(Not So) Superman

Posted by Shaun Powell

ORLANDO — Let’s start with the obvious. Dwight Howard is the best center in the game, the best defensive player in the game and the top player on a team that might win an NBA championship this season.

He is not, however, more deserving of the MVP award than LeBron James, or Kobe Bryant or even Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant.

They have very little if any flaws. Howard, however, has flaws. He’s a notoriously poor free throw shooter, below 60 percent. His offensive game is fairly limited because he lacks a polished, go-to move. And he often gets into silly foul trouble. Very good player? Yes, absolutely. Best at his position? Not even close, really.

Top 3? Not so close.

We say this because Howard and the Magic organization, specifically coach Stan Van Gundy, have taken exception to the MVP voting, where Howard finished fourth. In other words, where he belonged. You can understand why Van Gundy had a beef; coaches are supposed to support their player, if only to curry favor with the franchise Big Guy. And Howard’s unhappiness is reasonable, because he’s looking for respect and Orlando would be the Memphis Grizzlies without him.

One day, maybe Howard’s time will come. Until then, the smaller yet more skilled swing players are superior mainly because they bring more to the table. No knock on Howard; it’s more a salute to Kobe-Wade-LeBron.

The award that Howard should be gunning for — heck, the award everyone should pursue — is the NBA Finals MVP. Because that means you were the best player in the championship series and your team won. And it’s an award that’s well within Howard’s reach. Provided, of course, LeBron or Kobe don’t out-wrestle him for it.


  1. MAGIC21 says:


  2. Ghetto Son says:

    Bey yall so lost. Lebron James cant play no ball bey look at tha way dis bey is dribble dread he looks so nasty with the ball ol clumsy looking fool. He is and unfair comparison to Kobe and /or Jordan. Lebron cant beat too many NBA professionals one on one, with nobody there to assist, his offensive game is not as consistent and he is a sub par shooter. All he is a good defensive player mainly because of his size and structure. Get the hell outta here bout yall his Cleveland fans, all about jumping ship n ting.

  3. Idiots.. says:

    Ok listen here. First off, LeBron can’t carry his team. Why cant he carry his team? Because last year they lost to the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Magic didn’t even have Vince Carter. This is a whole new Magic team that can shoot 3’s consistently, and they have the best center in the paint getting there rebounds and defending the basket well. If LeBron was that good, he would have beaten the Magic just like Kobe did. And to top it all off, he said nothing after they lost. He walked off the court without saying nothing and ended up having to pay a fine. I know a fine is nothing to LJ but he’s a selfish gamer. He can’t even congratulate someone he played with in the OLYMPICS. LeBron is not getting a ring with the Cavs. He should start changing his mindset and find a new team to play on. And for the retard who said “Hes a new and improved MJ”, that is the biggest lie anyone can tell. All LeBron fans know that he will never be better then MJ, yet alone come close. MJ is the best basketball player ever. He got drafted into the NBA, stopped Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem – Abdul – Jabbar, Charles Barkley, and all the other good players of his time. He came out with 6 rings over some of the best basketball players in the league of his time. Kobe is better then LeBron. LeBron is not a playoff person. Hes good during the regular season and then he just fails when he faces the better teams. Thanks.

  4. Omar_2 says:

    Dwight will get an MVP when he starts producing like Shaq did on the offensive end, if Durant keeps up his play and development next year he could be MVP or Kobe it all depends if Lebron stays or goes to a stacked team in the offseason

    Shaq when he won the mvp in 1999-2000 won the scoring title also that year while finishing second in rebounds and third in blocked shots you gotta be proficient on both ends..

    Kobe > Lebron > Durant not sure where to put Dwight but if Dwight had some more offense he would be 2nd or 1st if he becomes as dominant as Shaq was

  5. Jayrad says:

    agreeing and disagreeing with a lot of whats been said here…

    first off leborn james..this year…mvp without a doubt he is the most complete player in all aspects of the game this year…but

    i don’t get how analyst hang on kobe and lebrons jock strap so much!!!!!!!
    the mvp race majority of the time is not the best player in the league that year…its the best player with the best team unfortunately…wade last year HANDS DOWN should have got the mvp… he was better in the majority of stat line when compared to lebron….then to top it off gets dogged again by not making 1st team all defence…im not sure the people voting are seeing the same games and looking at the same stats…past two year d wade higher steals and blocks then kobe….just dont get it….same thing when it came down to nash winning his first mvp… as well as kobe when chirs paul was a more deserving candidate.

