Kobe is old, just ask him

Posted by Art Garcia

LOS ANGELESKobe Bryant is an old man. Well, he seems to want us to believe that. Or believes that we think that already.

Three months shy of his 32nd birthday, Kobe has taken to alluding to his age often lately. Take questions offered up after the first two games of the Western Conference finals. The Lakers lead the Suns 2-0 with Game 3 in Phoenix.  

Asked if being out of the game early in the fourth quarter Wednesday night was about rest or taking stock of the game, Bryant replied: “I’m old, what do you expect?”

A Game 1 query about why he’s been in such a good rhythm — Kobe had scored at least 30 in his last six games at the time — was answered with: “Old age.”

Both answers were followed by that mischievous Kobe smile and guffaws from the assembled media. He is up there in basketball years — 14 seasons, more than 1,200 games and nearly 45,000 minutes logged — but why the focus on age? Is something eating at Kobe?

“It’s assuming that something has gotten under my skin,” he said Friday. “That’s the assumption. It’s entertaining. It’s not something that’s gotten under my skin, but it’s something that I find funny, enjoyable.”

What is exactly funny and enjoyable?

“The notion that I’m old and that I won’t figure things out,” the four-time champ added. “That’s the part that’s really funny to me. Like I said, they should know me better.”

With age comes wisdom. Just ask Kobe.


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  2. First team to win 4 championships in a row will undoubtedly make history! First and Last team to win more than 3 in a row was Boston Celtics back in ’66.

  3. BLACK MAMBA says:

    Lebron James will NOT win a title until KOBE BRYANT retires. So MAYBE poor little bron bron will win a title in about 5 to 8 years….MAYBE..haha. KOBE ALL DAY. tooooo dammmnnn goooooodddd

  4. Lakers Blood says:

    Let championship speak for one’s greatness. Kobe Bryant is by far the best thing ever. End of Story.

  5. Josh says:

    Kobe’s stats against the Suns through 5 games of the WCF:

    PPG: 33
    Rebs: 7.4
    Assts: 9.6

    Kobe straight OWNS Lebron. End of story.

  6. […] bags under my eyes are worse than ever. I used to eat fruit, but now I eat Efes. …WeiterlesenMay22Kobe is old, just ask him – NBA.com (blog)NBA.com (blog)“It's assuming that something has gotten under my skin,” he said Friday. […]

  7. […] bags under my eyes are worse than ever. I used to eat fruit, but now I eat Efes. …WeiterlesenMay22Kobe is old, just ask him – NBA.com (blog)NBA.com (blog)“It's assuming that something has gotten under my skin,” he said Friday. […]

  8. embeep24 says:

    kobe bryant,.is an old man,.but YOU PEOPLE NEVER UNDERSTAND THE WORD “OLD”.kobe bryant is too old to be tricked by other player,.he is veteran,.he knows what he needs to do,.to once again to have a title,.hey sekuo your wrong,.kobe is way much better to lebron,.he is a master of a basketball

  9. embeep24 says:

    haha you people are so funny,.lebroom cannot win a title,.think of this,”with shaq,jamison,parker,williams,west,” is on his team,.ONCE AGAIN HE FAILED TO REACH TO THE FINALS,.lebroom is a great player no doubt about it,.but he will NEVER,.EVER win a larry o’brien trophy,.lebroom makes me sick haha,kobe is very much or way much great rather than lebron,.kobe posses a talent that even michael jordan never had,.

  10. Ghazan says:

    1. Kobe has adjusted his game with age like very few players in the history of the NBA.
    2. Noone plays like him when it matters.
    3. Lebron is a great player; just too high on attention, drama, and the hype
    4. He can only be compared to kobe if he ages as well as kobe has. Freakish athletic talent will only get you so far.
    5. If Lebron decides to leave Cleveland, his legacy is over, no matter how many rings he gets. The best of the best work with what they have, through thick n thin, lift their team to the championships (chances he has had many, failed to eat them up) and that is what makes them champions.
    6. Go lakers. Amen.

  11. SANGS says:

    Hey MR.V,

    Even charles barkley’s predictions are better than urs. 10 rings by 32? R u a 4th grader or wat? get ur math rite.
    at ths point lebron is good, v good. bt basketball is not all about putting up stats. its abt winning. kobe’s a winner n lebron is nt. for those who say bron wont win anything, i disagree. i thnk by 32 he shud have atleast 2 -3 rings. bt at this point kobe is just better. and u cant say the lakers hav a betr team coz the cavs had the best record this regular season. so just njoi kobe’s greatness 4 now. dun hate him coz there will never b another black mamba!

  12. Mookie says:

    Black Mamba is still the best player on the planet, ’bout to get another ring !!!

  13. MARKUS says:


  14. MARKUS says:

    Kobe is just eating up this old age crap, OLD? give me a break at 32? He’s fine playing within himself and being very smart when they try to double team him. I think kobe’s sick of hearing lebron this & that!! He has”nt done anything but give good highlights on sportcenter, He’s no MVP in my eyes because when it comes down to winning time in the playoffs he’s not focused enough he thinks he can just roll through the playoffs like the regular season and do all his clowning around with his powder in the air and taking poparazzi’s with the rest of his circus team who never show up in the playoffs there all a joke! no discipline no title period!! He’ll never win a championship in clevland with that team he should move on, Go play with d-wade in MIAMI!! what are you an idiot!! that’s your only chance because he’s the only guy who has the hardware to prove it.no other team your considering has a player like that to team with plus they have jermaine o’neil and beasley that could be a very good team!! But lebron will be stupid and either stay in the circus that’s clevland or play on some other circus team in the east. 6-7 championships are you crazy!! NEVER!! if he does’nt go to miami he’ll win 0!!! RINGS!! KOBE’S not old he’s mature who’s done it all!! and then some in my eyes the greatest of all!! Maturity leads you toward rings like kobe,imaturity leads you to a circus act with no rings Lebron lol!! you will never ever be better than KOBE AND EVEN COME CLOSE TO HIS RINGS!! THE REAL KING LIVES IN LA!!!!!!

  15. nick says:

    i agree with everyone about lebron going to be struggling to win aywhere near as much as kobe has in his career. kobe is a legend and anyone would find it hard to compare to his success but for the greatest of the greats. everyone knows lebron choked this year in the finals, it was meant to be his year, ‘a ring for the king’, but he failed big time. but i challenge anyone to look that man in the eye and say that his legacy will be of failure. i know some guys will disagree and say he choked, no mental toughness, and i agree. THIS YEAR. kobe himself struggled to win it all after shaq left, and now he’s a good chance to win the championship every season. my argument is not to compare him against kobe or mj or anyone. but you take a look at the 2 time consecutive mvp who knows he has more to give, who we’ve watched shatter nba records previously held by legends so early on in his career, and you tell me you can guarantee he doesnt have it in him. he does. he will not win 8 9 10 rings, that is the stupidest thing ive heard. but he’ll win. this isnt breaking news. everyone expects it. time will tell how much he wins. i challenge any one of you to predict the next seven eight ten years of lebrons career when no one could have even predicted something like the finals birth of the suns this year. aside from mine and anyone elses rant, lebrons the one who will answer us in time.

  16. maldoc says:

    lebron can get 20 championships by 32, period. enough arguing…. you all go do the math.

  17. Jesse W says:

    Comparing old Kobe to young LeBron I say that, physically, LeBron is simply a beast on the court. Mentally, LeBron is simply a wimp on the court. LeBron’s biggest problem seems to be in the regular season. If you notice – his Cavaliers will give you a serious beatdown, then proceed to do some funky dancing in your face. They then top if off with some pretend photoshoots. All of these antics go to show that LeBron and his team are not prepared to take it to the next level. They are more interested in making their opponents look bad instead of having their opponents respect them as a great team. A huge display of immaturity! This immaturity comes back to bite them during the real season, the Playoffs. Playoff time exposes them for just what they were in the regular season – a bunch of showoffs who can’t deliver during the big time. If one thinks that Kobe is getting old I would say Kobe is mature. AND, until LeBron gains some maturity and find that killer instinct that KB24 has, LeBron will never be fitted for a ring.

  18. Mhel says:

    LeBron should consider to join the Lakers along side Kobe to win more championships until Kobe retires so you can be the next superstar in LA like Chamberlain. i hope you consider my advice because I’m a die-hard Laker’s fan.

