Bosh In Purple And Gold?

Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That impending feeling of free agent doom looming over our friends in Canada grows stronger by the day.

Cousin Doug (Smith of Toronto Smiths and the Toronto Star) dropped this little morsel in his morning offering.

For those of you that are opposed to link-clicking, here’s Cousin Doug’s brief mention of Chris Bosh being at Game 2 of the Lakers-Jazz series:

Oh oh.

Chris Bosh was at the Lakers-Jazz game in L.A. on Tuesday night.

Can only mean one thing, right?

Yep, he’s gone.

Or maybe he’s out there on business. Or vacation. Or some convention of tweeterers or whatever the heck they’re called.

You may remember Bosh sending out a couple tweets last week asking for advice on what he should do in free agency this summer. Maybe he was just trying to get some advice from Kobe Bryant or Ron Artest, who made a similar appearance in LA around this time a year ago. We all know how that turned out.

Of course, this visit by Bosh could simply be the case of a well-known basketball fan visiting with some of his friends …

Listen, we’re not in the business of speculating around here (at least not until free agency cooks up), but if we were, the idea of Bosh playing with the Lakers is frightening … for the rest of the league.

The state of the Toronto Raptors free agency situation has been discussed over and over, by everyone from Bosh to Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo (below), so it’s not like any speculation is brand new.

But every move Bosh makes from now until he has a new contract is headline news.



  1. Mik-LA says:

    Hey! Forget salary Cap! Forget the aging D.Fisher!! Wake up!!! Its the NBA!!!! It is where the amazing things happens!! Don’t be surprised if Lakers would have Bosh and a new PG as well. Its possible.. We are the Lakers remember??… Bosh on Staples will post a big threat. That would be good for us! And that would be soooo amazing to watch!!

  2. vanzkobs says:

    bosh in purple and gold? thats freaking amazing but i dont think this is going to happen..

  3. tony says:

    Well if your smart you would know that bosh will be a laker at the end of the summer and lebron not going to tleave clevland, and the lakers have a way of getting the best players bosh is in bynum is out. i wouldn’t even be suprised if they got Ariza back on the team. byt mostlikely there getting a pg wioth there 2nd round pick

    • Ali says:

      Why would Trevor Ariza want to come back to LA when he is under a great contract in Houston? IDK if the Lakers get Chris Bosh but there is no way that Trevor Ariza will ever leave Houston. At least not for now.

  4. dwayne pierson says:

    Bynum is okay and a great long term keep, but with his injuries and Bosh’s all star capabilities this would be a monster deal for the Lakers and Raptors who would get a great young prospect.

  5. Bobby says:

    All of you people are stupid!!! BOSH IS NOT GOING TO THE LAKERS.

    Think of cap space here… the only teams who will get bosh are…
    – Utah (If Carlos doesnt sign again)
    – Pheonix (If amare leaves)
    – Miami
    – New York
    – Chicago
    – New Jersey

    Everyone elkse would be over the cap limit.

  6. Boris says:

    BOSH TO LAKERS!!!! FOR MGENBA, LUKE WALTON, adam morrison and sasha vujciac !!

    thats a good trade ^^

  7. rondo says:

    Lakers fans are like the overweight 1000 lb man. They are greedy and never satisfied. The will never be happy with what they have on their plate. Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum is not the Lakers problem they are two wonderful players. The Lakers fan should be glad Andrew is playing very well they could have got hold of a player name Greg Odon i bet you Portland would take Andrew in a heartbeat, The grass is not always greener on the other side Laker fans wish the Lakers well and be glad you are the Champions and on your way to another one.

  8. lakerman34 says:

    Trading for Bosh and then trading for CP3 or Deron Williams is a very good trade… NBA Live. Yeah RIGHT the Jazz give up Deron Williams. And CP3 is probably obtainable because of Collison, but why would they get a PF in return?? They have David West. They would trade only for a center at this point.

  9. david brooks says:

    that could probeble work he an gasol from spain and they no how to play with each other!

  10. In_Class_Right_Now says:

    I’m with everyone who thinks we should focus on getting a legit PG first. If we can get Bosh too, that would be great!

    Also, whoever is bashing on Kobe as being too old or washed up, just remember the game of basketball requires 10 fingers, not 9! He probably is the only player that can adapt his shooting to this catastrophic injury. His injured ankle and knee is the reason why he’s a bit slower. Dude is still deadly though.Unlike Lebron, Kobe doesn’t like making a big deal of his injuries and normally keeps mum. Same with most the Lakers b/c in that clubhouse, if you complain about your injury, you a “chump”! So seriously, those people gotta stop thinking Kobe has lost a step and lost his shooting touch.

  11. Skobe says:

    if bosh stays and it will be hard for any future raptor to catch his franchise records, but…. what about BOSH CALDERONE EVANS BELINELLI for NASH and STAUDAMIRE??? or what i think could happen is BOSH going back home to dallas for NOWITZKI?

  12. L.A. LAKERS says:

    but ariza is better than artest l0lz

  13. L.A. LAKERS says:

    agree sign bosh and trade 2 cp3 or D. Williams cuz they realy nid a better and young pg

  14. David says:

    What about sign Calderon? He’s very good in FT, good 3 points pct and, probably, one of the point guard with a lot of asist per game. Could be a good replacement for Fisher. What do you think?

  15. Jake Smith says:

    I Love how so many of u r sayin there are no teams out west to challenge the Lakers – How bout the Suns?!?!? They have been going on a tear, Amare is insane most of the time, Nash is ageless and certainly the best point guard in the NBA, Richardson can get it going, heck, even Hill is doing better at his age then Kobe would at 37, PLUS they have a deep, strong bench. U watch if LA beats Utah – (and most likely they will), the Suns will put an end to the LA show! They (LA) are too old and did not invest in good young players. Bosh would be a good addition to LA, I would replace Gasol with him, but its most likely he’ll go to either Miami, or the new restructured Nets. Either way Bosh Playing with Kobe is not scary but interesting – they both like to run the ball, so who will run with it? I do agree though that Lebron is a one man show, and that soon he will prob. burn out.

    • lakerman34 says:

      Lakers? Old?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Bynum looks like Shaq at his prime whenever he plays the Suns….and who is going to guard both Bynum and Pau?

      Kobe will do to Nash as he has done to Westbrook. Hell, you could even use Artest on Nash at times. Because, in case you didn’t know, Deron Williams is the best PG in the league right now, and we are giving him hell.

      Kobe is more than willing to defer to teammates that he can trust. That’s why he isn’t scoring 81 anymore, he has other guys around him now. Bargnani in Toronto actually had the ball in his hands MORE than Pau does in LA. Trust me, unless PHX gets LeBron, your Suns are always going to be second best in the Pacific.

  16. AlBeRt (LakERs) says:

    the lakers got pretty good big men they should go after a point guard ina a trade we need someone like chris paul or collison from new orleans they got two star caliber point guards or even a westbrook would be good in a trade

  17. tibs3 says:

    or we will take kobe + farmar and u get bosh + bank. that sound fair

  18. tibs3 says:

    we will bynum +pill jackson u get bosh + bank

  19. keyturn says:

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned but if CB4 truly wants to win, and could care less about the position he would leave Toronto is, the only teams with cap space are, LAC, MIA, OKC or CHI. If he signs at one of these spots, he’d lose out on top earning potential of a max deal.

    If he has a heart and he doesn’t want to leave Toronto high and dry, sign and trade is his only option. Then he’s looking at DAL, HOU, or LAL.

    LAL’s bargaining chip, AB17 is young and has upside but is sidelined by injury half of each year. So to me if CB4 is involved in a sign and trade it would be either with DAL or HOU. Let’s not forget that CB4 is from DAL, and Cuban is among to top owners in all of sports, also HOU isn’t that far away from contention, especially once Yao comes back next season.

    I highly doubt CB4 plays for LAL. Only way it happens is if he absolutely demands it.

    • lakerman34 says:

      this is SO far from the truth. Houston with a HEALTHY TMac and Yao wasn’t much of a threat, and who is Dallas going to trade away for CB4? Caron Butler and Jason Kidd? They have no pieces TOR desires. Also, is CB4 going to play center AGAIN for Dallas? I’m pretty sure he wants to play PF wherever he goes, and don’t tell me Dirk would play SF or C. Only way this works is if Dallas loses Dirk, which is highly doubtful.

      • keyturn says:

        Calm down homie, I’m a Laker just like you, but I’m a bit more realistic.

        Firstly I forgot about the trade Houston made at the deadline for Martin so yeah your right they’re out of the picture, unless they’re willing to trade Martin and Ariza as centerpieces for CB4, highly unlikely.

        But Dallas has Butler and Dampier to toss in the deal. And yeah he can occasionally play center, he does it already, and who’s to say that Dallas’ roster is set, there’s still a draft and an entire offseason of trades that still have to play out.

        In sign and trade scenarios teams have little power, the teams only bargaining chip is giving the player a max deal, while the player always threats to walk away for nothing.

        When all said and done I like my scenarios better than your scenario of LAL trading Bynum and Sasha to CHI for Hinrich and Noah. Not saying this wouldn’t be a good deal for LAL, but no one wants our trash man, Sasha will never be traded, his horrible contract will simple expire.

  20. Chris Bosh says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot today. I decided I’m going to the Jazz.

  21. lakerman34 says:

    Bargnani in TOR demands the ball more than Pau does, believe it or not (USG%). Expect Kobe to look down low more if Bosh joins us. Bynum is out. Whoever says “trade Artest for Bosh” is retarded. One, Toronto would NEVER do that, two, playing Bynum, Gasol, and Bosh at the same time doesn’t make sense, and we aren’t about to put any of those 3 on the bench.
    If you guys listen to ESPNRadio, the one dude was saying he heard from a very reliable source that Bynum for Bosh was done. He said he found it hard to believe, but the guy he heard it from was VERY reliable. Just some food for thought.

    Personally, I much rather trade Bynum and Sasha for Hinrich, Noah, and that 17th pick where we can pick up Paul George. Dude reminds me SO much of Trevor Ariza.

  22. will says:


    • Jake Smith says:

      If by confrence you mean their division – maybe. if you mean the west – are you okay up top? They will need another 2 stars just to beat lakers, jazz, and spurs, not to mention denver and the suns!

  23. LA!! says:

    yeah thats right!! KOBE GOT 4 RINGS!! so BOSH should get one if he comes in LA!

  24. LA!! says:

    CHRIS PAUL should go in LA!! fisher maybe coming off the bench

  25. LA CHAMPS!!! says:

    you know guys!! if anybody said that kobe get his 3 RINGS just only bcoz of shaq?? I DONT THINK SO!!! check the stats of KOBE in PLAYERS in home page!! his stats in 2000-2002 season!! they are 2 of the best 1-2 punch in NBA history! 1st is JORDAN and PIPPEN hands down!!

  26. KingNative says:

    Kobe,Gasol,and Bosh….The Lakers would be UNSTOPPABLE.We’d have a 70 win season easily!!!

  27. Kobe's Assistant says:

    If Bosh goes to the Lakers, the line up would be Kobe at the 1, Artest at the 2, Bosh at the 3, Pau 4, and Bynum 5. It would really help the Lakers to get Bosh, Lakers dont really need a point gaurd, they run a triangle offense. Brown, Kobe, Farmar, Fisher, Artest can rotate with the 1-2. Artest can go to 3 too along with Bosh, and Odom. And Bosh at the 3-4. and Pau at the 4-5. Its a really good deal if Bosh goes to Lakers.

  28. Slam =Ukraine= says:

    LAL don’t need C …they hav LO, Pau, Andrew B., and they are…one part of something imposible…and this is Lakers….
    if CB can play on SF….it use to be soO good=))

  29. baloooga says:

    can we get jack too?

  30. nigram says:


  31. Lakersthreepeat09"10'11'' says:

    the lakers are gonna be at the top of the nba for a few more years……..

    but the knicks’ starting line up has to look like this next year (my opinion)…

    pg – chris duhan
    sg – tracy mcgrady (salary decrease)
    sf – wilson chandler
    pf – chris bosh
    c – amare stoudemire

    • Jake Smith says:

      I doubt Knicks get Amare, Very Seriously! After the season Phoenix is having with him, I am sure he will re-sign. Knicks will need someone else to fill Amares gap in your roster!

  32. II-OrlandoFan-II says:

    1st, wade,lebron,bosh,will be a free agent dz season..i think its better to join d new jersey nets to help them and the owner of the nj nets has lots lots of harris,wade,lebron.bosh,lopez…just like an all star game in the east.better it is

  33. L.A. LAKERS says:

    sign bosh but the nyk will sign king james plus wade

  34. mhayo says:

    if CB intention is to get a ring his option would definitely be with LA Lakers, that is if LA is willing to give up some of its BIG men like Odom, Bynum or Gasol or Artest. But having Kobe, Fisher, Bosh, Gasol and Odom on the floor will do big damage. Bosh can be a good center as what Pau does (a forward and sometimes a center), its just a matter of managing the roster. as for other teams they need to get better supporting guys to help their main man (but that didn’t happen to Nuggets acquiring Iverson). still let’s see if LA is interested with the idea… but if CB wants to go with LA like what Gasol did, he is more than wlecome to the family…

  35. CMoopu says:

    if this happens…it would be one of the biggest headlines of the free agent season.besides the LBJ story…i think of it as this…if bosh comes, bynum n probably powell or mbenga leave……and say he does come, his health better hold up for the multiple long runs 🙂 multiple championships :D…*born and raised laker fan*

  36. Austin says:

    Lebron will stay in Cleavland, Wade and Bosh will go to NY, CP3 will leave the Hornets.

  37. mr H-town says:

    amare would be better for the lakers

    • Jake Smith says:

      Maybe….. but the Lakers will NOT be better for Amare! My vote – Amare stays in Phoenix – especially after this years season!

  38. ken says:

    sorry guys, but i think bosh will opt to go to where he could showcase his talent. i mean, let’s face it. if he goes to the lakers, he will just be out-lplayed by kobe and gasol. they might be formidable, but sure enough bosh wouldn’t be happy :)) i think it would be best if he goes to miami, alongside wade. miami should work to get delonte west, tayshaun prince and cb4. i’m disappointed with beasley :((

  39. Kam says:

    Im seeing alot of crazy post. Bosh is not needed in LA.

  40. jack says:

    I agree, sign in Bosh and trade for Chris Paul.

  41. jack says:

    The lakers already have gasol, bynum and odom. They do not need another big man. I suggest to the lakers management to acquire a good point guard. That is what the lakers are lacking. Hope they can trade for Chris Paul.

  42. lakersfan3000 says:

    first off pau gasol is a world class talent and the lakers are the defending champs bynum has been awsome he should be good for the next 5 years artest defense and odom and fisher the lakers dont need bosh what the lakers need is simple devin harris. a speedy pg who can control the dynamics of a game and hes also an all star.

