These Bucks No More?

Posted by Sekou Smith

ATLANTA — Now that the Fear The Dear movement is officially over, Bucks coach Scott Skiles made me wonder if the FTD era is over altogether.

Did you hear him after the Hawks punished the Bucks in Game 7 Sunday afternoon?

All it took for me was one sentence:

“In the summer a lot of moves are made so there is a high probability that this is the last time they are together as a unit,” Skiles said.

Now I’m not crazy enough to think that the Bucks planned on this being their team of the future.(John Hammond didn’t win that Executive of the Year award by spending his offseason on the golf course.)

And you have to know that the building blocks will remain the same (Brandon Jennings, Andrew Bogut, hopefully John Salmons, Carlos Delfino and perhaps even Luc Mbah a Moute and my main man Luke Ridnour, too — has to get him in there).

But the rest of the this most motley of crews could be totally different by training camp.

I’d gotten attached to these Bucks the past couple of weeks. There’s something about underdogs scaring the daylights out of the establishment that makes me feel better about the world of basketball. I needed everyone to Fear the Deer, even if they didn’t finish the job.

But Skiles brought me back to reality. There’s a good chance we won’t see Kurt Thomas doing his MMA routine for this team again next season. Rid is a free agent this summer as well, meaning he might not be a part of this crew next season. Jerry Stackhouse, Primoz Brezec and FOHT Royal Ivey are all free agents this summer.

We’re going to miss this team, folks.

We’re going to miss this movement.



  1. RJ. says:

    I don’t think Salmons will be back, but bringing in Maggette and Chris Douglas-Roberts more than makes up for that. In fact, Douglas-Roberts could easily be a Salmons type of player by the time next season is over. Ridnour may not return, either. If Bogut and Redd can stay healthy for a change and Redd can accept that he’s not always going to be the first option on offense anymore and start contributing in other areas more, this team can win 50 or more games. And of course, don’t forget Brandon Jennings. Ilyasova, Mbah a Moute, Larry Sanders, Delfino, and maybe even the other draft picks-Tiny Gallon, Darington Hobson, and a 7 foot energy guy in Jerome Jordan in limited minutes make for a well rounded supporting cast. If Ridnour moves on, they’ll need a good back-up point, though. Douglas-Roberts is mainly a scorer, but has shown some passing ability in two fairly limited seasons, and Redd has shown a desire to be a little more of a distributor the past few seasons that he’s actually played, but these probably aren’t real solutions for back-up point guard minutes. Get that second PG and go Bucks!

  2. ginovili says:

    As long as the Bucks keep the best sixth man Ersan İlyasova, they will be OK

  3. Goerge says:

    Theyll be back next year trust me, and if their healthy for a change they are a team to contend for a championship. Being a bucks fan i know how good they are and how they click. They play better without Michael Redd, but with Bogut back theyll have a presence inside which they have had all year, but he developed as the season went on. Michael will hopufully be traded or let go after another season showing up to play about 2 dozen games, but it would be hard to see a so called franchise player gone. It would be nice to see some cap open up for a good player who can actaully play some ball and make shots when we need them. Anyway with Bogut back though they could of beaten the hawks in five or six games and would of had them in the last two. The bucks are good enuff to contend against an elite team without Bogut, and they shot horrible. Each of their players were out sized and were less athletic. Just look for the Bucks to have a POSITIVE season next year.

  4. Richards says:

    Jennings, Bogut, Mbah a Moute, and Ilyasova are almost definitely staying, but as for Delfino, Ridnour, Salmons, Stack, Thomas, etc., who knows. Michael Redd will certainly factor into all of this.

    But I wouldn’t look at it as the end, the Fear the Deer era has only just begun!

  5. joe says:

    I think you inadvertently left Ersan off the list of must keep players…. Only way I want to see him leave is in a blockbuster trade for a decent backup center or more powerful power forward..

  6. manin klk says:

    I think people doesn’t give Al Horford all the credit that he deserves, with almost a double-double in the playoffs.
    But the bucks will the dangerous once Michael Redd comes back, and Bogut …there is not a doubt that they will learn from this post season.

  7. Andrew says:


  8. marcus says:

    FEAR THE DEER 2011!

    I doubt you’ll see many guys on the move at all from this team. A few guys at the tail end of the bench will probably be replaced on the roster with the 3 draft picks, but thats about it. Maybe if Thomas and Stack decide to really sit this one out, them too. The rest of these guys will probably be re-signed. I’ll say this, those guys probably are having the most fun in their NBA careers.