  19. Ryan says:

    Well guys i aint saying this cuz im a kobe fan, but i feel lebron is gonna be one of those “great” players with either no rings or at most 2. his play doesnt benefit his team the way it should.
    triple doubles dont earn wins, just means either your doing to much, or your team isnt doing enough. Lebron is great, but i feel hes but not taking enough action in trying to get his franchise a championship team like kobe has.
    kobe has straight up told his coaching staff and etc to either spend the money to get a championship team or he is out. and they didnt want him to go thats why he is where he is.
    lebron maybe should do the same thing, instead of walking away maybe kinda “threaten” that he WILL go if they dont do something quick.

  20. kobe hehe says:

    c’mon men… this is like console wars :)) xbox 360 vs the ps3… and yuuuh MR.V is straight dumb… i think he’s a FLIP :))

  21. yoni kanilesky says:

    sometimes i think lebron doesnt want to win kobe for life!! he is the greatest player of the decade

  22. Craig Carter says:

    Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player ever and we will see it before he retires no disrespect to Michae lJordan thats just the way it is there is always someone to vome along and be better than you so I am pretty sure that someone will come along and be better than kobe but i dont think it will be lebron……….Maybe

  23. The Teacher says:

    The first two comment and Black Mamba’s said it all. +1 to you guys, well said.

    @Mr. V
    Mathematics isn’t my favorite subject because I only got average grades on the subject in my transcript of records, so I won’t say bad things about your LeBron championships prediction, but dude think first before posting your thoughts. And one more thing your favorite player needs to go through hardships to become an NBA champion, every one does, and to compare Sasha Vujacic, a role player to an NBA superstar, that’s ridiculous. This I predict, LeBron will win a championship in Cleveland, if the organization starts picking up playoff proven players not the like of those stats fillers, or if he choose to leave Cleveland for another organization who is already a championship caliber team in the making like the Clippers and the Bulls who has lots of talent and is just waiting for a captain that will lead them to a journey of a lifetime. He’ll only win a championship or two because there are already lots of teams that has potential to become champions and is starting to mature like Oklahoma and Portland, to name a few.

  24. Matt Lee says:

    the lakers look like the best team in the league right now
    and ima agree with everybody who said that mr.V is real stupid
    what an idiot
    kobe and gasol are just as good as kobe and shaq, not because of talent but the chemistry is better

  25. Moe Mid-City Midlij says:

    Nobody act like Lebron has no good or decent players on his team. If you check the roster out, it includes a 4 time NBA champion in Shaq, it includes a good all around player in Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams, Delonte West, Daniel Gibson, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Two perinial allstar centers, an allstar forward in Jamison, a pure three point shooting point gaurd, a point gaurd that is able to play PG and SG in West. This all includes role players like J.J Hickson, Daniel Gibson, and Anderson Varejao. LBJ fans need to understand that Lebron has a better supporting cast then most and that his buddy Shaq made a claim that when he joined Cleveland, he’d help the King get a ring. Where are the Cleveland Cavaliers now Shaq cause if I take a look at the most current playoff brackets, I don’t even see your team there, right? Another thing I would like to add is that LBJ needs to stop crying and he needs to especially stop crying like a little bitch if you want the truth. Yea, this year he shook players hands the night his team was eliminated, but you could tell from the look on his face that he was about to start ballin like a little baby, waa waa Lebron, grow up! Move on with life, your nearly or practically a billionaire at the age of 25 or 26 however old you are. Learn how to play in clutch moments like Kobe too, that’s what defines Kobe. He knows when to step up and deliver in times of need and that’s what a King does for his people (teammates) when they are down in a game or when they are in need. To end this off, being a Kobe fan since 96′ when he first entered the league, I would have to say that yes, Kobe is the best and greatest player in the NBA right now and he has demonstrated that, credit goes to LBJ, because the NBA “predicts” that he will become the face of the NBA in years to come. Too bad you must win a ring before that happens huh LBJ?

    Thank you,
    Mohammed Mid-City Midlij

    E-mail: mmidlij24@yahoo.com

    • Craig Carter says:

      I agree he cries alot and he needs to step up if he is suppose to be so great he got a good team

  26. Kobe says:

    GOAT simply said!!!

  27. ryan says:

    yo ed, what up dude with (if they beat the suns) of course they’ll beat the suns!!!!!! sorry you dont like the lakers, but you better get used to it cause their winnin another

  28. Laker says:

    HE deserves 5th RING!!!
    go lakers

  29. kobe jr. says:

    screw age. kobe is kobe. some might say lbj is the best, but it doesnt do much good to be the best and not win a title. kobe on the other hand is the best player because he can get his team involved as well as himself. Kobe is wininn another championship in 2010!

  30. bob980 says:

    lakers in 5

  31. bogac says:

    the lakes are going to beat the suns, but the magic are going to beat the C’s and then the Lakers are going to iose to the magic 3-4.

  32. look man…kobe is one of the greatest ever to play in this game of basketball period….he’s the closes to jordan….two more rings and u never know….but he is the man! the black mamba….cold bloded…crunch time executer….determination….close out games on the road….love’s been booo all the time when he plays away…and performs…now u tell the world if he is the best or not…and last but not least….always up to the challenge…he’ll guard lebron….and stop him…wade….nash….durant…allen….pierce…rose….roy…lakers back 2 business in 2010!!!

  33. David says:

    Kobe obviously still has several good years ahead of him. His explosiveness fell off slightly but his experience is the difference maker. Kobe’s experience > explosiveness.. in winning championships at least

  34. popoy says:

    Kobe is a legend Lebron nah his just another wanna be!!

    MJ 6 championship – Kobe 4 and counting

    Malone, Barkley, Ewing, Iverson 0 championship – Lebron 0 and he will never be a champ, he could won the MVP 4 to 5 times but never be a champ,

  35. LisaLong says:

    he has at least another 4-5 years left…..look at steve nash-35 or 36 and he still balls..now imagine kobe 35 OR 36.
    kobe isn’t going no where for a while

  36. Sean says:

    Kobe is not that old, but seriously hes 32 and hes soo good
    When he gets older, He will be known as Legend!

  37. Neutralboy says:

    well, for me Kobe is doing what Michael Jordan did,,Mj won 6 championships and I think Kobe can do it too.. They get wiser as they aged..yup!! getting older is gettin wiser and more mature..understanding every aspects of the game..unlike King J.. well goodluck for him if he can win 2 or more championship before he retires.. attitude first..like what kobe did..he became a team player..

  38. David says:

    Lebron aint neva gon get a ring…cuze yers ns yrs..better and better players come to the nba and they have alot of good rookies already such as tyreke eveans, steph curry, jennigs..he jus neva gonna win..specially if kobe is still playin..

  39. eden says:

    MR. V has got to be the dumbest here on this page

    cant count huh?? and yet you still talk smack..

    Go back to middle kinder garden they count better than you fool..

    Kobe has got the experience and know how to get the job done.. he’s not resting on his insane physical ability to say he can win one.. He does it thru practice..

    Think more MR V. you’re dumb

  40. J Z says:

    Mr V Kobe will have 12 Championships by age 40

  41. Rename says:

    maybe even JUST lebron’s atitude, immaturity and love for attention is what’s hindering him to get to where mj was once. as much as I hate everything about this hero of yours, i admit that he is a very good and unique player, but he doesn’t realize that he makes his journey harder? he is a leader on the court, but off the court? man, filled with drama that even his free agency might overshadow the NBA finals, good thing kobe will be there. going back to you, LB already has scottie pippenSSSS, lots of ’em. but lebron can’t solve the pieces of his and the cavs’ puzzle and it resulted to un-scottie pippen-like performances. the game 5 trash game and game 6 giveaway? that only shows that he has already decided what to do on JULY 1, the biggest day in NBA history? it will be for a change, but I think LB will not change unless he decides to chase for rings, not only sit on his throne as watch THE REAL KING win his 5th ring this playoffs.

  42. ed says:

    Okay, guys…….let’s give Mr. V a break who admitted he did the math wrong……………………there’s no need to be redundant. Moving on, it is apparent Kobe is not as athletic as he was when he was younger, but it is important to note his maturity and work ethics. Only great players are able, physically and most importantly, mentally, adjust their games to current conditions…….in this case, Kobe’s age. Opinions can be freely express, but it does not change the fact players 5-7 years younger than Kobe still make it a mission to guard 24. That says a lot about a player, the way he demands respects from defenders. If the opposing coach has incorporated into their game plan to double team a specific player, any players for that matter, it speaks volume. This is not to say you should not ALWAYS play your best, but one thing I have seen and can personally, attest to is because you cannot win it all, you better win when it is important…………..GO LAKERS!!!!!!! GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!! Also, stop with this nonsense and excuse about Kobe came this far because of Shaq, because of this, and that………..the truth is Shaq can’t do it without Kobe too, just like Wade can’t do it without Shaq, Shaq would not have been able to do it without Wade, another super star, but we can be sure, and this is fact, James couldn’t do it with Shaq, and vise versa……………..PEACE!!!!!

