Doc’s $100 Challenge


Posted by Sekou Smith

LOS ANGELES — You think Phil Jackson‘s a great motivator?

How about his counterpart on the other sideline for these NBA Finals? Celtics coach Doc Rivers pulled the ultimate move months ago when he challenged his team after a February win over the Lakers here at Staples Center.

Rivers asked each of his players for $100 after a game and told them that they’d get it back only if they returned here before season’s end — since that was their only road game against the Lakers during the regular season that meant the only way they’d get their cash back was to make it here to the Finals.

Wednesday morning Rivers handed the cash back to his team, making good on his promise to return their cash since they made good on their promise to finish what they started more than three years ago when the Big Three was put together.

Rivers doesn’t operate with the same kind of fanfare as Jackson, but his players wouldn’t trade him in for any other coach out there.

“I don’t think Doc cares about all that either,” Celtics center Kendrick Perkins said of the traveling circus that is a Jackson media event. “Doc is an underrated coach. I don’t think he gets enough credit. I don’t think you can put too many coaches in his situation to come coach our team and have success. Because it’s a challenge coaching our team, seriously. We have a lot of egos. So for Doc to come in and coach this squad, I just don’t think too many guys could come in and do it.”

Even Lakers star Kobe Bryant admitted to admiring Rivers.

“I love Doc,” he said, “and I love his personality and the relationship that he has with his player. I had a moment to spend some time with him over the All-Star break a couple of years ago. He just happened to be on the same bus for a function, and I had a chance to kind of talk to him a little bit. He’s just a down-to-earth guy, just extremely sharp, prepares extremely well, and I just think he’s the type of coach guys would love to play for.”


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  2. Minneapolis says:

    Well, Lakers won…But a helluva fight from Boston,I’d love to watch them hack at each other next year.

  3. unknown says:

    who won game 1? take that celtics fans… why dont you just sit back eat ur ass of and enjoy the game.. whoever wins between the two teams two thumbs up.. they both deserve it, let just be quite and shut ur pie hole.. damn ur all immatures..

  4. jjjjjjjjj says:

    haha everyone thinks they know whats going to happen. No one has any idea who is going to win you can only guess when it comes to 2 teams this good. All you can do is look at match ups and guess

    PG- Lakers- Derek Fisher is a good point guard with a good 3 point shot and comes up in the clutch but he isn’t nearly as athletic as he used to be.
    Celtics- Rajon Rondo is the main reason the Celtics have had such a good run, and is way more athletic and a better team player then Fisher.
    Edge goes to Rondo.

    SG- Lakers- Kobe Bryant is the best player left in the playoffs and arguably the best player in the league. Deffinatly come up HUGE in the clutch.
    Celtics- Ray Allen is one of the best shooters to play in the NBA but is far out of his prime and is no match for Kobe now, but if it comes down to one shot Ray Allen can deliver the dagger.
    Edge goes to Kobe

    SF- Lakers- Ron Artest is not a very good offensive player but a phenomanial defensive player and will have the job of guarding Paul Peirce. Not going to do much offensivly but may be able to tire out Peirce.
    Celtice- Paul Peirce is a superstar in the NBA and is going to be a big reason if the Celtics win. Will dominate Artest in terms of offence if he can figure out how to score on Artest.
    Edge goes to Peirce

    PF- Lakers- Pau Gasol is a top power forward in the game and is a tough match up for anyone and if he is playing his best extremly hard to stop.
    Celtics- Kevin Garnett is a future hall of famer and a dominant power forward. If he is playing his best ball he is as good as Pau on offence and better on defence but his health is a concern.
    PF is even i believe.

    C- Lakers- Andrew Bynum is like a baby shaq. Not near as good as shaq but his size and power gives him a big advantage under the hoop. If he is healthy he is very hard to stop and a huge rebounder for the Lakers.
    Celtics- Kendrick Perkins isn’t a huge offensive threat but can get offensive rebounds and put them back which is hard to deal with. He also has the Kevin Garnett mentality which makes him so tough to play againts.
    Edge goes to a healthy Andrew Bynum.

    Lakers Bench consists of Lamar Odom who could start on almost any other team. Besides him they really dont have any huge game changers coming off the bench but they do have guys that can come in and play and not hurt your chances.

