From The Zone To The Twilight Zone


Posted by Sekou Smith

BOSTON — The cosmic swing from hero to goat, can’t-miss to miss-everything is an amazingly tragic thing to watch.

Celtics guard Ray Allen lived it Tuesday night at TD Garden. He went from the “Zone” to the Twilight Zone in roughly 48 hours.

Allen was the hero Sunday in Los Angeles, draining a NBA Finals-record eight 3-pointers, he was 7-for-7 from distance at one point,Β  as the Celtics snatched home court advantage with a Game 2 win at Staples Center.

But Allen and the Celtics gave it right back in Game 3, losing a 91-84 slugfest in which Allen didn’t make a single shot (he was 0-for-13) from the floor, coming up one miss shy of tying the Finals record for most shots without a make. Allen had 32 points and was 8-for-11 from beyond the 3-point line in Game 2. Allen was a staggering 0-for-8 from the same distance in Game 3.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers admitted that he’s never seen anything like it.

“No, it’s a hell of a swing,” Rivers said. “I’ll tell you that. You know, it’s basketball. That’s why you can’t worry about it. He’ll be back in the gym tomorrow and getting ready for the next game. I thought he was pressing early on them and some of them, and honestly, i thought all of his shots looked flat tonight. I didn’t think he had any legs. I don’t know if the knee and the thigh had anything to do with it, but I just thought he was short on most of his jump shots. Of the 13, I think eight of them were great looks, and all of them were short, all of them were flat. It happens to the best of us.”

Both performances were surreal, but for totally different reasons. Allen’s inability to find the bottom of the rim just once in a game as close as this one was could very well be the difference in a series the Lakers lead 2-1 now.

Credit the Lakers’ defense for much of Allen’s struggles. He wasn’t playing the shooting game it appeared he was in Los Angeles. Still, there were plenty of shots that he just didn’t knock down, the same looks that he made with took and made with supreme confidence just a couple of nights earlier.

Like Rivers said, it happens to the best of ’em!


  1. calvin says:

    Brad wow buddy please dont comment lol..Raphz i agree this is the finals you cant afford to shoot 0 for 13, kobe doesnt do that and when the hell did mj ever do that. He allmost set a record meaning he was close to the worst player ever in a finals game on tuesday. Coming from the best shooter in the universe consistancy is key. He should know by now when his shots off and change the mantal plan. I love ray allen but dont you do that stuff again man. Pierce dont get me started. K.G havnt forgot about you!!!Why is rando and allen takin all the blame but in reality the onlys working there tails off…

  2. brad says:

    Flash in The Pan Ray Allen !!! definitely not a super star. Super stars are consisitant. at least Allen can go in the history books as breaking one record then the next game breaking another record…hahahah. i heard he ate a big steak the night before…maybe that screwed him up… maybe it was a Laker girl or Laker girls… that took him out to dinner !!!

  3. Enrique says:

    PAul Pierce : Where the hell are you ??? from PEru !!!!!

    Let’s go Celtics !!!!

    and Bryant will never be as MJ !!!

  4. Raphz says:

    i just thought he is a star and not a superstar of the game. he should have any other options to score and not only throwing 3’s and inside the arc. but chances of having a bad night is high only if you have no or having a limited options and he doesnt even play defense. this is the FINALS and this is the time where superstars shine and be tested. he is a good player no doubt but not close to a superstar of the game as other claimed he is. but anyways, thats good if your a lakers fan. =)

  5. rumdogg says:

    Everybody has a bad night. period. it simply depends on redemption. how he bounces back will be the key for the whole team.

