Shrek Baby’s Time To Shine?


Posted by Sekou Smith

LOS ANGELES — Rasheed Wallace is expected to get the starting call for Game 7 in place of injured Celtics center Kendrick Perkins, and far be it from me to second guess Doc Rivers at this stage of the game.

But something tells me the Celtics’ true “X-factor” tonight is gonna be Big Baby Davis.

I know he hasn’t done much since his Shrek outing in Game 4 (above). And I know Wallace is the one player in this series, for either team, that’s actually played in a Game 7 in the NBA Finals (against the Spurs in 2005).

Still, I’m going with Shrek Baby as the one wild card that could tilt this game in the Celtics’ favor. He’s played the hero before (remember that game-winner in Orlando, below, last year?)

Even more hilarious, however, is just how convinced Shrek Baby is that he will serve as the wild card tonight.

“We’ve got to pull all the stops out, man,” Davis said. “I felt like the energy was great last game. I was rebounding and I played my role. I didn’t score. Right now I’m not a threat out there. And I know I can be a threat because I know what kind of player I am. The Lakers know what kind of player I am. But they really haven’t seen me.”

Not since he and Nate Robinson snatched Game 4 for the Celtics with inspired performances off the bench.

Davis hasn’t made a shot since that night, though he does have 12 rebounds and two blocks in the two games since then.

“I haven’t hit a lot of jumpers this series,” he said, “I haven’t hit a lot of jumpers this year. But I can hit an open jumper, and they’re giving it to me. So I’m going to be real aggressive. I’m not about to sit here and be thinking about what I should have did. I’m going to go out there and do what I feel I should do.”

His minutes will certainly be up, so there will be no shortage of opportunities to impact the game.

And no one relishes the opportunity more.

“I love it,” Davis said. “I love the opportunity to step up and play a lot of minutes and be that guy on the floor. This is what you want right here. This is what you want. You got to go get it.”

And if the Celtics find a way to win, Davis knows exactly how he’d like to finish the night … celebrating on the Lakers’ home court.

“It would be great. I would love to,” he said. “I would love to celebrate on the Lakers’  floor. But it’s going to be tough. We’ve got to make it happen … because we were the prey last game and they ate us really, really bad. They ate everything. They didn’t leave nothing on the table and didn’t ask for seconds. They were eating. We didn’t eat.”

Someone has to do something crazy tonight, play out of their mind and turn this game upside down. We’re guessing this is the guy, for good or bad. We’re calling it now: Shrek Baby eats tonight.

Plus, it’s Game 7, “history,” as he said, “what the fans want, what the world wants.”

But what does Shrek Baby want?

“What do I want?  I want to be on a float taking my shirt off, screaming, celebrating a championship,” he said. “I want to be on a float next Monday.  It’ll be probably Sunday or Monday.”



  1. Tim says:

    We will. Because phil jackson won’t be there next here to help you guys.

  2. DUNKIN DUCKS says:


  3. DUNKIN DUCKS says:


  4. vj says:

    go go go boston get the championship

  5. melo anthony says:

    oh come on,. haters!!! it’s as if you people know what’s gonna happen?? you’re not even in the nba!!!

  6. Shatanuga says:

    G. Davis is the most stupid basketball player

  7. LAKERSFAN24 says:

    LAKERS ALL THE WAY BABY FORGET THE CELTICS LAKERS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!@!@!@!@!@!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. Tony says:

    I’m overseas… Anyone know of a valid streaming site? Thanks

  9. Prince_Tutz says:

    @DAVE: lol. i’ve seen the kid get pushed back. poor fella, getting picked on by one big green bully going by the name of shrek baby. haha. lakers all the way!

  10. ashtray says:

    Shrek Baby…I love it. Go Celtics!!!!!!!

  11. GameFan says:

    Who cares if its gonna be Lakers or Boston as the champion, give me a GOOD game! its the FInals a GAME 7 finals! make it a good show! Show me the money!!! No point down playing everyone, preferbably everyone on both teams have a good game,

    show me some fight! drool! fight! make shots! block shots!

    Give me a game to remember!!!

  12. Detroit Jones says:

    O YEAH? LA FTW!!!!!