  43. David says:

    Image this…

    PG- Kobe Bryant
    SG- Ron Artest
    SF- Chris Bosh
    PF- Pau Gasol
    C- Andrew Bynum


    Fisher may retire at seasons end. I don’t think he should be starting PG anymore.

  44. kobe lamebron fan says:

    yah, i agree with that, sign bosh then trade for chris paul. joke. . . at least a steady and a defensive point guard i guess.

  45. We all know that Bosh is well-talented and a nice guy.. but if he is will be added to Lakers, to much talents can be result to destrution..LOls^^

  46. frosty says:

    You’re all crazy if you think he’s going to the lakers, it’s just not going to happen. Lebron anb Bosh are going to end up in new york. It’s weird tho because the raptors organizsation (MLSE, who owns the raptors, leafs and toronto FC) can afford to keep bosh and bring in a wade or lebron. There is only one organization in all north american professional sports that makes more cash than MLSE (Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment) and that is MSG..

  47. dennis says:

    gasol is better than cb4, i want d-wade go to lakers, or d-wade and lb king in miami..

  48. ken says:

    the deserving team for you is san antonio spurs. think about it. DUNCAN GINOBILLI PARKER JEFFERSON and BOSH.

    • Bobby says:

      Yeah, and that wont set them over the cap limit at all. Only way that happens is if they get rid of Duncan, which will definitely not happen.

  49. Bruno says:

    I’m a long time Raptors fan and personally I’d love to see Bosh go to the Lakers. He’s played hard here in Toronto for years and been great to the city but he deserves some rings and he’s not going to get them in Toronto anytime soon.

  50. Mark vera says:

    I dont believe Bosh will play with LA. I hope he is much smarter than that. He enjoyed the go-ahead guy in his former team. If he plays with LA, his role will be diminished and no way he be a superstar again because he will be overshadowed by Gasol and Kobe…would he like to become the 3rd choice???no way,,,,Kobe the leading man enjoys his status, and gasol the side-kick i dont know…,i believe gasol wants more than just a side-kick? and Ron Artest might protest he might not be able to touch the ball anymore(a thing he loves when he was in Indiana).SO BOSH NOT IN LA, THINK THINK THINK, YOUR AMBITION TO BECOME MVP IS IN THE HANDS OF FIRST-CLASS POINT GUARDS STEVE NASH (who is the greatest playmaker) OR CHRIS PAUL……NO TO DERON WILLIAMS BECAUSE THAT GUY LOVES TO SHOOT.

  51. # 1 LA FAN says:


  52. frosty says:

    You’re all crazy if you think he’s going to the lakers, it’s just not going to happen. Lebron anb Bosh are going to end up in new york. It’s weird tho because the raptors organizsation (MLSE, who owns the raptors, leafs and toronto FC) can afford to keep bosh and bring in a wade or lebron. There is only one organization in all north american professional sports that makes more cash than MLSE (Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment) and that is MSG.

  53. KP says:

    All you guys are a dumbass thinking Bosh will sign with the Lakers. Sure he might win ring if he goes. But as a business point of view. its the most idiot thing to do. Bosh is still at his prime and he should bank on it, go to a team whos willing to pay him the big bucks. Go to the lakers will just give him a second rate salary. So I say either New York or Miami.

  54. Jessie Mhar says:

    awesome ………it is good for the lakers go ahead get bosh for the lakers its a good oppurtunity hehehe goo lakers go

  55. jag says:

    bosh stats will decrease because kobe is a ballhog. he best team of all will always be the 6 time champ bulls. lkers are dreaming, if not for the zen master, that team would still be crmbling as in the 90s

  56. KB24 Clutch GOD says:

    For me, LAKERS doesn’t much in need of BOSH. He doesnt much in fit to LA cuz LA doenst need a volume scorer cuz KOBE and PAU can do it..An in BYNUM issue maybe if LAKERS want BOSH then he will be traded. He is a GOOD CENTER but bcuz of his injuries it makes him weak and can be EATEN by the other ATHLETIC CENTER..The BEST fit to LA is a new piont guard like STEPHEN CURRY can shoot threes and has a great IQ in moving the BALL..

    By the way…GO LAKERS make it 5 rings for KOBE..

  57. Justin Bieber's #1 hater says:

    Damn, Bosh to the Lakers is a dream!
    If Bosh will go to to LA, then Bynum and another player should be traded for Bosh.
    pau Gasol fits better in center, cuz most of the star PFs are more of an outside people now, like Dirk, and Rashard.
    C- Pau
    PF- Bosh (lamar off the bench)
    SF- Ronron
    SG- Kobe
    PG- Shannon

    though, we don’t even know what’s to come so, it’s all I have to say.

  58. jp says:

    Kobe is old, face is it, his time is up..If you think I’m wrong look up his stats year to year .. he isnt what he used to be.. even if he stays the same.. plenty of other younger players rising up to be superstars … Lakers could win this year( i personally dont think they will) but if they do it’ll be the last one for Kobe..

  59. Alexx says:

    You people and your trade scenarios. Powell for Bosh, Odom for Bosh? Get real. Bynum is the only piece that would for sure would go. And you all talking about like him and GFasol and Bynum gonna fight for time. Your all clueless. Lakers dont need Bosh if they trade Bynum. you want 2 soft big men in the front taking nothing but jumpshots? Fine thats no way to win a championship. Hes overrated defensively actually hes pretty bad. And hes a stat stuffer he doesnt get the points when theyre needed. Watch raptors games the 20/10 is deceiving.

  60. MRBALL84 says:


  61. TheUnforgiven says:

    Center – Paul Gasol
    Power forward – Chris Bosh
    Small forward – Ron Artest
    Off guard – Kobe Bryant
    Point guard – Jordan Farmar

    Awesome line up!!!!

  62. phillip says:

    Lakers 8ters, go jump into the atlantic… whoeva comes in must a great player and will be at most 2nd option cos Kobe rules foreva even when he retires from the game. James is a superstar no doubt but he is more of a hollywood basketballer…. Kobe is d real RING basketballer. With Bosh, 5th and 6th Rings for Kobe and dem Lakers Men. About the Big 3, well… Artest drop to the bench as 2nd option from the bench with Lamar Odom so the new Lakers – A solid point Guard urgent (Heinrich, Westbrook type or Brown should really step-up); Kobe d Black Mamba; Bosh; Gasol; Bynum… see team, too gbasky!!!

  63. kris says:

    with bosh kobe would prolly win more rings, maybe more than jordan, but that still doesnt make him better. some of us didnt see jordan play and i heard he was beyond amazing; shooting at will, triple teams couldnt stop him. so i bet if you saw jordan and then kobe we would see the difference:))

    • greg says:

      heres the thing everyone is not understanding bosh is a free agent we dont have to trade to get him. i think we sign bosh trade bynum and powell or mbenga for cp3. so heres the line up.

  64. JEAN says:


  65. kris says:

    im a laker fan and i would really like to see bosh go to chicago or miami. wade and bosh would be nice. also, bosh for bynum would make the lakers a little smaller in size and the only threat is denver and i can see denver matching up with lakers now….martin and bosh (martin had his way with bosh this season), nene and gasol. it would be a nice deal but it would be interesting to see how it would play out. also, magic and cavs would have there way with lakers down low…..dwight and gasol (wimpy gasol will get pushed around). really wanted to see another exciting denver and laker series. i think denver was a little unlucky with the karl situation, they really scared the crap out of me this year!
    lakers sweep jazz please!!!!

  66. RAH says:

    Bosh was in the Laker Vs Jazz in game 2, because he thinking about joing the Jazz. It makes sense, because Boozer is thinking about leaving. Thus, Bosh will be the one who is going to replace him. If not, then it the rumor about the trade about Bosh and Bynum is true

  67. ManilaRepresent says:

    if this happens! then der will be a super duper solid front line for Lakers! I love this!

  68. nba fan says:

    The bottom line, its not a good idea for Bosh to go to LA. Better get a solid point guard or get Bosh then trade it off to a better point guard.

  69. BRAVO says:


  70. kobe2490 says:

    Kobe Old wat? no more rings for kobe wat? lebrons better wat? u must not be watching the league i watch. lebron= 0 rings kobe= 4 kobe hit more game winners this season than lebron has in his career

  71. Kevard says:

    Im a huge laker fan. If Bosh goes to the lakers , they will be become more competitive and a much tougher team than they are right now and their opponents will have to work dead hard to beat the lakers. Bynum, Gasol, Odom don’t have to leave if the lakers signed on Bosh. Don’t forget when Odom is not on the court who is? Bynum right? So if they get Bosh they will subsititute him when the others are either tired, injured, fouled troubled or is not on the court. All of them is not going to be on the court at the same time. So that would be a great idea if they signed Bosh onto the laker team roster this 2010-2011 year. And another thing what if Lebron James goes to the lakers this year as well, well wait, they ain’t ga lose no game in the regular season, in any playoffs series neither championship, if they do lakers was probably slack on their defense. This would be extremely great and you all haterz would hate it. But accept whatever the outcome is.

    • Steve says:

      Chris Bosh would not come off the bench behind Gasol, Bynum, and Odom. He is better than Gasol and Odom and should start alongside Bynum. That would be a good combination as Chris Bosh is a highflying power forward who can drive to the hoop or hit a mid range jump shot while Bynum can bruise in the paint. Point made – Chris Bosh would not be a bench player who only came in when players were injured or in fould trouble. Truthfully, he would probably be the Lakers number 2 scorer.

  72. LA4Life says:

    LA dont need him., they should get nice backup point guard for fisher.. fisher is getting old but i still believe in him because of his big big shots.

  73. The Man says:

    This would be a great move is Artest was only around for 1 year. But honestly who would we give up for him? Maybe add him to the bend mob or move Odom to start and artest and Bosh running the bench. But that’s only a theory.

    Why does everyone call him King James….??Did I miss the ceremony where he got “crowned” I remember him getting shut out against Orlando and leaving like a little girl without showing some sportsmanship….but that’s about all I remember. Wade has a ring – he’s more “king” than James.

    Don’t get me wrong, James is a good player but…..

  74. dontrelle says:

    hes not going to the lakers ……..hes going to oklahoma…got some friends that are close to bosh …and i overheard..not for sure but good chance

  75. Richard says:

    damn, I’m a toronto fan, but this would be awesome for Bosh. Maybe trade Gasol for a good point guard and some draft picks, it would be scary.

  76. WakiPak says:

    Bosh to LA is not really a pipe. As long as Toronto will accept a sign and trade the Lakers might just do Bynum+Fillers for Bosh. I think Bosh is a perfect PF in the Triangle.

    Now as for all the people that keep calling Kobe old they keep forgetting he’s playing with a bum ankle, right knee injury, broken right pinky and broken right index finger. Most of you Kobe Haters couldn’t even bust a nut with broken fingers and here Kobe is putting it all on the court. Did you not see Old man Kobe shut down Westbrook in the 1st round. That IMO was vintage Kobe man, he took over defensively. I think that’s enough for the Kobe Haters and Lebron “Magic Elbow Injury” James lovers…

  77. Ozziy says:

    this whole bosh to LA thing is very unlikely, i mean with a team as stacked as the lakers why bring in another big name allstar , and mess up that chemistry you got going already, it jus doesnt make sense to me on a fans level or on a gm’s level.

    the only way bosh leaves the raptors is through a sign and trade due to the collective bargaining agreement, and as much as bosh wants to win a ring it is also about money, and players in the end of the day can’t get enough of the green.

    So , if u guys read the collective bargaining agreement allows for the respected team that the free agent was on to offer more then the cap allows, meaning that the raptors in this situation would be able to give bosh the most money ( even more then max money) then any team in the league. In Bosh’s interest for him as a player is to gain money and go to a contender whether that be LA or New orleans or Houston or Miami, where ever he lands this summer i will gurantee the raptors will get something in return whether they get ripped off or not they will be getting something in return.

    Now as far as realistic trade partners and i stress realistic because i do not believe the lakers r a realistic trade partner due to the money theyd have to give up and the players theyd have to part with. I Believe New Orleans If interested in Bosh could give a really nice deal i said it earlier but if you think about it Darren Collison and David west for bosh is a good deal for both teams, They get rid of \dareen collison and any future descrepancy between CP3 and DC and throw away david west and replace him with Bosh….it would leave the raptors with 3 point guards which is where i think the nex move comes along trading Hedo and jose for Dalembert and Thaddeus young, and as much as thaddeus young is a stud they need some veteran leadership after the departure of andre miller. Hedo and jose bring exactly that , and jose also feels a void at there pg spot with some added expierence.

    To me for the raptors this off-season is either a make or break situation , give bosh away for nothing and the team will be crap until they get a stud i the draft, trade bosh away from some decent value and you might have a decent team in a couple of years.

  78. Im Scared says:

    ok it might be good to add bosh to the Lakers, but im scared we’ll start having too much drama around, i mean Kobe and Goasl season I almost got started earlier this year.. i’d love to have the lakers win it every year, but again too many stars around the floor might bring another jackson book
    last word for Bosh, come to LA and get a ring, its almost free….

  79. LakersRing says:

    Lakers do need a young n excellent point guard…A defensive point guard…We need 2 admit that Fisher plays a good role in Triangle Offense…It’s jz bcoz he’s a bit old…It’s a waste of money 2 find another big man…

  80. cuz'ndeer says:

    Kobe was hurt in the first round cause he feared being guarded by Durant. Lebron is faking his elbow injury because he don’t feel that they can beat Boston or Orlando. (Excuses) Both Kobe and Lebron are good basketball players, not great. If they areo great, why do they need to be surrounded with franchise players from other teams to win. Why can’t they be surrounded with fundamentally sound basketball players that can grasp a team concept and help those players reach there full potential.Brandon Jennings is going to be great. He is developing his supporting cast. That’s the difference between good players and great players. Great players make players around them better. How do you say Michael Jordan. When Brandon Jennings career is over, no one would remember who Lebron James was.

  81. Pat says:

    This is so sad reading all these comments. The vast majority can’t even speak in a legible language let alone discuss basketball. It has been previously discussed and will be further discussed at the end of the season. It will also probably happen. Bosh wants a high contract and in order to do that the Lakers must do a sign-and-trade for C Andrew Bynum. The Lakers have had Bynum on the trading block under-the-radar for the past year or two. This is the most likely scenario for Bosh as the current chips lie.

  82. Kingmaster24293 says:

    Bosh is more likely to go to Houston…it would be a perfect fit and it would finaly put them on top of the west!

  83. robertsonn says:


  84. Imba says:

    I think a team that has too many stars is not great. Look at Celtics. They got so many stars.

  85. KOBEast says:

    If Lamar Odom will bring his A game all the time, Lakres would be unstoppable..

    How many title would they get if LeBron is going to the Lakers? Hahaha! Kobe and LeBron will go beast every game! But I think thats not gonna happen..


