There’s No ‘D’ In LA


Posted by Sekou Smith

BOSTON — Kobe Bryant has been saying it for weeks and yet no one seems to be listening.

When the Lakers have lost in this postseason, Bryant insists, it’s usually been a product of their suspect defense.

It happened against Oklahoma City twice and against Phoenix twice as well. And now they’ve dropped three to the Boston Celtics in these Finals, including Sunday night’s Game 5 at TD Garden, each one a struggle for the Lakers on the defensive end.

Sooner or later someone other than the Hang Time crew is going to take Bryant’s no-defense rants serious and realize that he’s right. The Lakers are four quarters away from being a painful fishing trip because they cannot stop the Celtics when it matters most.

There’s no better example than the third quarter of Game 5. Bryant went bonkers after halftime, scoring a staggering 17 points in just six minutes, 19 straight when before someone else found the bottom of the nets, and the Celtics’ actually increased their lead from 11 points to 13 points.

Bryant’s best offensive stretch of this entire series didn’t change the outcome of the game one bit because his team couldn’t get a stop with a crossing guard and a sign when they absolutely had to have one.

And you wonder why a scowling Bryant delivers one-word answers from the podium after every loss.

“They broke the game open in the third quarter,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said, “and it was a struggle for us to get ourselves back into that ballgame. We came back at the end of the third and narrowed the margin, but sequences of plays, turnovers, a couple turnovers by Kobe and run-outs created that 10-point gap at the end in which we had to really struggle to get back into the game.”

Bryant was magnificent in defeat, scoring a game-high 38 points on 50 percent (13-for-27) shooting from the floor.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Bryant did what only he can during that third quarter stretch. “He’s the best shot maker in the game,” Rivers said. “There’s probably better athletes and all that, but there’s no better shot maker than Kobe Bryant. I mean, in that stretch I kept turning to [assistant coaches Tom Thibodeau and Armond Hill) and saying, ‘those are tough shots.’ He was making tough shots. You’ve just got to live with it and play through it.”

It also helps when you are just as good, if not better, on offense than Bryant was. The Celtics got their 92 points Sunday night on 56 percent (40-for-71) shooting from the floor.

While Bryant was putting on his one-man shooting show the Celtics were busy pounding them on the other end of the floor. Over an eight-minute stretch the Celtics scored on 12 of 13 possessions, turning it over on the only one they didn’t score on. They had four second-chance opportunities and continued to outhustle and outmuscle the Lakers at the right time.

“Defensively, we weren’t very good at all,” Bryant said. “Last game it was the fourth quarter and this game it was the third quarter. We didn’t get any stops. They got layup after layup, and you can’t survive a team shoots 56 percent … we’re normally a great defensive team.”

Only when you win Kobe, only when you win.


  1. This is the last of the 7 series NBA ‘2010’ finals . No mistakes about it at all . Lakers team do your own win or walked away feeling like a sting bee from the nightmarish haunt of the ‘2008’ NBA finals .

    To be frank every single fans from around the world are happy with the outcome which is been situated back into Lakers home court & the heart of the Lakers arena . Wow ! ! at last man .

    Kobe , Lama , derek fisher , farmer & the rest , including Ron ron , pls do not take any things for granted now that the last two finals games of the 7 series ‘2010’ NBA finals will determined who’s the winner of the ‘2010’ NBA world championships team . Taking things for granted now can be very costly to all Lakers team , including veteran head coach Phil Jackson , himself . Now’s the time not to get upset about those past few games losses . Now’s the right time to conpensate for what you guy’s for not been able to be aggressive & fierce like in the opening game one of the ‘2010’ NBA finals best of the 7 series .

    & never underestimate the Celtics devils too . Coz , they’re here to kicked your Lakers butt & claimed their deserving 18th title after punishing you Lakers guy’s in the game 5 of the ‘2010’ NBA games finals . So , why should you guy’s let the Celtics devils have their easy ways in the paint , under the hoops , at the 2 points arch , 3 points arch’s , etc . Limit their plays as ya guy’s knows that Celtics devils head coach : Doc Rivers definitely has a way or some kind of msgic to work on the Celtics devils players & to motivate & inspired them all . Those are the signs of Celtics devils true motives . Be wary , ya guy’s are warned after all .

    Be a consistent player , played aggressively & fierce , dominate the paint , be a full swing shooter , fired at all costs either 2 points or 3 points arch’s & dominate the enemies boundaries to attack the hoops . Now’s the time or never Lakers boy’s . This is your moments of seriousness or never . Do it now or walked away as both a failure & looser . Or play consistently with a great prospective for a defensive game in your mind & walked away as a true blue ‘2010’ NBA world championships team & player & carry home the coverted Jerry Ol’ Bryant gold NBA trophy . A gift & prize which you guy’s can be proud of . That’s the biggest achievements of all . Not the semi-finals trophy nor the NBA rings . It’s the gold NBA finals trophy which proves that ya guy’s are the ones everybody is looking up to as both winner & NBA ‘2010’ world championship player . Even cetre Pau Gasol can be proud of as an espanol aka spanish NBA player .

    The final say is the decisive game 7 . The last of the NBA best of the 7 series is this ‘2010’ grand finale . Stay focus & maintained all compostures Lakers guy’s . This is your home court , makes the best of it & shows the Celtics devils that you’re not the butt of their jokes as a loser back in ‘2008’ NBA finals & neither are you their ball to get kicked around by them on the court . As for their big baby centre Kendricks Perkins , this is what i called : retributions for kicking others butt’s & thinking that others can be pushed around by you again & again , each time you met in the NBA regular season games , playoff’s & even the NBA finals . Be modest like : his ariness Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen & the rest of the former Chicago Bulls team . Then those big bullies will know what it takes to be a modest & down to earth player , rather than an arrogant & cocky condemn player in the NBA league .

    Well , i’ve siad my piece guy’s the rest is all up to you Lakers guy’s . Do not relied on Kobe to be the captain of the Lakers squad again . Come out & contribute fully to the final deciding game 7 series & walked away as a proud winner . Proud to the Celtics devils that Lakers team are not a disbanded or ununited Lakers team back in ‘2008’ anymore man . & fair enough Lakers team is no longer a Kobe & Shaq team . It’s now , Kobe , Pau , derek , farmer Ron & the others . Come out & contribute to what ya guy’s can do to prove your worth in the Lakers squad & as a Lakers team . Be the best of the best NBA player & Lakers player . Why be a free agent & you’ve nothing to proved to others after you’re done with the ‘2010’ NBA grand finale . Proved ya self guy’s . Now’s the time or never . All of us are counting & watching you Lakers . Showed the world your worth .

    All the best to ya all & bring back the NBA World championships trophy & walked away tall & proud . God blessed ya all & Amen .

    Sincerely Fm : Fanatic Lakers fan(singapore) .

  2. mark says:

    whats with these mj fans ? or celtics ? we never compared kobe and mj. and for your info. everyone from la was shooting bad ? obviously you wont pass it to them if they have an off night. duh.

  3. Fielding22 says:

    @lakerfanbeforeshowtime…. first off CELTICS ALL DAY!!! Secondly, i would like to quote my boy paul pierce “we are to close to our goal” every single player on the boston celtics can taste that trophy. Our defense has been way more dominant in this series, and our fast breaks in transition you guys cant even touch. The simple fact of the matter is Boston is going to outmuscle, outdefend, outhustle, and pretty much outplay the Lakers tonight. Paul Pierce is going to go to every club in LA and rub it in just like in 08 baby. oh and lastly, CELTICS ALL DAY!

    • Only in your dreams says:

      The Celtics played well at home (except that first game) as they should have. It’s time for L.A. to shine. If you don’t want to be frustrated tonight out there in bean town, I suggest you hit the sack early and read about it and weep over your cup of coffee in the morning. The Lakers are going to STOMP on the Celtics tonght. The game won’t even be close. Lakers by 15.

  4. rollinggreen says:

    you have to look at what these teams did in the playoffs phoenix and utah didnt play good defense onlny team that did was ok thunder also boston face dwayne wade n the heat round 1 5 games then lebron james and the cavs with shag and jamison also big z comin back won in cleveland twice the number 1 team overall winning game 6 then boston went on to beat orland number 2 team who had the best 3 ponit shootin team and the 2 time defending defesive champ dwight howard in whiich case the magic eliminated the celtics last year cuz on of no kg the celtics wont the first 2 games in orlando and won the series in 6 so celtics are capable of closing out series check history

  5. willie says:

    still hanging on my prediction lakers in game 7,lamar odom will show up and the rest of the bench and they will give all their effort to win game 6 one at a time.Kobe will do the rest of the play,he will be the MVP for 2010 NBA season.They will give them some surprises in this kind of game..the defense that you did not see in game 5…go go lakers

  6. scared... says:

    i would like to share my ideas here as well but thought otherwise because there’s a genius among us who seems to have an answer or contradiction to every laker fan post. yep that guy up there…33,32,00..he’s a demi god of some sorts..he sees the future and thinks way beyond us…he should be boston’s next assistant coach after Thibodeau goes elsewhere…and soon boston will find out he is much wiser than doc himself….i congratulate boston for a job well done even though i am a not your fan..but i despise your inevitable future with the great genius behind Mr. 33,32,00..the celtics next coach…all hail!!!!

  7. LAGlenLakers says:

    people, may you not forget that in this LA team, there is a mamba, who is capable of doing anything, including scoring 81. Bynum is up, and its the Staples home court.

    lakers are taking this in Game 7 no doubt.

  8. Ethan says:

    LAKERS+ KOBE+ REVENGE+ IN LA = GAME 7 WIN FOR LA….. do the math celtic fans

  9. Nicanor says:


    These two essentials are absent in games 4 and 5 for the Lakers. These drives your offense and defense, Sure, there’s team strategies, designed plays, both on offense and defense but if you lack these two essentials, you’ll be eaten alive. Remember that game LA vs. Portland in 2000 playoffs? thats one of my favorites, all time. Coming into the fourth Qtr. the Lakers then, bannered by Shaq and Kobe infused a lot of energy that brought them into the game. They did not loose hope , keep fighting and fighting till the end. The result, a ticket in the NBA finals. a date with the Indiana Pacers. I’m sure Kobe still remembers that.

    Game 6, Home court advantage, crowd is on your side, There’s no reason for them not to show much Energy and fighting spirit. KEEP FIGHTING LA LAKERS!

    LAKERS in 7!

