Jazz In Need Of A Miracle?

Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s a good thing there are a few days between games in this Lakers-Jazz series, per at least one man keeping an eye on things.

Gordon Monson of the Salt Lake Tribune has seen enough after two games, two tough wins for the home team.

He’s convinced the Jazz need more than the humans in the uniforms can provide:

It’s been a theme throughout the Jazz’s postseason, a kind of tent-revival, chapter-and-verse call for a little belief, a little faith in the face of untimely injuries, a short roster and long odds. Make that a lot of belief, a lot of faith. Somebody — was it the ’69 Mets? — once said that those two agents are precisely what precedes the miracle. Sometimes, they produce it.

Tuesday night at Staples Center was not one of those times.

The Jazz believed, and believed some more, they huffed and they puffed, and never quit, but, at the end of Game 2, there was only a double-barreled blast of disappointment and defeat, again, at the hands of the Lakers, 111-103.

Hallelujah went to hell.

Alongside Kyrylo Fesenko‘s game.

Ever notice how Mehmet Okur suddenly transforms into a much better player when he doesn’t play?

It was the eighth straight playoff loss for the Jazz here in L.A. in the last three postseasons. It was the 10th playoff loss overall through that span to Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

So, how’s everybody doing now? Do the Jazz yet trust that they can beat the Lakers?

“I hope so,” said Deron Williams, “or else we’ll be going home early.”

They’re going home for a bit of hope in Game 3.

Williams said something before Game 2 that sounded even more ominous, that sounded more like concession than confidence, though he wasn’t necessarily intending it that way:

“The better team is going to win this series.”

We all know what that means.

The Lakers were the better team Tuesday night, just like they were Sunday afternoon, by just a few numerical breaths.

Gordon might be on to something.

The gap between the top and bottom in the Western Conference is razor-thin compared to what it is between the top and bottom in the East.

The Lakers keep leaving the door open (same as they did against the Thunder in the first round), but their opponents either can’t seem to take advantage of it or don’t have the tools to take advantage.

Maybe it is time for a higher power to go to work in someone’s favor … or maybe the Jazz just need a trip home for a couple of games.

We shall see!



  1. brownhs8 says:

    I’m a big fan of Carlos Boozer and the jazz. You can’t win if you’re underman. Team must have clutch shooters, great defenders and best scorers. Duncan, Robinson, Parker, Ginobili and with the Spur’s bench… Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace, Billups, Hamilton and the Pistons’ bench.

    I’m happy to know that “Kirilenko feeling better, expects to play in Game 3,” as the latest news. I hope that Okur will feel better and come back soon. And hoping jazz are feeling better too as AK will play, you know, bench running the break and shooting well, Korver shooting 3s, AK guarding Bryant, D-Will dominating the backcourt and C-Booz dominating the paint.. as the jazz feel winning the 2nd round and they will..

    Good luck Jazz!

  2. kobehater says:

    so it is Sloans fault they haven’t won a championship?

    newsflash- if kobe wasn’t on the lakers and if MJ wasn’t on the bulls Phil wouldnt have gotten all of his championships.

    JH is right. its all a big business and I can guarantee that everybody on the Jazz has bigger paychecks then you j-high, so im pretty sure they are successful.

    how many of you would still support the Lakers if they didnt make the playoffs? would you just move on over to be a cleveland fan because they are winning a ton? how many cav fans supported the cavs before lebron james? bandwagon fans crack me up. you are the most loyal fans ever as long as your team wins. but once they start losing its “fire the coach” and “they suck” and all the loyalty goes out the window. Utah is one of the very few teams in all of pro sports that understands that word.

    and just to prove that its not all about the championship… when derek fisher requested to leave Utah for his daughters sake the jazz didnt even penalize him for getting out of his contract early. why? because they understand that championships dont mean everything.

    • skywalker says:

      they understood that his daughter needed top medical facilities, why would they penalize him? that’d be very poor taste

  3. juan says:

    Hey dudes, don’t expect any kind of miracle, the Lakers will win this series and the championship

  4. christal says:

    NAH NAH NAH……………. HOLD MAN….



    peace out….:)

    • Jazz4life says:

      Ok all I have to say is:

      christal…. you are a typical Laker fan, can’t spell, makes no sense and follows a team because it’s “cool”

      Just talk to us real fans here in Utah, yes the Jazz are up against tough odds but win or lose, we’ll still have a jam packed arena routing for our team, because that is what true fans do. This isn’t a fad for us.

      • Laker1972 says:

        Very funny comment about the spelling. By the way, you misspelled “rooting”.

