Jazz fans and the nasty rankings

Posted by Scott Howard-Cooper

SALT LAKE CITY – “Are these the nastiest people in the NBA?”

A Los Angeles Times columnist, preparing to skewer fans here, posed the question to Lakers coach Phil Jackson before Game 3, at once a question and a statement about Jazz backers.

Not that Jackson ever needs much baiting. But he took this one, sort of, joining the assessment of an EnergySolutions Arena crowd that historically has been loud and supportive of its Jazz but not necessarily, um, polite toward opponents.

“You’ve got a whole contingent of Detroit and Boston and Philadelphia people that rank very high,” Jackson said. “But for our Western comfort and fine hospitality…. Although Portland’s got some people there that have shown their valor.”

He mentioned the writings of Zane Grey and descriptions of Utah and the West that he indicated would still be relevant today.

“They were very vigilant,” Jackson said. “There’s no doubt about it.”

Point made. Diplomatically, but made.


  1. Jeff Ray says:

    the nba is merely a shell of it’s former self. Since stern took control, the NFL has grown by 370 percent while the corrupted nba has shown no growth at all. stern is a bean counter who has never even put on a pair of athletic shoes, much less played any sport other than tidlywinks. Where drama happens is about right, but where drama is manufactured would be more accurate.

  2. VSmith says:

    I am appalled with TNT giving TV Time to the JAZZ Fans that are wearing T-Shirts saying Derek Fisher Lied. Shame on them and shame on TNT. I can only guess their reasoning for wearing the disgraceful t-shirts was to be noticed. I highly doubt either are mother’s much less mother’s of a child who needed special medical attention.

  3. Joel says:

    I didn’t here any mention of the polite Zen type Laker fans that were in the Utah arena hooping and hollering “in your face Utah losers”. Ah but I am sure its OK for them to behave this way because its the Lakers…Gods Team

  4. Pau Gasol says:

    These people were making fun of my lineup and i was getting mad and stuff tehe.

  5. Pau Gasol says:

    Yeah you tell him “Philly” hehe. Let’s go Lakers we’re gunna close this thing out monday night baby, so i can get a blow job from my wife shes smokin hot babe.

  6. Holiday says:

    that made no sense at all!

  7. Adam says:

    jazz fans are a bunch of sore losers. having been to quite a few of their games both on the winning and losing side, when they win they absolutely give it to fans of the opposing team relentlessly yet when an opposing team go in and win there those fans are for the most part pretty respectful and the jazz fans still want to argue and cause trouble!

  8. SpecialAKBER says:

    I have full confidence on LA LAKERS that they will beat Utah Jazz. !!!!

    Special AKBER,

  9. SpecialAKBER says:

    Yes, I agree with Phil Jackson that Utah Jazz fans are the most nasty fans in the history of NBA.