Celtics Schmeltics


Posted by Fran Blinebury

PHOENIX – Kobe Bryant doesn’t care.  Uh-uh.

Lakers vs. Celtics.  Who gives a flip?  Kobe would just as soon play the Nets or the Wizards or Sixers for all the difference it makes to him.

“I didn’t give a damn who we played,” Bryant said.  “Didn’t matter to me.”


West vs. Russell, Bird vs. Magic, McHale vs. Rambis, East Coast vs. West Coast.  He doesn’t give it a second thought.


Remember this is the guy who came into the Western Conference saying he wanted to get back at the Suns for knocking the Lakers out of the playoffs in the first round in 2006 and 2007.   That is, a Lakers team that went to war with Kwame Brown and Smush Parker.


Kobe isn’t thinking at all about losing to Boston in the Finals in 2008.  He won’t fuel himself with memories of the Celtics dancing and celebrating on their parquet floor while the Lakers looked on helplessly.

He won’t be out for revenge, finding an injustice around every corner, seeking blood.

At least not until the tip-off of Game 1.


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  2. Tycho says:


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  3. LakersIn6 says:

    If anyone thinks its rigged then I suggest you go watch every single game played. In addition, analyze each player on every team, their position and who they face throughout the year. For instance, Ron-Ron’s D > Peirce’s O. Bynum and Gasol > Rondo’s penetration (and when he kick’s, Ray Allen MAY hit a few 3′s, but not enough to matter ) and when he misses some, the Laker’s will fast break. Garnett = a jump shooter now ( exactly what Gasol wants )… Perkins just blows, especially with Bynum in his face. Kobe well… need I say more? Oh… KG has more talent and skill than Gasol? please dont try to kid yourself. Im neither a Lakers fan nor a Celtics fan, but come on… the Celtics will be walking up the floor when the Lakers are through with them.

  4. Lakers! says:

    for me.. boston team in 08 was great.. they have james posey,leon powe.. they are both great in the celtics run in the 08 finals.. but now i dont tnk d boston bench have the intensity… and in 08 finals the lakers didnt have artest(ariza) and bynum.. so its hard to say hu will gonna win this series.. but i go for the lakers! lakers in 6!

  5. Christopher3712 says:

    It’s hard to really even compare these teams now, let alone to the teams they were a couple years ago. I think what most people are forgetting is that Gasol has an intent in him to win this series. He’s especially hurt by the 2008 loss and has spoken on it just recently. Kobe has that burning intensity going. When your two star players are both locking in like that, you’d think the rest of the team would be inclined to follow. Boston, although very talented, may find themselves trying to match the LA’s passion to win, rather than the other way around. Boston doesn’t have the ‘advantage’ of a disappointing and humiliating play-off exit by LA to fuel their drive. Nor does Boston really have anything to be upset about regarding the 2009 play-offs as they had a very GOOD reason for not being in the Finals (KG injury). I do believe Boston will display a lot of that mental fortitude they’re known for and that will probably result in a concentrated defensive effort to slow down Kobe. I just happen to believe Phil Jackson is aware of this and is probably looking at a few different types of strategies to throw at Boston to keep their defense on their toes. I’d say it’s safe to assume this series is a toss-up, anybody’s guess. I can’t really see how anyone can say without a shadow of a doubt who will win.

    I just hope it’s LA. 😉

  6. ray08 says:

    seriously guys…..luv the trash talk…..its a good thing its a LA Boston final again, isnt it……and thats why i lov this sport…. and cmon guys, kobe deserves the respect as much as I wud love to hate him as a celtics fan…..MJ comparison is ridiculous…..Kobe will always be no.2….and i think he knows that too….and hollywood flashiness over good old solid Boston defence….are you kidding me?????itll be green and white all over again…..and i have a feeling, ray allen will step up big time…..just like how i felt celtics will cruise past the cavs and the magic…..Boston in 6….again…..

  7. Pete says:

    “Now, Rondo was just as underestimated these playoffs as Derek Fisher. You seem to forget Boston:
    1st round – Russell Westbrook KO’d
    2nd round – Deron Williams KO’d
    3rd round – Steve Nash KO’d

    Boston the only time you won this season is when Kobe was hurt and benched, just remember that too.