  86. ronald says:

    i dont want lamar odom be part of that free agency and trade issue of c. bosh..kobe still needs a lamar odom on his back..

  87. jayjay says:


  88. martin1985 says:

    now cavs got shaq just to match up dwight still no match…shaq is too old against the real superman…Orlando/Celtics vs lakers in Finals…..lakers will win it…back to back….Lebron is just good in regular season..he only aims for the nba mvp not like kobe aiming for the nba finals

    • not says:

      final four will be Cavs vs. Orlando and Lakers Vs. Suns.
      then Cavs Vs. Suns, with Cavs winning in 6.

      • Jake Smith says:

        I think you got most of it right but got confused (or mistyped in the end). Suns will beat Cavs in 6!

  89. reptile says:

    bosh for bynum! Laker must let go of bynum and his ailing knees..

  90. Wade + Bosh = xD says:

    Wade + Bosh is more interesting.Right?lols

  91. ASAP1KB24ALLDAY says:

    Ima laker fan and all but man can they afford it! yea it will be a three peat or a quadroople peat but in 3 years when the lakers cant re-sign gasol or bosh it’ll be an issue! im no General Manager and i have no exsperience! but hey man i dnt want another 2005-6 laker team again! man i want them to stay consistent and make finals! im hoping the lakers and cavs go at it in the finals cuz thats history in the making! itll be like jordan and stockton! bakersfield ca all day!

  92. martin1985 says:

    If lebron and wade will team up…and lakers without bosh..Still lakers is the Team to Beat…
    some teams made a wrong moves because theyre just trying to match up the
    look at mavs now…hahahahahahahah…so early fishing…

  93. don says:

    I am not saying it’s impossible but the chances of Chris Bosh landing with the LA Lakers is highly IMPROBABLE. The team already has Bynum and Gasol.

    SO what could Bosh add to the mix, well, besides taking away minutes from these two frontcourt players?

    If asking, Lakers need a PG who can defend scoring points. Kobe is getting older and Russell Westbrook and OKC will become a problem for the Western Conference in the very near future.

  94. Seb says:

    I watch a lot of basketball and follow it every day and i am a huge Lakers fan. It would be quite amazing if Bosh would come to LA, but on the other hand they dont have the players the want to trade for him. Lakers dont want to lose Bynum Artest of Fisher, even though Bynum hasnt been playing that amazing, nor have the other 2 offensively. Bynum gives the lakers the height, Artest is great in D, and fisher doesnt score much, does do too much in D, but he just understands the game well, and with him things just work.
    And where would Bosh go? Starting instead of Artest? Then once again you lose Artests 1.38 steals a game AND all the work he does off the ball on D.
    I think a good player is welcome in any team, but i think someone will be unhappy about being benched if bosh came to LAL.
    You agree?

  95. Ram says:

    Keep dreamin L.A…… Bosh will make the best fit in either Rockets or Thunder. Both of these teams pushed the Lakers to the limits. Adding Bosh to Houston would give them a faster and younger version of the Lakers and with a better bench, cuz were going to get Carl Landry back!

    Rockets Lakers

    PG Aaron Brooks Derek Fisher
    G Kevin Martin Kobe Bryant
    SF Luis Scola Ron Artest
    PF Chris Bosh P. Gasol
    C Yao MIng A.Bynum

  96. Le says:

    You Lakers fans are funny. Where you get the money to pay Bosh? You need to either let Gasol or Bynum go. Ever heard of Luxury tax and salary Cap?

  97. matt says:

    Here it is; CB4 will stay in TO or go to houston. BC will trade Cb with hedo. That is how teams will now value CB now, is he really worth max plus hedo. also he will only leave in a sign and trade. If a player signs with their current team they getup to 30 million more than they would by signing anywhere else. ALSO, HE WON’T SIGN FOR LESS THAN MAX.IF U WERE 26, BEST YOUNG PF, WOULD U WANT TO MAKE 1 MILLION or 130 MILLION. I really hope BC swallows his pride and trades Bargs for someone like OKAFOR. THEN; keep jj, weems, wright, amir, rasho, maybe evans. USE EVERYONE ELSE TO KEEP CB4 here. Jose, beli, banks, derozan for iggy, l.williams, 76ers save about 25 million. Then keep or trade turk. I prefer trade: Hedo for marvin williams. hedo, evans for rip, maxiell. hedo for bg7.New starting lineup: JJ, Rip, iggy,CB4, okafor bench: l.williams, weems, wright, maxiell, amir. rasho. then sign: singleton, 2 more wings,and an ok pg. BC MAKE IT HAPPEN. LOTS Of ppl say CBis like pierce, then ainge went crazy and did good trades. BC, u can do some crazy stuff. IF not trade CB4 and hedo for the goods houston offer. BUT- then HOU loses the role players that made them gr8. BC will not trade an eastern team. ALSO, CB4 IS A PF. NOT a CENTRE. I’m a RAPS FAN, I KNOW.

  98. Matthew says:

    Lakers have chance a getting bosh just like any other team but TO is gonna try a sign and trade if they cant resign him. As Toronto fan i gonna say it be pretty cool to see bosh as a lakers at the same time cool to stay too

    what ever he does i respect him 😀

  99. R. Lewis says:

    yeah as a raptor fan im glad to say this will 100% not happen… 1 la has no room and raptors wont take bynum cause he is injury prone… we wont take odom cause he is not consistant… and la would be dumb as hell to trade gasol even though bosh is better gasol and kobe got chemistry since gasol has been in la for a while now… and we wont sign and trade for someone who’s not a big (unless its kobe…lol i wish) also bosh might stay because toronto has decided to go into the luxzary tax in order to work something out so prepare to be surprised…. this misght not sound like much but it will make a big differnce for us becuse toronto has not went in the luxary tax much since raptors owner is also leafs owner so he splits money between both teams but now there is more of a focus on the raptors cause this whole bosh issue…

  100. adamata says:

    Okay, speaking of Lebron and Wade, hasn’t anyone thought about Toronto getting their hands on one of these two. I’m sure Toronto could afford one of these guys anticipating added sales they would have. Toronto should seriously dig deep in there pockets this summer and consider this, otherwise…. yeah…. we all remember in Canada when we lost the Grizzlies… I honestly don’t think that would happen, but who knows…. you can’t play like crap forever and ever without major consequences. That being said, I really don’t think yet another coach firing is the key. Are you listening Raptors management??? The Raptors stink, and have stunk for years losing any decent players they had. I know history repeats itself, but for the love of god, let’s make an exception this time, PLEASE…….

    Just imagine it…. Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Hedo Turkoglu (Who is a good “piece”, but not a star). Sit the other current starters on the Raptors on the bench for maybe a half*** bench….

    Obviously, the Raptors would still be short of some size to really compete. Figure this one out on your own… But think about it (long and hard), any grade school kid who likes basketball even just a little would have told you Jermaine O’Neal is a mistake… Good luck Raptors…. You’re gonna need it…

    By the way, I’m actually a huge Lakers fan. To be honest, if Bosh came at the expense of Odom, Gasol, Bynum, or even Artest, I would say forget it. I agree that Bosh is somewhat over-rated because of the crap team he’s on. So, get him if you can, but don’t be foolish and let a key player or future franchise player go (like Bynum… yeah that’s right I said it…. Just give him some time…). Don’t get me wrong, I think Bosh has this potential but… maybe not… I kind of see Bosh as a gamble… Great players (stars seemingly) on crap teams sometimes turn out to be solid players on great teams. The Lakers already have solid players….

    Okay, that’s it, I’m done…. I didn’t quite plan on writing this much….

    – Adam (Vancouver, BC) (previously Toronto (or “The TDot”…. Lol… Embarrassingly funny when people say that…))

  101. Wrock says:

    I wish I could see Bosh win the championship. He’s strong n talanted enough to get it. Maybe he can grab that ring if he could play in the team which can stretch out for the final (at least conf. final as well)
    But I can’t even think about Bosh – one of the most raptor – like player plays for other teams. Can U imagine that? probably no. Just Black n Red. He really fits well with raptor image. Gold n Purple? naaaaa…

  102. nigram says:

    i like chris paul to go to the lakers…..
    first trade odom and fisher and a draft pick for chris paul..
    thats the right dcesion

  103. Arrow says:

    I think bosh will go to chicago. There’s no room for him LA.

  104. wade-less heat says:

    seriously its a waste to have bosh at lakers. he would be more effective in heat or chicago. heat without wade is virtually useless but wade cant win titles alone. sure he is capable of winning games all by himself; provided there is like a 5day break in between (which aint likely). an addition of bosh would take some load off wade. after all JO and that pretty uneffective jammal magaloir (or watever it is) are getting old CB would help fill that spot together with joel anthony. plus heat has some promising young players like dorell. and that beasly should really start playing like a no.2 pick (just look at rose – wat a big difference). also with bosh wade will be more willing to stay and try for another year with the heat.

    or at chicago would be a great help to rose and noah and propel them to possibly advancing further in the playoffs (but doubt they’ll make it to the conference finals)

    to sum up, bosh in LA is a small trade not worthy of mention but bosh in miami (with wade) or at bulls with rose is a much better talk

  105. Anwar says:


  106. World Champs says:

    Lakers should pick up D-Wade and have fisher comes off the bench for next season. Also, trade Bynum for Bosh. This would mean 4 Olympic players on the team: Kobe, Gasol, Bosh, and Wade! LA would be unstoppable!

  107. Ryan says:

    Has anyone thought about the possibility of Bosh going to the Oklahoma City Thunder? They have cap space, Durant is willing to take less money if he is offered a long contract there. Bosh would turn the Thunder into a serious contender and could even challenge the Lakers, they pushed them to 6 games this year almost 7 and with Kobe getting older they would be in with a GREAT chance.

    • Stonerose says:

      He would be a nice fit, but I just dont see him playing in a small market like OKC…he’s got 2 priorities: 1 max contract 2 (if he’ll leave) playing in a glitzy city (Miami, LA, Chicago). I dont think hes even thinking about the possibility of playing in OKC not even being the n1 superstar in town

  108. kivz says:

    Play with da L.A Lakers 2 win a Ring or Stay with da Raptors fo nothing!!??

  109. Bill says:

    If the Lakers could get Bosh without losing Gasal, or Bynum, they would have a legidimit shot at titles the next 4 – 5 years. Kobe’s age may be a small factor, but even nearing his mid thirties, he’s better than 99% of the league (Kobe or Lebron is a debate). Like someone else pointed out, besides Bosh’s skills, his work ethic is off the charts. Pair that with the drive of Kobe and Gasal, and barring injury, they’ll always be in the hunt. I’m a huge Laker fan, so hopefully we can land him.
    As for currently, for those saying Kobe will never get another ring, keep watching the playoffs.

  110. Mark says:

    i dont understand why you guys would need to trade anyone. Bosh is a free agent. THAT MEANS he can sign with anyone.
    Im sure he wont go to L.A.
    Its funny that you compare Bosh with Paus game. Pau is more experienced and more athletic in my opinion. He was the key to the championship. Also Pau is 29. Why are you guys giving so much emphasize on that much.

    and lol to all of you thinkin Kobe is old. Hes 31. MJ didnt get his ring till he was 29 and his last ring at 36.

  111. matt says:

    are u guys serious> bosh is better then gasol and bynum.. are you guys not thinking.. bosh is only 26 and look what him and kobe did on team usa together.. get your facts staight.. bosh will never come off the bench… hes too good.. i hate lakers but if you bynum is better then bosh. then you guys should stop watching basketball

  112. kb24 LA says:

    chris bosh addition may be great to lakers, but where does this leave bynum? what we need is a backup pf or centre, not a starter, because bynum and gasol does so much damage to other teams when they start. but the thing is, whenever gasol or bynum (especially bynum) gets injured, we don’t have good enough bench replacements… mbenga, powell, walton. the only good replacement is lamar, but that will mean that our bench is gona be crap.

    Over the summer, if LA wants to trade away injury prone bynum, we should be looking to stoudemire. His aggression is what LA needs the most right now. Also, we need a new all star pg, fish is getting old and jordan is just not good enough. we need a young new sg, with kobe getting old and can’t play as many minutes, and as i said, either trade bynum away for all star c/pf or get a good, bench c/pf.

  113. jovan says:

    I am a Lakers fan all the way and i like Bosh, he has skills and he would go perfect in the lineup. however i would much rather see bynum go than lamar or gasol. bynum is just too slow and loose

  114. Haroon says:


    Last I checked there were TWO teams playing tuesday night, and the other were the UTAH JAZZ.

    If i recall Derron Wiliams has the leagues’ consensus as the best point guard currently. Carlos Boozer is a freeagent this summer and although he may stay, the Jazz may not want him if they get a better power forward in Chris Bosh. I could seriously see them making some big time noise in the west, and under Jerry Sloan’s coaching they may make it far in the playoffs, maybe even past the western conference finals if i dare say so myself. The Utah Jazz are looking alot like the new San Antonio Spurs, and if my suspicions are true, could this be the newer and stronger version of parker and duncan? williams and bosh, the thought just makes you want to say oh my gosh.

    • Stonerose says:

      How can they bring CB4 in? They already need to get rid of one between Boozer and Millsap, possibly to get their hands on a starter SG/SF

  115. jovan says:

    I am a Lakers fan all the way and i like Bosh, he has skills and he would go perfect in the lineup. however i would much rather see bynum than lamar or gasol.

  116. J.Mo says:

    Bosh Needs to come to Miami and Help out D-wade. He already won a championship with a big man. Plus Miami is a beautiful place and Pat is considering of coaching You knw what that means. hit hit bling bling in south beach. so Bosh if you see this COME 2 MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOO HEAT

  117. LB chris says:

    Sounds great but the only way this goes down is if they sign and trade for bosh. Bynum would have to go period because no one is gonna trade for a 30 yr. old odom and the triangle runs to good with paul at the focal point. I hear this alot but Bynum would have to leave along with 1 or two other players but no odom or gasol, possibly bad contracts like luke walton and sasha vujacic just so the money can match on both ends of the sign and trade. Pau gasol would then play the center and bosh would move to the 4 spot. Only reason we/re talking about this anyways is because that 22 yr. old bynum gets hurt too much. Sounds great but lets not salivate on the idea too soon here laker fans.

