No Doubt About The MVP


Posted by Sekou Smith

LOS ANGELES — Take that Shaq.

Kobe Bryant‘s latest NBA title was his sweetest. Even better, it gives him something his former teammates and longtime rival doesn’t have: a fifth title.

And after weeks of blank expressions and surly responses after games and practices, Bryant let his guard down.

“I got one more than Shaq,” a smiling Bryant said after the Lakers’ Game 7 win over the Boston Celtics for their second straight title. “And you can take that to the bank.”

If you do, just sit it next to Bryant’s second straight Bill Russell Finals MVP award, which he carried to the podium with him after the game.

There really was no reason to announce the award, since no one else in this series averaged more than 28 points, nine rebounds and four assists.

You knew it was his.

Sure, Pau Gasol staked an early claim to it with his inspired play against the Celtics during these NBA Finals. Derek Fisher had his shining moments. Shoot, had Ron Artest played the entire series the way he played Game 7 he would have warranted serious consideration.

But you knew it all along, the slow and steady burn that is Kobe Bryant is what willed the Los Angeles Lakers to their second straight NBA title and the franchise’s 16th overall.

We can even forgive Bryant’s seemingly unforgivable Game 7 shooting performance — a brutal 6-for-24 effort, including an 0-for-6 skid from beyond the 3-point line. But he did so much more than score in this game and series, finishing with 15 rebounds in Game 7.

“You know, I just wanted it so bad. I wanted it so bad,” a smiling Bryant said of his struggles, early and often. “On top of that, I was on [empty]. Man, I was really, really tired. And the more I tried to push, the more it kept getting away from me. I’m just glad that my teammates really got us back in the game. I was thankful that was to make one [dang] shot at the end of the game and make some free throws. But it was a tough one.”

Lakers coach Phil Jackson sensed the pressure was getting to Bryant early on and didn’t hesitate to try to calm his star down.

“In the first half I just mentioned that I thought he was a little too animated. He was trying too hard, and I thought he’s a guy that can try hard and get things accomplished by sheer will. But this night was not one he was able to do that on. He had to do things off the ball and things that were in the context of what we wanted do.”

It worked. After Jackson rested him early in the fourth quarter, Bryant helped the Lakers close down the stretch, scoring 10 of his game-high 23 points in the fourth quarter.

“He came back and gave us the help we needed down the stretch.” said Jackson, who won his 11th title overall and fifth with Bryant.

Bryant said this one was easily the most brutal to get his hands on, mostly because of the quality of the opponent. The Lakers had to rally from a 13-point deficit just to get their hands on this latest Larry O’Brien Trophy.

“They believed they could beat us,” Bryant said. “Obviously, what happened in 2008. But the physicality of their team, how smart they are, extremely well coached, and guys make big shots. It was tough. They weren’t going to beat themselves. We had to beat them.”



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  2. kobe says:

    kobe is the greatest player of all-time jordan is even close jordan shouldnt be in the same room with kobe kobe will end his career with 13 rings.

  3. radgee says:

    i definitely agree with kobe24…

  4. KOBE24 says:

    As Herm Edwards would say, “You play to win the game.” Kobe and the Lakers won for the second year in a row so stop knit picking, stop hating, and show them some respect.

  5. KOBE24 says:

    THE BOTTOM LINE….comparing mj to kobe is a waste of time b/c jordan lovers will never even hear an arguement if kobe wins 20 titles. the arguement just takes away from what kobe is doing. all the jordan lovers forget all jordan’s bad playoff shooting nights (5 for 19 in game 6 vs. the sonics), he had 1 rebound and 1 assist in his best finals game ever and on 35 shots, jordan never played in a finals game 7 so we dont even have anything to compare to (b/c his teams were always superior to their competition). Jordan fans forget Scottie Pippen was a hall of famer, forget Rodman was a NBA defensive player of the year and led the league in rebounding i think 7 years in a row and had multiple clutch shooters to kick it out to. jordan was unbelievable and if you think hes the greatest i respect that, however if you dont even want to hear kobes name in the conversation your thats just ridiculous…he shot poorly in game 7 but instead of shooting his team out of the game, he only took 7 shots in the second half…he showed he could average 35 for a season and score 40 nine times in a row and he showed he can win multiple rings without shaq (and with a hurt, non-effective center)…He has proven to be one of the greatest of all-time, its easy to nit pick and forget about jordan’s woes, and i find it ridiculous that kobe is being criticized after he dominated the entire playoffs carrying the lakers on his back for a month.

  6. Tom says:

    I am a longtime Celtics fan but I have to say that the Lakers out hustled the Celtics in game 7. Game 7 was definately the Celtics to win and they found a way to lose it…being out hustled. Strong Celtic defense most of the game but bad offensive, very poor on the offensive rebound end for the Celtics. It is shameful to lose to a team shooting at only 32% or so. Kobe even said that he had no clue how they won that game. More than once he said that.

    Lakers won by great Ron Artest play (he was calm under pressure too) and by totally out hustling the Celtics on the offensive boards (offensive rebounds). That totally made up for their otherwise pathetic performance.

    I am not a sore loser. I congratulate the Lakers for finding a way to win even when they should have lost it.

    Perkins would have probably gave the Celtics the game 7 win…HOWEVER a healthy Bynum would have really hurt Boston I think having the Lakers win in 6 (maybe even 5 games). But that is just speculation of course. Nobody will ever know for sure.

  7. swaggkingorlando says:

    ken u got no live its queen james lover have u seen kobe has no pippen like jordan jordan faced guys who were 6’2 and look whos gournding kobe carmelo pierce ray allen queen james ect look the guys who guarded jordan were short kobe might not be jordan because kobe is kobe and kobe also jordan is jordan they have different games and they are from two different generations

  8. heydawg says:

    kobe just said thanks to my teamates…to make himself look humble…..but he is a great player….better than wvwrybody in this era…all b-ball players want to be like him…dont hate KOBE

  9. kelvin says:

    Kobe is the only one now tat got the chance, time and abilities to surpass jordan. U can forget about Lebron, he is good, but he lack something. Leadership.

  10. jeiven says:

    i love mj…. i grew up wearing jordans, watched him from the day he got drafted and wore his jersey, collected his cards from day one…. hell i even bought his shoes last week, there is no argument that mj was the man!!! no wait he was a monster. But that was then and this is now. And right now, Kobe is on top of the heap. don’t tell me that dumars can guard kobe to the ground, unless you have a video footage, This is about the MVP now!!!! and there is no doubt that KOBE deserves everything he worked his ass for. Us kobe fans don’t care about your mj right now cause he ain’t even playing at the moment. you can’t compare kobe to mj cause he ain’t mj, he is KOBE, and KOBE is without a doubt the best player in the league right now, and don’t even get me started on “Lebron”. He needs a ring to backup your claim.

  11. ATILA CARNEIRO from Brazil says:


    I just don’t get it. THE REAL COAH said Jordan never played against tough defense…Can you imagine Kobe playing against the Knicks of the 90’s, with Starks in his face, Mason and Oakley pushing him all the time and Ewing waiting to block his ugly lay ups? Yeah Layups, because he does not have the criativity Jordan had. Can you imagine the Pistons triple team Kobe, i don’t think would be necessary, Joe Dumars would shut him down by himself! Score 81 points with drexler guarding you! Or 59 like he scored on the Pistons in 88, 61 em 61 2 times against Pistons and Hawks…it is just ridiculous even to have this conversation…
    ANd let’s be clear here. We don’t hate Kobe. He’s a great player, he’s the best in the world right now like MAGIC says. But he says RIGHT NOW! Have your ever heard MAGIC says he is the in the same level of MICHAEL? NO! And you will never hear. Have you ever hear BARKLEY say that. No! It’s like DAN MAJERLE said when Jordan retired for the second time, He said he was not said because Jordan was getting somebody else the chance to win…We just don’t wanna hear you guys saying Jordan’s name alongside kobe’s.
    But like i said…You guys didn’t see each of Jordan’s 6 titles, watch some clips in youtube is not enough…So please stop saying Kobe is this and that if you was 5 years old when Jordan was playing..
    Oh and i’m sorry to say Pau Gasol was the MVP…Actually PHIL JACKSON is the MVP, as always!

    • radgee says:

      and who’s comparing MJ with KOBE? by all means my friend from brazil? i think you’re pointing your finger at at the wrong people…it’s the haters of kobe who keeps comparing them to discredit kobe. it’s not us fans of kobe whom you are yelling at right now, who’s burning up with this comparison. yep there maybe some immature comparisons out there from some laker fans saying kobe is better…but come on…it’s incomparable…period.

      Pau is not the MVP please think before you post. Most Valuable…not most points..or most whatever…kobe is so valuable to the WHOLE SERIES..that even without shooting he takes a toll on the defensive effort of the Celtics….and take note again..for the WHOLE FINALS SERIES…the player with the MOST impact inside the playing court….whether he shoots good or not…and even if we’ll check the box scores..who gets the highest stats? kobe still. stats or no stats..if you really understand basketball a lot…it’s no. 24. we all love Pau. but i’m speaking objectively.

      please don’t get so fired up with this never ending MJ and Kobe comparison..for all i’s those kobe haters that are putting up the with the flame…so you go yell at them…peace man!

      oh..and by the way you mean NBA deffense sucks now compared to decades ago? with all the advance trainings..more athletic individuals..more young athletes suiting up early for NBA standards? rule changes, technology, training, stock info, and athleticism combined..please don’t make the current NBA defense look silly.

      • James says:

        You nailed it, radgee!!! It is not the Lakers fans who keep comparing him with MJ, it’s the Jordan’s fans who keep comparing them both. (Notice that I said Jordan instead of Bulls; a real Chicago Bulls fan would give credit to MJ’s “supporting cast”).

  12. sean ryan says:

    Both teams played with a lot of heart during the finals. I don’t think that there should be comparisons between the losing teams of any Finals series.
    The Celtics had to fight through 3 quality teams that either didn’t show up, or had given up by the end.
    The Lakers were lost for 2 games against the Thunder, Utah had no big men to match them, and Phil Jacksons triangle offense finally figured out Phoenix’s zone.
    There will always be ‘ifs’ when talking about this Finals series.
    If Perkins had not gotten hurt in game 6.
    If Ray Allen stayed hot instead of frigid in game 3.
    If Bynum wasn’t hobbled all series.
    If Kobe didn’t hoist up a ton of shots.
    But I think the biggest ‘if’ of all is:
    If Kobe didn’t play like Kobe, Pau didn’t battle inside, Artest and Fish didn’t hit big shots, LA wouldn’t have won.
    Give both teams due credit. It was an exciting series. Kobe gets his MVP because the rest of the Lakers wouldn’t have another ring without him on the floor.To LA: thanks for bringin’ another one home. To Boston: Rematch next year?

  13. Pau Gasol was not named the MVP of the finals because he was not the most valuable player in the series. Don’t get me wrong; Pau is a very valuable player for the Lakers. Kobe says he thanks God that Pau came to the team because he needed help. Could the Lakers have beaten the Celtics without Kobe leading the team? No. The team looks to Kobe for leadership. Watch Kobe during the timeouts; he’s coaching them, he’s galvanizing them, he’s constantly reminding them of what they need to do to win! Pau held his own against Kevin Garnett. He played well offensively and improved defensively. He’s unselfish and a hard worker. He wanted to win and he contributed greatly. However, the Lakers’ backs were against the wall in game 6. It was an elimination game and they had to win it or the Celtics would have been champions! Now imagine Kobe is not there to lead the team. Would Pau have provided the numbers and the leadership to beat Boston? No, I don’t believe so. Kobe is an assassin. His mindset is steely. He won’t back down. He was smothered by the Celtics in game 7. He couldn’t get many good looks at the basket. What did he do? He passed the ball, he defended like mad and he grabbed 15 rebounds, mostly on the defensive end which means that the Celtics were denied many second chance opportunities to score. When the Celtics were up 13 points in the last game of the NBA finals, did the Lakers quit playing? No. Why? Leadership. Kobe would not quit. When his shots still weren’t falling, what did he do? He drove like mad inside and got the foul calls so that he could go to the line. Look how he drew the foul against Ray Allen behind the arc so he could go to the line and shoot three free throws. Genius! He made them all and put his team ahead. It’s a mental game as much as a physical one and Kobe is really good at it! I’m not saying that Pau quit or any of the Lakers quit. But they followed their leader and that’s why they won. Kobe is consistent; win or lose, he’s a competitor!

    • Borjal84 says:

      Kobe is consistent, he always shoot more than 20 shoots, so it’s easy to scored 29ppg with onle 40%, Lakers without Pau are very poor team even Kobe scored more than 35ppg, in 2005-2006.
      Lakers only wiht Kobe 0 titles, with Pau in 3 years, 2 titles and 1 Final.

  14. suckthis says:

    relax laker fans…you know why thay keep throwin sticks and stones at no.24? coz he’s the DUDE right now. lebron fans…you all just have to be a bit more patient…he’ ready to take over..but not until he gets his ring, and rack up those numbers through the years…not yet! be patient guys. to all MJ loyalists…c’mon we all know he revolutionized basketball…and there could only be one MJ..but get over it, that mj kobe hooplah..even mike himself would probably be annoyed with all these comparisons here and there…how bout comparing him to bill russel..or wilt chamberlain…..doesn’t make sense right? you can’t compare different era’s to the point that you would have to discredit one from the other..or vie versa..things change…superstars come and go..move along now peeps…yep.haters are irrational..delusional at times…i admit they could really get in your nerves….but my fellow laker/kobe fans…let’s all receive the lovin we hear now…or tomorrow….coz we’re all making another great run…fighting hard to build another dynasty in today’s basketball genaration..and we have the most popular player we have in the world today…KOBE BRYANT. we love him not for his flaws…but for the grit and determination and hardwork he built around his natural born talents to make it this far. envy is everywhere. but let’s face it. we’re all happy coz we are aboard this ship on this journey and them haters aren’t….the least we could do is love and accept whatever whining we hear from them…..16 titles..kobe’s 5th…blaaahh…we won’t mind….

  15. FACT says:

    whatswrongwith you…so how can you logically state that what you said is a fact? what did you see it in your dreams? is that fact enough for you? lebron is dang good…but why the hell squeeze him into this topic? it seems you are at a lost buddy. go wait til cavs get a ring..then mention lebron here….i’ll even back you up….

  16. jer says:

    LBJ is a loser how can he compared to kobe?? sourgraper whatswrongwithyou

  17. jeiven says:

    there are no what if’s in basketball. it’s either you win or lose…. right now, kobe is mvp, and the lakers are champions, kobe haters can whine all they want, i suggest you reserve some of your whining and nonsense for next season, i bet you’ll be whining for a long long time….

  18. the deal says:

    why do guys keep on comparing kobe’s legacy to mj’s???i don’t get it..we got to accept that the playing styles,intensity and passion for the game has leveled up years after years..i mean it is not justifiable to say that jordan was more clutch than kobe…both are leaders in their own way..and’s pretty obvious that kobe haters loves to bring up this topic..admit it…kobe and the lakers deserved the title…

    to all kobe hater’s out there…get a life will you..all those whims you guys are making are downright pathetic..leave jordan’s and kobe’s legacy alone..they are far different from each other..learn to respect..GO LAKERS!!GET LOST KOBE_HATERS!!

  19. cloverman says:

    I was just watching videos on youtube of great players such as Larry Bird,Magic Johnson,Michael Jordan,Doninique Wilkins etc,then I suddenly came to a realisation;Their stats, number of rings,MVP’s or legacies, really mean nothing to me.I will remember them for their entertainment value;singular moments which made my hairs stand on end.From a fans perspective that’s what it’s all about! If Kobe had not achieved any of these milestones,or surpassed Jordan’s legacy,would you Lakers fans love him any less? I THINK NOT! This comparison between Kobe & Jordan is pointless.Hell, if Lebron James never wins a ring, I won’t think any less of him,but i will always remember him for the stye & flair with which he played.Like Kobe,the man is a star! I’m a huge Celtics fan,but I am a bigger fan of basketball itself.It is players like Kobe & Lebron which make the NBA the greatest sporting spectacle in the world today.Man,I love the NBA!

  20. allan says:

    i love very much LAKERS TEAM..GO MAMBA KOBE IS THE BEST……

  21. ayhie says:

    Never compare anyone from the past to the present coz we all know that there’s a lot of diff things ryt now..rules have change.its getting harder and harder each year…maybe there are great ones in the past but we cannot say that those guys can be great…example: its hard to play against with a zone defense…no illegal defense.the later years is more on one on one plays…its pure talent now or better team plays…thats how the game are played ryt now…kobe is one heck of a player…pau is good but the key to the championship is team chemistry plus the will to win..and admit to ourselves that there are some can make it and some cant. destiny as i say….congrats lakers….

  22. ildefonso says:

    Kobe is trying to be like MJ. But to me its not gonna happen the way he act, shoot the ball and argued with the ref hahahaha….common kobe shame on you.. and lakers fans you think LA gonna win again 3P oh my god i dont think so next yr they probably lost in the first round hahahaha

  23. whatswrongwithyou says:

    If LBJ was in Kobe’s place the Lakers would’ve won 4-0. And that’s a fact. Gasol, Artest, Odom, Bynum are much better support than Mo, Shaq (the 2k10 Shaq), Jamison. If Kobe was replacing LBJ the Cavs wouldn’t have reached the postseason. That’s a fact too.

