Lakers Looking For Lucky


Posted by Sekou Smith

LOS ANGELES — You can watch that recap from Game 2 of the NBA Finals (above) 100 times and you still won’t find a trace of Lakers forward Lamar Odom.

CSI LA would have a hard time finding traces of his DNA on this series, too.

Odom has more fouls (10) than points (8), rebounds (9) or shot attempts (9) through the first two games of this series.

Game 2 was particularly painful, considering the outcome, a 103-94 loss in which Odom saw all of 14 minutes of action due to foul trouble.

“It’s two games in a row,” he said. “Both on drives against Paul Pierce. It took me out of the game. I was only able to play 14 minutes. I couldn’t really contribute much, just in spirit. That’s the way the ball bounces sometimes.”

If it keeps bouncing that way for the Lakers, who could use a frontcourt boost from the bench when Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are playing great but Ron Artest is not, things could get really sticky for the Lakers in Boston.

They’re not known for being a tough and tumble road team. And that crowd in Boston will have no mercy on Odom or any other Lakers trying to play through a funk (besides, Celtics fans have to spend their time trying to help Kevin Garnett dig out of his own two-game mess).

“If I’m out there I’m going to produce, plain and simple” said Odom, who would love to have the kind of “lucky” game Suns center Amar’e Stoudemire said he had in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, when Odom lit up the Suns for 19 points and 19 rebounds. “I’d rather be out there and play bad than not have a shot.”

Odom’s crisis of confidence is understandable. This is his third straight trip to the Finals and his production has dipped consistently year after year.

Still, Lakers coach Phil Jackson remains confident that Odom will find a way … provided he stays on the floor long enough.

Jackson took the blame for the three quick fouls in Game 2 that sidelined Odom early.

“He got bang-bang, two fouls immediately and I turned to my crew and said, ‘do you think he can play through this?’ Jackson said. “And as I was talking to them, he got his third foul. So obviously, he couldn’t play through that sequence. He just basically got into the ballgame, got those three fouls and it really took him out of the ballgame. That’s a bit unfortunate for him. He’ll get a chance later on in this series to redeem himself.”

For the Lakers’ sake in Boston, that chance needs to come sooner rather than later.


  1. x13 says:

    Everyone read above. We win.

  2. Well , 1st of all : CONGRATULATIONS TO LA LAKERS for having won back to back series of this sweet 16th NBA World Championships title . Lakers guys hear ye . All of your blood & sweat shed are all worthy while . Nothing is impossible to accomplished for this great Lakers dynasty . Seriously . Even head veteran coach : Phil Jackson is speechless , but nonetheless proud of such achievements coming from his Lakers squad . Particular MVP black mamba Kobe Bryant himself . A perseverence Kobe is the one who get’s things done after all . Kill your nemesis the Boston devils & now , see what you received in the end ? ? 16th sweet back to back Lakers title & a Larry Ol’ Brien trophy , NBA rings & a crown which ya Lakers can be finally be proud of after all . All those hard work haven’t gone down the drain & wasted at all . Perservere & your rewards will paid of for ya guy’s in the end .

    This ‘2010’ NBA finals is a serious matchup’s between the Lakers & Boston Celtics . Now , at last , this win could shut the mouths of the critics up for good man . Lakers won it with preseverence & determinations . Not just by : black mamba Kobe himself , but rather the whole of the Lakers squad team members . This is the most crucial play of the year in ‘2010’. With both sides Eastern & Western conference battling out to be the best of the best , & refusing to back out on each others sides . More physical games then previously fought .

    Now , the sweet 16th NBA back to back series & titiles belongs wholly to the LA Lakers , Boston Celtics fans & crtics can once again shut their mouth up for good . Perhaps for another 1 year or so . It’s time to give the Lakers a huge break for all the sought after efforts which they’ve fought thru , gone thru & even sweated upon just to get the job done & also the opportunity of winning the coverted : Jerry Ol’ Brien gold trophy . The route & terrain for the Lakers wasn’t an easy & steady one . But they’ve overcome it nonetheless to claim victorious & winning the hard fought game of Basketball after all with the Boston Celtics devils in the Game 7 of the best of the Finals 7 series NBA .

    Once again : CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL YE LAKERS PLAYERS , including : Black Mamba Kobe Bryant , Ron Artest , Derek Fisher , Pau Gasol & the remains of the Lakers team . Enjoyed all da champagne & party while it lasts , coz , another season is coming up soon , awaiting for ya guy’s to work even harder , better & more team oriented into tackling much tougher & fiercer NBA teams ahead . Be it Eastern Conference or Western Conference Teams .

    Once again : Good luck Lakers guy’s & all the best for the ‘2011’ goals again . Lastly , Congrats to head veteran Lakers coach : Phil Jackson . Well , Sir , you’ve done it again . Captain Kobe , your boy is at his best form year after year . & also bcoz of your coaching , the Lakers can achieve what they can today together to win the sweet 16th Back to back series again . Your work hasn’t gone to waste & so is ya coaching the triangular defences on the court . Mr. Phil Jackson sir , your the best of the best coach to the Lakers squad . Without you , they wouldn’t have what they’ve today . Lakers could still be in a dark slum & very vulnerable too . I’m a huge Lakers fan from Singapore & i’m proud of you sir . Mr. Phil Jackson . From your past coaching of Michael Jordan & company back then in Chicago Bulls to the now : young , hyper active team known to all as the NBA ‘2010’ World Championships team : L.A. Lakers . Well done Mr. Phil Jackson & congratulations to all ya guy’s on your success & winning too . Keep up with the good work guy’s & keep the winning competitive edge running red hot .

