Tony Allen, The Kobe Stopper?


Posted by Sekou Smith

BOSTON — Tony Allen said he wasn’t interested in playing this game.

He said two days ago, long before he had to hit the floor with the Celtics’ season on the line Thursday night in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, that there is no such thing as a “stopper” for Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant.

Allen sold himself short. Because he filled that role to perfection, smothering Bryant during a crucial fourth quarter stretch that saw the Celtics rebound from a seemingly eternal hole to take control of a game they absolutely could not afford to lose.

Not only did he frustrate Bryant into a 2-for-6 shooting effort in the 10 minutes he spent on him from the end of the third quarter until late in the fourth, he provided a clear blueprint for the rest of this series on how to attack Bryant on defense, if there is such a thing.

“He does a great job,” Bryant said. “He plays hard, he competes and he’s a good solid defender. I’m enjoying it.”

Allen stayed on Bryant’s right hand, following the scouting report to the letter, and forced Bryant into uncomfortable spots on the floor repeatedly as the Celtics climbed their way back into the game, first, and then took control of it behind the play of their reserves.

“I think he steps on his right hand really well, makes him go left and keeps on the floor instead of getting up in the pump fakes,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. “He does a good job of that.”

Bryant shot 10-for-22 from the floor in the game but was just 5-for-14 in the second half, most all of that coming with an Allen (Ray Allen spent most of the night Bryant) in his face. He scored 33 points but half of his shots were from beyond the 3-point line (he was 6-for-11) and he also had seven of the Lakers’ 16 turnovers.

Allen said his preparation started at shootaround Thursday morning, when he looked around and realized how focused the entire team was. “We knew this was basically the biggest game of the season,” he said. “So we had to be locked in on what our coaches had laid out for us and the plan they had in place to get this done.”

It showed in the way the Celtics’ reserves played. They were all over the floor during that late-game stretch where they took back control of the game.

“Tony Allen was phenomenal tonight with his energy,” Cetlics coach Doc Rivers said. “We want to make it tough, too. I actually thought we made it tough. The guy is Kobe Bryant. He made some unbelievable shots. But I thought, again, we did a great job on everybody else, and we felt that in Game 3 we didn’t do that.

“All the other guys really hurt us, and I thought our guys stayed focused on their man. They didn’t get mesmerized by Kobe. We’ve done that a couple of times where we’re watching Kobes and [Dwyane] Wades so much that everybody else is going off. I thought our guys stayed pretty disciplined tonight.”

No one more than Tony Allen. And while Celtics captain Paul Pierce refused to admit that Ron Artest‘s defense had any effect on him and his struggles in the first three games of this series, Bryant praised Allen and the Celtics’ for the way they are working to limit him.

“They’re a great scheming team,” Bryant said. “They have a strategy in place and they execute extremely well. I feel pretty comfortable. [I] wasn’t pleased with the way I took care of the ball tonight, I thought I did a horrible job of that. But it’s a great defense … it’s right up there with the best of them.”


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  2. Marky says:

    Tony allen is the real Kobe stopper… based on ESPN stats kobe shoots 4-20 when guarded by allen, the whole series 4-20 okay dont just look at the 33 points because allen doesnt guard kobe the whole game, Still Jordan is the best

  3. ldhl89 says:

    Look at the FG% and turnovers and your are going to see why kobe-stopper
    And watch the game and you are going to see the great defense of tony allen and boston celtics.
    Kobe is arrogant, he is not going to be happy if he just assist gasol, odom or bynum or fisher, etc. Kobe need 30 Points to be happy and kobe is going to shoot until he get those points. Kobe is the player who shot more in the NBA

    • Ball Boy says:

      If you watch game four, neither of the Allens could gaurd Kobe at all. It was only in the fourth quarter that Tony had 2/3 good stops on KB which brought up these premature tags of “Kobe Stopper”. I would agree with Phil Jackson’s comment his team was tired. KB had a couple of sloppy plays that led to Allen and Rondo steals. If it wasnt fatigue, than it’s a failure of leadership as he caused critical turnovers during the most important quarter. You decide what the reason was. KB was basically on fire in the first 3 quarters. KB’s never been a good field goal shooter despite the crap you see posted by so called “experts” on his shooting abilities. He has not had one season during regular or post season where he has shot over 50% or even come close to shooting 50%.

      Everything gets hyped out of the windows when it’s Playoff time. One, KB has a lousy shooting percentage to begin with, so 10 off 22 or so attempts is normal for him. I would attribute his turnovers to fatigue/ poor decisions (my opinion more of a lack of leadership skills and part to good D, let’s face it. Allen is no all defensive player). Since Tony Allen has made more defensive stops on Kobe than Ray, all of a sudden he’s a Kobe stopper? Let’s get real guys. Tony Allen doesnt even rank on the NBA’s all defensive third team let alone be worthy of a title such as “Kobe stopper”

  4. Ball Boy says:

    sorry for posting this, i know you’re gonna wanna punch me for drawing this comparison…

    but is it just me or when looking at the pic of sekou and big baby next to each other, there’s a fair bit of similarity there?

    lol, dont hate me sekou

  5. Ball Boy says:

    lmao, this Lakers All Day tool seems to be spamming his caps lock crap all over the site. You would be a damn fool to truely believe the crap you are posting. Bynum absolutely creates advantages for the Lakers when he is healthy, but what you and many over confident kobe loving stalkers forget is that Rondo creates just as many headaches if not more for the Lakers than Bynum does.

    Doc Rivers told Rondo he will be the key to this finals victory and he is absolutely correct. Tony Allen has done a solid job defensively on KB, but let’s think about this. When both Fisher and KB are out there, who’s chasing Rondo? KB. After sprinting after a guy almost twice as fast as you, you’re then gaurded by a decent defender. Credit to Tony for playing solid D, but he’s now gaurding a KB thats just been chasing a faster Rondo. And who’s Rondo gaurding? Fisher who is a slow spot up shooter. If Rondo continues to push and run, the Lakers are gonna get tired cos they don’t have the depth in their bench as the Celtics do.

    The Celtics have more rotation options in all positions of the court. The Lakers depend too much on their superstars. When the Lakers win, Bryant and Gasol need to score 60 between them. They occassionally get support from Odom/ Bynum. But you look at the Celtics, you have 4-5 guys scoring under 20 points to get their wins. That’s real team work. It’s not an accurate protrait to paint Allen as a “Kobe stopper” cos he’s gaurding a KB thats focused on gaurding a Rondo. If you switched Artest with Allen in the same scenario, Artest would have more of an impact than Allen. Allen has frustrated KB and impacted the ease at which he scores so far, but in no way is he a kobe stopper. There are other facets to KB’s performance troubles. As long as Allen keeps KB to under 30, he’s doing a great job. We sing praises now, but if KB catches fire and drops 40 plus on Allen next game, we’re going to be singing a different tune of Allen.

  6. says:

    yeah agree…cannot stop KB… just slow him down and force him to turnover tha ball,let RR steal the ball for a quick basket…end of the day, C’s won the game and that’s the reason why, the NBA Finals is amazing. Not KB or any ego tripping individuals.let’s enjoy the game and learn the true TEAMWORK excellently demostrated here by the Boston Celtics. Used to be a big Lakers fan during Magic days:)

  7. Lakers ALL DAY says:


    • TrueFan says:

      Somebody needs a hug huh?

