Bench Boosters!

Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You want to be a contender?

You want that Larry O’Brien Trophy?

Well, you better have more than just Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Paul Pierce or Steve Nash.

It takes more than star power to win titles in the NBA, a lesson we all learned years ago when the Michael Jordan-led Bulls used a revolving door of role players to help his Airness get the job done.

For every Shaquille O’Neal there needs to be a Robert Horry.

We know who the real stars are in these playoffs. But do you know who the bench boosters are?

Check out the Hang Time Fab Five:

Jared Dudley, Suns — This guy might be the MVP of this team. Dudley was basically an anonymous role player in Charlotte before a seeing his career take off as a one of the key members of Los Suns’ bench mob. Dudley is Mr. Intangibles (forget about his modest 7.3 points and 3.3 rebounds per game). He’s doing all the dirty work that leads to a team winning big games the way the Suns have this postseason. He turned the tide in the Suns’ Game 2 win over the Spurs Wednesday night with two huge 3-point plays. In addition to all that, Dudley is hilarious, which always earns credits around here.



Glen Davis, Celtics — Whenever they need the “Ticket Stub” to fill in for the Big Ticket, Davis delivers. He did it last season against Orlando, exploding onto the playoff scene with a series of big games, including a game-winner in Orlando. Davis has done his usual in these playoffs, 7.9 points and 4.3 rebounds, and even started in place of Garnett in one game against Miami in the Celtics’ first round series. The Celtics will need his energy, offense and hustle in Game 3 against the Cavaliers Friday night. And you can bet the Stub will deliver.

Mickael Pietrus, Magic — Any dude willing to rock a ‘fro like Pietrus will find his way to a list around here. Even if he wasn’t a big shot guy or a stellar defender, we’d have love for Pietrus here. Because not every player as talented as he is can recognize the importance of and accept the reality of the role he plays for the Magic. While we’d love to see Pietrus rebound a little more (1.4 this postseason), he does take care of business on the other end (8.8 points and 52 percent from beyond the 3-point line) of the floor.

Lamar Odom, Lakers — We don’t care what you say about LO, he’s one of our guys. He always has been and always will be. And we will defend him to the end. We’ve watched him go from a potential superstar during his earlier years with the Clippers and Heat to a champion and role player extraordinaire with the Lakers. After Kobe, he was as crucial as anyone to the Lakers’ title run last season. He does so many different things to help his team (8.4 points, 8.5 rebounds and 2.1 assists). Even with the addition of Ron Artest, LO remains the key to the Lakers’ title hopes. When he plays well off the bench, he makes them nearly impossible to deal with.

Paul Millsap, Jazz — He’s been so badly overlooked for so long that it’s only right that he rounds out our Fab Five.  Did you see what he did to the Nuggets in the first round (17.3 points and 9.8 rebounds). He’s doing the same thing and more (21 and 10) against the Lakers. And yet he still gets no love from the masses. No worries, P. Milly (fine, we’re still working on the right nickname). We’ve got you covered here. We know you will bring the pain every night and we know you don’t care that you are usually battling cats two and three inches taller than you. Just keeping bringing it sir!



  1. Rakeback says:

    I heard somewhere that Dudley was playing like Rodman lol. Loved the comparison. This guy needs to bring it in SA for the next two games too to confirm that he does indeed belong in this here list of yours. As Chris Webber said: je may ne a different animal on the road.

  2. T.J. says:

    Umm…..isn’t everyone forgetting some other guys.Jason Terry.Jamal Crawford.Tony Allen.Delonte West.and what about Udonis Haslem.

  3. janny_yo says:

    ticket stub yeah…lol that guy who said rasheed wallace is better than davis doesnt know nothin about celtics this year…how can u say that?wallace is one of the useless player…he doesnt know his place…he does threes that arent really needed…he needs to be a bigman not a three point shooter…thats why the c’s signed him to be a bigman….LOL

  4. Austin says:

    JD is amazing. I will have to say the Suns have one of the best benches out of the entire NBA this season!!

    GO SUNS!!!!!

  5. Nate says:

    Look at shane a typical laker fan putting down other teams,just to let you know there only good do to the great coaching from the one and only phill jackson and the day he is gone, well you know from there.

  6. eij says:

    instead of millman we can call him VALUE MILL

  7. DWill4life says:

    I live in Utah and a name that me and the peole i watch the game with use for Paul Millsap is “Mansap”, short, simple and to the point.

  8. remdy says:


  9. Avante says:

    I agree Lamar odom plays a crucial role on his team and brings alot of backbone to the lakers. He’s come along way and its only fair to give him credit for being a role player on the lakers.