    Lakers in 6. And im being nice.”

    Westbrook has nowhere near Rondo’s talent or skill set, and deron williams was playing on an injury depleted team, and steve nash is about as old and slow as fisher is.

    Rondo lacks a killer jump shoot (though it’s improved), but he’s stil one of the most complete point guard in the league. He is an all-defensive first team player who led the league in steals, takes smart shots (50%+ FG percentage during the reg season) and is capable of averaging a triple double over a 7 game playoff series. There is only one other guy in the NBA right now who is capable of those feats, and his name is Lebron. Rondo’s versatility and his ability to kill a defense in so many ways is what makes him so deadly – 18 points, 8 rebounds, 12 assists and 3 steals is a ‘good’ game for Rondo…it’d be a phenomenal game for anyone else

    Only time boston won was when kobe was injured?? Half of Boston’s team wsa injured every time LA beat them!

    • Celtic Killer says:

      Celtics = Excuses
      Celtics are going down like Paris Hilton in a home made video. Rondo is the best PG in the East but he will get locked down and the C’s will go down just like PARIS

  8. C says:

    Kobe cares. Believe me, Kobe really does. Especially playing for titles, let alone a an NBA Championship, come tip-off, the Lakers better get a W or Kobe makes it personal. You’re talking about a guy who went insane against the Suns ’cause they eliminated his team in ’06 and ’07. You’re talking about a guy who took his game to a whole new level in his senior year in HS ’cause they lost at the championship. You’re talking about the most fiery competitor in the world right, Kobe Bryant. He’s not making this more than what it is ’cause he knows talking can only get you so far while winning is really the only prize to be won, no conference championships or MVP awards can make up for the fact that his team didn’t win. Kobe Bryant wants to win. If that means more work,less talk attitude so be it.

  9. dreadfang says:

    don’t forget about odom, if odom plays well lakers win.

  10. Pete says:

    Quote: SupSup
    “If LBJ had a big man that could finish around the rim and hit the 15 foot jump shot consistently like Gasol, and a 7 foot 2 freak like Bynum, he’d have a field day penetrating and dishing”

    Uhh dude…Lebron has the best interior scoring centre of all time (Shaq, 7’1″), and one of the best jump shooting cetres of all time (Ilgauskas, 7″3′)…and Bynum is nowhere near 7″2, he’s more like 7″.

    Ilgauskas, Shaq and Jamison combined are more then a match for Gasol and Bynum if you add together their season stats / averages and general abiliies.

    Lebron has just as much talent (if not more) around him as Kobe has, and all the Lebron fan who blame his lack of surrounding talent are kidding themselves. Lebron has failed to win a title for the last 3 – 4 years, and he’s failed not becuase he lacks the supporting cast or the talent, but because he lacks Kobe’s focus, motivaton and killer instinct.

    He’s not yet mature enough to take his team to a champtionship, simple as that. In the future when changes his mentality (and he will), then I’ve got no doubt he will win at least one title…but he’s just not there yet.

  11. Los Angeles says:

    Lebron CAN be guarded, DWADE CAN be guarded, SUPERMAN can be shutdown, Kobe on the other hand CANT be guarded.. he just demonstrated this flawlessly game six in phoenix.. and i bet Gentry hasn’t washed his butt since kobe smacked it after draining a long falling fadeaway with two hands in his face.

    KG is not as quick as he was, Pau will show him whatsup.
    Perkins, he’ll get a game taken away from him in the finals from another T. Bynum is the brutal baby face in purple and gold, hurt or not.
    Pierce and Artest will be the interesting matchup in my opinion.
    Ray Allen cant guard Kobe, (PS I bet that game winner hurt huh Boston ;P)

    Now, Rondo was just as underestimated these playoffs as Derek Fisher. You seem to forget Boston:
    1st round – Russell Westbrook KO’d
    2nd round – Deron Williams KO’d
    3rd round – Steve Nash KO’d

    Boston the only time you won this season is when Kobe was hurt and benched, just remember that too.