  10. Mark T. says:

    I am a Laker fan and they were too bad too even mention. What a lazy team? I don’t understand any of these players. These people are paid to perform and this means keeping their bodies in shape and it also means being ready to play when the time comes. They ran around G-5 like chickens with their heads cut off not knowing where to go or what to do and depending on Kobe to pull them out of it and although he made some great shots he just couldn’t do enough that night to take over the game and get the win. Man, did you see those Celtic’s play in G-5! They were playing to win and they deserved to win because they had game and they just simply played the best. What gets me so uptight is that these lakers are fairly young and can’t get it up enough to play some better defense and win. Oh no, I don’t know what they were thinking but they weren’t playing any d at all. We all know that they played d to win the first game and they played d to win that third game so LAKERS, what in the heck happened. It makes me sick to even hear about it. I hope they get a win 2-nite but I sure don’t look 4 it!!! Peace Out All!!! May the team that plays the best “D” win!!!

  11. bash! bash! bash! says:

    someone has just been replying on other people’s post and slamming them up. using terms like “pontification.”

    “PONTIFICATION?”…? it seems you’re trying to intimidate people here by using rather out of place words so as to establish a belief that you are indeed a person of much higher intellect and exuberating mockery by stating the fact that you find other people’s thoughts laughable.

    “PONTIFICATION?” for crying out loud..we are in a basketball thread. hey buddy where have you been all these years…?

    wanna tell us about your dogmatic principles along the way?

    here’s the fact: until celtics outplay the lakers in one more game..there ain’t nuthin to brag about…yet…
    go PONTIFICATE on that….

  12. C3ltiC Fan says:

    go go go BOSTON! Beat L.A.!!!!! Beat L.A.!!!!! Beat L.A.!!!!! Beat L.A.!!!!! Beat L.A.!!!!!

  13. bash! bash! bash! says:

    if i had found out any sooner…!!!!

    i never thought fanaticism could be this epic! judging from the posts i’ve read here…boston fans beat the lakers 3-2 as well…when bashing and arragance is the criteria. all i can say to you laker fans out there is just avoid posting coz they will just be answered back with “prophecies” and god-like wisdom…all the same…redundant and one sided…so judgemental…don’t you notice most laker fan rooting for his team gets a post-back with some WISE analysis. on the other hand, when most boston fans claim advantage(which is an obvious fact due to the current standing) no laker fan seems to care..they just mind their own business.

    listen up y’all..if you think your team is “the one”(somebody brought up matrix up there), and if you think you have the right analysis for every given play…let’s just all watch and enjoy the the game…be it a Laker or Celtic ring this year…

    shut your big mouths and stop acting like basketball wise asses…that’s why we have sports journalists here…we let them do the writing…we read…we comment…leave a comment but don’t talk too much..especially if you just keep saying the same old stuff for more than 24 hour’s for pete’s sake!!! is a very informative website for us all here…very informative…very up to date…let us not tarnish it’s image by putting away some class in its pages by leaving your poser/punk comments behind…

    by leaving a comment here, you are entitled with a responsibility. if you guys want good ol fashion debate…go brush up on your debate class. if you guys just wanna slam another guys face…stay away from this site and join a full contact sport. COMMENT if you think you have the right mind and etiquette to do so. THE WHOLE WORLD IS READING YOU. SO ACT ACCORDINGLY. punks!!!

    • What the Hell says:


      • bash! bash! bash! says:

        thanks. i’m just sick of people replying on other people’s comments with complete nonsense, ridiculing ideas other than their own,, and acting as if they know everything… !!! they act like they’re so smart that they make coach Doc Rivers look funny. maybe they know more than how Doc knows his own team. 😛

  14. ildefonso says:

    Go celtics one more game…. Beat the LA specially Kobe wannabe like MJ hahahaha.. The way he moves and act when we complaint to ref hahahaha.. LOL Kobe will be cryin when they lost to celtics

  15. jov says:

    kobe shoots 38p in good % = ridiculed and called a ball hog and he did nothing for team

    if kobe didnt get those points = ridiculed still and people will say hes no MJ-like

    lakers will take game 6 and it will be anybodys ball game in 7. should be fun to watch, still though in my opinion the finals has been poorly officiated for both teams. nothing we can do about it, stern wants his $$$.

  16. face_it says:

    AND hilarity ensues…has anyone looked at the box score? The VISITING Fakers got twice as many FTs as the Celtics and scored 8 more points from them than the Celtics and the Celtics still whipped their whiny butts. Come on, Fakers fans! Aren’t you dying to blame the refs for this abysmal buttkicking? It couldn’t be the utter slapdown the Celtics gave yer pansy team, can it? Well, it was, cause the Celtics got only one more rebound than the Fakers, and with all that going for them AND Kobe’s 38, you’d think the Fakers would’ve put up a fight. Hey Phil, who dat losin in the 4th quarter, huh? Who dat? Why it’s none other than the Phony Genius and his Fakers team. Pretenders all the way. And you all better get used to it. There’s more where that came from. Celtics in 6, same as it ever was. ITS INCREDIBLE HOW WE SO CALLED HARDCOE FANS THAT BELIEVE ONE SUPERSTAR CAN BEAT A TEAM. BASICLY A 1 ON 5. ONLY IN HOLLYWOOD

    • Only in your dreams says:

      Go eat some more beans, you fool. The Celtics won 2 out of three at home – big deal – they also gave back home court advantage by losing the first home game of the finals. No team has dominated the other. All the games have been close and winable by either team with the possible exception of game 1. So go fill your mouth with beans instead of spouting off your nonsense here. How about coming back on the board tomorrow and eating some crow while you’re at it!

  17. Lakers's fan! says:

    Don’t forget they are going to play in LA and don’t forget the players Kobe Gasol and ofcourse their coach! do you really think that Phil Jackson is going to lose! i’M SORRY but the history of the game is with the lakers! who ever wins game 3 has 76% of winning the series who won game 3? LAKERS an other thing don’t forget when Phil jackson wins Gm 1 and Gm 2 he has never lost a series!
    I’m no saying that Boston is going to losse or that the lakers are going to win but i really hope so! I think the lakers still have something to say and Boston faten your sit belts that game 6 will not be easy!

    • Chilax says:

      checkout your history again dude. whoever wins game 5 wins 83% of the series. now which is the better percentage? and lakers was 0-4 with the celts in Game 7s. check your history again.

  18. LAKER says:


  19. What the Hell says:

    Wait, do you guys realize? Lakers are playing bad but the games are still close. Game 6 and 7 will belong to LA if they play their best. GO LA 🙂

  20. Kevin Garnet says:

    All this talk about Who is better Kobe or Paul Pierce, Garnet and Gasul, Rondo and Fisher yall are forgetting one thing Phill jackson is being out coached…You see what he did to Mike Brown and Van Gundy…

  21. bulls fan says:

    well to all the boston fans: only reason boston even won 2 games was because of the terrible officiating. game 1 and 2 when fouls were being called against boston they didnt have a chance. every time kobe touches the ball he is fouled. we will see if la raises about the terrible officiating to this championship.

    • 33,32,00. says:

      Lame excuse making. Blame the officials, not the slow, incompetent play of the Lakers.

  22. sane_la_fan says:

    Lakers shoot better at home, play better defense at home, play harder at home, bench plays waaaaay better at home, lakers get way better officiating at home, so, who’s gonna win?

    • sane_la_fan says:

      Oh, and the NBA wants a seven game series, too many sweeps and short series this year, lots of lost revenue.

  23. C-Fan says:

    What’s with all the hating on Kobe? I’m a Celtics fan but I am willing to admit when a player is great. It was obvious that the Lakers had no chance of getting back in the game unless someone was going to hit shots in that third quarter and Kobe was the only Laker doing that. Kobe played great, the Lakers forgot to get stops during that time though and that’s why they lost the game. It’s funny how winning or losing one game changes everything, if the Lakers would have won everyone would have been praising Kobe and calling him a god among men, but they lose and now he’s a ball hog…the truth is the best TEAM will win and right now Boston is proving to be the better TEAM.

    • Not really says:

      It won’t matter if the Lakers win or lose, the entire post-finals week will be filled with nothing but interviews with Kobe, discussions about Kobe, what he did right or wrong, bla bla bla.

      You would think after this postseason that the pundits would finally get their heads around the fact that the Superstars they all fawn over aren’t all that when it comes to actually WINNING GAMES.

      It’s revolting. The announcers on ESPN all have such a collective man crush on Kobe that it’s squirm-worthy.

  24. Johnason says:

    Hey guys,

    Couldn’t believe how pathetic the Lakers defense was, i mean the only block shot was by Kobe Bryant.. i get the fact Bynum is injured and all, but come on.. the 3rd quarter was a joke..!

    Couldn’t even stop the layups easy baskets by garnet, Paul Gosal is a joke.. so disappointed !
    Waste of my time watching this finals ! i quit watching nba if Lakers lose again this year..

  25. Kirina libu says:

    The Fangless Black Mamba

    Every game in this series has hinged in the balance almost eerily, with the only difference being the Celtic’s grit and willingness to get down and dirty causing them to be head and shoulders above the Lakers. I could point to the Lakers obvious lack of defense and the inconsistent play of the bench or even Gasol, Artest and Odom’s apparent vacation from these playoffs, but the scapegoat of the 2010 NBA playoffs should be and undoubtedly will be kOBE BRYANT. In the most crucial stages of any game of this series it seems that someone else always comes to the Lakers’ rescue. Game 5 presented another career defining moment for kOBE and again he shrank when it mattered most. Yes he did have an amazing 3rd quarter amassing 17 pts in 6 minutes but he failed to score a single point in the final 3 or 4 minutes of the quarter. It was completely baffling to witness one of the supposedly greats of the game insisting on establishing the post with Gasol whom I may add was having his derriere served to him on a platter. All this in the midst of one of kOBE’s most incredible finals performances and there aren’t too many, surprisingly, to expound upon. Instead, kOBe hid in his usual unimpactful location behind TONY ALLEN, along the base line praying the ball does not come his way – Go figure. Then in the final quarter he only managed to muster up 9 points, 5 of which were from the free throw line. This sadly more than anything will be the story of the fangless black mamba’s legacy, not possessing the grit, desire, heart or superior basketball IQ to elevate his teams and I stress his teams pass opponents who were not simply interested in rolling over and dying in the presence of his majesty, king kOBE. Just in case you were wondering, there is a meaning behind the usage of the lowercase k in kOBE’s name: It is simply to point out the obvious, that he has come up incredibly small not only in these playoffs but throughout his career in pressure packed situations in comparison to his AIRNESS.

    • 33,32,00. says:

      In some cases, in all sports, a great player on a team inspires greatness in his peers, but not so with #24. He has the opposite effect. His team settles for watching him instead of going after lose balls, play 48 minutes of defence and running set plays. When everything goes through Kobe, it stops with Kobe. That is not a winning formula. Doc Rivers knows the winning formula: 48 minutes of team effort. The team and nothing but the team.

  26. gameer says:

    No all are stupid to blame Kobe for the terrible defense the lakers played. Whatever he does you all complain, he try to help his team but no one step up. Give the guy credit where it is due. He played hard every night. The lakers bench is just lazy and Pau and Odom needs to be more tuffer and Ron Artest is not playing well. Stop blaming one person, pay attention and you will see the truth.