    • Sam says:

      No, that’s not a “fact”. A “fact” has to be backed up by hard evidence, and seeing as we can’t create the scenario you are talking about, you cannot get evidence to back up your statement, therefore it is not a fact.

      I do have one fact for you though, Kobe is now the most succesful active player in the NBA.

      The true mark of a champion is being able to do something out of the ordinary when you’re struggling. Kobe did this in game 7. He was struggling shooting-wise, but he realised that this series would be won and lost on the boards, so he crashed the boards like a forward would have, even though he was struggling for points, he managed to do something outside of his ordinary skill set to help his team win.

      Congratulations the Lakers, and comiserations to the Celtics, they both took part in a great series.

  24. doikno says:

    ..great finals run..

    kobe had a rollercoaster ride with his stats..the c’s gave him a headache..well achieved for me…

    nice performance from Pau derek and ron….

  25. kaveh says:

    Never attempt to argue with a Kobe hater. Why? Because they have hate which is irrational. They have the outcome which they desire: they hate kobe, thus they want the truth to be that Kobe sucks, etc. Then, since they already have what they want the truth to be, they do all in their power to find “evidence,” usually by manipulating facts, selective memory, down right lying, etc., in order to convince others and themselves of this “truth.”

    Attempting to use logic and facts to set kobe haters straight is a futile act. It is like attempting to convince Hitler that the world is better without him. How would that work out? Could you point out facts, use logic, etc., to convince Hitler that he is better off dead? Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not comparing Hitler to these Kobe haters, lol. I’m taking an absolutely EXTREME case of a person you cannot convince because they don’t care about the truth.

  26. Flawed says:

    All the haters just admit this. Basketball is a team player. TEAM PLAYER!!! Jordon would have no ring without Pippen. Magic would have no ring without Kareem. Bird would have no ring without McHale and Parish. Shaq would have no ring without Kobe and Wade. Wade would have no ring without Shaq. KG would have no ring without Pierce, Allen and Rondo and vice versa. I’m so sick of hearing that Kobe doesn’t deserve to be Finals MVP. Let’s imagine if Lakers had no Kobe, what would this team be? Just like Gasol in Memphis, Artest in Houston, Fisher in Utah, Odom in Miami. They were nothing!!! But when these players came and synchronized with Kobe, they are the Champions. And who made this happens KOBE! PERIOD

    PS. Also comparing different players in different eras by showing only stats is a poor indicator if you dont know how to compare, just shut up. It shows how poor your brain is.

  27. StopBeingAfan says:





  28. StopBeingAfan says:

    LISTEN, StopBeingAfan… LAKER HATERS KOBE HATERS.. it is what it is and your just a fan and not a sports analyst.

    HERE IS Jordans 6th championship game where he beat the jazz.
    The yr__VS__g_min__fgoal__3pt__freet__O_D_TR_A__S_B_to__pf_ttPts
    1997-98 Jazz 6 250 70-164 4-13 57-70 9 15 24 14 11 4 10 13 201

    This is Koby 6th championship 5th title game where he beat the celtis. now this was very comparable
    The yr___VS__g_min__fgoal__3pt__freet__O_D_TR_A_S_ B_to__pf__ttPts
    2009-10 Celtics 7 288 66-163 15-47 53-60 12 44 56 27 15 5 27 27 200

    Now FANS compare those stats!!!


  29. saeonko says:

    Kobe saw he couldn’t win this with his he rebounded and played great defense. That’s what a true leader is all about.

  30. […] No Doubt About The MVP [nba-video vid=/channels/playoffs/2010/06/17/] *** Posted by Sekou Smith LOS ANGELES […] […]

  31. chadd says:

    brandon i agree……………THE CELTICS MAIN GUYS BESIDES RONDO ARE ALL OLD…WALLACE PIERCE GARNETT ALLEN,,,ALL BATTLING INJURIES,,,THE SONICS WERE THE TEAM TO BEAT IN 95 AND 96,,,PEOPLE FORGET HOW TALENTED THEY WERE…A YOUNG SCHREMPF,,STUD KEMP,,,MCMILLIAN,,,YOUNG PAYTON,,HERSHEY HAWKINS,,THEY HAD MUSCLE DOWN LOW….KOBE HAS PLAYED THE SIXERS! COME ON THE SIXERS? 200 MUTUMBO TO BATTLE SHAQ LOL SHAQ AVGD 38 IN THAT SERIES,,,NAME ANYONE ELSE ON THAT TEAM THAT WAS A STUD BESIDES IVERSON,,WHO WAS STILL A BALL HOG….OH and they played the old pacers,,,miller,,smits,,mullin,,,marc jackson all past there prime and no skilled davis brothers besides tuffness and then they played the nets,,,the freaking nets!,,,besides kidd,,,who,,,,who did they have and dont even say crack head kenyon martin,,,the east was horrid in the early oart of the decade we all know that,,,the talent was in the west,,,,spurs,,,,kings,,,la,,,suns,,,dallas,,,blazers….need i say more,,,,ohh and the lakers only had to face 1 maybe 2 of those teams in a single playoff year…we all know what happened in the game 6 close out game “in sacramento” la 27 free throws in the 4th to the kings 5….lol….and they still barely won….come on people

  32. Matt says:

    He is the reason of this new Lakers legacy as Shaq was the reason of the previous one.
    Kobe was nothing between. Don’t forget.

  33. ChAce says:

    Yo Arwind Santos….I see your point dude…But, is Game 7 the only basis for the finals MVP???I mean its called “FINALS MVP” for a reason because its the MVP throughout the series….KOBE was consistent all series long dude!!!scoring 20 or more points a night in the finals, although he shot a low percentage…well you cant blame the guy man…try playing in the NBA and br double teamed and tripled teamed hard..LEts see if you can shoot a high percentage now???That just goes to show that the Celtics’ defense was focused on kobe…And that to you my friend is why he is he MVP…..Gasol, Artest, Fisher got their shots because their defenders were either a split second late because their too caught up on Kobe..OR they were not triple teamed because kobe was getting more attention…Dont get me wrong, Pau is a great player but he was’nt able to carry his team (MEMPHIS) when all the attention of the defense was on him….That’s why he is shining more now because of KOBE….UNDERSTAND???/STOP being a CHILD and LOOk at the deep meaning of why KOBE is the MVP!!!!!!!!!!kobe haters are just too ashamed to accept it…im not even that a die hard fan of kobe…i liked the celtics also but lakers just accept it…

  34. troy says:

    I’m not sure what is wrong with all you moroons. You still talk about MJ and KOBE. I said KOBE IS NOT (read carefully) NOT MJ and NEVER WILL BE (read carefully) NEVER WILL BE MJ. So before you make stupid comments about me comparing KOBE to MJ read it and think. HE WILL NEVER BE MJ. THERE IS ONLY ONE MJ. JUST LIKE THERE IS ONLY ONE KOBE. I JUST WANT YOU PEOPLE NOT TO BE HATERS. GIVE KOBE SOME RESPECT.

  35. FACT says:

    THE MORE YOU HATE KOBE…the more comparisons you put up….the more flaws you try to dig up….the more you seek to take away credit that is due to this great individual……

    THE MORE WE SEE that it is indeed KOBE’S ERA.

    HIS TIME. HIS GAME. HIS GENERATION. praise him. mock him. doesn’t make any difference. all eyes are on him. and you all know why. the entire world only watches the best. no one would even bother to waste time and talk about someone who isn’t even worthy of this epic recogniton.

    FEEL THE SENSATION. if you’re against…burn up with hate. if you’re a fan…cherish his accomplishments.

    NO ONE can change the course of the evolution of NBA basketball. and in this time, that course is spearheaded by one among many tremendous athletes.

    KOBE BRYANT. the best of HIS time. not in the past. not in the distant future. HIS time. NOW.

  36. FACT says:

    THE MORE YOU HATE KOBE…the more comparisons you put up….the more flaws you try too dig up….the more you seek to take away credit that is due to this great individual……

    THE MORE WE SEE that it is indeed KOBE’S ERA.

    HIS TIME. HIS GAME. HIS GENERATION. praise him. mock him. doesn’t make any difference. all eyes are on him. and you all know why. the entire world only watches the best. no one would ever bother to waste time and talk about someone who isn’t even worthy of this epic recogniton.

    FEEL THE SENSATION. if you’re against…burn up with hate. if you’re a fan…cherish his accomplishments.

    NO ONE can change the course of the evolution of NBA basketball. and in this time, that course is spearheaded by one tremendous athlete.

    KOBE BRYANT. the best of HIS time. not in the past. not in the distant future. HIS time. NOW.

  37. ATILA CARNEIRO from Brazil says:

    Kobe entered the NBA with 18 years old and now he is 31 and has 5 rings. Jordan was 21 when he first played and 13 years later he had 5 rings. So it doesn’t matter the age or the number of rings. What does matter is how dominant, how good Jordan was when he won those 6 rings. At the end of the games he did’t have PAU GASOL ou RON ARTEST to make shots or to steal and block. He had to steal, to make the lay up and the last second shot(6th champ). At 36 years old! I would like to see how will Kobe be at 36 years! If he will win all MVP titles, first team defence, the championship etc etc ..etc
    So to all new Kobe fans, you guys probably did’t see a whole game that Michal played from those championship games to say that Kobe is better or even in the same level as Mike. But that’s Ok i understand i and i’m happy that you have someone to look up to at this time. Too bad everything Kobe is doing right now, Jordan did 10 times better. EVERYTHING.
    Even celebrating the 5th title yesterday Kobe did exactly like Jordan. So i will ask the same question SLAM magazine asked years ago…
    WHY KOBE? Why not be yourself? You’re good, your jumpshot, yourfadeway is the best since Jordan’s. That’s why you’re the best right now, because you stoled this move from him. Hopefully LEBRON and WADE or any other smart will learn how to use that strenght.
    And please Kobe, stop saying you used to watch and look up to MAGIC as a kid. We all know you even today, live to watch, study and imitate Jordan’s game. And you’re right. All of us should to the same.
    And PAU GASOL was the MVP of the finals. That’s it.

    • James says:

      You’re right Jordan didn’t have Gasol or Artest. He had Pippen, Harper, Rodman, Kukoc (a lot more all-stars than Kobe is surrounded with) and Kobe still won! And you can take that to the bank!

  38. sphinx says:


  39. jeiven says:

    hate all you want, the lakers won it all this year, you don’t hear them complaining about their captain’s mvp award, you don’t see them hating on kobe, if you listen to their interviews, they even love the guy. we don’t care if you guys think that someone else is better, whoever your team may be next year, they better bring it. or you guys will end up stupid yet again, and ranting on how someone else is better, for now, enjoy the loss!!!! you have a whole year of being losers. see you guys next year!!!!

  40. sphinx says:


    • James says:

      Here’s another cry-baby blaming on the refs! hahahaha! lol! Kobe was the finals MVP with 23 pts and 15 rebounds in game 7. Take Farmar (former D-Leaguer), for example, his numbers don’t even come close to Kobe’s. May I remind you that this is a game 7 of the NBA Finals against the Celtics.

      • James says:

        Everyone struggled in this game, except Artest. You say, Kobe played terrible, why don’t you take a look at Ray Allen’s numbers or Paul Pierce’s!

  41. CELTIKSSUK says:



  42. Victor says:

    Congratulatios Lakers! Three peat is on the horizon.
    Boston is the ultimate challenger, but they will have to prove themselves next year. Unfortunately, they may be too old to make the run. Anyway, all that matters little at this point. Right now, it’s all about Los Lakers!!! Game 7 was proof that they are a true team, capable of pulling through, together, when Kobe has trouble scoring consistently. I will say that Phil Jackson knows exactly what he is talking about at all times. The Zen Master has 11 rings for a reason. Kobe is Kobe; there is no need to compare him to MJ, because to trully compare, one needs similar scenarios. They are in two completely different eras, but one thing’s for sure is that they are both Legends.

  43. aboulc says:


  44. Ryan says:

    I just don’t get it, no matter what kobe does on the floor, someone always has to find a reason to try and tarnish his image. the guy just won his 5th ring, 2nd finals mvp, and beat the boston celtics. something that magic and kareem and all those past lakers had a problem doing. dang, the guy and get a triple double with 30 points, 15 rebounds and lets say 15 assists, and someone will still complain. i really dont care bout his comparison to jordan because i already know myself and as coaches and analysts, thats hes more “skilled” than jordan was, jackson said so a couple times. but thats not my point, kobe will never be jordan, never be as “great” as jordan but the guy can down right play ball better than anyone else.

  45. joe says:

    The truth is Kobe and MJ are different players and really hard to compare. MJ was a high wire act and certainly much more athletic than Kobe. Kobe on the other hand may have the best mid range game ever but today in his prime is a low flyer. The one thing that they share is their desire and ability to will a team to victory. Neither MJ or Kobe would have one championships without key players, including Pipen, Gasol, Rodman, Shaq etc……BTW Shaq would not have the three rings he has with the Lakers without Kobe so the argument that Shaq single handedly won those championships is bunk. Plus Shaq turned out to be a cancer for other teams so I think Kobe was vindicated on that one. Whose the best? I don´t know and I am not sure I care but if you measure it by championships in the modern era of basketball then for now MJ is the GOAT. Let´s see if Kobe can get 7. If he does it´s hard to argue when you have the hardware. As for getting finals MVP I read on this blog someone say Artest should have gotten it. I´m not sure what series you were watching. I hear Gasol should have gotten it. All I know is without Kobe getting doubled and tripled teamed all series long none of the rest of the Lakers would have had any space to operate on the floor. It´s hard to argue who was the MVP of the series when the opposing coaches entire game plan was designed to stop one individual. I think Doc would vote for Kobe as well of the Celtics.

  46. James says:

    Congratulations to the Lakers organization, coach, team, cheerleaders and fans all around the world! Lakers vs Celtics, best rivalry in sports period!

  47. Malcolm says:

    Is Kobe better than MJ right now. NO. But when he retires I truly believe it should be considered. I understand what you’re talking about when you say look at the points because yes MJ had eight 30 point seasons to Kobe’s three. But there other players if you just look at points who could be considered greater than MJ. Such as Wilt Chamberlain who averaged 50 points one year and 40 point another year. While averaging over 20 rebounds!!! That is ridiculous. Also there is Elgin Baylor who at 6’5 was averaging 33 pints and 14 rebounds. That is crazy as well. But none of these guys are greater than MJ in my opinion because to me there are other aspects you have to consider. Such as, in my mind in order to be the greatest you have to be a winner. Period. Great players win. Thats why Elgin Baylor can never be considered the greatest because he never one a championship. I know some people dont like to put a lot of emphasis on championships but this is what separates the good players from the greats and the greats from the best. This is why for now I will not put LeBron in the same breath as Kobe because he has not one a ring yet. And to me now that Kobe has 5. He needs to win at least two to for me to start talking about him and Kobe in the same breath. Another thing that you have to do figure out who is the best is see if they were an all around player MJ was a great defensive player 9 all NBA Defensive first team. Kobe has 8. He’s pretty close. You also need to be clutch which is Jerry West aka Mr. clutch was considered the greatest for a long time because he would make it when it counts. Now the one obvious thing that you have to have which separates Kobe from Robert Horry ( who actually fits the categories I have listed) is that you do have to have the stats and all though MJ has better stats than Kobe. Kobe came in at 18 and was not getting the minutes he needed plus he wasnt as mature as he is now. But Kobe’s career is not over yet and although I MJ is the greatest I truly believe that Kobe deserves great consideration. But only time will tell

  48. Luc says:

    if this celtic team had gotten together a few years earlier, they would have more than 5 rings….

    • TheRock says:

      Well, if Gasol join Lakers a few year earlier, Lakers can have even more ring. If and only if.

  49. Mar says:

    I don’t really see the point of comparing Michael to Kobe. I mean, during Michael’s time, he was the best because of his passion for the game and his ability to elevate the game of his team. The same can be said with Bill Russel who were underdogs in their finals with the Lakers who had Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain. And the same is also true with Kobe and the Lakers. But every generation, there will come a time when a player will rise and be the best in game for his generation. I don’t think Kobe’s walking in the shadow of Michael just because he’s trying to win the game by taking shots, or trying to emulate Michael, like most people are implying. I just see a very competitive player who wants to win, that’s all. Just like all the greatest players in their generation, everybody wants to win and that’s what defines these players. When the time comes, a new generation of basketball players will replace Kobe, Lebron, Wade and every other superstar we know today, but they will never be forgotten because of their passion and their contribution to the game!

    • James says:

      Well said, Mar. I just love to contribute facts to those who says that “KB will never be like MJ.” In my opinion, he passed MJ when he hit the 81 point game mark earlier in his career. I am not discrediting any legends like Wilt (who had 100-pt game) nor MJ who changed the game as we know it. But Kobe has been the best I’ve seen so far (in terms of all-around game), his stats proves that. Lebron needs to work a lot on his shooting and Wade, well, he had help from many all-stars in that team of ’06.

  50. Tagausig says:

    For all Kobe haters, I understand you guys that its hard to accept the reality that Kobe is now the best player in NBA. If during the 90’s where Jordan sets the standard in NBA now its Kobe who are setting the standard in NBA. So its better for you guys to accept the reality and move on. Your MJ will always be MJ of the 90’s no one will take that away. So better stop comparing MJ to Kobe or any other current NBA players, coz you should also think what if the Bill Russel funs compare MJ to him then MJ will be like Kobe.