  43. kobi says:

    Kobe is a game closer.he can do it any time and i m pretty sure he will do it again and again..leBron is slamming dunks on his back yard watching kobe winning the trophy.

  44. borko says:

    Lebron is 26 and is turning 27 on 30th of September. He will never reach KB or MJ

  45. Goto says:

    Kobe’s great. We all know how he’s dominating this playoffs unlike the best player in the league, (I agree that Bron has put up ridiculous numbers but he must remember that he must refine his game because he won’t be as freakin’ athletic forever). I’m from the Philippines, yeah that small country in south east Asia you call whenever you dial the customer service of any of the big companies there in the states and other developed countries. There will always be the Kobe haters, for reasons of he shoots so much or for the simple reason he wears purple and gold. Love him or hate him he’s still great, he wins games and always finds a way to improve his game every year. The best thing about him is he’s so competitive something his peers merely talk about or show signs of being competitive but not at the level of Kobe. I always see several videos of other players saying they relish tight games and like the playoffs are their stage and more, It’s hard for me to see that, when they themselves can’t back their words when it really matters, in the playoffs, Kobe is on a different level compared to his peers even as he approaches age 32. The Finals seem to be a collision course between the Lakers and Celtics, I’m a laker fan but still I’m not predicting an all the way for the Lakers, because the Celtics will be a great match.

  46. Albert says:

    lebron, barkley, malone, mcgrady, ewing, wilkins are superstar with the same in common. you know it.

  47. mrcali says:

    Why is everyone so worried about the Lakers. First, it was Ron Artest not playing the defense that was expected of him. Now he’s making a difference when it counts. In the playoffs! Did anyone doubt it?

    Then it was about the bench not doing what they should. Well duh! They didn’t get the playing time during the regular season which may have been a good thing because now they are stepping up.

    Now it’s about Kobe? What the heck? Unarguably the best player in the league right now, Kobe is doing just what he has always done for the Lakers; win games! All that talk about all these young players in the regular season, but the truth is no one plays the game better and smarter than Kobe. NO ONE! Now there is this hype about Rajon Rondo who has never proven himself the way Kobe has. Plllleeease!

    C’mon now folks. They are the League Champions. Not Cleveland, or Orlando, or even Boston stand a chance against the best group ever put together called The Lakers. My prediction for the Championship: Lakers over Boston in 5. Come see me when it happens.

  48. kahului says:

    im die hard .. fans for lakers most especially KB..he is not old …yet he is the greatest player …of all time…kobe…KOB ..KOB…..MVP MVP….I LIKE BA….good luck lakers beat the CELTICS…

  49. Carrington Banks says:

    Um wasn’t Jordan like 34, 35. and 36 in his last three championships? Yeah, I think people takin this OLD AGE thing a wee bit too far. Kobe is in his Prime 32 years old is VERY young, and its PRIME in the NBA, 32-36 is when most NBA players became legendary…Lebron is my favorite player, but no way is he greater than Kobe at this point. Kobe has proved time and time again that he knows what it takes to make his team wins, and he has that fire in his eyes every playoff game. And this comes from a LAKER HATER (except Phil and Gasol),,,

  50. Alexx Oz 24 says:

    I know there will never be another one like KOBE… So for me when KOBE’s will be done I will be done with Basketball. Coz without names Like KOBE in the ligue things are just gonna be bored I guaranty you.

  51. Mert Gelis says:


  52. LAkErs !! says:

    @ ED celtics will taste lakers as a team this tmy 2008 pau was new to lakers and now the lakers are working as a unit pau and odm bynum all hve improved their game in great deal and jst add the blck mamba to the unit i may be here sounding die heart laker fan but this unit will be remberd in history aftr kobe leaves the game i mean they all are young to the game and already stars kobe has done so mch for them… this team was a one man show aftr o neal left and then 2008 they hve really made histry all the players over past 3 years hve imprvd so mch !!

  53. LAkErs !! says:

    @ mr V hahahah lebron getting 7 till he is 32 u really dont knw wht are u talking about right 🙂 hahaha kid bryant has 3 more years to go aftr this so lebron reaches 29 by dat time and yea he is not getting a ring till da kobe is playing ..lebron can never be great he is good or very good but wont be gr8

  54. jabon says:

    lebron wont even get a ring because when kobe was lebrons age he alredy owned 3 rings. kobe mvp lebron sucks!!!

  55. LAkErs !! says:

    @ ED celtics will taste lakers as a team this tmy 2008 pau was new to lakers and now the lakers are working as a unit pau and odm bynum all hve improved their game in great deal and jst add the blck mamba to the unit i may be here sounding die heart laker fan but this unit will be remberd in history aftr kobe leaves the game i mean they all are young to the game and already stars kobe has done so mch for them… this team was a one man show aftr o neal left and then 2008 they hve really made histry all the players over past 3 years hve imprvd so mch !!

  56. Roy Alfaro says:

    I think kobe is maturing perfectly… you can see in his previous games untill now that he is improving… from a high flyer stunt devil in the court to a low post fade away shooting veteran who’s still showing the crowd that he is still the black mamba.. he still have the venom, the instinct to kill… that’s why he is still unstopable at age of 32… lakers rules…

  57. Mamba2124 says:

    kobe bryant simply the best…..lebrons never going to win championships…cus lebrons always going to be mad…cus his moms …always dating the players lol hahahha delonte west…is a fool for that one…….strait laid the pipe game on james mom lol hahahha

  58. Chase says:

    Mr. v you’re not really the brightest kid, The lakers always lose? that exxplains why they have 4 championships in the last decade with 6 Finals visits, not to mention another one coming up this season.

  59. Ray says:

    Kobe is great. However, I HATE that ridiculous face he make when he’s trying to look tough after a great play, running down the court sticking his bottom teeth out. Looks like an idiot.

  60. Black Mamba says:

    DId you all QUEEN’s fans not see the way he gave up at the end of game 6 of the semi conference final? That was a fact, and you all try to compare him to Kobe? You guys make me laugh. Even Kobe would’ve never gave up after he shot three airballs in the playoff series against the Jazz before. Don’t insult the black mamba like that, please. Until Lebron is able to have the mentality that Kobe and Jordan have, he is just a baby. Don’t get me wong, I think Lebron is one heck of a player, but he still has a a lot to learn from the one of the most clutch player and arguably the best closer in the game this era. In time he will learn to utilize his potentials to the fullest (control the tempo of the game, knows when to be unselfish but also knows when it’s time to take over, have the same killer instinct and the strong mindset as the the other greats when the game is on the line).. he will learn.. maybe after Kobe retires.. but he will learn. Until then, please don’t put him on the same level as Kobe.

  61. Baller says:

    Be informed instead of just being opinionated.

  62. Calijane says:


  63. tong says:


  64. Magic Johnson says:

    Lebron will be the next Charles Barkley, great player but no Championship ring at all.

  65. 17MSB says:

    Well,he has been in the NBA since 1996, but he is only 32 years old. Thats pretty young for his supposed age group. Ray allen is like 36. kobe for me just got hindered by injuries. Once you have his golden stroke, youll never lose it unless you get injured

  66. Tikolo says:


  67. durka says:

    I personally believe that Kobe Bryant has achieved Michael Jordan’s level on terms of playoff performances. The man is incredibly brilliant. I thought Lebron really was the best now and the torch was passed in the regular season, I will have to admit I was terribly wrong.

    You play the regular season to be at the playoffs.

  68. AJ says:

    Old?! lol – Let’s not forget that Jordan was 29 when he (and his team) won his (their) first championship in Chicago – he subsequently went on to win 5 more. Kobe is 31 with 4 rings and about to get another, making that 5 – I foresee him and the Lakers if PJ and Kobe, Gasol stay with L.A., winning at least 2 or 3 more! Funny thing is, people tend to measure greatness on the number of rings, if that’s the case, then someone could argue that Robert Horry is one of the greatest players of all time – LOL.

  69. Jan Eizer T. Salveron says:

    Ed is a Kobe hater and yet you contradicted yourself. The keyword is ONCE you moron. Thats what Kobe means when he says old, now his wiser and more dangerous in the floor cause he now can have a complete balance and become one with the game.