  6. jacksonM says:

    You have to give credit to the Lakers defense for Allens shooting slump. He got a freebie in the previous game so he got complesant. The guy can shoot the rock and will if you don’t get within a certain distance of him before his feet leaves the ground and the Lakers saw that and exploited it. The lakers knew that if got with in a certain disance of him even if it’s to the side of him or even if up under him within a certain period of time that will cause him to take his focus off the basket (that clear/clean look if you want to call it) causing him to throw up a dud. Once you start to make a shooter second guess himself then the rest of the game is history. Especially if that player is on a team whose game plan and strategy highly depends on sharing the ball. The Celtics defense was fine but their offense needs work, in this series against a bigger team; Paul Pierce not a factor, Ray Allen well he had one stellar game, Rasheed Wallace no factor comming off the bench, etc…Coby will get his regardless of how or what you do to him, except when he is in foul trouble of course, and Phil Jackson and the Lakers know that; so in essence Coby will and can control the game (offense) not so much physically but alson mentally. Therefore to win all they have to do is play good defense let Coby loose and maintain a lead or stay within striking distance until it’s you guest it Coby time…..To beat the Lakers the Celtics will have to get into Coby’s head disrupt his game (very hard to do) and as well as the others (easier task). Good luck…Coby scores 25 or more the lakers are nearly impossible to beat especially now since he (got a bit of help) is sharing the ball he going to pick the right time to score. He understand this better than anyone else except maybe the coach mainly b/c the coach’s overall goal and game plan is to win..

  7. Mark dual says:

    All you guys are idiots if you think it doesn’t happen to the best of the jordan had games like this not 0-13 but bad shooting whoa’s ray allen is the greatest shooter in the game by far and have been an above average vplayer averaging 20 ppg scoring is nothing new to him just a bad shooting night thats about it.

  8. rmanda says:

    That was an amazing game. I hope to see couple more games like those.Yet, Is it just me that thinks Garnett alwasy keeps a hand on offensive players waist while they start to shoot or go for hook or teerdrop and celtics as a team jumps into the shooters body instead of rising up? They just seem to have mastered it. For celtics perhaps there should be more than 3 refs.

    Some of garnett’s shots and moves were amazing.Those long steps and pump fakes over Gasol huhhh. It reminded me of the days when he carried load for wolves and outplayed duncan and other PFs. Kobe’s defense in 3 quarter was great, he should go down as one of the best help defenders. It reminded me of gold medal game when he “help-defended” gasol for howard and deflected a high alley-oop pass. Wat can i say about Fish….HE IS A FIGHTER ….He is trying to find his identity while Kobe is on court πŸ™‚ . That in itself is awesome.

  9. david says:

    lakers got robbed last game by the refs

  10. tuan le says:

    Live by the sword and blah blah blah… Confidence is the key. Lakers only need to stop Ray from hitting his first few and the rest will follow. Every time a shooter misses a shot, it makes it harder for him the next time everything else being equal. The reverse is also true. And if his team is on the trailing side, the pressure is even heavier. I was not shocked by his 8 3 pointers nor am I by his 0-13.

  11. Imbaataa says:

    Some of you Lakers fans diss your own team by making it sound like you NEED the celtics to have an off night in order for you guys to have a chance.

    Lakers arent overrated but the Celtics are underrated. I have no doubt Thursday will be a good game for both teams, last night was just a wake up call that the players need to prepare mentally for this series.

    Still, Celtics FTW!

  12. fraka says:

    Laker fan.
    How dare you saying that ray had luck in G2. Next year he will become the greatest 3pt shooter of all time. With ray and pierce going 10% from the field, and you win a close game? you should be very afraid of loosing this series. I mean think logically, you know that this isn’t going to happen this series again… Bynam is injured.. you’re loosing this series

    • Shawn says:

      Injured or not, Bynum has played great this series thus what point are you trying to make?? Pierce is not hurt and he hasn’t played his best in the first three games..

  13. jejemon says:

    I think that bump in the thigh he took from ron artest spelled the difference. For all those idiots blaming ray for a poor game, you should know first that shooting the basketball from 20 feet dont require power from the wrists alone…it comes from the legs, and if one of your leg is busted or bruised, you couldnt even have a decent throw, c’mon man, Doc even said it, of the 13 shots, 8 of them were great looks…ray was a cool dude, cold blooded..he’ll never show you he’s hurt, but will continue on playing…he’ll be back for sure…geez just one poor game and everybody forgot he’s one of the best..C’s in 6

  14. Adam says:

    Does no one remember the 2 blocked 3’s he had? That’s probably what did him in. Go Lakers!

