Remember Last Time


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — As we all know, the Celtics-Lakers rivalry goes back decades.

Their 12th NBA Finals matchup, which begins Thursday in Los Angeles, will no doubt add to the legacy of one of the most storied rivalries in all of sports.

But it’s No. 11 that is on my mind today.

My main man and FOHT Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports gives us a vivid reminder of the nasty way the 2008 Finals ended for the Lakers and the stains from that series the Lakers will carry into this year’s showdown.

Did you know about the Lakers’ humbling trip to the airport after being blown out in Game 6 of the 2008 Finals? I didn’t until I read this:

The Los Angeles’ title hopes had disappeared with one last embarrassing loss in the NBA Finals, leaving those on board the team’s bus to sit in stunned silence. As the bus started to leave the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston on that night two years ago, chaos quickly broke out around the Lakers. Boston Celtics fans had filled the streets to celebrate the franchise’s 17th championship, not far from a statue of longtime patriarch Red Auerbach smoking a victory cigar.

With traffic snarled and no police escort to take them to their hotel, the Lakers could do nothing but sit and stew. Before long, someone recognized Phil Jackson sitting in the front seat, and then the rocks began to fly. Revelers pelted the bus and shook it, mocking the Lakers at their lowest moment.

“It was painful,” Lakers forward Pau Gasol said. “It is a feeling that I want to keep in my mind for every single minute that I’m out there playing them.”



This series won’t need any artificial drama enhancers added.

This is the Celtics-Lakers we’re talking about. The league’s two flagship franchises squaring off for the title for the second time in three years is a ready-made storyline in itself.

When it’s done, either the Celtics or Lakers will have won a title for the 33rd time in 64 title championship series.

Kobe Bryant and his crew know what’s at stake. You know Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and the boys know what’s on the line.

It’s bigger than just this one series, this one title. It’s bigger than championship coaches like Jackson and Celtics boss Doc Rivers and All-Star players like Rajon Rondo and championship ring collectors like Derek Fisher.

It’s about etching your name and your team in the history books of not only these two franchises but the annals of the basketball.

There are already plenty of Hall of Famers that have put their signatures on the books in this rivalry.

We’ve gone from Russell and Cousy and West and Baylor to Jabbar and Magic and Bird and McHale.

Here we go again.



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  2. George K. says:

    Ok now seriously, lets take a step by step look at everything.

    1. Matchups
    PG RONDO VS FISHER: When celtics attack rondo just dribbles inside and lays up.When orlando closed the paint he played extremely poorly cause he cant shoot. When lakers attack fisher is a killer shooter, let go of him for a moment and hill nail the 3. ADVANTAGE: Lakers, if they play rondo the right way but phil jackson knows what hes doing.

    SG ALLEN VS BRYANT: Allen a very good player which i have a lot of respect for. Kobe , what can i say he deserves to be known as the 2nd best of all time. With him amazing is nothing, i could write pages with his feasts. Also he is much better physically so running off screens is gonna be a problem for allen only. Plus Kobe is the most mentally tough human being ive ever imagined of. Hes gonna torch the celtics for revenge. ADVANTAGE:Lakers

    SF PIERCE VS ARTEST: Pierce is a great player.He came back to play basketball after being shot and for that i have a lot of respect for him. He has very good all-round versitality but hes a mediocre defender. Artest is a defence specialist and the toughest guy in the league.He can get a 14 man ejection between him and the opposing team.His only issue is his shooting. When he gets it going the lakers blowout everything. When he doesnt……… i hide. Both players are in great form. ADVANTAGE: Celtics

    PF GARNETT VS GASOL: Garnett is old and injured and has a bit of a crybaby mentality but he is extremely intense and great offense. Gasol has become a man and improved all round.Plus he is 100percent ready(where the f..k is the percent symbol on my f..king keybord.Laptops suck.) ADVANTAGE:Lakers

    C PERKINS VS BYNUM: Perkins is a post defender but he doesnt score offensively at all. Bynum is hurt but that chicago bullshiz. Kobe plays through the whole season with injured arms and is G.O.A.T. and jordan played flu games.
    Also celtics suit bynum cause they dont double team in the post. ADVANTAGE:Lakers

    6th MAN WALLACE VS ODOM: Wallace provides energy at defence , is experienced, but all he does is shoot 3s in offence. Odom is a very decent player , physican ,energetic , skilled and scores a lot.Both are 100percent. ADVANTAGE:Lakers

    Bench: note i dont believe bench is a key factor in basketball but whatever. Both are about even tony allen vs shannon brown , farmar vs robinson , davis vs powell/walton(whoever goes for it) ADVANTAGE: My xbox360 and my HALO 3

    2. Generally

    EXPERIENCE: lakers have been to the finals 6 times this decade and won 3. Celtics won in 08 but this is their second time and didnt do a thing for 22 years. Again this is championship experience im talking about. ADVANTAGE: Lakers

    ENERGY: Lakers are younger so the have a slight advantage. Also they swept utah and thus had to give less games during their run.

    OFFENSE: Lakers triangle, boston getting everyone involved. Also lakers have kobe. ADVANTAGE:Lakers

    DEFENSE: Lakers by far. The GREAT celtics defense against magic was just not double teaming howard. And against cleveland and miami they beat two individuals. They are however playing physically. Lakers proved last year against orlando that they could stop even the best shooting team in the league. Artest , bryant , gasol , bynum great defenders. It is also a fact that they held utah to 2 lessthan100pointsgame and the thunder in 4 playing against TEAMS. ADVANTAGE:Lakers have proven themselves worthy.

    SUPERSTAR:KOBE BRYANT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PAUL PIERCE ADVANTAGE:Kobe is prettier that pierce.I think everyone agrees about that.



    3. Prediction

    First of all i think this is very close.Lakers are favourites as world champions anyway and there is also the reveng factor. But i definitely believe kobe is going to win it. He is the best along with michael when it comes to fighting double teams. Also homecourt advantage and lakers great conditioning.

    LAKERS 2010 WORLD CHAMPIONS and cant wait to watch the series.Hope we throw rocks at their bus after winning in 6!!!!!!!

  3. Tsiko says:

    Pierce should be in LA, not as a Laker. But as an actor holding an Oscar trophy. HAHA
    Boston sucks!

  4. BEASTMODE says:

    Lakers and Celtics! this will be an amazing series! but lakers takin it in 6!

  5. Rasheed Syed says:

    2008 Finals is a wound for me as a Lakers Fan and it didn’t heal yet! Its PAYBACK time!!!
    I remember I missed my Medical Exams to watch Finals of 08 in Pakistan and I have no regrets because I am a die hard Lakers Fan!!!
    Again, Medical Exams are in June/July but I am gonna watch the games here in Pakistan and manage studies!!!

    Celtics are goin’ 2 remember this series forever!!!

    Disrespecting the legendary Coach/ a Finals Team and throwing stones at the bus is still in our hearts and minds!!!

    NBA fans should respect the game!!! We are Americans and the whole world is watching us. We are much better human beings then in other parts of the world. So if not for the game then do it for the Country 😉

    One wins & the other Loses that is part of the game.

    (Celtics cannot win without Rasheed Wallace!!!)

    Lakers are going to win no doubt about it in the end!!!

    For people out there….Lakers are a team; watch how they play then comment. Celtics are going to scratch their heads and wonder if we try to slow down Kobe and the others teammates takeover…if we shut others then Kobe takes over…so you see it is a team and not a one man game….they would have not made it to Finals if it was one man show…Can u dig it?

    Kobe and Fish are Leaders and they play their accordingly and have proved some many times.

    Rasheed Syed

  6. MALMON says:

    beat the celtics!!!

  7. MALMON says:

    the lakers, back to back champion…

  8. mardie says:

    KOBE IS THE BEST PLAYER on COURT… ♥ you man! lakeshow in 6! cmon!

  9. mardie says:

    KOBE I LOVE YOU! lakeshow in 6 ^.~

  10. rather sad. says:

    Lol. no disrespect to no one here man. but i do agree that the finals are rather boring now a days. seeing the same old team over and over again. and i dont think anyone can say lakers are the better team playing phx. artest had a luck of a shot now imagine if he missed maybe suns would have won? and then? 3-2 bring it back to phx and phx might be in the finals now. Im just saying some people are very narrow minded and all they want to see are the same old teams over. and over. and over again. i say lakers will win this finals and it would be hilarious if LA ended up sweeping the celtics. some finals. Oh and kobe should have got mvp. bloody hell if he ends his career with one mvp trophy then that just isnt right.

