The New Look Celtics?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A rematch is the easy box to place these NBA Finals in after the 2008 title chase won by the Celtics in six games.

Not exactly, warns the Prime Minister, who pointed out a major difference in the Celtics now compared to a two years ago.

Sure, that 2008 Celtics team was led by the Big Three of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. But the supporting cast was led by veterans Sam Cassell and P.J. Brown. They were the ones that provided the glue work that kept things together for the Celtics throughout the playoffs and particularly against the Lakers in the Finals.

Fast forward to Thursday night and ask yourself if you believed that Nate Robinson, Glen Davis and Tony Allen would play critical roles for a team trying to win a second NBA title in three years?

I know it sounds crazy. It sounded the same way when we started bouncing the idea around here at the hideout (prior to our Memorial Day grill-a-thon that will commence this afternoon or whenever the rain stops).

Viewed by most people (including most of us around here) as an elderly outfit that is swinging their sword for basically one last time, the Celtics have a decidedly different look when you strap on your BluBlockers and really study their moving parts.

They’ve certainly relied on their youngsters (Rajon Rondo is included in that group) during this Finals run. Robinson’s 13-point outburst in the first half of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals (below) was the difference in the Celtics leading at the half in a game that, had it gone any other way, might have cost them this opportunity to snag banner No. 18.



The Celtics have two veterans (Rasheed Wallace and Michael Finley) I suspect will be called upon for major contributions in the Finals, so maybe we’ve seen the last of Robinson. And perhaps Tony Allen and Davis won’t need to perform any superhuman feats this time around.

But this idea that the Celtics are the Geritol Gang is pretty misguided.

They’ve had a steady flow of contributions from their youngsters this season. Whether that continues or not, remains to be seen. But you can be sure that Celtics coach Doc Rivers will push every button he can to get his team going.

Rivers was the one that promised Robinson when they traded for him that he’d help them win a playoff game at some point, a point he reiterated after that cosmic performance in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals:

“I told him I loved him, and I told him at some point it was going to happen for him,’’ Rivers said. “And it was all up to him to stay engaged. And he did. I get no credit out of this. Nate Robinson stayed focused in 30-straight-whatever games without playing, and stayed focused. And to me, that is more important than anything he’s done tonight.’’



  1. medyo chickboy talaga itong si James Yap, ayun tuloy mukhang wala na sila ni Kris`’~

  2. LA4Life says:

    I really enjoy looking at all the Celtic fans and Laker Haters talking and dissing the Lakers… I guess the Lakers got the last word… Can u say back to back? Rondo was really a factor… NOT

  3. KB8 says:

    @ Nick, I think there’s been a misunderstanding somewhere dude, my bad. Previous comments before game one had alluded to Ray Allen and Rondo being all over Kobe and Fisher respectively. After the game I was understandably curious to see “where the noise was” in regard to said “burnin'”. I was not implying it had happened you see? I believe that should also count in my defence when responding to your “have you even watched any of the games..” question. I have. Thanks for asking.

    That said, it will be a tight series. Good luck Boston, because there aint no cure for a mamba bite. Hola!

    Go Lakers!!

  4. batman2000 says:

    Did you say SWEEP? Did you say RONDO burnind FISHER? Did you say ALLEN burning KOBE?

    That’s funny, it seems to me tha RONDO and ALLEN were able to read your comment and make FISHER and KOBE their BITCH!

    Who’s your DADDY now?

    • KB8 says:

      Lakers in 5 then. Can I get a “Recognize!!”

      Allen was on fire, sure. But Rondo wasn’t all that. Allen needs to play like that for 3 more games if the celtics are gonna win it. The lakers kept the rest of the Celtic team in check. We’ll see if he [Allen} can burn Kobe twice in a row. I don’t think he will to be honest, but it is the Playoffs after all. It’s apparently where Amazing Happens.

      Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??!

      • Nick says:

        KB8, have u even watched any of the games? Kobe didnt get burned by Ray, he has been on Rondo 95% of the time. Ray only made 1 shot with Kobe on him. Rondo only burned Kobe because Kobe was in foul trouble due to terrible foul calls, just like Ray in game 1.

        Now we have home court back aswell, its going to be a great series. (If the refs dont call a foul every time someone breathes near anyone)

  5. KB8 says:

    Where’s the noise about Gasol being weak? about Rondo burnin’ Fisher? about Allen burnin’ Kobe? Where?? That’s what I thought. Get your brooms out, cos here comes the sweep. Celtics spelt backwards spells LOSERS!! haha

    Lakers in 4.

    That’s right I said it!!!

  6. Kel says:

    I really think people are underestimating Allen’s role. It will be bad for Kobe to have to chase Ray Allen on screens all night, so my guess is they’ll try to put Kobe on Rondo at times, while Ray will get to shoot over the top of Fisher, Farmar and Brown. They’ve made it clear Artest will be on Pierce, as he can’t keep up with Ray, and they won’t want Pierce to have big games. But Kobe would expend much less energy guarding Pierce, simply because Ray and Rondo are contantly in motion. As much as people talk about Rondo’s stellar play, or Andrew Bynum’s return, etc. I feel Allen has the chance to wreak havoc on the Lakers, especially if they invest all their focus on Paul and Rondo.

    Kobe will be Kobe: Greatness. So no surprises there. KG is a defensive presence unlike Gasol, and much stronger. Plus, Gasol is a finesse player and will not overpower Garnett, nor will he have a height advantage. I don’t see either guy completely dominating the other like in ’08 when KG made Pau look like a rag doll. Perkins will be solid as always, and will probably welcome the sight of a less than 100% Bynum after Shaq and Dwight. Pierce may not have great numbers as last series vs. Magic, but when he gets going, even Artest won’t be able to do anything about it. Plus, Artest is sort of an offensive liability, so Pierce gets the obvious advantage. Bench isn’t even a contest, especially if Nate gets a head of steam like Game 6 of ECFs. He’s also too quick for any of the LA guards.

    Odom can be key, but do you really want to rely on such an inconsistent player so much? Half the time I wonder what in the world he’s thinking. Sheed has also been up and down. But has supplied solid defense in the post-season, as well as some bigtime shots. Baby provides consistent, abundant energy. And TA may be a big defensive factor, as well as get some nice cuts to the rim. Farmar and Brown have also been very inconsistent. And we all know what happened the last time Vujacic went toe-to-toe with Ray Allen… I wonder if he still has nightmares about that blow-by lay-up.

    But you still gotta respect Kobe. Alvin Gentry sure does. If Boston can win Games 1 or 2, I say Boston in 6. If not, Lakers in 7.

  7. mismo says:

    game is for LAKERS. watch the entire series. CELTICS in 6

  8. CASDF says:

    You know what? just watch Game 1, it’ll decide the rest of the series.

  9. mismo says:


    RONDO VS FISHER – CELTICS. fisher cant even chase nash.
    ALLEN VS. KOBE – LAKERS. but he cant defend Ray allen as well. allen is too quick
    PIERCE VS. ARTEST – even. but Pierce is smarter. ARTEST IS A CRY BABY
    GARNET VS. GASOL – CELTICS . Pau is too soft. toooooo soft
    PERKINS VS.. BYNUM – even.


  10. benamet1 says:

    Guys, dont see this series as individual match are like charles barkley who said about cavs-celts that cavs will sweep the celts because of the garnett-jamison miss match. you see, where was that match up end up? look at the individual average stats of each boston players especially the big 5 (rondo, allen, pierce, garnett, wallace). they are just even. comparing to lakers that only kobe (gasol perhaps) has big numbers comparing to his teammates. a one team vs a one-man team. thats the difference. you think about it. Go CELTS!

  11. sacbobv says:

    I’m thinking the wild card will be the quality and consistency of the officiating. Hope a fairly decent crew works the Finals and they let the players determine the games.

  12. lolz says:

    lolz…. Rondo can only prove that he could eat Dfish alive when he hit those jumpers…. he shown improvement but inconsistent… for me its an even match between Rondo and Fisher…

    Note: FISHER can also defend even if he’s old..

  13. timc says:

    WOW im literally dying here laughing at the guy who posted the mbenga/powell are equal to glen BIG BABY davis.. absolutely priceless. is that why mbenga and powell get zero minutes of playing time? i mean damn get your head out of your rear ends if you know what i mean.

    anyways i think its foolish to do things like fisher vs rondo = celtics .. this is not how the game is played where its 1v1. its a team sport, team offense and team defense. predicting who will win based off which players are better at their respective position is just not the way to do it. the only thing i can say for sure is BOTH of these teams have the players to win, and i cant wait til it starts so we can find out really has the HEART to win(celtics). anyways.. fanbois stop pretending you know who will win, we dont know til 2 weeks from now, the games have to be played to know who wins. and anyone who keeps saying pierce vs artest is even.. YOUR INSANE artest has limited offensive capabilities.. ok he can hit an open shot, not many players in the nba will miss if you leave them wide open. ill take pierce on my team ANY day over artest, you are lying if you say any different

  14. carlos_padua2000 says:


  15. carlos_padua2000 says:


  16. carlos_padua2000 says:

    godspeed boston management and sir Danny Ainge. I’m a Diehard fans of Boston Celtics since KG and Allen arrivals. i offer you namely GABE FREEMAN’ swingman,6’6 guard /forward. a product of Costa Mesa College CBA. he average 14pts per game and 9.7 rebs.Gabriel Freeman is playing like, it would Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats. and has almost an identical skill set as the Bobcats Star Forward – An Explosive drive, A strong finish, Intensity, Hardwork, Hustle Rebounding , Hustle Points, Helpside Defense, Streaky Shooting, 2009 PBA Fiesta Conference Best import. PBA 2009 Champion Fiesta Conference San Miguel Beermen ABL (asian basketball league) 2009-2010 Champion Philippine Patriots..100 more percent this guy is surely fit to your team.Sir Ainge. please….please…invite him to your training camp next season. txs and more power GO!! BOSTON CELTICS!!


  17. Rule says:

    I think the series are pretty much even, and it will come down to 4 points where the series will be decided, you can count on the contributions of Kobe and Pau for the Lakers and Rondo and Garnett on the other side + a stronger bench

    I think key points will be:

    1. Will Odom produce
    2. Will Allen produce
    3. the Artest/Pierce matchup: Pierce was able to score in bunches against Vince “there’s no D in my name “Carter” and Mikael “was I playing in these series” Pietrus but had a tough time in the series against Cleveland against a good nd physical defender (which I still think Artest is)
    4. injuries. Both teams only have 1 player on their bench that can contribute on a constant basis and have a pretty small rotation.

    I thikn the series could go either way, if the C’s keep the games under the 100point mark they wil win it, otherwise I still think the Lakers will beat them. I don’t think either bench will be a huge factor in this game.

  18. Overall says:

    lovely how all of you are rooting for celts…celtics in 6…celtics in 5..why not a sweep? why not even celtics in three maybe? or the first game? garnett is good,gasol is better and you all know it.. Emotions>Talent when talent doesnt have emotions..we’re the guys that were,yea,banged in Boston in game 6 and now you want L.A to lose in 5? so you’re saying we baet phx,utah after they’ve dazzled denver oklahoma okay thats nothing and we’re in the finals for nothing?…but oh again all celts fans pretty amazing how each and every post is saying celtics and celtics rock…artest is a defender fellas..a former defensive player of the year,paul isnt as good as he was in 08,rondo is still better than fisher because hes faster and,way waayyyy younger..but in crunch time? A Big Zero. how about bynum? yea hes been inconsistent as hell and maybe will still be..but perkins>bynum? get outta here.

    and now all you “smart-basketball-all-the-time and happ-go-luckies all the way” saying that kobe isnt good nowadays,this aint hollywood,its something called Real Life,you all know(or you dont even know basketball and just saying celtics) that kobe right now IS the most dynamic,great player in the NBA as of right now,and im not saying it cuz of bla bla bla kobe 37!!! OMGZ PWNAGE!!! i watch the guy i see his shots and everyone of you knows that,..just kep lying please.

    Lakers in 6(not a sweep or lakers in 3 dont worry)

    now lets have another retarded comment saying “man your rettarded celtics in 4 :D!!!!! ZOMGBBQCELTICSCHAMPIONS.

    lets be real guys,i aint saying lakers for sure but im rooting for my team thats HAS REACHED SOMETHING CALLED FINALS NOT BECAUSE OF LUCK.

  19. Mark says:

    Miller vs James Yap (Ginebra)

    Ginebra in 7

  20. nba says:

    pau gasol (the so called softy) is averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds while the one that you all sat will destroy him only averages 14 and 8 in these playoffs. How can you bossibly say that garnett will win the match up. IN addition, was it really perkins who shut down dwight or was it dwight”s dumb decisions up and down the floor that killed himself offensively and defensively. DO NOT BLIND YOURSELF WITH BEING A TEAM FAN IF YOU DONT HAVE COLD HARD FACTS AND STATISTICS (GOD BLESS)

  21. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    For all the fence jumpers out there in SoCal, learn how to pronounce Boston Celtics, you will hear that a lot this summer.

  22. CELTICS says:

    jdj24, let me see you commenting in exactly 2 weeks, when Boston will raise another banner, and your Kobe will dissapear for 3 months again until October, when the next season starts, and then he might beat Utah 🙂 Celtics are hungry. Kobe knows it, LeBron knows it, Howard knows it, Wayde knows it. When all the mexican Laker fans will learn it also? When?

  23. RAP RN says:

    nice post! KOBE is the only thing which comes from my mouth when being asked about lakers, for me lakers is a 1 man team in NBA, i know some guys like fisher, gasol, artest, brown etc can put up a good play with the celtics but overall, who’s in charge of the action? who delivers most of the points in the game? it’s KOBE right. i idolize KOBE alot but the whole team i dont. im for celtics because not only the BIG 3(now called BIG 4 with the addition of Rajon Rondo) are working hard every game but the rest of the team are contributing when needed.

    CELTICS IN 5 – 6 games

  24. Comfortablynumb says:

    Rondo vs Kobe (Lakers)
    Ray vs Fisher (Celtics)
    Pierce vs Artest (Could go either way)
    Garnett vs Gasol (Could go either way)
    Perkins vs Bynum (Even)

    1. If Artest picks up early fouls against Pierce, they are gonna have to put either Odom or Kobe on him. Odom can’t guard Pierce, if Kobe switches to Pierce, there is no one to stop Rondo; if Artest stops Pierce, Celtics lose the series
    2. Ray Allen is the only Celtics starter Fisher can guard, he’s going to have to overplay him due to the height disadvantage, which will allow Allen to get some easy layups
    3. Kobe is going to dominate, unless the Celtics double team him, in which case Lakers must knock-down their 3 pointers
    4. Slow Garnett vs Weak Gasol, this will be a test of character for both
    5. Bynum is an easy task compared to guarding Howard; Perkins can stop Bynum if he can control his emotions; Bynum is limited by injuries, Perkins won’t be a factor offensively

    1. Lakers must knock down their 3 pointers in order to collapse the Celtics defense, if they want to win
    2. Celtics must box out Lakers, especially Gasol and Artest, who tend to get crucial offensive rebounds, if they want to win

  25. Theun says:

    I think the celtics bench will contribute more than the lakers bench. The celtics have multiple quality players on their bench. Lakers have Odom, but i think Farmar, Brown, and vujacic can’t contribute enough because they haven’t proven that they can in the playoffs so far, unlike the celtics bench. And I think the celtics have enough bigs to have an answer for lamar odom. Maybe DJ Mbenga can make it happen 🙂

  26. CELTICS says:

    BOSTON 4-1. I’ve had to get this off my mind. Hey, Lakers want revenge, so is Boston, they wanted 4-0 in 2008. . . 🙂

  27. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    Who’s that moron on this blog that wrote “Lakers in 7 cuz of the home court advantage”? ? The guy is a moron. Celtics are the number one team on the road. Watch the games VS CLE and ORL again. And if you are a lakers fan, watch game 6 in 2008. . . without Rondo in its prime, Wallace (who will slap Artest until he wakes up), and Robinson (who can run under Gasol’s feet and shoot a 3). AND RAY RAY only getting hotter. Oh, sorry I forgot about our “little” MVP, Paul Pierce, who by the way, he only plays ball in the conference finals and THE finals usually. . .

  28. hdj24 says:

    kobe will guard rondo and will stop the celtics offense…the celtics rely mostly on rondo to run their offense..once kobe put a stop to it…what’ll happen?use your imagination dudes….hehehehehe

  29. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    And Boston plays better on the road than anybody else. That’s an advantage for them to play at Lakers 4 games. With the 1st two games in LA and the next 3 after that in Boston, I think this time it’s a 5 game closeout. Lakers MIGHT get game 2, maybe, but this is NOT a 7 game Fnals. 6 MAX> BOSTON ! 2-4 AGAIN. Game 5 or 6 Lakers will get embarrased again, 38 points diff :)) wow.

  30. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    I’m reading the same comments I’ve read all post-season long. Celtics are worse than Miami. C’s are worse than Cleveland. C’s r worse than Orlando. NOW, Celtics are worse than Lakers. After they get the #18 banner I can’t wait to read the comments. . . Kobe up Kobe down, He does not even compare with LeBron or The Magic (who by the way they can shoot 3’s from anywhere in the court). The Celtics closed everybody while 34, 20, 30 and 4 still shoot 3’s all day long. Pierce can shoot a 3 with his pants down, ask Artest. . .

  31. Reality says:

    I dare someone to come up with a better analysis than below.

    1) Rondo may be faster than Fisher, but Fish has played faster point guards series after series and while its liability, its not going to undo the Lakers. Advantage: Celtics
    2) Kobe is far and away the best player in the NBA today. No one can contain him, and he’s playing the best basketball of his life right now, as his ball IQ has gone through the roof. HUGE ADVANTAGE: Lakers
    3) Paul Pierce is a good player, and a better actor, but Ron Artest will keep him so below his numbers that this is an even comparison. Advantage: None
    4) Pau Gasol is a better player than Kevin Garnett. KG is past his prime, and Gasol has improved significantly from ’08. While KG will play good D and talk lots of trash, he hasn’t been the same since he tweaked his knee. Gasol will have the upper hand. Advantage: Lakers
    5) Andrew Bynum may be limited, but with his knee drained his mobility should go up. Perkins on the other hand cannot get away with his rough play as one more tech and he’s gone for one game. Bynum is underrated in this match up. Advantage: Lakers

    Bench Play: As has been a weakness for the Lakers throughout the year, Bench play is a liability, and the celtics can get production from all their players. However, Bench play is not as significant as in the past. With the number of rest days in between, the Laker starters will play higher minutes as seen in the PHX-LAL series. Advantage: Celtics

    Attitude: The Lakers are led by Kobe, who is burning for revenge. When this man is mad, there is nothing, and i repeat, nothing that other teams can do. This is the final step that he needs to ensure himself as the Greatest Laker of All Time, and he knows it. On the other hand, the Celtics in reality have nothing left to prove, and this will be the deciding factor in this series. Advantage: Lakers

    Coaching: Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers are more evenly matched than is commonly recognized. PJ has the obvious advantage of playing with better players throughout his stint, but in terms of on court awareness and coaching, I’d say this match up is only a slight Laker advantage, or even, Advantage: None

    The Lakers are a better team, and what separates this series from ’08 is that the Celtics have nothing to prove, whereas the Lakers need redemption. At this level of play, among such good athletes. The person who wants it more will win this series. Lakers in 6.

