Men in underwear

Posted by Scott Howard-Cooper

OKLAHOMA CITY – About an hour before tipoff of Game 6, and coach Phil Jackson is talking underwear.

Spinning off the boisterous crowd about to greet the Lakers in the Ford Center, a reporter asked him in the pre-game press gathering about the concept of home-court advantage.

“The comforts of being at home are obviously a factor,” Jackson said. “You have to remember these men are out there in their underwear before us. These aren’t like the old days [with shorter shorts], but they are pretty scantily clad…. If you’re at all self-conscious, there you are.”

So, it’s a shyness thing? As if the Lakers have many players unfamiliar with the spotlight?

“There’s not too many bashful guys,” Jackson replied. “But there are provocateurs in the stands that yell insults and so forth. I know Lamar [Odom], he had probably the best one this year when someone yelled from the baseline, ‘How’s your husband?’ one time. That cracked him up.”

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