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Posted by Scott Howard-Cooper

LOS ANGELES – Phil Jackson of the Lakers and Doc Rivers of the Celtics shed little new light on their futures Thursday night as the Finals concluded with both coaches possibly stepping away at the height of success.

Jackson told on Wednesday that he hoped to make a decision before the draft next Thursday and followed that with a continued encouraging tone for the Lakers. Asked in the post-Game 7 press conference about past statements that winning the championship would increase the likelihood of a new deal for 2010-11, he said, “That’s a wonderful thing. That’s as much as I’ll talk about. It does improve my chances.”

He had said as much before while weighing retirement and even leaving open the possibility of working elsewhere. But actually having another ring moves the conversation from what-if to the known.

Rivers has another year on his contract, but is contemplating whether to leave the Celtics to spend more time with his family as his kids play sports in high school and college. He has missed out on seeing a lot of that and knows he could leave this job, however special it is, and get back into coaching in a couple years.

“I don’t know,” Rivers said after Game 7. “I’m going to wait. I’m going to go and watch my kids play AAU  basketball, and I’m going to wait for a little bit.”



  1. jov says:



    So i keep hearing how the calls didnt go the Celtics way and how if Pau would would have gotten those call on him it would have changed the momentum of the game…..

    Kind of like Pierce faking a knee injury and running back in to the game 5 minutes later in 2008….like that momentum changer? lets call it even…so stop crying.

    Doc Rivers is an idiot. He coaches based off of emotion, where as Phil coaches off of strategy, and off of the strengths of his players. Thats why Lakers finish and Boston doesn’t. ITS SKILL, AND NOT EMOTION THAT WILL WIN THE GAME.

  3. ras says:

    Oh yeah…Celts we are gaining on you….16 BABY….
    We RUN 2000-2010…5 in the last 10 years…The only team that has more than 1 is San Antonio..Celts have 1, but that 1 took over 20 years..

  4. ras says:

    Ryan, You have no CLUE about what a valuble player is, based on your Perkins comment….He has no foot work, no offensive game, Defense is suspect because he is slow…Now, he is a big body, and he is strong…thats good…but his value showed last year w/o KG….Bynum played most of the 08 year w/o Gasol and LA was #1 during that time…plus the playoffs in 08, we really needed Bynum, cus we were short handed when it came to size..Celts had 5 big men playing that year…LA only had 2, cus Mbenga did not play cus of coaches decision..So, Perkins being more valuable than Bynum is a joke…If Bynum was avail. and the Celts picked him up, he would probably start w/ KG instead of Perk…

  5. ras says:

    Celtic fans….Lakers got beat up in 08, but that was 08…Both Lakers and Celts, pretty much have the same squads, or atleast the same core group…Artest was the missing key for Lakers, and Sheed/Robinson was that scorer you needed off the bench..Even without Perkins, both teams matched up really well. NO EXCUSES…Celts, to use an excuse that Perkins not being in that one game tilted the balance of power to the Lakers, Im sorry, sounds like a big reach, Perkins is not a scorer and his D-Fense is OK for a big man at best, Sheed has much better D and O…I recall the 08 series and Lakers got BEAT, Redemption is a bitch I know, but no excuses..

  6. RYAN says:

    I am gettin sick of hearing laker fans saying stop making excuses because perkins was out, i admit the celtics loss was on them, but remember in 08 when the lakers lost? there excuse was they didnt have bynum. and perkins is CLEARLY more valuable than bynum 2 years ago.

  7. Go Boston Celtics Go says:

    Celtics will be coached by the Big J next season. Tau Gamma Phi always supports the Celtics, win or lose. We are still one championship ring better than the Lakers.

  8. Celtics4Life says:

    There are no excuses for the celtics. Even though there was no Perkins, Sheed came off the bench and did great.

  9. Ivan Kowalski says:

    I’ve been a Lakers fan for as long as i’ve been a basketball follower. I was in my second year of high school in ’83 when they were swept by (imho) the single best NBA Championship team i’ve ever seen: Billy Cunningham’s 76er’s. I also watched them taken out by the clinical Celtics teams that sported legends: Bird, McHale & Parish – and their great supporting casts of DJ, Ainge and Maxwell. What always kept me going as a Laker fan is the hope they could rise to Championship heights again. But then, the sad thing for me is arriving at and reading the sheer vitriol and venom that folks post on the blogs here. There is so much absolutist trash from people spouting on like there words are certainties. The “only certainties” about an NBA series are: both teams deservedly won their respective conference titles; that both teams were equally as committed to their teams’ cause; that both teams were so stacked with talent and potential game winners that it was always going to be “too close to call”; and, most significantly, that both teams played magnificent ball. Unfortunately, that leads to the inevitable: one team takes all and one has to rue what might have been. All double-talk, subterfuge and rhetoric aside: the bounce of the ball .. a bad ref’s call .. an injured player here and another one there .. at the end of the day, that (for those too young to appreciate) my friends is “Championship basketball”. Hats off to P.J and the Lakers and nothing but the deepest respect for Doc Rivers & his battered, brilliant and brave Celtics. To all the trash-talking, bitter psychophants out there that post here – no matter where you hail from, shame on you for deriding what has been a great season by the NBA’s two most storied rivals. get a clue next time and leave that cr@p at the door.

  10. carlos_padua says:

    godspeed boston management and sir Danny Ainge. I’m a Diehard fans of Boston Celtics since KG and Allen arrivals. i offer you namely GABE FREEMAN’ swingman,6’6 guard /forward. a product of Costa Mesa College CBA. he average 14pts per game and 9.7 rebs.Gabriel Freeman is playing like, it would Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats. and has almost an identical skill set as the Bobcats Star Forward – An Explosive drive, A strong finish, Intensity, Hardwork, Hustle Rebounding , Hustle Points, Helpside Defense, Streaky Shooting, 2009 PBA Fiesta Conference Best import. PBA 2009 Champion Fiesta Conference San Miguel Beermen ABL (asian basketball league) 2009-2010 Champion Philippine Patriots..100 more percent this guy is surely fit to your team.Sir Ainge. please….please…invite him to your training camp next season. txs and more power GO!! BOSTON CELTICS!!

  11. bert says:

    HI…Hi….. As long as Kobe. Bryant And Phil. Jackson is there No one can beat then …..LA Lakers is the team to beat Again….again…. …..Congratulation LA Lakers for back to back champion ….Phil Jackson will return to LA lakers next year…..and Kobe Bryant … are MR.81 ……… The Best of NBA Players …. Again Congratulations to LA Lakers … Derick Fisher , Lomar Odom… Pau Gasol … Ron Artest…… Shanon Brown… Jordam Farmar…..Andrew Bynum. and the rest of the Gang….. WIN ……WIN….. WIN…. Beat Celtics …Beat Magic… Beat Suns…… Beat Cavs…. …..Nobody can beat lakers as long kobe ….gasol… and Jackson … is there ……. Wait….. until they retired……..

  12. Lakers Won...Get Over It says:

    Okay, game 7 is over. Lakers came out on top, so just get over it. When your team loses, its understandable to make some sort of excuse in favor of your team as to why they lost. So allow me to end all excuses.

