Where’s The Bench?


Posted by Sekou Smith

LOS ANGELES — Stars are the catalysts for their teams in playoff situations, we all know that.

But they’ve got to get a little help from their supporting cast at some point, right?

Speaking of the the supporting cast, has anyone watching the Eastern Conference finals seen the Orlando Magic bench?

I don’t know what it looks like up close and personal, but from 2,500 miles away — even on the dozens of HD screens a gang of us watched the Celtics’ Game 2 win over the Magic on Tuesday night — you can see that something’s missing from the Magic attack we saw all season.

That boost they could count on from their reserves all season is not there now, when the Magic need it most (down 0-2 and headed to Boston for what could be their final two games of a once-promising season).

Rasheed Wallace, Tony Allen and Glen Davis are dramatically outplaying their Magic counterparts, namely Mickael Pietrus, J.J. Redick, Jason Williams and Marcin Gortat. It’s probably not even worth the time asking about Brandon Bass, whose acquisition last summer for $18 million was supposed to lighten the load on Dwight Howard in situations like the one the Magic find themselves now.

Not everyone thinks it’s worth questioning things like the contributions of the bench crews in this series, not when there are greater forces at work.

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi insists the Celtics are just better all the way around:

Go ahead and have at it. Go ahead and try to bisect, dissect and trisect why the Orlando Magic are down 0-2 and on life-support following Tuesday’s 95-92 loss to the Boston Celtics.

But I can save you a lot of time and trouble because the reason is really quite simple:

The Magic have run head-on into themselves — a better, more determined, more poised, more experienced version of themselves.

We are talking, of course, about the Celtics, who have now all but destroyed the Magic’s chances of winning the Eastern Conference finals and ultimately winning a championship.

“These teams are mirror images of each other,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said.

Except the Magic’s mirror is now cracked and shattered and the reflection staring back at them is mouthing the word, “Sweep.”

“We’re coming home to close it out,” said Boston’s Paul Pierce after leading his team with 28 points.

Then Pierce tweeted on his Twitter page: “Anybody got a BROOM?”

Magic center Dwight Howard responded to Pierce’s brashness with some Biblical trash talk: “Pride comes before the fall.”

Howard then added defiantly, “This series is not over. I won’t stop believing and I won’t let my teammates stop believing.”

How can this be? How can the hottest team in the league during the last half of the season — a team that had won 14 in a row and swept through the first two rounds of the playoffs — now be gasping for survival? How can the Magic, who have not lost two straight home games all season long, lose the first two home games of the Eastern Conference finals? How can everything the Magic have talked about and worked for be circling one of the clogged-up drains in one of the musty bathrooms at Amway Arena?

I’ll take a stab at that last one, and I won’t suggest the cruising in the first two round of the playoffs has anything to do with it (like I suggested it might last week before enduring the wrath of the Magic faithful around here for saying so).

The Celtics’ bench/role players are so thoroughly outplaying their Florida counterparts that this series won’t last past four games without immediate and significant contributions from the Magic’s  crew in Games 3 and 4.



  1. Cass says:

    I’m just gonna watch the 2010 finals play out and see which one of you guys are gonna look stupid. But regarding the orlando/boston series. Magics didn’t come prepared. PERIOD. Idk why throughout the 1st and 2nd round everyone was talking about how unstoppable and perfect orlando was playing. Sure they swept the first 2 opponents. But their opponents were CHARLOTTE and ATLANTA. I wouldn’t expect any less from the returning Eastern Conf Champs.

  2. olepeed says:

    if someone thinks that the celtics gonna beat the lakers on their home court, they better think again.i noe the lakers havent been a good road team this season which gives celtics 3 wins but they are a good home team which means 4 wins and u noe the rest.16 for lakers and 5 for kobe.

  3. Avash says:

    Celtics and Lakers series will very tough and it will be a great series to watch! Cant wait! lets go CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dapplsicon says:

    Well im not gona hide my loyalties an @ da same time ima be realistic. @yrs ago when the Celtics Wiped out my Lakers, we didnt have Bynum. Da rematch that never took place last yr was cuz the Celtics didnt have KG. This yr after da Lakers beat phoenix 4-1 an Boston sweeps da Magic, da Lakers who own da best home record in da playoffs(7-0)will defend their homecourt against a very gud Boston team an come away wit a 4-2 series victory an Championship #16. Now that my Laker hatin friends is pure tlk!

  5. Reality Check says:

    lol@ boastful Celtics fans.

    Ya, keep putting up these imaginary scenarios where your team is matchup for matchup, the best team since Bill Russel’s Celtics. You know, deep down, that this Laker team will be ready and more than a match for you. You will be watching Kobe torch you for 35+ and padding his poster collection at your teams expense, with all East coast media cameras capturing it. Garnett and Pierce will be complete meltdown artists.. And youll be booing your own players(again), for letting down your myopic expectations.

    The Lakers will be hoisting up the trophy this year, IN BOSTON, in front of all you incredulous, battery-throwing Celtics fans. And you and your big mouths, will be far, far away from here.

  6. DaveMac says:

    @ Pete

    Great points all well made.

    The Bynum quote is a little extreme I think, who was that from?
    I think it should be more “If Bynum is healthy, alongside a healthy Gasol and Odom, then the height factor is almost impossible to deal with.”

    It’s far from only the height that makes the Lakers so good, especially Gasol (Probably the best 7 foot scorer in the league), but it certainly helps having three big, skilled men.

    I do think the Magic will win 1 or 2 games, but the Celtics have the edge mentally now.

    Celtics – Lakers final, Lakers with games to spare.

  7. Fady Sherif says:

    Honestly D.H. you started off so well. Let me ask you a question; you are playing poker, for example, and your game is real aggressive, very dominante. But this player at this table, he’s just out bluffing you, right from the word go, and you’ve been unable to assert your will. So you loose, big, because you keep trying to find a way to dominate the alpha dog.
    Why are you saying that VC, JN and RL are not themselves and when they wake up, Orlando will win? I give these players more credit than to conclude that they simply haven’t shown up, saying that 3 professionals have simply forgotten to go to two straight games is simply dissrespectful. No, they were there, they competed (as evidenced by JN’s back to back threes followed by mandatory chest thumping and mean facing and VC’s fallaway jumper to pull the Magic within.. uuumm.. I forget) then they were quelled again and they lost.
    Also, to claim that Celts faced no opposition in the Cleveland series is simply, all due respect mate, dumb. Did you SEE game 3? Celts won the series (THANK YOU Pete) through some amazing play, and I’ll narrow it down furthur, by Rondo.
    Now, I’m not saying anything is sure. But I would happily take you on your word, you got a farm ready to bet boyo? Mine’s is on the Nile delta, best farming land in the world (I’m joking lad, I don’t live on a farm, and if you ask me if i go to work on a camel…) Notice though that a 2-0 start to a series when you have home court is veeeery different from a 2-0 start when you don’t.
    Finally, I would like to furthur thank Pete for his very enlightened remark about Bynum; if Shaq and Howard were shut down, does anyone really think that Bynum will rise to the task. A word of warning though, Bynum AND Gasol is a whole other ballgame, then put Odom in and you have problems at every turn. So careful of saying Lakers bigs won’t make a difference.
    I just have a quick request from ShineOn; set aside the silver tounge, stop attempting to guild the lilly and speak plainly for us laymen and “Boston troglodytes” to understand. It’s simple, sonny, Cavs and Magic counted Boston out and look where it got them. Calm down, stop waving your “Boston Sucks” pointy finger and concentrate on cheering your lads through the Pheonix series for now. The finals will come, and when they do we will see if Pierce starts throwing elbows and fouling hard and having mental breakdowns (honestly son, where did you get that horsesh*t?) and if Garnett and Allen are too old (I have to say though, Jesus Shuttlesworth is looking mighty young right about now)
    I want to repeat this; even if the Lakers find an answer for Pierce, Garnett and Allen (doubtful.. but then, as Addidas so wisely put it; Impossible is nothing… Oh, hang on, did they use that lame a** campaign in the states?) all three of your Points combined won’t be able to slow Rondo down, so he’s going to put some real pressure on your D (on the subject of D; Cavs and Magic have defenses? Does that mean that Cavs and Magic are bad defensive teams? Are you sh*tting me?)

    Boston in 6. Rondo finals MVP. Thank you… Thank you very much.

