Orlando has something for Pierce


Posted by Shaun Powell

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Orlando is cooking up some changes. At least that’s what Stan Van Gundy strongly hinted at following practice today. Well, at least one is quite obvious. Matt Barnes, meet Paul Pierce.

Through two games of the Eastern Conference Finals the Magic used Vince Carter on Pierce and the results have mostly been disastrous. Pierce went through, over and around Carter in Game 2, scoring his 28 points virtually at will. So now, the Magic are finally getting the drift: Carter can’t check Pierce. Not today, tomorrow or in the distant future.

Barnes, however, will get in Pierce’s grill. Barnes is a tough guy who loves the responsibility that goes with defending the other team’s best scorer. He said: “It’s the challenge. I love it. That’s my role on this team. That’s my job.”

Besides, Carter is wasting so much energy on the defensive end that he doesn’t have much on offense, where he’s needed. So look for Barnes to wrap himself around Pierce tighter than Pierce’s headband. Not saying it’ll work. But can only be an improvement. The highlight of Barnes’ season was going jaw-too-jaw with Kobe Bryant earlier this year, taunting Kobe with elbows and lots of lip and once even pretending to toss the ball off Kobe’s face (oddly, Kobe didn’t even flinch, which says plenty about Kobe).

Pierce, meet Barnes. Game 3. Let’s go.



    This goes out to all the boring upcoming superstars that watch post game interviews and just copy word for word, and make up their own mean looks to show media and fans they are serious and ready for a title run….Time and time we hear about “the look” of a champion, and then we hear that star step to the microphone and say, our main goal is a championship, and we are focused, etc….but then we get into the actual crunchtime battles, and we see these big dogs wimper with their tail between their legs (still managing the ever so cliche’ words…”we just have to go out there and execute better and play harder etc…) But what the modern day athlete does not get, if you want to be a great player in the nba for years, you have to evolve your game so that you can be a key contributor when your team needs you the most. Dwight Howard, this is primarily for you because you came in to this season virtually the same Dwight Howard as a season ago, and that did not get it done last year….so my friend, that will not get it done this year. Vince Carter if the magic were smart should be bringing the ball up court because as much as the celtics would like you to think so, its Ray Allen thats the problem. When Ray comes off screens, the defense gets so focused on him, they tend to leave other players open. If Vince brings it up, puts Allen in a position where either he utilizes energy picking up Carter full court, run Jameer off screens because that makes Rondo work (the Celtics have no other point guard….hellooo get Rondo out of the game) On another note….Matt Barnes said something that I think slipped alot of people, but sounded more like a throw in the towel phrase to me….Matt Barnes has shot so poorly in this series, but because expected scorers like Rashard and Jameer have been bad, we have not noticed it….but his comment was…”they want me to guard Pierce, thats fine with me, thats my job, thats what I have been doing all year long.” To me that sounds like a bailout because his offense has been at best horrible, and lets be real 1)if thats your job, why has it taken you till game three to step up to that challenge? 2)what Celtic have you slowed down? and 3)where is the trash talking Barnes? or the we dont smile anymore Magic?….Lets be real Mathew Barnes, if you didnt pull that stunt with Kobe and the Lakers earlier in the season, nobody would have viewed you as anything but a tatted up fill in on a already talented Magic squad…but you wanted the spotlight, and now its yours…maybe we can see you body-check Pierce or pretend to throw the ball off his face like you did Bryant…The last time you played L.A and won, Lamr Odom said it best…”its too bad we wont get to see them again this season”….he meant playoffs too!

  2. Bob says:

    Should just do 3 man defense. Leave Carter and Dwight on the offensive end for the long pass and easy 3 or tip in 2 if Carter misses. He’ll save heaps of energy that way. Plus Dwight won’t get into foul trouble..

    I’m a mad coach. Please hire me Bulls.

  3. sigh says:

    okay, Pierce has played well againsst some of the best defensive swingmen in his career, they usually couldn’t stop him, so why do they think Barnes can, and also, if Barnes spend all his time defending Pierce, he won’t be effective on offensive, GO CELTICS

  4. Firlian says:

    I just signed in to make you go back and think about what you said of the Celtics in one of your writings… That actually was not good to say about the celtics and I was waiting for you to post something so I could make you go back fella.
    You said in one of your writings: “The Celtics are not the same any more, they are too old and certainly, we know how they gonna end. They are not a match for Cleveland or Orlando so we know how they gonna end”. WELL SEKOU… GO BACK AND APOLOGIZE TO THE CELTICS FANS!!! Doc Rivers once said: “I don’t care what position I get in the playoff, all I care about is the health of my players”. Do you see the results now Mr. Sekow? That’s a champion heart right there. A good season doesn’t mean a championship, it goes beyond that and the Celtics just showed us that… Other teams should get the point… Care about your players, give them a rest, don’t exploit them so you can use them when they are needed. Did you get the point? Thank you very much and have a good time watching the Celts and Magic game!!!