    Celtics Bench consist of a couple good quality players such as Rasheed Wallace if he isnt being a hot head and is hustleing, Tony Allen a defensive stopper, Big Baby Davis a big body who plays hard all the time, and Nate Robinson who could help out alot if he is on his game.

    Edge goes to the Celtics Bench.

    My edge in the series goes to the Lakers for the fact that i don’t think that Kobe will be denied. I would like to see the Celtics win however because im a huge point guard fan and believe without a team oriented point guard that can score you dont have a chance, and Rondo is becoming a superstar point guard who can do everything. It should be an amazing series.

  5. buterCeltics2010 says:

    Heat = D Wade. Cavs = LeBron. Magic = D Howard. Lakers = Kobe. Celtics = TEAM.

  6. wtf says:

    what is wrong with you guys, the series has not even started and celtics fans are saying celtics in 6, lakers fans are saying lakers in 6 or whatever, let it start first because I know this more than anything else its going to be a hell of a series though I am a laker fan I, don’t care who wins because its going to be one of the best finals in nba history ( hopefully goes till game 7)

  7. CelticsFan916 says:


  8. jj wertyu says:

    lakers vs. celtics

  9. Renaldo says:

    When it’s all over and Boston wins, I want every stupid Lakers fan to email at
    Lets see what you’ll be saying then.

    P.S.: I did this same thing when the Celtics played the Cavs. Only one guy e-mailed me after it was over. he said “Man you were right”. I bet I’ll be getting that same email when this is over.

    P.S.S: wouldn’t it be cool if Lebron went to the Celtics. That would be domination. Kevin Garnett with the steal, passes to rondo, who passes to pierce who lobs it to Lebron for the dunk.=) A dream come true

  10. Renaldo says:

    First off, don’t just assume the Lakers are gonna win. I ASSUMED the Cavs were gonna win. Big mistake. Then I assumed the Magic were gonna win. BIG MISTAKE. The Lakers arent that good. I’m tired of everybody pumping them up. They’re just as good as the Cavs this year. Look where the Cavs are at. From a skill standpoint, the Lakers are better. From a energy standpoint, the Lakers are better. From an athleticism standpoint, the Lakers are better. But from a mental standpoint, the Celtics are better. That’s whats gotten them to the Finals. All Lakers fans should respect that. The Celtics were supposed to be the old, washed up dudes who would barely get out of the first round alive. Now look. They’re in the Finals. Don’t be stupid like a Cavs fan………

  11. the mO. says:

    Tonyman262 isnt an oracle.. just another analyst wannabe who’s abt to eat his own words and go fishing pretty soon or start watching and analyzing other sports… like cricket!! Put him in the same box with the others who talked abt the Celtics being kicked by the Heat (oops) then the swept by the Cavs (another oops!) and finally crushed by the Magic (..and a 3rd oops!) ….. All i have to say is we’re all fans, we all have our favorite teams, it’s going to b a great finals cuz the lakers are a tough team (best in the west)…. But I RULE for the GREEN MACHINE!!!!!!!!

  12. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    Get-off-tonyman IS tonyman ๐Ÿ™‚ loser! Dude, whatch and enjoy game 1. It’s the only one you’ll get. MAYBE. Keep talking trash, Celtics love it. Remember Orlando? Cavs? Mia? LA in game 4 2008? game 6 2008? 50s 60s 80s? You don’t know ANYTHING about the NBA.

  13. May god be with you Boston Celtics, I have 100% faith in you that this championship is yours boston!!!!

  14. GET-OFF-TONYMAN!! says:


  15. GET-OFF-TONYMAN!! says:

    I think TonyMann is right about what he says!! This is the Celtics last year together, and yes I have heard the rumours of Joe Johnson or Stoudamire to Boston….The Chris Bosh part is not true!! But lets be real hear…..Celtics winning is possible, but VERY VERY unlikely. Lakers are too good, and they have whats his name…..umm…it starts with a K….umm….oh yea KOBE BRYANT!!

  16. black mamba says:

    i don’t care what you all guys would say! basketball is won on the court. The way you’re insulting each other doesn’t deserve you to be in the sport itself. Well, this is how people play in the internet.

    But hey, was (the younger) lakers fighting over an all star team back in 2008? The celtics is a bunch of all stars/veterans that’s why they’re winning way back. Their backdrops were, i guess, caused by injuries. I respect doc rivers to be a good coach out there. But for me, his coaching ability would YET be tested if he’d get a championship ring from scratch and without the combination of these star players. I’d be glad to see if he does so.