  11. Dont worry about it :) says:

    Listen guys I’m a huge LAKER fan, but I got to say, I’m not sure if theyre going to win the series/championship.

    Only because the lakers are inconsistent, while the celtics are consistent.

    The Celtics defense is incredible, and thats why they shattered the Cavaliers. The Lakers lost to the Cavaliers BOTH times in the regular season, and were literally embarassed on Christmas Day.

    Who knows, Yes I want the Lakers to win, but I’m not sure about that.

    What do you guys think?

  12. vijay says:

    I’m not saying that Gasol will school Garnett in the strictest sense of the word, however when Gasol is on his game and has it going he is at the top of the class as far as power forwards are concerned. Gasol ought to dominate or at least outplay Garnett in terms of if Garnett gets 20, Gasol should have 26. Overall I see no reason why Gasol shouldn’t avg 26pts,11bds,6ast in this series. Odom should also avg double digit rebounds. The X-factor to me though is Bynum, if he can be the least bit effective, Lakers will win in 6, otherwise it will go the distance. I believe in any case, LA in 6.

    Rondo has improved overall, but I’m sure the Lakers will look to see if he can get 26pts on jumpers. I mean if the guy is continually in the paint and at the front of the rim, clearly he will shoot well. But when the Magic actually kept him out of the paint and he shot jumpers, he shot poorly. One game in particular he shot 5-17 or something like that. Pierce will be Pierce but he will not be bullying my Small forward this toss thats for sure. Fisher vs Rondo is an advantage to Rondo clearly, but Kobe will get that matchup, along with Farmar and Vujacic and Brown, it will be defense by committee. I mean the guy is quick. Bynum’s height will make up the difference for the injury. Gasol will be an advantage, if he no longer wishes to be known as Pau Gasoft. Odom needs to bring the energy always, he is huge coming off the bench for us, Farmar and Brown as well. I’m sure Nate Robinson won’t see that much playing time and if he does, he is very gaurdable. Finley is old, Wallace loses it. Big Baby is solid but not particularly quick or tall. Tony Allen is very solid coming off the bench for the Cs. Overall I have great respect for the Cs but I’m certain the Lakers are more than ready this time around.

  13. John K. Noe says:

    Take an objective and not emotional look at the matchups. Overall it favors the Celtics. Series should go six or seven games and Kobe will be great for sure. However teams win championships and the Celtics have the better team so they will win again. This time though the fans cannot trash the bus because it will be won on LA’s home court.

  14. Mujahid says:


  15. QWERTY123 says:

    K.G. = Kill Gasol LMFAO. Garnett will make Gasol his B*tch just like what he did to him in 08

    Rondo/Fisher = Celtics, Rondo will pwn Fisher, sure Fisher has experience but Rondo is way more skilled than him.
    Allen/Bryant = Lakers, Lets see how Bryant will when chasing Allen on screens
    Pierce/Artest= Close one but Celtics. Lets see what Artest’s defense will do to The TRUTH.
    KG/Gasol= Its Even, but i’ll say Gasol has a slight advantage. Garnett has degraded much since his injury but he’s still tougher and plays with more heart than the SOFTIE Gasol.
    Perkins/Bynum= Celtics, Perk will dominate Bynum offensively and defensively. Take note that Bynum is injured and hurting. More advantage for Perk.
    (Sixth Man) Rasheed/Odom= Even, theyre both pretty inconsistent, but both have had great games. We’ll see.
    Bench = Celtics, Big Baby? Nate Robinson? Tony Allen? Sheed? All of those bench players have contributed this playoffs. Boston’s bench has way more depth than LA’s.
    Heart/Determination= Celtics
    Teamwork= Celtics
    River’s/ Jackson= Even, they both are great coaches.
    Aggresiveness= Celtics
    Offense= Even
    Playoff Experience= Even
    Team Play= Celtics
    Player Skill= Lakers
    Underdogs= Celtics
    Clutch Time= Close, but I give Lakers the advantage. gotta hand it to Kobe, the best clutch shooter.
    Homecourt= Doesn’t rly matter, both teams are great on the road.

    This Finals will be a close one but i gotta say..
    Boston in 7. MVP Rajon Rondo.

  16. Mujahid says:

    i hate the Celtics because they are too boastful and their fans have no respect with other teams.. hope that LAKERS WILL SWEEP THE CELTICS so that ALL CELTIC FANS WILL CRY!!!! GO LAKERS!!! BEAT BOSTON!

  17. vijay says:

    I have not forgotten 2008. I’m sure the Lakers haven’t forgotten 2008. I accepted my butt whopping as did the Lakers in game 6. The Celtics rightfully poured it on. I accepted the salt into the wound, the celebrations long before the final whistle. Last year’s title was ok. I saw some articles talking about the Lakers being redeemed and stuff, I didn’t buy it. Can only redeem oneself against the one who took your heart. The one who stompped all over you, beat you while you were down. Who talked big about coming back to Boston will be like going into the jungle. I agreed with Vujacic, I still wear nothing green, had a Celtics shirt, I burned it. I wear absolutely nothing green until this series is over and we take their soul. Not until we pound them into submission, not until we take their hearts the way they took ours. It will be very different this time around. We will fight back, even if it means going fist to cuffs. It will be a brawl. Celtics know that based on sheer talent, offensive ability and execution Lakers are suprior. So to even the stakes they have to muck up the game, play dirty, set dirty screens, for eg, Garnett throwing two foreams to Superman right in front the official, I must say I appreciated even through the pain, Garnett finally breaking through but after seeing that play, I hope he gets no more. That play was silly, stupid, arrogant, ignorant, idiotic and for my money he should’ve been suspended. I’ve noticed that Garnett is the advocate for dirty basketball lately. Once the refs are on point though, him and Perkins will be nullified in this series, for without being dirty, they wll be dominated. They are lucky that Bynum is carrying an injury, he will dislodged by Perkins more than usual but I still need the height on the court. Lakers in 6. Celtics will prove a forminable foe.

  18. Saido says:

    Defense wins Championships ladies and gentlemen. If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times. No more 30 pt games for Kobe…maybe 1 if he tries extra hard haha.
    Look for D-fish to get his legs broke by Rondo…over and over. Look for Pau to wine abt KG’s defense….over and over again. Look for Bynum to sit down 2 min into the 1st quarter. No way he can drag that knee around after Perk for longer than that…no matter wat he says. And look for Artest to use every trick in the book to deny Pierce’s turn around jumper…to no avail. And look for Ray to drop Kobe on screens, although Kobe might win that matchup…that I can admit. But since Kobe will eventually have to guard Rondo…look for Ray to go off on D-Fish….poor D-Fish. No denying Kobe is great, but the Celtics proved that teams anchored by a superstar are no match for a TEAM…thats looking at you D-Wade, Lebron, and Dwight. Not looking for a sweep, we want them to suffer a little longer.
    Celtics in 6, come back and look at this post as prophetic after it all goes down.

  19. Jeff says:

    I’m a Celtics fan and have been one since the days of Bob Cousy. As far as I am concerned there is no better matchup than the Lakers and Celtics. These guys will be amped up more than ever. Whowever wins (and I think it will go to 7 games), I just hope for another classic over-the-top competitive series. You only get to watch a handful of these kinds of events in your lifetime. How fortunate we are to have another one this year. Go Celts.