  70. Jan Eizer T. Salveron says:

    Its funny how I started calling Lebron “Queen” James and everyone nicknamed him that now hahahaha I have a better nickname for him now its BIG BABY JAMES… its a more deserving nickname than “King” James cause we know thats a stupid nickname. We could call him King John based on the character in Robin Hood, a fake King!!!!! Lebron has been pampered and been treated like a baby since he got in the league. Unfair calls and ref’s taking his side all the time molded him to be a better player and gave him all his potential to reach his best, yet he still can’t win. Kobe, hasn’t been loved in exception to a couple of years, yet he won multiple rings. Kobe is a “WARRIOR KING” he goes out to WAR with his boys. He gets hurt yet he wants to destroy his enemies. Big Baby James gets a little bump in the playoffs and he starts to panic and play different. He can’t handle the pressure, Kobe loves the moment and becomes one with it.
    – I have a good story written for the NBA lets say about 7 years from now anyone taking notice ask me.

  71. Len says:

    MR. V @ May 22, 2010 at 1:05 pm “thx okay lebron wont be able to get 10 championships by the age of 32 but 7 is still bigger than UMMMMM four”..YEAH.., UMMMMM… NO… 7 pretend rings is not bigger than 4 actual rings…So untill LaQueen wins one actual ring..Relax kick back and watch KB24 go to work..OH and work on your math lool…its terrible dude

  72. michael says:

    charles barkley is barking so hard as if he win a championship ring, he think he’s one of the greatest in basketball, not even close to kobe, karl malone did not win a championship ring but he’s great. barkley is not even close to karl malone…

  73. Minsta says:

    Mr. V is semi-retarded and does not REALLY understand basketball. “Lakers are the best at every position”?? what’s wrong with you? do you even watch any other teams except for Cleveland?

  74. Riley says:

    Kobe for president!

  75. Mr. V is stupid! says:

    Mr. V’s points are stupid!

    He worship LBJ too much he lost his objectivity to give credible opinion.

    He said LBJ is the next MJ he just need a scottie pippen. LBJ is surrounded by so much talent now. When Cleveland was winning regular season games.. Cleveland fans were so happy and were convinced that they have the best team in NBA and they were praising LBJ that he makes his teammate good. Now that they were sent fishing by Boston, they are now blaming everyone else except LBJ.

    and why the hell is he being arrogant about what LBJ hasn’t done yet? his saying that LBJ would get 10 rings but LBJ has not yet proven that he could get one… If LBJ leaves Cleveland for New York it’s pretty sure that he could not get one in the near future.

    last point, LBJ is long way to go to be the next MJ.. he’s even long way to go to win championship because he still lacks the killer instinct that NBA champions have. He can’t deliver when it matters most.

  76. The G.O.A.T says:

    He’s not referring to his age, when he says hes old. He’s talking about his basketball age. Hes play so many playoff games, that it’s taking a toll on his body. Last time a I heard, one of the basketball minds said that Kobe is 45 years old or so, in basketball years. Kobe we just need to get you three more rings. Hold on, get a tune up after the season.

  77. Siknasty says:

    I don’t know what the f you are saying but this article is pointless and makes absolutely no sense. Sorry. You are too far up Kobe’s anal, please gasp for air.

  78. cmon says:

    Alright, I think everybody understood that Mr. V was wrong about 20 comments ago. Really, does every single person feel the need to say the same thing?

  79. youssef says:

    Kobe plays this game cuz he loves this sport thats why he isnt retiring, he will wen he’s old and useless but thats not anytime soon so it all good.

  80. BIGDADDYDEAN says:


  81. Clint says:

    LBJ is a great basketball player, but over the past several play-offs I have not seen just take over a game like Magic, Bird, MJ and Kobe have done. I think it matters were he plays, until he learns to force his will on a play-off series like MJ or Kobe he will be like othe great players (Barkley, Ewing and others) … Great careers, but no Championship rings.

  82. Ed says:

    Kobe is Kobe, he isn’t worth $30 million a year for nothing.
    Given that he is one of the best cagers today, it is not an assurance that his team will bag the championship. That’s why basketball involves five people to play as a team, not one-on-one.
    Kobe, with his age and talent, can still play good basketball for at least five years more. But stamina and physical health will surely deteriorate with his age and little by little affect his performance.
    I think if Kobe and Company loses to the Celtics in the championship (if they beat the Suns), he should make a graceful exit and retire. He can’t do a KG, Paul Pierce or Ray Allen. Why? I think he is too individualistic a player to meld with a group.
    As Phil Jackson once said, Kobe is “uncoach-able.”.

    • Basketball Fan says:

      Well if you haven’t noticed for the past several years the relationship between Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant has evolved. It took time for Mr. Bryant to grow-up and mature. With experience comes wisdom. So I’m pretty sure Jackson doesn’t believe that Bryant is “uncoach-able” [it should be uncoachable]. He doesn’t need to “make a graceful exit and retire.” Don’t forget that Kobe has several injuries including a broken finger, a swollen knee, and a tweaked ankle. He is not “individualistic” look at his numbers. 13 assists to go along with 21 points, not to mention that Pau Gasol (last game) had 29 points. He is a born leader with killer-instincts. If you’re looking for an individualistic player look toward LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers are playing the best basketball they have played in the last several years. They will beat the Suns [Phil Jackson’s team 46-0 when up 2-0; Los Angeles Lakers 41-2 when up 2-0]. The finals will be interesting and we’ll see which team comes out a Champion.

  83. powderpower says:

    @Mr. V – do your math, dude! LeBron’s 25, turning 26 this year. By age 32, that’s only five, six years from now. How the heyll can he get 10, even at least 8 friggin rings in 6 years?!?!?!?!

    • michael says:

      hey guys… it is possible for lebronze to win 10 championship rings at the age of 32, because whether we like it or not, david stern and the stupid media will give championship rings to lebronze like the two (2) mvp awards. by that time, nike, addidas, puma, converse and all other sports wear beg for lebronze as their model… nice mathematics @ mr. v..

  84. Webbie says:

    “Mr. V says:
    May 22, 2010 at 12:05 am
    i wonder what Lebron will accomplish by age 32… what 8, 9, 10 championships… see you then”

    ROFL…….hes 25 with zero rings today. That’s gonna be a bit hard to do, no?

  85. Bien says:

    Been a Lakers fan since I can remember. Best team ever was the Kareem/Magic/Wilkes/Cooper era. Present Lakers team? Just about to reach that peak.

    Everyone’s talking about Kobe. Well, probably because the post is about him. Let’s not forget it’s a team game. Kobe couldn’t win squat without the team to back him up. Everything he does should be for the good of the team, and I’m happy to say, that’s exactly what he’s doing. Actually, the whole team is hell bent on doing everything they can to make a repeat this year a reality.

    Kudos to the whole Lakers organization for doing such a great job so far. Fans the world over appreciate it, for i don’t think there is an NBA team with more fans than the Lakers (check the stats on sales and team viewed).

    About getting up at 3am in the morning to see my favorite team play? not a problem. it certainly is worth it.

    keep the energy up guys. Lakers have always had the deepest bench in the league. Which makes Odom’s sacrifice more appreciated. and Kobe? old is when you stopped playing with heart. i don’t see that happening to him anytime in the next 20 years. as long as you’re in there doing your thang, i don’t care even if you’re 75. ^_^

  86. Black Mamba says:

    We are witnessing history. People in 80’s – 90’s were lucky to watch Jordan.. He was on his own to claim the title “Best”.. He beat Magic/Bird/Barkley(yeah he’s an a** but still)/Malone etc. to get those 6 rings.. Now we’re witnessing another Great player, that is Kobe Bryant.. we sure are lucky.. We saw the guy’s ups and downs.. We watched him when he won the 3rd ring in his 23.. We watched him when he struggled to find his space in the team when egos clashed.. We watched him when he dropped 81 points in an amazing game against Raptors.. We watched him when he out-scored Dallas alone himself in 3 periods.. Now we’re witnessing his performance, his legacy, a new Kobe Bryant, a better taste.. like a wine that gets better as the time passes.. I don’t know if he’ll be still compared to Michael Jordan and dragged into conversations for who is better when he retires? but I do know that as Kobe said once he’ll be remembered as Kobe Bryant, he wants to be remembered like that, not compared to Jordan.. Kobe Bryant.. the guy who won 4+ (6-7 ?) championships.. the guy who led his Lakers team to championships EVEN after that legendary team saw the bottom.. He’s a captain.. he’s a legend.. he’s a true Laker.. purple & gold in his blood..