    • ukinayo says:

      intentionally bumping his knee… well that’s what bynum said, and no one else backed that up… so he’s just trying to cause some stir around the league… now that’s being cheap and whining at the same time lol…

      bad referee calls… health problems… other conspiracy theories laker fans love to bring up whenever they lose… if you’re talking about health, well boston is playing OLD throughout the year… that isnt exactly the competitive health we can say the celtics has an advantage of…

      shake it off man… support you’re team by showing that as a laker fan you have class… stop all the whining, finger-pointing and just watch the game…

  8. Danny says:

    Defense wins Championship, enough said. Check out the 4th quarter stats on both teams and you know why boston won.
    boston shot lights out in the 4th quarter and that means LA didn’t play defense, therefore they lost.

  9. ukinayo says:

    true… there’s no stopping kobe… he may have a bad game (around 20-25pts) on one and then shoot the lights out the next game (81 pts???)… but still, basketball is a team game… i like what doc said that the celtic team tried not to be caught up with what kobe does (e.g. getting kobe’s 6th fouls in game 2 and trying to stop kobe from getting hot in game four)… they just played their game and hopefully the team that does better basketball wins.

    the truth of the matter is… LA won the two games not because of kobe… but because LA as a team just played better… and celtics won the other two games not because of the big three but just because they were a better basketball team.

    some analysts or commentators are saying this finals is an ugly series… because people expect the stars to shine and the future-to-be-hall-of-famers are supposed to be cementing their status…

    but for me, this is a great series… i root for boston but i get headaches when the big 3 (or 4) dont get in sync… and my heart stops whenever kobe does something amazing or the LA big guys gets an offensive rebound… but i guess this is basketball is all about… just play better basketball than the other team, just work harder, just hustle a little more, just shout a little fiercer… no stats BS, no history drama, no hollywood endings… just pure basketball.

  10. Tommy says:

    He absolutely destroyed Kobe in the 4th quarter. A bench player completely taking Kobe out of the game, that has to be embarassing. The Celtics bench stomped on the Laker starters in the 4th quarter and there’s no denying that. The Lakers looked like a high school team in the 4th!

  11. Ruffhouse says:

    If u got eyes in yo head u seen the game. Lakers got absolutely no calls in the 4th qt. This series is not about Lakers or Boston. It’s all about MJ legacy. They see he’s getting close to MJ in rings and they don’t like it. Rings don’t make u the best. In that case Bill Russel way better than MJ, he got 11 rings. All these Boston fans ain’t nothing but some Cleveland fans and Kobe haters.

    • TrueFan says:

      Lakers got all the bogus calls this game, what were you watching? Gasol trips over his own damn feet and goes to the line…KG gets a 3 second violation with 20 damn seconds on the clock…shall I go on?

      And the point you made about jordan’s legacy was idiotic and only proved itself wrong….first you say they see kobe is getting close to jordan’s ring count and they don’t like it, then a sentence later you basically contradict that foolish point by stating that rings don’t make you the best because Bill Russell got 11 rings….Uhhh if they were only concerned with kobe not getting as many rings why would they care and try to stop him no when he barely has a third of Russell’s rings?

      Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Boston has had the most championships in the league for over 50 years. Celtics Pride is VERY real, generations of people have grown up and witnessed the greatness of the Celtics in several eras…this has been the case since before Kobe was even thought of OR Cleveland’s recent rise to “greatness” with Lebron. Boston fans are the realest and most supportive in the league, which is why every team hates to play here and realizes how hard it is to win here. You don’t hear us booing our own team when they’re down like the Lakers did when the Spurs were giving them a run for their money….and its been that way since the Lakers were in Minneapolis. The only reason the Lakers are even considered our rivals is because we’ve met so many times in the finals and have over half the rings in the league between the two teams. For lakers fans that makes them feel like rivals….Celtics fans look at the Lakers as the team we historically wipe the floor with in the Finals…don’t get too ahead of yourself. lol

      You guys should really try to stay out of that direct sunlight…

  12. monjok says:

    what an exciting game im expecting this series to go to 7 games in la ofcourse with the lakers taking it in overtime and kobe ripping out the celtics heart with a dagger at the buzzer there is no kobe stopper no such thing he scored 33 points a solid 10 for 22 shooting 6 for 11 on threes he was feeling it from downtown he had to handle the ball more cause fisher was in foultrouble and had 7 turnovers especially when you get double teamed or triple teamed all the time he played the whole second half due to the bench letting the lead slip away and wasnt fresh didnt get that 5 minute rest he got in the fourth quarter 2 for 6 yeah but one of those was a three pointer and he got to the line in the fourth and still scored 12 fourth quarter points so he did hes thing on offense but you win with defense and thats how they lost not because kobe didnt close the game. kobe has obviously shown the ability to close games in the playoffs he did it last year with shots and timely playmaking to derek fisher he did it in the west conf finals game 6 agaisnt the suns he did against the pacers in game 4 2000 finals on a messed up ankle in the fourth quarter and in overtime when shaq fouled out when he hit shots and made the game winning tip to ice the game basically hes made a career out of it i expect him to do it again he actually already closed game 1 of the nba finals when he set the tone. he is not a ballhog hes avering 6 assists in this series and 6 assists in the playoffs overall but since the celtics are going to double team and triple team him he should have double digit assists and game 5 6 and 7. for the lakers to win ron artest has to be aggressive he cant hit outside shots then he should post up or drive in to draw contact he has the strength and the athletic ability to do so. andrew bynum has to get healthy to be a physical presence that he his rebound block shots score defend pau gasol has to be more aggressive the lakers have a very talented bench just a very very inconsisteint lamar odom is a talented forward we know that but he has to show up shannon brown is explosive can get to the rim and is a goood shooter farmar can pass and shooot and he is quck luke walton understands the offense can pass and also shooot. vujacic can shoot and he gets hot quickly they have to be consistent and derek fisher should defend and hit timely threes kobe is so goood the c defense only focuses on him and thats why they forgot about derek fisher in game 3 same thing happened last year magic defense only focused on kobe and derek fisher got opened shots and made them so dont say derek fisher his more clutch than kobe fisher wont be clutch if not for kobe then i guess steve kerr is more clutch than jordan cause in 97 finals utah defense only focused on jordan and kerr got a pass from jordan shot it and made it.

  13. chocolat says:

    The real problem for LA is they rely too much on KB. of course KB is an excellent player but is just a man. He can’t do it alone. Even though he scored 33pts, LA didn’t win the game4 because T. Allen put some pressure on him and he also was tired. KB is a very good player but he’s just a man…

  14. berlin says:

    Gotta agree with the rest of the guys here, there’s no such thing as a Kobe stopper. But still, Tony Allen did a great job of limiting him and forcing turn overs. So nice of Kobe to say good comments about the Celtics. I’m beginning to be a fan of his! I still want the Celtics to win though 🙂

  15. TJ says:

    ok first off The lakers are not based on KOBE. Yeah he is a MEGA help to the team when the time comes everybody seems to come through, whether its pau gasol, Derek, Bynum, ron, odom or any of the rest their breakthrough will come. Praise to the celtics for makin it to the finals because they didnt have an easy trip at all but its time for it to end. One thing the lakers have is the last minute ability and like they said when its crunch time Kobe as well as the other lakers will pull through and take it two in a row. All the Kobe and Laker haters please stop cause we made it two years in a row for a reason as well. As far as there being a kobe stopper HA!! i laugh at that cuz even when he shoots terrible his numbers are still bombin. Tony Allen may have slowed him from making a bigger difference to the game but can never stop a man who puttin up 30 points a game when he shootin about a 30%. Imagine if he made all those other shots WOW!! they better play like they heart depends on it but ok it watever. LAKERS IN 6!!!