    Sincerely Fm : Fanatic Albert(singapore) .

  3. x13 says:

    Los Angeles

  4. x13 says:

    Im right.

    Now lets see what my Lakers are about. We are looking forward to these last two games.

    • George says:

      There may not be 2 more games. After game 6 the Lakers may be watching the parade in Boston. I don’t want to hear any B.S. about the refs if the Lakers lose. The Lakers shot 26 free throws to the Celtics 13 in game 5.

    • x13 says:

      “May” & “maby” are words not used in my dictionary. Especially in this series. You used it because your still unsure if Boston is capable of wining this tonight, right?

  5. Tim says:

    x13 is totally right.

  6. x13 says:

    Bandwagon definition: When your home crowd chants: “MVP” to Kobe. Do you guys remember that in 2007. Enough said…see ya next year suckas

  7. Tim says:

    stop calling us Celtics bandwagon fans. Come to Boston when your done adoring Kobe Bryant. And Lakers fans can’t even spell right anyway.

  8. x13 says:

    Suns, Thunder, are tougher than Boston. The Jazz are prob more similar to Bostons play. Remember this Boston…even Jordan told all the Celtics after 2008: “That was luck, good job, but try doing that twice. Than we can talk.” I dont care if you have 17 rings….lets see you atleast do it twice in a row kids. The 2000’s still belong to the LAKERS!!! Not to mention the 80s, & 70’s.

    • George says:

      Theb 70’s belong to the Lakers?????

      1978-79 Seattle SuperSonics Washington Bullets 4-1 Dennis Johnson, Seattle
      1977-78 Washington Bullets Seattle SuperSonics 4-3
      1976-77 Portland Trail Blazers Philadelphia 76ers 4-2
      1975-76 BOSTON Celtics Phoenix Suns 4-2
      1974-75 Golden State Warriors Washington Bullets 4-0
      1973-74 BOSTON Celtics Milwaukee Bucks 4-3
      1972-73 New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers 4-1
      1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers New York Knicks 4-1
      1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks Baltimore Bullets 4-0
      1969-70 New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers 4-3

  9. pp34 says:

    magandang laro bukass.
    blow out game 4 celtics.
    all players will contribute.
    go big 4!
    go sheed and big baby.
    go celtics.

  10. Yo ! LAKERS . Is this the end series of da finals or just the begining huh ? ? Nay ! ! It’s not the end . It’s just the begining . Like a story book . There’s a start & the end is right behind .

    Well , Lakers guy’s , especially the black mamba . I met you visiting Singapore as part of your Asia Basketball Tour last year in : ‘2009’ at the airconditioned in door stadium . You’ve make an impressive appearances here & you’ve inspired so many young basketballers here as part of your Asia Basketball tour too . Everybody who knows you are both impressed & inspired by you black mamba Kobe Bryant #24 Lakers vernomous & awesome point guard to date .

    Now’s the time to make all your hard work paid by showing to the Boston Celtics who’s da boss . It’s not how many 3poiter’s you’ve fired during your game 1 finals against the visiting Boston Celtics . But rather , it’s what you & the whole Lakers team combined together to make an impact as a united & unpredictable team to proved to the Boston Celtics . Whom exactly is da boss here . Winless in game 2 doesn’t determine’s a team as a damn bloody hopeless failure to be the defending NBA championships . But rather what you Lakers guys can do to proved to the Boston Celtics that enough is enough . Lakers team is not a team to come so far & gets their own ass kicked around by Boston Celtics . Time for serious payback of the most crucial & unpredictable defeat which occurs back in : ‘2008’ . Now’s the right time as game 3 takes central stage in Boston Celtics Arena .

    & to all the Doc Rivers Boston Celtics squad . Damn you guy’s man . Just bcoz you guy’s have Ray Allen & company & a few hot shooters , you guy’s can go around kicking others butt’s & denying them of the Rivalry Boston Celtics & Lakers matchup’s , damn you guy’s man . What’s so great about da Boston Celtics too ? ? Even American President Barrack Obama supports & predicts : Lakers as the ‘2010’ NBA World Championship Team . Don’t get too comfy & cocky Boston Celtics . When your squad is plaqued with injuried key players , I see how the heck are you guy’s going to redeem yourself . Proud bloody ass .

    To all Lakers players out there , rest well & prepared yourself physically & metally for the next few games of final games challenges ahead in Boston Celtics . It’s not gonna be a fair weather games ahead either . These games ahead are going to be nasty , rougher & even more bloody physical than game 2 itself . Be prepared guy’s from the Lakers squad . & always remember the Lakers triangular defences still exists & head coach : Phil Jackson’s lectures & coachings too . A veteran head coach like : Phil Jackson can’t go wrong man . When he sees something fishy or wrong in the game , he’ll react immediately without any hesistations nor pauses . That’s how formidable Phil Jackson himself as a coach is .

