Celtics’ 4th quarter woes return


Posted by Steve Aschburner

LOS ANGELES – The list of Boston Celtics’ bad performances in the NBA playoffs is Nate Robinson-short, historically speaking. But there was a nagging sense that the Celtics weren’t at their best in the last two games of the 2010 Finals.

First there was the 22-point blowout loss in Game 6. Then the Celtics never truly pounced on a Lakers team that shot  26.5 percent in the first half. Ditto in the third quarter, when the Celtics held L.A. to 19 points but scored only 17 themselves. Their lead, up to 49-36 early in the second half, was down to 57-53 by the end of the third.

Then disaster struck. And a familiar problem from the regular season — squandering double-digit leads late — returned.

“Twelve minutes,” point guard Rajon Rondo said. “Here we held them to 14 points in the first quarter and then gave up 30 in the fourth. Defensively they just kept pushing us.”

Letting the Lakers hang around proved fatal for Boston. They sputtered offensively, while sending L.A. to the foul line more in that final period (21 free throws) than the Celtics shot all night (17). Kobe Bryant scored eight of his 10 points in the fourth from the line.

“I thought we stopped playing a little bit,” coach Doc Rivers said. “I thought we had great motion and movement throughout the game, and in that one stretch, we stopped.”


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    […]Celtics’ 4th quarter woes return « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog[…]…

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    […]Celtics’ 4th quarter woes return « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog[…]…

  3. Shawn says:

    The Lakers are the 2010 7th game 4th quarter freethrow shooting champions. 22 free throws to 4.


  4. willie calilung says:


  5. Dude99 says:

    Dude, they didn’t earn any free throws, they stopped playing. Even it’s “free”-throws, you have to work for em, remember? The Lakers did it all, Celtics players stood around watching and fouling, simple as that.

    Kobe suuuuuuuuuux, MVP… again… go figure Clipper fans…. lol!

  6. kobeswhitemistress says:

    If the Celtics would have won, I would have been happy….if they would have actually lost, I wouldnt have been happy, but I would have said the better team won…just like I did last year when they got knocked out….But this year they didnt get beat…they got cheated…and although I’m a Celtics fan, I am also a basketball fan in general, and as a fan, I like to see good games, buzzer beaters, and game 7s…but when something is wrong, its just wrong…..2 of the refs were well known for “making” the spread…Foster is good friends with Tim Donaghy who got out of prison for betting on games and calling the games one-sided…is that an excuse? how about the fact that when Joey Crawford called LA games this year, LA has a 21-2 record? coincidence? what about Scott Foster? His games are 7-0 in the “money” games (games where the spread changed last minute because of BETTING on the winning team…hmmmmm) and the teams made the spread 100% of the time? coincidence? no, these are company men…The Celtics were not going to win regardless…when I saw who the referees were in this game, I said that if Boston is not up by 30 in the 4th, the refs will take the game from them….and thats exactly what happened…21 free throws in the 4th? seriously? even a Fakers fan will admit that 21 free throws is ridiculous, well unless you were being aggressive…NOTTTTT….Fakers shooting 33% and winning? odd….Fakers shooting more free throws in the 4th than the entire Boston team the whole game? odd…The majority of all the Fakers calls coming AFTER they tied the game? odd…7:29 Artest gets fouled on the shot and1…BY WHO? Pierce got the call and his hands didnt touch him and Artest was backing up…what was that? nobody even knew who the foul was on…the missed travel on gASSol which was PLAINLY seen by even the janitors that were outside throwing the trash out at the time…at 4:38 gASSol threw it up with the clock expiring…well what do you know, a cheap foul called for NOTHING at all…no touching, no grabbing, NOTHING..he wasnt even facing the basket….LOL….at 2:38, gASSol again travels before the shot…he drags BOTH OF HIS FEET, TWICE….and thats before the shot even goes up..but he gets rewarded by 2 free throws…WOW…very easy to say that Celtics fans are whining, crying and complaining but when FACTS are shown, then what do the Fakers fans have to say? Celtics still have more trophies regardless and this well-bought championship should have an asterick next to it….but its ok, Fakers fans showed their mentality by acting just like their team…breaking the law, flipping their own cars over and looting a McDonalds to steal some frozen hamburger patties…LOL…nice way of showing how you won…LMAO…….even the fans are thieves…taking something that doesnt belong to them…LOL

  7. sphinx says:

    but where were the Celtics free throws in the 4th? of course Joey Crawford was one of the officials, i mean, i didn’t have to see him out there to know he was officiating cause it was easy to know that from the list of bad calls……..THE FREE-THROW DISCRENPANCY WAS NOT FAIR AT ALL TO THE BOSTON CELTICS, the refs totally disrespected the 2008 champs. IT’S ALL SCRIPTED TO TRY SET-UP & MAKE KOBE ‘THE GREATEST OF ALL-TIME’, EXCEPT, KOBE HAS TO SHOWCASE BETTER WILL RATHER THAN EXPECTING THE REFS OR HIS TEAMMATES TO ALWAYS BAIL HIM OUT. the greatest players do not win games at the foul line! they take it by sheer will and Kobe NEVER had that. More power to MJ. I hate the way Kobe wins crucial games, it’s an embarrassment to MJ to continue to compare them to eachother. a true Hollywood scripted ending for L.A! kobe has low magnitude against the better defending teams, he never was a good finals performer but the refs sure do make him look good when they incessantly put him at the foul line to win games, what a boring & weak game 7 with absolutely zero drama.

  8. KOBE suuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxx says:

    It’s hilarious how L.A. teams (including USC) have to forge a championship. I’m surprised Clippers haven’t stole a championship yet…only time will tell.

    • Rod says:


  9. Dude99 says:

    2 shot for Rondo… That would probably be another 2 missed freethrows from him.

  10. EC says:

    The team that won was the team that wanted it more at the end. The Celtics ran out of juice and they buried themselves. The Lakers simply outwilled them at the end. No excuses can be made for Boston fans. No Perkins for Game 6 and 7. Remember no Bynum for Games 1-6 in 08. You play with what you have and that’s it. Also remember, that Kobe played with abroken finger, bummed knee, and ankle. He was the MVP of the series. His offense was bad in the final game but a true champion contributes in other areas defense/boards. He is the best player of this generation hands down w/ Lebron not even in the conversation. He will eclipse Jordan if he wins another ring or 2 and retires as the all-time leading scorer in the NBA.