  8. wadkins cano says:

    they forgot that boston has the heart of a champion and they will never back down now that all the guys are really focus to their goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry superman your only one you are up agains the super friends peace go boston

  9. potalita says:

    where is orlando bench, i know they can have a better game, but they need it find your game

  10. Pete says:

    One the magic may have lost but not blowouts like the cavs, not to mention a teammate was sleeping with lebrons mom that would mess any player head up along with his injury

    Lebron averaged 28 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals and over 1 block per game against Boston.,.,probably 30% of all Clevelands production in every statistical category came from Lebron. When you’re blocking shots, getting steals, passing well and rebounding aggressively, then you have nothing to make excuses for – you’re more then healthy enough both mentally and physically.

    Lebron threw everything he had at Boston, but Boston successfully slowed him down by throwing multiple defenders at him and consistently keeping him outside the paint, and forcing him to take tough shots. You can say all you want about Cleveland’s performance, but Bostons victory sure as hell wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter – they fought their behinds off, and they earned every win with blood, sweat and tears. Had it been that same cleveland team against anyone else in the East (bar maybe Orlando) Cleveland would have won it in 4 or 5 games, so give some credit where credit is due – Cleveland didn’t play bad…Boston simply played very, very well.

    Take a look at the actual statistics, and look at the scoring and shooting averages of Boston’s opponents througout the playoffs this year. Their opponets so far have averaged 91.4 ppg (2nd lowest in NBA), on 43.4% shooting (3rd lowest in NBA), 32% from three (3rd lowest in NBA), while dishing 17.8 apg (3rd lowest in NBA). Both their scoring differential (+6.15) and assist differential (+4.4) are 3rd among all playoff teams this year.

    Boston on the other hand, are averaging 97 ppg on 47% shooting, 37% from three and are averaging 22 apg (2nd in NBA).

    What does all this tell you? It tells you that that anyone who plays Boston is struggling to score, and that their opponents’ offense have been running extremely inefficiently, while Boston’s offense has been consistently solid (if not phenomenal).

    Boston has played a total of 13 games againt three different 5th, 1st and 2nd seeded opponents – two of which won over 70% of their regular season games, and one of which made it to the NBA finals only one season ago. Their playoff schedule has been no cakewalk…do you really believe that these statistics (along with Boston’s success) don’t have a litle (just a little) bit to do with the fact that the team has been playing exception basketball?

    I mean really, they played two former Eastern Conference champions, the NBA two best regular season teams, and three of the NBA’s top five players (Lebron, Wade, Howard) and have dominated each and every one of them…what more do they need to do to prove that they are winning games on more then just luck?

    “yea the celtics won 2 years ago against a team without bynum say what u feel but if bynum was not injured no one can stop him”

    Bynum? LOL

    Boston have made themselves a reputation for being one of the few teams legitimately capable of defending Dwight Howard with single coverage. If they can slow Shaq (round two) and Howaed then why on earth would Bynum be a problem?

  11. Rajon Rondo says:

    Hi there, I am a Celtics fan from Germany.
    I don’t understand this “we will bash and sweep team x, team y” behavior. The way the Orlando Magic is playing atm is quite some levels below what they are capable of. I have to admit that as a Celtics fan myself i didn’t believe that they would have a start like this in the Orlando Series.
    They have the swagger, or at least it seems like they have it (Boston). In my opinion Boston will win this series 4:1 if the Magic isn’t adjusting severely to the upcoming road-challenge.

    As for the Lakers: They play outstanding basketball. Always did. And to say that Boston will win this like they did 2 years before, or that the Lakers will tear them down as some kind of revenge is just plainly stupid and ignorant.
    I don’t see where comments like “Boston is playing OK basketball” are justified. I also don’t see where comments like “Lakers will be swept by Boston” are justified. This just indicates that those comments are stated by fans who obviously have no understanding that every game, every series is something completely different.
    So for the matchup Boston – Lakers my guess would be that is goes over 7 games. Could be a Lakers championship as well as a Boston championship (I for my part hope that Boston will have it, but who knows).
    The matchup is going to be a very interesting and hard one. But since this series between Boston and Lakers can go both ways, i would like to see 7 big fights every night between them.
    I hope Boston will win, but if the Lakers win: Congrats, you earned it then.
    Both teams play outstanding and entertaining basketball.
    Spread the word.

  12. Fady Sherif says:

    Ok, I’m a 21 year old living in Cairo, Egypt so I don’t have the bball background and I AM in need of a serious history lesson, so go easy on me folks.
    At the time of writing (this comment) both conference finals series look to be all but over (and baring a complete and catastrophic collapse of the Celtic team system or Kobe actually getting injured (as in… going down injured, not just something thats “slowing him down”) I would comfortably bet the farm, barn and all, that we have a Celtics Lakers final series on our hands… this is me going out on a limb here)
    So obviously the entire bball world has to sit through another week (or month, or year) of Celtics-Lakers commenting warefare, I swear I wouldn’t be suprised if I stumbled across two opposing fans going at it in the comments section of a political blog or a video about famine in Africa. It’s always pissed me off, this pointless (and I have to say, sometimes very illogical) discussion about the best franchise in bball (just because the Celts have won 9 of 11 series, doesn’t mean they are a shue in) so this year I’ve decided to throw in a couple of my own opinions.

    A) The Celts have showen us ample proof that Kobe hasn’t yet been passed as the BEST player on the planet (I firmley believe that LBJ will surpass him, if only because his physical potential is greater, but he just hasn’t yet in my opinion.) So I think it would be unwise to count the Lakers out of ANYTHING (again.. unless Kobe goes down, which he doesn’t seem to be capable of doing)
    B) Rajon Rondo has become not only a very good (if not great) point guard, but a player with (I believe) the potential to be one of the all time greats.
    C) Artest is (again… just my opinion) a downgrade on Ariza (from the Lakers’ perspective) because Ariza (along with Farmar and Brown) were their X-factors, their wildcards. Artest is to old to be anyone’s suprise. No dissrespect.
    D) LA’s bench is Odom, Celts bench is Wallace or Davis or Allen. Thus, if Odom has an off night, LA goes bye bye, but for the Celts bench to forget to show up, you would have to drug three seperate players, much harder.
    E) The Celts have shown that they can give a team’s superstar 30 points and still win on any given night because they just shut down everyone else.
    E) Fisher, Brown and Farmar COMBINED can’t slow Rondo down, if Kobe guards him Pierce and/or Allen go off and Kobe himself slows down on offense. If Artest guards him, oh come on, you don’t actually want me to consider that do you?

    Boston in 6. Rondo finals MVP.

    • D.H. says:

      Say what you want to say, bet what you want to bet, but in the end the Celtics have no control over whether the magic win this or not. I’m gonna admit, the Celtics D is crazy, I give them mad props for being such a good defensive team, but in all honesty these two teams are mirror images of each other…one is a veteran team looking for another ring and the other is a young team looking for a ring of its’ own. Personally…I’m an Orlando mark…have been since I was born and the fact is…you Celtic fans have not been playing the Magic. I know you all are confused by that statement, but this is the not the real Magic team that you have been playing and still your team has won by a hair…twice. Rashard has not been himself, Jameer has not been himself, and VC has not been himself…hell our bench has been no where near itself either. You have been lucky, you fought a broken Cavaliers team, you fought a one man show Heat team, and now when you win by a hair you go abuzz about an Eastern Conference Finals Sweep? Don’t make me laugh.

      You all are dumb if you are putting Celtics/Lakers in the Finals when Game 3 has not even began and even dumber for thinking you have the deeper bench. No, you have had the bench that has shown up. J.J. is the only one on our bench showing life and I expect in Game 3…our bench will be back in full rotation and your defense which has only learned how to shut down two of our offensive weapons (VC and Rashard) will be seeing an Air France bomb raid and a Jameer Nelson beat down. So sip on your soda, put your life savings up for grabs on betting on the Celtics, but in the end you are going to be dissapointed. The Magic will win this in 7…don’t forget you had us beat very much like you had us beat now last year, but we beat you still…you may have not had KG, but we had no Jameer Nelson and from what I have seen…KG is nothing compared to a JN. So get ready…because blue and white is about to ignite in Boston.

      • Celtics says:

        Celtics – 2010 Champions . Celtics . Rondo – Threat KG – Threat The Truth – Threat Sugar Ray – Threat Perkins – Threat in the post. Rasheed Wallace – threat with expection of him playing his best basketball at the moment . Big Baby – Explosive of the bench . Michael Finely – good defense . Tony Allen – Threat . Marquis daniels – Comes When Needed
        Nate Robison – Would be needed & will play in the finals & will tribute so much Energy ‘ Spark Off The Bench = Champion Defense Which Leads to Terrific Offense . Celtics Vs Lakers In Finals Celtics In 6 .. Celtics 4-2

        Lakers – Bryant – Threat Paul Gasol – Threat Artest – Threat . Shannon Brown – Threat Fisher- Comes when needed .
        Mbenga – /Horrible Powell – Not a chance aqainst Celts D’ . Farmer – Cant match up to tony allen or rondo
        & the rest of the bench is just trash ……..