  15. calvin says:

    Im a celtics and allen fan, honestly ppl have bad nghts but now is not the time for luck no luck statistics and regular seaon talk. You have 7 games to get the job done to me you cant afford a single quarter. Kobe will break his kneck for a single basket and ppl like garnet pierce need to have the same attitude i cant beleive there not out there going 100..When pierce drives he allways comes out with something hes not putting forth the effort. Celtics to me are stacked with big names and it is sad when ppl on the bench like nate robinson are scoring as much as your star shooter period..This is PLAYOFFS how many off night can you defend before your on the golf course..but its far from over this will go to game 7

  16. […] of this series will play out. It could go either way. Both teams seem to have different heroes (and goats) each […]

  17. Pete says:

    It has nothing to do with luck.
    after game one everybody was saying how old and slow the celtics looked. They got two nights off and then in game two they came out firing, running all up and down the floor, ray allen looking pretty coming off screens and moving well without the ball. After Sunday they only had one night off and had to travel so they got in to their home gym and those same tired old bones that everybody had forgotten about once again showed up. Doc Rivers even says that he “didn’t think he (Ray Allen) had any legs”. My prediction – Lakers win game four then after two nights off the Celtics escape game five in over time but it takes a huge toll and the Lakers are able to blow out game six at home.

  18. ZULU says:

    Thanks Ray.

  19. Hernan says:

    Game 7 in LA.
    This series is not going to end until then. Classic Lakers-Celtics

  20. Weasel says:

    It’s all about Karma. OverRAYted Allen publicly put down the awesome Kobester several years back, saying that he was all show. Now Kobester has 4 rings to his one. It just goes to show you that the Black Mamba works hard on ALL parts of his game. He’s an awesome shooter, passer, a leader and a tenacious defender – a well rounded player.

    As for OverRAYted, he is a shooter that can shoot the Celtics to a win or like tonight, just shot them out of the game. Now, if he would have worked on other aspects of his game like defending, passing, etc, he still could have helped his team. Instead, he shoots 0-13 and does nothing else to help his team.

    Although Kobester, the assassin, had an off night shooting and 29 points, he had 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocks.

    Nuf said, that OverRAYted fella has years to work on his game…

  21. izey says:

    😐 are you serious i mean hes like one of the best shooters that has ever lived…. 0-13 is something my gran could achive. Perece NEEDS to drop 20 garnett NEEDS to drop 15 and rondol NEEDS to have at least a double double. Ray shouldn’t need to drop 30-40 points for the C’s to win i mean look at the bench Nate, Sheed……… WERE ARE YOUU!!!!!!!

  22. izey says:

    i think he had a off day.
    I expect Perece, Garnett and rondol to step up and make a change. I mean Ray can’t do this on his own and like Doc said your unstoppable when WE play TOGETHER !!!!

  23. mojojojo says:

    Ray Allen sucks, Fisher rocks, Garnett sucks, Kobe rocks, Pierce sucks, Gasol rocks, LOSTon Celtics sucks, Lakers in 5!

  24. Willy says:

    Ray had a pretty bad game, but statistically it’s definitely possible. I mean combined for the two nights, that is Sunday and Tuesday, Allen shot 8 for 19, which is a pretty decent percentage for the 3 pt line. So, it happens, and he’ll probably shoot better the next game. However, I think the Lakers have the better team this time around. Even with Kobe not playing well….they can win as a team, and that’s huge. GO LAKERS!!!!

  25. Lucky?! says:

    Man you guys are ignorant. You say just got lucky at game 2? Ray is one of the best shooters in the NBA for christ’s sake. He’s known for that all throughout his career. Everyone has off nights, even Kobe has had some so don’t talk crap about Ray being lucky in game 2.

