Back to LA For All-Star 2011


Posted by Sekou Smith

LOS ANGELES — It doesn’t matter if  the Lakers make it back to the NBA Finals for a fourth consecutive year or not, the eyes of the basketball world will be in on this city again in next year.

The 2011 All-Star Game will be played here at Staples Center on Feb. 20, 2011, the logo was unveiled Sunday night prior to Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Then hometown hero Shaquille O’Neal was the star of stars the last time the game was played here (above) in 2004, winning MVP honors after he and his then teammate Kobe Bryant combined for 44 points as the West slipped past the East 136-132.

Bryant will have a chance grab the trophy for himself next year, because when the game is played here someone from the hometown team usually has a chance to shine.

L.A. also hosted the All-Star Game in 1963, 1972 and 1983. The Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena hosted All-Star in 1963, while the Forum hosted the other ’72 and ’83 games. The 1972 classic saw the Lakers’ Jerry West thrill the hometown fans with a last-second jumper that gave the West a 112-110 victory and netted him MVP honors.


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  2. nbaAllstarPredictions2k11 says:

    Center: dwight, shaq
    PF: KG, amare, bosh
    SF: lebron, pierce, j. smith
    SG: wade, allen
    PG: rondo, rose
    Center: Bynum, T. Chandler (Yao can’t play ball anymore)
    PF: Pau, Dirk, Odom
    SF: Durant. Melo
    SG: Bryant, Ginobli
    PG: CP3, D-Will, westbrook

  3. Charles says:

    I love LA Laker but feel a bit sad after reading this story…

    Kobe would not join the All Star Game…

  4. Forumblue be eye itch says:

    @Haters, Why wouldnt it be in la? Weve won 4 of last 10 rings. 3 straight finals appearances. And we about to win the chip. Stop sippin that hateraid and bow down when you come to our town.

  5. Brandon says:

    why LA again???? give it to someone who hassnt had it

  6. Meh says:

    The all-star weekend keeps getting worse and worse. None of the stars will participate in the fun events like the dunk contest and 3-point shootout. The NBA needs to convince players like Vince Carter, Kobe, Wade and other high-flying stars to go into the drunk contest. Stern needs to get some incentives for this event. I think Barkley said this years all-star game was awful and why bother even having anything but the actual game.

    Also, why would they host it in a city where they will make less money? New York or Chicago would be decent choices if they want to go back east but they want to make as much money as possible and LA will definitely do that.

  7. Satan Disciple Killa says:

    GIVE IT TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sammy da Bull says:

    Lame Logo….

  9. Jordan says:

    Basketball started in Canada, so why not have an all-star game honouring us Canadian for bringing such a wonderful game to the world 😉

    It should be central like edmonton or Calgary!

  10. Andrew says:

    L.A logo is so plain and obvious …….. wow… a star on the logo… how original.

    N.O logo is way better…

    Bring All-Star to the east! or a team that never had one before!!!

  11. akbar says:

    Why would they have an “all star game” in a city with a sucky team?

  12. MAV DUDE says:

    Give it 2 a city that hasnt had it. Who cares about LA i mean really. How bout Canada. It has 2 b about los angeles.
    BTW the logo sucks

  13. Star Gazer says:

    ugly logo, last years logo was much better, the logo in the dallas allstar break

  14. Star Gazer says:

    Give it to the east this time, in this decade it will be twice that L.A. will host the all star games. Give it to Cle. or Mia. or Orl. or Bos. or Charlotte or Ind. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! just give it to the east!

  15. **Nb24** says:

    Kobe the Best!!!!!!!

  16. Rodolphe says:

    Yeah it’ll be in L.A !!!!
    just hope that they gonna kik the east!!!!

  17. Cembertopu says:

    where can we find that logo,i’ve searched the google but couldnt find

  18. kevin says:

    how about cleveland host 2011. because they are first place

  19. Dylan says:

    Give it to Toronto, its all bout Canada

  20. Bob says:


  21. Erick says:

    I think the reason why it has been in the west is because of the weather. This takes place around the cold season and it is tough to fly to the east.

  22. Magz says:

    I’m not trying to sound mean but I don’t think it’s ever going to Canada. The NBA is more marketable in the US because all the teams are from the US excluding the Raptors. Think about it, if you were in the US would you honestly watch the all-star game if it was in Toronto? Probably not. And the same somewhat applies to the Canadian fans. I’m from Canada and we all know that hockey is what Canadians are all about so there isn’t going to be a solid enough number of viewers in Canada to make the NBA all-star game one of the more successful ones.
    How many of you care of what the Toronto Raptors are up to? Probably not a lot because we’re the outsiders, the underdogs, nobody’s paying attention to whether they are a good team or not. So why should you people who don’t watch the team, watch the all-star game if it ever comes to Toronto? Only if you’re Canadian but that’s not a good number of viewers for success.