  13. Jimmy says:

    Please just save all of your laker trash till the end of the game, if you even win. Once you can defeat the Celtics then you deserve the right to speak. But before that you cant say sh**. Because between the lakers and celtics, CELTICS ARE STILL THE CHAMPS until the lakers do otherwise PERIOD.

  14. Oh well.. i have a bad feeling wthout perkins around.. but hey, dont forget there are good big man on C’s like Sheed and Davis.. If the Boston wins then GOOD! If the Lakers win.. then Congratz! Simple as that 😀

  15. GangGreen says:

    I think both teams really deserve to be the champions. But as they say,someone needs to win and someone has to lose.

    I think Pierce will step up along with the good passing bigs of the Celtics going with the hi-low plays with Rondo,Pierce and Ray cutting in the paint. Since Rahsheed would force Bynum togo further out the court and Garnett,known for his 15-foot jumpers would also force Pau out. Rasheed really has to step up defensively. Never mind the offense.

    Going with the C’s by a margin of 2-5 points.

  16. Tyler says:

    alright everyone needs to stop bein’ a prophet. like fcukin’ houdini *POOF* you all show up when your team wins. where were you fans when they lost. does that signify a “true” fan? it seems clear that everyone’s jumpin’ on the bandwagon. i wouldn’t be too surprised if the C’s pulled out a victory tonight. it’s the NBA… where amazin’ happens. when all is said and done, i’m curious to see what your excuses are when they lose. i’m referrin’ to both teams.

  17. drchak says:

    I am neither a lakers fan or celtics fan but in my opinion either team has a chance at winning i read someone say they wish worse on perkins well i hope ur mother dies in her sleep tonight wishing harm on anyone is complete b.s. and ur saying bynum isnt a dirty player he had no business getting behind perkins when he was already in the air and he basically caused the injury which is a serious one, as for the win i think tonight it will come from the bench which means whoevers bench steps up will win hopefully it will be a close game and its very likely glenn davis can make an impact tonight, i also think sheed will step up tonight as well, as for coming down to bynum v garnett, i think foul trouble wont happen unless bynum plays dirty to try and force fouls and garnett has played bigman and dont forget which one is hall of fame material and which will never be, for lakers kobe will of course perform well, and gasol i believe will perform well also, i also think the celtics should perform well do to the fact when a team that good chokes like they did game 6 they usually come back very strong, starting line up wise kobe and gasol are the biggest factors for lakers, and i think overall celtics have a better one in garnet, allen, pierce, and people forget rondo who has really came out and performed well this series and the whole year im excited to see this game

  18. NBAPREDICTOR says:

    WHy doesn’t everyone just chill…..

    LAKERS have the edge cause of home court….But thats where it ends…The Series is 3-3 Both have won on their courts

    Just like u say their is no way Kobe wont shine tonight there is no way the Celtics will play like game 6 THis GAME 7 comes down to the last 2 minutes..

    Boston 96 Lakers 93 Final Prediction

    AND I hate both LA and Boston….But I ride my money on the Green team tonight just have that feeling..

  19. good game says:

    Boston’s shooters must be in the zone tonight, w/o Perkins all that paint dominance is lost, less rebounds and less 2nd attempts for C’s, Shooters must have their night tonight!

  20. ardy says:

    beat LA!! lets go celtics!

  21. Ernest says:

    I think rasheed is the x-factor tonight, with ray allen, pierce, and rondo…if he doesn’t show up, the will definitely lose, big baby isn’t big enough for the 3- 7ftrs

  22. LAKER-PHOBIA says:


  23. emazin says:

    Go Celtics!!! Lakers don’t have a chance and they are not tuff enough!

  24. How many of you Laker fans have ben a fan when they were not so good ? Every team has to rebuild at some time or another. Were you a fan when they were going through that transition? If not then that means you are just caught up in the LAKERISUM.

  25. Tim where did you get the idea that KG was retiring? You are right about teams having their god days and bad days.I don’t think that people should be calling Big Baby names. That is very disrespectful. He is one of the nicest people you ever want to meet.
    He’s young and he is suppose to be confident. You notice he didn’t say anythijng disrespectful about the Lakers.