  27. CelticsChick says:

    A little heads up for everyone saying the Lakers lost because of the refs… the real reason the Lakers lost is simply because of the fact that the Celtics played better…just like when the Lakers won in games 1 & 3, it was because they played better. (Yeah i’m a celtics fan but i can admit when we’re outplayed..anyone who can’t is an idiot….i’m not trying to make up excuses for why we lost like some team’s fans…). Any team can complain about the refs and the calls, but only great teams play through it. I’m not trying to say the Lakers aren’t a good team because they’re in the Finals as well, but they’re not as strong as the Celtics. Their starters are good, but that’s where it ends. The Celtics have stronger starters as well as a stronger bench. The Lakers depend on Bryant….it takes a TEAM to win, not a collection of guys who all think that they’re the greatest basketball player of all time. It was good to see Kobe pick it up in the 3rd quarter of game 5, but to win everyone who steps on the floor to hustle (see Celtics for example 😉 ). I’m not gunna be an idiot and say that the Lakers aren’t great because they’re obviously are if they can keep up with the Celtics but there’s a difference between being a GREAT team and being THE GREATEST team.

    …It’s also easy to pick players apart when you put them alone, but one quality of the Celtics is that the players know how to connect and know how to back each other up, which is what a TEAM is supposed to do…it’s also a little ridiculous that to try and get a “good” insult off, people have resorted to our team’s appearance (Perkins a horror movie actor, really, was that your honest attempt at an insult?) I’d be embarrassed if that guy was a fan of the same team as me. If you’re gunna try and talk crap, at least do it right….this is, not people magazine.

    Celtics. All day, every day.

    • 33,32,00. says:

      If one is thorough sports fan, he/she sees the game and always realizes officiating goes both ways. Once you start blaming the refs, you develop severe sports myopia and fail to see where your team needs to improve. I see the game as played by the athletes, the competition, the refs are just there to keep the order. They’re not always right, but they’re right a lot more than they are wrong. So what if your team gets a bad call, they need to play past it. That’s what makes winners and determines the teams character.

  28. Boston has the hunger, the experience, the flloor leaders, the bench, the smothering D, and RONDOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    It’s simply a championship combination. LA has Kobe and Gasol, and Gasol is out of gas. He cantt play againt a real defense like the Celts. Kobe should know, (after all of his years) when a team defense allows you to score and shuts down everyone else, you lose. Also, Gasol should know better in the future than to diss a player like KG, because now he knows how that can backfire on him. CELTS in 6. Hang number 18, the party is on.

  29. mike villa says:

    one thing for sure, we will rock the bus in LA win or loss.

  30. Paul says:

    I am no laker fan absolutely but I give credit to mr. kobe’s 19 point barrage in the 3rd quarter during their last game. If he had not taken charge of the scoring for his team during that period, I can say that the C’s lead may have ballooned up to 20+ points at the end of the quarter the way his team mates are playing; the game was officially was over during the 3rd. kobe was smokin hot during that time, but as many as said basketball is a team game and not an individual one.
    i never thought that the celtics were this tough just like lebron said before their series. so many issues about them during the regular season but proved many wrong during the playoffs,(took down wade, james and superman himself) And maybe win the championship this year.

  31. tong says:


    • 33,32,00. says:

      If the Lakers take it any easier, they will sleep through the game. If they want to beat the Celts, they need to develop some speed, some D and some hustle.

  32. tong says:


    • 33,32,00. says:

      Well, if you wait for that to happen, you will be waiting a long time. Paul Piecre made Walton look like an amature.

  33. tong says:


  34. LakerFan4Life says:

    KennyGuitar get a life. You know nothing of sports so don’t you dare open this article think you can say crap like that.

    I agree with Abbyss.Repost that persons comment. [You know why he doesn’t explain anything? Because after reading your post, your simple 63 IQ brain would probably explode from it. Your post is just trash, it means nothing at all, and just underscores my point that much more] <— so true to any idiot and ppl who know nothing of sports [too funny this comment sure made my day lmao]

  35. LakerFan4Life says:

    This season ain’t over just yet.This championship will belong to Lakers. This will NOT be a repeat of 08″. I’m happy Lakers are finally coming back home. Tired of hearing C’s Fan cheer.SO ANNOYING!! Makes me want to break the television! Game 6 & 7 will belong to Lakers. It will be the time when Lakers once and for all crush Celtic’s for good & end this final like it’s suppose to be ended. Lakers being Champs of 2010. Back 2 Back!

    • C's Fan says:

      “… you hear that Mr. Anderson?
      … that is the sound of inevitability”
      Agent Smith from the Matrix series….

      Thats right… the C’s are coming to LA… with PP leading the way (how ironic)… and yes, we can smell the 18th banner… “be afraid… be very afraid”

      I guarantee that you will STILL HEAR THE C’s Fan Cheer all the way to the West Coast if we win.

      Go C’s

    • The Lakers will not win 2 in row against the Mighty Celtics. If they dont play better than they did last night, there wont be a game 7. Boston is on a mission, and they’re a great road team with experience and momentum, and LA has no answer. Celts in 6. Kobe will score, Gasol will clean up the garbage, and the rest of their so called “team” will watch as the Mamba bites them in their own posterior.

    • Chilax says:

      As i said to other laker fans, i will never put your heart out and i will never disagree with what you wish to happen.

      I just want you to know that some laker fans yelled at my post when I said before that Celtics will win 2 games in TD Garden based on statistics. Look at what happened now.

      Now I’m gonna tell you another statistic. A team who wins Game 5 wins the series 83% of the way. If that holds true, Celtics will win.

      Another statistic, only 3 teams made it to the championship after being down 3-2 in a series. Hopefully, your LA team can join that team.

      Aside from statistics, only Celtics have shown more than 5 different good players can score more than 10. Lakers team or Kobe Team have showed less than 5.

      LET’S GO CELTICS!!!!

      May the most deserving team win.

    • Chilax says:

      here is another stat for the laker fans from an article by fran blinebury at (history breathing down necks of these lakers).

      “History says the home team has a whopping advantage in Game 7.
      History also says the tormented Lakers are 0-4 against the Celtics in Game 7s.”

  36. LOLnage says:

    i’m tired of all those people comparing kobe to MJ .. who the heck in the world wants to compare himself to MJ ? even lebron dont want (he change jersey # just for MJ) .. why compare KB to MJ ? just a stupid thing .. for the series, if any player in a laker uniform doesn’t give great minutes, C’s wins ! stop calling KB ball hog, his just doing his thing , take over the game coz his teammates aren’t connecting .. yeah if LA won’t play team defense, they’re doomed .. i’m a laker fan, but if LA continue to play like they did in game 5, C’s will party in STAPLES .. perk can be a horror movie star, seriously .. rondo is just feeling his the best, but if he didn’t have KG or ray in their team, who will call him great ? trashtalkin with CP3 thinkin his the best, but his not even close with steve nash, he need to shoot 1000 free throws a day to improve his horrible FT% .. i’m hopin’ LA will win, but still if they play like game 5, C’s wins 18th and KG, ray and truth ready to hang up those jerseys

    • tong says:


      • tong says:


      • C's Fan says:


        Budhism got nothing to do with championship…

        Jackson has rings on the backs of MJ (any coach would have won those rings coaching MJ) and Kobe/Shaq (again, any coach would have won those rings coaching them)…

        inhale exhale my a$$… Phil Jackson is headed for a reality check.

        C’s Pride… Go C’s

  37. Nothing says:

    i’m tired of all those people comparing kobe to MJ .. who the heck in the world wants to compare himself to MJ ? even lebron dont want (he change jersey # just for MJ) .. why compare KB to MJ ? just a stupid thing .. for the series, if any player in a laker uniform doesn’t give great minutes, C’s wins ! stop calling KB ball hog, his just doing his thing , take over the game coz his teammates aren’t connecting .. yeah if LA won’t play team defense, they’re doomed .. i’m a laker fan, but if LA continue to play like they did in game 5, C’s will party in STAPLES .. perk can be a horror movie star, seriously .. rondo is just feeling his the best, but if he didn’t have KG or ray in their team, who will call him great ? trashtalkin with CP3 thinkin his the best, but his not even close with steve nash, he need to shoot 1000 free throws a day to improve his horrible FT% .. i’m hopin’ LA will win, but still if they play like game 5, C’s wins 18th and KG, ray and truth ready to hang up those jerseys ..

    • C's Fan says:

      Kobe CAN be compared to MJ… HE IS GREAT… no one will deny it… what is missing is taking is “care” of his team-mate… look at the Press Conference when the LAKERS lose… Kobe is bashing his team… he is blameless, i.e. he doesnt see his own role in the loss… there is no “we” in their loss… he doesn’t include himself in the reason why they loose… he BLASTS his team in an arrogant way that… to be honest, why would I play with a guy like that if “WE WIN” he wants the spotlight… if “WE LOOSE” the team mates are the problem??? HELL NO… until KOBE gets off his horse and BUILDS team-chemistry… he will only be a GREAT selfish player… just like a marriage… if any party sees only the problem of the other = divorce… Kobe is potentially a better MJ… but time keeps ticking and his demeanor doesnt mature… you do have to admire his talent, but at the same time sigh “what a waste”.

      About Rondo vs CP3… if you understand chemistry… you understand why Rondo trash talks… he’s got his TEAM’s back… a great marriage… it does not matter if Rondo is not another Stockton, Magic, Nash, etc… it doesn’t matter if Ray Allen goes 0-9 from the 3 line or 8-11… they are your TEAM-MATES… PP had its droughts, KG too… what matters is that your strength roots are in the chemistry of the team… we dont lose hope on each other… we encourage NOT BLAME one another… that strength powered Shrek and Donkey… that strength powered Rondo vs Magic… you are right Rondo is not a Ferrari, but he is part of the engine of a Ferrari.

      that is the hard lesson that Kobe and the LAKERS have to learn if they want to win this year… too much arrogant pride… not the healthy pride that wins championships.

      Go C’s

  38. tong says:


    • tong says:


  39. abbyss says:

    I am having fun picking out these idiots, this is directly to “kiwisepp”,

    the ball blatantly hit the rim. the way it bounced made it obvious it didn’t. maybe get your eyes checked? All three announcers agreed, as did charles and kenny. and if you were listening during the game, you would have heard them say ” IT CAN”T BE REVIEWED”. meaning it is against the joke book the NBA calls rules. please check everything before you make a post, unless you like being humiliated = /

  40. abbyss says:

    this is directly to “KennyGuitar”

    You know why he doesn’t explain anything? Because after reading your post, your simple 63 IQ brain would probably explode from it. Your post is just trash, it means nothing at all, and just underscores my point that much more.