    Believe in ya self & trusts ya self that yo’ve come so far & having challenged so many of your rival & fierce competitors on the way , be it a regular season or playoff’s seasons , Home court or on the road , experiences counts as much as each & everyone of your experiences as a top key Lakers players . Confidences played a crucial part too . 😉 😉 😉 😉

    All da best to all you players & top key players & veterans of the Lakers Squad . See ya guy’s in the Boston Celtics Rivalry finals & bring back the coverted NBA World Championships trophy to proved to your rivals that Lakers are not balls to get kicked in the butt or getting kicked around by damn Boston Celtics Squad . Lakers are still champions in a class of their own . Underestimate da Lakers squad at your own risks .

    Thank you very much & thanks to all .

    Fm : Huge Lakers Asia fan & NBA Fanatic Basketball Fan .

  11. Consistency & Control : team defense is, overall, the most consistent element available for a TRUE TEAM to exploit, and defense is a lot easier to regulate than it is to control offense. Defense comes 1st cause every fight starts on the feet.

    • ‘it is much easier for a team to control their defense than it is to control their offense, the ‘D’ then the ‘O’………the ‘O’ will follow the ‘D’. ”Now!…………’s your Diploma OK junior!”

  12. Hance says:

    Lakers will surely win the series the boston celtics are just lucky because of the shooting of ray allen but in the previous series did he played well? maybe in 1 or 2 game not all the series,, thats the problem of the celtics ray allen need to play consistence in order to beat lakers….

  13. kaye says:

    POST for mistyped word… CRUSHED not crush… (their team got crushed by the lakers)

  14. kaye says:

    Yeah these boston bandwagon fans are pathetic! almost all of my friends are rooting for the celtics ONLY CAUSE…..
    THEIR TEAM DIDNT MAKE IT TO FINALS! hahaha (their team got crush by the lakers) haha really lame.. and i bet most of these posts for the Boston are the same too haha they’re just bandwagon fans i tell you haha

    and whats this JOKE about Rondo being a LEADER for celtics? for pete’s sake! quit it already! a Leader picks his team up when they’re down! where was Rondo during game 1 eh? hes just piggy-backing on R.Allen’s hot game! ray allen is the man! not Rondo!

    so long bandwagon boston fanS! LAKERS IN GAME 6

  15. Robert Deniro says:

    Lakers will not going back to LA. Hahaha it will end the series in Boston. Think about that, Lakers must worried.

  16. Lakers4lif3 says:

    The lakers need to step up, grab those rebounds, play some D…odom and artest really need to find their game or else they wont last with the lakers very long plus the refs need 2 stop being snitches and let these men play some BASKETBALL..i have faith in the lakers
    1.because they’ve been in that situation and they like a good challenge
    2.they have kobe and phil jackson the 2 men that get their team back into shape


  17. striver7 says:

    Phil needs to trust his bench players a little more. With Odom and Artests lack of performance, I didn’t understand why he didn’t put walton and powell in for a few minutes to get some sort of spark off the bench.

  18. poop dor guppy says:

    for game 3 im taking the lakers bescause there’s a microscopic chance allen will make 8 threes and rondo wont be able to have another triple double. plus kobe never got in a black mamba type killer instinct rythmn.lakers in 6. in other words i agrree with cole 100000000% AND FOR THE FREE AGENTS lebron to the clippers. davis, kaman, andjebron it dont get much better than this

    • BEDROCK says:

      i agree with poop dor guppy as much as he agrees with cole about everything he said. i predict poop do guppy ill be the next ahmad rashad. poop dor guppy, youare a great dude.

  19. JELLY BEAN says:

    WELL I had to chew on leather watching my dogz come up short / but I have to say the C,s came to play as we came to watch . But WE WILL LET THE BIG DAWGS bite tomorow, LAKE SHOW IN SIX ( 6 )

  20. mikedude says:

    dont blame on the refs, lakers had 41 fts and celtics had 26. clearly the refs r on favoring the lakers.
    celtics played a bad game if ray allen didnt get hot. i expect celtics to close out at home because veteran players kno the importance of home court advantage

  21. Ed wheela says:

    It’s purely business for the refs!! They make sure that the series will ends at 7. More profit…….

  22. Frank says:

    If the Lakers play their best ball, they will win the series. They are too big inside for the Celtics, Gasol is more confident and aggressive than 2 years ago, and they have Kobe. The Celtics are not going to shoot 3s as well as they did in game 2 for the whole series. The perimeter game can only take you so far. If the Lakers get back to limiting Rondo’s effectiveness, they can live with a big game or two from the other stars. The problem is that you never know what you’ll get with LA. At their best, they’re unbeatable. But then they have games where they somehow manage to forget that they have two really big, really effective guys down low. I would say three, but Odom is a space cadet. You’d think he’s playing pick-up ball at the Y half the time you see him, given the lack of intensity. If he would just show up consistently, this team would roll. With his talent, he should AVERAGE at least 15 points and 10 rebounds, if not more. He’s that good and why he doesn’t show it more often, I have no idea. What bothers me is his seeming indifference. Artest is another space cadet. Sometimes he’s brilliant and other times he seems to have no idea what he’s doing. There has to be something going on with his head. His interviews are so bizarre. Anyways, the referees need to let the teams play like men. These are some of the worst calls I’ve ever seen and on the biggest stage, no less. It has been TERRIBLE on both sides. For God’s sake, this is the series that everyone DREAMS about. Just stay out of the way! It’s so frustrating. These refs suck.