  5. Jesse says:

    Greg, Naninngjob…you guys represent the growing epidemic of NBA fins that are so bias towards their home team it blinds them from having an even remotely intelligent debate considering both sides of the coin. There’s so many points I can make but don’t want to wast time trying to educate people that most likely will be unable to comprehend any more in depth arguments. So I’ll just make a couple obvious ones below.
    First Gregg:”The Magic beat themselves, the Celtics didn’t win”- Ah the most common words from a fan unwilling to give the opposition credit skewing his reality. One could argue the Celts weren’t themselves too..Ray missed about 5 wide open three’s in game 2 and only made one shot, KG was extremely cold missing many open shots he usually makes-i believe hitting only 1/3 of his shots for 8pts (not due to Magic defense). ,Did the Celtics control both games mostly wire to wire,having big leads as much as 20 at the end of the 3rd (when the Celts got a bit complacent on D and while Doc was resting both starters).? Similar late run in game 2 that one could argue the Celts let happen.Orlnado’s combined 7pt victory margin is deceiving (how often does Jamir fly in for a put back on an intentionally missed 2nd free throw, because Ray Allen forgets to box out and VC got a perfect miss. Jeff Van Gundy himself said he’s never seen that play work.All NBA analysts courtside also said the Celts controlled the majority of both games and Magic should not be encouraged by coming back to cutting it close) Are the MAgic missing some of their 3’s they normally make because they’re not used to such tight defensive rotations getting a hand up to contest? Oh they’re just beating themselves? All Orlando failure to execute or is some of it due to Celtics defense forcing turnovers, clogging passing lanes, disrupting their flow /normal execution ? All those questions have obvious answers.. Go back and watch the game and you’ll see that the opposite argument- that the Celtics beat themselves -could be stronger. I could go on and on but don’t have time.

    Nanningjob-“Celts have never beaten us in the playoffs, we beat them every year”-that’s what you have to brag about-ha– how many years is “every year”? how many times have they faced each other in playoffs?These two teams ah… just once last year in 7games. And C’s were up 3-2 in Orlando in a close game coming down to the last couple minutes while Ray Allen was coldest slump in history (2-15) mostly wide open looks, and Rondo made a bad inbounds pass via a miscue. Not only missing KG but also Leon Powe who was their most productive big coming off the bench. Oh yeah-Tony Allen was injured too(their best defender and it forced Pierce&Ray to play with almost no rest–and their shooting showed)
    Oh and this yr’s regular season?. Only time in reg season when they played the celts at 100% was Christmas in Orlando when Celts beat them handily and led the whole way. The other meetings Celts had key players injured or still getting in shape after coming off injuries and unable to play full minutes that they usually do. Despite that, the games Orlando won were all very close (except the one Celts won on Christmas that I just referred to). So right now it’s nice to see you having to look back to the irrelevant REGULAR season Orlando wins as an argument, or for encouragement.
    Savor last years playoffs series win in 7, because after this yr your “Celts have never beaten us ever” bragging rights will be untrue not to mention right now sounding desperate and ridiculous since they’ve done it only once. And even right now the Celts are ahead 5-4 in total playoff games played vs each other.Oh yeah… last yr Orlando’s r series win ended up being irrelevant because they went on too choke in the finals, again losing close games in the clutch.

  6. MJ's Still... says:

    Hey Knowledge..

    Haha! Pippen was the original draft of chicago an beofre rodman came, jordan and the bulls got thier 3-rings.. haha! shaq and gasol was a superstar came to L.A. from other teams.. moron?.. who?.. you?.. haha! after shaq gone in L.A. Mr. 24 was crying and want to leave L.A., just to get another ring, that’s why they get gasol instead of freeing Mr. 24.. haha!

  7. Pride says:

    Kobe biggest game was game 6 at the garden vs the Celtics… What happen, Kobe Choke! That wouldn’t happen to jordan havin a team kobe has now. that;s real

  8. kobehitsajoint says:

    there’s no guard from magic that can handle the “TRUTH”. bostom at 4. it will be a good finals rematch LAKERS vs BOSTON.

  9. 200 percent says:

    the magic need to stop jackin that much 3’s in the first place. it’s so simple stopin the magic cuz u kno exactly what ther strenght are and what ther weakness are. have a midrange game too, mix it up so the celtics wouldn’t kno how to defend. and they need to listen to ther coach Stan Van Gundy cuz he is givin them a great game plan to swing the ball to the third or forth option cuz it’s always wide open for them… but if i was Stan Van Gundy instead of tellin my players we need to play at a who never level i’ll tell them like doc, everyone wants to win but it takes more then wantin to win u got to do the nessesary thangs in order for your mission to be complete now u really got ther attention. when ur a coach, the number one rule is don’t show ur team ur frustrated unless ur sayin bad word to the reffs… lol

  10. gie says:

    so what if you stop pierce ? nobody’s stoping rondo biatches

  11. turkkkkkk says:

    Orlando wins it in 7

  12. 200 percent says:

    playin checkers with chess playin Doc Rivers

  13. Anirudh says:

    for all i care, lebron can take all the mvp’s he wants. we are gonna se kobe get like a million championship rings. so ok lebron, u have as many championship rings as i do.. ZERO, SO LTS GO KOBE AND THE LAKERs!! WOOOT

  14. pet says:

    even they do match up barnes to paul pierce, he will surely ate barnes defense… you know why because hes the main man, an obsessed man… hungry for another championship.
    Go Celtics!!!

  15. daryld says:

    i want dwight to wear his superman shoes on game 3. maybe it’s a lucky charm

  16. celts_dhf says:

    im just glad that some magic fans have come to realize that their team has its back against the wall now…. i pitty those who keeps on believing that the magic can still win this series (4-2)… keep on dreaming!!!!!!!!!!! THE MAGIC WAND HAS BEEN BROKEN!!!!!!!

  17. MJ's Still... says:

    To All Basketball Fans in The world.. Kobe is only the greatest as an individual offensive player.. he has no championship with his own spot.. ’01, ’02, ’03 with Shaq and ’09 with Gasol.. all those championship are with the help of those big guys.. what happen when shaq leaves L.A.? haha!.. i will bow to him if he got championship with no superstar center, like michael jordan.. haha!

    Cryin’ Kobe… huhu!

  18. Dave says:

    the game 3 can be very important for both teams b/c if celtics lose game 3, i think Orando can come back easily and even win the series but if Celtics win in game 3, it’s pretty much over!!