      • LA's Finest!!! says:

        Get over it Utah. This series is over, and the writing is on the wall. Kobe is the NBA’s best closer and the leagues true MVP!!!

  5. jh4899 says:

    Is it all about a championship J-High? is that why John Stockton and Karl Malone, and Jerry Sloan are all in the Hall of Fame? is that why Lebron James just got his 2nd mvp? A championship is big, but its not everything. at the end of the day the players play basketball to get a paycheck. us fans provide them the paycheck when we watch their games, buy their stuff, etc. I can keep listing hall of famers and mvp’s that never got a championship and we all still think they are great. If Utah got rid of Jerry Sloan, there would be a lot of upset fans. open your eyes J-High. the nba is a business. the championship is NOT the only thing that matters.

  6. master says:

    no matter what you say kobe and the lakers will be the western,eastern champion

  7. david brooks says:

    lakers have such a great team, but they need to get two or three good bench players for next year, there bench sucks !

  8. prince15 says:

    D-wil is nothing, CP3 is useless, Nash almost there, when you compared to Rajon Rando

    • Dynamis24 says:

      Get out of here with that BS guy. Do you really think Rando is better the D-Will and CP3 wow what a fool

  9. Dylon says:

    Lakers are 2-0 so to be 4-0

  10. J-High says:

    Kobehater – Sloan should never leave Utah? it wouldnt be the Jazz without Sloan


    SLOAN + JAZZ = 0 championships and look a longgggg way off.

    isnt that what its all about? Go Lakers.

  11. Lakerfan says:

    Do you all really believe that the Jazz can beat the Lakers by going short and playing a fast paced game? Did you not see what happen to the Thunder? That’s what tey were all about. If the Jazz go small that means that the lakers get an easy bucket on the offensive side. That means less fast break points for the Jazz. If the lakers are dunking or droping lay ups the pace of the game will be slow no matter who they are playing!

    And who was it that mentioned that the lakers have nothing but lenght?!? That individual obviously knows nothing about basketball. You can’t possibly win a championship with just lenght.

    Lakers vs. Magic finals rematch. Lakers win it in 6.

  12. lapechocha1981 says:


  13. kobehater says:

    are you serious digital7? coach sloan should never leave utah. and I dont think he ever will. I think its great to see a coach stay in one place for more than 2 seasons at a time. who else even compares? popavich for the spurs has been there for a while but not near as long a sloan. without sloan its not the jazz.

    jh, you have a point. sit fesenko down! run the lakers hard! there is no way they can keep up!

  14. you know it’s hard for everyone in this series because it must be said that the lakers are not very good right now but we’ll see as you say. the point is that the best team wins. The one that will be sturdier in the final
    the chances are real

  15. Beat the Fakers says:

    Edwin do you watch the games between D-Will and Cp3? Because the way you talk it doesn’t sound like it. Everyone know that Deron is the best point guard in the league, no questions. So quit being and idiot and get to know what you’re talking about.

  16. DIGITAL7 says:

    I’m sorry but…Doesn’t it ever cross Coach Sloans mind to stop coaching the Jazz? When you love someone you have to let them go right? Don’t you think the Jazz would be better with another coach. There’s a point where you just have to move on or give them a chance with someone else. They always have a “great” or “good” team but they haven’t had a “championship-driven” team in ages.

    With that said..you got to love ANY organization that stands behind their coach and leave it up to him when he’s ready to leave. But even they have to think “dude..is he ready to go yet or what!?”

  17. jh4899 says:

    The Lakers know what the Jazz don’t have. big men. I mean really, when Fesenko has to start against Andrew Bynum… The Lakers can win this just using their big men. gasol and bynum know what to do. Utah needs to recognize that they are small and stop relying on Fesenko or Koufos to replace Okur because it isnt going to happen. Utah can win if they can make the lakers run.

    that being said. I HATE THE LAKERS!!! I want them to lose no matter who they play! I love the Jazz. been with them since stockton malone days. I know Utah CAN pull of an upset. the fact that they have kept both games 1 and 2 close is evidence of that. but when are they going to control the game? why not make the Lakers try to come back? dont let Kobe bryant and his rings scare you. YOU HAVE THE BEST POINT GUARD!!!!

  18. Bollocks says:

    Edwin first of all D-will is the best PG in the league. Second, I can think of a handful of others that are also better then CP. Third, you just want everybody to what?