  23. ryan rasmussen says:

    The lakers just need to keep pounding it in deep, gasol has shown that this year is is the more consistant player over KG and this battle down low will open things up for the other lakers. I think that the key for them in game three is to keep the three point shooting under 20 shots and work hard to get the ball inside. As far as ray allan goes, he can always be on fire so they are going to have to really work hard to get and hand in his face and pray. Rondo has shown that he is a point guard and leader for the team, but the laker bigs need to work on not biting on the shot fake inside or allowing his to draw a foul. Make him shoot hard shots and live with the results. KOBE NEEDS TO STAY OUT OF FOUL TROUBLE. This having him off the court is not only (obviously) detrimental to the offense side for the lakers, but a lot of people forget his defensive presence! Furthermore, Lamar odom needs to contribute, and ron artest needs to forget those three point shots. The entire duration of the playoffs his three hasnt been there, its time for him to drive strong to the rack and draw the foul. Paul Pierce can be streaky, but has seemed inconsistent at best throughout the playoffs in putting up high point values. The same goes for KG. I Think that the lakers better be sure to get vujacic in for a stronger offensive presence, yet still good defensive awareness, for Ron Artest. Overall, this series is bound to be a classic, and as a die hard lakers fan, I am picking the lakers in seven… Oh and watch out for Derek Fisher in the upcoming games, In the past his on the road play has been more efficient/consistant than his home play. Enjoy the series everyone, I know I will

  24. Izzy says:

    Garnet was looking to control the ball Gasol slapped it sending its momentum out of bounds so personally its was the right call. Otherwise yeah ball out of bounds off KGs hand but personal foul on Gasol for hitting KGS hand & not the ball I’m not a fan of either team & only tune into the NBA during the playoffs. As for the complaints about the fouls being called it goes both ways its only unfair when your favorite teams star player is in foul trouble much like R Allen in game 1. Also tell Gasol to stop flopping & play.

  25. Fair Celtic fan says:

    Both teams had their share of bad calls from the refs. The problem is, the Lakers don’t know how to play against this & all of you Lakers fans can only see all the mistake that the refs commit against the Lakers. Look at the C’s, after the loss in game 1, they didn’t blame the refs for their loss. Instead, they made their adjustments & let the game come to them. Unlike the Lakers, after the loss in game 2, they put the blame on the refs. Could you people look at how many fouls that both teams committed & how many foul shots were awarded to both teams. In game 1, the C’s had 28 fouls, & made 30 out 36 FT’s, while the Lakers made 24 out of 31 Fts in the 26 fouls that the C’s committed. In game 2, both teams had 29 fouls & the C’s were awarded 26 FTs & made 20, while the Lakers made 31 of 41 FTs. The refs are calling it the same on both sides, The problem is, they are calling it to tightly, so that affects on how the game is being played. You Lakers fans said, that if Kobe was not called for 5 fouls, Lakers could have won game 2. How about if Allen wasn’t whistled for 5 fouls in game 1, do you think it will had the same outcome? i don’t think so people! Just accept the fact that the series is tied & the series will shift to Boston. Let’s just see, whether the Lakers can bounce back or our C’s will dominate defensively and win it all again! C’s in 6!

  26. willie says:


  27. TLaker83 says:

    This could be a great series if the refs would just let them play ball! This is not high school or college basketball, these are the NBA finals! Go back to the 80’s and early 90’s playoffs and finals, those were games! Those were battles! The strongest, most competitive, most talented team won! Now, the refs control the game, who stays in, what pace it is being played at, etc…The league should make the ref’s review every game so they can see how bad they truly are. Then, they should fine them or come up with some kind of disciplinary action against the ref’s who continually call bad games. I am a Laker fan through to the bone, but it is hard for me to watch this series because of the ref’s. There were horrible! phantom calls on both teams. Message to the ref’s: Let these teams play so we can truly determine which is the best team in the world today!

  28. Nate says:

    lol funny how all you laker fans are just like raider fans talk talk and talk and win they lose,comes all the excuses LA had a chance but now back to boston for 3 games and for odem,by the way lames is spelled odom cant do good because garnet is way better and glen davis is to physical for him as well as wallace by the allen will have another good night so will the rest of the team because they share the load not put it all on 2 main players KOBE,GASOL.

  29. Don says:

    yah… NBA games are played with pathetic calling…

  30. junnex says:

    some crucial calls that give the game to celtics…the out of bounce between gasol and kg…the reach in foul given to artest during a seconds to play interception which was clearly an officiating mistake ..why use replay when seeing it would not alter the call they are making? …..nice fixed game ref…

  31. zach says:

    imma say BOSTON in 6.

  32. control says:

    My only comment is Lamar steps up his game and Jordan famar moves the ball and stops the unnecessary turn over the series is over. Artest will figure out his game be it on the defensive end or offensive as he did with the Phoenix Suns after taking the bad shot.

  33. erwin says:

    Lets not make the refs as an excuse for LA’s loss. The reserves has got to step up whenever the starters got in foul trouble. Bad calls are part of the game, you have to live with it. Lakers must find a way to control Allen from shooting those threes and guard the shaded lane on defense, look how Rondo got those offensive rebounds in the 4th quarter. As a Laker fan, i’d be happy if LA could snatch 2 games at Boston (one win at the garden would not guarantee a Lakers championship) Its time for Lamar Odom to shine, Artest to be more pesky, Gasol to be more aggressive, Bynum to use his height advantage, Kobe to show what he’s really made of and the bench to contribute in every aspect of the game. Winning this championship against Boston would put LA 2010 team among the best teams ever.