  41. KennyGuitar says:

    here’s da the quote
    ““Defensively, we weren’t very good at all,” Bryant said. “Last game it was the fourth quarter and this game it was the third quarter. We didn’t get any stops. They got layup after layup, and you can’t survive a team shoots 56 percent … we’re normally a great defensive team.””
    So let’s see…they’re not very good Defensively cos their pay checks aren’t big enuff…no maybe they’de rather be somewhere else and all u brain-dead sport fans won’t notice anyway. Why does the millionaire couching staff allow the defense to suck during the game? Um, cos their pay checks aren’t big enuff…no maybe they’de rather be somewhere else and all u brain-dead sport fans won’t notice anyway.. Why do the reporters allow Kobe to say “our defense sucked” and not ask him why Kobe ? pay check not big enuff…no maybe you’de rather be somewhere else? Brain dead idiots.

  42. Kenny says:

    here’s da the quote
    ““Defensively, we weren’t very good at all,” Bryant said. “Last game it was the fourth quarter and this game it was the third quarter. We didn’t get any stops. They got layup after layup, and you can’t survive a team shoots 56 percent … we’re normally a great defensive team.””
    So let’s see…they’re not very good Defensively cos their pay checks aren’t big enuff…no maybe they’de rather be somewhere else and all u brain-dead sport fans won’t notice anyway. Why does the millionaire couching staff allow the defense to suck during the game? Um, cos their pay checks aren’t big enuff…no maybe they’de rather be somewhere else and all u brain-dead sport fans won’t notice anyway.. Why do the reporters allow Kobe to say “our defense sucked” and not ask him why Kobe ? pay check not big enuff…no maybe you’de rather be somewhere else? Brain dead F*cks

  43. mhegbert says:

    even if te celtics takes the lead at the series i still believe in kobe and with his leadership on the floor they will be the champ again!!!
    do believe in him lets keep our faith with the lakers they will gonna make it!!

    • I wouldn’t call Kobe the floor leader when hogs the ball and cries like a baby when the fouls go the wrong way for him. He may be their best player, but they have no real leader.

    • Chilax says:

      dude, your lakers became champs over Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard is dumb at shooting free throws. if you’ve watched the championships last year, you would say it was a giveaway title for lakers, no sweat.

  44. C's Fan says:

    It aint dFence (its part of it), it aint offense (its part of it), what everyone seems to fail to RECOGNIZE is that the C’s are playing ol’school… Larry Bird will never be “recognized” as the GREATEST PLAYER in the NBA, but he MADE EVERYONE AROUND HIM better… so much so, even Michael Jordan (IN HIS PRIME) came to Boston, put 60 point on the board, and they LOSS… it took Michael Jordan a few years to UNDERSTAND that TEAMWORK CHEMISTRY wins Championchips… yes dFence and offense are important, but even if you struggle in these, aint nothin in Basketball more powerful than CHEMISTRY… TEAMWORK… and you are just witnessing it in C’s PRIDE, C’s NATURE, C’s SECRET WEAPON… KG had to come down from his HORSE, PP had tasted so much defeat he had no HORSE, RA had to come down from his HORSE, the big 3 WONT let Rondo get on a HORSE and the BENCH will remind the starters that they should stay OFF THE HORSE… when other teams learn that… then come to play with the C’s not with zoo animals or fiction characters (the Flash -check-, the King -check-, Superman -check-,… and yes, the Black Mamba is on the menu)…

    Go C’s

  45. abbyss says:

    I am simply amazed at this forum. 90% of the posts on here are by people so dumb, so ignorant, and they don’t understand anything at all about basketball. Lakers were down 6 with 57 seconds left, even though the Celtics shot an amazing percent, and the lakers played extremely bad offensively. You people seem to hate the lakers because they win, and your team is probably very bad, so you root for the Celtics in this series. Celtics may win in 6, who knows, but to claim the series is over just underscores how dumb you are, and how very little you know about basketball. Fans like you reflect horribly on the NBA, and on your humiliate your self whenever you type.

  46. kiwisepp says:

    Breadnut, TV replay did show that it hit the rim. It was a right call.

    LA lost game because KG was better than Paul. If it continues this way, Boston will win the series

    • Lakers fans complaining about offiiating is one of the more ridiculous moments in professional sports. They just want the officials to give them games like they give Kobe the trips to the line.

  47. tess says:

    I hate how everyone complains about the foul calls when their team loses like that’s the reason their team lost. lakers took twice as many foul shots than the celtics did because they went to the line every single time, i don’t hear anyone complaining about calls going the lakers way when they won game 1. so why would it matter in the game last night? celtics won because they hustled for the ball and had more energy. lakers lost because aside from kobe, no one else on his team seem interested in contributing.

  48. chowl says:

    remember the eastern conference semifinals?boston were down 2-1 against the cavs but won 3 in a row!wow that’s happening again!talking about dejavu!Boston Celtics in Game 6!

    • Boston is rolling now, the two game momentum will propell them Tuesday night, while the Lakers try to put it all on one mans back. Ray Allen will have a good game. Davis will provide good minutes, KG is back, and Rondo supplies the spark. And the Lakers will feed Kobe and hope Gasol cleans the garbage at their offensive boards.

  49. Ray says:

    Without question, this series is playing out EXACTLY as I thought with the exception of games 2 & 3. I predicted the Lakers would win both games at home, the celtics would win all three of their games at home and the Lakers would return to L.A. to close out the series. Sure the celtics became the firdt to win back-to-back games in this series but that doesn’t really mean anything. Let’s see them win in L.A. (My Lakers NBA champs in 7 games).

    • Boston is quite capable of winng 3 games in a row, and winning on the road is also highly possible. The venue or the past doesn’t matter, it’s about the TEAM, and if anyone hasn’t noticed that Boston plays a team effort every game, they havent been paying attention. Boston is a great road team capable of team offensive explosions and a somthering team D. Give those experienced players a 3 -2 edge and send them on a mission to LA and they will bring another banner back to BOSTON! And, one can never forget the RONDO factor. He’s the wild card, and also they have guy named Nate who’s playing very good minutes at both ends of the court. Other than Kobe and a lot of needless bravado, what does LA bring to rthe court?

    • Chilax says:

      Honestly, i think you are just wishing that lakers will win 2 games in LA, along with other laker fans.

      I myself is a celtic fan but with the way the games are being played, i think no team can win the last two straight games in LA. And I was already expecting that Boston will loose the series if they loose Game 5. That’s why i was hoping Boston will win Game 5 and just have the pressure of winning 1 game in LA. And it happened! Boston won Game 5! We have the advantage and we have 2 chances of getting the ring (better odds for us).

      Your team has more pressure of winning 2 games. So you cannot make sweeping statements that you can win both in LA with the way your team performed in the last 2 games.

      May the most deserving team win.

  50. panisnakanin29 says:

    Celtics won because:

    1. They share the ball well, shooter or no shooter, they enjoy the pleasure of sharing.
    2. They don’t rely too much on the Big Three. They give every player an opportunity that they can bomb a three or drive to the lane. (look at Davis and Nate!)
    3. They remember the basic principle of the game: “Defense always lead to best offense”.
    4. Stop Kobe = Win

    …these four factors (in my opinion) can end the 2010 season on Tuesday.

    but don’t get excited C’s fans. Last 2 games appears at Staples this Tuesday. HOMECOURT advantage!

    There’s no ‘D’ in LA? True! They lost 2 games in road and it put them into another finals horror, down 3-2. if they want to bring another banner to LA on tuesday, force GAME 7 and win it. I want to see a game 7 in the Lakers and Celtics postseason run since they finish everything in 5-6.

    To LA Fans:
    lets keep believing in these guys! big opportunities comes in 2 home games…force game 7 and win!

    To BOS Fans:
    can we end it on tuesday? 😀

    just lovin’ the game…

    • It will end Tuesday. Boston has LA figured out now. The proof was in the final moments of game 5, when all Phill Jackson could tell his team is how Boston loses in the 4th. If thats the best he could come up with in a crucial game, the Lakers are done, and to top off. Phil was wrong, and all of his little sideline story telling dealt him a huge defeat. LA has nothinfg left. Boston on 6. Let the good times roll.

  51. jimD says:

    Get your recording devices ready fans, because this game 6 in LA Tuesday night will surpass game 6 of the Kings and Lakers series in 2002, as the worst officiated basket ball game of all time.

    Garnet and Pierce both will be on the bench in foul trouble before the first quarter ends, and Boston will not take its first foul shot until the middle of the third quarter, Rondo will foul out early in the forth quarter, and Sheed will be ejected.
    Kobe will play the entire game, score 42 points and have only 1 assist and 1 foul, all the other Lakers who were held to single digit scoring in game 5, will be taking charges, flopping, and hitting free throws as the commentators praise them for how they’re putting it all on the line.

    Perkins will get a technical foul making him ineligible for Game 7 which Stern’s Lakers will win in runaway fashion as all Boston’s starters sit on the bench again saddled by technical and personal fouls……..

    I knew when Boston lost game 3 they had blown the series. But we went a lot further than I thought we would this year, maybe we can win it next year, if David Stern quits………

  52. Oh-Baby says:

    These posts are just so ridiculous…

    Of course the Lakers will win the series if Artest, Gasol, and Odem all step up huge on offense and play lock-down team defense and force the ball out of the pain. Of course the Celtics will win if they keep everyone but Kobe under 5 points and get into the paint every offensive possession. Stating these things does not offer any new insight, it is basketball for idiots material.

    That being said, Kobe has begun to feel the need to step up and try and be a one-man show on offense. He can certainly be a show, and it’s something to behold, but the Lakers (Phil Jackson included) can’t let that continue. Kobe is not getting good looks. In that massive run in the 3rd quarter last night, the only two “open” shots he took were the alley-oop as he fell behind the backboard in a show of fantastic athleticism and the 3-pointer from almost 5 feet behind the line. He may get hot for a while, but if the Celtics continue to force those types of shots he will continue shooting sub 50% (just like game 5) and the Lakers will have a much taller defensive task.

    KG could take the ball every possession and get to within 10 feet and take some sort of shot every single trip down court, but that doesn’t make them good shots. The Celtics know that and they spread the ball around to keep the floor open when they do go inside. Ray Allen keeps getting good looks and he is too good to continue missing at this kind of rate. He may not blow up for seven 3’s in a half again, but the Lakers lost two straight games where he bricked every 3 he fired up. He is too good for that to continue and they need to be ready for him to at least return to his norm.

    As far as I am concerned, the Lakers can’t win this series the way they are playing. Their only chance is if the Celtics lose the series.

  53. licowrop says:

    i don’t understand that call either, because if the ball did hit the rim it should reset so there’s no need to review is there? Unless the shot clock malfunctioned or something.