    Kendrick Perkins not playing excuse: Rasheed Wallace played his best game of the series during game 7. Early in the game, his presence along with KG in the paint is what made pau gasol have a horrible shooting night. Rasheed was scoring at will on pau going glass every chance he could get. Having an extra body would have helped, but come on celtic fans, there is NO GUARANTEE that he would have even impacted the game enough to win it. The other celtic bigs should have stepped up. Rasheed did. The Laker fans have a legitimate argument with the fact that andrew bynum WAS NOT HEALTHY. Perkins, as good of a defender as he is, has a lot of trouble against bynum who is one of the best offensive centers in the league. (compare his post moves with dwight howard. bynum is clearly a great offensive player). When healthy, bynum is a solid defender as well. So not having a healthy andrew bynum throughout the playoffs, is just as key a fact as not having perkins. Perkins played 5 full games healthy, while bynum played little minutes through 7 games injured. Not exactly a level field in the centers department.

    Refs won the game for the Lakers: This argument is the one that makes me mad the most. i watched the game twice (becuase it was that good). From my point of view, the lakers were more successful in the fourth in defending WITHOUT fouling. Their rotations were much quicker and better than the celtics. Celtics offensively, became an isolation team or over dribbled allowing the laker defense to collapse better. Lakers changed one aspect of their game late: they gave kobe the ball at the top of the floor near half court which makes it hard for the help defense. the lakers played alot of pick and roll or isolation with kobe. To counter, the celtics came with alot of help defense leaving open players like ron artest, or driving lanes and post up opportunities. Ultimately the lakers just attacked the rim more and the celtics couldnt defend without fouling. i think fatigue had a part to do with this. When kobe attacked the rim, rasheed wallace was in a bad position in the RESTRICTED area under the basket. Fault celtics. Pau’s travel should have been called, but that is so difficult to officiate at the speed the game is played. Fault refs. The hustle for the loose ball where pau came up with the offensive board over rondo was a foul on pau, but the celtics did a poor job rotating back to their man leaving rondo to gaurd gasol under the basket. fault: ultimately celtics. Dont leave pau gasol to be guarded by rajon rondo under the basket. Thats poor communication which was caused by the double team on kobe at the top of the key.

    the celtics played amazing D throughout the game, but the lakers were consistently beating them in the rebounding department. When the lakers defense got better, the celtics offense was shut down. Great defense and rebounding in the end, is what won the lakers game 7.

    about this article: both coaches should stay, more so phil, who would be crazy to not attempt a 4th three-peat.

  13. APO Gilbert says:

    Hello`……First of all I like to greet my lakers team for Winning 2010 NBA finals and for Kobe .. You are the man to beat …you are the best of the best …… and also for Phil. Jackson …You are the best coach in the NBA with 11 champoinships ring …. I know for sure that PHil. Jackson will stay to LA Lakers ….. to win again and again … sure he is coming back next year …. For Kobe win more …more ….. you are only 31 you are still young …… more championships for you and gasol ,derick .Odom. Ron Artest….. And the company …… LA Lakers is the team to Beat……. Alpha Phi Omega Support ….LA Lakers ……..

  14. Val31 says:

    lakers was just sitting pretty in the West while the Celtics where facing the Cavs and Magic in the East…two of the top 3 NBA teams in the league. Even add miami. While the lakers are facing who?Suns,Jazz, Thunders?they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs in the East. We lost but u can’t help but think if the playoffs where fair,lakers would’nt even be in the finals..hehehehe..

    • ras says:

      Shameful…more excuses…If celts was that tough to beat, then we were just as tough…CUS WE WON!!!!!Go Lakes!

  15. DA TRUTH says:

    Boston plays good team ball thats all, and they are very good at hacking. Kobe was just as important as shaq back in the day, averaging just under the points shaq did, and filling in all those minutes that shaq was on the bench with foul trouble. In the end, Kobe will have a better legacy than jordan, considering jordan got his last ring when he was what, 35, Kobe is only 31. Best scorer of all time and he has been on all defensive team plenty of times. Kobe controls every game. If phil comes back, the lakers will 3 peat and the best scorer will win finals mvp again.

    • gc98 says:

      kobe should not even be mentioned in the same breath as jordan, magic,bird or any of the top notch players from the 80,s or early 90,s. kobe is an average player if he plays in the 80,s. no way he could take the physical style of play that happened back then. todays nba has dropped off dramatically.& the public has noticed. back in the 80,s it was the no. 1 sport watched now it has dropped to no.3 behind football & baseball. behind BASEBALL! you even have annoucers saying on replays where was the foul over &over again. it was funny listen to a sports show on is kobe the best laker ever. the reaction was “are you kidding me, maybe top 5”. geatest scorer ever? not even close. wilt,gervin,king,dantley, english, but some of you might have been to young to witness these players.

  16. the truth says:

    Perkins or not ! Lakers deserve the trophy !! They had a complete team in game 6 and still lost ! don’t make this an excuse. I think Rasheed played better and it worked out better for the Celtics with Perkins injury. Rasheed was responsible for the 13 point depecit but unable to hold on. Lakers D make it all happened !!! Congrats to the Lakers

  17. gc98 says:

    nobody dislikes the celtics more than me but i gotta say after watchin this series the officiating took them outta there game. back in the 80,s this wouldn,t have even been a series. the flopping & phantom calls were pathetic. it happened on both sides but def favored the lakers. this league is so superstar driven with the way officials call the game it is rediculous. for those of you too young to have watched nba bball in the 80,s you missed a very special time. this league is in need of rescue again. magic & bird where are you!

  18. anthony says:

    nba finals game 7, in no way, should be decided from the free throw line. you let the men play. i am not mad about how many more free throws the lakers shoot then us, i am more upset, about the 22 they shot in the 4 th quarter. let the men play, let them earn it, let them go out and get it. thats what makes the finals amazing…right, “where amazing happens.”..well i know a couple of kids down at the courts near my house, that shoot free throws sure they both could have went up to line and sank some free throws. i just wanted to see, a big shot, or a scramble without a foul, or a jump ball, and i just didnt see it. the first half it was physical, and then they started calling soft fouls. im not makeing excuses for my team. in the end, we were tired, we werent old, just tired. are rotations were screwed up, and were forced to extend kevins minutes, sheeds, and babys. ron artest was huge, he was mia the first 5 games of the series and was huge the last 2. pau has earned my respect, still dont think hes what people say he is, but hes a great player. i hate kobe, but respect his game, you wont see me hateing on what hes accomplished. this is about basketball, not whether “no during sex, means yes”. they were the two best teams, and i bleed green..i just wanted to see the two teams gooo after it in game 7, not see it decided from the line. we lost two statistical catergories and that was rebounding, and free throws. perk, errggg, i dunno. big body, plays good defense, and rebounds. and you all can hate on perk, but i ve watched every game the man has played in, and i have seen the develoipment he has gone through, and from where he was when he came in from high school, to where he is now, ITS A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. paul pierce and ray allen were no shows, when we needed them most, and thats the bottom line everyone..plain and simple. paul can talk the talk, but he couldnt walk the walk..ray, was lift in the shot, and it was apparent. the lakers took advantaged of it..and in the end it was the lakers still standing. i can still see this happening again next year, if all the pieces stay the same. lakers do not want to see phil leave, and i know you are all shakeing in your pants, just like we dont want doc to leave…questions, questions, questions…will see,