  34. ZULU says:

    Alright the Lakers and Beltics are even. Those other guys showed up last night. They are known more commonly as “Donehy’s Partners” (or former anyways). Where was Lamar? Same place as Luke Walton maybe. Someone said A. Morrison should play well at least he has the decency not to put the uniform on. Lamar, Ron Artest, can’t hide. Tired of the greatest coach in the game mashing the lack of performance of one or two guys. Yet not a peep about Da Blogger sitting on the bench who has blown at least four lay-ups and as many defensive assignments. what was with the long bench stint for Pau last night? Will we have those Fonzi look-a-like pretenders calling the games in Boston?

  35. OdomBiggestFan says:

    I feel the Lakers do need a lot of luck to win this series and nobody brings the luck better than Odom. When Odom does show up to play, he is a very lucky player. Phil Jackson should put a couple of candy bars on the sideline as an incentive if Odom does well. Then I promise you, the Lakers are unbeatable.

  36. oliver says:

    am not impressed yet we only lost one

  37. Tim says:

    Laker bandwagon fans. The only thing you talk about is kobe. Most of you spell words like you haven’t even made it past grade school.

  38. Tim says:

    Just accept that you lost. And dont complain about the out of bounds situation with Gasol-Kg , remember the blocks between paul pierce and artest ( where pierce got it clean) and where davis blocks artest? both of those were legal blocks, and i am surprised how you fans always suck up to kobe. There are other players on the team, you know that right?

  39. Tim says:

    You guys sure a stupid. theres no way you can keep “rondo at bay” and ray allen will show his consistency. And you’ll want to pay attention to paul pierce. And why are there so many goddamn biased lakers fans? We only have 2 people commenting for the celtics, and they aren’t even talking trash to the lakers, so why do you guys have to?

  40. nike says:

    please!!!! yall cant use that one bad call as an excuse. the celtics executed and did what they need to do to close out the game on D and O! from stripping the ball out of kobes hand, stuffing fishers three and rondo hiting his jump shot when it really counted. and not to metion while kg and pierce were very cold

  41. LakersWillWin says:

    Sekou Smith- How did you feel about the out of bounds call with 1:59 left? It was CLEARLY off Kevin’s hand. Do you feel the same? Do you feel that maybe some of this was decided by the refs? I mean, LA shot 37 freethrows. Kobe usually makes it to the 4th quarter with 1-2 fouls and he had 5 early. The night before Ray Allen was in foul trouble and last night Kobe was in foul trouble., It just seems a little fishy to me, and it also seems a little fishy that they are playing regular season roughness in the FINALS. I am extrememely disappointed at how everything is playing out.

    • Sekou Smith says:

      I thought there were a number of questionable calls that went both ways. I don’t think it was a game that I could say was officiated well. Personally, I like to have games that we don’t even discuss the officiating afterward. Obviously, Game 2 was not one of those games.

  42. jose says:

    the refs screwed the lakers when they gave the ball to boston after watching the replay and definately seen that it was off garnetts hand that was just what screwed my night up because if u want the lakers to lose at least do it decently dont make it soo obvious like looking at a replay and pretending u looked at it right…either way the celtics are not winning this series because ray allen its not dropping 32 points aqain rondo is not grabbing 12 rebounds again and kobe is not going to be in foul trouble again so really game 2 was like a fantasy for the celtics because it definately was not reality just watch the rest of the series and see how things go back to l.a ways the LAKERS ARE TAKING IT IN 6 SAID AND DONE GO L.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • George says:

      Chances are Pierce is not going to have only 10 points again in this series. This is what he has scored in the last 8 Celtic playoff games. 10,24,31,18,32,15,28 and 22. So chances are Ray Allen doesn’t have to score 32 points for the Celtics to win. The conspiracy theory makes me LMAO. Cry on Laker fans,cry on.

  43. Jeff says:

    We need LUCKY to step it up. Odom’s new nickname should be called LUCKY from now on, just as Kobe is Black Mamba. Laker fans, please spread the word that we now have LUCKY in the Lakers.

  44. Lakers? nope just kobe says:

    lakers fans are such jokes. seriously. everyone in the world watching saw that the refs were bad on BOTH ends of the floor. ok so kobe shouldnt have gotten 5 fouls… either should KG. i mean seriously, Boston played with Sheldon Williams on the floor. Do lakers fans even know who Sheldon Williams is? I live in boston and i dont even know…

    Baby and pierce both came up with clean blocks that resulted in free throws… oh wait, a key 3 point play for kobe when no one was even close to him. that is just as big of a fake as rondo falling out of bounds. it happens. NBA refs are generally very bad. So i really wish lakers fans and phil jackson could just buck up and admit that they lost a game.

    • alex says:

      Yes, the refs were bad in both end of the floor. But the game was modified way too much.

      Actually, i dont mind all of the other bad calls, cause hey, people make mistake.

