Phil The Master Motivator


Posted by Sekou Smith

LOS ANGELES — It’s not often you see a coach capable of motivating two teams, his and the opposing squad, simultaneously.

But coaches/master motivators like Phil Jackson don’t come along but once a lifetime.

The Lakers’ boss gave an honest answer to a question asking him to define his team’s toughness and wound up setting off alarms in his own locker room as well as in Boston’s.

“We don’t have a smackdown mentality,” Jackson said, before launching into an example of a team (the Celtics) that does, and specifically Celtics star Kevin Garnett, who did his best Karate Kid impersonation on Dwight Howard‘s forearms early in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Garnett wouldn’t bite, citing it as just another round of Jackson’s “mind games,” presumably the same ones he played on Kevin Durant in the first round and on Steve Nash in the Western Conference finals.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers was grateful to Jackson for helping stoke his team’s already over the top competitive fires, as if the always intense Garnett needing anything else to get him going.

“I think he picks the best player on the other team or who he thinks is key,” Rivers said. “So I think Kevin should put that one right up there with his MVP trophy and everything else. I think Kevin should be excited about that.”

I’m not sure how excited the Lakers should be about their coach questioning their toughness, something tells me Kobe Bryant could care less.

But they should be used to Jackson’s motivational tactics by now.

He has, after all, been at this for a long time.

And there’s usually a method to his motivational madness (hope you are listening Pau Gasol).



  1. somehow there is mind power in everyone of us, we just need to develop it -`,

  2. i always thought that there is some sort of built in mind power in everyone of us.*’*

  3. i never doubt that mind power can also increase the healing ability of the body.”::

  4. Al says:

    Im not reading hang time blog anymore. there are too many idiots who cant stick to the topic the blog was originally about and they all end up being whose better Kobe or Lebron. BORING! Arnt you idiots sick of that same argument already.You guys are all knob ends.

  5. Pete says:

    “Cause seriously I’m disappointed in Garnett, particularly, play lately. He has become one of the dirtiest players ever. I mean he sets dirtly and illegal screens, he throws “inadvertent” elbows, shoves people around. I mean seriously that play against Dwight Howard was just plain rediculous and idiotic. In my opinion he should have been fined and suspended.”


    Are you kidding me…Garnett dirty against Dwight Howard??

    Did you even watch the Orlando series, and how many people took elbows to the head from Dwight Howard? Garnett took hits that should have been flagran from on about two or three seperate occasions, big baby got a concussion from a Dwight Howard elbow, Rondo got knocked to the floor and almost knocked out by Dwight Howard. Most of these were hits to either the head or the face, and almost all of them were outsid of the act of play – e.g. Howard violently swingng his arm a good 10-15 seconds AFTER he secured a rebound. Lets not even get started on the play where Howard WHILE LOOKING at Pierce (meaning it wasnt accidental) swung his arm rght down into pierce’s face, hammered him down AND did all of this while also pulling on the back of his jersey.

    Garnett is a very physical player – he plays with a lot of energy, and it’s is lack of ‘softness’ that heavilly contributes to him being one of the best defensive players in the NBA. He’s NOT dirty though – hard fouls by KG are generally always tough playoff style fouls, and he never makes a foul with the intention of hurting a plyer…he’s always going for a steal, going for the ball, fighting for position, etc.

    The only exception to this was during round 1 when he elbowed Q-richardon in the face during the whole ‘episode’, and that was hardly unprovoked…

    Since you’re talking about drty, how about Derek Fisher? Who was it that he 100% intentionally clotheslined during the playoffs last year? THAT was dirty…

  6. LALA says:

    It’s gonna be LA in 6! After 2 years!
    Sweet Redemption time for LAL!
    I can’t wait!!
    Of course! LBJ wants Celtics to Beat LA. he don’t want to lose to the 2nd best team!

  7. […] the Lakers to have a legendary coach and Master Zen in Phil Jackson. Want some proof? Phil Jackson said, “We don’t have a smackdown mentality,” allegedly commenting on how the Celtics play – […]

  8. OKCfan says:

    the best thing to hope for is a terrorist attack and both teams to go down in flames. I would dove to have some new blood in the finals. So sick of seeing boston and LA in the finals…….again. BORING.

  9. Donald Mangiante says:


  10. Steven says:

    Phil is the Zen Master! No doubt he is using his mind power to gain the emotional edge. Call it reverse psychology or what ever, it’s not for Kobe, but the young team that lost badly two seasons ago. Lakers in five!

  11. mark says:

    and to yoyos comment. celtics beat cavs ? mate that has nothing to do with celtcs and lakers. just cos celtics beat cavs doesnt mean they can beat lakers. that was during post season this is the FINALS. go lakers . show em what ya got kobe. prove em that you should get the mvp. thats all.