  54. s2pd says:

    celtics fans, you should be proud of the job well done. finally the fantastic 4 (as i call them) clicked together. Let’s not forget to give credit to mr. perkins for controlling his temper. remember the point when pau made a shot at his own goal? well, you know what was the commotion after that. gasol harassed kendric with elbows but perkins just raise his hand and walkaway. Well, sheed has the same situation with KP. both so far both did well. well, the lakers was able to find the perfect child lock for big baby. he was scoreless this time. but pierce got loose and so do with KG. the Celtics made a good ball movement. the fantastic 4 have double digit score the same result in game 4 but better this time. the lakers did not have that movement. kobe scored almost all the points during the 3rd qtr. he forgot that there were 4 others on the court making the celtics defense more a little lax with others. well, doc did the right thing. when kobe scores 2 points, its d same if pau scored 2. well, let kobe do everything he can do. we give kobe a big credit for hitting those big and tough shots. but despite of which the celtics must not lost its composture. after all kobe hitting tough shots is not unusual but normal. well, celts, just live with kobe. that is kobe in the court. but as long as he has no one to help him, then the lakers will have a hard time winning this series. after all someone was right when he said kobe doesn’t trust anyone in LA with the ball except the old man wearing jersey #2. well, does the celtics have that kind of mentality? i think not. as per observation the celtics do extra passes to get a better look at the basket while giving up a good look. and it paid off. Ray did that. nate did that. rajon, and so do with the other guys. surely the Celtics are mixing up their offense that even kobe is left stunned of what just happened. defense win games. a good offense is the result of a better or best defense.

  55. true blooded LAkerfun! says:

    Obviously the Celtics is a great team, they play good defense and they play as a team. There is no question why the Boston led the series. But hey, anything is possible. Maybe it was just that night that the Boston had their moment, and maybe it was their Home court advantage! Who knows anyway? The ball is round and I repeat anything is possible! READ THIS LAKERS: BYNUM, GASOL, ODOM, ARTEST, FISHER and the rest of the team – You Guys are too soft, step up and be aggressive as what you did in Game 1! Play defense and play as if it is your last!

    I’m not quitting right now until the series end! Go LAKERS!

    • What can LA show that Boston hasn’t already figured out? LA wont know who to double, because Boston featues a different star every game. One game it’s Paul, the next it’s Ray, the next it’s Rajon, then KG, the next it’s the bench.
      LA has one dimension, and the Celts have four, not couting their defense that is now becoming a legend in it’s own time. They crushed Miami, Cleveland and Orlando after they figured them out, and the same thing is happening now. This not not about home court advantage, this is about fundamentals, complete team work and the wild cards “hustle & desire” and Boston has clearly shown they have those qualites at home or on the road.

    • mineo says:

      keep up the spirit but by the way you said it, as if your lakers team is helpless at this stage.

  56. ondatime says:

    Kobe is THE most over-rated ball-hogging,non-team player in history.
    Its comical watching him ‘wanting to be Jordan”.The contrast is striking.
    Kobe is ‘Jordan-lite’,at best.
    The Fakers will lose since he THINKS its all about him.Pretty funny,huh?
    This narcisist poster boy can score 80,it won’t matter.
    Long as he (and the losers who love him) thinks its about HIM,they lose.
    Its called a ‘team sport’ for a reason,nims.
    Kobe should get his mug out the mirror,and look it up in Webster’s….

  57. true blooded LAkerfun! says:

    Obviously the Celtics is a great team, they play good defense and they play as a team. There is no question why the Boston led the series. But hey, anything is possible. Maybe it was just that night that the Boston had their moment, and maybe it was their Home court advantage! Who knows anyway? The ball is around and I repeat anything is possible! READ THIS LAKERS: BYNUM, GASOL, ODOM, ARTEST, FISHER and the rest of the team – You Guys are too soft, step up and be aggressive as what you did in Game 1! Play defense and play as if it is your last!

    I’m not quitting right now until the series end! Go LAKERS!

  58. josh says:

    Anyone noticed LA has continually scored less points each game? Boston has them figured out, L.A wont score above 90 again this series, boston will

    • Thats key to Bostons game plan, and they never relent on D. They bring it every game. People seem to forget who Boston had to go through to get where they are now. That was no cakewalk and they were treated like the underdog the whole way…and thet’s exactly the sopt Doc wants to coach from. Let the Lakers have showtime and movies stars, I’ll take Rajon, Ray, Paul, KG and Big Perk, anyday.

  59. Breadnut says:

    What is the point of the replay system if they still make the wrong call? Did anyone else notice that it was clearly a 24 second shot clock violation on the celtics. I really don’t know how it looked like it hit the rim, yet they reviewed it and still said it was Celtics ball. That was a game changing call that went the wrong way. Celtics get the ball back up by 5 with a new 24 and get to run the clock down. I’m not saying Lakers would have won if they changed the call but it would have given them much more potential to win it. I think the officiating has been terrible this whole series, bad calls both way. A lot of stupid non-sense fouls against boston, but then turn around and make stupid ones against LA. I guess at least they are consistently bad.

    • ondatime says:

      Fakers don’t win long as “Sir LaunchAlot” jacks up shots from wherever,throws the ball away and fools himself (again) that its ALL about him.
      That many nims think he ‘puts them on his back’,’does EVERYTHING’ to win,etc by taking his entire TEAM out of the game and jacking the ball is COMICAL.
      Ok Kobe,do your best ‘Custer’ imitation and ‘lead’ your team like you do.
      The Celtics (and the Souix) are REALLY impressed!…

    • TrueFan says:

      Those side angles made it look like the ball never hit the rim, I’ll give you that. But when they showed the straight ahead view you can clearly see the ball hitting the rim, then bouncing left into the backboard…the fans saw it, the commentators saw it, and Phil Jackson saw it which is why he didn’t mention it during the post-game conference. Phil was complaining about the refs (as usual) before the Finals even started, he saw the replay..if he thought the ball didn’t hit the rim he would have made a comment about it to the press in true Phil Jackson fashion.

      I agree the officiating this series has been horrendous, both teams have had numerous bogus calls against them. But at the end of the day heart and determination win games, not the refs.

    • Complaining about the official in this series is not a good thing to do if you’re an LA Fan.

  60. SPURSGERMANY says:


    as i watched Game 2 until the 4th quarter, it just was happening.
    Refs forgot that Basket was a contact sport, where all the calls are not for LAKERS.

    We just hope to have a fair Game 6 and 7(If needed),with balanced refs calls and etc

    God Bless You All

  61. Joel says:

    Yeah, Kobe was just doing everything he could to win the game, like usual. He waited patiently to get his team involved with the flow of the game, but Boston’s gritty defense made that difficult. When Kobe saw that it was time to take over, he took over. We all know what Kobe can do at any given moment and the Celtics responded the right way. But the fact remains that Kobe single-handedly made this a very close game… just like he is single-handedly making this a close series.

    • ondatime says:

      KObe did everything he could to LOSE the game!
      Him jacking shots from anywhere may be good entertainment by those impressed with criminals who can ‘buy’ justice.But the rest of us see a pathetic,immature self-enamored sleazbag who should probably be behind bars.And would be,if it were you or me.
      Kobe is DISGUSTING.
      And so are the nims who fawn over him.
      Watching him totally force shots and ignore his team on the floor was more entertaining than ANY circus-act freakshow moves he does on the floor.Watching him brick and throw the ball away over and over,I was ROLLING on the floor!
      He can’t ‘take over’ his own marriage w/o a $4 million-dollar bribe.
      Get real,nims…Find someone worthy to worship….

    • Kobe shows he has no trust or confidence in his team mates. One man can’t beat the Celts, but Kobe tried to disprove that fact, and they lost a crucial game. He did not do anything great but pad his numbers. He’s facing defeat at the hands of the Celts again, and he’s just in it for himself now.

  62. Oops ! ! did i hear wrongly this time round ? ? ? ? No Defense in Los Angeles Lakers squad ? ? ? ? What the heck happened man ? ? Yo 1 reality check Lakers is this really happening in reality ? ? Or is this a huge dumb joke huh ? ? Letting Celtics devils winning the important & crucial game 5 of the ‘2010’ finals / / Are you guy’s from the Lakers aquad certain that this is what you really want it eh ? ? ? ? I hope it’s not a huge joke after all .

    After coming so far & now you Lakers guy’s are chickening out due to centre Andrew Bynum’s sore knee ? ? Ridiculous enough . C’mon man ! ! Celtics devils are laughing alright . Giving them a huge chance & a big bonus to accomplished what they came here for & gave the chance to them easily . Oh my god man ! ! Are you guy’s kidding man ? ? Lakers ? ? hello there ? ? are ya guy’s sleeping ? ? ? ?

    & what the heck is this man ? ? at the fourth quarter , leaving Kobe Bryant to do all the work by himself & to shoulder the win all by himself ? ? Is this right ? ? Where’s the unity of the Lakers squad gone to man ? ? Are you guy’s certainly giving the Celtics devils a huge chance of clincing their 18th NBA titles & the ‘2010’ NBA world championships trophy ? ? ? ? Pls think twice Lakers guy’s . A major mistake once committed , can never be amended nor rectify anymore . Are the Lakers team ready to be branded again as : ‘2010’ NBA finals losers of the losers & having been branded as a loser back then in ‘2008’ . Ya guy’s ready for the huge insult & major humiliations from the ‘2008’ NBA finals biggest defeat mistakes again & making ya guy’s a mockery of laughter by the rivals Celtics devils .

    Raising your white flag up early Lakers ? ? Or ya guy’s sure about this ? ? Is this finals a huge joke to ya guy’s or what eh ? ? C’mon man ! ! Hope , it’s not a joke after all . By the way , where the heck are the defenses this time round Lakers boy’s ? ? ? ? Giving the Celtics devils all over the court easy baskets without any tough blocks or surprising long range shots as in Game 1 of the NBA finals . Free gifts to the Celtics devils ah ? ? Oh my god man ! !

    Can ya guy’s redeemped ya self when the games returned back to the Staples Centre , back in the Lakers arena ? ? ? ? For the final last two games ? ? Or ya guy’s planned to give away easy shots , easy plays without contesting against the Celtics devils in the finals remaining two games a piece ? ? So what’s gonna be the fate of the Lakers again ? ? Returning home to the Staples Centre empty handed again & giving away easy wins to the visiting Celtics devils here to clinched their 18th titles & their 1st win in ‘2010’ again due to the Lakers weak & vulnerable defenses against their rivals Celtics devils . I rest my case , if this is what the Lakers wants for themselves in the ‘2010’ NBA grand finals . What a pity man . Pure uncontested defeats by the Lakers . Well , Phil Jackson , sorry man ! ! your teachings & preachings of the triangular defenses doesn’t exists anymore man . No Lakers players is using it as a defensive weapons against the Celtics devils . Poor thing , The Lakers squad . Chickening out on early exit instead of giving it a fierce & tough retaliations back to the visiting rivals Celtics devils .