  11. Dude99 says:

    Michael. you’re just like the rest of the whiners, B A D L O S E R ! I bet if we wanted to, we could find tons of call we didn’t like out of a Lakers perspective. It’s like saying “If we had Bynum 100% healthy 2008, we would have won for sure, put a up a banner!” Do you think the refs “fixed” the game also? Be a grown up will ya!

    Lakers won the battle of the boards, scoring and WILL! Both Kobe, Gasol and Ron-Ron outplayed any Celtics starter, in any department. Read the facts!

  12. Michael says:

    The referees gave the championship to the LAKERS
    Boston should hang another banner with different color as 2010 champs in TD Garden as a sign of protest.
    GASOL traveled in the 4th quarter and his shot should have been nullified.
    He pushed Rondo in the rebound, should be 2 shots for Rondo.
    He charged into Paul Pierce at mid court, should have been an offensive foul.

    Celtics shot better in FG, 3points, and Free throws
    but 21 free throws in the 4th quarter is too much

    YEAH the LAKERS are champions, but the refs gave it to them.

  13. Dude99 says:

    Well, if you are after blowout wins, I recon game 1 was pretty much one of those even if the score doesn’t seem like it. It was all Lakers all the way, and of course the CRUSHING in game 6. So it pretty much says it all, Lakers definitely dominated at times.

    And Kobe not being the finals MVP, who else? Gasol had his moments, still disappeared in some games, same with Ron-Ron and Bynum. Kobe was there all the time. Only 23p in game 7? That was a game HIGH, and add to that his amazing 15 rebounds. Lakers had three players scoring more than any Celtic player, Two players grabbing more rebounds than any Celtics.

    Still, great series, hats off for the Celtics and their fans. This is NBA at its best, game 7, LOVE THIS GAME!

  14. kelvin says:

    Only true champions can win back to back. Even MJ said it, it might just be lucky if the team only won 1 championship. Yeah, Shaq is a main factor when he wass in lakers. But will he win without Kobe?

    For all who said it was fixed, watch the game again, there are slow mo replays to show celtics actually foul big time in the 4th quarters. Why don’t u ppl whine when celtics shot free throws in the 1st half?

  15. keno says:

    Basketball Gal
    Congrats Lakers. I’m bugged by the HUGE FOUL disparity. In a series where both teams have questioned the refs and officiating SO MUCH it’s hard to see the lakers score so many of their points off whistles. The celtics are the better team for sure. The lakers got away with this game, but most folks know tha

    The game had alot of fouls but those foul calls were right cuz you seen boston players were tired so they were fouling alot because they had to. Youre right sometimes when you get alot of foul calling, it can be subjective for example if both sides are being aggressive but only one side is getting foul calls. I can see how thats not right but if you look at each of the fouls in that 4th quarter , they fouled cuz they had to else they would score. Then being in penalty, they still tried to play aggressive (like going for offensive rebounding/defensive etc) but some of those plays created more fouls. You cant blame the foul calling. Whoever lost game 7, they have alot of things to point at (but not refs) such as not shooting ball well while holding your opponent to bad shooting, missed freethrows(lakers) and not defensive rebounding (boston).
    Its kinda sad Doc Rivers doesnt give credit (well he did but then after that he said this…) when he said that we havent really lost with our BIG 5 lineup yet but thats such a cop out….phil can point out his many stats such as when he wins game 1 he is like 42-0 or something in a series so using injury as reason as to why they really havent lost is just being a sore loser. When boston beat lakers and lakers were manhandled with no Bynum. Yeh we lost and yeh we were thinking with bynum we may have had won or what not but you play with who you have, injuries are part of game. (This is just 2008, dont forget 1989 magic/byron out in finals) Boston won in 08 cuz of their hardcore defense and they were just UNSTOPPABLE at home like a totally different team then road and dont forget they had a better bench then than now (in my opinion) and when they won Kobe straight out admitted they played tough and physical D and D wins titles plain and simple.

  16. Kobe#1 says:

    We’re still celebrating after repeating…how sweet it is you sore losing Celtic fans…How sweet it is! Albeit, I must admit that the referees affording us the most freethrows ever taken by one team in a single game 7 quarter (21) didnt hurt either and confirmed my Uncle Sam’s advice: “In a championship final: always bet on the Lakers, Yankees, and Cowboys because Sports is big buisness nephew…big bui$$ne$$…lol (counting winnings from game 7 bet)

  17. Dude99 says:

    People, a foul call comes for a reason. You lame Celtic loser fans can’t take it, or refuse to admit that your team stopped playing. They ran out of fuel in the 4th, and the Lakers stepped up. Ask your coach, he admitted it, “I felt we stopped playing…” That’s when foul calls come. The Lakers attacked. And the Lakers played so well, accept it. And why in the world are you guys mentioning the 2008 finals, that’s HISTORY! Live now! Pathetic!

    Again, Kobe’s “bad” game, 23p, and 15 REBOUNDS!!! Bad…? Common!
    And yes, you will see the Lakers dominate NBA for years to come. Celtics had their shot, bye bye.

  18. QtheKid says:

    What a tough series, but what an inconsistent series also! It should have NEVER gone to 7 games, had Boston defended their home court and battled for more offensive rebounds in Game 6, or if LA won their first 2 games. LA’s tall guys do control most of the rebounds, but with how well Boston played it was incredible how badly LA’s team was so inconsistent on the inside (see game 4 and 5). I originally predicted Boston to win in 6, but with Game 6 lost at LA and perkins out, I knew Boston already lost. Its a much too tough challenge for the veterans on the Celtics to battle through a month and half of playoffs, beating Cleveland, Orlando, and then this. Celtics did good, and everyone should respect that.

    What everyone sees is that Game 7 was won by a relatively small margin of 4 points decided mostly off free-throws. I AM NOT arguing that it was a fixed game or that perkins was to blame, BUT I do want all fans to recognize that Boston fans have reason to say its fixed just becaues LA’s supposed height advantage and Kobe factor DIDNT give a blow-out win. So LA should just take in the criticisms and come out tougher and win more decisively.

    What Boston fans are showing is pure support for BASKETBALL, for STRENGTH and POWER. Good thing LA held on to win Game 7, and props to them, but absolutely no one should brag that their team OVERPOWERED the other team because NEITHER actually did.