    • Magz says:

      It should have either gone to Milwaukee or Charlotte, definitely the up-and-coming teams that are definitely making noise.

    • Deanne says:

      Tired of everyone thinking Canada is only interested in Hockey. Toronto deserves a NBA All Star game like every other city in the NBA. We did host a baseball All Star game with great success.

  23. pilipinas 69 says:


  24. CEETEE says:

    GIVE IT 2 SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Dan says:

    HAHAHAHA! Idiots, look at them.
    Why the hell are they making such a dramatic deal over a flippin’ logo??
    “How about that? How about THAT??”
    What a tool.

  26. qdawg32 says:

    Bring it to Calhoun, West Virginia

  27. q says:


  28. Niko says:

    Having seen Clippers v Spurs this feb, then wandering around in LA’s Entertainment quarter a week before going to the All Star Game in Dallas i can see why they won the bid. After watching the Clip it makes sense as they worked with Stern to create the best All Star Venue, They did a pretty good job, we have nothing like it in OZ, not that extensive anyway.

    I’d still like to see an NBA event come to Australia, I’d take an exhibition game, Heat v Thunder would be nice.

    Also…. Worst All Star Game Logo EVER!.

  29. vnvt2000 says:

    crapy logo

  30. Bryan Eby says:

    it’s prolly always on the west coast because it’s in feb. and its usually snowing a lot on the east coast. Can’t cancel the All Star cause of snow

    • Niko says:

      They played through it this year… it was Freezing!, Snow everywhere, waiting for the Taxi after the game was nuts.

  31. Wade says:

    Give it to Coruña, Spain!

  32. AL says:

    come on they must let every NBA team

  33. I miss the Sonics! says:

    give it to Seattle lol

  34. LEBRON FAN says:

    i notice during the past years the allstar host is in the west i wish its east turn

  35. Michael says:

    bring it to melbourne 🙂 need some exposure for basketball in Aus

  36. Josh says:

    How about it goes to a RANDOM Lottery, all teams included, why just go to start studded citys, give all citys do chance to increase thier revenue/sports intrests, or make it teams with 75% sell out crouds are included in lottery for citys that care to get it, now does one city get it 6 years later?

  37. El says:

    Anyone else see a small smiley to the lower right of Sekou’s Hang Time Blog brown box?

  38. edward says:

    Ugly ass logo. An all star logo/game in L.A. can’t be repped like that!

  39. derrick says:

    Damn it!!!!!! could dey give it to

  40. Daven says:

    Give it to someone that has not had one yet!!!

    EX: toronto Oklahoma

  41. Romeo says:

    Give it to the BOBCATS ! !

  42. Romeo says:

    it’s CHARLOTTE’S time to shine ! !

  43. Gus Rabinus says:

    That’s a horrible looking logo.

  44. Vlad says:

    Balance out the publicity!! give it to NY!!

  45. gassd says:

    give it to charlotte

  46. RealTalk says:

    KOBE MVP next year in the ALL STAR GAME and REGULAR SEASON next season!!!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!!!

  47. jmacen says:

    for one thing i think it sould be some where in the north..but one thing why would you have it in seattle theres no team there…but i think it should come to the north like minnesota, chicago

  48. davedoes420 says:

    yeah well wat else do u think this is about the whole point of the nba for david stern is marketing and money that’s how u go into the stadium to watch ur team play e.g miami heat because the revenue from the nba pays the team and the team pays for the stadium.

  49. Rommel says:

    Staples center again? coz its the Clippers turn and get celebrities to come watch & Orlando for 2012, simply money-making scheme. Give other teams/arenas a chance. Portland, Oklahoma, Sacramento, Toronto & memphis havent hosted a single all star game

  50. Mark says:

    They should have it in Australia instead of US

    • Hayden says:


      • Tye says:

        Agreed, Australia would go off it would be insane, and i would get 2 watch the all star game live. I can ride a kangaroo 2 my shed and even put a srimp on the barby if ya won’t LOL

  51. Nino Brown says:

    Dey Shudda Gave It 2 Milwaukee Mane

    • miltownbj3 says:

      2nd that, milwaukee is the 2nd highest rated party city in America right behind Las Vegas(google it), we just got shafted cuz no other city can hang w/ us when it comes to gettin buck and Stern knows it!!

  52. Southside says:


  53. lance says:

    damn logo hey people get your minds to work rather than create these crappy stuff

  54. Lawrence says:

    No one cares about canada!

  55. Haylie Clark says:

    NO!!!!!! It should go to Sacramento! It will allow the Kings publicity!!!

  56. RealTalk says:


  57. john says:

    haha… no. Give it NY!!!

  58. adam says:

    give it to Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!