    Lakers in 6. And im being nice.

  12. Pete says:

    I seriously doubt it’s going to be a one-sided series either way – ever since the playoffs started I’ve been saying that the Lakers match up with Boston better then any other team in the playoffs, position to position.

    Under normal circumstaces, I would predict this to be a 7 game series, with every game a battle to the final buzzer – but then I thought the same thing about the second round (vs Cavs) and third round (vs Orlando) as well, and Boston proved me wrong both times. I predicted Boston to win both series, but I never thought they’d win them so dominantly.

    Cleveland and Orlando IMO have just as much talent / depth as LA do, but there is one key area where the Lakers are superior to both teams, and that is metality. Neither the Cavs nor Magic have the metal toughness to beat a team like Boston in a 7 game series – one game every month in the regular season is a different story, but in a 7 game series playing the same team every night it’s just as much about attitude as it is about talent. Boston just have too much toughness, too much experience, and resiliance for either of those teams to match them – the only other team that can match their mental focus is LA.

    Not only does LA have the mental toughness and experience to hang with Boston, but they have the motivation – you KNOW they are still burning about the loss in 2008, and even though the beat Orlando for the title last year it’s not the same – Orlando barely put up a fight against LA and struggled to win a single game against them. LA couldnt beat Boston in 08, and they never saw a full strength Boston team in 09, so in their hearts they NEED to beat a healthy Boston team if they are to truly prove that they are the best. If they lose to the celtics again, it will eliminate any doubt that Boston are a superior team. This Celtics team has maybe one championship run left in them next year, so even if LA beat them next year it’s still 2-1 to the Celtics – mentally, this is a must-win for the Lakers more so then any oher series. If they see that as motivation then they’ll be tough to beat, if they see it as pressure they will crumble.

    Boston has far less to prove – they’ve won a ttle already in 08, they’ve already beaten LA in the finals, and they’ve already gone WAY further in these playoffs then anyone (bar myself) expected they would go. They are playing the best basketball not only of the season, but of the last three years, and they know it – they’ve beat two great teams, but neither was a walk in the park, so they have gained confidence without getting overly cocky. LA have home court, but Boston had the best away record in the NBA this season (better then their home record) so mentally that puts no pressure at all on the Celtics – they might even prefer it.

    I believe that the first two games are VERY important here – if Boston come out the aggressor and take games one and two in LA, ten the Lakers will have tremenous pressure on them going into game three in Boston (plus Celtics reclaim home court). If LA take the first two games, then it puts big pressure on Boston to win on their home court, where they have (at times) struggled this year.

    Boston are however very good at playing under pressure, and they handle it better then probably any other team out there – they seem to be at their best when they are in do-or-die situations…it fuels them. This is part of what makes them so tough to beat in a multi game series.

    Lakers biggest weakness in 08 was their lack of toughness, both mentally and physically. They lost belief in themselves in game 6, and pretty much gave Boston the title. Boston’s biggest weakness was their lack of depth, lack of time together, and dependancy in their ‘big 3’. I think the lakers have improved greatly on their toughness, and I seriously doubt the will play soft ball with Boston again…and boston have definately solved their shortcomings. Both are teams BUILT for the playoffs, who are at their best when playing on a grand stage – think it’s going to be one hell of a series!

  13. supsup says:



    If LBJ had a big man that could finish around the rim and hit the 15 foot jump shot consistently like Gasol, and a 7 foot 2 freak like Bynum, he’d have a field day penetrating and dishing…

    Kobe although a great player has been blessed with the comfort of having the greatest coach of all time, one of the most dominating big men of all time, and now one of most talented all around power forwards of all time…

    I’d love to see how Kobe will do on a team like the Heat, or Cavs…

    He’d average 30+ points and be out of the playoffs every year by the 1st or 2nd round and on a good day maybe conference finals…

    • miss j.moxie says:

      Let’s not disrespect the guys who made it to the finals by talking about those who have already been eliminated.