    as far as Dwight howard goes….hes scary good! any team will have there hands full when playing him…he is by far todays most dominant center…if he can stay on the floor long enough (most foul calls pretty weak in my opinion)..it will be pretty hard for him to get mvp if wade durant and lebron keep playing on the level that they are playing……they fill up the box socre alot more then dwight….

    with kobe…ehh…he is a really good player definetly one of the best….but he has been blessed with great teams and it makes it easier to win that way…also phil jackson is gonna go down as one of the best if not the best bball coach all time…so im not sold on kobe for mvp most of the time….

    and as far as anyone being jordan or better??! ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some are close but…
    6 time nba champ and finals mvp
    10 time scoring title champ
    5 time league mvp
    3 time steals leader
    1 time defence player of the year
    9 time all defence team

    …..good luck lebron u got a long way to go….

  6. KB24 Clutch GOD says:

    KOBE is the the best player next to MJ. He has the heart like MJ that LEbron doesn’t. And CLUTCH is more BETTER than STATS. And I agree that Howard is so underrrated. He is the best center right now. Yeah LEbron get his 2nd MVP and he is deserving to that but HOWARD should be the runner up. BUT if KOBE does not have multiple injuries for SURE he is the MVP coz being CLUTCH same like to GOD.
    AND by the way….It’s so AWFUL for LEbron if he cannot go to the FINALS. The Cavaliers management gives all he want….O’NEAL for center (4xchamp) JAMISON for forward (an EXPERIENCED all STar player) WILLIAMS for point guard (an ALL STAR last season),..And they have a pretty good bench than the LAKERS Too…So What ur queen JAMES needs more??
    Its a NON-SENSE REASON if they will say that the CELTICS is MORE TALENTED than to them..
    AND JAMES is a DRAMA QUEEN if he makes his ELBOW a reason cuz KOBE has 3 multiple INJURIES this season but remain UNSTOPPABLE in making BIG SHOTS…
    GO KOBE and LAKERS make it 5 Rings for KOBE …

  7. ronald says:

    lebron and howard are great because they are still young. its just reminds me of young T-MAc and young shaq, but where is shaq and T-Mac right now, they are old and weak.. for me kobe still rules the league even if he’s that old but still heart and soul of his team..

  8. Kam says:

    In my opinion Kobe is the best player in the league, and has been for a while. but he isn’t the MVP I believe Lebron deserves it this year even though i think he is a little too hyped up. Dwight Howard would be my number two pick for MVP this year all he needs to do is continue what he is doing and he will win an MVP award sometime. Also I think with wing players they get alot of calls that aren’t there as opposed to big men. But i rather win a finals mvp rather than a MVP award. Dwight keep on chugging along you are the best center. Go lakers.

  9. lebron=Finals MVP '10 says:

    oh and i just wanna say for those people on hear crying about how defense doesn’t get rewarded, REALIZE THAT DWIGHT WON THE DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD!! unfortunately there is no offensive player of the year award and therefore offense is probably weighed more heavily in terms of MVP voting than defense. wanna cry about that, blame the system. MVP is not all about offense nor is it all about defense. There is a balance and lebron has that. Now for those saying the cavs are struggling, realize it took the magic 7 games to beat a weaker boston team last year. and realize the cavs swept the same hawks team the magic are playing right now. the magic got the easier draw this year because boston’s lack of interest in the regular season. give cleveland time to steal 1 or maybe even 2 in boston the same way the magic did last year. orlando SHOULD make the eastern conference finals. i expect the cavs to make it too but it definitely won’t be as easy.

  10. LB says:

    Why are we discussing players who have not won any RING yet? The fact of the matter is this people. No one will give a hoot how good of a player (statistical) you are 10 years from now with out a Championship under your belt. I mean why is Michael Jordan the greatest ever to played the game? Uh because of his 6 rings with the Bulls. Why is Byrd and Magic remembered as two of the best ever played the game, uh maybe because of their combine 8 championship win. You are discussing about James, Howard, Durant, and Paul? Come on really? Don’t get me wrong now they are all great caliber players but they have yet to reach the promise land. And that makes them less then the greatest……

    So until they do, they should not be discuss in the same breath as Wade and definitely not with Kobe. Look at Wade this year, you could say he single handily carry his team to the playoff this year. Even though they are out in the first round, you have to give Wade his credit. Never once did he complain about his supporting cast and never once did he give up.

