One year later

Posted by Scott Howard-Cooper

SALT LAKE CITY – Phil Jackson couldn’t help but make the connection. A Saturday, again, Lakers-Jazz, again, in the playoffs, again, preparing for a game in EnergySolutions Arena, again.

A year ago in similar circumstances – same opponent, same location, same day, the only difference being that it was the first round – Jackson learned that team consultant Tex Winter, his longtime assistant coach and mentor, had suffered a stroke in Kansas. Winter survived and is living in Oregon while continuing his rehabilitation.

“I was thinking about him yesterday because I recognize the fact that it was a Saturday, just like today, that I got the call and they had taken him to the emergency room,” Jackson said. “It’s a year past, he’s surviving, doing well, and watching our games, I know that.”

But no longer giving Jackson a hard time.

“No, he’s not,” the Lakers coach said. “That’s the one thing he’s not doing.”

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