      Although I agree with your point that Kobe has had good teams for much of his career and all of his championship seasons. So has Phil Jackson, for that matter: he had Jordan, he had Shaq, he has Kobe. So whoever thinks Kobe is the greatest player ever and that Phil is the best coach ever, based solely on the number of rings they have, is a little misguided.

      As someone pointed out, if that was the only basis, Bill Russell won a ton of championships, comparable to Phil Jackson’s numbers, and he won some of them as a player AND a coach.

  14. monmonja says:

    Remember LA against the Thunder? Well Boston is a similar team with more weapons…
    So Don’t get excited too much because the one who has th disadvantage is the Lakers…
    A probable game 6 finish for Boston… but its only 70 percent…
    Beating the Suns was no mean feat they were not expected to reach the conf. finals only the Thunder were a good match for the Lakers…(they swept a depleted Utah Jazz…LOL not a notable series)
    In Boston they beat Wade(with Jermaine);beat LBJ(with Shaq, and Jamison and expected to win the title); beat Howard who is a real monster (no Laker Big can do what he can literally knockout cold to a player)…
    The journey of the Celtics is harder than the Lakers faced…

  15. sam says:

    King,superman,and Kobe next.The great defense will get to their mind and they will act like brain dead just like the cavs and magic did.There is a psycological effect that the lickers will fall for.The Celts lost only three finals so the odds for them to win is 85% while the lickers have a 50% chance,use a calculater.

    Sam The Swami.

  16. 3 stars and 1 sun says:

    I’m from the Philippines and the people love basketball down here….people here have been watching NBA all over the years…and majority of the people here are a Laker fans…about the 2010 finals match up i think it will be a great battle between C’s and the Lakers….im a big big fan of Kobe here…but i admit it would get tough for the Lakers to win for the gold coz after ive watched all the playoff series you just can’t deny the celtics performance at the playoffs knocking down 3 teams with 3 all stars wade.Lbj,superman….so i wish both team good luck

  17. Hoa says:

    For all of you saying that the celtics are gonna repeat this year, you are all as ignorant as they come and dont even deserve to be fans yet alone critics of the game.
    The lakers/celtics this year are two completely different teams as they were 2 years now.
    Each team has more/less players than they did, 2 more years of experience, competitiveness, and hatred in them for each other.
    You cannot blame Kobe for being the ultimate competitor that he is to come so close to what he defines to himself as success and coming short. Its human nature, if any one of you fell short of what defines you, im sure you’d shed some tears as well.
    You dont even have to be a fan of the team or of a person, but by all means, show them/him the due respect that they deserves. A person like Kobe coming along is one in a million.

  18. home court? says:

    lakers fans clearly haven’t done their homework…. since when does boston care about home court? check our road record. keep the mouths in check little boys before you start talking about a man’s game. celtics in 5

  19. Celticsbaby says:

    ok so the Celtics dont fear LA and LA doesnt fear the celtics.
    The celtics have a WAY better bench and point guard, and the lakers have Kobe.
    an advantafge would be home court which the Lakers have, but defense is the key, and the Celtics defense is way better then LA’s.
    Boston in 7

  20. Pete says:

    LOL it was LUCK that the Celtics won in 08? They won the series clinching game 6 by something ike 40 points, it what was (if i recall correctly) the worse margin of loss for any team in NBA finals history.

    Boston have gotten much better then 2008. Firstly, Boston went through a major roster change in the 08′ season – 2/3 of their starting lineup in the Finals (along with about half of their second unit) was composed of players who were in a different uniform the season before. In fact, risk of poor chemistry was the biggest reason for people doubting them at the start of the 08 season.

    Now, Boston are a far better team then they were in 08, and there are three MAJOR reasons for that.

    First of all, everyone in their playoff rotation outside of Rasheed, Marquis Daniels and Nate Robinson have now been together for three straight seasons – they have developed exceptional chemistry.