    Remember the MVP trophy is named after Bill Russel not Jordan nor Kobe.

    Happy watching.. Lakers fun enjoy your glory !!!!

    I hope my Magic team can reach finals next year… 🙂

  51. rix says:

    KOBE WILL HAVE MORE RINGS THAN JORDAN.. then all the nonsense jordan/kobe comparisons will end..
    take that to the bank

    • James says:

      For the haters, I don’t think it ever ends. For me, it ended when Kobe had 81 pts in a game. MJ will never top that!

  52. kv11 says:

    no shaq no problem,stop talkin about mj y dont play no more,kobe is the best,5 ring ,haters pleases hate more

    • Bryan says:

      There’s no point comparing these superstars, can you compute the present value of the statistics of MJ? We can’t really say who’s better because they came from different era. MJ, KB, LJ etc.. They’re all good!

      Congratulations to the LAKERS!!

  53. backtoback says:

    Interesting stats for Game 7…
    Lakers starters outscored Boston’s 74-73
    Lakers bench outscored Boston’s 9-6
    Lakers won on the boards
    Kobe was still leading scorer of the game at the end of the night
    Kobe was player of the game for 5 out of 7 games

    So, I don’t know, but Lakers won Game 7 in the most important stats, and won the title.
    Kobe, led his team being the pro-dominent player of the game for the majority of the series, got MVP of the “FINALS”. (Mind you, the MVP of the “FINALS” is given to the player who carries his team through the “FINALS”, not Game 7)

    Way to go LA.
    Congrats Kobe.

    Rest up, because next year you got another title to defend.

  54. Kaik says:

    The real MVP was Gasol,: 9 offensive boards, 4 assists (that could have been 14 if his teammates had scored his plays), 9 points in the last Q, grabbing the most important rebs. Extremely important clutch passes to Fisher, Kobe and Artest.
    The most important play of the match says it all: Kobe has the ball, 79-76 with 25 secs remaining, Kobe shoots a 3 and misses, Gasol gets an unbelievable offensive reb, and dishes the ball back to Bryant, who receives foul. It was Gasol who stepped up in the first minutes of the last quarter, making the comeback possible. If they had played without Gasol, Lakers would have lost by 20. I think Gasol should get a lot more credit.

  55. backtoback says:

    Even Michael Jordan said the one thing that sets Kobe apart from the other potentials is the fact that he plays DEFENSE…

    There is no player in the league that looks forward to Bryant guarding them, plain and simple.

    And as for Bryant having a bad night… 23 points, 15 boards. Hell, if that’s a bad night for any player in the league I’d take them 100% of the time.

  56. backtoback says:

    correction, Queen James can win titles in the WNBA…

  57. backtoback says:

    Blah blah blah. Queen James can win titles in the NBA. Boston can go home, preferrably a retirement home. Lakers won, in back to back fashion. Bryant is Finals MVP in back to back fashion. The LAKESHOW lives on. Grow up, move on, seasons over. I know my NBA focus will not begin again until Halloween, because the LeBron James freakshow is just gonna end the same way it has since he joined the league, him crying that he needs a team around him and when somebody puts one around him, he ends up failing anyways.

    BTW, LeBron fans, your season ended a couple months ago. Go back to sleep.

  58. Dale says:

    When I grow old, I will make sure to tell the young ones that Kobe Bryant is unreachable and untouchable just like how you are treating Michael Jordan.

    The problem here is we are limiting ourselves to only one player because it’s the best it can be only one. We are bound to have different opinions who that player is. For me, it is Kobe Bryant, just my opinion. For others, it can be Michael Jordan, LeBron James or even Pau Gasol. There are no definite standards in choosing the best player is. It can be the number of championships, number of MVP awards, or/and statistics. For me, it is because Kobe makes great shots. Just that.

    • James says:

      Good point, Dale. And by making great shots Kobe is a better clutch shooter than MJ! Yes, MJ knocked them down (but wide open) while Kobe knocks it down double-teamed with a hand on his face! If you don’t believe it, watch the Lakers vs Suns series to win the Conference finals this year. And that is why I say that he is a better clutch shooter than MJ.

  59. TheRock says:

    Obviously there are lots of Lakers/Kobe haters, 2010 Championship has proved that again they are the best team in the league. Now people has to pick something on Kobe to talk about to made them feel better… really feel sorry for all Lakers/Kobe haters. But congrat to all Lakers Fan!! A happy ending season, they get the job done! Well!

  60. @woodaxxmenace says:

    wassup with all these kobe haters he jus won his 5th title he’s not worried about jordan or any other past greats jordan is in the past kobe is now stop comparing them

  61. Rick says:

    Oh, another thing — how many games did Michael Jordan play with a BROKEN INDEX FINGER ON HIS SHOOTING HAND???

    • Mar says:

      Well just to state a point, I haven’t seen Kobe play with a stomach virus in a finals game… Taking nothing away from Kobe, he’s a very high caliber player, but you can’t compare Michael to Kobe just because of an broken index finger…

  62. paul peter says:

    5 titles for kobe…. who said shaq is better than kobe, did you think shaq will win championship without kobe bryant. kobe is an all around player, he can shoot in distance, perimeter, a good low post player, a good rebounder & defender, a good passer and a better leader to the team. the only advantage of shaq for kobe, definitely shaq is big & strong, but he can’t shoot in three point lane, bad perimeter shooter & bad free throw shooter (better than rondo). but know shaq is weak, slow, can’t play more than 40 minutes in the game, but kobe is getting better & better in every year. Gasol is better than shaq, he is strong, fast, tough defender, good rebounder and a good shooter for a big man…… KOBE AND GASOL ARE THE BEST TAG TEAM RIGHT KNOW IN THE NBA….. LAKERS 2009-2010 NBA CHAMPION.. DONE

    • Mar says:

      I don’t suppose you took into consideration that Shaq is older that Kobe to state that Kobe is good just because he’s 31 years old right now compared to Shaq? Also please understand that Shaq was already an All-Star even before Kobe played in the NBA.

  63. Poch says:

    Jordan is the BEST Clutch Player Ever! Kobe is still trying to be and he didnt bring those numbers in Game 7. But he did it by doing rebounds, assists and defensive stuffs. He did his job and trusted his teammates. So give kobe a break and lets congratulate the LAKERS for doing a great job! As for those people who says Jordan’s prime is would be like Joe Johnson?? What the hell are you talking about?!! During his time there were a lot of great players too. David Robinson, Karl Malone, Clyde Drexler, Magic Johnson and many more to mention. Jordan’s work attitude made him a superior athlete. And that’s what makes him the greatest clutch player EVER!

    • James says:

      Maybe I’ve missed something… MJ’s “attitude” makes him a better clutch player? what?

  64. foreverlakerfan92 says:

    Scoreboard Baby!
    Well it finally resolved. The 2010 lakers beat the Celtics game 7 clincher. The payback to those diehard LosT ton fan and BOO ston fans must be awful. Maybe the shreck and donkey show can tour the irish pubs in losT ton when they get back get drunk with the Lost Ton fans and throw in a couple brawls fight to give the next years squad some hope. Things about this year Lakers team I will remember.
    Kobe is the best player in the whole league IMO due to his competitive intelligence as a pro baller. Period. Better than the King = 0 rings, The truth = 1 ring, the Kid = 1 ring, D wade = 1 ring or second Superman = 0 rings. Kobe played with a broken finger and damaged injured knee which he has yet to address with the public or fans as an excuse.

    Favorite memories:
    D fish killer threes
    Gasol’s resilliant toughness and play scoring and rebounding
    Kobe’s mental toughness and closing with team help.
    Artest’s impactful defence against Peirce
    The bench playing better at home.
    Best of all the Win!!! Redemption of the 2008 championship loss in Boston. They were better that year.

    Shut up Pierce who acted more like a actress in hollywood than the trurth. Some satisfaction he had a dream he won the championship in LA only problem was he wore a Lakers Jersey. Must of been a Fruedien mental slip. OOPs!
    Allen who gave Kobe a hard time when he was with Seattle and said Kobe would self implode and demand trade after a few years without Shaq. It now looks like Allen has aged with his shooting and could be on his way out of Boston. Personally I respect him as a person as he is doing good work with his son and diabetes PR. Props to Allen and his wife.
    KG trash talking is but a wimper now. Hope he gets healthy so we can beat him down again. KG you should of came to LA Bro!
    Big Baby slobbering fool & Donkey. Hope to see you next year in the playoffs. Be careful when you get back to LosT Ton that you keep the bar fight down to a minimum.
    Tony allen & Rondo. You guys better keep them both pro studs and how could us Faker fans beat you down again next year with out a fair fight.
    Boo Ston! drunk fan who threw small bottle onto court in LosT Ton. Its Over!!! look up SCOREBORD BABY!!!
    BOO Ston fans who loudly chanted KOBE SUCKS and with Lamar Ugly Sister! Thanks for the motivation and memories.

    Scroreboard !! LA sixteen next seventeen!

  65. tusabes says:

    haha laker haters i told u ur mouths will be shut when the lakers won now look 🙂 haha go lakers congrats

  66. Invasmani says:

    Kobe’s still overrated and will never be as comparable to Micheal Jordan in his overall career and he’s also not as good a player as D Wade. Kobe was also a little baby who didn’t play in the all star game.

    D Wade was the leading scorer on the 08 Olympic team not Kobe. In 2010 playoffs against the Celtics D Wade was the best individual player period and in the playoffs as a whole he was statistically better than anyone else in the playoffs as well. In fact against the Celtics in the playoffs Wade beat Kobe in every statistic aside from FT% and tied in rebounding.

    Celtics got screwed over in game 7 by the refs they’d have won by a good 10 or 15 points if it weren’t for that nonsense and Kobe can’t win without another top all star on his team period.

    • James says:

      hahahahhaahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is comparing D-Wade with KB?! Are you serious?! It’s a joke, right! Who won the championship? Who won the finals MVP? Enough said!!! By the way, Kobe didn’t play in the All-Star game due to injury. And the refs did a good and much better job in the last game compared to the previous ones. Besides, the refs don’t play basketball, players do. The only reason why the Celtics lost was because they did not rebound. The Lakers wanted to win more than they did and went for the loose balls. And talking about comparison with MJ, Kobe already is otherwise we wouldn’t be discussing. And may I remind you that Kobe hasn’t finished his career yet…

  67. Chasey says:

    No matter what is said, you cant deny what Kobe has worked so hard to achieve. Aside from the poor shooting in game seven you cant overlook the fact that he had still been the hardest player out on the court wether his defense or his commanding presence on the court. Theres a hell of a lot more than just this one game, and for any of you who want to hate on this man or try to put down this fifth ring in anyway is completely ignorant, The entire season led up to this point, and the entire season Kobe has been fighting and in the end he got it done just like any laker fan knew he would

  68. LebanonLakersfan says:

    All of you guys
    Important is Lakers won the championship
    let’s celebrate and congratulate.
    KOBE IS THE MVP , no question.
    and all lakers were fantastic: Gasol , Artest , Fisher , Farmar , Vujacic , Odom… But please guys
    PLEASE, DO NOT forget Bunym’s role , such a young talent who insisted to play with a bad injury.
    We have to give him credits . he was GREAT.
    Anyway , CONGRATULATIONS ALL LAKERS FANS and let’s do it again next year.
    What about bringing Wade or Chris Bosh to Lakers ? 😎 😉

  69. Romi ella says:



  70. Jason says:

    How can Kobe and the Lakers even be proud?…THE CALLS WERE CLEARLY ONE SIDED IN THAT GAME! Especially in the 4th, LA shot 21 free throws in the 4th quarter! That’s more than Boston shot the entire game! It’s easy to win a game 7 when you got 8 guys on the court playing for you!

    • James says:

      What a cry-baby!!! Blaming the refs won’t change anything! The refs did a better job in the last game than they did in the entire playoffs, in my opinion. The calls were fair and accurate. The Lakers got to the free throw line often because the Celtics didn’t have Perkins in the middle. And they won because they were more active and went for the loose balls.

  71. Jhuggiey says:

    Kindly read below.

    It’s championship No. 5 for Kobe, which brings him one shy of Michael Jordan and also gives him as he playfully put it, “————————-” His troublesome night shifted suddenly and permanently at the 5-minute mark. Kobe’s two free throws, followed by a soft jumper, put the Lakers up for good.

    “It’s whatever it takes to win a game,” he said. “That’s my job. You’ve got to figure out a way to help your team win, and nobody was better at that than MJ.”

    Superstars of today learn what superstars of yesterday did and by that learning they could surpass the superstars from yesterday. So stop comparing KG and MJ, both of them are great, in many different ways.

  72. Egres says:

    congrats to the lakers;getting redemption from ’08;i am not a laker fan but i do know a champion when i see one;
    The lakers had to throw everything in this series including the kitchen sink to get it done.As for the celtics they can take pride in the fact that the lakers did not “win” the trophy …they had too earn it

  73. Kaneda1975 says:

    No doubt about the MVP?? Sekou Smith, Kobe MVP…ok. I agree with that but, it would not be strange that (this year) could be for two players. Is nothing about jealousy or that kind of stuff but, I feel that we don´t give Pau the consideration he deserves. He is not the kind of player that usually talks and claims for credit… (exactly the opposite way), but with more reason we should give him the spotlight´s quote he waranted. He has given the stability the team needed in a bunch of games…beeing the most usefull player in minutes…with a great and solid contribution in both side of the court (look at his finals global stats, please).almost triple doubles, defenses over KG, 19-18-4 in final game… throwing a lot of less shots that others (not critizessing KB at all!! everyone has his roll in here),dimes for everyone.. Just think objective and then, explain those words again…. YES, Kobe MVP (he is great) but, I didn´t saw the distance between his performance and Gasol´s. LA needs the contribution of all players (bench too…), without DFish,Ron,Bynum, Odom minutes, Vujacic free throws… there won´t be title…but looking at that individual and global game contribution, it´s time to start looking at that silence player that tryes to improve his conditions year by year for the team benefit… It fair to say, Gasol ALSO MVP (sure with Kobe´s agreement)

  74. Rick says:

    When are the haters going to put the Kobe vs Michael comparisons to rest? If you want to go that route, then Michael is just a punk-ass compared to Bill Russell and his 11 rings in 13 years (hasn’t anybody noticed that the MVP trophy was renamed after Mr. Russell? Duh!). And time to shelve this BS about Kobe’s first three rings being won only because Shaq was there. EVERY championship team that I have ever seen was basically stocked with great players, and it’s tiresome to keep hearing that “so and so wouldn’t have won if they didn’t have so and so” with them. Here’s a little something the Jordan lovers probably never take into account when talking about his greatness (I am not disparaging Jordan here, just merely presenting some facts). Between 1988 and 1995, the NBA added 6 expansion teams (most of whom were in the Eastern Conference), which really watered the league down for a bit. Couple that with the Pistons and Celtics getting long in the tooth in the early 90’s, and that’s when the Bulls finally broke through.

    The only constant denominator in all of the Bulls and Lakers championships is PHIL JACKSON. He is the real power behind these championships, not Michael or Kobe. Neither the Bulls nor the “Shaq and Kobe” Lakers went anywhere until Jackson arrived. Maybe the Boston fans are most upset that Phil has left Red Auerbach in the dust concerning coaching rings?

  75. cher says:

    I did not doubt for a second that Kobe’s going to be THE MVP this Finals. Stop hating. If you REALLY watched the entire season you’ll know what I’m talking about. Of course, thanks to the rest of the team for their awesome contribution. But there can only be one MVP, and that rightfully belongs to the Black Mamba. Congratulations Lakers! Threepeat!

  76. Fabio says:

    Who cares about who has been better MJ or KB?!

    Kobe is and will be forever one of the greatest, as MJ, Magic, Bird and very few others!

    Lebron James till now seems like a new Vince Carter!


  77. cher says:

    I did not doubt for a second that Kobe’s going to be THE MVP this Finals. Stop hating. If you REALLY watched the entire season you’ll know what I’m talking about. Of course, thanks to the rest of the team for their awesome contribution. But there can only be one MVP, and that rightfully belongs to the Black Mamba. Congratulations Lakers! Threepeat!

  78. Joe says:

    Lifelong Celtics fan, I hate the Lakers and hated watching them win last night. But they won it and congrats to them, they are the champions. Kobe will never be Jordan, but he is as close as anyone is going to get. Appreciate him while he is still playing because eventually it will come to an end. The next generation of stars do not have the killer instinct and will to win that Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kobe possess. I remember hearing about another basketball player wanting to work out with Kobe and Kobe told him he would show up at 3. Next thing the guy knows, Kobe is at his door at 3AM!!!!! That is why Kobe wins,he wants it more than anyone else. Lebron, Melo, and Howard don’t come close to measuring up to Kobe (I will leave Dwade out because he has a ring.) After Kobe is gone we will be left with a delusional superman and a “chosen” one who is more concerned with orchestrating dancing moves before games.

  79. Alfredson says:

    Gasol MVP!!!