  12. Lakers says:

    GO LAKERS>>>>>>

  13. Alexiaa . says:

    Uhh for all thaa`Celticss fans ifeel sorryy for yhu b’kus yhur qoin t2 be veryyyy dissappointedd . Umm everybodyy knoee ihts thee L A K E R S , all the wayy babyyy . Haa , pshhh _ qood luckk “tryinq” t2 winn // lOlss . Haha i ❤ me somee L A K E R S .

  14. the truth says:

    if boston win game 1, i dont think the fakers can handle that.
    beat LA!!!-paul pierce
    BOSTON CELTICS 2010 nba champs!!!

  15. tonyo says:

    dream on… the celtics will win again in 7 games

  16. willie calilung says:


    • tonyo says:

      motivated!!???nah..fakers will and again choke in the middle of the series getting frustrated again by the celtics’ great “D”

  17. Robert Deniro says:

    Oh common all of you are only prediction. The ball is in the air you dont know what happen. Celtics have gone this far upsetting the top team in NBA, the MVP and the Defensive Player of the years. And Lakers had the Best Player in the Planer (Basketball) for now because Michael is already retired, so its hard to predict who ever wins. Let’s say what happens on Game 1.

  18. Lebron is greater than Kobe says:

    u kobe fans are dumb……….. kobes assists are gonna get inflated in a SYSTEM of phils… mj himself hated it…first option is ta toss it into the big man and watc him do work NOT kobe…..kobes NOT a team player……and honestly ppl who are callin hickson ilgauskas oneal varejao? lebrons puttin up hustle and hes goin for the rebounds…….honestly u kno why kobe gets so much hate from lebron fans cuz when we brin gup lebron yall dont shut yer traps about how kobes better and how hes more clutch………screw clutch u wanna see clutch? how about an airball with 5 seconds left from ur superstar and ur superdefender does a putback……tahts cluch………..everybody whos a superstar knows the tricks stop callin ppl dirty players …….kobes got his tricks, kg got his, howard got his, lebron got his………if u hate on em hate on michael too why not he apparently PUSHED byron russelll uh huh……suck it im here to say that a real reason why celtics will win isnt cuz of motivation aint cuz of d aint cuz of ray ray even though hell be in my oinion the real x factor……its because the celtics are gonna play wit more heart a reason kg is still around is cuz hes still got taht energy ……kobe can love the game and all taht but it wont matter……….celtics in 7 be realitic i hate admitting stuff like this but lakers are a geat team they have techincally 4 all stars in ron, kobe, gasol, odom,……..bynum sure but his numbers arent nearly as good as even joakims…….and seriously centers can get inflated numbers in a triangle……..celtics will win cuz of kg……….hate on him or w/e hate on lebron or w/e but u cant call ppl chokers when their numbers and impact are felt (i men fer real how far will u kobe guys go OH HE CHOKED IN HIS GAME SiX AND HE ONLY PUT UP 27 19 AND 10.)

  19. Al says:

    Man people give Jackson too much credit. He makes a comment and everyone starts saying how tactical he is and is such a genius. Give it a rest and stop giving him so much credit for everything he says. Hes probably sitting there laughing at how anything he says gets translated by the media into “Phil Jackson is a genius”. Sometimes I question how much of a coach he is as Ive seen many time-outs where the lakers players have been huddled around talking and Jacksons been on the outside shouting in but no one seems to be listening to him. Kindof reminds me of young people ignoring the rambling grandfather at family gatherings.

  20. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    I like how all the CAVS, MAGIC and MIAMI fans are all Lakers now 🙂 Keep on dreaming, it’s BOS again and again and again. Next year they’ll get somebody to play with Rondo. Hopefully LeBron or Wayde. And then let me here about your PhillyCheese Kobe.

  21. It's the Rondo SHO says:

    P.S. I forgot about Sheed Wallace, but who cares about him, right? 🙂 let me see Odom scoring with Sheed on the court. That guy makes you feel like you’re playing on the road. Enjoy THR and SUN fakers. Don’t drink too much, you’ll HAVE to after the finals. . . to forget 2008 AND 2010. . . and the 50s 60s 80s etc :)))))))))))))) retards.

  22. It's the Rondo SHO says:

    Who cares what Paul Pierce does? Their plan does not include Pierce in the Finals. Artest will stay busy for nothing. Kobe on Rondo and Allen 3 after 3 after 3 after 3. Game one is Lakers by 5 points maxim, OR Celtics by 20+

  23. It's the Rondo SHO says:

    Bill, you’re a moron. And I will tell you why after the series goes 1-1 or 0-2 to Boston for 3 FINAL games. Pray for that, otherwise they will close in 6 at Staples, and then you will really cry your eyes out along with your potheads in LA. By the way, I live in LA, so I know what I’m talking about. CU@ game 1.