    • Stonerose says:

      That’s what I wrote some posts above…Bosh and Beli (or draft pick) for Bynum and bad contract (Vujacic possibly) would be the perfect deal for both franchises…they didnt have the guts to pull the trigger on this before trade deadline, now Toronto risks to lose Bosh unlike a sign-and-trade

  118. badmon says:

    You all are so stupid!!! OBVIOUSLY the lakers will not be able to pick up bosh if he opts out of his contract, they are obviously going to have to do a sign and trade for Lakers to get Bosh, therefore most likely Bynum will be gone. Im a Raptors fan and i could care less if bosh leaves. If he leaves without sign and trade he is going to Miami, With sign and trade he is going to Lakers for sure. Bynum is a better fit for the Raptors as Bargnani who has amazing potential but has been over shadowed by bosh presence since they play the same position. Also Turkoglu will flourish in Bynums present as he is a player alot like Dwight Howard (backdown centre) not a face up like bosh or barngani. Therefore when the double comes Bynum will just pass it to the permiter and the permiter players will swing the ball for an open shot. Raptors does not need Bosh, and frankley i dont think he is that caliber of a player to bring any team a championship. His defense is weak, takes to much jump shots (when he can beat almost any power forward with his quick step). Raptors also have a pick, if they do a sign and trade with Lakers they can get future picks, and possibly a jordan farmar to make contracts match, it depends how badly the Lakers want him. Bosh is definitely leaving this year he is not re signing, its up to him to choose his destiny, Lakers or Heat plain and simple.

  119. Kamil Shah says:

    i think la is the best team and will stay. kobe aint gettin old to win a few more championships and with bosh on their team they will win for sure. and lebron will be pissin. they will be the best. but i woundt mind if he stays with the raptors because without him raptor are nothin.

  120. NBA fan says:

    it would be

  121. NBA fan says:

    Lets face the fact that Lakers are very talented team, lots of funds, great offers… but if Bosh step into Lakers ground he would have difficulty putting his A game. He just wont fit. Lakers need role players not someone like Bosh. He would go well and could earn his hard earn ring by getting into the Cavs, Bulls, Suns, Blazzers, or Magics.

  122. ELLIOT FORD says:

    Bosh you are a great player but to win a championship you need to have a good team as well. the raptors have not had that for a while and is not going to have it. I think yourself, Lebron and wade need to seriously consider New York. They have alot of history and need a star to get that club playing well again. with the addition of you and either lebron or wade would really kick start that team again. New york has one of the biggest fan base for basketball and they diserve to be contenders again. So if i were you Consider NEW YORK

  123. Dude says:

    If you’re a real fan of basketball you want to see good matchups and entertaining games…not just a stacked team that everyone knows is going to win the championship from the very get-go…it’s not a question of what is good and bad for a team or player, it’s about what is good and bad for the league

  124. Unknown says:

    Why are we caring about Bosh? I’m about 90% sure that Bosh is going to leave the Raptors.
    After Bosh leaves, the Raptors should probably use this lineup:

    PG Calderon Secondary lineup : PG Jack
    SG Belinelli or Wright SG DeRozan
    SF Turkoglu SF Weems or Wright
    PF Johnson PF Evans
    C Bargnani C Nesterovic

  125. Jay says:

    LA needs a good PG. I don’t see Farmar or Brown turning into an All-Star, considering the weakened Bench Mob. And Fisher’s 35 or 36. LA doesn’t need Bosh, cuz they have Bynum and Gasol, with Odom coming off the bench. Heck, Ron Artest sometimes plays PF. Adding Bosh in might lead to Playing Time/Chemistry issues. He should go to a team in need of an All-Star Big (like Miami) or a team that can afford to sign 2 Big Names (like New York)

  126. Noro says:

    I think that the lakers should get bosh because its probably their only chance and their best chance. They could just give Andrew Bynum away and get him. Bosh will win at least 2-3 championships with the lakers!!!!!!

    Lakers are going to win it all this year!!!!!!!

  127. nevra12 says:

    Bosh should go to Miami or Utah. L.A is already a big contender. they don’t need any star.

  128. Kane L.A. says:

    Dave your DUMB … who cares about how trades are made .. your missing the point like a true nerd does ! You focus on making people fill dumb … yet you dont address the point nor the issue … is this better for you nerd ? – In order for the Lakers to pay BOSH then they’ll have to free up $$$ in other players contracts … stop killing it for everyone DAVE … P.S. please don’t have a nerd comeback …. grow some balls you geek … !

  129. Kane L.A. says:

    Dave your DUMB … who cares about how trades are made .. your missing the point like a true nerd does ! You focus on making people fill dumb … yet you dont address the point nor the issue … is this better for you nerd ? – In order for the Lakers to pay BOSH then they’ll have to free up $$$ in other players contracts … stop killing it for everyone DAVE … P.S. please don’t have a nerd comeback …. grow some balls you geek !

  130. Michael says:

    aw….with Kobe better than Lebron james in the Lakers and with Chris bosh Lakers will Dominate….Kobe will pass Jordans Record…..Forget young Lebron..he has no Ring were talking about More RING….and yep there are many young bright superstar on the age of 25 and retired with no ring..fear it!!

  131. Evan Lima says:

    Bosh shouldn’t go to LA jsut get Bynum healthy and the Lakers are fine. Bosh is going to the Heat with D-Wade

  132. Joseph says:

    I’m laker fan, but landing Cb4 is not what we need. We have Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Kobe, Fisher. But Fisher is kind of old. so we need a good P.G like Chris Paul and lakers should start thinking about getting young. I think he should go Thunder. But he want a Ring come to Lakers.

  133. Ozziy says:

    to tell u the truth me being a raptors fan i dunt see this working out for both teams although u can make the salaries work and what not but jus the thought of bosh being on the lakers doesnt seem right to me because bosh being a player thats been built around for his whole career will have to get use to the fact that he is not the “man” anymore and esepicially when kobe and gasol r there.

    and to Dave, the collective barganing agreement david stern made has allowed teams to go over the normal cap they would be at for signing there own players back, which in turn would make the raptors the only team in the league towards chris bosh that can offer him the most money. So a Sign and Trade is in the best interest for Chris Bosh as a player and Toronto as a team since they get talent back.

    Now as far as where bosh is going im anticipating a sign and trade with New Orleans for Darren Colison and either David west/Emeka Okafor that would be a good trade, and after that trade has happened i think the raptors will trade jose and Hedo for Dalembert and thaddeus young + a salaray cap filler…im really hoping the raptors make those trades cuz giving up bosh is gunna be a HUGE void to fill

  134. arnel says:

    it wud be better bosh wil go to cleveland as their center and release shaq to have more salary cap wil go to cleveland together with lebron and add wade then it wud be a formidale line – up.

  135. chris says:

    all of you guys talking about playing time are idiots obviously bosh is gonna be a starter and get heavy minutes anywhere he goes he is one of the best PF in the game and he is guarunteed 20-10 player and not only does he have a good jump shot but his post game is good aswell so no matter where he goes hes starting and playing 38-42 mins a game now if thats in LA i dont know and i dont think so but obviously if it is in LA they are probably going to move gasol to C since he is 7 feet and let bosh play PF and bosh is a lot more skilled then bynum so its pretty much guarunteed championships but i dont think hes going to LA

  136. Dave says:

    The last two posts described trades. Hello?

    Free agents do not need to be traded, unless you want to give them some baseball cards or a donkey. Trades invlove current contracts. Bosh’s contract has expired. Seriously, the lack of understanding here is troubling.

    • Terrible Idea says:

      I read the last two posts, they dont describe trades especially if your referring to my post in which i only refer to a trade with Bynum due to the fact its everyone elses idea.

    • badmon says:

      sign and trade? im sure its possible plus bosh has a player option which he may excersise in order to be traded, therefore ur understanding is lacking

    • Ali says:

      Dave, it’s called a SIGN-AND-TRADE! Bosh will opt out of his current contract (he has a player option on the final year, which he will decline on July 1st). Then he is a free agent. Here’s a fun fact however, the Toronto Raptors hold his Bird Rights, and are the only team who can sign him for a 6 years/$130 million contract despite being over the salary cap. Any other team who wishes to sign Bosh outright can only do so for 5 years/$100 million and only if they have the salary cap to do so, that’s a $30 million difference! Bosh is not stupid and WILL NOT leave $30 million on the table in such a manner, if you watch the videos in this blog you will notice him saying that him and the GM will work out a sign-and-trade.

      A sign-and-trade is guaranteed for Bosh so he can get his $30 million, if he wants to go to a place like Miami, New York, or Chicago (teams who do have salary cap space), they can just trade a second-round pick and that’s that, the GM doesn’t have leverage in this situation as Bosh wants to play for the team he chooses and the GM will have to accept anything in return.

      Problem with the Lakers, they have no salary cap space and are already in the luxury tax. So if Bosh wants to play for the Lakers and get his max deal, the Lakers will have to give up players of equal salary in order to obtain Bosh, there’s not other way, and that’s why people are bringing up trade offers.

      The only way the Lakers get Bosh without trading anything is if Bosh signs for the MLE (Mid-Level Exception, which is around 3 years/$16.5 million) or the veteran minimum (1 year/$500,000 at best), which won’t happen. Bosh is one of the best power forwards in the league (of course not the best, but ONE OF) and he’s looking for a max deal, and the Lakers cannot sign him for the max due to being over the cap and in luxury tax.

      Unfortuanately, it appears that the lack of understanding does not come from everyone else, but yourself. 😦
      Don’t worry, at least you have now learned the financial perspective of this situation!

  137. Kane L.A. says:

    Anyone who thinks Chris Bosh to L.A. is a bad move has never played the game ! Whenever a PRO TEAM can get YOUNGER & A HIT OF MORE TALENT thats a great move ! If you don’t understand that then your probably a lazy bum ! I promise you that if the Lakers negotiate to get BOSH then not only will Lamar Odom have to be apart of the trade … but also more talent will have to be given up by the Lakers. PLayers are like property & investments …. when you have a PROVEN young player like BOSH the you’ve got the advantage because your getting more years to come …. Lamar Odam and Shannon Brown along with another bencher to TORONTO for Chris Bosh ! I’ll take it …… !!!!! Imagine this ……. Starting 5 for the L.A. Lakers …. (1) – Fisher (2) – The BLACK MAMBA (3) – Chris Bosh (4) – Paul Gasol (5) – Andrew Bynum = 3 PEAT !!!!

    • R. Lewis says:

      yes cause bosh is really ganna make that triangle offence work at the 3 spot… wow im not even a laker fan and hope this doesnt happen and i know better than to type up something that stupid… think before you type son.

  138. Terrible Idea says:

    Why would Lakers want him? Bosh would only be as effective as Gasol at the Lakers and to trade Bynum for him would only leave the Lakers under powered allowing a Shaq, Perkins or Dwight to dominate them in the finals. All the Lakers players are too talented to come of the bench and Bosh is like a 20-shot attempts per game player, he wont get that at the Lakers. Bosh would be better off at the Thunder, Bulls, Bobcats, Heat, etc.

  139. Morris says:

    I hope the raptors G.M. (B.C) is reading this, Before letting Bosh go, meaning dont try and get players to support him, its free agency. I know you got turk locked up under contract. If you can at all move turk and get a swing man like Joe Johnson or a D Wade. Put together a player of their caliber with bosh. Everybody around the league will stop putting W on their callanders when they see that the raptors are up. Also, the Raptors would be able to be in the same sentence with the cleavland, lakers, utah etc. (A ligit Squad) P.S. I think the toronto fans deserve that after 15 years or at best second round basketball. Please get a Ligit Swing man and keep bosh. (By the way. no disrespect to Hedo. Just that toronto just wasnt the fit for you. But dude can play)

  140. Dave says:


    Its apparent that many people are not reading ANY of the prior posts, because they keep repeating the same mistake. Bosh can sign with anyone WITHOUT A TRADE. His contract is up, so no trade is required. You don’t need to figure out player x + y for Bosh, because trading involve equivalent current contracts. Bosh’s contract has expired. Free agents can go anywhere and sign with anyone.

    Get it? No trade is required. Bosh can sign anywhere.

    OK, let’s read some more trade scenarios.

    • Speedy says:

      That will leave Toronto Raptors with money to spend.. Thanks for the info cuz I rather pick up two quality players than sign one that isn’t proven, wink wink Chris Bosh

  141. Derek says:

    I think Bosh can help Chicago or Oklahoma either of the two teams are perfect for Bosh…

  142. Dr George says:

    CB4 should stay in TO if he’s got any brains…He will get a maxed out contract, he’ll be treated like a king (not a second fiddle ie. Lakers), and the management will continue to try and build a championship team around him year-after-year.

  143. LAL=) says:

    chris bosh with lebron haha kobe to old wtf? Come on ppl lebron got Jaiminson or what his name in a bench and shaq da 1 stater and dey stil d struggle with d boston celtics above all LAL is d best team With Kobe who shoots 30 pts but uno ppl still blv he old haha

  144. luis lokote says:

    Relax hes going to the heat with dwade …

    • LAL=) says:

      jeje well I wah relax wen I c a repeat from LAL but i no mind CB4 in heat #3 D wade atleast no lebron 😛

  145. The problem with the lakers is that, everytime we win a championship, all these star players who have yet to win a ring shift their sights to the lakers. They take a cut in pay. That alone tells you they are just tagging along for a freebee. And with that comes the jinx they bring. Example…Carl Malone, Gary Peyton. I’m also sorry Trevor Ariza left and Artest came. Another tag along.

  146. chuck says:

    PG- Bryant
    SG- Brown
    SF- Bosh
    PF- Gasol
    C- Bynum

    Kobe doing the distributing that he started to do, taking advantage of all the other smaller point guards in the league. Bosh acting and dominating in the SF spot because of his jumpshot ability and his occasional drive to tlhe hoop, and the two bigs Gasol and Bynum dominating in their respective spots….. WHEW im scared for all the other teams in the league. Of course someone is going to have to leave but thats fine since we can take out artest and lamar, tho that would destroy our bench, we can also sign some other good legit 6th man. JUST think of the possibilties

    • Evan Lima says:

      Bosh at SF??? what you thinking he to slow to play people like LeBron and Kevin Durant….

  147. kb24.! says:

    id love to have CB4 but what about Odom, Bynum and Gasol.? and i dont the Lakers have thee money to geet him. but if the the Lakers gett him, whoo, theyll be most likely truly unstoppable.

  148. Mikeey says:

    I think that Chris bosh should go, But not to the Lakers, I dont like them, they are already a good team, Maybe if he went to Hornets or something, help out chris paul, And the Serb, but deff not lakers, that would just be too easy, maybe New york with dweezy,

  149. Jovann says:

    If Bosh will be on the Lakers uniform next season then that would be great…

  150. Nasty_Pitbuli says:

    The Lakers needs to make a move for Chris Paul…….Our front court is set…Fisher is getting old but he would be a great addition coming off the bench to relieve Chris Paul…..

  151. dallas41 says:

    …if bosh go to dallas the lineup will be strong

  152. dallas41 says:

    ….chris bosh can help lakers 2 give the best games… bosh is a good player in the raptors team… but if bosh go out in the raptors… turkoglu have a chance 2 be the new captain in the raptos… and give his best….

  153. Kem says:

    There is no way this will happen unless the Lakers trade Gasol or odom plus someone else young…
    Bosh is most likely going to be in a sign and trade with miami.