        CELTICS – BANNER 18 – 2010 NBA CHAMPIONS – C’ ing Is Believing . Counted Out As Championship Contenders . Blew Past Heat . Pulled A Upset On King James MVP & his Lebronettes ( Iwasnt suprised sensed it coming ) & Now about to pull out another upset on the Majic & expose them like the Lebronettes ( Cavs ) & then move on to the lakers & take out the 2man team Lakers ( Kobe & Gasol ) & Winning the Finals Against the Fakers

  13. ShineOn says:

    Awesome. Boston troglodytes, now all clammering to get on the Celtic bandwagon, like a bunch of monkeys trying to jump out of a bucket of acid. Fear not, Laker fans. These guys will be tucked back into their caves, washing out their Red Sox hats and ironing their Patriots jerseys, nowhere to be found, after the 1st 3 games of any Lakers/Celtics series. this year.

    This is not 2008. Garnett and Allen are older, and that much less effective. Rondo has torn a new **hole, on the teams he’s faced. And I expect him to get his chips against L.A.. But he aint gonna be getting in there with the Laker big men, and slicing them up, the way he has against the paper tiger, matador guard defenses, the Celtics have seen thus far.

    So that leaves it up to Pierce. And we all know, this guy is mentally unstable, and will start throwing elbows and fouling hard and getting technicals, after Kobe lights him up a few times, in front of all his old Inglewood friends. How effective can you expect Garnett to be in his offensive game, when he has to be under there battling for boards and tipbacks against Gasol, Odom and Bynum? Celtics have to have at least 3 guys out of this group: Rondo, Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Perkins, go at least 20-20-20, whether its the Big 3, or alternating 3 out of those 5 in any combination, in EVERY game, to have enough offense to outlast this Laker team, in a 7 game series. Could it happen? Sure. Maybe, But at least 4 TIMES out of 7 GAMES? The odds arent in your favor, Boston.

    Lakers in 6. Even if they take a dump in 2 straight games- Lakers in 7.

  14. gnikoloff says:

    WOW! Way to go off toppic guys! Talking about finalls and past glory. It’s still early days in those teo series. Of course sweeps are possible but a wrong step, akward slip or fall and U can get an injury that can change not only a game but a seiries.

    But the problem with Orlando’s bench(and the starters for that matter) is they are all one-dimentionall players, that can’t get their own shot. they rely on ball movement and an aware defence can get them off their schemes all night long. On the other hand U have the C’s with four starters that can score 1 on 1 and 2(‘sheed and Uno-Uno ) more comming off the bench so anytime u feel the defence tightens U trow it to PP or KG ot Sheed, or just let rondo do his thing and most times U get a quallity shot out of it.
    And then U have Ray lurking around, decoyng and cutting. And I’ve never seen a Ray Allen shot that i didn’t like, whit his range and skill there are NO bad shots.

    The magic only have Vince to bail them out when they can’t work their “magic”. And face it he’s no MJ, he can’t, dominate a series, maybe 1 or 2 games but nt the series. Hell even with Wade dominating the series it didn’t open the shots for his “Titos”

  15. Kel says:

    Wow. People are so unreasonable. Magic winning is possible, but highly unlikely. Do you really see Celtics going 1-4? Nope. And for all you Laker fans, it’s impossible to predict what will happen. Either team would have a great shot to win if that’s the matchup we’ll see. But there’s no way either team would sweep. Also, for those saying Celtics are playing just “OK”, you should be worried when they start playing well, because they’ve won five in a row versus the Cavs and Magic. Actually, versus the Magic their offense has been sub-par. But their defense excellent. And you know what they say… Defense wins championships.

  16. Victor says:

    Championships, (or even a series) are not won by just brute force alone. By saying that, Mark Jackson said it right during game 2 that if Dwight Howard is the only best player and top scorer for the Magic, they will not win this series, even more a championship. With their bench absent because of Celtics staying with their man and playing Howard one-on-one, the Magic will only be able to win this series if the Celtics totally looses focus and forget defense…which, everybody on the green uniform will never let happen. Yes, Howard is strong, big, quick, young, great defender, at times a great offensive weapon, and has a great teacher in Patrick Ewing. But think about this: Ewing in his prime had as much qualities as Howard has that I mentioned, but had a much more effective offensive weapon…can shoot, post-up, nail mid-range jumpers and good free throws. And yet, as good as Ewing was then, he never won a championship. Why? supporting cast. (and of course, Chicago Bulls.) The Celtics wouldn’t mind Howard scoring like he did in Game 2 (much more if he does a Game 1) just as long as the rest of the magic bench performs (or doesn’t perform) the way they did. Overconfidence did them too. Streaking through the first 2 rounds didn’t do them any good. They didn’t know what they were really made of until they got to the East finals…and when it hit them, they didn’t know how to react. Because all the while, they thought it would be easy. Listening to them after their Game 1 loss, they are pretty much saying the same thing after loosing game 2. But are unable to execute. They know what the Celtics are doing defensively, but they don’t have a clue how to go around it because that’s now what they’re used to doing. Stan Van Gundy clearly said it: They have some stretches where they rotate the ball well and score but they fail to continue to do what is effective. Why? The only offense they know is get the ball to Howard and when the defense collapse, give it to the shooter. But that’s not what the Celtics are giving them. Why? Because the only offense Howard knows is get the ball in the post, turn left or right, then try to jump over his defender with his mini-hook…and complain to the referees if the ball refuses to go in. Ewing can only do so much in teaching Howard…heck, i think Ewing has already given up in teaching Howard post moves since Howard’s offense hasn’t change much for the past 3 years. I don’t see Howard improving drastically in his post moves the remainder of this East finals (as i’ve said, 3 years and still the same moves), so if the Magic bench doesn’t show up, realize that you have regressed in what you have accomplished from last season. Then again, as smart as the Celtics are and being the veterans that they are with the focus and intensity they are having, I don’t think there’s much the Magic can really do but look forward to playing in their new arena next year.

  17. louieboy says:

    It aint over til its over. The ball is round. There’s still room for adjustments on both losing teams (suns and magic) — unless they are giving up already.

  18. Black Mamba says:

    One the magic may have lost but not blowouts like the cavs, not to mention a teammate was sleeping with lebrons mom that would mess any player head up along with his injury oh and the celtics got blew out at home by the cavs also. dont let the first two losses get u orlando will bounce back. yea the celtics won 2 years ago against a team without bynum say what u feel but if bynum was not injured no one can stop him either along with gasol and the real king kobe bryant. yes the celtics have a big four including the amazing rondo one of my fav players but isn’t it safe to say so do the lakers i mean with lamar odom, gasol, bynum, and kobe. and even when ron artest playing better now in the post season. rondo has gotten better but so have the lakers and celtics beat a wounded cavs team but still a great victory. the lakers will win it all on kobe is still unconscious and his teammates r knocking down shots sumthing they didn’t do in the finals 2 years ago realize this the lakers as of now have reached the finals 3 years in a row extremely difficult and the celtics aren’t getting any younger. The lakers will win the finals in 5 games who ever they play trust me. and they are sweeping the suns the magic will force game 7 if they dont win in 6 and the finals will go to kobe and his 5th ring one more to surpass jordan the ultimate goal and another gold medal in the olympics to pass all jordans records

  19. Eric says:

    A Finals rematch Celtics and Lakers. Coming from a Laker fan, it is kind of ignorant hearing from other Laker fans that L.A is going to sweep Boston. I don’t think so for myself it is going to be a dog fight 5-7 game series. Boston is just playing better basketball stealing home court adv. from Orlando. It is going to be tough series for the Lakers and no there is no sweeping from either team. The Lakers will win the series in 6 hopefully.

