A Little Love For The Coach!

Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’ve pounded on the Celtics pretty consistently around here.

And now that they are playing like a true championship contender we deserve all the backlash Celtics fans have been dishing our way the past few weeks.

But if you delve into our complaints about the Cs this season, you’ll notice one person we always had love for. Cs coach Doc Rivers is our kind of coach (just check the video above).

Even before the “Big 3” became an entity, we loved Doc’s style. He just gets it. He understands how to motivate and how to speak the language that every player can understand.

Challenge a man the right way and usually he’ll respond. Rivers always seems to push the right buttons where his team is concerned. We appreciate that quality in a coach.

Cavs coach Mike Brown is also a long-time fave around the hideout (we knew him when he was a relatively anonymous assistant coach, long before he took over as head coach in Cleveland).

He’s working his team right now in anticipation of a monstrous Game 3 for both teams in Boston Friday night.

In a league where the term “player’s game” game thrown around liberally, the importance of a good coach cannot and should never be overlooked.

It’s a coach’s game, too!



  1. Joshua says:

    Like Coach Mike Brown does any real coaching. All Brown does is substitute when players start missing point blank shots and/or fatigued.

    LeBron has and will continue to be the acting coach on the Cavaliers.

  2. Dale says:

    Cleveland Fan here – Doc Rivers is a great coach! Mike Brown has some issues he’s got to deal with in the team not stepping up at critical times. I’m not sure what the selfish comment was about but if you’re talking about LeBron James, you’re really twisted in your thinking. He’s no where near the ball hog Kobe has been. He gets his team involved when he can and takes over when he needs to. Sorry Knicks fans, I really doubt James is going to the Knicks… But that’s my own opinion.
    I don’t think they need to get rid of Mike Brown, but Brown does need to get a better handle on adjustments and in a timely manner. Sometimes you have to wonder why he waits so long to make adjustments and then he makes one and the other team adjusts again… It’s like a little vicious cycle but his timing on those things is way off it seems…..

  3. edmund says:

    i got a question? is it out of bounds when distracting a shooter with towel tossing? the way i see it..its part of the game!! and all the people in the arena are making ways and means to distract the opposing team so that their home team will win!! if its that the case, i think the league will able to generate more money…imagine, fining 25k to all 18,000+ people in the arena..LOL

  4. doc rivers is a great coach!!! people need to stop disrespecting the him and the Celtics!

  5. william says:

    th onlyb thing that he need to do is to study how to become a leader not a selfish 1

  6. william says:

    lebron needs a support. but if he’ll try to go to knicks the dream ring would be imposible for him.

  7. don says:

    Oh yeah, Cleveland needs to get rid of Coach Mike Brown, like yesterday!

  8. don says:

    Knick fan here. So you already know that I am rooting for the Celtics to beat Cleveland. Which everybody in the city of New York figures will be the cue for LeBron James to EXIT STAGE LEFT, and sign with the Knicks in the offseason.

    It’s time LeBron.