    Kobe, might I remind you have 4 Championship under is belt and maybe a 5th this year. The man has been playing with a broken finger, mess up knee, and busted back all year long. Yes his supporting cast is maturing but that was through undoubtedly Kobe leadership and teamwork. Don’t forget they were a mess a few years ago. But that’s what Champions do they identify the problems and fix them and therefore they grew. Do I even need to mention what Kobe stats are this year. Yes, James stats maybe just a bit better. But again no ring!

    Now what would you prefer League MVP with no Ring or Championship MVP with Ring and all the Glories? Kobe, again have all of them. When you are of Jordan, Johnson, Byrd, and Bryant caliber, your eyes are set on only one thing and that is the next Championship ring. Of these greats, only Kobe is still active and he is not ready to pass that on yet, at least not for a few more year. So the next time you think of comparing James, Howard, or Durant to Kobe Bryant, don’t because them youngsters are not of Kobe level yet.

  11. lebron=Finals MVP '10 says:

    ok anybody who really knows basketball knows that Dwight Howard does not deserve MVP. When you say MVP that means without that person, his team would be trash and this player gets it done on both ends of the floor. Now Dwight totally dominates the game down low defensively, but offensively this year he only averages 18 and 2 assists. Meaning he is only accountable for at least 22 of his team’s 100+ points per game. Lebron puts up 29+ with 8+ assists meaning he is accountable for at least 45 of his team points 100+. That’s twice as many as Dwight. Then you factor in the fact that lebron averages 7+ rebounds and has made nba 1st team defense. So this is a guy that clearly gets it done on both ends of the floor. Also factor in the fact that w/o lebron the cavs would barely get the 8th seed or not get to the playoffs at all. Without Dwight Howard, you still have Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, Matt Barnes, Mikael Pietrus and so on. This team would get it done w/o. They clearly proved that in the first round when dwight howard was barely able to play any minutes but they still swept. D-Wade is better than Dwight because he simply does EVERYTHING for his team. Kobe idk about but he is definitely in the top 4 or 5.

  12. Danial says:

    Listen there is no possibility that Magics will win it for sure this year. Anyone can win the championships its way different then last year. The three teams who are most experience are spurs ,lakers , and boston. Cavailers and Orlando have no experience what so ever. But have peope who are experience. However Orlando has only like ppl who made the finals once so its unlikely that Orlando will win the NBAFinals even though they are playing terrific out there on the court

  13. dre'co says:

    Kobe is still the best player in the league,thats just reality so deal wit it.

  14. kobe lamebron fan says:

    Dwight is good. and so his teammates, and i do agree that he is underrated. but until he and his team wins the crown, its still be status quo. And that applies also to Lebron, they got enough fire power on the team. Great supporting casts, but its teamwork, unity, cohesion, passion, urgency and not individual stats that determine a champion team. It will help if you get 30-10-10, but it takes five guys on the court which brings the intangibles in the game, not one to play BASKETBALL. . . .

  15. Jose8 says:

    I just dont understand how the “MVP” Lebron James is surrounded by a better, and stronger team than last year and they’re having problems already for example the game against Chicago a supposedly 4-0 easy win yet they struggled with them, the WORST team in the finals and now theres a posibility they might not even make it through the 2nd round. The funny thing is that last season in the finals against the Magic Lebron was “dehidrated” and slowly it seems like he’s a very good actor, last finals they lost cause of Lebron being dehidrated and this finals his shoulder is falling off…he needs to stop being a drama queen and play some ball

  16. Shash says:

    It’s always offense! Defense nevva gets rewards. Kobe is good but really overrated .. that he’s the best. Lebron is good and could be one of the top players but you can’t outright say he’s the best. Assists depends on his teamates shooting and rebounding on his teamates boxing out ppl and varejao boxes every out. Dwight is an AMAZING player .. plays hard .. defends well. For defense their only one stat .. rebounds. Dissuading shots, taking charges, or intimidating ppl never gets recorded .. lame. Don’t compare players and say he’s the best because the only way to compare would be to replace lebron with anthony/wade/dwight on cavs .. or lebron/wade/anthony on magic. Btw, Carmelo Anthony is also very good but he never gets spoken about because he has bad teamates?