  24. BIgStone says:

    Lakers in 6. Kobe MVP again.

  25. Hans says:

    Can we all just stop talking trash! I think we should all just wait till after game 1 at least. Better yet till after the finals to see who came out on top. I hate when yall throw out stats and this guy is better or this guy wont do good because of this….etc. Its the FINALS where **** happens. Its gonna be a very close series between two good teams. And when the FINALS are over I don’t want any excuses from anybody; just accept defeat and wait till next year….That’s just how I feel

  26. Bill says:

    Lakers will win BOTH of there first 2 home games. Celtics will take game three, before losing the next 2 on their floor. Celtics fans can rock the bus all they want this time, but the Lakers will be smiing all the way home.

  27. yoyo says:

    pride!!! to tired.

  28. jpdip says:

    I think the message phil wants to get across is the fact that garnett is not a good defensive player. GARNETT IS A DIRTY PLAYER but the nba and its refs thinks he is a good defensive player. take a look at tapes of previous celtics games and you’ll see how dirty he is. that’s not great defense that’s roughhousing at it’s best. remember the elbow on Q-RICH? and that was even a deadball.

    • yoyo says:

      if KOBE went down and PAU GASOL elbow who ever is he dirty. NOOOO. and pau to scared to even hit back he would watch his momma get jump by MINI ME

    • tonyo says:

      its playoff basketball and you’ll likely get hard fouls…why don’t you teach kobe and the lakers play chess so they won’t get hit……..

  29. “You cannot antagonize and influence at the same time”. – J.S. Knox
    The act of shooting arrows from coaches never solve this problem, then simply wish that we offer some great things and a good game no matter the winner, and thank you … May the Best Win

  30. LA - KB24 says:

    i dont give a damn with paul pierce who thinks that he’s so good wer in fact his gonna be a non factor diz series!!! sorry celtic fans u better do silly thing when la plays there coz there is really nothing u can do in stopping LA from winning!!!!
    Lakers!!! 4-1

  31. BostonSuck says:

    Lakers gonna win Boston Suck………No more Ring for those Old Man………They Lucky they have 1 rings and it over for Boston…..

  32. Celtapwm says:

    LA has one big match-up problem- Ray Allen. With Artest on Pierce and Kobe on Rondo how will Fisher keep up? Ray is four inches taller which will make it very difficult for Fisher to contest his shots. This could be major problem for LA, especially since Allen showed in the Orlando and Cleveland series that he can still take it the rack. This series is going to awesome.

  33. deanchester says:

    no way celtics could win the finals….

  34. It's the Rondo SHO says:

    LA already celebrating, just like game 4 in 2008 🙂 Watch that again fakers. That’ll wake you up. If it doesn’t, then go ahead and watch game 6 🙂
    It’s the Rondo SHO this year. 2 MVP’s and not for Kobe, no, Kobe it’s history.
    Good luck next year.

    EAST ROCKS ! ! !

  35. 18 Coming up. says:

    Yeah, you will need a wheel chair. . . you’re right, but not for Pierce, you’ll need it for Fisher when he’ll get a heart attack trying to defend speedy “gonzalez” RONDO !

  36. . . . dary :) says:

    Fakeeeeeeers what’s up? Having fun making comments, talking trash, etc.? Even your Magic J knows it’s the Celtics. . . again. This ain’t the Suns, Oklahoma, this is BOSTON CELTICS, the number one, and will stay number one on average ’til the end of basketball. Coming close does not mean winning. Remember that. So keep going with the comments. I’ll make one at the end of the Finals, which I think will be very very soon. Ask Orlando Magic 🙂 which by the way are No 1 in shooting 3’s. Without the 3 pointers, good luck with Wallace and Big Baby. Oh, and that small NBA player, what’s his name. . . hmm the guy who defends, shots 3’s from any position. . . what’s his name man. . . AAAAAAAAAA SUGAR RAY BABY :))))))))))))))

  37. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    For all the fakers here, I bet you’ll have an excuse this year again for getting embarrassed. Keep talking trash, keep underestimating the Celtics just like LeBron and Wayde which are waaaaaaay superior to Kobe. I can’t wait to read your comments after game 6. This time you’ll get it in your court, too, it’s going to be legen. . .wait for it. . . . . .