  26. tom says:

    kobe please don’t shoot 200 shots. share the ball and be efficient.

  27. Bob says:

    I remember once long ago when Dave Cowans went down for a stretch of time. Back-Up Center Henry Finkel rose to the occasion for the Celts!! I feel Big Baby, Rasheed Wallace, and The Red Head Scalabrini will all rise to take up the slack, and that the entire Celtics will all play as a Superb Team Unit, and Take The 2010 Championsip by Storm!!!!!!! GO CELTICS!!!!!!!

  28. Hecs says:

    to Mr. Jimmy. just one little comment, alongside Derek Fisher, Paul Pierce has got to be one of the best floppers out there. He should be crowned for that, a prime example would be… Umm let’s see, game 6, when he falls on the floor after a ghost trips him when Gasol is guarding him, what happens next? a Shannon Brown dunk. I am a Laker fan and can admit Fisher flops ALOT but not when theres nobody around, like Pierce and Rondo. Game 2 is history, but the Lakers had that game until the refs decided to give the ball to Boston after Garnett tipped it out.. Even with instant replay, incredible, the Celtics were up by only 3 and with that horrible call that NOBODY can deny, the series was extended. with game 7 coming up.. all ican say is Paul Pierce will be shut down.. only gona get points from the free-throw line. (as usual) and if Rondo don’t put in work, the Celtics are done. its gonna be a good game. and even with a monster night from Allen, the Celtics aint goin nowhere without Rondo putting in work. i doubt it’ll happen, but ya never know.L.O. needs to do his part as well as the laker bench, but rebounding is the key, and with Perkins out, en tho hes pretty much garbage, is a big big presence down low. i dont think the celtics got what it takes. we’ll find out tonight.

    • Jimmy says:

      I am looking foward to a good game. If the C’s lose they lose end of story. but I just hate all the people trashtalking and hating on opposing players because they are good.

      • Jimmy says:

        they are plenty of good floopers out there that are much worse than pierce. might i say anderson varejao of the cavs.

  29. FCKBOSTON says:


  30. Laker girl says:

    The Lakers will win this game on the bases of, they have a better front line. The will get the celtics big man in foul trouble early, so they we have to use their other bench players. They really don’t have not answer for kobe. Lakers win

  31. Jay says:

    Its all up to the refs

  32. Neel Patil says:

    Lakers+Great Defense= 16th NBA Championship, simple as that.

  33. Willie D says:


  34. My 1st day of work.cant watch says:

    I’m going to have a great year if the Celtics won tonight. I’m a big fan of the NBA and seeing the C’s tow through this season.. gosh* I’ve given up on them on winning the championship. But they’ve proven me wrong, all of us infact. They’ve defeated every team with superstars all focused on passing the ball.

    D.Wade–>MVPguy23–>Supahman(!)–> and now it’s 08×3=24!! G-U-Y

    Passion for the game makes it possible when you know what the stakes are. The Celtics are aging really quick and chances are this will be the current team roster’s final appearance in an NBA Championship. So go get it, K.G, Pierce, ALLEN, Rondo(?) and the rest of the gang! Listen to Doc Rivers and prove Phil’s winning streak on taking the Game 1’s is all but a FANTASY.

  35. Jax says:

    As the saying goes,..don’t worry about the splinter in my eye when you have a plank sticking out of yours. Trash talking is part of the game and part of these message boards so don’t get all offended and post your own diatribe about me personally. That being said, celtricks will hang til their neck snaps.

    • THE TRUTH says:

      ITS CLICHE MAN AGAIN ! Reckon you will be crying into your beer by the end of the night.

  36. Bryan says:

    It’s time! Lakers will win this series! Go KG, Rajon, Paul and Ray! Go away! Haha!