    Beasley and udonis


    Bosh and a pick


  154. KOBEFANS says:

    Chris Bosh goes to LA Clippers, and Baron Davis goes to LA Lakers. LA needs more quality PG.

  155. Chris says:

    Bosh should go to LA he looks like Snoop Dog

  156. Houston Baby says:

    Yao Ming
    Chris Bosh
    Trevor Ariza
    Kevin Martin
    Aaron Brooks

  157. BLACKMAMBA says:

    Response to Luke,

    Bosh traded to Loud City(OKC) will be the perfect trade!!!! I’d be soooo STOKED!!!!!

  158. Jon t says:

    I am a Lakers fan and i think it would be great if Bosh is playing for the Lakers. If he does come Lakers will surely shatter the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls 72-10 record. Great idea!!!!! REALLY!!!

  159. Stonerose says:

    Hey Raps, sign and trade Bosh! You shouldve done it last February…Bosh and Belinelli for Bynum and Vujacic…CB4 is never gonna be a franchise player and he doesnt deserve a max contract…Bynum would mesh better with Bargnani and Bosh is best suited for a “complimentary” role (see Oden)…Bynum also doesnt get the triangle offense and Bosh probably would…you ll have to get back a bad contract too, and that could be Vujacic

  160. ray says:

    CP3, KB,CB4,gasol and odom. we like that.

  161. David says:

    If Chris goes to Lakers, then the lakers will eb unstoppable, the lakers already are a dominant team, and the addition of chris bosh would be unstoppable 100%. Chris the clokc is ticking for u, if u want a ring u better join teh alkers work together to make the biggest record in nba history and knock the boston out. Either u choose money and no ring or ring and money?

  162. BLACKMAMBA says:

    Bosh is most likely going to Miami. We all know Miami needs a PF/C and signing Bosh will be the only leverage they have to keep Wade. Gasol and Kobe have both signed new extensions with LA. What LA needs is to get ride of Fisher and sign a decent point guard. Let’s not get carried away with the options out there but I truly believe LA will end up with a PG such as Raymond Felton. I’m sure Bobcats will be open minded to the trade off of Fisher for Felton since Bobcats will receive in return Playoff experience/leadership from Fisher.

    p.s- Orlando will win the Eastern Conference Finals.

  163. Mark says:

    I think if Bosh is the one to deside in what team he will be going with but if he really wants to have a ring Lakers is the perfect team for him and even if he could be on bench or a starter he is a relly good player so we should obey whatever team bosh wants to play with.

  164. faiz says:

    i can see him going to Miami heat and teaming up with wade

  165. ray says:

    how about a multi team trade. let go odom and bynum and bring carlos boozer and chirs bosh to LA. get rid of vujacic,powell and dj benga and bring Marc Gasol to play with his big brother in LA. wouldnt that be sweet? oh by the way we need a point guard, fish much love to you buddy but years have gone fast. Lets bring Deron williams to LA. or CP3. they both deserve an NBA championship ring. think fast before Phil Jackson changes his mind and decides to coach elsewhere.

  166. Arvin says:

    why do lakers always get what they want??

  167. Unkown says:

    I’m sorry but this is a stupid, It is obvious he will not go to the lakers. First of all the lakers would need to get rid of someone.. they going to have Odom, Bosh, Gasol and Bynum, Ok wake up. If anything Bosh will do a sign and trade to get the most value out of his contract and only the teams willing to give up 2 really good secondary scorers. Example is Dallas,lets say Bosh and the addition of Calderon which is pretty obvious they are trying to trade, for Jason Terry and Caron Buttler and it helps that Bosh was born in Dallas.. but then again I think the Raptors will want a big if they deal then it makes sense for Bosh to go to the lakers as I said they have too much bigs.. but Gasol is in contract so is Bynum and Odom is not a good enough seconday scorer to be in trade rumors with bosh.. so who knows?

  168. prof says:

    as much as i am a raptor fan, Bosh need a miracle to get that finger bling thing going, and this is it right there … the lakers and Kobe. i will say go for it dude, no looking back, will be missed by many though

  169. Pedro says:

    What if the Raptors traded Chris Bosh for Kobe Bryant? After all, Kobe is getting old and Bosh is still pretty young.

  170. Lepper says:

    I don’t know much about Bosh, so will some be kind enough to point out his virtues. What’s his game?

  171. ray says:

    heres the package. trade josh powell, morrison,vuajacic and dj benga plus a future draft pick for bosh. he is worth it. the guy is an animal around the cylinder. scary thougth. Bynum, gasol, odom and … oh yeah Chris Bosh. thats like having an octopus(odom), a giant don xijoite(gasol) king kong(bynum) and tough dynasour (bosh). oh by the way we will still have the black mamba. NBA, shaq, le bron bring it on. how about some 70 wins and sweep the whole playoffs and the finals. oh yeah you guys may gang up on us, so dwight you may team up with lebron and d wade and still you wont be able to keep up with us. LA rules baby!!!!!

    • Speedy says:

      we made that mistake once when we traded Vince Carter. YOu must be crazy to think we will do it again. We want good players in return. So Lakers fans stop thinking you can give us bench players to get this sign and trade done…

  172. gie says:

    yeah,i think lakers need another player who shoots well & can match w/ young,fast opponents-a rookie perhaps or if CB4 is the guy why not , they’ll be champions forever& ever….

  173. baller says:

    if bosh goes to LA lebron and wade WILL team up in miami…

  174. Luke says:

    I want Bosh to go to Oklahoma! They need some good veteran big guy inside! Please dont go to Lakers!

  175. Giraldo says:

    Chris bosh should go to chicago. he would be a starter, be on a team with a lot of cap space, and be on a team that doesnt suck but could use the help. the line-up would be:

    Rose pg
    Hinrich sg
    Deng sf
    Bosh pf
    Noah C

    with a bench inlcuding:

    Miller c
    Gibson pf
    Murray sg
    Johnson sf
    Pargo pg

    thats a pretty good line-up. along with offering bosh a max. contract they could hopefully get a decent guard for the mid-level exception like raja bell or kyle korver. raja is a good defender and 3 point shooter and kyle is a real big threat from 3 point which they need cuz they dont have enough good 3 point shooters. along with the inside presence of Bosh and Rose’s ability to get to the rim, the 3 point line would be the final piece to make a great and balanced offense. on defense….well id prefer raja over kyle cuz the only good defenders are rose, hinrich, luol, and noah. if gibson got stronger he’d be great. also if they got a decent guard they could trade murray and/or pargo for a better PG to give rose a break. and yea…im a chicago guy.

  176. kid cudi says:

    Lebron is Betta then Kobe

  177. TRAXIMUS PRIME says:

    as a laker fan it wud be amazing 2 see but it aint likely, Bosh should go 2 Bulls and D-Wade shud 2. d rose, wade, noah, bosh n miller on the same side wud be a serious contender in the east!

  178. Speedy says:

    I think as a raptors fan… Bosh shouold go and test the water because there hasn’t not been one player that leave the Raptors in their prime and has won a ring. Only a few players that leave Toronto on good term have a ring on their finger. Bosh is a great player but is he a player that can take a team to the next level. he had a chance in Toronto to do that and fail. He needs to pair up or just take the most money he can… p.s. if bosh leave Toronto to go to a smaller market other than NY, LA, Chi town or Houston. He will never be a international star because the other markets in the states are suspect…

  179. The Watcher says:

    Bosh is a good player, and would be better as one of Kobe’s supporting cast than he would as a team’s center piece. He can’t lead a team, he’s proven that. Toronto should let him go. That’s right: just walk away. Toronto blew it signing Turkoglu last year. What a mistake. Their GM (Brian Colangelo) is mediocre. His NUMEROUS bad moves make you realize Colangelo is NOT the same calibre as his father and that he gets more respect than he deserves. But he’s the best Toronto will get until that team is sold to a living breathing person who cares more about winning than they do the 15% return the current owners demand on their investment. Until they loosen the purse strings, it’ll be more of the same in Toronto. But fans will keep eating it up. Toronto loves a loser.

  180. kid cudi says:

    I do not know y everyone is feeking out for C.Bosh was just vistitng or there to watch a playoff game… Besides, every1 knows it is A Cavaliers season !!!!! LeBron is the best !!!!!

  181. jdb says:

    bosh would be a great addition! get rid of bynum hes nothing but an expense. hes injured more than he plays!

  182. ray says:

    thats all lakers need. a good player like bosh. bynum gets infured way too much and we have spoiled the dude too much. hey bosh are you ready for a ring???

  183. hi says:

    okay, i think that we should get a new point guard, no offense fisher, but our point guards arent really as strong. also, we need a good shooter for a point guard, derek fisher is getting old..

  184. NOCB4 says:

    I am a massive laker fan, but if CB4 goes to the lakers i will not watch a single game till he is gone. lakers have a great team right now to win a few more rings in the near future. and adding another star will screw that all up. just think of the lakers with bryant payton malone shaq fisher who are all superstars never won the championship. you need 1-2 superstar, 3-4 stars and 3 role players to be dominate, not 4 superstars….. sorry NO CHRIS BOSH IN LA

  185. Gizmo says:

    A sign and trade of Bynum for Bosh is a feasible option, Gasol can play center on a regular basis but this would increase the chance of an injury because he would be playing against bigger opponents every night.

    The most important lineup the lakers play everynight is the one they have on the floor at the end of the game. Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Odom and Gasol. Depending on whos having a better night Odom, Gasol and Bosh would be interchangeable to close the game. Bryant working the screen and roll with Gasol and Bosh every given night would be a thing of beauty.

    Bynum is expendable since he is injured alot anyway. The only major downfall would be defensive liabilities since Bosh is not the defender that Bynum is. But if he can learn to be a really good help defender then the matchup could work. Championships are built around defence, but all that fire power sure wouldn’t hurt.

  186. sean says:

    not gonna happen we dont need another big man .. wat we need is a good passer PG someone rondo would be a perfect fit.. but i highly doubt celtic would trade him away..

  187. alcatrazz says:

    dam if lakers get boshhh dam lakers would be unstopable

  188. Paolo says:

    WHO WILL BE ON THE BENCH? DONT LOSE BYNUM LA. hes young and strong

  189. John says:

    If CB finsh playing in LA. It was probable to be for the Bynum´s physical problems (CB is a pure 5). I think that Bynum will be change this summer to other team!

  190. cb4 says:

    if you sing with Lakers you will win a champions camp if you sing with Toronto you will not make the playoff so i wll pick Lakers

  191. Sweettooth24 says:

    In my opinion if Bosh goes to the Lakers I would have these starting 5
    Derek Fisher PG
    Kobe Bryant SG
    Ron Artest SF
    Chris Bosh PF
    Pau Gasol C
    and bench Bynum so he can help Odom and the second unit keep the lead and don’t choke.
    So, I think it is a good trade.

  192. Joe says:

    As a TORONTO fan, its really not going to change anything. Although we had bosh for so long and everyone recognizes him as the main Raptors driving force, I think he should leave. But the chance of him getting on the LAKERS with all the other BIG CONTRACTS? That’s not going to happen for sure!!! This isnt team USA this is Lakers come on guys

  193. Daven says:

    Wow. Just because he went to the game doesn’t mean hes gonna be on the team.
    I couldn’t see cb4 on LAL. Chris is either gonna stay in Toronto or go to rockets because his hometown is Dallas which Houston is near.

    If he leaves the team he goes on that would be my favorite team.

    Stay CB4.

  194. the addition of bosh will be big for the lakers but that means one of their bigs will be traded.bynum and odom will be a good trade for the raptors..making bargnani move up to hs natural position(PF)

  195. Jess Chamberlain says:

    here would be the starting lineup if we got bosh:
    PG: Kobe Bryant
    SG: Ron Artest
    SF: Lamar Odom
    PF: Chris Bosh
    C: Pau Gasol

    Bench: Bynum, Walton, ect. ect.

  196. Sergio says:

    If this was to happen, the lakers should definitely get rid of odom. I love the dude, but make no mistake, bynum is an up and coming superstar (he would be a marquee center by now if he was his team’s second or first best player) and gasol is just superb. Odom is a great versatile player, but he fails to deliver with consistency, and truth be told, the lakers have many good players, but only gasol and kobe are consistent every night. If this happens and a big has to leave, it should definitely be odom.

    Just think of it: You’re having bynum as your reserve center. I’m terribly sorry, but bynum could be as dominant as dwight is right now if he didn’t have to share playing time with other two bigs.

  197. Zain says:

    look if bosh goes to the lakers they will be better there are 15 main players who will be good for the lakers bosh is one off them

  198. keb says:

    bosh should think more of it..
    he needs the help of his friends to decide, but he has the decision also.
    but in my opinion, continue his career in toronto.
    but it would be also a good move to add into the lakers big men.
    if their line up works, more championships to come.
    Good luck man.

  199. Tony LA 4 Life says:

    I agree wit some of the ppl tht says tht Lakers need a PG, cuz Fisher is just too borin… but gettin chris Bosh will be very gd, cuz if Bynum gets traded for tht, Gasol can play the C n Bosh will play PF… Derek is ok, cuz all he has to do is bring to ball up the court n pass it to Kobe… Sometime odom can be PG. So i will be glad to hav CB4 on the lakers team, but i would feel so bad 4 Bynum if thts the case, cuz he is such a gd player…

  200. klipster says:

    lakers cannot give chish bosh a contract because he is entering a high salary, much more than pau gasol.

  201. CC says:

    Chris Paul is who we need.

  202. shannon brown's boo says:

    Bosh is an excellent player, but yes, i agree with those who said that if Chris Bosh does want to go to LA, we would have to give up either Bynum, Odom, or Gasol, and in all honesty, i dont want to lose any of them. Chris Bosh would be an awesome asset, if we really needed him. I think he would be better off with a team who really needs him & with a big salary cap.

  203. jason kelly says:

    bosh wont go and who cares if he does he plays for a crappy team that why he gets the points he gets, lakers dont want an over rated player they got plenty of good players now

  204. Bosh's neck says:

    “bosh is a player you build a franchise around”

    LOL, this guy’s a good 2nd option. Bosh LACKS heart.

  205. Adam says:

    Can they even afford bosh?
    there team is already stacked with talent…and Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Artest and Odom arent playing for free
    plus they already have a big front court. Gasol, Bynum, Odom.One of them would lose major minutes

  206. Bosh's neck says:

    lol, what the hell are these Laker fans thinking of trading BOSH for BYNUM? are you guys ‘tards? lol.

  207. smilla says:

    bosh will only leave via sign and trade, that is a fact. he will only go to the lakers for gasol. raps should consider trade straight up for dirk, or to houston for ariz, brooks and scola. i would only trade him to the bulls for noah and deng. lakers would have a younger pf if they gave gasol, but one with less heart and fire.

  208. rambutan says:

    trade injury prone bynum then sign bosh!!