      But dude, its a three point game and you give the ball to boston when its lakers ball, and they saw the replay, that what pisses me off. For some reason they have the replay, but i guess thats not enough to make the right calls. If you cant even see this, then you are truly are blind basketball fan.

      By the way, i want to see your comments if boston looses by a similar type of play. You will say the same thing, cause there are plays that have more impact on the game than others, and this one had it.

  45. Lakers says:

    The celtics gets away with too many fouls, but cant complain they win. Bynum is better than perkins. Bynum had half the teams blocks (7). The celtics fans are soo stupid, they are like bandwagon fans. Wednesday morning we shall see.

  46. Cole says:

    Lakers will win the series in 6. If Kobe is not in foul trouble, he can take over a game. Ray Allen won’t have 8 threes every game, and Rondo will not be getting triple-doubles. Also, Kendrick Perkins is gonna get at least one technical during this series, therefore he will be suspended for one game. The Lakers will dominate that game on the boards and in the paint.

  47. lakerfan says:

    i m alakerfan for a long time i know the laker are giong to be the next champsthey are the best

  48. AJ says:

    Adam Morrison should start for Lakers…LOL

  49. AJ says:

    Lakers will grab one win at Boston Home. They will return back to LA with Boston lead 3-2. Then Lakers win Last 2 games at home. Lakers in game 7.Lamar will have one great game on road (15+ points 10+rebs). I ma also expecting Fisher to have a great game on road. Ray will not have the kind of game he had yesterday from now on in this series.. Pierce might be a threat on road. But I believe in Ron.

  50. Game 3 says:

    That’s why they call them the Big3. Rondo’s always good. And the other 3, one day is Sugar Ray, one Day Pierce and one day KG. You do not know which one will destroy you. . . Boston in 6. As I said it at the beginning of the series.

    1-0 1-1 1-2 1-3 2-3 2-4. . .BOSTON

  51. PEDRO says:

    Watching games like that, with the fouls that were called, makes me think that it’s all fixed.
    How can you look at a reply, see Gasol’s hand behind Garett’s and give the ball to Boston? Unbelievable.

    • zed says:

      The game is not fixed. Bad calls went both ways. Fouls were called both ways (which on replay shows no foul was commited).

      The thing is the refs were consistently making bad calls for both teams. Consistent is the word here. We have got to be objective about this.

      In the end, it was the huslte play and defense that wins it. In game 1 Lakers was the team that won the hustle plays, in game 2 it was the Celtics.

  52. Chisum says:

    Please…Please…P L E A S E…Get rid of ODOM, trade him for BOSH. He’s such a nothing player with no heart and can’t stay focused.. They’ve been talking about his potential and promise for 10 years. 10 years? He’s not some high school kid, why are they paying him 30 plus million dollars? I swear to you that I can score three points in a game for far less than 30 Million dollars. He can’t even look the press in the eyes during an interview, he scratches his head and looks around the room as if he’s hoping no one will ask him what the hell are you doing in a professional locker room. PLEASE, GET RID OF ODOM!

    • Erik says:

      I agree that ODEN is a major liability for the Lakers and should be traded and traded soon for the Laker’s sake. Here is a guy who you will never know when he will show up to a game. Amar’e Stoudemire was correct in calling him “lucky” because when ODEN has a good game, he truly is very lucky. I have never seen a player more inconsistent in the NBA.

    • phil says:

      theres no way you can get Bosh with Odem.

      • Anup says:

        Odom is not even worth a speckle of sand compared to Bosh!!!!!!!!

      • Chisum says:

        If Bosh leaves via free agaency, the Raptors will get absolutely NOTHING or no one…But if Mitch can make a trade at least they’ll get Odom.
        Which is just a notch above getting absolutely NOTHING or no one

      • Chisum says:

        Who would’ve thought that the LAKERS could have ever gotten Gasol for Kwame Brown. Talk about speckle of sand, If the Lakers could get Gasol for brown…they can get Bosh for Odom…just watch and see, and remember you heard it here first!

      • Chisum says:

        Who would’ve thought that the LAKERS could have ever gotten Gasol for Kwame Brown. Talk about speckle of sand, If the Lakers could get Gasol for brown…they can get Bosh for Odom…just watch and see, and remember you heard it here first!

  53. nxn says:

    Kobe is going to comeback, big time. Go lakers..

  54. dvmfeelgood says:

    TheLlakers will not win the series if Lamar Odom continues to play bad. He needs to realize that and step it up big time. I know the early fouls was a factor, but 10 fouls and 8 points in Games 1 and 2 also is an indication that he has not been a contributor in the limited time he has played. It is critical that LO stays on the floor significantly longer in Game 3 and be an impact player off the bench if the Lakers want to give themselves a chance in Boston. The Lakers should look at this road trip as a 3 game series. 3-0 is ideal, 2-1 should be the realistic goal, 1-2 would be tantamount to shooting oneself in the foot, 0-3 don’t even think about flying back to LA!