  19. JELLY BEAN says:

    WELL IT STARTS WITH , ALL THE GREATS /// all Has been threw ups and downs and as King James has said you have to take your lumps~~^~v~^~ before getting that BAND OF GOLD ! / kobe , k.g , the king , super man and the rest of the ( big time greats have done just that … yeh you had your rooks like WADE , CASSEL &, ECT first year champs : but look what happen after the rook year ???? , TALLET, TALLET, TALLET.. if your looking to who just peeking at the moment . but not to what ,,, TALLENT? , THEN YOULL MISS # 5 for KOBE & THE CRUSATERS =)

  20. rocky says:

    Barnes will stop Pierce… only in his dream..LOL… Celtics are the most well-balanced team in the NBA.. they are more experienced playoff team compared to Magic and Lakers(not so sure).. They can defend, they can score, they have enough reinforcement from the bench.. they have clutch players, player maker, go to guy, 2nd , 3rd ,4th scoring options. I think Celtics will win this series.. but lets not conclude Celtics in game 4.. lets give magic some hope.. ok for the magic fans, sad but true… Celtics in 5!!!!!.. lol..

  21. Vijay says:

    I don’t know if Matt Barnes will work in slowing down P squared, but it ought to help the Magic’s overall defensive scheme. The drawback however is that now that Barnes is on Pierce, who will Vince guard, the other option is Ray Allen. If the argument is that guarding Pierce took energy away from him for offense, then I don’t see how moving him to Ray will help. Ray will eat him up running him off all those screens, he will more exhausted than if he had to pick up all the sand in the dessert by toothpick.

    The Magic’s real problem however is not Paul Pierce, they need to first of all get Rashard Lewis involved. Far too often in the first two games, Rashard Lewis looked like he was studying his taxes or if his woman cheating on him as opposed to playing basketball. The dude was so disengaged for soo much of those games it wasn’t even remotely funny. Secondly, and I know it far too late for this now, they need to engage their mid range game. Artest said it best after game 2 against the Suns, there aren’t too many players around who have solid mid range games, therefore, after chasing a guy of the three point line, that’s it. It’s either launch a three or bust. This theory is soo clear watching the Magic, Peitrus launching from distance, no pump fake and drive, pull up, just launch or bust. Same for Lewis, who has a bit of a mid range game, Jameer and other guys. Thirdly, in my opinion, Howard has not developed enough of a post up game to be sent to the box to score consistently on the Celtics interior defense. However when he did have confidence in this game, he looked fairly productive. He need though to either have confidence in his post game, or stick to pick and rolls, or just out running his man and getting deep post position early, where he can turn and dunk, idealy, or just flip the ball in the basket.

    Having said all of that, losing two home games, key being “home” games first up to a rejuvenated Celtics squad, they have pretty much sealed their fate. Good luck to all remaining Magic fans, Cheer on Celtics fans, be prepared to cry come finals time though. Lakers all the way.

    • Pride says:

      Kobe’s biggest game was game 2008 game 6 vs the celtics. now they got r test u think the math will play in the lakers favorite cuz the way the lakers are playin compare to the celtics, it looks like the celtics got this in game 7 against the lakers… it may sound crazy but doc is doin his homework… it’s gonna be a series for the coaches unless kobe wants to become super kobe or odom plays is part..

  22. […] Orlando has something for Pierce [nba-video vid=/channels/playoffs/2010/05/16/0040900301_bos_orl_play4.nba] *** Posted by Shaun Powell HANG TIME […] […]

  23. nanningbob says:

    Boston vs La in the finals errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………… one problem folks ………. It takes 4 wins to move on not 2. Boston has never beaten us in the playoffs, Boston has not beaten us in a season series in over 5 years. We have won 3 of the last 4 games up in Boston. Your a fool to think this is over with. Boston has yet to prove they can beat us in a series, whether is the playoffs or a season series, until they do we are the better team and they have to beat us 4 games to do it. KG or no KG we have beaten them every year and we still can. We have beaten them when they were healthy, we have beaten them when we were not healthy. Those are the facts until they are disproven by victories on the court because in that category we are the ones that win. Boston has not proven it can beat us in any kind of series yet and I am going to give it to them until they do. So LA vs Boston gonna have to wait until Boston wins. Otherwise it will be 6 years in a row Boston has not beaten the Magic in any kind of series.

  24. LBJ Fan from Holland says:

    Why are there always some guys, in any random column written on this website, that starts the lebron vs. kobe debates? I don’t get it… I think that Van Gundy is making a smart choise with Barnes, but it’s a little to late. I don’t know what happened to the Magic, but you have to face it that the Celtics (I can’t believe that I’m saying this as a Cavaliers-fan but..) ARE ROLLING! They have been great this post-season, and it’s just lame to talk about other teams being crap! You have to give the Celtics credit for showing what they are made off at the right time! Look how great the Cavaliers were last post-season going 8-0 into the semi’s. When you’re facing the wrong team at the wrong time, most of the time it doesn’t matter what you do. I do hope that magic go to the finals, but if you think logic about it than it will be a Celtics-Lakers finale.

  25. mike says:

    MATT BARNES WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Brad says:

    I rekon that Orlando don’t have it in em’. As much as I hate that, the C’s are good. They are like a more experienced Magic team.

  27. J (lakers) says:

    wow the C’s are really complete from positions 1-5 huh.. they have scorers/creators from one to four and then in kendrick perkins they have a very decent center defensively.. plus 2 good post players (rasheed wallace, glen davis) and then tony allen to cover at the wing.. the magic don’t look like they’ll get thru this series.. they’re weaker than the celtics at shooting guard and small forward.. howard can only do so much against the C’s bigs and jameer has his hands full with rondo.. i’m not sure the lakers can take the celtics on too coz 1) andrew bynum isn’t well, 2) rondo will kill derek fisher again.. the only significant difference from the finals 2 yrs ago is that artest has replaced radmanovic so pierce can be slowed a little.. and odom isn’t always dependable, sadly..