    I don’t get the Kobe haters though.. Why would you hate him now? ok you might have your own reasons when he was young back then.. but grudge? why? I’m following ESPN almost everyday.. and I’m truely surprised and frustrated why such a player can’t be acknowledged, instead a player like Lebron who has not won a ring or had any accomplishments can be hyped that much.. Just relax and enjoy it.. when he retires, yeah that’s sad, you will definitely regret that.. I’m sure Jordan had haters too.. Every player does.. but why the hate when you can just enjoy the moment.. Basketball is a beautiful game.. and every game night, when Kobe does those beautiful things, play the basketball itself.. when he crossovers, when he shoots fadeaway, when he hits those buzzer beaters.. you should forget all the things you’ve ever seen and be in that moment.. that’d be my advice to you guys..

    • NBA Fan says:


    • Nick says:

      WOW… Well said my friend. Kobe is the GOAT, and he has done many amazing things in his career. All he needs to do now is win a few more championships and he is good. He’s the Lakers all time leader in scoring, and like you said he has Purple and Gold in his veins. He destroys opponents with injuries, taped up fingers, messed up ankles. You name it, he can do it. With all due respect to Jordan, Kobe is untouchable.

  87. buknoy says:

    LBJ must wait until kobe retires at age 40 to win his first ever NBA championship together with carmelo anthony, dWade, dwight howard and dRose..with supporting casts like dWills, Durantula, Stud, CB4, rondo, Josh smoove and Joakim Noah..together in 1 team they can repeatedly win championship..if this can happen…but i guess not…so LBJ is just a resemblance of his old dog Charles Barking…
    KOBE BRYANT ALL THE WAY… True leader, true MVP and true LEGEND…

  88. Kane L.A. says:

    The easiest way to make a basket in basketball is the “Slam Dunk”. The media and folks that watch basketball and DONT PLAY THE GAME think that the AMAZING DUNK sets the bar of a great bball player. Of course these people dont play the game so they have no clue how the game should be played. Michael Jordan didn’t become a great playe/great WINNER until he developed a consistent jumper. If all you can do is impress the masses with athelitic ability then your just a hype player who will never win a ring — just ask Lebron James !

  89. Fitox says:

    Las comparaciones son feas, pero como se ha abierto la discusión, hagamos un poco de historia:

    Kobe logró su primer título de NBA a los 21 años (M.J. a los 28, LeBron 0).

    M.J. logró su sexto título a los 35 años (Kobe puede lograr su quinto anillo a los 32, LeBron por ahora 0).

    M.J. se retiró luego de ganar 3 títulos a los 30 años (Kobe tenía 23 cuando consiguió su tercer anillo; LeBron a sus 25 años esta búscando un equipo que le pague todo el dinero del mundo y ganar un título).

    Tanto M.J. como Kobe jugaron en equipo, o se les olvida a Pippen, Keer, Rodman, Paxson, Grant en los Bulls, y a Fox, Horry, Van Exel y por supuesto Shaquille, en los Lakers. Pero James apenas está entendiendo el juego de equipo, aunque en los playoffs demostró su incapacidad de meterse en la candela y siempre espera que le llegue el balón. Es increíble como la liga, por dos bloqueos o robos por partido lo incluyen en el equipo defensivo del año.

    Kobe y Michael están muy por encima del mal llamado “rey”, ¿rey de qué? será de la venta de zapatilla deportivas, porque en el tabloncillo ha demostrado ser un subdito.

  90. Jody Blanco says:

    It is funny, how during the regular season we throw every criticism at Kobe (he’s too aggressive, he’s too passive, he’s forcing things, he’s old), but in the playoffs he puts all his critics to shame. He’s probably laughing just as much at us as at the news reporters and analysts. That’s fine with me, I’m a Laker fan.

    As far as his game goes, you can see how well he’s absorbed MJ’s repertoire to keep him at the top of his game. But he also takes a much stronger role than MJ ever did in organizing the offense and defense — you can see him directing traffic a lot, getting the triangle spacing right, and shouting things from the weak side. It’s actually great to see how it’s possible for a player’s game to “mature,” the point at which the pure athleticism gives way to a more intellectual approach. How many players can you think of who actually graduate to that level?

  91. lebricklemamba says:

    kobe is chasing mj obviously..lebron as of now doesnt matter to kobe lets leave lebron and kobe do their thing..anyway will see when lebron wins a championship with or without an LA like supporting cast…the thing is lets wait and see if hell win a champinship and we can at least fairly say lebron is finally chasing kobe…not now yet! i say again it would not matter to me if lebron will win championship with or without an LA like supporting cast..as long as he wins a championship it shud be fair then to say that he is chasing or at least keeping up with kobe and mj too..basketball imoortality is winning a championship which means much more to the magnitude of kobe and lebron than that of dj mbenga winning a ring..

  92. LAvsCeltics says:

    kobe has yet to prove that he is better than MJ; kobe has yet to prove he is better than Mj; wade has yet to prove that he is better than kobe..lebron ? i dono……

  93. The ghost of Red Auerbach says:

    Yes, Kobe is a hell of a player, even at 32, but… he should beware of the Celtics!

    We knocked out D-Wade.

    We embarrassed The King.

    We just grounded Superman.

    So, we will tame The Mamba too.

    Go Celtics! No 18 is on the way…

  94. kb go! says:

    Kobe is always the best.
    He can play under pressures while other players like lebron couldnt.
    Kobe still can continue hitting the game winning shots, doing his stepback and fadeaways.
    Nobody can stop kobe from taking his shots.
    Kobe is just the best!
    Age cannot affect Kobe.
    So go! Kobe!

  95. eduardo luna says:

    kobe b. 7 championship ring’s

  96. Mr. J says:

    Well, LeBron’s 25… it could be tricky to win 8, 9 or 10 championships by 32, seeing as he’s only got 7 years to do so… but he is LBJ, so you never know… haha! X!

  97. LBJ says:

    Mar V: Lebron has to win his first before he can get to his 8th. Also, you know he is already 25 right? That means he has to win 4 championships (soon to be 5… and counting) in the next 7 years when he turns 32 just to catch Kobe. All I have to say to that is, 1) Good Luck 2) This year was his best shot.

    Good Day.

  98. vadim says:

    MR.V when you said that lebron will have 8- 10 championships at age 32, you stupid, next year he will 26 so he cannot win more than 6 titles and do you really think that this looser can win 6 straight title, let me laugh.

  99. Nitin says:

    Kobe Bryant! The name itself reminds me of the color Yellow & Championships .
    He’s without a doubt the best ever to play the game , i know people have got more
    championships than him but if they played the game in these days and todays intensity
    things would be different! Lebron can never be Kobe , I mean people said all the time
    that kobe wouldnt win another championship without Shaq n there you have it he did .
    And rest assure he will win this Year as well ..
    Kobe – Champion (Honest to lakers , A Winner All around)

  100. akinz says:

    d older d wine d better,dat goes 4 kobe as wel

  101. jjohn says:

    Kobe at his age knows the game better… he knows what he needs to do to get the W, it doesn’t matter if he scores 40+, 20 or even less, coz he does the things that helps his team win, he’s a guy that has learned that it’s not the stats that counts but the W for the team…. He sure is aiming for another ring or might as well give phil another grandslam… anyway he still has at least five more years.. GO Lakers! KOBE MVP!

  102. Kosta Vourgiotis says:

    @Deandre If LeBron wouldn’t become an excellent mid-range jumper, and a solid 3 point-shooter then he’ll be a 0 championship man, Teams know that and they give him space to shoot. He was really bad against the Celtics. Not every team will leave you 30 points by driving. Very good teams will not actually. He is a 20-point, 30% shooter against good teams. He needs a lot of work.
    @Sekou Smith Kobe is being better right now because he is passing the ball. He is a good passer, and now that his body won’t let him be so energetic, he prefers to pass the ball. Look up to an old dictionary for the word Selfishness. Selfishness=Kobe Bryant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqcgy6xLrEM
    Now that he actually passes the ball he is perfect. I am a Kobe hater, but I love the way he plays right now, even though I am a Suns fan as well. lol

  103. Serveursoul says:

    Kobe is an exception to the rule. WIth his age comes wisdom and maturity of his game. He serves as an inspiration to all of us that age doesn’t matter at all!

  104. John says:

    Mr. V…I hope your predictions are better than your common sense…

    LBJ is what? 26/27? Meaning he’s got 5 or 6 years until he’s 32.

    And…he’s going to win 8, 9, 10 championships in 5 or 6 years? lol…

  105. max says:

    kobe is not that old maybe 4-5 years before he will retire a lot of gas still left in the tank for the black mamba..