  16. ness says:

    Yo anyone who thinks this will be a six game series I think is mistaken. These games are close, these teams are equal. Yeah everyone keeps saying Ray Ray didn’t perform or Bynum didn’t perform or whatever, but that keeps happening. Neither team has had all their players perform in the same game yet. This is definitely gunna be a 7 game series. Just don’t know who game 7 is gunna go to…

  17. BrownMamba says:

    iight kobe was he only one who showed up tonight, & lamar showed some flashes of brilliance but pau needs tto stay focused . & the problem with the lakers is that they dont have a consistent 3rd option, it would be bynum but he’s injury prone & it would be fish but he is too inconsistent . i’m worried about bynum for the next game though cus in that 4th quarter they were PoUNDING us on the offensive boards
    Lakers in 6

  18. gege20703 says:

    to ALL kobe fans..just dont try to mix the thing of MJ to KOBE ok??because kobe can stop.. the only player who can’t be stop is thats His AIRNESS..ok? but even if MJ had been stop eventually but never BEen stop when his n’ the top..

    i could say CELTICS in 6..

  19. N.A. says:

    Someone had posted in another forum a comparison of 4th quarters in the Finals by both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Also mentioned was the fact that the rules were more convenient back in M.J.’s time in that defenders could really put a hand and be more physical with their defense. The facts state that M.J. had higher stats, was more productive in most, if not all of the Finals 4th quarters than Kobe. Not taking anyway from #24, but M.J. does “will” not only games, but an entire series into domination. That’s where one great departs and the other starts.

    Kobe is more clutch than Jordan, however, Jordan doesn’t try to start playing clutch on the 4th quarter, he does this from the beginning of a series, from 1st to 4th quarter. Given that I don’t wish to take anything from a terrific Lakers team, I like the fact that Boston is a cookie-cutter, unselfish basketball team that is very fundamental and defense-oriented. They are more fun to watch than the other defense-oriented team: Spurs. Why?


    And their bench does not explode with just a man, it takes two or more who play their minutes as if they have been starters to begin with. Like Barkley said, practice is over, once you get to the floor, deliver. It is playoff time, it is the Finals.

  20. f3c_19 says:

    ok, first i know there ain’t no kobe stopper, but people please, read the article first before you comment, it even says there, Tony Allen, The Kobe Stopper? with a question mark, the article clearly states that he was only able to limit kobe not STOP him, pay respect 2 da fella who writes da article

  21. Mr.BOINGZ says:

    uhhhhh….lets just say that….BASKETBALL is a TEAM game…not a 1 MAN SHOW..period

  22. CARLOS_PADUA says:


  23. Leonard says:

    First team to win two in a row will win the series(at least that is what it looks like.)

  24. Leonard says:

    As a diehard Celtics fan I know that there is no such thing as a “Kobe Stopper” on ANY NBA roster. All you can do is make him work hard on both ends of the floor and hopes it takes its toll on him. Tony Allen has embraced his role on this team and is working very hard to make life difficult for Kobe Bryant. As long as you turn him into a jumpshooter it will, along with chasing Ray Allen around screens and not giving him any easy shots, works in the Celtics favor. Bynum is the key for the Lakers right now-if he cannot give them quality minutes then LA wil lose the paint battle and the series. Without Bynum Gasol will have to defend multiple Celtic bigs the rest of the way and it will hurt his offensive game. No Bynum means a Celtics 18th title.

  25. John Shaft says:

    Like others here, getting tired of the “Kobe this” and “Kobe that”. 30 points, 40 points, 50 even from one player don’t necessarily win a game. What you like to see in the Finals is hustle. Plain good old hustle. Show me the hustle. Show me the guts. I am looking forward to a lot of mean, hard hustle in the coming games. That’s what wins playoffs games. Points numbers from individual players are a mere distraction for your average fanboy. A Kobe basket = an Adam Morrison basket. Kobe ‘s baskets are not worth 6 points. A Nate Robinson basket cancels a Kobe basket. It’s not who scores, it’s which team can outscore the other. At that level of basketball, you get that by playing D. Anyone can score at any given time. Really. It’s the Hustle that tells teams apart. And I think both teams have that. I don’t care so much for the stupid glamour and hype.

  26. ^nino^ says:

    i think allen do a great job to kobe… im a big fan of celtics..kobe is going out lakers…GO CELTICS GO…

  27. D-H says:

    Nate Robinson went 50% from the floor + a foul…I guess no one can stop him either?

  28. conrad says:

    lets face it Kyon no one can defend Kobe if he’s fresh and wants a basket. he was just staying humble, that’s all.

  29. gege20703 says:

    ahm!all i can say is BOSton rules the game..and think about eh..KOBE fans YElling that nobody can stop KOBE?ryt? that’s why game named basketball everything could just got those stops tonight and man dont try to keep in your mind that KOBe couldn’t stop..because playing ball is too hard even if your MJ..the only thing exists in the world of NBA is MJ CAN’T be denied of his willingness..KOBE can stop eventually if he’s not and the rhythm coz some1 is pushing him to hard to get his shots ok?that’s the world of basketball everybody can stop..ok>??

    so please dont try to sell-out that There’s no KBE stoPPer..LEt say There’s is some1 could PUsh him to hard to get his shot and challenge his shot hardly ok?

    2-2 the series is even.. meaning its a great battle..but still take credit to ALLEN’S..defense.. i would say gasol and lamar odom had more tough shots than KBE in game 4..coz kobe got his shots from the outside coming from high screens but watch again the game will see odom and gasol have had more tough shots than KOBE.. ok?

  30. TrueFan says:

    Kobe= maybe the best finisher in the game.

    Tony Allen= stopped Kobe from finishing

    Tony Allen trying to stop Kobe from finishing + Kobe not finishing= Kobe was stopped.

    Pretty simple when you take a step back from Kobe’s genitals, huh?

    Look, Kobe is the best entertainer in the NBA. That is a given. However, you can’t call him the best player because part of being a player is knowing when to kick the rock out. Kobe is a ball hog or as we say in Boston, a hungo. Point blank. Yes, he will occasionally pass the ball and get an assist. But overall, he’s not the best team player. Why is that so hard for Lakers fans to understand? In the respect that he inspires his team, yeah great he’s a good team player in that way. But otherwise, nah.