    Stop glorifiying certain ppl ..

  17. ben says:

    Lakers will win the finals again. Kobe deserves it and has stepped up his playoff play beyond everyone else. LeBron just has no heart like kobe or jordan… He may never get a ring to be realistic.

  18. mike fuller says:


    “orlando would be the grizzlies without howard”- you are an idiot. we have 3 allstars on our team in jameer rashard and vince, a $35 million backup center, and the deepest bench in the league….sounds like the grizz…

  19. Lee says:

    The author of this piece is wrong.

    You said :

    “Howard, however, has flaws. He’s a notoriously poor free throw shooter, below 60 percent.”

    If free throw shooting would be a basis for the MVP award then SHAQ should have never won it.

  20. Chase says:

    I think that Dwight Howard is a great player and the best center in the league, but like the author has flaws. LeBron does the most for his team. What other player can you think of that averaged 30 ppg, 8apg, 7rpg, 2 spg, 1bpg, besides MJ. And LeBron is only 25 years old!!! Kobe is good, but his run has come to an end, now it is LeBron’s turn. The Magic are good but not a Championship team, this is LeBron’s year. Don’t get me wrong I like Dwight, I’m a big fan. But I just don’t think that they are as good as the Cavaliers or the Lakers. And evidently Dwight doesn’t deserve MVP because LeBron won it… twice in a row, as a matter of fact. Cavs = 2010 NBA Champs!

  21. Cory says:

    I think mcreet makes a good point when looking at Steve Nash. When he was MVP he wasn’t the best player in league, but he was the best at setting up his team, and making his team better. Lebron I would say is deserving of MVP this year, because he did that as well as be one of the top players in the league. But, look at Dwight, the doubles he draws in the post creates the record number of three’s hit by the magic this year, he also gets opposition centres in foul trouble (also himself sometimes), and is completely dominate in defence. Sure some of you may say that he doesn’t have enough offensive moves or the best offensive game, but his still a developing player offensively. He has lead his team to a 59-23 record two years in a row now, playing all 82 games. He wasd their getting it done through Rashards suspension, Vinces slump, and Jameers injuries. MVP votes these days look too much towards offense, and need to take into consideration defence more. I’m not saying that players like Lebron, Kobe, KD and Wade aren’t as good or better than Dwight, but just that Dwight does not get the credit as one of the best players like all of the other players I just listed.


  22. PAuGasol says:

    Why don’t you take into account Pau Gasol? Why don’t you take a look into efficiency stats??? What about games played and won?? Gasol is so much understimated by you american people. Don’t know why. Pau Gasol is being much better this season than Kobe and could be at Dwight Howard’s level (he is highpassed even in EFF48M, so no excuses). Don’t be so patriotic and try to be more fair.

    • Brydon says:

      Pau is the second best player on his team, which already throws him out of MVP consideration.

  23. Nino says:

    well….without any shadow of doubt lebron is the mvp period…..he played very well throughout d regular season…..
    he scored….passed…blocked(helped in d defensive hand)……but still he´s overrated…….
    dwight is d best defensive player and d best center “hands down”…..but still not d MVP….but certainly he will evolve xpecially in d offensive hand….. Lebron is a great player but i think he is more conserned with his personal status as a player than actually winning a championship….different from kobe….he has nothin else to prove he is ” the best in the game” why? because he has 4 rings( going to is 5th) hungry like it is the first one…..so he his a competitor…great set of skills…..great scorer d best closer….and d most important thing about kobe….d LOS ANGELES LAKERS behind him…..especially PHIL JACKSON d best coach ever……

  24. The Teacher says:

    Its true, Howard is the best center today, but he really needs to have back to the basket moves, I don’t care about the poor Free-throw shooting, Shaq dominated the NBA with poor Free-throw shooting. If he’s able to execute “real” post moves, not just alley-hoops, mismatch standing dunks or put-back dunks, he’ll win championships, MVPs and ultimately staple his name the best center who ever played this game.