  20. LAKERFAN says:

    JUST LET THEM PLAY.. You’ll see who’s better aftr the finals 😀

  21. Jim says:

    lol lakers will totally own the celts right now

  22. gie says:


  23. CELTICS says:


  24. CELTICS says:

    LOLL if the King cant guard rondo, i dont think a smaller kobe can
    so i dunno what most of you faker fans r saying, but celtics got much more then rondo
    there bench is way better then lakers odom, LMAO n celtics starters r experienced tooo and at this rate pau is too soft to even guard KG. If perkins can guard howard, he can definetely guard bynum . soo all off u just fuk offffff
    just like 2008 blowout , celts will do it again 😉 celts in 6

  25. gie says:

    kay, hey look. rondo is playing at the top of his game right now. remembering the triple double he had against cavaliers including 18 rebounds. cavaliers tried everything they can to stop rondo, but rondo seems to find ways to score, assist or rebound. they tried putting lebron on him but nothing happened. think guys, if you put kobe or artest on rondo, then who will guard 2 of the best shooters on the league ? pierce and allen ? who ? fisher ? brown ? i don’t think that would be a good decision. odom can guard pierce, but who’s guarding allen ? so rondo can score easily against veteran player fisher. so i go for celtics on finals. celts in 7.


  26. bimmerman says:

    What was with Vince Carter’s free throws that could have brought them within 1? Why didn’t he even try? Why didn’t he even show remorse when he missed those? Did he do that on purpose or what?

    I wanted the Magic to win this year, but, they just gave it away without a fight.

  27. 2LIVENDIENLA says:

    I mos def wanna see Loston Keltics vs the La Lakers. This is not two years ago. Boston fans keep livin in the past. Whatever happen then was back then, this is a whole new year.LA is the place/Boston is a disgrace/the little leprecaun is gonna drown in the Lake.

  28. Basketball Hotdog says:

    the Celtics have been cruising along the American ‘Redeem’ Team on every playoff series this year. D’WaDe->MVP guy23-> and superhero!! Its a tough challenge I think but Celtics should be able to win this series. Remember KG watched his team last year get beaten up by the Magic on game 7 and his out there for some showdown. Go Kei Geee[KG]!!!!!!!!

    Oh and the Lakers. The Lakers will be champions again this year, sadly.

  29. Joe Robo says:

    Celtics are for sure the best team left in the playoffs, the Lakers don’t stand a chance against us and we are playing better in the playoffs then we did when we won the championship. So please pull out the broom for Orlando and LA/PHX. GO CELTICS!!

  30. Pete says:

    God Lakers fans can be an arrogant bunch…

    Lets take a look back at recent playoff results:

    2008 Lakers played Celtics in the finals. EVERYBODY counted the Celtics out, and everyone said Lakers were going to win. It was a very hard fought series where most of the games could have gone either way, until game 6 came along – Lakers crumbled under pressure, and they got absolutely slaughtered by Boston in a 20-30 point blowout.

    2009 Boston had masses of injury problems, having multple players injured throughout the regular season. They were without KG (Injured) and Rasheed (in Detroit), they didn’t have Tony Allen (Injured) or Marquis Daniels (in Indiana). Brian Scalabrine started or played major minutes in most of their games – he isn’t even on the active roster right now, which showed how much deeper their bench is. Lack of bench meant that every single one of Bostons players was forced to play 90% of each game (lucky to get 5 – 8 mins rest). A multiple overtime series vs chicago had some boston players putting up 50+ mpg over a 7 game series. With what little they had, they took care of Chicago in 7 games, then pushed the eventual East Champions (Magic) to six hard fought games before finally getting knocked out. They got this far despite the fact that they were a defensive minded team playing without two of their top defenders (Garnett and Tony Allen). A more or less healthy Lakers won the title by defeating an Orlando team that was playing without Jameer Nelson – one of the teams key players.

    2010 Boston had more injury problems then any other team in the league outside of Portland – Glenn Davis, Rondo, Pierce, Garnett, Perkins, Scalabrine and Marquis Daniels were all missing from the team at some point in the season, and Eddie House was recently traded for Nate Robison who still needed to be worked into the rotation. for about 65 games of the season Boston were playing wuth different rotations, as an incomplete team that had yet to gain any real chemistry. Finally for the last 10 -15 games the whole team was back, but over that stretch players were still recovering from effects of injuries as well as trying to work in some type of chemistry.

    Come playoff time, Boston got some much needed rest and recovery, and got their team on one page. First they faced Miami, who were one of the hottest teams in the league – endeding the season on something like a 10 game winning streak. Most people predicted boston would lose te series, but with their key players back in the lineup, Boston regained their championship defense. They slowed down Dwayne Wade a little, but completely shut down the rest of the team in what looked like it would be a sweep, but ended up a 4-1 victory.

    Next series Boston played Cleveland. Cleveland beat 8th seeded Chicago less convincingly then Boston beat 5th seeded Miami, yet still people ignored Boston’s return to form and their championship experience and essentially said there was “no chance” Boston would win. Charles famously ‘almost’ predicted a sweep, but in the end settled on Cleveland in five games. The complete opposite happned, and Boston absolutely dominated Cleveland – realisticlly, they should have beat them in give games, but Boston collapsed a little at the end of game one and pulled out lucky victory. Boston instead made a statement by beating the best team in the NBA in three straight games by an average of 17 points, Still no one gave Boston credit – everyone spoke of the series as if Boston didn’t win it, Lebron James lost it because he played poorly and had a sore elbow. No remembering that he averaged 32ppg on 57% shooing against Chicago with the same elbow problem, on the way to beating them in 5 games. No mention that James averaged 27ppg, 9 reb, 7ass, 2.2 st and 1.3 bl versus Boston througout the series. Then when this got brought up, it was suddenly the rest of Cleveland that was at fault – the supporting cast weren’t good enough. The all-star supporting cast of Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison who averaged 16ppg and 19ppg (respectively) aginst chicago, but only 13ppg and 12ppg against Boston.

    Next i was Orlando. No matter how much Boston dominated Cleveland, thye were DEFINATELY going to get slaughtered by Orlando. No recognition for Boston’s defense, and the way it slowed down two of the leages top players (James, Wade) as well as shutting down their supporting cast in the previous two series. Nope, Orlando would be different. Yet here Boston stand, heading into game three with a 2-0 series lead and homecourt advantage, after taking two wins on Orlando’s home floor…heading back to Boston with the chance for a sweep. Before Boston Orlando won their lat 14 games, including 8 straight playoff games – they arent a ‘one man’ kinda team like Miamo and Cleveland, so suddenly people are not able to flock to the excuse of one man playing bad – finally people are actually starting to almost believe that the way Boston is playing might actually have something to do with heir success. Maybe the other teams weren’t so bad…maybe Boston was just really, really good.

    Now, if Boston do get past Orlando (still not a given) people show that they will STILL continue to underestimate them. Even after beating three of the hottest teams in the league at the end of the season (Miami, Cleveland, Orlando) supported by three of the top MVP candidtes (Wade, James, Howard), people will still undestiate them against Kobe and the Lakers.

    Thing is, is Kobe really THAT much more dominant then Wade, Lebron or Dwight? Are the Lakers really any better as a team then Cleveland or Orlando this year? Boston have proven they can slow down a superstar in 2008, and multiple times this year. They have beaten LA in the past with a team that was signiifcantly less talented then the one they have right now, ad which realistically didn’t play as well as their current team. They would be taking on LA with the best team Boston has had in probably 20 years.

    Lets look at the matchups:

    C Bynum — Perkins
    PF Gasol — Garnett
    SF Artest — Pierce
    SG Kobe — Ray Allen
    PG Fisher — Rondo

    Bench Lamar Odom — Wallace, Glen Davis, Tony Allen

    The starting lineup is pretty much a dead even matchup at every position except PG, where Rondo will dominate Fishr far more then he did against the quicker Mo Williams and Jameer Nelson. H’ell kill the Lakers until they switch Kobe or Artest onto him, at which point Ray Allen or Paul Pierce will be left free to shoot the lights out. Lakers deciding factor will be Odom off the bench.

    So, it’ll be three things deciding the series:
    1. How LA deal with Rondo
    2. How Boston deal with Odom
    3. Mental toughness of both teams, because the games will probbly be hard fought to the last minute.

    • Celts says:

      Great insight man. +1

      Eventually they’ll all respect the celtics, unless they’re diehard haters.

  31. Bogdan says:

    Lakers fans, enjoy fishing 🙂
    With Wallace, Perkins and Baby on Kobe and Gasol, RR, Rondo, KG, Pierce, Tony Allen will play against a college basketball team.

  32. Bumpy116 says:

    So many laker haters out there, I’m just going to leave it at that.

  33. tungaw says:

    ray allen will be the finals mvp this year,, thats for sure,, i put my money and my car,, who wants to bet??