  32. celticssux! says:

    bostons lineup:
    perkins=too ugly need to smile more
    garnett= too old and havent recovered from magic
    pierce= still gay and acting will not work this time
    allen= too old and cant keep up with kobe probably injure his ankle trying to guard kobe
    rondo= well the only advantage they have and will probably sustain injury at practice!! haha

  33. Nick says:

    I dont understand why everyone is saying it will be a classic and will go to 7 games. Weren’t people saying the same about games earlier this playoffs? In my opinion, i think the Lakers will take the Celtics in 6 no problem if not 5 as long as Gasol picks up his game from the last few games against Phoenix. The Kobe-Gasol tandem is the best the league has seen since Kobe-Shaq c2002. No-one has been close to finding a way to stop Kobe these playoffs no matter what defender or double team they throw at him.

    However, if Gasol doesn’t pick up his mini slump, the Celtics will be too tough and strong for the Lakers.

    It really does all hinge on the play of Gasol

  34. stevenash says:

    well guy… it will be a great much…
    Bynum vs Perkins… Lakers
    Gasol vs Garnett….. Even
    Artest vs pierce…….. Even
    Kobe vs Allen………. Lakers
    Fisher vs Rondo…….. Celtics

    Allen vs Brown………..Lakers
    Wallace vs Odom……Lakers
    Nate vs farmar…………Even
    Davis vs Mbenga or Powell… Lakers
    Finley vs Vujajic………Celtics

  35. Denzo says:

    Celtics is just who I want to win. I believe it all about RAY-RAY!! He is an unbeleivable shooter. Kobe is awesome but dont you think RAY can back up that clutch also? The thing is, Celtcs play better D AND more unselfish style of ball.

    Celtics in 6. You heard it here first.

  36. Myke says:

    Point Guard : Fisher vs Rondo (Rondo > Fisher both defense and offense)
    Shooting Guard : Bryant vs Allen ADVANTAGE : Lakers (no question here)
    Small Forward : Artest vs Pierce EVEN (Aretest defesively better, Pierce Offense better)
    Power Forward : Gasol vs Garnett EVEN (Gasol Offensively better, Garnett Defensively better)
    Center : Bynum vs Perkins EVEN (I go for Bynum here, though I think Wallace will play more minutes to pull Bynum out under the basket)

    I vote for celtics to win

  37. mismo says:

    CELTICS IN 6 OR 4.


  38. gmik says:

    its unfair for people to comment on performances of James and Howard during the playoffs. they did their best, not because they lost to the Celtics you will say. they did not perform well. give credit to the Celtics. its their team effort that got them where they are now. soon you will say that Kobe didnt perform well if the Lakers lost to the Celtics.

    Go Celtics

  39. gmik says:

    Rondo is here. he was my choice as the starting guard at the all star and should be the best point guard now. but Iverson won by voting. lucky that time Iverson backed out. the Celtics of today are better than the 08 Celtics that won the championship. Boston beat Cleveland and Orlando. two strong teams that has the two best records in the 2010 regular season. the Celtics proved them wrong. by staying together they were able to beat these teams. old they say? well it seems like Wade, James, Howard. got a spanking from them. and Bryant. your next. Peace!

  40. Karllost says:

    WOW some of you guys must be wearing canary yellow and purple panties.

    Rondo will be much more productive than Fisher. Anyone suggesting differently is either hoping for a miracle or just biaesd and ignorant.

    Pierce has clear advantage over Artest. Artest not nearly the offensive threat comparitively speaking but plays solid defense against most opponents. NOT THIS ONE. Pierce is bigtime in big games. Hes a FINALS MVP. Pierce willscore on Artest, probably get him in foul trouble too. Defensively, Pierce is just as tough. He did good job on Lebron as he did in 2008. I watched Lebron tear Artest up on Christmas to the point I felt sorry for him.

    KG vs Gasol.. Depneds how KG is feeling. With the 6 days rest the Celtics have rec’d, KG has advantage over Gasol both defensively and offensively. KG will pull Gasol out 18 feet and open the middle and still score 15-20 on Gasol. Gasol will have tough time in his post scoring. Everyone thought Gasol was soft in 08, even Laker fans. What happened?? Oh, playing with Kobe got him tough? Dont know about that one.. Ill call this matchup even and thats being generous for Gasol

    Kobe vs Ray… well, Ray can put some big points on the board and is as clutch as most any other player in the NBA, but have to give Kobe the advantage, especially how hot hes been lately

    Perk vs Bynum… imo Bynum is very soft and playing Perk is the worse medicine he can get. Bynum will see the bench often cause he’ll mainly be a non factor. Perk should grab lots more rebounds than usual and be a shot blocking menace in the middle. Advantage Perk.

    Bench.. Sheed, Tony Allen, Baby & Nate have all stepped up with the pressure on. The Lakers best bench player, Odom, is usually the guy who plays big when the game is already decided. At least its been that way against the Celtics. Celtics advantage

    Team offense : Celtics Boston has 5 “go to” guys that can lead the team in scoring on any given night… Lakers have 2.

    Team defense: Celtics Celtics have already done it to Kobe & Gasol in the NBA finals 08, theyve done it to Lebron in 2008 & 10, theyve done it to Howard.. They will defend and trap the 1on1 Kobe into more poor shots. Kobe will keep taking them and missing. Bring back any memories? If your hoping for Kobe to keep hitting shots like he did ame 6 vs SUns, its not gonna happen , no matter how much you fantasize about his greatness. History willl repeat itself, it usually does

    Celtics NBA CHAMPS $18 and counting

  41. joules3a says:

    The Lakers have great individual players but the Celtics play great as a team.
    Kobe Bryant is a great player, no arguments on that. He can score on almost anyone and it is almost impossible to stop him from scoring. But, Mr. Bryant is no LeBron James when it comes to defense. He also seem to be having a hard time making his team mates work with him. They rely too much on his bail-out shots (c’mon, the Ron Artest hail mary shot was a fluke). Still, Kobe will dominate the game.
    After Kobe, there is Pau Gasol who has improved his game since 2008. He moves better in the paint now but still needs to improve his defense. His flopping on Amare Stoudamire is too obvious I was wondering why officials could not see that. But, he will be a factor for the Lakers.
    Andrew Bynum would be a good contributor if he is healthy. But as it is, he is hobbling all over the court and is greatly slowed down by his injury. He should have gone on vacation. Ron Artest’s presence is like a government employee in the Philippines —he is seldom present. Derek Fisher has shown signs of slowing down but he can still hit the shots that matter. Lamar Odom makes you wonder why he is being paid big bucks.
    The Celtics brings the D. All of their players can defend and they defend even better as a team. They can shrink the floor as LeBron James has aptly put it. Offense-wise, the Celts are great when they implement their team work. Although they have the aging Big Three plus Rondo, their offense still goes within the team concept. It doesn’t matter who and how many each of them score; what matters is they have the lead and the win. Focus and will, however, are something that the Celts must bring in every game. They failed to bring these in Games 4 & 5 against Orlando.
    The team who will win the championship will be the team that will bring the D. Basketball is a team game. Celtics in 6.

  42. Hey yo says:

    Its all about game 1. All of you know that. HAHA

  43. Bulol says:

    @ Godfather what kobe can stop rondo???????did u watch cav`s vs boston???lebron james guards rondo and he didn’t succeed rondo is too fast and smart not even kobe can stop him..but maybe ron artest may slow him but not kobe…anyway d lakers didn’t have a strong competitor in the playoffs they don’t strong opponent’s in the playoffs unlike the boston the boston have the strongest competitor in these playoffs they beat the best team cav’s,the second best the magic and also a good team the heat they compete with the teams the has MVP’s Lebron,Dwight,Wade and i think this series will be if not exact but close to the series of Cav’s Vs Boston because the Cav’s line up were very close to equal to the LAKERS line in my opinion the Celtic’s will win this series in 6 games the LAKERS can’t win if they were the one who fought the Cav’s or Magic…

  44. emon17miel says:

    I try not to be bias here, i like Celtic as a team but i like kobe as a player. lets get thru these one by one, 1st with the Pg position, we all know that rondo has edge over fisher, but that doesn’t mean that fish wouldn’t be a pain in the ass for the celts , coz i believe that most of the games will be decided lessthan 5pts. fish can still hit big shots, actually for Lakers they do have Fish,Artest and ofcourse Kobe who can win it for you in clutch, and on the other hand Celts have Kg, R.allen and Pierce who could the same. rondo can definitely push the tempo for Celts eventhough kobe would be guarding him, and for me rondo will be much effective this way, because Kobe is one of the toughest on ball defenders, he could step up with rondo in a halfcourt set, so rondo wouldn’t be as effective the past few series if he wont push the ball so much. now lets go to Kobe, no one will be able to stop him maybe Celts could slow him down on some stretch but kobe would still get morethan 25ppg, Pierce would also get his numbers Artest would give him a tough time but Pierce loves body contact and knows how to get to the foul line, meaning they couldn’t stop him either, now for the BIGS, Kg is not smooth nor powerful as he was before but as they say with age comes wisdom, and Kg is still one of the toughest players in the leauge same way as Kobe is. Odom will be able to his damage much as rasheed will do for his team. nate will be able to match farmar/brown combined, Gasol is a very fine player he’s good but Perkins is one of the top post defenders so its pretty even. both of the teams like to play it inside and also love to shoot 3pointers, I believe inside scoring Lakers with a slight edge, outside favors Celts, Defense preety close aswell but lets give it to celts, Rebounds for me its gonna be the Lakers but just a small margin, so for me each and every game will be decided in the last 2mins of each game who ever steps up a notch higher will win. This is just my prediction.
    Game1 Celts win
    Game2 Lakers win
    Game3 Celts win
    Game4 Lakers
    Game5 Celts
    Game6 Lakers
    Game7 Celts
    wonder why i said that, because both of the coaches are to good, they will be able to make the right adjustments on each and every game, for me since both team is pretty even with their players it would go down to a chessmatch an adjustment after the other, im not saying that DOc is better than Phil or anything but i believe that Celts Mental toughness headed by KG will let them win this again, on the other hand Lakers would win this series is when Artest and Odom will core/average double digits each and ever game. what would happen instead is this.
    This is my personal opinion.

  45. fred 28 says:


  46. Iron Fist says:

    I believe that while matchups are important, people seem to get stuck on them while trying to faux-analyze the series. The roles people play on their team are just as vital. Kevin Garnett will expend a lot of energy trying to hold Pau Gasol off the block and keeping Odom off the paint, as LO often sneaks in for extra offense boards to gain critical extra possessions. Perkins will also help in holding Gasol and Bynum off the post, but even against a Lakers team that sports some solid shooters, a trapping zone can help put pressure on Kobe, because even with all the skill that Kobe has, you still want him to shoot from the far perimeter, preferrably pressuring him towards the diagonal wing, forcing him to shoot deep shots. If Kobe goes in to score from the sides at 14-17 away, this series will be over before it starts. I wouldn’t worry Rondo crushing Fisher, if Fisher can sink 4th quarter big shots like he’s done all his career, Boston will be in trouble if they can’t call on Allen or Pierce (wild cards Robinson or Wallace) to answer. I believe that the clutch factor is quite even. Ray Allen has made many big shots so far and Pierce’s rep is based on his clutch performances. Artest is a perennial X-Factor, even on D sometimes, much like Lamar Odom and they both have to play very well to help LA take this one. Still, Boston’s bench is more balanced, so I won’t really bet on who wins this series, but that it will be decided in the 7th game.

  47. jm asturiano says:

    lets not forget how good the Celtic’s defense are. at the start of this playoffs, it’s expected to be a lbj23-kb24 match up in the finals. yeah. no one really seriously pick-up the Celtics unless you lived in Connecticut. but then, Boston destroys orlando and cleveland, they are the best them right now. during west finals, laker’s bench struggles compare to sun’s. it;s hard to imagine how things unfold if laker;s lost that heartbreakering game 5 in staples ( thanks to you mr. artest) .

    when lakers have the ball:
    you expect Kobe to do a lot of damage to Celtic’s half court defense. expect a jump shooting Kobe in this series because the Celtic’s front line defense is so much. his field goal shooting is the maybe the x-factor of this finals. i know he’s phenomenal and future hall of fame, but there is no perfect player. you’ve seen Jordan struggles in some games and even some great players.celtics defense is just good not to make Kobe struggles. another option is Kobe’s passing ability. damn. ai’nt you see those pretty pass to Gasol right in front of the rim??if Artest and Fisher 3pt-shooting is there, there is no prob for the lakers.

    when boston have the ball:
    we expect Kobe to guard rondo becoz there is no way fisher can stop rondo. yeah rondo gonna have good games but not that dominant like in game 5 in cleveland when kobe is defending him. so we expect ray allen to knock down those 3pt shot. yeah artest is a good defensive player but pierce is insane, too much . garnett should knock down those mid range shoot to make gasol out of the paint.

    i expect that coach doc rivers will use zone-defense like wat Suns did. Boston will force Kobe tough shot and one key for boston is how their perimeter defender those wicked lakers shooter.
    lakers concern should be pierce not rondo, help defense will be huge for lakers.

    it should be a hell of a series and could be a classic series in history.

    celtics in 7. its gonna be an exciting finals this time.
    finals mvp: pierce
    x-factor: wallace shooting and rondo’s assists

  48. Marvz says:

    Boston plays better as a team than the lakers. Lakers rely on the individual skills of the players but against the Celtics defense I dont think they have a walk in the park.

  49. carlos_padua2000 says:


  50. carlos_padua2000 says:


  51. carlos_padua2000 says:

    godspeed boston management and sir Danny Ainge. I’m a Diehard fans of Boston Celtics since KG and Allen arrivals. i offer you namely GABE FREEMAN’ swingman,6’6 guard /forward. a product of Costa Mesa College CBA. he average 14pts per game and 9.7 rebs.Gabriel Freeman is playing like, it would Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats. and has almost an identical skill set as the Bobcats Star Forward – An Explosive drive, A strong finish, Intensity, Hardwork, Hustle Rebounding , Hustle Points, Helpside Defense, Streaky Shooting, 2009 PBA Fiesta Conference Best import. PBA 2009 Champion Fiesta Conference San Miguel Beermen ABL (asian basketball league) 2009-2010 Champion Philippine Patriots..100 more percent this guy is surely fit to your team.Sir Ainge. please….please…invite him to your training camp next season. txs and more power GO!! BOSTON CELTICS!!


  52. KG says:

    go celtics………………………………………………….nothing gonna stop now………………KG is better than gasol…ray allen is shooter than kobe and rondo is better than fisher

  53. db says:

    you fools that think celtics are gunna win are all idiots… first of all ur best player in 08 was paul pierce, i would like to see him blow up against artest, he blew up last finals cuz ariza was injured and rodmonivch had to guard him. kobe is playing great ball, bynum might be injured but can still put up numbers, if not odom can too. rondo is the only problem and if it becomes to much of a problem the lakers will put kobe on him. soo lakers in 6 sorry all you celtics fans maybe next decade cuz ur team is done soon!

  54. irvan rezanno says:

    as nba fan, whatever will be, it’s goin’ be a great game.
    as celtics fan, whatever they said…celtics are gonna win this year finals!

  55. Big3cmin@yah says:

    BOSTON IN 5 if not on 4.

    131 – 92 – remember this Laker fans?
    Clearly states that defense wins championships.

    I’d say.. If the Lakers score 80+ then the Celts wins,
    If Lakers score 90+ then LA wins.

    Simple as that. I don’t care of the match-ups individually coz each person does not decide a team output.
    I can suggest to analyze the finals through a team effort. True that celts are rely on defense as the LA on offense which
    makes this finals ‘sexy’ by Kobe. I has complete ingredients compared to 2008 finals.

    The only way we can truly put this thing into is the statement of ‘heart of a champion.’

    I leave you all with a question to ponder..
    “Does LA have a heart of a champion? Or only Kobe does?”
    Again.. NBA comprises of teams.. not individuals with a single heart.

    • Nick says:

      Boston in 5 if not 4? – You are deluded.

      True that celts are rely on defense as the LA on offense – Not true. Lakers were among top defensive teams this year; number 1 in 3 point % defence and also were a mediocre team in terms of offence.

      Does LA have a heart of a champion? Or only Kobe does? (A) Learn grammar (B) The same team won the championship last year so yes, they do have heart of champions

  56. Ehd Cruz says:

    All of you guys! you’ll never know what gonna happen to this Rematch between Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers. But one thing for sure… you’ll never…never…ever… drop the Best Player in the World and Celtics don’t have that. (I guess you guys know who’s the best player in the world… aren’t you???) Finals last 2008, Lakers is now a huge different than last time vs Celtics… although some guys up there think that Celtics are Different… i doubt it… you will surprise what Phil Jackson has to this 2010 FInals… with the format of 2-3-2 Lakers in Games 1&2 and 4 and 6… Pau don’t like what had happened on the road of Boston last 2008 and he will pretty sure that it is not gonna happen again… and thats the truth… so shut up Celtics Fans… Rondo is not a factor anymore… hahahah!

  57. NOR says:

    Lakers in Seven. Homecourt Advantage. Nuff said.

  58. Ukyo says:

    I’d be here all day if I tried to read every single post, but one thing I didn’t see in the numerous posts I did read is Boston’s ball movement. It’s what gives them the advantage against teams that everyone seems to think will beat them. They move the ball better than anyone else, they are unselfish, the hot/open hand takes the shots and they don’t care about individual points, only the W at the end. Their defense is so tough that other teams can’t turn the tables and do the same thing back to them. Lakers are an incredibly good offensive team, but defense wins championships. I say Boston in 6 or more likely 7.