  209. Jazz Mna says:

    There where 2 teams at that game maybe he was there on business look/talking to the jazz! Bosh would fit in great with the jazz, and jazz are almost there if they had there biggs they would of beat lakers on one of there home games.

  210. MArio says:

    Bosh is staying, colangelo is gettin rid of some bench guys like weems and wright n evans, in order to clear up some money while still goin over the luxery tax cuz MLSE that runs all tha sports teams for toronto said theyd be willin to pay the tax to bring a second go to guy at the wing.

    This is where guys like Wade and Joe JOhnson come in to play, look out for what the raps do this summer, no one thinks about toronto, but they could make a nice splash

  211. ballfan4life says:

    lakers could also swing odom and bynum for calderon and bosh and evans

  212. ballfan4life says:

    lakers should deal bynum (bargnani wants to play 4 anyways) and couple picks maybe even sasha for bosh

  213. Vincent says:

    Bosh can be in L.A., it could happen in a sign-and-trade.. Bosh for Artest/Odom and Bynum.

    why Artest? since he went to L.A. his game went up and down.
    why Odom? he has been a solid contributor of the bench but more of the time he’s quiet.

    who to start? Shannon Brown can fill up the space left by Artest.

    why Bynum? he is a young true center, yet he is too injury prone.

  214. donromantiko says:

    don’t like him…he’s an overrated player without anything to prove…

  215. Ramsel says:

    MJ is still the best not like Kobe, Jordan doesn’t need superstars in his line-up but still they got the golden rings…….

    • A.I says:

      LMFAO. idiot!
      MJ had the second superstar, Scottie Pippen with him, MJ is good but i dont think one man can carry a whole team no matter who it is.

  216. Federico says:

    I don’t think that this is going to happen: Lakers have no cap space, they have to trade somebody to get him. I don’t know if taking another big contract is the right thing to do for this Lakers team. I would take a good PG instead: Fisher is getting older and I’m not sure that Farmar is the right choice to replace him…

  217. lalakers says:

    bosh is not coming to the lakers. theyre looking for more of a dwayne wade.

  218. a.p says:

    la,la,la,la,la bosh-bynum

  219. Jose Rizal says:

    It would great for the LA Lakers, but I don’t think Colangelo will go for it unless Lakers will also accept Turkuglo’s contract. The Toronto Raptors need a dominating center specially Bargnani’s game often disappear when needed most. Most likely Andrew Bynum is the right candidate but of course he has an health issue. Raptors always searching for leadership, maybe you can throw Ron Artest in he deal. Even the head coach failed to show some “TOUGHNESS” all he knows is breaking his tiny white board.

  220. David says:

    Get rid of bynum or gasol and bring in BOSH!!!!!!!!!!

  221. mac0y_24 says:

    its free agency…it simply means no oneof the big guys of LA will remove from the roster…and i believe david stern is giving all the teams an alllowance in salary cap so the teams can still able to maintain they’re good roster…as long as the LA have a salary cap for BOSH they can acquire it….and i love BOSH as an addtional to L.A. LAKERS

  222. Syed says:

    The lakers could do a sign-and-trade and trade maybe bynum n vujacic for bosh n jarret jack (this way the raps will get some thing back) and so next years line-up can be
    pg- Jack
    sg- Bryant
    sf- Artest
    pf- Bosh
    C- Gasol (the lakers did go to the finals with him at center in 2008)

    • A.I says:

      I highly doubt the Raptors Staff is stupid enough to trade off Jack for Vujacic. If you watch the Raptors, Jack has been a great player all season, and vujacic is nothing compared to Jack.

  223. Jesse says:

    I think the most likely thing to happen is bosh to the heat. The heat can offer wade and bosh maximum contracts and still have enough money to sign another player of all star caliber, there is also speculation that michael beasley will be traded to make even more cap room for signing another big name player

  224. JJ says:

    If Bosh wants a ring, he’ll sign with LA. LA can unload the horribly huge contract of Adam Morrison at season’s end, maybe move Vujacic or something. If I were Bosh, I would sign a 1-year contract with LA just for the ring. He knows he won’t get the monster payday he wants with Kobe recently signing a $30M extension. Play a year, become a champion, then decide at season’s end. What a nice situation for Bosh.

  225. Darnell Aie says:

    what would happen 2 pau there is no room for him

  226. keiarj says:

    i am a laker fan bosh would be a great asset to the lakers but what if New Orleans could land both Chris bosh and Dwayne wade to go along with a healthy Chris Paul i think it would make the west and the NBA in general even more interesting especially around this time of year

  227. bababoom says:

    1. if hes willing to go bench
    2. less money…
    if he agree then lakers will be really BECOME a big treat in NBA
    if his willing to share the spotlight with lamar, pau, bynum….and kobe
    BUT if the lakers sign CB4 they need to say goodbye for maybe 2 – 3 players ( sasha, mbenga… and maybe walton )
    LETS GO LAKER’s ^_^ peace y’all love not hate….

  228. RM11 says:

    He will go to miami with dwade, and if lebron doesnt win this year which he wont, they may form a trio

  229. KobeFan says:

    I think Lakers get rid of Bynum and Walton or Bynum and Vujajic —- Gasol is actually better at C then PF and then slot Bosh in PF and you have a amazing team plus – Fisher has been to playoffs many times hes a experience PG and Kobe sometimes demands the ball of Fisher and does abit of a PG role and Fisher has played with Kobe all their life so they know how to play together….. Bynum is fragile and inconsistent and NOW you got Artest attacking the rim, Bosh gets the ball down low everyone thinks hes going to shoot like he always does but he passes back out to Kobe for a nice open Jumper

    • A.I says:

      Bynum is NOT fragile AT ALL! and Artest doesn’t attack the rim all the time… sometimes even barely, and Bynum is a rebounding big man, Bosh is a good Rebounder, but Bynum got the size and strength over Bosh and Bosh has the skills to make space.

  230. Magic says:

    AS laker fan nothing is better then CB4 to be in L.A. To imagin Gasol, CB4 and Odam of the bench. that’s crazy and of course one of the best player of all time as SG Kobe. That’s a team you don’t wanna see or hear there foot steps however, our D will be an up and down thing. Bynum is the stone of D for the big guys in the lakers he’s very importen. On the other hand, Bynum is always an injury party yet, we need him. We want CB4 but who’s out or who’s min will be down. I hope it work out and I don’t

  231. boy_sumpong says:

    it might happen and will be a great addition to the team…

  232. ticke says:

    i don’t think this would be a good move for chris bosh simply becuse i can’t imagine kobe playing alongside another super star…go to miami chris and that’s where u gon’ get ur ring (if wade stays ofcourse)!

  233. The Teacher says:

    The heck to this rumor, Bosh wouldn’t go to LA, he’s there for the “advice”. LA on the other hand wouldn’t pursue Bosh even in your wildest dreams. LA is on the market looking for a PG to be able to fill up the position if Fisher retires sooner or later, ’cause Farmar isn’t the man right for the position, the kid has a scoring mentality that’s why he’ll never get the spot.

    Bosh is maybe thinking about his future if he goes to NY, ’cause Chicago’s first option is Wade, and also “if” James doesn’t win it all this year there is a big possibility that Bosh and James will be on the same team this summer.

  234. Sam_12 says:

    BOSH IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! No team will offer him the max deal like the Raptors…

    If he goes to the Lakers through a sign-and-trade, Gasol (PF) would be the player coming to Toronto – he will be a better fit with all the European players in the team.

    But, I think these teams would be a much better fit for Bosh as they have cap room and have championship potential – Oklahoma City, Miami, Chicago (trust me, he won’t be enticed to go to New York or Houston).

  235. Jake says:

    Anything is possible. Bobcats need a PF. Portland can trade injury prone Greg Oden. If Portland or Miami get Bosh, they will be hard to contend with. Especially Portland! As you can see, I am a Blazer fan……

  236. tdotcity says:

    Chris Bosh is overrated and a terrible defender

    • A.I says:

      Dude you are messed up!!
      Bsoh is fully underrated and he is a great defender… unfortunately for you.. you dont even watch ball or you would have known that.

  237. wow that would be crazy.. but to be honest the lakers are already stacked enough as it is.. I think it would be unfair and make the league very very predicatble, almost to the point of: why even watch!!! But hey i’m just a fan with an opinion.. I personally would love to see chris bosh go to oklahoma city and take the city and team to the next level.

  238. Kel says:

    Bosh is a really good player. I don’t know what everyone’s thinking. He’s not overrated. If anything, I think he can be much better if he just got one more really good teammate. We aren’t exposed to him since he’s up in Canada. But watching the US team, I was really impressed. But he won’t go to the Lakers. It’d be really scary. Personally, Andrew Bynum doesn’t do much for me. He’s like a poor man’s Dwight Howard, with much less potential. He’s gets injured a bunch, too. And I always get the impression he doesn’t even love basketball when he’s out there playing. It’s like he doesn’t even care. I dunno, maybe that’s harsh, but I don’t see in him the drive, passion, and winning attitude you see in all the great players. I can see a Bosh-Wade connection in Miami.

  239. tony says:

    Bosh is a good player but I don’t know if he is in the top 20 players in the league… He is like Odom for LA and needs
    to be on a team with some muscle inside. It would be fun to see him in LA but they already have Artest and Odom. He would fit with the Magic.

    • A.I says:

      As a Raptors fan and a HUGE Magic fan, I know for a fact Bosh will NOT fit in with the Magic even if Dwight Howard and him are good friends, the Magic are a major 3 pt shooting team and Lewis is a 3 pt shooting PF, and Bosh isn’t.. that give you an idea..
      And for all the people saying he is going to the Lakers.. No he is not, Bosh got paid around $17 million this year and Bynum isnt getting paid close to that amount, so if they did trade Bosh for Bynum, the Lakers will be way above their cap, if they do trade, they have to trade Gasol or Odom.
      I think Bosh will either stay, go to the Heats or get traded for Antawn Jamison and go to Cleveland and play with LeBron. But i would love to see Bosh stay in T.O and the Raptors staff bring Wade over.. sadly i dont think that will happen.

  240. SACtown says:

    Chris Please Go to SacTown I will assure you you will be GOOD there. You and Tyreke will be a good contender so please go to SacTown and be a KIng.

  241. James Hoang says:

    Lakers front court is very tight right now, they need to get a good shooting point guard like J. Nelson or Chris Paul, that way the Lakers is unstoppable!

  242. Mark says:

    As someone who loves both the Lakers and Raptors I will say that Chris going to LA is definitely not happening. Despite the fact that Bynum is injury-prone, it’s not in the Lakers’ best interest to move Gasol to center as we saw when they lost Bynum for the last month of the regular season. Bynum’s superior size and strength give him an advantage over all centers not named Shaquille O’Neal or Dwight Howard, and Gasol prefers playing the 4. If the rumors hold up, unless the Lakers want to move Pau or Lamar for a bigger body it makes no sense from a Lakers perspective to trade Bosh for Bynum.

    As for Toronto, that would probably the best case scenario for them, which won’t happen. Unfortunately the Raptors’ inept front office has put Bosh in a KG-like situation where he feels he has no choice to optimize his talents for a better team. I would be sad for Toronto to see it’s second superstar in less than a decade leave and it seems that’s the case. I’m sure he loves the city and it’s passionate, devoted fans, but he’s looking to somewhere not just where he can make money, but also WIN. The possibility exists in Houston when Yao comes back, and you’ve got a stud like Scola coming off the bench. You can’t go wrong with pairing him up with D-Wade either. The Knicks have a legit shot if they land Bosh and another superstar (LBJ or Wade) with their core of David Lee and Gallinari. Who did the Raptors get this summer????? Hedo, virtually useless on defense, above-average on offense, but is he a superstar? No. Is he close to it? No. If anything, that signing alone was the death knell for the Raptors, even if Bosh weren’t injured and got eliminated from the playoffs in the first round. He deserves better, and will get it, unfortunately it won’t be with Toronto.

  243. bob says:

    What do you think of Bosh signing with the Utah Jazz?

  244. MALCOLMDEETS says:


  245. mrjones says:

    Sign ‘im up. Bynum can’t be physically trusted to last a full season, any season. Lakers need to keep replenishing Showtime. It would be sikkkkk!!!

  246. Deliah says:

    Bosh would be such a GREAT addition to the AMAZING Lakers team!!!
    Gold ring HELLOOOOOO.

    • yehhhh says:

      I think bosh is not better player for the lakers . lebron is the better player player …if kobe rest 2010-2011 season and not sign to the lakers. lakers can sign lebron..and in 2011-2012 the lakers have enough money to sign kobe ….there is no way to beat the lakers in 2011-2012.phil and kobe like lebron

  247. Ricardo says:

    I think Chris Bosh should go to the Lakers. He would probably get his first championship ring there. And Lakers could use another player to boost up their offense a little more.

  248. jk says:

    what kind of ignorance is this? lakers can’t have bosh without giving up bynum or gasol or kobe…

  249. David says:

    everyone that says trade Odom isn’t thinking. bynum should get traded, gasol moves up to center and chris plays power forward. the lakers need lamar odom because hes the versatility off the bench. if lakers don’t win this year, i could see them possibly doing a sign and trade with the raptors that would send bosh to lakers and bynum vujacic and maybe morrison(for money purposes) to the raptors or possibly adding a third team to the trade

  250. W5BTWIN says:


  251. A says:

    Last year ,Ron Artest was seen at a Laker playoff game, and where is he now? The Chris Bosh sighting at a game this year is a BIG clue, as to his future…………….mark my word. I think there will be a trade for him with Bynum.

    • Terrible Idea says:

      Ron artest was also seen at a Cleveland – Orlando game. He went to more than one playoff game. There isnt anything in this, dont get your hopes up.

  252. Lakers_n_Raptors says:

    As a raptors and lakers fan i’d love for CB4 to sign with the lakers if he leaves t.o, id also gladly take bynum in return which would be better then loosing him for nothing.

  253. Chunk_le_Funk says:

    Chris Bosh is quality. Anyone who’s watched more then one Toronto game knows he doesn’t get the touches he deserves even though he’s a great low and high post player. Doesn’t always look graceful, but he’s can be a killer.
    That said, I just don’t see him in LA. Gasol is a perfect fit for Kobe and the Lakers and is too much like Bosh. Bynum is not getting traded. Even with that knee his size is too important. Just look at them walking over the jazz just by keeping the ball up high in the paint. And no way an all-star like CB takes the minute cuts to come off the bench. Sorry LA, keep dreaming.

  254. Dave says:

    Sign and trade is not a factor. He’s a free agent and can sign anywhere. Got it? Anywhere. Sign and trade only applies to existing contracts. Bosh’s contract has expired.

    As for the luxury tax, the Lakers are already WAY over the limit. They can pay whatever they want, as long as they keep paying the league penalty, which is double any ‘overage.’