  106. Brat Bonyke says:

    Kobe will get more rings than Jordan. LeBron has to wait some years for his ring, this is Kobe Era, that’s also why he’ll stay in the Eastern Conference, the West is Kobe Home. So Clippers, bad luck, you’ll need to get somebody else.

  107. Kobe fan says:

    Nobody can deny getting old ,but i think kobe focusing more like a leader with great guys around him with chemistry & understanding among each other ,in 10-12 yrs back kobe was young athletic super acrobatic moves, selfish some how 81 points in a game !!!!!????
    he is great ?yes, he is a living legend ?definitely as they said getting older ?more wisdom go kobe MVP PLAYOFFS 2010 (LAKERS VS CELTICS)
    Lebron, change your team to get the rings ,go to lakers for sure you will get it.

  108. blazh24 says:

    wow, i see you’re a smart one… he’s 25 now, which leaves him with 7 seasons to 32 years. and even the greatest ever to play this game, the ones that weren’t even born by now… i think even they will have a hard time accomplishing the goal of 8 championships in 7 seasons.

  109. People forget that Kobe has been in the league 13 or 14 years. My gracious, how many people can log that many games on their bodies and still play at an efficient level? Additionally, critics like Charles Bark-ass quickly forget that Kobe not only has played in tons of regular season games, he traditionally goes deep into the playoffs. Something Sir Charles can’t relate to. Give the man a break. Whether you like him or not, he is one of the greatest of all times. And if you disagree, trying going one on one with him with your raggedy thirty-one year old body. I bet he will whip the snot out of you – play you to 21, spot you 10, and make you beg for mercy.

  110. moksha says:

    @Mr. V
    Do the math. No way will Lebron win 8,9,10..etc championships by the time he becomes 32. He’ll be 26 this year.

    Mentally, Kobe is in his prime…

  111. Is It Over??OrJustStarted??? says:

    Ok, first off @ MR V- Lebron cant win 8 9 10 championships by 32, he is 25 going on 26, with none now….so even if he won from next year till then, thats 6 (the chances of that…..probably none). Second I agree that Kobe is aging, but I will argue fa strong point that if Kobe didnt have the amount of Injuries he does right at this moment, he could tack on ten years. Grant Hill, he doesnt have the skill set that Kobe does, but he is playing at a high level and he is 37 and has been injured the majority of his career. Tim Duncan Came in the league after Kobe, but because the Spurs have had deep playoff runs, you age twice as fast. Add the playoff games to Kobe, and he has played an extra season, thats very little rest especially with media events, Olympics, the court cases, two kids (believe me that alone can make you age tremendously in a year), Plus put in a unbelievable amount of work on his game….I will say this, Jordan took two years off, came back fresh an had another three-peat…Kobe has not taken time off yet. This we should take into consideration, then we will realise what we are witnessing might not be the end of Kobe Bryant…but we may have only seen Part 1 to his Greatness?

    • DeAndre says:

      Wow….. You took the words right out of my mouth. No one has ever really had these comments make it into the talk table at TNT, Fox or anyother broadcast. There seem to be this overwhelming blanket of support for MJ’s legacy when compared to what Kobe is doing, but for some reason Lebron can get this talk without any supporting hardware other than talent, and he hasn’t even won ANYTHING. So mush for talent alone.I remember when Grant Hill was the man of the NBA, I remember Penny Hardaway was the man of the NBA. I think Lebron might be one of those men.Regular season MVP ain’t gonna cut it. Like the motto say’s WIN OR GO HOME! Kobe ain’t been home in years, LOL. I think Lebron’s game is tremendous but I’m not ready to lay down for unproven success yet. Remeber this. MJ would not have won without Scottie. The same can be said between Kobe and Shaq. The question is this, Who was the MJ and who was the Scottie during the 99-03 run? becuase it’s lookin more like KB24 aka MJ everyday. And for all of you who say Gasol will never be what Shaq was, okay this is true but it only supports Kobe’s bid for greatest EVA even more. So I’ll leave you with this, c’mon Lebron do a sign and trade so that you can ride shotgun on the LAKESHOW and get some rings before you get hurt and go down in flames like those OTHER MEN mentioned above. Maybe it’s not us common folk who need to witness, maybe it’s YOU.

  112. Charles says:

    LOL at Mr. V, Lebron will have 8 to 10 rings by the age of 32? let’s see, he didn’t win a win a ring this year : he’s 25 right now. so next year in the finals he’ll be 26, assuming he wins consecutive titles ’til age 32, i doubt he’ll have 8, idiot. Stay in school. hahaha. the statement that lebron even winning a title already seems blurry let alone consecutive titles. he’s great but he lacks a killer instincts and the mentality to be a champion not just another washed up stat hog.

  113. Charles says:

    We all grow old, but sometimes we forget that how someone feels physically matters. Being healthy and in good shape to able to do what you love doing.

  114. iblezens says:

    lebron fans get the hell out of this thread

    haha. keep up the humor kobe

  115. Mark Christian Francisco mATEO says:

    yes, kobe is not getting young.. but as we all see,kobe is the main man! kobe can still kill you in iso, in evrything! that’s how great player kobe is..and ‘m pretty sure that kobe and company will win this 2010 nba chamionship! soo kobe haters? beware, kobe run’s for ‘5 is coming.. ITS ALL ABOUT BLACK MAMBA!

  116. kwvin says:


  117. kwvin says:

    to the guy that said lebron will win 8.9.10 championship @ the age of 32? Lebron is going to turn 26 this year, in “6” years he will turn 26…im asian but dont get me wrong, i know us “asians” are good at math but it doesnt take a genius to know that in 6 years he will turn 32….hypothetically he can only win “6” rings…sorry im not math wiz but 6 years to win 8 rings…impossible.

  118. ixtrisnity says:

    mr V is stupid.. how can lebron win 10 championship by age of 32??? that choker is already 25 and ring less… stupid as le choke

  119. knowledge says:

    hey mr v i think lebron cant do that 8 championships in 7 years hello do your math dumbass he cant even win to the finals

  120. P.Stern says:

    What kobe has done the recent years is amazing and although his team has improved, so has kobe. I continue to see him make shots that he couldn’t at one point in his career in the pass while being able to put pressure on the rim effectively. The squad around him allows him to not carry the team always which is why his numbers have diminished but I think its all still here he has been healthy for his career. @ Mr. V Lebron is already 26…. at 32 he could have 6 championships if he won every year.. which is impossibly unlikely cuz the poor fellow will stay in Cleveland for 3-4 more years

  121. J.M. says:

    I’m a science teacher in Portugal, that continue to wake up at 3.00am to see the lakers and watch Kobe Bryant, only Magic and Kareem made me do that, age is not a problem when you love the game, Kobe Bryant is a legend and I wish that Kobe play for many years because is the kind of player that glue people to the tv set no matter the hour or the country.

    • Alek says:

      I agree. I leave in Slovenia now, and it isn’t hard at all to wake up that early (or stay up late), to watch Kobe and the Lakers. I’ve been a Lakers’ fan since I started watching NBA Basketball, which wasn’t that long ago, but since then I have seen Kobe getting more and more mature every single match. And I know that one day, hopefully long time from now, when Kobe retires, he’ll be a terrific coach if he tries that. Fish, too.

      As for this season and these playoffs, I don’t think that anybody can beat the Lakers again (maybe Boston can win a game at home). They are currently playing the best team basketball I’ve seen in years.

  122. Likwid says:

    “i wonder what Lebron will accomplish by age 32… what 8, 9, 10 championships… see you then.”

    You do realize he turns 26 this december? 32-26 = 6 years till he’s 32. If he even wins 8 NBA Championships in 6 years, he’ll be nominated for Nobel Prize in Science and won’t care about any of this.

  123. Jay-ar says:

    Kobe is not that old. His only 31 and I think he will play until 40 like Michael Jordan did. His game is so matured. I loved to watch because when I watch him playing its seems he know how to deal with different situation. Its amazing that he got 4 championship title and maybe he will get his 5ft after this playoffs. He is a favorite player of his era and maybe of the following years as long as he plays. Go Lakers and Kobe Brayant is the Finals MVP.

  124. Mathematician says:

    Mr. V says:
    May 22, 2010 at 12:05 am

    i wonder what Lebron will accomplish by age 32… what 8, 9, 10 championships… see you then


    Hmm, let’s see here. Lebron will be 26 years old during the next playoffs. . . if he won that championship and every championship after that until we was 32 he’d have, hmmm, 7 rings. Not 8, not 9, not 10.