  19. anthony palomo says:

    Both were just as deserving in this series, tough luck only one had to win.
    Maybe next year… but not tonight
    Tables finally turned for the back to back Los Angeles Lakers
    and the whole lot of difference was no than Ron Artest
    a long way from the brawl, His promised kept earned him an NBA ring

  20. 3timesthecharm says:

    Why do people keep saying kobe had a terrible game 7??!!! he was brilliant defensively bringing down a total of 15 boards and keeping allen and rondo on check..Yeah his shooting percentage wasn’t great but thats because of celtic style b-ball ( they swarmed from the start double and even triple teaming him)…and by the way pierce shot 5 for 15. It wast the prettiest of series but thats because of the celtics “smack down basketball” the lakers just beat them at there own game, just like they beat the suns at there high offense game. Celtic style b-ball is simply to taxing for a bunch of old men which is why phil Jackson’s prophetic words “this team likes to lose in the fourth quarter” came true in game 7.The better team simply won and theyre going for a threepeat as this team is simply too scary, especially with a healthy bynum and a now fully adjusted artest. Woes for celtic fans as the “big three” will be dismantled and lbj will simply have to rebuild again, hopefully taking some real lessons on the discipline and mental strength needed to win a ring. If you noticed we outran the thunder at their fast paced game, outscored the suns at there high offensive game and out wrestled a defensive celtic team..The lakers are too versatile and having said that i have just a few words for all nba fans…LAKERS 2011 CHAMPS!!!!!!

  21. SkullLeader79 says:

    Congrats to the Lakers! 2010 NBA Champions! They deserve to win bec this team wanted the Crown more than the Celtics.
    I mean Boston could’ve won the Title in Game 6 but that game was a blow-out! I respect the Celtics. They’re no push-overs. It’s just that they were outplayed by their rivals in the Finals…again Congrats to the Lakers.

    Now that LA beat the Celtics in 2010 there’s nothing left to say now but…”Beat LA Clippers!”

    I’m no Kobe fan but not a Kobe-hater either. I just like to say the Kobe is no MJ. Kobe is the best (in the NBA today) but MJ is the greatest.

  22. Hugh Book says:

    Congrats, congrats to both great teams, but there can only be one greatest and that one is the L.A Lakers. For all Celtics fans you know, Paul Pierce retired from the name “TRUTH” since KG and RAY RAY came on board, right! I’m not just talking but I have proof; Paul Pierce instead of playing the game of basketball,but he decided to play the “PROPHET ‘S GAME” He started predicting that he wouldn’t return to L.A, and as he always says ” you know we gone bounce back.’ Not knowing that being a prophet it is not a game. Now Paul Pierce and Perkins predicted to bounce back in game 8 hahahahah they need mad help RON RON TELL THEM..LOL. Some of you fans just got it all wrong by blaming the referees on the 7 games series. You can blame them on game 1,2,3 and 4. but game 5,6 and 7 the referees did their job. Now, I don’t even know if some of you guys are basketball fans or you are just Kobe haters. Game 7 MVP goes to one and only RON RON baby!!!, but overall the Black Mamba is the MVP period.

  23. kobes overrated says:

    kobe is the second most overrated player in nba and lebron is first d wade is best player in th nba

  24. FixedGame says:

    Of all the NBA Finals I’ve witness
    only this series 2010 finals is the obvious fix game
    Referees have very ridiculous officiating..
    especially in game 7(touch foul)
    on C’s side its not about who shoots more free throw
    they throw away C’s length… every big guys are in foul trouble
    who could defend well in foul trouble?

    • Ryan says:

      lol, ive said this before, ask yourself, what happens when a great defensive team like boston runs out of gas? instead of having great defense(celtics) they start to get lazy defense, so they start to foul, but im not going to stop you boston fans, you can call this game fixed or w.e, but it wont make a difference, the still lakers are still going to be the champs.

  25. rajon9 says:

    boston din t lose the refs dint call 2 very huge calls 1 when gasol grabs the offencive board in front of kg and sheed pierce blocks him from behind and the gasol thouch the ground with the ball that is travel 2 when gasol grabs the last second offencive rebound for la and rondo almost grabs the board but gasol whit one hand grabs rajon and whit the other grabs the board and that is a foul and for those 2 plays it cost boston 4 point if ya dont believe see close the last 45 sec of the game it was a great defensive game by the 2 teams but for me boston beat la and many whill say suck it up but it is right that boston was fatigue it is right that they get pound in the paint it is right that lakers took 37 free thrwos twice as many as celtics and that they play oustanding defence in the 4th quarter but those 2 play cost 4 crucial points why they have the replay if the refs dont review crucial plays like that and if boston whould have done those 2 plays in la laker fans whould say the same thing that i am saying and finally boston dit the imposible def james def d wade def superman and in a sertain way the def la if the ref whould had call thse 2 plays and kobe 6 of 24 but give bout teams credit they play a great defencive game bot be realistic kobe is old and the big thee is old neither weill win nex year this is the lebron era but i am a celtics fan 4 life kg,ray ray,rondo and pierce are the fantastic 4 celtics all the way

  26. nevergiveup34 says:

    all you faker fans are a bunch of fools and nothing but gangster and the celtics is a way better team than the fakers they was robbed an you know it and it was only by four it could have went either way lol least we killed you guys to get a ring in 08 39 points so go ahead and shoot up and burn your city enjoy boston celtics all day

    • Ryan says:

      I knew your celtic team was a one-and-done team from the start. Good luck with your one championship, while LA is going for a 3-peat.

  27. Juan says:

    im a celtic fan and even though the referees sometimes drove me nuts,the lakers won fair and square but the only thing i dont agree on was that kobe was named finals mvp, i clearly thought that the mvp should have gone to pau gasol since he was the most consistent player on both ends on the floor on the finals, after all, it is named the finals mvp trophy(or bill russell trophy,however you want to call it)

  28. Dude99 says:

    I laugh at the kiddy comments about fixed games. You are just such poor losers. That’s just lack of respect for the winners, refs and even the losers on this day. Watch the series again, and you might understand what was in the way for another Celtic title… age and… The LAKERS!

  29. Jason says:

    Can the Lakers ever win a crucial game without having an abnormal amount of fouls in their favor (game 7 in this case; game 6 WC Finals 2001) Can you blame Boston fans for complaining, LA shot more free throws in the 4th than Boston did the entire game! That was not by accident. I would fully credit the Lakers with this victory had the officiating remained consistent like it did the first three quarters but that 4th was ridiculous. I think all non-Laker fans are just looking for a crucial game in which the Lakers defeat a team without a huge free throw disparity.

  30. Leo says:

    Celtic woes? Yeah musta sucked for their fans to see a heartbreaker like this one happen..they did play pretty well most of the way though! Good effect

    On a side note, I think its time for Paul Pierce to go back to LA..cause damns…I think I’ve read and watched enough interviews about him ‘wanting to be that Laker’ to beat the Celtics haha..well this summers the chance to be one!