  20. mismo says:


    but check this:



    • vijay says:

      Mismo, you’re an idiot and clearly not a Laker’s fan. I think you mean to say you are a basketball fan. Fisher vs Rondo, yes that goes in favor of the Celtics. If you have watched the games though, you will see that Fisher hardly ever guards Rondo, in any event he can for the mere fact that all the Lakers need to do is wall of the paint and make him shoot jumpers. Pierce smarter than cry baby Artest. Seriously clown. Cry baby Artest, WOW! Artest is the toughest guy in the league next to Shaq. Ron plays old fashion physical basketball. I’m not saying Pierce won’t score, I mean he scored on lebron who played him extremely well defensively. Artest vs Pierce is a favourable matchup for the Lakers defensively and particulalry so for the Lakers if Artest can score the ball the way he did against phoenix, in terms of knocking down open shots when they are there. Gasol will more than hold his own. And dummy, Bynum is more polished than Howard around the basket which isn’t saying much considering Howard really hasn’t added much if anything to his low post game. Bynum had some hook shots, drop steps and a 12-15 ft jumper, so shutting of the paint won’t phase him the way it did Howard. Once Bynum feels the weight he will simply reverse pivot, spin off, what have you and take what’s available. The Celtics are tough, I will give them that but some of the advantages they had against those teams out east aren’t there against the Lakers.

      First of all againt the Cavs, Shaq does not play defense when it comes to pick and roll, and the Celtics exploited that going and coming. Along with the fact, contrary to Barkley’s beliefs, the Celtics had a clear advantage over Jamison in the post. I agreed with some fans who acknoledged that Shaq should’ve been relagated to the bench and J.J Hickson should’ve gotten the start, along with Verajao. Mo WIlliams also needed to be held accountable for his second disappearing act in consecutive playoffs.

      Against the Magic, the Celtics played them perfectly, more or less the same way the Lakers would’ve. Leave Howard on the box single coverage and see if his game has evolved, it didn’t and therefore the perimeter guys struggled mightily in the series.

      Both my big men can score on the box and they all defend the pick and roll, albeit Gasol better than Bynum. Gasol also plays much better help defense than Bynum. If his help game ever gets close to or on par with Gasol’s it’s a rap for the league.

      • mismo says:



  21. mismo says:

    gasol on an older and less athletic garnett???

    are you out of your mind.? GASOL is toooooooooooooo soft for garnet.

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  23. jWoods says:

    Wow…the lakers are like the cavs? Thats a terrible thing to say! The lakers will win this series, bc things are dramatically different in a positive way for the lakers in this series. When they got punked in 08, it made them a stronger team. Secondly, who was the finals MVP that year? pierce, whose gonna be guarding him? artest. which is 100x better than walton or radmonivich. It also is better then kobe having to get tired guarding him. Although Bynum isnt as good as he will be, he really helps the lakers on Dfense and balances our bench back out by allowing lamar to come off the bench. I like the matchups…kb on rondo, fish on allen, artest on pierce, gasol on an older and less athletic garnett. and I will actually take bynum in a toss up matchup with perkins bc bynum’s offense is superb compared to perkins

    • jWoods says:

      The cavs only have a non shooting lebron “queen” james. And the lakers actually have a good and experienced “team”

  24. mismo says:


  25. DStone'd says:

    I call the Celts in 7
    DEFENSE wins hands down

  26. joules3a says:

    The Lakers have better individual players. The Celtics are better as a team.
    The Cavs are very much like the Lakers except that they have a dumb coach who doesn’t know the strengths and weaknesses of his players and how to blend them as a team (plus having a point guard who can’t orchestrate plays nor defend). The Celts humiliated the Cavs because they play as one cohesive unit doing their job on both ends of the floor.
    Barring any major injuries or technical circumstance, the Celtics will win this series. Kobe is one helluva offensive player but one man can’t be a team for 48 minutes. Plus, Mr. Bryant is no LeBron on defense.

  27. Elvisthejack says:

    Lakers will get Rondo’ed…haha! It’ll be Kobe who after this series. A new superstar will be revealed infront of the WORLD!

  28. clarice says:

    its payback time

  29. mismo says:


  30. playoffs = not over says:

    are u kidding me? this is a historic rivalry!!

  31. erick says:

    lakers will definitely win it in 7. because the best player of the game cant be stopped. and that is kobe

  32. 17th Lancers says:

    Lakers will get their revenge! They will not forget what happened in 2008. Kobe cannot be stopped.Will be a great series. Lakers will win it all in 6 !!! Take that to the Bank !

  33. tong says:


  34. mismo says:


  35. KGforLife says:

    individuals win games…
    Team wins championships!!! Boston in 5!!!

  36. Aaron says:

    I’m a Lakers fan, and I can’t even call who will win this series. It will be so competitive.

  37. troy says:

    kobe is good i give him his props as a black ball player but im born and raised on the east coast so i got to go for my boston celtics because pierce and garnett are no joke with the strong team they got behind them the whole boston team can ball

  38. Ed says:

    Basketball is team play. In a TEAM, there is no letter I (Kobe), so Boston will win. Sorry Lakers.

  39. Mr. B says:


  40. Heat_fan943 says:

    WHAT IS THIS THAT I AM HEARING????? LA CHAMPS??? NAAAAA 🙂 CELTICS WILL WIN IT 😀 THE LAKERS WERE VARY LUCKY GARNETT WAS NOT PLAYING 😀 BUT THIS YEAR… HAHAHA ITS OVER BABY 😀 i mean lets face it celtics play much better defence then the lakers… all of you lakers fans are saying that the lakers will win only because you lake the lakers 😀 but you are not looking at the facts 😀 boston has better D !!!! 😀

  41. bogac says:

    Celtics in 7

  42. kim says:

    hey it dont matter who win i think they are 2 great team an why experts pick the boston because they play better denfense an who they won against in the east but dont sleep on the lakers cause if the lakers are playing focus they are hard to beat.

  43. mismo says:

    EDMUND GRAY . i agree coz. LAKERS are nothing. CELTICS in 5

    • Jason says:

      Nothing? How in the hell can you say that the lakers are nothing when they have the black mamba and the zen master? C’mon dude. Lakers in 6

  44. Chaserlighto says:

    Go Lakers ..^_^
    finally I’ve been waiting for this rematch

  45. EDMUND GRAY says:

    I heard people like to scream beat LA, because people hate the fact the lakers are always successful, FYI to the stupid the BOSTON CELTICS have more overall titles than the lakers so you can’t use that excuse. its just hate, the celtics are a classless bunch screaming we want LA, a bunch of millionaires who cant even get haircuts and fake injuries for sympathy get the heck out of here

  46. Haimer says:

    im a die hard fan of phx….they had a great chemistry…i really thought that this would be their year, who would have known that they would come so far after a bad season with shaq…it would have been a great story for the underdogs to win and upsets people….but im also a fan of the basketball, the celtics-lakers series is a great rivarly, as the celtics claim what was once theirs and the lakers wanting sweet revenge after the 2008 humiliation…as a nba fan, i can say it would be a great series, aka, pierce is slow….sorry for those who think he can slash thru the defense….rondo i can say will be leading the celtics, not anymore the big 3…but the ONE! ( the one means rondo), pierce is indeed a scorer but not as good as ray allen, he will be a pain for the lakers…

    lakers guard kobe bryant will be one tough beast to handle…cant wait to see how the celts will defend him and how he can prove his unstopableness like his performance against in phx game6….what a guy! artest will be a dagger for this team. if he plays better and defends way better, who in the hell can stop them…

  47. Kobe3Peat says:

    Time for revenge this year,. . .next year is for King James…
    3 peat for the Lakers!!!
    Revenge then Supremacy for the Black Mamba!

  48. maxx says:

    its payback time.. celtics just won the series because ders no ariza and bynum.. now what d lakers are now complete to kick the dumbass celtics

  49. Jay-ar says:

    I think Lakers will win this time. The Celtics is good but Kobe is on fire. Lakers developed good chemistry to get in the Finals. It will be a tough series but Lakers will win the championship.

  50. ShadowMamba says:

    LA will beat Boston no matter what!!! KOBE BRYANT will lead his team to another championship because the black mamba never forgets when he is paid an insult and he will get his revenge on thursday tip-off!!!
    KOBE BRYANT FTW!!!~~~LA FTW!!!~~~

  51. Lakers! says:

    for me.. i tnk rondo will not have a great impact againts the lakers! as u remember 1st round of the playofs they face the OKC.. they have russel westbrook and kevin durant.. westbrook have speed and energy.. d 2nd round they face deron wiliams.. and last but not the least they face Stve nash and amare studemire.. as we all know they have a devastating pick n roll.. and for the shooting guard.. they have channing frye,dragic,dudley,and richardson we all know they are a good shooter.. for me the lakers will win this series in 6.. crunchtime baby! 🙂 we have d BLACK MAMBA! dont u ever forget that! :)))

  52. Fred says:

    im having a good laugh @ lakers fans comments…. in the end of the series we all know where the trophy will be… Boston… like always… lakers beating the celtics is like those comets that passes by each 1000 years lol….