    One thing i know, Lakers is a more healthy team right now. the addition of ron artest is a plus. Whatever happens, I’d go for lakers in 6/7.

  17. matley133 says:

    i love how some of you guys rubbish his ideas of a surefire lakers win and then say its surefire for the Celtics

    This game will go all the way, lakers in 7

    its likely both Bynum and KG will fall to their respective niggling injuries, and who will suffer more?
    lakers without bynum or Celtics without KG? no question really

    add to that, perkins will almost definatly miss a game with his Tech record

    kobe and artest marking rondo and pierce will take both of them out of the game

    Celtics need to hope Ray is shooting, if he is he will obliterate Fisher

    both shooting guards are the only ones on the team that the others wont be able to cover fully defensively
    so its a question of who can win a game, Allen or Kobe??

    Lakers in 7

  18. tango-four says:

    hahaha tonyman you seem to own the team!!!

    this series will add to the long, fine tradition of the celtics-lakers war. each team has overcome their respective obstacles. win or lose, each team will further cement its place in history.

    lakers in 6 or celtics in 7.

  19. Mike says:

    I can’t wait for the Celtics to crush the Lakers.

  20. Green Cro says:

    I just think you are all just to much coming with these insults. We all cheer for our favorites and hope that they’ll win. Fine. Me too, I see it in 6 tough games. Kobe doing some of his magic, many other Hollywood role players making things happen, occasionally…
    And then our green monsters ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope they’ll win, not just cause I’m their fan for last 20 years, but because they represent the true spirit of this sport – being a team! You have all witnessed what happened to one-man-teams in the East (I respect many other players in MIA, CLE & ORL, but hey, let’s be reallistic…), and why should the Black Mamba be any different?
    And when it’s all said and done, hopefully written in green, come on people – why not find a way to make our Celtics even greater and add new energy. That being said, I hope Danny will be sharp as he was last couple of off- and mid- seasons and give us yet another great surprise… Can’t wait for tonight… GO CELTICS! Big Green from Red Croatia

  21. xian says:

    @ tonyman: i hope you’ll enjoy eating you’re bitter words after the Celtics win the Championship. Coz it will be bitter for the Lakers and you..ouch..hahaha

  22. saint21 says:

    @tonyman262 : you are an ignorant fool want-to-be analyst of NBA,you dont know what your are talking i was not about to comment on this but because of you here it is : GO WATCH SOME OTHER SPORTS ,you dont know anything about NBA!

  23. Lakers says:

    lakers… go

  24. zzanzabar says:

    It is rare that the two best coaches actually get to so their stuff in the center stage of the NBA like this. Doc Rivers is a master at every aspect of this game. Phil Jackson can mold what is supposed to be unmoldable… a group of talented high priced players, into a superb, cohesive team. Both are hall of fame coaches, and both know how to motivate players, fans, and the refs. This is playoff basketball at its best! Cannot wait.

  25. mvp says:

    if the celtics had no problem beating the cavs they’ll definitely have no problem beating the lakers

  26. mvp says:

    if the celtics had no problem beating the cavs they’ll definitely have no problem beting the lakers

  27. XblackychanX says:

    Since everyone else seems to be making ridiculously stupid comments, I believe the Nets will win in 3.38 games.

  28. CRO Celtic says:

    Perkins, Davis, KG, Wallace – 500 kg. This is what Gasol and Odom will find in the paint. If I were them, Iยดd run away.
    Rondo rules!

    Ajmo Kelti, zgazite ih. Onog Bryanta i Gasola ne mogu vidit nacrtane. Uf, gade mi se!

    CROATIA Celtic-fan club

  29. elftron123 says:

    yo man lakers got it in game 6 forsure. no doubts about that.. its not gonna be an easy one but lakers will overcome the celtics and reclaim what has always been theres since the 2010 playoffs .R.I.P CELTICS

  30. BWAKAnangbitch69 says:

    shutup all a holes the lakers will definitely win because they are the best haha

    • xian says:

      Lakers? the best?? you’re out of your mind. =) shut up all assholes?? what do you think you are? =) hahahaha

  31. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    Hey tonyman262, you’re funny dude. Already congratz to the Lakers, all the BS. Laker fans man…. I’ve heard the same msg with the CAVS, MIA, and Orlando. Now they’re fishing. I can’t wait for game 5 or 6 when it’s over. I can’t wait to read comments from the Laker fans, if any. . . wow so full of themselfs, starts with your rapist Bryant and finishes with all the mexicans Laker fans.