    • KNOWLEDGE says:

      well and you have to add in the all of a sudden playing like a michael jordan kobe bryant into the mix as well as the maturity level of the bench b.c last year they did what? NOTHING and with artest they at least got a decent 3 point shooter but other than that yea your right, bynum has been flat but gasol is playing a little better so idk itll be a good one

  28. Greg says:

    I believe the problem is not having the Orlando Magic play their game and being doped into playing Celtic ball. The fact that Rashard Lewis has had two very quiet games and been a real non-factor offensively is a major problem for the Magic. The Celtics have yet to really beat the Magic. However, both games have been lost because the Magic have beaten themselves. Poor execution of the basic fundamentals and especially key errors made in the closing minutes have cost them both games to go to the Celtics. You do not miss key free throws at the close of any game and not in the Eastern Conference Finals especially. My keys to the game are as follows:
    1) The Magic must concentrate on establishing Dwight Howard down low early in the game and in the process cause the Celtics to get into foul trouble early. They want to do the “hack a Howard” defense so make them pay with early foul trouble which will then allow others on the Magic team to feast at the foul line by driving hard to the basket.
    2) This will also open the option of the 3 point shot in the process. They must use the inside out game to open the shot.
    3) Need to look for the assist before the score. If the pass is made and an assist is completed, the score is increased regardless. Teamwork is needed and an assist guarantees this is done.

    I think the series is not over and will likely go 7 before it is over. The Magic can still win it but the question is DO THEY WANT IT BAD ENOUGH? We will find out for sure in Boston tomorrow. Rasheed Wallace is playing more street ball than NBA ball and the refs are allowing this to happen.The officiating by the refs has been sad and inconsistent to say the least.
    The Celtics have done it all to stop the Magic and in the end are only winning due to the Magic failing to execute. Both games were close and very winnable with losses of the games being by 4 points and then by 3. I know the Magic can win if they execute like they have in the close of the season.
    The Boston Celtics and Magic are now tied in games won/lost this season including the Playoffs. 3-3 now so the next game determines who wants it most.

    • Celts says:

      If you’re going to talk about keys to the game, at least be intelligent enough to know that they go both ways.
      The celtics have played VERY far from their best basketball, and I’ve been so upset watching how many stupid mistakes are made. Remember when Marcin gortat Essentially walked to the basket for a dunk? That should never happen in an NBA game. All fo you Magic fans just automatically decide that if the Magic play better they will win, and I’ll admit you guys have a good chance of winning 1 or 2 games, but the Celtics still havent learned how to play under rondo as opposed to the big three yet, they still ahve a lot of room for improvement and they know it. The magics chance in winning this is one in a million. If it happens its going down in NBA history for sure. However, considering with Rondo Perkins and Big Baby improving so much since 2008, I highly doubt it’s going to happen. Yes, your keys to the game were valid, but you forgot to highlight that Perkins and Wallace play great defense on howard without fouling. Howard cant win the game on his own. It looks like the Magic don’t know how to play ball without Howard drawing a double and getting open threes off of it.

  29. RM11 says:


  30. magicphan says:

    The key is three. (I like rhymes). I came into this believing Orlando could win every game. Now I believe they can be swept. Van Gundy couldn’t use game 1 film to beat Boston because they just didn’t play. No legs. But they did play in game 2 and now he has the film to make adjustments. Playing hard wasn’t enough in game 2. So we’ll see something different in game 3.

    I believe that if the Magic lose game 3, it’s definitely over, even if they win the next 3 games. Boston will eventually adjust for one last win. But if Orlando DOES win game 3, something big happens. Age happens. No more 4 day rests. After game 3, it’s a new game every other day. That will favor Orlando in the area of stamina, especially once the team realizes it can close that 3 point gap at the end of the game.

    It’s gonna be interesting. Game 3 is the must-win for both teams.

  31. Joel says:

    lol. Kobe didn’t even flinch because everyone knows Kobe Bryant > Matt Barnes

  32. NBAFAN says:

    Come on, its not about Pierce, Allen or Garnett. Its about celtics defense on Howard and on the 3 point-shot. Pierce might have a big game 2 or 3, but when the team defense is not there, every big performance is for nothing. ( f.e. LeBron James)
    If the celtics can shut down howard with their big man ( And they have a lot of them and they will probably shut him down ) or force Magic to take bad 3 pointers, which will neary garantee a worse % rate, then the series is over.

    For all Magic fans: Sorry….but be realistic, not optimistic…the series is over in max. 6 games.

  33. CELTICS says:

    I agree with some of the people above, VC cant guard Ray allen, especially if Rayray will run around screeens and also VC is not that young either to be running around n chasing ppl on offense. As mentioned celtics r one of the teams in the NBA that dont need to double team howard in the post, wich mean every player is left to play one on one, and as u can see howard has trouble scoring with perkins on him. This change is pathetic and doc wont panic, he noes what hes doing. Barnes aint even that big to handle pierce, it doesnt matter cuz paul will be paul no matter what he’ll look to attaack the basket from where he is, the most barnes can do is foul.
    Celtics blew magics homecourt advantage so i tink its C’s in 5 or 6.

  34. bogac says:

    your not the best basketball player air Jordan Kobe is!

  35. AirJordan says:

    I am still the great basketball player!!!!! Kobe wants to be like me.

  36. bogac says:

    the magic in 6. Vince carter is going to have a good game in 3 and 4 tied at 2-2 then r. Lewis is going is going to have a good game 5 then the magic are going to blowout the C’s in game 6 and they v.s the lakes and beat them 4-3 and win the championship.