    • JordanSpeak says:

      Wade did not underestimate the Celtics. The Celtics were supose to win that series. The only good player that the Heat had was Wade. Even an injured Celtics team was supose to win that one.

  38. jarhead7708 says:


  39. brenden says:

    I think this is bull. Everyone talking smack about Paul Pierce’s injury, it doesn’t matter if he faked it, its smart basketball. Don’t you people watch soccer? How many times do people get hit and fake the crap out of their injuries? It’s just playing smart.

  40. Kobe Bryant says:


  41. Kobe Bryant says:


  42. calvin says:

    i wanna answer coachbullins, you r right about what u said but remember our deffense is better than their deffense. Believe me artest will shut down pierce like he did to the thunder:P. i know that celtics have better bench but remember lakers bench plays better in LA.all games r gonna be very close. i think sasha will hit big shots because they will focus on kobe and gasol but remember something :they got artest in LA because he gave kobe a hard time last year and he will do it to pierce this year.this guy is thirsty for a ring and he will do whatever it takes to get it done. u’ll see another artest against celtics.(this guy is a hard worker) he spends all his time at the gym:P.

  43. calvin says:

    i think lakers will take it in 6 games:P, i’m a lakers fan and i know that they r better this year. first of all, they r big inside and if bynum plays good, they’ll sweap them. second of all, artest is here baby:P. his deffense will shut down paul pierce . Also, sasha( the machine) is back and i think he will average 13 points in the finals. he is a good defender. we’ll see him guarding ray allen and sometimes rondo.third of all, kobe is more mature, he changed his tactics, he is the leader and the mind in the lakers team. we have a better team this year. we have a strong deffense and a strong offense. but i’m worried about the bench, we have to beat celtics bench to win the series. go LA:P. And go sasha:P. i hope phill will give him more minutes because he needs to get his confidence back. he is a good player though. lakers are gonna win game 5 and end it in LA. i think we are gonna have a big trade this year in center position. i love bynum but he is hurt.i think he will start from the bench next year.

  44. coachbullins said it right, the Celtics have hit stride at just the right time, and are the favorites going in IMO.

  45. James Hoang says:

    Since 2008 NBA Finals, Lakers vs Celtics 3-1, Celtics only won 1 without Kobe in the starting line up!

  46. LAKESHOW24 says:


  47. dennis says:

    And just one more quick note,
    the Team that has had home court advantage since they have went to the 2-3-2 format in the Finals has won 18 of the 24 years. SO HOME COURT ADVANTAGE IS HUGE!!!!

  48. dennis says:

    CoachBullins, What are you talking about???
    The Lakers bench three bench players compared to the Celtics three bench players is better! LO, Shannon, and Farmar score two more points a game than SHeed, Baby, and Allen., they also grab 5 more boards a game. So, how is the Celtics Bench Better?
    D.Wills, Westbrook, and Nash all had a step on Fish and how did those series turn out?? Also, Rondo can have as many steps as he wants on Fisher, Kobe will be guarding Rondo the majority of the time anyway. And just another newsflash, Walton is only playing about 5 minutes a game, and i am pretty sure that the Lakers will work it to where Pierce is out of the game during a moajority of that time. Either Kobe or Ron-Ron have/will be on the floor at all times during the game. So Pierce will not get a break offensively!
    And you give a shorter, aging hacker the advantage over one of the best power forwards in the game? Besides you being a Celtics fan, i don’t see the reasoning.
    And you are saying that the younger team, coming off of a series with the run and gun Suns is going to tire out over the “youthful” Celtics that have HACKED their way into the Finals, still don’t see how they will tire down first…
    And the list of superstars they sent home??? really, those are all one man teams, except for the Magic, where their All-Star isn’t even their Secind Leading scorer!! The Lakers had to shut down, a very good and upcoming Thunder team with Durant, and a break-out series for Westbrook, then the BEST point guard in the game D-Wills, and a very tough Utah Team, and Lastly, the TWO TIME MVP Steve Nash, with AMARE, and all their three point shooters. Please!!! The team the Lakers faced in the First Round had the same record as the Celtics but they played IN THE WEST!!!
    LAKERS IN 6!

  49. dAnnY YoooO says:

    i really think this will turn out to be one of the classics… when 2008 played out… bynum was absent and rondo was not so much of a show during that finals.. i really think it all goes down to who wins game 5, who adjusts the best and who did their homeworks better than their antagonist.. im a celtics fan and i hope they will raise banner no. 18 but i have nothing against the lakers.. they arent gonna be in the finals if theyre not good right??