  19. rHoyZ says:

    the referee’s calls was always in favor of LA…. If the game 7 is on the homecourt of the celtics’, I’m sure the celtics will be the champion……

  20. B-Ball Fan says:

    I’ve been commenting on everyone else so I guess I should give my take. Both teams played terrific on the defensive end and I’m actually glad it wasn’t an amazing offensive game because this was a chance to showoff to the entire league what ‘defense’ is so maybe next season we’ll have some more hard gritted shut-down defensive games going on. Perkins was partially missed on the boards but he couldn’t have helped on the offensive end and he couldn’t have played the same defense on Pau that Sheed’ did. It was really a team game on both sides because no one was able to break out into a scoring frenzy. The officiating was sloppy though on both ends of the court for both teams, tons of missed calls but they were letting them play a little. The Celtics had it in the bag until the 3rd where I think they’re batteries finally needed recharging. They haven’t been able to play their full bench because of their skill issues so their started were drained and with that they started fouling recklessly and the Lakers got into the bonus. When a team gets into the Bonus Kobe smells blood in the water and he attacks, then that aggressiveness seeps into the rest of the team its that simple. Celtics hack, Lakers shoot that was the story at the end of the game. Then that same fatigue would’nt let them make a bucket in the fourth. Again they both played a tremendously hard fought game but in the end it went to the Lakers.

  21. gabe says:

    bynum did not play much so perkins and bynum out is just an equal matchup!

  22. Gabby says:

    The championships of this Lakers team wont change the fact that they play boring, uninspired basketball 75% of the time. They are more Larry Holmes than Muhammed Ali.

  23. JTV says:

    Congratulations to the LA LAKERS!!! While I rooted for Boston and wanted the Big Three to get one more ring before they break out, LA played tremendous defense in games 6 and 7 when it mattered most. They truly worked for and deserved to be Champions. As I said in my previous comment, Great Team Defense Wins Championships and LA just did it. This was a Classic Series between LA and BOSTON that can looked upon after years have passed by.

  24. Leprechaun says:


    The lakers would never be in the finals for 3 consecutive years if there’s no presence of PHIL JACKSON, even though they have players like they have today but without Phil they’ll never have such accomplishments. So, I give my salute to PHIL JACKSON though I’m a BOSTON fan. Congratulations to PHIL JACKSON and HIS Laker team!!! RESPECT for the BOSTON CELTICS despite of insults that you guys have last season but STILL you PROVE IT that you are an ELITE TEAM. And to all CELTICS FANS out there don’t mind all the boooos,insults and trashtalk of those L.A. fans that’s the way they are let’s give them credit for being the champion but in REALITY they’re still the one who trails us one more championship and we are much more of an EDUCATED PEOPLE compared to THEM… RIGHT? WE CAN STILL COME BACK…. GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Unknown says:

      woww!!!!!!!!! EDUCATED PEOPLE? oh come on! did u even remember throwing rocks to LA when they were beaten last time they met? think before you say idiot. Does whining and making excuses makes you EDUCATED PEOPLE? just admit you lost to the Lakers, I honestly think it the major impact was the fans that influenced the win and the rest goes to the talent and intellect in the game. Yes its obvious we won because you lack Perk rebounds but hav not you realized you had the advantage all along from the start of the series? Kobe played with a bad finger and his knees were.nt 100% and bynum also played with a bad knee getting worse everyday compared to Boston who were armed and loaded even the bench specially Nate Tony and Davis.

    • ras says:

      Most of all Celts championships came when Red and Russell was on the team…Magic and the guys owned Bird and crew, and plus it took over 20 yrs for you guys to make it back to the elite status….we are 1 away, and the way the Lakers Franchise keep building the team, we should be at 17 real soon. Celtic fans, if you are so educated than LA fans, then count the # of years it took you guys to win your 17th….5 rings in 10 yrs is the Lakers count, still going.

  25. kb24 all says:

    leo you suck along with all the celtic’s fans the lakers are the greatest of all time either jump on the band wagon or suffer long years of defeat from the greatest and kobe was the greatest even when micheal was playing.

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      I’m not even going to try and make that comparison. Kobe is Kobe and MJ is MJ that should be enough for everyone I can’t let it be said that Kobe is better than MJ but I’m not going to put MJ leaps and bounds over Kobe either. They’re both great players and they both played with 4 other guys on the court. They both had some extremely amazing games and they both had some poor games. Kobe has 5, and MJ has 6.They were both a significant part of their teams getting there and winning it. Its still 6-5 in MJs favor though and thats all that matters.

  26. Ray Ray Allen says:

    If Your gonna compare Kobes little finger to Perkins Knee, your an idiot as simple as that, Perkins isnt meant to score and he is better than Wallace, defense matters more than offense…… Get Your facts Straight Dumbass

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      Perkins wouldn’t have mattered to me because without Wallace scoring buckets in key moments the Lakers would’ve caught some momentum in that game. And Perk could not defend Pau that well and if Pau makes the shot theirs no need for a rebound which he would have shot right over the top of Perk. Defense is more important that offense yes that is true but its better to play a player who can play one on one with a superstar like Pau than to tire out your already short line up by sending a double team to Pau every possession,yes they got pounded on the boards but the Lakers barely capitalized off of their second attempts, just sayin, loser.

  27. T says:

    Love the fact that people point to the 6-24 in game 7, say Kobe should have never gotten MVP, and then talk about MJ.

    MJ missed 20 shots in his last Finals game and still got MVP. And he didn’t miss 20 shots with a broken finger on his shooting hand, either. Or grab 15 boards.

  28. Ex Laker Fan says:

    the only legend kobe matches up to is Mike Tyson there in Colorado.
    MJ never got blown out in the finals and never lost in the finals and always took over series deciding games.
    Remember without that rediculous help from the Jerry West influenced Pau Gasol trade to the Lakers,
    Kobe was never getting out of the first round, Lebron has proved to get out of the first round all by himself.
    Pau Gasol is the true superstar on the Lakers to push them to the brink.

  29. UCLAKERS says:

    Lakers just beat the h out of the celtics…good effort though for the celts…both sides are not shooting well…

    but the Laker defense just gave an ounce more…. boston fans should give the credit where its due and not be sour losers…

    because they will be experiencing this again next year…and if the teams breaks up… they would would be the forgotten celts again like the pre 2008 except during the lottery…

    GO LAKERS!!! 3+ peat…

  30. Danilo says:

    no matter what, lakers played good, boston gots to stop with the xcuses, we work as a team in game 7, as u could see Kobe it wasnt him that won the game, it was the team, LAKERS #1 BABY

  31. Nik123dj says:

    Well, Lakers dominated on offensive rebounds, you can tell Perk was missing on the both ends of the floor. Still no excuses for Celtics, they gave them a chance to win but didn’t took it. Personally I was missing RAY ALLEN, his shot was off tonight (again). Congrats to Lakers, I wanted Celtics to win but it is what it is. Better team won. Just feeling sorry for unlucky Celtics that Perkins missed game 7.

  32. Scott says:

    LA would’ve lost had K Perkins stayed uninjured. Congrats LA; you won by the skin of your teeth!

    • ras says:

      teeth doesnt have skin dawg…Unless, there’s something in Boston the world needs to know about.