    As for the numerous comments “the league wouldn’t let that happen…” That’s ridiculous and wrong. Any deal is between Bosh and Buss. End of story.

  255. cacafuti says:

    chris bosh can’t be in L.A. because he is point- forward and in L.A. is Pau Gasol who plays in this position and nobody of these two players will want to be in the bench

  256. PASANG says:


  257. Mark says:

    You guys saw the video like he said, sometimes it’s not about the money anymore its about the championship ring, it wouldn’t matter if he goes to LA Lakes and not get much score or time its’ what he can do for the team that counts, like Pau he wasn’t getting this score much when he was Memphis but now his almost perfect to LA Lakers i just think that its not about the popularity it’s about getting it done b4 its all done.

  258. A.I says:


  259. Manny Pacquiao says:

    Chris Bosh, if youre reading this….. the THUNDERS need you,,,, If you were there in game 6, the tip-in byGasol wont happen…. they needed an elite center.Go THUNDERS!!!

  260. A.I says:

    I think Bosh will not fit in at all with the Lakers, Gasol and Bynum are already good, and Kobe is the superstar, no point having another superstar. I suggest Bosh stays and the Raptors sign and bring Dwayne Wade to T.O, so him and Bosh can grow as two great players in sync, like Shaq and Kobe.

    If that happens, then the lineups will be like this:
    PG: Calderon
    SG: Dwayne Wade
    SF: Weems
    PF: Bosh
    C: Bargnani

  261. James says:

    no way this happens, I believe Houston is the best option for the Raptors and Bosh. Bosh does not want to be a Laker because he wants to be the #1 scoring option. He would be that in Houston and he would be on a championship contending team.

  262. wiggum says:

    Bosh in=Bynum & Odom out. Not Bynum or Odom but both them. So we need also another 6th man, and also a 7th, an 8th etc… Lakers can’t have a bench like this, with vujacic, mbenga, powell…

  263. droy_90 says:

    Bosh should stay in TO. We love him

  264. kits says:

    they already have bynum and gasol. and they are contributing big time for the team especially now in the playoffs. i think the lakers need a better point guard who knows how to pass. how ’bout chris paul or rajon rondo.

  265. Kid says:

    Trade Odom and Vujacic for Bosh that will be great

  266. Chris says:

    Sign and trade for Bynum — this is actually quite feasible.

  267. Adrian says:

    Chris Bosh is a FREE AGENT. the lakers could sign him if they wanted to they dont need to trade for him. as long as they stay under the salary cap of course

  268. Ramon says:

    This will not happen since the Lakers are way over the salary cap, unless they get rid of some big players. The Lakers have six players under contract through 2011-2012 or beyond: Kobe, Pau Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Odom, and 1 other. I seriously doubt the Raptors would get rid of Bosh for some no names like , Adam Morrison, Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown, Luke Walton, Fisher, Vujacic, Fisher, DJ Mbenga, Or Josh powell for Chris Bosh. Trade Sasha, Fisher, Luke, Adam Morrison

  269. jj says:

    hmm.. I like the idea although I would have loved for Bosh to stay in Toronto the reality is it will be hard for them to even get past 1st rd playoffs. Now If LA traded Bynum & possibly S. Brown for him, Raps would have Bynum as center and Bargnani as forward (which IMO is a better position for Barg).

  270. Miguel says:

    Hey guys, Bosh will be traded in a sign and trade, if you want him in LA you need to give up equal salary, Gasol + Brown, maybe or Gasol and Farmar

  271. steven says:

    he wont go there. Its kobes team and bosh is a player you build a franchise around. Plus i dont want bynum in tdot. haha unless kobe himself is a raptor……

    • Doul says:

      It can’t happen. To much big guys and not enough money to get him. Or they trade Lamar, who deserves more game time, Or is CB gonna take only 1$? Even for a ring, I don’t think so….

  272. Ali says:

    Bosh should come to the Rockets like sigh said. The rockets need a better PF. No disrespect to Scola, but Bosh can be a bigger beast in the paint. Plus the rockets do need to improve defensively.

  273. Thomas says:

    No way we trade Bynum for him, he just signed an extension. Also, wed have no center. Pau is a better player than Bosh and just signed an extension. The only way it could happen is if we have a big lineup and trade guys like Lamar or Walton for him…

  274. Jesse says:

    The Lakers don’t need a player like Bosh with two talented 7 footers occupying the frontcourt in Gasol and Bynum. Much better they go for a better defensive/shooting point guard than seeking to remedy a position that isn’t broken.

  275. Nico says:

    I love to see Bosh in Yellow and Purple uniform!!!! It is going to be a war on the day of free agent!

  276. Glai z says:

    I am a Lakers fan but will term this a a disaster for all the other team. Too much of great talents to keep the Lakers Champs for the next 3 years.

  277. Kevin says:

    As a Raptor and Laker Fan i thiink it can’t happen cuz i need Bosh in Toronto because the Raptors have a chance to surround him with great superstar potential talent out of the draft due the our Lottery pick which would cause a drastic change in the roster for the better eventing in a top 5 draft pick and trades to hopefully bring in a second all-star

  278. IHayez says:

    There is no way that would happen, and I’m not just saying that cause I’m a Laker hater.

  279. MLO says:

    I agree with JDA he would for sure get that ring with Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Odom, Fisher. with Bynum always having injuries every year Bosh could help fill that void by starting too, Although Bynum is a good starter he needs to fix himself up. But of course there is the salary cap and the amount that Bosh is willing to take. But with all of them together that would really scare the league. The Dynasty of the LAKERS would overshadow that of the Celtics for more over than 17 championships.

    Lakers have 15 Celtics have 17.

    Hoping that they become 2010 champs will make them 1 away from tying the Celtics.

    With the possible addition of Bosh for the 2010-2011 they would for sure get that championship for a couple more years and buh bye celtics all-time record.

    The Triple threat that the Celtics have right now are already having problems against Bynum and Gasol. the only people that are capable of scoring on that team when facing the Lakers are Rondo and possibly Ray Allen but that could only go for so much.

    That would be awesome though if Bosh came to LA.

    Chris Bosh if you’re reading this… I know you have to value your options. think about it You taking a Big salary w/non-contenders or Taking a lowered pay cut from what you’re used to, with a team that’s managed to be in the finals 6 times in the past 10 years. Ring VS Money but with a Ring there is Money so it’s up to you.

  280. terrence says:

    the lakers will NEVER lose. thats like havin dwade n lebron on the same team. or melo n dwight howard. kobe bosh put 2gether will equal a ship EVERY YEAR.

  281. Goto says:

    It’s highly improbable but extremely fun thinking about it.

    Who’d the Lakers trade to get him?
    We all know LA’s willing to spend money to get them their next championship.

    I hope the Raptors ask for spare parts in return and send Bosh as a gift over to LA.

  282. anjelo says:

    can i ask chris bosh is going to lakers

  283. carlo says:

    bosh should leave toronto,, he will never ever get a ring if he stays in toronto, they simply don’t know how to manage a franchise player, like what happened to vince carter, leaving toronto will be the best move for his career

  284. Kareem Spreewell says:

    I would HATE to see bosh in a lakers uniform. I’ve never been a fan of the lakers. They are good I give them all the credit and kobe is a great player. Just never liked the lakers. Im a raptors fan and I am from Toronto, Ontario CANADA. I do agree Bosh needs a way better supporting cast no question about it!!. Hopefully he stays a raptor but if he does go anywhere I hope he get’s a ring cause if not he’s just gonna become like the 1st guy we had..VC 15..But looks like he is in some serious strides to get one this year. I hope Bryan Colangelo, MLSE any anyone affiliated with the roster of the raptors are checking this stuff out. Cause at the end of the day we get talent and trade it away and these players become good piece’s. They need to step their game up and get this thing going on a real tip and stop putting all that money they getting from the leafs (who mind you ain’t winning either) and put it into the team. Eventually there gonna end up like the grizzlies…I’ve been a raptors fan since day 1…I’ve been thru the good and the bad…Just another frustrated person from the TDOT…end of the day..hope Bosh stays but I’ll understand if he leave’s…

    • MaRCK says:

      YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. U need to pump dem breaks young buck. Bosh in p and g = mo rings for kobe Bryant homie!!!!!! Look at da brite side. at least YOUR franchise player will get sum recognition otha than free agency lmao.

      • Kareem Spreewell says:

        Yea he would get a ring for sure if he went to L.A. but as a lot of people seem to realize…he’s not a piece u add to an already possible championship team. He’s a player u build around. It’s our front office that don’t know how to build all to well…or possibly the fact that majority of players don’t want to come to toronto to play ball. Which in some ways I can understand because the majority of yall are closed minded and canada is equivilent to some foreign country. But what they dont know they often fear..Bosh should go where he’s gonna fit. If he’s in L.A. he’s gonna be behind gasol and bynum. He ain’t gonna like that. He’s an all star…but u never know. There is a large spanish community in Toronto..maybe gasol will be traded for him..If he does a sign n trade as long as it’s a good trade i guess that’s what it will be…and looks like your the young buck, I can see your having a hard time putting your sentences together

  285. paul says:

    where would bosh play ?

  286. YoshMe says:

    Where would you put bosh? gasol at PF is way better for the lakers than bosh at the 4… cant put either at center cuz they would be out powered by most bigmen…
    I dont see West making that mistake

  287. Dave says:

    i do not like chris bosh

  288. Jon Cukierwar says:

    The ONLY way this can happen is through a sign and trade. The Lakers are nearing the hard cap in terms of the salary cap so they’d need to do a sign-and-trade with the Raptors over the summer in which the Lakers would be forced to give up Pau Gasol for Chris Bosh.

  289. Adem says:

    I saw him in Las Vegas on saturday afternoon @ Hotel Bellagio.
    It is normal he was in LA to watch the game, it`s close to Vegas…

  290. sigh says:

    not to knock at the lakers or Bosh, but why not try going to a team that actually needs you, and not somewhere that really doesn’t
    Bucks: went to the playoffs
    Bobcats: need a better pf
    Rockets: need a better center
    San Antiono: playoffs for the last 10 years, need a duncan replacement
    Kings: they have the R.O.Y
    Bulls: Need a better pf
    76ers: Brand isn’t kicking it
    Warriors: give them some defense
    Knicks: they have money, they have some good backup players, and they beat some decent teams without a superstar
    Or Heat: if wade stay

  291. R Gorczyca says:

    if this is to happen, then that means the end of andrew bynum in the lakers lineup. which could mean that the raptors may try to do a sign and trade deal, that could land bynum in a raptors uniform. that way they could get something for bosh.

  292. Jason says:

    I agree with JDA. Lakers would have to spend a lot of money to get him, along with possible major trades for acquisition. With that being said, Lakers look in good condition; adding Bosh would just be a bonus for a young Laker team including Bynum, Farmar, Brown, Morrison, etc.

  293. Rob says:

    Cant see Bosh wanting to come off the bench in LA even the thought of Bosh on the bench is rediculous

  294. Nate says:

    I think that bosh is a player you would rather build around and a starter so for shure he will not be with the lakers.

  295. jason says:

    How about Gasol and Bynum? If Bosh joins LA what happens to them? Does Gasol get benched? or is it bynum?

    • Playbills says:

      I would put gasol at center and bosh at forward and trade bynum. When bynum was hurt last year gasol was our center and lakers won it all

  296. Destin West says:

    Chris Bosh will be in Purple and gold…and green when the Jazz go back to their Mardi Gras roots and sign him next year. See-ya Boozer.

  297. salesh says:

    Chirs Bosh shoould play for LA lakers next year…

  298. DWE says:

    his numbers will go way down if he goes to LA. Though he is a good player the ball is in kobe’s hands too much, and when kobe does not have it gasol or bynum will have it in the post.
    Im sayin he should go to a team like the bucks or possibly even hornets. a team with a great PG and that is on the rise, a tem that bosh can bring to the top

  299. lakerfan724 says:

    if chris bosh goes to laker, who would we trade? and who would be the center and pf? but if cb4 does go to LA…. lets just leace it at that

  300. LABRYANT says:

    not going to happen unless Lakers and Raptors do sign and trade with Bynum and Bosh…dont think the Lakers want a 6’11 forward who shoots jump shots..he will be DWades side kick in Miami…

  301. Thomas says:

    Where would he play? Unless we have Kobe play PG, there’s no place…

  302. MnM says:

    Dats wuuddd be sikkkk if bosh goes to Lakers, but den raptors wudd be done. Styll I like both teams, but I would love if Bosh went to Lakers, he wud be the new star after Kobe retired. And they wud be almost impossible to beat, if Bosh went to Lakers, they wud be even more stacked.

    Right now they have:

    Pau G
    Kobe B
    Ron A
    Andrew B
    Derek F
    Jordan F
    Lamar O
    Shannon B
    Luke W

    Dat is like da stackest team ever. OMFG, i dun want to even imagine it!

  303. bob says:

    No Bosh your the franchise of this raptor team

  304. Ron says:

    trade ODOM or Bynum for BOSH !!!!! it will mean more championship for LA LAKERS !!!!!

    • logan says:

      uhhh this move would be like boston did with kg jus a big all star that can score it will bring em multiple rings but dont get too happy for la this will probaly not happen bosh if anywhere will go to the knicks or bulls

  305. Avante says:

    i think that bosh should be on a team that should give him the opportunity to show and reveal his true talent with the right playing time. L.A is a well rounded team, but i don’t see bosh getting the playing time he needs to show his star talent and really make an impact in thegame.

  306. J.Loi says:

    I highly doubt this will happen because of salary cap and such. Chris needa think also thinking about the free agents thats going around (ie Leborn, Wade, etc.). This will be interesting, if Wade stays in Miami or signs with New York, Chris should join Wade.

    • RobRob0503 says:

      Funny how people bring up salary cap when it comes to the Lakers….. but nobody said anything when the Cavs got Shaq for Sasha pavlovich resigned Anderson Varejao or when they picked up Antwan Jaminson for free

  307. Stephanie says:

    I think if the lakers sign bosh it would be a great deal,
    but just, lakers fans, realize that somebody else has to go.
    They can’t keep Gasol, Odom, and Bynum
    And since Bosh is more a 4, Odom or Gasol needs to go.
    But if Odom goes, the salary cap with Bosh, Bryant, Bynum, Gasol, Artest
    will be way too big, so I think 2 Laker at least need to go, before they
    can even sign bosh, but we’ll see.

  308. kevin says:

    if bosh go to the laker which position is he gonna taake tho cuz yu got bynum and gasol will he play bench?

    • D says:

      Yeah the only way he will get signed to the lakers if he takes bench. Traded for josh powel or maybe DJ benga

      • Ali says:

        tell me why would raptors trade him for powel, he one of the best power forwards right know, he is better then gasol,

  309. Adam J says:

    I’m from Toronto and Chris Bosh is the glue of our team. But he doesn’t deserve the nonsense going on with the Raptors organization right now. If he signs to LA, I will at least be relieved that he won’t be a threat to us in the East.