    One last chance to contest for two final shots in the NBA finals & Lakers are giving them away for free , instead of giving it a good fight to salvaged them back . Can ya Lakers defeat : Rajon Rondo , Ray Allen , Nate Robinson , Kevin Garnett & the rest of the Celtics devils company . Just like that eh ? ? ? ? Think twice man Lakers boy’s . Thank you very much .

    The insults & humiliations shouldn’t be repeated after all . Let it be a huge lessons which ya guy’s can never ever forget . Never ever let history replays itself again & again . Thanks . Love ya Lakers .

    Remember guy’s , veteran head coach Phil Jackson is not here in the NBA finals for no reasons at all . It’s bcoz of the Lakers : black mamba K.B. , Pau Gasol , derick Fisher & the rest . That’s why Phil Jackson is here . Phil Jackson is not here in the NBA finals for fun too . & K.B. is not here for fun too . So , is Derick Fisher . Waste this chance & ya guy’s have only yourself to blame for man . If entering the NBA finals here is a huge joke , then , treat the game as a game only & not as a competitive game in terms of physical , emotions & strengths . Lose it & laugh at yourself silly . Get drunk & go home . Sleep thru your hangovers & cry over your loss at the nearest seaside . Coz , ya guy’s loved the feelings of losing man . Don’t ya Lakers guy’s .

    Once again , all the best & good luck for the final two games a piece or perhaps one more . If history reminds ya guy’s of your huge defeats , then win the next few games & contest’s more shots & make them harder for the Celtics devils to sink into your defenses loop holes . Thanks ! ! ! ! 😉 😉 DEFENCE ! ! DEFENSE ! ! NO DEFENSES , NO WINS . Clear cut . No easy shots or uncontested shots or blocks . Ya guy’s are not playing nor contributing . Ya guy’s are just waiting for miracles to happened man . What a shock & pity man .

    Good luck to da next games & win it proud with honor & pride . THANK YOU VERY MUCH .

    Fm : Fanatic Albert .

    • TrueFan says:

      Aren’t you the guy who guaranteed a Game 5 Lakers win?

      Now all of a sudden the Lakers are playing a huge joke on everybody? Yes, because we all know how hilarious it is for a team to fight to get to the Finals then lose on purpose. That can be the only reason the Lakers lost. Not because they were outplayed on both sides of the floor, were out hustled and out muscled, and lost the 50-50 game. Not because the Celtics were shooting over 50% from the floor and outrebounding, moving the ball and scoring on assists and second chance possessions. No, the Lakers lost because they enjoy working out intensely for hours to improve their game, leaving behind their families and friends for road games, and then losing on purpose to make some fan that has probably never set foot in the states mad enough to write a barely legible, several paragraph long whine session…

      You my friend, are obviously one of the great basketball minds of our time. Why don’t you bless us all with your expert insight and advice to Phil Jackson again?

      • Celtricks Bandwagon Buster says:

        Didnt Paul “The truth is he garbage” Pierce predict they wouldnt be going back to LA? Dont clown him for his incorrect prediction, herb. Where were all these die hard celtrick fans in 2006 man!!!! WHERE!!!!!! HIDDEN UNDER THEYRE PAPER BROWN BAGS!!! You guys are more fake then the fans of whatever team lebrick signs with, unless he stays in cleveland. Kobe ball hog? PLEASE!!! HE IS THE MAMBA!!! The most terrifyin scorer in the HISTORY of the nba. If the laker fakers ( pau,odom,ron) could have played some defense, ANY defense in the 3rd, we would have had a different outcome. If ray allen AIIIIIR BAAAALLLL would have been correctly called, the game changes.Jordan? LET IT GOOO!!! HES RETIRED MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

        Look, this is a great series, but you disrespectfull bandwagon celtrick fans need to let up. We have lost ONE TIME at home the WHOLE FINALS/playoffs. The celtricks wont be able to play theyre street/thug basketball in staples surrounded by celebs, millionaires, crips and bloods and esses. The laker bench and laker fakers( pau, odom, ron) will have theyre chance to prove they are lakers, and the mamba will come through…..

        ….Dont be suprised if you see a kobe bryant BUZZER BEATER….

        LA, where die hard fans happen.

        Boston, where paper or plastic happens. preferrebly paper.

        HAHA, chuuch


  63. johnray_24 says:

    kobe is no ball hog,all he dois to step-up and take-over the game when his teammates where not productiveand stop comparing kobe to mj cuz they weren’t the same era.kobe is kobe and mj is one can say who’s better..this is between celtics and lakers.this is not jordan time anymore

  64. AguaBendita says:

    pag sure mo tanan kay dako akong pusta!!!! LAKERS IN 7!!!

  65. TrueFan says:

    I sense fear in the Lakeshow cheerleaders….funny how every comment posted by a Lakers fan is “Lakers will win!! Go Lakers!!!” and a bunch of prayers wrapped up delusion to make them sound like comforting facts “Bynum will dominate the paint! The Celtics will lose by 30 points…twice!!”…really? I mean, really? Notice how none of them bother to look at the actual outcomes of the game. Notice how the only people that should be believing the hype, the actual Lakers team, seem much more cognizant of the grim reality of what is happening than their deluded fans.

    Before tonight they all said the same thing “Kobe hasn’t even taken over a game yet. He’ll score 40 and crush the Celtics!!!”. Now they are seeing what both the Lakers, the Celtics AND any basketball fan that was watching games before the PS3 came out already knew: Players don’t win championships, teams do. Every man on the Celtics is an option. Any of the Celtics can come up big with a crucial play at any time, from the starters to the bench. The Lakers are mainly Kobe co-starring Gasol & The Other Guys…which might be enough in the Western Conference, but won’t cut it when playing against a gritty Eastern Conference team that actually plays real defense.

    Listen to what Nate Robinson said the other day about being a Celtic. He said when he puts on the jersey he feels that history of greatness, he feels the greats of the past watching him, and it’s a challenge and motivation to live up to the legacy. This is what Lakers fans don’t understand. The fans from the land of Hollywood focus too much on superstars, as if the Finals are a movie that are guaranteed a happy ending because the “Star” is on their team. You don’t get that when you play the Celtics, you are not playing Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, KG, Rondo etc…you are playing against a LEGACY, a history of greatness that magnetizes our crowd and inspires our players to do their best as a TEAM, which is the hallmark of Boston basketball along with relentless defense.

    So Lakers fans, I invite you to keep the blinders on, live in denial, come up with all the fantasy “if” scenarios you need to feel comfortable, blame the refs, and ultimately boo your own team when you’re down at home….we’d expect no less. We’ll just continue to support our team regardless of outcome, like we’ve always done.

    May the best “team” win.

    • Lakers all the way-come what may says:

      @ TrueFan : I salute you. You really are a true green blooded celtic fan. Your well-organized and thought of speech really stabs deep in the heart of any Laker fan, Definitely there are some truth in all your words. But I believe we fans can only say or comment so much. End of the day, the players on both side of the team will decide the outcome of the game. As MJ once said : Heart is what separates the great from the good. May the team with the BIGGEST HEART WIN!!! Of course, hoping and praying it would be my team… GO LAKERS!!! WIN OR LOSE- YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

  66. jimD says:

    Get your recording devices ready, because this game 6 in LA Tuesday night will surpass game 6 of the Kings and Lakers series in 2002, as the worst officiated basket ball game of all time.

    Garnet and Pierce both will be on the bench in foul trouble before the first quarter ends, and Boston will not take its first foul shot until the middle of the third quarter, Rondo will foul out early in the forth quarter, and Sheed will be ejected.

    Kobe will play the entire game, score 42 points and have only 1 assist and 1 foul, all the other Lakers who were held to single digit scoring in game 5, will be taking charges, flopping, and hitting free throws as the commentators praise them for how they’re putting it all on the line.

    Perkins will get a technical foul making him ineligible for Game 7 which Stern’s Lakers will win in runaway fashion as all Boston’s starters sit on the bench again saddled by technical and personal fouls……..

    I knew when Boston lost game 3 they had blown the series. But we went a lot further than I thought we would this year, maybe we can win it next year, if David Stern quits………

  67. Spencer Osei says:

    The Celtics have shown in these finals that basketball is all about a team effort. Kobe went for 38 points in game 5, and the Lakers still lost the game. If Ray Allen is clicking in Game 6 along with Rondo, Pierce, and KG its a done deal. As Mark would say hand down man down

  68. aussiedarren says:

    can these three great warriors muster one last assault on there aging bodies, and shock the reining NBA champions:by winning game 6, and cementing there “souls” in basketball folklore, and forever be idolized as the “BIG THREE” go you good things ala WORLD CHAMPIONS the boston celtics

    • Boston did it to 2 teams that were better teams than LA. LA has not played this kind of competition in these playoffs. The Celts are tested and are ahead in this series with great road record. Nothing is etched in stone, but Boston is on one of it’s streaks where they ant be stopped. Doc Rivers has a complete team, Jackson has Bryant and Gasol.

  69. CHARLIE MAC says:

    You know kobe what’s your best move before game 6 or 7? is to CCCRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!and PRAYYYYYYY that the refs will give you the most lopsided calls coz no matter how you guys gonna do..even with the refs were clearly helping you win this series because of that fat cheque coming from the LA hopefull themselve…YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!.( remember they are not ordinary fans and ordinary people… they can own the world if they want to.) I think this is the craziest championship series in NBA history. Even in Boston’s territory they ( the refs ) are very daring in giving lopsided calls. They don’t respect the fans at all…I think you guys forgot who paid your check and where’s the money came from??? all we ask is a little bit of shame and even a 40% honesty with the calls…it’s better to loose than to win without dignity… history will judge this series….but this the ugliest I’ve seen coz of bad calls.. GOT THAT REF!!!

  70. LAkerFun says:

    kobe took charge at 3rd quarter because the rest of his teamates were not able to provide scores. pau was too soft for KG but i believe it was just at that night and even odom. stop and stare, kobe, pau and the rest of the team will bounce back at 6 and 7! lakers back to back champs!

  71. oreos says:

    Kobe with all his skill can’t beat a team like Boston on his own. Even MJ in his prime still needed the support of teammates. MJ inspires and elevates his entire team to another level which unfortunately Kobe lacks with the Lakers. The Celtics work as a cohesive unit playing unselfish basketball. It doesn’t matter if Kobe keeps scoring big. If the rest of the Lakers continue to play lackluster defense like they did in games 4 & 5 then they’ve already paved the road to losing in game 6.