  34. magic believer says:

    Man i dont see why everyone is all saying celtics this celtics that man what happened with the flyers they came back and so is the magic so all you celtic band waggon jumpers can just shut up cuz that was the last win there gonna get

  35. Adnan says:

    Yeahh Sekou , it’s all about rotation that every team is really need.

    They have to run , they need to breath n also they need to take same rest to recharge their energy.

    For Magic , if you keep playing like this , you’ll get some tickets for earlier summer vacation !!
    Beware , Rondo is getting hot , wild , and nasty !!

  36. nelson says:

    celtics will be the east champs, they doing a great job… and all of them playing good defense…………go celtics…………………..the starting five of this team are good and talented leaders that’s why there dominating tha opponents… celtics have a big hearts in every games…………………..fighting for the goals……………..moving to the finals and for the rings……………………… whoever thier opponents in finals, the celtics will win tha games………………….god bless..

  37. Rob says:

    In the end Lakers will still be the champion! Nuff said!

  38. pen island says:

    dude the celts r playing the best ball in a while and they are very hard to stop…
    if both celts and lakers play to their best it is likely that celts win….
    their defense is too tight.
    magic have dug themselves a deep hole it will be hard to take 2 back on the road.

  39. Gilmajar says:

    Lakers will be champs in 6 games

  40. hahahaha lakers fanatics please look at history! Celtics dominates lakers! its like tradition… lakers must bow to the celtics! thats how it is… thats how its gonna be…

  41. lets deal with reality here guys… no use dreamin…. wake up! its gonna be celtics & lakers for the championship…. now thats reality! dont weep orlando & phoenix fans theres always nxt year…

  42. jhames says:

    4-0 for celtics against orlando… 4-1 for whoever gonna win on west final…

  43. Kenny says:

    Celtics – 2010 Champions . Celtics . Rondo – Threat KG – Threat The Truth – Threat Sugar Ray – Threat Perkins – Threat in the post. Rasheed Wallace – threat with expection of him playing his best basketball at the moment . Big Baby – Explosive of the bench . Michael Finely – good defense . Tony Allen – Threat . Marquis daniels – Comes When Needed
    Nate Robison – Would be needed & will play in the finals & will tribute so much Energy ‘ Spark Off The Bench = Champion Defense Which Leads to Terrific Offense . Celtics Vs Lakers In Finals Celtics In 6 .. Celtics 4-2

    Lakers – Bryant – Threat Paul Gasol – Threat Artest – Threat . Shannon Brown – Threat Fisher- Comes when needed .
    Mbenga – /Horrible Powell – Not a chance aqainst Celts D’ . Farmer – Cant match up to tony allen or rondo
    & the rest of the bench is just trash ……..

    CELTICS – BANNER 18 – 2010 NBA CHAMPIONS – C’ ing Is Believing . Counted Out As Championship Contenders . Blew Past Heat . Pulled A Upset On King James MVP & his Lebronettes ( Iwasnt suprised sensed it coming ) & Now about to pull out another upset on the Majic & expose them like the Lebronettes ( Cavs ) & then move on to the lakers & take out the 2man team Lakers ( Kobe & Gasol ) & Winning the Finals Against the Fakers

  44. LeeRim says:

    I’m a Lakers fan, but gotta give credits to the Celtics, they are playing like a true champion team. I just hope they meet in finals with Lakers. It is going to be a great series.

    p.s. i would like Lakers to win 🙂 😉

  45. worguens says:

    i dnt really care about what people said, i believe in Lakers so there is no way the Celtics would sweep the lakers like it did to Magic.
    that’s gonna be a revenge game for the Lakers and already konw how my team would set up. Phill Jackson gonna put Artest on Paul Piece, Kobe on Allen, Fisher on Rondo, Gasol on perkins, Adrew binum for Ganet

  46. Jeremy Coe says:

    Damn we need to pull through! I want Lewis coming off the bench and Gortat starting Center with Howard at PF. Home court advantage is lost, VC slip the screen and get the opens. Magic it’s not too late!!!!

  47. Bogdan says:

    P.S. No wonder why LeBron James was whispering to KG and Ray Ray at the end of game 6 that he wants to go to Boston when one of them retires. Man, do you imagine, LeBron at TD Garden? I would move back to Boston from LA. I hate the Lakers anyways. Bunch of crying babies for fouls. Gasol lives next to my house. Every time I see him driving his Black Cayenne he practices crying at the stop light in Redondo Beach :)))

  48. dan says:

    Phoenix is going to take it this year!!

  49. celtsfan says:

    For the Laker fan that just said they would sweep the celts thats the dumbest thing ive heard all post season. Im not one of those cocky cetls fans so im not one to say where gonna kill the lakers. Let us get passed orlando first bc its not over until 4 games is won. I also read someone say rondo is alittle betetr then 2008 thats almost dumber then hearign the laker fan say they were gonan sweep us, come on now alittle better, the dude is averaging 18 ppg right now he was no where near that in 2008 against the lakers. he is more then a scorer and an assist man hes also someone who pushes the tempo of games. lets be honest kobe cant cover him im not saying hes better then kobe by any means kobe is in my opinion the bets player in the nba but seriously with a knee injury and how fast rondo is theres no comparison plus kobe will be covering pierce. same goes for artest to slow for rondo. The celts are the best defensive team left in the playoffs right now and i believe there the most complete out of all of them, not saying this bc im from boston but im just stating the facts. When rondo is averaging 18 ppg and hes out 4th option thast pretty good. Lets stop the trash talking and let our boys decide this on the floor.

  50. Bogdan says:

    Celtics-Suns Finals. Kobe fishin’ with Charles Barkley, Wayde, LeBron, Crying Howard, etc.

    LAL-PHX 1-0
    LAL-PHX 1-1
    LAL-PHX 2-1
    LAL-PHX 2-2
    LAL-PHX 2-3
    LAL-PHX 2-4

    BOS-PHX 1-0
    BOS-PHX 2-0
    BOS-PHX 2-1
    BOS-PHX 3-1
    BOS-PHX 4-1

    Enjoy fishin’ 🙂

  51. yeelites says:

    Craig Sager: LeBron James is named the MVP this year for the second year in a row but he and the Cavs have been eliminated.. Is this your stage or platform to remind everybody that you’re still the best player on the planet?
    Kobe: Naw I don’t worry about that.. I’d like to get one more cookie though.

    The Celtics and the Lakers are playing their best basketball as of now, and Kobe has that killer instinct.
    A Boston LA matchup in the Finals would be extremely exciting to watch and I’m looking forward to and anticipating another fight between the two.

    Lakers in 7

  52. joey says:

    i am a true magic fan and i agree that we are not playing like we should. please bring in anderson off the bench for a little. i havent seen him much at all and lewis is not doing good. but i assure you we’ll come back for a game 7 win.

  53. Kalilah says:

    why the hell are people already talking about celtics and lakers in the finals?!! we dont know if the lakers are going to beat the suns and we sure as hell dont know if the celtics are going to beat the magic. dont get me wrong im a die hard celtic fan but this series between the magic is nowhere near over. keep it up celtics!

  54. Valters says:

    i think that celtics will beat the magic maybe even in 4 game sieries :O and if they do Lakers or suns have no chance of stopping them , they beat cavaliers the team with the best record , the team with the best players and now beat the magic at there home twice , there is No stopping celtics

  55. Ray says:

    There is only ONE team that has a slight chance of stopping Lakers and that is Celtics. Looking at History especially ancient history has no relevance. The current Lakers are big, young, quick and smart (thanks to Zen).

    Any other team other than Celtics has NO chance of beating Lakers in a 7 game series…they may beat Lakers may be once, maximum twice. Celtics is the only team that can beat Lakers 4 out of 7 times.

    Having said that, I bid farewell to Orlando (broom or 4-1), they did a great job but were outplayed and outcoached by Celtics. Better luck next time.

  56. Bogdan says:

    P.S. Hey Lakers, stop talking about the finals, you’re not done with the Conference Finals yet, you might be going fishing soon, PHX might be sending you straight in Charles Barkley’s boath 🙂 By the way, Celtics are getting another ring either way, so it does not matter what the West does. They’ll all be fishing in a couple of weeks.

  57. LakerGURU says:

    Celtic Fans have such Blind pride. hurry up and beat last years losers so we can smash on this team and put KG and Ray allen in retirement. I understand this is probably the celtics last chance at a ring since they r so old, so that probably explains all of ur frustration. We on the other hand, are contenders for the next 3 years. WE ROCK PURPLE AND GOLD, NOT DOO DOO GREEN!!!