    Before the series most of you Lakers fans were all giddy off of (barely) taking out steve nash and company and making wild predictions like the Laker will sweep, Kobe is going to singlehandedly crush the Celtics, etc. Funny how a dosage of reality can kill all that nonsense. Pre-Finals, “Kobe can score 81 pts in a game, he’s gonna crush the Celtics, blah blah blah….” Now: “Kobe stopper?!?!? C’mon he had 30 points!!!!!!”….see a pattern here? He didn’t drop 30 points on tony allen first of all so that’s moot. He had his pocket picked several times, his passes intercepted, his shots denied. And he was stopped from closing, which he very much tried to do in the 4th despite some idiot posting “Why didn’t Phil Jackson let Kobe finish the game?!?!?!”. Yeah, because Phil Jackson doesn’t want Kobe to finish the game. I love how when you guys win a game, Phil Jackson is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but when you lose you all somehow believe that you are in a position to give him advice on coaching….kinda like how Kobe can never give opposing teams any credit, it’s always “We didn’t do this, we didn’t do that…and the refs….etc.” Never just “we were outplayed by a great team”. Yeah so he showed a shred of humility tonight. That’s only because after tonights performance it couldn’t be denied. He, unlike his fans, realized that not giving up the credit and props to his opponents tonight would totally pigeonhole him as an arrogant crybaby…again.

    Great game Celtics, let’s keep it moving and take game 5 so we can head to LA with them on the ropes. Lakers fans, you’d better pray to Jesus, Jehovah, Buddha, Ganesh, Kali or whoever you worship that Bynum’s knee isn’t all done…

    Go Celtics!!

  31. Chinito says:

    I’m a fan of Boston Celtics, Tell you the truth I like Kobe Bryant, I like that He respects his opponent, that’s cool, a well respect for Kobe.
    I idolize him, and I collect his kicks,
    In my opinion, No one can guard him individually, He scores 30 points!!! If someone can shut him down like 10points, that will be a miracle, or Kobe is sick when that happened… He is like Michael Jordan, but I don’t like his team, LA Flakers…He is the only guy who is doing all for Lakers. not like Boston a well balanced team! Celtics in 6!!!

  32. LA#1 says:


  33. nacaozumbi says:


  34. Arwind Santos says:

    i’m a boston fan but i really like the sportsmanship of kobe and gasol in this series.unlike paul pierce kobe is appreciating the good defense of his opponents he praise them and i think he never underestimate his opponents thats why he is always playing good he always play his best because he respects his opponent.that is the thing that Paul Pierce must learn and he must admit if his opponent are playing well against him.and on gasol i like what i saw in his attitude he is not bothered by the hard fouls or overreacting when refs had a bad calls unlike when KG, Perkins and Rashid takes an hard foul or a bad calls they almost always overreacting thats why they’ve getting technicals.They must learn that attitude because sometimes it can put their team in danger for that nonsense can’t take back the calls of the refs by reacting or confronting them they must learn how to be patient to avoid the technical fouls it because it doesn’t help the team it helps the opposing team..Celtic’s in 6

  35. budski says:

    don’t you all ever get tired of this argument? kobe’s better than this guy, NO, are you kidding me? this guy’s better than him, this guy’s more clutch, this guy’s selfish, this guy’s this this guy’s that, this team sucks, this team is better than that team, blah blah blah. come on people, being a fan doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do this silly stuff. what’s the point? it’s never going to end. just watch the game, support your team, and enjoy the game. if your team wins, celebrate! if they lose, well go to sleep. I myself am a Lakers fan and a Kobe fan since the first time I tried to play basketball, and I am sad that the Lakers lose this match, but I accepted it and respected the opposing team also. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just enjoy the game rather than do petty quarrels?

    • unknown32 says:

      well agreed to your comment i believe ppl are too sentimental theses days and it became like the normal fan bashes other players of oppisite teams and all its lame,so i really agree with your point of view Let’s just enjoy these Finals.

  36. oneeyedguy says:

    I will be the first to say that I dislike Bryant. But there is no Kobe stopper, not in this generation anyway.

  37. Chilax says:

    The Cccccc’s played as a team again! tony allen, keep on the good D at kobe. other players, keep on hustling and stealing the ball, you’re a better team Celts!

    wins of celtics: game 2 (ignited by ray allen and rondo); game 4 (ignited by the bench)
    wins of lakers: game 1 (courtesy of gasol); game 3 (courtesy of fisher)

    individuals win games, TEAMS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS! LET’S GO CELTICS!

  38. LakersWillWin says:

    I hope Andrew is ok….

  39. MrMartinGee says:

    my mate who goes for the lakers keep on saying that lakers gonna win coz they have the big guys
    well it a tight game
    but the advangate is on the lakers side because celtics gonna go back to LA for another game , 2 if needed

    certainly agree with fred
    there are players out there who can D up on superstar like MJ and kobe, better than other players
    and it just luck that celtics have players who can D up on kobe like
    T.Allen combined with R.Allen doin a pefect job D up on kobe

  40. The Ghost says:

    YOU GUYS ARE ALL STUPID!!!! hahahaha

  41. JONVERS says:

    big baby gave the lakers a headache in the finals, i hope coaching staff of lakers see this

  42. JONVERS says:

    I wonder why phil not allow kobe to take over in the 4th, except when the LA were behind they give the ball to kobe but when the game was close they let the ball go to somebody, that is why i noticed when the lakers was ahead their oppent cathed them

  43. hazze28 says:

    guys, dont argue over this. Yes, there is no such thing as a stopper bec any player may explode on any given nyt. But you guys who are so into kobe?! Do u knw how 2 play the game or r u just a worshipper of a ball-hog?! If u dnt knw how 2 play the game, then shut up and quit putting in c0mments as like u r praising a basketball god! Kobe aint air jordan. He aint!

  44. marky ramone says:

    KOBE score 30 points because he took a lot of shots and Ray Allen is the one responsible for the 40%Fg of Kobe.. Kobe still human, the thing is he doesnt afraid to take big responsibilities though most of the time when he is on fire any shots come in… still i love underdogs go boston!!! Kobe is still miles away from the great Michael Jordan

  45. Iron Fist says:

    @ fred
    I find myself nodding. MJ had some of the best defenders on him through the 90s.

    I believe that a player like Kobe brings out the best in each player who guards him, instigating a challenge
    of the highest kind. Even if you know, he is going to pour 30-40 in, you want to make sure that he works ultra hard against you, and every extra miss and frustrated face that you see is like the carrot in the treadmill that keeps you going and going. Tony Allen did well tonight, no doubt. Locking down Bryant is damn near impossible, but limiting him to sub-40 shooting should be good enough for Boston.

    Yes, it hasn’t been an exciting (play-wise) series so far, but it has been one where little things matter, where role players step up, where hot and cold are just one game apart and that is why I enjoy these Finals. I don’t know who will win the trophy, won’t make a prediction who will, but one thing seems sure to me: Both teams got to fight for it and it ain’t gonna be easy for either team. People who predicted a Lakers sweep beforehand… don’t know basketball. I do hope it’ll be a 7 game series.

  46. whykeepgoin says:

    The real Kobe stoppers are Vince Carter(Kobe career 30%fg ag Carter) Battier and a couple guys in POR and CHA!
    Truthfully there are no stoppers for Wade and Lebron. Its a team effort stopping them its NEVER a one man job! But no I dont think anyone in BOS is a kobe stopper. Their best defender ag Kobe is actually Pierce! The key to Kobe is he out jumps people. Pierce is bigger and longer than Tony and Ray.

