cus he wants to be better jordan which he never will be

      • Jackal says:

        No matter what you think, LeBron does not want to go to a team where he has to share the ball that much. Wade AND Bosh? Especially WADE. . . ? LeBron’s numbers would heavily drop if he went to Miami. LeBron is not in his mid 30s. . .he has no reason to sell out his legacy to form a Boston-esque trio with other fading stars. He is only 25.

        LBJ would only end up scoring 20-22 a game in Miami. I don’t see why he’d enjoy seeing his career PPG drop from an elite 28+ to a forgettable low 20s. The Heat are not going to get all these prime time young free agents like Heat fans think they will. They will get an aging star, and maybe one of the less sought after younger ones such as Boozer. LBJ will not be going there, I doubt Bosh would either. The Heat also has practically no bench, questionable chemistry, and no young talent besides Beasley whom they openly talk about possibly trading.

        I’m not sure which is more annoying, Knicks fans bashing every other team’s situations, or Heat fans overstating theirs.

      • TN says:

        So you think Lebron would prefer putting up 28+ points a game over winning a championship? I think he would be ok scoring 20-22 points a game and getting some rings.

  83. Brandon Kim says:

    LeBron is probably going to Chicago. Because I mean why wouldn’t he? Hes not going to the Knicks because they have no chance to get a ring noway. Cleveland is just a letdown to LeBron so hes leaving that too. The only two real teams I think he might go to are the Bulls and Clips. Bulls because well they have an amazing PG in Derrick Rose. And a hardworking center in Noah. They’ve gotten to the playoffs riding ONE guy last season. Cleveland actually got to the playoffs because everyone plays well during the regular season. Mo is just terrid in playoffs. Antawn and Delonte very inconsistent. And Coach Mike Brown is just bad. Plain flat out bad at coaching the Cavs. Clippers might get a chance because they have cap space. And they have Baron Davis, Eric Gordon who is really developing, an all-star Chris Kaman, and the #1 pick in the 08 draft Blake Griffin. But to everyone who THINKS hes going to Miami with Wade or Knicks or stay with Cleveland.. He/she should really think about the position those teams are to win a ring. Miami is but sharing stardom with Wade is probably not going to happen.

  84. Bob says:

    Chicago will go beyond 6 championships with Lebron playing his # 6 Bulls’ jersey. Watch out Boston & Los Angeles for real competition for number of NBA trophies in the very near future!

  85. Jaime says:

    I second that with CHICAGO being the destination he chooses. Great city, charm, and a long history of Championship streaks. That city is awesome. Can’t wait to buy new NBA Gear!

    • NBA Fan says:

      sucks for the people that just bought the old gear… cuz some of this gear is just too expensive

  86. Phx Suns Fan says:

    Everyone should have the right to work where they choose to work, without the rest of America taking it personal. LeBron is no different than Brett Favre, Alex Rodriguez, Shaq, Kareem, Ken Griffey Jr., or any other star athlete, or, for that matter, any other person who feels that his/her future may be better served someplace else. I bet if Bud Shaw got an offer to work at a better newspaper for more money, he’d jump at the chance, and no one would blame him. That’s how the world works.

    Besides, you all want LeBron to be loyal, but you want other players, on other teams, to leave their teams and join the Cavs. Haven’t you figured out by now that loyalty and sports don’t mix. Ask Danny Ferry. Ask Coach Brown. Ask those Chicago Blackhawk players who were traded last week after helping that team win its first championship in 49 years. Why does everyone in Cleveland expect LeBron to be loyal to anything other than his own interest. How many of you are still working at your first job.

    There is still a slim chance that LeBron will wake up one morning and say to himself, “I’m staying in Cleveland.” I, personally, think he has a better future in Chicago, but I’m sure most of you think differently. In any event, his decision has nothing to do with me; and hopefully, your life is fulfilled enough so that his decision will have nothing to do with you, either.

    • Stevo says:

      Yours is the first thoughtful post I’ve seen. Right, what is this “loyalty” thing? Maybe that was prevalent in ages past, where more players in pro sports spent their whole career with the same team, but that is a thing of the past. Who can blame any player for wanting to find the best place for themselves, their career, potential championship, etc.? Another thing, so LeBron had a bad game in game 5. Who doesn’t have off-nights? Kobe did in the last game of the season, but fortunately, Ron picked up the slack. That’s what teams are about, and the best teams are just that.

      • Glenn says:

        Lebron had a bad game. Kobe had a bad game. The difference is Kobe didn’t surrender. You can see the difference when the Lakers lost game 5.

  87. chad murphy says:

    Lol, but on the subject of lebron switching from 23 to 6, the number 23 is being rtired all over the leauge, not just in chicago. Just letting u know

    • Antoine says:

      Not the whole league, but in Miami and Chicago, so i agree with you in that aspect.

    • John says:

      Wrong. It’s not being retired everywhere. LeBron suggested it be retired everywhere – doesn’t mean it’s happening.

  88. WG says:

    LeBron is going to Chicago, something I feel he knew early last season IF the Cavs didn’t win it all this year.
    I mean why else did he change his jersey number from 23 to No.6.
    He cant wear 23 in CHICAGO.

    • Erez says:

      He can only change his jersey number if he stays with clevland. If he goes to any other team he van pick whatever number he likes

      • Santiago says:

        What he means is he changed it preemptively because he can pick any number he wants in Chicago…except 23. So, rather than not be able to make the move without giving up his number, he decided to say he wants to change it. This way he can go to Chi and the manditory number change will seem like it agrees with what he was planning to do anyway. This also works if he was/is planning to move to Miami (since he can’t wear 23 there either). So… basically it doesn’t tell us where he is going. It just tells us he is consideirng both Miami and Chi (which we already know) and made the number change announcement in case he does leave Cle for either one.

      • Coyote says:

        Eres? Crack? Or just ounces and ounces of grass?

    • NBA Fan says:

      i think he filed in a change for safey… what if he wants to stay in cleveland but still wants to change his #… so whatever he does he’s keeping his options open

  89. Well the rumor, which we know must not be too careful about what other journalists say … in every way after July 1, everyone will be built on the players’ movements.

    • Giles says:

      C-E-N-T-E-R-S !!! Look at the all star candidate centers. Figure out where THEY are going to be next season. Note also, the American public continues to move west and/or south, not north east nor north central. Then look for at least 17 or 34 or so million in cap room. Bogut is the only northern all star center. A team would have to buy the Bucks to get him. So odds are, the darlings will be headed to the Sun Belt. Yao and Howard can be free agents, and their teams have no cap room unless they leave. So a Sun Belt team would have to lure them away from Houston or Orlando, or already have an all star center, to have have chance at the darlings. Cap room leaders near two max salaries are the Knicks, not in the Sun Belt at the moment, the Heat, the Bulls. But the Knicks would be able to move to an open Sun Belt location, if they wanted to, like Tampa/St. Pete, and San Diego. Yao and James or Howard and James, where? The folks who don`t know/care about basketball keep dropping middle and small size player names. But the top five scorers, much less rebounders, in Nba history are Shaq, Wilt, Kareem, Karl, and Mike. Three of the five are 7 footers! If the Bulls don`t move south, top prospects are not going there. The Bulls have less money now than Miami and the Knicks. And Miami has the warm winters, not New York nor Chicago. So pencil Yao and James in for Miami unless the Knicks or Bulls move south. Which means Wade will leave. The do not yet have full cap room for two max salaries, much less to sing Wade as well. Likewise, consider athletes returning home: Wade to Chicago, Bosh to Dallas, Stoudemire to Orlando if Howard leaves, or Miami. Or a franchise moving in the offeseason to Tampa. Franchises have moved before. The Cavaliers will LIKELY flee Ohio if they can`t sign James. Unfortunately for them, New Orleans already has a team.

      • Jackal says:

        The Bulls don’t have as much CAP ROOM as those other teams, but to assume that means they have less money is ludicrous. Despite being an below average to average team for the past ten-12 years, they have consistently pulled in excellent attendance every year at premium ticket prices. Chicago has a lot of sports fans in it, which is why every Chicago sports team always has high attendence. Cubs always have one of the highest in the MLB, the Blackhawks led the NHL in attendence last year too. The Bulls were at the very least top 5 every year for several years now.

        Which all equates into one simple fact. They have tons of money. They can easily go into the luxury tax and not bat an eye. They have just been cheap and not spending because they haven’t had any real stars to build around since Jordan retired. The Bulls can easily spend as much on their team as the Celtics do. Cap space doesn’t matter.

        I don’t understand why you think big men have to play in the south. It doesn’t matter where they play, it’s just a coincidence. KG played in Minnesota, and plays in Boston now. Shaq went to Cleveland. Just because southern teams lucked out and drafted Shaq, Howard, Duncan, and Yao doesn’t mean anything. They were drafted into the south. Period.

        Wade won’t be going to Chicago either, he has publicly made statements about how he wouldn’t want to play there. I also doubt any real big names are going to NY besides maybe Amare or Johnson, the two overrated free agents in the pool this year (especially Amare). Howard isn’t leaving Orlando, and Bosh isn’t going to the Mavs. Actually Bosh is the only FA I have no idea what he is thinking. He sends mixed signals. All I know is that he’s leaving Toronto. He seems to really dislike the idea of signing somewhere with LeBron, and wants to be “the best player in the team” for wherever he goes. Which means he doesn’t want to partner up with Wade, LeBron, or Dirk. Maybe he’s just saying that to throw people off though. . .but he seems to be craving the spotlight.

        LeBron’s best shot at multiple titles is Chicago, but there are too many people trying to persuade him not to go there because they’d prefer he go to “their team”. . .aka Knicks fans. . . LeBron would be lucky to win 2 titles if he went to NY. he has a shot at 3-4 with Chicago.

      • TN says:

        Giles you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. The entire NBA is not going to start switching states and moving South or West. As great as the weather is in Miami there are also legacies which these stars care about in Chicago and New York. Wade is one of the most likely players to actually stay put and you are thinking Yao and Lebron are going to go to Miami and he leaves? Howard is under contract for another couple years so where are you even getting the possibility of James and Howard going somewhere together? That also means STAT wouldn’t be going to Orlando. Dirk will probably stay in Dallas and they might go over the cap to try and pick up a second-tier free-agent. I have no idea where you are pulling any of your comments from because they are not only improbable but some are impossible.

        @Jackal: he wasn’t saying big men have to play in the South he was just saying that the big free agents are going to want to find a south team with a good center since 7-footers are 3 of the top 5 scorers. Johnson and Amare are not overrated at all really. They aren’t putting them on the same field as James and Wade but they are both solid players who will change the outcome for whichever teams they go to. Amare might even stay if the Suns offer him a max contract, he needs to start rebounding and playing solid defense before he should get a max contract though.

    • McKinley says:

      If Lebron really wants a ring he can join the World Champion Lakers. Think of this Line up Kobe at the 1 .Ron Artest at the 2. Lebron at 3. Odom at the 4, but Odom would be like the point gaurd, And Gasol at the 5. Can you say 82-0 and 16-0. Very possible. Good for the Lakers. Bad for the rest of the NBA. Regardless of what happens. The Lakers are winning another title next year.

      • RM11 says:

        lebron and kobe willnever be together on an nba team!!!!!!!!!
        but i do agree with LAKEEEEEERS 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Amauri Ramirez says:

        I prefer;
        1. Lebron
        2. Kobe
        3. Ron
        4. Lamar
        5. Pau

      • Coyote says:

        Flippin Lakers Fan. Kobe is a flat out stud. The Lakers (not Shaq and Kobe Lakers) are so overrated it’s scary. They beat a sorry discombobulated Orlando team last year who installed their starting point guard back in the line up for game 1 of the finals after he misssed 2 or 3 months and ditched the Point Forward Turkoglu system that got them to the finals. It was pathetic. This year was a hell of a series but did the Lakers really impress. They barely beat a bunch of granfathers who just happened to be on a white hot streak for most of the playoffs. If Doc Rivers had actually advised some strategy during their discusting scoring drought during game 7 like go down low to garnett and wallace and keep pounding till they start to double. Lakers had no answer for Wallace on the low block so briliantly they went to Wallace on the low block 4 times and he scored 3 and then they spent the rest of the game jacking up off balance jump shots. Did Doc once say go inside, quit shooting jumpers. No, he just kept giving motivational speaches which are important but so is a little tactics. Lakers lose if Doc Rivers said two words “go inside” The fact that Kobe had the worst game of his playoff carreer and the Lakers stil won just proves they were playing against another Eastern Conference team that dosn’t know what the word score looks like. The Lakers do not win next year unless for the third year in a row there are no other legitimately good teams in the league. The Cavs Orlando Boston: Posers Eastern Conference Posers. The Nuggets Portland Suns Posers The Spurs Granspa posers. Kobe is a flat out stud but the Lakers as a team don’t impress anybody other than Lakers fans. Their first Three peat team was bad ass though. Although they needed the Kings to Lose in 7 games 3 times. Once in Western Conference Finals Game 7 Overtime then went on to sweep the Poser Nets. Lakers fans are abnoxious.