  72. EDMUND GRAY says:

    No need to speak on it, the big 3 will retire in 2 years, and see how many Celtics fans you’ll find LOL until then I’ll take the loss wait on game 6. I haven’t seen a celtic fan outside of BOS faithful since Reggie Lewis passed, now all the sudden everyone is rooting for the C’s. must be nice to have 4 hall of famers and Sheed off bench VS one man. enjoy the bandwagon. The funny thing is there barely winning even with no one playing but KOBE lol if we had just one player help out, PAU, BYNUM, L.O., the popcorn man, phil jackson, anybody who wanted to play some pick up ball we woulda won, but 5 VS 1 pretty obvious BOS gon win lol, and you Writer ppl who always wanna call the lakers a deep team to make KOBE look crazy when he loses, tell me how are we so deep? PAU is lost, Bynum is hurt and lost when he aint hurt, L.O. does nothin

  73. giov says:

    trust my word…. kobe and the lakers get their 16 title…. in game 7…. time will tell…

  74. Prophet of Doom says:

    I am a sports prophet from the East. I predicted the Bulls double threepeat long before it happened. I correctly told an audience that Bryant will win a championship without Shaq in 1997. SORRY CELTICS. THE LAKERS WILL WIN GAMES 6 AND 7 in this series. They will go on to win the championship this year, and will add one more to threepeat. This is Boston’s last hurrah, and they will miserable fail. Sorry, it’s in the stars. It is destiny.

  75. Ed says:

    The truth is, Mr. Sekou, the Lakers team doesn’t really have a D. If you allow your opponent 100+ points per game, your defense is in suspect. Compare that to the Celtics team, and you will see the wide discrepancy.
    The Lakers team usually win games via shoot-fests. Unluckily, the Finals series is about basketball (the Boston way)!
    Celts in 6!

  76. JTV says:


  77. Jerald says:

    Dream on Celtrics fans, Laker will take game 7! hell yeah! =] peace yah!

  78. regime says:

    Kobe alone can never beat a team like Boston.


    By the way, Andrew Bynum please reply if you read this. Thanks!


    Whatever is the outcome of Game 6 in Staples, I will always be your greatest fan! Bynum, I know you will become great one day! I believe in you, the only problem is the chronic knee injury… Hope you get well soon… Hope you will read it………….

    Favor please, Sekou Smith, if you will read this please tell bynum about it thanks!

  81. Tyler says:

    note* since when were LA fans such whiners? since FOREVER! win or lose, rep your team. just shows how “true” fans you guys really are. boston in 6… let the hatin’ begin.

  82. cyko says:

    lakers in 7!!! go lakers! go!!!

  83. lakers10 says:

    Lakers will win Game 6 and 7 if gasol, bynum and artest find rhythm. Go and Gudluck lakers!!!

  84. JDee says:

    The C’s need to keep playing this way i.e. stifling Defense or lock down Gasol mainly. Kobe is Kobe and will be unstoppable, just need to limit him and it doesnt matter if he score 40-50, long as the other Lakers don’t, then C’s are champs, even in 6 !
    We just need to see a more consistent Ray Allen, I’m very displeased with the way he’s been shooting the ball and getting lots of unecessary fouls. It seems that he can either have a terrific night, like he did in Game 2, or just go for 0 !!!
    He’s contributing in other ways, but we need a better Allen in Game 6 (let’s hope he’s actually more pumped up in LA then in the Garden), along with a rolling Rondo, and KG…..still, beware of these “sleeping” lakers; back home, they can be scary. Let’s finish them in 6 C’s !!!!!!! 1 MOOOOO’

  85. CELTICS FAN says:

    I think Kobe did the right thing in taking over… if he hadn’t done that people would still be talking about how he isn’t like MJ and all of that BS… No one will ever be like MJ… so let’s stop that debate until someone wins 6 again… unless you are Robert Horry of course… the Lakers as a team just didn’t have enough stops… I don’t believe that you are a ball hog when you are shooting over 60% in a quarter… the Celtics just played better 😉 turnovers is still an annoying issue though… and it’s something they can’t do on the road…

  86. redsand says:

    LA – Lack of leadership (in terms of defense)

    KOBE – how would you rate his defense… especially the “help” that eveyone must give.
    review the tape of MJ.. for you to see. Stop comparing kobe to mj…he will never be
    #1, MJ did not lose a championship series in his career!

  87. Lester says:

    celtics will win if garnett and allen plays well,i hope the big3 win, atleast 1 more ring for kg before he retire,.rondo will carry the celtics to championship..rondo for finals mvp

  88. EmerMandocdoc says:

    GTR- Grand Theft Rondooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. y’all crappy c’s fans..dont underestimate d heart of a 4time champion and a coach that has 10 rings…lakers is gonna bust boston down on games 6 nd 7 by 20 or more points…pau and fish will certainly find their range and bynum will dominate the paint,ron2x will step up to the challenge of guarding pierce and hes also gonna drain all those 3pt shot…VIVA LOS LAKERS

    • tonyo says:

      fish is a nice name so why dont they all pack their bags and go fishing coz that’s what are they going to do after game 6….

      • Boston in 6 says:

        hahaha lol!

        to Clarence:
        you’re looking only at yourself, not your enemies.


        now who’s BOSS? BOSTON sir.^^

      • Chilax says:

        tonyo, great phrase. i think fisher already gone fishing in Game 5. hahaha.

        Clarence Clarin and other laker fans, i will never put your heart out and i will never disagree with what you wish to happen.

        I just want you to know that some laker fans yelled at my post when I said before that Celtics will win 2 games in TD Garden based on statistics. Look at what happened now.

        Now I’m gonna tell you another statistic. A team who wins Game 5 wins the series 83% of the way. If that holds true, Celtics will win. Another statistic, only 3 teams made it to the championship after being down 3-2 in a series. Hopefully, your team can join that team.

        Aside from statistics, only Celtics have shown more than 5 different good players can score more than 10. Lakers team or Kobe Team have showed less than 5.

        LET’S GO CELTICS!!!!

        May the most deserving team win.

  90. celts says:

    dont forget ray allen. he hasnt been scoring much but every time hes on the court lakers defencse stretches. example, nate robinsons open layup, sasha could help cuz he could give allen space. allen, crucial even if he doesnt score

    • kap says:

      And if Ray Ray gets it going it will cause fits for the Lakers D… if KG and Pierce play like they did in gm 5 and Ray gets it going in gm 6 with them, it could mean series over unless LA finds a way to deal with them all and Rondo firing on all cylinders

    • Watch Ray in game 6 He will be a monster.

      • Kel says:

        I agree! I’ll be astounded if Ray doesn’t have a good shooting night. Maybe not the record 8 3’s, but still a strong showing that could possibly earn him an MVP trophy if he is a main factor if they win game 6. I actually thought in the Finals in ’08 he could have been the MVP. And definitely in that All-Star game when Lebron robbed him. Ray is still underappreciated and overshadowed at times. It would be nice to see him be the main attraction. He deserves it for how hard he works. Plus, he’s just a class act and is one of the good guys in the NBA. Go Boston! Put this one away, and force LA to have an asterik for their ’09 Championship! I know you can never tell, but it’s a shame they didn’t have a chance to 3-peat.

  91. Tom says:

    Michael Jordan scored 63 against them but they still won because they were the better team.

  92. Tom says:

    I disagree. I just think the Celtics are better than the Lakers as a team. The Celtics are not beating the Lakers because the Lakers are playing horrible defense. The Celtics are beating the Lakers because they are a better NBA Finals Playoff team. Better offense, better defense, better effort, better bench, better team. The Lakers played good defense. The Celtics just played better offense. It don’t mean LA played bad defense. But they can keep thinking that. Everybody think the Lakers are this big invincible team.

    • Agreed, Boston demonstrated the same thing against Cleveland and Orlando, an overall better team and always timly coaching. Doc Rivers is a great coach, who’s in touch with every players strangths and weaknesses and knows how and when to use them.

  93. PC says:

    oops sorry Lakers will win. KB24 and his team always steps up under pressure. better than boston under pressure.

  94. celtics4-2 says:

    Lakers – 1 man team in the past 2 games…

    MJ – “There is no “i” in team but there is in win.”

    let’s go BOSTON!!

  95. VINS says:

    lets go laker’ get ready you are going to lose by 30 points.

    • tonyo says:

      yeah right….fakers can’t even score 20 a quarter against a great boston d…

      • Kobe81 says:

        Don’t be an idiot, kobe scored 19 in a quarter in game 5.

      • Chilax says:

        hey kobe 81, tonyo was referring to the lakers team, not kobe team. hahahaha. you’re right kobe 81, kobe team scored 19 points. let’s wait for him to score another 81 in game 6 so you will loose again.

  96. Beowulf says:

    Is it just me to observe that in key moments of the games in Boston the referees have always gone Celtics way? Boston is a team which plays “good” defense, meaning foults on almost every possesion and they get away with it when it matters the most. Only the first game in LA was refereed right. Who wants to bet that in the next game if the score is close in the 4th quarter Boston will get the “right” calls at the right moments just enough to win?

  97. larrybird says:

    When Nate drove in and put in that layup, there were a lot of finger-pointings among the Lakers. I thought it will be a good clip to go with this post. But I have to say something for the Lakers, they are a good defensive team among the NBA. It’s just that, Boston is a better D team.

    It’s like a pitcher duel.

  98. Ball Boy says:

    Kobe’s got every reason to be upset the Lakers arent performing to their “great defensive standards”. It’s not because of a lack luster, it’s a combination of two facets. One, when Rondo pushes and plays the game fast, this creates all type of defensive problems for any team, but in particular the Lakers. As it has been documented by K. Smith, the Lakers are a long, powerful team. They’re not fast nor nimble. They will shut you down if you play slow ball and try to bang it inside. When Rondo’s in the fast lane and creating plays, no one can keep up with him in the NBA, let alone a slow, old Lakers back court. Even Kobe doesnt possess the foot speed to keep up with Rondo, maybe 5 years back, but certainly not now.

    The second key reason Kobe’s upset about their defensive efforts is because the Celts are THE BEST at team plays. Every play they make involves an extra pass or unselfish hand off. Doc even has plays for his supporting crew, showing how much he trusts his team, not just the all star starters. How many plays do we see the Lakers draw for Vujacic who can knock down the shot, Artest, or even Odom?? Close to NONE! Everything goes through KB or Gasol. Fisher gets a few set up looks, but not enough to utilize his smooth jump shot. When a team truely believes in each other whole heartedly like the Celts, they become lethal. Every man is an option, not just KG, Pierce or Allen. Every man is an option! I’ve said this before, but just look at the stats. Whether the Celts win or lose, 4-5 players score in double figures under 20. But if you check out the Lakers, they need KB to throw in close to 40 points and Gasol to add another 20/10 effort.

    Sorry Kobe, it’s clear. The Lakers can’t gaurd the Celts because of the mismatch in the back court, but also because they’re the epitomy of an unselfish team. There’s no doubt that the Celts will continue to play the way they do and remain unselfish. The only hope the Lakers have is if Rondo chooses to slow the game down. Because no one on the Lakers team can gaurd him. Rondo can be as fast as he wants or jeopardise the Celtics run by trying to slow things down. Don’t be surprised to see Rondo a genuine candidate for Finals MVP if the Celts take home this championship

    • PC says:

      hey i like your essay. well done. you were fair in your statements. being a Lakers fan, you convinced me that Boston is a better team with your thorough arguments. I already know that BC is a better team but as you know, being a fan of a team, you want them to win regardless of knowing “who” is the better team *cough Boston cough*

    • WZ says:

      Fully agree and it’s on display throughout the series. LAL had the edge in the frontcourt, but with Bynum at 50% (at best), I’d call it even. Backcourt it’s all Celtics.