  310. Ed says:

    Bosh to Clippers, not Lakers… That’s the deal. See it play out. It has the potential of being a good thing with Griffin and a new number one draft.

    • D says:

      I agree

      • LA LIVE says:

        about time some clipper fans post here…. bosh would be great in the red white and blue. We got the money. Need more then just bosh . New uniforms would be the best move. Oh and to move the hell out of staples! It would the best thing ever if the clippers would move to anaheim and play at the HONDA CENTER along with the ducks..THE LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS OF ANAHEIM why couldnt artie moreno pay them please oh i wish. For real, it would make total since and they would gain a lot more respect and a new idenity…lets do it, lets start make this the new clippers badwagon, well its kinda been around but i dont hear enough peeps talking about it…..

  311. MustafaC says:

    It would be an unbelieavable combination of great talents and mean multiple rings.

  312. Ernest says:

    Chris Bosh is average overrated player that has no choice, but to get his points each night, because he team sucks!! Why are people talking about him like he Lebron, or D-Wade?

    • Bobby says:

      Agreed. He’s a good player, but is no where near the standards of lebron or even pau gasol. Takes WAY too many jumpshots.

    • Joe says:

      Over rated are you KIDDING me? name the other people who get double doubles every game and then tell me whos under rated.

      And the Toronto team does not suck, sure its not a franchise thats ready for the playoffs, but its doing better than ALL of the other rebuilding teams.

      I don’t think the problem with Toronto is the players, but rather the coaching staff.

      Remember Turkgulu? He used to be amazing in Orlando, now hes nothing. Our Toronto franchise needs to fix the way they handle the players because ALL of them have amazing potential.

      • Bobby says:

        I agree with you Joe that Toronto is one of the better teams, and he is pretty good, and the main problem is the coaching staff, but some people think that bosh is all nba team 1?!?! No, he’s lucky to get 2nd team! He is an all star, and he should have recieved third all nba team this year.

        Next year will be in the playoffs if they keep bosh and if they can get rid of hedo turkoglu. The guy is a huge waste of cap space

  313. Jules says:

    If Bosh is serious about getting his ring he’ll make the move. The lakers’ already strong squad would pretty much be unstoppable with a power like him in there

  314. John says:

    Chris Bosh is NOT going to LA of all the teams LA already has 2 really big guys and allstars soooooo no and whats up with picking the team that Chris is most likely not going to. theres are 3 more teams that would be more likely he would go to like the Bulls, Rockets, or Knickes that have more room have more need and just need a allstare and chris bosh wants to be that guy not a another allstare on a team that has allstares and they are simaler to him like gasol and Bynam sorry lakers but i really don’t think hes going there

    the Rockets have a really big chance for a lot of reasons and a big reason si that they have Doral Morey…………thats hug in its self………..but there are a lot more reasons

  315. romo_4826 says:

    Like they say…”if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” No way Bosh comes to L.A. no one in the league would let it happen. Everyone would be trying to sign him before he goes over to L.A. If he did come to the Lakers it would be dangerous for everyone in the NBA.

  316. Redrum says:

    Why? For What?

    Bynum and Gasol. With rings already…

    Bosh? For what exactly?

  317. Abto says:

    Just stay in TDot we need you

  318. angel says:

    he cant go to L.A because what about pau gasol???

    I dont think he will want to come off bench!!!

    • Pau Gasol says:

      I am still going to start with cb4 bynum can sit his bum down on the bench homesz im the best player on the team dont tell kobe without me there is no lakeshow bye

    • nonombre says:

      No one likes Gasol. Bosh is a more athletic, versatile center. Bosh is 10 times better than Gasol, and he could be a long term investment at age 26.

      • D says:

        No one likes Bosh thats why no one has been eager to get him quick. He just another player and not at all better than Gasol with a ring.

      • Ali says:

        gasol isnt better then bosh, bosh is one of the best power forwards today,

  319. Rizzle says:

    Wouldn’t the Lakers rather go after a PG than Bosh? They already have Gasol, Odom and Bynum – no need to get rid of any of them right? Forget Bosh, get a star floor general.

    • craig says:

      You may be right about a point guard except as everyone knows, the triangle doesn’t need a great floor general. An extra point guard would be a minor issue as there are plenty of adequate poin guards for this system who would jump at the chance of playing for the lakers.

    • D says:

      Yeah forget bosh, I mean I know he will be great but not in a replacement for bymun, odom, and espeacially gasol. The bigs is what every team is afraid of. A good PG is great, one that can make 3 pointers. Instead trade for morrison or powel. Powel for bosh that will be great but he not a starter

    • Bobby says:

      Exactly. You have bynum and gasol, you dont need another PF. Derek Fisher will be too old and will be coming off the bench next year. I dont know who exactly they would get a PG, but someone as good as mo williams should be fine enough.

  320. noah6 says:

    if bosh goes to L.A 1) kobe will beat jordan he will get over 6 rings
    secondly bosh will be the next superstar after kobe
    and l.A will go 82-0 putting a history dwon

    • THC JUJU JUICE says:

      dont go that far man. the bulls record 72-10 would not be broken ever!! and as for kobe beating jordan in titles might happen. but he will never get close to all the other acheivments that jordan has done EVER!!! lk everyone says there will NOT be another jordan.

      • Lakersrepeat says:

        Kobe is as close to jordan as anybody will ever be

      • #1 lakers Fan says:

        I think this could work if we trade ron artest. I mean hes a top flight on ball defender. The thing i cant stand about his is that hes a streaky shooter. I mean hes only what shooting 20% from 3 (if that) in the playoffs. The reason we signed him is for defense #1 and three point shooting. He hasnt owned up to his end of the bargain thus far. and for chirs bosh i think hes expendable for a player of boshs caliber. i think we can afford him if we get rid of artest because we have the luxury tax as well. just think bynum gasol and chris bosh and odom coming off the bench. we could possibly break the bulls 72-10 record. i think it is very possible. i didnt think we could afford another B caliber player if we kept lamar odom this past summer and we got artest. i think bosh will take a ring over money. and he will definitely get that if he comes to LA. OR POSSIBLY DWAYNE WADE. he would be a great successor to kobe. OR LEBRON im sure he would take a couple rings over some money because he knows after kobe retires he would be getting that money kobe is making. i think he can be paitent enough to get paid and get some rings. i mean hes been this paitient in cleveland this long. i think wade and lebron are alot more farfetched than bosh. but all possible if these players are more about winning than money. by the way im from indianapolis born and raised but ive always loved the lakers.

    • DIego says:

      come on men..kobe got 1 ring..the others 3 belong to shaq

    • Bobby says:

      82 – 0? That will NEVER happen even if bosh goes to the lakers. The only way a team will ever do that is if lebron chris bosh and d. wade hook up together at New york or Miami. And bosh wont go to the lakers because theyll have to sign him for 400 000 per year when hes easily making 18 mil. per year. The only way that move is going to happen is if L.A. get rid of Odom and Bynum or Gasol. Kobe will never beat Jordan for most rings.

  321. Razy-o says:

    Bosh in not leaving so just relax

  322. lakerman34 says:

    This means we would have to get rid of Bynum. I don’t know if I’m down for that….he’s one of the few true centers in the league today.

    • Ethan says:

      first of all im a blazers fan…well i think its like our center (ODEN) if he’s healthy i think he’s a HUUUUGE threat to other centers in the league..but then again thats just my opinion. I think the same with your center (BYNUM). I think it would be good for the Lakers to do that though…BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORRY in my opinion!!! Can’t wait for the free agency deadline! If Portland and L.A. make some big aquisitions in the offseason we could be HUGE threats next season. Can’t wait to play the Lakers again! BTW how weird is that that the Lakers won in Portland and Portland won in L.A.!!!!!!

    • LA LIVE says:

      Ture broken down big men! Bynum is about as good as he gets so dont think hes getting better. Bad kness for a big man is bad bad bad..

  323. HateDaFakers10 says:

    I think he would be better off with the Jazz especially if Boozer leaves. Plus, Gasol wouldn’t let Bosh take too many off his minutes so he’d be a bench player. Plus, seeing Bosh and D-will on the same team would be amazing!

    • Armin says:

      What makes u think Gasol is better than Bosh?! are u kidding me?! Bosh is a 5 time all star and he is only 26. I’m pretty sure he is better than Gasol ever was. By the way, if Bosh goes to LA, a big will be traded back to Toronto.

      • x9nium says:

        Well, i don’t care about how much all star games he has played, i care about being part of a team. And i think, that right now Pau Gasol is a better player for LA than CB4. They average almost the same points and rebounds per game, and Gasol is way better making his teammates play. So, yes, if you ask me, i think Gasol is better than Bosh, specially for the Lakers…

      • LA LIVE says:

        Yeah Bosh would be huge in L A. Bynum is the odd man out, trade his butt. At his age he is already falling apart. Dont see him having along career and i yhink yhe Lakers are starting to see this. So with bynum gone the lakers would start both Pau and Chris! wow that would be good. they are so alike its scary, its like having two gasols out there except bosh is more tuff and a better rebounder. Yes this would be the best thing the lakers can do before bynum is worth nothing.

    • Geoff says:

      What makes you think Bosh wants to go to Utah? When was the last time you saw Utah land a big free agent? They have plenty of cap room, especially after Boozer leaves. There is a reason this…PLAYERS DON’T WANT TO LIVE THERE!! Sloan is a great coach, but he’ll never win a championship in Salt Lake. You guys are lucky to have D-Will – until his contract is up!

  324. JDA says:

    I highly doubt this would happen.

    But as a Lakers fan, the addition of Bosh would be amazing, Bosh would get a ring.

    • KytKat says:

      I can’t agree more. Lakers will be formidable and Bosh will get the golden ring.

    • rismo says:

      for CB4 to sign with the lakers it will take one of the bigs to leave ( odom, gasol,bynum ) .. thats too bad because i like bosh

      • knowitall says:

        actually it would jus take ron artest to come off the bench

      • LT says:

        it would take doing a sign and trade with Toronto. the same thing the raptors did with orlando for Hedo Turgolu. They would sign Bosh and trade him to the Lakers for Bynum. Bynum is the best moveable piece because of his age and potential, for the Lakers it’s great because they would be getting rid of an injury plagued player. Plus bosh is a better defender, rebounder, and scorer. Who wouldn’t like to add another all-star to that L.A. roster.

    • Gavin says:

      this could happen. remember those rumors of trading for him? well, when the summer comes, the lakers are able to trade andrew bynum for chris bosh in a sign-and-trade deal. as a laker fan, i would gladly take this trade, especially with bynum’s injury problems. as for why the raptors would do this, it’s better they get something for bosh rather than letting him go via free agency. i think bynum would thrive in the raptor system and bargnani could move to his natural pf position.

    • Greg says:

      I like this idea as a Laker fan, and i think it is possible although not likely. That said, the Lakers could afford Chris Bosh along with supporting staff. The only problem would be laying time, would Chris Bosh, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, and Pau Gosol all be willing to share? And if not, who would they get rid of?

      • matt says:

        first off, there is no way lakers will be keeping gasol, bynum or odom if they sign bosh so there’s no sharing in playtime, that scenerio is impossible especially when bosh is worth maximum contract. plus bosh has already agreed to do a sign and trade if he leaves toronto so no way ever toronto would trade bosh and get no star player in return.

      • alvin says:

        what the lakers need is a potential point guard that can score heavily or if they will get CB get rid of bynum or odom that will work for lakers for sure

  325. Luis says:

    Chris Bosh as an excellent player with much talent u need a supporting cast to help u reach ur hidden potetntial, The lakers are just that team it is certain if u in L.A u would get ur Ring

    • rob says:

      hell no lakers would go no where with him in the team kobes too old let him join someone young like lebron james kobe just aint gonna win another championship

      • Lakersrepeat says:

        u most be out of your mind man…there’s no one else out west that can pose a threat to the lakers…on the other hand the cavs always have trouble when they play against a good team..i do not see the cavs beating boston or orlando in a 7 game series…

      • bcow says:

        u sound stupid!!!!!!!! A. Kobe still the best player in the game. Adding Bosh would for sure work and give them a few more championships the Laker organization is about winning as u have seen from last year and soon to be this year. The only thing is they would have to give away 1 of there big 3 and I dont think they will wanna do that. But either way u look at it Lakers are the best team in basketball adding another Allstar with a strong work ethic like Bosh would do no wrong! stop watchin Charles Barkely on TNT and make ur own decisions if ur a real fan!!!!

      • Preston says:

        You crazy! the lakers are straight dominating and even with Kobe at an old age hes still somebody you build a franchise around because hes lebrons worst nightmare on the court. And the only reason this season has been hard for him is because hes been injured. Lebrons been crying over a hurt funny bone in his elbow. Chris bosh would be a great addition to the team. Kobe would still be the first option and Bosh would either be the second or third for scoring.

      • LB3 says:

        Who cares about the LAKERS! Miami have enough money in the salary cap to purchase lebron and Bosh.
        Its going down in Miami. There is no reason for LAKERS to purchase Bosh. They already have Bynum and Gasol. Lakers will be after a point guard rather than a Big Man. Derick Fisher is 35 going on 36 by next season comes around.
        Lakers will need a more explosive point guard to run the floor.

        If Cavs dont take out the Comp, then the “KING” will be going south!
        In Miami #$%!

      • Playbills says:

        LMAO@ kobe being to old… he was hurt silly and hes just now starting to feel better.. Lakers will win it all this year

      • Sim says:

        Yo kobe the best so you should learn your basketball before you stay bad things about best current NBA player

      • sam says:


      • eric says:

        you have no idea about basketball lebron is a cocky player only cares about himself … bosh belongs in L.A.

      • jorge says:

        your lebron? does he have any ring? no. but my kobe has 4 that! but if lebron joins the team of kobe maybe your lebron will get some rings!understand and that is the reality.

      • jorge says:

        your lebron has been defeated now by the celtics..if they surpassed boston can they defeat the orlando?lebron got the mvp because he is the favorable to the votes.but track records shows of his championship rings is ZERO!he is just a 1 man show not fit for a team!

      • Money Mike says:

        miami would not get both of them without givin up d wade. nor would either of them wanna go to miami.

    • jae says:

      u rite brah bosh,gasol,artest,kobe,wit fisher 5 titles straight

      • LA LIVE says:

        King james of Brooklyn very possible he’ll be there. And callapari will go couch there. You might laugh go ahead,cuz its just hype but the money is there. Lopez Bosh James Harris Wall and a few more add on…

      • Heng says:

        Lakers should not acquire another PF because with Gasol, Lakers can win Championship, addition of Bosh is not a worthy deal. They would rather find for a young pointguard. Fisher is old, Farmar and Brown not up to the par yet. ^^