  26. Celtics Champions 2010 says:

    It’s like the BIG Three has turned into the BIG THREE ROTATION DRILL in these finals, we can’t win if we are like this. Everyone has to stay out of foul trouble and play smart basketball rather than just aggressive basketball. I expect Paul Pierce to back up his words by solid performances this time. 9 times out of 10 he is the trutb, if Rondo plays well then we are in for the money, coz he can get at least one Big Three working. If he can do that we have a chance. We can’t win it if nobody else plays, and just one Big Three. You know these Lakers are staked with stars as well, not like Cleveland or a young Magic team.

  27. Celtics Champions 2010 says:

    If Ray sank that last shot, we could have won … 😦

  28. Celtics Champions 2010 says:

    Man it’s like God’s taken away his talent in Space Jam.
    We gonna own the next two games with the BIG THREE back and we are gonna win it all in front of Jerry West.

    Celtics 2010 baby, from that vid I don’t hear Pierce sayin we are not coming back to LA, all he said is 3 MO games and we can win it and he’s right, we will win 3 MO games and win it.

    But, Rondo, Pierce, Sugar Ray and KG has to all step up for us to have a chance.

  29. cali says:

    go celtics beat them again in their home court on game 6…finish ’em

  30. cyko says:

    weeeee. lakers in 6.

  31. ayen says:

    ray allen must have been very confident that he can repeat his 3-pointers in game 3 denying the fact that the lakers could guard him but he was surprised on how lakers pressure all his shots..he must adjust this time to find clear shots again..lets see if he could redeem himself in game 4..

  32. christian darren says:

    ray allen is a streak shooter… his not a volume shooter

  33. Ray Allen says:

    Guys! Ray Allen here. I just have an off shooting night and believe me I’m gonna shoot a million 3’s today and tomorrow. Keep believing Celtic fans.

  34. rampage says:

    hey guys!I’ve seen and watched the Finals same with you guys but my only observation is that the team who has a player in foul trouble loses.Game 1 Boston = Ray Allen Game 2 Lakers = Kobe Bryant Game 3 = Paul Pierce.Just my Observation about his series.

  35. JEPOY says:

    waaaaaa…Ray? what a shooter!!!! Kobe is pure shooter!!!

  36. rampage says:

    Ray Allen just pushed himself too hard on Game 3,he was always waiting for that 3 point line pass.He should try driving it hard to the basket to get him going.But i give credit to Lakers D tonight.

  37. Rods says:

    If he shoot 3’s in game 4 it will be an exciting series but if not, pierce must rain threes but ron-ron is there. Ray should pour 3’s because he has no tough defender in the lakers. He got clean looks. I think he has to catch and shoot quick to make the ball falling at the basket. Tonight he has more time in every shot. Let rondo do the 3’s too but see the lakers just let him open at midrange. Rondo just can shoot layups… To make him perfect he must shoot 3’s and jumpshots well. But the lakers dont believe on his jumpshots look at the way they guard him. Lakers in 5 or 6 or 7

  38. kaye says:

    “He went from the β€œZone” to the Twilight Zone” Bwahahahahaha!!! like what I’ve said.. “y’all know Lady Luck is a B*tch”
    CONSISTENCY <– that's what separates "players" from "Stars" πŸ˜‰

    yo Boston bandwagon fans! make some noise now will you? ;p

    Pierce <– START CHEWING ON YOUR WORDS ALREADY AND STUFF IT ALL IN YOUR BIG MOUTH!! cause you'll be goin' back to LA afterall haha ..oh wait… you "might" not… cause with a game like yours LA "might" sweep you three to nothing
    note : i said "might" it pays to play safe
    (all talk , arrogant retard!)

  39. penny says:

    that is not lucky for ray ray in game 2. he just broke nba history, remember?? not even the great jordan and pippen had done it. you called that lucky? it take many many years of hard work to get it done..allen is one the the best shooter in the nba over the years. every shooters had bad day, its just one of his tonight. im very sure ray ray will be back!!!