    Secondly, Boston has a far deeper bench now then they did in 08. In their first title run, their bench (by playoff standards) was weak – offensively their only real offenive threat off the bench was the occasional open three from Posey, House or Cassel…take away the three, and their bench would be a no show. This combined with the raw nature of Rondo and Perkins at the time, meant that there was enormous pressure on Pierce, Allen and Garnett to have big games – at least two of those guys (preferably all thre) had to play well for boston to have a hope of winning. With the development of Glen Davis, the recovery of Tony Allen, along with the aquisition of Rasheed and Nate Robinson, the Celtics now that four guys on the bench who can consistently put pressure on the opposing defence in a wise variety of ways. Tony Allen applies pressure with his slashing and is an exceptional on ball defeder, big baby has a consistent midrange jumpshot and attacka rhw rim with wreckless abandon, Rasheed is an inside-outside threat who’s deadly from three, while Nate Robinson is a streky scorer who (if he gets hot) can be an opponents worst nightmare – as Orlando found out in game 6

    Finally, there is the development of Rondo and Perkins, Rondo was a decent defender, but his poor awareness, limitee ball handling skills, raw passing skills are terrible jumpshot made him a major offensive liability in 2008 – Boston had to pull him out of the game several time because he was turning the ball over, throwing bad passes,not running the offense well, etc. Now Rondo is a different – he’s one of the best passerss and allhandlers in the game period, his jumpshot is much improved (you can afford to leave him dead open anymore), and his penetration causes major headaches for opposing teams. He will consistently give you 10-20 points night in night out, and that (combined with the improved bench) takes a lot of pressure off the “big three”. Perkins is another guy whos improved dramatically, and hes a guy whos impact on a game goes far beyond his stat sheet – he is the perfect role player because he doesn’t have to have the ball in his hand to change a game. Hhs size, toughness, rebounding, interior defense and ability to score in the post can make him a potential game changer, and he’s widely acknowledged as being one of the best post defenders in the NBA today (as well as Rondo being the best defensie piont guard in the league).

    Lakers biggest gains wince 08 are the addition of Ron Artest and (an active) Andrew Bynum, combined with the ability (as a result) to bring Odom off the bench. However, one big loss for them was the departure of Trevor Ariza, who was onf of those guys who changed games with is hustle and toughness – he gave boston many headaches with his play off the bench.

    Andrew Bynum is hurt – he struggled against a weak (and soft) Phoenix front line, and got outplayed by an injured Robin Lopez. He’s going to have a much tougher time dealing with the toughness of Perkins (who wont take play soft just because he’s hurt) and versatility of Rasheed (who will force him to step out to defend the three). If healthy I think Bynum could have a modest impact on the series, but n his current shape I believe he’ll be a non-factor against Bostons bigs.

    Ron Artest is inconsistent, and a loose cannon. If he can put the clamp on Pierce and keep a level head, he could be a big facotr in the series…but it’s also possible that he’ll get emotional and loose his composure agaisnt a physical Boston team, potentially causing the Lakers more harm then good.

    Odom isn’t always consistent, but he’s a tough matchup and of he plays well he could give Boston a lot of trouble. Boston dont really have a player who matches up well with him, so a lot of the series may be resting on his ability to get going, and bostons ability to contain him. For Lakers I’d say Odom is probably Boston’s biggest threat outside of Kobe, because KG isn’t going to make things easy for Gasol.

    LA’s biggest problem is Rondo, who creates a MAJOR matchup problem at the PG position. If Lakers find a way to contain him then they’ll make things tough for Boston, but if but if they allow Rondo to get to his spots and dictate the game (the way he did against Cleveland and most of the time against Orlando) then the series is gonna be over real quick.

    • Elvisthejack says:

      Lakers are about to get Rondo’ed…Kobe who? The world will know about Rondo after this seies. He is one of those guys who can turn basketball into a beautiful game. He combines both pro and street basketball skills together. It’s a thing of beauty to watch. Celtics in 5 or 6.