  37. blackmambafan123 says:

    Big Baby Davis is so over rated. I will admit he hustles pretty hard but honestly whether they have him on the court or not it will not affect what happens. He had that one good game but celtics would have won even without him. If rondo does good the celtics will. KG, Pierce, Allen are all overrated they are all good but nothing special. They only seem good because they are all together but seperate them and they have nothing. Rondo is the only thing that the celtics can depend on and he will make everything happen

  38. LakersFan24 says:

    And for those that think that Lakers fans are haters–I’m in Boston right now doing an internships and I get HARASSED here for just wearing a jersey. In LA, there’s a PUB for Celtics fans. Lakers fans can get rowdy, but we DEFINITELY have more class than Celtics fans

  39. LakersFan24 says:

    Mr big4…Uh, Lakers have 15…. Pretty sure that’s close to 17.

    Mr. Jimmy, stop being salty. Davis is in the NBA, but that doesn’t excuse him for his low IQ. JUST SAYING.

    But you’re right, it’s been a great series where the amazing happens, and the amazing thing that will happen is that the Lakers will beat the Celtics in the Game 7 Finals for the first time.

  40. catt says:

    2 out of the 3 wins from the Celtics could have been a toss-up and up for grabs by the Lakers. This series should have been over on the 5th or 6th game. Celtics are fortunate to be awarded those 2 wins. Celtics fans know it and all NBA true fans know it. Paul Pierce has a stupid nickname, “The Truth” hahaha come on I got one better suites his initials PP= PiPi cause he is such a D1ck. In regards to Perkins injury, I don’t feel bad at all and actually I wish him worst. Perkins and Garnett are definitely the two most dirtiest players in the league as a combo. They can cause harm to another NBA player on any given night and that is why I am so happy that Karma swings in all directions. Celtics don’t have any excuses why they would lose cause we had two injuries in the 08 that could have been also a Lakers championship. Now Bynum played with injuries all post season long, now look at where the Lakers are at.

    • Tim says:

      catt, you are a devil for wishing a man the worst. I mean, come on, hes just a guy playing on the team you dont like. Whats wrong with you? I know you support lakers, but that is the worst thing i have ever heard!

    • Jimmy says:

      perk and kg are the most dirtiest players??? haha dude your a joke. maybe you should add this work to your vocabulary, they are physical, you push them they push back much harder!!!!

  41. Tim says:

    Lakers fans. Be Quiet. Each team has good and bad days. Game 5 was humiliating for the Lakers, and Game 6 was humiliating for the Celtics. I wish KG one more title before he retires.

    • LAKERSGGPWN says:

      we didnt lose by over 20 points.

      • Tim says:

        this is why i dont like laker supporters. Always so pushy. now silence you fool. Kobe saved that one for you, lakerssggpwn. otherwise, it would be a complete blowout.

  42. Jimmy says:

    You guys are so ignorant. Can’t you gus just enjoy the fact that this has been one great series and wait till the game is over before all you guys start talking. Seriously people, the Celtics destoyed the Lakers in 08!!!!! We did if then and we can surely do it again. You guys all keep making fun of Glen Davis, but have you not seen what he has done to teams in the past and recently to the Laker defense. So what if he is packing a few extra pounds, he is in the NBA and your not!!!!! You Laker fans are just mad that someone with his size can pretty much outwork your big men. I am a huge Celtics fan and I want them to win, but I don’t go trashtalking about like some of you guys do. I am not going to lie, but the Celtics are at a disadvantage, but its the NBA, its where amazing happens and we all are just going to have to wait and find out. Oh yeah you calls say that Big Baby cries, but then again you see Kobe whining about every little nudge that he gets and your boy Artest who seriously shouldnt even be playing in the NBA, he should be in Hollywood with his amazing acting skills. CELTICS ARE GOING TO PUT ON A SHOW FOR THE LAKERS.

  43. Eric says:

    I like how all the comments from Laker fans are disrepectful to other people and Celtic fans compare facts and what could and cant happen. This is why people hate Lakers and Kobe because their fans are ignorant a$$holes that dont compare facts and are just local fan boys.

    • (another) Eric says:

      that comment was disprectful towards laker fans (“other people”), btw. take a quick look in the mirror.

  44. Chris says:

    This is going to be tough. I don’t think that Big Baby can play those extra minutes but I guess we’ll see. Can you check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say.