  50. Astro-Chameleon says:

    Reading the comment sections here, at ESPN, NESN and all the others everyone seems to be singing the same tune as in ’08. “C’s are old.”, “Lakers in 6, no question.”, “Air Jordans for $39 NO JOKE!!!!”. But at the end of it all, the Celtics nullified Kobe and shocked tinsel town in 6 games. Kobe is magnificent, and is the single greatest player in basketball, but the Celtics have a better team. Period. Paul, Ray, Kevin, Rajon, Glenn, Wallace, Perkins and company have already confounded and frustrated the other three greatest players in the game. I’m feeling a repeat of the ’08 finals; Celtics in 6, Kobe Bryant with maybe 18.6 ppg and one more reminder that Boston is where amazing lives.

  51. fanfan says:

    the winner of this series will truely be considered the better team. so either team who loses will get a crush from it.

  52. PJO says:

    This series may well come down to a battle of the benches. In previous series the Lakers bench has just about done enough when needed. This series they will need to spend quality minutes on the floor to give Artest, Fisher and Gasol a break. It is here where the Celtics can cash in.

    In the previous series vs Orlando the Celtics had more than enough production off the bench, each game the Celtics won featured a starring role by a different bench player, Sheed, Big Baby and Nate Robinson all contributed to the series win.The Lakers just don’t have the same strength in depth.

    Anybody seriously think a Lakers bench player (Odum aside) can go on a 13/14 point run in as many minutes? and at the same time still manage to produce defensively against Pierce, Rondo or Allen?

    If the Celtics can pinch one of the first two in LA then the Lakes will have a mountain to climb, if they go to Boston 2 up then the pressure on the Lakres bench will be less and they can concentrate on trying to steal one on the road.

    If the series go’s more than 5 then the Lakes may have to give minutes to some seriously undercooked players.

    I think that this series may well be won and lost before the teams set foot on the court in Boston.

  53. Levy says:

    Hey Ed! If you still think that Kobe is still not a team player…just look at his assists stat. He knows when and how to pass that ball to his teammates. Next time, just watch the whole game, instead of opening your mouth to say something you don’t know about.

    • vijay says:

      Lot’s of individuals don’t know the game and get too caught up with numbers. Lebron avgs high assist numbers and gets a tonne of praise, a bunch of rebounds and gets a tonne of praise, drops close to 29 a night and gets a tonne of priase. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Kobe is SG, Lebron is SF. Really and truly I think its an insult to Lebron that he would have to avg such high boards playing with Verajao, Illgauskis, Shaq, JJ hickson and Jamison. If he is getting all the boards, what do you need them for. If he is getting all the assist or moreso if the offense is setup in such a way that the first pass from Lebron is almost always met with a shot then he will avg high asssist. Scoring all those points along with the boards and assist just shows that his work load is way too high. Kobe on the other hand allows his bigs to clear the glass, the triangle offense is not exactly tailored for one guy to avg double digit assist, Kobe more often than not gets a lot of hockey assist. He also continues to show that he can score the ball when he puts his mind to it.

      All of the above is why Lerbron and Wade are looking for better systems to play in.

  54. LakersWillWin says:

    So if the Lakers win this year will it be shear luck? Will we have the refs on our side? Will Boston fans have some sort of excuse? It’s pathetic, a team who has made it to the finals 3 consecutive years in a row still gets no respect. Kobe Bryant gets no respect from his haters. What do the Lakers have to do to earn respect? Even if we do beat Boston the fans will have some sort of excuse “ohhh the refs were on Kobe’s side” “ohh the “Fakers” flopped too much.”
    What the hell man? Real NBA fans respect each player for who and what they are. I respect Paul Pierce, I respect little ass Rondo, I don’t like KG but I respect him. I’m a full biased Laker fan yet I support other teams and what they do. When will everyone else follow? Or is everyone too ignorant to realize the talent of the Lakers? I truely believe that the Lakers are going to win this series, we have emotions that Boston doesn’t. Revenge, payback. Boston beat us by 1 point this year without Kobe, and we beat Boston by 1 point with Kobe. Everyone, let the finals do the talking.
    Lakers in 6-7. This is going to be an awesome series, get ready for history.

  55. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    Game 1 LAL

    Game 2 BOS with Rondo 10-15 steals

    Game 3 & 4 BOS

    Game 5 LAL

    Game 6 BOS. in your face, in your court, in your pride.

    Go Germany FIFA 2010. NBA season it’s OVER !

  56. BOSTON says:

    Oh, we are the Lakers. We are getting our revenge. What revenge fakers? How many banners do you have??? How many do the Celtics have??? There’s no revenge, even with another title. But there’s no title. After Michael Jordan embarrassed Ray Allen and KG on national TV in 2008 after the season, making fun about their “luck”, they are more determined than just the Lakers AKA Kobe Bryant.