    • Aldstar says:

      Uhm anytime you mention Vince Carter as a defensive stopper, let alone a KOBE stopper, you are retarded because Vince Carter doesn’t play defense. And if Kobe outjumps people, the C’s should put Tony Allen on Kobe, cause Pierce has no vertical. His fat ass barely gets of the ground, while Tony Allen has hops, and he is quicker then Pierce.

  47. sting says:

    Kobe stopper?..Is there even such a thing? It’s like holding water in the palm of your hands, you think you’re holding it in but it’s really dripping slowly and consistently until it’s all fully drained from your hands. Stopping Kobe is close to impossible, the best thing you can do is just try to contest every shot and hope that he misses more than you would expect. “Stopping” is what the Lakers did to Ray Allen in game three. 33 points is not exactly stopping, it’s just keeping Kobe from scoring 40. But if it gets you the win then you’ve done your job.. As for stopping the most prolific scorer in the NBA today, an entire Toronto team tried to stop him before and he still ended up with 81 points..well at least he didn’t score 90.

  48. just mike says:

    if lebron played in lakers they will definily sweep the series but kobe is a wannabe playing like a rookie, just trying to win the mvp finals before to think in the team, thats the big diference beteen MICHAEL JORDAN and this funny wanna be boy, i really belive that lakers gonna win this title but please stop to talk trash about kobe is better tanh mike…the only reaseon cause lakers gonna win this is because of gasol and fisher.

    • michael says:

      i don’t think he’s clutch. he’s just at the right place at the right time. like robert horry. these people are what we call the ikce breaker. They kill you when you least expect it to happen. it’s because they know to position themselves when the time comes. Being clutch is taking the game in ur own discretion. maybe if kobe is not on the team, i can consider fisher clutch

    • michael says:

      it goes for everyone. do you think lakers will win without kobe? it’s a team game, therefore don’t say it’s because of gasol and fisher. why not include odom, bynum etc. The truth is, Lakers will win this series because they’ll soon realize that they are a team/unit. period

  49. Mohamed A. says:

    Good Luck to both teams, though. However, in the end we all know who’s gonna walk out with that Trophy…;)

  50. charles says:

    @ david T, Kobe is less than magic, bird and nash? what planet are you from? Kobe is definitely above these players. Its hard to will your team to win when everybody is guarding you. Magic had worthy, cooper, jabarto rely on scoring during clutch. But Kobe only has fisher to score during clutch plays so it makes harder when the other team’s defense is focused at you. Kobe is being compared to MJ for a good reason. MJ has better teammates than Kobe does. If you put Kobe in Chicago teamed up with Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, longley and Kukoc he can easily will his team to win because the defense cant double/triple team him all the time.

    • unknown32 says:

      Not quite you got to look at chemistry, so far the only guy who fits with Kobe is fisher.Kobe might not be the hog he once was but in this serie he’s a very high volume shooter to get it going.He goes off then he’s quickly cooled off ,Game 4 was Kobe against the Celts realtalk.All i saw was Kobe hit back to back 3’s then the Celts rally and come back but no answer from the Lakers except Kobe who honestly is the only one with the will to win.

  51. Mohamed A. says:

    NO SUCH THING AS A KOBE STOPPER. And all you Celtics fans out there trying to prove that the C’s got passed the Cavs when everyone doubted them….just remember that KOBE is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY! 😛

  52. Dvoice says:

    There is not such thing as “Kobe Stopper” but great defenders in the NBA can only “try” to slow him down. The last thing Celtics want to say is that they have a Kobe stopper and that will make Kobe drop 40 points in game five. Although Kobe is a great shooter, every shot he takes does not have to be contested when a good defender is on him. His team mates should try to set some screen and create easy shots for him too. In the 80’s I noticef that basketball was more like a “chess game” they create so many mismatch on offense but now everyone seem to stick with whoever is guarding them. Davis was the difference in the game tonight, and the Lakers really missed Bynum tonight to stop him down low. Lakers must find a way to reserve Bynum for fourth quarter since he is injured.

  53. Jordan fan! says:

    Kobe is the player, but the championship is for the best team! Boston in 7

  54. Ron says:

    Kobe was 5-7 from 3′s when Ray was guarding him…Then Tony guarded him and Kobe became 1-4 from 3′s. I think the Celtics will take that. Anyways, Tony Allen was doing a great job guarding Kobe. He limited Kobe, made him turnover the ball, and gave him really hard looks. Yes, Kobe’s shooting was better tonight, but he had a very good start and a not so good finish. The Celtics still won this game even though Rondo, Allen, and Garnett did not do well on the offensive end. Kudos to the C’s bench.

  55. nk 21 says:

    man u cant stop kobe… he scored 33 in an ok game, and everybody was guarding him… u can try to limit kobe but the dude cant be stoped… to guard kobe u have to be in his face the whole time and pray for him to miss… the dudes crazy….
    but tony did an amazing job… but kobe didnt score that much when tony was guarding him because tony guarded him for a short time… and kobe just wasnt stroking…
    thought the sereies would be 3-1 by now…

  56. vinoy says:

    kobe is kobe..nobody cant stop kobe,only kobe can stop kobe!

  57. Markolas says:

    Tony Allen did great job, but he didn’t stop Kobe…He just didn’t allow him to close the game, and that was important.
    Boston did almost everything wright: off. rebounds, free throws, limit turnovers, get points from bench players. Lakers didn’t do almost any of that, and still it was a close game. I think Lakers will win next game, because more players will deliver, not just Kobe and Pau, and I think they will have much more rebounds.

  58. Kurt Nacionales says:

    Tonny Allen streched his best game ever…
    he matched Kobe’s offense and makes him (Kobe) into difficult situations to shot while making the boston celtics into a comfortable lead…
    Go Allen….
    BEAT LA!!!!
    Banner #18 coming up…..

  59. Taylor Gang or Die says:

    Kobe was 5-7 from 3’s when Ray was guarding him…Then Tony guarded him and Kobe became 1-4 from 3’s. I think the Celtics will take that. Anyways, Tony Allen was doing a great job guarding Kobe. He limited Kobe, made him turnover the ball, and gave him really hard looks. Yes, Kobe’s shooting was better tonight, but he had a very good start and a not so good finish. The Celtics still won this game even though Rondo, Allen, and Garnett did not do well on the offensive end. Kudos to the C’s bench.

    • Aldstar says:

      Well you are right about the treys, but you also have to look at the small things that come up with those treys, like, that last treys Kobe took were desperation treys to try and make something of the game.
      And when you say the Celtics still won this game without good play of Rondo Garnett and Allen, you also have to look at the Lakers. For example, where was Bynum? And the Celtics bench was exceptionally great, and I don’t see that happening again depending on how many mintues Bynum can play, cause the Lakers interior defense was so bad I tried to jump in the TV and slam Lamar and Pau on their head hoping to wake them up.

  60. Black Mamba says:

    David T you must dont watch basketball to say Kobe can get awfully silent in the 4th quarter of BIG games. This man had 6 game winners this year along. You can even take a look at what he did to the Sun’s in game 6 in the 4th. Tony Allen and Ray Allen and the whole Boston team guards Kobe not just one player. They try to do all types of traps and everyting on that man. MJ played in a different time where you could only play Man to Man D. No zone or all these other defense that these coach’s try to come up with to stop Kobe. Now just think if the game was like that now where you could only play Man to Man. Go do your reseach when Jordan was on top of his game there was no really good defense players in the game that use to guard him.