  45. THE TRUTH says:

    Nice to see all these L.A FAKERS have found their voices again ! All the crying after Games 4 and 5 is quickly forgotten. Some of the typical spoilt,fairweather,phoney,only “sing when your winning” sorts who root for the Lakers. Never forget THE TRUTH ! U cant handle THE TRUTH ! ps DONT Sleep on THE TRUTH in Game 7 !

  46. Erika says:

    Like Phil said ….we r going home …Isn’t it how is supposed to be?? Damm right !!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!

  47. Jax says:

    As a Lakers Fan, I think you should rest your hopes on Big Fatty Davis. Keep playing the clip from a year ago and hope that it will come down to a buzzer beater and BFD has the ball. Take your savings, mortgage your house and put it all on the celtricks. That’s what you should do.

  48. lwinetal says:

    back 2 back,lakers haters will be crying like a big baby even before it’s over.

  49. xter says:

    All these CELL-TICK fans will be nowhere to be found after the game tonite they’ll hide their faces like the losers they are all that $hit talking and garbage no more. LOS ANGELES LAKERS 2010 WORLD CHAMPIONS. GO KOBE GO PAU

  50. Barry Tesar says:

    I will admit the odds are long against the Celts, but I am optimistic! Doc will find a way to make the match ups work. Wallace and Pierce are gonna hit four or five threes each, Ray is gonna hit six himself. Wallace is going to bring the LA centers out to guard him and Rondo is gonna go wild. When they drop back to defend the basket against Rondo, Ray Allen and Rasheed are going to make them pay from the outside. Big Baby and Nate are gonna do it one more time. Tony Allen gives Kobe fits and he has an off night — for him. Let’s make it five Game Sevens in a row over these guys.

    • TheTruthCrasher says:

      Kobe an off night? for game 7? I bet it is not going to happen.

      Kobe knows all what is at stake in this Finals. I hope you too.

      Another title will move the lakers down to one versus the Celtics and I smell that there is a three-peat that will going to happen. That makes them tie to the Celtics. Hurrah!

      The Lakers will earn their 16th championship and so on.. and Kobe will be crowned as the Finals MVP and so on…

      The Philippines are awaiting Kobe for his return here. He went here last year for his Nike campaign and I hope it will happen again this year.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Don’t forget that the Celtics won some of their championships when there was only 8 teams in the league. That makes it a lot easier. 8 playoff games compared to 16 now.

      • big4 says:

        Don’t forget, the Lakers won the majority of their championships in MINNESOTA! Hence, the Lakers…duh

        Boston 17 Championships!

        LA not even close.

      • Ryan says:

        Minnesota? kid your an idiot, it wasnt the minnesota lakers, it was the Minneapolis Lakers.

    • LAKERS says:

      The only smart thing you said was the odds are againist your celtics!

      • LakersWillWin says:

        to big 4-
        So what the Lakers dynasty doesn’t matter whether or not it is in LA or Minnesota. The Lakers are the Lakers reguardless of where they are positioned. And to say we aren’t close? Are you on crack? We are about to get 16 1 behind your 17.

    • Willie D says:

      First of all let me say this: I am a Rasheed Wallace fan. I have loved sheed since his days at UNC (go Heels). Even when he beat my lakers in the finals with detroit(i hated it) i had mad respect for sheed(not the pistons). But what you just stated is absolutely absurd. Sheed will not be guarded by bynum on the perimeter it will be gasol. And anyone who thinks that gasol cannot play sheed on the perimeter did not watch the past few games where the lakers starting switching the pick n roll where gasol has switched out on lil ray ray(ray allen) and played him well enough to get three blocks of his quick fire three ball. Gasol can keep up with ray, then gasol can definitely keep up with sheed on the perimeter. Lets not forget that sheed is a stand still three point threat, its not like sheed is going to dance out there with the ball. As long as gasol closes out on sheed with his 7=foot frame, everything will be ok. Now we have all heard kg say what a handfull bynum is down on the blocks, right? So what matchup do you want to eat crow with? Sheed on the perimeter with a sleek swift footed gasol or an aging kg goin against the handfull that is ANDREW BYNUM. I know that bynum is not a hundred percent but neither is kg. Bynum will get kg into foul trouble in the first half causing kg to have no rythm for the rest of the game. Sheed will hit two threes, but thats all. Its hard to shoot when someone is in your grill. Paul peirce will have a good game b/c thats what he does. Lil ray ray on the other hand will dissapppear like he does in big games since he has joined the big three. The only time he showed up in a big game was that game 6 last year against the bulls(they lost that game if you remember). I have and always will be a laker fan. Lakers take the gold for a trip around the city next week. Congrats to ron ron on your first title, even though you aren’t as quick as Ariza, i will still take ya. Oh before i forget………we still have the greatest player in the game since the last great tarheel retired(MJ)………..KOBE!!!!!!!……NUF SAID