  33. CelticsareTrueClassChamps says:

    CONGRATS TO THE CELTICS for being the Class Act that they are. Kobe mvp… PLEASE. What exactly did he do this series except rip his teammates apart. Great leader he is… is anyone ripping him apart after his Game 7 No-Show. The MVPs should be Crawford, Crawford & Foster. They totally blew this one. Putting LA at the line but yet they couldnt call all those fouls the other way like with Garnet’s layup. The Refs have totally ruined this sport and this series proves it and what’s with the Announcers… are they watching the same game? Get Vince McMahon out there next!! Thats the direction the NBA is going….

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      I’ll start off by telling you why Kobe’s MVP and why he’s a great leader. He kept them in every game not just with scoring but with talking to his teammates, you think of it as tearing them down but when you don’t play at your best you need to be talked to. Kobe talks to his team mates he scolds his team mates and in the process makes them better. He scored big in every game against the smothering Boston defense and when he struggled he snatched rebounds and gos assist in EVERY game even in game 5 when what happened? His teammates weren’t scoring so what does he do? He didn’t give up like LeBron he kept fighting even if they went on to lose he never gave up. If that isn’t an MVP to you I seriously think you need to go look for another sport to watch.

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      Btw yes the refs missed calls but if you werent so biased on calls missed for Boston you would have noticed tons of calls missed for LA throughout the series. Also towards the end of the game the Celt’s were tired and started playing sloppy thus they fouled alot more. The Lakers are such a great defensive team because they didn’t put the Celtics on the line, if you were watching the game you might have noticed. just sayin tho.

  34. derek says:

    listen laker fans,kendrick perkins was a big lose,how do you think you guys got to many offensive rebounds,perkins is bigman center,without him the celtics got dominated on the boards,rasheed played well though,although the rebounds werent there for him as for the rest of the team,la got a bull call with a kobe 3 that sent him to the line,overall it was a close game and could have went either way,perkins wasnt there for game 6 and 7 and the lakers were at home,reshuffle the games with perkins in it and you know that all the boards in game 6 and game 7 would have been different not to mention perkins defense.,but gota hand it to the lakers they played better and they won

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      First of all no offense but without ‘Sheed’s defense Pau scores over the top of Pau easy and Celts lose offense steam because Rasheed was knocking down some tough shots that Perk had no chance at making. Second the foul on Kobe was indeed a foul you can go back and see that Ray Aleen got caught with his hand in the cookie jar agaisnt Kobe and he should have known better especially after he used the same tactic against fisher only games earlier to get to the line. If you want to reshuffle games 6 and 7 then we may as well go back to 2008 and add Bynum and Ariza to the line-up for the Lakers that way Paul Pierce doesnt get a cake walk on offense against Radmonavich. Alot of things happen by chance just like the injuries in 2008 and excuses are for losers. The Celtics played a hell of a game and have nothing to be upset about. If your a Celtics fan you dont have anything to be ashamed about either.

  35. LakersFanForLife says:

    Damn haters. We won the championship last year, and people made the same excuses. Now its happening all over again. When will you guys understand that our trust and character helped us to beat the celts. Oh yeah, lebron is getting too much media coverage. I mean the guy is only playing for the show, not the title

  36. yoonnnnnn says:

    So according to the Boston fans…KENDRICK PERIKINS = MVP!!!!!

    HAHA oh please..

  37. MD says:

    I think the problem with the Celtics in the long-run was the fact that we had a point-guard who couldn’t make a 15-ft jumpshot and a forward that either topped out at 35pts or 10pts. This inconsistency coupled with the guard’s inability to make wide-open jumpers really hurt the team even when Lakers were playing poorly offensively. Rondo needs to practice his jumpshots and free-throws, and in my opinion, Ray Allen needs to be on the bench given he has not made shots by the end of 1st quarter. I might even want to see him benched from the get-go and have Tony Allen start in his place.

    • Buckets63 says:

      dude you just said that rondo needs to practice his jump shot and that tony allen should replace ray allen? You are a terrible coach! Rajon was the Celtics MVP in these playoffs, without a jump shot. Tony Allen is a nice defender but this is not football. What is he going to give you on the offensive end? Dunks? No. The defense will already be sagging because of his and Rondo’s inability to shoot, remember? Get your knowledge of the game up!

      • Finals2010 says:

        Rondo does need to practice his jumpshots. He is an amazing point guard but he would be so much better if he could knock down a mid-range shot. He also shot around 26%? from the free throw line which is horrible. It is surprising that someone with such good ball handling skills as well as hand-eye coordination is such a poor shooter.

        Ray Allen went 7/7 from 3 pt range in the beginning of game 2 and you are saying he should be benched? Shooters will miss shots but you don’t bench one of the best shooters of all time….

  38. nbaEnthusiast says:

    Another thing. Kobe is amazing. He is the best player in the NBA right now. Look at his numbers and his decision making. The Celtics were amazing as well. Do you really think the Lakers could have beaten Cleveland and Orlando only to play the Celtics in Finals without home court advantage… think about that. Shaquille Oneal and Dwight Howard injure more players than probably any other in the history of basketball. Celtics went through winning home courts against all three teams, That is incredible. My hats off to both teams but this year I have to take Celtics. Who knows who I will like next year.

  39. A fan says:

    It looks like the calls were fair. It was just Boston fell short but they are still great team. They will be still a contenders next year if they have the same players.
    But it was a Lakers night. Congratulations Lakers for back-to-back champion.

  40. nbaEnthusiast says:

    Here is the real story. First of all, Kobe had 15 rebounds. For a shooting guard that is amazing! Secondly, with Kendrick Perkins out the Celtics had a small shot… eventually the tired but very effective Celtics big men were on their way to being fouled out. Both teams played great… the last three years it has come down to injuries.

  41. gege20703 says:

    ahM!gratz to alL L.A. fans thoguh im a Boston lover..coz of RAy allen..ahm!i just wanted to say that KObe is KOBE.. and he himself admitted it.. that JORdan is The best..and take note..those 5 rings that he has right now..3 of them was brought by Shaq,,,so 2 titles for! let’s see if he Kobe can do that next year..

    i think it will be Lebrons time..hahaha!

    but cOngratz again..hehehe!
    but Please Kobe ain’t Jordan ok?he will never be.. and BTW nice 1 2 GasoL he is just an Actor.. Oscar’s Best aCtor..a Flopper..hahahaha!

  42. Ex Laker Fan says:

    they will have to do it without the zen master next year.
    the only legend kobe matches up to is Mike Tyson there in Colorado.
    MJ never got blown out in the finals and never lost in the finals and always took over series deciding games.
    Remember without that rediculous help from the Jerry West influenced Pau Gasol trade to the Lakers,
    Kobe was never getting out of the first round, Lebron has proved to get out of the first round all by himself.
    Pau Gasol is the true superstar on the Lakers to push them to the brink.