  25. michael bautista says:

    That is why NBA sucks now a day, they over empazise on some player, like the current MVP, He’s not too good, He’s just the favorite of the league. HOWARD is the true dominant Player right now. Take Howard out and his team would win only 20 games. Just as Clevelnd before, But now Cleveland has a lot more good players and still they were beaten by boston at their home court. What will Lebron’s excuse now. His injured elbow… A true MVP played their best in crunch time no matter what. That’s what KOBE did last year and they become the Champions. A True MVP try hard to take it all. Not make excuses when he know that he will fail. KOBE is the real MVP

  26. Dwyane Wade is my favorite player… And if you ask me he was robbed of MVP last season…. LeBron does deserve MVP this season…. But there is no way that I am going to sit here and tell you that Wade was more of an MVP candidate than Howard this season…. and Howard is the best Center…. Please stop with the hating. Seriously…. Howard does make a few mistakes every now and again on the defensive end… but that is irrevelant when you are the defensive player of the year….

    But You watch the games just like the rest of us… 89.999% of the calls made against Howard are False calls… and you cannot just sit here and lie about that…and you don’t pentalize someone from an MVP award just because they are not a guard or forward. Who needs a freaking go to move when your move is to dunk anybody in the basket whenever the hell you want to… Dwight Howard is not the young Shaq yet…. but we do have to admit that he is the next best thing…. Just curious what Centers you would put ahead of the All Star???

    and if he is the key to Orlando not being Memphis Grizzlies, than, He should be MVP… use better analogies… So what you are saying is that Dwight being on any non playoff team would make them Title contenders?? I am guessing that you are a Kobe Bryant fan as well…

    by the way, Chris Paul should have won the MVP the year that Kobe won it…. and Kobe should have won the second year that Nash won it…. and Wade or Shaq should have won it the first year Nash won it…

  27. Delfuego says:

    I agree with Chris. Tell it like it is!

  28. chichi says:

    omar stole the words right outta my mouth..if i could have a vote dwight wouldve been my mvp….I also picked the magic pre season to win it all.

  29. the king says:

    so let me get this straight dwight howard should be the mvp and lebron james is overated..how is a duude that scores 30ppg gets over 8apg and 7 rpg and a block a game which are all in highlight fashion by the way going to be overated..kobe drifted to a top five player but he is far from the best..kobe has a bad game like every other night lebron doesnt really have bad games i mean even his bad games are good..yall are tripping kobe has gasol and odom and bynum and artest, hell i could probally when a ring with that line up lebron wen’to the finals with boobie gibson illgauskus and sasha pavlovic oh and lets not forget damon jones lol..yall are crazy lebron will go down as the best ever

    • michael says:

      And now that Clevelands line up gets better, you thinks they will reach the finals. I assure you Lebron will have another excuse.. is that the kind of person NBA Represent. Last year he dont even congratulate Orlando by beating them big time. and this year they wont even win the series with Boston.

  30. hamza sharif says:

    your wrong when dwight howard is in folu trouble you guys always say he sucks and now just because he had a 20 and 10 game means that the orlando magic win the nba title

  31. Nom Nom says:

    It amazes me that you pseudo-intellects chose to run off your mouth based on opinions to a great NBA analyst. No, Dwight Howard is not better than Lebron James, which is why he isn’t a 2-time MVP.

    Get over it you dimwits.

  32. Veneno says:

    Man it looks like he don’t know nothing about basketball. LeBron Won the MVP and well deserved. But, like You said Orlando without Howard, they would be like the Memphis. So, Howard is the best on what he does. And his job is not to get 30 ppg. His jobs starts on the Defense. That’s why he won a Defensive Player Of The Year. But Players like D-Wade, & Kevin Durant They bring a lot to the table.. More that Dwight? So why aren’t they on the 2nd round of the Playoffs. Howard should of been at least second on the MVP votings. But the thing is that the voters just look on how much he scores. And I play Center, and that could be the hardest position on basketball. Howard does not get the credits that he Defenetly earns.

  33. John J. says:

    Dwight is the best center in the game and he should start being recognized for it. If shag can get MVP y can’t Dwight

  34. JOA says:

    are you kidding idiots? Dwight is garbage in comparison to Lebron or Wade. Dwight does one thing, like Shaq, which is dip his shoulder and bully guys towards the net. They dont call charges cuz its a fan game, and refs want fans to see highlight dunks. Lebron deserves MVp this year, and probably the next 3 or 4 years as well. Hes a forward averaging almost 9 dimes a game and can even make players like JJ Hickson and Jamario Moon look like they belong on a championship team. Pull your heads outta your butts. Dwight aint no MVP.