  21. Boston is has one of the best teams in Basketball that has ever been assembled specifecally defensivelly In my tim ei have senn only two champion ship teams with this calibar of team defense that is the Detroit Pistons teams all three championship teams, and the Chicago Bulls teams specifically the Horace Grant, Pippen,

  22. alexrows says:

    It’s going to be much tougher for the Celtics than 2 years ago. one, they don’t have home court advantage, and second, the Lakers have Bynum and Artest (so Pierce won’t be able to kill the likes of Radmanovic and Walton time and time again). I don’t see Kobe playing much better than he did 2 years ago, since he’ll have to deal with the same D thrown at him. but I think Rondo will make the difference in this series, and his impact will be much bigger than Artest’s or Bynum’s. and if Boston stays healthy I still like their chances to beat LA

  23. OGIE says:

    I’m an MJ fan, so when he retired, automatically, I shifted to Lakers and became an avid Kobe fan. No matter which team wins the title. I’ll always be a laker fan. I believe who ever has the bigger heart and desire to win — will take the championship. GO LAKERS!!!!

  24. sweetshooter says:

    Boston will be the champions of 2010 NBA. Lakers may have Kobe for a heck of a player but that will just be “it” for all it’s worth. Basketball is never a one-man show especially in the finals and most especially, against a very good and cerebral team like the Celtics. Doc Rivers is such a genius not to know how to keep the team motivated. The Cs is an unselfish team which would bring to ruins the “ZenNESS” of Phil Jackson. To Kobe, prepare to weeeeeeep in sorrow, ONCE AGAIN. Go, Boston!!!

  25. dante says:

    Kobe is just sick and tired of hearing about this Celtics team, especially the beating they got last ’08 series. I personally think he does not want a brutal series against the Celtics again. I hate to say this but the East will conquer this 2010 Finals.

  26. Giselle says:

    It’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s seen him play and is even the slightest bit familiar with his demeanor on the court that he would, of course, care about the beating they took in ’08. However, there has to be an element of calmness and just generally talking down the magnitude of the game to not get overly amped up because that could comeback to bite a player on the butt. It’s really as simple as that. I don’t think he’s trying to brag or be smug or be “too cool” or do be any of the other things some of you have accused him of being. He’s just trying to prepare himself as, hopefully, are the rest of the Laker team. Me on the other hand? I’m excited as hell!

  27. Abrao says:

    I`m from angola, Africa, i think many people ever heard about Angola
    is the best Africa basketball national team 10 times African champion
    i follow the nba and all i can say about the playoff finals is that will play
    the best teams of nba in titles LA with players with more talent, skills may be
    with the best player in nba kb Boston is a team strong, good team work, it´s gonna be
    good finals but i believe that LA will be the champion the 15th in his history.

  28. Holla says:

    I am so glad that lakers got Ron-Ron, now at least we have some dirty players in the Lakers line-up to deal with the dirty tricks and tactics of Celtics.

    And so what if Kobe is arrogant? To say that he prefers anyone else is insulting the other teams…
    At least he doesn’t fake injury like Pierce does… (he even got my pity when he went down in ’08)


    I predict a game with lots of BLOOD….and HATRED!!


  29. bob says:

    fisher-rondo..big miss-match
    bryant-allen..another miss-match
    ron ron-pierce..ron ron shutdown D
    gasol-KG..its gona be fun to watch
    bynum-perkins..big miss-match

    lakers in six

    • Jeff says:

      umm fisher cant match up with rondo… hes too quick and too smart
      kobe is not quick enough to match up with ray off the screens.
      whos gonna stop paul pierce?
      gasol on kg or perkins?!?! ha his soft ass cabt match up
      Bynum on kg or perkins? as b4… too soft to match up
      boston in five at most

      • vince says:

        fisher went up against russel westbrook, deron williams, and steve nash. does anyone not remember how, when utah was still alive, that half the analysts out there was calling dwill the best point guard in the league? (and rajon was still credited as the best pg in the eastern conference).

        besides, rondo isn’t going against fisher. he’s going against kobe. fisher usually ends up on allen. you should have noticed that the last 4 times they played against each other.

  30. Barry says:

    I find it hard wrap my mind around that somehow Bryant suddenly is mentioned as Jordan’s equal if only he has the same amount of rings. That would mean Russell is the greatest ever, no? And he isn’t, as fantastic as he was.