  51. tareque sekandari says:

    hey lets go celtics baby lets GGOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Straightshooter says:

    Do the words RANDOM DRUG TEST mean anything to celtics fans? That’s exactly what is needed for anyone who thinks the celtics have ANY chance of winning after only scoring 67 pitiful points Tuesday night!

    Not only can the celtics NOT even come close to matching the Lakers’ fire and intensity..they are mentally keel-hauled already! They’re already DONE it’s over!!!

    Somebody get Doc Rivers Dr. Phil’s phone number ’cause after what the Lakers are about to do to you pal you’re going to need RIGOROUS and INTENSE therapy for years to come!!! It’s going to be all shock and awe Doc – all shock and awe!!!

    For celtic fans out there there are only 3 words you need to keep in mind for tonight’s game..BACK TO BACK…BABY!!!

    Black mamba killer…what a joke!! Remember this post when Kobe is lifting trophy #5 over his head along with the MVP trophy as well!!

    • Jimmy says:

      Funny how you think that even though your Lakers were very close to losing after being down 3-2. Just saying.

      • Straightshooter says:

        If you call the celtics scoring an embarrassing 67 points at the forum something that would put the Lakers in danger of losing…may I suggest you start following golf perhaps or maybe sounds like it may suit your tastes better.

        This is a BIG BOYS game, and being down 1 game in no way constitutes the Lakers being in danger of losing anything. That’s why they’re WORLD CHAMPIONS..they know how to win just as you WILL witness in game 7.

        It’s trophy time again for Kobe and crew!!

  53. LakerFan24 says:

    Oh cry me a river, Davis. Big baby indeed. Who do you think you are? Kobe Bryant?

    • LAKERS says:

      Thats what i am talking about! All these idiots talking about BIG FAT BOY like he is going to win the game tonight or something!!

  54. HEATWADE says:


    whatever you say,it is just as what Jackson said: it is on our HOME!

    • boston in 7 says:

      yeah they’ll have bacon cuz they’re going to be fried….Boston’s one of the best road teams in the league, and they’re a TEAM….when things get tough in LA Kobe tries to win on his own….when he does that LA loses. Boston’s going to take it as a team tonight, with balanced performances from everyone. Big Baby will hit some nice shots too, hes very surprisingly a pretty good player.

      • LAKERS says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, another moron depending on BIG FAT BOY!!! Fat boy aint doing nothing tonight, WATCH!!!! LAKERS BABY!!!! PARTIES ALL OVER LA TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rods says:

        Do you know what Kobe thinks about playing tonight? He will involve everyboby. First take some shots in high percentage in order to get the C’s attention in defense and certainly the field will be open for his teammates. And by these reasons the C’s has a very high percentage of losing game 7. Everybody will do his best without any reservation this is now the end. Advantage is they are at LA and they have the fans game 2 was just history. GO LAKERS!!!!!!

      • SlowDay says:

        Celtics best on the road, and the Lakers is best at home, so what’s your point? No point in making predictions with sayings like ” when things get tough… LA loses”. So then if Celtics won’t make it tough for the Lakers then there’s no way they’ll win right?

      • Mbeezy says:

        roat beer float will be the only float you are sitting on you fat baby!

