Hang Time Podcast (Episode 7)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We don’t hold anything back on the Hang Time Podcast.

Our guests don’t hold anything back either.

That’s why Episode 7 of the HTP is a must listen. NBA TV and TNT analyst Chris Webber joined us and set the hideout on fire:

We went back in our own HT Time Machine and chatted with CWebb about his high school playing days, the legacy of LeBron James, the fate of the Dallas Mavericks and even got his surprise pick to win it all.

We also talked MVP, Floyd Mayweather, Dwight Howard and plenty more with the big fella.

Hawks beat writer Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution joined the party, too, providing insight into the Eastern Conference semifinal matchup between the Magic and Hawks.

And  we couldn’t help but have a little fun at Kobe Bryant‘s expense after seeing his peculiar photo spread in the Los Angeles Times Magazine — it’s “White Hot.”

(Here’s your cheat sheet):

0:00 – 11:00 – MVP talk, Floyd Mayweather, respecting Dwight Howard

11:00 – 22:30 – Hawks-Magic talk, Is Mike Woodson safe in ATL?

22:30 – 28:00 – Kobe photo shoot talk

28:30 – 47:00 – CWebb on LeBron, the Mavs’ run, Lakers and a surprise title pick (coming @ 41:15)

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  1. JHunter says:

    Hey Chris,
    Dog you were the dominating power forward in the league before you got hurt. That knee injury was a career ending injury. Karl Malone, Carlos Boozer and none of these power forwards did the things you did. I believe Charles Barkley is full of it, Lebron James to be is not the best in the world, Kobe Bryant is the best. Not because he has 4 rings, but because look what he had to work with and playing with a broken finger and a bad knee and still scoring almost 28 points a game. Now Lebron has a sore right elbow less that does affect your shooting, Kobe has broken right finger. Cleveland has had at least 20 plus trades since Lebron came to Cleveland. No other team has had that many free agency trades in that span of time. They were picked to win the NBA championship, but now I believe whoever comes out the West will win. I want my Lakers to win, but Phoenix is really hot with that Defense and 3-point shooting. Hey Chris God Bless you guys and keep the Faith, because without him we wouldn’t be here today.

  2. Chris says:

    Yo C-Webb is a not a smart dude anymore. Has he been boxing recently. LBJ could retire right now in the top 10? If he were back in the ’60’s he would dominate the league? Look back than we didn’t have the sports science or the know how to have people beefed up like him and that fast. He couldn’t have done it.

  3. SPLIFOUT says:

    Im a Huuuuge Kobe fan and he lost me for like 5 seconds… these photos look hella-femanine hahahahhahahahaha i wish i didn’t see these…. still think he’s the best player but not dresser!!!!

  4. jason says:

    hey chris

    am a huge mavericks fan.What do you think about Dirk Nowitzki becoming a free agent this summer and do you think he is going to move? if you do which team does he best suit with and can possibly get them into playoff contention or even championship contention depending on the team.


  5. Manning says:


    Nothing like expert perspective from Chris Weber!

    Agree with the toughness thang, jus thinkin the C’s will do tha Cav’s though.

  6. tayriley says:

    no one respects dallas bc everyone hates mark cuban.

    webb totes right about LA and ronron. ron played way better when he was in houston. and van exel was awesome.

  7. cornell says:

    Yo Chris,

    Cornell , from Sac, do you feel the Celtics wll have enough gas left in their tank, to win the TItle. Just curious, still a Kings Fan. BTW, tell Hassan I want my cigar case Back.


  8. CRAMZY says:

    Cwebb kept it extra 100 on this one. It’s refreshing to hear.