  31. rix says:

    watch the entire series again.. you’ll notice that every foul that was called against the celtricks, they complained..
    game 7 was a little different, i barely saw the tricks complain about the fouls called in the fourth.. maybe cuz they were really fouls?? they weren’t complaining, so i don’t understand why you bitches are..
    acting like kendrick perkins was going to save the series for you guys.. i’m sure 08 woulda been different if bynum had been there..
    “the game was rigged” lol you guys are idiots..
    Paul Pierce even said it, Lakers out rebounded them.. and were more aggressive at the end.. No excuses, you guys lost.. no more rings or finals for them for years to come.. extra sweet for the lakers who have a nice future ahead of them..
    if the celtricks were the better team, they woulda finished it in 6 games.. they had their chance.. but they got owned! they never once dominated a game.. the lakers are OBVIOUSLY the better team, blowing them out in game 1 and game 6..

    as far as the jordan/kobe comparision, you should check the stats on jordans last finals game.. his shooting percentage was just as bad as kobe’s.. i believe kobe will get 7 rings.. and all that talk will come to an end…

  32. Shedymac says:

    All you lake fans need to shut the heck up. that game was fixed and you know it. Celtics should have won but the official need to take their head out their butt and look. IF we had good officials, celtics would have won

  33. Dude99 says:

    Kobe scored “only” 23 points and was a disaster. I wonder how many other players on this planet who would be able to score that in a NBA final game 7. Well, for starters, no one in the team called CELTICS did! So if Kobe was that bad, I guess the Celtics sucked big time. Right? And we all know who is the best player on this planet, it’s not KG, Rondo, Pierce or Kendrick. It’s spelled K O B E. This game was all about will and defense. That’s what greatness is all about, you find a way to win no matter how “poorly” you shoot the ball. Like Artest put it, I only scored 2 points in that game, doesn’t matter, we won!

    Suck on that for a while… 🙂

  34. I think it’s hilarious how all the Lakers fans are asking boston to ‘stop whining’ about the officiating. BOTH TEAMS have agreed that the officiating sucked for this series. After each loss fans from the losing team were on the web talking about the refs. Because LA got away with Game 7 (in LA…WITH BAYNUM) they want to act all high and mighty like they wouldn’t complain if boston had been trailing for 98% of the game, then miraculously got 21 free throws to compensate for their terrible shooting and won a game in which they did not have the better showing. It woulda been one thing if the lakers had been shooting well, then i would figured their misses might have gone in, but giving a poor shooting team a bunch of free throws in the 4th is TOO crazy (it’s like saying “here, can you at least make THESE shots?”). Commentators admitted that LA won via free throw. BOTH teams mostly agreed that games 1 and 2 were the worst (in terms of officiating). Any surprise that the refs for game 7 were from that initial group?

    For the record, I agree that Kobe shoulda won the mvp. I respect Kobe and thought he deserved the mvp even if boston had won, fyi.

    I just think it’s super HYPOCRITICAL for LA fans to be on here acting like the wouldn’t be upset and suspicious had the tables been turned and they played the better game then got beat in free throws and whistle points in the 4th.

    Frankly, I think its crazy that with perk out in games 6 and 7, Baynum playing much of game 7 and home court advantage…a 4 pt win off of lopsided free throw awards was the best the lakers could do. In 08 Boston CRUSHED LA in 6 games, in this series either team coulda won and the lakers happened to get away with this one. Rebounds and free throws were the ONLY area in which they outperformed the celts. I’ll give LA the rebounds, but ALL those free throws in the 4th specifically, with perk out AND home court for the lakers? please……

  35. MJ YOUR FATHER says:

    Let me tell you and to all fans of kobe, yes the lakers won a championship but kobe was a disaster poor shooting 25%, thanks to artest you win that game and dont forget that close game against the suns. I think kobe is a good player is not great LIKE ME or magic, bird,etc. This was the last championship for kobe (2 as a main man because the first 3 was SHAQ) the next year you will see different teams younger and ready for the lakers or celtics.

    Celts 1 – Lakers 1 in this decade it is not decided which team is better until they face again for the third time.

    Kudos celtics against all odds you played very well all year long in despite of all your injuries, your too old, etc



  36. bri says:

    Well as much as it pains me to say this. The lakers have he pieces in place to win for the next few years there team is still pretty young, especially with Bynum at 22. There were many bad calls at the end of the game. The Gasol travel, When Gasol knocked Rondo down (They call a loose ball foul against the Celtics but they let the Lakers one go. KG on fouled on every single one of his quick layups, that should have been 3 pt. plays. . Overall, the refs, have had too much of an impact in the NBA Finals. Actually the only thing that may be able to stop the Lakers would be the re-birth of another “big three” Bosh, Wade, James.

  37. TJA says:

    What was true before this series remains true after this series has ended; the Celtics starting five has never been beaten in a playoff series. That’s the ONLY reason why the Lakers won this series. Without Perkins, the Celtics lost at least 8-10 rebounds that would’ve made the difference in such a close game. Relying on a 36 year old Rasheed Wallace to replace Perkins was a disaster, since there was no one on the bench to afford Wallace’s old legs any rest. The Lakers can chalk this one up as a very hollow victory, in which they got away with playing very poor basketball. The Celtics were clearly the better team throughout the playoffs.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Not true. Just beating the 8th seed OKC Thunder was a HUGE challenge. A 50 win 8th seed team??? Than the tough Jerry Sloan jazz and the run and gun Suns? Come on Lakers deserved this win.

  38. Richard says:




  39. Dude99 says:

    I can’t believe some people here (Law099 and Basketball Boy) who can’t swallow the loss without blaming the refs, “fixed” (by whom, Jimmy Hoffa?) etc. Many things can happen and change during 48 mins of basketball. That’s one of the many reasons why I LOVE basketball. You have to play and be fit for 48 mins. AND YES, I will argue the point of LA not being a worthy winner. They did this on their own. Teamwork! LA turned it on in the 4th, that made the fatigued Celtics look bad and they drew a lot of fouls, simple as that, point blank. No arguing those details… right? 😉

    I also have the feeling we won’t see the Celtics this good in the future. Their stars are slowing down (see KG, where was he??), bench is to inconsistent. The Lakers will most likely attract yet another star or good role-player. My guess, another Three-pete for the Lakers.

    I’d like to see Rondo and Rose in the US National team along with Wade and Paul. What a backcourt and bench that would be.