  40. DOC RIVERS says:

    he poured it all in game 2… no fuel left for game 3

  41. erniefreewilly says:

    RayRay really dissapointed me. He is one of my favourite players. He is one of the few SG with style in this league.

    I don’t think LA did great on defending him. I can’t remember any wild shot. I think every threepointer was a good look, great executed plays by the Cs to give Allen some space. He was LAs best player.

    btw: Sheed had some open looks too and didn’t hit them.

  42. SikNasty says:

    It is strange, Allen just wasn’t at the Garden tonight, but he sure was at Staples the other night.

    It just goes to show what the road can do to some players, it can have a positive effect on some.

  43. Nicole says:

    he had a bad night, everyone does.
    kobe, lebron, fisher, pierce, its normal.
    its not “luck”

  44. Haimer says:

    Bryant also messed up his jump shots but you don’t see him stop trying, thats how a ballhog bryant is but is a great ballhog. allen just gave up i gues? being tired is not a reason, that’s their job! playing. Allen needs to be the dagger for the celtics…pick up your A game allen, make this series more interesting, it is not interesting when you and rondo dont get triple doubles and 8 three pointers and 7 3’s in jst one quarter alone.

  45. jEAN says:

    Rey Allen is one of the Best shooters ever ,,,,!!!!
    its just not his night ,, every basketball player knows that ,,,
    i know he’ll be back

  46. Allan says:

    he choked. but he’s still better than the queen lechoke james

  47. gomo says:

    ball dont lie

  48. Flawed says:

    Ray got both on and off nights in three days. Still, he is the best three-point shooter in the game right now. As a Lakers fan, I’m still want Fisher to guard him as tight as in the Game 3. By the way, it’s the luck (0-)13!!

  49. Breaker 24 says:

    Yeah…he made a record and game 2 with most 3 point shots in the finals ..and made a record again in game 3, the best shooter in the world with 0 field goal in the finals..

  50. thank you very much rey allen for a very bad performance last night, we are hoping that you will continue it unitl the lakers have their another ring, please maintain your bad performance.

  51. ayen says:

    better defense this time of the Lakers over ray allen!

  52. Paul says:

    I think Allen was trying to put his name on most finals record. He did it on Game 2, failed to tie a record in Game 3 by missing 1 more shot. Haha!

  53. Zac says:

    Disagree, I think he just had an off night. You cannot be lucky when everything is swishing like game 2

    • Kobe>>GOAT says:

      nobody is talking about the D that ray had to play on Kobe… D-Fish said if u play one on one then thats a lot of energy exerted on the defensive end……props to Fisher for fighting thru those picks and staying in Ray back pocket. For the Celts to win, all three, excuse me, all four stars need to play at a high level. Pierce is not going to go off like he did against Luke Walton and Radmanovic like he did in 08. He cant play bully ball with Artest. Garnett seriously has lost a step as Gasol mentioned, Rondo only went off in Game 2 bcuz Kobe was in foul trouble…really Kobe is an excellent defender all defense first team a number of times for a reason. Rondo will not go off and if he does, he will be outa gas for the end of the game, Ray has to defend Kobe>nuff said

  54. Thomas says:

    Disappointing… Even the world’s best shooter has off-nights; but Ray Allen earned every 3pt. FG in game 2. The man goes to the arena hours early just to practice.

  55. clasher101 says:

    I’m a big Ray fan and there were 2 shots I was sure he’d make, the first one with 2 mins to go and the last one on his sweet spot. He was wide open, both would have been huge. He clanged both. I’m a feel bad for the guy, from hero to zero in one game. But, I’m not loosing faith in the guy at all. The fact is, he had good looks. His shot looked g to me, the ball just didn’t go in.