  57. Celtics #18 BANNER 2010 says:

    After game 2 Gasol will be worthless. Fisher will probably have a stroke during game 3 or 4 trying to stop RONDO. Kobe back to Italy this summer hiding for 3 months, just like in 2008. So Laker fans, sorry. Another disappointment is coming your way. I can’t wait to see who’s wearing those ugly Laker jerseys after they lose again. I’m tired of all the ugly flags on all the cars here in LA. And your beloved Inglewood native, Paul Pierce will get another MVP. He only plays ball in the playoff. He’s made for that. GO CELTICS.

  58. the Dude says:

    Rough house!?! Pistons? The only reason Phil is mentioning physical play is to let his team know they need to bring it. The Suns have a fraction of the D that Boston brings on a regular basis. Boston in 6. Pierce and Rondo get co-MVP honours.

  59. Liam says:

    “couldn’t care less”, not “could” =)

  60. CELTICS says:

    LeBron told KG at the final game between them that they’re getting another banner, no doubt about it. He knows it, Howard knows it, D Wayde knows it. We just need to make those Fakers get it too. In 6 games. With 1-1 going to Boston 3 games, keep on dreaming fakers. Enjoy game 1, after that it’s over.

    • Cosmos says:

      Right… That carries almost as much weight as Steve Nash’s “promise” to win game 6. Better eat your lucky charms lad!

  61. mans says:

    watch for them moving screens by kg

  62. TJ says:

    For thinking that Fisher is going the be guarding Rondo, all of you who said that, you’re out of your mind. It’ll be Kobe on Rondo. Kobe isn’t going to be chasing Allen all over the court and burning his energy. He’ll be on Rondo. For saying KG has the advantage over Pau, STUPID. KG is nowhere close to what he was in 2008 and now Pau is stronger, mentally and physically. Our bench isn’t strong, but neither is the Celtics. Losing big baby and that goofy ass with the dreads…come on now. The bench is a mismatch. Whoever wins the series will be deturmined by 1 player, each coming off the bench, Lamar and Rasheed. Whoever out-performs the other, that’s the team who wins the title.

  63. coachbullins says:

    Anyone who thinks the lakers are going to do it again with ease needs to sit down and read about basketball,no way the Lakers will be able to handle the d of the Celtics, Rondo has a couple of steps on Fisher,and the Celtics have the better bench with enough big men that they can play till they are exausted.The lakers have one quality big coming off the bench in Lamar,and Farmar will not be able to guard Rondo,Walton wont be able to guard Peirce when he subs for Artest.Gasol & K.G should be a good match but I would give K.G the advantage because of his years in the nba and his aggression.By game four the Lakers will be tired especailly Lamar,Bynum,and Gasol.I would say if the C’s stop Kobe then it will be easy but you cant stop Kobe.These are my two favorite teams,but with the Celtics D,their bench and their aggression,and the list of superstars they have sent home( Wade,Lebron,Howard) The Celtics have proven home court advantage isnt needed for them to win.With all that being said Celtics in 6 maybe 7.Gonna be good HOPE YOU ARE WATCHING LEBRON!

    • Laker Fan says:


    • CELTICS says:

      Agreed with you bro, some people in here don’t know what there talking abt. Celtics send home 3 superstars and now its kobe. good luck rondo just got better then 08 n so did there defense.
      bostonnn in 6

      • jarhead7708 says:


    • PC says:

      yea LBJ is hella overrated. hes syk wit it in his game, but he not THAT good. Shannon brown will guard Rondo off the bench. KB24 will do most controllin’ Rondo anyway yo. Its just Big Baby off the bench. Rasheed cant defend. he got on Howards grill cuz D-Howard is hella slow, just strong. The Sheed cant handle Gasol and Odom if they feeling the game early on. Lakers have been guards off the bench, Celtics barely can match that. its even even for both teams ya’ll.

    • JWill911 says:

      The Lakers have already handled the best bench in the game this past series so really don’t see Celtics bench that much of a threat. Also the fact that the Celtics beat D-Wade and a horrible Heat team, and Lebron with his subpar Cavs, doesn’t matter either. Lakers in 6

    • vijay says:

      I don’t think the Lakers are going to do it easy either but they will do it. Yes Rondo has a step on Fisher, but so did Thunder’s PG, so did Deron (the Best PG in the league) and Nash an excellent all around PG. Ohh by the way Kobe will be the one who guards Rondo. Walton won’t be able to guard Pierce for long periods of time but have we forgotten about Artest. Just seems as though people pick out people to make their arguments. Walton won’t have to guard Pierce for long periods so he will be good. Gasol has the edge on Garnett barring the excess physicalness that he plays with, if the refs keep that under control advantage Gasol. Kobe will do his thing. Kobe has a much better supporting cast and more importantly offensive system working with than Wade, Lebron and Dwight. Wade uses the spread offense much like Lebron, Orlando uses dump it into Dwight and kick out for a barrage of 3 point shots. Lakers use ball movement and man movement. They also have a quality low post game.