    • Celts says:

      Keep Dreaming.

    • BATMAN_2000 says:

      Have you seen how Carter CHOKE on his free throws in game 2? Do you think he would not CHOKE if everytime he touches the ball, the boston crowd will be booing him?

      But I must agree with you, Lewis is bound for a breakout game but you must give him first the “IDIOT’s GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY IN THE PLAYOFF” book.

      Hey, let you MAGIC win first against the Celtics before yu deal with the Lakers.

  37. B-Minor says:

    having homecourt is a pretty big advantage. and the magic just blew it. celtics are a better team now cuz magic dont have turk

    • KNOWLEDGE says:

      and b.c KG is back, even though he hasnt really shown up, hes still a great electrifying defensive leader and he can really spark his team to play

  38. Rait says:

    It’s too late. They had like 10 years to prepare for the Celtics… Now they lost 2 at home and they suddenly found the answers? I agree with other people who have posted a comment here… Is Carter going to chase around R.Allen? Doc Rivers knows better than to not anticipate… so to me this is just talk from Stan Van Gundy to try to make Doc Rivers panic about what he is going to do… it doesn’t go the other way around master of panic…

  39. DaKing says:

    Lebron is GR8 Player way better than Kobe, most of you are forgetting the Lakers with chaq and Kobe didn’t win until Phil came. You need more than just players to win a championship or have a championship team. My opinion is that Cleveland got out couched so you cant just blame it to KING with out him we wouldn’t even have this discussion. I believe you gota go through few downfalls before u reach the top, I mean keep In mind Paul P and KG how many downfalls did they encounter before they reached the top. Lebron will win its just a matter of time. Clearly this years its Boston’s time look how they are playing from 5 starters to the bench man even look at the coaches you don’t think they are ready for the Fakers ….i mean Lakers. I have a question for the Kobe fans, If u swap Lebron and Kobe who would have better record Lakers or Cleveland?

    • yea ok says:

      lebron obviously kobes team is way better

    • KNOWLEDGE says:

      um clevland would because dont forget moron that KOBE is the reason ALL of the lakers PLAYERS have the mentality they do KOBE is a leader, he wants his team to be just as good as he is, kobe teaches his team to PLAY and lebron teaches his team to DANCE and btw lebron is a child, a little girl who has to cry about everything and cry about his elbow, um im pretty sure kobe had injuries and still found ways for his team to win,


  40. k-dawg says:

    carter will end up guarding ray ray and will shut him DWN but the celtics will win the series b/c they have to much of a good team they cant be stopped by any team besides the lakers thts b/c kobe is the best (RITE NOW NOT EVER HE IS BEHIND MJ) and gasol,artest,fisher, an odom r dominating the paint an the outside jumpshot to where the suns cant stop them even wit the best assiter to ever play the game nash and if u think the magic will win in 6 ur stupid there has never bin a team to win 4 str8 against boston EVER in a series or in reg season

  41. Andy says:

    if Orlando stop pierce, the C´s will find another guy to score, like the cavs series, pierce dosen´t score alot, but they won anyway? how about that orlando fans?

  42. Andy says:

    i have read all the comments now:) the thing is that KG hasn´t shown´ up yet:) if vince guars ray, barens guard pierce, there will be a lot of three pointers from ray, and if KG can get it going a bit too, the magic will be out in game 4. BUT! there is some players in orlando that has done 6 point per game, i mean Rashard Lewis, he hasn´t done anything, if he finds his stroke i think the C´s will have problem, but C´s has a very good defends so i think C´s will hang on and win this:)

  43. marion says:

    i just want to see the intensity to win coz i cant see it in their game as a team try to make more assist so that everybody will be involve and finally will have an open shot not a force one then we will see that the magic has a chance in the series.

  44. jazzmachine says:

    zzzz boston can make it 2 d finals whatever happens….boston team is a not just a one man team…all can play..and that’s make it one of the best team…

  45. awland says:

    If Nelson will not penetrate the paint, they can go home. What it does, it collapses C players to get ball out of his hands opening up 3 point line. It is not working with Howard since they are not double teaming him and he cannot finish around Perkins well. So Nelson must do something about that. It can also create opportunity in the high air for Howard to catch the ball. As for D, it is Ok like that – problem is offense – it is not producing well, especially from 3 point line – that was Magic main advantage over all teams

  46. howad says:

    man im ready to see this change in the game plan cause the magic and easily kick boston’s ass all they gotta do is kick in to gear and wear them boys down. i’ve seen em do it almost every game. thats why they have one of the best records in the league for the past to 3 years. they just gotta bring it they arent in the hole yet and they can easily win 4 games over the celtics.

    • tmoney says:

      magic has had one of the top records in the east, but so has boston for those same 3 years. Not only that, but magic hasnt won a championship in those years like boston has. Add to that that this boston team is pretty much the same, and the magic have made bigger changes. celtics are playing the best basketball since the start of the season. Celtics in 5, maybe 6. They will not lose 2 at home (like the magic did)

  47. Herman says:

    Matt Barnes cant handle The Truth. I have confidence in Celtics that they will be focused and ready and win this one fast.

  48. demerial21 says:

    foul calls and freethrow attempts are even pretty much.. Orlando might hold the edge in that.. So dont be attacking the refs for your team and coaches bad play..

  49. demerial21 says:

    U magic fans are seriously on drugs.. Cs are up 2-0 in the series and you had homecourt.. The franchise is 32-0 ever when up 2-0.. So good luck with that 4-2 comeback..lmaof. Or 4-3 in seven..lol. You have to be an idiot to believe in that or live in Orlando..lol. Ooops you do..lol

  50. Bank$ says:

    Fisrt off, the only reason boston is up 2-0, is because Orlando has a horrible coach. He doesn’t rotate players well and has lewis playing at PF, which he was exposed at last year in the Finals. Look at the stats from the first 2 games, its pretty even down the middle. Orlando has yet to hit shots from the 3 pt line and isn’t getting any calls during crunchtime, unlike the celtics. The magic have lost by 4 and 3 pts, not that big a deal considering, theri best 3 point shooter is 1-9.