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      You know you’re just a hater clinging onto MJ’s pants leg. The guy is gone he isn’t there on the court anymore. And does Kobe ever try to compare himself to MJ? No he doesnt. If you want to be mad about all the comparisons why dont you write ESPN and angry rant but really get off of it. And MJ ddnt always get out of the first round on his own he used to lose to Detroit year after year. And LeBron has no excuse anymore First he goes to the Finals and gets swept, after getting help he gets to the confrence Finals and gets punished, next the 2nd round losing again. I hope he stays in Cleaveland so he can prove you wrong cuz he’ll lose in the first round next. He’s the ultimate overrated player. He is indeed great but he obviously lacks the leadership and the ability to make his teammates better he’ll have to go to a team with a leader before he’ll get a ring because he’s only a role player. And Pau Gasol Could have gotten the MVP had he not had offensive struggles in 2 or 3 different games but you don’t think about ‘Who kept them in that game’ oh no you jsut go to hatin’ on Kobe for real. If you want to talk crap actually sit down and watch every game then analyze what happened during that game weigh the good and the bad. Dont jsut watch all the good Pau parts and start spouting off crap about “Pau this” and “Pau that” At the end of the day Kobe was the MVP because he did what he had to do to make sure his team won whether it was dishing assists, scoring, or even rebounding the ball.

  43. Ease says:

    For those who say Lakers only won because Perkins was out, you Celtics fans act like Perkins was Shaq in his prime! He is an OKAY center, Bynum was pretty much M.I.A. anyway, and the Lakers still beat Rondo, Ray, Pierce, KG, and Rasheed, most of who are future hall of famers, so just take the loss as a loss!

  44. Da Black Mamba says:

    if kobe is so overrated how’d he make nba & defense first team? kobe is the closest you could get to mj. oh and lebron, get a real bigman LIKE pau. at least go to the clippers ith davis, gordon, griffin, and kaman, and possibly you. KOBE IS THE TRUE KING. NEXT YEAR WILL BE OUR 3-PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. LakersFan24 says:

    I have to admit, it was a very close game and it really could have gone either way. Realistically speaking, both teams were broke and it was an ugly game for both sides–no one even broke 90 points. But I’m glad the Lakers won since they deserved it!

  46. tanga says:

    this championship is totally NONSENSE…
    come on man lets face it.. no matter how great this series has been, it will still be overshadowed by LEBRON’s FREE AGENCY!!

    anyway, it’s really been a very good series. a very good quality team like boston pushing the self proclaimed best – lakers to the limit.. haha!!!

    Los Angeles Lucky-ers wont win it again next season!

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      Lucky….That’s just retarted. First of all you’re down rating the Celtics as a team they played terrific defense they jsut got overly aggressive on the defensive end and allowed the Lakers to have their way. There was no luck to it the Lakers outplayed the Celtics at the end of the game and even then the Celtics kept fighting back (Can u say the same for LeBron the guy who’s ‘supposed’ to make a difference?) hell RANDO hit a freakin three that ALONE outshadows LeBron’s free agency and on that LeBron note it doesnt matter where he goes next year
      unless he takes alot less money to get on a good team with good supporting players he wont be a threat to the Lakers. And I’m not even saying it as a Laker fan LA has all of its core all they need is Phil to come back and Coach and the Veteran Fisher (Or another skilled point guard) to play at their helm. And even without those components they’re STILL tough to beat. You may not like it but the Lakers will definately be a force for at least 2 more years no matter WHAT happens to LeBron and knowing him he’ll just sign with some crap team for a lot of money expecting to be good and then cry for help. They’ll give him help and he’ll still lose. LeBron has a LONG way to go before hell become a leader capable of truly taking a group to the finals and succeeding.

  47. Ex Laker Fan says:

    I am happy for Ron Artest getting that ring. He played good defense. Congrats to the Lakers. I am disgusted by how they keep on comparing Kobe to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. We all got to remember that Kobe only has 2 rings as a leader. He is 4 rings away from that feat and he lost a step as you saw in game 7. Those other 3 rings he has with Shaq, are the same as Fisher having 5. Just a role player at that time. It is a disgrace to the game and a disgrace to those legends to put Kobe in that picture. After his Mike Tyson wannabe outburst in Colorodo, the only legend he should be compared to is Mike Tyson. The only reason the league and Nike supports him is because of the $$$.

  48. Celtics =( says:

    I’m a huge Celtics fan, but credit is due where it’s due. Both teams played a great game, and both teams played a great series. Lakers just came out on top. This loss hurt, but we did well this season and all the Celtics fans should be happy about that. L.A just outplayed and outlasted us. Doc should come back. He’s a great coach and without him the Celtics will struggle throughout the next season, which is sure to be rough.

    I would like Ray to come back, but the Celtics are getting too old. Pierce and KG probably only have 1-2 years left in them, and it seems like Ray is spent. The roster needs some new additions, and hopefully that will help put us back on top.

    PS Happy to see Ron Artest get a ring and make a difference, even though it was at the expense of my favorite team. Nice going Ron

  49. moshe says:

    even though i am a laker fan my entire life that is i am 65 and watched the lakers lay for almost forty years
    but i must admit that the most underated player in the history of nba basketball is paul pearce i dont know why that is so
    but i think that is his arogance

  50. LAKERFAN4LIFE says:

    First and foremost, Congrats to the Lakers..Sweet 16…Congrats to Kobe Bryant for another ring…No matter what you do, you will never get the respect you deserve…You do you’re job, you do what you are paid to do and that is win..People say you aren’t in Michael Jordan’s league but the same people say that a guy like lebron, who has no rings,is…those people don’t know anything about basketball…Now…On to those who say the refs decided the game, i can only say that the refs were consistent…they made bad calls the first six games so why stop in the 7th…Boston got to the finals off the refs bad calls…But you’re hurt, your team lost…you need to find an excuse…nevermind that your team couldnt get a rebound or ray allen kept jacking up shot after shot, lets blame the refs…But it is what it is..Dewayne Wade shot 30 free throws against Dallas in the Finals and people said he was just being aggressive…The Lakers shoot alot of free throws and its cause of the refs…But after you are don’t pissing and moaning, it will still stand L.A. Lakers 2010 NBA CHAMPIONS…..

  51. la vs bos says:

    lakers and eltics have had a great series better than one ive seen in a long time

  52. Joe says:

    The celtics gave a good run at it and i don’t believe in all this age stuff sure they will be one year older but still can play with the same intensity and come back to this stage again

  53. SMACK JOHNSON says:

    “The referees controlled the game!!”
    I didn’t hear you complaining in Games 2 and 5

    “Kobe is arrogant! Kobe’s old! Kobe’s not MJ. Kobe can’t win without blah blah blah”
    5 Rings. 2 on Shaq’s head.
    Let’s speak on what he singlehandedly did to keep the Lakers in the game in the 3rd quarter of Game 5.
    Sure…they lost that game. But, Ron Artest said it himself, “Kobe wants to win.” The performance you saw in Game 5 was an athlete who refused to go down without a fight when his teammates were out to lunch. If that’s not worthy of Jordan comparisons, I don’t know what is.

    On Doc Rivers – the man certainly deserves a rest after a long tumultuous season. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him motivate the Celtics in the huddle. Hell, there were a few times after time outs, he had me so pumped that I was ready to sub in! There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be back next year. Who’s going to be on the player roster is another story. Either way, Doc Rivers is no Mike Woodson. He’s a proven leader and class act and I say keep rolling with him.

    On Phil Jackson – move over Red Auerbach. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Phil Jackson. I just hope The Buss Family doesn’t try to shaft this man after bringing the Lakers organization their 16th Championship. Pay him what he wants and all will be in balance. I’d hate for the Lakers and the Zen Master to have bad chi going into the 2010-11 season.