  59. kb24 says:

    Boston beat miami cause they only have d wade to worry bout they didn’t beat the cavs by themselve since lebron was the one that beat cleveland & when it comes to shuttin down superman Howard he’s a better defensive then offensive player shuttin down v carter in the orlando -boston game was the decidin factor.
    Boston beat d wade heat, lbj & the cavs didn’t really show much of a threat ? orlando was just no playin with enough heart,
    kobe gonna show how he’s evolved as a great team leader & as a player as well he gon show once & for all that he’s the best no one can stop the lakers & for those watchin the nba it’s obvious that gasol is’nt the softy guy of 2008.
    I say LA in 5

  60. Rods says:

    well its better done than said. Nash said a sure win but denied by Kobe. That’s Kobe. KOBE’s not the same compared last 2008. He is more mature, knows when to shoot or pass the ball. You may guess my bet for this match up.

  61. Rods says:

    well its better done than said. Nash said a sure win but denied by Kobe. That’s Kobe.

  62. ngongo says:

    this is almost an even matchup..doc rivers is phil Jackson’s antidote so are the defensive-minded veteran teams..fisher can’t keep up with rando but that will not be a problem..remember in balls days, the lakers has magic johnson, the sonics has gary payton, the jazz has john stockton, and in the lakers days of phil, they face mark jackson, allen iverson, jason kidd in the finals..not to mention phil jackson has to find ways against the team led by great point guard like chris paul, deron williams, steve nash, tony parker even russel westbrook cause them the problem..only a guy name chauncy billups can say he is successful against a phil jackson-coached team..given the celtics is a great team but the telling point is how kobe make the lakers play great as a team like michael did to pippen, bj armstrong, john paxson, dennis rodman steve kerr and the rest of the bulls if can make pau a warrior against the physicality of garnett and celtic’s big men, make bynum aggresive and tough, make lamar keep attacking and rebounding, give artest chances and do his thing and make the bench, it’s a laker series with an old celtics fighting for their’s the lakers in 6

  63. alawi says:

    Rondo way better than Old Fisher

  64. pera says:

    RONDO to destruction!!
    Celts in GAME 4!!

  65. CelticsFan! says:

    —-Although i and a Celtics Fan the truth is;

  66. TruBlu says:

    Rondo will definitely outplay, out hustle Fisher. The only thing scary about Fisher is he might resort to dirty play and take down Rondo. FISHER=DIRTY!!!

  67. babiako says:

    … rondo being compared to fisher ? … what a shame … rondo is twice as fast as fisher and thrice hungrier for another nba ring … so, game over … celtics in 6 … maybe 5 …

  68. Warren Yao says:

    In my view, these are the things to watch for in this matchup – I don’t think neither Phil nor Doc have found solutions yet – but the other is ready to exploit it.

    1) Bigman Foul trouble : Three 7-footers for LAL versus Perks/KG/Sheed/UnoUno in BOS. BOS is thin here. In fact, most NBA teams lose to the LAL bigs. You saw what happened when Perks got ejected in game 5 against ORL; they cannot win if he’s stuck on the bench, but how can they avoid this? nothing. Not to mention that Perks has 6 technicals. KG and Sheed can slow down Gasol and Odom, but Bynum’s game is reserved for Perks – if Perks is benched and Bynum gets into rhythm in the post, BOS is done for the game – you can’t underestimate Bynum’s game. And Big Baby (aka UnoUno)? He’s an energy guy but he hasn’t really shown that he defend against true bigs – those mid-range J’s from Pau and Odom running around the court is gonna give him nightmares. Plus, all of LAL’s bigs can sink those free throws. BOS cannot let Perks get in foul trouble, and they need to keep LAL bigs out of the paint.. not easy to do

    2) Rondo, Ray and Kryptonate : all can penetrate, all can distribute, but both are unstable shooters. If Rondo does pull Kobe in to guard him, RayRay will be free to roam and catch-and-shoot… so I don’t think they will put Kobe on Rondo. Kobe is the only true defender at the 1-2 spot. A rotation of Rondo-Ray-Nate is gonna be exploited by Doc. Farmar/Sasha/Shannon can’t really step up defensively here. Celtics are also getting more comfortable running those D’Antoni Knicks plays for Nate (not expecting 40 points here, but be ready to see Phil call those timeouts). Though Doc needs to pull Nate out quickly if this backfires – and i think there’s a 50% chance it will. Also, dont forget Tony Allen has an ultra-efficient offensive – assisted by Rondo, of course.

    3) Rondo sparking the bench : this guy can really get the bench going. Tony Allen and Big Baby just needs to know their X’s and O’s.. and voila! The run will hit LAL outta nowhere. The CELTICS bench is indeed better – not talent, but cuz of Rondo.

    4) Kobe will be Kobe : He’s the best passer in LA, but do you think his teammates are always ready to get the ball when they run plays? LAL on offense with 10 seconds on the clock, Kobe with the ball, Gasol in the paint, Artest circling, D-Fish spotting up beyond the arc… what will Kobe do? Odds are, kobe is gonna shoot a turnaround J … 70% of the time. Sure’ he’s gonna sink a lot of those shots, but the rest of the LAL guys aren’t gonna be ready when they finally DO get the ball. You can see KG, RayRay, Pierce and even Tony and BigBaby go on short shooting spurts.. when was the last time you saw something like that for LAL? maybe only for Gasol, but usually it’s just Mamba. It’s not Kobe’s fault, he’s just not supposed to be a distributor, but he has to be to win against a team like the Celtics.

    5) TheTruth vs TruWarrior : Celtics need Pierce’s offense, LAL doesn’t need Artest’s. Artest will definitely slow down Pierce, despite what the reg season shows, he’s a defensive specialist for gods sake! So while most people speculate that CELTICS has the advantage in the SF matchup, I think the guys in LA are smiling.

    I’ve got more ideas, but i’ve gotta get back to work 🙂 enjoy Thursday’s opener guys!!!!

  69. Terrelya says:

    Well while you guys are doing one-on-one matchups. I’ll just say Lakers in 7.

    But I will not analyze or any of that stupid stuff until the games start. Cuz I’d rather just wait until I watch Game 1 than to look stupid and say Lakers will sweep the Celtics!!!

    Most Boston fans OBVIOUSLY don’t watch the Lakers play at all. You guys are only gloating on the Rondo/Fisher matchup. Which I agree that Kobe will probably end up guarding against. Artest will be guarding Pierce and Fisher will be guarding against Ray Allen (which will also be tough).

    You guys are saying that Kobe and Fisher are old….wow smh… I said, you don’t watch the Lakers play.
    You guys are saying that Gasol is too soft. Two years ago, yes he was!!! Now? He’s stronger mentally and physically.
    The bench of the Lakers still needs work but they are getting better and better as the playoffs go. Some of you say they’re inconsistent. Somewhat true. And Lamar Odom does not have to play great every game.
    We need Ron Artest to give us some PRODUCTIVE offensive play. If he’s gonna start jacking up 3’s that we don’t need, then we can’t have that. But he will put a body on Pierce.

    On a ending note, the only difference between 2008 and this year: No Bynum or Trevor Ariza. And if you guys are saying that it doesn’t make a difference, it does! Bynum is not 100% but we could still use him for rebounding most def. And Artest is a great defender whether you wanna give him credit or not. And we still have that revenge factor……

  70. sinngh says:

    kg better then gasol

  71. sinngh says:

    all of you guys that think pau gasol is better then kevin garnett u r dum, lets see pau start the all star game

  72. Dirk41 says:

    Not much of an LA nor BOSTON fan here.. but i like KOBE! Everyone that has doubted him and said negative things about him, now they all say “Kobe is Kobe and he’ll put up those numbers, Kobe is the best player, no one can stop him, blah blah blah” NOW YOU ALL AGREE THAT KOBE is the BEST! lol

    Enough about those Player to Player comparisons! They’re just simply not realistic! don’t base your opinions on how they play in the past. It’s a totally new Ball Game now! this is the FINALS and everyone have to step up to get the W and the RING!

    Here’s the fact, if LA wins the first 2 games at home, then LA in 6! (LA will steal 1 game out of the 3 in Boston and win the Championship at Home)

    If BOSTON steals 1 game out of the 2 in LA, then BOSTON in 6 or 7! (again LA will surely steal 1 game from Boston’s HC, but BOSTON will finish it in LA in Games 6 or 7)

    So good luck to all and enjoy the Finals! ;^)

  73. Baller says:

    Celtics are stupid if they don’t put Robinson on. When Rajon needs a break I think nate needs a chance. If it wasn’t for Nate Magic might have made history and won that series. Comon respect Nate he blocked howard and 13 points in first half. COMON CELTICS PLAY HIM. I don’t think theres anyone thats been more disrespected than Nate because of his size. He deserves a championship

    PG: Advantage Celtics
    SG: Advantage Lakers
    SF: EVEN Paul Pierce is a better scorer but Ron Artest might shut him down and Pierce isn’t that great of a defender
    PF: Advantage Lakers Gasol is younger and more skilled that KG
    C : Advantage Celtics If Perkins can cover Howard and piss him off single handedly there’s no doubt he can handle bynum.
    I think Lakers will win in 7 Kobe will show up big this series but it may well be Celtics as well. It’s hard to decide.

  74. darkside214 says:

    man! you’ll be kidding me??? even in the point guard match up??? rondo vs fisher?? maybe fisher has the lots of rings in his fingers, and rondo has only one… I’ll throw mine to the C’s in 6 OR 5

  75. jay says:

    All this jibber-jabber from so called basketball analysts. . Just shut up and enjoy the NBA Finals. May the best team win

    • Terrelya says:

      LoL and they waste so much time doing it too!!!

    • WZ says:

      That’s kinda harsh… you don’t know much about sports do you, Jay? You needa stop watching E! dude

    • shut_up jay says:

      well jay… predicting who will win, analyzing “what-can-be’s”, rooting for your team and trash-talking with the other team’s fans makes the NBA finals more enjoyable… much like trying to predict who’s the killer in a suspense film or rooting for your guy in a romantic film…

      i think you’re the one who’s supposed to shut up and let these guys be… this is the NBA finals… at least all the BS about kobe vs. lebron vs. wade vs. mj all season long has faded for now and people are focused on the two most deserving teams who worked their butts of to set the main stage… no one’s forcing you to be in this forum anyway…

      Anyway, Celtics in 6 wuhuhoooo…

  76. Gregg Momavich says:

    DJ Mbenga & Josh Powell you better be ready to play this coming championship coz the Celtics’ big will eat Bynum (hurt), Gasol, & Odom (overrated). Nothing has changed about these 3 coz they are still soft from 08 until now.

    LA vs Oklahoma = LA won because the OKC lacked experience and size.

    LA vs Jazz = LA also won because the Jazz lacked in size. Jazz were out hustled & abused in the paint during their series.

    LA vs Suns = LA won because the Suns lacked in size too & their defense was terrible. They allowed LA to average more than 100ppg. But the Suns made LA struggled somehow late in the series by playing zone defense but still it wasn’t enough to beat LA.

    Boston vs Heat = Celtics won because DWade was their only concern in the series.

    Boston vs Cavs & Magic = Celtics won the series because of their unbelievable defense & better team play against these 2 teams. The Celtics was too physical against these 2 teams and they made these 2 teams look very soft.

    Boston vs Lakers …

    If the Lakers want to win the championship then they’ll need to be as physical as the Celtics. They’ll also need to step up their defense in order to beat the Celtics. The Celtics maybe old but they are still tough & a dangerous team.

    If the Celtics will win a game or 2 in their first 2 games of their series against the Lakers then most probably the Celtics will with the title this year. So LA you better win the first two games of your series against the Celtics or else you’ll gonna lose the title this year. And remember that the Boston have the size to match up your bigs so be sure your big men are going to play better against the Boston’s bigs whether offense or defense or face the consequence.

    Rondo doesn’t need to score or hit clutch shots in order for his team to win. All he needs to do is make some plays for his team and everything will be alright for the Celtics since they have plenty of scorers & clutch shooters.

  77. nik says:

    has everyone forgotten that fisher has faced all kinds of pg in this playoff run, and la has still come out on top? fish can take on rondo. he wont stop him, but can definitely slow him down. he may not be the fastest, or the best pg in the league, but he is definitely the toughest. he does a lot that goes unnoticed. don’t forget…fish has to be one of the most clutch players in history. or does everyone forget that fact?

    pg: celtics but not with an overrun advantage
    sg: clearly the lakers, but i wouldnt count ray allen out (celtics fans that wanted him out…how do you feel now?)
    sf: even because artest can shut down pierce, but hes not much of an offensive threat
    pf: even, there is no argument that gasol is the best big man in the league, but garnett is a great defensive player
    c: even because bynum is limited and perkins has no offense (with 1 more tech for perkins…lakers have advantage)

    bench: even…both sides have their own threats: lakers have odom who is a matchup nightmare and celtics have two quality backup big men in big baby davis and sheed

    Underdog : there is no underdog
    Heart: lakers are looking for revenge…even if kobe doesnt say so
    Total Team Skills :probably the most evenly matched teams in the nba
    Aggressiveness : if by aggressiveness, you mean dirty play, then celtics (added to rondos explosion of skill this year)
    Basketball EQ & IQ : lakers: fish, bryant, and gasol…cant get better than that in basketball iq

    HCA: even because the celtics have beaten two teams without hca, but the lakers have yet to lose in staples center

    my pick: the lakers fan that i am wants to say lakers in 6, but the truth is, this is so evenly matched, that it can go in any way


    God i hate lakers fan who think kobes god… he is good even great but hes 1 person and the celtics are 1 team celts in 6

  79. steve says:

    Seriously, it all depends on how the officials call it. If they let it be physical the Celtics will win it coz they can slow the game. If they let it be free flowing Lakers will win it as they are more agile and quicker up and down the floor.

  80. jordan says:

    straight up every body is talkin with they heart …… the lakers and the celtics got to play on the court…. stats dont mean anything at this point.. it whoevers hot at the end thats going to win the championship both starting 5 for both teams is good and both benchs are match straight . and at this point injuries are big… we are just going to have to wait intil thursday to find out but im for LA to win

  81. BINOE766 says:

    defense will be the key, kobe having 30+ a night is ok, but be carefull if kobe gets 30+points and 10+assists in 1 night, ray allen on the other hand will be the offense that will close out the lakers if kobe guards rondo ray will kill la with his 3/s,

  82. The FUTURE says:

    People really need to stop talking about Shannon Brown. OMG he can dunk! It’s the end of the world. HA, HA, HA. So he can dunk…who cares? Can he play D? Can he score? No. He’s a performer. He’s like Gerald Green or whatever his name is who played for Minnesota. These are my prospects:

    Rondo will be guarded by Kobe in my opinion and Rondo will guard Fisher while Fisher guards Allen. Kobe in turn will be guarded by Allen. I personally think with Rondo’s game right now, there will be some struggle. I think Rondo has been doing great and Kobe might have some trouble with him. If Rondo does what he did to the Cavs, it could be a battle. Otherwise, if not, Kobe will take him apart. Allen will not be able to guard Kobe. I expect 40 point games by Kobe…However, if Fisher guards Rondo, which in my opinion would be a bad move because Rondo is too much of a threat, Rondo will D-E-S-T-R-O-Y him. No question. Rondo can both get it into the paint and sit back and hit jumpers. Fisher, cannot get in the paint but can occaisonally hit the three. The only threat that Fisher has is his clutch shots. The Artest and Pierce debate….I think is pretty even, though Artest has had trouble with Pierce in the past. But if Artest plays just his pure defense and not shoot like crap in the beginning of the playoffs, Pierce is going to have trouble. Also, Pierce cannot try to be a one man show like he was in game 4 against Orlando. That was a major reason why they lost. He got selfish. Bynum is hurt too bad. He had like what, 4 points and 4 rebounds per game against the Suns? He will get demolished by Perkins. Perkins has been doing great, especially with his great Defense on Dwight. KG vs. Gasol. With a rejuvinated KG, I think it will be interesting to watch him play against Gasol. The Gasol and Kobe combo is great. So I think Gasol will beat KG. But it’s pretty even.

    In the end, I predict a Celtics win in 6 or 7 games. If Celtics win the first one or two and come close on their other games, Celtics will win. Kobe has been stressing the lacking defense the Lakers had against Phoenix. That lacking defense is going to kill them in the end. If you look at who Boston has had to face so far in the series, you can tell they have played much harder teams: Cleveland and Orlando. While the Lakers have been playing much easier teams. It’s hilarious to see that they were having a fit with Durant and Co. and the Suns. But I would be scared of Kobe. Oh, I can smell Kobe’s desire for revenge ever since game 6 of the finals in 2008. Kobe is hot right now. He’s hitting almost 40 per game against the Phoenix series. But, if it’s just Kobe alone without his support cast, they will be finished. In their games against Phoenix when it was just Kobe with no support cast, they lost. So if Boston eliminates essentially just Gasol, I see a clear victory of Celtics.

  83. RABEOUS says:


  84. arn says:

    first off, try and think about the match ups… the first five of the lakers are better… sure bynum is hurt but they really get good once odom steps on the court with his 7-footer wingspan. and dont imagine that pierce will get 30 in a finals game coz artest will have his number… sure ray allen can spot up with those 3’s and run through screens but the lakers are too long… longer than the magic and faster than cleveland… fisher is slow so ull see more of farmar or even shannon brown for size… look at it this way, 2nd qtr, brown, kobe, artest, odom and gasol… thats speed size and athleticism for you all… or even take out kobe and put vujacic in… and perkins? even powell or mbenga can guard him… hes not skilled, hes just big and rondo is just good to give him the ball on the right spots… i know garnett will make havoc but pau is long, longer than lewis, smarter than varejao… so lets face it, if nate dont bring any of the game 6 game that he played, if rasheed’s back still bothers him, and if baby wont jump high enough to get those balls, celtics will lose in 5 or 6 games…

  85. steve says:

    djmbenga… lakers gonna win believe me guys….
    yeah rondo much better than fisher but fisher is a good shoter than rondo… go lakers

  86. lester says:

    every game played here in the nba is very different, there’s no such thing as a perfect team. that’s why adjustments are made by opposing teams. and every person has a different look who will win the nba 2010 finals. lakers are considered the best, whereas the celtics are improving every game.its up to the players who has the heart and play their 100% the wit of the bench tacticians..