      Funny thing is, everyone thought Artest would shut PP down (and he did for most of the series), but Tony Allen seems to be doing an even better job on Kobe!

      Love this series, it’s just full of surprises

    • good game says:

      100% agree with you man, I also think that Rondo is key player and my thought is he could easily be finals MVP, I enjoy watching him play, really smart player, quick moves even quicker mind!

      I just want to add 1 more thing, in my opinion beside Rondo, KG is the biggest problem for LA’s defense. Artest can guard Pierce, Ray Allen wont have game like game 2 again for sure so he is stoppable too, but there is no1 in Lakers who can stop KG. Gasol and Odom just cant hold him, when Boston plays isolation for KG, he gets to rim anytime, Lakers must play team defense, 1 on 1 neither Gasol, Odom or Bynum can hold KG. Boston’s defense is pure art, great team play, they never guard player 1 on 1, really fast in double teaming, great stuff!

  99. AJ says:

    Boston is playing a great defense. If at all Lakers want to win this title I think Pau has to be more energetic. He has the worst energy I have seen in game 5. Also, Artest is plying one of the worst times of his career (bad for Lakers). Now i think we should have had Ariza. Anyway, Bynum is playing ok. Fisher should be dribbling a lil bit more and shd be able to find open guy. Other than Kobe I dont see any anybody in Lakers with the the urge to have another ring. I am a Laker fan but with the the rhythm Boston is playing I am guessing Celtics in game 6.

  100. Spoonbill says:


    • Chilax says:

      Rondo is unbelievable in Game 5. Tipping a loose ball at the rim over Odom and Bryant. That was so great!!!!!

  101. Garen says:

    LAKERS will win game 6 and game 7 will be a crucial one…. but all signs point to lakers….
    just because they lost in boston straight 2 games doesnt mean a thing… it was a whole week at boston…fans/atmosphere get to you… and both games were close…if kobe scores 38 points at your own home court…imagine what he can do at home court… i am not saying one man can win championships…but pau and bynum are gonna get there game back…ronron get his D and odum well odum just do his left hand runs…

    • tonyo says:

      kobe can score an 80 for all i care and the c’s dont care also as long as he’s the only one one scoring at the fakers side…..ball hog kobe… he can’t win it all by himself…….

    • Celtics fan says:

      What signs point toa Laker win? Tell me. Lack of defense, bad interior passing, lack of production from Gasol and Bryant in the pick and roll. Little to no outside 3’s, except for Kobe. tell me what are the signs that the Lakers are going to make a come back. Boston has seen everything that the Lakers have, and being at a visitors court has nothing to do with it.
      Celtics will finish this series Tuesday night…

      • Kel says:

        I agree. There’s nothing new to be seen by either team, and Boston’s gotten the better of LA after a horrible showing in Game 1. Kobe had 38 points. How much more can he do? And defense wins championships, and we all know who has been the best defensive team thus far. Allen will have a better shooting night, but Garnett and Pierce will play much better than the first two games. I’m sure Gasol and maybe some other players will do better since they’re at home, but Boston is better on the road and it doesn’t matter to them. In fact, I think Ray Allen plays better away. I think the team is more focused sometimes on the road. Based on what I’ve seen the past 5 games, I have no reason to believe the Lakers will come out and blow out Boston. The game could definitely go either way. But I really think Boston will treat this like a game 7, as they do not want to take this series to another game. They’ll mean business. So will the Lakers, but Boston has been the tougher and more determined team so far. Both physically and mentally. They just look hungry because they know this may be the last time this team is together. They understand it’s their moment.

  102. Simple Innocent says:

    Go Celtics Go!!! You’re the best team…keep up the good work beat LA in Game 6 Yeah!!! ^_^

    • Rods says:

      I agree but PP should hang himself for returning to LA anyway even the C wins the championship. Dont speak if you cannot do it.

  103. sting says:

    you guys act like the Celtics already won.It’s a seven game series which means one team needs to win four games to clinch the title. The series stands at 3-2 with two more games to be played in LA. After five games this series has turned out to be a classic and what better way to conclude this dream series than with two more games in front of a hometown LA crowd. I’m not gonna give out any predictions but you guys will from me again immediately after game seven.

    • kap says:

      Dude, that was totally a prediction! You just claimed to be back after game 7. Meaning you think there’ll be a game 7 and most likely that was a hint you think LAs takin gm7.

  104. Stephen says:

    Obviously LA Defense the past 2 games were horrible, lets take it game per game. in game 4 they let big baby out of the crib and let him drool all over the court. HEY! Lakers wake up and beat the celtics.. its not yet over until the final buzzer sounds.. tighten up the defense on he interior and push them to take lower percentage shot. and second bench should provide an extra boost whether defensively or offense. that is if you want to win.. Lakers in 7! No Doubt about it….

  105. big ticket says:

    go C”s

    let kobe score but not his teammates.,

    basketball is 5 on 5 not 5 on 1.,, hahaha

    we need the presence of kg & davis in order to win game6!!

    we must stop pau for the winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

  106. just mike says:


  107. reasons? says:

    pau gasol and lamar odom are so much over rated, the softest center and forward in the nba we’ve seen, they cannot man up. period. nowitzki is better coz he takes hits and still play agressive, unlike those two, they play like girls,

  108. Arwind Santos says:

    i agree the Lakers didn’t have a good defense,by the way if the Lakers win the Championship it is obvious that Kobe will be their MVP,but if the Celtics win the Championship the who should be the MVP for them?i mean in every game they won they have different MVP in the game 2 Ray Allen was the MVP, in game 4 it is Davis then in this game 5 it is Paul Pierce..but the most consistent player of them was if they win the Finals who do you think will be the MVP Sekou?

  109. jomzki says:

    Credits to Kobe on that 3rd quarter but man on the other end it was Paul Pierce and the C’s! PP is the truth!
    Blood, Sweat and Tears Baby!!! been praying about this all year long!!! 1 more C’s!! don’t you go and break my heart now!!! 1 more!

  110. Izzy says:

    When Kobe shoots like he did tonight the rest of the Lakers become spectators which works out for the Celtics winning tonight. a 6 point lead at the half turned into a 13 point lead with Kobe the only one shooting the ball for the Lakers.

  111. NBA Fan says:

    Just like James needed his team to help him so does Kobe but i think the celtics will finish off the Lakers just like they finished off Lebron. Love ya Lebron better luck next season. Do the right thing on July First…..

    • Rods says:

      OMG its not over yet. The C win 2008 in boston but not totally in LA

      • Pro818 says:

        I think the 08 series was won when the Lakers lost game 4 .
        This year I think it ends in 6 as well and the play of the series will be Doc Rivers calling a time out to save a possesion

  112. CYA in LA says:

    yo y’all celtics fans make me laugh man..actin like u got it already..u guys won 2 out of 3 at home..which was expected..and now its lakers turn to win 2 in a row..its as simple as that..of course ignorant bandwagon boston fans would act like the series is over already…hahahaha..y’all funny as hell

    • iamnotevenfromus says:

      thanks for the respect. I never knew lakers fans allow any teams to take 2 of 3 away from them. so you knew..

    • tonyo says:

      well for one thing its nice to be the one leading the go c’s end the lakers season on tuesday…BEAT L.A!!!!

    • Celts says:

      you know coming into Boston the laker fans were like yall are a terrible home team… and they were right… bostons better on the road than at home so goodluck with that… homecourt advantage dont mean a thing against the celtics as the magic and cavs have been kind enough to show

  113. emoxian says:

    coz he’s no michael jordan..hahaha kobe is just a ball hog. MJ is the best. Kobe is just an MJ wannabe.

    • Dude says:

      kobe never said he is like MJ, evrybody else is just saying his game is comparable to MJ’s. Kobe will deliver in game 6 and 7, just wait. Lakers for champ

      • alexrows says:

        Kobe also delivered in games 4 and 5 😉

      • BUGSIE30 says:

        Dude was right, KOBE will DELIVER………………….just wait. but not in this 2010 NBA final with BOSTON…..maybe next year with some other team.

      • celtics4251984 says:

        keep dreaming it time for some other team to take the spot…and celtics dont brag bout things or are stuck up like the lakers….

      • mineo says:

        thanks for being unbiased. hope every kobe fanatic will be like you.

    • Charles says:

      how is kobe a ball hog …. he averages 6 assists per game … kobe nd da lakers will come back.

  114. wewels says:

    lakers will win in game 7..go laker!

    • wowie says:

      The next game to game 5 is game 6 man!!! Take it one game at a time! win game 6 and you can talk about game 7… Boston is playing with the intensity that they shoud have starting game 1, thats bad news for the lakers!

  115. boston#1 says:

    Go Boston. nothing to say against kobe but he need his team to beat Boston.

  116. junior says:


  117. nevergiveup34 says:

    lets go celtics one more baby where are all the laker fans now and dont give me that bull that you guys will win two get out of here your going fishing with the rest one man cant win a team has to beat la beat la

    • Boston in 6 says:

      don’t cry lakers fans… there’s always next year ^_^

      • Rods says:

        ha!?Ha? the celtics should be ahead in score for the next 48 minutes of play to win the championship. The lakers are different at home specially when on the verge of elemination(hopefully this will work out in game 6)

    • Lakerfanbeforeshowtime says:

      Where are the Lakers Fans well here is one and WE WILL WIN TUESDAY AND WE WILL WIN GAME 7! To all the Kobe Haters who say he is a ball hog blah blah blah you are acting as if the rest of the team was doing anything at all last night. I love the game and have played the game so I will not bash any Boston fans because that is not the classy thing to do and I respect Boston as a team. They have 3 future Hall of Famers in Pierce,Allen and Kg but still all three have yet to play great and they can not beat the Lakers if Gasol and the Lakers bench plays well on Tuesday,which I believe we will being that our bench plays better at home. Boston has not had one impressive victory except maybe game 2 which was won by 9 and the other games boston won where by only 6 points. So if we show up like I know we should on Tuesday then Boston fans will need to put their faith in the Boston Red Sox for a championship this year.

      • Thefactofthegame says:

        hahahahah, u bluntly say as all laker fans hope for buddy but the stats say otherwise LA has gone bak to routing the ball to Kobe, BYnums injury check out to be just a sprain….how many more excuses need to be out. OUt of faith you can say LA, but the facts point to Boston. I agree dat LA will win game 6 considering we’ll probably see the Celtics resting their players a bit, but game 7…. God help them….