  54. EK47 says:


    Haha what a loser. I believe cavs’ fans already said that last year, and where the hell is LeBron now? Sittin’ in his home watchin’ homie. So please stop this nonsense and let’s be serious. LeBron truly sucks bigtime when it comes to winning.

    LeBron measures greatness with “no hardware”, just numbers on papers. While Kobe measures greatness with hardware and more heart! Kobe and co. (although he had a bad shooting night at game 7) did it when the time mattered the most. Did LeBron showed up in game 5 of cavs-celtics? Please stop talking like that because you know what will happen next year, Lakers may not even get to the finals again but I strongly doubt that LeBron would win it? Common homie get your brain working dude!

  55. ermaaL says:

    Phil please sign for the Cavs and give a ring to the KING.

  56. Ren27ster says:

    First off, Lakers win!! Perkins didn’t play last game, so what, Bynum didn’t play the whole series in 2008. There are always gonna be questionable calls in games, but each team has their own fair share in each. If anything, I totally thought the celtics were gonna win this one. I mean, come on, towards the middle of the second quarter and every Celtic who has gone in the game has 6 points and the lakers are shooting 28% The worst first half shooting performance I had ever seen from the Lakers… Lakers somehow stuck it out and chipped away at the lead until they finally took it along with the championship! Good job in getting yourself a ring Artest! Got nothing but love and respect for the Celtics and other teams, I never hate, but Lakers just came out the better team.

  57. 3-peat for real says:

    oh guys oh lovely sadly boston-fans. just take the fact, that LA reapeats the title and you lost all our reasons to live…don’t search for excuses “it’s the fault of the refs and so on…”. in every game there were a few questionable calls like in game 4 to 5 to 6. so come on blablabla. take it as your team and stay the heck out. bostonTEAM i’m sorry for all of you. you played a perfect playoffstretch but to your fans: “bad loosers bro’s”. and bye th way – do you really think that the free agents of this year aren’t talking to each other and know the fact, that they should stay seperate to give the league a higher level. i don’t think thaht 3 of them will sign in the same team – so dont worry!!!3-peat is ours!!!KOBE IS THE BEST!

  58. weak boston salad oh says:

    weak boston..hahaha

  59. Laker Fan says:

    Stop crying Laker haters save it for next year!!! We are the CHAMPS!!!

  60. LAKERS GOLD says:

    good series. they’re evenly matched. for those who are saying that the game was officiated poorly, then you’re just a sore loser. if the game didn’t go your way, don’t say you got cheated! when the lakers lost, we didn’t say oh the ref. didn’t call the right calls etc. fact is, the lakers were a better team, they played smarter and played a heck of a defense in the last 5-6 mins of the quarter. lakers won, deal with it..

    • RaRaRondo says:

      Good point, the lakers fans didn’t blame the refs when they lost… wait, hold on a second, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID! Is this the first Hang Time Blog you have commented on or are you just stupid. Every post after a Boston win was covered with annoying comments about how the refs “gave the Celtics the game”. You sir, are ridiculous.

  61. larry69 says:

    Beautiful and hard game 7. A real fight, good teams. Boston had his game til 5left fourth quarter.
    some bad calls, especially on kg; but Ron and Paul made right things. Go Celtics, Really proud of you.

  62. A true Celtic fan says:

    With the help of the referees, you can win anything. Phil Jackson should step down. No one is more arrogantthan Kobe Bryant.

    • LakersFan24 says:

      Spoken like a true Celtics fan….salty after a loss and coming up with excuses. You should really be wondering why they let Big Baby play with his IQ of 10

    • Jake says:

      Wrong, Celtics got beat at the end by hacking because they were old and tired, every 4th qtr they slow down because of fatigue so they resort to hacking. Also I’d argue LeBron as far more arrogant than kobe. that dude is damn near naracissistic

  63. Leo says:



    • Jake says:

      Caps anyone?, It’s called the FINALS plural not singular FINAL mvp for a reason bud, it means for the entire series, and kobe was the most consistent player for the final”S”. Other then two games artest was pretty lack luster, If kobe wasn’t going to get it than it should have gone to Gasol, How typical in todays society that some idiot would think of the most recent game and whoever played the best should now be the FINAL”S” mvp when it’s about the entire series and not just one game.

  64. optic920 says:

    Boston should unload some of it’s players this off season… retain KG, Pierce, Rondo, Wallace, T Allen, Robinson and Davis

    • TommyG says:

      Doc was saying in his post game interview that he thinks Wallace is retiring. However, I certainly agree with the retains Optic920. Unfortunately, I don’t think the C’s can retain 4 13 – 14 year players for next season, they need to get Davis and Tony Allen into the game more and possibly Nate too, however I think he is still more of a bench player. I think the find over these playoffs is Tony Allen. The ‘D’ he played against the top players of the Heat, Cavs, Magic and Lakers was fantastic.

      Congratulations to the Lakers though for winning the Championship, it certainly was a fantastic series to watch. Congratulations to to the Celtics, taking care of the Cavs & Magic was brilliant, hopefully though the Celtics can just take that next step next year and bring home number 18.

    • KB24 says:

      Robinson and Wallace? ARE you seriuos? Big baby is reall a Big Baby! Maybe you keep Robinson so he could jump on Big Baby’s back when they score a few points…… LOW CLASS ACTS!

  65. Middle Man says:

    Celtics played very well this series and deserve as much respect as LA deserve. This series turned out to be a classic series between these two rivals and it didn’t disappoint. How about we stop this “i hate you and you hate me” between BOTH sides and just sit back and watch the game. All I can say is that LA won becuase of Kobe… and Celtics got the Game 7 because of the Big 3 + Rondo.

  66. Boobleh says:

    It’s REpeat. Not “2-peat.” Ffs.

  67. Giles says:

    I expect Glen rivers will honor his contract next season, despite losing a highly touted assistant. I expect salary cut and health will be concerns for Jackson. Good enough health and/or big enough proposed cut by his boss, and Jackson may leave. Perhaps to coach James and the Clippers, without moving. Does Sterling have a kid, so the press can fake a romance? Ainge may let Doc out of his contract, but more likely to coach the Clippers, or elsewhere. Doc is too good a coach to just let retire. Ainge cares too much about quality ball to see Doc squander his skills sitting out. Wallace, Finley, even Ray Allen he might just let go, to other teams, or Finley and Wallace to retirement, but not, I think, Allen or Doc. to retirement I`m sure Kobe is already trying to prepare for another championship next season. And if Jackson leaves the Lakers, I`m sure Kobe wouldn`t mind having Doc coach the Lakers. And Fisher may be back to try for a threepeat, but don`t count on it, though the Lakers will be hardpressed to find a point guard who is good enough to step in and run the triangle as a starter if he hasn`t run it before.

  68. lebron says:

    lol… next year it will be the beggining of kings era! lebron will get his 1st ring… kobe is old without pau you cant win a championship. ure not deserved to get the finals mvp!!!! it should be pau gasol the heart of the lakers… u guys sucks….

    • KB24 says:

      So you’re saying Kobe needs Pau but CHOKE JOB LBJ needs no one? If thats the case why did he get swept in his only finals appearence? Futhuremore why does he cry that he needs a supporting cast? Best record in the NBA two years in a row and CHOKE!!!! NO finals! Shaq was a bust as usual. He”s done too.