    I know this is a fine point, but I think it just illustrates perfectly how the opinions of most sports fans are hot air, not based in any kind of reality. they’re just swagger and bluster.


    The game is played on the court, folks. On the court, by players executing a game plan developed by the coach, who, along with the players, was hired by management. It’s not played on blogs or in forums like this. And they play in real-time; the score really doesn’t depend on what happened 2 or 20 years ago.

    Furthermore, this is a team sport. The championship goes to the best team (which encompasses the whole organization). I’ve been a Lakers fan since West and Wilt, so I shed no tears when the Cavs got bumped. But if you think that Lebron James got knocked out of the playoffs this year, you don’t understand the game. The Cavs organization, from top to bottom, FAILED. the Cavs organization lost. Lebron James has never won an NBA game in his life, because the NBA doesn’t play one-on-one. They play 5-on-5.

    The reason that the elite teams like the Lakers and Celtics are perennial winners is because they have good organizations.

    Hope this clears up some hot air around here.

    • Mr. V says:

      dude give me a break we are all humans everyone makes mistakes… on that note, i agree with you… basketball is a team sport but lets analyze your team for a moment… ok game 1 of the WCF 40points for kobe talk about team play right… dude lebron is another MJ in the making all he needs is a “scottie pippen” to help him out and no one on the cleveland roster could succeed for that role… LBJ had a triple double and more for the last game… and the main reason he had turnovers is because his teammates werent catching the ball he was throwing them… but then again basketball is out there, out of our reach all we can do is watch… kobe only has one deserving championship cuz the other three were form shaq (young shaq)… i mean whats his name shasha vuiacic got a ring too but i would never say hes better tan LBJ, never, not even if he had 10 billion rings… you want some reality………. take it and be happy

      • Its Over says:

        A break??? you should have learned from Amare. Its better to shut up than make mistakes. I guess were “lucky” you have everyone’s attention by that error. LOL

      • Coronil says:

        About the turnovers…Lebron certainly seemed like he was blaming his teammates for his turnovers but it seemed like his turnovers were for the most part, his fault…..and as for your comment about Kobe having only one deserving championship because the other 3 rings he acquired were because of Shaq….so are you telling me that Kobe had NOTHING to do with those three championships that the Lakers won? Come on man…of all the foolish assumptions to make. You agreed with the guy, that basketball was a team sport and now you’re saying that Kobe won 3 rings because of one player….am I the only person that finds this a bit ironic?

        Don’t get me wrong, Lebron is an amazing player and I respect him a lot. Is he as good as Kobe? I don’t know. I never truly believed that comparing athletes was ever really worth my time thinking and arguing about. But I just want to point out that all the great players who have won championships in the past deserve respect and I think you and I can both agree to that.

      • NBA Fan says:

        Mr. V,

        Seriously, i mean seriously…. I have no hatred towards LBJ, i think he’ll go down as one of the best in the game but he’s not going to win EVERY championship from now till he’s 32…it’s just not going to happen. He might win any where from 1-3 thats because he has to rebuild a team, and that takes time. Now about your comment of the lakers, you have to be on something thinking “lakers are like the best at every postition” as you said. LBJ actually has more allstar players on his team than the Lakers…were you aware of that? So does the magic, and celtics…..fisher is old and slow and hardly scores, odom is unpredictable, artest has been kind of a slump this season, and bynum is always injured. the only two lakersthat can be catagorized as being the “best” or amongst the “best” is bryant and gasol. LBJ does so well in the reg season and does pretty damn good in the post season yet he can never seem to be good enough. atleast not yet, and i agree with you, he needs a “scottie pippen” but even MJ couldnt do it with just pippen, check your history. they had MVP-MJ, DEFENSE-RODMAN, ASSISTS-PIPPEN and many more plus JACKSON….and to say kobe only won 3 because of shaq is a diss to all of Roberts buzzer shots, fishers D when he was young, kobes insane game, ricks maturity and the rest of the unit. if anything you can say shaq needs someone with fresh legs to win championships (kobe,wade) because he’s been dominant for a long time but couldnt do it without those 2! so to finalize, you have no idea what you’re talking about, really thats it…. you’re clearly obssesd with LBJ and you’re asking people not hate on him yet you seem to hate on the Lakers and Kobe. if you ask for respect you should show respect first. so dissing lands to being dissed, thats 5th grade attitude son….say something when LBJ is 32 and has championships, if he has campionships but dont bitch about the ones that have championships

      • Sam says:

        hahaha, lebron a MJ in the making?? all Lebron can do is dunk..didnt u see what happend to the cavs when the celtics stopped him from driving?? lebron will never be like MJ or Kobe, a real MVP gets his team championships not just good individual stats and yea kobe had 40 points on only 22 shots, btw the cavs are a good team Lebron, Antwan Jamison, Mo williams, shaq, Z, anthony parker and the rest of the bench so dont give crap about lakers having a good team…. dont hate on kobe because lebron failed once again and Kobe’s taking his team to their 3rd consecutive finals!!

        KOBE = LEGEND

      • Mr says:


      • Rename says:

        lebron has “scottie pippen’SSSSS” actually, with s so there are many. (shaq, no question. jamison, solid 2nd option, mo williams, all-star) they just haven’t performed scottie pippen-like performances. maybe just stop comparing lbj to mj UNTIL lebron james achieved greatness. the way I see it, based on the scottie pippen thingy, you are comparing the chicago bulls dynasty to the cleveland cavaliers, which is so so stupid.

      • cay says:

        Mr. V, u r blinded by your love for Lebron. And what’s this nonsense about Kobe geting his rings from Shaq? Need i remind you that Shaq wouldn’t have those rings without Kobe, neither would MJ without Pipen. Robert Horry has 6 rings, were those given to him by Shaq or Duncan? This, once again, comes back to the “mathematician’s” point; TEAM WORK! LBJ is too busy racking up personal accolades, a glorified do-it-all player who at the end of his career might not have a ring if his mentality stays the same. Rewind back a couple of seasons when Kobe was busy leading the league in points and getting bounced in the playoff; point is you can lead ur team in every statistical category and expect to beat the elite teams in the playoffs. What else are the rest of the teammates supposed to do if he does it all? Until he trusts his other mates to do thier part and play the role, LBJ cannot be a point guard, center, forward, shooting guard at the same time! Goodluck winning a ring with that!

      • bknell says:

        Dude… did you even see Lebrons last game??? He was tossing the ball out of bounds, dribbling off his foot, and getting the ball stolen from him…… Thats not even the bad part. The part that is the worst is that he does not have that killer instinct that the best has… NEVER AGAIN compare him to Jordan. Please… you make yourself look like an idiot. Lebron goes into a shell in the playoffs. He had a great team for the past two years. They won over sixty games both years for christ sakes… Still couldnt make it to the finals. Kobe went to the finals four times with the first team and twice in a row with this team. Probably gonna go a third this year… You think he didnt earn those rings back then?? He averaged 28ppg in all of those finals…………….. Not bad…………. Shaq only outscored him in the first year playoffs. Not to mention Phil had to take shaq out of the game because he couldnt make a damn free throw. Lebron is great in the regular season but he has no killer instinct. Sorry…..

      • JAM says:

        Mr V. cmon….shaq also cannot win those 3 championships without kobe!!!!! do not underestimate his contributions!!!!!

    • Twiinstar says:

      Exactly right basketball is not a one on one game. Just because you can beat someone 1-on-1 doesnt make you a better player. Tjings like being double teamed and help defense will come into play, as well as leadership skills.

  125. JSlikk says:

    ??? that doesnt even make sense wut “Mr. V” said. Lebron is 26 and youre wondering what he will accomplish by 32 and you say 8,9,10 championships? you MUST not be good with math. if Lebron wins a ring EVERY year by the time he’s 36 he will have 6 rings. does anybody honostly see Bron wining 3 rings? I say he will retire with 1 ring

  126. billy gibson says:

    mr.v are you an idiot even if lebron won every nba championship until hes 32 he wont even get to 8 so dont get your hopes up he wont even get 5.

  127. DMK says:

    Mr V u retard Lebron’s already 25 how the hell is he gonna win 10 championships in 8 years. Dude aint even gonna win 1, can’t get it done. Fact.

    • kobelakers says:

      well, just watch the games and see how kobe takes over the game, like the nba alalysts said, it’s kobe’s will to win that made him a good player. the 40’s and 50 plus games are gone cause he always have back up. just consider the injuries he committed, but you did not hear a word and he played through it. I respect lebron’s abilities but Mr. V you’re blinded by your love to the guy, the guy can’t even play with an elbow injury. And btw it’ll take long for lebron to get a ring ’til he changes his attitude. MJ is MJ KObe is Kobe.