  40. bigjack says:


    As it is plain to see you don’t understand basketball. The big reason why there was such a huge difference in foul shots comes down to one simple word…”Fatigue”. The Celtics played hard no doubt, but what ultimately happened was they just ran out of gas, and I played ball for many years and I can tell you that when your tired you start playing lazy defense, you don’t move your feet, you slap at the ball and leads to fouls. Plus, The Lakers was the more aggressive team. They was ramming the ball down the Celtics throat so that will put the pressure on the refs to call a foul.

    Or we can go with your theory and say that the Refs had been paid off to cheat for the lakers….Ummmm…yeaaaaah..SMH

  41. CLETICS FAN says:

    Even they lost this game, they should be proud of themselves for the GREAT performance they gave. Being the underdog, nobody thought that they can win in Cleveland and Orlando. And here they are…in FINALS! Game 7! Nothing to be ashamed of… You’re still number one for me!!!!!! GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!

  42. That was a tough game 7! You have to give credit to both teams for turning up the heat defensively. Neither team was able to score at will, although the Celtics did break away a couple of times. The Celtics were all over Kobe and he had very few good looks. Early on, he was forcing shots and dribbling himself into corners and I thought the Lakers would lose the game because he wanted to score so badly. However, he wanted to win more and he involved himself in the game in ways that impressed me. He rebounded like crazy because he remembered what has been true in every game of this series; whichever team rebounded the most won the game! He settled down at the line and made his free throws. When the Celtics were up 13 points (in spite of the fact that the refs were throwing the game, right?) Bryant put his head down and kept coming. He set a tone and his teammates did not lose heart. They kept coming back and they wore Boston down. It wasn’t a pretty win and it wasn’t a blowout, but it was an exciting, intense game that was decided on defense and rebounding. Gasol was shooting poorly but stayed on the glass and kept coming. Artest was huge! He wanted a ring as badly as the big three wanted one in “08. What can I say about Fish? It kills me that he won’t be a hall of famer! He has been so clutch for the Lakers year after year! Bynum was such a presence, in the first half especially. I just hope he’s not doing any permanent damage to his NBA future. Altogether, it was a team effort and the Lakers got the job done! Hats off to the Celtics and Doc Rivers for being great competitors! That’s hard for me to say, since I’ve hated the Celtics forever, but they were champions in ’08 and I know they wanted a second crown. Too bad it was the Lakers’ turn!

  43. Dude99 says:

    Yeah, enough with the crying stuff Law069 (lol). I think you are so disappointed in the way Celtics once again blew a 4th quarter lead. I understand how frustrating that must be. But, hey, they met a greater team this year, the NBA Champs LA Lakers! Give LA and Kobe some cred will ya pal! And any crying about Perkins, injuries happens to all teams, live with it (Crying Doc Rivers!). Just look at Lakers and the Bynum. I think the Celtics were in luck again, with Bynum being injured and playing at a 50-75% level during the whole finals series… With him 100%, there would be a non contest, period.I hope the Lakers add another star to their roster and get a 100% Bynum back, that would be a fun season. GO LAKERS!

    and hats off for the Celtics, nice try!

  44. nora says:

    i am a Lakers fan but dude, just accept the loss.some win some loss.that’s just natural.if you want to take it back, do it next year.just accept that they played great games in final but in the end the title went to Lakers.
    the players and even the coach accepted the loss as their faults, their inconsistency.Doc even said Lakers (especially Artest) did a great job.blaming refs and Lakers for paying the game is just trash talk, dude. be sportive.to be honest the refs in Game 2 weren’t so fair either, but Lakers proved that they can win the game with their own efforts.not by money.
    FYI Kobe did a great job this season.he didn’t play very well in game 7, but the whole season and game 1-6 he played it well.even when the Boston won game 4, the Player of The Game was still Kobe.we must admit he’s a great player.don’t compare him to MJ or any other players.he is Kobe.he got his own style.he got MVP because he deserves it and Lakers won this game because they deserve it.

    Great games lakers and boston.but Lakers played better 😀

    • celtics says:

      yes, it’s true we must admit our loss guys.lakers played the game better in 4th Q.we lost to them.it’s fine.

  45. ChAce says:

    Shut Up with all the FIXed GAme thingy……maybe if the celtics got the calls and laker fans would react on it..you would probably say that BOSTON still won and you cant do anything about it…well that’s what im going to say to you….LOSERS Like YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO ACCEPT DEFEAT…I mean I for one accepted the defeat in 08 and said to myself that I would still believe in my team which is the lAKERS…..SO JUST ACCEPT THE LOSS DUDE!!!!

    • Of course you accepted defeat in 08. The Celtics CRUSHED LA in 08. This was a much different series where Celtics took it to a game 7 (unlike 08), and LA shot horribly yet still managed to win. Come ON. If the Celtics were trailing and were then given 21 free throws in the 4th quarter, you don’t think Lakers fans would have something to say? Please. The Lakers won the game off points that the refs were involved in, point blank. No arguing that detail.

      The Celtics CRUSHED LA in 08, LA got away with a game 7 win in this series. btw, I’ve never complained about officiating in any other series the celts have lost in.

      • MasterDebater says:

        Part of the game of basketball is controlling all facets of the game. Getting the calls is part of that. Its pathetic to hear you creatons cry fould.


  46. zayman wilson says:

    all in all i saw a couple foul calls or no calls on both sides that were questionable, which happens almost every game. but no matter who wins somone is gonna complaine they were cheated. as for lakers shooting 21 free throws in the 4th more than bostons 17 the whole game looks like the celtics didnt get that job done and the lakers were great at not fouling this geme was great not pretty but great and im happy for kobe and the laker family for getting sweet revenge

  47. Alberto says:

    The Celtics had the game they wanted.. slow, physical, dirty, lots of contact… and the still lose. They were crashed on the boards by Pau and all their tall guys ended up tired and with foul trouble (a constant trhoughout the year so no blame on refs crying green ladies). And Kobe and Pau kept on going at them. Go Kobe! Go Pau! Give’em their own medicine. Funny to see how the Lakers won using Celtics style and now the little weeping green celtics fans complain of the refs hahahahahahaha tri-peat in 2011 vs. LeBron in Bulls jersey. Go Lakers!