  56. Sundi says:

    Yes baby, Lakers got it…. thank u very much ray ray..from a curse to a blessing…despite kobes shooting struggles we got this one…and surely ll get the nxt one because garnett wont show up again and our defense ll be rdy again… i dont thinrk goin in the gym will help ray ray to get over this …. must be hard for every player….Lakers in 6

  57. albertspeed_66 says:

    Sometimes Luck is against you! Not in there house…

  58. Hello Haters says:

    What do all you Celtics fans think now? Allen has been quiet all playoffs yet he hits some 3’s and he’s the messiah that will save the league from another rigged Lakers championship…..then today he’s 0-13 from for a grand total of 2 points.

    Celtics and Lakers are both awesome. I’d be happy to see either team get the ring even though i’m also Kobe fan, but really like KG too. Anyone that thinks Allen and Rondos stellar game 2 would continue and give Celts and easy ring is kidding themselves though and that was proven today.

    Even if KG does get up and going, without Pierce and Allen firing too it’s not going to help. Celtics need the whole team to get on board if they want any chance of winning and if they continue to play like they did without answers for Lakers then they’ll be hurting when Lakers raise the trophy on the sacred Boston floor in game 5. Truth hurts but Celtics aren’t a winning team at the moment.

  59. Ryan says:

    imo i thought ray allen had a lucky shooting night in game 2, and game 3 proved it. I mean comon 0-13?

    • ukinayo says:

      ray allen is one of the best shooter’s in NBA’s history… him making threes throughout his career is not about luck… as Doc said, it happens to the best of them.

    • Joe OK says:

      Agree that the more amazing thing was the lucky game 2. Without that horseshoe, Lakers are up 3-0.

      • Gabe says:

        I agree that without Ray being exceptional in G2, Celtics would have lost G2, but with Ray being just his average in G3(2 or 3 threes made), Celtics would have won G3, so all in all, things evened out.

    • tingyman says:

      game 2 was his lucky night, but game 3 was just a flat out unexcuseable performance when he was supposed to be the best mover without the ball in the nba. rondo also deserves a beating for allowing a weaker derek fisher to run all over the court and implement various mind games on rondo so much to the point in whic rondo looked like the fool

      • tingyman says:

        btrw Pierce before the game said that the Celtics will not be returning to LA, I completely and totally agree with him
        LAKERS IN 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kel says:

        LOL. I never believed for a second this series would be shorter than 6 games. Trust me, it won’t.

      • Rods says:

        OMG Ray should resign already. A night without a field goal will be a valid reason. But who knows he might pour 20 3 pointers………….. in his dream in a game. Well, the Fantastic 4 must play well to beat the lakers. 2 lucky players will not be enough.

    • PC says:

      ray ray def. was lucky sunday night. maybe he should not shot too fast and slow down a mini sec then he mayb make ’em all.

    • Steven says:

      Ray Allen is the best in the league at catch and shoot, as Doc said… it happens to the best of em.

    • kobeisgreat says:

      lucky??? the guy’s one of the best shooters of all time… it’s all about momentum and rhythm… for them, once they start scoring, they cannot stop scoring…. on the other hand, once they lose that momentum, a night like this can happen.. you can ask channing frye…
      i’m a die hard lakers and kobe fan but come on… even kobe has that off-night sometimes… i respect ray allen as a great shooter

      • Rods says:

        Ya i agree but kobe has his own way of contributing to the team in scoring during his off night. NOT like Ray keep on insisting 3 pointers. OMG again. Doc should do to allen what Phil do to Ron-ron. When bryant is on the floor, let the other allen do the JOB, but bryant plays 40 min and doc cannot let that happen. So they have to live with a strict shooter 0-13 in the field. A nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • BBAmp says:

        rods, Ray Allen is a shooting guard for a reason. As a shooter you just have to shoot no matter what cause that is your role. Kobe is a guard who can play a shooting guard but he is not a true shooting guard like Allen.

        He was probably cold tonight because he didn’t practice the way he should have. I remember in a regular season game against the Cavs Allen did exactly what he did before game 2: come 3 hours early and work on his shot. He won the game for the celtics.