  55. Jkajwang says:

    Consistency is the key to winning. Ron Artest’s and Odom’s inconsistencey were the cause to lakers loss. Odom has too many fouls. Artest played 40 points but managed to score only 6 points. When Artest isn’t having things going, Sasha Vujacic should be used as a shooting guard and let kobe play in Artest’s position. Josh Powell is also available – I am positive that if Josh is given enough play time, he could have done better than both Odom and Artest. Benga needs some play time. Jordan Farmar needs consistency, too – but more play time will provide for a continued rythymn. Adam Morrison needs insertion when Odom and Artest aren’t delivering. Brown needs to play his game and be more aggressive and precise in his game. Kobe, Gasol, Bynum have done extremely well and hopefully they will continue such efforts – and if other players step up their defense and maintain offense, then we can see NBA championship coming to LA in few days. Lakers have plenty of talent but need to utilize it with confidence, intelligence, and consistency in order to beat celtics. They are capable of winning the championship: they played oklahoma (a tough challenge); Utah (a quality team); phoenix (a tougher team than celtics) – Lakers is more challenged by beating those teams and therefore better prepared to win championship. The eastern conference wasn’t as challenging as the western conference; celtics didn’t have as much challenge as Lakers (cleveland didn’t have a consistent team – except for Lebron -has never made it to the finals). I strongly feel that lakers should be able to win at least 1 game in Boston – if they can step up their game and consistency just a little bit more. The next 2 games in LA should belong to Lakers – thus winning 2010 NBA championship. Go Lakers!!!!

  56. B-Rok says:

    I remeber the the out-of-bounds on Kevin Garnette in the 4th QTR was soooooo wrong
    IF L.A. would have got that possession, things might have ended differently, cause the momentum would have shifted.

  57. solitario says:

    Now that the referies are looking how koby plays now the fakers are talking, but when he gets away with elbows , pushings walkings and all that staff they the fakers fans dont say anything, so just accept the idea that the celtics won and that’ s it

  58. Hornets fan says:

    There were some questionable calls that went BOTH ways. I’m very surprised the refs didn’t throw this game for LA because they always do that when it’s close late. But there is no way this game was HANDED to Boston. Kobe Bryant should have fouled out and he didn’t. There is no way anybody in the history of the world can force a fastbreak layup to miss from two players and stand in the semicircle under the basket and not commit a foul. That’s called STAR PRIVILEGE.

    • jose says:

      its not called star privileqe is called going up with ur 2 hands and not forcinq anything ray allen came in looking for the foul and he was the one tryinq 2 force the contact so he wentt up with no balance whatsoeverr soo kobe bryant never fouled him cus he didnt try 2 block the ball or anything he just went straight up…the refs were dyinq to take kobe out of the qame with the stupid fouls they called on him…

    • Rods says:

      Its not a guarantee that you commit a foul inside the circle even bumps occur because usually the offensive man initiates the contacts.

  59. BenightedCandle says:

    I agree about the referees. Both games 1 and 2 had way too many fouls called and lots of the time they were completely unnecessary. And on that play where the refs were reviewing whether the ball was out on KG or Pau it was clearly out on KG. Also Kobe’s foul on Rondo was not a foul he didn’t even touch him! Rondo lost his balance and fell out of bounds. But the bad calls went both ways and ultimately I feel that the Lakers lost this game because of rebounds, there is no excuse for allowing a point guard to out rebound seven footers.

  60. It's SHOWTIME says:

    As a Lakers fan, I will admit that Allen and Rondo had incredible nights yesterday, scoring and hustling in any way that they could in order to get the win. But performances like that from Allen are extremely rare, so don’t expect him to have that kind of night again even back in Boston. Rondo however is usually hustling like that in most games, but he can be kept at bay for the most part if our team is grabbing those rebounds and making the stops, which both unfortunately did not happen as much as was needed yesterday, a big contributor to our loss. Also, having Kobe on the bench due to foul trouble along with Odom and Artest were even bigger contributors to the loss. It also didn’t help when Artest was 1/10 behind the 3PT arc and missed crucial shots that would have secured the win rather than lose it. All in all, aside from Allen and Rondo’s stellar nights, it was mainly fouls on our crucial players that lost us this game. If Kobe hadn’t grabbed fouls 4 or 5 at all, then Allen and Rondo’s insane nights wouldn’t have mattered because we still would have won. I think it’s really important for the Lakers to win this Series more so than any other one because when you have players like Paul Pierce in 2008 who get wheeled off the floor on a stretcher like he’s on his way to the ER, then return shortly and score a million points, not to mention their entire team gets away with slaps and fouls like crazy, it makes the win that much more important to us. Also, whether you’re a Lakers fan or a Celtics fan, I think we can ALL agree that those referees need to quit calling so many fouls on our players and just let them PLAY SOME BASKETBALL.

    • dvmfeelgood says:

      I agree! They just got to let the players play. It’s the finals for crying out loud! The referees had more of a hand on how the game was played, maybe even in the outcome that proved to be ill fated for the Lakers. It’s more frustrating than anything else.

    • phil says:

      Kobe grabbed 5 fouls, what about ray allan grabbed 5 fouls also in game1? In 2008 the lakers lost because they were out phyiscal by boston, which is a great experiences for them.

    • Tommy says:

      Ray Allen lit you guys up last Finals.

  61. good game says:

    Ray was amazing tonight, but he scored only 5 point in entire 2nd half, so dont think thats the reason why Boston won. Rondo was key for success, 12 rebounds from him and really smart play in transition to produce 10 assists. When ball gets to Rondo after good defense, thats for sure easy basket for Boston in fast play. For me personally Rondo was player of game 2, congratulation to Ray for record, but Rondo was the man!