  80. mambalistic! says:



  81. José says:

    Hey, guys not about who was better, is to enjoy the game, always discussions about who is best going to the passions and not to obejetivo, Boston was and will remain a tough opponent for any team in the league . That team lost yesterday was the same as delete the teams with the best record dle East: Cleveland and Orlando. Being a fan, must be more to let the passions overflow is to examine, enjoy, love your players objectively without belittling the virtues of others. provided in each generation comes a player capable of commanding the attention of the sporting world: Will Chamberlain Jerry West-J-Magic-Larry Bird-Michael J, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James and many others. discussions will always exist, but they do with a blind passion cease to enjoy the game. Think about it guys

  82. John Bobbit says:

    All you Kobe lovers please tell me one famous thing that non basketball fans can remember about Kobe in the finals…….. i know none huh? now ask about MJ and see how many they can name. Thats greatness, non basketball players watched Jordan, today they could give a rats a$$ about kobe

    • James says:

      Wow, John Bobbit! You are really a hater! I know you watched the game, if you still doubt take a look at the box score, the comments on this page of what Kobe did in the finals, watch the comments of Magic Johnson after the game… And yes, you care a lot about Kobe otherwise you wouldn’t have left that comment. Who else cares about Kobe? Um, what about the millions of fans that voted for him to be an All-Star. What you don’t think he has fans? His jersey is the #1 selling since I can remember. And I’m not counting worldwide fans. How many Kobe fans were at the Olympics in China in 2008? How many basketball legends and even non-basketball fans were at the game last night to watch Kobe Bryant and his team win the 2010 championship!!! Even, President Obama said the Lakers were going to win. So, you see everyone cares! When did President Bill Clinton say anything about MJ? Even, Obama recognizes the BLACK MAMBA! And you can take that to the bank!

  83. Tagausig says:

    Why the hell you keep comparing Kobe to MJ. To be honest MJ also take shots a lot and made misses a lot. MJ will never won a championship until Pippen arrived. Shaq will never win a championship under lakers if kobe is not around and under heat if wade is not around (shaq is not even a final mvp in heat championship). It seems that you guys have a hard time accepting the reality that Kobe are becoming better than MJ or other NBA superstars and you keep saying that MJ is still better. It’s really hard to accept reality i guess.

    For Kobe and the Lakers, you did a good job.

  84. Jayson says:

    FYI, during Jordan’s time the rules were very different :). In today’s rules Jordan can even score 50 everynight.

    oh also compared to the Bulls the Lakers’s Lineup as far as i know is a very star studded cast since:

    Gasol – starplayer(Memphis)
    Odom – starplayer(Miami)
    Artest – starplayer(ndiana/Houston)
    Bynum – A Rising Star
    Fischer- Veteran Guard
    Kobe – Hailed as the Greatest Star of his time

    Kobe’s First 3 was because of Shaq, During those years Shaq was unstoppable because of the Illegal Defense rule. That is why it was refined to Defensive 3 seconds.

    Jordan only has Pippen and a very good supporting cast but none of those CASTS can be called superstars if you place them on other teams.

    Anyway Congrats to Kobe, but i will not agree that his so called 5 Titles can be compared to his airness

    • James says:

      Jayson, you need to get your facts straight before you leave a comment. The only all-star other than Kobe in the Lakers is Pau Gasol. And the 3-second rule was invented way before Shaq won a championship. And if you say that Jordan had only Pippen as a supporting cast then you’re saying that the Bulls was not a team. Which brings me to a conclusion that your statements are false and incorrect.

  85. Ruffhouse says:

    I guess rebounding doesn’t matter anymore. The guy had 15 rebounds and played good defense. It’s true that he had a bad shooting night, but he was the most consistent player in the Finals and that’s why he won MVP. It’s funny how no one was on here complaining about how his team didn’t do anything in game 5 when he scored 38 and 23 straight. U wanna know why no one cared? Because they lost. 1 person can’t win a ring. It takes a team. The team showed up in game 6 and 7. People keep saying Jordan would have never had a game like that. We will never know because he never played a team like Boston. Stop hatin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. mambalistic! says:

    the award says “FINALS” MVP.. not GAME 7 MVP. stupid morons!

    and even in the game seven kobe is still the difference. he just not making his shots but he is making a lot more things the made him deserve the MVP award. FINALS MVP!

  87. Fangz Not Dead says:

    I was never a Celtic fan until GARNETT join the team, I don’t like Lakers either until GASOL join the team, not to be bias but if you are to ask me who the real MVP of the series…definitely not KOBE but PAU GASOL. LAKERS is Bryants team and he is the face, leader, heart and soul but what Pau did can’t be compared to Kobe, yes Kobe does average 28.6PPG in the series, lots of RBs, ASSTs w/ STLs and BLKs mainly because he touch the ball almost every play, he didn’t trust his teammates – very much – as a leader you must lead by example, on the very 1st game of this series i already guess that once the lakers become the champ, there’s no doubt they will give it to KOBE, know why???? he’ll demand a trade once there’s a teammate ready to steal the spotlight from him…that’s a fact…sorry LAKERS fans but that’s the truth..

  88. Beautiee says:

    ‘I’d like to thank my friends from the hood and I’d like to thank my psychiatrist for helping me calm down.’

    It doesn’t get more real than that. Most wouldn’t ever admit to seeing a psychiatrist, let alone acknowledging them for their personal accomplishments!

    Say what you want, Hate all you like! It is what it is! We are who we are! NBA 2010 BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPIONS!

    I LOVE LA!

  89. Moneyman says:

    Now the Heats could get Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, and Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay.

  90. Moneyman says:

    Go Lakers!

  91. kei says:

    kobe’s is playing with his broken finger, injured knees and stil can play and a great game for his team mates his the greatest even your jordan can’t do that so stop comparing him kobe is kobe his the black mamba the greatest the player in nba history

    • Fangz Not Dead says:

      GREATEST!?!?!?!?!? what’s wrong with you??Black Mamba???a self proclaimed name???? thats idiocracy…if you really are a basketball fan or lets just say you know the simple rules in giving names in the sports of basketball, no one has the right, a very single right to give yourself, let the others tell you or media what they think of you just like Shaq giving Wade the alias of FLASH..
      Still, not to get out of the topic, congrats to Kobe,to all the players, the organization and the city…a good but not great game to remember..

  92. dgc says:

    lakers win kobe is the best ever.

  93. Danny says:

    kobe played well as a defender and rebounder but ı can’t say the same thing on his offense he just sucked ı hate you kobe ı hope you read this comment and you become ashamed of your poor weak performance ı get up early in turkey to watch the final match and it wasn’t worth watching what a bad ending to season lakers didn’t deserve championship neither boston did.i think cavaliers should be chamipion kobe ı hope he will play way better than he played this season and he turn his old days and score 50-60 points ı’m looking forward to.but ı must say he played as if he was rookie of the year

  94. James says:

    Michael had Scottie, who averaged over 20 pts per game. Who does that in the Lakers consistently? Odom? Artest? Gasol might come close but he’s not even nearly as good as Scottie. Besides, Michael never had to play a game 7 because of him. Face it! Kobe doesn’t have another superstar by his side and still won! not once but twice! Talkin’ about greatness! I don’t think Michael would’ve won a NBA championship without Scottie. And Shaq without Kobe or Wade. Kobe did it by himself (meaning without another superstar), he carried the team on his back throughout the season and playoffs and won back-to-back championships. Who is better? Kobe or Michael? I think I’ve proven my point.

  95. Mark says:

    How is magic Johnson remembered? Is he remembered for his poor games? Is he remembered for how games were won? How close games were? The fact that his teams lost to the celtics multiple times? Or is he remembered for his 5 rings and the leadership he brought to his championship teams? The fact of the matter is, in 20 years, no one will remember how close the games were, or the bad games. They will only remember Kobe’s leadership and his Titles. Give credit where credit is due. Kobe is easily the best player of this era.

  96. jeiven says:

    it’s unfair that Kobe gets to be compared to you know who…. it’s unfair that he has to prove himself repeatedly and still end up short of what is expected of him, He never did compare himself to jordan, He never aspired to be his airness, nor proclaimed himself the best player of his era, and yet everytime he does something grand, haters always say something irrelevant to put him down. Think about it…. the guy just won his 5th championship, one ring away from matching MJ’s collection. The guy has more or less 8 years in his career left, that’s 8 chances of matching mj’s championships and 8 chances to go beyond…. And even if he gets 3 more, haters will continue to hate and compare. But you see, that’s fine, at the end of the day Kobe has the last laugh, And haters will have to wait another year to see which team they’ll be cheering for next, good luck with that. Oh and let me know when Lebron wins a ring, then maybe, maybe, i’ll consider him to be the best player in the league today, but for now. Shaq is welcome to win one more, Lebron is welcome to find a better team, and Everyone else is welcome to “try” and win five rings in their career. And to those who are saying Jordan is still better than Kobe…. ask yourself? did Kobe ever say that Jordan wasn’t? Stop being so defensive and get a life!

  97. kobe says:

    Stop talking about the comparisons when Kobe still has at least 5 good years left in the league. Once his career is over then we can start talking, but for right now GO LAKERS!!!!

    Back 2 back 2 back next year!!!!! (Without the big witness protector) LOL

  98. Robbie says:

    Well the lakers did it again. Sure Kobe shot the ball bad but he came through in the end with the passes to fisher and artest. Made some clutch free-throws and get them motivated. Boston played well but from the beggining they weren’t better than the Lakers. To all those LBJ fans the true champion and should have been MVP was Kobe. Lakers are on the road for 1more and have a chance for a three-beat!!! They just have to add some more umffff to there bench!

  99. LAKERS says:


  100. MADY NINA says:

    But I Think Kobe Will Even or Surpass Jordan in Rings. The Kobe Dynasty came just after Jordan’s while people were thinkin’ they’ll have to wait for 30 or 40 years to see another player with such Impact…

    • James says:


      NO ONE … And I mean NO ONE should EVER com par kobe Bryant to my dad an say that is anywhere near close to my dad He’s jagging this game
      — Marcus Jordan (@SASBMJ), Thursday, 9:11 p.m., Michael Jordan’s youngest son, during the first the first half of Game 7, when Bryant shot just 3 of 13 from the floor and forced several shots against Boston.

  101. CC says:

    I thought that this was Lakers vs Celtics? So why is Lebron of the Cavs and MJ of the former bulls in this conversation? Everybody argues yet, MJ, Lebron, nor Kobe ever argue about who is the best or greatest. Mvp of the finals is not just about stat sheets and only true basketball fans no this. Its about being the team leader, its about doing all you can to win. Only one player on the Lakers played like a winner every single game. And thats Kobe. Im not going to take away Pau Gasols role or Artest’s role, but some games they didnt show up. Kobe was there every single game and stop saying Kobe had a bad night game 7. Ask any legend of the game, or anybody who plays basketball or is a true fan and they will tell you the same thing, 23 points and 15 rebounds is not a bad game son.

  102. Johnnel says:

    I will definitely cherish this one..its the sweetest really after having fought a very pressured pack Game 7 against a tough team like Boston,. well you can’t ask for more..Back to Back! Yeah.. Kobe your the best! i look his greatness not just tonight but all season long,with all the injuries that he has and the exhaustion, Man he rise above it all..Thank God!.. =) Congratz Lakers for the Back to Back Championship and we will go for it next year! =) Shout Out to all the Laker Fans here at the Philippines especiall to PCF Tondo… God Bless!

  103. rei says:

    i Think Pau is the finals MVP…. He’s the one who makes the crucial plays for the lakers. he deserves more credit than kobe, ron artest too but not kobe. even though i’m a kobe fan i know that those 2 guys deserves the gratitude that kobe has.. about the Kobe and His Airness Michael Jordan, you can’t compare the Greatest Player to a typical player like kobe, its a very very very large shoes to fill in if you want to be like Mike… we all know that kobe can score 81 points but its not how you measure a player. MJ score 69 points in Boston in a playoff game,,, the thing is its not about scoring, its about how you become a Great Ambassador of the Game. its a Global Game! there’s no country who doesnt know MJ…. Michael Jordan Has everything The Fans is expecting….

  104. BOSTON DRAMA says:


  105. celticsSORELOSERSFANS says:

    BOSTON DRAMA….your boys did good don’t feel bad..they’re not that old..they still good..!!! respect!
    DANNY…kobe? retire? are you kiddin me? lebron and wade are good ya hear? but this is kobe’s era baby!!! maybe wade / lebron tandem sounds good for a next kingdom…but this know who reigns baby!!!! it’s mamba’s number five…hhhooooyeah!!!

  106. PAU says:

    Gasol jugó mejor que K. Bryant,
    Gasol scored 18.6pts with only 12.9 FGA per game and 49%,11.6rb, 3.7ass and 2.5 blocks, only 1.9turnovers. Gasol anotó 18.6pts con sólo 12,9 por partido FGA y un 49%, 11.6rb, 3.7ass y bloques de 2,5, 1.9turnovers solamente. Total efficiency in the Finals 26.1. la eficiencia total en el 26,1 Finales.
    Bryant scored 28.6pts with only 40% FG and 32% in 3P, only 3.9 ass with 23.3 FGA per game and 3.9 turnovers. Bryant anotó 28.6pts con sólo el 40% FG y 32% en 3P, sólo el 3,9 por culo con FGA 23,3 por partido y 3,9 pérdidas de balón. Total efficiency in the Finals 24.6. la eficiencia total en el 24,6 Finales.


  107. Johnason says:

    For those people who think MJ is better than Kobe is just unfair to compare with.

    In my opinion, Kobe is just Kobe, MJ is MJ, two different products why compare them. We should appreciate each decade’s super star before they retire like MJ. I am actually curious who else in the league comes even close to being Kobe Bryant right now ? or Michael Jordan ?

    Lebron … ? lol.. maybe when he learns to shake hands first and show some sportsmanship!

    I don’t mind you guys saying Kobe is a rapist, but comparing him to MJ is just so immature and plain stupid ! If Kobe was born first, I bet everyone would hate MJ lol~

    Oh just something to mess with your head ~ if there was no Kobe Bryant, wouldn’t you wish some other NBA player had the similar skills he had ? instead of watching replays on search MJ.. lol


    Bad luck Celtics next year around, welcome to ” what ever comes around fates revenge of 2008 center injured version “

  108. BOSTON DRAMA says:


    • Anobayan? says:

      Is “enorouge” a word? I looked at the dictionary and found none. Boy, next time you post a comment be sure to check your word. Your “Lebronze” (always third for 4 consecutive seasons and twice in the Olympics till KB24 came) will always get bronze in his career. He will always have the media hype as the NBA facebook but he will retire with so many bronze in his cabinets.



  109. celticsSORELOSERSFANS says:

    yeah well said…BACKTOBACK and YES WE CAN…hats off to boston celtics…you fans don’t put shame on your proud team by bein’ sorelosres and all that…your boys did good… sourgraping fans would just make them look stupid. this ain’t MJ KOBE debate. and most def this aint the past. this is NOW!!!! LAKERS 2010 CHAMPS baby!!!!! awryt!!!!! yeah!!!

  110. PAU says:

    Gasol scored 18.6pts with only 12.9 FGA per game and 49%,11.6rb, 3.7ass and 2.5 blocks, only 1.9turnovers. Gasol anotó 18.6pts con sólo 12,9 por partido FGA y un 49%, 11.6rb, 3.7ass y bloques de 2,5, 1.9turnovers solamente. Total efficiency in the Finals 26.1. la eficiencia total en el 26,1 Finales.
    Bryant scored 28.6pts with only 40% FG and 32% in 3P, only 3.9 ass with 23.3 FGA per game and 3.9 turnovers. Bryant anotó 28.6pts con sólo el 40% FG y 32% en 3P, sólo el 3,9 por culo con FGA 23,3 por partido y 3,9 pérdidas de balón. Total efficiency in the Finals 24.6. la eficiencia total en el 24,6 Finales.

  111. LP4daLakes says:

    I really enjoy reading some of these comments from people who are either 1.haters or 2. just dont know basketball. Go Lakeshow!

  112. BOSTON DRAMA says:


    • Jax says:

      People with celebrate Kobe any way they like. I dont’ see too many people referring to him as a god. Why you would comment on the belief of a few sounds like rabble rousing.
      If you expect a great player like Kobe to win a World Championship without a great supporting cast is retarded. So go get your knees dirty and bow down to your king. The same king that is going to leave Cleveland because he doesn’t have…what?….a great supporting cast.

  113. Danny says:

    kobe sucked this game if artest and fisher couldn’t help bryant they wouldn’t win the championship i think lakers played very awful game if we match this game with the others everyone thought kobe will score 40 or more points and there will be a duel with pierce or ray allen but all game was boring and dissapointing except the three pointers by rasheed and fisher that wasn’t the best final game between lakers and celtics the history never forgive them especially kobe .He went off 6-24 and 0-6 behind the arc.if there wasn’t 11 free throw he couldn’t any points to sum up he sucked however they won by chance anymore kobe isn’t the best player of the world ı’m a lakers fan neverthless ı say this go wade and lebron kobe must be retired

  114. BOSTON DRAMA says:


    • Fangz Not Dead says:

      I totally agree with that but no one can turn back time..If only Sam Cassell doesn’t get injured in West Finals of 2004 when the Timberwolves are grueling with the Lakers then Garnett would have earn a title at his prime but no one knows because if Payton and Malone are also in their prime then definitely no team, i said no team can ever match them head to head..Do you remember what i’ saying???hehehe…congrats lakers

  115. backtoback says:

    Lakers 2010 NBA Champions.

    Kobe Bryant 2010 Finals MVP.