    And really, KOBE IS THE GREATEST? Your inability to properly write kind of prohibits you to say that anyone else is retarded.

    The Lakers are a great team, the Celtics are a great team; but my God, aren’t there any fans with a basic ability to process thoughts and to write a few sentences without defying hundreds of years of civilization?

  31. izzii tria says:

    This will surely be one for the books……and the defensive team (CELTICS) will surely rise defence wins championships.

  32. StupidCeltFans says:

    Kobe needs to be more humble? LOL. He just said “we’ll see how much we’ve improved”. Where the hell was the “bragging” bit you morons are talking about?

  33. howard says:

    Boston is too good with Rondo this year. Beat the Lakers!

  34. Celtics Champs says:

    I think Boston is gonna win cause Rajon Rondo has a HUGE advantage against the rustly ol’ Derek Fisher and none of the other backup point guards can guard him…Rondo can easily get in the paint and get and AND-1…also KG has played great basketball throughout the postseason….KEndrick Perkins is a GREAT low-post defender and he can beat Bynum in the paint…..Pierce has gotten his rythm back and Ron Artest is a great defender but not good enough to defend Pierce…though the Allen-Bryant matchup would certainly be a fun matchup to watch…the celtics have and KILLER bench w/ Sheed and the very optimistic Nate Robinson also they have trusty ol’ veteran guard Michael Finley…..SO EXPECT THE SAME RESULTS AS WHAT HAPPENED IN 2008….CELTICS IN 7… ITS EITHER RONDO OR PIERCE THATS GONNA GET THE FINALS MVP…

  35. jirohkanzaki says:

    mj is still the greatest even if kobe wins 6 titles…kobe played with better teammates…jordan 5 mvp awards vs a pathetic 1 for kobe (even steve nash has more)…jordan 9-time all defense 1st team + a defensive player of the year award…also, kobe just copied mj’s moves and mentality…you can see how he hijacked all of mj’s moves…

  36. Lakers 24 says:

    When Boston won they had 4 all stars starting just like this year. The Lakers had 2. The Lakers did not have Bynum or Artest during that series, as a matter of fact they did not even had Ariza. Boston also had home court advantage in 2008, but this year the Lakers do. Lakers will win this series!!!

    • Jeff says:

      umm dont expect to get sympathy from anoybody about no bynum… where was the sympathy for boston last year playing without kg (the only reason boston didnt make it to the finals and la won)? and yes boston has wayyy more bball knowledge than la. we are a team full of veterans including rondo who is only in his fourth year. the only player better than boston on la is kobe and besides that matchup yall dont have anythinggg… so go ahead and get excited for la making it just know they cannot match up with boston and have no chance in this series (if you can even call it that).

  37. klipster says:

    chicago bulls in thier prime with micheal jordan versus boston lineup this 2010 the bulls is no match to boston… they will be like the miami heat…

    • Ed says:

      We are all right CeltsFan, humility is maturity. It appears, by the way Kobe boasts, he is still immature though he is already “old.” Phiil Jackson will now have to deal again with an uncoachable player?

      • Josh says:

        He isn’t boasting, hes just ready for the series. I think its great that he wasn’t looking past the Suns saying I want Boston. Why should he care who he plays? Kobe is a mature man, get your head out of 2005.

  38. KOBE IS THE GREATEST!!! says:

    @CELTICS FAN…..Your retarded, what the hell you mean Boston has more knowledge??? are you forgetting your talking about the Lakers…who for the last 3 years have been in the finals??? more knowledge?? Lets be real, Doc and the Celtics are good, but they wouldnt have won if Bynum was healthy in 08….that would be like if Bynum and Gasol was there, and Kendrick wasnt, it was luck tha Celtics beat L.A in 08….but this time….OMG, I am predicting this will be the best finals since Magic and Bird….LAKERS IN 7!!

    • Jeff says:

      ha you are a complete idiot. we playyed allllll last playoffs without our best player (kg)…. id lovvvvvve to see yall win A playoff game without kobe let alone a series. as ive said before, kobe is not good enough to out score our starting five and our other four have allllll of la on lock down… its almost unfair. boston sweeps or boston in five

  39. andrew says:

    uh… boston won in boston in 2008. not in LA.