    • 2010Finals says:

      Yea I agree it wasn’t all because of Ray’s 3s that Boston won. I also agree that Rondo was the player of the game, he stepped up big, especially with the plays he made at the end. But without Ray making all those 3s in the first half, it would have been a different game. Without all those 3s it could have been Lakers going into halftime with the lead instead of Boston.

  62. Alex says:

    Ray Allen shotting was brutal, he finished 8-10 from threes? Wait, no, boston finish 8-11 from threes. Anyway my point is, its extremely difficult to do that again, besides we know Phil Jackson will make the adjustment. And i doubt Kobe will have foul trouble next game.

    But just one observation, i am pretty sure you all notice how the refs handed the game to boston. Its 93-90, boston lead, a three point game, Allen shoots and misses, Garnett and Gasol go for the rebound and clearly KG pushes the ball out bounce and the refs decide, for some odd reason, to call boston ball. That, right there, killed the game and this series. what is even funnier is that they went to the replay, and i don’t know what they saw. Its KG hand all over the ball, and you can see Pau behind.

    I hope the refs stop the nonsense and make the right calls. Otherwise this NBA finals would finish as a complete fraud.

    • LAKERS says:

      I totally agree with you about the refs!! But us LAKER fans cant use that as an excuse. We all know when the LAKERS step on the court regardless of which team they are playing. We are always playing 8 players instead of 5. But we always find a way to win baby! LAKERS!!!!

      • phil says:

        you know what’s funny? Are you talking about Boston always playing 8 players or LA? Or you’re talking about Boston playing with 5 players? Do you even watch the playoff at all or you just watch the Laker’s game? Boston is the team by far that always play with 8 players.

  63. B-Rok says:

    There is nooooo way Kobe is going to let the Celtics win this series. …
    Kobe will do whatever it takes to win a championship, whether its dropping 50 points or making big shots in the end of the game…
    L.A. in 7!!!!

  64. B-Rok says:

    Odem WILL step up tommorow!!! and the Lakers will take Game 3, and win the championship when it is all said and done!!
    KOOOOOBBBEE !!!!!! Finals MVP!!!!

  65. jenny says:

    “Still, Lakers coach Phil Jackson remains confident that Oden will find a way … provided he stays on the floor long enough.”

    ODEN? Really??? LOL..

    Go Boston….. bring em down @ home!! 🙂

    • LAKERS says:

      Dream on baby boy. Like my man Foxmalo said, Ray Allen will not have another game like that. Garnett has and will not show up for this series. Paul Pierce doesnt look like he will have an explosive game during this series. And lets keep in mind, OKC’s crowd is just as loud and rowdy as boston. So im sure my LAKERS are up for the challenge. Pierce said Celtics wont be back in LA. Well thats the same thing he said in Orlando, and look how that turned out. LAKERS aint the Magic though. LAKERS still in 6 or 7!

      • RaRaRondo says:

        You do realize that the argument you just made is actually against the Lakers, seeing as the Lakers LOST 2-3 games in OKC’s building. Think before you type man, you should be embarrassed.

      • Tommy says:

        Why are you calling him “baby boy?” Calling people names often shows that a person is very insecure. Scared the Celtics might just win these finals? 😉

      • Rods says:

        OMG paul are you out of your mind. Nash said a guaranteed win in game 6 but didnt happen. The suns are as strong as the celtics. So the lakers will prove him wrong again and again. Insecure people do it in words not in works. How can he do that if he cannot contribute most of the series off on off on off oh my…..

      • sphinx says:

        OKC’s are not nearly as good-a-defensive team as the Celtics are, not close at all… resemblance — important you understand that. and OKC was so close(0.5 secs.) to taking the Lakers to a 7th gm in that series, but the ball bounced toward Gasol for the easiest reb/put-back game winner in NBA playoff history.

  66. Foxmalo says:

    Odom will step up tomorrow night, I am confident. Boston needed a perfect game from Ray Allen and Kobe being on the floor for only 34 minutes in order to win. No excuses they beat us but I’m just saying LOL

    • Mike says:

      No excuses???!!! You better not use this as an excuse. Don’t forget Pierce and Garnett were completely out of the game and never really contributed. You’d better mature and understand the way NBA games are played.

      • Foxmalo says:

        Better mature ? LOL Garnett has not contributed in either game, Pierce played much bettter in Game 1. Game 3 wil be played tomorrow night, I am still not impressed with Boston’s performance and you know as well as anyone Ray Allen will not have the game he had (8 3’s) in Game 3. I along with the rest of my Lakers fans will see you on here Wednesday morning.

      • unknown32 says:

        U serious Allen won’t repeat that performance 2 years ago he had a record set 22 3’s against the same Lakers nothing will change Game 3 because the Lakers aren’t strong defensively in the backcourt and they are not good on the road,look at the west finals if they go down two games like they did with the suns THEN FORGET UR CHAMPIONSHIP BECAUSE IT’LL BE A WRAP GUARANTEED.Last night was how Boston usually plays and its unfortunate to say but the Lakers needed to win that game to have a sense of winning this series now it’ll be tough to beat Celts at home,if KG wakes up then it’ll be even tougher,and the bench did a great job to for Boston with Robinson,Allen2,Big Baby and Wallace,theses guys are coming on the court and going hard while the Lakers bench isnt nowhere to be found when it comes to contribution.