    • unknown32 says:

      Ok first of all…Kobe wouldnt stand a chance playing in Jordan’s time you must be crazy comparing the time Jordan played to now where Kobe played…Kobe can barely score anymore with a hand in his face, look at all those flats shots he took and the 3’s were deep one’s and off screens who freed him up shows that he’s having a hard time with one on one defense.Kobe is a great player BUT NOTHING like MJ, there TOOOOOO much of a difference between his era and Kobe’s era.

      • Aldstar says:

        Kobe gets a hand in his face every time he shoots, so that must mean Kobe averages like 3 points a game right? Oh he averages 25-28? Hmm i guess you don’t know anything about Basketball, saying Kobe wouldn’t stand a chance in Jordan’s era is like saying Phil Jackson isn’t that great of a coach, he is just blessed with great players. They both don’t make any sense and are Stupid…..

  61. kb24kg5 says:

    A few players were given the tag “Kobe stopper”. Ruben Patterson, Shane Battier, Ron Artest. All of them failed to stop him.

  62. Derick says:

    lol, there is no such thing like a kobe stopper know one could ever stop greatness. he’s like jordan. he leads and he facilitates and by the time he realize he should make a move he step up and responds. now that is greatness. Watch out celtic fans! LAKERS in Game 6!

  63. matt says:

    kobe stopper, how stupid can you get. Kobe still scored 30+ points, that not stopping kobe.

  64. korn says:

    i agree to you david t. fisher is more clutch than KB..KB is selfish he always look 4 a shot rather to pass to open teammate..if look you now why the lakers lose today is bcause KB 24 is being stop by tony allen..if KB 24 is really a team captain..why don’t he look 4 a open teammate to pass 4 much high percentage shot..instead he force himself to his defender and hoping to hail mary shot..LOL! to all KB 24 Fans…brace ur self bcause here comes CELTICS!! there gonna win game 5 & see u next year Lakers fan!…hahahahahhaah

    • Aldstar says:

      DAMMMNNN!!! Man, you need to go to school! I had to read your comment 14 times before I could understand! And besides going to school, you should try and learn more about Kobe’s game, and about how the Lakers play. And Derek Fisher is still the captain 😉

  65. kaye says:

    Kobe Stopper??? are you serious? haha 33 points? and he was stopped?

    0-13 from three point land now thats what you call STOPPED 😉 wink wink

    • michael says:

      precisely right. high five there… there’s no such thing as a stopper. you can limit his scoring, but to stop him fro mscoring is a different thing. does that ring a bell?

  66. yohannes says:

    Tony Allen was able to limit Kobe in the 4th quarter because Kobe was a little tired. He played the entire 2nd half, because none of the Lakers’ bench was able to step up and gave him the few minutes of rest that Kobe needed.

    Well, good job Celtics. Really enjoyed the game. I see it as 7-game series. What do you all think? Vote of the NBA champs on my website

  67. Newsky Moon says:


    A Kobe Stopper is a ‘mitology’ figure? ‘Mitology’? You can’t be serious right?

    … What in God’s name does ‘mitology’ mean?

  68. merdanis says:

    how can you score 33 and say somebody stop this guy.we heard so much of kobe stopers over the years.the guy can;t be stope,period!how many points he needs to score night after night,year after year to realize this guy can;y be stoped????storytellers!!!you suck!!!

  69. thegreatest says:

    Hey david..why so jealous with kobe leading the way?…Let me guess either your are a kobe-hater (a jordan lover), lebron-lover or another celtic fan…I’ll bet you;re praying that kobe will not be the man when they win on game 5 and if they do win the championship you will relish the fact that he won’t be the FINALS MVP..admit?? right?
    but that’s not going to happen…dude, recognize the best player in the game

  70. Ilai Poluton says:

    @ Nino

    Don’t you mean mythology… God damn lakers fans can’t spell to save their life.

  71. Black Mamba says:

    Man there is no such thing as a “Kobe stopper.” Yall tripping can’t nobody stop Kobe but God or Kobe. I play ball and if someone score 33 on me I would not think I played good D. Also please don’t start this Lebron stuff cause he is not a closer at all. He never shows up for big games. The same stuff yall saying now I’m sure you Laker haters was saying it went we played Thunder, Utah, and the Sun’s. Time after time Kobe takes over. We gone win game 5 and close it out in 6 at home but we do need Bynum and Odom to step.

    • CELTICS says:

      Celtic aren’t Thunder or Utah though. Celtics are a franchise team, Thunder are young and inexperienced and Utah don’t match up to the Lakers well

    • Relevancy says:

      Hey, maybe Kobe will see this post and you two will get married.

      I distinctly remember LeBron scoring 50 in double overtime against detroit to get to finals against spurs…I guess that wasn’t closing out, huh?

      • Aldstar says:

        That was closing out! Please tell me more LeBron closing teams out moments!??

        Hmm, Well maybe LeBron will see this post and the two of you can go search for LeBron’s closing out moments, good luck!

    • Lakers suck says:

      hahaha dude you got owned, lebron tears kobe up. its not even close for the two of them lebron is 100x better, he shares the ball with less reliable team mates scores more shows up for the bigger games and is a much more humble player unlike kobe

  72. nelson tun says:


  73. Jason Sais says:

    Kobe Bryant is playing inconsistent basketball. Kobe is shooting difficult 3 pointers on a lot of possessions. Kobe’s unwillingness to share the ball is throwing off his teammates. Fisher, Gasol, and Artest can’t find any offensive rhythm because they are rarely touching the ball. Kobe should aim to get 10 assists in game 5. If that happens, the Lakers would win easily.

  74. ldhl89 says:

    Kobes fan boys cant bealieve it, but less than 40% in the first 3 games is not coincidence, who cares the points if you have less than 40%.
    In this game kobe have 7 turnovers

  75. dubyaS says:

    Who won? What side are the ref’s obviously pulling for? Not an LA hater but this series seems to be run by Don King!

  76. Wade3 says:

    Oh my god everybody stop saying “Kobe stopper? No he had 33 pts blah blah blah.” Did you guys even read the article? It talks about TONY ALLEN COVERING HIM LATE IN THE GAME. Not Kobe killing the celts earlier. Some of it may be due to fatigue, I dont know im not Kobe but when it comes down to it, Tony Allen did a great job on defending Kobe late in the game hence why they said Kobe Stopper. Its like you guys take that so personally, chill out he dropped 33pts but only a couple of baskets on Allen.

  77. alchimister says:

    hey guys ! (i’m french, so soory for my bag english…)
    Just a word, or two… about the stopper, somebody can explain me, like if i was 6 years old, when do you win a basket ball game, most of the time, in the fourth, no ???, and kobe in the fourth ??? 2 for 6… so if i’m not stupid, who is the guy that have been stop ??
    please help me there….
    see you…
    go celtics !

  78. icd says:

    I do not understand why Lakers just relies on Kobe and Gasol. Kobe pushed himself too much. Lakers is used to advantage of third and fourth period all the time. However, since the bench did not work, Kobe was so tired that he could not use the advantage of third and fourth period as he does always. Phil Jackson should give him a rest for the rest of the series.