    • Celts says:

      ur a fool.
      their best three point shooter and their whole team is shooting poorly because of the Celtics defense.

      Winning at home will probably result in a bigger margin, roadh games are inherently tougher for teams.

      You might be right about the coaching, but the calls are going both ways, it’s just that the celtics have more experience in getting/using calls as opposed to the younger magic team.

    • BATMAN_2000 says:

      I must agree with the horrible coach thing and ref calls but I think it’s the only way Lewis plays. And it was effective during the regular season and against the BOBKITTIES and HAWKLET!

      I think they just need to have more of Pick and Rolls.

  51. amos says:

    as much as this potential Barnes-Pierce match-up is interesting to follow, the Magic’s main concern for the rest of the series is not how to stop Pierce… it’s how to crack the C’s D! The Celtics beat the Cavaliers without Pierce having great scoring games, they are an opportunistic offense and just find a way to score a little bit more than their opponent.
    Its on the offensive end that the Magic need to figure out new tactics, Boston figured out how the magic attack and are very adept at stopping it. Its Van Gundy’s offensive adjustments i’m curious to see (more Pietrus perhaps?)
    Anyway, great series (and i’m not really a fan of either team).

    • tmoney says:

      you bring up a great point. The celtics have been great because of their defense. Thats their focus. A better offensive scheme would prove to be beneficial. Look at the numbers. Their effeciency shooting needs to increase, which would happen if they can find a way to drive to the hole. Better ball movement like they know they can do. Carter drives, and he scores… but he cant shoot those free throws haha. Hate to say it, but when they play like this, Magic cant win. Celtics in 6, maybe 5. They will drop one at home though

      • BATMAN_2000 says:

        Now here is a logical comment. I couldn’t have said it better.

        Just note that Celtics is a defensive oriented team so Magic better made some adjustment on their offensive scheme because Celtics can win a game without scoring a lot.

  52. ReighReigh says:

    As I’ve read all of the following comments, I’ve realized put it all together and we have something close to a masterpiece. Going off of what others have said this series simply has been one that so far has come down to lack of excution by the Magic an simply not showing up. Now I will say everybody keeps talking about how the Celtics are old an can’t get it done but experience can go a long ways towards obtaining a championship. Another point is the Magic really didn’t have to face any real adversity in the first 2 rounds so it was easy for them to think they were straight and could run the tables on anyone. The Celtics though when healthy of course can play tremendous defense as we’ve all witnessed sense the union of the big 3. Orlando now being played by a legit team is getting exposed. Doc did his homework an realized what they could do to nuetralize Dwight Howard. They take him out of the pic an the key being they don’t need to double team him an everybody else is stuck playing one on one which clearly has been dominated by Boston thus far. I could go on an on because I’m so passionate it about this stuff an keep telling everybody everything that the analysists that get paid to do this keep talking about but I’m done babbling here.

  53. Alvan says:

    vince has been playing well so far and i do think he can keep up his good play…if nelson doesnt try to do too much and rashard actually gets going a bit, that will free up the offence for dwight so much more

    • tmoney says:

      not necessarily. Dwight’s offence is already free. He gets played one on one. Nelson is one that needs to be explosive, which will attract attention. Lewis hasnt come to play. Vince has another good game in him, but lets be real here. Ray allen will dominate if he has vince on him. He will run through screens. He will have a nice 3 point game, and probably drive a litttle less. He has a better shooting percentage at home. He might be the celts leader in scoring on sat. Celtics win in 6 at home

  54. LHDC24 says:

    Barnes is a great one-one defender…with players like Pierce when there hot there hot, right now he is feeling it so to say Barnes will stop him will be highly unlikely…but Barnes can certainly hope to contain him and make every shot he makes difficult.
    Vince needs to focus on taking over the game, If Vince can get hot by driving to the basket like he does so well then Magic have a better, not good, better chance of winning.
    Sayin that I really can’t see the Magic winning this series, they won’t lose 4-0 but the key in this match, (in my eyes) is the point guard position Nelson can’t guard Rondo add this to Howard not being able to go to work I don’t see how Magic can win. Magic’s best option is to get Vince going and hope that Lewis turns up cause I haven’t seen him in the first two games.

  55. Alvan says:

    if theres any team that can come back from this deficit its the magic

    • BATMAN_2000 says:

      I agree, if there is any team taht can come back brom this deficit its magik. But not against Celtics. Maybe against the BOBKITTIES or HAWKLET. But not against…. and I REPEAT. but not against CELTICS!

  56. John says:

    Dumb move by the Celts if youre looking to maintain Vince’s energy. Ray Allen will keep him running on defense all day- he’ll be worn out by the end of the first quarter. I recommend trying Vince Carter as a Manu Ginobili type sixth man vs. the Celts. Put Mikhail Peitrus as the starting SG and get him in Pierce’s grill, then have an energized Vince Carter come off the bench to torch the Celtic reserves- and make sure whoever is on Ray Allen plays him tight so he can’t get hot early in the game. But then you’ve got the issue of playing Carter against a great on-ball defender in Tony Allen. Magic got problems… C’s in 5.

    • tmoney says:

      first off, its not a dumb move by celts, as the move would be made by the magic. Vince is too explosive for SVG to let him come off the bench. He feels he has a nice starting 5 group, and wont change it. Carter will need to step up, and Lewis needs to come ready to play.

