Spurs going loco?

Posted by Fran Blinebury

SAN ANTONIO — Suns general manager Steve Kerr is still waiting for the flames to die out after his voice mail lit up in the aftermath of his statement that the controversial new Arizona immigration bill conjured images of Nazi Germany.

On Wednesday night, the Phoenix franchise had put itself squarely in the middle of the political debate with team owner Robert Sarver’s decision to have his players wear their “Los Suns” jerseys for Game 2 of the playoffs and the opinions offered by numerous members of the organization.

So imagine the surprise of the Suns when they walked out onto the court at the AT&T Center for their Friday morning shootaround and found every seat in the arena covered with white t-shirts with black lettering that bore the Spurs’ logo and proclaimed: “Fantastico!  SenSAtional!  Loco!”

So are the Spurs making a political statement of their own and calling the bill crazy?

“Oh, please!  Leave me out of it,” laughed Kerr.  “We’re done talking.”

For the record, San Antonio’s “Los Spurs” jerseys will not be worn at any time during the series.


  1. SunsRule says:

    Spurs better wear Los Spurs jerseys for game 4, there won’t be a game 5……Thanks for the dead link, Get a Clue, you wasted my time…

  2. Brandon says:

    Everyone has a right to an opinion. Arizona would not be Arizona if it were not for the diversity in this state. Latinos make up such a huge percentage of the population and many hard working men and women contribute to our taxes…On the other side of the debate, I really wish people would start thinking about the economy a little more. Arizona is mainly a desert state (so is California, Nevada and New Mexico). I think in theory the Arizona immigration law had it’s mind in the right place, but didn’t really execute it politically. Had they mentioned the environment and the carrying capacity of Arizona and how much strain that puts on an already environmentally stressed state, then perhaps people could see it in a better light. Most of PHX’s water comes from Northern AZ and lakes surrounding PHX….That’s not gonna last too much longer at the rate of immigration we were allowing. Sure immigrants contribute to the state economically, but what about environmentally? Without a proper environment, how are we gonna support the massive amount of immigrants that come into Arizona everyday? I’m seriously torn on this issue. I am a native Arizonian (literally, i’m half white and half native american), and I think we should look at all sides of the debate before saying that the law is Nazi or the law is unfair. Economics seem to always be considered before the environment and Arizona aquifers simply can’t support the rates of immigration we have right now.

  3. annoyed says:


  4. barbara says:

    That is not only over simplified but has nothing to do with the AZ law.

    First, the law has not taken effect and will not for another 60 days (give or take a few).

    Second, the law is not doing much more than actually enforcing federal law, and while that is not something the states should have to be involved in the fact is they are involved.

    To say that we are all immigrants is pretty much true. Also, if you want to go back far enough AZ used to be part of Mexico. But none of that matters. The main point is whoever you are, whatever nationality or skin color, if you are not here legally then you do not have the right to complain if someone wants to see your ID.

    Over 40 states make it a crime not to have proper ID on you. I have no problem showing my ID if it is the law and I look Hispanic and have Hispanic grand children. Of course their parents are citizens.

    As for the SPURS they know that they live in a heavily populated Hispanic area. I only hope they don’t employ any illegals as that is a huge problem. I say FINE the Companies.


  5. Justice says:

    This is awesome that sports organizations are using their power politically. It’s rather ironic that the politicians in Arizona don’t realize that unless they are Native American, they are also immigrants from other nations. What are they going to do throw everybody that isn’t Native American in jail including themselves? On second thought, that would be great to let the Navajo, Hopi, Apache, etc reclaim Arizona and the lands stolen away from them. By the way, lets realize there are many international players on both the Suns & Spurs so what is so bad about people from other countries? I vote we deport the politicians that wrote this law back to the nations their family heritage comes from. Lets drop McCain off a plane with a parachute over the Gulf Coast so he can see what off shore drilling does first hand. Then if he survives the pollution, ship him back to wherever his family originated from in Europe permanently. Does McCain have stock in BP? Fishy business and inhumanity is what we are seeing from AZ politicians.

  6. Mook says:

    The Spurs are actually planning to wear the Los Spurs jerseys for game 5.