  64. Ed says:

    I respect Phil Jackson for the accomplishments he has made as a coach. But honestly, I think his ability is already on a decline. Psy-war, at this stage (championship) is unnecessary, and rigid training and mind-conditioning of his players should be his utmost concerns. Maybe, he should tell Kobe to trust his teammates more, hehe

  65. LA#1 says:

    Lakers in 4!!!
    sweeping boston in finals!!!
    and theres nothing yall can do bout it!!!

    • yeah right! says:

      i love it! keep underestimating the Celtics just like everyone did in 2008 and just like in the 2008 finals they will make you look stupid!

      • yoyo says:

        U sound stupid. WE beat the team that beat the lakers in the Regular season with no problem and ur going to sweep us. FUN- NY. GO CELTICS 🙂

  66. LA says:

    i hope they win game one, then it is over. 43-0 in series in which the first game is won by phil jax teams

  67. ANTHONY PORRAS says:


    • Jake says:

      I’m sure the Lakers are thankful that you’ve provided all this nice advice for them. I don’t know what they would do without you telling telling them to watch out for Rondo and his quick first step. I don’t think they knew that Rondo has a quick first step before you told them.

    • Lonb Beach says:

      I agree, Lakers 2010 nba champion

    • PC says:

      Imma say this gonna go to 7 game series yo. Lakers 4-3. Boston should bounce back from losses.

    • yoyo says:

      the lakers is not balanced because ur 2008 offense was better and we beat the LAKERS

  68. LAKERS says:

    yew mean celtics will take game three an thats it its all over LAKERS CHAMPIONS TWO YEARS IN A ROW BBY

  69. Boston #18 says:

    I hope the Lakers got an armored bus this time when they go to Boston 🙂 They can’t even sleep an night thinking about going again in MASS, while Pierce’s doing Jackson’s daughter in LA 🙂

    • BOSTON says:

      and i hope they hide very well especially gasol so that rockes wont flying at there armored bus.

    • vijay says:

      I wonder why it is that other teams can be good in LA, but the Lakers be pelted with rocks in Boston. HHmmm.Pierce doing Jackson’s daughter, who cares. She is getting hers, he is getting his.

  70. #24 says:

    really becuz last time i remember we are the defending champions and the celtics didnt even make it how sad but anyways lakers havent lost a game at home during the playoffs so i guess we will be taking it again. 2years in a row baby

    • Conrailgrille says:

      Dam you are all excited saying Celtics didn’t make it…hmm..if the Lakers lost such a key piece they wouldn’t be defending champs lol…funny statement you made…

      • vijay says:

        The Celtics losing Garnett was huge and more than that it would’ve been a huge smack in the face of the east if the Celrics could make it back to the finals without KG. I mean seriously. I take no delight in saying they didn’t make it back last year, like I said, I’m a true basketball fan. They performed admirably in last year’s playoffs and I respect them for that. I respect them, they took my heart in ’08 and now I get the chance to take it back while inflicting some wounds of my own.

      • yoyo says:

        Celtics didn’t make it because we wasn’t healthy. That y were coming back to win it all in 2010 🙂

  71. ejay says:

    Lol no doubt that the lakers will humiliated the celtics in this series.

  72. Dean says:

    Yeah! The Celtics are to be commended for hacking their way to the Finals…but that’s a good thing, cuz now the Lake show can turn the tables on 2008’s disappointing showing.

    • vijay says:

      The Celtics played overall great defense, with a sprinkling of hacking and illegal screens. Overall though their defensive execution against the Cavs and Orlando was excellent, spoken as a basketball fan. They exposed the Cavs huge flaws, that only them and Orlando could. Against Orlando though, Orlando just came out flat and overconfident in the first two games and it cost them the series.

  73. Kevin Garnett asked for this one with that game 6 action on Dwight Howard’s arm… The ref’s will be watching him more closely and get into early foul trouble. Phil Jackson maybe already game planing the C’s with out KG in the line-up.

    • vijay says:

      Garnett’s action was plain rediculous and should have merited a flagrant, suspension and a fine. I hope the refs do pay close attention to him and Perkins and the series should be over in 6. All that extra physicallness aside, the Lakers are more talented and skilled than the Celtics.