  57. AAS says:

    Barnes is my man and he will stop Pierce from now on in every game…LISTEN you all CELTICS fans here comes MAGIC with thier MAGIC wands….becareful…:)

  58. D.H. says:

    Sure…uhuh, Magic are done…seriously what is wrong with you celtic fans thinking you’ve got this in the bag already. See you in Game 6 at Orlando where we complete a 4-2 run on you guys because of all this misplaced confidence.

  59. Chris says:

    I honestly don’t think it’s going to matter, the Magic are going to light up these next 3 games, this is going to 7 in Orlando folks, and yes, my money is where my mouth is, already placed my bets and already have my tickets, these first 2 games were warm ups, we returned from a long vacation and will be ready on Saturday and for the rest of the series, and it’s not going to be pretty Boston, you beat us by 4 and then by 3, Orlando is going to put up some BIG numbers on your home court to remind you who the best shooting team is in the East, and in the end remind you who the best team is in the East as well. LET THE FUN BEGIN!!! GO MAGIC!!!

    • LAKERS says:

      Yea right. I really think you are trying to convince yourself of that. Orlando is in trouble. This series will most likely be over in 4. Then the Celtics will get spanked by the LAKERS!!!!

      • BATMAN_2000 says:

        I agree with Lakers, it looks like you are trying convince yourself than trying to convince us.

        You better have lot of money cause you are losing this one.

        If you are saying that the first two games were warm ups, yes its a warm up but not for Magic. Its a warm up for Celtics and now they are running on all cylinder plus the crowd.

        But as a consolation, I’ll give you this. Magic might be able to win 1 game in Boston but no more.

      • KNOWLEDGE says:

        yes yes they will GO L.A!!!!

  60. Gush says:

    Hmm will JJ start? Cause if Barnes is gonna guard Pierce, JJ should be the one guarding Allen since he’s the only one who can keep up with Ray Ray. So that makes Howard and nelson(and hopefully Rashard will show up this time the only offensive option).

    • BATMAN_2000 says:

      I think this will lower the offensive power of Magic but it will nuetralize Boston. This would be nice to watch!

  61. Bad Blue Boy says:

    Vince guarding Ray Ray…NO CHANCE! heheeh

  62. Celtics says:


    • BATMAN_2000 says:

      I hate to say this but I disagree with you! I think Barnes can slow the truth and JJ can slow Rayray but as a team, Magic can’t beat Celtics in a 7 game series barring injuries and suspensions.

      Magic might be able to steal 1 game the most in Boston.

  63. Here is the truth says:

    Magic MAN UP, FIGTH, HIT ONE OF THE OLD GUYS, DO SOMETHING. i don’t really care who win except that the lakers win but i want to see a good game come on now and just so every one knows kobe is the best 🙂

    • gdapnay says:

      haha…freak, you don’t wanna see the celtic’s win cause you’re afraid your lakers would get screwed up in the finals. get over it coward.

    • BATMAN_2000 says:

      I can’t agree more. MAGIC MAN UP! You are playing the Semis of the NBA and not the semis of Miss Universe.

  64. Bogdan says:

    Awesome. It’ll be even worse for Orlando, since Pierce it’s done for this series. He will rest for the Lakers series. It’s time for Ray and KG to shine, especially that Allen hasn’t done anything in game 2, you’ll get to see some 3’s tomorrow from him. Celtics might lose one at home, but they are going back to Orlando with 3-1.

  65. jfelissaint says:

    Hey! correct me if i am wrong ,i just think that SVG is being out coach by the Doc.

    • BATMAN_2000 says:

      He is not only outcoached, Doc is kicking his behind. And that made me wonder on what SHAQ said about SVG “Master of Panic”.

      If I am SVG, I will run pick and roll all night for DH and Nelson or Lewis and Nelson. KG and PERKs can not defend their man quite effectively on pick and roll.

  66. mizz says:

    SVG cant be that stupid to put vince on ray allen. ray allen is constantly running around screens and going from sideline to sideline. vince cannot keep up and SVG should be smart enough to realize that. magic of last year matched up WAY WAY better against celtics b/c of turk as he could guard pierce and had JJ/courtney Lee guarding ray allen. barnes and vince are too slow to guard him. if barnes is on pierce and vince on allen, then ray will blow up. im a magic fan, but a realistic one. celtics in 4. unfortunately.

    • Robbo says:

      thats the problem he has though, contrary to what i saud above, he’ll never ACTUALLY switch up the starting 5, but there isnt a weak spot in the C’s backcourt that they can hide vince on. same problem cavs had trying to find someone that jamison could defend – this boston team is so evenly matched offensively that there isnt an easy stop

      • unknown32 says:

        Soo much for all that money they spent on getting VC and the praise cause apparently its worth nothing he’s no longer like he was with the raptors and is SUUUUCCHHHH A defensive liability seriously…there’s no way that Magic can stop all 4(rondo,KG,PP.RayRay)…its either u slow them down but even then we all know one will have a break out game and i believe Rondo will he’s been eating Nelson like he’s nothing defensively and offensively i mean i get Magic fans and there confidence but were not last yr…y’all got lucky.Until Dwight understands that the Nba isnt all about being powerful but also having a finess game then there be really no way that Magic stand a chance to beat Celts..Heck even Lakers for that matter.They good season wise in a weak East but playoff you seperate the real ball players to those who dance around..hence DHoward LeQueen James!

    • KNOWLEDGE says:

      plus KG was injured last year

  67. D Train says:

    Lets face the truth! No matter what the Magic try to do, they can not stand up to a TEAM with the caliber that the Boston Celtics have. Carter needs to not beat himself at the free throw line never mind try to D up on a more composed player.
    Anyways, to all the Orlando fans, must have s#cked getting punked at home they way you did!