    And it will be all the same excuses again, the same cry… in ’08 was “the celtics played dirty”, “we didnt have bynum” bla bla bla…. i still laugh when I remeber Ray Ray schooling Sasha game 4 in LA… what a clown

    enjoy the finals and keep believing you can beat us this year… but iWE ALL KNOW WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN.

    dont say I didnt warn you guys….

  53. celts 18th says:

    the lakers are over rated and were lucky to get to the finals. still boston dosent get the respect after knocking out orlando and the second most over rated team the cavs. the celtics will get their respect and the lakers should start thinking about how to try to score against zone defense. I also hate lakers fans talk about bynum missing in 08, bynum is trash and i dont want to hear about his injuries besides rondo wasnt nowhere near what he is today baack in 08 so no more talk about bynum.
    Celtics in 6

  54. Ramon Merc says:

    Grrrr, another meaningless series. I would’ve loved to see the Thunders make it or even the Suns. Maybe Cleveland or the Magics, but for the Lakers and Celtics to make it is bad business. These teams just don’t have the same value of entertainment like they once had. Upsets and up and coming teams make the money, while repetition is quiet boring. It’s like watching the Spurs play each other for the championship. I know this is one man’s opinion; however, I know the majority of NBA fans will agree to this. Who didn’t want to see the Magics pull the biggest comeback in NBA history or root for Nash to make it to his first finals after breaking his eye and nose. Honestly, I hope they end it in four games and get the offseason started already because the hottest topic in the NBA right now isn’t the finals, but of the free agency.

    • Sandile says:

      Fisher will make another shot during crunch time. Kobe to finish the Cetics off. Artest will shut Paul up and for good.

  55. TrueFan says:

    Ok first off to the person who said if the Lakers win this finals and the next one they’d be the first team to 4-peat, learn your history dude: Boston Celtics hold the record for winning 8, yes EIGHT titles back to back starting in 1959, a feat still unmatched in ANY sport, not just basketball.

    As for the “Phil Jackson is the best coach EVER” set: I respect Phil as much as the next guy and he’s definitely one of the top coaches of all time. But to be fair, the man has walked into every team he’s ever had already intact. Of course it takes a great coach to win titles even with great players, but it takes more than winning titles and win/loss records to be considered the best ever. It takes the ability to BUILD a team, to foresee great talent in the draft pool and shrewdly acquire them. Nobody did this better than Celtics legend Red Auerbach. Look into how slick he was when it came to the draft, how he had a knack for stockpiling draft picks and making trades that nobody thought made sense at the time. Like how he acquired Bird for one. Read the history of how he not only coached but BUILT those great Celtics teams.

    If that doesn’t satisfy you and you insist on going strictly by stat lines, fine…when Phil Jackson coaches a team to 8 straight championships then you can call him the best coach ever.

    Oh, and Celtics in 6.

  56. bcd says:

    its gonna be lakers i don’t know in what game but its gonna be it…….
    artest will beat pierce…..maybe..hahah
    and for those teams that don’t make it through the finals…
    and for their fans…..
    you’re teams aren’t that strong to face boston or lakers….

  57. arian says:


  58. dave says:

    The Lakers will win.

    They will not win due to being the better team.

    They will win because the players have a magic horshoe implanted into their asses.

  59. Bruuuce says:

    Celtics the better team… maturity, deeper bench and with Rondo wiser pg Celtics in 5 or 6. PEACE!!!

  60. kidr0ck says:

    we all know that BOSTON has a great line up. their starting five is trully awesome and in addition to that is their bench filled with trusted players. they got tony allen, wallace and davis but its the determination of lakers that will beat them coz theyl redeem theirselves after what happened two years ago.. its gonnna be a PAY BACK TIME or a SWEET REVENGE.. LAKERS in 6

  61. Bryan K P says:

    Lakers in 6.

    • Erwin24 says:

      Lakers must stop Rajon Rondo now, if they can they will win it, if they don’t Celtics Win.

  62. Jesse W says:

    A sore loser (playoff=over) it’s not the Lakers or Celtics fault that they are in the Finals. If your sorry ass team, the Suns, played some defense more consistently maybe they would be in the Finals. If they played their zone more effectively rhan they ran their mouths (a la Stupid – mire and Nash – potatoes) maybe they would be in the Finals for the first time, Not only did the Suns talk negatively about the Lakers, they had fat ass Charles Barkley cheering them on and making predictions like he has ever won a championship. And ol’ Steve Nash saying that the Suns would protect homecourt and take the series to a 7th game was a huge motivator for the Black Mamba. So Much for those Arizona Diamondbacks! And, did I see you Stevie like the no playing D player that he is? Boy, was TNT wring for showing him in the lockerroom wimpering like a little baby. Oh well, I’m off to cheer on those boring Western Conference Champ Lakers. Lakers in 6.

    • Jason says:

      You are so right. I was so tired of hearing Barkley run his mouth about his former team. Biased hater!

  63. ben says:

    boring? r u kidding me? do u really watch nba? i guess no coz u dont appreciate how hard this guys play just get to the finals!!!! go green!!!

  64. justice says:

    Ay , Lakers will win this year cuz of Kobe’s determination. he always has it , but he is very pissed off cuz of that 2008 finals loss . so i am not suprised if kobe throws 30 pts every night , or just 50 pts . so get ready boston !

  65. KOBE IS THE GREATEST!!! says:

    @Playoffs over…. Your a punk, shut up, your comments are retarded…. If you feel this finals wont be the greatest of alltime. Garnett and Pierce want their second ring, Kobe and Fish want 5….Andrew Bynum finally has a good matchup (against a team that does not like to double team) Artest wants to prove he is a shut down defender and stronger than Pierce, Odom hates Garnett and Rasheed, Gasol wants redemption because the Celtics made him have that “soft” title…Phil Jackson was outcoached and outmatched by Rivers and the Celtics in 08 so he wants redemption….this is the Celtics last chance together as this unit, Lakers have a chance to get 16 championships alltime which would put them 1 behind Celtics (17)….Get real, there is more at steak in this finals then there has been probably in finals HISTORY….IF ANYTHING, THEY ARE NOT HYPING THIS FINALS ENOUGH!! This should go 7, but I think whoever gets that 3-2 series lead will close it out in 6 cause nobody on these teams want to go 7…

  66. Micko says:

    Hope that the lakers will execute their defense well cause we all know how the celtics can shoot from the outside.. especially when mr. allen is around.. they should also find a way to somehow contain rondo, for he is their floor general.. go lakers.. go win that championship # 16!

  67. John Robert Mendoza says:

    man, phoenix sucks when they don’t win. Boston in 4 games.

    • Jason says:

      4?! Really?! Boston in four?! C’mon dude seriously. That is absolutely insane to say this series will be a sweep. Crazy. Lakers in 6

      • JAM says:

        yes!! I agree..cmon…your insulting kobe and the rest of the lakers with that comment…give them the credit that they deserve…boston is a very tough team to beat but i hope lakers will win this finals!!! it will be a very sweet revenge…go kobe!!!! lakers in 7

  68. Lakers2010 says:


  69. Jayson says:

    Celtics will win this series. Very good matchup of very old rival teams and those who will say that this is a boring matchup is completely out of his mind.. Go Celtics, bring the crown home..

  70. I lost my betLOG! says:

    I really doubted the Celtics would advance in the post-season and on the other hand I always knew the Lakers would make it again to the Finals. I trust Celtics will win games in L.A but the trophy would still fall in the hands of L.A. I’m a Celtic fan btw but just trying to be practical coz I know nobody can stop Kobe.

  71. Boom says:

    I agree with playoffs=over, i waited a year, and in the end it’s these 2 teams.. Boring end to the season.

    it wouldve been much better if it was dallas v.s. cleveleand or something. I want to see hungry teams battle it out, instead of those that have already won it.

  72. juvz says:

    For my own point of view, this match up is even. Both teams have great offense and defense. I’m a Celtics fan here and i hope the celts will win the series but i don’t underestimate the Lakers because they are also strong and capable of repeating. For all fans(Lakers and Celts) lets just cheer and enjoy every game of the series. No trashtalking is necessary.