  35. Omar says:

    It’s people like you who ruin this league and its “superstar” image. You say people like Wade, Durrant, and Kobe are more deserving of the MVP, why? Because of their offense…that’s all chump journalists and the rest of the media cares about is offense. But where’s KD and Wade now that the 2nd round is about to start? Practicing their jump shots in their drive ways, while Dwight and the Magic are beating the 3rd place team in the east by 40…It’s because of chumps like you that wing players get all the attention just because you want to crown someone as the “next Jordan” so badly…then even the leagues and the refs feed in to that garbage and let them get away with whatever they want on the court. Thus, the “superstar calls” are born and the NBA is robbed of respect from much of the sporting world..you make me sick. A guy who’s making records left and right (first to lead the league in rebounds, blocks, FG%, and double/doubles; first to lead in blocks and rebounds 2 years in a row; youngest to get defensive player of the year twice) is flying under the radar just because journalists like you are incapable of being truly subjective and seeing past a dude’s size…you think just cause he’s big, it’s easy to do what he does…KOBE, Durrant, and Wade need the ball to influence the game..Dwight can change a game with or without the ball. So who the hell’s more valuable?

    • Slush says:

      Omar you state pretty much that players such as Kobe and Lebron only get the the MVP award because their offensive abilities, yet both of them join Howard on the All-NBA Defensive team. Yeah both players are only offensive threats…..

    • The NBA watcher says:

      Um…no offense Omar, but I don’t entirely agree with your statement. First of all, LeBron, Kobe, Wade, and maybe Durant (I say maybe because I’m not so sure about his defensive potential compared to the others, not to say that he is bad in any way) are better all around players, and if you would like to argue with this statement, then I can show you the stats. But don’t take me the wrong way, I know Dwight is a great player, among the elite for sure, but I think that he really hasn’t shown that potential on the offensive end. And I realize that he has many records (and he isn’t even in his prime yet!), but he doesn’t have that energy on both ends of the floor. I’m sure that he will improve, but for now, The Wade-LeBron-Kobe era will continue. And about your comment on where Wade and Durant are, I would just like to remind you that this is the first year that the Thunder have made it to the playoffs, and they had to face the reigning champs, and they also put up a good fight, taking the series to 6 games. When talking about Wade, he basically single handedly won game 4 for the Heat, not to mention that Wade’s supporting cast is not nearly as great as LeBron’s (i.e. Jamison, O’Neal, Williams) or Kobe’s (i.e. the Lakers…), so I think that it was still a pretty big accomplishment that the Heat (specifically Wade) actually won a game. If you would like to argue with my statement, then by all means go ahead.

    • Yep says:

      I completely agree with you… they always look at offense when it comes to MVP. They should either try to consider both offense and defense for the MVP or at least make an Offensive MVP and Defensive MVP award. As far as I’m concerned, Defensive Player of the Year is an MVP of its own.

  36. John says:

    Who cares people?
    Dwight is a great player and everybody knows it.
    He’s good in defense, and what wins games? Defense!
    He doesn’t have a go to move but where ever he goes
    no one is going to stop him. The Magic so far, have a
    good team. They have the formula for winning a
    championship. Vince, Rashard, and Jameer can do
    the offensive job and Dwight and Barnes can do
    the defense. The bench will do their share so it’s good.
    Who cares if Dwight ain’t MVP
    He got an award already DEFENSE.
    If anyone can stop Dwight offensively, tell me.
    They can only get cheap calls and get him
    outta the game so he doesn’t score.

    Anyways, the Lakers are going to be Champions!
    Go Kobe, Ron, Pau, Derek, Andrew, Lamar, and Shannon!

  37. ivanco says:

    don’t forget the bullyball in the mvp race
    He’s gonna win it next year.

  38. eric chen says:

    i agree with Kool, he knows a lot about basketball.

  39. edwin limon says:

    lebron is overrated, kobe is the best basketball player period. but he is not the mvp. dwight howard is.