    • Jake says:

      It’s called a team game buddy, You win by your teamates, 5 rings vs 0. kobe had three at this already at this stage in lebrons career, lebrons a joke compared to kobe.

      • yanksrocs23 says:

        finally someone that agrees with me. LeBron is a joke. If he is to be one of the greatest of all time, there came a point in every hall of famers career that does or doesn’t have a ring for them to step up to ther plate a swing for the fences. LJ won’t ever be that player expecially when 6 lakers that are either bench players of inactive have more rings that THE KING. Ur a JOKE LeBron and have fun leavign OHIO. Remember Delante west. Kobe is da Man!!!!!! 55555555 all da way

      • B-Ball Fan says:

        Exactly it gets really old listening to idiots rant and diss on Kobe all the time. There are 5 people on the court at once for a reason. Do you know why? Because it’s a team sport and if u want to win u need to have good team mates to surround you. No one can just win it by themselves. And you can’t really argue against it Mr. LeBron James, where’s the ring? D.Wade, Why hasn’t he been back to the finals? Who’s won the championship these last few years huh? Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Heat(Wade AND Shaq), Detroit all of these teams played off of at LEAST 2 or three god players bing their core IF not more than that. So I don’t wanna hear any more of this “Kobe can’t do it on his own” crap. Go get a clue and realize that it’s a team sport for a reason.

  69. Dee says:

    Lakers got lucky. There were quite a few calls that went their way, when they shouldn’t have. Boston just went cold in the last quarter, couldn’t even buy a basket, otherwise it would’ve been a different outcome. After this, I believe Doc Rivers will take a break and Ray Allen and some other players will leave, as Boston look to try and rebuild a better supporting cast. Much praise to Doc Rivers for getting the team to the finals, when throughout the season they were considered a major underdog, but managed to overcome such teams as Cleveland & Orlando. Lakers will have no chance at a 3peat, with the way the free agency is heating up and speculations of who is going where, it will be either stiff competition for Lakers to compete or no competition at all.

    • KB24 says:

      It all depends on where those free agaents go. If LBJ styas in Cleveland that won’t matter. He will keep choking there and cry about not having a supporting cast. its funny how you have the best record n the league two years running and don’t make the finals. If you had such a bad team I dont think you would have the best record in the NBA. LBJ will never go to the west because its to hard to win. The teams are better out west. The east only have 4 real playoff bound teams, Orlando, Heat (if Wade stays), Bucks, Cavs (if LBJ stays) otherwise the Bulls. The Celtics are old and DONE!

      • Ex Laker Fan says:

        yeah, LBJ will be crying about his supporting cast, just like kobe did a couple years ago when he could not even get out of the first round.[and they are comparing hims to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson]. that is pathetic.

  70. This was the closest game in the series and the Lakers had more free throws in the 4th quarter than the celtics had in the ENTIRE GAME. You think that’s even officiating? Kobe’s great but even he scored 8 of his 4th quarter points off of free throws. Boston got penalized for being the tougher team. You can’t deny that most of LA’s points where scored off whistles
    In other words, the refs had a say (one way or the other) in most of the points LA scored. Somebody please write an article about THAT!

    • Nick says:

      So if a team has more free throws, they weren’t the right calls? If a players whacks another players arm or grabs them/pushes etc, its ok is it? There was a dubious blocking call when maybe Kobe charged and also when Kobe tried to take a charge but was called for blocking. Thats 1 dodgy decision each way. The Gasol travel near the end was a bad call so dont call me a typical biased laker fan.

      If a team playing ‘tougher’ can’t be tough without bending/breaking the rules, then thats a talent problem not officiating.

      To be fair, both team offences were crap but hand it to the defences, they were great, especially Lakers in 2nd half. For 2 ‘over the hill’ teams, they are both great.

      Unlucky to the Celtics, who more than earnt respect but come on LA, lets make it 3 in a row!

    • yulnvrknw says:

      …hmmm, let’s see…. what’s that game again that Kobe NEVER went to the free throw line?????

  71. youcantbeatLA says:

    i can sense 3peat.. this is a good lesson for nate robinson and for all those guys who keeps on trashtalking.. go la

  72. fm28 says:

    Good day, may i just quote about the celtics,,, they will having a tough season next to this i believe. im a celtics fan… and think that possibly can make a little whisper to the celtics management through you sir….. hahaha…. to choose between ray and paul, is cocerned….. i pick ray allen yah…. to become more solid, we celtics needed to have the same core but loosing paul pierce is not a big thing… really…. sign and trade him or add lebron james….

  73. elftron123 says:

    even if perkin was playing it wouldnt had changed the game.. celtics fan can really find the littlest excuse didnt see us complain about andrew bynum injury ..just imagine if he was 100%

  74. lakersaregreatactors says:

    Whatever happens with Doc will be fine… To all the lakers consider yourselfs lucky cause it could have gone either way.. that uncalled traveling by Gasol saved the lakers cause that would have kept boston within 3 and given them momentum

    • Nick says:

      To be fair, the Gasol travel was obvious. Me and 3 friends watching called it straight away. Oh well, a couple of the charge/block calls were dubious both ways but overall the officiating since game 3 has been much better and very evenly called

      • Davianka says:

        That call where Pau traveled could have also been called a foul on Rondo, so get over it!

  75. offroader100 says:

    you wont get a royal flush without a full hand, perkins was a vital cog in defense but still the celts put up a whale of a fight great series.

    • Nick says:

      Yet people keep failing to mention Bynum’s 2 month long injury he’s been playing (badly) with and therefore may aswell not have played all but 1 of the finals games. He is the Lakers defensive cog also so it is fair both having their players out.

  76. LEbron MVP DISGUISE says:

    No way the Lakers would be stop in getting RING…If Lebron and CB4 makes a tandem maybe theres a chance but LBJ and Wade tandem has no future….TRUST me..

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      Dude thats kind of funny. CB4 is an overrated player who’s been starting to fall off for awhile now. LeBron James isn’t even a leader he won’t be able to lead a team to the finals and unite them to win. He’s going to need to go to a team with a player who at least has the leadership capabilities of Kobe Bryant someone who will talk to his players and teach them as they go. Someone who can teacher LeBron how to be a leader. LeBron should’nt have even bee the league MVP but I guess thats his consolation prize for losing two years straight before the finals even started. But anyway LeBron and CB4 teaming up to go to some trash team, dude..give me a break. LeBron just needs to stop bitchin’ and go to Chicago the only team he can go to without sign and trade and just give the Lakers a year or two to fall off.

  77. Overall says:

    Excuses Excuses Excuses thats what youre saying,thats what im hearing and you.after you’re team lost,are still making no meaning statements,go home already,watch a recap of games 4 and 5 to get you cheered up bud. gg for boston,lakers were the better team after all.

  78. CELTICS says:

    lakers may have 2 peat buh no way they goin for 3peat
    especially wen wade n lebron goin to sick teamsss 😉 we’ll c nex year, boston had this game, just cheap calls andn flops by pau. plus no kendrick perkins.
    good job celticss 😀 still proud of them

    • LakersWillWin says:

      haha of course that’s the excuse. They didn’t really call anything they played good hard basketball. There was some dumb calls on both sides but they had to call something.