  79. fred says:

    its always harder to play D than offense…the thing is…tony allen defends kobe as well as anybody in the league outside shane battier…we’re not saying kobe isnt great…he is…but even in MJ’s prime…there were players who play better D against joe dumars for example…we are not saying kobe isnt great…but we r just stating the fact that tony allen is a good defender…btw…this is a tighter series than i thought…i love boston….but i thought with LA’s maturity and height…this might be a series with blowouts and uneven performances from both sides..but its very very tight thus far…GO BOSTON..but may the best team win…

  80. david t says:

    Kobe can get awfully silent in the 4th quarter of BIG games. Yes, he makes big shots and his athleticism allows him to dominate. But over the years, I’ve noticed the ball goes to him in big time moments out of necessity. Sometimes, like in the Finals against the Celtics in 2008 (especially the last game), he looks like he’s waiting for the real MVP of the Lakers to take over – Derek Fisher.

    Go back in time to the Finals against the Magic. A few very tight games – and it was Fisher more than Kobe who was clutch. It’s Fisher hitting huge threes or knocking down impossible shots like in Game 3 of this series – and against the Suns and Spurs.

    Kobe will take what you give him, but when he tries to will it in the 4th or in big moments, he can’t. Unlike MJ, who could. So yes, Tony Allen did a great job, but Kobe did his usual, running up his points by taking what you give him. When he tries to soar with the legends and take over, not just when he’s “hot,” or draws an easy defensive match, he’s not in the same league with MJ, Magic, Bird, Nash, etc.

    My prediction is that If LA wins, it will not be because Kobe comes up big, but rather Fisher delivers.

    • Aldstar says:

      You my friend are insane! You are talking about the 09 Finals? Kobe dominated that series! And yes Fisher hit big shots, but what do you expect? The real mvp Fisher hahaha you are crazy! And anytime you say Kobe is not in the same league as Nash when it comes to CLOSING OUT GAMES,(then actually you are right, cause Kobe is top 5 alltime when it comes to closing out games, Nash must be satisfied if he even is on the outside looking in) you should jump in front of the next train, survive, and then jump of a building only to survive again and then be eaten by birds. You can never ever mention Nash in the same sentence as MJ,Bird and Magic when you are talking about big shots! And now back to your theory of Kobe never comes up big in 4th quarter of big games. Hahahah. I’m just going to give you one example of many, 2 3 point shots against Portland……….And Fisher knocked down impossible shots against the Suns? Against the Suns? The Suns? Man the first thing that has to come up in your mind when you mention Suns-Lakers-Big shots, is the shots that Kobe made over Hill, and ofcourse his game winner back in 06. The ball goes to Kobe out of necessity? Necessity? Well, when you are in a clutch situation, it’s normal that you go to your clutchest player, because you NEED a score.
      My prediction is that if the Lakers win, it will be because Adam Morrison plays 40 mintues and scores 50 a game……..Now that is almost as stupid as your prediction.(JK but you get my point)

    • michael says:

      it’s not only about the two of them. it’s all about the unit that comprise the team. yeah, fisher made huge impact, but we can’t deny the fact that they work as a team when they won last year. Fisher was just being aggressive and is precisely at the right place at the right time. The focal point is if kobe doesn’t deliver, the whole team is affected. so he should take the lead and if that happens, LA in 6

  81. luclongley says:

    andrew gaze for life

  82. Nino says:

    tony allen did a terrific job down the stretch, but honestly there is no such thing…..a “kobe stopper” its a mitology figure it doesn’t exist……kobe scored 33 points……thats a very good number…..but for a player such as kobe it does not mean much when he does not close the game up……which he did not. and I am truly pleased with kobe´s humility…he is not known for a humble guy….but i think he showed that side when he said…..quote:”He plays hard, he competes and he’s a good solid defender. I’m enjoying it.”

  83. Oula says:

    I agree with David Zilberfayn. The Lakers missed Bynum in the middle, it created a situation whereby the starters plus Odom had to play for very long stretches without getting rest. Bynum and Gasol gives LA easy buckets and they help turn the shorts on defensive end with their length.I like how the Lakers are playing so far. Big Baby was the main difference in game 4. Quick recovery to Bynum………………

    • michael says:

      I agree with you about in that area. I’m a Lakers fan but I do believe that they shouldn’t rely only on bynum. Other players should step up in their absence. Odom, artest, brown and farmar must contribute for the success of the teram. goodluck team. bring home the goal….

  84. playmaker24 says:

    kobe stopper?? no. 24 had 33 points all night on 6-11 shooting from 3point land….i don’t know why should you call it in that way…watch out in gme 24 will explode and will close it out in LALA land….believe me dude….Lakers will make it again…

    • unknown32 says:

      Why is it that you always say Kobe will explode the next game or the one after that,if he hasnt exploded in 4 games then he won’t explode at all.He’s being held down and its tough for him you can see it in his game,he relies on the refs to make calls for him where there is none.Kobe is HUMAN like me and u…he has been playing how many minutes throughout the whole playoffs,and he had to do EVERYTHING for his team to acceed,heck if it werent for him LA wouldnt make it out of the first rond.I believe LA and its fans will tired this guy,Jordan didnt have that problem because he was surrounded by HALL OF FAMER Scottie,guys like Rodman(no matter what he was still a solid player),Kerr,Kukoc,Horry,and it goes on,so some night Jordan could rest and rely on his teammates who stepped up.Kobe has no1 straight up,the longer the playoff goes guys like Gasol,Odom,Artest are diminishing,Odom his showing signs but he doesnt have a killer instinct AT ALL,Gasol well KG is litterally eating him and he’s a flopper anyways,Artest well he’s doing somewhat his job on defense but what a mistake on offense he just doens’t fit in all that much.The only man i respect is Fisher,great guy and the bench well they’re weak.Kobe said it himself Celts are doing a good job stopping him and the Lakers,besides Kobe i see noone else with that killer instinct or that will, but you look at Boston you got KG,PIERCE,ROBINSON,THE ALLENS,and co….its tougher beating A GROUP then just a individual

      • michael says:

        This is unfair. Why do we always have to involve the refs. If boston wins, it’s all about the ref and vice versa. We must accept the fact that it is all about the breaks of the game. whoever wants it more will surely win it. Base on the first 4 games, it’s tip and toe. therefore one team will clearly win two straight this time. let’s just see which team it is.

      • naaaah says:

        I don’t know why people even compare the two (talking about MJ and Kobe). The thing about Jordan (like Magic and Bird) is that he makes the people you mentioned (Kukoc, Rodman, Pippen, Longley) better, even though it’s in the finals. Heck, Jordan even gave a pass to Kerr for a game winner. When each player got traded, nobody got better(even Pippen) because they got used to the Bulls’ kind of play in which Jordan was the center piece. Artest, Gasol, Bynum, Farmar are all good players but fade into the limelight. Also, I don’t recall Jordan screaming at his teammates at halftime.

        What’s so great about him is that he WAS the line between team and individual type basketball. Kobe is more of individual (yep, scores 80 but turns teammates to just guys with courtside tickets), Bird and Magic are more of team players (can’t have them score 60+).