    Say what you will, think what you want. In the end the banner will be raised at the Staples Center when LA goes on a quest for a second three-peat, Kobe’s 6th ring, a tie with the Celtics for 17 titles, and hopefully Phil Jackson with a record 12 rings as a coach.

    I will never lose faith in the Lakers.

    Great season.

  116. YES WE CAN says:


  117. Tim says:

    Stop talking in all caps! its mad annoying. Can you guys even spell ?

  118. celticsSORELOSERS says:

    so MJ and lebron totally different players? and MJ and kobe not totally different players? so you gon bash him not lebron? every single is player and different. as also with your brain and other smarter celtic fans here!!!!!

  119. Lakerfan says:

    I think we need to stop comparisons regarding jordan and kobe. They are great players and had their fair share of their time. Please people, accept the fact that as of now is still kobe’s era. Jordan’s era was long over. For those who keep comparing, you might need to wake up and stop living in the past.

  120. Arwind Santos says:

    @all Kobe fan so why they are questioning the mvp award??if you watch the hole series you saw that Kobe had a bad shooting performance a lot of time not just in game 7.he only shoots good when they lose games in this series.The Lakers always win because of the whole team not just Kobe i also think he doesn’t deserve the MVP.

  121. ChAce says:

    Why are some other people here talk about Jordan as so untouchable???I’m an MJ fan but I still respect kobe…come ON!!!!give credit to the Guy…And your like all the teams right now are no where compared to the “OLD” teams….Your really under estimating the stars in todays game dudes….lets see how magic, bird, mj, JAbbar and any other so called “SO PERFECT IN DEFENSE AND OFFENSE” pAst Players to the likes of Kobe, Lebron, Shaq, Paul, Ray Allen, Garnett and other now players you so called “NOT GOOD IN DEFENSE NOR IN OFFENSE”??????SHUT UP AND RESPECT THE PLAYERS TODAY AND IN THE PAST!!!!!KOBE does’nt have to be like mike in your eyes dUDES!!!!!coz he dont care, neither is Jordan gonna care about you backing his A$$ up because their the ones making the money and not stop taking the discussion so personal and be open minded…Its like your mj when commenting on every kobe achievements….CAN I GET A HELL YEAH???

  122. true blooded LAkerFan says:

    in the end, its the lakers back to back champs! KOBE MVP!

  123. true blooded LAkerFan says:

    i want to read bostonbostonboston’s comment here!

  124. FOR THEM HATERS says:

    Haters haters haters and more haters…..all you Boston fan/ anti LA loosers…Give up LA won Kobe is the best and theirs know argument …. Kobe was a very important key to every single ring he has …For the KB/MJ comparison…their isnt one they played at to different times, different players, and different talents… Plus you haters would never give kobe the title of being the best of all time…But its ok you guys keep hating y LA keep winning ….

  125. Christopher Smyth says:

    An absolutely great game of basketball, and one not defined by the big shots but by the big stops and the hustle. Sure, Kobe looked like he was trying too hard (he DID admit this, too) and took several bad shots, but he ended up with a ring and that’s what he’ll be judged on. The first thing we think of when we think of Jordan isn’t how high his FG% was or his turnover to assist ratio – it’s that he was the ultimate competitor and consummate champion. This will ultimately apply to Kobe.

    As for the “You wouldn’t have won anything without Shaq/Pau” debate – of course he wouldn’t! As the reasonable have poined out, everyone has a running mate, and both are needed to succeed. The superstar and the almost-superstar. The best illustration of this is in the great players who DON’T win titles every year, like LeBron. He is living proof that you need a big time No. 2 and often times No. 3 (Boston 2008) to get the job done.

    Congratulations to the Lakers, and to Ron Artest for thanking his psychiatrist in the post-game interview!

  126. Vince says:

    please stop comparing Kobe to MJ, Please, this is rediculous, Kobe is so far away of being as good as Jordan although he might win more titels than MJ. Moreover, Kobe has been surpassed by LeBron for good. Just take a look at the teams, and still the cavs went for the sweep. So for crying out loud, stop saying Kobe is the best player on the planet. Thats so not true.
    I wouldnt dare compare Lebron to MJ, 2 totally differnet typs of players, but I clearly can say, LeBron is the best in the NBA for atleast the last two years, not Kobe. Sorry guys but you gotta face the truth

    • LOSTon says:

      but LBJ can’t win a championship even with last season’s roster .. that’s the bottomline there ..

    • CC says:

      No you have to face the truth. And the truth is Lebron is the most athletic player in the league. But not the best. To be the best, you have to rally your team through a grueling 82 game season, then rally them through a tough playoffs. Then rally them through a tough finals. Thats what Kobe did. On stats, he may not be up to par with Lebron, but a good basketball player is beyond the stat sheets. Lebron will get his rings, I am certain of that but think with your head not your heart and give credit where credit is due. I would rather have the guy who helps me get rings than the guy who is simply an amazing athlete. Lebron is the type of player who says “cmon guys, just get on my back and ill carry you”. Kobe is the type of player who says “cmon guys, we can do this. Im going to draw double and triple teams so get open in the post”. Stop hating on Kobe and just face the facts. Lebron has no room in any conversation until he is a finals competitor, repeat competitor, winner, and repeat winner.

  127. Borjal84 says:

    Gasol played better than K.Bryant, but he is SPANISH:

    Gasol scored 18.6pts with only 12.9 FGA per game and 49%,11.6rb, 3.7ass and 2.5 blocks, only 1.9turnovers. Total efficiency in the Finals 26.1.
    Bryant scored 28.6pts with only 40% FG and 32% in 3P, only 3.9 ass with 23.3 FGA per game and 3.9 turnovers. Total efficiency in the Finals 24.6.

    Gasol MVP, but he is not American.

    • LOSTon says:

      hakeem olajuwon is also not an american , he’s nigerian but still he won the 1994 and 1995 NBA finals MVP ..

      • Borjal84 says:

        Olajuwon played with USA in 1996 in Olympic Games, he is only Nigerian becaus he was born there, but he is american for playing basketball.
        The only not american player who has won the MVP Finals is T.Parker and it happened because T.Duncan played the last two games in the Final horrible, but in this Final Gasol plays better than Bryant and had better statistics.
        One data, when Bryant scored more than 30 points Lakers lost the game, so Bryant is one of the best player in the World, but if he think that is better than Jordan, Lakers lose.

  128. Chris says:

    Please, just stop comparing Kobe and MJ. How can you compare someone to the greatest of all time? Of course he’s going to look inferior.

  129. fostin says:

    hey guys, shaq was the most dominating center in nba when he lead the los angeles lakers to 3peat in 2001/2002/2003 NBA FINALS…So even if instead of kobe he got the worst player as a second, he would have won what he won. Did you remember that at this times Kobe didn’t to give to ball to shaq, the first offensive option of the team. Kobe is a selfish player, less than now admittedly, but he’s still. Shaq was 3 times MVP of the finals, And after kobe pushed him to the door because of his selfishness…..
    To come back to Jordan, please stop comparing the greatest ever, to a good player as kobe. He isn’t good yet to close Jordan, even not to surpass him… stop kidding and be serious…….
    For those who think that nba level nowadays is better than earlier, in Jordan times for example ! You guys don’t understand nothing in this game, try to learn more, and come back right here to post something, should it be true.
    Congratulations LAKERS. Thanks Boston for making this Finals so tough and pleasant.. I love this game

    • MasterDebater says:

      1.If Kobe wasnt on those teams they might have won one chip, but not a three peat dude, your hatred is overwhelming.

      2. If you are praised by laker great out of high school you want to start cementing your legacy. A bit selfish? yes the mamba has grown and matured… uhhh, much like we all do. So why are you better than kobe? because you would have naturally been mature and given the ball to shaq everytime? Please man… kick rocks

      3. Kobe pushed him to the door… uhhhh no. The team chose to go with a young superstar who could possibly surpass the rest of the laker greats, instead of a dominant champion who was getting older and had issues with this young kid from philly. Just buisness. And common sense. Young and upcoming? or experienced and heading down?

      4. The greatest ever compared to a “good” player like kobe? WHAT!? Jason kidd is GOOD, mike bibby is GOOD, vlade divac was GOOD, kevin garnett is GOOD. etc etc etc etc KOBE IS A GREAT. A GREAT!!!! AN ALL TIME LAKER GREAT WHICH SPEAKS VOLUMES AND AN ALL TIME NBA GREAT. HATER dude!!!!!!

      5.Dont try and sneak a congrats in there when you openly burn the 5 TIME CHAMP.

      The NBA…where “real fans” try and hate on the MAMBA but get punched in the grill with his 5 championship rings


      • Jax says:

        That’s how you break it down.

      • christo says:

        i love how the MASTERBATER puts everything in point form,

        The masterbaster is a real wanker

        He thinks he is kobe’s wife

        serious, the way you carry on i would have thought YOU just won an NBA title

  130. KnightaRider says:

    John, firstly Shaq is 38 and wayyy past his prime.. The lakers are a stronger side.. LeBron is 7 YEARS YOUNGER than Kobe and has PLENTY of time to win rings.. Jordan was 28 when he won his first championship and LeBron is only 25 (do the f@#king math).. because LeBron has been such a dominant player people forget he is still young for a basketballer and won’t hit his peak for a couple more years.. people also forget what happened to the lakers after their real dominant force (shaq) left the team, THEY WERE RUBBISH!! it wasn’t until they got there hands on guys like gasol that they started winning again, Kobe failed to get them through the tough times but is happy to ride them when he has a decent team around him

    • MasterDebater says:

      I find your lack of faith disturbing.

      The NBA… where hating on the champs happens

      • christo says:

        stop with the hater tag it makes me think you pleasure your self while dreaming of kobe is that why you call yourself masterbater

  131. jie says:

    ahahah.. congrats lakers..whew, i like the discussions on these page.. haha.. i love what i am seeing..

  132. ahmad lakers says:


  133. dave says:

    The 2010-2011 season will mark 20 years since MJ and the bulls beat magic and won their first championship, magic never played in a NBA final again. I have a hunch that the bulls and a free agent that i don’t wanna name are gonna do it again.

  134. Joe Marquis says:

    Get ready Laker Fans we will THREE-PEAT! Boston was the only team I knew that had a legitimate chance of beating LA in a seven game series. KG, Pierce, and Allen three future HOF’ers with a great up and coming point guard in Rondo and they almost got it done. I’ve been watching NBA since 1978 and this was a Great game no matter whom you wanted to win. I applaud the C’s but the better team won the series and you’ll be seeing a lot more from LA in the near future that I can say for certain.

  135. t-renx says:

    what’s all the fuss? the players of the teams that you guys are fighting over care less about what you got to say. all the lakers care about is that they won the championship. they are not bothered by your quarrels. the celtics are too busy crying to even care what you guys have to say. so everybody celebrate with the champions and sympathize with the losers. but don’t fight because none of those players really care. get over it! move on to the next season. pathetic bunch.

  136. Stan says:


  137. Botswana says:

    I will agree with all who agree to stop comparing Kobe and MJ. Both are excellent players, however they are playing in different times and on different court. Both have weaknesses and strength. Both have different calibre of players around them -which makes them a better or worst off player. I truly want this comparison to stop for the better of the game.
    Oh,, i almost forget, Congrats Lakers -Kobe, Paul, Fisher, Odom, Phill and the rest of the player, Management and owner. Also, to the Celtics team and fans, this series was excellent and game seven……..what to say.

  138. jolax_florida_pampanga says:

    that’s my main man right there! sure its sweet to have the great bill russell handing you that trophy ’cause he is a true celtic. what an irony! but you my man should try to rest and heal yourself this summer and get ready for next season together with your team coz ron is already starting to hit the gym.. 🙂

  139. jj says:

    we dont need to handle the truth, we just need the rings. see next year guys…

  140. jf aldon says:

    kobe haters shutup! mj never played in a game 7! who knows if he played a game 7 he might selfdestruct and probably lose the series!! stupids!!!

    • christo says:

      hello dean you a stupid head…………………… as if anyone chooses to play game 7’s ……………………..silly,silly comment

  141. kobe says:

    90’s is not better than now…. generation have many talented than 90’s

  142. joordan says:

    kobe is better than jordan… 90’s only few supertar player… not lik now many supertstars
    if jordan young and hid chigago team… they will cannot win 6 time champion….

  143. BE L.A, BE L.A, BE L.A says:



  144. Brandon says:

    Did Jackson ever tell Jordan to “calm down” in the Finals. Hell no.

  145. troy says:

    I was never a big Kobe fan. But let me say this. 5 championships. 3 finals MVP. 1 season MVP. Yes he is no MJ. There will NEVER be another MJ. But give the man credit. He plays hard, works harder then anyone I have ever watched he is in a catogory with a select few others. So you haters just lay off. You all talk about SHAQ yeah he won 4 but remember 3 were with KOBE and the other was with WADE. Look there is no-one in the league with as many as KOBE. So how can you hate. Chill and give a man some RESPECT. I am not a laker fan, not a KOBE fan but I am a true NBA fan.

  146. Moy says:

    NO DOUBT ABOUT MVP????? YOU SEE THE MATCH????? Gasol MVP. The IQ of Kobe, yours marketing player, is poor.

  147. bengh666 says:

    u stupid moron. lakers wouldnt have won if not for kobe. artest is an intangible in the seires but doenst necessarily be teh reason for the win.
    could shaq have won the first three rings without kobe and the fourth without d-wade? stupid!!!
    just plain stupid!

    • KingBryant24 says:

      Let them keep hating
      Their hate on Kobe and L.A is just IGNORANCE from this 5 YEAR OLD KIDS.

  148. Carl Brown says:

    First of all….MJ never played a game seven in a finals…..Kobe plays much tougher teams…..MJ would not shoot as well against the Celtics….Winnning is Winning….23 15 rbds….says alot…it says I can do other things to help my team win…Jordan had Pippen Rodman…Kerr…Kucoch…..Ron Harper…WHAT TEAMS WERE CLOSE TO THE BULLS THEN?….THE SUNS?….Rockets?…seattle?….the lakers have more competitive opponents….celtics,…jordan didnt have to play a seven round series in the first round…kobe plays 50 win teams in the first round!!!!…thats very competive…..Callling any player the greatest does a disservice to all the other greats…..are u telling me bill russell’s 11 rings mean nothing?….they named the finals mvp trophy after him..what about jerry west the logo?…Kareem?…he has six titles too…more points all time than jordan…magic johnson won a finals as a rookie…did jordan do that? NO!!!….and he had 42 15 rbds and like 12 assists playing all five positions… about oscar robertson…averaging a triple double…….there is no greatest player because everyone brings so much different things to the table……but you can argue about positions however….and for now Jordan is the greatest shooting guard with kobe at a close 2….kobe has more rings than jordan at 31….5 to 3…and yes count the wons he won with shaq..cuz he had the same numbers while playing with him…and shaq would never have won without him and yall know it…KOBE is GREAT!!!give him respect

    • LOSTon says:

      i agree with you .. MJ, i think, never experienced a playoff run with all playoff teams in the east has won 50+ games .. but kobe for 3 straight years, experienced a playoff run with all teams in the west have won 50+ games .. i’m not sayin kobe is better .. NO ONE WILL EVER MATCH MJ’S GREATNESS .. MJ is MJ, KOBE is KOBE , PIERCE is PIERCE .. come on .. why don’t you compare your stars to others like paul pierce to larry bird .. huh ? why do you always compare KOBE to MJ.. come on !

  149. Lakers all day says:

    Los Angeles Lakers, where amazin happen, boston thought they had the game because they were leading by 13 points but the game is never over until the clock hits double zero, like i said this is kobe bryants era not lebron james, not the big three, not even the spurs with their championship, Kobe really to prove to world that he can win the big one without shaq, kobe will recieve his fifth championship ring and the sweetest thing about is that he defeated the celtics which couldnt be done along time ago, I love the Lakers, god bless Kobe Bryant and the supporting cast because memories like this will stay with me forever…


    • KingBryant24 says:

      Who needs Shack?
      A man that gets pounded by smaller centers.
      I’m amazed that ball of grease can still move.
      He looks like he’s sufficating taking a step this days.
      In the old days with Kobe he ball hoged
      that’s why he got Finals MVP
      You saw when kobe gave that amzing Ale-op pass to Shack to win that playoffs game
      all the cred was gave to Shack, and he himself took the credit….selfish…if you ask me,

  150. bigbro says:

    To the guys who said that the first 3 rings of kobe is because of shaq???do you think so????he might be the sidekick then but shaq won’t have the 3 rings either without kobe…they complimented and helped each other out that’s why they got the championships.shaq didn’t get any rings when he was without kobe isn’t it???…so think about it…go LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Francisco SYD Australia says:

    TheLakers proved to be one of the most consistant sides all season. With Kobe leading the way and finding a more all round game this season (rebounding & assisting) the Lakers became a more diverse team. Kobe found another element to his game and better his whole side by doing so. Lakers for 3 in a row if Kobe stay’s healthy and his supporting cast continue to step up.

  152. delight12 says:

    Well no doubt, Kobe had just cemented his legacy through his 5th title. Kobe is himself, not Michael or anyone else. He had just established his name in this field. I will call you an insane if you don’t know how to recognize Kobe’s achievements in his journey in this basketball world. I have no more to say to Kobe, all i can say is he’s the BEST PLAYER I HAVE EVER KNOWN. and cannot be replaced by anyone else.