  73. ricardo_ says:

    Remember last time… I told you about the Lakers and Celtics being unbeatable when they’re healthy?

  74. mamba says:

    phils a good coach cuz he helped those guys get better.. thats what makes him phil.. bostons been good all postseason and so have the lakers. this series i think is about the lakers and celtics 2010. differentr teams from 2 years ago. but u know that loss has been on the back of kobes mind. and o how kobe loves vengence….. paul pierce, kevin garnet, ray allen, rajon rondo.. you did it last time.. but not this time. cuz i bet kobe has a little sumthin saved up for u guys.. kobes dropping 40 in game 1. lakers in 5

  75. san Jose says:

    Lakers in 5

  76. Pinoyboy says:

    for me, one of the wrong moves of the Lakers management was the swapping of Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest. Trevor is much better investment for the team becuase he is young, talented and very energetic in both the defensive and offensive end and can still improve throughout his career. Artest known as a hard nosed tough defender is already old and past his prime. If the ron artest move doesnt work theyre stuck with him for 5 years and hes not tradable. I think what they should have done was kepp Ariza and give him the money he wanted and buy Ron Artest cheap with a minimum contract. The management has cap space for that kind of move and Ron-ron would not mind going to the lakers even just for 1 year and play with Kobe, Pau and his childhood friend Lamar for a chance to win a championship. He did so when he came to the Rockets to play with T-mac and Yao Ming but plagued with injuries and didnt turn out well. I also think they shouldve kept Ronny Turiaf. Hes an ever developing player and maybe the best teammate on the bench you could ever had. He adds toughness and much needed energy off the bench and already has a good role on the team. That hurt the frontcourt of the lakers as he was a much better reserve than powell or mbenga. what do you think LA and NBA fans?

    • DK says:

      I guess the swap took place keeping in mind the immediate benefit that Ron brings to the team and it is never about the future. Ariza was a great contributor too but you can’t take away what Ron did in last 2 matches against the suns and early in the series against Thunder.

  77. CoryMO says:

    Mann Celtics only missed the finals last year cause they didnt have KG, but now they got him and look where their at? You dont think the Celtics wanted another rematch of 08 too? They wanna prove their good and get that second ring, while kobe already has 4. I see the Celtics wanting it more because some of the players on the roster havent even been this far and wanna prove something. Its always Lakers blah blah blah.. I think the Celtics will do their thing on offense then use their number 1 defense to shrink kobe down just like they did with D.Wade, L.James, and “Superman”.

    • DK says:

      Rellay u think KG is the difference! I didn’t see so much of play from KG in the series against Magic but throwing elbows at opponent players. I wish he was thrown out of the match immediately. Celtics are wining because of Rondo and the play maker he has become and the good show by celtics bench.

      • mineo says:

        i presume kevin garnett is not 100% healthy up to now, but by having him around it changes the whole completion of the game. that is for me the x factor in every celtics game. Mind set of opposing teams would immediately say they can beat the celtics, but with him around they”ll think twice.

  78. chardie says:

    playoffs=over – ..l.,

  79. David says:

    playoffs=over If I hear this stupid comment about Phil Jackson only being a good coach cos of the players he had I am going to run someone over with my tricycle.

    THere was a coach before Phil Jackson in Chicago. He had Jordan and Pippen too? How come they didn’t win a championship? Orlando had Shaq and Penny Hardaway but couldn’t win. Why as soon as Kobe and Shaq are paired up do they win 3 titles in a row? Jordan said it best when Phil took over the coaching reigns at Chicago when he said that Phil Jackson was the best thing that ever happened to that team.

  80. Chalil says:

    I wish the lakers will win this championship this time ang redeem themselves from 2008 NBA finals. Celtics are demons!

  81. finals=begin says:

    to playoffs=over:
    of course its a boring finals.. if youre not a laker/celtic fan. phx is a good team also but i think only nash showed passion and intensity through out the series. Bynum is not being overhyped, they are just contemplating his impact because the last time the celtics and lakers squared off at the finals bynum missed it. he is also NOT a tree on skates, in fact i think he’s one of the best centers ine the league, not to mention he has a lot to learn and a long way to go. The lakers once “bought” a championship team with malone and payton but they got beat by the pistons. So i dont think that just beacuse a team is rich you can say that about them already. its not fair and you take away the credits that the players deserve. (what boston didnt “buy” their team with KG, allen and wallace?) and phil jackson? well, you can say what you want, but he DID handle talents like jordan and kobe fairly well and tamed rodman and artest. so there. i hope phx makes it to the finals next year, i really want nash to get a ring cause he deserves it. THIS IS NOT A BORING FINALS, IT IS GOING TO BE HISTORIC. cant wait til thursday!
    peace man.

  82. sphinx says:

    times are tight but the Finals format(2-3-2) is set up perfectly as ‘chocolate on strawberries’ for the Boston Celtics, Lakers are sure moving too but they’ve had the easier road to this year’s finals………….thus far. the Celtics have already eliminated 2 high-powered, championship caliber teams……2 elite teams that had a great shot to win it all as well, but better luck next yr for the Cavs & Magic. it’s very obvious that Boston is a unit, a fuselage with the whole team sitting inside it and just riding it……………Celtics’ defense is too natural for themselves to ignore, the C’s ‘D’ is natural & tough in the purest form. if this series comes down to allowing the players to sort it out & decide the games for themselves, then i believe the Celtics will win that battle 10 times out of 10 because of their strong defensive toughness and thanks to Rondo………..their offensive awareness.

    • DK says:

      Wow, you mean lakers had it easy!!! I guess you have to pay due respect to Thunder and Suns when it’s due. Both of them have great future ahead and you can’t write them off just like that.

    • thegreatestkobe24 says:

      @SPHINX what that means just because celtics took out magics and the cavs dont mean they will take out the lakers.Last season magics took out celtics and cavs did that mean they would beat the lakers no it did not.This time around playing the celtics would be very different as for in 2008 we had no andrew bynum and were getting beat up in the post just lacking that big presence andrew bynum brings in that post and we didnt have trevior ariza the defensive stopper now this time around playing the celtics we have andrew bynum back which will be ready this time around and we have a better defensive player in ron artest former defensive player of the year which will lock up paul pierce and we dont have to have luke walton chasing around paul pierce as we had in the 2008 nba finals also adding to that we have a much more physical pau gasol which is much more skilled than he was in 2008.I do predict the lakers to win the finals in 6 if they steal one in boston it could be a 5 game series which LA will win this series.So be ready boston fan teams get better by the year and the lakers and kobe are a much much much more better team than they were in 2008 and resilient.

  83. oscar says:

    i cant wait for the series.. and yet again the lakers are the favorites and the boston celtics are gonna have to fight a up hill battle…. thats what they said in 08. and look how that turned out… Celtics have something that lakers dont have… Most of the Celtics play like they want the championship.. For the Lakers its only Kobe who really wants it… I chose the winner by seeing who wants it more… Celtics in 6

  84. patrick says:

    Hey Sekou, what the heck is an FOHT?

  85. SHORTY says:

    cant hardly wait for this series to start lakers in 6 all the way baby this time is the celtics turn to go down and we will see kg cry like he did when he wont his first nba championship i was a kg fan but once he became a celtic no longer did i like him anymore he is an enemy now go lakerss all the way baby. and for all those laker haters you will see artest be the diference in the game paul pierce is not going to do much lets go lakers lets go lakers. ALL THE WAY BABY

  86. Cole Berner says:

    Lakers all the way!!!

  87. nothingliketheLAKERS says:

    another classic in the making. i just hope that the lakers would win.