  58. chazmancelticfan says:

    Orlando’s history! They and Lakers were just lucky last year KG got injured. Dwight “superman?” cant even dominate with single coverage from Perk, Sheed or Big Baby. Celts DEFENSE is ROCKSOLID!!!! Witness Rondo’s maturity, he will go down as 1 of the best point guards in the NBA once he develops that medium range J. Banner 18 coming!

  59. Bogdan says:

    Lakers :))) I leave in LA, I go to the Staples with my Celtic Jersey, and this year it will be awesome to see the Lakers lose again 2-4 against Boston. Everybody hates the Lakers, including most celebrities in LA with season tickets. They just go there to chat during the game. And JACK, I can’t wait to see that smirk off your face after game 1. I will be right behind you in my Celtic Jersey. Lakers will be going fishin’ with Charles, LeBron, Howard AND Wayde :))) Enjoy fishing.

  60. Gaz-it says:

    It’s a shame that no one has seen this coming… Celts are not just a Team, we are a Real Family blended as one who seat down and watch the hypocrips and the ripe leaves.Boson is an ACADEMY teachin’ every one Talent-experience-Respect-patience-strenght-faith and self confidence KG,RayRay,the TRUTH,The Run,Sheed don’t spend all this time in this excellent league to be losers .Too bad Lebron had to go through that but it’s just amazing to feel comitment and hard hard work merge in Boston.It’s a lesson of life don’t let no-one know you better than YOU

    # 1 KG fan in the world

    from Haiti

  61. JMo says:

    The Magic have been disappointed but they should still win at least 2 games. Boston has been VERY good but not great. I’m a neutral fan, I like the NBA in general but I have to admit that the Lakers have been GREAT in the playoffs, they only had one bad game against the Thunder. The Thunder are for real and people are not giving the Lakers credit for eliminating them. So are the Jazz. Wade did a lot of damage against the C’s and I fully expect Kobe to do even more damage. I think the Celtics have no chance to win a series against the Lakers, they will make it competitive though. It’s all about matchups and the Lakers are just too much for the C’s. The only mismatch is Rondo and Fisher but Fisher has a knack fro coming up big in the playoffs. Kobe and Ray, well that mismatch isnt even funny. Ron-Ron will shut down Pierce. Pau is better than Garnett by a lot. Bynum even with a bum knee is more intimidating than Perkins, thought its pretty even since I dont expect much out of Bynum for the Finals. People dont forget who has the better (and the best) coach. Phil Jackson will outsmart Doc.

    I’m just being realistic. The only way the Lakers can loose a series is if they beat themselves which is a possibility but they at this point are very focused.

  62. rinD says:

    Why are people already dictating that the Lakers will win? The Suns are not in a 2-0 hole. The Suns put up a clunker game against their opponents at home, that’s not to say they will every game this series! Talk about counting chickens before they hatch.

    Shoot even the Magic could come back and win, possibly. This is all foolish giving finals predictions already. Fools all around.

  63. RAYNER says:

    i don’t think kobe will be embarrass again by the celtics.. i know for sure he won’t let it happen. if the lakers play the celtics in the finals. lakers will win the series 4-2 just because Kobe wont let them beat them again. And plus, Ron Artest is hungry for a title which makes the Lakers even more hungrier than before. Both teams are talented and match up pretty well and are good defensive teams. In the end, its just going to be who wants it the most..

  64. LAKERSRULE says:

    Well Well Well.. Stop trash talking.. And let them play ball.. Theres nothing we can do, but support our team ! There are playing not us.. Let us see who’s the LAST TEAM STANDING IN THE PLAYOFFS !! Well celtics fans , see you at the FINALS.. LAKERS IS MY BET !!!

  65. Zack says:

    LOL@ Fakers fans who are so delusional as to think they’ll SWEEP the Celtics. I’m not a Celtics fan per se, but I sure as hell hate the damn Lakers, and while I admit they could win a championship against the C’s, you LA homers are completely out of your minds if you think it’s going to be a SWEEP. Look at the history between these two teams, you fools.

    Lakers fans are truly the worst. They understand the game the least and take winning for granted to the point that they boo their players when they have a weak quarter. Bunch of ignorant fair-weather “fans.”

  66. 5 RINGS AND COUNTING says:

    I hate cleveland but i dislike the celtics i wanted celtics to win. But i hate the celtics as well hope they beat orlando because i want our rematch back against them. kobe is gone light them up he is even hungrier than ever 5rings and counting……6….7….8…. L.A in 6 the true mvp is playin right now

  67. Lakers All The Way says:

    all them boston fans, you seriously think that Boston will beat Lakers in the Finals? in 2008 , we only had kobe bryant, a new paul tryin to adjust to the Lakers offense, no great sf, derek fisher playing good defense, and lamar odon doin his thing … 2 years later, we hav kobe bryant playin one of his best playoffs peformances in his career, paul gasol gettin rebounds and blockin shots and playin really good, lamar odon destoryin peeps, derek fisher with tight defense, ron artest playing snappy defense, along wiht our backups – shannon brown and jordan farmer that will spark the offense off the bench if the starters arent playing well enough … o yea i forget about andrew bynum, hes not a 100% and he was still beastin in game 1 of the suns .. CELTIC FANS – you only have a agin garnett, allen, pierce, RONDO who will suffer playin against kobe paul, lamar, fisher, artest, and the rising star, bynum , lakers will drive in for a easy dunk or layup and when the celtics believe they will drive, they wil lfish the ball to artest or fisher for the easy three – TO CELTIC FANS – ITS GAME OVER IF YOU PLAY THE LAKERS IN THE FINALS – and your bench is weak – rasheed wallace will bow down playing the lakers – trust me

  68. celts1 says:

    FAKERS let me tell you one thing, Lakers will lose once again againsts the celts. Celts got the right formula for your lamers. See ya. Celts in 5. Wanna bet?

  69. Lakers All The Way says:

    all them boston fans, you seriously think that Boston will beat Lakers in the Finals? in 2008 , we only had kobe bryant, a new paul tryin to adjust to the Lakers offense, no great sf, derek fisher playing good defense, and lamar odon doin his thing … 2 years later, we hav kobe bryant playin one of his best playoffs peformances in his career, paul gasol gettin rebounds and blockin shots and playin really good, lamar odon destoryin peeps, derek fisher with tight defense, ron artest playing snappy defense, along wiht our backups – shannon brown and jordan farmer that will spark the offense off the bench if the starters arent playing well enough … o yea i forget about andrew bynum, hes not a 100% and he was still beastin in game 1 of the suns .. CELTIC FANS –

  70. Nathan says:

    The magic, though have not shown this in the first two games, are a fantastic team very capable of a championship this year. From what i have seen all season long i don’t think the magic will accept how they are playing and i truly believe this series will turn around. I know this is a long stretch because of where they have put themselves but we have all seen the magics capabilities and if we get Nelson and Lewis shooting better percentages, this series could be in their hands.

  71. GS says:

    Who says the lakers will win just because they won one game at home. “Oh look who showed up tonight Lamar, lets hope he shows up again next game” We will see about the lakers when someone is in their mug every shot.

    Yes the Magic didn’t get blown out, but the Celtics let them back into the game. You could see it in their demeanor. “When is this game going to get over with, oh they are making a run lets clamp down on defense”

    Whoever steps on the court with the Celtics will get the defense clamp on them.

  72. FRench Fries says:

    The path to the eastern finals has been different for both teams. The Magic showed up (too) confident after 2 reaally easy first rounds whereas the Celts had to show guts against the Cavs. Howard is fun to watch but lacks determination and hunger (see the attitude before game 2) and is wining when real boys are pushing him around. Hes still a kid and acts like one playing after school. Anyways I still think the Magic will pull one away in Beantown with their 3 pointers and some help from the bench that still has to show up. Having had more rest will help against old Celts when games get more intense but they ll be lucky to win 2 and not get sweeped.
    Also… the Magic needs a leader, they still have to find their Kobe, Lebron, Garnett, Nash… and you wont coonvince me that either Vince nor Howard is one (not even mentionning other guys)

  73. Jim R says:

    Not true

    Paul’s account was hacked. This was verified by the people who host his twitter account.
    Reporters should verify what they had out as truth. Google it.