  19. Clay says:

    Tony you are not watching the game. Millsap has done his job. The rest of the bench has struggled. But Millsap is doing everything and more. Where the crap has Kyle Korver been all playoffs? The only real advantage the Lakers have over the Jazz. Is that the Jazz dont think they can beat the Lakers in LA. So they get down double digits and hang around. Make a couple pushes at the lead but then in the last 2 minutes Kobe doesnt take over. The Jazz quit. I am a Jazz fan and love watching them play. But not against the Lakers. We dont have our entire team right now. But they are proving that the Lakers arent putting them away in games. So if they can either lead going into the 4th or only be down by one or two points they will win the game. Winning the series will be tough considering they dont play well in LA. But it isnt out of reach and likely if they do it. It will have to happen in a game 7. Because I dont think they can win 4 straight but I do think they can win. D Will needs to play with more energy on Defense and take over the game on offense to achieve it though.

    • Cruzito says:

      I am a Jazz fan myself and the jazz do quit even when they had the lead in the 4th in game 1 the jazz still quit. The Lakers look tired in the 4th and the jazz just quit. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Korver should be shooting the lights out and Fesenko should be knocking people to the ground along with Boozer and Milsap. Rough the Lakers frontline up draw some blood and push the ball that is all they have to do. I think one thing that is really hurting the jazz is depth on the bench or in their line up period. They should have never traded Ronnie Brewer bottomline…

  20. Beckster says:

    The Jazz are a fantastic ball team and don’t get the recognition they deserve and neither does Coach Jerry Sloan. He does a great job! I love this team. There is more to basketball than Kobe B. Go JAZZ! Kick the Lakers Butts!

    • Cruzito says:

      Jerry Sloan does deserve more credit then what he gets…

      • Dynamis24 says:

        Wow I will be at game 3 and 4 wearing the number 24 on my back lol I can’t wait to see the disapointment on jazz fans faces when we still game 3 or four 🙂 I can feel it coming its time you jazz fans see the storm coming to lol

  21. LAstManStanding says:

    cp3 is nothing compared to D-will, so lets just put an end to that rubish right now. The Jazz will not beat the Lakers but I would not be suprised if this series went to 7 games. D-will is the best PG in the game right now!

  22. don says:

    It’s pretty much over with for the Utah Jazz. I doubt very seriously if this series goes six games. I think the Jazz are void of the necessary firepower needed to dethrone the Lakers. They have no clear advantage outside of Deron Williams being guarded by Derek Fisher.

    Boozer is okay but he is nothing compared to LA’s frontcourt of Bynum and Gasol.

    Stick a fork in the Jazz.

  23. Barry says:

    The Lakers seem to be getting to their form lately after the wake-up exercise from the OK Thunders. The only thing that could save the Jazz would be the Lakers becoming bored with this series.

  24. Speedy says:

    Jazz win games 3 because the Refs are going to get paid off. Too many non calls are getting called and Do refs wear ear pieces, if so why? who do they have to listen too when there calling a game…

  25. edwin ` says:

    i just want everybody d-will is second and cp3 is the best in will be for the next ten years cp3 the best

  26. edwin ` says:

    i just want everybody d-will is second and cp3 is the best in will be for the next ten years

    • Cruzito says:

      CP3 will get ran over by D-WILL,,,

    • CP3 < D-Will says:

      Wow!….I havent seen Chris Paul in the playoffs….Oh wait he was too busy letting his team down injured

    • schwitz says:

      have you ever seen D-will vs CP3? D Will completely shuts down CP3, every time. Not even a close call, D Will is the most dominant all around point guard in the league.

  27. tony says:

    Too bad that the Jazz are short handed without 2 starters but he is right, a 3rd and 4th man need to step up offensively but I dont see Milsap and co doing that. Barkley said that the Jazz need to start running a track meet to counter LA’s length. That may be where they are at now. Certainly history is going against the Jazz too.

    • Cruzito says:

      That is just about the only thing the jazz can do at this point with out 2 important parts of their team out. The Lakers are really not that great of a team either. That is all they have is there length without that they would be nada. They are not going to the finals this year look to see Los Suns and the Magic there.

      • roman says:

        yes the lakers do have lenght but they still have some talent on there. and yes they will be going to the finals. los suns have gotten undoubtedly better but still lack size against the lakers. the lakers will beat the suns in 6.

      • skywalker says:

        damn ,yeah the lakers are nada without they’re length, thats why theyve gone to the finals 2 years in a row and probably for like 3 more seasons in a row. remember this comment next series when the suns get pounded by the lakers. idiot

    • fred says:

      what do you mean you dont see Millsap doing that? …look at his stats in Game 2….obviously he stepped up,,, they are just too short, period, size does matter in this league…..