  153. Kabel says:

    C’mon people, you are better than this! How can you compare apples and oranges! How can you compare Kobe and Jordan! Jordan never played against ZONE! It makes a huge difference, it is more difficult to penetrate! These two players can not be compared just because of this fact -> zone defense. Shooting poorly or not, chasing Jordan’s ghost or not he has added another ring to his collection, accept it and enjoy it!

    Jordan is Jordan, and Kobe is Kobe, different time, different player, not comparable by any means.

  154. KB24MVP says:


  155. T D Steward says:

    Ok- The reality is SHAQ won 3 champioship rings with LA. SHAQ not KOBE! Second KOBE has won (2) two championships rings with LA (being the Team Leader- not undershepeard) and so time will tell if KOBE leads his team or any team to more than th current (2) two championships he has EARNED as a leader and the face of the TEAM!!!! MJ, SHAQ, MAJIC, BIRD all different leage ladies and Gentleman.

    • MasterDebater says:


      Your hatred for kobe forces you to make it into an individual thing. Its all about teamwork HERB. The face of OUR 3peat was a two headed monster named SHAQUILLE BRYANT. Go ask ya momma bout us.



      • christo says:

        whats with the “herb” thing and you keep talking about haters like your kobe’s wife! it just makes sound like a dildo, the one kobe rides at night

  156. rey amor antopina says:

    For all kobe haters.cmon guys they just win another title and i’m very happy coz im a laker fan.i have a 1 yr old son and i name it after kobe.BASKETBALL is the favorite sport of the filipinos even though most of us are dont like kobe because of the way he plays.look at him when he plays always 100%.MVP’s are not about scoring but i think its how you can contribute to make the team wins.dont compare kobe to mj coz every player has his own style,character@approach to his teammates.KOBE@LAKERS just win the title next year for another threepeat.

  157. GIL01 says:

    Congratulations to the whole LAKERS…
    you all kobe haters.. haha you don’t know how to give up a fight
    what done is done
    kobe is MVP, and the LAKERS are champs
    kobe do not want to be compared to other great players
    he wants to make a name of his own
    maybe lebron won in the LBJ-KB showdown
    but Lebron never won a championship
    Jordan won 6 champions without losing
    but a true MVP is a guy who stands tall from a fall
    like KOBE losing on 2008 and winning in 2009 and 2010
    yeah GASOL had a great game but he knows, HE KNOWS who is the real MVP
    ARTEST got a great game 7 but he knows, HE KNOWS who is the real MVP
    FISHER got great clutch shooting, but he knows, HE KNOWS who is the real MVP
    the whole LAKERS knows who is the real MVP
    and it is KOBE BRYANT
    no more questions period……

    • GIL01 says:

      just wanna add..

      a true CHAMPION/S is a team who stands tall from a fall
      like the LAKERS losing on 2008 and winning in 2009 and 2010

  158. jowhite says:

    comparing….. jordan also missed 20shots on a game 7….. just like kobe….. but undoubtedly, they’re both great!

  159. Daniel says:

    All you guys hating Kobe Bryant, please check out Micheal Jordans stats of the NBA FInals 1996:

    27 PPG
    51-123, 41% FG
    5,3 RB
    4.2 AS

    Game 6: 5-19, 26% FG, 9 RB – Finals MVP.

    So, HOW is that better than Kobe Bryants performance and why isn’t anybody hating Michael Jordan for that?!

  160. Ball Boy says:

    Well this media conference just shows how much of a little man Kobe really is. KB rode on SHAQ’s coat tails when they won the 3 rings together in LA. Kobe was more fortunate than he realises and you silly little gen Y Laker fans understand. In NO WAY would Kobe have won 3 rings without SHAQ. In NO WAY would Kobe have won his 5th ring if he didnt have Phil Jackson surrounding him with all-star/ future hall of famer centres and all star/ hall of famer supporting casts in other positions. Absolutely Kobe is a great player, but for him to have such an ignorant outlook on his own success is disgraceful. Hey kobe, why didnt you add SHAQ HAS ONE MORE FINALS MVP THAN YOU…. well I guess SHAQ will have to bring that up.

    I still can’t believe you KB lovers still believe the NBA today is more talented than the NBA in the 80-90s era… the stupidity that pours out of your pubescent rationale is amazing. Go back to your rooms and do what the guy in american pie was caught doing with a gym sock.

    Game 1: winning factor for the Lakers was Gasol… played big against Garnett and made him look bad on the glass/ in the paint
    Game 3: winning factor was Artest. buzzer beating shot to win take the game. It wasnt Kobe that won it even though he heaved up 20 plus shots
    Game 6: Ok, Kobe performed best on Lakers teams and deserves the credit. big time dbl dbl when it counted
    Game 7: Best players on court were gasol/ artest. Sure Kobe got 15 boards, but he also shot 25%. Gasol pulled down 18, but the main thing were that 9 of them were offensive boards. Once again he made KG look like a joke in the paint. The second chance points is what won the Lakers the game. Second chance points come off steals and offensive boards. Artest had 5 steals!

    So Kobe had one best on court performance yet still wins Finals MVP? What a bad joke….
    Switch Kobe with Lebron and you’d be damn sure the King wouldnt be shooting 25% in game 7 of the Finals. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK

    • MasterDebater says:

      1. Ride shaqs co-tails? I didnt see shaq hoisting up buzzer beating tres and jumpshots to keep series alive. And since the big man left hollywood I do believe hes been in a downward spiral, except for the whole miami thing. cough PAT RILEY cough… cough A FORMER LAKER cough

      2. “No way kobe wins 3 without shaq/no way he gets 5 without phil” Ummmm doesnt MJ attribute all his chips to phil as well? Wow your hatred is over the top. And I do believe red auerbach was present for all russels chips, you going to hate on him too hater?

      3. Kobe made that comment because shaq asked him how his ass tasted after he lost to boston in 08. “Kobe couldnt do without me” Uh…YAH, he can.They will always have a bond none of us can really understand. Keep out of their affairs with your hatred.

      4. I agree that people should stop the decade comparison and especially giving it to this generation. All decades have their own special players/teams/attributes. You can compare them, but none trumps the other.

      5. On your “series breakdown” all I have to say is that you should have added THE 5 TIME WORLD CHAMPIONS averages. And then you would have shoved that gym sock in your mouth.

      6. Switch kobe with lebronze, LOL and we would do that why exactly? Lebrick had his chance against an older spurs team. VERY SIMILAIR to this boston team YOU HERB. And he got swept.

      Bottom line. We are 2010 champs, back to back. This team rose from the ashes (04-05) 3 straight finals appearances. One away from tying boston in chips. Great TEAMWORK, GREAT INDIVIDUAL EFFORTS.



  161. Pao says:

    no matter what ur comment was, still they are the world champions…..And kobe gets the MVP trophy..thats all..

  162. casey taylor says:

    Bad reffing

  163. fostin says:

    Please stop sayin that kobe can surpass jordan ! It’s not possible. I think that you must look at jordan stats in entire career and look at kobe’s before sayin’ such dumb words…… I agree kobe is a great player, the best player in activity, but there won’t be such a great player as Jordan, may be in the futur, but not Kobe……
    Did you know how many times did Jordan finish with more than 30 ppg in a season ? Did you follow Jordan’s debuts, and how he impacted in the game ? JORDAN IS THE BEST EVER PLAYER IN SPORT HISTORY….

    • Malcolm says:

      Is Kobe better than MJ right now. NO. But when he retires I truly believe it should be considered. I understand what you’re talking about when you say look at the points because yes MJ had eight 30 point seasons to Kobe’s three. But there other playes if you just look at points who could be considered greater than MJ. Such as Wilt Chamberlain who averaged 50 points one year and 40 point another year. While averaging over 20 rebounds!!! That is ridiculous. Also there is Elgin Baylor who at 6’5 was averging 33 pints and 14 rebounds. That is crazy as well. But none of these guys are greater than MJ in my opinion because to me there are other aspects you have to consider. Such as, in my mind in order to be the greatest you have to be a winner. Period. Great players win. Thats why Elgin Baylor can never be considered the greatest becuase he never one a championship. I know some people dont like to put a lot of emphasis on championships but this is what seperates the good players from the greats and the greats from the best. This is why for now I will not put LeBron in the same breath as Kobe because he has not one a ring yet. And to me now that Kobe has 5. He needs to win at least two to for me to start talking about him and Kobe in the same breath. Another thing that you have to do figure out who is the best is see if they were an all around player MJ was a great defensive player 9 all NBA Defensive first team. Kobe has 8. He’s pretty close. You also need to be clutch which is Jerry West aka Mr. clutch was considered the greatest for a long time because he would make it when it counts. Now the one obvious thing that you have to have which seperates Kobe from Robert Horry ( who actually fits the categories I have llisted) is that you do have to have the stats and all though MJ has better stats than Kobe. Kobe came in at 18 and was not getting the minutes he needed plus he wasnt as mature as he is now. But Kobe’s career is not over yet and although I MJ is the greatest I truly believe that Kobe deserves great consideratrion

  164. kira_suse says:

    agree bro. . .

    kobe is kobe. .
    jordan is jordan

    don’t compare them. . kobe making his own name and own legacy , but sorry to all those hated kobe he has a 5 ring. you can never compare other with out anything or a ring. He just know how to play a game and be the best . CHEER UP LAKERS THE REAL ASSASSIN WAS KOBE!!!!!!!

  165. Sean says:

    the truth is the truth kobe is kobe becuz he watched jordan play and started to play like mike, the truth is the truth kobe is better then jordan or any other player that is or has ever played in the NBA, u the best mannnnn, one bad game 23pnts 15 rebounds lol “BAD GAME” imagine that thats ur bad game and everyone is on ur sackk well F everyone like I said, U THE BEST,

  166. Azlan says:

    Kobe will never be better than MJ.. not even Lebron. Congratulations to the Lakers!
    P.S. Kobe wasn’t trying to tie MJ’s heroic acts.. he was trying to contribute to his team to win the Championship even though he had a poor shooting performance…
    If you were to compare Kobe and MJ. Try to imagine what would be the difference if Kobe was in MJ’s time, team, and had the same team opponent as MJ did.. and if MJ was in Kobe’s place right now against Boston. Who do you think would be better? Kobe or MJ?

  167. nette says:

    LAKERS!!!!!!!!!! I know Kobe is that player everyone loves to hate, but that is only because he wears the PURPLE and GOLD!!!!!!!!!

  168. Armenain says:

    KOBE BRYANT You are the greatest player that everrrrrrr played the game of basketball………. people are toooo scared to admit that and thats a good thing for kobe it only makes him better, 81 points ull never see that again in ur life over 5 60+ point games in one of them he scored 65 in 3 qrts he didnt even play the 4th hahaha jordan can never do that or lebron always double teamed jordan not always 5 rings and counting makes his teammates better makes me look good just by talking about him all u kobe haterz forget about it weve seen the best that ever played basketball he is just incredable, best clutch best shooter best closer best when it counts, what else do u want u haterzzzzzz HE IS THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT THERE IS NO COMPITION ITS JUST YOU…… KOBE

  169. John says:

    Kobe and Lakers are the true champ!!!
    What can LeBron do??? It’s true that he won two consecutive MVP Award…but, has he win NBA Championship???
    No, Even just one…although he has Shaq and many more alliances…still empty for NBA Ring…
    But Kobe, He has Five…Five…Five…
    That’s the truth Kobe is definitely the best…
    There is no use to win 2 consecutive NBA MVP but you still can’t gain even just 1 ring…
    5-0 For Kobe…

  170. maki says:

    jordan’s time have passed….this era has a lot better players than jordan’s era..not every player is the same,please remember that even if you are the best if you cant win its useless forget the past face the reality!!!

  171. Sadist says:

    And it is really that sad that when your team dont win, and you start finding fault in the other team/player. where is your sportmanship.

  172. Fabio Anselmo says:

    I would like to say congratulations to LAKERS and all Lakers fans oh behalf my beautiful country Brazil. Part of brazilians were in fact connected last night to watch this wonderful battle.

    The game was exciting, good defense in both sides. I trully think Bryant deserved the title and the MVP. I really don’t understand why to compare Bryant with Jordan. Both with their qualities. Of course if we analyze the Finals historicals of both, Jordan has his advantages. He was more focused than Bryant. But we have to understand the players and their minds.

    I would not take off Bryant’s MVP title. His season was great, last year was great, he is living his great moment. And thank God he has a balanced team he may count.

    I’m a Lakers fan in Brazil, but I recognize the merit of other players, and congratz to Garnett, to Allen, who made this Finals dramatic to us.

    That’s it.
    Peace out and let’s move to FIFA World Cup, lol!

  173. Sadist says:

    There is always something to attack KB, when he dont win the championship, one says he is not that good, when he actually does win one, others would start comparing him and mj, and start penalizing kb for this and that.
    just one question, if mj is the best of all time, then wouldnt kb is one of the best that is able to be compared with mj. theres no need to say who are better, both of them are, cause they aint happen to play on the same floor, there is absolutely no way to compare thing which aint happening on the same time.

    • Mike says:

      Dear… you’re new to the NBA, aren’t you? Kobe’s got into the NBA in 1996. MJ retired in 2003. This is Kobe has been 7 years in the NBA already when MJ was in his last year. And let me tell you one thing, MJ’s game highs in 2003, in his last year, and at the age of 40 are equal or even better at times than Kobe’s highs for this year, at the prime of his career and at the age of 32. Just go browse the stats on and check it yourself. If you’re too lazy to do that, I can help you and post a comparison.

      • troy says:

        Oh and Mike KOBE and MJ didn’t play in the league together for 7 years it was more like 3 or 4 remember earlier you said MJ had retired for a few years. just pointing out man not throwing stones.

  174. ALVARO says:




    • phX says:

      We could also thank Shaq for the last LA run. There was always a team – then the stars – then the best of the stars. Pau is really good, but Kobe makes things happen for the Lakers.

    • yo spaniard! says:

      are you spanish ’cause without kobe the lakers would have ever had 5 trophies. but gasol can be CO-MVP, next to kobe.

    • TheRealCoach says:

      Alvaro, must you let your bias cloud your judgement? Gasol was nothing when he was with the Grizzlies. He said it himself that Kobe challenged him to be at his best because Kobe was always at his best, even when things were not going his way. As a Lakers fan, I thank Gasol for the last amazing three years. But realistically, they couldn’t have done it without each other. Thanks to Kobe and Gasol and the rest of the team for an exiting run that continues.

  175. Cesar says:

    Congratulations to Kobe and the Lakers. He had a very poor shooting performance last night, but he played great for the series. But I think Pau Gasol is co-MVP, he was the best player in games 1, 2, and probably 6 (with Bryant) and 7 (Artest). So he deserves credit, as Kobe said.

  176. Peter says:

    Really? After winning a championship, people still find ways to bring this guy down? He’s got no humility? Please, do you guys even watch the post-game interviews, what he says and does, etc? This guy acknowledges his teammates, without them, he would not be on that stage right now. It’s become clear you guys are hating on him out of blindness and jealousy… get over it. Big congrats to Kobe and the Lakers. Haters come and go, but championships are forever.

  177. jopil says:

    Hello everybody. I’m from Greece. I have always been a Celtics’ fan, but I have to admit that this was a fair title for the Lakers. Despite Boston’s heroic performances throughout playoffs, Kobe and his teammates did a great job. I do believe that MJ is the greatest player ever, but Kobe is an exceptional case as well. He has taken part in 7 NBA Finals in 14 years of basketball career and he is not done yet! That’s one more than MJ (who has 6/6 Finals)! Moreover, in all of these 7 Finals he was a great part of his team (OK in the first 4 Shaq was the main force, but his role was a very important as well).I would also like to comment on Pau’s performance through these playoff series. He contributes in his team’s play in many ways-not only in points, but in rebounding, passing(although he is a center) and blocking also. Consequently, he deserves many credits of his team’s success. Finally, I would like to express my regards to Big Three because they put celtics in surface after so many years of absense.

  178. John says:

    Kobe 23 points and 15 rebounds yet he had a terrible game. Just goes to show the high a standard he’s set. And some say he’s not in the same league as MJ. This guy is the King

  179. Kid says:

    Only can say, MJ is he’s time…. But now its Kobe …..We don’t know tomorrow maybe it’s Lebron or Durant……
    So stop comparing this Superstars…everyone will be credited on their time….Great job Kobe and LA…congratulation!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Thsba says:

    Wow, so much ppl just hating kobi, Mj was for sure the greatest to play the game, but if you think Kobi will not surpass jordan in rings then you’re obviously not aware of who or where Kobi’s killer mindset comes from. When a guy can say he mold his game from the greatest player to live, you have to notice that includes work ethic. In Mj era no one worked harder than Mj. In kobi era no one works harder than this guy. Like the great players before mj and kobi there was always a player that one aspired to be greater than, for mj it was julious erving! in your opinion who’s better now after comparing both careers? so of course jordan. it will be crazy to compare kobi to mj, when kobi will keep playing until his body doesn’t allow him to. when kobi retires, then you can compare the two players. Now of course his stats where a bit under MVP standards but to take that away from a guy who can score at any giving time and place on the court would be unfair. plus you better believe any team up against kobi fears the black mamba, just like how they feared mj. Once again the student has the potential to be better than his or her teacher. Congrats la lakers and kobi will have more rings than mj, it will just take time. And for Boston they have proved time and time again that core group they have is too tuff for any other team other than the lakers to beat. if management thinks they can easily replace ray allen by not resigning him for big bucks then they will never get back to the finals in the upcoming seasons, Boston Management take a note from the lakers books, SIGN BACK TOP TALENTS AT ALL COST, Posey is good but not great, he’s not the same type of player like Allen. theres no in the draft like ray ray and there are no players in the league even close to ray ray, But if one guy comes out, by all means let go of ray ray. After all ray ray, the big ticket and the truth, are all worth big dollars so nevermind they’re age as they all got talent and wisdom all the young teams in the league.