  87. pic says:

    Ok really anyone who doesnt think the celtic bench is better is CRAZY, besides The Suns exposed The Lakers a zone kills them, Celts in 6

  88. jpdip says:

    RONDO IS OVERHYPED. he is only good because he is surrounded by the big 3, he racks up all those assists because he has 3 star players to pass to, take those 3 away and you’ll see he’s just a mediocre player. defenses have to cover the 3 stars so that leaves him open , that is why he gets away with those things he does. FISHER? well he may not be as speedy or flashy as rondo but he’s steady and has proven himself in the cluth. remember 0.4? or that game 3 when he was still in utah? and just recently his key baskets late in the game? that’s how you prove a winner,

  89. JC says:

    hey guys its not even worth thinking!!! Lakers is not a championship team compared to Celtics, they just a Chicago copycat just like kobe to jordan. Celtics is a unique team with teamwork and a lot of heart…… Celtics will beat the hell of Lakers! No questions asked.

    • Give a little respect says:

      ha ha ha ha! and ha! Just wait until the finals are over. No predictions. Go Lakers!!!

  90. Ch3nCh0 says:

    Rajon Rondo the besttt

  91. Ch3nCh0 says:

    rodon es the besttttt

  92. MJ says:

    Bulls will win….

  93. Team defence will go tthe Celts. Gasol will be up against a wall, and that will neutralize much of his game. Kobe will get the attitude that he will have to win the Championship on his back alone, and you can bet your last money that is exactly what Doc rivers is banking on. When the Celts polished off the Cavs, James had a big triple double, but that was not good enough to beat a total team effort. When Garnet, Pierce, Allen and now Rondo all score in double digits, and their bench contributes, they are next to impossible to beat. Celts in 6, maybe 5.

  94. RAYfan says:

    come on, i know that kobe’s great whatsoever but look, if they can just slow down kobe’s offense, and obviously gasol will have a hard time onthe inside, CELTICS, can win this thing. even if kobe guard’s rondo, can fisher keep up to the shooting of RAY ALLEN. i dont think so. and, your saying that bynum can overpower perkins? yes he can, BUT look at what they did to SUPERMAN HOWARD. sheed,big baby, and perk can take care of him. bench? hmm, celtics has the advantage. lakers are not substituting artest. if they dont, then he’ll be too tired to defend pierce. it is just too close to call. so let’s just watch and see who’s gonna win. BEAT L.A.! \m/

    • NaS797 says:

      First, Fisher had the pleasure of guarding 2 of the top premier guards in the league (D-Will & Steve Nash) and he did a helluva job on them. And you’re telling me he can’t keep-up with Allen?!?! Yea right! Remember Allen has to guard Fisher on the other end too. Second, Artest too tired to defend Pierce?!?! They’re both averaging roughly the same amount the minutes in the Playoffs (Artest-36.8, Pierce- 38.3).

  95. heartlery says:

    wow all celtics here,, still lakeshow.. kobe burns them now.. revenge of the mamba

  96. Bern says:

    For huge fan of celtics!!! come closer, i admitted that celtics has a good first 5 line up, we can call it an all star line up. like KG + Pierce + Ray Allen + Wallace + Rondo….ok? Now….hers the funny thing about it, all in all add them all = KOBE BRYANT. Now who can guard KOBE!!! again who can guard KOBE!!!…???Even that 5 cant handle KOBE’s skill in making offense, defense…Now, for those CELTICS fan answer it WHO CAN GUARD KOBE!!!…??? If you can answer it with reasonable answer I’ll give my vow…kkk? Now L.A has advantages f they 5 guard kobe, now KOBE can pass easily to GASOL, ARTEST, ODOM…ect.

  97. jejemons says:

    Definitely Rondo will make Fisher ask for oxygen tanks because he is nowhere as fast as Rondo. Some people think Gasol will dominate Garnett but did anyone forget that Garnett is a former defesive player of the year? Paul Pierce and Ron Ron is very close but Pierce is going to win the match-up because of his determination and ACTING. And there was the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. He’ll punish Ray Allen. Thats just the starting line-up. Surely Odom is going to lead the bench squad but beyond that Lakers Bench there is no one that can outshine the Celtics Bck-up. Rasheed, Nate Robinson, Tony Allen, Glen ‘BIG BABY’ Davis and Michael Finley. No out there in that Lakers Bench can out-hustle, out rebond and out-score this second unit. But when its ‘crunch time’, dont you ever ever forget the best closer of the game or not thet best player. But its not a ONE-MAN GAME. Obviously we defeated Heat and WADE, Dethrone the King JAMES, and sent HOWARD flying to his kryptonic home in space. All those stars are great players of this game, Scoring and Defending, but this is a TEAM SPORT, and Kobe, your the next star that will be looking for answer to how to win against this CELTIC TEAM.



    WINNER- BOSTON CELTICS IN 5 or 6( ITS A TEAM SPORT, not just a single player, sorry KOBE)

  98. Ashton williams says:

    Lakers are in their 3rd straight finals.
    I don’t care that garnett wasnt there last year, him being there doesnt guarantee them making it last year too.

    The fact is.
    The overall starting 5 goes in the favor of the Lakers.
    They have the best player in the league in Kobe bryant.
    Gasol is the best big man in the finals.
    Bynum is as good or better than perkins.
    Rondo is good but won’t have much to work with when the lakers big men are eating up the paint.

    The lakers bench is slightly weaker than the celtics unless Lamar Odom can be a true factor.

    My honest prediction.
    Lakers in 6 if they win game 1 and 2
    Lakers in 7 if they lose game 1 or 2
    Kobe bryant finals MVP again.

  99. Lakers have a big five, not a big three. DEREK FISHER, KOBE BRYANT, RON ARTEST, ANDREW BYNUM, PAU GASOL. you have a big three though that is quite old…

    • Terrelya says:

      LoL now they’re saying they have the BIG 4!!! Wow…..let the games begin. I’m lovin the revenge factor.

  100. Who says fisher and rondo are equal? remember this, when the game is at its most crucial point like if your celtics lead by like 4 in the last few seconds, the lakers can just foul your rondo who is no good at the freethrow line, neither does he have a perimeter shot. FISHER HAS SHOT SO MANY BIG SHOTS IN HIS CAREER TOO MANY TO COUNT. AND HE IS ALSO A GOOD FREETHROW SHOOTER, AND BTW, celtics bench sucks. Lakers bench rocks! Odom, farmar, vujacic, brown and walton. Give it up Celtics fans, your team is getting old, and if ever they win their perhaps last title as the big three. then that’s because they deserve one last title before your big three retires due to old age…haha..

    • You haven’t ben paying attention. In the final moments of the game Rondo is not the player with the basketball, It’s been Allen or Pierce and they are deadly from the line. So, there goes your theory.

  101. Who says fisher and rondo are equal? remember this, when the game is at its most crucial point like if your celtics lead by like 4 in the last few seconds, the lakers can just foul your rondo who is no good at the freethrow line, neither does he have a perimeter shot. FISHER HAS SHOT SO MANY BIG SHOTS IN HIS CAREER TOO MANY TO COUNT. AND HE IS ALSO A GOOD FREETHROW SHOOTER, AND BTW, celtics bench sucks. Lakers bench rocks! Odom, farmar, vujacic, brown and walton. Give it up Celtics fans, your team is getting old, and if ever they win their perhaps last title as the big three. then that’s because they deserve one last title before your big three retires due to old age…haha..

  102. jordan says:

    perkins he did some work on howard but it was all team defense good d…. LA if ron artest and lamar odom is on point in final they will take it kobe shuts down rondo kg is a beast pau gasol is going to have to man up on kg …. and ray allen has to be pressure and not left alone shooting 3s there going in if hes by himself… and also if the ref dont settle for paul pierce acting then it should be a good seris

    LA IN 7

  103. ISMAEL says:


    • RABEOUS says:


  104. The Truth says:

    PG: fisher can’t catch up with rondo, so they can’t be even. Celtics 1
    SG: obviously bryant is the man. Lakers 1
    SF: hello!!! you are comparing artest to “the truth”??? Celtics 2
    PF: Gasol is in his prime, KG is having problems with his knees. Pau will simply walk him over. Lakers 2
    C: Bynum & perkins even

    so its tied at 3:3. the finals will be won by who WANTS the ring most. Usually Celtics will play pretty strong for the 1st to the 3rd quarter, but slack off during the 4th. Thats where Lakers are best at. I noticed that usually the Lakers will win when Pau & bryant are on form, so they are the most dangerous. Well my feel goes to the Celtics.

  105. Greenbandit says:

    Bulls in 7….oh sorry am ahead of myself… thats next year…

    ok let me add my nonsence too, to this…we all agree that first dude made a mistake when he said Rondo and Fish are Even. Rondo all day any day(except last sec shot,Fish is a bad OG). Only thing garanty,KOBE will get his 30pts if not more,every single game(the boy is bad!) period. we can only speculate the rest , and this is my part: Gasol will be shutdown by the agressive C’s D(throw KG,PERKINS,and ‘CHID at him and he’s done, go ask Superman). Artest will slow down Pierce, but I still expect 15 to18pts/game from him, he still the vet superstar! I don’t see any 1 shuttin’ down Ray and KG so it will depend on how much gas they have left. Bench slight advantage to C’s , without Odom,other than game 6 we haven seen lakers bench for long long time. S.Brown can guard Rondo but he’s no point guard like Fish. bla bla bla…my feelings game 7 ! the bench that comes thru first Wins the series!…….

  106. aagf says:

    Yes, Lakers is the favorite team to win the series. Maybe they have the height advantage and they have Kobe BUT Boston is playing a better TEAM Basketball and they have higher Basketball IQ. Boston at 5 . . .

    • It’s all about the team, and defence. Thats the Celts speciality. Kobe cant defeat Boston by himself, but he will try and that will be the Lakers undoing.

      • Terrelya says:

        Who said Kobe is going to do it by himself?? OMG you guys quit acting like he doesn’t have a TEAM and have some respect!!!

  107. Matt Lee says:

    i’m a lakers fan, and i hate anyone who says they’re a lakers fan but they know nothing about them
    k rondo’s better than fisher, pierce is better than artest
    kobe’s got the advantage over sugar ray, and ima have to go with gasol over garnett
    perkins probs will be better than bynum.
    BUT, Kobe is just too good
    Pierce won’t match him entirely, cause of Artest’s defense
    I gotta go with lakers in 6 or 7
    I do respect the celtics though
    they’re a solid team and i like their passion

    • No matter how one can compare the matchups, there is one matchup thats certain, The Lakers can’t match up against the Celt’s defence. No has has been able to, and if the Lkers allowed the Suns to score that many points, it’s a cinch they cant stop Boston. Watch LA get in foul trouble early because of the frustration factor the C’s D is going to give them.

      • Terrelya says:

        Ok so obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about either. The Suns are known to score with no defense. Defense has always been their weakness since the 90s. And actually the Lakers CAN match up with Boston’s defense. How many games have the Celtics won against the Lakers since 2008? And no, it’s not a cinch. You just have no respect for the game. Didn’t you say in a previous post not to analyze until tip-off? You just contradicted yourself. LA always gets in foul trouble early, it ain’t stopped them before. So…….

  108. NeutralGround says:

    Being neither a Celtics nor Lakers fan, I am quite looking forward to the finals. Given most were expecting either a Lakers-Cavs or Lakers-Magic finals, not only is it surprising to see the Celts there, but it’s amazing the way they’ve got there and it’s honestly difficult to say that either team here is a clear winner.
    As has been pointed out by quite a lot of people, a Rondo-Fisher match-up will clearly go to Rondo, but is this the way the match-ups will look throughout the finals? I think we need only go back to the Celts-Cavs series to get some idea. Lebron guarding Rondo really reduced his effectiveness, however, Lebron was good, but not quite the Lebron we know whilst he was guarding Rondo, he seemed to lose quite a bit of his offensive impact.
    Similarly, on the defensive end, we often saw Pierce go to Lebron and a similar thing happened to him, he probably guarded Lebron better than Allen, but he lost quite a bit of his attacking prowess – my consensus, Ray will go to Kobe in D, a match-up clearly in the Lakers favour, and Farmar will get more minutes than he’s seen for the playoffs in order to guard Rondo, probably in combination with both Fisher and Kobe.
    I think the Artest-Pierce match-up will be quite interesting, and really don’t know which way this will go.
    The big men are tough to call as well. Perkins, one of the most lambasted Centers last season, really looks like he might be becoming an NBA basketballer, particularly with the Magic match-up. He might have leaked a few to Superman, but the fact that the C’s rarely doubled in the post is testament to how far he’s come, and how good a unit they are in defense.
    Obviously Garnett is not what he used to be, much slower and a match-up that the Lakers could try and manipulate to their advantage, but he is still a fantastic defensive basketballer.
    On the other hand, Pau is looking pretty damn good, his numbers this postseason are testament to how much he has improved. I really think he can stretch Garnett in the finals, Bynum, on the other hand, will have his work cut out.
    For the C’s, Davis and Allen, I think, will get quite a bit of floor time, followed by Wallace, the former two have realy shown something this season, which I’ve found quite surprising.
    The Lakers will, as I’ve said already, see more of Farmar than in the postseason so far, and, although I don’t think this will completely quell Rondo’s influence, he’ll do a better job than Fisher. Additionally, Odom poses a big threat if he is hot due to his size and shot, although the C’s might argue they’ve got similar in Wallace, Odom is far superior here I feel.
    Brown’s dunking capabilities will be a huge asset, but how much floor time will he get? After all, surely the Lakers will have to look more to the defensive end as they know the C’s will be strong on their D end.
    A great contest will be had here, and I can’t really pick a clear winner, however, if it’s to go to 7, I can’t see the Celtics winning; the home court advantage, plus the clutch of Kobe will overpower them. Lakers MUST be careful if the C’s take one of the first two on the road, and we’ve seen already how dangerous they can be when they don’t have the home court advantage this postseason.
    My (very tentative) predictions: Celts in 5 or 6 or Lakers in 7

  109. kebe2106 says:

    it doean’t even matter about the match-up all u celtics fan gotta watch out for kobe’s 40 point gamesss iighttttt so yeahh lakers all day every day……..

  110. todd says:

    Rondo is way better than fisher. Also Pierce will guard Kobe just like last time and like last time will have all sorts of trouble. Allen will guard Artest which the way Artest is playing will make that an even match up. Rondo will shut down Fisher and any other guard put in out on the floor. Bynum isn’t 100% so give Perkins the match up with his phsyical play the advantage, plus the celts have 3 bigs and Garnett to put on the floor against 2 and Odom for the lakers. The lakers bench is basically Odom and thats it Walton, Brown and Farmar have done nothing in these playoffs oi in the whole year really. Whereas the celts bench as stepped up in the playoffs. The only advantage the lakers truly have is being able to buy the refs. No I didn’t forget kobe but I don’t think he is an advantage. He either does one of two things and those are hog the ball (which one man can’t beat a whole team) or sits back a lets the rest of the team flop about like a fish out of water. Yes I depise kobe, but I will admit he is good. None the less NO ONE person can beat a whole team, let alone a team as good a the celts. Celtics in 6!

  111. DjArsenic says:

    Okay I agree with The Reality. I’m not even a big Celtics fan, or Lakers fan so I’m not bias to either, however fact is no disrespect to the lakers, they beat a nice young OKC team, a good Jazz team, and a talented Suns team. However, the Celtics made both the no.1 team in the league and the no.2 team in the east look like highschool teams.

    Cavs which was pretty deep, looked like garbage, whether lebron was healthy or not, and Orlando was surely healthy and yet didn’t stand a chance.

    Lakers can’t afford to move any defensive pieces too long, kobe’s great but he won’t be able to stay infront of Rondo and if he does move on Rondo, who guards Ray Allen? If you move artest on Allen, who guards Pierce? U have a celtics team that can go to 4 different guys on any night to carry them. As much offense as the lakers can produce with gasol and kobe, they still gotta play a lotta defense on the other end guarding a celtics team that just seems to be able to score at will these days.

    I know it won’t be a sweep for sure but Celtics in 6 at least. Start getting the banners ready. lol

  112. Serrano says:

    Rondo v. Fisher: slight edge BOSTON, because experience counts in the Finals, and Rondo has yet to prove himself on the big stage.
    Bryant v. Allen: huge edge LA.
    Pierce v. Artest: edge BOS.
    Gasol v. Garnett: huge edge LA… everything I’ve seen this season shows that Gasol has become the best power forward in basketball. He can put up 30 easily and mystify defenders. Garnett has a hot temper… if Gasol hits 3 or 4 hooks with a couple of and 1s or beats him off of screens, it’s going to get into his head… if there’s anything playoff basketball proves, it’s this: at this level, the game becomes mostly psychological. The least frustrated team always wins. KG is something of an X-factor, too: if he doesn’t morph into the old KG and explode for 20 and 10 every now and then (which would then get his teammates going), this series goes to LA.
    Bynum/Odom v. Perkins/Wallace: Slight edge LA… Odom played lights out (“off the bench”) versus Phoenix. If he can put up 17 and 13 consistently, a 7-7 line from Bynum won’t hurt the Lakers very much.
    Bench: sizeable edge to BOS. How come? Why, Boston has a (not so) SECRET (anymore) WEAPON, a dude who can put up 30, electrify or kill a crowd, and rally his whole team. Asides from Adam Morrison (yeah, right), there is nobody on LA’s bench who can change the game like Nate Robinson can… Vujacic has lost it, Shannon Brown is backing Kobe (if Kobe were injured, imagine how shaken he’d be…), Farmar is JUST NOT THAT GOOD (he makes costly mistakes; he will never be a starter on a winning NBA team)… on the other hand, Boston has two guys with tons of playoff mileage (Sheed and Finley) that can hit threes, and two solid defensive guys who can put up points in Davis and Allen.

    Ultimately, I’ll give the slight series edge to Boston, because there is a sense that nobody is THE guy. If one of their starters has an off night, another starter will step in and compensate… no fits, no drama. Same goes for the clutch: they have multiple guys who can hit big shots (even Sheed)… In LA, however, there is a palpable sense, just or unjust, that Kobe is THE guy; instead of any combination of 5 or 6 guys having to step a la Boston, it has to be Kobe and one of 5 or 6 guys stepping up in LA… and Kobe would have it no other way. This creates some tension, as Kobe DOES have bad nights (especially against good defensive teams like OKC… and Boston); when that happens, this LA team has moments where it looks to Kobe, in a very confused manner, and says “say it ain’t so, chief!” instead of getting it done all by themselves.