  32. krazy eyed killa says:

    (insert long expletive), tonyman

  33. jocu8 says:

    stop all the nonsense!this series will be one of the best,nobody knows what will happen or who will win,just watch the best series in history,whoever wins,both teams should be proud! either team in 7

  34. 3point1416 says:

    the LAKERS got Lucky? wow.. reasons!!!! how about during 2008 finals, when BYNUM was out and Ariza was not even healthy! let’s just wait til thurs. and sun.!

  35. Kel says:

    I love Doc. He’s just such a class act. He seems like a great, humble guy who could be one of your favorite next door neighbors. Whereas with Phil, he just rubs me the wrong way. He comes off as smug, and sometimes downright elitist. In reality, I’m sure he’s a nice person. But there’s just something about him that bothers me. Doc, I just want to run up to and give him a hug he’s that likeable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. BeanBoy says:

    It’s going to be a good match up i guess.

    But i see Boston closing the series in 6.

    @ tonyman262

    what a post man. lol

  37. nixxor says:

    i got 2 words for you…

    Kobe Bryant

  38. Max says:

    Tonyman262 you have got to be one of the stupidest people on the face of the earth. Lets forget about your predictions, the Celtics are a very tight knit bunch. The fact that you think Rondo isn’t untouchable is ridiculous. He just signed a 5 year extension and the Celtics would never trade him. Ray will be staying along with all the other core members. Stoudemire and Chris Bosh won’t be able to go to Boston, they can’t pay him. The only significant free agent is Ray Allen. He will most likely stay with the Celtics. As far as the Lakers winning, they have a good shot. The Celtics are my pick, but it should be a good series.

  39. @tonyman262 you are on crack. Do you think that anybody is going to touch Sheed’s contract? He’s got two years left and will be making way too much for an old body that doesn’t hustle, and his recent history of back spasms. Bill Simmons called Sheeds contract one of the worst. No way is Sheed going, unfortunately. And why the hell with Boston get rid of Scals? He’s cheap, and a fan favorite. Also, you are so sure about the Lakers, but you gave no insight as to why. At least back up what you are going to say. Joe Johnson will not end up in C’s uniform, no way in hell. We got rid of him once before, and he wants a max contract for somebody who plays “ME” ball, not “team” ball, and can’t produce when it matters; postseason!

    • Law064 says:

      Whole city is right. Joe Johnson in a Celtics uniform, not likely. Joe Johnson is Hoe Johnson no heart for clutch situations. Tonyman is odviously high on crystal meth or blow. The C’s will win in 6. Kobe is the best but outside of him Gasol will be matched up with KG or Perk and they both have D. The Celtics are bigger than all the opponents the Lakers have faced. Gasol been doing good on people much smaller than him, KG will treat him like the 08 finals. GO CELTIC’S

  40. mismo says:


  41. ZULU says:

    You gotta love this series Lakers vs Celtics. A throw back in team names only. New coaches, players and new millenium. All of Docs motivation want get the Celtics the FOUR they will need to reclaim the title. KOBE repeats!!!!! If Doc has any of those one double zeros to spare. I need some stimuli…….

  42. ashi dyro says:

    think about the match up before LA And boston fans concluded the outcome.

    KG v. ODOM = mismatch how about Gasol v. KG = equal
    Rondo v. Fisher = mismatch how about Rondo v. Bryant = Bryant will use his strength guarding legitimate pt guard
    Perkin v. Bynum = i hope bynum get a chance how about Wallace on Bynum hehhehe
    Pierce v. Artes = interesting to watch..artes must step up in scoring

  43. RolandPayog says:

    Im a celtics fan since then, LAKERS just lucky without KG in the Last year finals…We’ll see what they can do on how to defend the BIG 3 +1( Rajon Rondo) an upgraded Rondo.

  44. RuNuts? says:

    Tonyman! R u nuts? Maybe the lakers are the favorite but the way u dismiss the celts chances is absurd!
    The biggest upset is in the making!! Mark my words!!!