  68. dude says:

    look for rayray to have a big game with carter on him chasing him down and getting stuck behind all those staggered screens

  69. embeep says:

    kobe is still the best player in the basketball world,.he has been the greatest basketball player who ever lived,im not sure you will like my comments,. but KOBE RULES!!!
    for all lebrooms james Fans,.lebron is just a great player,.but he will never take away the throne from the great KOBE BRYANT,.never ever,.

    • BATMAN_2000 says:

      DUDE, I think you are lost. this is not about KB or LBJ. This is about Matt Barnes and Paul Pierce.

  70. a says:

    barnes will guard pierce very well go MAGIC and I think the magic will come back and it’s going to be Magic in 6

    • Robbo says:


    • L RAZI says:

      ur a fool

    • BATMAN_2000 says:

      Are you on drugs? Have you seen how the Magic play against Boston in their own court. Take note ON THEIR HOMECOURT! Do you think they can do better in BOSTON’s court?

      Let’s just face it, Magic does not have a go to guy when they need a basket on the last 2 minutes and the game is on the line.

      DH will be fouled if he get the ball. VC is a choker, JN is a slow poke against rondo and I think RL needs an “IDIOT GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY IN THE PLAYOFF”.

  71. jomzki says:

    I’m sooooo excited for game 3.. Yo Mr. Barnes, “You can’t handle the TRUTH!”

    • a says:

      barnes will stop pierce

      • Sdm says:

        Agree , Barnes will stop pierce , carter will have a good game in game 3 or 4 and magic WILL come back , this series will go to 7 games and in the end , the magic will be in the finals!

      • Robbo says:

        no, he wont. when truth plays well no-one can really stop him – as lebron proved in games 5 and 6.

        if the magic want to concentrate on pierce, perhaps they would be better off trying pietrus in the starting 5, who gives them more offense, or switch rashard to the three and start bass or gortat against garnett.

        i know this isnt a vote of confidence in barnes, but he doesnt deserve it anyway.

      • BATMAN_2000 says:

        Oh you think so? I don’t think its possible. He might be able to slow PP but he can’t stop him.

        And by the way, it’s not only PP who can score for celtics unlike the magic who only have “CLARK KENT”.

  72. gnikoloff says:

    If they think Carter spent a lot of energy guarding PP, i’m curious to see how hw handles chasing Ray off screens, cause i’m sure they are not suicidle enough to put him on rondo. GO C’s

  73. ChAce says:

    Oh come on!!!the topic is about Who’s gonna guard pierce and here you are criticizing the queen..pick your spots to talk about the queen..

  74. Jay Kim says:

    I am not so sure if this will improve Carter’s offense. If Carter isn’t guarding Pierce, he will just have to guard Ray Allen who likes running around the court through numerous screens. Carter will waste the same or even more energy guarding Allen..

    • joey says:

      samart thinking…i can see you are a true student of the game. Sekou who is getting paid to write this didn’t even mention it. that’s the first thing that came through my mind when i read his article.

    • gdapnay says:

      Why don’t they just let carter in on offense, and let him go out to the bench when they are on defense. That should solve it, anyways, what’s wrong with finishing a game in 2 days.rofl.

  75. reasons? says:

    lebron james at the world champinoship had the nbas best player, and still he became a ghost at crunch time, kobe and dwade deliverd when real pressure came up against spain at the olympics finals, what did lebron do?

    lebron can have kobes teamates and hell just turn it inti a dance crew.. with no rings, lol

    those who are saying that lebron has no help from his teamates are stupid, he had the us dreamteam and still he didint won w/o kobe. the cleveland cavaliers can still make the playoffs w/o the queen.

    • darius says:


    • justin miles says:

      lebron was not even trying u can see in the video watch all of the olympic game. dude lebron and the cavs shut down laker with bynum on the team. stop taking away celtics credit by beating the best nba team today. its bec celtics is one of the best def team and one of the top 3 poiont shoting team. they take hard shots trust me. i see other team like the magic they take open shots alot thats y they have a good percentage. celtics is more like an ofensive team bec they have guys who can go in in their starting 5 an 1 more in the bench tony allen. rando and pp and r allen, kg, perkins they all are good in the inside which will open up for 3 pointers and they will solve the laker over time just like wat they did last time they saw each other in the play offs. celticsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sweep magic and laker. 18 campionship baby.

      • reasons? says:

        lebron not trying at the olympics? hes shooting bricks for gods sake! look at all the videos and you will see how open lebron always is at the three, thats what disrespect the queen got at the olympics!
        you win one or two season game against the lakers and you think your a champion now? lolz, your funny man. you got no brains. tell the queen, he still has zero win at the finals, zero, zero, zero, ! you think your a champion with zero win? really funny man,

      • Kris says:

        Yup. 18th Championship comin up. Especially now that Rondo is BEASTING and is WAY better than when the Lakers faced him in the 2008 Finals. Whether its with points or assists. He’s unstoppable. Add Rasheed, Big Baby, and Tony Allen. Come on…

    • Mr. V says:

      hey reasons? or what ever your name is, why you hatin… i dont see you out there dude. just stop hatin you don’t know what you’re talkin about. you guys were silent when lebron and the cavs destroyed your team twice this year… wait you guys weren’t silent you guys were blaming the refs and crying about kobe’s finger “oh its swollen”. so dont blame lebron for talkin about his elbow, hipocryte … finally, lebrons team didn’t show up game 6 except for mo at the begining, lebron had a triple double and more… how much triple doubles does kobe have… idk they never talk about “kobe’s triple doubles” on espn cuz he rarely gets them… GO LEBRON

  76. reasons? says:

    kobe makes his teamates great, lebron makes a great dance crew!