  113. Awesome says:

    THis game is totally a toss up. You look at matchups and coaches and talents, and it is like kobe said, a sexy series, However, I do think that one thing has not been considered. The fans, I think that when Boston is at home, they have a much greater advantage than the Lakers do when they are at home. Boston fans are seriously devoted. And it will definitely go to seven games. BIth teams have too much willpower for it to be otherwise

  114. allan says:

    fisher cant guard rondo maybe phil jackson will use kobe to guard rondo or the same line-up he used towards oklahoma

  115. amos says:

    all this one on one comparison is pointless, players don’t always match up against their respective positions and defenses adjust and rotate throughout games and series. how well a team defends against a certain player or line-up depends on how they cover rotations and how well they respond to pick and rolls or other attacking formations etc.
    there are plenty of interesting match ups to look at and i’m sure the coaches will try different things out. Right now its hard to pick a favorite, it all depends on how well these guys will play each other on a given night and who will have the right mindset when it matters. can’t wait for thursday!

  116. QWERTY123 says:

    K.G. = Kill Gasol LMFAO. Garnett will make Gasol his B*tch just like what he did to him in 08

    Rondo/Fisher = Celtics, Rondo will pwn Fisher, sure Fisher has experience but Rondo is way more skilled than him.
    Allen/Bryant = Lakers, Lets see how Bryant will when chasing Allen on screens
    Pierce/Artest= Close one but Celtics. Lets see what Artest’s defense will do to The TRUTH.
    KG/Gasol= Its Even, but i’ll say Gasol has a slight advantage. Garnett has degraded much since his injury but he’s still tougher and plays with more heart than the SOFTIE Gasol.
    Perkins/Bynum= Celtics, Perk will dominate Bynum offensively and defensively. Take note that Bynum is injured and hurting. More advantage for Perk.
    (Sixth Man) Rasheed/Odom= Even, theyre both pretty inconsistent, but both have had great games. We’ll see.
    Bench = Celtics, Big Baby? Nate Robinson? Tony Allen? Sheed? All of those bench players have contributed this playoffs. Boston’s bench has way more depth than LA’s.
    Heart/Determination= Celtics
    Teamwork= Celtics
    River’s/ Jackson= Even, they both are great coaches.
    Aggresiveness= Celtics
    Offense= Even
    Playoff Experience= Even
    Team Play= Celtics
    Player Skill= Lakers
    Underdogs= Celtics
    Clutch Time= Close, but I give Lakers the advantage. gotta hand it to Kobe, the best clutch shooter.
    Homecourt= Doesn’t rly matter, both teams are great on the road.

    This Finals will be a close one but i gotta say..
    Boston in 7. MVP Rajon Rondo.

  117. sx455celticfan says:

    in every game this year kobe was on rondo and fisher was on ray!! it will be the same in the finals!!
    gasol/garnett=gasol by a hair
    bynum hurt/perkins=perkins

    L bench/ C bench=celtics
    you do the math basketball is a team sport!! the celtic s are a better TEAM!! but the lakers do have kobe!! if the celtics play as a team they win EASY! if the celtics stop passn and try 2 put on 1 man shows like in game 4/5 against orlando than the lakers win!!

  118. massa says:

    I’m not saying this series aint going to be a thought one but check this out celtics opponents where where better then lakers minus the heat. lakers had a difficult time with a rookie team like oklahoma not sayin they suck but still. celtics played cavaliers who were #1 in the whole nba and the #2 orlando which of course has the most defensive player Dwight and still pull through. took both teams home court advantage away. with the “old” rondo the celtics won IN 2008 can u imagine what they can do with the “new” rondo who has improve drastically ? lakers dont hav ariza anyone who was great at getting other players involve …im just saying [ BUT WE’LL ALL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE AFTER GAME 2}

  119. Karlton says:

    Point Guard: Rondo vs. Fisher (Rondo…by far, whoever says even is crazy. This won’t be a match-up though because Kobe sticks Rondo all the time. Because of this, I don’t see Rondo spazzing like he has been so though Kobe is going to be tired running around the court after Rondo…) ADVANTAGE LAKERS

    Shooting Guard: Bryant vs. Allen (We know Kobe is better than Ray Allen. Still, since Kobe will be sticking Rondo that means Fisher sticks Allen…and that is not good for the Lakers lol.) ADVANTAGE CELTICS

    Small Foward: Artest vs. Pierce (The only reason Artest was able to hold down Paul is because of his injuries. He was hurt the entire game in Boston and he f’d his finger and leg up in LA which required him to miss practice and games. Now he is healthy and he is going to beat Artest to the whole and everything) ADVANTAGE CELTICS

    Power Foward: Gasol vs. Garnett (Gasol has gotten better, but KG is healthy. I feel that this will be an even match) EVEN

    Center: Bynum vs. Perkins (Perk did a tremendous job against a healthy Dwight Howard…an unhealthy Bynum is going to get demolished out there.) ADVANTAGE CELTICS

    Bench: Lakers vs. Celtics (Celtics have a better bench) ADVANTAGE CELTICS

    FINAL VERDICT: Celtics in 6

  120. Albert Allego says:

    Who’s got the upper hand? Rondo? He maybe young, more talented and versatile pg but does he have soft hand? The Lakers will let him shoot the ball. Who has the ability to close out game by making crucial basket, Fisher? At the advantage points? Celtics has the upper hand, because of their physicality and their unruly crowd. The history favors the Celtics because of these facts. This time around is completely a different story… If Lakers successfully defend their home court with the series format of 2-3-2, the Lakers will win in 6. Why? The gas tank is almost empty for the Celtics, having exceeded too much during Cavs and Magic. I’m pretty sure the game plan of Lakers, step on the gas and run fast the Celtics next thing you know? Celtics will overheat.

  121. JC44PORTLIFE says:

    this WILL be a good series cant wait till thursday

  122. MrCeltic says:

    @Celticsroverated: You can’t say that whoever has the Homeocurt advantage wins the series. The Lakers are undefeated at home in the playoffs, I agree. But that was the situation in ’08. They blew a 20 point lead in Game 4 of the Series. And nowadays, the Celtics are ROAD WARRIORS, the first team to ever reach the finals with a better road record than home record. And who managed to gain double digit leads like 20 at the Homecourt of the Cavaliers and the Magic?

  123. B-Baller says:

    I’m not a celtics or lakers fan. Its going to be a great series. But i believe celtics will take it this year. They seem more confident than the lakers. But what a series it will be.

  124. C-LOVE says:

    Both Phil and Doc are arguably the best coaches in the NBA.
    These teams are pretty much evenly matched.
    Don’t wanna sound like a know it all, but i think these games will
    be determined by coaching.
    Doc is unmatched in rallying his troops and getting the most out of
    his players,but Phil is clearly the smartest. (MR ZEN) himself.

    I honestly cant pick a winner sorry guys

  125. I can see no use in over anlyzing the matchups until the tip-off. Both coaches are cagey, and too smart to allow the obvious. Doc already pulled out a secret weapon when he put Nate in. His performance reminded me of a guy named Vinny “The Microwave” Johnston that used to play for Detroit. He comes in the game and heats thing up immediatly.
    Boston beat Miami (Wade), the Cavs (James) and the Magic (Howard) all three players who made first team all NBA.
    They are quite capable of doing the same thing against LA (Bryant). The playoff Lakers have not seen the kind of defense they are going to see come Thursday, conversly, the cant play the kind of defense Boston is used to playing against when they finished off the Cavs and the Magic. But, I do like seeing Boston going in as the underdogs. Doc coaches best from that perspective. So, to the Lakers fans, please keep posturing, because Boston is going to win in 6.

  126. yeelites says:

    WAY too tough to call. Anyone who claims an obvious win in the series by any team I would say is an idiot. Kobe is redefining greatness and is climbing the ladder of legends. He is also bloodthirsty. The Big 4 is a pretty big-ass four and their bench is fat as well. They want to remind LA who owns the Finals when the two dynasties clash.

    This series is going to be EPIC I CAN’T WAIT!
    Lakers in 7.

  127. The Teacher says:


    Fisher – Allen : Phil wouldn’t allow Kobe to guard Ray-Ray, he’ll used too much energy chasing Allen running off screens, and would have less energy come crunch time.

    Kobe – Rondo : L.A. would prefer this match-up like the one they’ve had with Oklahoma when Kobe guarded Westbrook, but there will be a rotation with the bench in here, more likely Farmar or Brown who can contest Rondo with physicality and speed.

    Artest – Pierce : Clearly, the Magic and 08 Lakers had no guy to stop Pierce, Twitter man would force Pierce to shoot tough shots in tough angles, he’ll body him up and God knows if Pierce also has a scorer’s touch, as far as I’m concerned he only has shooter’s he only attempts to shoot against a defense he knows that cannot handle him.

    Gasol – Garnett : This is a chance for Gasol to redeem himself, at 08 he was told that he was to soft to battle with the likes of Garnett. But this one is too close to call, Gasol made such an improvement in strength we saw that at last year’s finals, when he was up against Howard at late in the fourth. Garnett lost his power game, through this years Finals run Garnnett only attempted perimeter jump-shots and some back to the basket moves.

    Bynum – Perkins : Andrew got an aching knee while Perks loves physical games. Bynum’s length would be seen at times but Perk’s D would limit it. The former would bring physicality and strength on their defense but on the offense he’ll have a hard time, while the latter’s job is purely on defense.


    L.A. : Odom, Vujacic, Farmar and Brown.
    -Lamar has been good so far, Farmar is consitent, Brown is a little bit shaky, and Vujacic has regained his touch and luckily, Boston don’t have a Slovenian player.

    BOS : Wallace, Davis, Allen, Robinson and Finley.
    -Wallace would stretch the defense, Davis could surprise L.A. a game or two, Nate wouldn’t have a good game, I’ve got confidence with L.A.’s scouting reports, and Finley needs to hit the gym more, he didn’t had too much playing time and is likely to be cold.

  128. The_ReaLiTy says:

    It’s pretty clear that there are more Lakers fans than Boston fans around the world. Lakers are the most favorite team right now in the NBA… no doubt about it.

    But I believe that the Celtics will win the series. Remember that they’ve beaten the 2 top younger teams in the Eastern conference by playing good defense. Also they were able to contain Superman & the King. Black Mamba you’re next!!!

    No more easy rebounds & points in the paint for LA bcoz the C’s got some bigs to challenge you. The Thunder, Jazz, & Suns were not that big and that’s why they were out rebound and outscored in the paint by LA because they were too small against the LA team. But playing against the Celtics will be a different story… Bynum, Gasol, & Odom will have a hard a time against the defense of Perkins, Wallace, KG & Davis.

    LA team you better play hard & physical against the C’s or you may end up like clowns (Cavs & Magic) in the finals.

  129. joh says:

    I am a celtics fan. But what I am saying is that this is going to be tough, and i want to make the point that analyzing matchups simply one by one is too short sighted i think.

    the most important part lies in the team! lakers are winning as long as kobe is a scoring machine and a lone superhero. period.

    celtics are winning if the team basketball they play on both ends of the court can overrule the single great player. period.

    generally speaking, i rather see the team effort winning than the one man show because its boring… how good were the cavs with a lebron scoring between 20 and 35 ppg but in a quiet, insignificant way ?

    again how exactly did orlando ever threaten the celtics?

    why brag about rondo when other inferior players got tons of hype for less results?

    why say the young lakers have the hunger, when well the older celts are just as hungry ?!

    my pick , either kobe is rising as an unstoppable force, or the celtics will win it in whatever number of games… maybe just 4… would be enough for me 😉

  130. Sam says:

    Some of you are being foolish with your comments really, anyone who isn’t horribly biased can see that this is a very even match up, the Lakers are a much better team than 2 years ago, and Boston are a different team (note I said different, not better or worse).

    Lakers will have a match up problem on defence with Pierce/Allen/Rondo. Artest will probably be on Pierce, and I wouldn’t be suprised to see Kobe guarding Rondo, because he would burn Fisher. This then leaves Fish on Allen which means Fish having to chase Allen round screens, probably ending up with a Allen nailing a lot of shots and potentially hurting the Lakers big time.

    As for the big men, people slating Gasol for being soft and no good, obviously don’t watch the NBA, the guy is stronger, tougher and more resilient than 2 years ago, and is a genuine force. If Odom performs at a good level, then that gives the Lakers a huge boost, I don’t care what anyone says about him, when he’s on form, he’s a match up nightmare for any team. If Bynum can perform to a decent level and draw some fouls, then Lakers could be in a strong position.

    Kobe will fill it up regardless of who is on him, he’s Kobe, that’s what he does.

    Artest will be a very important player, first of all he has to limit Pierce as much as he can, second of all, he needs to hit his open shots, he will be the key in this series, if Artest gets it right on both ends for most of the series, in my opinion the Lakers win.

    Final prediction:

    If Lakers defend well, and Odom/Artest show up on offense, Lakers in 6

    If Artest doesn’t show up on offense, and Boston rotate the ball well and manage to expose Fisher whether he’s guarding Rondo or Allen, then The C’s take it in 7.

  131. CELTICS says:

    @lakers LMAOO u should look back again before thinking that lakers got adv on the C and PF spot becauze perkins shut down the defensive player of the year. what does that mean? he can shut down pau or bynum, der both soft anyway. KG will push around odom and pau anyday he wants. they’ll be limited to even 10 pts. get your fact straight and lakers bench is inconsistent. look at celtics bench theere pretty deep n much talented young feollows
    rmb celtics got past MVP of the 2010 all-star game (wade), 2 time NBA MVP ( Lebron james) Defensive player of the year (dwight howard). whose next kobe? haha simpleee. they defended 3 of those all-stars .no mission in guarding a smaller kobe.
    CELTICS in 6 !

  132. Celticsroverated says:

    the lakers are undefeated at home and the celtics cant seem to win at home. Who do think will the series?

  133. OGIE says:

    I love to read all these blogs! Seems like lakers and celtics fans have already squared off way ahead even before their respective teams battle it out. Of course everybody wants their team to win. Each one is entitled to their own opinions, predictions, observations, analysi and to just about everything in this up coming finals. It also seems like the winner for many has already been decided. Although basketball is game of skill and team effort, but sometimes it also pays that lady luck is on your side. But for sure lady luck also favors the most deserving team, which team? Honestly, I’m praying it would be the Lakers, but its anybody’s ball game. To all co-lakers fans and brother celtics fans— LET’S ALL ENJOY THE FINALS!!! MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN!!! MABUHAY!!!

  134. mismo says:


    but check this:



    • Terrelya says:

      In 2008, you would have a point. This year? How would you like to be the only person claiming to be a Lakers fan that would be saddenly mistaken. You’re saying that Gasol is STILL too soft? Where do you get such an idea? Fisher is too old? You are the only Laker fan that probably hasn’t watched him play. You’re saying that Kobe can’t chase Ray Allen? You realize that Ray Allen is older than him right? And Tony Allen will defend Kobe? LoL….smh….Pierce is smarter than cry baby Artest? When did Artest cry? And did YOU see how the Lakers defended against Howard in last year’s Finals?

      You are no Lakers fan, cuz such BS wouldn’t have came out of your mouth. And I think I’ve seen you post before too. Nice try Celtics fan.

      • mismo says:




  135. mismo says:


    but check this:


  136. Jigglypuff says:

    About the analysis:

    Even though Fisher is definitely a veteran, I think he’s too old to keep up with guards Rondo and Robinson. Rondo is too fast (and he has that floater) for Fisher so the advantage is clearly in favor of the CELTICS. So if Kobe is on Rondo that would help out the Lakers very much in my opinion.

    All the other match-ups are very interesting and it’s hard to say who will win each battle.
    But as a Celtics fan, I’m calling Boston in 6.


  137. mismo says:


  138. pdog24 says:

    pau gasol suckkssssssssssssssssssssss! he’s a woman on the court, he looks good because he plays with kobe. Dirk and bosh are ten times better than him

  139. lakers says:

    can you idiots stop arguing about the point guard position its so stupid it was just a comment made by one person. Lakers have the advantage on offense at SG PF C and have the advantage on defense at SF artest guarding pierce

    • Terrelya says:

      THANK YOU!!! That’s what I’m sayin!!! smh…..that seems to be the ONLY matchup they’re gloating on!!! Geezzz!!!

    • BC says:

      Yea umm… Perkins is a great defender and will shutdown Bynum. Same thing with Gasol vs. Garnett. The only clear advantage you Lakers have is at the SG position. The Lakers are outmatched in every other way possible.

  140. mismo says:

    one more thing First Wade, then LeBron, HOWARD now Kobe, .

  141. mmmcounts says:

    Lakers and Celtics both have very talented players that just might fit together with the best team chemistry in their respective conferences. Both teams stumbled a little coming into the playoffs but got it together in a big way at the right time. Both coaches are excellent and both cities want it bad.

    People, I think this series is going to be the best matchup of these playoffs. The only prediction I’m willing to make is “at least one instant classic.”

    I don’t think anyone really knows who will win, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s one of the surest signs of an excellent series. I plan on enjoying it very much- though I admit I will be cheering for Boston. For one team or the other, though. let’s hope for the best and just try to thoroughly enjoy what may be one of the best NBA Finals….at least in recent memory. And as long as we’re hoping for the best, I think we have an opportunity to hope for one of he best series of all time. I think it has the potential to be that good.

  142. Bubbachuck says:

    Almost all position are evenly match for both teams;
    @ PG; I think Rondo has an advantage over D Fish on both ends of the court but Fisher’s experience will be a big factor on late game.
    @ SG; Allen can make it hard or limit Kobe to score but no way can he STOP Bryant at all. No Celtics guard can stop Kobe no argument on this!
    @ SF; Pierce did a phenomenal job against Cavs & Magic series, but I think it will be a different story in this series. Artest may not be a prolific scorer as he was in SAC but undeniable he can cover/defend Pierce throughout the game plus the hustle that he gives each possession just like in Phoenix series.
    @PF; I think Gasol has his best season and playoff game this year and he has improved a lot. He even added some weight this year so he will not be push off around easily but I still pick Garnett in this spot even though a bit older and slower the big difference is the leadership and energy that he gives on and off the court.
    @Center; I think Bynum has slight advantage over Perkins plus the fact that Perkins is 1(one) T.F away for being suspended. I doubt Perkins can control himself but argue with the refs the whole series because thats how he play.
    @Bench; Lakers has the advantage on bench player this year with Odom, Farmar, Vujajic, Walton and S.Brown all playing well in previous series. Boston has Wallace, Nate, T. Allen and Davis and Daniels (suffer concussion) some playing well in previous series. (other bench player not so big factor to consider).
    @2008 Difference: Lakers Bench, Improved Defense, Artest defense over Pierce, Gasol’s overall improvement. Boston has Sam Casell, PJ Brown, Eddie House more veterans at that time.
    @HOMECOURT.. Celtics and Lakers has the 2 largest crowd in the NBA so they will have their part as well. Lakers has the advantage. One thing is for sure it will be a physical, up and down battle from the tip off to the last seconds of each game. So whoever plays better DEFENSE will win the 2010 NBA Championship!