  74. Answer28 says:

    I knew that if the Celtics will get Healthy no one can beat them in a seven game series. Especially now when Wallace started to play like he was expected to play from the beginning. one or two guys of the big four(it’s not the big3 anymore) will always have a great game around the 30 point plus the other 2 around 15 plus the bench so offense will be OK and the defence they playing is incredible. Orlando is almost beaten
    The Lakers will be a though opponent but i put my money on the Celtics in 6

  75. alexrows says:

    If the Celtics sweep the Magic then they become the favourites to win it all, no matter what LA does against the Suns. and any Laker fan should be pretty delusional to think the Lakers are just going to win it all just because they have the best player in the playoffs and home court advantage. they have bynum playing on a bad leg and he’ll probably be as much of a factor against boston as he was during the 2008 finals. if people still don’t believe the Celtics are for real then Cleveland and Orlando were not the best teams in the league during the regular season and LeBron and Howard are actually overrated. if Boston goes to the finals without any injuries (hope perkin’s knees don’t get any worse) it’s going to be on. they are still the defending champs until the Lakers actually beat them in the finals. and to all those delusional magic fans out there: it’s over. you barely won in 7 last year without KG and Powe, so stop thinking you’re going to do anything more this season with an almost healthy garnett and a motivated sheed

  76. Yonis says:

    I think ya’ll are counting out the Magic way to early. They didn’t get blown out twice in a row; they were 2 tight games.

    “We are talking, of course, about the Celtics, who have now all but destroyed the Magic’s chances of winning the Eastern Conference finals and ultimately winning a championship.”

    Give me a break. Celtics haven’t won 4 games against the Magic yet, have they? Pierce’s arrogance is actually kind of funny, because if they lose to the Magic in 6 or 7, that arrogance is gonna come ’round full circle on him. I question Van Gundy on his substitions though. Ryan Anderson and Brandon Bass haven’t played the whole series, but he’s keeping out Rashard Lewis, who’s bricking any type of shot you can think of. He’s gotta be more instinctive, give his 18 million dollar man a chance to play.

    • Celts says:

      Calm yourself, of course its not jut the fact that they won two games, but that they won the 2 on the MAGICS HOMECOURT. Every team plays better at home than they do on the road, no matter how good a road team they are, so they have the advantage at home.

      Thus, even though they were tight games, it doesnt mean the games in Boston are going to be as tight, though the magic are a good team. Everyone’s just assuming that the Magic are the better team and “should” win this series.. that pisses me off. Everyones talking about how kobe’s aging just fine and all that, yet you count the celtics out when they have a smart pg who can PLAY and give the big three rest on offense when they need it? Cmon now. They’re old, and if the series gets too long they might lose since rondos been playing 46 minute games, but the Celtics are actually the better team here, don’t get it twisted. Celtics in 5

      • GOMAGIC! says:


        Read your own post “they won the 2 on the MAGICS HOMECOURT”. The Orlando Magics is a well-rounded team, I’m not sure what makes Celtics fans believe we are not capable of doing the same. Again, they were very close games. We might’ve not played the best basketball but let me tell you, our team is coming out stronger than ever. Not a single person at RDV Sportsplex was down today! Keep getting messages of all the excitment out there!

  77. Chris says:

    I’ve watched the Magic, pretty much destroy the last two teams they came across. And Frankly, As a Celtics fan of them losing all composure in the regular season falling 27-27 games, I was afraid of what Orlando was going to do to them. But I bet NO ONE could have ever pictured this, not even other Celtic fans. I Believe that the Celtics can really, Really win this series, but they have to keep playing, it’s far from over; everyone knows that. They Cannot assume it’s over going home in Game. 3 That’s what happened in Game. 1 against the Cavs. If we keep playing Our game, Celtic Basketball, we can win, I’m not saying ‘Sweep’, but win And I’m a man who enjoys exciting games too, so a Game. 7 in Orlando would be fun. It’s Not over, until the 48-minutes are up.

  78. Mustafa says:

    I believe there is going to be serious fight for sure but now everything is depend on how Celtics. That’s for sure. It is so obvious that they are focused and they made Lebron Cried at home, and now making Dwight crying and whining at home not only once but twice.It shows that they still have the caliber to reach the peak. Defensively, It is how much KG wants it and offensively, it is all about how RR is focused. Again, this will not be about how good other teams individually or team wise. They have beaten the best guy on the planet first and then fought against the best guy defensively on the planet.
    Now, after Orlando next is best team (LA Lakers) I don’t think Lakers can stand the growing storm after that point…KG and RR will kick their butt while Paul and Ray are holding the arms of Lakers :))

    • LAKERS says:

      Another dreamer, another smoker! When the smoke settles sounds like you will be disappointed!!

      • Mustafa says:

        If there are any other readers such this LAKERS one who think they know basketball, then Lakers organization should be upset of having supporters like them. I mean no one says Celtics are going to sweep it will be a dogfight for sure but Celtics will ruin Lakers’ super ego thats for sure….I lpve Orlando just because of the city and Stan V Gundy but he cant inject intelligence to players’ head. I am sorry for him but Celtics are just playing smarter basketball and thats the difference. Coaches are making great difference in this game but Phil Jackson cannot do the same thing as well. Celtics are playing the smartest basketball right now and it all starts with Rondo. Man, He is just so smart.

        hey lakers!! if you dont quit smoking, you wont be able to see Lakers crashing at the finals…dont forget to turn off TV!! bill are so high nowadays !!especially when u forget…

  79. emilio VC fan says:

    I cant believe we paid 18 MM for bass and yet he hasnt played a single minute, Van gundy is in a hot seat right now. Lewis is playing horrible, yet we let him play ball. swicht bass, remenber his explosivenes when we used him in reg season.

    Bring Bass on court or we loose on 4

    Give anderson a try to!!!!

    • BillyD says:

      Exactly, the Magic need to give Anderson a try. But Van Gundy has a habit of not trusting his bench in pressure situations. I wonder if that’s why Riley had to step in as coach of the Heat??

  80. Just Rockwell says:

    The Orlando Magic are getting PUNKED!!!!

  81. Charlie Brown says:

    THe Magic will lose this series…smart people know that, Celtic’s depth in the bench and their starting 5 are more experienced than the Magic are, and they also seem hungrier…I saw Howard smiling and making jokes with Celtics players during the game, while Carter, was all business and didn’t joke or smile during the whole game. If all the Magic players would play with the same attitude and desire that Carter has brought to both games, then the Magic would have a chance…However, the sad part for all Magic fans is that either team (Magic or Celtics) will lose against the CHAMPS: LOS ANGELES LAKERS…and that is a FACT! GO LAKERS!!!

    • Celtic Fan says:

      Howard smiles and gets a 30 point game while carter is serious and scores only 16 points and miss two critical free throws. Maybe its best Carter smaile as well

    • edgieboy says:

      @charlie brown
      However, the sad part for all Magic fans is that either team (Magic or Celtics) will lose against the CHAMPS: LOS ANGELES LAKERS…and that is a FACT! GO LAKERS!!!

      your last sentence is wrong, totally wrong. go about it one more time. peace. it will be the celtics raising banner #18.

  82. *Orlando Magic* says:

    Magic in 7……no doubts about that…..just watch and see….

    • MAGIC SANCHEZ says:

      THATS RIGHT! way to say it like it is, just wait, the flair hasnt reached the tank of gas yet, once it does…OH BOY 😀

    • celtics says:

      or a actuall answer is celts in 4

    • GOMAGIC! says:

      I spoke to many people at the Magic training center and they are very confident (players, coaches, trainers). Nobody was down! They do think the Magic will take this in 7 games. Go Magic!!!!!

  83. Keena Hutchinson says:

    IL the celtics they r makin me ssssssssoooooooooo happy i will b with thm until the end

  84. Bogdan says:

    I’ve been a Celtic fan since I came in this country. I live in LA and I wear on the streets Celtic shirts 🙂 Boston plays better on the road because their fans are STUPID. I would give anything to go to Boston SAT and MON, but I can’t. Celtic fans, SUPPORT your team. Don’t boo them at home anymore. KG and R Allen you know how they are. You gotta motivate them at home, and they WILL close this 4-0. STAND UP this coming game, this is Orlando’s only chance to win in game 3, if you boo your own team. Make noise as much as you can, even when they’ll be 20 points down, This is Boston, in 5 minutes they score 25-30 points. Remember 2008 against Lakers? C’mon guys, make some noise, help them get another ring. They deserve it. Lakers stands NO chance this year, Boston had it too rough with the Cavs and the Magic, they are going prepared to the Finals. Lakers had it easy, they will lose 4-2 ! ! ! GO CELTICS !!!