        It pisses me off that these world class athletes seem to rely too much on each other. Pierce was bragging about how Celtics won’t be going back to LA when he had a terrible night. Garnett finally stepped up but it seemed to me more like he had a point to prove against Gasol. I think it is 100% okay if teammates rely on each other to win. Obviously that is what team work is all about. Expecting someone else to carry the load for you is an entirely different story. Pierce AND Garnett AND Allen need to step up. Allen is excusable because he is known for being streaky but Pierce.. Where the hell are you?

      • jaymt says:

        Nothing is acceptable, this is the finals. These guys have to man up. It’s go hard or go home, there’s no games after this. This is what you play for all year long.

    • Keith says:

      I think Ray Allen needs a sports psychologist to help him with his mental game. He should look into one.

      • Kel says:

        Trust me, he’s fine. He’s one of the calmest, composed guys out there. He believed every shot he took was going in. They just didn’t fall for him. Right now, he’s probably just angry. Being the perfectionist he is I wouldn’t be surprised if he shot a ton after the game.

    • Andrew says:

      Ryan, it’s not an opinion. I am a Lakers fan, and Allen did not have a “lucky” performance in game 2. Statistically, he is one of the best shooters ever…it was more an unlucky perfomance in game 3. Game 2 was more like his usual self. Please know what you are talking about before you post.

    • Brydon says:

      Making 7 threes in a row ain’t luck.

    • Jeff says:

      You are so ignorant, Ray Allen is the best shooter of all time. He had an off night, it happens, He’s gonna come back and ice the Lakers, thats how he’s always been.

      • Rods says:

        Really they need him last night badly with pierce struggling. So he should do his best not to shoot the ball too much behind the 3 point line. Attitude. Attitude.Attitude.Attitude. They cost the game because of that. now they have to win game 4 badly. So again he might shoot so many 3’s again…. If falling….but if not just pass the ball……

    • Chris says:

      thats pretty biased dude, you know ray allen is one of the best 3 point shooters in the league. just had a bad night thats all, like rivers said, it happens to the best of them.

    • k112 says:

      how can someone gets 7-7 threes with luckiness? this ain’t video game bro.

    • Kareem says:

      ray allen is the purest shooter in NBA history, what are you talkin about lucky? are you crazy? 0-13 he didnt have his legs, but he shud put up 6 of 10 every night if he gets clean looks… hes has a pure, clean, sweet jumpshot with the best release i’ve ever seen

    • BC says:

      Or maybe the Lakers were just “lucky” that Ray Allen had poor shooting tonight.

      • Rods says:

        so boston was lucky last 2008 because the lakers was beaten? Just admit the lakers can totally beat the celtics. If bynum and bryant are in their perfect shape it might be a blow out. Bryant has many injuries but still scoring 20+ points. Not ray pretty much healthy 2 points a night mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kel says:

      Lucky? Are you kidding me? I bet this was one of the worst games of his career. He made 7 3’s in the 2008 Finals. Made 9 twice in his playoff career. He’s shot 5-6, 7-9, 6-9, and 5-7 from 3 pt range in this postseason already. He’s gone 0-7 once. He practices and goes to all games 3 hours early to work on his shot. Please. In my opinion, he was very unlucky tonight. Many in and out shots. They just didn’t fall for him. Game 2, he was just in a zone. But there’s nothing lucky about a Ray Allen jumpshot. He’s one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA. I’m sure Game 4, he’ll respond by shooting lights out.

      • Rods says:

        Ya he can shoot 3’s in those games but tonight he was needed badly. But he just scattered there… a nightmare… to remember!?

    • Nick says:

      It’s only lucky if most shots get the roll of the rim or backboard. All of Ray’s shots were pretty much straight in without touching the rim. This coming from a Laker fan (the rare dedicated unbiased type who actually watches every game).

      In game 3, he got a few that went half in and then popped out. That’s unlucky.