  48. Paul Pierce says:

    hey law064 it’s allrite Lakers really got the better of us n the referees were in fact were bribed by us but still we can’t beat LA damn it they are just too gud we should just concede to them becoz they are just out of our league…it’s ok let’s just be a good loser n admit that they won cleanly…

  49. KingBryant24 says:

    Onestly, Celtics never stood a chance, Lakers clearly being the better team, just had a bad game 7.
    If Kobe would have had a good game, I could’ve seen L.A winning by 15 to 20 points, If it wasn’t for Kobe and Gasol combining for 30 rebounds, pounding the Celtics below, maybe….L.A would have lost.
    But in the end L.A visibly the better team.

    Go LAKERS!!!!

    Back to Back Champs!!!!

  50. ahmad lakers says:


  51. Pacer Fan says:

    I am happy for Ron Artest getting that ring. He played good defense. Congrats to the Lakers. I am disgusted by how they keep on comparing Kobe to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. We all got to remember that Kobe only has 2 rings as a leader. He is 4 rings away from that feat. Those other 3 rings he has with Shaq, are the same as Fisher having 5. Just a role player at that time. It is a disgrace to the game and those legends to put Kobe in that picture. He is just a thug and rapist. He is a bad image for the game. The only reason the league supports him is because of the $$$

    • And still he's Kobe says:

      Cry cry cry cry me a river!

      • Paul says:

        Thank you..and why do people keep saying Kobe is a rapist and thug?? Come on now..get a damn life already..

    • ahmad lakers says:


    • KingBryant24 says:

      You truly are the most ignorant person here…
      Kobe has surpased Michael, Jordan, and anyone who has every played the game.
      You call him a rapist, that just shows your ignorance…

      All you Kobe haters are in the wrong place.
      He has won 5 championships, and there is nothing you can do or say about it.

      • MelonBalls says:

        Kobe will never surpass Michael Jordan. Get off of Kobes D**K. Kobe played like S**T last night, 6-24 FG that’s a good performance isn’t it? Jordanesque you might say? All he does is hog the ball because he doesn’t trust his team and his ego does not match his skill or decision making. If the Lakers lost last night it would have been all Kobes fault, the blame would have been entirely on him for shooting stupid shots. The only reason Lakers won last night was because of no Perkins and bad officiating. Never compare Kobe to Michael Jordan, to even speculate it is an insult. Kobe will never surpass him, EVER. Get off of his D**K you f*gg*t.

      • Ryan says:

        @MelonBalls, Im a laker fan, and i like kobe, but your right. Kobe wont surpass MJ, but kobe is the closest thing to michael right now. Also, michael had bad nights as well. 1996 finals game 6 vs the sonics, michael shot a 5-19. But since you think the lakers won because of poor officating and no perkins, then your an idiot. Good day to you.

  52. West says:

    Celtic’s big three are finished and they’ll be lucky to come out the second round of Eastern Conference playoffs next year. Garnett looked soft in the game 7 with only 3 rebounds, Allen can’t hit ocean from a BP drilling platform, and ref’s aren’t buying Pierces flops. In that last game, the big 3 look fatigued and old, and they aren’t getting any younger next year.
    Making thing worse for suffering Celtic fans, Lakers will bring in another all star point guard in off season, and bringing in new talents to add to their bench, while getting rid of likes of Farmar and Morrison. Only if Lakers hadn’t given that Puke Walton long term contract, we could’ve had both Ariza and Artes, buts that another matter.
    Anyway, Celts, look on the bright side. You still have that ugly slobbering baby Davis, and cripple Wallace to keep your championship aspiration live for next year. Oh by the way, you can keep that turn coat traitor Pierce since we’ve enough drama queens in West Hollywood.

    • Law064 says:

      @ West. You don’t think that the Fakers won that game fairly do you?? That was some fixed crap. The Fakers will be lucky to get to the Western conf finals next year. Boston was cheated

      • Giants says:

        lol, naturally you Boston fans would start crying fixed! lol Did you happen to notice who was the aggresor in the 4th? Did you happen to notice which team was completely out of energy? Your Boston Chumps were gasping for air, KG thought he was all bad in barking like an idiot at Pau, Pierce should have tried more dirty tactics like tripping Pau, maybe that would have helped. Good thing your scrub Fat baby told everyone that the Celts were gonna win! lol Listen to your sorry coach blame the loss of Perk for the loss! lol What about when the Lakers didn’t have Bynum in 08, thats the way the cookie crumbles Doc, the shoe is on the other foot for Doc and he now knows that the Lakers would have won in 08 with Bynum!

      • Paul says:

        Get over it…The Celtics had the chance to beat the Lakers..they had a 13 point lead..so stop making excuses and whining about how the game was fixed..get a life..

      • MJ YOUR FATHER says:

        WRONG Celts won in 08 with or without Bynum, LAKERS WON IN 10 with or without Perkins. Bad officiating, kobe played so bad, old celtics tired I agree but in the end some team had to win and the lakers won a championship period.

        MVP for me is Ron Artest not kobe, dont get me wrong kobe fans but I watched on tv his performance last night and he wasnt, isnt and wont be the caliber of the greats magic,bird, and so on

        The best team ever is very hard but i will put the old celtics fron the 70s, the lakers of magic and the bulls

        Next season will be more exciting it depends where lebron and wade will go. I dont hink lakers will repeat or celtics, it will be very difficult.

        Nice series, congrats both squads.

      • LAKESHOW says:

        @ Law064 …. you are the biggest whiner and excuse maker ever, if Boston won you would be gloating and talking a boat load of crap, turns out your team lost they showed no heart in the last minutes of the game, did not have the same heart and intensity as in 08 …. say all that you want but all you are is a scorned hurt poor little Celtrick fan that can make excuses …. You bet the lakers will be in the finals next year …. where is your team going to be ??? Lucky to make the playoffs !!! Take it like a man YOUR TEAM LOST …… you can blame the officiating all you want yell it was rigged … all you have to do is look at how sorry your team looked the last minutes of the game.

  53. A-B says:

    Congratulations for both teams!
    Congratulations to Boston Celtics for exceeding everyone’s expectation in their playoff run and for giving us such a thrilling NBA Finals series ever…
    Congratulations to Los Angeles Lakers for winning back-to-back title.. Simply the best team has got to win! Go Lakers!