    • AIREGY says:

      that’s really funny we’ve played the whole playoffs with an injured bynum and a banged up kobe bryant. most important calls were on your side, game 4 check it back ray allen’s shot that never touched the ring and u got new 24 seconds and posession and ray himself should’ve been called for many fouls on kobe refs never did…..face it celtics fans u guys shouldve lost this series one game ago….and kobe is the best, respect to both lebron and wade, KOBE is the best and he gon be holdin that trophy next year for his second three peat and his 3rd finals mvp,,,celtics are them san antonio spurs in 2008 now, old, will hardly make the eastern conference finals next year

    • Queensbridge says:

      Typical statement from a SORE LOSSSSEEERRRRRR! Boston fans just admit who the better team was, will you? C’s never made excuses, you shouldn’t too. Respect is due to the ’10 Celtics, but GLORY will be with the Lakers. Three-peat, en route.

    • Josh says:

      This is a fail of a comment. This had nothing to do with calls, or Perkins. C’s were up 13 in the third quarter, the Lakers just turned it up defensively and Boston couldn’t respond. End of story.

    • Jake says:

      lol I knew the celtics fans would say “WAAAAAH” “no kendrick”, Oh how quickly the tides have changed, 08 celtics beat the lakers without bynum,mihm and an injured ariza, Kharmas a B*$CH so stop whining, you got beat so stop making excuses. and pau didn’t flop he was getting fouled, the celtics were jumpy the entire game so pau being the class player he is just throws some pump fakes and bam they jump right into him, whats the best way to beat an overly aggresive team? yea thats right let them beat themselves.

    • KEN A. BLOOM SR. says:

      Now see that’s where you are dead wrong? why you ask? the reason why Lebron & D-Wade, Chris Bosh and all the other Free agents, when you go to another team no matter how good you are? you still have to learn there system and build chemistry with the new team!!! So if those free agents are’nt going to a already built team that ready to make a serious push for the playoff’s they are not or will they ever win a championship!!! And that’s real talk my man…

  79. erwinrosal says:

    this is a huge lesson to the arrogant paul pierce and kg…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LOSSERS!!!!!!!!

  80. Magiclaker says:


  81. Invasmani says:

    I’m behind DOC Rivers decision 100% I think he should do what he feels in his heart and I know his team will respect that decision he’s all ready done so much for all them as it is he’s a stand up coach and stand up guy really more so than Phil Jackson in my personal belief.

    • jerry says:

      If Joey Crawford would have swallowed his whistle like he did in the first half maybe Boston would have won. How you keep putting Kobe , Gasol, and Artest on the foul line all through the third.

      • B-Ball Fan says:

        You shouldn’t ask the refs why they kept putting the Lakers on the line. You should ask the Celtics why they were fouling so clearly, oh yeah thats right. They were tired, you can’t complain when your team just gets exausted they already played two hard fought series against Orlando and Cleaveland then had to play the defending champs and thats alot on an almost ‘Fully-Veteran’ team. the Celts were tired just get over.

      • edgieboy says:

        i agree. there were crucial calls that should have went to boston’s way, like the instance where gasol was dribbling the ball and pierce met him halfway, you could see that it was an offensive foul but gasol was just a terrific actor. another is the call involving him and garnett. he was the one who initiated the contact, again because of good acting the ref called it against garnett when in fact when you look at the replay, clearly there was less contact that caused him to loose the ball. and it all happened in the crucial part of the game where sole possesion separates both team. another is the shot of gasol where his foot has already hit the floor before he released the ball. should have been nullified because it affected the outcome of the game and proved costly on the part of the boston celtics.

  82. LA! LA! LA! says:

    let see if there are any Boston fans left out there…. Eat your heart out, Celtic fans!!!! I thought you said L.A. will lose??? What a prediction!

    • Dan says:

      So easy to win when Perkins out for Game 7 and Yao out last year for Houston- Lakers can only win a title if the opposing teams center is out!

      • DT says:

        And Yet the Lakers Destroyed the Magic last year when they had a healthy Dwight Howard (The most dominant center in the leage). And Perkins who? Rasheed is much, much, much better than Perkins. Perkins is a nobody that wouldn’t start on most teams. Lakers just went to work two years in a row. The only reason Boston Beat us in 2008 is because Bynum AND Ariza where both injured.

      • vs says:

        Maybe he should grow an extra pair of knees eh?…. Come on fella, haven’t you been watching NBA long enough??? The difference between a champion and non champion is being able to play through the pain… Kobe has been playing with a broken finger for most of the season, and if he had any other injury, unless he was in a wheelchair, he would still be playing… Poor Perkins needs to suck it up and play, even if they “advise’ him not to play… I saw him wondering up and down the floor while the game was being played… He didn’t seem too much hurt to me… You, along with other future chaps who will comment saying it’s cause of Perkins needs to give credit where is due, and LA played some serious D to win this one, they wanted it more!

      • Ryan says:

        Wallace played really well. Oh yeah, and Bynum was pretty much out/injured for the entire series, not just Game 7 and yet the Lakers STILL pulled it out.

      • Jake says:

        Yaaaawn, 08celtics beat a lakers team without bynum,mihm and an injured ariza. Kharmas a b&&CH

      • KEN A. BLOOM SR. says:

        WHAT!!! you keep on hating, but rmember life is too short to be hating so much? if that were the case then how did we beat up on the Orlando Magic? with the best center in the game today in D-Howard??? We beat ALL the best teams in the league, not just this year, but EVERY YEAR!!! GO LAKERS!!! They can’t fade US!!! 2010 CHAMPIONS ALL DAY LOOONNNNGGG!!!!

      • Barry says:

        last title you won we were without Andrew Bynum – you play with the players available and we won 3 games with Perkins playing

      • edgar villahermosa galang says:

        i totally agree. perkins’ absence is such a huge loss. just like last year when kg wasn’t able to play in the postseason thereby minimizing their chances of figuring in the finals. should have been in the finals in the last three years. if those 2 where present in those crucial games, i don’t think the lakers would win. it’s so unfortunate for the celtics to lose a vital player in closed-out games.

      • jason says:

        soooooo tired of boston fans making excuses. why dont you just give back your ’08 trophy because our center, bynum, didnt play the whole series, not just game 7. plus he was injured this whole series and i wouldnt be suprised if perkins played more minutes that him even tho he sat out game 7. excuses escuses. why dont you go cry about it. oh wait you already did. they entire boston team was crying together after the game like a bunch of babies! what happened to you guys being so tough? hahahahahahhahahah losers. LAKERS 3PEAT HERE WE COME

  83. Doremon says:

    Phil Jackson should return and Doc should take a break. Boston will definately not be the same team next year. With Ray Allen most likely not being resigned and Paul Pierce and KG being one year older this team isn’t going to be in the same position it is now. They don’t really have salary cap space to sign an impact player. Even someone like Rudy Gay would be out of their budget. The only thing they can do would be a sign and trade deal but to be honest Boston doesn’t have any players that any building team will want to pick up except for Rajon Rondo but hes not going anywhere. Congrats to both teams.

    • Bamendou says:

      Does the L.A has salary cap? if yes, can they get Dirk from Dallas?

      • KEN A. BLOOM SR. says:

        No the Lakers could not sign Dirk outright? they would have to do a sign & trade? which M Cuban would NEVER do!!! lol.