  10. jmals says:

    How about Big Timber? get it….a lumber mill….tree sap…small forward guy amoung the trees?

  11. Jacob says:

    ‘the Los’ Suns is redundant. Other than that, great piece about JD.

  12. emek says:

    and what do you think about Orlando’s Gortat?

    • remdy says:

      well,let’s see if gortat can form a rebound in brazil’s son anderson varejao..the best forward in brazil 😀

  13. Robert says:

    I vote Millman

  14. anthony says:

    i think jj hickson and paul millsap is very good. They are both very athletic and can do the little things on the court that help their team win. Lamar Odom is of course a very good player already but hickson and millsap needs more credit.

  15. jiman says:

    hey i got a nickname for paul millsap!! let’s call him “the Millman”hahaha or “MR.Mill-ion” haha

  16. Syed says:

    im sorry odom may be the best up there but Micheal “PEACHES” Pietrus BABY

  17. Kingston says:

    What bout the sixth man of the year, jamal crafowrd

  18. Mamba2124 says:

    the best player out of all of them is LAMAR ODOM hands down…none of those players i could say is better then LO

  19. Kobe says:

    Lakers will win it all!! Back to Back!!!

  20. riber says:

    millan rocks!

  21. jack says:

    You know Lamar Odom would be a all star if he were on a team where he could start and was a focal point of the offense. I am a Chicago Bulls fan and I do not agree with how he is used and or utilized. I know Lamar likes the glamour and glitz of being in LA, but Lamar has abilities like Lebron meaning the guy can play any position on the floor. I have seen this guy shut down Chris Paul and Block a Carlos Boozer shot etc and Lamar can also be a potent scorer.If I were his agent Id beg him to play on another team preferably the Bulls next season. He along with Bosh and Joe Johnson would be nice additions.

    • Syed says:

      for sure hed be great on chicago but id rather have wade in the picture
      then johnson hed fit perfectly thought its chances of happenin are small
      and i doubt bosh would go he loves being the best of a team i doubt hell take second seat 2 anyone
      but then again i heard he was spotted in LA ?? anyone know anything else about it??

      • DWE says:

        he is not goin to LA, he wouldnt really have any impact there and his numbers would go down too much

  22. RoddyB says:

    Air France rocks !!

  23. Guido says:

    I call Milsap “P. Diddy “. I’ll keep using it until we get something to stick here in utah.

  24. mudsak says:

    I’m suggesting Magnet-hands Millsap… He’s a rebounding machine!

  25. anthony says:

    the Millman rocks!!!

  26. berlin says:

    great list! i loved jared dudley in last night’s game against the spurs. his stats dont give him justice! he was able to get offensie rebounds, played great defense and knocked down shots when the team needed it the most 🙂

  27. ant says:

    glen davis??? i’m not buyin it. i would have mentioned rasheed wallace.
    more experience, better stats, better player. also more intimidating.

    • Syed says:

      ur right about everythin xcept that this year rasheed wallace was a disappointment
      if he wasnt on the team it wouldnt hav made a difference
      he chucks up to many unnecessary 3s its seems like hes tryin 2 be
      more like channing frye then anything
      im pretty sure people will agree with me
      and im also sure people will agree that this is probably arguably his worst or second worst season
      glen davis had an amazing game against the miami heat when he took over 4 KG
      he definitely deserves 2 be there

    • CWill says:

      Wallace doesn’t have better stats…have you even watched this year? That guy is over the hill and a joke now, a waste of cap space and a roster spot.

  28. luis says:

    i liked pm better is more creative and utah all ready had a mailman and pm is good but not as good as the mailman!

  29. Ale says:

    Yea the MILLMAN!! really nice

  30. Millman says:

    Millman sounds good to me! I also heard someone call me Paul “Rocky Mountain” Millsap and I laughed HAHA

  31. adamhellacopter says:

    “The Millman” would be terrific 🙂

  32. Mars says:

    Millman sounds good!

  33. edmund says:

    no cavs team mentioned here….so they will only celebrate the season up to the month of may only!!!hahaha

    • shane says:

      you got that right, cavs ain’t seein no finals, lebron fans best get that through their thick skulls and try to jump on the lakers band wagon, we’ll accept ya’ll.

  34. Moises says:

    Yes. these player help when star are sit down

  35. Ry says:

    Since Millsap is on the Jazz, how about “The Millman”

  36. Marchelo says:

    Nice article, all of these players are important to their teams. Am you can give Paul Millsap nickname “PM” because then evening comes he is ready to deliver 🙂