Darington Hobson’s Long and Winding Road

Posted by John Schuhmann

NEW YORK — Darington Hobson, selected 37th by the Bucks, has taken one of the more interesting paths to the league. Hobson attended four different high schools, one in Las Vegas, two in Houston and one in California. He then went to prep school (in Illinois) for a year. After that, it was junior college (in Utah) for two years, before playing at New Mexico for a season.

Yep, that’s seven different stops in five different states since the ninth grade. But it wasn’t like Hobson was a troubled kid. He just got some bad advice… a lot of it.

“I was listening to a lot of people telling me to go to different schools, that I could get exposure doing that,” Hobson said when he was in New Jersey for group workouts two weeks ago.

Somehow, Hobson stayed focused on his goal. And now, he has found his way to the NBA, with the feeling that he’s better off for having gone through everything he has.

“You learn so much when you go to junior college,” Hobson said. “You drive 24 hours on the bus. You eat McDonald’s every day. When you go through stuff like that, you never take anything for granted. You can be on top one day and end up at the bottom the next.”

And when I talked to him earlier this month, Hobson believed that NBA teams can look at him and know that he’s ready for anything.

“I think it shows that I can fight through adversity,” he said. “I think a lot of people in this draft or any draft, if they had been through what I’ve been through, they might have quit. Even I’ve had times where I felt like I was going to quit. But I pushed through.”

For more on Hobson, check out this FOX Sports profile from earlier this year.

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