  40. Candian celtic says:

    people don’t forget basketball is team sport,as good as Kobe is you can see still see that he does not trust his teammates when the going gets tough.All the celtics have to do is follow the same script as 2008. Get the ball out of Kobe’s hand
    and let other’s beat you or vise versa.Either way the Lakers can be easily rattled by the Celtics Defense.How about Doc Rivers and his brilliance, people talk about Phil Jackson and how great of a coach he is, but Doc has the Celtics poised for 2nd championship in 3 years-and if KG was not hurt last year we would be easily looking 3 Rings for the Celtics.The Celtics have so many weapons so if you shutdown 1 guy there are 3 or 4 other guys who can be you.Pau has nothing on KG and Ron Ron is confused child out there-hence his post game interview with TNT on Thursday).My prediction Celtics win at least 1 game this weekend if not both and go home to finish this amazing season with a championship.

    • Swedish Laker says:

      I don’t know if i should laugh or cry.

      I quoute, “All the celtics have to do is follow the same script as 2008.”
      Well good luck, thats 2 years ago. If Celtics hasnt evolved or become better they’re gonna have a hell of a problem.
      The get-the-ball-out-of-kobes-hands doesnt work anymore, the triangle will spread the floor enough that when a double-team hits Kobe someone else will be open. And unlike the 2008, wich were a new laker team that didnt really know eachother, Kobes teammates will step up and hit those open shots. You must seriously be blind or stupid if you think this is the same Laker team as 2 years ago.

      I quote, “How about Doc Rivers and his brilliance.”
      Yes Doc Rivers is a good coach, how many rings did he got again? Thats right amigo, UNO. How many rings do Phil Jackson got? No you didnt count wrong, he got 10, 12 if you count the ones he got as a player. Yes congratulations, Doc got Celtics to a second finals appearance in 3 years. Phil got the Lakers to the finals for three straight years.

      I quote, “and if KG was not hurt last year we would be easily looking 3 Rings for the Celtics.”
      Thats easy to say. Let me but it this way then, if Andrew Bynum wouldnt been injured 2008 we would have won the championship and been reigning champions two years in a row with a third coming up this year. Easy to say.

      Don’t get me wrong, Celtics is a hell of a team and got a basketball tradition like no other. But so is Lakers and so does Lakers.
      It’s gonna be a interesting series no doubt.

  41. PHYLICIA says:


  42. CeltsFan says:

    I agree Ed, Kobe needs to learn to be more humble. Remember the Celtics in ’08, when the blew out the Lakers by 40? I think the Celtics will win it again, because they have way more teamwork and knowledge than the Lakers. Kobe, watch out…

    • Josh says:

      It was 39.

      • Jeff says:

        either way JOSH… it was an ass whoppn… b prepared to see more of it. kobe can notbeat boston by himself and we easily dominate yall besides the kobe match up… tell me besides kobe who on la can out play anybody on boston?! ha exactly give u a headache tryin to contemplate that one huh? as ive said before… boston in five at most. we will win game two and then sweep them in boston for the championship

  43. CELTICS says:

    kobe cant beat the celtics by himself. he cried, everyone saww him. he shud stop acting like he soo toughh. he gunna get his ass handed to again .

  44. Ed says:

    To Kobe, please be humble. I saw your tears run down your cheeks a few years ago when you lost a playoff series and eliminated. Don’t brag, just show your wares. Who knows, it might not be enough (again?) to beat the Celts.

    • peet says:

      It is not only about being humble or not.Sometimes if they want it hard., they goota find it hard! That’s all it is about;It ias basket ball

    • sunny says:


      • Jeff says:

        wooow sunny… thanks for proving that you are a DUMBASS… kobe will beat the celtics by himself?! hahaha thats the only chance they have and i doubt kobe gonna b able to drop 100 a game as the celtics will do to him and his team full of half ass players… celtics n 5 at most