  128. unknown says:

    sometimes when you get old you play better.

  129. Deandre says:

    Ok Kobe is not that old in age but like we all seen that have watched him played the last seven games he had 30+ points in the first six and 21 and 13 assits in the seventh so is his age making him better because the way i see it his playing better as a player don’t just look at his stats three years ago to now he is still at the top of his game if not better his only 31 give him at least 5 more years then as him about his age by then it would be the end of his career….

  130. Mr. V says:

    i wonder what Lebron will accomplish by age 32… what 8, 9, 10 championships… see you then

    • mike says:

      Wonder what will James do if his “athletic abilities diminish.” He could be a role player I guess. I hope he already won a ring by that time.

    • mike says:

      lebron can’t do that..for sure

    • Fred says:

      Hmmm… Lebron is already 25, it means he has still 7 years til he reach 32…. I guess he better start getting those ring urgently starting next season, repeatedly every season for the next 7 years to even get 7… we’ll wait and see then…

    • raj says:

      u must be kidding me kid lebron will be luck if he evern get 1 ring

    • Steve says:

      I hope you’re kidding. He’s 25 and unless they don’t play 2 or more seasons in a year(!!?) he won’t be able to win 10 championships by the age 32. And until he fixes his attitude he will be kicked out by Celtics or Magics or someone else each ad every year.

    • Kukas says:

      Kind of hard since he is now 25 with 0 rings… do your math man.

    • @mr V says:

      ok i cant wait to see ur face when lebron has still nothin at that age lolll. see u then indeed.

    • jack says:

      lebron is 25. he’ll be 26 this summer. at most he can have 6 championships by age 32. I doubt he has 2. Kobe will tie or pass mj and lebron will end up getting too greedy with contract money so he’ll never be able to sign others to help him win a championship. like i said, maybe 2 by age 32 for lebron.

    • LOL says:

      Uhh lebron is turning 26 at the end of this year.

      With the way things have been going it looks like he’ll have to either rebuild a team should he leave Cleveland or try and beat the Celtics/Magic/Lakers in the playoffs so he’s definitely not winning the championship more than once or twice.

      Good luck with 8, 9 or 10 championships by age 32

    • g.o. says:

      lebron is almost 25 the most he can win is 8, now that he has blown this season as well.

    • sim says:

      Lebron not gonna get a championship the way he starts playing in the playoffs
      Every times the games get tough hes gone

    • tonichi says:

      LeBronze CANNOT WIN RINGS BY telling everybody that HE WANTS TO WIN. IT TAKE WILL TO WIN” TO GET THE RING. LeBronze hadn’t distinguished this yet – He hasn’t learn from Kobe and DWade. Time is fast CLOSING ON HIM, Kevin Durant is in line for the RINGS, TOO — not to mention, Carmelo Anthony, too. So how can he have MULTIPLE RINGS?

    • brad says:

      lebron cant win 10 championships by the age of 32 use your fingers and count from 25 untill 32 and see how many fingers you get

    • Emmart24 says:

      How could LeBron win 10 championshps ata ge 32? He’s 25 by now, so at 32 he could just win 7 assuming he will win every year since the next one. Just thinking aloud

      • Mr. V says:

        okay what ever i caught that once i wrote it but, still you can hate all you want on lebron but he will come back to bite you… and the stupid comments like queen james,etc. please shut the hell up cause you would be the queen if you had to say it to his face so just do yourself a favor and shut up… thx okay lebron wont be able to get 10 championships by the age of 32 but 7 is still bigger than UMMMMM four, so just shut up and watch the game… and i dont want lebron to play with dwade next year cause it’ll turn into another lakers team… cuz lakers are like the best at every postition and they still lose, thats pathetic… just remember basketball isn’t about me and you its about the players out there doing their thing so before you get to serious remember its just entertainment that david stern makes money off of so keep that in mind.

      • Cha Boy says:

        Did this guy make any sense at all?

      • D-Lob says:

        Sorry but unless Lebron goes to New York to link up with Chris Bosh he actually may never win a ring. I say may because I do feel that he will eventually get one. Right now he is a one man show and those shows never work come playoff time. I don’t like him or his team against any of the elite teams in the leage (Lakers, Magic, Celtics or even a healthy Spurs team). He has proven that he can’t win using the help of another perimeter player (Mo Williams) because he dominates the basketball so much so what he undoubtedly needs is a quality big man. By the way…..there are several other teams whom are on the rise (Thunder, Blazers and the Heat if they get Amare via free agency) which will make it even harder to win a title with the pieces he has around him. If he’s not careful he may never win one. And yes……you need to redo your math cuz he won’t win 8…..he won’t even win as many as Kobe has. Plain and simple.

      • Zach says:

        Mr. V… calm down. The people commenting are saying that Kobe is playing well, not Lebron is playing bad. Instead of arguing about which is better, enjoy that we get to see two of the greatest ever get to face to face for a few more years, and I dont lebron will win the next seven championchips, lets start with one and move on from there.

    • take down says:

      8 9 10 rings by 32????

      hey mister can you count? or even know what your talking about? Lebron is 25 now, 8 years from now he’s 33 not 32…(i doubt you can get 10 rings in 8 years) and by the way his career is going i doubt he’ll start getting rings next year… GOOD JOKE.

    • lawless says:

      Really once Labrons athleticism goes he will be worthless he has all that muscle bulk that will be hard to maintain. I mean just look at Shaq he was a monster back in the day, but you get into your 30s and its way to hard to keep that body in shape Kobe has the perfect body for a basketball player not to mention an iron jaw. It’s not that he can’t go out there and drop 50 a night it’s that he has nothing to prove to no one he is the greatest player of the last decade.

    • Joseph Agrest says:

      He is 25 as of now, eve if he will win every single year from now on, it will be 7 max!

    • leeroy jenkins says:

      funny by the time he’ll be 32 its 7 years from now and your saying 8,9 or 10 rings…….

    • mike says:

      lebron is 25 so when he is 32 he could only have won 7 championships by that time cause thats the total amount of years between now and then and thats only if he wins every finals from now until then notlikely

    • kobwe says:

      how lebron is gonna win 10 -9-8 championship by 32 if he is already 25 loll idiot

    • Superman125 says:

      last time i checked, it was lebron’s that lost… if u call the lakers pathetic, and they’re leading 2-0 in the west finals, what do u call the cavs? morons? losers? think about it

    • Twiinstar says:

      You clearly are both a fool and ignorant of the real world. The guy is gonna be 26, ill let you do the math. Lebron hasnt done anything to warrant him being talked about for winning championships, oh wait he got swept in the finals that makes him grat right?

    • 808KobeFan says:

      Mr. V, do the math..it’s not that hard..8,9,10 championships by the age of 32?? Lebron is 25 years old, add 7, he’ll be 32…Get outta here with your 8,9,10 championship rings…

  131. P.Dog says:

    Old age is also wisdom. The older you get the wiser you become. The better you understand the game of basketball. Kobe still has another 3 good years left and maybe much more. Look at Paul Pierce. He’s old and yet he is still a very good player. Not great but good.

    • KING DONG says:


  132. Allan says:


    You are a legend

    The best player in this era.

    We all witnessed.


  133. kb 24 says:

    Old age is also maturity. This is the time that you embrace your team as a whole, have confidence on your teammates and became a leader especially during tight and very important games. This is the reason why Michael Jordan win 6 championships, if you watched tapes early in his career Jordan was more of a one man team and he could not pass through Detroit physical’s defense. But when Pippen came and later coach Phil, the whole situation changes. Jordan became an all around player trusting his teammates and conquers the 90’s. Same for Kobe the more they age the more they become lethal to other teams. Lebron time will come as I believe, because basketball is a game of era. Just one advise for Lebron if he wants to win championship/s, don’t listen to charles barkley because the guy talks to much in all of his predictions at TNT all were erroneous and no sense at all.The guy likes to comment as if he wins championship.

  134. Vijay says:

    It’s no secret, Kobe is getting up in age in sports years. He has shown however that with diminishing athletic ability, I use the word diminishing lightly, that he will continue to develop his game so that can remain effective and efficient, Kobe will continue to score, rebound and assist, and be dominant when it is most important, Playoffs. Kobe did his thing in the nba when he got the chance to bust loose. However he has realized that that’s just energy wasted. What’s the point of being the man during the regular season and being bounced early in the playoffs. He has figured that out and now we are seeing brilliance in May and June. He is still pretty good for 82 games as well.