    • Mike says:

      You know something? What you wrote really makes you look so stupid and dumb. You must be a 14 year old who probably never had the chance to see MJ playing, let alone talking about Julius Erving. I am sure you don’t even know what Erving looks like. So when you talk about Erving inspiring MJ you have to know exactly what you’re talking about. Yeah Erving did indeed inspire MJ, but it was never the same way MJ inspired this generation of Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady… etc. Those players can learn from every single thing MJ did on and off the basketball court. That wasn’t the case with MJ and Julius Erving. Erving was fancy and acrobatic type of player but he never really was the dominant superstar and his personal achievements are rather too few. What inspired MJ was Erving’s different and untypical approach to the game of basketball… the acrobatic style that Erving had. But there ain’t a single move that MJ took from Erving, which definitely isn’t the case with MJ and his successors. Take Kobe for example, Kobe the last 2 years has nothing to do with Kobe before 2007. He changed his shooting form to that of MJ, he wags his tongue while driving to the basket the way only MJ used to do, the fadeaway shots, the footwork, even the way he sits for press conferences. He took every single move from MJ. And that’s not a secret to anybody… Even Kobe himself admitted this in the same video above the Sekou decided to trim out… when he was asked about individual accomplishments he mentioned Shaq… and then when he was asking about getting 1 closer to MJ, Kobe replied “Well, MJ is something else. 90% of what I do on a basketball court i took and learned from MJ”.
      And just for your infor loser, Kobe started playing in the NBA at the age of 18 to Jordan’s 21… then Michael retired 2 times, each spanning 2 years. MJ has 14 years of pro basketball to Kobe’s 13. And to be more exact, MJ has played thirty something games more than Kobe. The question here isn’t about Kobe getting more rings than MJ. If he’s going to play 19 years, he most probably get more rings. But the question is: how efficient was each one of them getting at those achievments. If you want to compare Kobe to MJ, you have to compare the whole package that each one of them has got. Kobe’s got thirthy something games to reach MJ’s points total which is 7000 points more than Kobe’s. He got to increase his career points average from 25.7 to 30.1. And he’s got to get thousands of steals, blocks, and rebounds because MJ had better numbers in each of these basketball categories than Kobe. Can Kobe do that?? I doubt he ever will!!

      • Malcolm says:

        I agree with you Mike on most points that you made. But like you said Kobe was 18 when he played his first game. And at the time was not as well rounded so his stats will be a little off. And I also agree that MJ paved the way for the players today. But players like Magic and Bird also paved the way for Jordan as well. And when it comes to taking moves from players That just what the game of basketball is about. If someone did something to perfection and succeeded you’re going to want totry and do the same thing. Michael took part of his game from Jerry West. And if u want to get technical on the tongue wagging MJ actually stole it from his dad lol. But yea thats just part of the game and in order to be the best you need to be a student of the game and figure out what worked and try to perfect. When basketball first started they shot with two hands. Until someone figured out it would probably be better if I shot it with one and supported it with my other. We all take things from people thats just how it is. But yes MJ is the greatest. But I truly believe if kobe keeps working hard he should at least be considered.

      • doode says:

        You people are ridiculous. The man just won a ring and all you can do is come up with comments to downgrade him. You seem to make Kobe more superior then Jordan ever, with the way you’re just trying to defend Jordan. If Kobe REALLY doesn’t come close to Jordan, then why come up with arguments? Just let it be, Kobe won another championship. Give the man his kudos and move on with your lives. Unless all you do is look up Jordan statistics hoping he wont be surpassed. Pathetic.

        Congrats Kobe on your 5th ring!

      • Malcolm says:

        Im not downgrading anyone. Im one of the biggest Kobe fans you will ever meet. this is a disccusion so thats what you do. And the discussion is on MJ and Kobe. Trust me I am very happy that Kobe got his 5th and hope he gets another one next year.



    He doesnt need to act all humble with shaq he’s a close friend

  182. DUDETTE says:

    I’ll take 2 straight finals mvp over 2 straight season mvp without hesitation


  183. Andy says:

    I don’t agree with the title of this Article. I have nothing against Kobe and I think he’s a great player. However, Ron Artest is the true MVP of this series, not just game seven; other players have stepped up and contributed in significant ways, but the consistency of Ron Artest throughout the series has had a major impact on the Celtics. He made plays that stunned them time and time again. I think Kobe’s image is likeable and thus marketable – which is why he won majority of the votes. Voting aside, if you write an article such as this, write it as if you watched the entire series – the Celtics admitted that Ron was the one who made the difference. Animated funny man Glen “Baby” Davis said “He wanted it. He took it from us,” referring to Ron and the Championship. I’m going out on a limb by saying this, but if I were Kobe, I wouldn’t accept the MVP award this time around – I’d give it to Ron. Why did I say that? I doubt the votes because I have seen all seven games.

    • Kaka Manalo says:


    • TheRealCoach says:

      Andy, I am not sure which series you were watching. Ron Ron’s best game was in game 7. He was far from “consistent” throughout the finals. He said that himself. But I have to give him one thing. He almost consistently shut down Paul Pierce except in game 5.

  184. cefri says:

    bottomline, kobe is a champ ! ! !

    • phX says:

      All you Kobe haters…let it go guys. he is the Best in the Finals, but only second best to Lebron in the NBA. So there you go. Too much credit given to MJ here.

  185. miguel rodriguez says:

    HEy guys, give kobe a break.. He had a brilliant playoff run scoring 30 pts or more multiple times, averaged 9 rebounds and 5 assists. Granted he did not have a great shooting game during game 7, which happened to jordan in game six against portland by the way, he still managed to find a way to help his team. 15 rebounds and 23 points! Basketball is not all about scoring, its about finding ways to make your team win. Thats what kobe did tonight. For that he truly is the MVP

  186. ts0k says:

    the first 3 rings is n0t to be credited to kobe it must be to shaq..he is only be the side kick by that a robin of batman!! the star of his 6rings for me kobe only wins 2 champi0nships..:-)

    • MasterDebater says:

      Good thing your nobody.

      Lol, “To me he only has 2” hahahaha

      2010 CHAMPIONS kiss the ring hater

      • KingBryant24 says:

        Who gives a rats’ ass of what you think hahahahahahaha
        5 Championships you can’t do [beep] about.
        It’s funny though, really funny how you give credit to Shack,
        A.K.A the biggest ball hog the NBA has ever seen.
        Have a good day HATERS.

    • this guy ts0k knows the truth, wise man, very wise man

  187. maverick says:

    all kobe haters do is attack kobe,celtics fans are all but lebron fanatic and kobe haters,say what you wanna say loooseeeeerrrssssss!!! kobe is still the best,hahahahha

    • KingBryant24 says:

      Keep hating little ignorantt 5 year old kids
      Kobe is and has been the best player in the NBA
      I don’t belive Kobe is as good as MJ, I believe he’s better
      Ok Kobe had a bad game 7 in shooting for his anxiety, I’m any of you would be urinating yourselves.
      Yet he was able to make 23 points, smash 15 rebounds on the boards, and that’s considered a good game.
      5 Championships, and nothing you Kobe haters can do about it.
      The best excuse you can come up with is bringing the ball hog of the past Shack into this.

      Good Ridance Kobe Haters 😀

  188. Kevin says:

    No one individual won this championship for the Lakers. It was definitely a TEAM championship. I must also say that I do not believe that Bryant deserved the MVP for the series. In my humble opinion, that honor should have gone to that irritating, bothersome, aggravating, little Rajon Rondo from Boston. A herculean effort on his part.

  189. carrut says:

    congratulations to kobe and the lakers. threepeat threepeat. champs champs

  190. Jayson says:

    im sure he is still gonna get another one next season.. watch out kobe might be getting older but surely gettin better. maybe a solid two more seasons.. to get over MJ for number of rings.. go man! hit it again!

    • uhMm says:

      why do people keep on counting kobe,s rings and comparing it to mj?”he may be able to break a record mj had or maybe win more championships. Michael was already 28 when he won his first championship, had a total of 6 before he retired, and kobe could win one or more than mj’s total of 6. But Michaels image as a player will always stand and HIS GREATNESS WILL NEVER BE SUPERSEDED. !

    • James says:

      NO ONE … And I mean NO ONE should EVER com par kobe Bryant to my dad an say that is anywhere near close to my dad He’s jagging this game
      — Marcus Jordan (@SASBMJ), Thursday, 9:11 p.m., Michael Jordan’s youngest son, during the first the first half of Game 7, when Bryant shot just 3 of 13 from the floor and forced several shots against Boston.

  191. Mark says:

    Really? Is an average FG% of .404 for the series with three games at .400 or under an MVP performance? Making a lot of points with poor efficiency just means he took a lot of shots. What about almost 4 turnovers per game? If Kobe is really the MVP in this series, it doesn’t say much for the rest of the personnel.

    This series was more about failures (what happened to Allen in Game 3?) than successes and LA just happened to be the team that failed less.

    Kobe’s lack of humility makes me sick. He might have one more title than Shaq but without Shaq, would he even have the first three? He needs to get over himself and show a little respect for the league, it’s history and the achievements of others.

    • KB24 says:

      Oh can you please dam stop this hater thing? Im so tired of it, you are clearly not watching nba when you are talking like that, but its hater, so why do I even bother to answer? But thank you, haters and LOSERS like you are making us win! Have fun with being such a big losers, cause we are winners! Suck it up and cry baby!! HAHA, LOSER!!!

    • LOSTon says:

      could rondo and pierce win a ring w/o KG and ray allen ? could bird win a trophy w/o mchale or parish ? come on .. just accept ur defeat ..

      • Mark says:

        I’m not a Boston fan. I don’t even like Boston. I think Kobe is a great player. All I’m saying is that his stats for this series don’t add up to MVP. I think if Boston had won, Kobe’s team mates would have been accused of letting him down but since LA got over the line, everybody wants to celebrate Kobe. Realistically, most of the games in this series were the result of the losing team failing to perform, not the other way around.

    • are you really kobe or just pretend you are

    • TheRealCoach says:

      Mark, you make me sick. You are hating Kobe for an absolutely lame reason. He didn’t have humility. Jordan was not the humble type either but you conveniently forget that fact. Remember Shaq couldn’t have done it without Kobe either. Take out his 25 point average through those three championship runs and the Lakers fail to win any of them. Can you imagine how many titles Lakers could have won had Shaq been all about the game like Kobe. Does Kobe shoot too much? Yes. But all the great ones do. Had it not been for Steve Kerr nailing the cluctch 3 against Utah, Jordan might not have had 6 rings. If you are old enough to rermember, Jordan shot 5-19 in that game. his series percentage was just a little better than Kobe’s. But Jordan faced mostly man to man defense in his days. And believe me, defense strategy was not as smart as it is now when Jordan was on top of the game. Zone defense wasn’t even legal in the NBA back then but now it is. I am a die hard Laker fan. So I hated the Bulls of the Jordan days but I love Jordan for his sheer will to win.

      And Pedro, get over it. I am a Gasol fan too. You all seem to have a short memory about his tenor with the Grizzlies. That team did nothing with him leading it. A couple of sweep experience in the couple of playoffs appearances. But fast forward to today. The first thing that came out of Kobe’s mouth after the final whistle in game 7 was about Gasol and how appreciative he is for Gasol being in LA. Now envision this, had Gasol not been a teammate of Kobe’s, he would still be a struggling starter on a half dead team somewhere. He would be the first to admit that. Kobe challenged him to be his best. You have to admit, he’s been much better since his trade to LA. Was Gasol the MVP of the finals? Absolutely NOT! It wasn’t a game 7 series, game 1 and certaily not 6 munites series in game 7. Kobe affects games in no way Gasol can. Yet there are many things Gasol does that Kobe could never do. These two compliments each other very well. They will be the first to tell you. The second thing Kobe said when he got the well deserved MVP trophy was “I owe this to my TEAMMATES!” How is that for being humble, Mark-the-hater?

  192. Adrian says:

    Pau in the finals: 18.6 – 11.6 – 3.7 – 2.7. Not bad, right?

    • John says:

      Definitely not bad…He’s really good in this Final…
      Garnett played worse than Gasol I think…

    • Pedro says:

      … and absolutely decissive in 3 wins (Games 1, 6 and 7). Taking thousand shots in losses (Kobe) is not worth at all.
      Remember that Gasol is the current Europe Championship MVP and World Championship MVP. He deserves more respect from US media. Please, never say again he is soft, He is simply talented

  193. GO LAKERS says:

    Artest good game tonight has been very focused, but … back to business as usual, Gasol has done nothing? pair with my MVP Bryant, I believe that we must begin to give Pau the credit they deserve, without this ring would not be possible strength of the team shooting in the 4th quarter, where they are now all those detractors who criticize both , go lakers! to the three ring!

  194. kobe24mvp says:

    great article kobe did what he had to do to get it done. he had a terrific series averaging 29 with a lower than usual shooting percentage but you gotta give credit to the celtics defense they are a hell of a team they play a great series but on this night and in this series kobe bryant got it done because he wanted more and his guys wanted it more. great win for the lakers and for the kobe who is now only 1 behind mj. kobes got the individual numbers and accolades so now the championships come into play and kobe is only 1 behind mj with a solid team and with a few key off season acquisitions to strengthen the bench in order to surround kobe with a great repeat championship lineup with a solid bench and that team will contend for atleast the next 3-5 years. so who nows how many kobe will get when its all said and done

  195. Heart-of-a-Champ says:

    Lakers team : REPEAT 3-PEAT!!!! GO YEAH!!!

    Phil Jackson : Master of 3-Peats!!! GO Quadruple 3-PEAT!!!!

  196. thegreatest says:

    kobe you are the best player in the world! Acknowledging your teammates in their effort is great humility..Ron Artest is the best player in Game 7. but you contributed a lot also…

  197. LUKE says:

    see guys!! wht kobe done in the finals..hes amazing 23 points and 15 rebounds it shows kobe is the best…kobe will follow the footsteps of michael jordan….GO LAKERS FOR GRANDSLAM NEXT SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jack Tabligan says:

      they could’nt have grandslam next season yet. grandslam requires four (4) consecutives. if they win next season, it will only be the third consecutive. LOL!

    • James says:

      Tweet of the Week

      NO ONE … And I mean NO ONE should EVER com par kobe Bryant to my dad an say that is anywhere near close to my dad He’s jagging this game
      – Marcus Jordan (@SASBMJ), Thursday, 9:11 p.m., Michael Jordan’s youngest son, during the first the first half of Game 7, when Bryant shot just 3 of 13 from the floor and forced several shots against Boston.

  198. Pedro says:

    The title of your article reveals that you really hesitate about the true MVP. Kobe was the best Laker in the Westernfinals. No doubt about it. Please, end the sentence: the better Laker against Thunder, Jazz and Celtics was …. I give you a clue: he had a very a poor performance in game 5 in Boston. Necessary to admit that issue. Also convinient to admit that 6/24 FG and just 2 assists means egoism. Kobe didn´t want a title without an MVP award. Please revise the video to analyze Kobe’s non-passing abilities. Second clue: who was the best passer in win-or-home games?
    Grande PAU. Campeon de Europa, Campeon del mundo y Campeon de la NBA. Simple the best

    • TheRealCoach says:

      Pedro, get over it. I am a Gasol fan too. You all seem to have a short memory about his tenor with the Grizzlies. That team did nothing with him leading it. A couple of sweep experience in the couple of playoffs appearances. But fast forward to today. The first thing that came out of Kobe’s mouth after the final whistle in game 7 was about Gasol and how appreciative he is for Gasol being in LA. Now envision this, had Gasol not been a teammate of Kobe’s, he would still be a struggling starter on a half dead team somewhere. He would be the first to admit that. Kobe challenged him to be his best. You have to admit, he’s been much better since his trade to LA. Was Gasol the MVP of the finals? Absolutely NOT! It wasn’t a game 7 series, game 1 and certaily not 6 munites series in game 7. Kobe affects games in no way Gasol can. Yet there are many things Gasol does that Kobe could never do. These two compliments each other very well. They will be the first to tell you. The second thing Kobe said when he got the well deserved MVP trophy was “I owe this to my TEAMMATES!”