  55. CelticsFTW says:

    I think it all comes down to a lot of things:
    1. If Rondo can drive to the hoop like he has the last 2 series. Boston wins. (Rondo needs to be great defensively also.)
    2. Kobe can go out for 38 again, as long as Boston is making shots on the other end it doesn’t matter because Kobe’s a ball hog, and doesn’t realize anyone is wide open underneath.
    3. Pau Gasol and KG. Pau is more underneath while KG has been settling for the 15 footers. If KG can combine both and get some blocks. Boston wins.
    4. Benches. Both teams have a great bench. Lakers have shooters, while Boston has big guys.If Boston’s big guys step up their potential they can win.

    I’m not being bias towards Boston, I just think the ONLY way LA can win is if Kobe works with his team, and this is game 7. He’s going to want to have an individual effort. I say Boston 98- LA 96. Tied at 96 with 5 on the clock, Rondo runs the floor, Kobe right on his tail, behind his back to Allen and a nice left handed lay-up.

    What you think Sekou?


    find your groove BIG BABY, MAKE IT HAPPEN. It’s all up tp WHO WANTS IT MORE?

  57. xter says:

    JOE JOHNSON?? you mean the dude who got swept by the MAGIC??? LOL PHUCK the CELTRIX

  58. TheTruthCrasher says:

    The so-called Shrek, I think, will be a nonfactor for this game. He had no enough confidence to games like this.

    It is easier said than done BIG-FAT Davis.

    But what does Shrek Baby want?

    “What do I want? Eat food as long as I can and then after that sleep as long as I can.

    BIG-FAT, BIG-MOUTH Davis has no room in NBA.

  59. Roy says:

    Are you kidding Kobe is the only laker who has been productive. The rest have only been relaly productive for at least 2 games. And the last game the bench finally came around. If you didn’t notice Doc Rivers was resting his starters towards the end of the game while Kobe and the lakers were still on the floor. GOOO! Celtics

    • Josh says:

      And everyone on the Celtics has been productive? Your best player has one good game out of six.

    • LAKERS says:

      I dont understand the point in anything you wrote. So what, Kobe is going to be tired and worn out, and all the starters on the celtics will be rested and ready to go? Everyone on both teams will be rested and ready to go. Bottom line tonight is about who wants it more. And we will see who wants it more. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

  60. PHYLICIA says:

    LET’S GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. CC says:

    Who knows who wins tonight. But we do know a couple of things. 1.) Kobe is going to have a huge night. He loves these situations. He’s at home. And he’s the best player of this generation. 2.) Gasol is going to have a huge night. He finnally found confidense last game. There is no huge Perkins in the center. And the Celtics are going to be a half step behind because they are going to be scared of Kobe. 3.) Ray Allen is going to have a huge game. For some reason he plays better on the road. Even if he doesnt hit a gang of 3’s, he’ll most likely be driving it and possible getting to the line. And we all know he is the greatest freethrow shooter in history. 4.) Garnett is going to have a huge night. Even though Pau found confidense, he is still a lamb compared to the shark Garnett. 5.) Pierce will not have a huge night, but will make some clutch shots. All series he’s been running his mouth, yet only one game was he really a factor in their victory. But still, he hits big shots. 6.) Artest will have a huge defensive game. Not offensive. He’ll probaly score 8 points but his true contribution will be the shutting down of Pierce. 7.) Bynum will have a huge first half. 8.) Odem will have a huge rebounding game.

    • coop says:

      u r almost right about everthing but dont forget that rondo runs this team and if he has a good night they will try to cover him to fast sometimes and that will free up more shot for ray and pierce and even sheed. people have to think since perkins is not playing u really think that bynum can guard sheed outside the box that will bring bynum out and more drives for the guards still will b the same thing with odom in the game cuz everyone know that u cant leave sheed open at the three. so it will be a chess match between doc and phil.

  62. Dave says:

    Did anybody see that ‘Big Baby’ clip with the game winner in Orlando? He throws a kid out of his way after he hits the shot!! Awesome.

  63. Joe Johnson says:

    Luck the Fakers!

  64. xter says:

    forget about it FAT(CRY) BABY DAVIS its all over you might as well bounce back but to BOSTON.


  65. JDee says:

    Go eat the lakers baby, they gonna be tastier than ever tonight

    • Paul says:

      Yea..Drooling Baby the x-factor?? Don’t make me laugh..he didn’t do a damn thing last night..