  88. lastsecondshot says:

    i totally agree about it being a boring series, even though i go for Celtics, but i wanted the suns to win, they are a good team and have a mighty good bench, anyway i think celtics have a good chance of winning.
    Rajon Rondo has grown and is so much better than he was in 08′ and bench like Nate, Wallace and Tony Allen, ya cant go wrong with a bench like that. I hate lakers, i commend them on a good team but there bench is something to laugh at, this final is going to be very physical and they need a good bench to have a chance of winning, if kobe gets injured look who comes in, if derek fisher gets injured look who comes in, lakers bench are a joke.
    Celtics bench, nate comes in for rondo (nates impressive game 6 against magic), tony allen can come in for pierce or ray, racheed can hit 3’s(when he’s on fire) and can come in for perkins if needed or even for garrnet, even scala n daniels could imput if needed.
    Celtics have a very good team, so do lakers but it’ll all come down to the bench

  89. sniper says:

    It’s kind of surprising how individulas complain about who is at the finals , A lot of folks were writing off the lakers and celtics for suns and the cavs.Wake up and smell the coffee the playoffs and championship isn’t about flair.It’s really about sustainace.Please grow up all you celtics and lakers haters.If you want to support your team or teams encourage and support them even when they are down.WHINERS.PHEW…

  90. Ben says:

    Lakers to the World ! Revenge’s time has arrive ! ! ! Good Luck Lakers ! ! !

  91. lwinetal says:

    number24 loves revenge,ron ron said he wanted a ring,guess what it’s yours big guy,

  92. titla says:

    man.. i just red that if lakers won, bryant could be in top 6 players in nba history..
    i play profesional basketball, and im not a big fan of mr. bryant.. but man!!!
    i have never seen a player, who could dominete his defendor like that.. inclouding MJ

  93. Sandile says:

    Well of course this will be very interesting concidering that i will wake up early since i watch every game in CAT schedule. Fith ring Kobe then maybe one more to quite a lot of critics, should he get one more he would equal the greatest MJ. By the way i’m a die hard Knicks fan but Kobe,Fisher,Gasol,Odom,Artest is the reason i’m cheering for the Lakers in this series.
    PS when the series is finished the FIFA world cup is on right in my back yard guess i’ll b loosing a lot of sleep this time around.
    i vote Kobe to be the MVP-

  94. Kris says:

    I think Boston is gonna win cause Rajon Rondo has a HUGE advantage against the rustly ol’ Derek Fisher and none of the other backup point guards can guard him…Rondo can easily get in the paint and get and AND-1…also KG has played great basketball throughout the postseason….KEndrick Perkins is a GREAT low-post defender and he can beat Bynum in the paint…..Pierce has gotten his rythm back and Ron Artest is a great defender but not good enough to defend Pierce…though the Allen-Bryant matchup would certainly be a fun matchup to watch…the celtics have and KILLER bench w/ Sheed and the very optimistic Nate Robinson also they have trusty ol’ veteran guard Michael Finley…..SO EXPECT THE SAME RESULTS AS WHAT HAPPENED IN 2008….CELTICS IN 7… ITS EITHER RONDO OR PIERCE THATS GONNA GET THE FINALS MVP…

  95. charles says:

    Kerr? did not win a title until with Phil Jackson, Fisher went to Utah and got zip nada until he came back with Phil. Rodman did nothing in san Antonio (albeit he did with Detroit but he wasn’t a huge part) and Kobe got nothing with Rudy. the bottom line is that Phil is the difference,.

  96. chenpho says:

    I agree Lakers in 6

  97. merylle says:

    LOS ANGELES LAKERS CAN BEAT the boston celtics …
    i have faith and i believe in lakers .. go go go
    beat that boston celtics .:D

  98. Steve says:

    Celts in 5…

  99. john says:

    lakers are going to win and bynum is good quit talking like he isnt he gets hurt yah but he its a true center and will be key to the this series and many after this.

  100. mayweather says:

    lakers are gonna get smothered by the boston D

  101. enkhbat says:

    I am waiting this series about 2 years. Now it will happen again so i am so happy of that. We have to take a revenge in 2008 finals. Lakers in 6.

  102. LakersFTW says:

    can wait to see lakers humiliate the celtics

  103. Kobe says:

    Lakers will take the series in 5!!

  104. kenchu says:

    Lakers in 5 o 7… not in 6, not in 4… i would like to see the Spurs in the finals, but here we have two great teams, not only players, look at cavs, just lebron, look at mavs and nuggets, a lot of individual players playing just for their numbers.
    i think that the key in this series will be the defense again… the offense depends of the health of kobe of course, but bynum, gasol and odom have to be made respect…
    Pardon for my orthographic mistakes, i’m from argentina…

  105. JJ says:

    boston in 6. dont be frustrated man, phoenix didnt have the shoulders to carry themselves to a championship title. go boston

  106. charley says:

    To Playoffs=Over: what are you smoking, overrated? the reason why its hyped up or at least rated higher is because IT IS the GREATEST RIVALRY IN SPORTS HISTORY, its not overrated, its just right; the two greatest franchise going for the hardware; and also, no matter who the coach is, HE NEED GREAT PLAYERS TO SUCEED, look at Mike D’antoni, he had nash, that is why he is successful, whereas now, he is not doing so hot b/c he has no good players to run his system; Doc Rivers have KG, Allen, PP; the bottom line is, u need great players to be successful, no matter how GOOD U coach; of course, u have to be great coach urself, to get to this place, and both doc and PJ are good coaches. They are not over-hyping Andrew Bynum, they are just stating the fact– telling him to make a contribution is not over hyping it, comparing him to Shaq or other great center IS over hyping it; bottom line, he is a decent center, if he was 100% healthy, he actually is pretty damn good; too bad he is never healthy.
    i also agree with you 100% that Suns could have win, and maybe should, because Nash, and Hill deserve to go to finals, its sad to see Steve Nash never make it to finals after he tries so hard; the dude is a flat out warrior, but too bad he ran into kobe.. anyway, i think ur a bit harsh the way u said it, its not THAT BORING, and its not overrated;
    GO LAKERS!!!! Lakers in 6

  107. James (Australia) says:

    Wow, 33 titles in 64 seasons, so at least once every two years the Celtics or Lakers win, based on statistics. I really think this could be the last time these two teams meet in the finals with their current personnel. The Lakers may be able to keep contending for a couple more seasons, but this is it for the Celtics roster. It has been an amazing ride to see the Celtics go from fourth to the Finals, and the PHX/LAL series was a real thrill. As a Pistons fan, I don’t know who I will support, but I think it will be a great series.

  108. Nikx says:

    The 2 teams met in the finals 11 times with Boston leading 9-2. So what would you expect?

    The next generation will always surpass the previous one. That’s a fact. But still,


  109. Strawberry says:

    ^ dude… you have absolutely no appreciation for team basketball do you? do you have any appreciation for defense at all? or do you just like seeing flashy dunks? fans like you disgust me

  110. Justabasketballfan says:

    @ Playoffs : Jackson isnt great because of his great players. Players become great because of great coaches. LBJ is the best example of a great player who was a victim of a stationary coach in the person of Coach Brown. And second…money didnt brought both of the Lakers and Celtics at the Finals, they are simply the best of this season. All the other teams had their chances in the season and the playoffs. But I’ll give credit to the Suns…they did one heck of a job but its just not enough.

    • DK says:

      I am not too sure if coaches really win matches but Coaches do play a big role keeping the invidual egos under control and effectively use it to teams advantage. It was quite obvious that Cleaveland lost because of James’s disinterest and self obsessed “me first” personality rather than any thing else and Mike Brown’s hands off approach with the best player didn’t help as well. On the otherside Phil reminded the team about their painful 1st round losses and contributed to Kobe winning the game#6 for lakers on his own. I guess the focus, determination and resolve and made the difference between winning and loosing and it is true in both eastern and western conference playoffs. This is more the reason that the NBA finals would be one heck of series.

  111. El Maestro says:

    Sekou, do you think it’s an advantage or a disadvantage for the Lakers to have more home court games in the Finals considering that the Boston Celtics is a really good road team?

  112. nbamaniac says:

    another one of em criers.. you gotta love em…

  113. Killer KOBE says:

    This series will be hard for the lakers but the celtics are going down in six games no matter how strong they look. I hope that Kobe drops around 35 and 40 on them every night and that the lakers keep going on the right path to a three-peat. If we get someone like Bosh or Stoudemire in the free agency it will be determined that the lakers will be the first group to achieve a 4 championship streak.

  114. Ernesto says:

    ey stop hating ur dumb. If u really like basketball then sit bak an relax an watch it enjoy it. its tru that its the same teams but come on give them a break. they worked hard all season long juss for u to say a boring series. i hate ppl like u man. an it would b nice to see some other teams bt they deservd it. an magic were a good team to make it juss lik a lot of other teams. bt its nt thier time, maybe they shud get good ppl on their team. stop hating!!!!