  54. sam says:

    I’m not pleased in the Celtic’s loss. That killer instinct was never there the entire series. KG didn’t play with the same intensity as the finals two years ago. He was never the dominate player of then. Big baby made a fool of himself with that stupid growls slobbering and the young guys on the Celtics didn’t have that maturity needed to win it. Kobe will NEVER be M Jordon. He is just street kid still with a chip on his shoulders, which will never measure up to Magic Johnson or any other Champion Lakers player. Boston’s true Celtic was Paul Pierce. Ray Allen showed up in one game. I hope Danny Ainge will see that they need a big center that can score in the paint and out without getting in continual foul trouble. Rasheed Wallace was a flop. Too much emotion on his face with every foul, or phantom on called on him. By the way that 7 games series was the worse officiating ever called. Fire the refs. They brought shame to the rest of the NBA referees. Over all the whole series was as embarrassment to the NBA. I’m not saying this because the Celtics lost. What happen to the fast pace up and down the court play. If both teams played great offence perhaps that could have been the case. These two team’s play was literally like semi pro played. There ought to be an apostrophe by this series, for poor referees and very little team work by the majority of the players for both teams. They would have been stomped by the Celtic or Lakers teams of Larry Bird or Magic Johnson.

    • Law064 says:

      Agreed, this series was not Finals caliber. The ref’s played a big part in game 7. The League played a big part in the Finals even going 7 games. I’m very upset as a NBA fan. I can see what people are talking about when they said it’s all about POLITIC’S & MONEY. No Love for the Game no passion. The Celtic’s were staight cheated. LA fans enjoy your paid for title they will never measure up to true champion’s. I’ve lost intrest in NBA games now. I’ll watch the NCAA at least these are real games not fixed b.s. 21 4th quarter free throwa wow more than Boston shot all game. Ask yourself the question How is that possible?? The ref’s are pulling for the Lakers.. Rondo true MVP!!!

      • Brian says:

        Wow, your really upset your team lost. everyone talks this kind of talk when it doesnt go there way. the officiating was bad throughout…in boston and la, it was up to the teams to adjust. the lakers did and they won the series.

      • MasterDebater says:

        Would you like some cheese with your whine?

      • Saby says:

        Just get OVER IT .. Dumb A*** .. Lakers played better and adjusted end of story .. I saw u jumping all over when they won in Boston and shot more free throws ..But hey Boston can get more of it lakers are not allowed they have to go high lroad ..celts can go as low as possible even faking the knee injury or jumping over people .. and yeah dont start me on wallace he is a disgrace to the game .. so SUCK it and shut ur pie hole atlest for this year..

      • Ryan says:

        Ask yourself this, what happens when a team runs out of gas in the 4th quarter? Instead of playing amazing defense(celtics), they start to foul. Second, you think the celtics got “cheated”, tell me about game 2 of the finals? If the celtics won the championship, you wouldnt even be saying it was “cheated” or “rigged”. Get over it kid your celtics lost to a better laker team this year.

      • KOBE suuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxx says:

        I’ve heard lots of complaints about the World Cup refs and those people forgot how we still have NBA refs and MLB refs that can’t do their jobs right….It’s the same crap everytime. I have a feeling they’re all under Stern’s payroll.

      • KOBE suuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxx says:

        good luck with that. Just don’t watch any USC games. They’re obviously an L.A. team, with their forged championship.

  55. congratulations laker fans! 🙂 been a tough nba finals. but still we won it again! 🙂 back to back! 🙂 hope to see another championship trophy next year! 🙂 bet lebron know where to go now! hahaha. 🙂 i hear someone crying. oh look its the celtic fans. stop crying all of you. 🙂 it’s kobe your talking about. i’m telling you. he’s gonna eat you alive. and he did. he ate the boston celtics alive. hahaha. 🙂 the artest move was really been amazing. it led to a championship. i really wish to see a three-peat. go lakers! 🙂 lakers all the way! 🙂

  56. mortred says:

    i told you guys … celtic fans will be in silent mode.. hahaha!.. what a finale for both teams.. truly the team that had the stronger mentality won the game.. i’m sure celtic fans thought that they would win the game.. so sad.. so disappointing.. i understand the silence.. it hurts right?.. good luck for next season boston fans… hope your team will be able to reach the finals again.. i’m so happy for pau gasol and ron artest in the game.. and also for lamar odom.. truly they all stood up defensively.. they won the game because of defensive mentality.. almost all of the loose balls went to pau gasol most of the game.. and derrick fisher’s three was very very huge.. i totally agree it shifted the momentum for the celtics.. they had their chances to close out the game.. however,.. their effort wasn’t enough to win a championship.. congratulations to all laker fans!…

    • Law064 says:

      They won cause the ref’s helped them. The Losers shot 32 % as a team and won. HOW?????? They went to the line more than 20 times in the 4th. That’s the signs of a fix up sorry. The celtic’s didn’t get any calls. Gasol block on Pierce?? That was a foul but no whistle, that was truley a fixed game. The ref’s were betting big. Boston is the true Champs they were cheated.

      • Brian says:

        because this game clearly wasnt about offense. by looking at the score alone, it was a defensive game and a game where the strongest mind set and will prevailed.

      • Ryan says:

        Sad, idiots like you forget the fact that his rape case was dismissed, and that the women who accused him was also being questioned for false accusation. And for you to think the game was fixed just because they went to the line 20 times in the fourth? dont make me laugh. From your comment you clearly know nothing about basketball. Typical celtic fans trying to find an excuse for everything.

      • Joey187 says:

        You can say the refs were one sided for the lakers in game 7 and that is true. Remember the game 7 of this finals had the highest rating since 98 bulls, so we know whose interest its in to make it go to game 7. But lets assume these games were called by fair refs. this is how it wouldve went

        Game 2 lakers win, because we all know the last 4 min when lakers were up by 5 the refs made sure boston one especially the ridiculous foul calls at the end and the garnett gasol out of bounds play, and plus game four where people said the bench killed it, its because baby davis got soft and 1 calls that lamar odon twice should hav got after taking it to the celtics body and getting it in. but whatever.

        Eitherway if you watched game 7, you would notice that celtics turned the ball over in the fourth and settled for too many jump shots, where as gasol artest and kobe took it to the bodies of the celtics and were getting the calls,

  57. Tough Lakers says:

    i know pau played consistently throughout the series, ron artest was the best player in game 7, dfish had his mvp moments, but never take away the impact of kobe bryant on the floor. the lakers turned to him all throughout the series from OKC, being dominant versus Jazz, stoping Nash against PHX and being a dominant scorer again, and playing great (though not offensively but defensively) versus Boston. the impact he has had made the lakers push through and he truly deserves to be the series’ MVP! HANDS DOWN! yeah!

  58. fanphil says:

    to BUSTED CELTICS fans, there’s still one good thing for you..

    FALSE PIERCE and BIG FAT NOSTRADAVIS have predicted that they will bounce back in Game 8.


