John Wall does the John Wall Dance

Posted by John Schuhmann

NEW YORK — At the end of his media circuit, John Wall sat down for a Skype interview with Big Tigger, the Wizards’ official DJ. I didn’t catch what was said, but Tigger got Wall to do the John Wall Dance at the end. I wonder if you can do the John Wall Dance to D.C. go-go.

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  1. djjohnson44 says:

    john wall has one of the best dougiesw in the leauge……it is way better than rondos

  2. demiel says:

    well its all just fun, when you think about it. i mean when lebron played for the cavs what were they doing?….DANCING! and everybody thought it was funny. so i dont see nothing wrong with j-wall doing his thang!

  3. I see both sides of the argument. I understand the purists who dont feel like dancing should be a part of the game but I also understand that some people want to have fun. I guess I want to see a balance. I love Kobe but sometimes I like when he gets a little animated instead of being so militant. If everyone in the world acted the same it would be boring. So I want NBA players to enjoy themselves without taking it too far.

  4. Jake says:

    Chill out people. It’s a long season, what’s wrong with the players havin’ a bit of fun?

  5. magicman19 says:

    You guys wanna actually look u what your comlaining about? Or even better watch some college ball that isnt all about the money? The John Wall is no more of a dance than a a fist pump

    • tata says:

      It’s bad enough that LeBron is an arrogant a-hole. At least he has done something in the league. But when rookies come in dancing it has gone too far. Imagine the Kareem Shuffle or the Bill Russell Boogie…I don’t see it. Sorts are supposed to be for MEN….leave the dancing to the cheerleaders.

  6. Jai says:

    I agree with ” tata : June 25, 2010 at 3:39 am”. I am not emphasizing it because LeBron lost and Kobe won but dancing tells me that you are not serious about winning to the end from the heart … kind of like you are already happy for the little things … of course it doesn’t affect LeBrons’ game much becuase he is not a shooter anyway. Shooting needs a lot of focus and will but dunking, athleticism doesn’t.

  7. tata says:

    I don’t like dancing in the NBA. The two biggest dancers/clowns I can think of are LeBron James and Dwight Howard. It may be all fun and games to those two, but I prefer the steely determination of Kobe Bryant. Call me a purist, but I can’t imagine Wilt, Magic, Bird or MJ dancing….especially DURING games. If LeBron goes to Chicago will Noah still think he is a b*tch for dancing or will he join in?