  143. BelieverInTheC's says:

    I think these will be the match up’s this coming Nba finals at the defensive end on both camps:

    PG: Rondo V.S Bryant (Since Phil and Kobe still remembers and learns from past mistakes)
    SG: Bryant V.S Allen( Not Ray Allen, but Tony Allen.. And i think Tony would step up again. Remember, he shuted down LeBron 4 out of 6 games in that series. And LeBron being much bigger and stronger that Kobe, I think it would be much easier for him.)
    SF:Artest V.S Pierce(Even. Anything goes with this match up.)
    PF:Gasol V.S Garnett(Definitely K.G! Pau is a tall guy with good shooting,that’s all. But K.G? Good shooting, tenacity on the boards and in the defensive end,plus his HEART and DRIVE is what makes him own Pau in this match up.Pau would be again,a none factor in this series).
    C: Bynum V.S Perkins(Perkins is the best physical defender out there that plays clean. I know many would disagree but i think the ref’s are too biased when it comes with him after seeing the Magic-Celtics series. Dwight was trashing everyone down but no tech’s was even called.)

    Another match-ups to follow: Wallace v.s Odom,T. Allen v.s Brown(2 guys who could dunk on anyone),Farmar v.s Robinson

    My X-factors would be Ray Allen and Glen Davis for Boston, and Farmar & Vujajic for Lakers.
    Ray must step up in this series in oreder for them to win. He would be defended,in my opinion,by Fisher. Because the Lakers are mis matched(i think)at this situation. If they put Kobe on Ray,Rondo would just control the game with fisher being his match up. And i think the Lakers wouldn’t like that.

    Farmar would just need to play hard again and try to keep up with Rondo, just like what he did with Nash. As for Vujajic, try to keep up with Ray on the pick-and-rolls.

    Prediction: Celtics in 7 games.. 🙂

    • LakerBeliever says:

      Very good analysis but with 2 glaring errors:

      1. Kobe is a smarter and more skilled player than LBJ. His play has been as good as its been during the last series and combine that with his drive and painful memories of losing to the C’s two years ago, Kobe will just eat up Tony Allen.

      2. This is not the same Pau Gasol as 2008. This is a stronger, more aggressive Gasol with more variety of low post moves and better interior passing.

      Therefore, change your SG and PF matchup predictions to favor the Lakers.

      Depending on the X-factors and bench players, Lakers or Celtics in 7.

      • batman2000 says:

        I think I agree with number 1, they will just post up Kobe on Tony Allen.

        But I disagree with the second one. Pau is just too soft. i’m even afraid that he might cry on one of these games because of the beating that he will be receiving from the Celtics’ Big.

  144. mismo says:

    RONDO VS FISHER – CELTICS. fisher cant even chase nash.
    ALLEN VS. KOBE – LAKERS. but he cant defend Ray allen as well. allen is too quick
    PIERCE VS. ARTEST – even. but Pierce is smarter.
    GARNET VS. GASOL – CELTICS . Pau is too soft. toooooo soft
    PERKINS VS.. BYNUM – even.


  145. David says:

    hahah rage is an idiot and everybody here knows it

  146. ukinayo says:

    RONDO – will be the main catalyst of the celtic offense in the finals… he’ll eat fisher that phil will have to make kobe or artest guard him, thus freeing up ray/pierce… or would have to use farmar more thus putting fisher on the bench FISHER – will just hope that that every game goes down the wire for him to use his clutch shots


    KOBE – will be kobe, but if pierce will be guarding him like he did 2008, kobe’s point production will drop (say from 40ppg to 39ppg haha), but if he has to take a lot more difficult shots to score that much, that would be for the celtics…
    RAYRAY – the celtics’ offense sets screen for allen to have clean looks (its not about allen creating his own shots)… so basically allen will have his shots, LA just have to hope he misses them

    ADV LA because its Kobe


    ARTEST – if pierce guards kobe, artest has to step up in offense/ bully his way around allen… and he has to do it the whole series, not just a game or a shot
    PIERCE – he just have to keep his cool against artest and hope the refs will give him the foul calls he fishes for…

    ADV BOSTON unless artest gets his offense going

    PF: gasol has the youth and the agility over KG, but Garnett has been a warrior all his life… i guess this is the match we need to focus on because KG is still boston’s engine and Pau is Kobe’s wingman… if one of them failed to do their job, then that’s the series… ADV LA unless KG of 2008 shows up

    C: perkins covered howard man-to-man and they won the series… bynum is jelly compared to howard… phil jackson will use gasol more at center and odom at PF… ADV BOSTON unless perk gets another technical

    LA bench (beside Odom) are just role players who rely on the opportunities their starters give them… but as a unit, they don’t do squat (see against PHX bench)… Odom has to step-up big time since he’ll be getting starter minutes…
    BOSTON: mix of young (robinson, allen, davis) and old (sheed, finley) that would contribute both on offense and defense… much of the playoffs, these guys have done more than their share to make their team win


    Throughout the playoffs, Kobe has kept getting better as this was highlighted by his last game… Kobe will be at his A-game in the finals, Artest found himself involved in LAs offense, Gasol was consistent as he should be, Odom is still LAs x-factor due to his uniqueness, and fisher will knock daggers along the way… LA is primed up to avenge their 2008 loss…

    However, the Celtics as a team overcame 3 All-NBA players (d.wade, lebron, howard)… has beaten the season’s best team (cleveland) and the playoffs best team (orlando) without homecourt advantage… and all these are done just by playing unselfish team basketball… nothing spectacular or heroic

    though the 2-3-2 format is heavily favoring the team with homecourt advantage, upsets were done (detroit vs. LA & miami vs. dallas) so its possible, and as celtics have proven they’re a great road team… i’d like boston’s chances to win again…

    BOSTON should win it all at 6 games…

  147. Celtics fan says:

    PG It isn’t a question Rondo is better, and he can play 40+ minutes Fisher can’t keep the speed of Rondo
    SG Kobe is really good, it obvious. He can put the ball in the basket even with two defenders hanging on him, but allen can shoot well of the screens and he is a good defender.
    SF Artest will have some problems with Pierce, but this matchup is close.
    PF Gasol is good but don’t forget about KG he is good as well. I think it’s an even matchup
    C Bynum is injured. Possibly he is the better in offence, but Perkins is a really good defender.Rashhed and baby also have their talent.
    Coach Both coach do a really good job. There’s no important difference.
    Bench Celtics have a deeper bench, just remember nate, everybody can stand up from the bench and do what he has to do if it’s nessesary.

  148. MeloMan says:

    Ohh and @lakerboi Celtics have better ROAD than home record,
    ReRead your stats

  149. Ryan says:

    Kobe will demand the switch to guard Rondo cause Fisher can’t.
    Fisher will end up chasing Allen around screens, too slow giving Allen good looks, or they will switch and leave Fisher guarding Davis, Perks or KG. Which they’ll just post up. Artest is a good defender, but Pierce is a smart player. Pierce will guard Kobe as well as Allen. Kobe will score but these guys will make him make hard shots while not hacking away. Kobe might get in foul trouble guarding Rondo. Gasol doesn’t stand a chance against KG. KG is a defensive machine and will shot Pau down, while shooting J’s with those long arms over top of Gasol. Wallace is a nightmare matchup for L.A. Effectively bringing outside LA’s shotblockers, opening the lane for Rondo and inducing the fouls on Kobe or Fisher or giving up the points. The C’s will throw man to man and zone at L.A. And you better believe it, The Celtics can play defense. First Wade, then LeBron, now Kobe, Boston’s eating up all the nba’s superstars.

    • SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S THE RONDO SHO

      • lakers fan in ri says:

        all the people sayin that kobe is the next “allstar” or “superstar” to go down to the celtics have to realize one thing…he is not jus an allstar or superstar…this man is either tied for 1st, or the second best player in the history of the nba…show a little more respect when your watching history, and appreciate the fact that if your in your mid twenties or up, you were lucky enough to see michael jordan, kobe bryant, and (although he’s not there yet, i cant see him failing for to much longer) lebron james working their magic…on top of that we all get to watch what is probably going to be a historic series, one in which i stil cant see an OBVIOUS winner…GO LAKERS!!!! and thank you to the afore mentioned players

  150. MeloMan says:

    Pau is the best big man but kendrick perkins is one of the best low-post defenders in the leaguee,
    andd youur bench is INCONSISTENT,
    so Rondo advantage Fisher,
    And Kobe overRay,
    ANd Paul over Artest,
    And Pau or K.G.
    ANd Perkins and Bynum EVEN,
    Bynum is most INCONSISTENT player in the series !

  151. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    For all the Laker fans waiting for Thursday, I have one thing to show you: Are you kidding me? 38 points? :))))) and that without Rondo as it best, or Wallace and Robinson on the bench. Lakers, start buying your Celtics shirts. . . again. 2008 REEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPEEEAT !!!

  152. The truth says:

    PG Celtics (not even close)
    SF Celtics
    PF Lakers
    C Celtics

    Celtics in 5- Finals MVP Rondo

    • batman2000 says:

      I’m a Celtic fan but I don’t think (not even in my dream) that Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant is EVEN. And I also think that RON ARTEST and PAUL PIERCE is EVEN.

    • The Truth will set u free says:


  153. BC18thCT says:

    Boston needs broom ’cause thay’ll sweep the mess
    The experience wins in this game of chess

    • Terrelya says:

      Then if you really think about it, then it’s gonna be the Lakers in 7. Cuz this be their 3rd Finals in a row PLUS they have Phil Jackson who is a 10-time coaching champion with Kobe and DFisher having 4 each. So you kinda started talking without thinking.

      • batman2000 says:

        OH!!! I’m stunned that @Terrelya is capable of making a logical comment.

        I hate to say this but I agree with him this time.

  154. Celtics All Day says:

    Fisher and rondo even? what are you smoking? Rondo will make Fisher look like a 6th grader out on the court and will the Finals MVP when the CELTICS win it!

  155. L.A_24 says:

    Okay here is a real evaluation of this year’s finals, that is a lot more accurate than rage888’s.

    Point Guard : Fisher vs Rondo-Advantage: Celtics
    Shooting Guard : Bryant vs Allen-Advantage: Lakers
    Small Forward : Artest vs Pierce-Even
    Power Forward : Gasol vs Garnett-Advantage: Gasol
    Center : Bynum vs Perkins-Advantage: Perkins (But only because of Andrew Bynum’s injured knee.)

    Bench Play-Even

    Underdog : Boston Celtics
    Heart : Boston Celtics
    Total Team Skills : Los Angeles Lakers
    Aggressiveness : Boston Celtics
    Basketball EQ & IQ : Los Angeles Lakers

    Winner: Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games–Kobe Bryant wins the Finals MVP

  156. shak says:

    okay,i think this series is over b4 it even started. its gonna be 2008 all over again. kobe still being a ball hog, if he cant make those 1 on 1 with the celts defense, good day to the lakers. The celtics has a better bench , oh ya lamar odom did good avg 20 points against the suns with no defense not bad give him credit. but with garnet or sheed all over him he’ll be lucky enough to score 5 points a game.

    • Celticsroverated says:

      With all due respect kobe is not a ball hog Lebron is a ball hog

      • batman2000 says:

        I agree with @celticsoverated that kobe is not a ball hog. He is just shy to pass the ball, so most of the time he just pass it to the ring.

  157. NubianRoyalty says:

    Rondo is the man…….Fisher is going to get slaughtered. Go Big Green!!!!

  158. Philip says:

    this series will not be easy for either team. they both made it to the finals for a reason…but keep in mind, lakers have the best coach in sports history and the best player in the league who is pissed that he is not going for a 3 peat right now. He has a killer instinct that no one else seems to posses, at least at his level. …lakers in 6

  159. mismo says:


    RONDO VS FISHER – CELTICS. fisher cant even chase nash.
    ALLEN VS. KOBE – LAKERS. but he cant defend Ray allen as well. allen is too quick
    PIERCE VS. ARTEST – even. but Pierce is smarter.
    GARNET VS. GASOL – CELTICS . Pau is too soft. toooooo soft
    PERKINS VS.. BYNUM – even.


    • Celticsroverated says:

      You my friend are stupid! Ray Allen is too quick? How about on defense? Will ray allen be able to stop kobe? no not even close. Kobe will dominate. In the thunder series Artest defended Durant and shut him down. Do you think that Pierce who isn’t even close to as good as Durant will do good? i think that he will be shut down completly. Lakers in 5 Celtics cant win at home.

      • Celticsroverated says:

        You also forgot too add that Garnett is too slow

      • Law064 says:

        Dude you must be high off paint thinner. Artest shut down Durant?? No Durant shut his self down, do Paul Pierce aka the Truth look like a snotty nose like Durant. Paul will ball Artest out of the gym. Kobe will kill anyone guarding him he’s THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE. Ray Allen can’t stop Kobe but the team can hope to contain him. Whoever stick Ray Allen will have to chase hime down thru screens and all and will get tired. Good luck Fisher, Ray will own him Fisher is to slow and old. Artest on Offence is equivalent of Dennis Rodman’s Offence

      • batman2000 says:

        YUP. And @mismo also forgot that RON ARTEST almost single handedly lost the SUns series for the Lakers. So that makes your point clear that @mismo is forgetful and also that you are dumb to think that Lakers is better at SF because of RON RON!

  160. KB8 says:

    Being a Laker fan, I can’t say that Boston will win, but I can say that they are dangerous. Both teams have vets and both teams have young guns with fire in their bellies. But only one team has a Black Mamba. And there aint no cure for a Mamba bite, and seeing as he just put the moves on the Suns (like he said he was gonna), I just can’t see Boston finding an answer for him. Rondo? In the words of Sidney Dean “Even The Sun Shines On A Dog’s A$$ Somedays”. We’ll see what he can do against a Laker team with a grudge. Don’t expect him to beat the Lakers on his own. Because he can’t.

    GO LAKERS!!!

  161. Trav says:

    Again basketball is a team game. Everybody keep yelling kobe this kobe that. please! if he can score 90+ points on the celtics by himself ill give him props until then get outta here with the bs. he will scroe his point but bottom line nobody else is going to step up with him because they are not tough enough and have no heart on that team besides maybe ron artest but hes too busy chucking up shots with bad decision making that hes always had. On another note as i recall Kg didnt almost make the celtics lose anything, again i say if you havent played the game or know basketball then dont comment with things that make no sense. He will anchor the celtics defense and gasol will be gasol for 2 games and the other games he will be marc Gasol. lol

  162. Ed says:

    In this season’s playoffs, except for Miami, Boston did not have the home court advantage. Versus Cleveland, Boston stole one of the first two games in Ohio (and while the Cavs got one in Boston) and finished LBJ and company in their home court in Game 6. With Orlando, 0-3 meant Boston defeated Howard and company twice in their home court.
    What will happen with LA? Pick your choice, either Boston in 4, 5 or 6, not 7 – too risky.

  163. BOSTON CELTICS says:

    I like that retard comparing Rondo with Fisher. I won’t say anything, just watch game 1. I’ll actually go to a sports bar in LA to hear all the morons cry. Gasol is going to get slapped all over the place. Kobe won’t get his 30+ with Pierce on him. Odom won’t get anything period. Artest is the key, but I don’t think he’ll do much with Wallace on him. That’s about it. Best series since the 80’s. Go Celtics.

    • Jay says:

      wow, you are an embarrassment to all basketball fans out there. rondo will be guarded by kobe, with him sagging off and daring rondo to shoot the ball. pierce won’t be guarding kobe because there is no way doc rivers is gonna let ron artest be guarded by ray allen. plus pierce will spend way too much energy on defense he won’t be a factor, and do you really think rasheed wallace will be put on artest? that’s retarded. the celtics are gonna be forced to double kobe, and that opens everything up. the bench will also be shortened to 8 players in the finals so i don’t think depth is too big of a factor. LAKERS in 6!!!!

  164. Mark says:

    Lakers vs. Celtics
    Center: Bynum vs. Perkins. Advantage: (Celtics)
    Power Forward: Gasol vs. Garnett. (Lakers)
    Small Forward: Artest vs. Pierce (Celtics)
    Point Guard: Fisher vs. Rondo (Celtics) (Rondo will run around old Fish)
    Shooting Guard: Kobe vs. Allen (Lakers) (you know why..Kobe MVP)
    Coach: Jackson vs. Rivers (Even) (Jackson has the experience but Rivers motivates his players well like a real Doc)
    Bench: (Even) (Odom is the best sixth man but Celtics has a deeper bench)

    If Celtics win 1 of the first two games, Celtics (4-2)

  165. Amused says:

    Gee, rage…looks like there’s a global movement to get you committed to an institution, especially over your PG comparison. But thanks for being so amusing.

  166. Deluded Lakers Fans says:

    1) Anyone who thinks that Derek Fisher even close to Rondo is out of their mind. One game this season, Fisher started, played 30+ minutes, and scored 0 points. Rondo was an All-Star. Fisher couldn’t stay in front of Russell Westbrook or Steve Nash. Rajon Rondo palyed tough D on Jameer Nelson and Mo Williams. Admittedly, Fisher was passable on D-Will. But come on. Playoff averages for Fisher: 11-2-3. Playoff averages for Rajon Rondo: 17-5-10. Stop being absurd.

    2) If you say that “shannon brown powerful dunker!” or anything like gives the Lakers an advantage for reserves, you clearly have not been watching the same NBA that I have. The Lakers are running an 8-man rotation for a reason: their bench has one real contributor in Lamar Odom. The Celtics are running a 9- or 10-man rotation depending on health, with three consistent contributors (Davis, Tony Allen, and Sheed).