  85. TheLoraxSpirit says:

    Dream on David! The Celtics have not got to the finals by luck! Accepted, Kobe is the best player in the series, but so was Lebron in an earlier series! The championship will be finally won by the team that shows the most discipline and plays within its strengths. Today’s game was a good example of what the Celtics are capable of if they do that. Also Game 3 was decided in the last two minutes, so it is clear Kobe, despite his brilliance, cannot do it alone against a team as strong and deep as the Celtics.

    The next game should be a lot of fun, and I am guessing the Celtics are going to take it. The Lakers just looked so tired today given that their starting 5 had to play practically the entire game. This is a clear advantage for the Celtics and if they don’t turn the ball over, its going to be Celtics in 7!

    • michael says:

      Let’s not compare lebron’s series to kobe’s series. This is a different one. Let’s just focus on the finals. It’ a matter who wants it more. Now it comes to a best of three series. Bothe teams for sure will give it all out. I have faith with my team and goodluck to evryone. This is an exciting series. go Lakers…

  86. RING 5 says:

    That’s not a good definition of a Stopper which allows an Opponent to Score above 30 points, 40% FG..He has to learn more and be smart enough to be recognized.. Nobody cant Stop KB 24..Just watch game 5..

    • pat says:

      why dont you define a stopper then? kobe made 6 out of 11 from 3 point range, meaning that he was denied access to the paint and had to settle for 3s, lucky enough he made 6 of them. and scoring 33 points on 22 shot attempts is not that efficient. any body could score 30 if they put up enough shot attempts idiot

      • michael says:

        I totally agree with you about kobe taking shot from the outside. you have a point there. But the fact that kobe diverted his inside offense to outside offense is an indication of how great he is. Definitely they stopped him from penetrating the inside, but they failed to hold their ground beyond the arch. I don’t want to make some prediction but I do believe that artest’s and odom’s moment will come soon at the right time. Go Lakers

      • Lakers ALL DAY says:

        Okay, so he was denied access to the paint. THAT MEANS IT WAS THE TEAM DEFENSE OF BOSTON, NOT INDIVIDUAL , IDIOT.

  87. Kyon says:

    Oh come on you KOBE FAN BOY. Don’t talked like the series is finished. No such thing as the kobe stopper? He admitted it himself that they were doing a great job on him, though they was not able to stop them. Might as well call him the “KOBE LIMITER” lol. Why do you think he got 6-11 in 3 point range? Obviously most of them were from high picks and screens, and if you actually play basketball in real life you’ll understand how hard it is to guard someone going through screens especially KOBE who can shoot from really deep. Drop your video games and hit the court

    • Chilax says:

      good point, Kyon! very well said.

      David Zilberfayn, read the comments and admission of Tony Allen’s good defense expressed by Kobe before commenting on this article.

    • Owie says:

      cheers to you Kyon. a very good point indeed! some here might not even play competitive basketball and just type in here whats in their basketballbrain. its really hard to defend the pick and roll, the guy could fake to the right and goes left then you bump the screener and get stuck. its not just plain “stay in front of your man” type of defense. the celtics played great defense on Kobe and the lakers, the celtics made sure Kobe wont just see one guy defending him, there’s always someone looking to help. even though Kobe scored 30+ points what really mattered is that the celtics made him a volume shooter. had him tough looks to the basket and made him to turn the ball over for what 6-7 times?. and when it mattered most. tony allen rose to the occasion and played great defense, challenging kobe’s shots, deflecting the ball and sticking to Kobe like he wanted to marry him.

    • SDKNIGHT says:

      Yo…..You’re all missing the point! If Kobe goes for 40 and they lose, it Dooesn’t MATTER. If Allen sets a record for 3’s in the finals, and they LOSE, it doesn’t matter! It’s all about winning, not individual accomplishments. You dudes sound like kids trading basketball cards. Two totally different styles of play makes for great championships. However, the Lakers have to be concerned with the inconsistent status of Bynum. In his absence, the Celtics demolished LA in the paint. Big baby may be a beast, but Gasol did little, if anything to contest his energy. Evident by that slobber that spilled from BB’s mouth, Boston looks hungrier. In the end, it’s all about who (team not individual) wants it the most. It may be Boston.

  88. David Zilberfayn says:

    Man there is no such thing as a “Kobe stopper.” The man went 6-11 from 3 point range and 10-22 for the night. Yeah Tony Allen held him to 2-6 or whatever you said down the stretch of the game, but to be honest that is most likely Kobe being a little tired since he did play the entire second half due to the benches inability to maintain or extend a lead. Kobe has yet to take over this series but when it comes down to it just like Kobe said himself, when push comes to shove Kobe will deliver for the Lakers and that is the difference between the teams in this series. When push comes to shove Kobe will get it done. I see Kobe getting it done in game 5 and closing out the celtics for his 5th championship in game 6…

    • iamnotevenfromus says:

      6-11 beyond the arc, 10-22 overall. Look, David, look. One more time, 10 – 6 = 4. Only limited to four shorts from within. That means something, doesn’t it? Kobe hasn’t been driving in that much, he hasn’t been shooting those post-up-fadeaways-drawing-fouls. While numbers certainly don’t lie, but they are blind. As far as a Kobe-lover as I’m concerned, Kobe is still human and credit to the Celtics. They’re a team. They don’t rely on a man on offense or defense. They rise and fall as a unit. First Allen, then KG, tonight the bench. I say LA relied too much on Kobe and Pau, and the Celtics are crowding them out. As ‘pathetic’ as Jon Barry may labeled Celtics offense, shouldn’t the Lakers be worried after losing to a “pathetic” offensive team? What then should the Lakers do when Pierce heats up and Ray get back his 3pt touch?

      “When push comes to shove Kobe will get it done. ” I see this as a losing formula for the Lakers. They need to look at other guys, like what Fisher did in Game 3.

      Basketball is a team of 12. And the Celtics proved that tonight,

      • unknown32 says:

        I totally agree with iamnotevenfromus ..David if u really know how to play ball and all you should know that Basketball is a team game,there’s no I in team ESPECIALLY in the Finals.I’ve said this numerous time the Lakers RELY EXCLUSIVELY on Kobe or Gasol..and Kobe isnt at his prime no more and he’s playing A DEFESIVE team that can slow him down, Gasol isnt a BIG threat like Kobe he has his time but so far he’s proven to be what he was against Phoenix inconsistent!same goes with Artest sorry but i dont agree with the trade for him he’s only good on one side of the court and takes alot of bad shots.After watching the game i saw that for about 4mins or so NO1 scored and the game was a stalemate back and forth!!!Celts were shooting poorly but still held it down on D and its a testiment to there will of not giving up they played till the end and they got the result they wanted..i believe that proven that Game 5 will be epic and the winner will go on to win the Finals and really right now the Celts are on a role they’ve done that with the Cavs and the Magics and will close it out now!Kg is playing like before now, Pierce has finally stepped up and showed what he can do,and the Celts Bench were doing it all like the phoenix bench did to the Lakers and i thats where i believe is the difference maker the bench players…..BIG BABY IS A BEAST at his size and he HANDLED LA’s big and he showed that he’s a fighter even tho he’s small for his size.Go Celts y’all can do it…..