  74. Celtics says:

    He can do whatever he wants. Lakers will take game 1, maybe… and then it’s over. .. AGAIN.

    • Cosmos says:

      It’s already over, Celtics…Boston’s chance of winning this series is just about as real as a Paul Pierce injury. AGAIN.

      • Lakersgirl says:

        I thought I was the only one who noticed that fake injury that got him CARRIED off the court two years ago!!

      • PC says:

        such confidence you two have. know that KB24 is nearly unguardable wen he put up shot after shot. Ron Ron will guard Pierce hardcore if his will is in right place. still this series can go either way. its hard to say.

      • Fatalbone says:

        looooool make sure you have a wheelchair ready for Paul Pierce in the finals

      • vijay says:

        PC don’t worry about these jokers, clealry they are Celtic fans. I mean as a Laker fan, I pick Lakers in 6 but I also know as a basketball fan that this series can be seriously won by either team. However, with that being said, the Lakers once focused, disciplined and fundamental will prevail in 6. Honestly all physicalness aside, the Lakers gave up way too many rebounds (offensive) to the Celtics in that ’08 series. Radmonovic was also a huge liability on defense. Had Ariza been healthy that series would not have been so one sided as it turned out in the end. I called the Utah upsetting the Nuggets this year, I also called the Celtics huge upset on the Cavs and also Celtics beating Orlando. Run of upsets stop here though. Lakers in 6!

    • LAKERS says:

      Whether the LAKERS win game 1 or not, they will win this series. There is no way the celtics can beat the LAKERS this year. You celtic fans can go ahead and pack it up. LAKERS repeat baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • vijay says:

        I won’t quite say no way. But once the Lakers take care of home especially game 1 and 2, it ought to be a wrap. The Lakers propensity to let downs however is why I keep the realistic view that the Celtics can push this series the distance and even by a long shot win it. Lakers in 6!

  75. Jake says:

    Yea it’s called reverse psychology, phil knows what he’s doing, he also likes to make little things aware to the refs, like the celtics hacking.

    • Brydon says:

      How is that reverse psychology?

      • jejemons says:

        how is it called reverse psychology? if your a NBA fan, you should’ve watch the Lakers games against Orlando since the finals last year, i believe i saw kobe and team-mates hacking and even flagrant fouls happened.

      • PC says:

        think hard B. its reverse in a way b/c Jacksons making them players of his think they weak mentally indirectly so now they motivated to prove they tough and able to win big time.

      • Z No LBC says:

        By saying his team lacks a “smackdown mentality” Coach Phil seeks to induce in them a smackdown mentality. That is reverse psychology.

      • vijay says:

        Dude seriously, Kobe and Lakers flagrant fouling. Clearly you were watching some other sport. Do you remember the Nuggets series and Kobe being shoved in the back and tripped up by their shooting guard. No one is more roughed up in the league than the Lakers. Reason being, if you can’t beat ’em, then literally beat ’em. I’m pretty convinced you’re a Celtics fan or just blind. Cause seriously I’m disappointed in Garnett, particularly, play lately. He has become one of the dirtiest players ever. I mean he sets dirtly and illegal screens, he throws “inadvertent” elbows, shoves people around. I mean seriously that play against Dwight Howard was just plain rediculous and idiotic. In my opinion he should have been fined and suspended. Vujacic got a flagrant for raising his arms when Dragic face was on his shoulder. Garnett got just a foul after it was pointed out TWICE to the official. I mean wow. I don’t think Jordan got that much rope with the refs. Anyways I agree with Phil saying what he said, letting his team know that they need to represent themselves, especially Gasol and letting the refs know that Garnett has become a Notorious dirty player. Kendrick Perkins also set 95% illegal screens. Rasheed was born dirty but I respect his dirtiness cause its within the realm of playoff basketball. One person I know I don’t have to worry about other than Kobe is Ron Ron. He was born for this type of basketball.

      • Erez says:

        VIJAY, Just to get it out of the way I am a huge lakers fan, but if you looked closley on the play between Howard and Garnet you could see that Howard put his big hand on Garnet’s waist and just squeezed HARD. The ref couldn’t see that all he saw was Howard defending Garnet and getting slammed for that. I am with Garnet on that one, you need to send a message… and what about all the elbows Howard threw in the finals???

    • sphinx says:

      it’s a ‘diverse’ method of psychology, why would you think it would be reverse psychology ? that doesn’t make any sense at all……..reverse psycho, c’mon. lol

      • yoyo says:

        im pretty sure ur a fakers fan becuz everything you said was to defend the bum’s (Lakers) it not our fault the celtics play more Aggressive than the fakers,