You Wanna Talk? Back it Up!

Posted by Sekou Smith

MILWAUKEE — When Bulls center Joakim Noah made a few wise cracks about Cleveland, he followed up those comments with one of the best playoff games of his young career.

Hawks forward Josh smith made similar statements about the city of Milwaukee but couldn’t back up his bold words with a performance of the same ilk.



But you couldn’t tell by the way he acted after scoring just seven points in humbling Game 3 loss to the Bucks Saturday night, an affair that included a sellout crowd booing his every move.

“I loved it,” said Smith of the crowd’s reaction. “That’s how you’re supposed to greet somebody when they’re playing on the opposing team. That’s how you’re supposed to ride with your team. They’ve got good fans. I just made a little statement to see what their reaction was and I anticipated what it was going to be.”

Late in the game during a timeout, while Smith and most all of the Hawks’ starters were already on the bench, the fans seated behind them engaged Smith in playful conversation about his derogatory comments about their city.

“Hey Josh, I bet you’ll shut up next time,” one fan yelled.

Another asked Smith for his game shoes.

(With nearly five minutes to play in the game, Smith refused but told the fan to ask him against after Monday’s Game 4.)

Later in the locker room Smith tried to clear up the issue, a little bit.

“This wasn’t anything about the fans,” he said. “It was just a statement about the city. The fans are great and the team’s pretty good and we just have to try to do a better job of holding the crowd down on Monday [in Game 4].”

A word advice to young Mr. Smith, let it be from now on. Even if that’s what you really think, let it be! And in the event that you just can’t help yourself, the least you can do is back it up!



  1. Wolfman92 says:

    Seriously Sekou. What u got against J-Smoove? So he said some stuff about Milwaukee. So WHAT????? U seemed to b singin a different song when Noah of the Bulls was talking smack bout Cleveland. What is the deal with that????

  2. James says:

    I’m thankful the Bucks were able to get the W. With that said; we cannot afford to be complacent due to a rising star in Josh Smith having one bad game.

    He and his team will bounce back. With that also in mind, I feel the Bucks will have to work harder to grab Game 4 from these guys.

    In regards to his comments about the city where I reside; that is HIS personal opinion and I certainly take no offense to it. I, myself enjoy the city of Milwaukee–but not every one will. The same could be said about Atlanta or anywhere else in our small world. It is all about what one’s tastes are.

    Bottom line: let’s all have a good series. Needless to say, I -first and foremost- am rooting for my Milwaukee Bucks.

    FEAR the DEER!!!

  3. Greg says:

    I think he wanted to see how the crowd reacts on his game. We will see if he can get his game back on Game 4.

  4. LEA says:

    uhmm it was one game, u act like he has been playing bad the entire series. u are starting to sound like the delusional bucks fans. so sad.. moved up and forget about where u came from

  5. weyah says:

    oh come on. He’s been backing it up all season long, did you even see game 2? it’s just 1 bad game from josh sekou. you cant count out the other 84 where josh played well. the way i see it, you’re angrier than the city of milwaukee.

  6. mike says:

    damn sekou,, now that youre in the big leagues you trashing the hawks… we are bout to revoke your ga driver license and send ya back up north