  115. moe mohamed says:

    As long as the Lakers keep playing the way they are and step it up abit more and of course kobe doing what he does best then there is no way that the celtics team is going to beat them…………………..

  116. Siknasty says:

    His whole lifehas been leading up to this moment and this stage, everything he has prepared for. The tiring training, the combative games, the workouts, the drills, the film studies.

    He was built into a destructive weapon from birth, trained to kill at will, emptied of emotions, his limbic system, where emotions are stored, was erased.

    He was exposed with tactics and manoeuvres of skilled attack by martial artists.

    His eye coordination was perfected to precision.

    His skeletal structure was transformed into metal.

    He does not consider himself human.

    Variations of basketball plays run thru his mind day and night like a chessmaster ponders how he will break his opponents ego.

    In his dreams he plays one on one with himself in intense combat training.

    He practices 3 second buzzer beater drills for days straight.

    His saturday nights consist of watching classic prime Michael Jordan clips and playing them out, his only regret in life was that he could not play against MJ in his prime.

    He runs backwards as fast as he runs forwards, he jumps as high standing as he does running.

    He has practices where he will not miss a shot.

    Something magical happened, a strange breeze passed thru him and he had faint deja-vu when he first picked up a basketball.

    His first shot ever when in!

    #24 Kobe Bryant!

    • Fred says:

      bla bla bla bla… what a load of crap my friend

      Celtics in 6… easy.

      Playera win games… TEAM WINS TITLES

      Celtics = a true team

      Lakers = Kobe + the rest

      • unknown32 says:

        someone is wayyyy toooo in love…wow!!!thought u’d be talking about someone special but its only Kobe dnt get it twisted he’s good but wow..that some next description.

      • Rehan says:

        he is that good my friend, no current player is as good as kobe, he has done it over and over, he has taken shots that literarly impossible to make. he is exactly what he described him as, and MORE. you just cant get enough of that guy. pierce is no where close to his game. james is good, wade is good, but they have alot to prove, its not all about stats, its how u make your stats adjustable to the team so they can win titles, Kobe has done that, james still has to learn

  117. Danny says:

    I didn’t like how the Celtics fan shook the bus the Lakers were on. That is just bad sportsmanship.

  118. willie calilung says:

    one reason why same team meeting each other again in this championship series…they are good team,proven can play even in a stressful environment..this so called team know how to develop players in a team,years to develop a good needs a good management a good trainers a good establishment of course a good coach..this will of course make a team a championship contender,its not a one night practice to establish a championship contender team,by the way I am a loyal lakers fan..but I observed other good team too like boston celtics..of course I stand with my team lakers for good times and bad times…

  119. bwniner says:

    kobe is like a surgeon slowly dissecting every opponents’ defense. hes up there with jordan, magic, bird and hakeem… THE PLAYOFFS where posers like show their true colors…………………………….

  120. Jimbo says:

    You can hate on Phil Jackson all you want saying he’s always had the best players but in the end he’s got so many rings to his name that you can’t really criticize him too much. The guy can manage egotistical players better then any other coach and have them play within the system of the triangle offence, case in point Rodman and Artest.Having a lot of talent on a team is always a huge benefit but the ability to orchestrate a co-hesive offence and defence plan is something only a seldom few can do.

  121. Josh says:

    How is this boring? If your more than a Pheonix fan, and by that I mean an NBA fan, this is an intense matchup of the two best franchises ever. This is what basketball is.

  122. KobeWantsRevenge says:

    kobe bryant is one pissed black mamba. and wished that they met boston again last year in the finals rather than the orlando magic. and now that boston has reached there again. kobe is not losing this series. Lakers in 6

  123. KobeWantsRevenge says:

    kobe bryant is one pissed mother fuker. and wished that they met boston again last year in the finals rather than the orlando magic. and now that boston has reached there again. kobe is not losing this series. Lakers in 6

  124. snowman says:

    Yep, completely agree. Season is over for me. So tired of same teams winning things, Go…. no one. I don’t give a sh*t

  125. playoffs=over says:

    once again. another boring playoff finals. im so sick of seeing the same teams over and over again. of course no direspect to the lakers or celtics but man i just wish phx would have won. die hard phx/nash fan here. but seriously this is probably going to be one of them overrated playoff series. and stop hyping andrew bynum. seriously the guys like a tree with roller blade wheels. the only reason lakers won is because the franchise is rich. the only reason jackson’s been one hell of a coach is because of MJ, Pippen, Kerr, Rodman, Bryant, O’Neal, Fisher etc all those players. man boring series, here we go again. Lakers in 6

    • tata says:

      I was wondering why Doug Collins was hating so hard on the Lakers. Then I realized it was because Phil Jackson is such a better coach than him. It must eat Collins up that he couldn’t even coach the Bulls to a championship with Jordan and PJ did it 6 times. Add in the fact that Alvin Gentry was Collins’ assisstant and you can see why Doug so desperately wanted the Suns to win. The fact is that Phil Jackson is the BEST coach ever. The most titles, the best single season record, the highest winning percentage in regular season and playoffs. Of course having MJ and Kobe helps, but the coaches before him didn’t win with Jordan/Pippen or Shaq/Kobe. I guess it is easy to hate on a coach when he has good players. Doc Rivers has turned out to be a pretty good coach too….in spite of having all those all stars.

      • atat says:

        This is really true. Collins just hate the LAKERS. Every comment, every word that comes out of his pie hole just hating on Lakers…

    • James Hoang says:

      I sorry for your Phx Suns had to head home sooner than you thought! If you think the Playoff is over, please don’t complain and watch it, let’s other people enjoy it. So see you next season die hard Phx Suns fan.

    • nate says:

      Hahaha, I can’t believe ‘playoffs=over’ put Kerr, Rodman and Fisher in the same sentence as MH, Pippen, Bryant and O’Neal.

    • BBALL4life says:

      If the greatest rivalry in sport does not get you excited, then nothing will. I am not a Laker Nor a Celtic fan but i am just as excited about this match up as the next true NBA fan. You will be watching the best player of this decade going up against 3 future HOF(possibly 4 if rondo can keep this up). Purple and Gold vs Green and White. LA vs Boston. West vs East. What more do you want?

    • lakeshowrepeat says:

      so you’re saying that the only reason phil jackson has been an excellent coach and has won ten championships is because of the players he’s had? granted they play a very important in a franchise winning a championship, but it wouldn’t be possible without an excellent coach standing behind his team. look at cleveland, mike brown won coach of the year in 2009, but hasn’t been able to win a championship with “the best player in basketball”. phil jackson is a legend, kobe is the greatest, celtics-lakers always makes for an epic series, lakeshow in 5.

      • tj says:

        well said, who in the celtics can guard kobe? Sun’s coach did an excellent job player rotation defense, single coverange double when drive. kobe is kobe. especialy he is raring to get back at the celts kobe at least 30 pt.s game 1 possible 40 if not 30 he’ll play decoy lamar, pau or ron ron will have a big game as well. word?

    • Anonymous says:

      Celtics will win the series for sure

    • Ed says:


      Sorry, but you have to eat your heart out. Only the best enters the finals.
      Just watch and enjoy the Celts-Lakers series. And to your Phoenix team, try again next season

      • Ed says:

        Will the Celts-Lakers series be boring? No, not at all!
        That’s why NBA is amazing!
        Consider this: Basketball experts consider Boston to win the series vs LA 4-3, yet as per 2010 record, the Los Angeles is 3rd overall (ranking) behind Cleveland and Orlando, and Phoenix is 5th, behind 4th Dallas. The Celts are only 9th (50-32) tied for 9th to 12th with Portland, San Antonio and Oklahoma.
        You might say the records lied, or basketball is unpredictable? No!
        The Boston team s still the best, but during the regular season, Doc Rivers sacrificed some games (losing them) to refresh and heal their injured and banged up players.
        Now that the team is healthy and intact, brace for a really “amazing” series.