    LA Lakers 2011 NBA Champs ..3-peat.

    Fan in the phils.

    • Law064 says:

      The Rapist for MVP lol don’t make me laugh. He’s not M.J!!!! This was fixed just like the Miami title when D. Wade went to the line at least 22 times himself. Sorri Faker fans that was fixed and the ref’s were really 1 sided. The ref’s had big money on LA. NBA is equal to WWE. Phoney bull crap. Boston was cheated no calls but don’t touch the Fakers they got all the calls

      • MasterDebater says:

        Only thing we fake is our sympathy for the sorry a$$ celtrick bandwagon ladies of the night.

        The NBA….Where busted celtrick fans make excuses


  59. Carli Cooreman says:

    LA got its revenge for the 2008 finals, but nevertheless I found Boston strong as a team, although everybody expected LA as champions. The performance of Kobe was incredible and even KG, Paul Pierce or Rajon Rondo and Rasheed Wallace at their best performance could stop this guy. He was clearly the MVP with head and shoulders above the others, but he can only prove this next year by winning the three-peat!

  60. Paker says:

    I love kobe the way he play and move in basketball! No doubt, he’s next to MJ! Love Ron2 and pau2 too! u guys ROCKS! Keep it up LA!

  61. Paker says:


  62. kobe24mvp says:

    bynum is solid we need to get more consistent production from the bench some knock down 3 point shooters like jordan had in the final 3 peat of his career thay way kobe and this lineup with a solid bench will be a contender for hella years

  63. zzanzabar says:

    Playing defense for 4 straight quarters is extremely taxing, especially when its against a talented team such as the Lakers who can match your intensity. The one person who must be feeling the loss the most has got to be Perkins. He has got to feel that the game rested on those 4 or 5 more rebounds that he would have probably pulled down. I hope that this series will put to rest the Bynum and Artest bashing, both players played above and beyond and deserve full respect and kudos.

  64. Congrats Lakers. I’m bugged by the HUGE FOUL disparity. In a series where both teams have questioned the refs and officiating SO MUCH it’s hard to see the lakers score so many of their points off whistles. The celtics are the better team for sure. The lakers got away with this game, but most folks know that

    • radux8 says:

      hey, did you really watch the game? do you really know basketball? if you do, then you will totally understand and won’t be bugged with the HUGE FOUL disparity. And by the way, the FOUL disparity was not that HUGE… its only 6-foul difference (25 fouls by Celtics and 19 by Lakers)… Ohhhh, maybe you mean FREETHROW disparity… 37 to 17… this means the Lakers played more aggresive basketball and gave smarter fouls and vice-versa for the Celtics. The Celtics are the better team for sure? sure for whom? for you? then you really do not know basketball..

      • KOBE suuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxx says:

        I have a feeling radux is dantus and just for that……….either one have no credibility.

    • edwin says:

      know what?!

  65. Matinaboy says:

    LA man!Kobe i got luv and respect for u bro,keep LA on top of the game always but we do need changes abot Bynum.

  66. kensshin0789 says:

    Phil Jackson in game 5 told us that boston know how to lose the fourth quater.He wasn’t wrong.Boston know how to lose a fourth quater.But I was mad Paul Gasol should been the mvp or Ron artest.But I’m happy for Artest because I was from New York too all my family and me are New Yorican.I know how Ron must feel if I were in his position, coming from aparment to win a champioship.Seeing Artest with all his family to press conference show how true player is Ron Artest.For all Boston fans.Boston played great.Boston did everything they could.They defeat D-wade,The king and Superman.I was hoping for boston to win and take all the venom from the Black Mamba.They take out the venom of the black mamba,but it took too long.They should finish this in game 6.I’m no team fans but I feel this final game 7 wasn’t what I was expecting.Ugliest game 7 since the 50.Boston fans please don’t come here that the game was rigged.This game was ugliest as hell Laker advantage rebound.Win Rebound win the game.Worst Celtics Lakers game 7.That why I wanted Suns and Magic.Congrats to the Lakers

    • radux8 says:

      yeah, i figured that out so easily, man.. you’re no team fan… you’re just a big Kobe hater! that’s what you are! and that will make you miserable until Kobe hangs up his jersey because Kobe will continue to be great until he retires! if this Game 7 was the worst for you, then you don’t know basketball and you definitely do not deserve to be a fan of any team in any league in any sports!

      • kensshin0789 says:

        Nah man I’m no kobe hater.There are too many kobe haters and I don’t need to be another one.I know his good.I’m basketball fan and I don’t watch american basketball only.I’m going to buy 2010 finals DVD to my collection I expected better game from both team.Still no team is gonna bring that final game 7 gamewinner(I expected one from Kobe or Ray).You know that is imposible.Kobe is the best in this era, so please lakers and boston fans don’t cry because I say Lakers and Celtics game 7 was the ugliest since the old times.

      • LakerFanSince1985 says:


      • KOBE suuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxx says:

        The best in our era. Lets give a applause for the man who turned volume shooting into a work of art…….KOBE BRYANT!!!(applause)The man who won three as a sidekick and the everyone proclaims to be in Jordan’s level.

        Kobe MJ
        5 rings 6 rings
        2 Finals MVP 6 Finals MVP
        5-2 at Finals 6-0 at Finals

    • Rod says:


  67. LA 2010 CHAMPS says:

    stop crying boston fans there’s always next year!!! but now its lakers time!!!!

  68. jomzki says:

    Congratulations to the Boston Celtics for an outstanding and incredible season!!!! 🙂 Keep your head up high!!! K.G. Fan for life!!! Yeah!

  69. LA! LA! LA! says:

    Come out, come out wherever you are??? Where are all the Boston fans at?

    • celtic says:

      we are here dude, there is nothing wrong admitting that celtics lost the series. My point is everyone sticks up for the team that they like. Whenever that team lost, we always defend them and when they won we gloat about their victory. Remember when Laker lost to celtic in 2008, laker’s fans said we lost because bynum didn’t play. However, Celtics will not always defeat the lakers and lakers will not always beat the celtics. It has to come back and forth just to make these two franchise a great rivalry…. 🙂

      • kk says:

        Yeah, I just hate how cocky kobe is!!! I really wanted to see the Celtics celebrate their 18th banner! Oh well, maybe next season..

      • BUGSIE30 says:

        say whatttttttttttttttt?????? how many times did LAKERS wins over CELTICS in NBA finals over 13 encounters)……..THREE……………be proud of it LAKERS !!!!!!!!!! He,he,he, At least THREE is better than TWO.