Hang Time Podcast (Episode 12)


Posted by Sekou Smith

BOSTON — Miss Cleo? Forget about her.

She’s got nothing on Michael Bivins. A Boston native, Celtics and hoops die-hard as well as the founder and a member of R&B groups New Edition and BBD (Bell Biv DeVoe) predicted correctly that Celtics big man Kevin Garnett was not as finished as he looked in Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals.

And he did this on Episode 12 of the Hang Time Podcast, just hours before Garnett’s monster effort in the Celtics’ Game 3 loss to the Lakers at TD Garden. Take a listen:

Basketball was just part of the conversation we had with the Bivins, a stalwart in the music and entertainment industry the past three decades as an artist, executive, producer and one-time manager of such acts as Boyz II Men, 702 and Vincent H. Thomas-fave Another Bad Creation. But don’t sleep on his knowledge of the game. Bivins is well versed in Naismith’s baby, the Celtics-Lakers rivalry and how it relates to the millions of fans from coast to coast and around the globe that have been riveted by this matchup for years.

We also talked hoops and music with longtime FOHT Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports. The longtime NBA writer and former Celtics and national NBA writer for the Boston Globe shared his insights on the 2008 Celtics-Lakers Finals and how it relates to this current series before showing off his own singing skills near the end of the show (you don’t want to miss that). Here’s a cheat sheet on the podcast:

0:00 – 7:00 – Intro, Thoughts on the Finals, Gasol vs. Garnett, Rondo’s recent play
7:00 – 33:00 – Hip Hop music great Michael Bivins of New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe
7:27 – Giving Rondo the credit he deserves
11:00 – Gasol’s difference in play from 2008 to 2010
13:08 – Kevin Garnett’s age and play
16:36 – Celtics and Lakers’ fanbases
24:03 – How does Kobe view Lebron?
33:01 – Which team is the most hated?
35:30 – 48:10 – Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports
37:17 – Long or short series?
40:15 – Biggest changes from the 2008 to 2010 Finals
48:10 – 2005 Spurs vs. Pistons Finals series
49:57 – If it comes to game 7, could Boston win in L.A.?
54:00 – Wrap up

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  1. Raymond says:

    The guy Bivins knows the game he made valid points.

  2. Giant says:

    He might have predicted KG going off last night, but I bet he’s not feeling too good about Ray Ray last night. 0-13? That’s good defense.