    • @playoffs=over says:


    • WoWzor says:

      Player you are just mad that lakers are better LOL

    • Darn!! says:

      Darn NBA.I agree with the other guy. The finals are so boring, it’s almost like, who cares? Lakers win the championship..yeah yeah. Big three get another tile. give me a break. Last year, I had sincerely hoped Magic win (though I’m not a magic fan), and this year the same crap. I am totally sick of the ‘Finals’ now. Either lakers, celtics or spurs. Wow. What a league.

      • kbball says:

        haha go cry to your congssman. dude, the only reason all the other teams cannot make it to the finals is because they don’t have the quality players, coaches, or money to obtain and maintain elite franchaises. (when I say quality players i’m refering to skill, will, and court domination) (when i say quality coaching i’m refering to how well coaches respond to situations on the floor, how they make seasonal decisions, and their overall winning percentage). Think about the upcoming free agencies this summer. If 3, 4, or 5 all stars landed on one team and catapulted that team right to the nba finals just because of their level of domination on the floor, i would think that would be a boring playoff experience just because no one team could stop them due to the lack of skill or domination the latter team has. If your team didn’t make the finals, bo-who. the team that beat your team was either better, earned it, or just had that one play (coughkobecough) who cannot be stopped. You can’t call a series boring because it lacks your team or its the same teams from two years ago. Infact this finals is fit to be better due to the improvements of both teams. L.A. was anihilated two years ago. the lakers have improved their defense and offense has slightly decreased just to be able to bring down this nightmarish boston team. Boston has seen a drastic improvement from their guard rondo, has acquired nate robinson who is known to be a deadly scorer, and the big three have shown slight weakness due to their aging and injuries. If anything, this should be the most interesting series because its a series of revenge and redemption. If phoenix had madve it, their lack of experience probably would have been their main weakness in the finals.

    • Fred says:

      C.mon! Chill man! Just seat back, relax and watch showtime L.A. and toughies Celtics square it off this Finals. What more excitement can you possible wish for!!!! I agree! Lakers in 6 or 7

    • bird4lyfe says:

      if phoenix had made it to the final it would have been clean sweep by celtics, and that would’nt be boring? these are the best teams to emerge out of east/west and they deserve to be in the finals, will be a hell of a series, and by the way celtics in 6 muahahaha

    • Albert Allego says:

      This is not just about sports, it’s about business as well you moron. Imagine the profit that could rake in this epic battle rather than hard to market final match up. You got me moron? These two franchises big spenders brought us excitement, thrills, and entertainment.

    • Erez says:

      Best team won period. on both sides of the cost. You really think that the lakers are are a rich team? More then Denver, Ny and now Jersey? Jerry Buss is known for not paying big, players actually drop their salarys to play for the Lakers. The only ones that make the big bucks are Kobe and Pau and Unforunatlly Baynum also. I’m a Laker fan but seriouslly, that kid needs to be traded, Hopefully for a great pont guard that can carry us for next 5-7 years. I agree that these playoffs have been a disapointment and lacked the thrill of past years, but still there was some great moments and ultimetly you get to see the best teams compete. If you are an NBA fan you can’t ask for more. especially with the stunning run of the celtics. and the way kobe has been playing. I can’t see how we win against that celtics defense, but I will take comfort in my Uncle’s words: ” As long as we got the Mamba, I’m not worried”.

    • berlin says:

      Ugh I totally agree with you. Would have totally loved a Suns-Celtics finals! This series is so predictable. Obviously, the only ones who would be remotely interested to watch this series are Boston and LA fans. And it’s so annoying how the NBA makes it look so interesting.

    • Erwin says:

      Hey Playoffs=Over Man!!! Sucks For You Your Team Didn’t win!!!! The Laker-Celtic Matchup Are Legendary!! Unlike Your Lowlife Phx-Suns!!

    • daniel dominguez says:

      look dude yes phil jackson has had the pleasure of coaching great players but without his coaching skills superstars would not work as a team, the team wouldn’t function well with a lot of stars and no good coach look at lebron if phil was there he would of had 3 rings already

    • Ewing33 says:

      That’s the point man!

    • Ewing33 says:

      and Celtics in 6… 🙂

    • Immanuel L. says:

      Yes, I do wish the Suns would have won the series and have reached the NBA finals as well. Unfortunately they ran out of gas no matter how you place its context. I’m a Canadian so my prejudice falls under Steve Nash and the Suns, if even remote by chance, lol.

      1- Lakers do have money, and they also posses team chemistry and talent. It’s one thing if they loose all the time, its’ another when they can be consistent with their accomplishments.

      2- Yes also true, he must be doing something right, possible? You think its chance that all guidance under his wing achieve success, or he’s great at developing NBA talent, challenging them to always become better by forcing them outside their comfort zones?

      We always tell people to be their best and work hard, when that is fulfilled people will go out of their way to discredit them as if we could do better themselves. That’s not fair at all, the Suns will have another chance the following year. May the best team win in the 2010/2011 NBA season.

    • tim says:

      to the comment above… lakers in 6? haha, im guessing you also chose phoenix over LA.. kids, cant predict anything

    • Quit says:

      talking your cynical nonsense. The play of the Celtics has been nothing short of exceptional throughout the playoffs, and their revival has been a feel-good story. Throwing in the way Kobe has been playing, this should be a fantastic series of good, physical basketball. I wish the Suns could have won too, big believer that Steve Nash is the most deserving player of a ring at the moment, but they were beaten fairly by the Lakers. Quit hating on the two most storied franchises in NBA history, as well as Phil Jackson- the man is brilliant.
      Plus I’m pretty sure John Schuhmann picked Celtics in 7… just saying it could go either way, but this is going to seven games

    • jomica says:

      this is a good series. It’s really a hell of a battle. Yet i do believe that the Lakers will fulfill it’s destiny of winning again back to back… Lakers in 5…

    • Jeremy says:

      “the only reason jackson’s been one hell of a coach is because of MJ, Pippen, Kerr, Rodman, Bryant, O’Neal, Fisher etc all those players”

      You would think after coaching some of the best players of all time, it wouldn’t just be coincidence.. Phil Jackson is THE best coach of all time. Period. Whether Jackson became a great coach because of coaching great players early in his career, or because he developed those players into the elite players they became, in the end he is an amazing coach.

      I find it extremely hard to believe that Jackson ‘just got lucky’ and coached some of the best players of all time. He’s had a major role in developing and guiding those players.

    • kAmilli says:

      Man, i don’t get you. Best teams win. If they win these games you can’t just take their effort for granted and say that “oh, boring series again”. These teams deserve it cuz they beat all the “exciting” teams in a fait match up. Hopefully, LA remembers all those things that happened to em in 2008…. LA in 6

    • Rehan says:

      oh please, just because your team is not in the final does not mean the finals are boring, Finals are about the best going at it and fighting for that ring, boston has proven themselfs in the playoffs, by taking down orlando and cleveland, and for lakers all you have to say is kobe. And pheonix was a weaker team so they dnt deserve to be in the final, yea maybe if they took it to game 7 id give them some credit. and finals are not boring, ur gona see one of the best series, lakers are a different teamar from last 2 years, and so is boston due to rondo being in control now. it wil be a fun and aggressive series

    • BEASTMODE says:

      The best teams make it to da finals. And the Lakers and Celtics are the best teams.

  126. klipster says:

    same as you complaining when pierce drives to the basket.. hehhehe.. your still an idiot for so many long time of your life….

    • green night owl says:

      really pierce driving? like heck he can woosh past artest that easy.. the black mamba will dominate for sure! its payback time!

    • green night owl says:

      your the big idiot! idiot can’t even write english well dumbass! go back to the stoneage! i can play you one on one leave you with so much dirt in your face your going to go home crying to your momma!

  127. zimboblafue says:

    Haha I cant wait to hear the celtic’s fans complain about calls during the Finals!

    • amex12 says:

      because apprently lakers fans dont complain ?

      • banner18 says:

        the lakers will get owned

        the lakers have a big three (kobe,gasol and artest)
        The celts have a big FOUR (Rajon “rolls royce” Rondo, Kevin “the big ticket” Garnett, Paul “the truth Peirce, and “the sugar” Ray allen.

        Also the celts have a bench that nobody can prepare for. Who could predict Nate Robinson or Sheed having amazing games.

        By the way,
        BEAT LA!

      • BEASTMODE says: