KD Makes his return to the Draft

Posted by John Schuhmann

NEW YORK — The players have made their way to the Green Room, which is neither green, nor a room (a joke we make every year in this space). Special NBA TV correspondent Kevin Durant was there to greet them and interview Butler’s Gordon Hayward.

I’ve been in the same room/arena with KD plenty of times before, but I realized just how big he is when earlier he was looking eye-to-eye with former Bulls center Will Purdue, who’s here with ESPN Radio.

Also here doing some work for NBA TV is another former No. 2 pick, Jay Williams. Williams was telling the camera what it was like to be drafted.

“There was nothing like shaking David [Stern]’s hand,” Williams said. “It was the best feeling in the world.”

For a final preview of how things will go this night, check out our Consensus Mock Draft, compiled and recently updated by my man Drew Packham.

And before I could get this blog posted, the players have disappeared… off to get some dinner, I believe.

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