      • TheRealCoach says:

        Pedro, in addition, Kobe went 6-24 but he also had 15 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 block in this final game 7. He was responsible for 10 of Lakers points in the 4th quarter. Even in the game 5 loss, Kobe had the most assists on the Lakers. He could have had 15 assists had everyone made shots, and that included Gasol. Kobe did his best to keep the team close and they were there in the 4th quarter of that game. They werre actually 3 points away at one time had Artest made his free throws. The team was cold from the field that night. Had Kobe not scored 19 points straight in that game 3rd quarter, the Lakers would have been blown out. No one was shooting well but him. Fisher was in foul trouble all game long. Fast forward to game 7. Kobe took many ill-advised shots, but most of them were shots he was accustomed to making. He had a few good looks but couldn’t knock them down. Gasol was a monster in the last 6 minutes of the 4th quarter. The Lakers couldn’t have done it without him. KOBE SAID THAT. On a night his shooting failed him, Kobe did other things that put the team in a position to win. He played tremendous defense against Rondo, virtually shutting him down in the 4th quarter. He rebouded the ball like a mad man for a perimeter player. When it’s all said and done KOBE IS THE MVP of that game.

  199. Matt says:

    I think this was a tremendous game by Kobe. I think he showed amazing mental strength to play a significant role despite awful shooting stats from anywhere on the floor (FT line included). For much of the game he was harming his team on the offensive end but he didn’t wilt, didn’t shy away from trying to make a major contribution. And by the end of the game he’d got the ball to go into the basket enough times to score 23 points (game high) . He scored 10 points in the 4th Q (highest amongst all 4th Q scorers). Plus he had 15 rebounds (2nd highest in the game, behind Pau Gasol), and a couple assists and a steal.

    Forgive the bad shooting performance, absolutely: when your still the game’s top scorer. And when you can find other ways to contribute in a huge game like this when your main strength is failing you, thats MVP material in my books.

  200. J says:

    Watching this last game should have answered one’s question about comparison between Michael Jordan and Kobe. For those who have watched how Jordan won his six rings can easily attest that Kobe is no where near how MJ was. Kobe forced the shot like a high school kid….Everytime Lakers caught up with Celtics was when either Kobe sat down or someone else besides Kobe took charge. Since when MJ was in the kind of embarrassing situation in a Final? Jordan had 6 MVP with grace…Kobe has the performance in this 7th game that defines him: Kobe is not in the same league on MJ. Not yet…Sorry Kobe fan.

    • Terence says:

      Sure kobe did’t shoot the ball well,but he did other things that contributed to the win.Contray to your belief,Michael Jordan had bad shooting nights as well,but on those nights he wasn’t shooting well,he did other things so that his team WON the game.If you ask Jordan,if he would rather shoot 6-24 from the field and win or score 50 and lose,i GUARANTEE you he’s picking 6-24 and winning the championship.Kobe scored 23 points on 6-24,but had 15 REBOUNDS,and played great defense on rondo in the 2nd half,and most importantly,the lakers won the NBA finals,thats all kobe cares about right now.

      • James says:

        Tweet of the Week

        NO ONE … And I mean NO ONE should EVER com par kobe Bryant to my dad an say that is anywhere near close to my dad He’s jagging this game
        — Marcus Jordan (@SASBMJ), Thursday, 9:11 p.m., Michael Jordan’s youngest son, during the first the first half of Game 7, when Bryant shot just 3 of 13 from the floor and forced several shots against Boston.

    • TheRealCoach says:

      J, you seem to forget. Jordan had a few finals games too in which his jumpers failed him. and his teammates bailed him out. Casing point, against Portland and Utah in their respective game 6s. Jordan was horrible in those game of those championships. His teammates propped him up. In addition, Jordan never faced the kind of defenses Kobe faces now. Much smarter defenses out there now than there were when Jordan played. Zone wasn’t even legal in the NBA back then. But you don’t remember any of that because you are so consumed with hating Kobe. And it’s people like you who kept bringing up the baseless comparisons between these two dominant guards of their respective times. Give it a rest, Jordan’s time has come and gone. It’s Kobe’s time now. Live with it.

      • james says:

        i agree. jordan had lots of help. they had a powerful team. a really powerful team. all their oponents were what you call a mis-matched. even if you bring back time and compare kobe’s team vs. jordan’s team, i’m still betting on the lakers. not that i’m a fan, but you can check the stats that these teams were makin. stats prove it all. not egos of these not laker fans.

  201. bwniner says:

    where r all the ‘booo”ston fanatics now? they talk as if theyr the prophet from mt. sinai… paul is no truth, allen is no dead eye either…they say kobe is just a scorer and a lame leader,,,let them say that now…kobe looks for ways to contribute and make his team mates better….comn booooston fans let your pain be heard…the last laugh is ours

    • unknown32 says:

      How funny and typical instead of rejoicing for your team your calling out your opponent your like a fighter that knocks his opponent but then gives a cheap shot…the whole world knows LA won and congrats now move on with your life and do something else then critize..and yea im a CELTICS FAN but i aint talking ishh to no1 one win or lose cause thats basketball you win some and lose some but you probably wouldn’t know that since you don’t play ball cause losing something has big has that hurts has much as winning at that stage is a thrill.So enjoy and stop being immature.

  202. reasons? says:

    jordan didnt win a ring with such caliber opponents like this celtic team, who did he beat? payton? johnson with hiv?
    kobe and the lakers did it, against a big3, 4, 5, or maybe 6 team? kobes the best there is! double teamed, triple teamed,zoned,shoved, pushed, ended up with 23 points, 15 rebounds on a game 7 finals against a very strong celtic team is one for the history! take that to the bank!

    • Brandon says:

      Caliber opponents? The 2010 Boston Celtics? You realize they just lost a game 7 against a team that shot 32.5% from the field, right? They barely squeaked out 50 wins on the season, and every single one of their “stars” besides Rondo is well outside of his prime. I mean… there is good defense and then their is crap shooting. And the Lakers sucked balls for pretty much this whole series… and still won.

      I like the C’s, but they’re old… they’re inconsistant, and frankly they just aren’t that good. The Jazz team that Jordan beat twice woulda handled either the Lakers or the Celtics that I saw in this series, of that I have absolutely no doubt. And forget about beating the Pistons of the early 90, or even Chuck’s Sun’s.

      These Celtics wouldn’t have made it to game 6 against either of Jordan’s championship squads. Caliber opponents they are not.

      • unknown32 says:

        They are caliber opponents of this century..if you look at the bar they set for THE BEST defensive team of this century..for 3 quarters i saw the best defensive game ever and they litterally took the life out of that game but what has plaqued them for so long finally caught up to them and thats there offensive Celtics are not the greatest offensive team especially when there main guys are past there prime they relied alot of PP but the Lakers defense was there and thats what made the difference in the 4th,the Lakers simply closed the game NOT KOBE.All in all Congrats to the Lakers it was a well fought game but i still have faith in my Celts this might be the end of the big 3 and there chances to making the East finals or the finals themselves but im still proud of thoses guys because they proved that no matter what people say its how much you want it, and that TEAM and Defense is a great concept in a game now who focuses on just superstars.I believe the Boston Celtics are going to be train setters for alot of teams next year im already looking forward to next year.

      • TheRealCoach says:

        Brandon, there you go comparing eras in the NBA. The Jazz team you were referring to were great offensive team. They weren’t that good on the defensive end. And so was the Portland and Twilight years Magic’s Lakers Jordan’s bulls beat for those championships. Your memories are far removed from what took place in those games. I submit to you that Jordan never faced defenses such as Kobe faces today. Much more athletic, faster and smarter defenders in today’s games than there were in the years Jordan won six. I love Jordan to death but quit bringing up Jordan for the purposes of illustrating Kobe’s ineficiencies. The Jordan era is far removed from your memory. The only thing you remember is Jordan’s 6 titles.

      • GameFan says:

        Brandon, you didn’t think they weren’t caliber team when they went through Lebron’s Cleveland and Howard’s Orlando. They were great then. And this would not have made it into the discussion had they beat the Lakers. Suddenly they were too old because they met a better team which was clearly better through 7 games. The Celtics had injuries toward the second half of the regular season was the reason they “barely squeaked out 50 wins on the season” for a lack of better term. Lakers nursed a lot of injury as well could be the reason they won only 57 games. The Celtics weren’t injured though the playoffs until Perkins injury in game 6. Keep the excuses coming. Lakers fans are enjoying it.

    • james says:

      i agree with you man. if you bring back time and make everyone young, all will have big time hate on the lakers.

  203. kensshin0789 says:

    I’m sorry to say this to all lakers fans.Kobe will never be better than Jordan.Kobe choked for keeping his legacy.Everyone watching the game knew that Kobe wanted so bad to beat Jordan in a heroic act.He wasn’t beating the Boston Celtics.He was trying to tied Jordan heroic acts.He failed, even if Kobe has 5 ring he would never tied Jordan.He has to stop following Jordan ghost and trust himself.Because we all knew Kobe stop trusting himself and trusting his teammate in game 5 and 7 in critical moments.I knew kobe hasn’t change much.He trusting capacity is so little.But he’s lucky, he’s selfishness didn’t cost him the game.

    • Demetrios Forney says:


      You’re absolutely right… no one will EVER be better than Mike. However, you say that Kobe choked, and that’s something that I totally disagree with. Yes, Kobe shot a terrible 6 for 24 throughout the game (and quite a few of those shots were terrible shots to say the least). But do you remember when Mike shot a terrible 5 for 19 in Game 6 of the 1996 NBA Finals against the Seattle Sonics? Yet, Mike almost finished with a triple double in that same game. And let’s not talk about Game 6 of the 1998 Finals against Utah. Yes, he did have 45 points, but you can look up his shooting night. It wasn’t that great! However, we all forgave Mike because of Pippen’s bad back, Rodman’s bad play, Kukoc’s bad defense, etc. Kobe shot terribly, but he also had a whopping FIFTEEN rebounds. He was a beast on the boards. He had more boards than Lamar Odom, and almost as many as Pau Gasol. How’s that for a guy who you say “choked” his legacy. His leagcy’s just fine, Bro!

      And by the way, I’m not even a Lakers fan, and I highly respect Kobe and his career. Additionally, Kobe’s only 31 years old, and he’s already got FIVE NBA rings! Remember, by the time Mike was 31, He only had THREE. Keep THAT in mind the next time you say that Kobe “choked”. Not bad for a “choker”, huh?

      • The Rock says:

        Man, that’s what i call a very good comment. I am a Lakers fan and i’m very proud of what the team did. Michael was the man on the floor. but know is Kobe who is leading the game in too many ways. and Remeber the words that Jordan said in his last All star game putting his hand on Kobe’s shoulder ” I WILL LET THE GAME IN GOOD HANDS”, and i think he did it.

        Congrats to the champs from Venezuela!!

      • kensshin0789 says:

        I never say kobe choked in the way he scored or in rebound.He choked in the way sometime you can’t win all alone.Did he choke in game 5 after hitting 19 in a quater?Yes, he didn’t trust anymore his teammate at that point.Maybe I’m using the choke word incorrectly.My point is he should trust more his teammate.Because people are saying this rooster is gonna win the nba finals again. Really, without kobe trusting his teammate in a final game.Something you should remember about jordan never went to a game 7.He was so good he didn’t have to.Jordan entered the league at age 22.That why Kareem wanted to put the limit age to 21.But congratz to kobe.He is the best player in this era I must admit.

    • radux8 says:

      well, since you addressed this to all the lakers fans, i’m one of them and i want to have a say on this… who says we care about Kobe being Jordan or being better than Jordan.. in as much as there are so many comparison and hooplah on Kobe and Jordan, we don’t really care! Kobe is Kobe and Jordan is Jordan! Kobe is making his name of himself and will leave his OWN legacy. We will love him as simply being KOBE and not because he surpasses (or not..who cares!) your majestic Jordan!

    • rph says:

      let’s just cherish the championship! i think you’re just sourgraping. look at his assist numbers man!

    • Bud says:

      Did you not realize that Jordan missed 20 shots in his last finals game. Dude took 35 shots vs Utah and only had 1 board and 1 assist. Come on now jordan choked in that game. Plus he pushed off on his classic game winning jumper. Kobe is better for this reason and this reason only. Jordan played vs inferior defenders/athletes. Jordan was a superior athlete compared to his peers just like LeBron is now. Kobe is a good athlete but not even on the same level as the best in the NBA. just based on athletic ability Kobe isn’t even the best on his team (odom is). This means Kobe has to be that much better to do well. If you could take Mike in his prime and have him play in today’s NBA he would be an all- star but no better than a Joe Johnson. Mike even said as much when he played. Someone compared him to Oscar robinson and Mike just said that in today NBA (the 80’s/90’s) there are better athletes and some of the all time greats from the 60’s would not be able to hang. Well mike the same goes for you. in 2010 there are better athletes than there was in 1997.

    • Otilesoj0415 says:

      Agreed…Kobe cannot be better than MJ….but for the sake of argument, whom do you think from all active NBA players today is comparable to MJ? Lebron James, no way man..Your Paul Pierce..ngeeek!. Three consecutive NBA Finalist, 3 time western conference champ, back2back titles, 5 rings do you still not believe KB24….As far as Lakers is concern your Celtics is done even a year ago, when Kobe hoisted the golden ball and did it again this time. Just hang around with the Lakers ‘coz Kobe’s mission order is to get the coveted 6th ring…and for you to believe KB24…idiot.

    • ahyne says:

      stop hatin give the man credit he bail his team out plenty of games when they played awful with all those buzzer beaters. there will neva b anotha mike there will neva b anotha magic or bird and when kobe retire there will neva be anotha kobe and lebron, d wade melo etc.. u see wat im sayin kobe is kobe and mike is mike he didnt shoot well but he came dwn in the stretch he took the double team found the open man grab 15 boards and hit clutch free throws in the end thats wat superstars do so he didnt have help in game five when he scored 38 they fell short but its a team effort jordan didnt win not 1 championship by himself ok so give kobe credit the man never said he was like mike or better so ppl need to stop comparin.

    • vijay says:

      Not even sure this comment is worth responding to Kobe hater. I mean the man just won his fifth championship despite shooting a horrible percentage from the floor. He didn’t let that stop him from playing defense, get into the passing lanes and most importantly helping the bigs rebound. Honestly if Kobe were to win 3 or 4 more rings, you will still be singing the same tune that Kobe is selfish and he untrusting and a whole heap of crap. The next thing I will hear is that he is lucky to be playing for Phil and with Pau and all kinds of crap, as if Pierce’s situation is any different playing with two other hall of famers. Give it a rest, you were beaten by the better team this year. Go hide under a bridge or something.

      • TheRealCoach says:

        Well said, Vijay.These haters are not true fans of the game. They just want to continue to keep their hatred for Kobe going. They say he isn’t humble, yet he thanked his teammates for delivering him another Finals MVP trophy. They say he’s selfish and yet he passed often, leading the Lakers in assists throughout the playoffs. Should I go on…? I thnk not.

    • laker1 says:

      he’s lucky! yeah right. he’s a champion. stop hattin

    • Lawrence says:

      You are using the word choke incorrectly. Though most of your statement is right, i think this game was poorly played all around. EVERYONE shot bad. I would blame kobe if someone was actually on fire. MJ pissed me off so bad during the Sonics finals cause he shot 25 percent in their two losses, but he made up for it because he did other things on the floor, like kobe last night. Jordan was great but he was no different than magic or kobe. I’ve been a bulls fan since ’90 and Mj didn’t play anyone close to the 2008 or 2010 celtics that kobe faced, or the 84 and 87 Celtics team magic faced. Not to mention jordan got knocked out by the bad boys 3 consecutive years, while Magic did beat the 88 Pistons.

      • GameFan says:

        Well said, Lawrence. These people only know of the 6 title Jordan won with the Bulls, they had no idea how the games were played nor do they know anything about Jordan performances in those games. Most of them are just jumping on the bandwagon of Kobe bashing.

    • kensshin0789 says:

      Do you guys remember when kobe was trapped a lot of time by double or triple team in this game?He could try make more passes.The lakers didn’t have to pass so much trouble to win this game.But I never compared MJ and Kobe Stats.I say heroic Acts.You can’t see heroic acts in a game by looking at stats.Then I compared jordan age because you guys began with the comparison.Look at Lebron James stats, did he make a heroic act? How many time lebron james make a triple double and they lose the game?A lot.Anyway kobe heroic rebound were good so let forget this nonsense about lakers trailing the whole game, Kobe is Kobe and Jordan is Jordan.I already ordered my 2010 DVD like every year.Congratz Lakers 2010 and celebrate the 2010 NBA champions.I hope that they can win 2011 with the same team.

      • GameFan says:

        Kobe passed the ball most of the times he was trapped. Few times he put up the shots, there were less than 4 seconds on the shot clock. When you get that DVD you ordered, watch the game again and be objective this time. Then seach the net and order Jordan’s 6 title games, and watch closely. You sound like that dude on espn, john woban? Just like you, he haa forgotten Jordan’s performances on some of those games as well. And just like you, he is basing his opinions on the highlights his sports tv often use to illustrate their bias points. Keep hating, Kobe will keep winning.

    • coubi says:

      hahaahahahahahaa it really is unbeliable tha hate in this comment kobe bryant is the best player in the world back to back rings hahaha lol

  204. zzanzabar says:

    The mark of a true champion is more about who surrounds them when they stumble. Kobe just being on the floor causes teams to adjust in ways that can be detrimental to their game plan. Surround Jordan, there is Pippen, try and corral Magic, there is Kareem, attack Lebron there is…er…well you get the idea. Kobe had Artest and Gasol and was able to affect the game in other ways other than shooting. That is what makes a MVP.

    • LORENE JUNE 18, 2010 says:


    • m00B says:


      THEY HIT YOU WITH REALITY BY TAKING GAME SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • dustin herrera says:

      great comment, very true