  85. TRUMAGICFAN says:

    I can’t even be mad at boston for doing what they are suppose to do but fact is the magic arent playing magic basketball. They came into this like they would just cruise to the championship. I’ve seen us play the celtics a lot harder than this but the celtics are playing like a team who strongly desires to win and the magic are playing like they suppose to win. Clearly the magic have a better team but the celtics are playing better. And i’m so pissed at dwight howard dancing before games like he already won the ring. Never seen Jordan do it, or kobe, or garnett, or even the playful shaq. They all have this burning desire to win and i don’t think howard has that. But i’m still hoping van gundy can put some fire under them (some way or another) and get them to play like they know they can.

    • LAKERS says:

      I knew the magic werent going anywhere this year because of the soft competition they had heading to eastern conference finals. The bobcats and the hawks, plllllllllease! Thats why they are having such a hard time with the celtics. None of the temas prepared them for what they are facing now. Dwight Howard has no killer instinct, and is not ready to win a championship. And if the magic thought vince carter would carry them to the top. Well, those two missed free throws in a crunch time game should tell you hes not the one!!

      • GOMAGIC! says:


        I would have to disagree with you. The fact the Magic played easier teams during the first two rounds doesn’t mean the team is not physically/mentally able to beat the Celtics. They are definitely not playing as well as they could but the Celtics are playing OK basketball. They are definitely not the best basketball team in the league. I do agree with you, Lakers are playing better than any other team out there. I think Magic will give a good fight on the next two games and maybe even up the series. Celtics overconfindence will hurt them on the next game. Even if they end up winning (definitely not a sweep), the Lakers will take good care of them!

  86. allan says:

    the chicken is coming home to roast. go ahead celtics and sweep the magic, the same fate will be awaiting you in the finals in the hands of your nemesis the los angeles LAKERS. cant wait to see celtics thrashed in four.

  87. emanuel carlini says:

    hey my name itz emanuel i still think magic has what it takes too win dis series dont give uppp the series its not over yet

  88. yeelites says:

    LA beats Boston in 7.

  89. CELTICS says:

    forgettt regular season,, that dont matterr
    look at the C’s noww up 2-0, stole homecourt advantage

  90. Esteban says:

    I definitely didn’t see this coming. I knew Boston was going to be a challenge for them but I never would have guessed they’d lose their first two home games. It’s starting to look like the Celtics could be champions again.

  91. ehmon17 says:

    Celts would win this series 4-1. ! think magic can pull an upset on Celts homecourt, but anyway.. Celts would still win this thing up to the finals.. and I believe that they would defeat the LAKERS 4-2 in the NBA finals… CELTS are playing their best as of the moment maybe better two years ago. now that RONDO has fully developed as one of the premiere PG in this league. There’s no stopping them, with the momentum and the play that they are executing. other team can only win game/s but not a series against them right now. Im sure with that.

    • conrad says:

      hahahaha! so much witht the bragging and its already non sense.
      don’t be overconfident talking about that nonsense. Let them play, let them win games or maybe this series with orlando. BUT dude, you gotta take my advice… you can only hope and you should, not overconfident coz i gotta tell you LAKERS will be a hard team to beat and in the end you will be left crying knowing that you are wrong!


      • unknown32 says:

        Yet they lost to Celts 2 yrs ago,you talk about overconfidence well you LAKERS there seem to be very confident that Your team will win.To knock out the N1 team in the league and then put the N2 team 0-2 when they’ve been riding a 14 game winning streak,requires talent.You really believe Lakers have more talented player,if your to put artest or Kobe on Rondo who will be covering the best shooter in the game at the moment Fisher,you’ve always got The Truth whose finally snapped out of his slumb,Big Ticket who will hold his own against Gasol and KP can cover ANY big 1-1 so really before boasting your team like you said so well ‘LET THEM PLAY’ cause honestly i doubt Lakers will repeat….

    • ede21 says:

      Dear ehmon17, you are right at some points, but is just foolish to think that this series is over or will be over without serious fight, this is my first year when I watch the NBA closely and I belive that if a team is able to turn it around then this team is the Orlando Magic and coach Stan Van Gundy. I think while there is a little time till Saturday they gonna be prepeared, and I see a good chance to finish this in 7 games.
      Respect to the Celtics, Go-Go Magic i belive in you!!!

    • LAKERS says:

      Im sure your smoking crack! If you think the Lakers will lose to the celtics in the finals this year you are crazy. Celtics are playing ok basketball right now i will admit that. But the Lakers are playing better. Rondo has gotten a little bit better. But we will just sick Kobe or Artest on lil man. Contain Rondo and the celtics dont have a whole lot. Lakers in 6!!

      • Celtics FTW says:

        After reading comments such as these, its obvious that people are completely ignorant and just think there team will win because theyre a fan of that team. I’m a celtic fan and I’m very confident they will win this series and go to finals but the series isn’t over. Same thing with the lakers series, its only been one game and people are already saying lakers championship. But seriously celtics are underrated in every single game they play. EVERYONE said that celtics had no chance against mvp lebron and the cavs yet they won 4-2 with 2 considerable blowouts. I expected much more of a challenge from magic but they’re playing foolishly and not used to actual competition. And the derision of you implying that Rondo is the only player on the celtics is risible at least. Rondo wasn’t even playing this well years before. He just started developing and enhancing his game. KG,Allen,Pierce are still remarkable players especially when they’re playing at there best. I do foresee the celtics in finals and I expect them to beat the lakers but definitely not a sweep from either team.

      • bhono says:

        we will see…..just watch my celtics defeat your lakers and let them cry again….nyahahahaha….

      • BigL16 says:

        you must be on crack if you think the Lakers are playing better than the C’s or that you even think the Lakers will repeat. The Lakers got away with facing the defensive-deficient Suns, who are smaller compared to the Lakers and their two best players are their two worst defenders.Lakers had the comfort of home while the Celtics have taken two on the road against a very good road team that was plowing through the postseason and the favorite to win the East. The Celtics have been playing defense which mirrors the 08 championship team. They’re about to have taken down the two top teams in the league, who either one would’ve beaten the Lakers.Celtics have size to match up with the Lakers, Perk and KG are better defensively than Bynum or Pau, even if KG is old.They also have Rasheed and Big Baby to throw at them and Odom/Kardashian.Besides Bynum is injured so he wont be as much of a threat as he would like to. Their biggest strengh won’t be so big if they meet Boston, they dont need to double team a big. That just leaves to guard play. Obviously Kobe will go for his numbers even if he has to take 30-40 shots to get his points. Ray Allen will probably get the assignment but you’ll see Tony Allen getting a crack at defending him. Either Pierce or Allen can go off so it’s pick your poison when against Boston.Artest and Fisher wont be much of a factor since there wont be any easy open shots for them. The biggest factor in the potential series is How will the Lakers stop Rondo? the less-experienced Rondo has big against the Lakers in 08, you can just imagine what the all-star will do to them this time. Kobe might try to guard him but I believe Rondo will just end up exposing Kobe old age. They had little trouble with Westbrook, D-Will and Steve Nash but Boston matches up far better than any of the other teams so this will be a far more tougher challenge for the Lakers.Rondo ran circles on the Cavs,you can just imagine what he’ll do to L.A. Boston is back to where many believed they’ll be before the regular season happened, I think Boston is still tougher than L.A. and just better, even though everyone has placed L.A. in a pedestal.Boston in SIX.

    • Celts dominate Fakers says:

      Wow! Faker Laker Fans are just as confident as 2 years ago… hummm… 2 years ago… what happened then??? Let me see… Oh ya the Celtics AS ALWAYS ripped the LA Fakers a new one… ya i remeber that!!!

      Celts and Fakers met eachother 11 times in the playoffs… Celts won 9 of them… can you say OWNED!

      Year Winner Series
      1959 Boston Celtics 4–0
      1962 Boston Celtics 4–3
      1963 Boston Celtics 4–2
      1965 Boston Celtics 4–1
      1966 Boston Celtics 4–3
      1968 Boston Celtics 4–2
      1969 Boston Celtics 4–3
      1984 Boston Celtics 4–3
      1985 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2
      1987 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2
      2008 Boston Celtics 4–2

      • Big J says:

        Homie celtics cant beat the Lakers when they r healthy but im not using this as an excuse but this time we all healthy and will c whats going to happen. By the the if thier fakers why do they have so many CHAMPIONSHIPS right so that means their for REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • chad says:

        way to look at the past Boston lakers will dominate the celtics in the finals

      • celtics says:

        yeah celtics rule suck on that fakers fans

    • celtics says:

      celtics in 4 or 5 and in finals celtics vs lakers celts in 4 or 5

    • edgieboy says:

      i agree with you. celtics all the way to the finals. hope to see them raise that banner #18