    3) I won’t argue that KG is still better than Gasol, but Bynum right now is not better than Perkins. Normally, Bynum’s offense is on par or better than Perkin’s defense, but not when he’s hobbled by injuries. Jackson should start Odom and have Bynum come off the bench if he intends to play Bynum at all. He’s not going to be able to rebound, get blocks, or generally pull his weight on the court in his current state.

    4) Ron Artest has had trouble with Paul Pierce in the past. I’m not saying that Pierce is going to play at the level he did against Orlando, but Ron Ron is not going to ruin him either. Additionally, the Lakers have 2 (good) perimeter defenders and 3 perimeter players to guard. This typically leads to failure.

    5) That being said, Kobe is out of control right now. No matter who guards him, he will respond. He wants to end the Celtics, and it’s obvious from the way he talks about us. I love the Celtics, but if we’re going to win this we need to make sure that no one scores double digits except Kobe, essentially, who will be averaging 35-40 ppg.

    My prediction: the Celtics don’t find a way to stpo Kobe, but they successfully stop everyone else from scoring enough to win in 7.

    • TheTruth says:

      i have to say there are a lot of stupid comments in here from people who propably dont watch nba basketball…I am a celtics fan and i really cant see the lakers win this series and there are a lot of stats and facts to show that. First of all the celtics have never lost a series with this starting line up( when KG healthy) and the C’s are playing their best basketball of the season rite now and got better each series…K kobe is going to be kobe thats for sure there is no doubt about that…he wants revenge…but doc rivers doesnt care if kobe scores 30 or 40 points and he will definetly not double team him (his theory was that it wouldnt matter if they double team him or not he will still get some points but will also be able to get other guys involved)…but the question is how effectiv will pau gasol and andrew bynum be???they had no tough match ups so far in the postseason noone could put a body on them…all their opponents were undersized and thats why gasol had those great games but now with boston they have big frontcourt that they can throw at the lakers and i dont think gasol will be as effective as he used to bis thus far when he has to match up against KG and the rest…the great thing about he celtics is that they dont have to rely on one guy to play great to be able to win!!! you saw it in every series…if paul pierce or ray ray or KG have a bad game they will still be able to win…what happens when kobe has a bad game? the lakers will most certainly lose!!!…kobe is playing at a very high level no doubt about that he makes tough shot after tough shot that really noone on earth is able to defend that…he is shooting at a high percentage rite now but dont forget that he was playin against the suns the last 6 games…so its no wonder…i say he will still get his points but at what percentage?if he scores 40 on 40% shooting Rivers wont have a problem with that…And seriously the laker bench sucks put in odom in the starting line up and bynum to the bench the lakers have one of the worst bench in the league and is no comparison to the boston bench…who do they have??jordan farmar??sasha vujacic??shannon brown??noone of them is able to change the game win the game for’em…
      And artest will certainly not stop pierce noone can…he will make it tough on him and make him work for his shots but not STOP him…and if kobe gets the job of guarding rondo it will definetly affect his offense…remember the game where he guarded westbrook i mean he took westbrook out but was not very effective himself on the offensive end…same thing will happen when gets to guard rondo who is more skilled and talented then westbrook…and fisher will not be able to chase ray allen aroung those screens…I say celtics in 6 and they will most likely win one of those first two games at staples

  167. Lakers All The Way says:

    are u guys retards? do you really think phil jackon will let derek fisher guard rando? he will probably let kobe guard rondo, derek on allen – two odies at each other, artest on pierce, lamar odon probably on kg or penkins and will get good help from pau if bynm decides to go in, pau gasol will guard kg or penkins, shanon brown and jordan farmer will help guard nate off the bench, but i hav to admit boston got a better bench with michael finley, nate, glen, tony, rashad = hard but if lakers play good, we will win

  168. City of Angels says:

    Matchups (most likely)

    Allen vs Fisher- Even
    Rondo vs Kobe- Lakers
    Pierce vs Artest- close, but Lakers
    Garnett vs Gasol/Odom- Lakers
    Perkins vs Bynum- Celtics
    Perkins vs Gasol- Lakers

    Bench (if Odom is not starting)- Lakers
    Coach- Lakers

    Clutch performers- Lakers

    Prediction- Lakers in 6, first home Finals win since 2000

    • Me says:

      So the Pierce vs Artest matchup goes in favor of Artest? Is everyone saying that Artest plays too physical for Pierce? I dont know but I think Pierce likes to get into defenders and score off of their bodies…..yep, thats what it looks like to me. I just cant see Kobe or Pierce being stopped in this series. Artest is a GREAT perimeter defender, but he wont be able to stop Pierce from making his stamp on the game.

    • Law064 says:

      City of Angels please put down the crystal meth,

      Allen vs Fisher–Celtics
      Rondo vs Kobe–Rondo offense vs Kobe D—Celtics
      Pierce vs Artest–Celtics
      Garnett vs Gasol–Celtics
      Perkins vs Bynum–Celtics

      Sorry dude Kobe will guard Rondo but Fisher will try to keep up with Ray Allen one of the best at catch & shoot. Bynum is hurt and Perkins D has been awesome this post season. Ron Artest has D but Paul has better Offence, and Artest can’t shoot, he had 1 good scoring game this whole post season. Gasol will not get easy baskets like he’s been doing. He only played against smaller opponents. City of Angels how is Ray Allen even with Fisher?? or even Rondo even with him. Kobe will be a goon, as always but Rondo will still run the team even with Kobe guarding him. Celtic’s in 6

    • batman2000 says:


      Have you seen Game 5, where PHIL JACKSON told Pau Gasul “Don’t give HIM the ball, in fact, don’t even pass him the ball”? and by the way, the “Him” that Phil was referring is no other that RON RON.

      Have you seen those i’ll advised shot on the last minute of Game 5?

  169. NBAfan says:

    It’s clear that Rondo is over Fisher in turns of speed and aggressiveness but Farmar can guard him . Bynum has to have good nights and Gasol needs to man up . Artest can guard Allen . Kobe must be at his Best performance every game.
    Actually this is one of the equal and close final we had in a couple of years . Not surprisingly ,there are the best teams in the league.

  170. Gman says:

    Lakers iz way too talented but don’t know how to use ’em. Kobe will ice his teammates @ times. it might cost them the title.

    Fisher vs Rondo Celts

    Kobe vs Allen Lakers

    Artest vs Pierce Lakers

    Gasol vs Garnett Celts

    Bynum vs Perkins Celts ( remember this is the same Perkins that dominated Howard )

    • Celticsroverated says:

      Ya, thats why dwight scored 30+ points on him 3 times. Celtics r way too overated.

      • batman2000 says:

        Yup, dwight scored 30+points on him 3 times but did they win the series? DID THEY WIN THE SERIES? ANSWER ME! DID THEY WIN THE SERIES?

        If you have learned something from that series or any other series that the Celtics Won, its that there is no “I” in “TEAM”.

    • Jenkins, Britain says:

      yeah man, the same Perkins that kept Jermaine O’Neal to pretty much 0% FG, the same Perkins that held up against an experienced postseason champ – Shaq. and the smae Perkins that stopped Howard. Bynum? he aint got nuttin on Perk…. but which game is he guna miss? I say…game 3.

      Kobe a presence? yes, but not that big, where was Wade, James and Howard the last three games, Boston dont have a problem putting down the ”All-stars” by playing as a team.

      This series is only gonna be one of either two ways…… Celtic’s defense will stop the Lakers, or LA will outscore the C’s.

      Game 1 – Boston
      Game 2 – Lakers
      Game 3 – Lakers
      Game 4 – Boston
      Game 5 – Lakers
      Game 6 – Boston
      Game 7 – Boston

      • NaS797 says:

        Jenkins, Britain, Ummm…First, do u realize you have the Celtics winning games 6 & 7 in LA!?!? That’s 2 games in a row in LA! You might want to rethink that. Second, LA hasn’t lost a home game in the Playoffs…What makes u think Boston wins game 1?!?! U might want to rethink that too! Kobe not big of a presence?!?! Let’s just say he’s not even in the same category as the other clowns u just mentioned.

    • Mathew says:

      HA Artest over pierce R U CRAZY!! I’m a lakers fan too but c’mon , the kid from LA is way better than Ron Ron and trust,
      Bynum will eat perkins up!

      • Law064 says:

        Perkins will destroy Bynum. Bynum is hurt and overrated. Gasol will get killed by KG cause Gasol don’t have enough heart. Gasol couldn’t stop Amare and pretty much who have he been matched up with except all smaller players. The Celtics will de-throne the Lakers. Gasol played against Carlos Boozer and someone even smaller in the Thunder series. Gasol has not had a defensive threat guarding him. Watch KG kill him again like 2008. Shannon Brown lol lol lmao who is he?? what has he done??? Ohh yeah he was the only Laker that could keep up with the Thunder. The Lakers are done. Celtic’s in 6

  171. lakersFTW says:

    honestly im a laker fan. but common man can anyone stop kobe? he will just put a dagger of all celtics fan out there believe me like on the suns series

  172. Samdon Jennings says:

    oh, and the self-proclaimed “machine”, efresh, nearly cost yr boys a look at the finals… i wouldn’t get too excited about his contribution. Plus, Kobe said he was going to “kill him” after the match, so maybe he’ll be long gone by game one.

  173. Trav says:

    Obviously some of you have not played the game because some of the things you guys are saying makes no sense if you know basketball. smh! granted kobe is the best basketball players but the celtics are a better team. Defense wins championships as you heard Kobe say after they loss to the suns and Bostons defense as a team is way better than the lakers. The lakers have two good defensive players and thats Kobe and Ron Artest. Bynum foul prone, gasol really cant stop anybody, derek fisher is not the same defensive player he use to be, lamar odom never playes defese (Iuse to play against him and ron artest as kids) sahsa who, isnt that the same dude who ray allen showed his he got game skills in 08 when he went behind his back and left him looking like a fool for the go ahead basket. smh! shannon brown is the only bright light off that bench and they will need more than just him. Bostons bench is even more defensive than the starters, Tony allen, Nate Robinson, Rasheed Wallace, Michael Finly, these are all defensive guys that can score as well. the lakers dont have that. as much as i like Kobe it will end up being the same result him showing up for 2 or 3 games with 30-40 point numbers, gasol being inconsistent for 2 games and not showing any heart, Lamar Odom not showing any heart, and Ron Artest bad shot selection will doom the lakers. He doesnt make good decisions in the clutch besides his game winner. watch and see. The series will be interesting because of the rivalry, Kobe VS Paul Pierce hype, Garnett VS Gasol hype as well. In the end i think Boston will win in 6

    • Celticsroverated says:

      Gasol couldn’t stop amare because he was too fast. Garnett is so much slower then Amare and Gasol will dominate him just like he did in the regular season.

      • Terrelya says:

        Gasol couldn’t stop Amare? It was mostly Odom and Bynum guarding Amare actually. Remember the comment on how Lamar had a “lucky” game? And actually Amare only had one or two good games. We will see but I still say Lakers in 7. Boston fans are not giving Lakers any credit at all.

      • batman2000 says:

        Oh! you think so? Where have you been this past month? Haven’t you seen the defense of Celtics! The regular Season is OVER. Playoff defense is PHYSICAL and ROUGH, which Pau Gasol hated. Just see 2008 Finals if you want some reference. Gasol is too soft.

  174. Esteban says:

    I’d like to comment on the Pau Gasol and KG matchup. I don’t that’s clearly in Pau’s favor, simply because Pau hasn’t run into anyone yet in this postseason that plays proper defense. KG might be getting old but he is still a machine on defense.

    • batman2000 says:

      I agree that KG is still a beast on the Defense but let’s admit it that KG is not as a threat on the offense as he was last 2008. So I agree that this is an EVEN matchup but still I hope Celtics Win.


  175. Samdon Jennings says:

    Love the Blog, but am i the only person who can’t figure out why Nate Robinson doesn’t get any credit, disregarding the one game he got a look..? I thought he was a premier scorer for the Knicks last year, besides David Lee their best, and now he gets nothing! Nobody should be surprised at that 12 point outburst… In my opinion Nate is much better than anyone seems to think.

    Btw – I have to agree with everyone rage888, Rondo’s probly gonna get the better of Mr. Fisher. But in fairness, the Lakers don’t expect Fisher to play as well as Rajon; Fisher’s experience must not be underestimated.

  176. dc manila says:

    CELTS…UMMM LET ME SEE???I can say that they are darkhorse,but i dont think they can outlast the LAKERS,in tough times on this series,,,simply because the west has the best teams in terms of wins,,east i think has the less challenge to offer..the teams that the lakers beat are the ones who hammered the CELTS in the regular season,If LEBRON did not act insanely in their series,its LAKERS-CAVELIERS right now..Watch out “The Truthed”…Kobe Will Put that “ED” on your monicker,meaning your the “past”….

    • batman2000 says:

      You’re my Kababayan and yet you dont a thing about what you are saying. The BIG THREE are already “past” but that doesn’t mean that they are not going to win this series. And by the way, it doesn’t matter if “the Truth” score or not, the Celtics still has a chance on winning. Just see the Celtics-Cavaliers series for reference.

  177. John says:

    c’mon man, don’t contradict yourself.

    Don’t put the Celtics as underdogs if you think they got all the advantages. ROFL

    And I will quote Mr. OGIE’s line cause it’s the same way i feel.

    “Well, I am a die hard laker fan. No amount of analysis will make me change my mind that the lakers will win it. But as they say, the ball is round in this laker-celtic match up anything can happen. All this analysis will only result into paralysis… hehe! Chill m’ friend! Let them play!!! GO LAKERS!!! Win or lose you guys are the greatest!!!”

  178. george pyo says:

    celtics will win in this series…………….. tooo seeeee isssssss tooooooooo believe………..
    celts…… willllllllll be the champssssssssssss………..sooo…….shut….thingssss upppppp

  179. Baker says:

    common guys searsly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fisher and rondo even?!?!?!?! rondo is gonna murder fisher man
    and also pau doesn’t stand a chance with KG, yea KG is a bit older but common KG is gonna dominate pau man!!

  180. EDMUND GRAY says:

    Well, I thought in 93 the Suns had a better line up than the Bulls, but Jordan wasn’t having it and brought his A-game. if the lakers are to win KOBE will have to play insane, Kobe is going to be guarding Rondo, they are gonna put Fisher on Ray Allen and hope he misses some 3’s. Pau has to find a way to man up on KG, but the biggest hole is PERKINS/BYNUM match up. I’m not impressed with Bynum even when he’s healthy this dude is so soft. Yes the lakers have 3 seven footers but the lakers manage to make them all soft. I really wished the lakers would’ve signed James Posey 2 summers ago. Lamar is also an ex factor. I guess if the Lakers have any real chance, KOBE will have to play insane, Bynum has to man up, and someone on the lakers bench has to be big maybe Lamar Odom. if not Bos will win in 6,. Keep in mind also the format in the finals is 2-3-2 if Bos steals game 1 or 2 they have 3 in BOS. not good, Lakers need to handle business or they will be out in 6

  181. mineo says:

    when luck goes into play, i’l go for the lakers.

    • batman2000 says:

      I agree and considering that they have home court advantage. But I would love it if Celtics could win the championship.

      • mineo says:

        The lakers luck i was referring to was the buzzer beating shot of gasol (game 6 vs. thunder) and artest (game 5 vs. phoenix). I just hope it will not happen to the defense oriented celtics so that their veteran players would not look like rookies out of the collegiate ranks. No offense meant to the thunder and suns, but that is i believe basic fundamental in basketball that they neglected.

  182. efresh says:

    pg even fisher is a experience veteran!
    sg lakers kobe is going to OWN ray allen
    sf lakers artest is going to pierce that defense is the key and artest is hungry for a ring!
    pf lakers gasol got memories of last time!
    c lakers andrew is back and ready !

    supporting cast: lakers odom is the best 6th man, shannon brown powerful dunker! the machine and farmar yea we ready this time around!!

    oh in LAKERS in game 6! believe what i say!

    • Terrelya says:

      efresh these boston fans just don’t get it. when they think matchup, they think SCORING. all 100 posts are complaints and exclamations on how the PG position is even. now i think rondo will score regardless but they don’t understand fisher’s style of play. fisher is way tougher than they know. and like i said, it’s not fisher’s job to STOP rondo, but to slow his impact on his teammates. THAT is where we’re saying that it could be an even match.

      • batman2000 says:

        @terrelya… I get what you are saying that Kobe will be guarding rondo but you are saying that Rondo and Fisher are EVEN. C’mon man. You must be in an alternate world where fisher is a lot quicker and athletic than he is now.

    • Tim says:

      Are you kidding me? Laker D-ride much? the laker bench is better than bostons? Get real, Celtics in 6, and im being generous.

  183. germanfranc41 says:

    Fisher is way better than Rondo,, So it is not even.. Rondo will be like Jameer Nelson in the Finals last year.. Rondo will back up and Fisher will shoot a huge three.. Game Over.. Over all.. the Finals MVP will be Derek Fisher..

    • Me says:


    • joshyb says:

      please tell me ur not serious.

    • Law064 says:

      This is for all the people that think Fisher can stick Rondo. Are you on drugs or just a born loser, Rondo will run circles around Fisher. Ron Artest does not have the Advantage, Paul Pierce will go to work on him, he has good D but Paul is a monster on Offence. Bynum is hurt and he’s very overrated, he’s just big and solid. Kobe will cause a problem for any team or any player matching up with him, he’s the best in the league. The old KG will still shut down Gasol, he’s good but I can’t give Gasol the advantage over KG they are even at best. I saw someone say that Fisher will make Rondo look like Jameer Nelson last year lol You have to be kidding. Last year Jameer Nelson was just returning from a injury. He didn’t play no playoff game but came back in the finals. Jameer wasn’t 100% in sync with everything. If Orlando would face LA in the finals Jameer Nelson would destroy Fisher just like Rondo will destroy him come Thursday. Celtic’s in 6 if the series go 7 LA will take it on they’re home court. Go Celtic’s!!!!

    • batman2000 says:

      Bro, I think you are a decade too late if you are thinking this way.