  40. mccreet says:

    shawn, not sure of your double talk. You open with Dwight is the “best center in the game”,then you close with” Best at his position?Not even close.” Did you mean that no other center is even close? Fact is the MVP should not be awarded till the entire season is over, not just the regular season. Steve Nash won the MVP and he was not the best player in the league,and that was not an issue. He was the set up man for his team and made all the players on that team better. Can you really state that about Lebron? or Wade? Kobe does come in to this conversation as he has shown to be more than a clutch performer. Dwight is the glue for the magic and his inside play makes his teammates much better in getting them wide open shots. In reality, you are right, it was not so close, Should have been two only up for it, Kobe and Dwight, and the better reg season record was orlando so DWIGHT IS MVP, period!

  41. Kool says:

    I agree with the author. Dwight still needs to add more moves on his current game. It’s limited. Unlike Shaq of old where he has always been a threat inside the paint in the early 2000. I hope to see Dwight expand his skills. The other posts here are so subjective. You have to take the article as a constructive opinion.

  42. chris says:

    why you critisize one of the best playetrs in the game. kobe and lebron are NOT the ones getting it done down low. if you knew anything about basketball you would know that if your even a fair shooter you can avoid running in the hole with the big men by simply shooting a jumpshot. howard is the most domenant center in th NBA right now. Why not congratulate him. your sleeping on orlando as if they wasnt in the finals last year. you obviously are a a** that hates on the players that get it done on the court rather than the players that are in everyones mouths. ignorance. the magics work hard every year to get where they can in the playoffs and you hate because he gets in foul trouble why? if kobe or lebron foul out, well thats a lost for their team. the magics are team players, the don’t “need” howard. he is a great team player and even from the bench he supports his team. BASKETBALL IS NOT ABOUT WHO WINS MVP!!! its about being a team and playing as a team to show that your TEAM(not just one man) can make it to the finals and win the championship. howard worked hard this year and if gets mvp HE DESERVES IT!!!

  43. Dan says:

    You’re right Raph..

    this Kobe and LeBron hype is so boring, hope these two guys won’t see the Finals for a long time.

    • Shaan says:

      dan how about u use sum common sense lebron james is the best player in the game right now fur a reason it’s the numbers he averages 29.7 ppg 7.3 rpg and 8.6 apg now im not hattin on dwight hes my fav center but the facts r lebrons the best and hes not overrated he deserves the attention hes getting cuz he puts on a hell of a game and he shud win his first ring this year

  44. Raph says:

    You’re an idiot and know nothing about basketball, you’ll be riding Dwight’s jock after the Magic’s playoffs run this year. Your boy Lebron will lose again, maybe not even past the 2nd round this time around and you’ll be sitting there fidgeting with your thumbs thinking of someway to make light of the situation.

    Lebron’s overrated, Dwight’s underrated, get a new job, this one isn’t right for you.

    • eric chen says:

      shut up, Raph you have no idea about how good lebron james is, he is way better than Dwight. He is the best in NBA now. His team is tied in the series with Boston in the playoffs right now cause his right elbow is sore.

    • jeff says:

      lol your right

      • yaz says:

        his ELBOW?! WOWWW. i knew cav fans would use this as an excuse!! kobe has been playing virtually all season with a broken finger, aggravated his ankle at the mid-point of the season, and has been having back problems. don’t bring in an “elbow” please get outta here with that bogus excuse.

    • raphisidiot says:

      dont have a cry mate, the only reason people bag lebron is the fact that he actually turned into the player that he was hyped up to be, they said he was a new MJ and he is, a new improved MJ, like it or not. He has carried a terrible team his whole carrier and even lead them to the finals. Dwight should get a lot more credit then he deserves because orlando wouldnt be anything without him, then we have dear old carried by great teams kobe, sry that is the most over rated player ever gets way to much credit for a great organisation that has created some great temas coached by the best modern day coach in the game, long story story short kobe wouldnt have 4 rings if it wasnt for shaq.

      • itsme says:

        are you serious? lebron can never be jordan, no one can! and kobe had great hepl by shaq to get them 3 rings, but the 4th ring, shaq wasnt there so correct yourself. and lebron got shaq now, let see what he does, yea shaq might have gotten old, but he still is dominant in the paint and so ir lebron. if everyone says lebron is better than how kobe was when he was 24, well than i think that should balance off the fact that shaq is old now and they both should still get a ring this year.