Doc Shows Off His Wheels


Posted by Sekou Smith

LOS ANGELES — Even with Ray Allen‘s historic shooting night, Rajon Rondo‘s triple double and all the other things that went right for the Boston Celtics as they snatched Game 2 of the NBA Finals Sunday night at Staples Center, it was a play from Doc Rivers that might have been the biggest moment of all.

With the Celtics clinging to a 95-90 lead with 86 seconds to play, it happened. Allen rebounded a Kobe Bryant miss and headed up the floor and the Celtics had just one second to get the ball over half court before committing an eight-second violation that would have given the ball right back to the Lakers when Rivers came flying off the Celtics’ sideline to call a 20-second timeout.

He was moving so fast that he startled not only the game officials but players from both teams. Brian Scalabrine went chasing after him after the game clock was stopped, hugging Rivers for making such a crucial call at just the right moment. The Celtics had a good laugh about it in the huddle during that time out.

“The guys got a kick out of that,” Rivers said. “You know, it was funny, as big as that little moment was. I actually thought that the bigger moment was all the players were laughing at me and it allowed them to breathe a little bit, and i thought that helped us.”

On the Celtics’ ensuing possession Kevin Garnett found Kendrick Perkins cutting to the basket for a wide-open layup and a 97-90 lead that all but sealed the game for the Celtics, who showed some serious mettle (mental and physical) in stealing home court advantage in this series.

“The execution out of that was terrific,” Rivers said. “We spread the floor and we told the guys, ‘move the floor, they’ll double and if they keep moving we may find a layup.’ And we got one. So I was just proud of the execution.”

Allen was just glad to see Rivers moving at that speed after hearing so much about his coach’s aerobic prowess.

“He claimed that he’s in shape and when he ran out there we told him he looked like he wasn’t in shape,” Allen said. “You guys have to give him a hard time about that. But he made it out there, so it definitely gave us an extra possession.”

An extra possession that helped the Celtics close out the game.


  1. Ricardo says:

    at this point of the game i was completely disgusted with the officiating. if the nba is able to review tape of the game to grant and/or rescind technical fouls, then Doc Rivers should be granted a technical foul for leaving the Celtics bench. its a call that junior high referees are able to enforce, why can’t professional referees catch these things

  2. Roswellsounds says:

    Good moves, Doc! All Celtics fans were behind Rivers on that short pseudo-run. This finals will be over on sunday with an effortless 4-1 for the C´s. I really hope that Bryant doesn´t molest a couple of teenagers in his trip to Boston. But then again, it´s the only thing that he´ll be able to do…

  3. LAKER fans BOBO AMP says:

    all you know is talk trash and BS just like youre idol who always talk BS and airness. Yeah right, hes next to MJ not by his but by the word “his AIRNESS”(literally) he is really an airness, a player full of air. Oh yeah, I almost forgot he’s also the the KING, KING of Molestors..LOL

  4. Ed says:

    Doc’s antics were funny, but it was the right thing to do. He was supposed to be calling a timeout but no one seemed to listen, so he just jumped into the court to stress the point.
    That’s Doc’s edge over Phil, and it showed.

    • Ed says:

      Btw, it’s all Phil Jackson’s fault that the referees have been calling the games tight. The Lakers coach had complained about the Celts’ too physical game (remember Jackson’s comment on the Karate chop of KG on Howard?), now it has backfired against Los Angeles with Odom, Artest and even Kobe being in foul trouble.

  5. wowie says:

    It certainly helped the team coz the way I saw it, the players were really up tight at that moment and that sequence helped them ease up. Right on DOC!!!

  6. SM says:

    Oh and another thing I just had to check quick to make sure my information is accurate. Both teams had a combined 29 fouls which again proves my point earlier. The refs are whistle happy (58 fouls in one game) but there was no biasis towards either team actually seeing that they had exactly the same amount of fouls called against them. But I understand your biased opinion because the team you’re rooting for lost. Those are the facts and the box score doesn’t lie.

  7. AKBER KASSAM says:



    • SM says:

      You may want to check the box scores before making comments. The Lakers had 41 free throw attempts and the Celtics had 26. Now it doesnt’ take a genius to figure out who had the advantage in that area. I do agree the refs have been whistle happy the last two games and have made bad calls against both teams, but to say its been biased towards the Celtics is just plain wrong. The box scores don’t lie 41-26 free throw attempts does not equal a Celtic advantage.

    • Chilax says:

      you must read the new article of sekou smith, SHUT UP AND PLAY. it says there that players should stop whining and complaining on referee calls and he made a good point on that article.

      now to all laker fans who is whining, just SHUT UP AND WATCH!

  8. ray08 says:

    it was great wasnt it……loved the way hw doc is so dedicated, so into this team, into this franchise…my respect for him has grown so much… …..individuals win accolades….teams win championship…..go celtics…..

  9. A-B says:

    For C’s fans: looking forward for your chants in TD Garden..
    For Lakers fans: don’t worry, Phil Jackson is the winningest coach in the NBA with most NBA titles. Look back at 2001 NBA finals against Philly, lost game 1 but won the series and championship in 5. I’m looking forward for that to happen again this time.. =)

    • Lopes says:

      Celtics is not Philly and you don’t have Shaq anymore; Besides, Philly was an one man show. I don’t know who’s gonna win, but the C’s looks more like a team than the Lakers.

  10. pp34 says:

    nice 1 doc!
    doc loves the celtics.
    phil hates kobe.
    beat LA!!
    3 home wins 4 celts 4 sure!
    go the truth and big ticket nxt game!!

  11. nevergiveup34 says:

    where are all the laker fans now talking that trash now lets go celtics 3 mo baby 3 mo you lakers should have to more not

  12. Ta kayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    but i like the e4rt it indicates that doc has more dedication in this game than Phil.

  13. Ta kayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    i sin `t that suppose to be called a technical foul?

  14. CELTICS says:

    Won’t see Phil Jackson do that. :))))