  184. MR T (London, England) says:

    I see everybody else thinks so too lol…:-)

  185. MR T (London, England) says:

    How is the PG match-up even? Rondo’s turned into a true point guard, a pass first distributor and a solid 20 point scorer. D Fish is there because LA needs a PG for the starting line-up…there is no one else. Kobe usually muscles his way into the ball-handling role, and Fish is stuck as a defensive PG, which ironically Rondo has covered as well…

  186. Dwhits says:

    how can you say that the point guard matchup is even, obviously the Celtics have an advantage in that, fisher is old and does not even guard rondo

    • jejemons says:

      who ever thought the Celtics could make it to the finals? Its was said that the championship window of boston is closed because the big three are old and they cant run like the other team, but come on, they barely almost sweep the heat (4-1) And came the Cleveland cavaliers, where some basketball analyst predicted that this team would eventually end the Celtics, but with the rise of Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, and supporting cast Tony Allen, they surprising send King James and his Cavs looking for answers. And the Orlando Magic? Give the celtics Big for defending howard for 6 games with Technicals and concussin. But they did it. LA your next!

    • SammyBoi says:

      Whose Stopping Kobe Though?
      NO ONE!

      • batman2000 says:

        @ Sammyboi…. how old are you? I’m sure you are a minor, if you are asking who’s going to stop Kobe cause no one player can stop him. But basketball is a team game so I’ll tell you this “The whole Celtics team will slow Kobe a little bit” just like what they did with Kobe and Lebron. Cmon dude, its a team game.

    • joshyb says:

      i wood say rondo wins the match up but they play to diffrent roles fisher is a spot up shooter iso if he does that well the lakers have a good chance to win and he is a VERYY clutch player. rondo on the other hand pushes the pace so that is where i think the celtics will win the series becase the celtics will keep an uptempo pace and rondo is a good decision maker. and he can also score the ball if needed. so i wood say rondo wins but only if the rest of the celtics perform well and r in sync with rondo

  187. Ben says:


    How can you say that the match up between Rondo and Fisher is even? Rondo has a good 11 years on Fisher, although fisher may be able to knock down some big shots down the stretch i hardly think his contribution will be near Finals MVP candidate Rajon Rondo. Also the match up between Artest and Pierce is not even at all, Pierce is one of the best Celtics of all time, and although Artest can defend he is hardly an even match to Pierce.

    • SammyBoi says:

      Yeah Nd Den Yhu Woke Uhp…Fisher Is Going To Eat Rondo Alive. Rondo Is Going To Choke Under Pressure Nd Well Fisher Will Laugh At Rondo. Pierce Will Also Get Banged By Ron Ron. For The First Time In Pierce’s Career He Will Cry Foreal Because Of That Lock On Defense Artest Will Put On Him…Lakers in 6 games And The Team Of Actresses(Celtics) Will Cry Like Babies!

      • unknown32 says:

        Ur a joker SammiBoi…everyone here is obviously not sure who the winner will be because of all the mismatches and the scenarios that could happen n ur there saying Rondo will choke and be beaten by Fisher…like get real Fisher is a clutch player but such a bad defender at his age he’s slower now so to contain a guy like Rondo is nealry impossible look at wat JWILL did to him and Westbrooke even if they both lost they still showed up Fisher, who got help from his team but the Lakers were allowing 120 ppg to opponents,so they dnt have stellar D except for Kobe and maybe Artest but Boston relies on its D they shut u down and go on to score they dnt need high scoring games to beat teams…once again it will be a Offence against Defence matchup,and if u think Ron-Ron will bully Pierce you got to be crazy..PP is has lethal as they can get maybe not has much as Kobe but he can definitly get it going n if Lakers switch and put Kobe on Rondo it will tire Kobe to a point and allow Ray Allen to show y he has the best shot in the NBA i doubt Fisher can keep up with him….

      • batman2000 says:

        @ Smmyboi….. you must be joking, right? Can you tell me how fisher can EAT rondo? Luckily Phil Jackson is not as dumb as you or your lakers will be in trouble. Fisher can not guard rondo one on one, ok? but I think they will put Kobe on Rondo or their would be a lot of help defense from other lakers.

        I hope Celtics Win but I think Lakers has an upperhand on this one.

  188. alonsohenry says:

    Nate should get more time in the finals because no way Fisher can keep up with him. The Lakers are definately the favorite to win but with such great performances from the Celtics it seems almost even now. Almost every one will have to wait for the first game to come to a conclusion. It was thought earlier that Wade and the Heats would upset the number four seed, but as you now know they barely escaped a sweep. The Cavs series was dominated by Rando from the first tip also Ray Allen and K.G. The Magic was now the unstoppable force that would send this old team packing instead Dwight a.k.a Superman and the Magics found themselves in a deep 0-3 hole. Too deep a hole to come back from in the NBA. The Lakers had no real challenge except a little scare from Thunder and Suns, their real test is waiting in Green and we all are anxiously waiting for the battle of the best to begin.

    So as King James ponders where he wants to go Kobe Bryant and Paul Perice is making a return to the biggest stage, may the best team win.

  189. Sean says:

    Rondo vs. Fisher is certainly, categorically NOT even. Derek Fisher is a savvy, experienced veteran point guard. Rondo is a freak.

  190. julio says:

    snap out of it !! hahahahaha


  191. rage888 says:

    Starters Match-up-wise:

    Point Guard : Fisher vs Rondo EVEN
    Shooting Guard : Bryant vs Allen ADVANTAGE : Lakers
    Small Forward : Artest vs Pierce EVEN
    Power Forward : Gasol vs Garnett EVEN
    Center : Bynum vs Perkins EVEN

    Second Stringers : ADVANTAGE : Celtics

    Underdog : Boston CELTICS
    Heart : Boston Celtics
    Total Team Skills : Boston Celtics
    Aggressiveness : Boston Celtics
    Basketball EQ & IQ : Boston Celtics

    WINNER : Still CELTICS @ 5 – better than 2008 🙂

    • Celts says:

      Dude… rondo is so much better than fisher… hes going to light him up… they’re not even

      • The truth says:

        Rondo and fisher is no comparison. This is the biggest disadvantage for LA.. Enjoy the Rondo show!

      • Ronald says:

        Rondo will eat Fisher alive. Rondo is the future point guard in the NBA. Start counting his career triple-double guys…

      • borriz says:

        I think rondo and fisher are equal because this is the finals, you can count on fisher on crunch time. He is underrated clutch shooter.

    • Josh says:

      That is foolish at best.

    • lakerboi24 says:

      @rage 888- r u retarted?? gasol is the best big man in the league now. hes better than kg so advantage lakers..bynum will also destroy perkins in the paint. the lakers have a WAYYYYYYYYY better bench than the celtics. whos stoppin odom?or shannon brown who can dunk on anyone??or the machine sasha vujacic??or jordan farmer who can shoot those threes??who? not nate or big huge baby,or rasheed, or whoever else is on that bench. oh yea kobe is unstoppable nowadays and fisher doin pretty good jobs on point guards younger than him. the agressiveness is also matched up now…so winner-.a in 5 or 6…oh yea we have home court now..

      • Me says:

        Hahahaha! I could care less who wins. But I hate seeing “fans” who are not realistic (you know too caught up in wanting their team to win)….its so annoying! Its just that I actually watch the NBA…..and well, 1st off: Bynum isnt healthy(advanatge Perkins!), Odom=the bench and he is too inconsistant to win against an obvious contender, Shannon Brown can dunk……, I admitt Sasha was a beats….but Sasha stills plays for the Lakers??? ….Lakers fans dont even like Jordan Farmer sir. Kobe isnt unstoppable nowadays…hes been unstoppable for a LONG time…haha! The only thing sure on the Lakers team is Kobe, and obviously Gasol…or Kobe wouldnt win. But its not like Gasol has a HUGE advantage on even a old Garnett. (Or else they wouldve won in ’08) They are faceing a different Celtics this year….one led by a youngster, and with a bench led by youngsters. Speaking of that….whos guarding Rondo? Definitely not Fisher after what Westbrook did to him.

      • The truth says:

        Were you dropped on your head as a child? This Celtic team is better than LA. Especially the bench!

      • celticsftw says:

        dude… idk what the hell you are talking about at all…. lamar odom has produced a productive night once the whole playoffs… and the laker’s bench? they have been basically a non-factor the whole playoffs… sasha has done nothing for the lakers if you’ve seen the games… brown has been a non-factor the whole season basically… and farmer hits the occasional 3… when it comes to bynum vs perkins… perkins is the best defensive center in this league.. he’s stopped basically everyone single center from scoring… just look @ orlando and howard… howard had one good productive night and that was when perkins was ejected… and gasol is a fantastic PF but he doesn’t have the defensive presence that KG has.. kobe will be kobe.. i’m sure the celtics are going to be able to slow him down like they did in 08 and FINALLY… the thing i laughed MOST about your comment was the factor that you think fisher could actually keep up with rondo… rondo is averaging basically a double double and was even able to get a triple double in the playoffs… fisher guarding rondo is a complete joke.

      • clownshoe281 says:

        Lakerboi you are retarded. KG and Gasol are even, kg destoryed gasol in the finals, and pau is better now, so it’s even and rage888 shouldnt watch basketball because RONDO WILL EAT FISHER ALIVE. also Shannon brown doesnt dunk on anyone, all he is a high flyer, thats worthless, Jordan farmer sucks, and Lamar odom has com and gone in these playoffs, the celtics bench CLEARLY has the advantage, when you talk about glen davis, rasheed wallace, tony allen, and now nate robsinson (who is an explosive scorer) solid 8-9 man rotation, you laker fans are too blind. and Rage888 shouldnt watch basketball.

      • Adam says:

        You must be crazy lakerboi24. Gasol is not the best big man in the league, he may have one of the best scoring touches for a big man, but he isn’t the best. Bynum is the most overrated big man in the league, and Perkins is probably the best post defender in the game. Kobe has an advanteage on Ray Allen but he Allen is still a really good defender. And Fisher is such a liability on defense, he has been destroyed by every point guard in the postseason. Boston has already beaten 2 teams that had home court advantage so I don’t think they will mind that too much. Boston has this in 6 again

      • me says:

        hahaha!!! maybe your the retard! Gasol over Garnett? The EVEN comparison is even too modest. Both are good in offense if called upon, but Garnett can move fassssttter. Garnett is not a ballhog, and will accept the role he is given. While Gasol will demand more touches. Defense??? No question whos better!

        Paul Peirce vs Artest??? are you kidding me? The only way Artest can match up with Pierce is in a brawl (if there’s no fan to punch around.

      • joshyb says:

        ummm vujacic has averaged 4.9 points a game kg can definetly contend with odom and the celtics are a team defensive team irt a gamne of 5on 5. and kendrick perkins is one of the best lowpost defenders in the league. he is second in blocks in the playoffs so far so i doubt and injured bynum is going to pose a problem to the celtics. and the celtics have more men that can creat their own shot than the lakers so any player can carry the load at any given tiime. kobe andgasol are the only players who can score at will. oh yeah and farmar isnt goin to be hard to stop he shoood be worried about gaurding rondo who leads the post season in assist and is arguably the mvp of the playoffs. the only other person that contends with him is kobe

      • Lebron+CB4=2010 says:

        umm gasol the best big man in the league?

        are you forgetting dwight howard chris bosh amare stoudamire nowitski tim duncan?

        im a cleveland fan and what celtics did to lebron was real impressive so i hope celtics but too close to call

    • C'sFan says:

      Point guard : Fisher vs Rondo EVEN!!?!?!? are u kidding me? Rondo is gonna own Fisher in this series. only thing i worry more about Fisher is crunch time. but he can’t create his own shot. Rondo on the other hand can create his own shot and also for the rest of the team.

      just so you know…..this match up isn’t even close

      • Bobby says:

        pfffffft. derek fisher and rajon rondo!?!?! Derek Fisher is going to own him!!! JK JK JK!rondo is going to destroy fisher on the defensive and offensive end, no way you can call it even. All fisher can do is shoot threes, if hes open, and with rondos defense he wont get a lot of open shots. The way the celtics are gonna win this series is through rondo.

    • OGIE says:

      Hmmm… very analytical, very structured and makes a lot of sense, but seems very biased as well, because obviously your ae aceltic fan. Well, I am a die hard laker fan. No amount of analysis will make me change my mind that the lakers will win it. But as they say, the ball is round in this laker-celtic match up anything can happen. All this analysis will only result into paralysis… hehe! Chill m’ friend! Let them play!!! GO LAKERS!!! Win or lose you guys are the greatest!!!

    • Pete 11 says:

      Fisher and Rondo even?!!!!? come on man give rondo credit!!! HE’s a beast

      • Hello says:

        come on! i love rondo, and his very good! better than fisher, but YOU HAVE TO GIVE FISHER CREDITS TOO! just ask yourself what has he done in the suns lakers series, if not for him and kobe they would have lost it! he is one important piece to lakers! just how many of guys aged 35 is willing to sacrifise their body this much? come his a great player still 🙂

    • Brian says:

      SG – LAKERS
      SF – CELTICS
      PF – LAKERS
      C – LAKERS



      • unknown32 says:

        wow…you put at PF and C Lakers…no way!i mean both Gasol and Garnett are offesively even now at there age but i still believe garnett is better cause he has more movement to him on offensive while Gasol can basically post or hit the 15 footers..thats easy to guard in the celts Defense…and BYNUM OR PERKINS….Bynum is injured ok you have to get that in your head a OVERRATED C that doesnt have consistency when it comes to health isnt a worthy to me.They talk about his potentiel and all but he’s not to par at the moment,he clearly reminds me of Oden and i believe both of those guys were too ahead of there time and now there bodies are punishing them.So really Celts have the advantage 4-5 THE ONLY WORRY I HAVE is Kobe with Allen but after seeing what the Alllen’s did to Lebron shows that they can play defence….

    • joules3a says:

      Fisher vs Rondo EVEN??? It is clear that Fisher will just be huffing and puffing trying to catch Rondo. Rajon Rondo has a clear and big advantage on this matchup.
      Bynum vs Perkins EVEN??? Bynum should’ve gone on vacation now. He’s moving in slow motion. He’s just hurting the Lakers. Perkins will overpower him.

    • Andy says:

      i love Fisher so much, but Rondo’s better than him.

      Rondo’s Boston’s best man.

    • James Hoang says:

      Kobe shooting best : Lakers 1-0
      Celtics defense; Celtics 1-1
      Phil Jackson + Triangle offense: Lakers 2-1
      Celtics bench: Celtics 2-2
      Lakers big men: Lakers 3-2
      Celtics big 4: Celtics 3-3
      Kobe’s clutch: Lakers 2010 NBA Champion

    • Godfather says:

      You guys are looking at these match ups the wrong way. One should not look at it one on one for every position but both guard positions together (starters and bench) as a whole. Although Rondo is better than Fisher, Kobe is way better than Allen. Looking at it this way, Laker guards (with Farmar and Brown coming off the bench) are better than the Celtics guards. Kobe may take on the defensive responsibilities against Rondo in this series and that would make Rondo not as big a factor as some may think. Farmar can handle and outplay Robinson. The big men together (Centers and Power Forwads (with Odom coming off the bench for the Lakers and Rasheed and Davis for Boston) is a little tough to call. I would give the Lakers a slight advantage there too provided that Bynum will be able to perform at at least 85% Boston’s bigs are more physical but Lakers are more talented there. Skills versus Power – tough call. At small forward Ron Artest defensive skills will be greatly challenged by Pierce. Although I will give Pierce the advantage there, lets not forget what Artest did against Kevin Durant whose shooting percentage dropped from 52% in the regular season to slightly over 30% in the playoffs. That is going to be a very interesting matchup. Although I am a Laker fan, I say this series will be a classic. Very hard to predict what will happen. If it goes to 7 games, Lakers will take it. Boston will have to win one of the first two to have a chance because they will not win all three at home.

      • Bballfan says:

        the only very logical and analytical post on this site

      • Terrelya says:

        This is the best post of all. I’m also a die-hard Lakers fan but Boston fans are not giving Lakers any credit at all. You guys obviously don’t watch the Lakers play. I say Lakers in 7.

        We don’t expect Fisher to STOP Rondo (which by the way is the ONLY matchup you guys seem to bring up). But he brings mental toughness and believe it or not is considered one of the top clutch performers in playoffs/finals history. We really don’t care for Fisher to score 20 a game, it’s not his role. It IS Rondo’s role to score for the team to be effective. And of all the playoff performances, you guys are STILL saying that Kobe can’t play?? Smh……I’m not even gonna get into that debate. I know what Kobe can still play. You guys are still saying that Gasol is soft. Now I will be one to admit in 2008 even I called him a softy. But he is no longer soft. By the way, how many games have Boston won against the Lakers since 2008?? We’ll see if Ron Artest can guard Pierce. And the bench is actually coming through as the playoffs go on. I mean you know what, you guys can underrate the Lakers all you want. At least most of us think it’ll be an exciting and tough series but you guys don’t want to give the Lakers the same amount of respect then that’s fine.

        Lakers in 7!!!

      • lakers fan in ri says:

        dude, amazing post…im a lakers fan to the fullest, would love nothing more than for the lakers to get revenge for ’08…but my 100% honest opinion is that its gonna go seven games, and as much as it hurts to say, i cannot pick a winner…i can see it going either way in so many different scenarios….tha being said, LETS GO LAKERS!!!!

    • fred says:

      u must be stupid to think rondo and fisher are even…even on a bad day rondo is better than fish…
      and as much as i love the celtics…i think D wins championships and I do think they hav what it takes…but this series will definately be at least 6 games for any team to win the championship…
      i do believe boston will take it…boston in 7…or at least 6…

    • D says:

      Fisher doesn’t even come close to matching up with Rondo, but I like your style. Rondo was second in defense player of the year voting so Fisher–especially in a triangle offense that doesn’t need a true point guard–won’t be able to do his thing. And Fisher’s legs guarding Rondo? Really? It’s not even close.
      Advantage: Celtics

      Like I said though, I like your style and agree with everything else.

    • BC says:

      Let’s revise these matchups:

      Starters Match-up-wise:

      Point Guard : Fisher vs Rondo ADVANTAGE: Celtics
      Shooting Guard : Bryant vs Allen ADVANTAGE : Lakers
      Small Forward : Artest vs Pierce ADVANTAGE: Celtics
      Power Forward : Gasol vs Garnett EVEN
      Center : Bynum vs Perkins EVEN

      Second Stringers : ADVANTAGE : Celtics

      Underdog : Boston Celtics
      Heart : Boston Celtics
      Total Team Skills : Boston Celtics
      Aggressiveness : Boston Celtics
      Basketball EQ & IQ : Boston Celtics
      History/Past : Boston Celtics

      WINNER : Still CELTICS @ 5 – better than 2008