  45. Anthony says:

    all i can say is.. The Lakers and LAker fans will eat their own words after this finals is all said and done…. especially to this dude about his comments, is as if he knows whats gonna happen in the nba…. what a moron!

  46. bneutral says:

    lakers win championship? i smell biased post

  47. celtics says:


  48. celtics says:

    GTFFFFO TONNY MANN!!! LOLLLL u musttt be messed. lakers repeating again? never gonna happen. lakers won 3 of the 12 meetings? did u not remember 08 finals. what was it…? 1311-92?? 24 pnt 4th quarter comeback..? get out of here.

  49. ImaPig says:

    100 bucks is motivation for these guys?

    • its da lake show, but dont drown tho says:

      yeah…100bucks…im a poor college student and 100bucks wouldnt even motivate me for 4months of work lol

  50. tonyman262 says:

    To All Celtics Fans: Congrats on a fine season and the Eastern Conference Champions!!!

    To All Lakers Fans: Congrats on a fine season, The Western Conference Champs and 2009-2010 NBA Chamionship.

    Congrats to Kobe Bryant & Derek Fisher on their 5th Ring!!!

    Special Congrats to Kobe Bryant 2009-2010 NBA Finals MVP

    The only two questions remaining are “will there be a Lakers 3-Peat, and will the current Celtics team be over hauled because of it was so totally outclassed.”

    Doc Rivers already has a clue; which is why he is sending out feelers about retirement.

    Don’t believe me; check out how much Danny Ainge is scouring the Free-Agent market and the fact that he has admitted to starting a coaching search.
    Danny knows that after this year it will be time to reload.

    Here is the word on the street:
    Ray Allen is out Joe Johnson is the first choice.
    Ray will have to accept the veteran 5 mil to even have a chance at staying.

    Sheed, Scalabrine and Shelden are out, the hope is for either Stoudemire or at least Chris Bosh, the preference is Stoudemire.

    Kevin Garnett: will be asked to stay for two more years. The Big Ticket is needed to sell tickets but will be required to accept a pay cut if he stays on beyond 2 years.

    The latest tid-bit is the core group will be Rondo, Perkins, Pierce & Garnett, Tony Allen, and Glen Davis round out the core group. Everybody else is trade bait.

    Perkins has a decent shot at a pay increase but there will be strings like goals:
    Lack of technicals for one and scoring production increase for another.

    Pierce is the only untouchable, Rondo is second

    More later unless they clam up…

    • eksainy says:

      man be quiet you aint nobody and for sure aint no future teller so just stop thinking you know everything

    • xian says:

      @ tonyman: haha you will eat your own words! definitely you are trying to punch the moon..=)

    • Matley133 says:

      man you may have a point

      ray will be 36 and a free, great opp to get a young guy in like j.johnson
      pierce and rondo are without a doubt untouchable for a few years yet

      with KG staying they may look for an even better SG like Wade rather than spend on stoudmire when they already have Perkins and KG in his positions

      I’d ditch KG and bring in bosh or amare’e

      you other 2 dnt bite my head off…just my opinion

    • jaybee says:

      if rondo doesn’t play great. the lakers will blowout the celtics and if artest have guard pierce carefully i dont think what happen to the celtics, i asure you.

      • unknown32 says:

        were talking about coaches and heres a laker fan that goes off about his Faboulous Lakers..dnt care!we’ll just watch and c how Game 1 goes…ok seriously to jump the gun about retirement for Doc and all is too much and even if he was y would Ainge look for another coach when Thibodeau is there and mayeb the only guy valuable enough to replace Doc considering he’s the Defensive mastermind and his Asst…..and i believe they’ll trade Ray to clear up but then again it depends on Ray and how much the guys want him back if not then Johnson would be a pick and if i were Johnson i would go cause the Hawks are chockers!theses are things that will be answered after July 1st until then LETS GO CELTS!!!

    • C_Code says:

      to bad there bouta lose and the celtics are gonna take BANNER 18 mofo….. they jus beat the 2 teams with the best records this year back to back… u really think yall have any chance fuzz

      • YONT says:

        Celts don’t have the supporting cast like they did a chuple years aglo. I say the cupcakers are gonna win. Maybe lil’Nate can drop 20 using his half court hook shot, POW!!